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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 46 (April 1, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 1, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of Sou1h Florida Campus Edition 'Meet Author' Ruby Hart Phillips Wed., 1 :25 p.m. SEVENTY-FIRST YEAR-No. 46 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1963 PRICE FIVE CENTS Engineering College Asked By State Board Of Control -(USF Photo) Decisio.n Now Up To State By Jack McClintock BOARD OF CONTROL REQUESTS USF ENGINEERING SCHOOL The State Board of Con trol, in a special meeting on the USF campus last week, recommended e stab lis h ment of a College of Engi neering at the University of South Florida. If the state leg islature, at its next session, acts on this recommendation, $52,000 will be provided for planning of an engineering building and program on this campus. The board recommended construc tion of the $1.3 million building be started in 1965. The Florida State Board of Control, meeting here last Tuesday, voted to in clude an engineering school at the University of South Florida. Shown, left to right, in one of their sessions are Hendrix Chandler, information officer of the board, Chestt_lr Whittle, Gert Schmidt, John Pace, Executive Director J. Broward Cui pepper, Chairman Baya M. Harrison, Frank M. B u c h a n an, Wayne McCall, Charles Forman and Business Manager Bill Hendrix. The board made its recom mendation on the basis of a re cent study by noted educators of space era needs of higher education in the state of Flor ida. The study suggested that $33 million be added to the board's previous budget request, but the board members voted to add only some $22.5 million. Recommends $352,081,486 Decker Named President Of Universite Congo.laise The Board of Control has recommended a total of 081,486 be spent for Florida higher education in the next biennium, including costs of the state junior college system and educational television. At the board's five-hour meet ing in President Allen's con ference room last week, it also made these recommendations to the State Legislature concern ing the state's university system. Oceanographic Activities 'J-r.,...=mll'\"1"''!1',• r bcrs rc;Hcsentiog both t personnel at the Uniand secular groups interested in of South Florida, has re the university. signed effective The faculty will be recruited June 30 to be-from Europe, the United States come president of and, hopefully, from other Afri a university to can universities, Decker said. be founded by The language of the university the Congo Protwill be French, but Decker said cstant Council in he hopes to have a bi-lingual the Republic of upper division, with English as Congo , T h e Council, which represents a major portion of P r o t e stant g r o u p s in the Decker Congo, has as its goal establishment of a fully ac credited institution of higher learning, to be called the Uni versite Congolaise. It will be the third university in the Congo and the 33rd in Africa , and will be located in Stanley ville. Decker s a i d the university will be considered a private in stitution of higher learning as sociated with t h e Protestant movement in the Congo, and will accept qualified students of any race, nationality or religion. "It will not be considered a :Protestant institution," he said, *but rather a private institution of Protestant inspiration." Although his election as pres !dent by the Congo Protestant . Council marked the first con • crete step toward establishing the university, it has been under discussion for several years. In tl)e fi?Cond lanl!uae:t' "The devel?J?mef!t of oceano;; Slj: Pete Resident 1' achvltles m fes sors of national and interna tional reputation to be em ployed in the University System." Fifty undergraduate scbolar . lips <>f $1, 000 per student were also suggested by the board's proposal, plus 24 grad uate fellowships at $4,000 per year. Automation Also recommendeed was a sum of $500,000 for develop ment of automated procedures in the state's university librar ies, and development of a modern communications system between libraries to facilitate South Florida Open House Showcase ••. See Stories In This Issue be went to the Congo higher education consultant the council from the Agricul T e c h n i c a I Assistance ,ounaa1tlola, a Christian founda-exchange of information. ---------------------------------------with no sectarian affilia . ATAF was interested in part it might play in estab<>f a university, and requested to act as country, -(ljSF Photo) A TENDER MOMENT IN 'STREETCAR' The board proposed, in ad dition, that $200,000 be allotted for a comprehensive study of Flod;la's educational needs for the 1:\..ture. 50,000 Words Per Minute Reached by Speed-Readers Pl.ans To. Register Are Set Students intending to register for courses in Trimester III, IliA and IIIB should already have obtained class schedules and appointmeht cards and be gun consultation with their ad visors, according to Frank Spain, registrar. Registration packets will not be available until April 15, but class schedules and aPJ;ioint ment cards are in circulation, the latter by mail. June Date Open Students are u1ged to register for both IliA and IIIB during registiation April 24 and 25, but they will be allowed to reg ister June 18 <>r 19 for IIIB along with new students. Spain said that all students currently enrolled in Trimester II will be automatically enrolled for the fall Trimester I, even if they do not attend classes dur ing III, IIIA and IIIB. Packets will be available for these stu dents at the time of registration immediately following La b or Day. The appointment time prior ity system used for the coming registration was b a s e d upon student number, classification and grade point average. Packets Soon Ready Registration packets may be picked up in the registrar's of fice April 15 between 8 a.m. and 12 o'clock and between 1 and 5 p.m. Students are re minded that picking up packets on these dates will eliminate time in lines April 24 and 25. Students currently enrolled wh<> a.e staff f'lf''llben, -VI!H'l<--....... study students going on the work period in Trimester Ill or students for registration mny register between 1 and 3 p.m. on T h u r s d a y, April 11, in AD2096. Early. Pickup Work-study students should pick up their packets on Tues day, April 9 in the work-study office . Employes and registra tion assistants should pick up their packets from the regis trar's office April 10. Expected enrollment for Tri mester III, the firs L official commencing of a senior year at USF, is between 1JOO and 1500 students. 'Meet Author,• Too DC Banquet To BeHeld This Friday Ruby Hart Phillips, current Caribbean correspondent for the New York Times, will be fea tured at the Meet the Author Coffee H o u r scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, at 1:25 p.m. in the University Ballroom. Miss Phillip's latest book is en titled "The Cuban Dilemma." During the Cuban crisis she took an active part in reporting up-to-date facts on happenings in the area. Coffee Hour Present employe of the Hull House in Chicago, Mrs. Theo dore Ashford, will be the spe cial guest speaker at a Univer sity. Coffee Hour on Tuesday, Apnl 1, at 1:25 p . m. The Hull House is a settlement house in Chicago which was founded by Jane Addams. of this univer come about by insist the Protestant move the Congo," Decker a great extent it is first African univer-Professional actor Matt Bross plays the role of Stanley, made famous by Marlon Brando, in the USF Theater production of "A Streetcar Named Desire." The Williams' drama begins a four-day run on Wednes day, April 3, at the University Theater. Mary Ann Kirschner plays his wife, Stella. By LOUISE STEWART w.p.m with 600 at the end of the of the speed-reading. Students Foreign Affairs Pressing forward in the field eve ning. His progress was of Carett's class have vowed to Mrs. Ashford will speak pri The Tampa City Council will of speed-reading for Trimester slower than Hebert's, the count challenge the scoffers and at marily on her work with immi h o I d its regular Thursday II USF's evening session under at the next session to 1160 then the same time prove their gration and foreign affairs, a mee.ting on campus William Garrett, assistant to 6600 to 76.00 to 13,500 back ability. The only qifficulty is field in which she specializes. Tampa Council To Meet Here no definite target date 1St t 1 T 0 A;pnl 4. Counc1! wlll be '.n ses-professor of English, has re-to 11 , 870 agam up to 16,700 to that a speed-reader, or sm:ne of Annual uc Awards Banquet set for the beginning . ree car 0 pen SIOn from 10 to 12 a.m. lD the corded some of the top rates 24,500 to 29,900 down to 27,300 theJ?, freeze-up at the pomt Of Will be held on Friday, April 5, Decker said be hopes UC Balh;oom. . . ever reached. Tom Hebert and and back up to_ 40,300. H1s top hav!ng to before . an at 6 p.m. At the banquet tro-. classes Counc1lmen Will arr1ve on Joseph Hipp o f this class have recorded speed 1s 60, 000 w.p.m. audtencf?, especially a skeptical pbies will be awarded to the of h k campus around 8:30 a.m. and both reached speeds of at least Hipp also has had no previ-one. Th1s reporter speaks from most outstanding committee has T • w t TA w1ll be greeted by Dean Cooper, 50, 000 and more. ous training and has always expenence of ow.n meage_r member and to the most out-h after secondIs ee a several professors, and offlcers Hebert presently reads an read at a rate of about 400 8 , 000 :-v.p.m. and hkewJse skepti-standing committee chairman. might need of .the .Young Club, average of 50 000 words per w.p.m. Hipp says he can main-cal friends. Committee Work such is hoped wh1ch 1s sponsormg event. minute with ;;_ tain 25 per cent comprehension Speed-Study In addition to t d .11 that classes "A Streetcar Named Desire," country in the role of Freud' s . The Will 0 thetf norm of about 86 per cent. Hipp, reading 200,000 w.p.m. and 75 Currently, Carett is conduct-be awarded ti'n will open years. Tennessee Williams' drama wife in "A Far Country." glven aGUl ;;,. h ard f t e on the other band averages corper cent at 100 , 000 w.p.m. ing a study to determine if have 'excelled in committee . . . about a Southern belle who Her sister Stella will be w ';n s afo re?tlY about 33,000 words per An eleJ?ent from St. Petersthere are any fundamental work. These cards provide for Support IS k . t'f' . 1 played by a newcomer to the will begin to mmnte .with 90 per cent com-bthurg College dchalleli!ld&est characteristics among those who free admission to all UC events. expected from phllan see s escape 10 an ar 1 lCla University Theater Mary Ann . . b . d' prehenswn. e e ectlveness an va I Y speed-read and those who can-G . . . . . thr h h ld 'll w d d . . . • d1scuss 1ts usmess accor mg H b t' p . . omg m conJunction w1th op1c c urc es wor , Wl open e. nes ay, Kirschner. Miss Kirschner, USF to normal procedure and will e s . rogresswn not. The of . h1s <;lass the the m e of the Ia "A and boards of . of ProtApril 3, for our perfrom Miami has pre-continue until about 12 . . Commg mto the class at the USF T Off are now mterv1ews Streetcar Named ,Ythere estant churches m country, formances and a matmee at the vwusly appeared in productions f1rst of the Tnmester With no 0 er of questions mcludmg those de-will be a UC B nd D ' . th the membership Of\ Protestant TA. at St. Petersburg Junior ColR d c o previous speed training, He-R d. Cl Signed to indicate social, po-Ballro a ance 10• e in the Cont:o, through Curtain time will be 8 :30 e. !OSS lfeC:tOf bert's beginning rate was 1300. ea •ng aSS litical, .and . emotional feelings from f2 Apnl 6 • the .of UNESCO and through p.m . each night through SaturMatt Bross Jr. will play the Will DISC:USS Jobs At the of the first h d 1 a1 d' of the mdivldual. quahfymg for grants from the da with the matinee scheduled brutish Stanle Kowalski a . . class penod of speed dnlls, he T ree . eve opment rea mg When thiS study bas been c d w T • Congolese government. UniverF :rd t 3 . 15 l h' h { M l B • d The Drrector of Edu-had jumped to 3700 w.p.m. The classes .w1ll be offered. by the correlated, Carett hopes that Oe S 1ft r1p sity poHcy will be governed by n ay a . . roe 1 c ser ar on mt" 0 catlonal Relations for the Amer-proceeding class rates were Umvers1ty of South Flonda dnrthe university will then be in Two USF coeds Shirley a board of trustees with memUSF Student otn dls waBy 0 m? Ion PlyiC ure ican Red Cross will discuss ca-jumps to 13 000 to 28 000 to 38-ing Trimester IliA, which be-a position to recommend stuM<;Elveen and Lana Morgan • J p tt B d d s ar om ross p1 evwus apd b 'b T 000 • • • A 29 d 1 J 21 • oan o er, roa way an d . th od t' f reers an summer JO poss1 I 1to 43 000 to 50 000 which gms pn an c oses une . dents likely to benefit from have won a trip to Nassau from ..--------------: Hollywood actress and a mem10 t C tfr ,uc ties with interested persons he now though he is The classes, which carry no taking the course. WPKM-FM. Shirley and Lana ber the actor's studio, -w:m and ed in April 5 2 and 5 p.m. presently exempt from class credit, are ail_ned at improv!ng The closest thing to a guar-submitted the longest Jist of star m the role of M1ss a number Yof reductions at at the Flondan Hotel. . sesswns. re.admg abJlltles. Instruction antee in the course is that the names o f people who listen to MORE USF NEWS ON PAGE 6 Potter, whose cred1ts mclude a other theaters P . Dr. Robert 0 . Gordon Will be Hebert recorded 43,000 w.p.m. will focus the study of vo-student should come out reading radio station WPKM, Tampa. number of both. on Completing the quartet of m Tampa to head the 1963 Flor-on. The Rise and Fall of the cabulary, skills of comprehen-at least four times his initial Shirley is from Safety Harbor and off Broadway , m central characters is USF's Red Cross Conference .. All ThJ!d ,Re1ch. s!on and speed of speed. The average student will and Lana from Dade City. They and on Ieadmg TV dramatic . mterested students are invited Hrpp s Progress s1on, as d e term 1 n e d by come out of the class reading at will leave on May 3 for the t....-----------..1 shows, recently toured the

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 1, 1963 Deaths in Tampa KARL J. SCHULTZ I Godwin Sr., Tampa; Mrs. Ted Karl J. Schultz 66 of 1026 Davis, Tampa, and Mrs. Harry Coral, died at a hospital McCartney, Jacksonville, and Sunday morning. A native of two grandsons. Illinois, Mr. Schultz resided in WILLIAM DAVID BROWN Tampa for the last 30 years. . . . Survivors are his widow, Wtlham David Brown, 56, of Katherine Taylor Schultz of 332 E. Broad St., died Saturday Tampa; two daughters, Mrs. afternoon in a Tampa hospital. Richar.d of Cocoa Beach A native of Alabama he had and Mtss Gall Schultz of Tampa; . . . ' his mother, Mrs. Cassandra hved m Tampa for 38 years. Schultz of Sanford; one sister Mr. Brown was a member of the Mrs. Floyd Palmer of Sanford' Baptist Church and a veteran of and five grandchildren. Mr: World War II. Survivors include Schultz was a veteran of World his widow, Mrs. Nellie E. War I and a member of Amer-Brown, Tampa; two daughters, ican Legion Post 111 of Tampa. Miss Jean Marie Brown and Dafa lrom Momlng Expected ,_,.mty,... Are Avtrl'lt• For ATfiO loin m s-w Mrs. Diana Pelz, both of Tampa; EDISON H. OSTERHOUT a brother, John F. Brown, Edison H. Osterhout 68 CarOrange Grove, Tex.; five sis son City, Mich. and' 205 W. ters, Mrs. Minnie B. Tomilson, Waters Ave. died Saturday night Seffner; Mrs,. Lucille. Dawson, at a Tampa hospital. A native T3:mpa; Mrs. Ruby L.utz; of Ferris Township, Mich., he Miss Kate Brown, .Rtverv1ew, had Jived in Tampa five months. anw Mrs. Mary Sessions, Tam He was a member of t!Je Carson pa, and one 'l'HE NATION'S WEATHER TODAY -(AP Wlrepbolo) City United Brethren Church, and a retired farmer. Survivors Dr f J Costa include his widow, Mrs. Ella • • • Rain and snow showers are expected tonight from the Lakes and 1\lassissippi Valley area westward except along th Pacific coast. Showers also are forecast for the northern Atlantic coast states and southern Florida. It will be colder in the northern warmer in the east. Osterhout of Carson City; two Cancer v.ctl•m daughters, Mrs. Vena Parsons of Keego Harbor, Mich., and I f 1\Irs. Lucille Fitzwater of Millis, In Ca i ornia Mass.; a son, Kenneth Osterhout T B L k 1 d 7 D 7 4 of Keego Harbor; a sister, Mrs. Dr. J. Costa, 65, . a ampa ay Forecast a e an . . . . . 9 63 -enver . . . . . . . 5 4 Olive Shute' of Crystal, Mich.; Hillsborough County Fair and warm through Jacksonville .. 77 60 Des Moines ... 67 56 .nine grandchildren and two physiCian, and a surgeon here Tuesday with northeast to east Miami Beach . . 75 72 -Duluth . . . . . . . 58 40 great-grandcht'ldren. for n e a r 1 y 38 . Ocala . . . . . . . . 82 57 -El Paso . . . . . . 84 57 wmds, 18-28 miles per hour, 0 1 d 80 63 G 1 t 74 66 Years, d i e d Fri-r an o . . . . . . -a ves on .... diminishing some at night. p 1 76 56 I d' l' 58 51 WILLIAM F. MEiNERS 1 day of cancer in ensaco a . . . . n 1anapo IS .. High temperature expected s ta 84 61 J k M' 86 51 William F. Meiners, 74, 4821 a Los Angeles, araso .. ... -ac son, Iss .. today near 86. Low tonight T 11 h 84 50 K ct 73 66 Riverhills Drive, died SundaJ. Calif. hospital. near 60 . a a assee -ansas I Y • morning in a Tampa hospital. Dr. Costa, who Tampa ....... 85 60 -Las Vegas .... 79 51 A native of New York City, he had suffered Rainfall for 24 hours, Cocoa ........ 74 70 Los Angeles .. 66 51 had lived in Tampa for the past cancer f 0 r ending midnight . . . • • . . Daytona Beach 78 67 Louisville . . . . 80 53 14 years. He is survived b)' years, .re-For month to date ..•••.. z.31 ... so 57 Memphis ..... 85 60 three sons, William Meiners, about t w 0 Barometer reading Panama Ctty .. 81 56 Milwaukee .... 52 43 Carl Meiners and Robert Mein-ears ago and 7:00 a.m ....... : ....... 30.19 VSanl ford ....... 7749 5642 NNew YOrlkeans . 8647 4495 ers, all of Staten Island, N.Y.; o v e d to HcsTOMORROW a paratso -ew or. one daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth e ria, c a 1 if. s 6 .20 Vero Beach ... 76 ' 70 Oklahoma City 82 58 un nses a.m. W Palm Beach 78 72 01 Omaha 72 60 Bacorn, Tampa; one sister, Mrs. where he built a Sun sets ....... 6:48p.m. Dollie Rongo, Redbank, N.J.; Dr. Costa horne to be near Moon rises ..... 1:04 p.m. Other Cities Phoenix 85 50 nine grandchildren and one his children. Moon sets . . . . . . 2:30 a.m. Portland, Me. . 54 29 great-grandchild. A native of Italy, Dr. Costa Tides at Seddon Island; Albuquerque .. 74 53 Raleigh 74 49 came to Tampa as a child, and High. . 8:29 p.m. Amarillo . . . . . 78 55 .24 Richmond 74 48 was. graduated from Hilfs-Low . . 3:59a.m. Atlanta ....... 82 53 St. Louis 73 61 borough High School in the Birmingham .. 86 56 San Antonio .. 84 62 class of 1916. He was graduated TEMPERATURES Boston ....... 55 38 Seattle ....... 48 38 from the University of Chicago Florida Brownsville ... 81 63 . -Spokane 44 28 and Rush Medical School in High Low Rain Buffalo ....... 58 40 Washington ... 70 47 The Weather-Across the Nation .01 .04 MRS. JNES QUINTANA .11 .02 . Mrs. Incs Quintana, 60, of 2734 Chestnut St., died Sunday morning at a local hospital. A native of Tampa, she is survived by her mother, Mrs. Juana Fer nandez; a son, Julio Quintana; two daughters, Mrs. Olga Smith and Mrs. Minerva Villanueva; two sisters, Mrs. Lucia Cruz and 1\Irs. Antonia Roiz; a brother, Manuel Fernandez; and eight grandchildren, all in Tampa. Chicago, then returned to Apalachicola .. 76 59 -Charleston, S.C. 71 58 Wichita ...... 77 62 Tampa to practice. Clewiston 80 62 .02 Cincinnati 63 57 .36 Some temperature extremes Hospital W k Key West ..... 80 71 .08 Cleveland .... 64 51 .14 from within the United States or -----------'--------------------except Alaska and Hawaii. He was in charge of l!Urgery Sunday highs of 98 at Preat Centro Asturiano Hospital SAYAN NAH RIVER PLANT .: sidio, Tex., and 90 at Laredo, from 1927 to 1935, and for a -----------------Tex., and Monroe, La. year after World War II, in H s F Monday morning lows of 14 1947, he was county physician uge ecret actory tOld T M. d 15 MISS ALICE MAE MABRY in charge of medical services ame, an at Miss Allee Mae Mabry, 65, of at the county hospital. Greatest snow depth, except 4020 S. Beneva Road, Sarasota, Dr. Costa was a member of M k 1 at mountain stations, 28 inches died Friday. A native of Ath-the Lions Club of Ybor City, a es N-Exp OSIve at Greenville, Maine. ens, Ga., she was a former resi-the Universal Lodge F&AM, dent of Tampa for many years. Scottish Rite and Egypt Temple w k d She worked as a secretary in Shrine; the Hillsborough Coun-ee en Atlanta, Ga., for several years ty Medical Society and the AIKEN, S.C., April 1 (IJPD -ments used in the production of and was a member of the Bap-American Medical Association. Twelve years ago an isolated the bomb, plutonium. tist Church in Atlanta. Survi-Survivors include his widow site was chosen along the Sa-THIS METAL is one of manv Toii-Fou r I d h th M M B 11 c t f ' vannah River in South Caro" vors me u e er mo er, rs. rs. e a os a o Hesperia, "manufactu1ed" w I. t h 1 n the Ada] M b S r S ta t c I'f t F k M lina for a construction job that ee a ry, a a o ; wo SIS a I .; wo sons, ran uranium as It t's used t'nst'de the ters M V . g K B k C t f N tl H 11 d ranks among the largest ever • rs. 1r m1a een, er os a o or 1 o ywoo , undertaken. reactors in controlled nuclear ley Heights, N.J., and Mrs. Mar-Calif.; Arthur Costa of Los reactions. At two of the largest tha Mabry Bryan, Sarasota. and Angeles, and a daughter, Mrs. A work force that numbered buildings on the plant site they In County a brother, Mabry. Funeral Warren Flanagan of Torrence, as high as 38.000 men was as-separate the precious plutonium services and interment will be Cali!.; a brother, Joe Costa of signed to the gigantic job. from the other elements in what in Tampa. • Tampa, and numerous nieces Two communities were wiped previously was a rod of nearly and nephews in Tampa. Two of from the map as a result. One t 1 A grim weekend of death and MRS. E_DITH S. MEURET his nephews are dentists here. relocated elsewhere. The other pure uramum me a injury on county roads and city Mrs. Ed1th S. Meuret, 42, of F 1 . . . 1 . h d \. This .J>II.ltoniurn is sen t to streets claimed at least four Seminole Ave., died Fri-unera services will be conSimp Y vams e ' other Al<:C plants for processing day night in a hospital. A naat. 2 p .m. at THE CONSTRUCTION FORCE and machining. The wafertive ?f Mrs. Meuret Mortuary ln San -Built more than 300 perrriashaped metal is packaged in tinuing into the week today. had lived m Tampa for the last ' a I nent buildings, 63 miles of rail-clear plastic envelopes which David Phillips, 3 , of l106 E. 38 years. Survivors include her road, 85 miles of underground are safe for handling for ship-Sitka St., became the third tfar-husband, Fritz Meuret; one son, Doctors To Conduct water lines and 230 miles of ment. fie fatality of the year in the Chris, both of Tampa; her par-new roads. Another important function city when he died in a Tampa ents •. Mr .. and Mrs. Tuell Encephalitis Panel -Used 85 million board feet of the Savannah River plant is hospital after being struck by a of Riverview and William Stalof timber 126 000 carloads of the production on a huge scale car near his home Saturday. f B 1 N y A panel discussion on "The ' ' f "h , t vey 0 u La o, E h J'ti p bl th materials and 236 m ill I on o eavy water. This wa er Also dead as a result of a ncep a I s ro em m e d f 1 is extracted from the Savannah d' 11' d JOSEPH EDGAR BURNSIDE Tampa Bay Area" will highlight poun so stee R' grm mg co ISJOn near Bran on Joseph Edgar Burnside 63 the monthly dinner meeting of -Enough dirt was moved to lve:. . were William Uber, 27, of East 4701 George Road, died the Hillsborough County Medi-build a wall six feet wide and that "heavy Bradenton; Earl Dryman, 26, of night in a Tampa hospital. Born cal Association at the feet tall from Atalnta to water occurs. m na.tural water Sarasota; and Paul H. Williams, in Pasco County, Mr. Burnside versity Club Tuesday at 7 p.m. Portland, Ore. and 1 o o k s Jl_lSt l1ke 62, of Sarasota. had been a resident of Tampa Dr. John S. Neill, director of The completed complex is the water. It.s difference IS IN CRITICAL condition at since early childhood. He is the Hillsborough County Health Savannah River plant of the It twtce as much. It Tampa General Hospital as a survived by his widow, Mrs. Department, will moderate the u .s. Atomic Energy ComrnisIS useful m the result of the Brandon accident Martha Faye Burnside Tampa panel. Panel members will be sion a $2 billion plus invest-rate of the nuclear fiSSion m the was Mrs. Margie Stevens of Vala son, Dr. J. E. Jr.: Dr. Harry C. Oard, Dr. Jat;nes ment in the development of new reactors and as. a cooling factor. rico. . . Carbondale Ill. a daughter 0. Bond, M.D., and Dr. Wilham energy for mankind's use in Heavy water Is separated from The colliSlOn took place on Mrs. L . D.' Barbour, Tampa; L. Jennings. peace and war. water in comple.x faState Road 60 three miles east brother, W. N. Burnside, Tam-The government has spent the c.11Jty that looks like an Oil re-of Brandon. . . pa; four sisters, Mrs. E. L . F J N f • amount on construction and fmery. !he death of Phllhps Beasley, Sarasota; Mrs. Hale unera 0 ICes 0 eration of the plant since chtld 44 fatallty-free days MABRY. liiiSS ALICE liiAE-Grave p 0 b I'f p Off• of traffic records for the Tampa " R . A . "DICK" STOWERS ' STOWERS . PH. 68912Jl BRANDON. FLA. Authorized FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE No matter where yau bought your Fri9idair. applfonce ••• Yo• will get guaranteed service by foctory trolned service personnel from OLDT WARING "Tampa's Servicin1 Fri1idaire Dealer" Phone 876-2427 side services for Miss Alice Mae Nov. 22 • 19 5 ' a out oneI -ost ICe Police Department. The child Mabry, 65, of 4020 s. Beneva Rd., teenth of the total spent by the was reported to have dashed nation on atomic research M h • t• from behind a parked car into Hill Me!"orial Park Cemetery and production. ec anrz:a IOn the path of a vehicle driven by Dr. Ad1el J. Moncrief ofllclabng. I Survivors Include: her mother, Mrs. THE PLANT appears on maps PI R I d Harnet Lee Calfee, 16, of 3602 Adalee Sarasota; two 315 . 1 h I an evea e River Grove. No charge has Mrs. Vlrglma Keen, Berkley He1ghts, as a square mi e exagona b f'l d b th t'g t' N.J. , and Mrs. Martha Mabry Bryan, white space. Roads in the area MIAMI BEACH A . 1 1 (IP) I e Y e mves I a mg Sarasota, and a brother , Mr. Joe l d t th bl' d d , Pfl offlcer, Mabry. B. Marion Reed Funeral are c ose o e IC an Postmaster General J. Edward The Phillips child is survived Home. Plant Ave. at Platt St. in not appear on public maps. The Day unveiled today a 10-year b h t M d M charge of arrangements. precise location of six ma]'or . . y er parens, r. an rs. . mechamzat10n plan !or the James Phillips a si'ster Sandra QUINTANA, MRS. IJ\'"EZ-Funeral serv Ices for Mrs. Inez Quintana, age 60, of 2734 Chestnut St. will be held Tuesday at 4 p . m . from the A. P. Boza RIVER SIDE CHAPEL, with burial In Centro Espanol Memorial. Pallbearers : Ray VIllanueva, Julio Quintana, Theodore Smith, Frank Roiz, Manuel Fernan dez, and Oscar Fernandez. SCHULTZ, KARL J.-Funeral services for Mr. Karl J . Schultz, age 66, resident of 1026 Coral Street, who passed away at a local hospital Sun day morning, will be held Tuesday morning at eleven o 'clock from the Wilson Sammon Co. Funeral Home. Rev. Harold W. Warner pastor of IlY will conduct the graveside service. Pallbearers: Bob Green, Pace Davis, Charles Villivisanis, Joe Killebrew, Pau l Roth, Vernon Grantham. Hon orary pallbearers are H. E. Emmett O'Ba.rr , Calvin Parker, Clar ence V. Mlms, and members o American Legion Post 111. reactors are not readily ava1l t 1 ' ' ' able although tours pass pos a service. . . his maternal g:andparents, of the reactor buildings and the maJor 1tems de John Crawford of Okla., their location is not considered m a speech prepared for and Mrs. Mae of Or classified. 0 per at in g procedelivery to angeburg, S.C., . his dnrcs and total production are. of. InternatiOnal Busmess Ma-nfal grandfather, Willie Phillips In most cases they are marked chmes: o Gainey, S . C . . .. secret. 1. Mechanizing "t'O a practical TWO Tampa men : .. . extent" the slightly more than suffered InJUry early th1s morn-. Facnltles are scattered about 200 ost offices that em loy ing when a car left Bayshore . the. huge site for safety and se-more Pthan 40 sorting clerks Pand Boulevard near ,• ?Urity reasons. .of mail handlers. These offices Court, hit a street sign, school . Island clusters of buildmgs m h dl 60 t f th d marker and palm tree before region loom as huge unmaJ vot catching fire and burning. One and dull concrete goume of the occupants, Henry Zwirba, haths. . . . 17, of 3918 Robson St., was What goes on inside this com2 . InstallatiOn of listed in fair condition at Tam-plex along the South Carolina. m a c h I n e s -pa General Hosiptal. The other Georgia border? which takes letter youth, Mike Burroughs, 18, of They don't build bombs. They !flail m. the u!lsorted form 4003 S. West Shore, was treated supply one of the critical eleIt arrIves m the post office, and released. se.cks out the .Postage Police also reported this with an electromc eye, morning that a child had been the letter. cancels It hit by a school bus, but no de and deposits 1t m neat order tails were immediately avail facing the p r o p e r direction able ready for. sorting-all automat_ ---------ically at the rate or 3o , ooo an Tiros Satellite Plan hour. Day affixed no price tag to Has Third Birthday these and o t h r mechani?al WASHINGTON, April 1 (UPD measures g1ve The Tiros weather satellite pro the off1ce a fu-gram celebrated its third birth ture m modern technology. day yesterday with high praise Medical discovery helps you cut down on food intake ••• lets you EAT 3 MEALS A DAY YET LOSE 5LBS. FAST CLINICAL TESTS PROVE MEDICATED GUM SPEEDS SAFE REDUCING Now, after years o! research, medical solellce has found a weight control method that lets you eat 3 meals every day yet lose 5, 10 even 15 pounds without tad diets,atrenuous exercises or pHis. This amazing medical discovery -ln delicious chewing-gum form helps control appetite ••• helps you r educe .!f\fely, allnply, and surely! Users have made astounding statements like: "Lost more than 15 pounds Without fad dletlllg" -''Went from a 13 to a size 8"".Amazing how fas t I lost weight " • . liow you lose "\Ieig-ht this I ADVERTISEMENT Ramiro Alvarez Dies at Age 68 from the National Aeronautics a n d S p a c e Administration

IMAGINATIVE KITCHEN MANUFACTURE . Designer Launches New Career WOrld o.f Animals By DR. FRANK MILLER DEAR DR. MILLER: If you were forced to choose an animal By ROBERT PETERSON financing if he'd move to the Iswith stateside to man-as a companion, which one . , !land ana go ihto business. So ufacture our !me. would it be? I'm asking this in ( SAN JUAN, four years ago Humphrey gathHow about local employment? regards to choosing the most as easy for citlze.ns to jered up his wife and two chi!"There's a lot of surplus labor clever and intelligcnt-C.A. mo-:e and go mto dren and flew here to become here," he replied. "The DEAR . A.: Homo sapiens, as 1t Is for Puerto Ricans to the kitchen tycoon of the Canbminimum wage for semi-skilled feminine gender. But beware! come to the States .. In the b!lrbean. plant workers is 50 cents an This pet is inclined to switch gain you get a climate which "Things are working out bet,hom:. But we pay a minimum roles with its owner. never drops below 70 or .goes ter than we hoped " said Humof a dollar an hour in order to * * * i he should make the grade with scissors . At age, removal abov.e. 95. And, your busmess pbrey, 49, a solidly-get be.tter help. Local DEAR DR. .1\IILLER: While or without dewclaws. T h e s e a s!Jgntly elab qualifles, Prof 1 t s are exempt I built man with mustache and do therr best to help new f1rms visiting in the country yester-surplus toes. located on the inprocess, especlali If hls from income. taxes for 10 years. wavy gray hair. eager to proday, \lie encountered a very unside of the front down near ar\ helt.on Take Davtd Humphrey who v1de more JObs. It might usual horse. In fact, neither my the foot (and somettmes on the m a 1 lon s m. worked for years as '!captive "PEOPLE used to say I'd been diff1cult to scout up suf-husband nor 1 had ever seen back legs, tool, can do no great certainly do no ,harm to leave designer for a large mdustnal grow fat and lazy here due to anything like it. Hinny (that's damage if they are left alone. them alone !t *time. design firm .in. New. Yo.rk. One the climate. But it hasn't hapwhat the man called it) had a However, some dogs seem a!. . day he let. his rmagmatwn soar pened yet, and I've never pretty bush tail and all,. but the ways to be snagging them on Does your ammal and conceived a new type of worked harder in my life. We body was too big for 1ts legs. something and so keep them have problems •. phys1cal or emokitchen which he of had gross sales of $Jih million The man said it was a special sore and irritated. As they tiOna!? Dr. M1ller Will answer manufacturing. A Puerto RICan in 1962 and hope to hit $2 mil-breed but we just can't imagine serve no useful purpose, they any letter mailed to him, care owner some drawlion year." why they would raise such odd-are removed the of this newspaper, provided a mgs for the kitchen . and told H t k me through his modcient financing in the States to looking horses. Can you tell. u5 pup JS fe.w days th-e u stamped, self-addressed enHumphrey he'd help him secure .etcoo howroom featuring sev-get started. But down here I anything about these peculiar surgery lS Slmply a smp of the closed. --=-----------erms 1 s . . 1 ? c R era! models ot the strikmg new was able to get a long term, an una s .-. . Vi GRAN SQYIBB Orbit Kitchens which he has delow interest loan from the local DEAR C.R.: The offspring of 1 veloped. I don't own a pen':ly of Construction Finance Agency. a female a :;tall ion is stock in the firm, but I w1sh I "We love it here even though called a Hmny. Tn1s mfant de did for these are the slickest-we get nomesick at times. We velops into t.he looking kitchens I've seen. have a six-room apartment that ly large-bodied hybnd you ha:ve They are finished with lam!costs less than the equivalent TJ;e advantag.e of nated plastics in striking colors would cost in the States. But hmny over tne mule 1s 1ts rome and have features found in no food costs are a bit higher and tractable temperamer.t. other kitchens. Instead of drawwe miss the changing seasons. "' • "' ers which pull out in the con"It's enormously satisfying DEAR DR. MILLER: V-8 is a ventional fashion, all d.rawers running my own business," he 6-montb-old pup who could revolve into an open pos1t10n at concluded, "and since I was 45 have had practically anything the touch of a finger. The overwpen I came down here I'm a for parents. He has had all head cabinets use tambours firm believer in your 'life beshots, been wormed, gets vita slats whiclfslide like a roll gins at 40' philosophy. It a mins and a high protein diet. top desk thus sparmg the house-certain amount of matunty to He has a special bed and gets wife the possibility of acquire the know-how to get groomed daily. We might have her head against an open cab1-what you want out of life . " known would find net door. something else for us to worry SERVICE TECHNICIANS AMERICA'S MOST VERSATILE A WIHI PRODUCT • 11 WAYS GOOD • IN FLORIDA .sll11t. A WINE ...-: .,--.... fL' ' .'b PRODUCT / " WI_ 11.-l)) 2 . THAT ALSO ft11JlSSI1'lflJ J MIXES BRAND 4 GREAT '"51 WITH . ..: . ,. E.roRA DRY: CARBONATEP DRINKS ....... f) .._." ••... tf -c.:.. _,.:: """' AND. \, ',,,) :.:: .... .....,.\ ... fRUIT JUICES And the clincher to t h e i r IF YOU WOULD like a bookabout. We have been told by an is the fact that let "Selecting a New Career erstwhile friend that V-8 needs kitchens come to the buyer m After 40" write to this column his dew-claws rempved. Tell us a knocked down form to be put in care of The Tampa Times enplease, doctor, why should these up with the help of. any closing a stamped, self-adbe taken off? SELLING AGENTS • SEABOARD BEVERAGE CO, • JACKSONVILLr, n.t. man who can read mstructlons dressed envelope and 10 cents DEAR W. W.: You're certainand use a screwdnver. to cover handling costs. ly doing well by this pup and At druggists like Adams Prescription Shop 1 EXPRESSED astonishment 712 Tamp a Street that the firm isn't yet exporting Tampa to the states. "We're swamped ------'------as it is," said Humphrey. "We've 6 1 DROP Clears Veined Redness Clear Eyes Look Younger One drop of Russell Eye Lotion and veined redness is reduced amaz ingly. 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Telephone: 239-1147 -----------ST. 654 Centro I Avenue ................................ 862 ----------. LAKELAND 126 West Moin Street ................ Telephone: 686-5193 LOANS MADE TO RESIDENTS OF ALL NEARBY TOWNS . ' .. Marine Bank & Trost Company Statement of Condition (Condensed) As of March 18, 1963 RESOURCES (Comptroller's Call) I Cash on Hand and Due from Banks • •••••, .$15,965,223.82 U. S. Government Obligations ...•••• , •••• 14,079,349.28 Obligations of Federal Agencies • • • • • • • • • • 999,833.34 Other Bonds and Stock ................. 5,013,018.39 Federal Reserve Bank Stock • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 90,000.00 Loans and Discounts .•..•.••......• , •• , , 23.415,054.37 Furniture, Equipment and Leasehold Improvements • . . . . • . . . . . . . • . • . . . ••• 741,106.70 Investment Indirectly Representing Bank Premises •.•.•...••..•.•.•..•...••• , 630,000 .00 Customers' Liability on Acceptances and Letters of Credit , ...... , • .. • • • • • • •• 193,011.04 Other Assets •.••..••••••• , , •• , , ••• , , • • 66,635.04 TOTAL RESOURCES ............... $61,193,231.98 LIABILITIES Deposits •...••••••..• , •••••••••••• , , '., $56,620,236.53 Reserve for Interest, Taxes and Other Expenses • • . . . . . . . . . • • • • . • • • • • 126,784.87 Liability on Acceptances and Letters of Credit •..••.•.•••••••••.•..•.••••• Other Liabilities ••••••• , ••........•.••• Capital Stock • • • • • • • ••••. $1,500,000.00 Surplus . . . . . . . • • • . • • • • . • • • I ,500,000.00 Undivided Profits . . • . • . • • • • • 236,178.79 193,011.04 209,086.40 Reserve for Losses on Loans .• 807,934.35 4,044,113.14 TOTAL LIABILITIES ......... , ...... $61,193,231.98 FLORIDA'S OLDEST TRUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY AND CITY DEPOSITORY "' I Distributed by Peten Dist. Co., Tampa. Ph. 877 Whatever you're after consult the Tribune-Times Want Ads OFFICERS A. CLEWIS HOWELL PresJdent L.D.SMJTS Senior Vice President J. W. GRAY. JR. Executive Vice Pn!sldent and Secretary J. W. GRAY, SR. Vice President J . L. HEARm Vice President P.M. MOORE Vice President and Cashier GEORGE K. STRAUB Vice President SIMEON P. WOOTEN, JR. Vice President MARK W. CLARK Assistant Vice President DON P' . GADBURY Assista.nt Vice President L. E . HARDMAN Assistant Vice PresideD t WILLIAM JOSEPH Assutant Vice President M'RS. E. C. LAPPm , Assistant Vice President MANUEL LOPEZ Assistant Vlce President DONALD A. REGAR Assistant Vice President and Credit Manager M . G. ALVAREZ , JR. Assistant Cashier GERALD W. BOBIER Assistant Cashier l!. H . CASSTEVENS Assistant Cashler JOSEPH M. MARTINEZ Assistant Cashier JOSEPH F. SMILEY, JR. Assistant Cashier JOHN N. ELDER Comptroller R. E. SWARTZBAUGH Auditor TRUST DEPARTMENT HENRY A . CARRINGTON M'RS. M. J. 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PHILIP J. LEE Vice President, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co. R. W. SHACKLEFORD Attorney L. D. SMITH Vice President W. L. WARING. JR. President, WaringMcLane Corporation J. R. WILLIAMS, JR. Secretary and General Manarer, J . H . Williams Oil Co., Inc. , MARINE BANK & TRUST COMPANY TIU5T COMPANY-MEM!U f;D,I,C. •


6 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 1, 1963 SOUTHERN CAMPUS FORUM I -!) istrar. But if Mr. Lombardia means the USF EDITORIAL government or the Student Association, I m wonder, do we really need a larger bum "$ • The "Paul Revere Society" has gone h t L b d' d' t t j:> big-time, according to Rev. Oren Potito, reaucracy t a Mr. om ar Ia can lC a e .. tbrough???l " ... and elections will have "" founder of the St. Petersburg-ba5ed antito be held next trimester under t11e present Semite group. civic unit system." lis that really so bad?l Potito is also one of the prime 01ganizers Finally, if these changes would be good. '. of the National States Rights Party, a right-if these cha nges would be an improvel@ 1,,, 11ing extremist group which has succeeded t r th h g 0 ld be effect ive l?i in placing candidates on the election bal:he c which would lots of several Southern states. Potito has result if these changes were made. should lli1 k,: acclaimed his local cult a part of the Nab t th t th t d t ld '" e Wl'lt en SO a We, e S U en S, COU !i1 tiona! States Rights Party and has every. tl t h h 'd t' d -. intention O( expanding his efforts in this ;:at itO COnSi era lOU an ... :_:. i,J area as well as the rest of the nation. . ! It is a disputable assumption that the CLAYTON "J" KEISER W ,. "Party" will succeed on a broad scale as is Representative, envisioned by the foundets if their St. Civic Unit I .,, r. Petersburg chapter in any way represents \f_.;l the fruits of their labor. At last Tuesday's 5 d A • • "-, meeting the reveiend played host to some tu ent SSOCIOfiOn r fifleen resentful high school teachers and i'( students and college students. One teacher The proposed bills discussed by Presi, ,,, a till d h' lf f y dent Lombardia in U1is, column last week \ . e . 0 d a deserve further reiteration by uninvolved ,J merlcans or ree om c u an ano er bystandel'S to get a fair hearing. The t_'; ''' l:>lated thaL he was a Jewish history teacher. -WRF Photo> it p rt d rttl t f h. t t. Residence Council, like the Campus Edim LIMELITERS SING OUT AT MCKAY AUDITORIUM DURING SHOWCASE { of tion. is divorced from politics to pteserve In what was termed a "successful project," the Student Association's produc:;i seemed to have trouble sufficiently answer-its autonomy and the self-government of , .. , tion featuring the, Limeliters climaxed the University of South Florida's Annual , ing their arguments. the .residence halls by resident students. &i Showcase of Events. Members of the Limeliters on stage are , left to right, Alex One USF professor has suggested that To begin with, the Student Government t_,f,,, • . Hassilev playing the banjo, bassist Louis Gottlieb, and guitarist Glen Yarbrough. { a counter-Ieactionary organization be is already unnecessarily complicated with.: Yrubrough is also the soloist of the group. '!? founded and that it be called the "Red out adding to this a pseudo-D. of Florida ..... ____ _.::::...._ __________ :'( for Christ."' A ridiculous name brand of bedlam. r_.'o:. __ .•_ •. t ___ ,,i _____ ,: __ .' Bring Down House In sunda . y Night Peformance -RAO societies, communications, religious, intra\' murals, and fine arts councils). Also, by ;;; Quesr.ons Changes virtue of the fact Ulat they are :;;• by the president, they convey t e w1s es q of their benefactor rather than that of in% By JAMES JORDAN {( Last week two constitutional amenddividual st.udents or interest groups. l)l "Have some maderia, my dear?" With that question, the fabulous Limeliters N mE'nts were thrust before the legislature The bill proposing modifications in the ill literally brought down the house. Moving rapidly through numerous folk songs, they and the students. From the letter from our fegislature has some merits. but bow can provtded entertainment seldom seen 1n the Tampa Bay Area =4 president you may have gotten the imprestaking the right to elect their senators <:) • that these were b r i 11 i a n t minor away from the students and giving it to the SA Project t c h a n g e s that have been somehow overlegislature make Ior "better representation Brought here by the Organizations Elect Officers; Plan 'Ball' looked for the last three years. "It is esfor students?" The faculty members of South Florida SA, the Lime .,., sential that evel'y student give these two the university senate understancl our senliters performed Sunday '.,i '.-•. bills his complete support." Get on U1e a tors to be representatives of the student night before hundreds of bandwagon, and live happily ever after. body, not representatives of the legislature. N applauding students at McKay ThrovJ out the civic units; they are your Th-e legislature is already too easily rnaAuditorium. The trio Louis scapegoat. nipulated to be an aCCUI:ate barometer of ru Gottlieb, comedian and bassist; '''i These ate not minor changes: they are overall student opinion. Representatives Alex Hassilev, Frenchman with FIA-New officers have been Mardi Gras was held Friday M so far reaching and basic as to adulterate missing too many sessions are replaced by a banjo; and Yarbrough, elected. They are: Janie Ertz-night at the Palm Room the d the entire constitution . You told that: appointees of the president, members for lli guitarist and soloist extraordi-berger president Kathy Shoun Tampa Terrace Hotel. Sisters, J "The legislative bill will provide for much committees are solicited from those in symvice P, resident • Lynn Nelson' bandfh guRestks danced to better representation in the Student As-pathy with executive wishes, all of which t lier Ball to be held at Silver f_':,i!_ cally representing the exact wishes of the representation alleviate the problem? comedy" _of Mort Sahl, Nichols Multiple Sclerosis Drive Friday, Lake Golf and Country Club. student body." m seems to me that U1e Regardless of the fallacies inherent in W and May, and Lenny .Bru ce. March 29. Amicus Curia-Qificers were :;;_:;_: senate would P •• robablyl realdize thaiit. olul L ' tllese bills, the Lombardia Administration ASlepxeaHksassFt'lreevnccha,n Ssppanealksbflu A swimming and skiing party senators were express Y an spec 1ca Y has made much progress, and I respect the ''" -h Id S t d t th ' ' ' "'' M ent French, Portuguese, Spanish was e on a ur ay a e Jim Wells, vice president; Jim '.J representing the exact wishes" of the leginitiative shown in trying to do something. and Russian , and sings in over lake home of Judy Shelton. AtLeona.rd, tr-easurer, and Ann .,, islature, and only indirectly those wishes Individual students would lose their il a dozen additional languages tending were FIA members, secretary. At the last :? of the student body.) voices. Some parts of the bills are exceland dialects. In addition to this, pledges, invited guests, and meetmg a talk pres&nted ''' "If these bills fail, then the lent, other parts are nonsense. Think be he has spent a year at Harvard by A. Dallas Alb11tton Jr. He sponsors k "L w f L' :-:i Association cannot expand ... " (The Stufore you give them "your complete supand several at the University of e on aw as a ay o Iv. , dent Association is, by definition, the enport." Chicago. Hollywood and BroadSlges . . mg as ,to Law as a @ tire student body, and its expansion seems R. BRUCE PETTYJOHN W way claim other of his talents. ststeis of SIGES Means of L1vmg. to be 1'n the hands of the administration President, @ Glen Yarbrough can point have .wlth Epeltas Golf Club-There will be :.. , ,,,l g . . . nal soctety m the collectton of t' A 3 1 uc 202 ill and specifically in the bands o the reg-Residence Halls Council ;)\ Wlth pndc to his years at St. books to be sent to aid students mee mg, . • • • ' studies at Mexico City College 't t D h 5 will become charter members. The three typify the Iv y J . Everyone is welcome. SPORTS REVIEW ned Judo : I M A t• •t• fi The 3rd Annual Invitational U. Gal. . . . . Club Will meet m an mformal c lVI les m Hans Hoffman and Sis Students LY IStreetcarl participated In the AllShiai with Florida Presbyterian • • • Unr.versrty W _ eekend by CoJlere Judo Club, Tuesda'-, ;'f1 MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1963 t d f b gh h l " A 2:25p.m. u.c. Lessons comm. (Continued from Page ll ac 1?g as .2:U1 1 esUoSrF 1 sc 00 April 2, 7:30 p.m., in the All# Ballroom Dancing UC264 semors VlSl mg Weather Shelter. hI h k t: 5:00p.m. Circle K UC264 Dr. Gerald Wagner as Mitch, T SIS Th d annual H • • t w M 5 : 20p.m. Canterbury Assn. B 1 an c be's boyfriend. Supn--e seco n Sports Car Club-In keeping I g I g ee ' 7:00 Grou E8fs: porting roles in the cast will with its policy of providing end 8:00 p.m. Hall Social feature Dian a Bellamy as St d t A t joyment fot the sports car m 9:00 Hall Council Eunice, a next door neighbor; u en r enthusiasts, it is presenting an 1 d b A t . 1 a h TUESDAY. APRIL z. t963 Paul Hall as her husband Autocross (precision driving By STANLEY fo _Jowe y . n 1p 11 es Wit 8 ,00 a.m. westminster FellowshlJ> Mike Kelly as Blanche's doctor; Exhih• • contest) for those whose spirit . One of the highhghts of the 14.16 and Tr1-S1s Habees . BreakfaJt UC103-4 Rosanne Castro as the nurse IliOll is still running high from the Intramural sports was 14_:35. Teams FIA and Tn-_S1s 1.2s B8gg and Sylvia Collins, drama in: March 23 classic. Autocross will held Saturday, the mtrarounded out the f1rst if.c. comm. uc203 structor at Glover Junior High B H }d be held in the HBPL, Sunday. mural blke race. Over specfive. Soc. School in Plant City as the To e e AJ?ril 7, 12:30 p.m. Trophies will tators were on hand to v1ew an Overall, the race came out u.c. Spec. cultural Negro woman. ' be awarded to the winners and extremely c I o s e race, which extremely well. No accidents Events Comm. UC215 will b b d dr i g k'll saw the Cyclopaths narrowly were reported. With the enthuor Fraternal UC216 Jdack Clay isd and set The University of South FlorWesl:y 'fV n s 1 . winning over Beta I East team siasm and cooperation displayed u.c. Comm. LC221 an costume esigns 1 ' ere exe-ida opened its Fhst Annual w 1 F d t' T h d I 1 M Bike Race Capts UC222 cuted by Russell Whaley. . . . ey oun a -e o. 4 by only four secon s. in this race, the intramura sauin11 Club uc223 "A Streetcar Named Desire" Student Art Exhib1hon Sunday Flonda State Method1st Student The Cyclopaths tumed in a bike race could be an annual 1 :25 p.m. u.c. Arts & Exhibits uc226 was an immediate success on afternoon, March 31, in theUniMovement will .hold a time of 35:06.4 while Beta I affair. . Life Fell. AuDci092 .00t Broadway, running for two versity's Teaching Auditorium-scheduled meetmg A,prll 6 at East had 35:10.4 News Briefs 5:00-p.m. Verdandi USF Th ffi ill b th 'Neck and Neck' Other news in brief: Men's DSigelepsh, UC204 years, and won both the New Theater Lobby . e o cers w e e UC226 York Critics' Award and the . . ' guests of the university and the The two leaders were neck and women's baseball playoffs 5:30p.m. Cieo-Supper Pulitzer Prize. Only one other The exh1b1t .of classroom work Wesley Foundation. S hi r 1 e y and neck during the last few began last week, with the 6:30 uczos play, William Saroyan's "The produced durmg the year Ja_ckman, state SEC chairman, minutes of the race, hut the games to be played on Apnl Arete UC264 s 11 USF team from Beta Hall could not 4. That same evening the Intra7:00p.m. Tri-SIS uc202 Time of Your Life," holds the by students in the visual arts WI represent • overtake the Cyclopaths team. mural awards program will be same distinction. classes at the university will For a 60-lap race, the race as held in the UC ballroom. All 7:30p.m. Paidela uc;223 French Quarter continue through final exams HS St d t a whole was quite close. The individuals and teams which 8 '00 Fides For the entire first year of for the present trimester. Media u en s team farthest behind finished have earned awards will be WEDNESDAY. APRIL 3 its run, it never played to an t d p 1 t. only two laps behind the wingiven out at that time. Naviator 1n1. Team uc Lobby empty seat and usually had the e are: a n if! g, F t 9 d J ner. Current Women's Activity 1:25 .. Gol Club UC202 limit of standees as well. Jessica drawmg, sculpture, . grap_hiCS, ea ill e n For Beta I East it was a Point Standings; Club Egg: Tandy and Branda played the and. two-and-three drme_ns1onal ...,rreat day as they captured the Fides 665 Young Democrats uc2os roles of Blanche and Stanley proJects. The student artists are N t c t fourth and fifth places in adTri-Sis 631 u . c. comm. UC214 Broadway and Brando students of Ernest Cox, Har-ex oncer Chrlsban Sc1ence Org. UC215 On • 1' o C ingto nd W sley dition to their entry which finAlpha East IV 591 Westminster Fellowship uc221 starred opposite Vivien Leigh :IS n ov n, a e ished second. Meanwhile the FIA Skin & Scuba Diving UC222 th film version Houk, members of the art When the tTniversity of South Archery Club lJC223 m e faculty at the university rival ENOTAS could do no betAntiphidcs 382 Baptist Stl!dent Union. UC226 The setting is the French . . . !lorida Concert Band presents tel' than finish eighth and ninth uc248 Quarter of New where Four pnzes available are: c?nccrt on April 7 , with their entries. An ENOTAS Jh StudentS comm.-Meet the AuthorBlanche comes to live with her $250, $150, $75, $25. The In1L wrll be accompamed by 67 strong finish in the race coupled ree Mrs. RUl?Y Hart Phillips UC264 5 married sister in a small two-dustrial Supply Corporation of trombones trumpets and clari-with their J'ecent track victorChar 'ged wath P::::: .. UClS?B room apartment. Here she Tampa has donated $500 nets from' six of th'e Hillsbor-ies would have moved them UCI08 clings desperately to illusions of for these awards. This co-opough County senior high school about even with Beta I East in UC Shopla•ftl•ng H2iJ: refinement until Stanley, erati?n between industry and bands. The cot1cert, which will the intramural point standings. Fta Stl!dY Group . uctsa sentful of her airs, into arts 1s a example or a nabe held in the Teaching Audi-But now the ENOTAS are just Three students have been ap8 : 00p.m. FlaFormal Inlllahon TBA her sordid past and discovers tional traditiOn. . torium-Theater, will be at 4 p.m. about out of it. prehended on a charge of shop::;!,u. 4uP6i.obby she driven from the th A was hcldS m d the S t u d e n t s from Brandon, ETNhOeTAESNHOTamApSereGdold Team, lifting from the u. niv.ersity 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Young Dem. MiSSISSIPPI town where she had Mea er 3 of Y 3 on 5 unpaY., Chamberlain King H!Usbor-City Councilmen-Tour and been teaching arch 1, rom p.m . re-h PI t 'ct 'd R bl \'hi'ch second in the Books to_ re and a hearmg m the Meetinf 1n UC248 . th USF d t t'f th rd were to oug , an 1 y an o nson ' w 1 b h ld b f 1:25 p.m. R•ver Front Area Tickets for e pro UC sen a Ion o e awa s High Schools have 'been retrials, were hampered by the ca_se wll e e e a 1 . com-Rep. UCi08 tion are on sale at the theater be made at 4:30 p.m.. h t th f t d id th h k m1ttee on student dJsctp me Ftdes t:c202 . Th t d f earsmg oge er on ea ure loss or one r er roug s1c Fia Pledges uc204 box off1ce between 1 5 p.m. . e openmg o b art . G rd J ob' ness and another through injury Phil Goree, manager of the u.s.F. Young weekdays or immedJately betb1s exh1b1t comcided with the rass. P .s rn ?n s l n practl'ce. Othenvise the bookstot _ e, sta_led that the proRe!>u!>licans . . UC205 fote per'formances All scats opening of the Spanish exhibit masstve wmd composition, Mud 1 g S f Shop Rehg10us Councll UC216 ' s c F t' I" Th' o k ENOTAS would have made a ce _ ure mvo vm case 0 . -u.c. Rec. Comm. uc222 are reserved, and Ieservations "Contrastes en Pintura Espanola 1 a es Iva lS w. r better showing. As it was, two hftmg was .that: Upon deteclion, Accounting Club UC226 may be made by phoning the de Hoy" in the university was first performed by multiple members rode 40 of the 60 laps. the people are held and 3:30 box office, 988-4131, Ex1. 343. gallery in the library. bthrasses and m,ilidt!ll'Y tbiandfundther Others finishing hil'(h in the a . reyresen_tahve of the s:oo p.m. u.c. Lessons-Bridge UCI08 e composers tree on or e final standings were the Indeaffairs office and. the supenn6 :30 Assn. uc264_5 1951 Fe!!tival of Britain. p!!ndents in fourth place, Beta or secunty and. com B:3o p.m. Pla,-."streetcar Ar9t Show FeatureS Lati.llS Twe nty-five high school clari -Ill West in sixth place and the mumcatwns are called m to Nall\ed DeSU'e" TAT netists will be f e atu1ed in n TALOS in seventh. The All-question the suspects. . FRIDAY. Al'RlL 5. 1963 bt f 1 d "C I t t' 1 g special arrang em ent of Nicolo Stars finished tenth. In the event the charge IS uc2oo :Xnh\: Pi!l;u1:a e Paganini's famous "Perpetual women's Division serious enough, the case may be Streetcar Named Destre TAT Frank O'Hara of the Museum Motion . " h d t th h 'ff' f 6 :00 p.m. U . C . Program Council d H " . otber openings In journallsm, Striking Originality The Ga ery ours are: PIC e up a e ox o ICe eApp:oximately 50 Spanish art-day through Thursday, 8 a.m. tween 1 and 5 p .m. daily or has opening 1n accountlnr, Tampa Elec ists Will be represented in the 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday reservations may be made by trlc In electrical enrlneering, and varl exhibition which runs tlU'ough 8:30 a.m.-5 p .m..; and Sunday, 2 calling the box office, 988-4131, bave opelllll(l for Sunday, April 21. p . m.-10 p.m. Ext. 343, during those hours. 1"1 I / , ) THE JUNIOR EASTER lOOK ... 17.98 An easy silhouette, nat ural, be{lutiful lines with elegant over-bodice. Sim ply stunning in fluid, flattering Celanese acetate Ulld rayon crepe • • • heav enly pink or potcder puff blue, 7-15. Junior Terrace. Fashion Second; available all stores except Gandy Blvd. Your Activity Skirt ....,.. A JUNIORITE CULOTTE 7.98 Culottes for your ev ery ttctive or Leisure hour ilt wonderful, twshable easy care Da cron and cotton. Black, 11 a v y, beig e or obve ; 5. Sportsu;eor Grea t Main Floor: available all stor e s ex<'ept Gandy Blvd. s \


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