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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 191 (September 17, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 17, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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'I University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 191 • THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1962 Let's Name A University FIVE CENTS PE Group Proposes ' New Recreation Area Plans Include ------------------------------------------------------Little Man On Campus -USF Photo NEW UNDERSIZED TROPHY CASE The University Center's new trophy case is admired by officials after :USF's intramural trophies were transferred from the library. The case, located on the first floor of the University Center near the north entrance, bas already been filled to capacity with plaques and trophies which are awarded annually to champions in the intramural athletic .program. From left to right are: Murphy Osborne , intramural coordinator, Dean Herbert Wunderlich, dean of student affairs, and Dr. Gil Hertz, director of physical education. For details on the season's _ opening Sept. 24, see story below. $20,000 Pool By JOHN GULLETT A new $45,000 residential student recreational fa cility has been proposed by Dr. Hertz, director of physi cal education, for construction this year south of Beta Hall. The facility, which will include a $20,000 swimming pool , will be paid for by student activity fees, if Center Seeks Members approved. The plans have met the approval of Dean Herbert Wunderlich, dean of student affairs, and Robert Dennard, business manager, but still have to pass the physical education committee. In addition to the swimming pool, there will be six Tenniflex tennis courts, f i v e Tenniflex pad. dle tennis-badminton courts I with four superimposed volleyball courts, a fencing area, a sun-deck area, and horseshoe and shuffleboard courts. By VffiGINIA MONTES Although intended to "proc L C . . . . vide an energy release for pent-aro a1 pentex, chairman of up emotions" for residents of the University Center Personnel the dormitory complex, which is C o m m itt e e, has announced only half completed, the pool plans for the annual University and facilities will be available to commuting students, accord Center membership drive, which ing to Hertz, since its construe-is being held this week. Signtion is being financed by student up for committees, however, be-activity fees. gan at last Friday's Open House. Hertz said the acquisition of the facility will not affect apSign-up this week will take propriation of $1.8 million in -----------------------------place at the UC Information the 1963 State Legislature next Intramural Season Opens Monday Desk. April for the construction of NO MASCOT? The membership drive will be a health and physical education -----------------By JOHN GULLETT or staff members, may organize free throw, and table tennis all while compiling their 1,084 acclassroom building, to be loVolleyball and bowling kick and enter a new team, accord-merit 75 points for the winners. tivity points. The All-Stars fin-climaxed Saturday at a Centet-cated near the present football Contest Draws No off play Monday, Sept. 24, in the ing to Osborne, but the team Points Vary ished with 890 points, claiming retreat, to be held at the Bap -and basketball facilities. third season of USF intramural entry deadline for bowling and Other entries in each sport championships in archery, tist Assembly grounds. This re-In his official report, Hertz athletics, according to new involleyball for both women and arc assigned activity points in country, free throw, softball treat MUST be attended by ALL said: "In consideration of the tramural coordinator Murphy men is Sept. 20. relatioD to their rank order of and touch football. . . anticipated size of our student St d t E t t Osborne Jr. Activities scheduled for the finish. Organizations with the This season marks the first members of "Umverstty Center b o d y and the projected resi-u en n ra n s Osborne and bowling are the second trimester include: bas-greatest number of activity summer intramural activity, committees. The morning will dence hall program, it is sug-only addl.tions or changes from ketball, basketball free throw, points at the end of the aca-serve as an introduction period gested that plans be made for t g If h d d t t with softball, track and field t' 1 f t d last Year's program, w h 1 . c 11 enms, o , arc ery an posem1c year receive a ro a mg f'or new commi'ttee cha1,.1nen recrea 10na ac1 1 1es on a eibl bill' d d I M t h and swimming slated for the • t r d b t counted more than 1,000 par-s AY 1 tiar s. l awLar as ' sporls c 3J?PlOntys. third trimester. and members. In the afternoon, cen ra t ze asts . . . o mcor-ticipants in the dozen or more s as year, each event wil ast years a! -umversi porate s p e r if i c recreational activities directe d by Jean .Me-be assigned activity points, men's champions, Enotas FraTri•Sis Fraternal Society won a weiner roast will be. held; facilities into each residence hall earthy then intramural corodJ-.vhich will vary with the length ternal SocidJ, 11re 1:ated a ,op the dll uni\etsity \\.Omen's swimming, tennis, and other unit (Clyde Hill, director of the • .) time spent on play. Cham-favorite to repeat, With the Allchampionship with 540 points. recreational facilities will also physical plant said current plans nator and instructot of physical pions in basketball, football and Stars, an independent team and Playlwas limited to pJaydays in be available. call for a total of three resi-Is is dubious whether USF will have a mascot or not, as student interest in the project has. not seemed very high. Entries by the faculty and general public have been pouring in, but so far no students have entered the contest. University Center and Student Association per •sonnel are reluctant to continue education. Last year's bowling play was conducted within the recreational activities program of the University Center. Starting dates for other activities have not been set, but touch football, cross country, and tennis arc slated for play during the current trimeste1, with football expected to begin d u r i n g the second week of softball will receive 150 points last year's runnerup, co-favorbaskl'tball , softball, swimming, Jazz Lab Band dcnce hall units, or complexes each, while golf, swimming, ten-ites. and valleyball, but Osborne has h f' t t' f tl Jazz in next 10 years, with con-the pool a recreation room simnis, track and field and volleyThe Enotas took trophies in scheduled competition this sea-T e Irs mg 0 Ie hi struction of one hall a year)." . • . . ball are worth 100 points each. basketball. golf, table tennis. son in bowling and table tennis, Lab Band Wtll be held Construction begins this week Ilar to the Pr.esent Umverstty Archery bowling cross country tennis and track and field in addition to last year's sports. SeJ?t. at 1. on a 40' by 80' aluminum field Cente_r recreation room, and a • • ' ' p . m. m the Umvers1ty Center. building east of the present ten-badmmton-volleyball gym floor. John Tarthelia. coordinator for F' nis courts as part of the physical mal construction will include I this year's band has extended an e ducat ion division's current these outdoor facilities: 16 !lght-ntereSt invitation to all those interested facility expans.ion program. ed tennis courts. nine handball in participating. The area will be used for courts, an asphalt running track, A F re . s h m a n Te II s G A stcro hour is also being gymnastics, wrestling, j u d o, e. i g h t touch soccer SOUNDING OFF _ roups held this Wednesday in the UC . fencing, social and folk dance fields, a baseball an Bob Gower, chairman of the classes and clubs. "The big proba_rchery range mstruc-Program Flexible Music Committee. is making lem is getting out of the sun," tlonal and phys1Ca1 fitness areas. Osborne emphasized the flexiOf L•lfe at us F Set Meets plans for this event. Miss Mar-Hertz said in explaining the October. bility of the P r 0 gram: "This gery Enix is this semester's ad-structure's use. R• h d III program is young, as is the President Charles Money of visor to the committee. A golf putting green has been IC ar school, and if at anytime stu-the USF Speech Association has A record dance will be held constructed south of the tennis C.2nts want a particular activity, By JIM JORDAN called the group's first meet-in the ballroom this Saturday courts, "enabling us for the first wll 0 we do our best to it. We Freshmen are a rather pathetic lot really we ing for Tuesday, Sept. 18 in uc night. Jackie Diaz, Dance Com-time to be able to instruct all I pen the contest without adequate student support and ask that all students get their entries in im mediately. The contest rules, which were printed last week, run as fol lows: 1 . Since the university is an fn. tegral pari of !be state of Florida , entries may be submitted by any resident of the state. 2. Anf member of the Student As soclation Executive Committee or allY members of other committees whiCh have worked in the t:ontest are ex-cluded. 3. Submitted suggestions must have an explanation In 40 words or less as to why the name would be ap propriate. 4. All. names must be mailed to tbe UniversttY Center Program Council c l o •he University Center. 5. In case of two or more submis sions of the same mascot the earliest postmark will determine the winner. "Interest will determme what O f' . . • . 108 at 1:25 p . m. The Speech mittee chairman, is in charge of Phases of the game," added type of play will be scheduled ur 1rst week IS, pardon the expressiOn, a Association is the coordinating arrangements. Hertz. F•l Cl for each event. We are working livmg hell. To Illustrate: when a schedule reads LS 0202, organization for cocurricular JoAnn Toretta To Be Introduced Hertz and Hill would not spec-I m assics The contest 0 pen e d Sept. on the participation angle this or some such barf, we're sunk. We either think it's some activities in Forensics, Reader's An afternoon tea. to introduce e ott \h: 10, 1962 • with suggestions acyear. We want to break last exotic formula or an ad for Lucky Strike . Incidentally Theater and Choral Speaking, J A T tt t J A T The Film Classics League will cepted until midnight, Sept. 23 year's record. . t h t . th f' t f ' Broadcasting, and Speech Cor-o nn a , o o nn. or-physical education building, but On Sept. 25, the SA Executive All sanctioned intramural athJUS w ?a IS e Irs zero or, rection. President Money urges etta Modeling School, will ?e the $1.8 million is currently high open its season Thursday, Sept. Council will select 15 semi-letics is officiated by student • anyway all interested students to at-held Sept. 20 on the appropriations list. 20 • with Sir Laurence Olivier's finali8ts t o be voted on the next members of the US.F Officiab Campus NOtiCeS Then there's the marathon tend. Coffee will be served. Toretta Is . m charge theprst The proposed building would production of Shakespeare's day by the Student Association. d 0 h II l b b 1 h annual etiquette senes, Self include basketball handball and "Richard III." h Club, sborne as ca FACULT CALEI:IDARS FacilitY. wa k ui dings. T e .officers and facult;v Improvement," to be offered at squash courts, and com-Nine o ther outstanding films t e faculty, and the university meetmg for all members ana meetings of the Basic StudiesLiberal U.S. Olympic Team has nothing advisers will explam the van-USF. bative rooms , a dance studio, h d 1 d b th 1 staff. Interested persons for the free Arts faculty have .llccn scheduled for t th 1 t M ous speech activities and plans are sc e u e Y e eague Two days after the first vot-. d W dnesday i th I M Sept. 27, Nev. 29, Jllh. 31, March 28 and on us, o say e eas . ore I u d ' • . This series will officially open an audio-visual auditorium, during the academ}c year. All Ce2 • n e _, May 30. meetings wilt be in than one Freshman, used to Wl be Iscussed for Tuesday, Sept. 25, and continue classrooms, seminar rooms, programs begin at 8:30 p.m. in ing, Sept. 28, voters will choose offtce, U 19. uc 264 duung the free hour 0 .25.20 "P d k Hi h" th 1 5 1 ects sponsored by the orgamza-the USF mascot from among Managers Meet p.m.>. o un g WI c ass-. h 1 . 1 weekly until Dec. 11. The series lounges and study rooms and the University Theater. An in' t' COLLEGE TEACHING rooms, has discarded shoes in tlon as t e annua mtramura is limited to 50 persons, so locker rooms 1'n the first stage formal coffee .hour will follow the five highest ranking final-A team managers mee mg A seminar on College Teachmg, ge ff t t . bl' t speech tournament in Decem-ists . has also been slated for the stgned for new faculty and anyone m an e or o giVe new IS ers b . 11 . . those interested should sign-up of construction. each program to provide an . d d C 2 9 terested, be hc,ld alternate Moo breathing space. One poor girl er, mterco egiate forenSICS, a immediately. The second stage Will include opportunity for discussion. University Center personnel Tun zym U 1 dQ H kd. th d t , dapd reading Any group of students faculty contlnumg through Trunester I. The was as e , m e m es \\ ay "Th E J , d ----'--=----'---------first session will be beld in uc _ 264 at possible, please not to soak her . e mperor ones, pro uc-elude the entire state. Many feet in the pools of the Admintlon of radio programs entries are expected from perDaily Schedule MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1962 INFORMAL RUSH 'I':OOp.m. ............. uc1os Fides _ .............. _ UC157 Talos ................ UC203 Cieo -............... UC226 Enotas .......... .... UC264 A rete .............. __ UC265 Epelta ............... UC215 Paideia . ............. UC103 Ethelontes ........... UC104 Delphi ... _ ........... UCI09 Slges ...... ......... UCI67 Fia --...... .. . UC168 1:00 p.m. U.S.F. ClvU War Round Table . . _ ... UC216 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1962 1:25 p.m. U.S.F. Speech Assn. UC108 U .S.F. Literary Soc. UC204 U.S.F. Sports Car Club . . . . . ... UC205 lNFORIIIAL RUSH '1':00 p.m. to 9 p.m. Same Rooms as Monday Night WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 19 , 196Z 1:25 p.m. U.C. Music Comm. Stereo Hour UC157 Jewish Student._Union UC205 U.C. Recreation Comm. . . . . ..... UC216 Business Leaders Org. . . . _ . . UC264 Untvetsity rorum "The Impact of S cientific De velopment on Private Enterprise " . _ _ .TAT 6:00p.m. U.C. Program Council _ UC214 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1962 J; 25 p . m . Foreign Language Club .. . .. . .. .. . UC157 Botega Club . . . . _ UC205 Work-Study Info Meeting _ . _ .-..CH100 RUSH f:OO p . m . to 10 p .m. Delphi .............. _ UC108 Paideia .......... , ... UC157 A rete ................ UC203 Talos .............. . _ UC215 Enotas ............... UC226 Epelta .............. _ UC264 C1eo ................ UC265 F 'ia ................ UCI03 TriSIS .............. UC104 Ethelontes ........... UC167 Fides __ ............. UC168 8 :30p.m. c las ' sics" ...... UCIOS Richard Ill . . . . .. TAT FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1962 FORMAL RUSH f :OO p .m. to 10 p.m. Same Rooms as Thurs. Night 1 :00 p .m. Record Hop U.C. Dance Comm. UC24B IATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1962 8 :00a.m. RUSH PROGRAI\1 UC248 12:00 p.m. Circle K District Trainin g Conference Luncheon _ . _ . _ . _ . _ _ UC264 $ n& UC22G Dance ... ., .......... UC243 students , The PsyChology of Adolescent istration Building to be aired over WALT, and V sons not connected with the uni-Motivation and Learning, Tbe . . assisting the Speech faculty to versity use of New-Type Teachmg and Aside from these physical tor-make local arrang ments for ----------New Slants on CoJiege Lecturmg and t r ther will b co siderabl e Discussion Leadership. Persons inter u es, . e . e n e the Florida Speech Association M • ested in participatin g should contact academtc adJUStment. When a meeting Oct 19 20 einers professor lightly announces that Other of the associa-soon as possible. Faculty will he expects two hours of prepa-tion are Bob Bickel vicerpresi-PreVI.eWS be admitted m order of apphcatton and ration to each class hour the . ' those planning. to s h ould sign . . ' dent; Lou1se Stewart, secretary; up for the entu-e senes . gaspmg and groanmg sounds Joe Ahnell publicity chairman I like a Lodge meetin. g Faculty are: Dr. SA PlanS 1n accelerated to the when a Kmght of Columbus IS Sarett and Dr James Popovich one offered last snrmg. The fust ses dl'scovered under the Paten' sian will be held fn AD 2073 from 5 6 , . . Reader's Theater and Choral I p.m., seEt. 25. Interested _staff should tate s chair. class IS Speaking Dr. Herman Stelzner I P1 HOOD like that; but you wait 30 p . m;, in UC 264 • given SOUGHT-The person who lost a cap minutes turn a corner and find busmess leaders orgamzation yourself in the ladies' lounge, so that these students may !Ueet Sept. 101 should contact Mrs. Mozelle embarrassing situations are With the faculty of the busmess HJ> cross bound to develop. So you try . . . . approved firs t aid course will be of. again and this time yo u land on Shdes of Pans, mcludmg fered to faculty mt:mhers this fall . the te'rrace Oh well better luck President Kennedy' s recent vis-the Physica l Educatwo Department and I • 11 d h t the student Health Center provided tomorrow It, WI be presente at t e nex there is sufficient interest . The course , meeting of the Foreign Lao-will be given in the evening in five 2 But, green as we are, we 11 guag Club Thursday 1 hour sessions. Interested persons should make it Let's face it if we e ' ' contact Dr. Egolf in the Student Health _ , ' . p . m . in UC 157. All students center (UC 414, ext. 267>. { d1dn t, our parents would diSmay' attend own u s. we think The Democrats will 1ueuza inoculations Thursday, Sept. South Flonda IS the great est, will meet Tuesday 1 p m in 1 and w e want to h elp it stay that UC 205 . ' way. Religious . social hour will be held a t 1:30 p.m. The Jewish Student Umon lS Th T r planning a. get-together Sunday. (]SF Methodist program. The meeting e ampa tmes See bulletm board for details. Uninrslty of South F lorida The Fellowship will WORKSTUDY PROGRAM-Advisers Campus Edition hold a SWlmmmg party Satur-Edilor ................. Louise stewart day evening at Temple Terrace should inform them of the Work-'ftudy : : Pool. Reporting and editing staff: Wing for thi s mus t H . Mlller, director of the program, wUJ be delivered to the office of discuss opportunities, estimated income Gullett, Bill Blalock, Charles Bass, E d campus publications (UC 58 ) Carlson, Pat Davis. Jean Del T&rto. not later than noon on the men and and advisers are lnWednesday preceeding th e de-viled to attend . P I M I Rl h d 0 l R b t d t' d t Th NOTICE To STUDENTs-The dead Pfpues, VtS1ip sire pu lon a e . . ey Jlne for application for internship in Marilyn Vlk, Kay Keating. The CAMPUS should be wntten on the prmtthe trime s ter for J?rospectlye EDITION i s produced as a laboratory ed forms supplied by the of347, Magazine and Fea fice of campus publications. I ' \ . ,, 1/t ............ CONTEft Frank president of the USF Student Association, previewed the coming Chinsegut Conference as he outlined plans for 1962 63 SA activity. The conference will be held Oct. 6 and is the first formal SA planning session for the current fiscal year. Foremost in the proposed ac tivities is the reorganization of the Civic Units, which functioned apathetically last year. New civic units will revolve around the nucleus of a hall Ph floor) in the r esidence h alls. This automatically guarantees 50 members per unit. Commuting students will be as signed to the various units a t random. "However," said Meiners, "the Executive Countil and the Legisla tive have finished their organization, and we are now interested in operating in our fullest capacity." Dean Wunderlich and the Executive Committee are inves tigatin g the possibility of creating a judicial branch of government to be operated entirely by students. 850 Residing in Halls Beta Hall, a residence for men, is the newest addition to the university's physical facili ties and is r eady for occupancy. Some 850 students fill this res! dence hall and Alpha Hall, a girls' dormitory, to capacity. •


!-A THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 1'7, 1962 FULFILLS LONG DESIRE Deaths in Tampa Police Sergeant Develops Band REV. JAMES WILSON husband, Thomas M. Hine, 'l'he Rev. James L. "Red" Tampa; her parents, Mr. and Wilson, Valrico, died in a Mrs. William C. Whitworth, Plant City hospital Saturday Myers; two daughters, morning. A native of Alabama, Perry Prince and Margaret he had lived in Valrico for six Davis, Fort Myers; three sisters, years. He was a member of the Mrs. Joseph S. Lesko, Tampa, Lake Region Baptist Church and Mrs. Raymond F. Weaver and a Mason. Survivors include his Mrs. Evelyn Olivier, Fol't Myers; wife, Mrs. Mae Belle Wilson, and two brothers, William H . of Valrico; his mother, Mrs. Whitworth, Wilmington, N.C., Laura Wilson, of Boaz, Ala.; and Louis Whitwol"th, Fort six sons, Jimmy, Colonel, Garry, Myers. Mackey, Danny, and O ' Neal Wilson all of Valrico four ANTONIO CASTELJ..ANO Mrs. Jeanne Hill, of Antonio "Tony" Haines City, Mrs. Lewis, of 55, of 3108 Ybar St., n P&7able Ia adnace, Member of A < 'SOCiale4 Preaa. Member or Aadlt Burtall o( Clr• elllatloa. TRY OUR HAIRCUTS will our Servil:e -4 PAT and BOB'S Barber Shop 3713112 Temple Terrace ljwy, Near New University • PUBLIC NOTICE • Tcrmpa Tire Co. has merged with and been ab5orbed by Pioneer Tire Co., Inc . , eHective today. Our files and ledgers have been trcrnsferred to Pioneer Tire Co., corner Tampa and Washington Streets, where you will receive the same personalized service as In the past, In many cases by our employees who have been retained by Pioneer Tire Co. Charge accounts and installment pcryments will be by Pioneer Tire Ca. Also call Pioneer, phone #229-1U1 for all service desired on television, radio, stereo hlfl and appliances. M. P. Mickler, Jr. TAMPA TIRE CO, I CHRISTCHURCH, New Zea land , Sept. 17 (JP) Operation Deep Freeze 1963 is away to a flying start in Antarctica. The first Hercules aircraft carrying Rear Adm. David M. Tyree, commander of the naval support force has arrived at Mc Murdo sound. With excellent weather prevailing, a shuttle service between Christchurch and Antarctica, 2,300 m i 1 e s away, is in operation as the Americans make the earliest start on summer activity since the program was initiated. With the first plane went 2,200 pounds of mail and double that quantity of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs. Now that winter is over, personnel will return to civilization as the aircraft fly back north to New Zealand. U.S. Military Advisor Group Leaves Laos VIENTAINE , Laos, Sept.17 (JP) -The first contingent of 36 U.S. military advisers left Laos today in accordance with the Geneva accord calling for with drawal of foreign troops from neutral Laos by Oct. 7. The 36 Americans , who . be long to American Military Ad visory A s sis tan c e Group (MAAG) for Laos w h 1 c h has been helping the rightwing Lao tian army, 1 eft for Bangkok aboard a C46 en route to the United States. A three -man t e a m of the three countries of the Interna tional Control Commission (In dia, Poland and Canada) stood near the plane's ramp to s uper vise the Americans' departure. According to the Geneva accord, the commission has the duty to control the withdrawal of for eign troops in Laos. Funeral Notices EVANS, MRS. VIOLA C. -Funeral services for Mrs. Viola C. Evans. age 53, 308 S. Arrawanna Ave. will be held at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning at Curry's Funeral 605 s. MacDill Ave. The Reverend Pierce Hendry, Pastor o the Trinity Methodist Church, will officiate. In terment will be in Bridgeton, N .J. on Friday Sept. 21st. PARKER, BROWNLEE ELLIOTT-Fu nerai service s lor Mr. Brownlee Elli ott Parke.r. 88, of 907 s. Orleans, will be held this afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the B . Marion Reed Co. Funeral Home, Plant Ave. at Platt St. The Rev. G. S. Burchill, bead Lodge No. 20, F&AM, wUI conduct Mas oni c graveside services. Entomb ment wlll be Lo Myrtle Hlll Memorial Park Mausoleum. Pallbearers are: B. L. Fenis, C. C. Calfee, C. H. Kehoe, B. E. Short, J. L. Harris BE OMlTTED. SINGLETARY, LENNIE L. -Mrs. Lennie L. Singletary, 62, passed away Saturday mornine. Funeral services wlli be h e l d at the Chapel o the F . T. Blount Co. Funeral Home, Tuesday at 11:00 o'clock. Rev: J . H. Rich, retired Baptist min lster and Rev. Heard T. Burnette, pastor o The Eastside B a p t I s t Church will offici ate. Pallbearers will be Richard Nundy, Fonzo Fain, will be In the Myrtl!' Hill Cemetery. WILSON, REV. JAMES I,. (RED) -Funeral services for Rev. James L. (Red) Wilson , 54, o Valrico, wUI be held this afternoon a t 2:00 P.M. at the First Baptist Churc h of Valrico with the Rev. Ezra Wells, pastor of the Lake Region Baptist Church . of ficiating, assisted by the Rev. H. F. Cemetery. Pallbearers are John Davis, Rev. Cecil Durden, Lee Rob ertson., John Howell, T on y LewJs, I. Q. Scogin, Grady Bracken, and Carl Moses . Arrangements by Stow ers Funeral Home, Bra ndon. E. AUSTIN ELLIS, N.D. Physician Announee1 Opening of Hl1 OffiC41 For Non -Surgical Treatment of I'ROSTATE, HERNIA A HEMORRHOIDa 111 S. HOWARD .. h . 253 FRESH RUNNING WATER RINSES float 10it, AUTOMATIC LINT DISPOSAL SPINS CLOTHES DRIEST OF All Exclusive Frigidaire Rapidry Spinremoves more water 'ttan any other washer! n1kA' $ WORDERFUUY SIMPlE Set just one


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