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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 58 (April 15, 1963).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 15, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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p f University Of South Florida Campus Edition S EVENTY -FIR ST YEAR-No. 58 II 1lssues • • 1 t f. We Face1i1l Session I . South Florida will play to a group of prominent Tampa Bay area leaders next week, as more than 20 political, religious, business, civic, educationa l , and student leaders meet for the second annual "Issues We Face" Workshop. The Workshop, wh ich will be held in the T A April 22-25, is open to the general public and all students of USF have been cordially invited. Draft Explains Purp ose A of the program sched ule explained that the purpose of the Workshop is to " ... Pro vide student, church, PTA , civic and community organizational leadership with unique opportu nity to explore means for the improvement of positive inter group relations in all walks of life. " Dr. Russell Cooper, dean of the College of Liberal and chairman of last year's program, said that "Last year we held the first meeting in a Lecture Demonstration Auditorium in the Chemistry Building. But the audience grew so large that we had to move to the Teaching Auditorium-Theater and even tha t was filled to capacity." USF Stu dents Participat e Among the participants are two USF students, Jacqueline Chancey, vice president of CFS, and Gary Cope, United Nations C a mpus Christian Fellowship representative. The program is staffed by Ar thur Allen, executive director of the Tampa Urban League; Mrs . Harold E . Carmony, Tampa Bay National Conference of Chris tians and J e w s director; Dr. Russell Cooper, and A r t h u r Spiegel, associate director of the Anti-Defamation L e a g u e of B ' nai B'rith. , Tampa Mayor To Be Present Other participants who will be at the four day meeting in clude Julian Lane, m a yo r of Tampa; Lee Lombardia , president of the USF Student Asso ciation; and Dr. John W. Rem bert, president of Gibbs Jun ior College. • -(USF Pholo) IM WINNERS-SMILES AND A SUCCESS STORY Proudly displaying the Women's Intramural point championship trophy won by the are Pam Morales, left, and Ronnie Lerner. The FIDES took three major sports titles this year, winning the bicycle race and bowling and tennis townaments. Two Story Core Unit Scheduled 1 tmrs S e e Exam Schedule Changes In UC Lobby TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1963 PRICE FIVE CENTS 160 Dream . Plans Are Realized By DOROTHY LAKER MORE USF NEWS ON PAGE 8 USF. ebating Tea Awarded Top Share Win With LSU, Houston U. -(USF Photo) ... AND HE ' S OFF President of the USF Sports Car Club , James (Grundoon) Vastine hurries to his MGTF in the LeMans start of Sunday ' s " Autocross" sponsored by the Campus Sportscar Group. Approval -(USF Photo) RESIDENTS OF OUTER ALPHA OFF TO NASSAU Desiring to give Larry McCain, Outer Alpha RA, a wedding present, the boys on the floor decided to enter a WPKM contest to win two tickets to Nassau. Mr. Frank Knorr , the station owner , was so impressed that he gave ten more tickets to the hall upon the completion of a survey of the Tampa area's listenin g habits. He also gave the engaged couple two tickets from the station as their wedding gift after withdrawing them from the contest. Receiving the tickets are, left to right, Lee Kenworthy , WPKM representative Frank Knorr, Bruce Petty j o h n ; Larry McCain , Roscoe Davidson, WPKM representative Hank Allen, Dennis Mc Garry, Larry Vickers, Jack Kutz, Roger Krohne, Bud Dahl, and Skip Caldwell. ' Faculty Is Outstanding The report also praised the indh'idual qualifications of the faculty of the college, and said their education and experience is outstanding and far exceeds the minimum requirements for meeting the state standard. The committee found the over-all curriculum for teacher educati on to be adequate for the program now in effect and also cited the program of di rected student teaching which includes the junior year "teach er aide" program and the senior internship. Educational Resources Praised The committee commended the library for its services i n (Continued on Page 8, Col. 3)


21 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, Aprll15, 1963 TEACHERS VS. BOARD California School Battlers Hone Axes SANTE FE SPRINGS, Calif., this year about 60 teachers in April 13 (JP)-There's going to the district were reassigned be another skirmish April 16 in w i t h a mimeographed notice the battle of Little Lake -a They had no more than two teacher vs. board dispute three days' notice to prepare that has won nat10nal attention. for new assignments. The b a t t 1 e is between the 125,000 -m em be r California . S C H 0 0 L Wil T each e r s Association

MANY FOODS SCARCE THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 15, 1963 , PRINCIPLES TO BE PUBLISHED Ransom Adds Oddity To Dull Cuban Diet Arab Union. Readies Constitution PUBLIC SERVANTS' PRAYER-BREAKFAST Tampa Terrace Hotel 7:30A.M. All Laymen and Ministers Invited JUSTICE MILLARD CALDWELL -SPEAKER-Tickets Available at Registration Desk of Tampa Terrace Hotel $1.50 4-SQUARE GUARANTEE 1, Against rood hazards for the specified time. Adjustmentl pro rated on months used . FREE RIVERSIDE TIRE MOUNTING Louis Monteleone, D.D.S. Announces the removal of his offices for the practice of ORAL SURGERY to 504 E . BUFFALO AVE. PH.: 236-5936 At. BlaCkwall Prices 18-Month Guarantee s s 7.50x14 6.70x15 6.70x15 Tube-Type Tubeless Whitewall Whitewall Plus Tax and Old Tire Off Your Car NO MONEY DOWN On Wards Easy Payment Plan __ T_:_U _ B _ E _ -TY_PE_ W _ H _ I _TE_ W _ A _LL __ T TUBELESS WHITEWALL _7._ 1 _0x_ l _ S ______ ...;___$ _ 1 _ 5 _11 7.1 Ox15, 8.00x14 7.60x15 $}8 7.60x15 PLUS TAX AND OLD TIRE OFF YOUR CAR All Four Wheels '5 2. Against defects in materials, worlc• monship for life of tread. Ad justments prorated on tread wear, 3. Nationwide service ot oil branches, .... -=--Plio• t77-IU1 _.. Pb" -tl-2171 lew Safe Easy Painless Discovery RI"SES AWAY EAR WAX DeeJ.>lY packed-in ear wax diminishes heanng of conversation and dims sound while causing ear noises, and pressure pain. Don't pick with finger nails, pencil, pinhead O{ bobby pin ••• permanent damage can result ••. and is now unnecessary. Just a few drops of amazing new soothing HEAR/HEAR BRAND EAR WAX REMOVER quickly emulsifies, liqui.fies and dis solves excess ear wax so it rinses away without hard instruments or probing. Ear Wax Remover Absolutely painless, this new kind of Ear Wax Remover acts OJ?-IY on the ear wax without ir?tating the ear canal. Complete wtth dropper, ready to use as ditected on guarantee ol satisfac• tion ox return for purchase price refund. Year's supPly only $2.00. WARDS RIVERSIDE HEAVY-SERVICE NYLON TRUCK TIRE Built for rugged, over-theroad use on delivery and farm trucks! Tread is de signed for good 'fraction. 6.50-16, 6-P. R .••• 17.95* 7.00-15, 6-P. R. ••• 20.45* *PIus exciJe ta K "' 6.00 6-piJ rotln1 HANDSOME --BONNEVILLE / Jetspun and plasfic-long la s t i n 9 as upholstery. Warm in winter, cool in summer. Fits most sedans without center arm rests. INSTALLED CLEARWATER 4. Soli•foction guaranteed nation• wide . Adjustments based on •ole price when returned, Available in Our Tampa, Lakeland, St. Pete . and Clearwater Stores Ope11 Monday thru Saturday 'til 9 P.M. fot• Your Shopping , ' A


8 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 15, 1963 SOUTH ERN ACCENT l Campus Forum . The physical plant blossomed forth with almost completed humanities buildings, and residence-hall core units. Which Is Which? Asks Student Which is Morrison's? It's the shorter bun with fewer ingredients. Resident students are dependeni. on Morrison's for their mid night snacks on campus. Contractual agree ments should be upheld , but why must the students suffer? Possibility of "food poisoning" is the reason given for our plight. If the State Board of Health gives an establishment a clean bill, in iact an "excellent" rating, I fall to see why its prod uct should be any more detrimental to the student than a tasteless, inferior sandwich • made on school ptemises. Monopoly can be carried to extremes, THE LONG AND THE SHORT The roast beef sandwich on the left is from the USF food service. The one on the right is from an off-campus restaurant. granted a contract was involved. Morrison's, however, promised a sandwich of equal or better quality for the same or a lower price. The price is 10 or 15 cents less but the quality is more than proportionately lower. On campus the sandwiches are made of a cheaper grade of bun and skimpy portions of meat, lettuce, and tomatoes. If food serv ice is try ing to compete with the restaurants and shops which cater to • the students, why not serve a comparable product. All kinds of excuses can and will be found for their product but it seems that free enterprise and competition would do a great deal for the qualitr of their food. When services or products are de manded someone w ill supply them if it is profitable . If Morrison's cannot supply the stu dents satisfactorily they will go elsewhere. ED CARLSON Representative, Civic Unit I , The Student Association, under the new administration of President Lee Lombardia, pushed aside old charges of lethargy and incompetence and began a crash program filled with ambitious goals . Some failed, some succeeded-but it was made clear that the SA had no intention of dying out. USF took several giant toward recognition as a full-fledged major uni versity. Intercollegiate sports were condiUonally approved, a college of engineering was recommended, first-class entertainment ctbe . Limclitersl was acquired, a faculty member was chosen to be the first presi dent of an African university, and only last week the USF Debating Team came back from a tournament sharing first place with LSU and the University of Houston. On the lighter side, USF students went to the "polls" several times to grapple with the problem of picking a mascot. First it was the Golden Brahman, then a Pirate, and finally Bob Bickel's Golden Brahman was accepted by the majority. ' Also, the Health Center treated some sore backsides caused by a rapid descent from a "skateboard." This new sport, pe culiar to USF's campus, had enthusiasts caroming around dormitories on a sawed off two-by-four supported by roller skate wheels. 1 The CAMPUS EDITION expanded to two full pages at the beginning of last tri mester, but that was only a start. Later in the year, the name was changed to SOUTHERN ACCENT in an attempt by the staff to the newspaper and cre ate more student interest. The evolvement was deeper than that, however; format was altered to create a more lively publi cation and the field of coverage was ex panded. These are just a glimpse of the total picture-gortraying USF activities; they cannot hope to describe the joys and the hopes. the strains and the sorrows in volved in getting a college education at the University of South Florida. -RAO Penalties Too Light In Bookstore Thefts t -(USF Photo) A GRATEFUL RECIPIENT RECEIVES HER AWARD Above, Terry Milia)\O receives the Most 0 u t standing Committee Member Award from Fred Jenkins. She is the recipient of one of the three top awards given at the recent UC Awards Banquet. Outstanding Achievement Award went to Ann Francis. Fred Jenkins received the University Center Service Award. of Student-Teacher Fraught With 'Problems1 By STANLEY PAHER In the Women's Intramural softball tournament, the Anti phides defeated Tri-Sis in the final game in a run-away ma tch, 14-2. They were led in their winning effort by Bernice Trot tier, t h e i r player-manager. Maressa Carpenter was the winning hurler while Sandra Miller led the hitting attack. Susie Jennings, Emily Capitano, and Arlene Mones played ex cellent. !),all for the losers. Women's Team Chosen Other strong teams in tourna ment play were FIA and FIDES. The latter lost to Tri-S is in semifinal action while FIA was beaten by the champion Anti phides. A woman's softball all-star team was chosen after the final game. Included were: Sandy Miller, Bernadette T r o t t i e r (team captain), Maressa Car penter, and Jackie Smith, all Antiphides; Emily Capitano, Genelle Fernandez, and Arlene Mones of Tri-Sis; Judy Schoel boen, Jan Spenser, and Cherty Cornwall, FIDES; and Jackie Chancey of FlA. Men's Softball Champions The Physical Education Ma jors, unsuccessful in win ning a tournament in a major sport thus far did not draw a blank this year, as they won the men's intramural softball . tournament by defeating Beta I East, 6-3. The dormitory team put up a battle for awhile -until the fifth inning by remaining deadlocked with the P. E. Ma jors, 2-2. But then the winners wrapped up the game when they put together three con secutive bunt singles and two base hits to score three runs. Beta I East could never catch up after that. Jim Loy of the P. E. Majors handled the pitching chores superbl y, hurling a two hitter. Loy pitched almost flawless ball throughout the tournament, al lowing only three hits in three games. He helped pitch a no hitter against Penthouse in the opener. Only One Hit Allowed In the semi-final game against T ALOS, Loy allowed one hit, a clean double into left field. In the championship game Loy spotted Beta I East by a 2-0 margin but teammates Richard Prince and Mano Polo quickly erased that lead and put their team back in the game. Jim Loy was chosen team captain of the men's softball all star team. He was joined by other P. E. Majors; Mario Polo, Manuel Balsierio , and Henry Amat. Others making the select team were Bill King and Mike Shapiro from Beta I East; Pete Clapps and Greg Nicho l s from Beta III West; Buddy Stone. from Beta IV East; and Lee Moffitt of the TALOS . Beta III East Wins In Tennis In the tennis tournament ENOTAS' John Pluta defeated Bobby Dick of Beta III East in the final match, 11-9, 6-3. Though Pluta won individual honors, the Beta III East ten nis 1fam with Ronnie Beeman, Dick Wilmon, Ben qstenberg, and Bobby Dick was the club tennis champions. Verdandi Brothers Award Scholarship -(USF Photo) NEW MEN'S INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS AND THEIR TROPHIES Beta I East has been recently proclaimed the 1962-63 Men's Intramural point champions. Team memb ers are pictured above: Lower row, (L toR) Collier Summers, Bill King (football and softball captain), George Orfley, Mike Shapiro (athletic chairman), Tommy Sparrow, David Dukes and Don Rinday. Standing, from left to right, Tommy Manley, Dave Sellers, Duck Herring, Erick Esterson, Chuck Brown, Andy Reese, Mike Kroell, Dave Taylor and Eugene Turner. I I


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