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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 239 (November 12, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 12, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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L University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES Have You Heard What's Planned For Dec. 1? SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 239 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS Poll R eveals Student Apathy, Little Knowledge Of Deans 350-Student Survey Has Some Surprising Arlgles By LOUISE STEWART Three hundred and fifty students were recently polled in their English classes to identify by name the deans of the University of South Florida. This survey was conducted by Robert C. O'Hara, assistant professor of English. , Not long ago , a discussion of the suspension of Dr. Sheldon Grebstein from the I USF staff dominated the evening ' section meeting of O'Hara's Human Behavior class . One student asked why students (and/or parents\ go to PASSES RESOLUTION s?urce? outside of the Univer SA Group Defen d s Sity w1th the1r problems. Another s t u d e n t immediately stated that there was nothing else one could do. There was general surprise in the class, a c c o r d i n g to O 'Hara, when he explained that there IS a channel of action open for complaints. He then did an impromptu poll of the Academic Freedom The University of South Florida Student Legislature met Nov. 5 to discuss the topics of academic freedom. Legislature members postponed business until absentee members arrived to complete class to discover that 45 out of power then be delegated to out-52 students had no knowledge side bodies. of the office or function of the Little Man on Campus WHATCHA MEAN-GOLDEN BRAHMAS? debate the fol-Jose, the chimp, at Tampa's Fairyland Zoo bought his Buccaneer suit before lowing was approved: "We believe that all matters Dean of Academic Affairs. which concern state institutions Suspecting a widespread igof higher learning in this state norance in this area, O'Hara should be handled only by compiled a survey. Instructions groups with professional edu-were to identify by name the cators. following administrative officer s "We do not intend to stand at USF: Dean of Liberal Arts; by and watch an outstanding Dean of Basic Studies College; university with high goals be Dean of Education; Dean of' MY \30TH ON F'1ZOE7AT/ON, II he learned from the Campus Edition that USF had elected the Golden Brahma as "Whereas there have been atits mascot in the run-off voting. "Oh, well," he sighs, "at least I'm all set for tacks and complaints issued Gasparilla." against the University of South --.::_-------------------------------------Florida and its faculty concernWHO'S WHO Dean's List Solves Identity Problem ing the quality, morality, and integrity of the South Florida faculty, the disposition of power throughout the state, and the matter of academic freedom, therefore resolved: "1. We, the students, wish to fully endorse and stand be hind our fine faculty at this university. We believe that there is no use in establishing a university and staffing it with an mrtstanding faculty if these men and women are not allowed to apply their training and abilities because of control by pol iticians. "2. We further believe th::>t By JACK McCLINTOCK trati.on coordinates activities In housing , and handles residence the primary consideration con-According to a recent survey, . prog!'ams of ness ad-hall contracts. cerning university policies and many students do not know the accounbng, and Admissions Counseling (AD procedures should be adjudi-identities of the various deans, economics . 2064) performs pre-admissions cated at the level of the uni-and division heads at USF. Be-Dean Russell M. Cooper and post-admissions counseling. versity itself. If and only if the (AD 2097) of the College Qf Coordinator of Student Ad vis-matter cannot be handled at low is a list of the deans, along Liberal Arts is in charge of huling (AD 2080) will assist in the campus level should this with a review of their duties. In addition, a guide to some of manities, political science, and changing advisors. They also• the services provided by the and literature. He dis!ribute the folders university is included. these and whiCh help the to counDEAN OF ACADEMIC AFI? responsible for their effecsel the student mtelhgently_. tiveness. The Office of Evaluation _Sidney J . has Dr. Edwin P. Martin is the Services (LY 515) conducts, off1ces m AD 2047 . He IS the Dean of Basic Studies (1\D 2079). administers and scores the final chi_ef a_cademic officer the His job is to handle the basic exams in basic studies courses. umvers1ty .. French . coordmates studies area. They administer and grade the academic and ad-The Division of Student Perorientation and placement tests. VISes the on br.oad sonnel

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 12, 1962 RUDY VALLEE LAUDS PLAN Annuities Popular With Many Elders By ROBERT PETERSON into account. For instance, an Rudy Vallee, 61, praises an-annuity that promises to pay nuities in the recent issue of a $100 a month starting at 65 will life i n sur a n c e publication. do just that-but who knows Seems that in 1929 a pianist what $100 a month will be f r iend urged him to start putworth by then? It is significant, ting money into annuities. Says however, that the annuities Vallee, "He kept talking to me Rudy Vallee took out more than about annuities until I was three decades ago still apparent f i nally persuaded, and I only ly look attractive to the Man wish now I'd taken out bigger from Maine. amounts." There are dozens of variations Vallee says he has kept these in annuities depending on the annuities in force thl'Ough the amount y'ou buy, the age at years and that they've turned which you buy, and the age at out better for him in the long which you wish benefits to be run than many other investgin. Here 11re some examples: ments. If you're 40 years old and For those wh ACROSS Bock of neck 5 Kind of bear 1 0 Relig ious leader ' 1 .4 God of war 15 Mountain ridge 16 Celebes ox 17 Ministers' homes 19 Robt. Burns (e.g.) 20 Teem 21 Boby minders 7.3 Particles observe 27 Motherly 30 Pendant ornament 34 love, honor and 35 Fathers 37 Silkworm 38 Press for money 39 Furnish 4 1 Make brown 42 Time , toble abbreviation 43 Narrow 45' •••••• Antilles leaned 50 Mr. lincoln 51 Hoi, net 52' Forewarn i ng 56 Sweetens 60 Declare po!iitively 61 Hermit-like 64 Miss Turner 65 Warning device 66 Short letter 67 Spill over A68 Heavy rainstorm 69 Enlarged DOWN 1 California wine volley 2 Yemenite 3 Mexican coin 4 Firth 5 Forgive 6 Danish money 7 Permit 8 Sweetsop 9 Fought bock 10 Flour 11 Formerly Soturdoy's Puzzle Answer s c R A w S l I p A l s A L 1 V E y E N S A 0 I T L 0 E R R A s p L 0 K A E 0 E R II U S T C A 8 E R A 0 Eii1P 0 T E N T 0 A G G E R P A L E I! E E L II lA P 0 R T 5 R E 0 !Jf.JN A R E T L A s s 0 C A A -B A N T E R S T R U T S C A 0 w 0 A R 0 s E. F' L 0 w 0 v A"'t 0 U T F' l 0 p E V A 0 E A p S E R 0 S E F E l 0 N N E E R A G E 5 T R E 5 S 13 Swallows 44 Material for 18 Aware of covering (siang) angle of 22 Harass roof 24 Bricklayer 46 Petty prince 25 Splinters 48 Trigona-27 Artist's me try subject function 28 Mistreat 49 Bumpkin 2i Portable 52 Friends lodges 5l Race track 31 Surgical 54 Western city thread 55 Voyage 32 Blot out 57 Acidity 33 Arrayed 58 Settle 36 Gone up relative 39 West Point quality newcomer 59 Killed 40 Quality 62 Fixed point of being of time 12 Needy 63 Encountered Bishop Hospitalized With Heart Condition NEW YORK, Nov. 12 (.LP) -Bishop Joseph Flannelly, auxiliary to Francis Cardinal Spell man, has entered St. Vincent's Hospital for treatment of a heart condition . The bishop re turned here by air last night from the Ecumenical Council in Rome. His physician met him at the airport with a wheelchair and whisked h i m through customs. THE TAMPA TIMES a . 20-foot section . of the wing .was the largest piece intact. The crash occurred in a re mote part of the field but with in a few hundred yards of one of the main gates. The explosion that followed shook the south western section of Tampa and sent a column of black smoke rising over Tampa Bay, . The plane and crew were at MacDill on temporary assign ment from the 55th Reconnais sance Wing at Forbes Air Force Base near Topeka , l(an . . A board of officers . was ap pointed to investigate the crash. Funerai.Notices Arthur G . Webb, 77, of 814 S. Newport Ave. , a retired ex ecutive, died Saturday afternoon Webb the result of vehicular acci t w hi 1 e refrom a trip. na tive' of Lis Md., he had a resident Ta.mpa since 1901. Mr. Webb had been vice presi dent of the Jack son Grain Co. 35 years, retiring in 1937. He was owner an Uahed e T • n Ill r I •oada;r throurh Salurda:r b:r The Tribune CompanJ from. The Trlbwne Bulld-READY TO SERVE YOU e SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ' ' • DOOR SEDAN EQUIPPED WITH RADIO, HEATER, DEFROSTER, WHITEWALL TIRES, 3PEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, ETC, ]LJ.m. 9390 N. Florida OPEN EVENINGS 'TI'9 ll.l{llfES Ph. 935 CLOSED SUND.A Y On DisplayComplete Line of Dodge Cars and Trucks at Comparable Low Prices! elau matter at the Po1l Otflce at Tampa, Florida, wsder the Act of March 3. 1879. Subscription Rates: BJ carrier 30c per weeki b:r . carrier or mall lhroe moalll1 alx moolba ID 'ahallce, Member of Prell. Member •f Audil Bunav ef Cirelllalllla. .... For Free Estimaie & Information PH. 254-4084 .,


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , November 12, 1962 3 ............................................................................................................................................ FOR HEART ATTACKS Anti-Clot Treatment Useful But Risky By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. of blood clotting (under certain Quite a few people today conditions) must be made in a who have had a coronary throm-good laboratory, because, even basis, or so-called heart attack, when it is well carried out, ab due usuall y to the plugging up of a litlle artery in the heart, normal readings CAN be made. want to know why theY are The test should be made from taking a drug called coumadin. time to time to see 1) wheth Actually they are taking it beer the p a t i e n ti s b e i n g cause it cuts down on the ten-well e n o u g h protected from dency of their blood to clot in getting another heart attack, their arteries. and 2) to mak'e certain that his Several sets of statistics have blood clotting time i s nvt being so greatly lengthened that a serious spell of bleeding mi.ght take place. To stop such bleeding if it should start, the pa tient should always carry with him some tablets of Vitamin K. T a kIn g this medicine would serve quickly to correct the abnormal tendency to bleed. Ehown that during the last 15 years, when many persons who have had a heart attack were treated with coumadin or some similar drug, their tendency to get another attack has been definitely 1 e s s e n e d. The only trouble has been that some of the people when. put on large doses of the drug have bled b a dly. They have done this for one of a number of reasons: One being that the physician did not insist that the patient have his prothrombin time measured at least once a month. This measurement of the rate Cocktails Served All Majo1'> Credit Card& Mon .8a.t. !5-12; Sun. 5 : 30 P.m. BERN'S STEAK HOUSE 1201 Sauth Howard Pbone 253, 252 ' Blta. N. Ba:rshore Royal Hotel The other day x read the statement by a wise physician who said that he will give coumadin or a similar drug only to persons who have sufficient Intelligence, suffi cient willingness to take care of their health and perhaps sufficient income so that they will keep getting a prothrombin measurement once or twice a month. The doctor will not be responsible for giving such a potentially dangerous drug to a man who wm take it carelessly and without having its effect measured from time to time. I regret to have to say here that a number of recent reports have shown that some physi cians , with their great desire to protect the patient from getting another heart attack, have gone too far, and have used a dosage of coumadin so high as to endanger life . The way I feel about this problem is that if a patient of m ine has to depart this world, I would much rather that he go with another heart att;ack-1 which he got all by himselfthan that he bled to death because I gave him too big a dose of that drug that causes the prothrombin time to be 2 ot 3 times the normal is too big for safety, Often, the time is ex pressed as a percentage. I personally will not let my blood go below 40 per cent. Vision Dist urbanee Every so often a person, usually past middle age , writes to say that suddenly one day a black spot appeared in the field of vision of one eye . The spot moves widely with the mo tion of the eye from side to side and up and down . Usually, what happened in these cases was that a tiny drop of blood leaked from a small artery into the jelly-like material which Than you'd expect to pay for this Zenith Quality • Weighs less than 1/2 ounce • Performance and power to help majority of losses • 1 deal for a "part-time" loss • Ask about 1 0 day money back guarantee. You must be satisfied. .jtt.B urrr shipment . Now available again. BETTER HEARING AID SERVICE 316 Madison St. Ph. 223-3441 fills most of the eyeball. Usual ly, when the oph thalmologist (eye specialist) looks ln with his special little electrically lighted apparatus, he can se the spot. He will say that there Is noth ing to do about it, except to wait and hope that it gets absorbed and disappears. He may say that the person will soon get so used t o it that he will see it only when looking at a white ceiling. Dr. Alvarez lists and com ments on other eye conditions commonly worried about in his booklet, "How to Safe guard Your Vision." Particu larly of interest to persons past middle age, the booklet may be obtained by sending 25 cents and a stamped, self addressed envelope with your request to Dr. Walter C. Al varez, Dept. TAM, The Register and Tribune Syndicate, Box 957, Des Moines 4 , Iowa. Lessons Available In Growing Orchids The Florida West Coast Orchid Society will open a five week course tonight in Pinellas Park on basic instructions for beginners in growing orchids, The course will be offered from 8 to 10 p . m. Mond ays, al ternating between the Earl J. Small Orchid Range in Pinellas Park and the Tampa Men's Garden Club building. CHOKER or GRADUATED Shimmering btoutiu with a look of luxury many times this low price( Ad • jUJtable dasp on choker •tyle with uniform sia simulated Pearls. < TONITE ONLY SHOP MONDAY & FRIDAY NITES 'TIL 9 P.M. by Drexel' BUFFET $199 The dining and bedroom pieces feature superbly matched cherry veneers • • • or an elegant c u s tom offwhite parchment tone, highlighted by antique gold hand striping ! DOUBLE or TWIN BED, WITH FRAME $69 KING-SIZE BED, WITH FRAME $109 e 3916 E. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. Phone 236-5979 e Not Since Louis XV has French Design been so eloquently expressed MOOEST IN PRICE, YET WILL BECOM-E HEtiRLOOM OF TOMORROW e Ample Parking e FREE Delivery e Decorator Service e Complete Selection of Carpets Ann Chairs, ea. $55 Side Chairs, ea. $47 Oval Extension Table $175 China $295 Round Table $165 BEDROOM POUDRE BENCH $119 $43 DRESSER & MIRROR $199 CHEST $199 e Budget terms arranged to meet your requirements TRIPLE DRESSER & MIRROR Our Wishing Well Winners MRS. BRYAN A.. REESE 1007 Leisure Ave., Tampa MRS. LILLIE BIVENS 3519 20th St., Tampa MRS. JOHN H. DIXON 5702 Taliaferro Ave., Tampa CLEARWATER • . . NOW 10 HELMLY'S STORES SERVING SOUTH FLORIDA • ORLANDO • W. PALM BEACH • FT. LAUDERDALE • NORTHTOWN, MIAMI • DOWNTOWN, MIAMI • KENDALL. FLORIDA •


• . t'!ft !'l\MPA TD't'IES, l\londa7, U, ORGANIZATION NEWS Rumble On The Right Club Swaps N arne As Proiects Begin By CHARLOTTE FRESE Dr. George T. Lewis of the ers raked the softball field for The BUSINESS LEADERS ' 'Cniversity of Miami Medical the Intramural Department. I ORGANIZATION has changed School will be ?resent to spe&k TALOS: Formal initiation of fts name to the BUSlKESS ADto interested students. pledges of Talos was held at CLUB. The Additional business . will inMorrison's Imperial House . New dub will meet Wednesday , No'' elude the identification Qf new brotliers are: Fred Adderbury, 14. during the free hour in UC students and a consideration of Bob' Clawson, Lani Elliot , Jim l67-8. affiliation with Alpha Epsilon Leonard, Bill Thompson, and Guest speaker will be Charles Delta Inteinational Preme' dical John Zien. Bob Claw s on was Cowl, field representative of the Honor Society . v oted "Outstanding Pledge " of United Steel Workers Interna-The VETERANS CLUB will Talos' first pledge class . tiona! Union. All membet s and meet Tuesday, Nov. 13. The The brothers expressed ap student s interested in joining meeting will be held in UC 215 preciatlon to Paideia for their the club are urged to attend. at 1:25 p . m . ' . cooperation in the joint party The members of the FORNew office1s of the RIFLE held last Saturday. EIGN LANGUAGE CLUB have CLUB are: president , Jim Ker-FIA: Plans are now being for elected new officers. They are: wick; vice president, Richard mulated for a Christmas project. president, M art b a Simkaitis; Prince; secretary, George AI-The project will include The vice president, Martin Favata; ford; business manager, Bill Salvation Army Home'and the secretary, Sara Giunta; treasur-Tait. Hillsborough County Hospital . er, Zinia Ramos; parliamentar-The club will hold an imSIGES: Siges sisters a r e bus ian, Larry Hires; and historian, portant meeting Wednesday, ily making plans to entertain Coralia Orihuela. Nov, 14 during the free hour orphans. The club will have its first in UC 222. All members are reThe pledges have chosen as The walls of the T A shook violently last Thursday as a large audience witnessed the All-University Book Panel's presentation of 55 m . inutes of pro and con arguments con cerning The Conscience of a Conservative. No one seems to be quite sure if a final settlement of the issue was reached. Dr. Robert W. Heywood served as panel moderator. Manuel Mendoza and Nancy Morley attacked Goldwater's book, while Paul Meissner a n d Dave Jordan stoutly defended it. Attired in a "Goldwater for President" sweatshirt, Dr. Rob ert A . Goldstein a p p ear e d briefly on stage. After asking the audience to consider a three-pronged question L while Dave Jordan argued thal data processing office. see in Space." Samuel B. ass!stant With _East IV and West I t:(w_g two and a half weeks of league Joe Laviano copped first place w L it is not necessary, would bring .ecr or Mrs. !\eel, AD1070. . . professor history , JS for flrst place honors. As lf It pla . in the recent archery tournaTnSlS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 o federal control 'to education?. l\.ORK-STUD1' OPENINGS Team Art ExhJbltion Contest of a commlttee recently appollltwere the fad , East II, West III, OY t t d' 1 . ment sponsored by the Archery .. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . 34 and would not really sol th ' d b tl 'd t t d w t II d w t IV t t u s an mg p ayei s appear•. es .. . . . .. . . . . . .. .. .. . . .. .. ve openings available with National Three USF professors w i 1 l e Y le pres! .en. ? lll-es an_ es go 10 0 a ing on the scene Enotas again Club. Joe boosted his 237 total Fla ........................ 2 3 problem of educational nautics and Space Administration for judge and award a. purchase the P 0 s 81 b lli tIes for four-way tJe fo;:second .place. are John Ward,' Jack with eight bulls. Tom D AD1070. Center Information Desk. From r. : 8 or • . rector of Le ' G s • A s h F P any s u en s e a STAFF DIRECTORY CHANGES Nov. 26 , to Dec. 9, those entries natural is lll charge t s .et eriOUS rt ow eatures format. shou_ld be followed Donald G. Anderson, 93.5.7763; wnchosen will be exhibited in the of the nommations for the 1n future dJscusstons o! the Jiam D . .Benham 988-6639; Mr$. Edna Gallery Lounge . Woodrow _WHson Fellowships USF finally bas a mascot. University Book . M. Bre\\-er, Secretary II. Student Per Th . t hi h t s here. Appllcants must be nom-Th USF G ld B h ( ) . f th f 1 d •onnel I45; AD l057, 6124 Liberty Ave. . e PIC w c cap !Jl'e inated by faculty members and e 0 en ra rna n lS 0 e our-egge v . t f St I Ali . c I •remple Terrace 988; Davis T . fll'St place be retamed those interested should see Dr. mooing variety seen on many Florida cattle ranges. a rle y 0 y es .stair 00 <:e Glendenrung, 2ll0 E. Linebaugh Ave.; .for the Umversity Center ColAshford Loophole specialists who have acquired a unique and third places. The dean of student affairs skill with the dictionary have discovered that Brahma W II L t Erneot G. Jenkins,_ Janitor , Phy•ical pnzes _ Will be $15 and $10 re-has fnformati"on about the other I ec ure •ims Chart:; .lllartin, spec Jve y. programs. He says, "It Is worth D1 S C W Sla C P ' t ti' AD 104 2316 12th A t 1 (mlnus "n") refers to a large do e t1 fo 1 ot A tt' By Jll\1 FELTER lof cartoon film by Reutersward Physical Plant IU; AD 10-15, 52LO aoth Mid-trimester tournaments In five minutes of a student's time origin. Hooray! The Art Gallery's new exhibl and from the violent works of T N 13 •. I;;J:.?;:;::. , p.ocket billiards, table _tennis, to investigate the possibilities. A very cute and clever story appeared in the tion from the Museum of .ModCarl Otto Hulten to the more ues ov Clerk r . Library LY uo, Oktasmgles and doubles w 1 11 be Students shouldn't underestiTAMP A TRIBUNE, shouting to the world that some•. works of Staffan HallI ., • held from 1:25 to 6 p.m. on mate their potential: this is one at USF made an error in spelling. The fact that :t s Ooml. th h f 1 ld . Alistair Cooke, noted j_ournal-Deletions: wtme Gordon, Mrs. GeneNov. 13, and 20. The the season for decidmg : What . . . n y roug care u cons -1St who has been covermg the vlevc Harkness, Mrs. Gate M. Morgan, fmals Wlll be held on Tuesday, after graduation?" the miX-Up WaS CaUSed by a spelling error is greatly 1can Federatton of Arts. eration can enjoy the United States .for the British Mrs. Elizabeth Mutey, Elmer L. Nov. 27. toned down in this item of information. H seem_s that from the twelve SwedJsh pamters. press since 1937 , Listing of Personnel by Area: The bridge tournaments will Tha1•fand GrOUp Now that the mascot voting is finally over, it's e_ral reaction to the new exhtbiBotega has two booklets, one will lecture on semantics & Linguistics-change to be held on Thursday, Nov . 8 , b f tlon, the students of USF have titled "Twelve Swedish Paint" American Polictassic• & Linguistics. 15, and 29 in UC 108 from 5 : 30T f . a out time or everyone to accept serious facts. not given field of fine ers" an d the other "Modern tics in the Nu7:30 p.m. . . 0 Per orm When the students were voting, everyone went the and r_esearch .It Swedish Art," on sale in the clear Age" Tues-to Classics " Linguistics: A Hood Those interested m takIng In TA NOV. JS along with the idea that the Brahma entry referred deserves. Th1s lack o_f mterest Gallery. Both contain reproducday , Nov . 13, at ert s-change to assistant proreosor. part in the tournaments may to the bovine variety. With the outvoting of the of _cour:se, not confmed to thiS tions .and comments about art8:30 p.m. in TA. sign up at the UC In!ormation The Phakavali, an institute "neither of these" ballot in the run-off, it became umversity alone but occurs ists and art in Sweden. Cooke is prob-Deyo. assistant professor. Desk or in the Recreation Room. for training and a theater of evident that students want a mascot. throughout the country. Another event in the field of ably best known WITHDRAWAL Nick .... Costanza, "The Sun Also Rises" d d b The average reaction art opens today. It is a graphics to Americans for On Sunday, Nov. 18, the When the Golden Brahman is unveiled at the All has been to crack a J?ke, and photography contest sponhis role in con-Robert E. otte, Anthony G . Rogers, movie "The Sun Also Rises" South Florida for two perform-University Week-end (he thinks he's a bull) all and make fun of the1r favonte sored by the University Center ducting "Omni-Richard L . Sc-hmitt. Sara R . SmithJ • • h t d' 11 •t d t t 11 h' h • H 't' p fesso by pro b " f tl Richard .r.t. steele, Russell D . Turner, will be shown in the theater at ances at 1 :25 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. piCayums ypes are cor 1a y lllVl e Q e 1m e s umam Ies ro r • Arts and Exhibits Committee. us, one o 1e 7:30 l).m. Admission will be 25 on Thursday , Nov. 15. Both will a chicken. jecting themselves into the The entries in the contest will most ambitious LIBRARY coNTEST _ The Univer cents per person. The show is be held In the. TA. The Brahma-cock definition has become a forum position of someone of great be on exhibit for two weeks in Cooke television prolilY Library and the University Book based on the novel of the late The gllttermg, spectacular knowledge. What they ' re really the University Center Gallery grams ever produced in t h is Ernest Hemingway. It stars Ty-beauty of the dance of .topic for classroom discussions. It would be heart-doing is to show their lack of Lounge country. For his work he won utty a r e asked to encouraa-e students rone Power and Ava Gardner. land and Jts ethereal, delicate warming if students could get this worked Up and participation is in the. viewing A note about 20 art stuthe coveted Sylvania and "Look to enter thts centes!. A representative from Powmusic have been legendary for interested in the mechanics of producing a good uniunderstanding of Fme Art. dents attended part of the 16th as well as nell ' s Florists will be on hand over a century with travelers versity. 1 .0 someone . who has been ann u a 1 Symposium at the tele:;lSlon s , highest honorary, ''ised that openings are anua_bte on Tl1ursday, Nov. 15 1'n UC 264-65 from the East . A h 1 N h t d Oh' _tl_le of Ringling Museum of Art and the Emmy. rmy as a mu e, avy as a goa , an 1.0 pamtmg th1s exh1bttton Is one during the free ho':lr to The Phakav _ all is the first of . ' toured the Sarasota galleries. He is e v en m ore famous for Aprll In flettts of: accounting, ecoInstructions on makmg umque three compames to be brought State has Buckeye, but this does not seem to cause of excttment and amusement. They also viewed works by stuabroad, however, for his unique . statistics. !"ath, mechanical and attractive Christmas dec-to the U.S.A. this season by the anyone to go into hysterical giggles. The mascots The art student sees new ways dents and graduate students of interpretations of Americans to orations and f 10 r a 1 arrange-Asia Society Performing Arts are accepted. ?f expressing ?ncself an? new UF and FSU. the British. He started covering neering, p_hysics _and as. tronom. y . Jan-ments for the hnme. The 1nProgram. The program was M t d t k •t t t' U Ideas and techmques of pamtlng. American affairs for the London v asco s o no rna e umvers1 y repu a Ions. m-The aTt student must see and R II' S structlons will be given free launched last season as a culb li 1 . ' USSe S tudy Times in 1937 and for the last and other areas of business admlnls Of charge. tural exchange project to give VersitieS are judged by t e Ca 'bre Of the peOp e JU of cow.:se, what lS I I 15 years has been doing SO for tratiqn, as well as POSsible opening in J d w t f th D c American audiences first hand them. • •• L.M.S. m of. art On The Burg raves the Manchester Guardian. He is electrical engineering with Tampa Bay u y es o e ance om. . . today. hiS exlub1t JS a,n • • • chief American correspondent •re a employers. mittee has begun plans for the With. the living art.;; lent example f t da t Published 1ft p r PRE-liED :1\IEETING-The,.., will be Christmas Formal to be held on of Aslan countnes. •I S h d I . o o Y s spll'I a IS for the latter paper and since Dec. 1. The. Phakavali comes . directly Da I y c e u e of .. swedish art. " A University of South Florida 1938 h as broadcast regularly the University Ceryter, room _167-168. Wednesday Nov 14 at 5 p m from Its own theater m Bang-ALL WEEK 4:30p.m. Alpha Hall and Newton. by faculty member's historical and over the BBC on U.S. affairs. Dorr._,1G,aemor,.ge_ ,1Tedi. cLeatWlsschoofolthweillUnb'evepr!!_t•y MI'S. Phylli's' Mars llal Wl' U be. kok with its . two directon:. u.c. Arts & Exhibits Residence staff UC226 Carl Frednk Reu 1 s an critical study of one of the plays At present he is also the pro' . . p i d h S Comm. Photo & 5:00 p.m. Beginning Bridge UCIOll extremely unusual pamtmg. Beof Victor Hugo has been pub-ducer and narrator of "Inter-ent to speak .to intereste_d students.lgiving bridge lessons Today ras . Ilapabanleng and UCl08 6 : 00p .m. u c za of its vast _g_reen lished in French by a Paris national zone," a syndicated TV dance lesons are given Ladda SI!apabanleng. . . Paints" Unlv. Galtery LY 7:00p.m. Forensic Assn. UC226 has been titled publishing company . program about the United or with Alpha in the ballroom from 3 : 30All th_ e dancer s and musiCians 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. All Un\versity Sing The pool table" by several art Natio ns Epsilon Delta. lnt ernahonal Pre-mem-4 .30 are tramed from early childu.c. House & PerRehearsal TAT students. Most o f the other stuThe work. writte,n by Dr. . . . cal Honor Soc,ety. . p.m. hood. Many of the classical uc. Lobby 7:30 p.m. UC2I4 dents haven't bothered to even Olga W. Russell , assistant pro-In . add It 1 on to covermg dance-dramas must be done by MONDAY, 12, 8 :00p.m. Civil war Round Table TBA open their to see it fessor of foreign languages, is a Amenca, Cooke has also re''> young girls, but there will also 12;20 p.m. Jazz Quartet TAT THURSDAY. N'oVEliiBER u. However, the students' I'n art study of "The Burgraves." last porte_d ma_ny Europea_n events, 3:30 p.m. BaUroom Dancing UC248 U.S. Air f'orce UC LobbY t rti th th bd tl f be young men, specialists in the S:30 p.m . .Baptist student Unlon uc226 1:25 p.m. P.E. Majors UCIOS must seek to find some idea, of produced plays. In-s a ng WI e a 1ca on . o TOUCHE, KID . • . This genuine and hair-raising duel is danced by experts who "rave at" each other with deadly weapons, though they have only pin-holes in their masks through which to see each other. If you are up on your myth ology, you'll know that this is a battle between a 'I'Yicked demon and man's ancient friend, the King of Monkeys. I mask dances and sword dances. TUESDAY, NOVEJ\DIER 18. Botega Art Club UC202 some me an I. n g be hi'nd 1 -t , eluded m the study are many Ed_w_ard VIII _and. the Mumch Area Tests Young Republicans UC20j d t th h The Pi-Phat Orchestra , the: 1 ,25 p.m. Cultural Events u.c. Public whether it be in jest or deadly previously unpublished variants cns1s an con mumg roug traditional combination .for Thai Comm. UCI08 Relations Comm. U C214 seriousness. It may be a re-and letters of the author. the present-day B_ erlm story. d d . l u.c . Dance Comm. UC'200 C.F.S. Fraternal H b 1 ance-rama, me udes leading sourts car Club UC202 Policy UC216 action against new trends in art Dr. Russell started research e was orn In Mane soloists-bringing instruments u.c. Hospitality Skin & scuba Diving uc221 or an advancement in contem-on the 281 page study in 1947 England, and came to the Umted h d th' tr Comm. UC203 TriSIS 'Pledges UC223 S t t 1932 f d t never ear tn JS coun y. Literary society UC204 University porary aTt. The viewer must deand completed it in January o:f' a e s 1D or gra ua e Tickets are on sale at the Young Americans Council UC226 cide for himself but only after this year. It covers the prepara-study at Harvard and Yale . He theatet• box office from 1 p.m. the artist is a chance to tion, literary sources, dramatic has li':ed here almost contin-to 5 p.m. weekdays. Reservac.F.s. UC2J6 Fencing Club UC2I9 present h i s work without and poetic value and history of ually _smce and became an tions may be made b y callin g UC22I 6:30p.m. uc264_ 5 prejudice. the play. The book, titled Citizen m 1941. Cooke the box office during those comm. UC222 8:30 p . m . Phakava!l Dancers TAT The exhibition shows a wide "Etude Historique et Critique IS the author of "One Man ' s hours. All seats are reserved. Sa!ling Club UC223 FRIDAY. xovEi\tBER IG. 100 1 variety of technique, and styles, de Burgraves de Victor Hugo," : : A .. on Prices: $.50 fot students , $1 for Exhibits H&if3 3 ,30 }:;,•k-End uc2 4s from the primitive works of was published by G. A . Nizet , Tnal and Chnstmas Eve. USF staff membets, and $2 for 1:2j p .m. Student Fla. Educa9:00p.m. Dance UC248 Arvid Widerberg to the medium Paris. the general pubijc. All reser-tion A .. n . uc Lobby SATURDAY, t;. 1:25 p . m . to 6 p.m. All Unlvehilr Week-End vations must be paid for by 5 Billiards & Table Traditional Folk Sing TAT p.m. , Wednesday , Nov. 14 . Room 18, Arete Directs Blood Bank Contributions In response to a request from the Health Center. Arete Frat era) Society is sponsoring a blood bank for all USF students and their families. Approximately 30 pints of blood have already been donated to the bank , which is located at Tampa General Hospital. Epelta Fraternal Society mem bers made a contribution to the bank last week. 2:30p.m. SelF-Improvement 6:30p.m. We•ley Foundation UC226 Course UC264-5 7:30p.m. U.C. Movie Comm. 5:00 p . m . Delphi UC226 "The Sun Also Rises" TAT 6:00 p.m. Lab Band Practice TAT 6 ,30 p.m. President Allen 7:00 p.m. Tri-SIS UC203 J U • • ours n1vers1ty 7:30 p.m. Paidea us223 Un iversity of South Florida 8 '00 p . m . President John S. Allen vis ited 8:30 p.m. CO?ke TAT Texas Techno 1 o g i c a 1 Col'n lege Nov. 4 through 7 a s a WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER tt. 196'! member of a visiting committee u.s. Air Force UC LobbY I th S th A t' f 1:25 p.m. Readers Theatre UC200 0 e OU ern SSOCia Ion 0 Cleo Pledges UC202 Colleges and Schools. Foreign Language The visit to the Lubbock Movie comm. Tex. , ins titution was part of ggm regular pro gram of c.F .s. Program UC216 of colleges an d universities Archery Club UC221 accredited by the association. Science uc222 Such visits are made every 10 Org. uc223 years for the purpose of bring-The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition Editor .............•.....•......•...•..... Louise Stewart Managing Editor .••.......••.•.......••... Sarah Caldwell Layout Editor ......•.......•............ Jack McClintock Features Editor .............................. , ............. Virginia Montes AUlletics Editor .. .. . . ....................................... Richard Oppel Organizations Editor ......................................... Charlotte Frese UC Activities . . . . . .. .. . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jackie Montes Copydesk . . .. . . . .. .. ... .. .. . . . . . .. Danny Valdes, Michael Faculty Adviser .. .. . . . .. . .. .. . . .. .. .. . . .. .. Dr. A. T . Scroa-gins Wing Preodor Loren South\\ick Kay Keating Siegfried Cropper Pat Davis STAFF WRITERS Ed Carlson P aut }.'1-ei.ssner John Gullett Tommy Eute James Feltet Loretta Goldstein Jim Jordan Marilyn Vik Da-:id Fleer Anyone interested in contri buting to the project should contact any Arete member, or Skip Kamlodi, chairman. ' TBA the institution's accredita-Cbarlea Cowl tlon Up to date. '---------------------------' Letter to Editor Dear Editor : While we are supposed to h a v e the All-University ap. proach in all a1eas it s e e m s strange to me the faculty and other staff members we1e not c on sulted regarding the USF mascot. This All-University ap proach is a two-way street and if the faculty and staff do not rate a vote on the mascot then why should student senators be voting on matters of concern mainly with the fa c u 1 t y. I'm sure this subject will be coming up for discussion on the AAUP agenda. In fact it would have been discussed earlier but for more pressing matters such as Charlie J o h n s, the Grebstein Case, academic freedom, and 5 cents or 7 cents coffee in the faculty-staff lounge. NAME WITHHELD


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