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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 299 (January 21, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 21, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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) Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 299 Vote Tomorrow For Candidates Of Your Choice TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY. JANUARY 21, 1963 PRICE FIVE CENTS Campaign -Speeches Hit SA Of Present And Past Candidates Press Bids For Stronger Government By LOUISE STEW ART To the tune of "Anchors Aweigh," "The Marine Hymn," and a few other rous ing martial tunes, a couple hundred (more or less) students gathered to listen to the campaign speeches last Thursday. Many people stayed in the background to listen to the speeches given on the west side of the library 'neath the open skies. They were apparently reluctant to brave the flies, spiders and tickly grass suffered by yours truly to get the campaign re-EH? port . Beginning rather slowly, the campaign picked up tempo as the rank of the offices picked up. Everyone seemed to agree that the present student associ ation is weak and that we can strengthen it, though many did not elaborate upon how to ac Ear-Speech Center Offers Therapy . I complish the task. THREE JOLLY CAMPAIGNERS Speaking first for the office By FRANCES FREEMAN Three of the top campaigne1s in the SA elections coming up Tuesday are of president, Fred Frey said "S I ld 't 't t h h t 'd " that the present association's orry, cou n qm e ca c w a you sa1 . caught in their more serious moments during the campaign speeches last Thurs-weakness lies in a lack of stu-This is a typical remark from a student who finally day. Presidential candidates are from the left, Fred Frey, moving up in the ranks dent interest in the affairs of finds his way to the Speech and Hearing Center for help. of office; Lee Lombardia, making a bid for a return to USF political life, and the SA. He Although every student who enters the university is Larry Pendarvis, dark-horse candidate on a reform-type ticket. Pendarvis, inci m offl-screened for speech or hearing deficiencies, some dedentally, no longer sports the long-hair and beard and is presently wearing Lee Lombardi a expressed fects go unobserved. It is then shoes. He said that after the enthusiastic response to his platform, "I would much the same feeling in his the student's own responsibility hate to see students not get to vote for the candidate just because of shoes or long speech. "Students," he said, c t to make an appointment for hair." "are not taking fun advantage OnCer further testing and assistance. USF IS HOST HefuH Graduate Buckley Study Lectures Openings On Jan. 22 The need for post-graduate William F. Buf!kley Jr., editor !tudy and opp:>rtunities for fel-of "National R and a lowghins an_d kading spohstl"•:l:': for this area will be l.Uscussed m . on open meeting Thursday, lion, will speak Tuesda?', .Jan. 1:25, in CH-100. 22, at 8:30 p.m. at the Umversity A committee of professors of South Florida. and deans was assigned some Buckley, who is a best-selling time ago to explore the pos-author and a nationally syndi-sibilities and opportunities for . . education beyond the bachelor's caled colummst, will lecture on degree. Dr. Samuel Smith, as"Views of an American Con sistant professor of history, is servalive." chai.t:rnan of this committee. He first received national atsays, "The. tention in 1951 with the publifunctiOn of the cornm1ttee 1 s to . . . advertise the graduate study cation of h1s best-selbng book , possibilities and the need fot "God and Man at Yale," which graduate students. It is im-dealt with questions on what portant that junio!s and_ today's students are being sophomores b e g 1 n thmkmg . bout graduate study now." taught. Later works mcluded a For students' general infor"McCarthy and His Enemies," mation, the committee has col-an examination of the controver lected several books and a box sial senator and loyalty and se of recently published material . . . . about fellowships at particular colleges and placed them in the Up from L1beral1sm and The reference room of the library Committee and Its Critics," a for easy access. symposium on the House Com-At the meeting on Thursday mittee on Un-American Activi Dr. Herbert Wunderlich, dean ties. .Qf. student will Buckley, a native of New aoout the pm;tary fellowships York, studied in England and and scholarships offered for France b e f o r e entering the g_raduate study. J?r. Edv.;m 1\Ja.rArmy in World War II. He was t1n, dean of bas1c studies , Will graduated with h on or s from talk about the need for graduate Yale( where he was chairman of in today ' s .. A the college paper. queshon and answer disc u ssion .He is well known as a speaker period will follow the speakers' and debater and has lectured talks. throughout the United States in • personal appearances and on Math, Sc1ence Tests television anct radio programs. Proficiency tests in Math and Profiles and description s of Science are to be given Thurs-hi s work have appeared in day Jan. 24 . Students intend"Time," "Esqui.t:e," "Madernoi1na 'to take any mathematics or selle," "Information" and The science courses beyond the Basic Catholic World," and an AssociStudies level wqo have not taken ated Press feature of Buckley the test should report to LY 5 16 appeared in some 350 news-between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. papers in 1961. IS TO ARRANGE THINGS tbat there should be much of the s p e e c h and hearing more constructive work taking therapy staff, insists that lack of place in the SA parliamentary Features motivation on the part of the sessions. student is the biggest problem Speaking last on the presi-to overcome. Many are unwill-dential group was Larry Pen-ing to admit any deficiency and darvis, who is running on the St d t resent attempts at therapy. For L d R • t government or none!" Pendarvis ually permitted to hear a tape To Feature 'l(now USF" Harrison Co-Op Education basic idea: "Effective student u en s this reason the student is us-ea ers eg1s er B M H . J h . declared that the student asso-of his voice before beginning aya . r., c atrciation should not exist merely On Wednesday Jan 23 the a corrective program. man of th_e Boa:d as a buffer obscuring the ad-. . ' . ' . Communication Delegates from more than 50 ference delegates will discuss Contr?l, will,.glve the thtrd m 1 ministration from the students. South DI-The primary concern of the colleges and universities from cooperative graduate program'> a sepes of Know Your Um-"Since • he says "no magic VISIOn of Fme Arts w1ll present Speech and Hearing Center is throughout the U.S. and Canada 11 . th t h verstty" lectures Tuesday , Jan. . ' ' . . . . . 1 d . 1 ' as we as programs m e ec • 22 t 1 .25 . th TA wtll create student mterest , , . a student concert, featunng mcornmumcation. The staff works pus an e ucatlona observer nical and non technical fields • a : p.m. m_ e . I shall institute accurate scien-strumental solos and ensembles. toward the successful develop-from Australia, and a like num-Wednesday the-y will turn Harrison's subJect Wlll be: tific polljng of opinion , . . ment of the mechanics of speech 1 ber representing business, in-. and on llJltjor E?ch performer' 1 " " which include articulation slutdustry a11d governmental agenattention. to the !or ties of _the Board . of . Control Other Candidates sity student of Patricia Hegvik, tering, structural deviation of cies today for a threeeducatiOn 10 the Concermng_ the Unonly to these three Artllur Hegvik, Ruth Still, (lr the mouth, organic disorders (lf day midwinter conference of the next der Its Junsd1chon. candrdatcs, the senators caused Gale Sperry. the larynx, and extreme accents. Cooperative Education Division Presi_dent .J?hn S. Allen of All students and staff are the most furor v.-ith their freeSt d ts I i . A more rarely encountered of the American Society for EnUSF wtll offJctally the urged to attend. wheeling speeches. .U en e r 0 r n g are. problem is language deviation gineering Education. group Monday and Harrison is a natIve of Some of these candidates acHoeied -ilbtit, due to emotional and brain disHeadquarters for the conferR_tchard E. Dutton, proJect. en-Tampa, and attended its public cused the SA of never making .as e. ano an e . ower, orders. Nevertheless, the deence, which runs t h r 0 ugh gmeet, Heav;y Space schools. He was graduated from a strong stand on any issue, piano, Jerry Baum, clarmet and partment is not involved with Wednesday is the Causeway Inn System, Natwnal Aeronautics the College of Law, University while others further. attacked the aesthetic qualities of speech. but most Tuesday's sessions and SPace. Administration, of Florida, in 1935. the body as merely bemg a pup0 oe, onme a er, asso'lm: The student who can speak suewill be at USF. the host school Launch Operatwn Center. Cape Harrison practiced law in pel of the administration. The tt r n c h torn, cessfully as far as mechanics are The first day's sess ions wili Canaveral, will be the banquet Tampa and served fiv_e years in newly formed PRP an am_es '. .. desires further be mainly devoted to studying speaker Tuesday. the armed dunng World r.arty cleaung up the Selectwns will mclude. , Somstruchon 1s referred to the the opportunities for students The first program In cooperWar II attammg the rank of _boondoggle or elec-nata for. and .. Ptano ?Y _speech classes. in the field of cooperative edu-ative education, where students full colonel. tlons. Another . candidate ex-Paul HmdemJth, Le Petite Lumts On Coherence cation. The Sf;!Cond day the con-alternate between work and As a lawyer, he is a senior pressed devotion to the uniNegre" by Claude Debussy, "InA speech or hearing defi. ---study opened at the University member of his law firm in St. verstty rather to V?cah,?n for TrumPet ,.and ciency naturally limits under-of in 1906 and today Petersburg. Since 1954, he has v_ague pnncrples or admtmstra-Ptano by Robert Sostanding. It is for this reason Bl"ke Ra""e Set more than 65 colleges and uni-been a visiting professor of law tlon. . . nata Bassoon and Ptano". by that the university requires a ,.. versities in the U.S. have such on t_he faculty of Stetson Unicandidates Pa':'l The Woodwmd speech and hearing test . for For March 28 . a program. The University of vers1ty College of Law. Sarah Rosco_e Dav1d wtll ,Play Joseph Hayevery student. Anyone who fmds . South Florida opened its pro-son, Bob Erwm, Dav1d Fleer, dn s Presto and the Concert that he has a weakness in either Better get the old Sc_hwmn gram in June 1961 as the first Baya Harrison, Jr. Marsha Gayle Jones, Dave Jor-Band Ensemble will perform phase of communication should Racer down from the attJc and t d t 'h d 'th d f dan, Dave Kaufman, "J" Keiser. "Ballade" by Alfred Reed and ask for assistance pedal 'round tbe block a few sthu. enf s hreac c Te den USoF Charle M D M d "M h f th K . , R . . t' 1 A b' l will b eir res man year. o ay 1 oney, on use, an arc or e 1 n g s eg1-The Speech and Hearing Ce n 1mes. 1cyc e race e h th 100 t d t Frank Martinus. ment" by Jean-Baptiste Lully. ter is located in the Develop -held March 28, University Show-_as t an . u s as-Candidates for representative-The concert will be held at mental Office in the Adrniniscase Day, sJgne { at-large are Joe Beckham Bob . th h . . B .1d . Th . t 1 t gram WI a 1 wna expansion Bl t B b D b • • 1:25 p.m. m eTA. T tratlon Ul mg. e m ramura earn mana-planned for the coming year. un • 0 u ay, Henry. Fer-charge, but a general admtsswn • • gers voted to have two races, . . . . _ nandez, Ladd, Mickey ticket is required. Tickets may Con"O MISSIOnary one for the men and a shortAsststmg With .local Cliff Opp, and Larry be picked up at the Box Office ':II ened version fot• the women, ments for the conference ate VICkers.. . immediately before the concert To Speak at USF which will be open to any fourmernbE!rs of the Work-Stud:\:' CoFor vrc_e are: or may be reserved by calling The Rev. Ben Clay Hobgood man team. The race may use operattye Councrl. at Bray, Louis Chalifoux, the box office , 988-4131, exten-a missionary of the the circular drive behind the of South Flonda Wheeler. For treasurer are Milt sion 343 between 1 and 5 p.m. Ch h D' . 1 f Ch . t University Center as the track. mcludmg. George H. Mille;, _Dr. Pressley and Nicky Rockwell. k 5 urc es, Jsctp ":s o ns • . . Donald Harkness, Dr. W1lllam For the recording and corre-wee Y • to the Congo, Will speak at . fraternal soBott, Dr. James E. Popovich, Dr. sponding secretaries are Roni 'J w k" .Jan. 23, at cret1es, and Independents Miles Hardy, Dr. Guy Forman, Lerner, Rosemary Taylor, and azz ee 1.25 p.m. m CH 100. , . teams for_ the 7vent and Richard E. Pasternak, and Rosemary Oelrich. Umon, . m award Umvers1ty Actlv1ty Mrs. Binnie J. Necl, member For the platforms of the can-F the Pomts. . . . . of the' USF Work-Study starr. dictates, turn to our inside page. To eature Cham of Mr _sswns sponso:s hl!n. . The. Phystcal DIVI-Others from Tampa working The miSSionary and w1fe w1U have avalla_ble mforma-with the committee include Ross have been under appomtment twn sheets concermng the race ELECTIONS Elections will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 22, in the UC Gallery Lounge from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If necessary, runoffs will be held on Friday, Jan. 25, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Gallery Lounge, Blues Theme .to the Congo since 1955. al a later date. (Continued on Page 8, Col. 1) This week has been desig nated as "Jazz Week" on the USF campus. The kick-off will be a stereo hour tomorrow dur 'ing the free hour, in the tele vision lounge. Bob Gower and Yvonne Bent'-------------'! ley of the University Center Dean Martin Enioys Music, INSIDE INFO music committee will be in charge of the progtam, pre senting music by Dave Bru beck, "Dizzy" Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, Al Hirt and George and Ira Gershwin. Reading; Rests With Baseball Campus edition features on Another traditional USFs tyle the second page. jazz and poetry sessio n will be h CAMPUS NOTICES: Special held Thursday at 3:35 p.m. in By JACK McCLINTOCK ology at Cornell College in 1947, cept. "One is," he said with JS weekly bulletin items for stu-the ballroom. He sprawled in his chair so and went for a n M.A. from Kan-pipe held just out of his mouth, d t d lt nonchalantly' that I wondered sas State in 1948; then, later, "the part of university educa -en s an facu Y concerning These sessio ns, and there d b d It many mundane and worldly hav e been six have become one how he could be comfortable, took his Ph.D. at the University tlon reqmre o every o y, s items on campus. of the most 'popular activities but a 1 t h 0 ugh of Kansas, stil l in zoology. He purpose is to provide an intro-DAI Dean Edwin P. did research for some time on duction into the various kinds LY SCHEDULE: A day-on campus. Approximately 1,200 Martin answered something called Mammalian of education that are offered at ca lendar of the _week's people attended the last three. my questions Population D y n a rn i c s, and a university." Martin said that activttles and club meetmgs . The theme this time will be with casual ease, served for four years in the the University of Florida re-. ORGANIZA;TION NEWS:. "the blues . " 'fhe attempt to I sensed that Army in western Europe. requires a similar program and bees concernmg the acbvl_hes explain what the "blues" are here was a man His background also includes calls it the University College, of campus clubs .. These notices and what they mean will in-who took hi s job a stint as coordinator of the but it is analgous to our Basic may be turned_ mlo the paper dude Negro poetry, lyric s from seriously. North Central Association of Studies prog ram. by dub pu!Jllclty chairmen on fo l k so n gs and contemporary "My J ' ob," he Schools and Colleges. Research Essential forms provided by the campus blues ' newspaper. Inquiie UC 58. . said, "is to help While he says that his inter-Martin hasn' t done any re-I M ACTIVITIES: Concer n Some the. used m arrange things so ests include such intellectual search in nearl y a year and says ing the weekly sports classics sesswns 1s wntten espe-that the faculty areas as reading and music, he he misses it. He considers re-of the intramurals division on c1ally for that purpose by USF is able to devote also enjoys watching baseball search an essential part of the campus. staff and students. plenty of time to Martin "both on TV and in the scholar's life.. . FINE ARTS: Being the dope Dr. Sy Kahn, assistant pro. their jobs: Teaching and -re-stadium ." When Martm bobbed his head on the latest events brought on fessor of English, will be readsearch. " He leaned back even Romance ai Cornell agreeabl y to my thanks for the campus under the sponsorship ing poetry to a background of farther and continued, "I do Dean Martin met his wife at interview, I thought, "Well of the Fine Arts Division. Many jazz by local musicians. this in many ways : H:cmg poli -Cornell when both were stu-there goes another illusion. of these performances are free cies that is the number and dents; they have four children, When somebody saYs 'Dean of charge. X R U "t H kinds of people we hire; teach-ranging from nursery sc hool I'll never be able • ay n1 ere ing loads ; claSd schedules; age to the ninth grade. . to conJure up the J_rnage a Hillsborough County's mobile course patterns-aU these are Since he is Dean. of Bas1c crooner a. fifth MORE USF TB X -ray unit will be on methods we use." Martin was Studies, I asked JUSt what m hand and a m the Campus today through Wednes-careful to point out that he "basic studies". He sat ?ther. Dean to _ me, NEWS ON day, Jan. 2123 outside of do nothing without the advice up looked a t his pipe, and told JS now a scholar with ser10 u s University Center. The unit will and help of the faculty. that there are many defini-and very definite ideas on edu Paqe 8 be set. up for service from 9-12 ,Miarti:n took his B.S. in zo tions for the basic studies con.!-------------...! a.m. and 1 4 p.m. ,. __ r • , -(USF Photo) "THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE BORN INTO" Thus spake Ferlinghetti. Many profound poetic statements crop up in the Jazz and Poetry sessions. Jim Woodall, theater arts student, and Dr. Sy Kahn, assistant professor of English, periodically get together for poetry reading to a jazz musical background. These sessions are becoming the b e s t attended events on campus. Highlighting Jazz Week beginnin g today, is a Jazz and Poetry reading Thursday, Jan. 24 at 3:35 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Theme is "The Blues."


2 THE TAMPA Tl1\ fES, Monday, January 2 1 , 1 963 Deaths in Tampa Bay Area, Elsewhere Rocky Backers Upset GOP Unity Meeting LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21 ()P)New York Gov. Nelson Rocke! Another delegate t o the c o n • Los Angeles County GOP presiden-vention later apologized for the Mrs. Roberta Mae Nydegger cans had come together to pro-hal n o.mmee m 1964. Mrs. Nydegger Dies at 55 . , MRS EFFIE LIGHT Cl b b . . ' . . Manan Landers of the 52nd outburst. • 1 u , mem er of Tampa ConHospital. A native of Modders-Green, Wlllis Hal l , Plan t City ?f 1 9 1 Corsica S t., .or mote umty. Co unty assembly d istrict took the floor The Republicans, split into Mrs. Effie Light, 75, of 3905 sistory, Tampa, and member of ville, Mich . , Mr. Modders had and Clifford Hall of Bartow; William D. Nydegger, district J. A. Leetham made a rousmg and said: feudin g conservatives, middle 3 lived in Tampa 10 He manager of G ulf Life Insurance speech to that effect. "If Nelson Rockefeller is the of-the-road and liberal groups Light was a resident of Tampa by his widow, Mrs. Henry F. was _a member of the Lewis Me-Bartow, Mrs. Helen Carter, ArCo., died Sunday morning at Then someone at the meeting against even before Richard M. Nixo n 27 years. She is survived by two Orr, Temple Terrace; a daugh-Cumberland P _ r e s by-cadia and Mrs. Esther Franks her home mentioned the possibility of President Kennedy m 1964, I lost the g ubernatonal race last sons, Ernest L i g h t, of West ter, Mrs. c. w. Pcnske, Toledo; tenan Church and chotr, and _a of Lakeland, and two grandcouldn' t tell the d ifference beNovember, called the meeting Hollywood, Fla., and Curtis a brother, Leon Orr, Monroe, veteran of World War Surv1children. A native of St. Louis, Mo., a tween them if I we r e blind-in an effort to close the breach. Light of Lake City; two daugh-Mich. ; a sister, Mrs. Ross vors are a daug h ter, M1ss Mar-former resident of Orlando for Canine Sniffs Out folded." ters, Mrs. Ruth Rappel of Nor-Keene, Dundee, Mich. : Moddcrs, Tampa; half-M R S. FLORENCE B ERRY many years, she had lived in $625 Worth of Bonds Former California Gov . GoQdfolk, va., and Mrs. Grace father, Walter B. Milli gan, Sagist sters, Ja.cob VIsser and Mrs. Florence Berry, 34, of Tampa for 15 years. win Knight, a known Rockefel-Howard of Tampa; 11 grand-naw, Mich., and two grandchil-Mrs. Gernt VIsser, and one .Meadow Lane, :srandon , Mrs. Nydegger was a member BU_FFALO , N . Y., Jan. 21 O P ) ler supporter, rose to s peak and children and one great-granddren. step-brother, Andrew Vanderd1ed m a Tampa hospit al Sun. -Akmg is a dog with a sharp was greeted with boos and cries child. Werff, all of Grand Rapids, day morning. A native of of t h e Method 1st C hurch an d a scent-for mo n ey. of "throw him o u t . " M RS. MURIE L SMELTZ E R Michigan. Maryland, had lived in charter _of the New The German shepherd, while .MRS. MABLE ELLEN BRANT Mrs. Muriel 64 , JAMES A. M I X O N B_randon. for nme months. S u r T a mpan s Hospitality Clu b and being walked yesterday in a Peacetime Record Mrs. Mable Ellen Brant, 75, 4851 Gandy B l vd., dted Sunday J A M ' 42 f 1915 VI":ors mclude her husband, the . . park, ran to a s n ow -covered of 1610 Nome St., died yestermght in a Tamj,)a hospital. A I E SL t t Ollver G . Bert-y; three sons, J. Survi vors m addttlon to her metal box and began sniffin g it. NEW Y ORK U.S. copper day in a !'ampa She native of Indianapolis, I n d., 1 1 oa . • Je a ur ay a a Guy H olmes, J. G. Holmes and husban d two daughters, T h e dog's owner, Allan Mac-production in 1962 set a peace-was 1!of MIChigan, but Mts . Smeltzer had spent the ocal ho.spital. Kenny K. Holmes, all of Bran-Mrs. April Hester, Sunnymead, hamer opened the box and ti m e record of 1,538,000 t o n s had lived m T_ampa the past winter in Tampa for several be A native he don;. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calif., a n d Mrs. Carole Ann found $625 worth of bonds. He shipped, as both mine pro duc40 yea:s. She IS survived by one years. She was a member of the 1 then 1 a /esi en amp a 01 David L. Lubar of Tampa; a n d J o h nson , Eastm a n , Ga.; five t urned t hem over to police who tion and refined output ad son, Lisle CBobl Brant and one Northwoo d Christian Chwch of We ldasw 18 ri'eart He was a one brother, H a rry L ubar of grandchildren , W i 1 1 i a m and said the b ox originally' co n -vanced for the third consecutive daughter, Mrs. D . F . Lowney, Indianapolis and the Zionsville, or ar ve eran an San Pedro, Calif. Cause of Gregory Hester, Sunnymead, tained $3,000 worth of bonds year. The all-time record : 1 , b?th of Tampa; two sisters, Mrs. I n d., Chapter of the Order of JemJ!ore of ;o. death had not been determined j Calif.; Ray, Darwin and Deryl and $40 in cash when it was 644,000 ton s, shipped i n war-VIctor Emery of Benton Har-Eastern Star. She is survived Mr ; M'Y Is Twi ow, last night. Jean Johnson o f Eastman, G a . stolen from a home Saturday. tim e 1 9 43. bor, Mich., and Mrs. Ethel by her husband, Ernest C . s. eai Jxon, Brant of Ft. Leonard Wood Smeltzer Tampa and two sons three stepsons, John A. Neville, Mo.; two grandchildren and Herbert H. Smeltzer, Columbus: U.S. Navy, Carl Neville, great-grandchild. Ohio, and Hugh B. Smeltzer, ta, Ga., and_ Robert M . Neville, Indianapolis. hi's mother •. Mrs. A. J. BROWER SIC E . M1xon, of Ruskin, and his Alfred Joseph Brower, '76, of V I NCENT G. RODGERS father, Clarence D. Mixo n , of Mango, died morni_ng Vincent Gerald Rodgers, inthree brothers, B. at a Tampa A n3:t1ve fant son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanof Apollo Beach, T1t u s York City, he had lived ley R. Rodgers of 10706 Central Mixon. ?f Bradento n , m HJlls b oro"!-gh for 1_3 Ave . , died Sunday morning in W. M1x?n, of Ruskin, two sJs SurVIvors mclude hiS a Tampa hospital. Besides his ters, M1 s . Levon Almond Camwidow, Mrs. Gladys Brower, parents survivors include his den, N.J., and Mrs. Reba New Mango; three sons, Mr. and Mrs. Ruskin, and three grandBrewer, Clearwater; Richard L. E . Daniel Jr., Mr. and Mrs. chtldren. Brower, Tampa, and w s Rodgers grestt-grandparBrower, Mango 13 grandchil' . JOHN W. HALL dren a n d three . c . E . John William Hall, 4 1 , of 4205 dren. at? • _rs. ary eeve, a 0 Orient Road, died Friday afterr Tamp ... ? a. noon. A native of A r cadia, he HENRY F. ORR Mrs. Jimmie Mr. and had been a resident of Tampa Henry F. Orr, 66, of 205 S . Mrs. Luther Damel. . and a for the last 22 years. He is sur Glen Arven, Temple Terrace, great-great-grandmother, Mrs. vived by his widow, Mrs. Viola died suddenly Sunday afternoon Roy Budd, all of Texarkana. Hall, Tampa; a daughter, Mrs. In a Tampa hospital. He was a Ark., and several aunts and Charlotte Stusak, Atlanta, Ga. ; native of Ridgeway, Mich., and a son, Johnny Hall, Tampa; a former resident of Toledo, J AN ICE ELEANO R M OSHER mother, Mrs. Rosa Bowles , Ohio, before coming to Temple Janice Eleanor Mosher, 4 Bowling Green, Fla. ; father, Terrace five years ago. Mr. months old daughter of Mr. and William F. Hall of Miami ; four Orr was production manager brothers, Robert E. Hall Tam-with Libbey-Owens Glass Co. of Mrs. Robert L. Mosher of l7l3. pa Clarence Hall B vii g Toledo for 23 years. He later W. Comanche Ave., d1ed .Sattlr' • O\ n was a.ssociated with the R. C . day morning at the home. She was born in Tampa. Other sur Hilton Inc. Realtors of Tampa. vivors include a sister, Sandra, He was a veteran of World War I, a member of the Monroe three brothers. William H . , EdStreet Methodist Church, To-ward R., and Robert L. Mosher Iedo; member of Barton Smith Jr.; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lodge 613 F&AM, Toledo; a Henry Hargett of Genoa, N . Y ., former member of the He.ather Mrs. Florence Bower of Genoa, Downs Country Club, Toledo; and William H. Mosher of Lipast president of Toledo L ions mona. M RS. GLAD YS P . T RAH E Y s dd l unera 0 ICeS 5811 First S t ., Ballas Point, died F I N f • Mrs. Gladys P. Trahey; 59, of u en y I yesterday at Arcadia. She was a BERRY, MRS. FLORENCEFunera t• f N th J M b t M M service s for Mrs. Florence Berry , 34, na IVe O _or ay, aJne, U y emo y of 1 025 Meadow Lane, will had l 1ved 1D Tampa for seven r be held Tuesday mormng at 10:00 years. She is survived by her husband. Lt. Col. (Retired) R z Bell Shoals Baptist official George G . Trahey, Tampa: one al ed Me , .ng . Interment will be tn Garden of . Memories. Arrangements by Stowers daughter, Mrs. Shtrley Lotty, • Funeral Home. Brandon. Tampa. ROBERTO PONTON Roberto Ponton, 39 , of 2711 Brant, 75, of 16IO Nome Sh-ee t , will Bel Aire Circle, a native of Tampa, d ied last night in a Duval Funeral Home, 3800. Nebraska Tampa hospital. H e was a member ?f the C:entro Church, officiating. Interment will He IS survived by h1s Widow, the Garden of Memories Mrs. Dolores Ponton; one brother, A rmando Pont on ; two sisters Mrs. Sylvia Roza and BROWER, ALFRED JOSEPHFuneral M a' S . t h }f services for Mr. Alfred Joseph Brow rs. race Wain, WO a SlS er , 76, of Mango, Fla . , will, be held ters, Mrs. Aida Wilson and Mrs. Tuesday m!'rnlng at IO:OO 0 clock at Lydia Stephens his stepfather Funeral corner of .a. , Slig h and Nebraska Aves .. with Elder Francisco Yrabcdra, and two John R . Stanley, pa s tor of the Plan t t d ht D d L City Seventh Day Adventis t Churc h , s . ep ers , onna an I esofficl atlng. Interment will follow in he Genme Reed. a local cemetery. MRS . CALLIE J. McLEOD 1\UXON, JAl\lES A.-funera l services Mrs. Callie J. McLeod, 77, o f 6415 23rd Ave. , died Friday in ing at 11:.30 a t t h e E i B ethel Bap tist a Tampa hospital. A native of E:Jl Americus, Ga., she had lived in be Jimmi e Stokes, Richard Tampa for over three months. Survivors include t wo d augh-will be, D. A . Tilm a n , Bill Baxley, ters, Mrs. Mary Rodriguez and i:'1;,rc., cg: rf. Mrs. Lois Denson of Tampa; der, 7. F. Hov er , E , A . 1\loor e , w .. D . three sisters, Mrs. Ruby Mitchell • . Mrs. Nona Ellis, and Mrs. in M y rtle Hill C e metery. Arrange. Julia Louketis, all of Georgia; by tbe Jennmgs Funeral g randch.ildren and two MODDERS. WILLIAM MARTINFu great-grandchildren. WILLIAM MARTIN MODDERS William Martin Modders, _ 68 , be Tuesday afternoon at 4 :00 of 4705 E . Henry Ave., d1ed S aturday morning at Bay Pines braska A v e . with Rev. L . G . Baker, in!f. Interm ent In Garden of M e m ones. Pallbearers w ill be, Ernes t Lenoir, W. C . Baker, Sr. , L. C . Mobley, Paul Corrales, L l o y d Davey and L . G. Baker, Jr. -()RR, HENRY F. -Mr. Henry F . O rr, Collingwood Memorial M o r tuary; To ledo, Ohi o , for services and Interment there. It is requested that flower s please be omitted, and t hat contribu tions be made to the Cancer Fund. B. Marion Reed Co., Northside Fu neral Home, 11301 Florida Ave. , in charte of local arrangements. PONTON, ROBERTO -Funeral s erv ice • for Mr. Roberto Ponton, 39, of 2711 Bel Alre Circle, will b e h eld Tuesday afternoon at 4 o 'clock fro m the Chapel of Lord & Fernand e z Fu neral Home. Inter m ent will be in Centro E spanoi M emorial Park Ceme tery. THE FAMILY WILL BE AT THE FUNERAL HOME MONDAY NIGHT FROM 7 TO 9 P .M. Surviv ors : Widow, Mrs. Dolores Ponton; one brother , Armando Ponton; two s ister8, Mrs . Sylvia Roza and Mrs . Grace Swain; two half sis t e rs, Mrs. Aida Wilson and Mrs. L ydia S tephens; step father , Franc i sco Yrabedra. Dr. Stayer Dies at 53 Dr. Glenn Emory Stayer, 53, of 959 Linwood Road, Birming ham, Ala. , di e d Saturday morn ing in Birmingham. A native Qf Pittsburgh, Pa. , a former resi dent of Tampa, he had lived in Birmingham for 20 years . Dr. Stayer wa s a graduate of Columbia University of New York and a graduate o! Duke University Medical School. He was an eye, ear and throat sur geon, practicing i n Sarasota and Tampa befor e he moved to Bir mingham, whe r e he had prac ticed 20 years until his death. Dr. Stayer .was a member of the American Medical Associa tion and the Episcopal Church. A noted publisher in Chicago reports there is a simple tech nique for acquiring a powerful memory which can pay you real dividends in both business and social advancement and works like magic to give you added poise, necessary self -con! fidence and greater popularity. According to this publisher, tnany people do not realize how much they could influence o th ers simply by remembering accurately everything they see, hear, or read. Whether in busi ness, at social functions or even in casual conversations with new acquaintances, there are ways in which you can domi nate each situation by your abilitv to remember. To-acquaint the readers o f this paper with the easy-to follow rules for developing skill in remembering anything you choose to remember, the pub lishers have printed full details of their self-training method in a new book, "Adventures in Memory," which will be mailed. free to anyone who requests it. i No obligation. Simply send' ! your request to: Memory Studies, 835 Diversey Park-i way, Dept. 6761, Chicago 14,1 Ill. A postcard will d o . . • SEE CYPRESS GARDENS AND SINGING 'TOWER FYNETASTE EVAPORATED MILK DOLE Pineapple J . ICE SHOULDER. m 14%-0Z. CAN c hops SHOULDER LAMB ROAST Ground BEEF LEAN FRESH With Purchase o f 250 or 40 FREE wit h P u rchas e of 100 G Iute n B r e a d Crumbs ... 59c Gluten N u t Cook it . . . . . 59c G lute n Flour . . . . 2 Lbs. 79c S afflower Margarine Lb. 59 c S afflower O il . . . . Qt. $ 1 .29 Mail O r ders P l u s Ponave ANSLEY HEALTH FOODS Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. William Vinson Wood ; a son, William B . Stayer, both of Birmingham; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Margulis, Chicago, Ill.; two brothers, William D . Stayer, San Francisco, Calif. ; and Carl A . Stayer, Tampa; stepmother, Mrs. Sadie R. Stayer, Tampa. Services will be in Tampa. G reyho u n d's a li day escorted tou r takes y o u thru the heart of F l o r ida's Lake Regi o n . See Cy p ress Gar dens , W ater Ski sh ow, S inging T ow er, Bird S a nctuar y, "Great Masterpiece", hear car illon r ecital. Inc l u des admissi ons and spe cial bus service. L e a ves each Tues., Thurs., Sat. $8.45 Ask for folder and det ail!> SEAFOOD SPECIALS! WALKER, JIIRS. RITA OPBELIAFu neral servic e s for Mrs. Rita Ophelia Walker, 78, of 310 E . K irby will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'cl o c k at the C hapel of Jennings Funeral Home, wit h Elde r A. D. Burc h , pas ADVERTISEMENT Heart Gas? GREYHOUND TRAVEL BUREAU 610 P ol k St.22 9 2 318 FRESH CAUGHT Mackerel LARGE will be in O rang e Hill Cemetery. Stop C hoking Heart Gas 3 Times F aster Chew Bellans tablets at first sign of distress. Keep In ba& o r pocket for ready relief. So fast and sure you can't believe lt. No harmful drugs. Get Bellans today. .... ond leave the driving to us WHITAK E R , 1\IRS . EDIT H VIOLA_ 35 at druggists. Send costal to Bellans , Funeral s ervices for Mr s. Edith Viola Orangeburg, N. Y. for II eral free sample. • • Whitaker, a t e 79, re side nt of 2.112 HO .... E o '-=-w-=-N _ E _ R,-S _______ __::_ Watrous Ave ., will be hel d m ------afternoon at two o'clock from the chapel of J . L. Reed & Son, Bay shore B lvd. & Plant Ave. with the Rev. John B . Dickson, past o r of Fir s t P res b yt erian Church to of11cl ate followe d b y entombment in Myrtle Hill M emorial Park , THE TAMPA TIMEII l'ubllsbed e Y e niB • a ... dar throulfb Saturday by The Tribune Comp&Dy from The Ttlb11J1e Build Lr.tayelle and Streeta, Tampa, Florida. Ellterd. as soc• n • elan matter at Uae Post Otflce e t nllder tho Act of Subscription Jtstes: By carrier SOo per weell; by carrier or mall tbree months U -90• sl& montlu .57.801 •e .7ear l lll. 60. Subserlptlon p&yable Ill adunce. Jlember ol Pr .. s. Jlember of AadiL B!Utall of Ctt-eai&UoL R A "DICK" STOWERS STOWERS PH. 6891211 BRANDON, FLA. WHY PAY SALESMEN' S COMMISSION DEAL DIRECT WITH U S W e a re i nt r oducing a n e w typ e o f exteri or fini s h that do es a way with pai nt i n g for e ver . Als o s cr ee n e d en closures-Flor ida room s and r ernode lin9 work . 3 0 y ears of ser v ice to homeowne r s. MEMBER S C H A MB E R OF C OMMEitCI! PERMA STONE 4229 HENDERSON BLVD. 25 3 -06 3 7 Ladtf '?aa '?udl CINNAMON 29c SWIRL KING SIZE LOAF County Squire Bread 25 c FRESH SLICED Kinefish Steaks Eat BREADE D & FRIED Fish Stl:x BREADE D & FRIE D Cocl Fillet MERCHANTS GREEN STAMPS . . . YOUR BONUS WJTH EVERY PURCJ(ASE ......... AT MEMORIAL 11WY.IU. S. #27 AT STATE RD. #6..i. AVON PARK,4119 GANDY BLVD . (lust West of Dale Mabry) HILLSBORO AT ARMENIA AVE. MAIN ST. AT U . S . 19, NEW PORT RICHEY 27nd ST . CAUSEWAY AT 78th ST., CLAIR-MEL . . ,. '


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