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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 305 (January 28, 1963).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 28, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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University Of Cousi n s Speaks South Florida On Campus Campus Edition Wednesday, Jan. 30 SEVEN TIETH YEAR-No . 305 TAMPA, FLORIDA, 'MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 1963 PRICE FIVE CENTS Catalog Debut Set For April B y STANLEY P AHOR I The new 1963-64 USF cata log will be out by April 15, ac cording to John Egerton, direc tor of the news bureau. Much of the catalog will be the same. As yet the cover has not been de signed, but the famil iar phrase "Accent on Learning" will be retained. The ph o to section will be graced with new scenes of the campus, but they will be displayed in the s a me drab tinted color as in the present catalog. There will be many new changes, however. As most have already experienced, the pages in the presen t catalog refuse to remain open. One's almost forced to prop one foot in the book, so as not to lose the place. But this problem will be a thing of the past with the new vol ume. With thinner pages and a bet ter binding, the book will lie flat when opened. A reduction of 25 to 40 pages is also antici pated, thus making the new catalog thinner than the present volume. The contents of the catalog will also be rearranged. Four major headings are planned: general information, student welfare, academic lJOlicies and procedures, and academic pro grams. The last named section will be the largest in size. It will be divided into four sections itself, with a description of each of the colleges in the university. Each description will include a list of possible majors and courses required for graduation in that major. Finishing each section will be a list of courses in that college with course descriptions. Advertisements for bids for publication should go out by the 21st of this month, and before this trimester is over, the new catalog should be available. Moliere's 11nvalid1 Feb. 14-16 NICE BOSSY Lee Lombardia and friend. Tethered t o one of the huge oaks on Knob ... er, uh, Crescent Hill, this 7-year-young Brahma(n) wa_s the. center of much last week. What appeared at first to be the materi alization of some WISh for a live USF mascot, turned out to b e a campaign gag. Oh, well! He wasn t Gold en a n yway. 1Lotta Bull Collects Crowd Run-Off Voting Draws Record 1261 To Polls Lo,mbardia Tops Pendarvis I n Presidential Race By JOE MURPHY Lee Lombardia became presi dent of the student association Jan. 24 in a close run-off vic tory following the heaviest vot ing in USF history. Presiden tial votes totaled 1,261 in the run-off. Thirty-five candidates com peting for 15 student associa tion, posts drew a total 14,772 votes at jammed polls in the University Center. Lombardia defeated Larry Pendarvis by 167 votes after neither had gained a clear two-Electi o n R es ult s President Lombardia Pendarvis Frey Vice-President 564 363 209 Wheeler , 589 Bray 481 Chalifoux 45 C orrespon ding Secretary Harper 542 Oehrich 237 Leonard 229 Recording Secretary Taylor Lerner Treasurer Pressley Rockwell Klarns Senators Borrell 578 493 679 261 204 278 Caldwell 665 Davidson 380 Erwin 489 Fleer 325 Jones 334 Jordan 662 Kaufman 252 Kaiser 208 Martinus 257 Money 598 Muse 552 Representatives-at-Large Becknan 560 Blunt 551 DuBay 378 Fernandez 446 Helgeson 298 Ladd 537 Laurence 474 Opp 514 Vickers 550 c ousins .To.Speak Jan. 30 B y JACK McCLINTOCK In the American tradition of fair play, Norman Cousins, edi tor of the Saturday Review and outspoken lib eral, will speak on campus this w e e k. His talk will follow on the of a lecture week by Wil liam F. Buckley, editor of the Na tional R e v i e w and an equally o u t spoken pro ponent of intel lectual conseraCousins will speak on "Edu cation and Our Future Foreign Policy" on the USF campus at 8:30 p.m .•. Wednesday, Jan. 30. He is the author of such books as "In Place of Folly," "In God


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 28, 1963 12,000 Women Set For March of Dimes By POLLY HENRY of last year's march-hit hard Times Staff Writer by the flu epidemic and ecoApproximately 12 000 women nomic status prevailing at the -all properly time/' said Mrs. S. C. Dewell , who IS m command of the 25th converge Thursday upon various annual quest for funds. areas of the county as a Moth ers' March task force for the March of Dimes . " Give to the Life of a Child" is theme this year of the marching army soliciting funds to wage battle against birth de fects, arthritis and polio through medical care and res earch. Their objective? " Bettering the $22,000 mark Probers Deny News Reports Had Fidel Bias • • Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery 1 Stops Itch-Relieves Pain New York, N. Y. (Speeial) For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itch ing, and relieve pain-without surgery. In one hemorrhoid case after another,"very striking improvement" was reported and veri fied by a doctor ' s observations. Pain was relieved promptly. And, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction or re traction (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of allthis improvement was main,. "tained in cases where a doctor's observations were continued over a period of many months! In fact, resulta were so thor ough that sufferers were able to make such astonishing atate• ments as "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" And among these sufferers were a very wide va riety of hemorrhoid conditions, some of 10 to 20 years' standing. All this, without the use of narcotics, anesthetics or astrin gents of any kind. The secret is a new healing substance ( Bio Dyne<5)the discovery of a world-famous research institu tion. Already, Bio-Dyne is in wide use for healing injured tissue on all parts of the body. This new healing substance is offered in auppository or ointment form called Preparation H<5. Ask :for individually sealed convenient Preparation H Sup positories or Preparation H Ointment with special appli cator. Preparation H is sold at all drug eoun ten. • JACKSON, MRS. ROSE V.-Funeral services for Mrs. Rose V. Jackson, 6 1, of 1901 'h E . Broadway. wut be conducted Tuesday afternoon a t 2:00 o'clock from the Chapel of the Wilson Sammon Company Funeral Borne, with the Rev. Willie Sanders, retired Church o God minister. oficlating . Interment will be in the Rose Hill Cemetery. KNIGHT, MRS. ELLIE LOUISE Fu neral services for Mrs. Ellie Knight. 80, of 4504 Culbreath Ave nue, will be h e ld Wednesday morn ing at ten-thirty o 'clock from the chapel of J , L . Reed & Bay shore Blvd. &: Plant Avenue. Interment will follow at Woodlawn Ceme tery . ADVERTISEMENT • Within The Next few Days We Will Mail To You .•. ... complete information about how you can apply for a $1, 000 life insurance policy to help take care of final expenses. Once your application is ap proved, the policy can be car ried the rest of your life. All you need to do is give us your permission. Handle the entire transaction by mail with OLD AMERICAN, the company that helped pioneer insurance for senior Americans . No obli gation . No one will call. Tear out this ad and mail to day with your name, address, and yea-r of birth to Old Amer ican. 4900 Oak, Dept. LH193, • Kansas City 12, Missouai . SOLUTION SEEN SOON School Has P . lenty of Books, Librarian, But No Library By WARD SINCLAIR I keep tracK' of them and see that That room in the old part of Times Staff Writer they're , is going to make a Ballast Point Elementary is Notmg P;I'A hbrary aid, Mrs. n':!w school out of Ballast Hinson p6inted out that the Pomt, Mrs. Hmson thmks. one of those unusual county PTA had decided 00 put several There'll be room to hold whole schools-it has abllut 11 library hundred dollars worth of books classes and there'll be special books per pupil. into the library in the name of corners where emphasis will be But with about 12,000 books the late Donald

THEY'LL TEACH ENGLISH-AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Monday, .January 211, 196! THE TAMPA TIMES J Only U.S. Spanish-Speaking College To Open Double Duty CLEVELAND (UPI) A Cleveland firm ( Hupp Corp . l makes a portable infra-red heat er which serves as both heater and stove on camping trips. Weighing three pounds, the By CHARLES DAVIS the United States and Canada opportunity for Latins and When the idea of the Span-, can colleges and universities are I as well as fitness and character geography of the Americas, Copeley News Service and 150 from south of the bor North Americans to meet in i s h-speaking college wa s first unable to cope with the " cuirecommendations . basic speech and principles of gas. STOCKTON, Calif . -The der about half of whom will be surround.i_ngs and ? e aired here, it was. to be 1 tural shock" as they their bynd economics. . , ADVERTISEMENT only Spanish-speaking college on scholarships . come mter-Amencan speciala center for LatlD Amencans grammar book English back-Am c t 1 d One Peruvian students ex-----------in the United States will open ists " encan groups m en ra an d t W f h t f ll th 25 N rth "If we had enough . . . to a c quire a university level ground appallingly inadequate. South America will screen Latin penence emons rates success orry 0 ere _nex a WI . o ship funds we could fill the The bmldmgs that Will house . . . . . . students of the UOP approach. f'ALSE TEETH a mtxture of 50 whole college right now, " said the first Covell students are education . m States. Covell IS designed to cushwn For the Latins the inte rat-The Peruvian was failing in K Latm. Amencans. Dr. Arthur J. Cullen. completed dormitori e s housCullen 1s credited w1th broadbdth. the shock and the lagging ing of "have" English , a situation likely to 1 ; Cullen, who holds a doctor 72 and 78 students and . a ening the concept to include Eng]J s h background -. and, by students conceivably could result in a humbling trip back Slipping or Irritating? y Covell of modern languages degree in t hallOxf English-speaking students who break down rigid class barriers home. But _the boy a knack Don' t be embarrassed by loose false . "t t h h fi' Spanish was in charge of the ree-s ory or -s Y e arc 1-not only wish to become pro. , • . at home. for operatmg teleVISIOn came-teeth dropping or wobb11ng a umvers1 Y regen w . o . as : Latin Programs Cenon used to be Paficient in something more than bon of many students. ras. So he is studying Eng lish whe n r,ou eat , talk or laugh. Just more than a million dol ter at Puerto Rico's InterCific s They were "literary" Spanish but in Latin The college ' s first students THE UNIVERSITY started as a foreign language, taking Jars m the unique venture. American University before be-built With . money from Elbert history culture and values. will be a hand-picked lot. Amer-experimenting With classes in his other courses in Spanish remarkable sens e O! added comfort AT COVELL English will be ing appointed to Covell Co vell's vmeyards at Wood' icans will need a language comSpanish during the second se-and polishing a TV skill which tau ht as a language bridge , Calif . Another do r m TOO OFTEN, says Cullen, petence equal to the interme-mester of the 1961-62 academic Cullen feels wlll serve him well or reeling. It" s alkaline (non-aclct). can major in HE SEES the college as an will hold 100 students. forei gners who come to Ameri-diate level of college Spanish year. Initial courses were in when he returns to Peru. Get FASTEETR at anvqrug counter. matics, science, education and business administration without a necessary command of the predominant language around them. Eventually the college will accommodate 250 100 from Ethiopian Capital Primps A D D I S ABABA, Ethiopia, Jan. 28 {JP) -Workmen are sprucing up Addis Ababa for a big meeting of African chiefs of state this spring. They are chipping away at streets and pounding away at buildings , and government of ficials are hoping that the face of Addis will be well lifted by the time the African notables arrive. No matter how much they do, they can't essentially change one of the world's most colorful cities. Addis Ababa means "new flower , " and the description is partly true. In terms of Ethi opia's 3,000 years of independ ence, it is an infant. Emperor Menelik II made this his capi tal 76 years ago. He liked the scenery . THE CITY sprawls on a strange and beautiful plateau 3 ,000 feet above sea level , only 600 miles north of the equator. It has "little rains" in Febru ary or March and "big rains" in summer; but the climate is practically perfect. In the cold est month (December) the tem perature averages 58 degrees and in the hottes t month ( May) 65 degrees . It is always spring like. The capital has many new and imposing buildings, includ ing glass and marble Africa Hall, the $2.5-million home of the United Nations economic commission for Africa. But of the city looks like a Klon dike camp plopped in the heart of Africa. Mo s t of the 450,000 people live in rickety, whitewashed cabins made of mud and wood. The cabins sprawl up and down the hills amid lovely groves of eucalyptus trees, and stragg le in clusters on the main streets. BARS SEEM to sprout up every four doors. Two of them are "The October 22nd Corona tion Memorial Bar," and " The Lumumba Bar. " This is a lusty town. No one knows how many prostitutes there are. Three serious citi zens, asked for estimates, re plied: 5,000, 50,000, 75,000. The prostitutes' cabins are as nu merous as the bars, and the y appear in unexpected pla ce s . One row stretches impudently for a block , across the street from the British and Russian embas s ies. Ne w and old Africa come to g ethe r with a bang in Addis . A tall tribesman walks proudly along Churchill Street, past the French Academy, wearing a cloth hat, white shawl on his left shoulder and absolutely nothing else . A barefoot vendor rests for a moment on a newly installed parking meter, offer ing leopard skins to passersby. ACROSS the street is the Atomic Dry Cleaners, and two blocks away is the Rocket Laundry. At night the smart young set dance the twist to the beat of the five-piece "Ethiopian Combo" at a leading hotel. E t h i o p i a n women , fine featured and thin-legged, are famous for their good looks. City sophisticates wear tight European clothes . Most of the Addis women cling to the tra ditional costume-a white shawl over a long white robe fringed at the base with brilliant colors. Many carry parasols to protect their complexions, ranging from golden to darker shades . A fly whisk of long -haired fur is eptional equipment. Oldtimers among the men weaJt straggling bush jackets, jodhpurs and the pith helmets made famous by Emperor Haile Sel!ls sie when he fou ght the Itallal)s_ . Most now also wear shoeS: THERE I a great deal of handshakingll1ld low bowin g on the streets. When the emperor rides through town in his Rolls Royce , diplomat s a r e supposed to pull their cars to the side , hop out and bow as he passes. • New improved cireuit gives greater vol ume, more natufal hearing of more sounds. • Get all the exciting facts today! BETTER HEARING AID SERVICE 316 Madison St. Ph. 223-3441 if you'renot flying EA1STERN1 We've had our problems but now ••• Eastern has broken the Red-Tape barrier You're in for some very pleasant surpris e s on your nex t Eastern trip. New ideas, new equipment, new service s, plus Eastern's experienced, friendly personnel, are teamed up to give you the most convenient, most dependable, most enjoy able air travel ever. For instance ..• Round-the-dock reservations service-Now , at any time of the day or night, you can get immediate confirmed r es ervations on flights to any city s e rved by Eastern, thanks to new cen tralized reservation s offices incorporating the mo s t advanc e d telephone and electronic equipment. Simplified Ticketing-You save trips to the ticket office with Eastern's " Flite-Chek" self ticketing plan and " Speed-Mail " tickets-by-mail service. More accurate flight information with Eastern's "Flite Facts" radio broadcasts e very hour on the hour in ten major cities and "Flite Facts" by telephone in over 50 cities. Faster Check-in at the airport with Eastern's Express Check in sys tem. At some terminals you can even check your bag ga g e at the sidewalk when you enter, go right to the gate and bo ard your flight. Convenient "Commutair" schedules get you "there and back" the sam e daygive you more t ime for work, more time at home s a ve on travel expen s es, too. Jets to more cities than any other airline daily jet service from Tampa International Airport to 1 5 cities. On-time dependability -the best on time record of any major airline for 1961 and through October 1962, according to the lates t official figures. THE NATION'S MOST PROGRESSIVE , Extra value for fir s t-cla s s ticket holders with such conven iences as special Falcon Lounges at Idlewild, Atlanta and Miami airports and carry-on baggage facilities on all first class flights . In addition, you enjoy choice of entrees and complimentary champagne on certain first-class jet flights. New low Discount Fares on daytim e flights save you 15 % to any pla ce Eastern se rv es in the contin ental U.S .and Canada. These n e w fares often save you enough to rent a car at your desti nation. Check Eastern or your '!rav e l Agent for full details. This is ju s t a s ample of all that' s new on Eastern. The 16 , 000 courteou s, dependable men and women of Eastern Air Lines are anxious to accommoda t e you with these and many other new and improved s ervic es . Don ' t miss them. Next time you travel, call876-5111 or your '!ravel Agent. •


-IUSF Photo) MUSIC TO STUDY BY This unidentified intellectual gets in his studies and music appreciation at the same time in the reno vated Music Room in the basement of the library. Some 110 record titles are available ranging from Beethoven and Tosca to Burl Ives and Mary Martin. Forty-eight more titles are to be added today .. The room is open from 8 weekdays with record check outs from 3-5 p.m. There is a limit of up to three records for up to five days. THE CONSERVATIVE Buckley Chides U.S. Intellectuals ATTENTION UNIVERSITY -of SOUTH. FLORIDA STUDENTS: We welcome you to our new ultra modern barber shop. We specialize In crew cuts, flat tops and Ivy leagues. Come, see us. We will prove to you that we please the most par ticular . All Haircuts $1.00 Free Parking GRAHAM•s BARBER SHOP 13920 N. Flor ida Ave. Ph. 935 Ope n II to 7; Wed. II to 1 John Graham, Sr. John Graham, Jr. Dates of Note In February Students receiving G.I. bene fits under Public Law 550 and P ubli c Law 634 are reminded to go to the Registrar's office between Feb. 1 and 5, 1963 to sign all of their monthly certi fications of Trimester II, 1963 . INTERNSHIP applications for Trimester I, 1963 must be sub11••••••••• mitted by Feb. 4 inCH 307. Bike Race, Basketball Bowling, Front Center "TRAGIC THEME, 1962" The New York exhibit of William Pachner has just gone off from the Library G a 11 e r y. Typical of the paintings shown in that exhibit is the one above. To a USF art student, it is the exhibit of the personality of the . artist through his paintings and "brilliant" use of color. Whatever one 's opinion of the picture, it certainly is a conversation piece. UC ACTIVITIES Movie, Glass Show, Talent Show on Tap Jan. 21 thru Feb. 2 1/J to 'lz OH 0 Coats and SUllo o Wool Knitl 0 Cocktail Dres"s o Dark C o tton• o Skir!s •nd o Llngorlo Most Fabulous in!! Ol English Fish 'n Chips 10506 FLA. AVE. PH. t35t175 We Serve the Real English FISH ' N CHIPS Coeked in eur ewn sPecial batter. e SPECIAL LUNCHEON 65c e FISH SUPIIER $1.00 CARRY OUT I FISH 'N CHIPS ( FRENcH 1 59c : FRIES ................... 1 (LIMITED TIME ONLYI) I OTHER CARRY OUT ORDERS Cfticken, Oysters, Scallops, Clams, C rab Ca.ku, Shrimp A lfroo Legs Dining Room Op•n 11 A . M . to 8 P.M . W••kdays--Fri. 11 A . M. tG 11 P.M.


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