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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 227 (October 29, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 29, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TI, MES Gol den Brahma Gores Buccaneer In Mascot Race SEVENT IET H Y EAR-No. 227 TAMPA, FLO R IDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS Case Under Consideration By Faculty N OT A STUD Y A ID The more l eisurely side of t h e USF Libr ary is in d icated by the patio where relaxe d surrou ndings make h itting the b o o ks a peaceful chore. If thdro u gh study is desire d , mixe d company sho uld not gather since the area induces a personality study for young couples. This area, and the lobbies of the building, afford the only chatting areas in the q u ietest of USF b u ild i ngs. 20,000 BOOKS A YEAR AAUP and Students Urge Swift Repeal By SARAH CALDWELL President JohnS. Allen's suspension of Dr. Sheldon N. Grebstein, assistant pro fessor of EngHsh, Friday, Oct. 19, has brought about repercussions equaled only by President Kennedy's recent speech to the nation. AAU P Speaks The USF chapter of the American Association of University Professors saw the suspension as "an encroachment on their own future respon s ibility as teachers, scholars, and disseminators of the truth." EDITORIAL S o m e thing of Value Another of our professors has been spirited away amid rumors and vague threats. We do not believe it is necessary to rehash the issues at stake. We are writing for a univers i ty readershi p, who understand as we do t h e concept of freedom and responsibility. Both sides were presented quite adequately last spring and again early this fall. No, we do not fear that the professors, adminis tration and the better students at this university will change sides. We don't believe the professors will begin teaching differently, begin avoiding controversy of any kind. And we do not believe that any serious student is going to be fooled. He will not confine his reading to books which do not challenge him to test his thinking on democracy, religion, philosophy or Although no official reason for the suspension had been given, the AAUP said that the action came as a result of a reptinted literary critir 1sm of • "beat" writers, which was dis tributed in the professor's ad vanced writing class. Monkey Trial Author Grebstein is the author of "Monkey Trial," a documentary study of the Scopes trial in Tennessee. This was a test case regarding the right of a teacher to discuss Darwin's theory of evolution in the classroom. "Monkey Trial" was required reading for the functional Eng lish course at USF in the fall of 1960. Both the AAUP and student L i ttl e M a n o n Campus 1961 sex. USF Library Grows The fear we have is of a different kind. We are groups came out with statements UC A CTIVITIES afraid that these professors and students will leave. urging a swift repeal. B y SIEGFRIED CROPPER They do not have to stay. A good professor can find Censorship The University of South Florida Library in the first two years of its existence a job in one of hundreds of private colleges. A good The AAUP "We feel that bas acquired among other notable books dealing with the early history of Florida a student need not stay here for financial reasons. He if this situation is allowed to copy of, "Breves Narratio Eorum Quae In Florida" by Jacobo Le Moyne, a first edi-can go anywhere in the country on a scholarship or a go unchallenged, every member tion printed in 15 9 1. reasonable loan. of the teaching faculty might Another interesting book in the library collection is a facsimile copy of the Those of us in the charter student body, faculty be subjected to biased, im-'Beatnik Dance' Held Saturday -----------=:.....---------=-----. 1"Codex Linqisfarensis" \.Mhich and administration, and even those who came later, mature, or irresponsible censor-was written by Bishoo Eadfrhh, came because we felt that here was a chance to estabship." 1 COURSES TOO ) lish a state school that could rival the best in the Statement: in support of By JACKIE l\IONTES 1 ot Lilldis!arne, Irelano. country. ' • i Grebstein '':ere distributed to Barry Mallil}.ger , c:ub-chairmRP of t he UC S t d t E I t • The library copy shows the The enthusiasm was here two years ago at he campus organizations function-Committee has announced that there will be a "Beatnik U en Va Ua I on colors of. the . hand-convocation, and right up until last spring. _Since t n ing througJ:i the USF Student Dance" Saturday, Nov . 3, in the UC Ballroom from 9-12. 1llummated n1anuscnpt. bl N p d t A M f th h it has received blow after ow. ow resx en en and should be forth1;1S1C or e occasiOn will be by t e "Velvets." Approis in the position of choosing between alienating the coming this week. onate dress for the dance will be in beatnik fashion . Ad-showing a "double edge" paint-board of control or the faculty . Alienate the board of Within His Rights mission for the dance will be ing on the front edges of the control you . sav? And after he is fired who will re-Concerning his case D 7 .5 cents stag and $1 drag. Malb k D d . th th J • ,, ' r. hnger expressed his hopes that 00 epen mg on e way e place him? Greb_stem stated, I am totally the dance would be a success. 1 edges of the book are turned, f d t" b b t f c d th t I two different paintings are dis-What we ear most IS eser 10n y our es ac!I acted wholly The second Author Coffee of At the end of each trimester done "all required and much played. ulty. We can only hope they will feel enough loyalty wtthm my rtghts as a college the trimester will be on Thurs-students are given the oppor-independent reading" decreases, These books are all in the t t 'th th h. f1 w plug up the holes If professor. " day, Nov. 1 in UC 264-65 at I t th . . t h.l th t f tl 0 s ay Wl e s lp un 1 e . A flve-man Investlgatl•n:: com1.25 p.m. Guest speakei for the tunity to eva ua e err ms rue-w 1 e e percen age o 10se "Special Collections Room" on h d 't f th 1 f tt f b ff n :: tors and the courses they are who have done "some required the first floor of the library. t ey on ' 1 ey eave or a rae IVe ]O 0 ers I mittee appointed by President coffee will be Rembert Patrick taking. The results of these re-and no independent reading" in-the north, USF will never recover from the broken John S. will review the noted historian and writer versed grading procedures are creases. Statistics Out morale they will leave behind. They must remember against Grebstein, and the University of Florida. Cotcompiled by the Office of Evalu-The information derived from The library at has the1r enthusiasm of two hears ago. They came lookwtll recommend either dismissal fee will be served to those who . 1 over 50,000 volumes and is ac-or dropping f th h tt d ation Services and yte d some this poll will be used for, quiring books at the rate of ing for "something of va ue." It is still here. It will o e c arges. a en . leave with them and the students they take wiW, Campus Notices was was administered to 1,650 stu-ings. year 30,598 withdrawals were canceled because of the sudden dents. Their anonymity was in-made from the libran.•. 13,019 WITHDRAWALS--Floyd. Edward illness of Richard Glendinning, b t C h •J Baker, Sauncka June DeAmbrose Den if tl sured, and so it is believed t a t withdrawals were made from nis Wayne Dlaz, Donald Ervan H'aning: gues or 1e evemng. the results are an objective ap-a r er the Reserve Section. Letter to Edi.tor RBoberlt K. Jordan, Daniel J. LaPadula, Under the direction of John h d everY B. Lowe. Samuel F Roca praisal of t e courses an Between Oct. 1, 1961 and July Edvardo A . Rocha, John Hubert stoot: Tartaglia the Jazz Lab Band will teachers. Here are some of the 1 1962 th 1b d b h h man. Eileen G . Waits. provide muslc for the ftst Jam , e 1 rary wa5 use Y From the beginning of this floor, or sittmg on a c a1r whtc AVAILABLE _ Automaro . . results: c I 0 t 283,227 persons. The library has trimester until the time this ar-they have carried from their Children's Emotions. The world or Sess!on the trunester. The The student who says, "My a 5 s u 45 full time and 45 part time ticle was written there has been rooms to their stations. Most of t' _H !Report from Africa, The SessiOn Will take place at 4:30 d sently A " also says e I 20 f th f 11 t h as. e ncas, The Aztecs, Regu. p m in the UC Ballr oom on Frt gra e IS pre . mp oyes; o e u tme one complaint common to all the students have gtven up ope an q Control. Communication s • "I always know what is expected employes are professional li-the residents of Bet a Hal! ; of to .d? any homework Rates Instructors day, Nov. 2. The jazz group has been rehearsing since its for mation at the beginning of the trimester. ''Butterfield 8" "Butterfield 8," third show to be presented by the movie com mittee will be shown in TA at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 2 . Ad mission for the show will be 25 cents per person. The second showing of the movie will be Sunday, Nov. 4, in the theater at 7:30 p.m. Stereo. Dance At 9 p.m. F r i d a y , Nov . 2, there will be a free S t e r e o Dance in the UC Ballroom. A DJ from the USF Broadcasting Club will be on hand to spin records for the evening. Members of the Hospitality C o m m i t t e e are planning a Christmas Decoration Party for Nov. 30.. Committee members and dates may attend. !h with "A" do "all required and be available in the book store. The greater number of Hall. If the past is any indica-ton cal w 1_11 _be for class changes for some independent "A': Each candidate will purchase the ltb_rary bo?ks are located on tion of the future, he will find guest author lJ? ymverstty_ LETTER TXPING SERVICE Errec-feel the his own commencement invita-the th1rd floor. the proctors in many varied of s Meet the tlve Nov. 1 , 1962, the machine serv gradmg pol,,lcleS were tions, also available in the book postures and temperaments. Author sertes Thursday, Nov. ices division will offer a central Jetter th t b t th lh Juernensen 1 S t 1 t 1 25 typing service. ThroURh the use of an mos , .. ose Wl 1 store. ':II They will either be standing up, a : p.m. equipment manufactured by Friden grades below A felt that they U . t . All I p C sitting on the floor lying on the Dr Patrick author of r.uCorporation nnd the Royal Typewriter " f th ag in pon In ervteW, en com-n Oetry O ftteSt • • Company, a letter may be were as e aver e • mented that wth m f th merous historical books and reproduced i•• a s ro.,ie s Structors poltc1es " 1 any 0 e Dr Hans Juergens t h tth it in ld dd d Th . t t d . . . chartet class finishing degree en, assts • arttcles, IS a dtrector of t h e eac w s own s 8 a ress an th ' ose mderes le requirements early and others ant professor of humanities, has Dr. F r ench To Florida Historical Society, and gra es s lOU . const er taking more time, the charter been awarded first prize in a until recently, was editor of the to hundreds or diHerent per thts. As a grade decreases, the class completions will be ex-poetry contest sponsored by the d d M Florida Historical Quarterly. percentage of students who have tended ovet• a long period. De-Pinellas County Creative Arts A ress eet His books include "Florida Unmachine services, points out that this Group. service could be a valuable asset to cember, 1963 is a central point Dr. Sidney J. French, dean of der. Five omces concerned with dispensing stand The Tampa Times tiDIYenlly of South F l orida Campus Edition J;dltn• . . . . ......... Louise Stewart Editor . . . . WinePreodor (Jopydesk ...... . Danny Valdes, Michael Foerster Faculty Adviser . . Albert Scroulns Montes, John Gulletl, Ed Carlson, Pai Da.vls, Cha.rlotte Frese, William Dew, 11er, Richard Oppel, Robert Pipes, llelgfried Cropper, MarUyn Vlk, Kay JCeatlng, Loren Southwlok and Loreth floldstein. Tho CAMPUS EDITION Is produced as a laboratory section ot En 3.11, and Feafure Wrltln)'. • between the early and the late academic affairs at the Univer:pavls. and ,His graduations. Times, was awarded the prize sity of South Florida, will ad-1da and Fall of R1cn-than is possible throug h the standard for a group of three poems dress delegates at the annual and he has had articles information such which he submitted. The poems meeting of the Florida Associa pu_bllshed In a number of mag-Details concerning how to obtain this will be pubished as pad of an tion of Public Junior Colleges _newspapers profes-service are being sent to each c ourse, anthology in December. in Cocoa Thursday, Nov. 1. stonal JOUrnals. He the Archery Club Tournament An archery tournament, spon.--------------, sored by the USF archery club, will be held Wednesday, Oct. 31, dming free hour on the university a chery range. The round will • e a modified USF round and be modified on an individt. ' 1 handicap system. MOR E USF NEW S ON PAG E 6 Dean French will speak on the ?f the of be addressed directly to Mr. Bushnell role and duties of a dean of Flonda m 1940, and m 1959 at ext. 169. instruction in the framework of was named as the Julien C. a college. The meeting will be Yonge graduate research pro-ings for maJors in various engineering held at Brevard County Junior fessor there. College and will be attended by Coffee will be served at the e ral business administration areas. Stu presidents and administrative of-informal session in 'Rooms 264 ficers of tho junior and 265 of the University Cen colleges. ter. The public is invited. formation see Mu. Bringger, AD 1070. 3:30 p.m. Lessons Comm. ance in the second Poise 'n Ivy Dancing UC248 Club D a n c e will be h e l d ng .... UCI&7 Wednesday, Oct. 31. Those who Union UC226 are selected will be paid. 311• lOO"! The Poise ' n Ivy dance will be Corps ....... u . c. Lobby Saturday, Nov . 10. Dress will 1:2o p.m. be semi-formal. It will be from u. c. Hospitality .. UC203 9-12 in the UC Ballroom. Literary . . UC204 The Recreation Committee has u.s.F. DeMoiay announced t h a t tournaments ::: will be Friday, Nov. • 9, and the Fraternal Council .UC216 following Friday, Nov. 16. K : : E8m Tuesday, Oct. 30, Miss Joann Salling Club .... . .. uc2.2a Torretta will give a lesson on u. c. 1\rls & "Visual Poise." This is only one Club : : Egm in a series of lessons which are 2:30 p.m. Self-Improvement UC264-5 being given by Miss Torretta. Practice The lesson will be at 2:30 p.m. 6 :30 p .m. Tales UC204 in UC 264-65. Ethelontes . UC2()5 Dance lessons are being given 7 '00 p.m. ::: . today, Monday, Oct. 29, in the Duplicate Bridge UC264-5 UC Ballroom from 3:30-4:30 p.m. 7 :30 p.m. :. :: .. :::. Wednesday, Oct. 31, bridge 8:00 p.m Fldas . . . . . . . . UC202 lessons will be taught by Mrs. J;:l Phyllis Marshall in the Gallery All Day U .S. Marine Lounge at 5 p . m. Corps. . . . UC Lobby 1::5 p . m . Readers Theatre UC200 Cieo Pledges . . UC200 Foregin Language Club .............. UC203 U . C. Movie Comm. UC204 U . C. Personnel Comm. . ...... UC214 ... uc21s Comm. . . . . . . . UC216 Univ. Week Comm UC226 Business Leaders Organization _ . UC264 4:40 p .m. Alpha Hall Staff . UC226 Talent To> Outs . , UC264-5 5:00 p . n1. Beginning Bridge . UC108 6:00 p.m. U . C. Program Council . . . . . . . UC214 7 :00 p.m. Forensic Association UC226 THURSDAl!', NOVEMBER 1, lOO:l All Day U.S. Marine Corps. . . .. _. UC Lobby I :25 p.m. Bo.tega Art Club .. UC202 1 :25 p . m . U.S.F. Young Amer leans for Freedom UC203 U. C. Public Relations ...... UC214 Skin & Scuba Diving . . . .. . UC221 Tri-SIS Pledges .. UC223 Religious Council UC2.26 Meet the Author . UC264-5 Fencing Club . UC219 Peace Corps Lect ure . . . . . . .. CHtOO 6 :30 p.m. Student Assn. Legislature . . . UC264 5 8:30 p . m . Lecture-Or. Vlrgll Rogers TAT FRIDAl!'. NOVEMBER 100•! 4 :00 p.m. Jam Session ... UC248 7:30 p . m . "Butterfield 8" . , ... TAT 9 : 00p.m. Stereo Dance . . . UC248 SATURDAl!', NOVEMBER S, 1002 9 :00 p .m. Beatnik Dance ... . UC248 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1002 8 : 30p . m . Wesley Foundatlott UC2.26 7:30 p.m. "Butterfield 8" ...... TAT Girls! Work For 11 Madamoiselle11 Would you like to work for a magazine in New York City? If you are an undergraduate girl and will not graduate be fore the spring of 1963 you are eligible to enter the selle" College Board contest. Coeds may qualify by sub mitting an entry showing their ability in the area of art writ ing, f a. s hi o n, merchandising, promotion, or advertising. There will be 20 winners who will be awarded "guest editor ships." These provide for the coeds a month in New York City, work on the magazine, and salary as well. There will be 10 runners-up in the contest who will receive a prize of $25. All of the winners will be considered for full time permanent positions with the magazine upon their gradu ation. Those girls Interested may find the details of the contest in the October issue of "Mad amoiselle."


2 THE TAMP A TIMES RAIFORD HAS 3.490 Eight State Prisons House . 8,000 Convicts Monday, October 29, 1962 Deaths MRS. ALICE L. WINN Mrs. Alice L. Winn, 74, 3519 12th Ave. South, died Saturday morning in Mound Park Hos pital, St. Petersburg. A native of Springfield, Ill. , Mrs. Winn formerly lived in Lakeland, Fla. and had lived in St. Peters burg for the past 21 years. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Evelyn W. Leopard, Au burndale, and Mrs. Betty W. Kicliter, Fort Pierce; two sons, Alfred N. Winn, St. Petersburg and Norman 0. Winn, Orlando; a sister, Mrs. Sarah L. HinN; Silver Springs, Md., and nine grandchildren. By ART BEAUCHAMP Times Staff Writer Florida taxpayers are pick ing up the tab for h ousing, feeding, clothing and provid biggest with 3,490; Belle I Camacho's attorney, Rich-Glade, all Negroes who work ard A. Bianco, has asked for on farms that provide much a preliminary bearing but it :MISS MARGARET T. FLYNN Miss Margaret T . Flynn, 81, .of Seffner, died Saturday night in a Plant City hospital. A nalive of Illinois, she had lived in Seffner for seven years. She was a member of the Catholic Church of the Nativity in Bran don and a retired school teacher. Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Biglon Barbee of Seffner, and Mrs. George A. Dewey of Kansas City, Mo.; one brother, William R. Flynn of Kansas City; several nieces and nephews. ing medic a 1 care for 8,000 prisoners w h o a r e incarcer ated in eight s t a t e prisons scattered about the state. Thousands of others are be ing given the same treatment in hundreds of city and county jails. Beauchamp The state Division of Cor rections' latest report lists 7,987 prisoners. a drop of 12 from the July total. The' prison population consists of 4 ,144 white males, 51.88 per cent of the total. Negro males are in second place with 3,494, or 43. 74 per cent of the total. of the food for the prison sys tem; 36 road prisons located throughout the state with a population o 1,867; Santa Fe Correction Farm, Gainesville, the smallest with 43 Negroes, and 49 mental cases impris oned at the state hospital in Chattahoochee. * * * GRAND JURY-The grand jury convenes at 9 a.m. Nov. 6. The biggest item of busi ness, so far, will be to hear witnesses against Carlos Co macho, who is charged with murdering a 16-year-old ex pectant mother last year. is unlikely that such a hearlng 'will take place before the grand jury meets. * * * VISITORSIn town last week to confer with State Atty. Paul B. Johnson were Mac k G. Britt, chief investi-. gator for State Treasurer J. Edwin Larson, and Florida Highway Patrol Capt. Jake Raulerson of the FHP's Bra denton troop. Brilt, a former FHP cap tain and ex-Bradenton police chief, now has offices in Bra denton and doesn't have to commute to Tallahassee. GEORGE MITCHELL George Mitchell, 49, 2202 Grand Central Ave. died Sunday night in a Tampa hospital. A native of Kansas and former longtime resident of Sparta, Tenn. Mr. Mitchell had lived in Tampa for two years. He is sur vived by his widow, Mrs. Willie Jo Mitchell, Tampa; four broth ers. Herman, Herbert, Arthur .and Eugene Mitchell of Sparta, Tenn. and a sister Mrs. Clarence Williams of Detroit, Mich. There are 133 white wome n and six white infants in state prisons, comprising 1.75 per cent of the total. Negro females total 208 and Negro infants total 2, com prising 2.63 per cent of the total. All Invited To Enter Hobby Show "Spotligbt on Hobbies" will be charged. Entry blanks may be the theme of the ninth be a t 214 N. . . or by calhng 253-3441. Deadlme annual c1tyw1de hobby show to for entries is noon Nov. 14. be presented Nov . 17-18 at the The show is a non-commer Trailer Park Gym, 2300 N. cial activity, and demonstra-CARL JOHN NOVAK Carl John Novak, 76 , of 2002 62nd St., die d Saturday after noon in a Tampa hospital. A native of Germany, he had lived in Tampa for 10 years. Mr. Novak was a member of the 160 Local Operators Union of Cleve land, Ohio . Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Louise Novak of Tampa: two sons, Harold and Erwin Novak of Cleveland, Obio; six grandchildren; one sister, Emma Wilkens of Columbia Sta tion, Ohio; two brothers, Emiel and Richard Novak of Elyria, Ohio; several n i e c e s and nephews. JOSEPH PHILLIP COOK Joseph Phillip Cook, 70, of Odessa, died early Sunday in a Tampa hospital. A native of Punta Gorda be had lived in the Tampa area 50 years. Before retiring recently, Mr. Cook was the owner and operator of the J . P. Cook Roofing and Sheet Metal Works in Tampa for 38 years. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Bertha G. Cook, Odessa; one brother, Abbie Cook, Groves, Tex.; one sister, Mrs. C. C. Odom, Tampa; and several nieces and nephews. C. W. FAULKNER White prisoners of both sexes total 4,283 for 53.63 per cent of the total. Negro priso)lers of both sexes total 3,704 for 46.37 per eent of the total. The state's ptisoners are located in Apalachee Correc tional Institution; Chatta hoochee; Avon Park; Lowell (mostly women); Raiford, the Deaths W. L. GLEATON PLA!'.l' CITY (Speciall-Willlam llsbod e T ... Ill r. • ... day throurb Satu rday l>y Tbe Company from Tho TrlbUDe Bulldelan mailer at tho Poai Oftlco at Tampa, Florlcla, uder lbo Acl or March 3, 1879. SulncrlplloD ••loa: By carrier SOc pet weet<; l>y cauter or mall lhroe monlha S3.801 alx monlho lD adunce. or A•nelale. Member of Bueaa ot Cirealallea. Sleep Like Log They cannot be passed I over the counter like a pair possess its own individu. we serve you? ADVERTISEMENT ---1 TAMPA, FLA. 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THE TAJ\oiPA TIMES, 1\londay, October t9, 1962 DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS PLEASE ND f ONTH STORE OPENS 8:30 A.M. MONDAY & TUESDAY . EARLy BIRD SP CIALS ON SALE 8:30 I • I 10:30 A.M • BRUSH HAIR CURLERS REGULAR 1.00 c PACK Limit 4 paeks 8:30 'til 10:30 a.m. AND YOU GET GREEN STAMPS FULL FASHIONED NYLON HOS E REGULAR 79 Pair c PAIR Limit 3 prs. 8:30 'til 1 0:30 a.m. AND YOU GET :O.W.: GREEN STAMPS KLEENEX TISSUES REGULAR 29 Box Box 400's Limit 2 Boxes 8:30 'til 10:30 a.m. _ AND YOU GET ;(1.'9/." GREEN STAMPS BREAKFAST SPECIAL Served 8:30 a.m. 'til 1 0:30 a.m. 2 Large Eggs Large Portion of Tender Ham Large Serving of Buttered Grits 2 Slices Golden Brown Buttered Toast and Jelly Coffee with Cream and Sugar ALL FOR ONLY 33' LET'S EAT STEAK (served after 11 a.m.) Grilled 112 Lb. T -Bone Steak 88' French Fries Tossed Salad With Dressing Hot Rolls and Butter 1.99 VALUE c Limit 3 8:30 'til 1 0:30 a.m. AND YOU GET ;(1.'9/." GREEN STAMPS REGULAR lQ Eac:h For Limit 6 8:30 'til 10:30 a.m. AND YOU GET :0.'9/." GREEN STAMPS c BOYS' ACRILAN SHIRTS 1.99 VALUE Limit 3 8:30 'til 10:30 a.m. AND YOU GET ;(1.'9/." GREEN STAMPS THESE ITEMS LISTED BELOW ON SALE ALL DAY! THESE ITEMS LISTED BELOW ON SALE ALL DAY! Lowest day-to-day priee ever on first quality I' SIS SEAMLESS NYLONS $ Pairs Run resistant mesh or plain stitch sheers, made of same yarns on same machines used for other national brands at 79c to $1 a pair. New colors in sizes Slh-11. Bargain priced any day BOUNCING BABY KNIT COTTON TRAINING . PANTS Cotton, knit absorb .. ency. Soft and com fortable next to in fant's sensitive skin. Full cut. Sizes I to 6. REG. 25c c Ea. CLASSIC COnON ROLL-UP SLEEVE OR SLEEVELESS SHIRTS Choose solids, stripe or prints, 9 7 ( fine combed cotton. Compare at 1. 99 and 2. 99 Ea. BOXER LONGIES Sturdy weight machine washable, elastic waistband all around, denim, cord. 1.00 VALUE c DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY Woven Clastic Guaranteed for Life of Garment! WOMEN1S ..... RUN PROOF ACETATE TRICOT BRIEFS-$ Pairs Finely knit of 40 denier ,' 32 gauge, runproof DuPont Acetate Tricot. Trimly tailored and smooth fitting. Full-cut for greater comfort. White and fashion shaded pastels. Sizes 5-7.. 49c VALUE \ SPECIALLY PRICED WASHABLE, QUALITY BROADCLOTH IN MEN'S COAT PAJAMAS $ FOR An amazingly low price for such well tailored pajamas! They're made of printed, sanforized broadcloth that washes beauti• fully. Sizes: A-B-C..D. BOYS' WESTERN STYLE DUNGAREES c 1.69 VALUE These tough, coaTSe weave, 10 oz. denim dungarees can absorb the roughest treat ment and still come out of the washer looking brand new. Sanforized cotton, less than 1% shrinkage. Blue only. In sizes 6 to 16. SALE PRICED SANFORIZED COnON BROADCLOTH SHORTS High-count quality cotton broadcloth undershorts san-4 8 C forized to keep their fit. Reinforced at points of strain. Full-cut comfort . 30 to 44. E Reg. 59c: a. ATHLETIC SHIRT Rib knit shirt of full combed cotton. Nyl on reinforced arm and neck. 48 Compare at 59c. 36 to 46. Ea. OPEN MONDAY NITE UNTIL 9:00 P.M. 903 FRANKLIN ST.


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 5, 1962 Deaths in Tampa 1\JRS. TOJ\IASA GONZALEZ !night in a Tampa hospital. A Mrs Tomasa Gonzalez 70 of native of Georgia, he had been 806 vi. Braddock, a a resident of Tampa for eight ident of Tampa, died Sunday years. He was. by S?l afternoon in a T .ampa hospitaL 1 Walker. mclude h1s She is survived by her husband, mother, W1lhe Golder. of Jose Gonzalez: three daughters, 1 Ga.; one daughl\1rt.. Isabel Garrido of New ter, B11ly Lee; a son, York City, M1s. Matilde Mo.rtelthree sisters, Mrs. Ollle R1_1ey Jat o and Mrs. Leonora Alvarez, of Blakeley, Ga., l\Irs. L11la, both of Tampa; one son, Anand Mrs. Ruth Alday, tonlo \Tony> Gonzalez of Tamboth of Damascus, Ga. I two sisters, Mrs. Josefina LAWRENCE s. MULDROW Solar and Mrs. Leonora Blanco, both of Tampa: nine gtandchil Lawrence 54, of clrcn and nine great grandchil-2313 West K1rby, 1ampa, died clrcn. Saturday night in a Tampa hos1 pi taL A native of. Flllrence, S.C., M.RS. DAISY BRITTAIN he had lived in 'l'ampa for 20 Mrs. Daisy N. Brittain, 71, years where he owned his own 8017 Cornwall Ave. dled Satur-iuterior decorating business and day night in a Largo hospital. was a member of painter-union A native ol Alabama and former Local 88. He is survived by resident of Chattanooga, Tenn., his widow, Mrs. Mildred Mul Mrs. Brittain had Hved in Tamdrow, Tampa; one son, Law-h S renee Muldrow, ElizabeU1 City, f•m,.-rGtVI'U .A.r• Awroge Fm Ana -CAP Wirtphoto) pa for t ree years. he was a THE NATION'S n7EATHER T 0 D A Y member of •h Bllptist Church N.C.; one daughter, Mrs. Norma n She is surviv:d a son, Grable, Tampa; two brothel'S , Occasional rain is forecast for the coastal sections of New England and the Jiam H. Brittain, Tampa; two northern middle Atlantic states tonight with snow and snow flurries in the interior daughters, Mrs. Mattie Sue Me-one sister, Mrs. Annie Hamilton, areas in the northern and central Appalachians and in the Lakes a1ea. There will Common and Mrs. S. V. Heslin Tampa; and four grandchildren. be in the northern and central Rockies. It w,i 11 be cooler from the Caro-of Tampa; two sisters, Mrs. L . d tl A. Ramsey, Northport, Ala. , and 1\JARIO SALIVA linas westward to the southern plains; warmer in the northern plains an nor 1Mrs. Lillia_ffi Skelton, Mario Saliva, 58 , o! ern Rockies. looJSa, Ala. , 1.3 grandchildren N.Y., a native of Tampa, died h • and 17 great grandchildren. I Sunday. He is survived by his Th w th A t N t n WILLIAi\1 D. JERGER widow, Mrs. :Marina ofl e ea er-cross e . a 10 TEMPERATURES GO DOWN South Gets Touch of Winter By Associated Press I the north central region, \ljlh lbc Pacific Northwest so l1 t hnortherly 11inds fanned ltempcratures dropped into the \lard into northern California, \1 ith heaviest falls along coastal cold air, rain and snow ft'om the teens in parts of Minnesota and areas. north central region easl\1 arc! I the Dakotas. Yesterday's temper at u res and into sections of the South One wet belt extended from ranged from near freezing in today. Illinois east ward through most the north central region to the areas to central Penns"lvania. 90s in the southwest reLight sn011 fell as far south-' Snow flurries or light snow hit gion. The 95 readmg in Yuma, \l 'al' d as parts of Tennessee and many seclions, with a mixture Ariz. was a record for Nov. 4 . Kentucky \\here temperatures of rain and snow in some secADVERTISEMENT dropped to the 30s. Readings tions. 1'110 inches of fresh snow were in the 40s from Alabama was reported in South Bend, Ruptured Men Ind. and three inches fell in through the Carolinas and Marquette, Mich. Lig,nt snow Get $3.50 Gift northcm Florida. Some of the powdered an•as in upstate New chill was felt in southern Flor-York and in Maine. for Trying This ida as the mercury dropped into In the South, light rain or the 50s. snow . extPnded along a cold . 1ront m southern Tennessee and The coldest weather was m A r k 8 n s a s. Sltong northerly Immunization Pushed After Polio Outbreak winds s11ept the cold ail' from the Carolinas to Texas. Freeze warnings have been included as far south as A J' k a n sa s and Northern Mississippi for to night. In the West, rain splashed Kan,as Cit'' • \Io.-Hetll "'t improHd mean. of holding rup ture thnt hn & benefitted thousands of rnpnued men aud "omen jn the last year. FAYETTEVILLE. A r k., Nov . 5 IA>)-Frightened by the possi bility of a polio epidemic, mort than 37, 000 residents of this Ozark mountain area swarmed to immunization centers. w i L h o u t leg stra}JS, eluHit-bells, body en l'irdiug or ha1sh it haA cause d n1any to say, ''I don ' t Ch b A"d H' see how it hold s so eaoy. l wou.ld am er I e ItS not have helleved, had I not tded The upp1y of Type I Sabin oral polio vaccine on hand30,000 doses-was exhausted in the first 30 minutes yesterday. U.S. Farm Programs it. " So comfortable so easy to "ear-it could show you the way to joyon s freedom from your l'UP 1 ure trouble. W . D J 63 2 Bronx; a daughter, MISS Nora! 1U1am erger, • ::> 'Saliva of Bronx; a sister, Mrs. died Sunday Amparo Noriega of Tampa; five Rainfall for 24 hours, !Fort Myers ... 73 51 -,Buffalo ..... . 43 28 .02 Many \\'aited for hours in the frigid mountain air while an .20 Arkansas National Guard plane . 01 flew in 20,000 additional doses from Dallas, Tex. WASHINGTON. Nov. 5 !UPO A spokesman for the U.S. Chambel of Commerce said yesterday that American farmers have reached the point where they must e ither learn to live with the markets or the " no tion that somehow :rovernment should lake this whole thing Yon •an 't lo.e by tr)• ing. It sent to vou on 30 days trial. You receive a .50 lrU>S as a pre,;ent for your r.-port . mg In a Tampa. hospitaL A brothers, Adolfo Saliva, William I ending midnight . . ... tlve of Thomasville, Ga., Mr. Saliva and Luis Saliva of Tam" .T e r g_e r was a graduate of I pa; Carlos Saliva of Zephyr-jl! or month to ..... . Georgia Tech and a of hills and Sgt. lVIIke Saliva of TaBarometer J'cad1ng, the Alpha fratermty. He I coh1a wash. I 7 a.m. had llved 1n Tan1pa for the past • . 37 He retired In June of MRS. LENA WOHLHt)TER . TOMORROW . _ this ftom the Westinghouse 1\Irs. Lei)a Wohluter, 93 , Lutz,. Sun 11ses ..... :. . . 6 :4::> Co. after 40 of J died Sunday morning at a TamI Sun ....... , . 5:43 serv1ce. He was a of the pa hospital. A native of GerMoon 1 1ses . . . . . . . . 2.1 Hyde Park 1 many, she had lived here set s ......... 12 :3::> lie is surv1ved by Ius \Hdoll, more tha n 60 years. Survival'S TEMPERATURES 1\lrs. Rut.h . Jerger, two include two daughters-in-law, Florida sons. W1!ham D. Jet.,er Jr., :Mr s . Ila Wohlhuter of Odes::.a H fg h Low Houston, and Hugh R. l and Mr:s. Iva Wohlhuter or Day Miami: a daughter, M:s.J tona Beach; two grandsons, Wil Apalachicola .. 67 Van der Bosch , White I liS Wohlhuter o.f Odessa and Clell islon .... 70 Plams, N.Y.; two brothers, Wohlhuter of Lutz and Key West 79 seph Jerger, Thomasville, and four great grandchildren. ' ;vuami Beach .. 79 Louis H. Jerger, St. Petersburg; Ocala ...... , . 67 a sister,. Mrs. James I MRS. GERTRUDE JEFFRESS Orlando ... . 68 Thomasville and four gtandchil-Mrs. Gertrude. B. Jeffress, 71 Pansacola 58 drcn. of 6009 Orange Blossom Ave.' Sarasota 68 ' Tallahassee . . . 66 tlsA JILL KOSSWIG died Sunday afternoon at her T 68 home. A' native of Tennessee ampa Lisa Jill Kosswig, infant she had lived in Tampa for 37 Daytona Beach. 66 48 46 56 56 40 49 39 41 51 46 . 02 Gainesville ... 68 45 -Charleston, S.C .. 61 49 .46 Sanford . . . . . . 67 50 -Chicago . . . . . . 43 35 1 Oeveland . . . . 48 40 I Cocoa . . . . . . . . 67 55 -Denver . . . . . . . 69 29 20.04 Panama City . . 65 51 Detroit . . . . . . . 46 36 Valparaiso . ... 62 38 I Duluth ....... 34 21 a.m. Other Cities 1Fort Wo1lh ... 70 47 . Helena . . ..... 61 34 p . m. Albany, N.Y ... 40 28 -!Indianapolis . . 42 32 p .m.l Amarillo ..... 80 37 ]Kansas City ... 55 27 a.m., A_tian_ta .. : . .... 57 41 1 Las Vegas .. .. 80 50 IBmmngham . .. 57 4 3 Los Angeles . . 64 58 Raln Boston ....... 53 34 -Louisville . ... 48 34 -Memphis . : ... 55 33 _ Milwaukee . . . . 40 34 19 JC International New Orleans .. 60 37 I M • H K New York .... 45 37 eetS In OnCJ OnfJ Oklahoma City. 70 37 HONG KONG Nov. 5 OP) : 41 23 ' Ph1ladelplua . . 47 28 = J The 17th world congress of the Portland, Me. . 50 . 39 . 15 1 Junior Chamber International Raleigh ..... . 58 43 _ opened here today on the key-Rapid City . . . . 50 25 .02 note "better leaders for better Richmo_nd 56 40 t " St. LOUIS . . 45 30 commum tes. San Francisco . 64 57 C. B. Burgess, officer adminSeattle . . . . . . . 54 47 Funeral Notices istering the Hong Kong govSpokane ...... 47 42 ernment durin" the absence of Washington ... 51 41 ovct and run it." . 22 The crash pro?; ram of im-munization for the 55, 000 resi dents o f Wa shington County. in _ Arkansa,, resulted 62 from an outbreak which left _ one child and nine other I persons stricken with the ill Robert C. Woodworth, an ex ecutive of Cargill Inc., Mlnne-Write for drcula• . apolis, and a member of the It's free. Ju t add1e•s Pbyoician's chamber's agriculture commit Appliancl" t.:ompany. 1072 h.orh tee. said government efforts to Bldg., 2906 Mai11, Kansas City 8, raise farm prices and divert Missouri. .15 . 13 .03 .14 .01 .62 .02 .09 ness. acreage from surplus produc tion are driving people off the farms. POLLING PLACE CHANGES Precinct 1 -Knox Hotel, Jefferson St. Lobby Jefferson & Lafayette St. Precinct Precinct 2 Center120 Parker St. 16 .:....rampa Heights Methodist E. Park Ave. 47 -Jewish Community Center --2808 Horatio St. 49C-Garden City Nursery 6245 N. Dale Mabry 51 A-Phillips 66 Station 9932 Florida Ave. •• ;.; the governor, "'welcomed more Wichita 65 28 Sander• Doty. 46, who passed away than 1,100 delegates .from 55 Some Temperature ex tremes countries. from within the United States Florida & Linebauqh 55 -Edison Elementary School 1607 E. Curtis St. Jesse W. Thompson, Tampa. Ala., and several nieces and The congress will discuss except Alaska and Hawaii. • 11 1r 1 It 1 d ways of best serving commuSunday highs of at Yuma, 0w'li: 1t8s nities, elect a president for the Ariz . . and 93 at Thermal and OMITTED and donations ma:v be d 1 't I 1 C l'f aiven to lite cancer lund. B. 1\larion commg year an e 10ose a Sl e mpena , a 1 • Reed co. Funeral Home In charge for the 1964 congress between Mornday morning low s of 8 Front Hall Precinct 57 -Oak Park Recreation Center, between Columbus Dr. & 14th Ave., 1 West of 54th St. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nor-years. Survivors include two man F. _Kosswlg of 810 _W. 127th daughters, Dr. J. Elizabeth Jef Ave., died Saturday n1ght in a fress of Philadelphia, Pa., and Tampa hospital. In addition to Mrs. c. G. Conley of Tampa; her parents, she is survived by five grandchildren; four sisters, two sisters, Karen Lynn and 1 Mrs. Edwin J. Pollman of Tam Cheryl Ann Kosswig, Tampa; pa, Mrs. c. L. H argrove ot grandparents, Mr. Mrs. I Tavares, Mrs. Alfred Thomason Gustave H . Kosswig, New Brit of Dresidil1, Tenn., and Miss a in, Conn., and M1. and Mrs.1 Margaret Bruce of Birmingham CIIESTER LEE GOLDEN nephews. Mrs. Jef!ress was. a membe1 of the First Baptlst Chester Lee Golden, 58 , of Church. or local arranacments. Sydney, Aus tralia and Okl aat Blmidji, Minn. and 10 at In-/ homa City. temational Falls, Minn. 57 A-M Hel of Christians School-6400 E. Chelsea 2927 47th St., died Saturday UT Student Killed In Collision EDWARD E. FISHER Edward Eugene Fisher, 64, of 4106 E. Knollwood, died sudden ly Saturday aft e r n o o n in a Tampa hospital. He was a native of Fonda, N.Y. and formerly lived in Portland, Oregon. He l 'lSHEJt, EDWARD EUGENE PRI VATE FUNEl\AL SERVICES !or Mr. Edward Eugene Fisher, 64 , of 4106 :KnoUwood Ave., will be held ftom the eraveside, in Memorial Pa1 k cemeter:v, St Petersbure ai 2:00 o 'clock 'Iuesday afternoon, wltll Rev. Robert E. Ford, pastor of the Narth Tampa Presbytertan Church official Ins. Local arrangements in charge of Jennlnes l''uncral Home. had lived in Tampa for five F'OSTEit--:-lt.AnRl'P . • sa. -F'ooai A 19-year-old Tampan has years. He was a World War I services tor Mr. l'larn P. F'ostcr the city's SOth traffic veteran, a member of V.F.W "ii casualty of 1962 as the result Post No. 120, lnternational 0,. a nre-dalnt crasll yesterdr.y Typographical Union, Benjamin >Jeb>a.ka Avenue, with Ute nev. A. • " Franklin Masonic Lodge, and A . Jones, pastor of the North Sl Tuesday afternoon at . . be f Con" g tl tive of Union Bridge, Mel., she sc. "a:; a em r 0 .,re a on I had lived in Tampa for 32 years Kee. p•stor of the H y d e Pa1 k PresbY Schaara1 Zedek. Survivors include one siste1 tet ian Church, will officiate, lnter Surviving are hi s parents, Mr. Mrs, Anna Mueller of Washing: and Mrs. Nathan Rosenblatt Jr.; 1 ton. D.C .; one brother, Roger B Pte•ton Garrett. o . K. Amos. John two brothers. David Robert and Little of Miami, and a nephew, t: Edward Michael Rosenblatt, and William G. Little with the U.S ....!.!::____ _ his grandmother, Mrs. Nathan 1 Navy in Hawaii. llltxTON. LABli.Y DAVID Fune1 al Rosenblatt Sr., all of Tampa. I ADAM JOHN ,. .. OORE services fo .. Larry David Minton, 1, m of 908 E. !20th Ave., will be held al Y E , 10:00 o'clock Wednesday morning N Names Adam John Moore, 04 from tbe chapel or Jennings Funeral • • ':II 809 W. Idlewild, died Saturday Home, cor. or Sliih and Nebraska Newsman as Exec morning in a Tampa hospital. . • NEW YORK, Nov. 5 (IJPD-The New York Stock Exchange has announced the appointment of veteran newsman and e d l to r George Bookl'nan as director of public information and press l 'elations. He was native of Logansport, ist Church, officlattn11. Inte .. ment Indiana and had resided in will be In Myrtle Hill Cemetery. Bookman. 47. a member of Tampa or the last Y years. He was a retire d tool and di e maker for the Northern Tool Co. He is survived by }lJ S w idow, Mrs. Margaret Moore of Tampa. the board of editors of Fortune MRS. CYNTHIA PARSONS RADER, LEOJ\"ARD P.Leonard P. Rader. 61. 2804 N . DJie nlghi to Jnd. Jn cnre of Soller-Bak er l"uncra l Home foo sen i ces and inte1 ment. Arran:ren1cnt were in chaTgc of :\larsicnno Funeral Home. Magazine, served in various Mrs. Cynthia Etta Parsons, 86, news and editorial capacities of 7604 E. Bl'oadway. died Fri" i t h Time Magazine , the Wash day aftemoon in a Tampa h os-ington Pos t and U . S . News an'd I pi tal. A native of Kansas, sh e World Report in Washington. had been a resident of Tampa J9, of Lake Road, will ht• He s ucceeds Paul Kolton who l,.for 34 years. Survivors include h•l

J j Packers; Giants Rolling; Will 'Skins Win Another? BY United Press International The Giants played what jured Paul Hornung, disposed The New York Giants coach AI Sherman described of another Western Division chorus a loud "nuts!'' to the as a "flat" game Sunday, but challenger by drubbing Ule they battled from behind Chicago Bears. 38-7. gag that no team wants to win three limes in the final period In other games, the Detroil the Eastern Division of the to edge the St. Louis Card-Lion remained two games National Foot ball League be-ina is, 31-28, and take over behind the Packers by beatcause they'd have to meet the first place in the Eastem Di-ing the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers in the vision from the Washington 12-3 ; the Baltimore Colts up-Championship playoff. Redokins. set the San Francisco Forty Even though the Giants The free-w he eling Dallas Niners, 22-3; the Pittsburgh took a 37-0 shellackin g i n Ia t Cowboys made the Giants' Steelers defeated the Minnescason's playoff game, they're ascent'possible whe n they up-sota Vikings, 39-31, and the bustin g their shoulderpads set the Redskins, 38-10. be-Cleveland Browns played a for another crack at the Packtore largest crowd ever 14-14 t ie with the Philadel-er super-team that now has to watch a spo1ts event in the phia Eagles. bowled over eight straight Nation's Capital. Y. A. Tillie. who experi-N.F.L. rivals with no sign of Meanwhile, the Packers, enced a 1netched afternoon _l_e_tt_ir_:lg=--u...:p_ . _________ o_n_ c _ e _ a..=g:__a _in_.:_P _la...:y _in_ g =-w _ i _t1_1o_u _ t _ i _ n _ - • following last Sunday's reeJohnny Griffith (Continued from Page 18! bak from their worst perfo11mancc of the season-that ag inst the Wolfpack to their best. • I was talking to Wally fformer coach and now director at Georgia) Jtbe other day. He says the Georgia-FiorEAST Delawate 20, Temple 8 SOUTH Mississippi 15, Louisiana State 7 Xavier : 2. Handy Blond 6. <.;I reus llerltage 1 Tamran 5 Ballet Girl 3 . Xavia 7. Unit 2' Top BanJ;er s: Cactus Pledge 4. Cool Rocker 8. Bun-Is 3: Kinde Clever 7. Party Plan nr"1H RACE-Three-eighths nule -4. Pen pal i\lar 8. A StOt'Y Grade D: THIRD mile-I. Key Point 5. 'l'riceUe Grade D: 2. El Amena 6. Cactus Guest How The Top Ten Fared ••• I t SIXTH RACE-F'Ive-sixteenths Gl'ade C: . I. Bess Gold 5. Sparkle Toes 2. Flash Form 6. Drilling Dunes SEVENTH RACE .fo'tVesixteenths miLe-Grade C: . Here's the way the nation's i Wing • top ten college football teams fared in Saturday games: EIGHTH RACE-Five-sixteenth• mile 1. Northwestern (6-0) b e a t 1 . Jdiiday s. country Guy Indiana 26-21. 1 2. Alabama {7-0) beat 1\lis-4. Deedee B . 8. Donis Mar sissippi State 20-0. mlle 3. Southern California (6-0) J: Mar War beat Washington 14. Sund'Wft 4. Louisiana State (5-1-1) lost TENTH RACE-Threeeightha mile-to Mississippi 15-7. 'Bel 5. Texas (6-0-1) beat South i: ern Methodist 6-0. 4. Royal Ra. m 5, 'Amanda L. 6. Lurene 7. Please Too 3. MUam Topper 6. Mississippi {60) beat Louisiana State 15-7.7. Michigan State. (4-2) lost Fight Results Don Dougherty of Pinellas P ark became the to 1\Iinnesota 28-7. wrong part of a sandwich last Friday night at the Gol8 . Arkansas 16-1> beat Texas 1\UA.Ml BEACH-Billy !2aniels, 187, ' New York, stopped Mike DeJohn, 203, S yracu•e. N Y., 10. A&M 17-7. den Gate Speedway. Donnie Tanner flipped into the 9. Washington (4-I-2> lost to wall and landed on top of Dougherty. Tanner is seen Southern California 14 0 . leaving the car , while Dougherty -understandably10. Aubum (5) lost to Flor-had already vacate __ d _th_ e _ s _ c _e_n_e_. ____________ i _ d _ a_2 _ 2-3. ____ _ FOR THE WHO STILL WANT A GOOD !!!!, GENERAL J(RAFT TREADS (;he quality General retread) $ 44 FOR I EXCHANG;] YAKIMA. Wash.--George Wrl$1ht , 160, Tacoma, Wash., and Tevel Holeman •• 158, San Diego, Calif. , Drew, 6 . (Referee stopped scheduled lO•round fight when both fighters were hurt after they butted heads): JA<.;KSON, Mich.-Ed Zatemba, 173. Jackson, Mich.. slopped Chuck Cole man, 173, Detroit. 5. 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PROGRESS UNCERTAIN Both Sides Silent In N.Y. News Tieup NEW Y 0 R K, Nov. 5 {JP)-The Guild represents 1,100 Twelve hours o'f joint negotia-editorial and busipess employes tions ended early today with the News, wh6se circulation both sides declining comment about 2 million is the largest on whether progress had been any paper in the country. made toward settling the New The guildsmen's strike, which York Newspaper Guild's strike I or c e d the News to suspend against the shut-dowii Daily publioation, began midnight News. Wednesday when the union's The talks, presided over by contracts with all seven of the U.S. Labor Secretary w. Wilcity's major dailies expired. lard Wirtz were scheduled to The News was chosen as the resume at' 2 p.m. today. target of the strike in an at. tempt to hammer out a settlev Thomas J. Murphy,_ executlv.e ment that would set the pattern 1ce president and ch1ef negotlfor the other papers. Main issue ator of the Gu1ld, sa1d he would of the dispute concerns wages. report to the full negotlThe morning News managed atmg committee on t o put out one slim edition after areas of m the the strike started. The 16 pages scheduled sesswn. for Friday were published at the plant of the afternoon Jour nal-American. Leaders of nine newspaper craft 4,000 of whose members refused to cross picket lines at the News-asked the Guild's executives to meet with them today prior to the News Guild session. Bertram A. Powers, chairman of the Officers Committee for Newspaper Unity', an interunion group, said the m e e tin g had been called "to hear a full re port from the Guild on the pres ent status of the negotiations with the News." "In addition," he said, "the unions wish to consider future plans of the Guild in its ef forts to secure contracts with the other newspapers of New York City. The New York Newspaper Guild, a unit of the AFI-CIO American Newspaper G u i 1 d, held individual contracts with the seven major newspapers. The newspapers are repre sented by the Publishers Asso-ART in STEAKS elation of New York City in ne gotiations with the craft unions Cocktails Served -such as printers, stereotypers All Major Credit Card• and pressmen whose contracts are due to expire soon. Mon.-Bat. s-12: sun. 8-10:30 p.m. BERN'S STEAK HOUSE 1208 South Howard Phone 253-9302, 252-3891 4 Blks. N. Banhore Royal Hotel Fire Toll NEW YORK !UPD -Statistics cot;nplied by Allied Chemical Co. show that a fire starts every 15 seconds somewhere in the United States and a person dies in a fire about every 45 minutes. 1701 N. DALE MABRY -877-6161 Fully Automatic Control WALL FURNACE e Heats average 5 room home e Easy installation e U.L. approved Not U.L. listed e 58,000 B.T.U. rating $ CLOSES WITH 'BREAKTHROUGH" THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 5, 1962 I Powers Quits CIA, Tests U2s U.S. Ends Pacific Test Series Jaycee Rodeo Sunday At San Antonio The San Antonio, Fla., Jay-Events will include calf rop cees will hold their annual "Fun ing, bulldogging, a cal! scramSunday Nov 11 Th • ble for girls' bicycle HO:-J'OLULU , Nov. 5 (JP)-The though it had the strength of Tho , r booster up on its . .' e ro race , and JUdgmg of a bcardl'n' States has lowered the the atom bomb that leveled pad, and con t 1 n u e d to be deo Will begm at 2 p.m . ln Jay-growing contest. Proceeds will ''Urtain on its Pacific high alti-Hiroshima in 1945. dogged by postponements dur-cee Rodeo Arena, a mile west be used for civic improvement tude nuclear test series by deto-The low-yield device was ing the past month. of the community, projects. nating an unspectacular low-lifted skyward from its John-Saturday's success appar-1-=====------':..._ _____ >.;..:,:..::.::..::..:..:..:.:. ________ _ yield device over Johnston Isston Islar,d launching pad by an ently had no effect on trans-BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 5 (UPD land. . . Army Nlke-f!ercules rocket .. It Pacilic communications. The -Francis Gary Powers, the U2 The shot was. the sue-marked the fnst use. of N•k.e Federal Aviation Agency and pilot shot down over Russia in cess m mne h1gh-a l t 1 t u d e as a nuclear earner m a1t1-the Air Force reported their 196o , has resigned from the tnes tlus year, represented tude testmg, a1_1d was the f•rst radio channels remained nor Central Intelligence A g e n c y a breakthrough m the senes. occaswn on which a dev1ce had mal during the test. Tl;le same (CIA) and taken a "routine test Only two weeks ago, the United been exploded at the scheduled word came from civilian air• pilot job" with Lockheed AirStates had one success and four time. 11 n e s and communications c 1 aft failures on its scoreboard. The Nike Booster was right A . Four straight "winners" put on target in its short flight to pnme purpose of the alti-Powers' resignation was anthe program on the plus s'ide, a firing altitude of 20 to 30 tude tests is to determine if nounced Saturday in Washing-and then Joint Task Force 8 miles. At precisely 9 ,30 p.m. nuclear blasts can hide missile ton. A Lockheed spokesman th 1 t' f HS ( 2 30 EST S d ) attacks or, conversely, knock here said the 33-year-old test announced e comp e wn T : a.m. un ay ' a out warning systems. . 1 t t t d k f th the long, drawn-out series lightning type flash crossed the P 1 0 5 ar e wor o: e comwhich should have ended last skies. Two sub-megaton blasts blew pany shortly after hiS res1gna-July. The shot packed a punch of holes in the ionosphere which twn from the CIA. . After treating the Hawaiian less than 20 000 tons of TNT reflects radio signals, but com"It's stnctly a roubne test . ' . ' t' d d . 1 t . b1 'th u2s, 'd Islands to two magmf1cent auone of the two least powerful mumca wns were 1 s r up t e 0 0 kh on l "'1 okesma ' n roral displays, one which was detonations of the series. An only briefly, . e 1 oc hee k' s: t the. u2 s seen from New Zealand to AlaOct. 19 explosion also had a Since April 25, Joint Task mvo ves c ec .m ou in in ska, and two lesser sights, scienlow-yield range. Force 8 chalked up the followare h ma ta ed tists at distant Johnston Island Eleven hours after the test, ing record of successful shots; the so -called bowed out. with a relatively Force 8 officials at Five high-altitude tests from ,. k , 1 an e in which small explos1on. Pearl Ha1bor announced that Johnston Island, 29 devices P shot down over In Honolulu. some 750 miles the p r o g} a m had ended. It dropped from aircraft both at R on May 1 19 60 Powers away, 1t appeared only as a blue began Apul 25, was postponed Christmas and Johnston Is-an'd sentenced to prison, but was released last February in exchange for convicted Russian spy Rudolph Abel. Until last month, Powers was employed at CIA headquarters in Washington, D.C. Labor Official Says Medicare Top Issue WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 !UPD A spokesman for the AFL-CIO said yesterday that medical care for the aged would be the issue that determined the winner of Tuesday 's congressional e l e c tion, despite the Cuban crisis. Nelson Cruikshank, director of the federation's department of social security, said that while Cuba is foremost in everyone's mind , It was not an issue because both parties were backing President Kennedy on the crisis. ADVERTISEMENT Stop Bad Breath Sweetens Mouth-stomach 3 Times Faster Chew Bell-ans tablets whenever you think yo\lr bteath may offend. 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5, 198Z Campus Notices CLUB ACTIVITIES WITHDRAWALS: Barbara P . Allen, Dianne D.,Bouder, Robert K. Brook1ns, Richard M. Coleman, Larry Ladd Fish er, William M. Fleming, Harvey M. Garner, Olen Joel Hill Jr., Stanley John Janosky, Kenneth Richard Mobley, John Register Weeks and Martha L. Siefer man. SFEA Membe rship Drive STAFF DIRECTORY Bassett, Nancy Mrs ........... 988-686 0 Cole. Isabel W . Mrs .• Resident CounseJor, Student Personnel RA 156, Alpha Hall, Room U6 348 Elliott, Judith Ann Mrs, Clerk I, Library, LY 117, 9503 9th St. . 935 Fagan, David, 4'01 TarPOn Drive Is Now • Full Swing By CHARLOTTE FRESE The CATHOLIC STUDENT ORGANIZATION will hold its first meeting of this trimester on Thursday, Nov. 8 , at 8 p.m. in UC 226. Guest speaker for the meeting will be the Rev. J. Lawler, pastor of Corpus Christi Church in Temple Ter race. His topic will be "Cath olic life in a State University." All interested Catholic students are urged to attend. New officers of the club are: Sunday, Nov. 11, the pledges 383 The week of Nov. 11-17 comstty Place ' 935 0965 memorates the 42nd annual ob Kearne1y . Dorothy Mrs.. Secretary 1, Registrar, 117, AD 2064 servance oi American Education 516 car o1 y n e st., Temole Weew. The STUDENT FLORPresident, Jack McClintock; of Arete have planned an " All vice president, Virginia Montes; University Fish Fry." The event secretary-treasurer, Kay Keatis scheduled at Lowry Park ing. from 3-6 p.m. The pledges will MoilzeUe .. Kay Mrs.'.988.5466 IDA EDUCATION ASSOCIA 22. 2 :. 9105 TION'S membership drive is Miller, c. c. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 183 now in full swing. The drive e will continue until Nov. 15. The Wednesday, Nov. 7 , ls the serve "All you can eat" for meeting day Ior the USF WA-$1.00 . Students, faculty and TER-SKI CLUB. The meeting their families are cordially in will be held in UC 202 during vited to attend. Wyoming Avenue . . . . 832-3323 local unit" has been very active the free hour. ENOTAS: Enotas have chosen R, 1713 E. this trimester. Seven members Fraternal Societies a unique project for this triARETE: This weekend is mester. They are in tj1e process filled with social events planned of obtaining their own person by the brothers and pledges alized stationery. A crest and of Arete. design have already been sePrather, Sam w . . 10909 21st Street attended the Officer's LeaderReunlng, Ernest G .. .. .. 382 ship Conference held in LakeRicker, Lawrence H., InstructorS e land. burg ......................... HE 6-2351 Any students who are interSellers, Guy ................. 935-1746 ested in this educational organ::::::: ization are urged to discuss it Guest speaker at the next meeting of the YOUNG DEMOCRATS will be Mayor Julian Lane. The club will meet on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 1:25 p.m. in CH 100. Safurday, Nov. 10, the brothlected. ers and pledges will be hosts Enotas are making plans to choose their annual sweetheart. The selection will be higillight ed by a special dance and party. Southers, WUiiam F .......... 626-1657 with any of the member-rep resentatives participating in the New and prospective mem bers are invited to attend a meeting of the PRESS CLUB Wednesday, Nov. 7, a"t 4 p . m. in uc 60. at another gala event. A r dance will be held at the Florida Con federate Army House. A South W . Broad . . . . . . . 935-8640 drive. Webber, Irving, P .0. Box 3242.. N ern theme will prevail. Music St. Petersburf A meeting Will be held OV. Whitaker, Robert D. .. .. . 388 14, in CH 106 at 1:25 p.m. wlll be provided by the Velvets. CAMPUS TIMES AT DETROIT: 1 NATIONAL HONOR, 1 APPOINTMENT George H. Miller, left, director of the Work-Study program at USF and 196162 adviser to the Campus Times, is congratulated by Editor Louise Stewart and the present adviser , Dr. Albert T. Scroggins, for the honor Miller received in Detroit recently: Miller was presented a Distinguished Service A ward by the National Council of College Publication Advisers for his outstanding contri butions to NCCP A and for leadership in maintaining high standards in college publications. All three attended the joint meeting of the NCCPA and the Associ ated Collegiate Press. Scroggins was appointed national chairman of publicity for NCCPA. Start Hot-Footing It Now, Turkey-Trot in Sight DELETIONS Elkins. Jo Lynn Roberts, Jane E. Mr.s. Under SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION: from 346 to 345. Under LISTING OF PERSONNEL BY AREA: Chemistry-add Jesse S. Blnford, associate proCessor L. Physics-delete Jesse S. Binord , asso ciate proCessor TRIP INSURANCEIndividual staf members and students may now xur-36rH'cee The Insurance may be purchased !or numbers of days varying !rom 1 to 180 with principal sum varying [rom $5,000 to $50,000 and medical expense from $500 to $5,000. Baggage is also offered for the same number of days in principal amounts varying from and $500 medical expense and It Is on sale from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday Food Servjce Oflice 16\> 14.804 WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 7 . 1 Young Republicans UC205 1. As a or fndependently. Plntrons . . . . . . .... 10 18 l:i,006 1 •25 PIll: Reader•l Theater UC200 U.S. --public Relttions Dress is semi-formal. ... MAYBE SOMEDAY YOU CAN GO TO DETROIT Uncle .Shelby says there is no Emerald City, Wizard of Oz, or Santa Claus, but two USF students have a collection that woutd repute his statement. Douglas and David Greene have copies of all forty of the Oz books written by the five dif ferent authors. They have most of the originals that Baum wrote and many edi tions of the continuations by other authors. Baum bimsell wrote under seven pen names over sixty books, and the Greene twins have most of these. They recently re turned from the Second Annual Wjzard of Oz Conference Convention at Ozcott, Baum's son's tourist attraction lodge in Illinois. Following the Oz exhibit of three weeks recently is the Rembert Patrick exhibit in the Library Lobby. 2. Each student may enter only one FoUowJn, teams will make up games ' Waler-Skl Club UC202 Comm. UC214 event. / later : Foreign Langu•f• Club UC203 1:25 (Fraternal UC216 Swedish Art a w L T 9 P Skin & Scuba Diving UC221 . a tm e IS ers • • • • 16 8 61 U.C. Personnel Comm. UC214 T iSIS PI d UC223 event at each dest.gnated area. PleR•e Thinkers .......... , .. , . 15 9 12,966 Rifle Club UC222 u:C. F ' d I note trat all M.athmagicians , ...... lOlh 13lh 12,724 Cleo Pledges UCZ2l Jam Session UC248 eature n sc:::'us ... fi ie Pin Benders 9 15 12•753 Baptist Student Union TBA Fencing Club UC219 Orchestra Makes Debut Bookstore Fall Festival Starts Tuesday 4. Entry ";; 8 v .. .. Ai H.igh serles-L. 392; S. Conceltt On the MAll Baptist Student Union TBA By LOREN SOUTHWICK I-M office UC 219 The deadline is 381, L. Hanscom. 359, (women). R. UnJvenity Concert Band U.C. LeuionsComm. USF E hib • Monday Nov 12 ' Heimer, 470; R . 457; G .

ent ark • r.m ror nd in-;en ri-ess m-seto rt. btr e y p i. e-. e-THE TAMPA TIMES. Monday, November IS, 1962 n Koblencer, Flick Win Conference Race Is Tight Tourney Koby Koblencer and Duke Flick defeated P a u 1 Dolan and Clyde Sussex 3 and 2 in the finals of the men's four ball golf championship at Sil ver Lake yesterday. IT'S A LONG-LOST CAUSE, GENTS! Jack Shiperd and Fritz Casper won the consolation flight title by beating George Goff and Bruce Pereira on the 20th hole. Bob Dllle and Deacon Raines edged Dave Mcintyre and Ralph Edmunds 1-up in the first flight. The championship flight foursome of Duke Flick, Koby K obI en ce r, Paul Dolan and Clyde Sussex peer into the lake at S i 1 v e r Lake yesterday, trying to find the lost golf ball. In other golfing de fending champion Ted Le Compte slipped past Nester Fernandez 1-up In the Tem ple Terrace Golf Club's match play championship .and moved into the semi-finals. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Fla. Opp. 19 Sept. 22-At Mississippi State (Jackson)• 9 0 Sept. 29-Georgia Tech 17 21 Oct. 6-Duke at Jacksonville 28 42 Oct. 13-Texas A & M 6 42 Oct. 20-Vanderbilt 7 Nov. 10-At Georgia Teeh Nov. 17-At Florid; Nov. 24-At Auburn * -tc • UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA Tampa 6 Sept. 22-Eastern Kentucky• Opp. 22 27 10 14 7 10 14 10 3 30 Sept. 28-At Southeastern Louisiana• Oct. 6-McNeese• Oct. U-At Southwest Louisiana• Oct. 20-Presbyterian . Fit un-ISO: Pl)•mout.h 11H9-58i Ford. 1954:. With the s e as o n a little more than half over, the issue remains verr. much in doubt. The first division Western Conference teams continue to keep the top r u n g of the league just as tight as it has been for most of the season. It was a great week for the passers. Vernon Korhn, who had been throwing mostly to big Bruce Wiesley, turned to Terry Heath, also an end, for some help, and the trio led Plant over Chamberlain 28-21. The Chiefs made a valiant second half effort, but it fell short. The win placed the Panthers in a second place tie with Lakeland, who lost a non-co n f ere n c e game to rugged Miami Jackson. Despite the brilliant per formances by his aerial com bination, Panther coach John Burgess insisted on referring to the "great learn effort" which went into the victory, remembering that passes are not completed without good protection. The Panthers play Robinson, perhaps the Confer ence' s most improved team this week, at the Knight's field. Randy Smith dropped the WINNERS ... AND RUNNERSUP Koby Koblencer and Duke Flick discuss the past match with Paul Dolan and Clyde Sussex, after the former pair annexed the Silver Lake FourBall Tour nament Title bombs in Robinson's attack, as the Knights discovered that they could pass too. Winter Raven's hapless Blue Devils were the victims, as Robin son won 28-6. Smith, throw ing mostly to halfback Fred Branch, hit on 9 of 13 for a total of 143 yards. The lone Winter Haven • came on a 69-yard drive in the first period. The victory p u II e d Robinson' s over-all record over the .500 mark at 4-3, even though their con ference mark is only 2-3 . At Manatee, Bob Stewart is attempting figure out a maddening puzzle. How can a team score 26 points against Hillsborough's capable de f e n s e, and then have to struggle to defeat lowly King, 7-2? To date, Hillsborough is the only team against whom the Hurricanes have managed to score more than two touch downs. To make matters even more embarrassing, the ma jority of the game was spent with Manatee in King's end of the field. Jimmy Walker's fine punting was instrumen tal in the Manatee win, .as his long punts kept the Lion's operating from aeep in their own territory throughout the game. The victory, unconvincing though It was, still gave the 'Canes a first place tie with Hillsborough. Both the Ter riers and aurricanes now s t an d at 5-1 in conference play. Deryl Borders was another quarterback who enjoyed a big n i g h t as Hillsborough roughed up winless Jeffer son, 25-0. Borders, no t e d mostly for his fine running, FLORIDA LANES BILLIARD CLUB NOW OPEN! PHONE 932 completed 7 of 12 aerials for 85 yards. most of them com ing before the Terriers had salted the game away. It was only 6-0 at halftime. It may have been a costly victory though, John Lopez, who line coach John Hamilton considers one of the squads best blocking lineman, suf fered a kidney injury and coach Bernie Wilson is just hoping that the 190-pound Senior will be ready for the Thanksgiving day game with Plant. Wayne Pitts suffered some more trouble from his already bruised ribs, but X-rays taken Friday night were negative , and. Wilson ex pects the big fuUblick to be ready Lakeland this Fri day WRESTLING ARMORY Tues., 8:30 P.M. EDDIE GRAHAM with DON CURTIS vs. THE GREAT MALENKO 3 Other Events Tickers on Sale at SPORTATORIUM Phon• 253-q643 and Cigar Stand, Thos. 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18 THE TAMPA 'Georgia Commands Respect'-Graves Wins 1 0 , ,1 'We'll Pas s Aga ins t Gators'-Griffith Cops Third Pete Rose scored from third on Ron Flender's sacrifice fly to left field in the bo .ttom of the ninth inning as the Cincin nati Reds shutout the Detroit Tigers 1-0 at Al Lopez Field here yesterday. The win gave the Reds un disputed possession of third place in the Florida Winter Baseball League. They are only one and a half games behind the league leading St. Louis Cardinals and a half game be hind the Chicago White Sox. The c on t e s t was a pitch er's dual between Cincinnati's Sammy :EOns. You remember we play these said Sammy. "Ask him to wouldn't find Chief Bill PeThose Warriors from Texas rushing and 66 yards passing. see . where Florida massacre next three on their home talk to Great White Father. terson, head of the Seminole got sharp tomahawks. Me If they hadn't given us . two those Au b u r n Tigers and fields, each has a proven Maybe that help?" tribe which had been thor think your Warriors lucky fumbles and two pass inter-Georgia Tech clobbers good fine team and, unfortunately, "Thanks, Sam m y," said oughly scalped by a band of they not lose more braves in ceptions, you can imagine Duke team?" we can't play but 11 men at Pete, a hint of a smile bright-Houston Cougars, 7-0. battle." what the score might have "I wish I could say what a time. The future doesn't ening his face for the first B Ch . f p t there "That's exa"tly what I told b n " 11 h ut Je e e was • c ee the future bolds, Sammy," look bright, does it?" time. "We can use a t e as usual, and if Sammy exthe sportswriters," Pete said, "You think rain from black said Pete rather sadly. '-'Our "You better believe that, help we can get from that t d h . t b lk' g he "We \Yere actually fighting w 1 pee e 1m o e su m • clouds hurt your arnors boys have a lot of pride but and how," said Sammy. "If source. But our boys wi 1 Terriers Fourth In S t a t e MIAMI (JP) -The powerful Key West Conchs grabbed the No. 8 spot in the top ten rat ings of Florida high sch ool foot ball teams on weight of a 14-7 win over Miami Beach. Sportswriters and prep foot ball coaches voted tbe Conchs (6-0-1) into tbe top ten for the first time Sunday. The poll, conducted by The Herald, saw Miami High remain in first p ! a c e for the third straight week. Fort Lauderdale slipped from 2nd to 5th place after losing to North Miami, 10-7. Standings Votes 1. Miami High (5-0-1) 267 2. Jacks. Lee (6-1-ll ..... 227 3. 1\liami Edison (5-1-0l .. 192 4. Tampa Hillsbro. (6-1-0l 169 5. Fort Lauderdale (7) 141 6. Miami Jackson (4-2) 86 7, Coral Gables (4-2-1) . . . 63 8. Key West (6-0-1) . . . . . 60 9. Belle Glade (8-0) . . . . 54 10 . Orlando Edgwtr. (7-0l 49 DOG RACIN N NOW ! 8:15 H T L y ,,M, RAIN 01 SHINE CLOSED SUNDAY TAMPA GREYHOUND TRACK MATINEES 2:05 P.M. Saturdays and Holidays DAILY DOUBLE 1 RACES NEW ENLARGED GRANDSTAND LISTEN TO RUSTY'S SELECTIONS DAILY NO MIN OilS 5:15 P.M. WIN9 1010 Dial u.s. 41 NORTH at SULPHUR SPRINGS was surprised. Pete was down-for our lives the entire game. Pete?" they're going to have to dig your Warriors had got Hous-still have to stand on their t l b t already he We 're pro_ bably lucky that f t tb t th s t STILL MORE cas • sure Y. u "Oh sure," said Pete, "It deep now," ton scalp Saturday they could own ee e nex ree a ur-h d h . ht t bJ'ager the score was only 7-0." a IS SJg s se on " d hurt our passing some but I "Heap big deep," said have lost the last three and days." and more keople are tho things Georgia Tech's don't think it would have Sammy. "The tribes you do still had good hunting party. "You heap big right," said made any if there _ .:b::a.:.:tt:::le:......:.w:.:.i.::th:....::n::e::xt:....::th::r:.:e::e..:rn=o.:.on::s:__B=.:u.:..t _'_' An__:d::....::h:.:o..:w..:.'_' ___ __:":.:.ow..:.':..l..:.t'..:.• _22_3__1_1. ______ _ SAFETY SERVICE ••• Adjust Brakes and Repack Front Wheel Bearings Our New Treads, identified by Medallion and slwp mark, are GUARANTEED 1. Against in flhiJ) end material& dunng life of tread. 2. Against normal road hazarda (except repe.irable punctures) encountered m everyday po.a&emger car use for 12 months. 'Replacements prorat.eq on Wear and bMed on list pnces .,.,_,t at lime of adjustment. COMPLETE SET of Tubeless Whitewalls ANY SIZE4949 4 FOR tire1 JUST SAY .•• "Charge ifl' or Buy on EASY TERMS . . = ... / " . -DOWNTOWN STORE LAKELAND 202 N. Mass. Ave, Ph. MU 6-41 53 PLANT CITY Reynolds at Palmer Ph. 752-4177 BRADENTON 1Oth St. & 4th Ave. Dr. Ph. 743-0711 BARTOW 180 S. Wilson Ph. 533-2157 (One Block from Courthouse) 900 E. LAFAYETTE Ph. 229-2626 DALE MABRY SHOPPING CENTER 1205 S. DALE MABRY Ph. 253-0416 CLEARWATER I 00 N. Fort Harrison Ph. 446-2144 WINTER HAVEN 6th St. & Ave. "A" SW Ptt. CY 3 had been a dry field and sun ,. Sports Circuit Baseball NEW YORK Mrs. John J. McGraw, 81, widow of the famed New York Giant man ager, died after an illness of several months. Auto Racing MEXICO CITY -Jim Clark of England drove a Lotus Cli max to victory in the anti climactic Mexico Grand Prix, the race which saw young Ri cardo Rodriguez killed in a practice run on Thursday. BUENOS AIRES EwY Rosquist and Ursula Wirth became the first women in history to win the grueling 11-day Argentine Standard Grind Prix. Golf ADELAIDE, Australia-Gary Player shot a pair of 2-under par 71s to win his second con secutive Australian Open with a 281. BE AU M 0 NT, Tex.-Dave Ragan overcame a three-stroke deficit with a 2-und,er-par 70 and won tbe Beaumont Invita tion with a 283. SAN ANTONIO, Tex.-Murle Mackenzie Lindstrom fired a 72 for a 215 final tota 1 and won the San Antonio Civilian Open. NEW YORK-Maj. D'lnzeo of Italy won his second straight International R i d i n g victory , the Royal Winter Fair trophy, at the National Horse Show. Horse Raci n g CHERRY HILL, N.Y.-Mongo ($12.80) defeated Carry Back by a nose in the $86,800 Trenton Handicap at Garden State Park. NEW YORK-Roy Patrice ($15.10) came from behind to defeat favored Cicada and eight others in the $57,300 Ladies Handicap at Aqueduct. LOUISVILLE, Ky. -Primo netta ($3.20), a leading candi date for filly and mare honors, won the closing race of her career, the $22,675 Falls City Handicap by two 1 e u gt h s at Churchill Downs. SAN MATEO, Calif.-Native Diver C$4.60) breezed to a 5lh lengtb victory in the Hillsdale Handicap at Bay Meadows. P'A WTUCKET, R.I.-By Invi tation ($9) won the Blackstone Valley Handicap at Narragan sett Park. LAUREL, Md.-Bronze Babu ($10.40) captured the $23,675 Laurel Turf Cup over Laurel Race Course. Pr o H o ckey R esults NATIONAL LEAGUE W L T Pis. GF GA Detroit . . . . . . . . 8 0 2 18 32 13 Chicago . , ..... 5 4 3 13 32 29 Montreal , . . 4 4 3 11 35 35 Toronto 4 6 L 9 29 36 New York . . . 3 6 2 8 31 40 Boston . 1 5 3 5 27 33 SATURDAY'S RESULTS New York 3. Montreal 3

20 THE TAMPA Tll\1ES, Monday, November 5, 1962 NOT DUE TO INSULIN LACK One Form of Diabetes Mild .Another Weapon Toy =====PA=ID CORN, Okla. (11')-T be boomerang . business is booming in Oklahoma. boomerangs since he first got into the business to pick up A some extra money eight years N ago when he was a student at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Ark. Now Isbell VOTE TOMORROW * FOR A BETTER * * * * AMERICA The hypothalamus ls 7 very important tiny area at the base of the brain. It is connected with the hypophysis, which is part of the pituitary gland (perJERitY CARTER-has been a most loyal and faithful public 5ervant to you-the resid•nh of Florida, and deserves your continu.d vote ond "'fPOrt. Regardless of whetf-ter you 'lOt. as a Democrat or Republican ••• Yo11 can vote and lceep Jetry Cart•r your Commissioner of Florida Railroad and Public Utilities. JERRY CARTER has the oxperitnco as your Commissioner in dealing with the intricacies of transportation and utility rate plus his solid bCKkground and knowledge of the astvte handling of commi11io' n Help Stamp Out Delinquency IPSWICH, Mass. (!P)-Ipswich reportedly has the lowest juvenile crime rate in the stale. Officials say here's how it's done: Teen-agers fro m freshman through s e n i o r high school r a d e s are eligible for the 's teen-age club. The club holds weekly dances, beach parties, minstrel and other events. The organization has established two small scholarships $100 each -for top-ranking members. It collected $2 ,0 00 for the Jimmy Fund-an agency dedicated to aid cancer-stricken . children. All events are supervised by the club sponsor -Patrolman Joseph W . Carpenter. He says, "Kids are they're kept busy." I SPECIAL LIVE SHOWING 1 YOU are invited to the live showin9 1 of the New 1963 ZENITH I , Stereo-Hi fidelity Record Players I LISTENING IS BELIEVING I I I I I I Zenith Factory Representatives will be here to demonstrate and explain the .many new and revolutionary features, including Zenith's sensational 2-G tone arm. Time: 7 'til 9 p.m., Mon., Nov. 5 FREE-Coffee and Cokes I REVOLUTIONARY NEW ZENITH 1/MICRO-TOUCH" 20 TONE ARM with exclusive new "Free-Floating" Cartridge develops finest high fidelity record reproduction ever!* See It! Hear It! in ..• 8 Speaker High Fidelity Sound System e TERMS and TRADES e "Top Value Stan1ps Witl& Every Purelaase" Pioneer's Own Personalized Financing Free Self PIONEER Parking "JFI e Service JF1 hat JF1 e Sell" On Our Lat Tampa at Washinqton Sts. Rear of Store Some women fear menoP a u s e, although they may have virtually no reaction. To help his readers understand the change that takes place, Dr. AlvarPz has written a booklet, t>n '1>ause and Hys terectomy." You may get a copy by sending 25 cents and a large, self-ad d r esse d. stamped envelope with your request for it to Dr. WalletC. A I v a r e z, Dept. TAM, The Register and Trib1,1ne Syndi cate, Box 957, Des l\'!oines 4; Iowa. e Latest AU-in-Ear has set up a production line A to produce 150 boomerangs a N day in an abandoned dry clean-ing shop i n this small so u th western Oklahoma town . "We're making them for stores in the Southwest and Texas and quile a few orders are coming from the West Coast," Isbell reported. e Smart Eye9lass Models e Mid9et Behind-Ear Models e 6Transistor Models for Difficult Losses e Easy Listenin9 with AVC Our new models are the smallest, lightest, most convenient hearing aids possible through Sonotone research. Let help you enjoy good hearing again • . Budget prices, too. SONOTONE THE TRUSTED NAME IN . . BETTER HEARING FOR 33 YEARS. 210 WALLACE 'S' BLDG. 608 TAMPA ST. PHONE 223-3508 Another d St P forwar Big e At.tthority, ffort 'by the Port f 100 cutd Long years of e Corrunittee o b u.g1tt f Com . merce, t last ro Chamber o "ty leaders }tas a other thet commV:nt . of freight rates o hzcttwn Tanwa eqtw. d Gu.Lf Ports. 1th Atlcmttc an d in the Sou. This is a big step hu.b of FLorida, he cmnmercta . dott : n f our city as t dec! in pu.ttmg o ho su.ccee l t d r d the men u; be congratu. a e • an . lities are to . d" freight utequa . B k cts our name tn We at the Manne. an .' maritime affairs h deep interest tn T D cates, ave a : Our e in this grectt port ctty. k of banking con throuah a networ . partment, ": t . s offers a sermce . coun ne ' bl nectwns tn d h ost knowledgea e th t is complete-an t e m l W . a . ll import-export prob enr.s. e u1 tlns area-on a 1 f . .'tl letters of credtt, trans er o can assLSt tt t 1 . funds, foreign exc:lwnge, colle:twns, o: any other '!natter pertaining to foretgn bankmg or credit. Perhaps you do business abroad-or have plans in that direction. If you do ••• WELCOME ABOARD! For Free Rides to tla,e Polls .•• plt,one: 229-6451 • 229-2215 229-8565 Y on hand . We heep cnrrenc . "It . than 70 fore, fro/It 11101 e . . . for illuneclwte ex count1 es, change. ARINE BANK & ,TRUST COMPANY fLO.lOA' S OlDEST UUH COMPANY-MEM!U. f.D.I.C.


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