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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 203 (October 1, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 1, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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J . " rahma Cops USF Contest B:r SARAH CALDWELL UC officials deemed to award 'USF mascot, is Bob Bickle, of cial eon test •arne on Friday, Th u t f S th Fl first prize in the contest to Beta Hall. Sept. 28, following three weeks e mversi Y 0 ou or"Buccaneers" but to use "GoldBickle submitted the explana-of entries and eliminations. ida and staff en Brahmas" for the mascot, if tion of the entry to contest offi Originally 1 5 semifinalists voted the Golden Brahmas approved by the judiciary comcials: "The. Brahm a bull is a were selected by the Student USF. however the mittee. Florida symbol. It is not used Association. They were: Olymdecision be made by a This decision came after an by any other university. The pians, Athenians, Dolphins, Por-JUd!Ciary committee. Brahma bull is an unconquer-poises, Hawks, El Compeador, The selection occurred in a hour of conferences and many able animal, further, the 'gold-Buccaneers, Barracudas, Golden round-about way. Voting plu-telephone calls, including one en' or palimino Brahma is one Eagles, Golden Brahmas, Cou rality selected "Buccaneers" as long distance call to Pensacola. of the most beautiful of beasts." gars, Sting Rays, Maverickthe mascot, but it was then Therefore, the winner of the The name came as a result of The Southern Bull, Conquista found that a new four-year uni-mascot contest is J. Stephen an unofficial contest and exten-dores, and Florida Crackers. versity at Pensacola had already Chalker of St. Petersburg, who sive r e s e arc h conducted by All-University voting elimithat name. entered the name "Buccaneers." Bickle and other Beta (then natcd 10 of these, and the five Not wishing a duplication of Winner of second prize in the I Alpha) Hall students last spring, semifinalists were: mascots within the same state, contest, the originator of the The culmination of the offiBuccaneers, Golden Brahmas, Olympians (submitted by Tom A. Smith, Tampa), Cougars (sub mitted by Mark Siegl and Roger Krone, Beta Hall), and Golden Eagles (submitted by Mrs. Glenn H. Taylor, Tampa). Administrator and originator of the mascot contest is Don Gordon, who planned the con test as an attempt to raise stu dent pride in the university. It is hoped that the "Golden Brahmas" will serve as a uni fying aspect during USF's early growth, and as a fight symbol for the far-off days or athletic contests. University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES Meet the Author RICHARD GLENDINNING Wed., Oct. 3, 1 :25 p.m. SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 203 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS GOTTA MAKE IT TO THAT 8:00 CLASS Ted Gose puts his clas&ic MG-TF through its paces in practice for the USF Sport's Car Club's Gymkhana, or precision driving competition coming up. An other highlight of the event is the showing of the 1963 sports cars, among them the Austin-Healy, Jaguar XKE, Corvette Stingray, and the Triumph TR-4. The cars are supplied by local auto dealers Tom Wolfe, Jack Sheppard, and Ferman Chevrolet. A mandatory safety inspection of the students' cars will precede the competition. I 1 Auto ShCIJI Area 1...------, I \ OBSTACLE COURSE This is a map showing the one-mile course with obstacles in place. Each entrant is awarded one pen alty point for each second he needs to complete the course, as well as 15 points for each contact with a pylon. Each car is classed by its size, making it possible for Volkswagens to compete against the big ger Corvettes and Austin-Healys. Constitution Changes Pass By Wide Vote Margin ----------------USF students have made their decision on the legislature's proposed changes in the constiHARKNESS CHAIRMAN tution of the student associa tion. Voting Friday indicated approval of all changes and unanimous approval of all but section 6.1.3. According to Frank Meiners, president of the student asso ciation, the many changes pro p 'ose d for section 6.1 may have resulted in some confusion when United Fund Drive Opens on Campus The United Fund drive will votes were cast. begin on campus today, accord-An amendment to the consti-w } Stud ing to Dr. Donald R. Harkness, tution must be passed by two or { •• y associate professor of the Amer-thirds of the votes . Section ican Idea, and campus chair-6.1.3 passed by a vote of 180 Students Earn man for the fund. This is the to 51. only outside fund raising camA total of 18 changes were 5 paign on campus during the made including those in the pre-Over $2 000 year. amble. The most changes were ., The drive will continue un-in section 6.1, wbich now reads Work-Study Co-op students til Oct. 31, under the as follows: earned $25 , 706.30 during tne of. Dr. Harkness and h1s com6 1 Th Rul s Committee summer work period with most mJttee. was appomted e e f t t f t by President John S. A-llen, 6.1.1 This committee shall be 0 1 gomg 0 pay ?r curren chairman of the drive for the perminent, having its head-and future . educatwnal ex. t t:h l . th . c penses, accordmg to George H. pnva e s oo s m e area. m the Executive oun-Miller, director of the Univer_Students will on the 6.1.2 This committee shall be sity of South Florida's Workm1ttee for the first hme Study Cooperative Program. year. They are Fred Jenkins parlia-Miller said 37 students com-and Mary Agnes Taylor The pleted the work period with a othfefr members are faculty and 6.1.3 This committee's pur-satisfactory record and the averS • Q A E hih• F t d Th• W } pose shall be: to advi se the age weekly gross earnings was We can show the Tampa trlng Uartet X It ea ure IS ee { president and/or the executive $58.44. that.w.e are a part Societies EVENTS CALENDAR • Announce Pledges ' council and the. legislature in . . . of It by bemg willmg to do our By LOREN SOUTHWICK by calling the Theatre Box OfThe works in the present ex"The Peach and the Cripple"; legal me-Thirteen share, or perhaps more t h a n . hibition somn of which were and Antonio Frasconi "Logs. " chamcs; to mterpret the con-topped the list With earnmgs of our share in support of fund _Severa l outstandi!!g events flee (988-4131, Ext. 343) executed i.n the 50's, do Also represented Eugene to provide the direc-$11,238 . 24 or an average of activities:'• Harkness said wlll be this week by tween 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. daily, not represent a cross section, of Berman, Harry Bertoia, Cleve tion . m . of student $ 864 44 each. One student re"Responsible elements in the All-Umv . ersity COJ?or may be picked up at the Box momentary styles 'lf the day; Gray, William Grool?er, Jacob association diSCipline; to draft ported income of more than I community supported the miUec, to a difOffice imm<>diately prior to the l'ather they POll'\1 up each Lawrence, Jack Levmc, Abraany rules or .reJilulations to the Sl,250. dmm,:r thf' year. ferent school of the arts. t artist's individuality. For this ham Rattner, Bernard Reder, or orgamzaLiberal Arts students ran :SI'cA generous to the The University String Quar-concer Art' ts E h-bt reason a remarkable variety of Theodore Roszak, Max Weber hons therm, necessary ond with eight earning $6,039.56 United Fund will prove that we tct will give its first perform-49 IS x 1 1 style permeates this show. and others. by executive. council; to for an average of $754.94. They are aware of this support." Fraternal societies have an-ance of the young season on From Saturday, Oct. 6 through Featured in the collection are Lecture Cancelled the electiOn o.f student were followed by seven BusiUSF contributions to t h e nouneed their pledges for the :ruesdaY .. 2 in the Saturday, 27, an exhibi-the works of Robert Gwathmey, A lecture originally slated for ahsocia.tion officers to be held ness Administration students United Fund w i 11 be divided fall semester; 61 number mg At_Jditonum. The Quartet IS tion of major American draw"Fishing"; Ben Shahn, "Second Thursday, Oct. 4 has been cant frrst larth of tre 2nd who totalled $4,395.20 .for an am 0 n g 32 service agc'!lcies. of new members 1mtiated last compnsed of Edwar.d Pre?d?r, in 5 will be on view at the USF Spring"; Harry Ellenzweig, celled. Fritz Freidman, who was tnmester eac year. average of $627.88. Harkness ciled one aspect of Saturday, at the end of rush. music,, VIolm; g . . "Medieval Town": D or ian to speak on "Germany Looks 6.1.4 This committee shall be Nine Ed u c at i o n majors the fund as something many Men's Societies Armm Watkms, Gallery. Forty-nme outstandmg Zachai, "Dancer"; Rico Lebrun, at America," is unable to come. composed . of seven membe!s. grossed $4,033.50 aver aging people don't realize: "You may ARETE: Pete Agdamag. Richfe.ssor of music, works chosen :from more than The authority $448.17 each. specify that you gift go to one ard v. (Bo) Adams Jr. Rogier \Vlth the 1800 drawings submitted to a shall act as chairman; three Th ll f 11 f or more of the agencies listed." L Bobier Robert Bo Clif -Orchestra, vwlm; Margery Emx, biennial competition , inauguTO GET BOOZE members shall be chosen by the e overa average or a. o ton Arthur l

2 THE TAMP A TIMES, Monday, October 1, 1962 IN ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC 2 Storms Threat To Fight CAPE CANAVERAL, Oct. 1 Grand Turk is about 800 miles (JPl Two major storms-tropi-southeast of Cape Canaveral. cal storm Daisy in the Atlantic Intensification of the storm and typhoon Dinah in the Pacould make it a full-fledged hur cific posed possible threats ricane by Wednesday. today to Walter M. Schirra's Dinah was reported in the projected six-orbit space flight, Pacific southeast of Japan. It scheduled Wednesday. could bril')g rough weather to Daisy was an immediate threat. the recovery area for the fourth, Dinah was not expected to fifth and sixth and cause trouble unless the shot is northeast of Midway Island. delayed. Almost perfect weather is a A spokesman for the National must in posible landing zones ,Aeronautics and Space Adminb f istration reported officials are e ore the launching will be attempted. keeping a close watch on the Schirra kept in close contact two weather systems, hopeful with weather developments from no postponement w o u 1 d be his quarters in hangar S at necessary. Cape Canaveral, where he is The space agency called a spending the final days before weather briefingn today to the flight. These tare the same inform newsmen of latest de-quarters occupied by the four velopments. earlier U.S. space pilots. Daisy boiled up 420 miles east At hangar S, Schirra underof Puero Rico yesterday and goes daily physical checks, dines t h e San Juan Weather Bureau on a low residue diet and makes reported winds up to 50 miles repeated run-throughs of the an hour in a small area near flight plan. He left the Cape the center. The storm was fol-for a while yesterdqy for a lowing a course which would swim in nearby Cocoa Beach. create a heavy sea problem Swimming is Schirra's favorite Wednesday near Grand Turk Isexercise. l a nd. the ocean area w h ere All other elements of the mis S chirra land if trouble I sion, including Atlas booster forced his flight to be termi-rocket and capsule, were ren ated after three orbits. ported in excellent condition. Soviet Union Snubs Peiping Celebration BORROW WHERE YOU GET EVERY ADVANTAGE There are two Important reasons why It pays to deal WithG.A.C. YOU GET MORE MONEY We have an extremely lib eral credit policy. YOU GET MORE TIME We make It easy for you to stretch payments over a .long period. -@-LOANS UP TO J600 (}.1\.,;.CORPORATION -------TAMPA-------420 Tampa St. cor .Madison 229 915 Tampa St. cor. Tyler .. 223 1901 E. Broadway ...... 248-1101 o4715 Florida Ave ....... 239-1147 -ST. PETERSBURG-654 Central Ave ....... Tel. 7-3669 ---LAKELAND----126 W. Main St .... MUtual 6 Hong Kong. Macao Police Mobilized Fifty-three years of service to thousands of families throughout Flor ida and other states. Often our experi enee enables us to save our customers money and disappointment. When we understand your wishes we know how to fulfill them. We are exclusive dealers in Tamp a for one of the finest gran ites on the market, and we are selling it 25 per cent below its value. May we serve you? TURNER MARBLE & GRANITE CO., INC. Court Reporter1s Job Pays Well -(AP Wotepbolo) MEREDITH UNDER ESCORT James H. Meredith, a Negro, right center,_is escorted by federal marshals as be at Oxford, Mississippi for registration at Ole Miss. Deaths in Tampa, Elsewhere ANGEL MIYARES Angel Miyares, 77, of 802 E. Emily. a native of Spain and a resident of Tampa for the last 63 years, died yesterday in a local hospital. He was a mem ber of the Centro Asturiano Club. Many years ago he was in the grocery and ice cream business and before his retire ment was in the produce busi ness. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Victoria Miyares; MRS. MARIA RICKARD two sons, Angel Miyares of Chi. . cago and Manuel Ramon MiyaMrs. Maria Pauline res of Tampa two daughters 155, of 4205 Gray St., died yes' ' terday in a local hospital. A of . Baltimore, Md., she Funeral Not.ces had lived m Tampa for the pa&t 13 Y_ears. She was . a member of BJ/; Chnst The King Catholic Josephine Bellanca Cannella, age 65, Church and was employed by a resident of 2702 Mitchell. who l,assed local department store. Survi-!lt:lno;;, .!m vors include her husband Mr. noon at four o'clock from the Wllson W'lli E k d ' Sammon Co. Funeral Home: Rosary 1 am . R1c ar , Tampa, a services wiJJ be held Monday eve son, Robert Charles Rickard . ning at e!ght o'clock. Interment in with the Air Force in England and four grandchildren. Piazza, Nick Macaluso, Henry Giglio, WENZEL HOENIG JuUus Pellegrino, Joe Mistretta. Honorary pallbearers: Servando Gar cia, Nick DiMaggio Sr., Peter Maca luso, Joseph Valelftl, Angelo Piazza, Wenzel Hoenig, 88, 5812 First Ralph Torres Jr. St., Ballast Point, died Sunday -==:::.,..::.:::::.:::....:.:.::...__ ____ _ morning in a Tampa hospital. A KING. HOMER B.-Funeral services native of Czechoslovakia and for Mr. Homer R. King, age 66, res! . dent or 819 Peninsular. who passed former resident of Orlando, Mr. away at his home Fr!dar;: morning, Hoenig was retired printer and had llved m Tampa for the Co. Funeral Home, with the Memo past 16 years. He is survived rial Lodge No. 2 0 , F&AM, in by his widow, Mrs. Anna Hoenig, in Garden of Memones THE TAMPA TIMES l'ubllsbed ,. e al Jl 1r 1 ••Ddr.J lbrourh Saturday b7 The . Tribune Company from The TrlbDJie Bulld-eiau mailer at lilt Post Office at 1Ulder the Act of Subscription llaleo: BJ carrier IOo per weHl by carrier or mall lhree month• ss.!Hl: llx month& !.a aduDce. Member of Pre01. Meaber of Aadll Burua vt Ctr elliaUollo NEW HOURS For Your Convenienc:e After the Football Games or Danc:es ••• Open Fri. 8r Sat. Nites 'til 3 A.M. Sun. tl!ru Tllurs. Nites 'til 1 A.M. PETER PAN RESTAURANT and Coc:ktall Lounge N. NEBRASKA AVE •• 152nd AVE. • t35-t953 • 135 ... MIYABES, ANGEL Funeral services ing at 9:30 o'clock from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, a.t which time a Mass wiJJ be said 'tor the repose of bls soul by the Rev. Father Cavanaugh, C.Ss.R., officiating. In terment will be in Centro Asturlano Memorial Park Cemetery. Rosary Chapel. SEXTON. ORMOND G.-Funeral serv Ices for Mr. Ormond G. Sexton, 73, of 809 S. Boulevard., who passed away Saturday in Jacksonville_. will be held Tuesday morning at 10:00 o'clock at the B. Marlon Reed Co., Funeral Home, Plant Ave., at Platt St. The Rev. N . J. M. MacLean, assistant to the rf!ctor of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Officiating. Inter ment will be in Myrtle Hill Memorial Park Cemetery. Pallbearers will be: Jim Quinn, Francis D. Jones, Col. M. J. Mackler, Finlay Hunter, Sheriff Ed Blackburn, Jr., and Lawrence Struss. THE FAMILY REQUESTS THAT FLOWERS PLEASE BE OMITI'ED. IT IS SUGGESTED THAT CONTRIBUTIONS BE MADE TO THE BISHOP GRAY INN, DAVEN PORT, FLA. E. AUSTIN ELLIS, N.D. Physician Announces Opening of His Office For Non-Surgical of PROSTATE, HERf'IIA A HEMORRHOIDS 118 S. HOWARD ,h, 2S3-5UO ; USED on MAYTAG WASHE 4 Cgc/e PIJI'!o,mance CapacityFully Automatic • Water Temperature Se1ection • Safety. lid Switch • lint-Filter Tub • Water Saver • Zinc Coated Cabinet Protects. Against Rust • Maytag Agitator Action 2$peedg 6-Cgc/e Brand New._.. Low Cost 2 Speed .a...L All-Fabric Automatic 2180 • FuOy Automatic • Lint Filter Tub • ' Water Saver • Safety-lid Switch • May tag Agitator Action • Zinc Coated Cab inet • Famous Maytag Dependability 2 $peedg 7-Cgc/e OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 9 WASHERS Includes Famous Lint-Filter Agitator • Hot, Warm, or Cold Water Temp. • Metered Fill ••• no water pressure prob. I ems. • Water Level Control • Safety-lid . stops action in seconds • Zinc-Coated Steel Cabinet protects i9ainst rust • Moytag Agitator Action TAMPA"S OLDEST AND LARGEST MAYTAG DEALER HALL APPLIANCE CO. Buy Where Service Is a 451 0 FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 233-7221 OR 233-9471


. RESIGHT NEWS TRENDS • ANALYSES GUIDES Chips To Be Down in British Mart Talks The chips will be down this month when Britain resumes negotiations in Brussels on conditions for her entry into the six-nation European Common Market. British efforts are aimed at getting stronger support from the three B_enelux countries and West Germany. These moves have aroused suspicion in Paris that Britain is trying to isolate France in the European alignment, and the signs are President Charles de Gaulle might consequently harden h1s terms for British entry into Europe. De Gaulle Government Bracing for Strikes At home, the De Gaulle government is for a new eruption of strikes in nationalized industries. F1rst govern ment offers of wage boosts of only a little over four per cent have stirred up anger among the labor unions. More trouble also is expected from farmers in Brittany, indignant over in creased railroad freight charges for their produce. U.S. Cuba Move Seen if Reds Squeeze Berlin In Berlin there is speculation that any serious Russian attempt to end western rights in Berlin or to with access to it "will end the Cuban problem." The theory 1s that any aggressive Communist action against Berlin United States retaliation not only to protect Amencan rights in Berlin but also against Soviet influence in Cuba. Japan Defense Force Increase Expected Look for Japan to beef up her self-defense forces in an effort to become less dependent on American military pro tection . Observers in Tokyo say the move is linked to Soviet threats that Japan would become a prime target in a nuclear war because of the presence of U . S. bases on Japanese soil. Breakthrough Seen in Japan-S. Korea Talks Sources both in Japan and Korea are predicting a major breakthrough soon in the protracted Japan-South Korean talks. South Korea's ruling military junta is anxious to put relations between the two countries on a normal footing before turning power over to civilians next year. On their side, the Japanese want access to the South Korean market. FARM AND GROVE THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, October 1, 1962 ' 4-H Clubs Beginning New Year HARD OF HEARING? Citrus schools which may be of interest to growers are as follows: The Manatee County Citrus School begins Monday and runs for five consecutive Monday nights. Citrus nutrition, fruit quality, tree rejuvenation and weed control will be discussed. Anyone interested is asked to contact Earl Kelley, associate county agent, P. 0. Box 338, High rust mite populations on Palmetto, for further informaAMAZING PSORIASIS STORY Ian. 10. 1960-Pittsburgh. Pa. "Doctored for psoriasis SO years. Spent much money to no avail. Then used GHP Ointment and Tablets for !t weeks. Scales dis ' appeared as if by magic. In 6 weeks skin completely cleared and clean . First time in SO years. HEARING AIDS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM SAVE UP TO 50/o on the Cost of Hearing Through Our Credit Certificate Plan ---SPECIAL OFFER ALL THIS WEEK Replica of Ear Hearing Aid Given FREE Especially detsigned for those who hear but do not understand words. Nothln9 above the ear or below the ear or behind the ear-No tubes-no wires and no scratchy sounds. This modern hear ing aid may give you the extra lift you need to live a full and active life. You will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE a replica of an actual size of THE MIRACLE EAR. No obligation, Limited supply. Wear it, test it. Yours to keep. ------------------------FREE HEARING TEST ALL THIS WEEK Have a complete audiomekrlc examination by certified hearing aid audiologists FREE OF CHARGE. Find out if you have a . hearing problem 'fhcrt be corrected. Home appointments made-No obligation. -------------------------Hours: 9 to 5 Daily 9 to 8 Mon. Closed Sat. Come In-Phone-or Write to: STATE HEARING AID SERVICE Consultants for Motorala / Dahlberg HearinCJ Units 811 CITIZENS BLDG. 706 FRANKLIN ST. Complete Repair Service, Batteries and Cords For All Makes Phones: 223 223-3851 Thanks for your marvelous prod. 1 ucts." This much abbreviated reo 1 port tells of a user's success with a dual treatment for psoriasis now made available to all sufferers. Fun information and details of • 14-dar trial plan from Canam Co.. Vept. 229A, Bockport. Afata, GOOD USED CARS await your selection in today's Want Ads in paper. Turn to them now. Art Exhibition Opens Saturday At USF Gallery DODGE PRESENTS THE DEPENDABLES FOR 1983 ! A traveling exhibit of drawings by American artists will open Saturday at the gallery of the University of South Florida. "Drawings, U.S.A." is a col lection of 59 outstanding works, selected from 1800 submitted to the St. Paul Gallery and School of Art, in biennial competition. The exhibit is presented under the auspices of the American Federation of Arts . . Works do not represent a cross section of momentary styles of the day, but instead point up individuality in artists. Among the artists whose work i s included are Robert Swath mey, Ben Shahn, Harry Ellenz weig , Dorian Zachai , Dave May. Stephen Greene, Rice Lebrun and Antonio Frasconi. The USF gallery is located in the library building. It is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. each Monday through Thursday. Fri day and Saturday, the gallery is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Sundays, from 2 to 10 p.m. The exhibit will hang through Oct. 27. Rupert Will Speak Emerson Rupert of St. Peters burg, Republican candidate for the U.S . Senate, will be guest speaker tomorrow at the month ly luncheon of the Hillsborough Women's Republican Club in the Roman Room of the Tam pa Terrace Hotel. ' All we know is that lots of people min her. Only 12 inches high end cerYed out of marble, she neYerthelen lit up an entire dining room, Please? May we han. her back? Cocktails Served .A.ll Major Credit Card& Mon.-Sat. 5-12; Sun. 5-10:30 p.m. BERN'S STEAK HOUSE 12011 South Howard Phone 253-9302, 252 ol Blks. N. Ba:vwore Roul Hotel memo to: NON TAMPAAADVERTISERS Dodge Polara Zdoor hardtop 1963 DODGE .•. BEAUTIFUL NEW ENTRY IN .THE LOW-PRICE FIELD Compact Dodge Dart GT 2door bardtop 1963 DODGE DART.. A FRESH NEW COMPACT IN THE LARGE ECONOMY SIZE INTRODUCING THE 1883 DODGE Now a complete new line of cars in the low-price field. The 1963 Dodge! People who see it just naturally get carried away. Reasons? 1. The looks: Great! 2. The price: low! Wouldn't you rather own a Dodge than other low-priced cars? 3. The room: Big! Notice how the roofline sweeps straight back. That means ample headroom for the people in back, not just the ones in front. Seats? Your choice of models with sofa style, buckets or fold-down center arm rest. 4. The upkeep: low! Dodge is rust-protected. The body fully unitized. The brakes self-adjusting. A major grease job lasts 32,000 miles, an oil change 4,000. 5. The feel behind the wheel: Like nothing else! Five strong engines to choose from. Smooth-going torsion-bar ride. Easy low-friction steering. Comfortable chair-high seats. Nylon, leather-grained vinyls. There are several hundred more reasons why. Your dependable Dodge Dealer has them all. See him. Drive the new '63 Dodge and get carried away yourself. INTRODUCING COMPACT 'G3 DART At last. A compact that doesn't give anyone the sardine treatment. The 1963 Dodge Dart-! Now everybody gets a fair shake on room. Note the roofline. It goes straight back. Result: Even rear-seat hat wearers are treated with deference. And so are those who like some action for a change. Dart' s standard engine leaves the run-of-the-mill compacts waiting and wheezing. Its optional engine (just a few bucks more) is the same way, only more so. Economical? like you'd expect a compact to be! That's the whole idea. lots of room inside, compact outside. lots of skedaddle, easy on gas. Few compacts cost less than Dart. None offers the value. A unitized body, for example, that's rust-protected. 32,000 miles between major grease jobs. A torsion-bar ride. An alternator. A highspeed starter for fast starts. Two series. Nine models including two pizazzy convertibles. See your Dodge Dealer for the car that's too roomy to be a compact, too thrifty to be anything else. NEW 5 YEAR/50 000 MILE WARRANTY f Your authorized Dodge Dealer's Warranty against defects In material and workmans h ip on 1963 cars has been expanded to include parts replacement or r epai r for 5 years or 50,000 miles, • ' • • whi c hever comes first; on the engine block , head and internal parts; transmission case and interna l parts; torqu e con v erter, drive shaft, universal joints (excluding dust covers), rear axle and differential, and rear wheel bearings-provided the vehicle has been serviced at reasonable intervals according to the Dodge Certified Car Care schedules. Factory approved remanufactured parts may be us ed for repl acement. TAMPA-MASSEY MOTORS, INC. OF TAMPA, 1201 FLORIDA AVE. PLANT CITY-JACK RAMSEY MOTORS, 1204 E. BAKER ST. ----------------WATCH THE WORLD BASEBALL AND THE NEW HOURLONG TV SHOW, "EMPIRE"-NBC-TV, TUESDAYS. BOTH BROUGHT TO YOU BY DODGE DMSJON CHRYSLER w MOTORS CORPORATION


'FREE HOUR ACTIVITY U S F Clubs Fill Agenda By SARAH CALDWELL Interest clubs an. Set your sights on a gala resident students only, and are will be teaching in local s ec athletic field-day to come off available at no charge. ondru-y schools . New faculty and staff were entertained by USF "veterans" recently at Bahia Beach. Here, in an after-dinner session, staff members and spouses visit with the new people in tbe first social event of the trimester. ants, \Vill welcome inquiries AAUP-Meeting originaUy schedule4 about their services from 8 : 30 for September 27 has been_postPOned. a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday The meeting w!Jl be held Wednesdu. thr h F 'd October 3, 1:25 p.m. staU LoUJlloug. n ay . Library. ( l l l t t t


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