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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 76 (May 6, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 6, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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, University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-FIRST 76 Straight Shortest Path • • • From Dorms To University Center From UC Through Mall To To Life Sciences Building -(USF Photos) / To Classes In Chemistry Building TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 6, 1963 • 'Meet Author' Baynard Kendrick Wednesday. May 8 PRICE FIVE CENTS Proposed A Budget Nears 85 Thousand Dtllar-Mark c LombCrdia Says lt1s /Realistic, Necessary/ By WING PREODOR Lee Lombardia, student association president, presented a proposed SA budget of $84,825 to the student legislature Thursday. When asked if he thought the budget would make it through channels uncut, Lombardia said, "To be perfectly frank, no, I don't think we will get it." But ENCEPHALITfS STUDY-•he went on to explain, "This is a realistic budget. It has already been cut from our original estimate. It is, Student perhaps unfortunately, not padded; and the only way to cut it further is to cut particular projects." Woolfenden, Take Bird Census UC Plans Meet Author ' NO PROFITS MORE USF NEWS ON PAGE 6 -IUSF .Photo) CONGRATULATES FATHER AND DAUGHTER . President JohnS. Allen congratulates Judy Hark ness for meeting requirements for graduation while her father, Dr. Donald Harkness, associate professor at USF, looks on. Miss Harkness was among those graduates being honored at a coffee recently. She is currently teaching at Miles Elementary School. More USF Students Meet Requirements


THE TAMP A TL'\IES 1\londa y, .1\lay 6 , 196 3 S.African Deaths in the Tampaay Area, Elsewhere 1\IRS. EDITH C. FRAYNE dren. Mrs. Cromartie was a had lived in Tampa for the laot U t ica, N.Y.; Robert, Tampa; sev-1 Mrs. Edith Cla•a Frayne, 74. of the Florida Ave. \ four years. Sbe was a me_m?er en grandchildren and several of 712 E. Louisiana. died Friday Bapt1st Church. the Golden Age of the Broad St. Chnstian great-grandchildren. Mr. Brant afternoon in a local hospital. A Club of Tampa. and original! Church. Survivors include her ley was a member of the First I native of England, she had been 1 member the Sunny-Land husband, Jack Washburn; a son, Seventh Day Adventist Church I a resident of Tampa for the DemonstJat10n C lub. Roger, Tampa; her parents Mr. of Tampa and was a retired last 18 ye'ars . She is survived by I and Mrs. Clarence Harmon. elder of the Seventh Day AdPolice p U a son, T. J. Frayne. Tampa: two l\IRS. ELENA MENENDEZ Englewood. and a b•other, Earl venti t Church in South Ower p daughters. Mrs. Pal.ricia Bryant, Mrs. Menendez. 74, 1 Harmon of Englewood. lina. Tampa and Mrs. William Sim3324 G•cy St.. dted , r 1 STEPHEN F . HOLLIS mons or Bloomington, Ind. and a Tampa A_ 1 ;\lRS. El\U_LY V . S tephen Francis Hollis, 76, of J 0 HANNES BUR G. South ! 10 grandchildren. Cuba, she restde_d l\lrs. Emily V. 96, 1527 w . Clinton, died Friday Africa, May 6 (.IP}-Legislation 1 m for. _55 ycals . . She .ts of 4203 San Juan .. d•ed Saturday afternoon in a local hospital. A adopted last week gives South 1 1.\-JRS. l\lAE L. FUSSELL su1' 1;cd by SLX daughters. 1vh s. mom mg. A of native of Pil.tsburgh, he had Africa the most drastic security M•s. J\1ae L .. Fussell. 39, of s of .• :vlrs. hvcd oeen a resident of Tampa for law in its peacetime history and 101 E. Fern, d1ed at a Tampa Garcia, :\1:rs. 1 Martin:z. 111 Tampa. 27 yeats. he tht> last seven years. He is sur grants great authority to Minhos1ptal Saturday. Mrs. Fussell :.vr. D . R' d M El Wld0'' of Rev. James Ben, vived by two brothers, Joe, and istet of J ustic e Balthazar Jo-was a lifetime resident of Tamnmger and a memb_er of George of Columbus Ohio. hannes Vorster. pa. She is survived by her f Cl , l . of Grace Methodtst Churc 1. ' • The Rand Daily Mail , which band, Benjamin F. Fussell of F ef'' a cr Tone son: Survivors are a son, Robert. and d fought the legislation , says VorTampa; her mother, Mrs. _Leila two grandchildren, all of Tampa. N.y. Man atory ster now has more power over,Llosa. of Tampa; two S isters. cobio Mrs. Dolores Lopez and N . B. (SID) F ISHER h 1 the ordinary citizen than either Mrs. Blanch Philamalee of Tam-Mrs. ' America Ferrer. all of Deaf Penq fy Pt:esident Kennedy or prime pa_ Mrs. He.len Koentg _or Tampa; one brother, Miguel De N. B. fSidl Fisher, 84. of 104 1\Innster Macmillan . 1\hann and one .'rothcr, Salva-,La Puente of Tampa; 14 grand-E. Adalee St., died Sunqay On Way Out dorc F. Llosa of Tampa. children and !2 great-grandchilMr. Fisher was lifeVORSTER , 48, is a former d•en , Llme restdent of ALBANY, N.Y., May 6 !UPD Attomey. During World War II l\1RS. G R ACE D . CROMARTI E . Tampa and was -Mandatory capital pumsnhe was interned for more than Mrs. Grace D. Cromartie, ADA E. GAR TTt\UE R with the Tampa a year for pro-Nazi views. He is of 102 W : _r.iorth Bay, died SunMrs. Ada E. Garttmier, 82. of Box Co., now ment in New the only often mentioned as a possible day morning at a local hospital. 8 2 3 61st St. Way N., St. Petcrs.lknow_n as the En-state in the union with such successor to Prime l\Iinister Mrs . Cromartie was a native of urg. and formerly of 5601 \Lerpnse Box Co., legislation, is nearly dead. Hendnk Verwoerd, Who is 62. Brewton, Ala., and for the last 'enlral Ave .. Tampa, died Frifor . 56 Y . ears. Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller'., He controls the 27,350-strong poyears lived in Tampa. Surday night in St. Petersburg. office announced yesterday he lice force. v1vors are three daughters, Mrs. Mrs. Garttmier lived in Tampa hls . Widow, . Mrs: The new law, which some Evelyn Woo_d, Tamua. Mrs. Al-38 years beforp moving to St. Lomse M. has signed a bill providing that members of p a rliament say lee Scramhn. St. Petersburg, Petersburg two years ago. Sur-d;ughtei, the penalty for first degtce makes South Africa a police and Mrs. Lenela Glass, Tallasse, vivors arc a nephew and two 0 h !1 f F.T enz: murder and kidnapping, effec-state, gives the minister of jus-Ala. ; two sons, John and Arthur, nieces. bot 0 . tive July 1, shall be life im-tice authority to detain anyone both of Tampa; 10 grandch!la suspected of having infClrmation 1 dren and two great-grandch1 lM R S. RUTH WASHB U R N great-grand-cluJ-Fisher h prisonment "unless the jury about offenses threatening se-Mrs. Ruth E. Washburn. 38, of dren; a brother, F .. L. Fls er, recommends the death penalty." curity. There need be n o <'harge I • . 110 Prince St., died Saturday Tampa. and Sister, Mrs. Currently the death penalty is and no triaL funera Notices morning in a Tampa hospitaL N_cttJe Freer, Bnstol, Conn. Mr. d t . f th ... , F1sher was a member of the ma.n a OIY or e .-vo thTh!s IS a 1of wh1at BRANTLEY. ASA CLYDE-Mr. Asa A nattve of Jackson, M t ch., she Highland Avenue Methodist1 The bill also provides for a e new an ear er aws et Clyde Brantley, age 86. o 2009 E. Ch h t t d Vorster do entirely o n his own Osborne, passed a"(aY Sunday after f I • urc wo-s age proce ure m capital authonty: Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock FRANCI S MARTIN O ' N EIL pums lmen na s, Sim i ar o . noon. Funera l servtces will be held I unera Notices . I t t . 1 . '1 t 1. Hold f o r interrogation •for .. wlth lllEN.t;NDEZ. MRS. ELENA_ Funeral Francis Martin O'Neil, 56, of procedures. in C'lifornia an1 up to 90 days persons s uspected A. D. Barch, pastor or the First servtce> ror Mrs. Elena . Menendez, 3,307 Pearl Ave. died Sunday Pennsylvania. A JUry will de-of having information about ofSeventh Day Adventist Church, olli-71141, o 3324 Gray Str., will be hepld evenJng ln a local hospital. A 'd t'h . f . . ciatlng. lnterment will be. in the onday at 4 P-!!1 rom the A . . . c1 e e mnocence or guilt of enses threatenmg the secunty Garden or Memorres cemetery. Pall Boza RlVERSIDF" CHAPEL w • t h .tn native of Providence, R.l., he . . of the state bearers active Jimmy Puckett, tern>ent •n Centro EspaJ!OI Memonal. h d 1 . d . T . f th 1 st a defendant, and, 1 the verd1st . . . . . , Hunter Richards, Bob Burger, Wilson Pallbearer>: Constant.ino Garcia, a tVe. I ll ampa or e a . 'lt . . 2. Contmue detammg mdef1Wallace, Julian Leach, Windell Cole Frank Menendez, Juan Cueva, six years. Mr. O'Neil was a mem-, IS gut Y. a second heanng Will nitely members of banned or-man. Honorary bearers will be-Mel EGah•<•a. _Jose sRio Dr.I dEm•lto ber of St Patrick's Catholic be conducted to determine if d vln Smith Tom Hudson Earl 1111 .,,. C\'al'l ta. urv•vo1s me u e stx gamzatiO_ns and a vocates of liard. Vandenberghe. I Church, Tampa, S.?ciety of the the jury recommends life im commumsm even. after theY FISHER, N. B. Rio, Elena Garcia and Hilda Cueva: Holy Name. Providence; E lks prisonment or death. have completed Jatl sentences Fisher, age 84, of 104 E. Adalee one son. Frank Menendez: three sisClub Providence and also the . for specific crimes These powStreet, passed a\\ay Sunday mornters . Andtea Escobio, Dolores LOPe'l F' . Ch. r ' . r p . The new amendment Will pcrers are subject to 'review each ing. Funeral services will be held and America Ferrer: one brother. 11re ;e s. rovt-. mit guilty pleas in Jirst . r t h v c ence. urv1vors me u e a son, murder and kidnaping case year 10 par tamen ' w ere er-Company Funeral Home, with the --F r a n c i s, Greenville, R .I., a Under the old statute .; woerd's government has a soli d Rev. c. H. Rasmussen, pastor o the SWETT, .JOSEPD N . Y .• SR. Mr. dauabter Mrs Jolln Mulvey N I .. sue 1 majorit Joseph N. Y. Swett Sr.. 39. res ident "' ' . ' PIe as were prolubited. A Y • or Mu:ianna. Fla., awa:v at Pr?v1dence, R.I., three Sisters, . recommendation !or by 3 . ARREST South Africans Wyatt, {if B. Strobel, J. L. Dassinger, .. Mts. James Bray, Mrs. , a jury would now be binding h J: in Garden of Memories Memorial Kathleen Doyle. N. Providence_ . on the J'udge. Presently J'tJdges w o have advocated Iorcibl e inP k 1n T m t 10 30 T e d M L M h N p be: E. A. Gallagher, A. w. La File , dan_;" tso an rs. eo urp Y.. . roVImay ignore such a recommenda-tervention in thi s country's afattend are asked at the gravedence, and several meces and tion fairs at any time since 1950-menl will be In Woodlawn Cemetery. side. Florists please note: flowers nephews and grandchildren. 1 ----------at the U .N. o r e lsewhere -if will leave the funeral home at 9:00 they return to South Africa. The ASA c . BRANTLEY Cigarette Blamed minimum sentence is five years FRAYNE, M RS. EDITH CLARA Fu Funeral nome. Asa Clyde Brantley,_ 86, of In fire fatal to 64 in jail, but a death sentence is TROTTI , VITO LEONARD -Funeral 2009 E. Osborne Ave., dted Sun... ., possible. will be held at 2 :00 o'clock Tuesday services for Mr. Vito Leonard Trotti, day af_ tetnoon at his residence.j DAKAR, Senegal, May 6 (.IP\ afternoon !rom the chapel or JeD age 36, 3901 DeLeon Ave. will be I 4. Order summary trials withntngs Funeral Home, corner or Sllgll. held at 9:30 o'clock Tuesday morning A native of Montezuma, Ga. , he -An investigation ordered by out a preparatory examination. and Nebraska Av .. nues. Rosary serv-tl:';e had lived hl'!re for the last 22 President Leopold Senghor has This eliminates what up to now the repose of his soul will be offered Brantley is survived by shown that a cigaret touched has been an important safeguard den of Memories Cemetery. his Widow, Mrs. Louemma Brant-off the fire which killed 64 per-! in South African legal proceTampa; two sons, Cectl, sons in a packed Dour bel movi' 1 dures. FUSSELL, llfRS. JI(AE L. -Funeral Cuny's Funeral Home, 605 s. Mac I house Saturday night. \ 5. Hold suspected letters, teleselvices ror Mrs. Mae L. Fussell, age Dill Ave. . THE T-TI .. ES A n . egligent s.pectatot' dr_ oppecl grams or parcels sent by maiL 39. resident of IOU E. Fern. who A....-.. .... l f passed away at a l.ocal hospital Sal w •SHBlloN, MRS. RUTH E.-Funeral Publlahed e Ten 1 n 1r 1 Jlead a.• a Cigarette mto a Pl e D 6 . Declare a state of urday evening, wlll be held Monday n • • tit ' f d gency and make emergency 1 f 1 h h th f R G R 1 h J\'1 d R t 3:30 n'clock 'fuesday afternoon from • P' l reg1 u a tons w uc ave e orce 0f Jaennune11ngs_ Fcu0n1e11_rnasl H0romthee. .. _I_a_ I_ s _ s _ a _id_ . ---------of aw. elate. Interment in the Centro Es H Tampa F lorid d th A 1 t 7. Prevent persons convicted panol Memorial Park, Pallbearer-= Broad Street Christian Church of. Ma.rc !J 'a, 1879. a., "" e r e o o under a specified law from being 1 in a specified area and confine Hatcher , Bill Krewson. tltree meRUaa SUOt ... athl them to a particular place. HARRIS, c ... KL s. Funeral services in Garden of Memories Cemetery. 111 a•nlloe. for Mr. Carl S. Harris, 56, of 628 Memlter of A>Saetah• Pnu. Gail Ave., ' femple Terrace, will be 11emller o f Alldl& B u .. au ef Clrconducted this aft.!rnoon at 4 : 00p.m . vuNKER, :URS. JOHANN/\ LAURILA .-.laltoa. from the Garden Chapel, Duval Fu .. neral 3800 Nebraska Ave .• "ith -Funeral services for Mts. Johanna the Rev. James R. Jack son. pastor Laurlla Yunker . • aj!e 81, resident of of the Temple Terrace Presbyterian Los Angeles, Cahr.. will be held Chu"h, officiating. lfltennent \\ill ruesdny morning at 11:00 o'clock at follow in Garden of Memories Ceme o!IIciate. Wilson Sammon. Co. Fu ton, Dr. Paul Givens, SlJannon Wal-nelal Home in charge of local ar lace. Albert Wenzel, a1•d Barry rangements. Brazee. ANYWHERE-ANYTIME B. MARION REED 'AMBULANCE SERVICE TAKE A DO LAR ••• R A "DICK" S TOWERS STOWERS PH. 6891 BRANDON. FLA. U n derwri ters LaboratoriH App r oved Master L abel l !lstatta t i o n t LIGHTNING H Tl SYSTeMS 3631 S . DALE MABRY HWY. TAMPA 9, FLOIUDA Telephone Us • Tampa Ulatl and a ANNOUNCING CHRYSLER'S SNAP-IN RESIDEKTIAL COOLING No'W! 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,, I " THE Nt"WS SPEE05 AROUND THE WOI?LO ENERAL BABABU VANISHES I DICTATOR LEAVES CRYPTIC NOTE ... GUARDS FOUND SLUGGED I'M 0LAD TO SEE TI-IAT POLITICIANS ARE FINALLY REFORMING THE TAX LAWS! TI-llS 51-lOULD'VE BEEN DONE MANY YEARS AGO Ill YES, SIR, MR. PAPAGORAS, YOU ' BARTON WESTLAKE, MAfW()'S NEW 8055, ACCEPTS AN INVITATION TO WITH THE GIRLS AT MR. PAPAGORAS' APARTMENT! AS MANY 8001<5 HERE AS WE HAD IN THE PUBLIC LIBRARY IIi CIRCLETOWN, INDIANA! e"" ...... v ... ICo> AND UNFAlR"' AND TURNED U5 lNTd A NATION OF BUT 'lOU FCX.t cause_s tive behavior in his mate or 1tchmg. Whether Lassie, or fltheir offspring. na_ncial consideration is yow * * * pr1me concern, an early exam-DEAR DR. MILLER: We just ination by the doctor is indi bought our daughter a pure-cated . bred Colli e. as she has pestered * * * us for Y.ears for one . . When the Docs your favorite ani-dog arnved, we noticed some mal ha v e problems, physical Linda Couch Has Lead Role In 'Pinafore' "The H.M.S. Pinafore." by Gilbert and Sullivan, will be the final production of the Metro P o 1 i t a n Lyric Theatre season. It will be p formed June 21 and 22 at Centro Asturiano audi torium. or emotional? D1. Mlller will answer any letter mailed to him, care of The Tampa Times, pro vided a stamped. self-addressed envelope is enclosed. ••• oua coMPLm e1n ll\l'Cf10N NO MONEY DOWN NO PAYMENTS 1ll JUlY ... ; ; ) .... • ; ... • ', . • l' ' • ... ALL TYPES OF REMODELING and ADDITIONS! FHA FINANCING Fireplac:es •••••••••• from $325 Patios •••••••• •••••• from $125 Florida Rooms • • • • • • • • • • • $789 Garages •••• , ••••••• from $450 Houses •••••••••••• from per sq. ft. FREE ESTIMATES e NO OBLIGATION L. F. GUYER CONSTRUCTION CO. 2901 N. Lincoln Ph. 626-4544 or 876-6759 • , ; h Production dif ficulties f o r c e d t h e cancellation of "Wonder f u 1 Town." originally announced as the final production DUVAL'S. SPOTLIGHTS : .APPLIANCE-VALUES., . ' \ . . Couch for this year . Casting for the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta has been com pleted and rehearsals are sched uled to begin. Leads will be played by Linda Couch and Har old Yohe, as Josephine and R alph, the young lovers. announced for the cast are Charles Strickland, as Sir Joseph Porter; Barbara Gates, Buttercup; Charles Ha. 8 p.m. ; chess club. 7 p.m. ; gymnasti c s , 9 p.m. T uesday-golden age club. 9 a.m.: men's recreation chorus, 1 :15 p . m . : beginners' <619). 3:30 p.m. ; accordion lessons Cfi and up), 4 :30 p.m.; weight lifting and advanced tumbling, 4 :30 p.m. Anderson CenterAult 7 :30 I p . m . Tuesdayfirst aid class. 9 a .m.; 1 p.m.: teen open house.1 grant Park Community Center-Boys' activity club, 6 :30 p m . ; tumbling class C9) . 8 p.m . T uesday study hour

' ------=-THE TAMPA TIMEs, Monday, Mays, 1963 10-Ton Bell Virginia Laws Have Wide Effect Frozen. Then Burned Y I d • •d I H NIAGARA FALLS,_ N.Y. FRANKFORT Ky. (JP)-Fewlaws in force in Virginia in (JP) -James Our n lVI U a Oroscope (UPD -The 55 bells m the . ' . . Morns of Little Rock has found 1 Rainbow carillon on a p 0 i , n t Kentuckians know that, to some 1792 are m effect m Kentucky, a m th d f k . . . . . just below Niagar.a Falls extent, they are living under unless repugnant to the colistiLook. in the section in which stincts dictate. Details, accu-An excellent day m which to ex.. may seem to be 143 tons. 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• THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 6, 1963 DOWNTOWN STORE 10 LV NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS. PLEASE ND F ONTH STORE OPENS 8:30 A.M. MONDAY and TUESOA Y. SHOP DOWNTOWN STORE MONDAY NITE •tiL 9 P.M. ..... SPECIA.Ls FOR THE HOME 7 Only 1 0-Drawer UNPAINTED CHEST Save 23% FRY & BACON GRILL • • • • save 6 Only Plastic Tube Wrapped Alum. FOLDING CHAIR •••••••• save 3 •08 491 Assorted CROCKERY MUGS • • • • • • save 19 Only SHOPPING STROLLER •••• Save 2 '40 21 Only 3-Pc. Room Group 2 CHAIRS & 42" SmEE .•• Save 3 '99 Pers., Turq., tan, white QUEEN SIZE TV TRAY TABLES Save 2.02 3 Only HAMMOCKS ............ 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THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 6, 1963 A Question of Pride Tagged as "growing pains," grass-walk ilrg has practically been accepted by both students and professors as a natural and even necessary occurrence about the cam pus. Students find it hard to walk from their dorms to the Chemistry or Life Sci ences Building without cutting a few corners, and indeed, it is a long walk. Also, professors who may be late for classes or appointments are tempted to take the shortcut through the grass to the UC or AD Building. Whatever the cause may be, the panel of pictures on page one speaks for itself. The staff of the Physical Plant is trying to solve many of the problems, but their allotment in the budget is not nearly enough. Bids for more sidewalks will go out this week which should reduce the grass-walking problem somewhat. tract from the fraternal image, but the great brotherhoods are somewhat depleted, and many of the vacancies are those of the Joe Colleges and Fred Fraternities who are perhaps a little lacking in professional motiva tion. They just aren't around for the summer. Item No. 4: The Library. Switching to the positive side of the evidence, we might say that the library is still enjoying good use minus many of the lobby crowd. These are just a few of the instances. Many more crop up in classes, for example. Then again, it can't all be attributed to serious students. Theoretically, we aren't supposed to have a freshman class at present, and there are somewhat fewer people on cam pus. Also, maybe we have been under the influence of the Three Disciplines-Trimester I, Trimester II, and Trimester III-for a long enough period that the shock of soon-due term papers and premature finals has produced a stricter academic climate. Alas, it will all revert back to the norm, at least temporarily, next August when a new freshman class makes its appearance, cloaked in the innocence of inexperiellce. But even a more distinct change than that will occut in June when the campus receives both one-week-old high school grads and an experienced entourage of school teachers! -R. A. 0. -(USF Photo) STATION NEARS COMPLETION A workman puts the finishing touches on the television station control room in the library basement. The studios will house an FM radio station and a closed circuit television station. Target date for the opening is set for the middle of August. I Softball League I i To Be Formed i I I By RICHARD OPPEL cause of a lack of on-campus fa-Trimester III intramurals will cilities. ' Why, we ask, couldn't there begin soon with the formation be competition scheduled at one of a "slow-pitch" softball league of the nearby pools (FSC or despite the fact that intramurals GossJ. After all, it's summer, this term lack the formality of this is Florida, and we are 80% commuters. an activity points arrangement. If anybody would like to write Intramural director Murphy sports (sounds like another ap Osborne Jr. expects "at least peal, doesn't it?-it is), or any six teams from each residence thing else for that m a t t e r, hall" to particiPate in the please contact Dr. A. T. Scrog1 e a g u e. Of course, two divi-gins or Richard Oppel in UC sions-a men's and a women's-58. That's across from the rec will comprise the league. Osroom in the basement. borne is also hoping for partici-. pation by staff members from each college or division. ti • • ! The fraternal society iii Reg1strat10n M s e e m s to h a v e detenorated m . . . :iii somewhat because of working \l late regtstra.hon it members etc Maybe a few of ':\l contmumg press tJme, • . enrollment figures for all the stronger frats 1@ of T r i m _e s t e r III had @ an? CIE\ SOM6fJMeS 1-le Pr

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 6, 1963 11 -----------------------BIG LEAGUE STANDINGS ! <. = Cl1 .!! .s Horseplayers Are Best of the Breed NATIONAL LEAGUE -= a 'E. ::: .!< -= ... = .. 5 :J :::: On the chance that the Kentucky Derby was 'run off Saturday on schedule, I would like to make a mental bet that the $2 bettor -the guy who supports the track on less sacred occasions was no more in evidence at Churchill Downs than the bleacher fanthe guy who supports the ball club during the season -at World Series time. One thing you have to say about the horse player, he is bred for bone and heart and spirit. ... g. ;;;21"'-';1.,..:-j 3'l3J Ojj13 j 8 1 .619J-lh St. Louis I 2 1 1 1 J 1 j 1 1 3 J 3jl 2 1 2JI16 J 10 j .615 J=s""'a'""n"F""r-:-::an:-::c.-:::is-:-:co=-----TI "2+-1 71Ji-i-l'31-O f Ojljlj3j-5jj16 JIOI .615 1 -I am no particular fan of horses (a dull, mangey lot>, but I am a devoted fan of the horseplayer, as pure-blooded a breed as ad versity and perseverance has even developed . -Chicago I 11 Ij 3 J I 3 j 3 j 2 j 0 O J Ojji3jll •Milwaukee I o r ODI O j -J-113 1 I I 4 lill3TI3-:500j_3_ L;;-os -cA;-n-g-.el;-e-s ---7-1 "1j;-O;;-;j-,O,.;-j-;;3:+-j " I i-I -I I ToT4Tf I2ji31 .4801 t).i 'Philadelphia I O J 4j011j010FJ2 1 I I 3jjllji2 --:-478\3ih FORTUNATELY, THIS WILL not discour age him from rushing to the $2 window when the portals are thrown open to him again. One has only to visit fhe track briefly to see the heart-warming evidence of the im provement of the breed. Follow any pedigreed member of the crowd as he parks his car ($I), pushes through the turnstiles C$2) , buys ciNCINNATI I 2131 1j O J 1 J O J o : 1 2 1 liTIOji2T .455 f 4 NewYork I O J O j I J 2 J 4 1 1 1 O j O J I 1jj9 15 f .365 j 6 --H_ ou,s.--:to"'n;:;;;;-------r-l -;;;Oil.l j 3 j 1 j 2 j O ' '' 8 jl7j .365l6-LOST I 8 J 10 j 10 jlljl3j 13 j 12jl2 j 15 jl7Jj SUNDAY'S RESULTS Los Angeles 7, Pittsburgh 3 . Chicago 3, Milwaukee 2. San .Francisco . 6-2, . New York 3-4. Philadelphia 6-2, Houston 5-6. Cincinnati 5-4, St. Louis 4-7, second game, 10 innings. SATURDAY'S RESULTS Philadelphia 7, Houston 0. Pittsburgh 5 , Los Angeles 0. AMERICAN LEAGUE San Francisco 17, New York 4. Cincinnati 6, St. Louis 0. Chicago 7, Milwaukee 6. TUESDAY'S GAMES Pittsburgh at Chicago. Philadelphia at New York, night. San Francisco at Milwaukee, night. Los Angeles at St. Louis, night. Kansas City 1-1 O j 2 1 1 1 l j 1 1 21 3 J 3 J 2!1151 9 j .6251 -New York I 2j-j O J 2 j O j 2 j 1 J 2 j 2 j OjJU J 8 J .579 j .:11'31 Oj 11 1 1 l j 3jjllj 8 1 .579 1 llh Baltimore I I J I J 1 1-1 1 1 3 j I I 1 1 2 2jji3jllj .542 1 2 Chicago ____ _,lf-:II I I 01 2 1-1 OJ II 3 1 2 1 IIJ11J10 j .524 1 21/2 Cleveland I lj-O j I I 1 O J I 3 j l j I I Il l 9 j 9 j .500-j 3 -Los Angeles I 21 2j-I J 2 f II O J-I l j 21 IIJ12 j 14 j .462 1 4 Minnesota I 0\11 o r I J I j Ii21 l 2 1 2JIIOji3j .435 j 41;2 Washington I II 1 1 21 0 1 2fOI2JOI I 2 j jiOjiSI---:-4oOISih Detroit I O j 2 1 1 1 1 I I 21 1 1 I I O l 1 1 9 1 14 1 .39I j 5 1h LOST I 9 j 8 J 8 1 111IO-j-9 ji4I 13 jl5II4II Cleveland 6, Los Angeles o, night. Kansas City 14, Boston 3, night, 5 innings, rain. CHATEAUGAY IN COMMAND -(AP Wirephoto) Kentucky Derby long-shot Chateaugay steps in front of the field and into command of the situation, edging Never Bend and Candy Spots (9). Chateaugay Isn't At His Peak SUNDAY'S RESULTS Detroit I2, Baltimore. Minnesota 4, New York I. Boston 3, Kansas City 2. Cleveland 4, Los Angeles 3. Chicago 8-7, Washington 0-8. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (IP}-Kendidn't give him any special in-They hit the mile with Never TUESDAY'S GAMES tucky Derby w1nner Chateaugay, structions I J'ust went over each B d t'll th f t d b Minnesota at Los An g e 1 e s, en s 1 on e ron en Y a night. . af colt months away horse in with him on length. But when they hit the SATURDAY'S RESULTS Chicago 8, Washington 1. Baltimore 8, Detroit 4. rom hiS peak as a 3-year-old , paper, showmg h1m what to ex-Chicago at Kansas City , night. may make the public forget the pect from each of them." stretch, Baeza had Chateaugay New York at Detroit, night. 1 fl th t 'd Ab t 100 New York 3, Minnesota 2. Cleveland at Washington, night. so-called Big Three of the trip e MESH TENNEY, trainer of ymg on e ou SI e . . ou Boston at Bal(imore, night. crown set. Candy Spots, said his colt "had yards into the stretch Chateau-----------------------'-------------------TilE SON OF Swaps a run at the leaders but jusL gay had a length lead and was the Darby Dan Farm colors mto couldn' t get to them." . .1 WINS AT LAS VEGAS the winner's circle at Churchill . . runnmg eas1 y . Downs Saturday after he bowled "I dtdJ;l't thmk .?andy Following the first five to the Nicklaus Feels over the Big Three as if they rough trip at all, h:e said, I finish line in order were Bon-were not even in the $151,400 jour, Pet, anci race. they hit the stretch I'd already Royal Tower. "The Derby was the easiest u h' t f t" race he' s won since his first vicwn en Im ou o I . THE VICTORY, worth $108,-tory as a 2-year-old," trainer Films . sh?wed' Candy 900, was Chateaugay's fourth in Jimmy Conway said. "I wasn't Spots, wtth :Vlllie Sh_oefour starts this year. He has surprised that he won it -in up,. got m tz ouble twice. t t l . f $134 770 He COn Improve! The ftrst hme he ranup on the o a earnmgs o , , fact, I thought he had a. heels of No Robbery on the first picked up in winning; six of nine good chance to get home f1rst. turn The second incident oc-starts and running two seconds. Conway said Chateaugay im-curred in the stretch when he Never Bend's torrid fractions LAS VEGAS (IP}-Jack Sunday with his winning effort proves with every race and is was on the rail and moving of :23 seconds, 46 2 / 5, I:10 and laus, who owns virtually all the in the recent Mas ters, said "I far from his peak. ''He runs then for no apparent reason' 1:35 2 / 5 pushed Chateaugay prized possessions of the golfing played better from tee to green better everytime he goes to the went to the outside over the finish line in the good gameaswellasthemostdollarsin Augusta, but I putted very post. We think he _will hit _his "IT WASN'T the jockey" time of 2:014/5. for the year has unpleasant well here." pe_ak fall somettme, barnng Tenney said, "I just think he LAST DAY! mishap. came out because he was tired." news for hb fellow players: THE TURNING point of the CHATEAUGAY, taken well Woody Stephens who saddled He isn't even at his peak yet. tournament, Nicklaus said, came off the pace by jockey Braulio Never Bend for Guggen-on the 11th hole of the third B h d h 1 ft f th NICKLAUS , richer by $13,000 round Saturday. He was paired aeza, a so _muc e or . c heim, said "I just told the run m the 11.4 m!le jockey Manuel Ycaza to break after his almost casual victory with CasPer, who had just classic that he passed Never Never Bend like he was the in the Tournament of Chaminche.d up to within one stroke Bend and Candy Spots with no only horse in the race and then . S d sk d 'f h of Nicklaus . effort 1 t h. d h l.k d f PI?ns un _ay, was a e 1 _e "I sswk a good putt for a e 1m o as e 1 e rom thmks he lS at the top of his birdie two, and Bill missed his," Cain Hoy Stable's Never Bend, where he broke. game Said Jack. "That pu. t me two making all the pace rudnning WE EXPECTED Gray Pet . an excellent race, fmtshe secN R bb d bl ' Eyebrows raised in surprise, shots ahead. Then B1ll bogeyed ond lengths back of Chao o ery, an poss1 y a he exclaimed : thde 12thThtotgive me a . of .. e ge. a gave me a 1g Rex Ellsworth's Candy Spots, an ru? us, e sa1 , u "I certainly hope not, I feel and confidence the rest of the 3 _2 favorite and unbeaten they d1dn t. . . .. and hope I can improve. the tournament. going into the Derby was third Guggenheim satd It was an "th.manh ai Jack Nicklaus, SI3 , 000 64-69-273 a neck back of Bend. ' excellent race. If I've. gat to any mg e oes. la .5 ow .. Tony Lema, S5,300 . 72--278 AMBUSH ST4BLE'S On My lose a Derby I can't thmk of a feel about my future 1D golf. Arnold Palmer, S5,300 6673-68-278 H f . . h•r-d f th d nicer gentleman to lose it to Nicklaus capped hi s brilliant G'dner Dickinson, $2,900 71-71-7069-281 on or tms e our an G h ., G 1 d f 64 68 72 'th 3 Ted Kroll, $2.900 ..... 72-69-69-281 Greentree Stable's No Robbery than John albreat . a -roun s o WI a -un-Bob Goalby, $2,900 ..... 73-68-281 th b f h B. ' breath is master of Darby Dan der-par 69 Sunday and won by Doug Sanders, $2,250 . . 70-72-72-283 the o er mem er o t e 1g F five strokes with a 72-hole score . :: Three with Cand:r Spots and arm. , ()f 273 Jack y Cupit. $1.85 0 .... 71-70-71-284 Never Bend, was ftfth. Never Bend, last years cham-. Ray Floyd, Sl.462.50 ... 76-74-6868--286 The first four finishers now pion juvenile colt, took the lead BILL CASPER Jr. was forced : head for Baltimore and the sec-right out of the gate and main to withdraw because of a swol-John Barnum, Sl.462.50 72-73-70-286 ond leg of the triple crown, the tained a length margin over No len, aching left hand after eight : Preakness at Pimlico. No Rob-Robbery when they came by the holes on the last round. Bo Wininger. Sl,l75 .... '10-72-77-290 bery who bucked his shins, may stands the first time. Candy So Nicklaus' closest competi:: sit this one out. Spots was third at this point. tors were Arnold Palmer, the Doug Ford. Sl,050 ..... 71-75-75-292 Conway said he wasn't at all DOWN THE backside they former king of the pros, n:0oo surprised that Chateaugay, a still ran in this order with Bon Tony Lema, who surged mto Bobby Nichols, S LOOO . . 75-75-71-294,colt with a lot of early speed, jour fourth, Gray Pet fifth and the picture with a 66 and tie Al Johnston, $l ,ooo 79-72-7!-?2-294 dr opped off tl1e pace Chateaugay sixth Royal Tower Dave Ragan, $1,000 ... 77-74-72-72-295 • • with Palmer at 278. Al Gcibergcr. $1,000 ... 77?8 :70-73-298 "I told Braulio to just ride was seventh, Investor eighth and Palmer finished with a 68, but Bill Casper Jr,, $l,OOO money the horse " Conway said. "I On My Honor ninth. said, " I had a very unimpres-70.69-69-withdrew, InJury. ' sive round. I was scrambling. I had quite a few putts that came up short." Nicklaus, comparing his play American (Continued from Page 14) off loser Ralph Terry in the first and Vic Power doubled home a run in the third. Terry had beaten the Twins five straight times before Sunday. Morehead, a 19-year-old whose other victory was a shutout over Washington, held the hard-hit ting A's to one run and two hits over the first seven innings, but needed relief help from Dick Radatz in the eighth with one run acros s. Frank Malzone and Chuck Schilling homered for Boston. The Tigers, still in the cellar, had lost four straight before they found their hitting eyes against the Orioles. Freeham's double and an error put Detroit ahead in the fourth. Tom Stur divant picked up in a deal with was the winner in relief. TilE ANGELS LOST their fourth straight as Bo Belinsky s record fell to 1-4. Dick Dono van bad a 4-1 lead in the ninth, when the Angels go two, but Barry Latman stopped them in relief. Hoyt Wilhelm ' s knuckleball apparently did'nt knuckle at Chicago. The relief pitcher came in with two out and two on in the ninth inning of the second game and Chuck Hinton hit his first pitch for a three-run homer that sank the Sox. Ray Herbert pitched a three bitter over the Senators in the first game, and Dave Nicholson and Ron Hansen homered for Chicago . Yesterday's Stars tiATTING -Bill Freehan, Tigers, tonus rookie bit two home runs and ltatte d in five runs In Detroit's 124 1'0 m p over Orioles. PITCHING-Ray Herbert, White Sox, abut out Washington with thr e e bito for third vidory, striking out and walking only one. .. . .. . .. . . .... CHOOSE FROM DOZENS Including Starfire Sport coupes. Come browse! Ladies' Night Mon., Tues., Wed. & Thurs. ladies admitted free ex .. pl for tax. Action From a P.M. to Mldnltrht Thrilling! Exciting Pari-Mutuel Wagering Daily Double 1st and 2nd Tickets and Information Tampa 831-1411 St. Pete WX 2311 Clearwater WX 2311 FREE PARKING and Valet Parking No Minor1 his program (25c ) and form sheet (50c) and races to the daily double window ($2) . BIG JAKE, A FRIEND OF MINE with pure blood lines Cby George, out of Dough) has perfected this routine to such an art that he can judge his descent upon the daily d:luble window, day in and day out, with never more than 30 seconds to spare. Now, an occasional untried newcomer will reach the window just before it comes crash ing down but this is sheer racing luck. On the turf, as the racing axiom goes, it is con sistency that counts. -Let us take a closer look at the conforma tion of my friend as he canters to his scat, whinnying happily, head held high, fetlocks firm, rump solid (I've told him a hundred times to cut down on the cheese cake), and black mane waving in the soft afternoon All3 for only 95 Any American Car Just Say "Charge it" • • ; Take months to pay breeze -a fine physical specimen who would excite heavy bidding in any auction ring. BUT THERE IS FAR, far more to his blood lines than meets the unschooled eye. Generations of scanning racing forms have made him keen of eye; countless agonies of balancing past performances against shifts of weight, jockey changes and other telltale giveaways have made him quick of mind. (Horseplayers operate on the theory that the winner of any race is foreordained, which means he has only to find the vital clue hid den somewhere arp.idst the cryptography.) Countless sprints to the $2 show window have left him strong of wind; and quiet, medi tative hours of standing in line among pushing, shoving Saturday mobs have bred in him a saintly patience 1 which, in turn, can be (Continued on Page 16, Col. 2) ====== firt$fOnt NEW TREADS APPLIED ON SOUND TIRE BODIES OR ON YOUR OWN TIRE$ ' WHITEWALLS-ANY SIZE Narrow or Wide Design, . Tubeless or Tube-type Our New Tread$, identified by Medallion and lhop mark, on GUARANTEED 1 . Asainst defect. in workmanship and materials during life o( t-d. 2. Asainst nonnal road hazards (except repairable punctures) encowttered in everyday paS80Slger car use lo• 12 months. Replacements prorated on u-d WMr and bued on Jiit prioo. curra>t at time of adjustment. DOWNTOWN STORE I DALE MABRY SHOPPING CENTER COne Block front Courthouse) 1205 S. Dole Mabry Ph. 253-0416 900 E. Lafayette Ph. 229 9 A.M. to 9 P .M. Mon . -Fri. Open 7:30 A.M.-6.00 P .M.-Fri. Nite 'til 9 P.M. Sat. 'til 6 P.M. LAKELAND SARASOTA ST. PETERSBURG CLEARWATER 202 N. Mass Ave. Cor. Main & Pine 9th St. and 9th Ave, N. 100 N. Fort Harrison Ph. MU 6-4153 Ph. 955-4187 Ph. 862-7749 Ph. 446-2144 PLANT CITY BRADENTON BARTOW WINTER HAVEN Reynolds at Palmer 1Oth Sr. & 4th Ave. Dr. 180 S. Wilso• 6th St. & Ave. "A" SW 752-4177 Ph. 743-0711 Ph. 533 -2157 Ph. CY 3-2116 Regardless Which of These Quality Ferman Oldsmobile Salesmen Win Our MAY JUNE SALES CONTEST BECAUSE: 1-We've given them the green light to meet any reasonable deal you offer. 2-We're givinCJ them BIG Prizes based on the number of units sold-NOT on the dollar volume or net profit! 3-0ur inventory has been tripled for this event. We're in CJOOd shape to take short profit in exchange for volume, and our lot full means bet• ter selection! YOU CAN'T LOSE! Now's the time to get in on that "something extra in owning an Olds!"


16 TD.t TAMP A TIMES, Monday, May 6, 1963 Boat Accidents Decrease A recent U.S. Coast Guard report on boating safety during 1962 should help put an end to fears about a rise in the boating accident rate. The report, issued last month, shows an 8.5 per cent drop in the number of fatal boating accidents, coupled with a 13.9 per w:\\.fJ.l!21'lh cent increase in the num ber of registered boats. Fur, Fin 'nFeathers * By Ernest Villanueva ' The Coast Guard re port showed a decrease of 104 in the number of per sons who lost their hves in boating accidents dur ing 1962, a drop to 1,114 from the 1,218 boating fatalities recorded in 1961. At the same time, the Coast Guard reported that the number of registered boats had climbed from the 1961 figure of 3,085,732 to 3,516,052. ACCIDENTS OF all types were down 4 . 4 per cent, while property damage sank 8 per cent from $4,378,00(} to $4,028,700. We would say this indicates that efforts to edu cate newcomers to boating and remind experienced boatmen of safety rules are bearing fruit. The tens of thousands of dollars and the hundreds of thousands of man-hours that the Coast Guard, its Auxiliary, the U.S. Power Squadrons, boating industry firms, and marine dealers have expended to educate people in the basics of boat handling are paying off in increased safety. * * THE ANNUAL meeting of the Florida Ocean Racing Association has been scheduled for Friday, May 17, at the Clearwater Yacht Club. Among things to be considered will be the selection of times and dates of the 1963-64 race schedule, the election of officers and other pertinent association business. * * * TWO SHOOTS have been announced by the Win ter Haven Skeet Trap Club! one for this Saturday (Continued on Page 17, Col. 1) Jai"Aiai Entries FIRST GAME-Doubles, 6 points: Tampa T earn Leader In Women1s State Pin Meet Milo-Jauregui, Luki Vetri, Relnaldo-In-saustl, Goiri-Urqulza, MurllJo-Atano, Pensaco_la (JP)-A score of 247 In individual competition, Arias-Almorza, Berasateeui-Urlona. ge Subtitutes: Oyarzun-Salvador. gave Dons Booth of Orlando Tampa's Sue Guerry and St. Petersburg, and Sue Guerry, Tampa, SECOND GAME-Singles, 6 points: high game in the 16th Annual p t , Cl B f th 1,132. Tacoto, Martoreu, Churruca, Beitla , Florida Women's Bowling Tour-e e s ara urger are our . Class B-Helen Smith-Mine_tte AngeAzpirl. Substinament which ended its third in the Class A Doubles with .a THIRD GAME-Doubles, s points: weekend here Sunday. score of 1132. Doris of St. HANDICAP LEADERS scratch leader-St. Clair and Bauer, Alberro-Jauregui, Golri-Salvador, Arias-burg was high scratch Senes Class A-Ford Plumbing, Tampa, 1,043. Atano. Substitutes: Berasategui-Mar-leader with 618 and Mary Class C -Anette Wessel Shirley torell. Esther Spirkoff of Hollywood sonville. 2,917; scratch leader Palm U FOpRTHA 9'AME-MilS!ngLukles,. S points: led in all events scratch SCOring Beach Kennel Club, 2,573. cone-Hazel Sewell, Pensacola, 1,235; rqwza, rias , 0 • " BerasaCi B D r Fu t D t scratch leadel'--Falconc-Sewel!, 965. tegui, Alberro. Substitute: witb 1, 729. . Be 2,gg2:y SINGLES FIFTH GAME -. Douples: 5 PO\Dts: Ford Plumbmg of Tampa was Tampa, 2,988; Dempsey Chevrolet, Churruca-Eiola, EuagmrreMand1ola, the leader in Cl"SS A Team Tampa, 2,945; scratch Jeadel'--Daytona Class A-Doris Colbert, St. Peters Berasatcgw-Muguena. Tacolo Beltla, ., Furniture 2 ,479 Peredo-Orluondo. SubHandicap with a score of 2,933 Class C-Del;,.ar Furniture Pensa665; scratch leader-Colbert, 618. stltute: AzpiriME D 1 5 . t which is only 11 pins ahead of cola, 2.966; Gayfers No. 1, Pensacola, Class B-Mary Alice Conti, PensaSIXTH GA .. ouJ;l es, poins: c nd place Electric Communi-2,941; Provost O!fice Equipment, Cocoa, cola, 686; Marge Brown, Clearwater, Relnaldo Azpm, Munllo Garmend1a, se 0 2,933; scratch leader-Martine'.s Inc. 683 Kathefine Sessions Perry, 678; Oyarzun-Atan'!, Arias-Salvador. P.eredo; cations of St. Pete. Jacksonville, 2,207. ' leader-Marge Brown, 566. Uriona, L\!kiMartoreU. Substitutes. In the Class B Division FosDOUBLES Class o.; -Ruth Bonelli, Pensacola, Tacolo-Urquua. S t" G d f T' Class A-Josie Massey-Dorothy Cham 680; Meldee Johnson, Gainesville, 679; SEVENTH GAME-Doubles, 5 points: ter por mg 00 S 0 ampa bers Orlando 1272 Fae Hall-Agnes Lucy Mae Knox Pasco County 661' Mllo-Mandiola, Goiri-Ortuondo, is just four pins behind leading Sawyer, Browaro' co 'unty, 1,257; Mary s c ratch leader-Bonelli, 527. ' ' Daytona Furniture and DempSubstitutes: Tacolo-Salvador, sey Chevrolet of Tampa is a I EIGHTH GAME-Singles, 6 points: strong third, Azplri, Oyarzun, Elola, Mandiola, Mugue!"Za, Peredo, Tolosa. Substitute: Eizaguirre. NINTH GAME-Doubles, 5 points: Arias.J'\fuguerza, OyarzunTolosa, Ta * * * J! c I k G we s d R d Garmendia, Churruca-Atano, Arlast_,:.J . ar . / regory In econ oun II State Tourney . ['\ SARASOTA (JP) Onl one NO DOWN PAYMENT! pin separated the leaders m the Charles Clark an d Charles times. Gavier played. without victory over Dade City in the for first place in the second o-all events handicap of the Floryesterday bested Bill Jones in Saturday's round. Intersocial Baseball League at Sunday action of the Davis Is-ida State Bowling Tournament Koerner and Jim Durrance, 2 _ 1 Clark and Gregory will meet Cuscaden Park. lands Yacht Club sailing series. Pancho Picks after the first of the MacDill downed West Tampa Hill won the toss of the coin FmsT GAME-Luki-Vetrt, Golrl 29th annual affa1r. in the second round of the Murray and Lee Gay, winners 7-5 in the first game of' the and was declared the winner. Urquiza, Berasatecut-Urlona. Buddy Wilson, Sarasota, led Temple Terrace four-ball golf over Nester Fernandez and Ted doubleheader on a two-run Ray Chase was third. Axel 01GAME-Beiat, Azplrl, T .. with 1 , 981 to 1,980 for Burgell championship. LeCompte yesterday, 2-1 in a single by Eddie Lentz. The day's sen won the windmill division TWRD GAME-Arias-A,ano, Loki Crespell, Fort Lauderdale. Cres-Durrance and Koerner Satmatch. best pitching performance was and Ernest Garrison copped the Milo' pell held the scratch lead with urday downed Ralph Gavier, The other championship flight turned in by Dade City's 7'omtny 110 series race. Alberro. sets of 646, 625 and 592 for a who along with Ed Jones, has semifinal finds Bill Dudley and Brice who held Gibsonton to OLPH MEETING FIFTH GAME-Elzagutrri-Mandlota, total of 1 863. th t "tl thr t h t M ti C lt 6 5 f h"ts 1 i . Tacolo-Beiila, Peredo-Ortuondo. C' f d S t h ld won e 1 e ee s r a 1 g ar n ar on, -wmners our 1 m a os nt c.ause. OLPH Athletic Association SIXTH GAME_ Peredo-Urlona, Mu-Don raw or , araso a, e over W. D. Davis and Charles McCORD HURLS 0-HITTER wili meet tonight at 8 p.m . . at the. singles scratch lead with 676 Smith facing Joe Steinberg and Dennis McCord struck out 18 the school. Final plans for the Alberro-Urqulza, Ber .. stegue-Jnsaustl, whtle Al pepalma,, John Enander, Steinberg and and pitched a no-hitter yester-annual sport dinner will be EIGHTH GAME-Eiola, Azplrl, second wtth 658. Dems Munro, Enander whipped Neil Walters day at the Tigers whipped the made GAME-Peredo-Garmendla. Sanford, had 746 to lead the and W. E. Tucker, 5-4. John Giants, 14-1 in an Interbay Babe JEWEL WIN Tacolo-Ortuondo, Arlas-Muguerza. singles handicap division, Spiekermann turned in the sec-Ruth League game. Jl'l • TENTH GAME-Oyarzun-Garmendla, B t ngle game during the POT 0' GOLD MUo-Eiola, Tacolo-Salvador. es Sl ond eagle so far in the. tourney Dick James and Don Gibson ELEVENTH GAftiE-Churruea-Salvr. weekend was p o s t e d by Joe when he hit a four wood in the both had three hits and Earl Norma King and Evelyn Jewel dor, Tacoto-Eiola, Peredo-Azplrl. Stone, Sarasota, who rolled 268. hole on the fly on No. 10. Porath had a homer for the win-yesterday won the pot of gold Dave Boozer and Lloyd Han-The first Eagle came Saturday ners. The Giants' run was un-bowling tourney at Regal Lanes Sara seta don Sarasota held the doubles and was made by Uly Valles earned. with a score of 1,187. lead in the 'handicap divjsion when he hit a No. 3 iron on TAMPA GREYS WIN FATHER, SON' S PIGEONS WIN with 1,370 and Cortez Lanes, No. 6 hit the green and The Tampa Greys defeated The fathtr, son of Erwin Bradenton, led in team handicap bounced m the cup. the Fort Myers Jets 5-3 at the and Jack Riggs placed the top E with 3,200. WOMEN INSTALL OFFICERS 22d Avenue ball park. two entries in the Northside nt •e Scratch leaders in doubles The_ a. Women's. G 0 1 f . es Harris was the wln-Tampa Pigeon Racing Club's r I s were Crespell and Robert Par-Now you can have your outboard motor for as little as $5 a month! Take advantage of this tremendous offer by Pioneer to the Sports men of the Greater Tampa Area! Just come in and select the one that fits your needs! 1963 Evinrude ssoo LIGHTWIN A 3 Horsepower Month 1963 Evinrude FISHERMAN 5'12 Horsepower s1so.o 10 Horsepower Month 1963 Evinrude SPORTWIN "Top 1' alue Stanaps Witla Every Purchase" PIONEER WILBUR F. Associatwn will hold mstalla-mng pitcher and Frank Cum300-mile race yesterday to nett fort Lauderdale with tion of. officers at a Temple mings took the loss. Yesterday Macon, Ga. _ . 1,257, while Lord's Oakhurst Financing "We Service What We Sell" Pioneer's Own Personalized Free Parking On Our Lot Rear of Store CLAM ON Terrace luncheon_ tomorrow at marked the first win for the Joe Baldasan a third an d RACEFive -siXteenths mile-Motel, Sarasota, led in team Tampa at Washington Sts. Boulevard nine -holt low -gross Monore. *&. ::: Phone 8 76423 that morning. Tee off ttme for ACME HALTS MILLERS 4 . La gGina B. N . M.'s R ' ket Age the tourney will be off either Chickie Garcia p_itched an d : p ra tt SECOND RACE-Five-sixteenths mile p 621096 I $1AII IAR• l STATE FAitM rllulwl Aldamabill lmvliiiC& -..,. ' 110118 OJ!a: BloooriJI&Itl.lllinais A EACH NIGHT (except Sunday) 8:10 P.M. MATINEES WED.SAT. 2:00 P.M. Central Air-Conditioning of the nines at 9 a.m. got three hits as Acme beat 5 . Ed' s T -Bird GIBSONTON STOPS DADE Miller High Life 8-4 in the Mu2: Jet Era 6 . Kinipopo CITY nicipal Baseball League. Acme : fawmp L;rry : ti;ade Catcher Bill Mooneyham un-rallied for six runs in the fifth. Lowers . mileloaded a three-run homer yes-TED KING, LEWIS HILL TIE Grade D: terday to give Gibson ton a 5-3 Ted King and Ltwis 'Hill tied 2L ARrtlsdtryT 56 . MAduuer w . an y ray . am yn 3. Deluxe Lineage 7. Magerico d 4. Sklpperlno 8. Louie Lad Recor FOURTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade M: L Kool Reception s. Go Tip 2 . Sunday Driver 6. Stone Hill Bill Veeck1s Column (Continued from Page 15) rewarded only in another world. WHICH IS just as well, since he knows by now that it isn't going to be rewarded in this one. There are still some bluenoses who insist that thoroughbred racing instills an unseemly gambling drive in otherwise prudent, industrious men. This is ridiculous on the face of it, because I can assure you that Big Jake was never prudent or industrious . What the critics cannot seem to unders t and is that far from encouraging gambling, the race t rack purifies the stock of all its g r a s p i n g, avaricious in stincts. $835.60 but it's always a friend of a friend. Sheer propaganda. The point I'm making (and, like any honest crapshooter I'm making it the hard way) is that any man who coughs up five bucks to buy into a place is not a gambler. 3. Pet Me 7. Nixon's Lemon d . 4 . Perlene 8. Royal Score Stock car fans won ermg FIFTH RACE-Three-eighths mile -how much faster DICk Pratt can Grade T: tur nthe third-mile Golden Gate 1. Quic k 5 . Fightln Gator Speedway after t h e veteran chauffeur placed another track t. Hots-Catc h-It 8. Wind to Win record on the books Saturday SIXTH RACE-Fivesixteenths mile-night. frf3intC: 5. Count on Elsa Pratt lopped better tha_n 10 seconds off the record Wlth a 4. Opelousas 8. Freedom Seven GAMBLERS. play roulette, clocking of for _the 20 AcE-Five-sixteenths blackjack and dice. Gentlemen laps or 6% m1les. Th1s put 1 . wally Tray 5 ctatonla sportsmen, out to spend a few Pratt far ahead of second place 2. coro Knight Belloquill dollars for a day's entertain-Dave Scarborough of Largo, l; Man ment, go to the theater, the race who is running better every EIGHTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile track or, if they really have week. ittst s. Coro Silver class, to the ball park. Pratt also set a mark for 2. rn Pay Ya 6 . Greek Joy And I'm not ta 1 king only eight laps when he won the first 3. Dundee Doll 7 . Kitty Russell 4. Flying Blazer 8. M e n Ma•t e r about the nut. If a gamble r is heat to grab the pole spot for NINTH RACE-Five-s i xteenths mile-getting an honest count, the the feature. His time in the 5 . N . M ' s Mamie hous e cut in dice is 1.44%. In featur e was well u n d e r the 2. :Little Rhonda 6. F ire Opal blackjack it is 3 % and in roumodified record . . t lette it is 5 . 26%. In horse rae-Bill Swanson was the wmner TENTH RACE-Three-eighths mileing, the state, municipality and in the street division, followed Grade T : WE HAVE ALREADY seen track cuts-plus breakage-can by Frank Ellis and D en n is 6 that it costs a man $5 . 75 just go as high as 20%. Since no Southard. 3. Lori sue Belita Boots) for the privilege of entering the gambler; i.e., a rational being The second modified semi gates. I include the price of the risking his money in the hope was a mixture of both hot cars (for Daisy Petal> daily-double ticket in the nut, of showing a profit would sub-and hot words. Jim Alvis some--------.----since it i s a well-known fact mit to such a cut, it follows-how e scaped injury when his that nobody ever hits the as good money follows after bad car ran over Buzzie Reutimann' s double. -that, by definition, no gam-rear wheel and flipped. The That's not what the directors biers can be found patronizing car slid on his top, caught fire of the track would have us be-their local race tracks. briefly and ended up halfway lieve, of course, but you know No, the horseplayers are all over the rail. Pete Folse, run v ery well that you have never honest, upright folk, physically, nnig his last race here before cashed a double and that none mentally and spiritually honed departing for the IMCA circuit, Bradenton Boacl of your friends has ever cashed to a sharp, singing edge. The ended up under the back end Sorry, No Minors a double. Sure, you hear about b est of the breed! of Alvis' car but was also un-Tucker Tops At Dragway injured. On the retstart, Reutimann and Pratt tangled in the fourth For the Economy-Minded Who Still Want a GOOD TIRE GENERilL KIMFT TREADS NO DOWN PAYMENT THE MAN THE MATERIALS Pioneer uses only the fine-st double milled camelback. The same as in NEW General tires-"DURAGEN". THE MACHINE Tampa's most modern precision vulcanizing shop. The finest new equipment. 4 $4044' FOR EXCHANGE I JUST RIGHT FOR YOUR FORD CHEVROLET or PLYMOUTH FOR YOUR PONTIAC, BUICK. OLDSMOBILE, DODGE, CHRYSLER or MERCURY 4 for only $4444 PIONEER FOR YOU' R CADILLAC, LINCOLN or IMPERIAL 4 for only $4844 EASY TERMS "We Service What We Sell'' TAMPA at WASHINGTON STS. "TOP VALUE STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE" PHONE 229 turn both sliding up near Atlanta's Don Nicholson will the ra1l. The two exchanged be at the Tampa Dragway Sun words but were separated by d a y challenging the-Don Gar cooler heads before any blows lits' super stock Dodge for the were struck. number nine spot on the Stock First !, Bob Eliminator List but the man he Layton; 3 , Tom Boyer , 2:3f.4s. may have to watch out for is Or2 ' land's Bob Tucker. Semifina l-;i . c h u c k Grimm; 2 . Tusker mopped up at the I?uane Huskm; 3, Blll Swanson. No Dragway yesterday by taking time . SPORTSJ\fAN stock eliminator honors and also F _ irst heat I,, Dic k Pra t t ; 2, Jim first place in the super stocks in his '63 Chevy. Tucker said after yesterday' s races he _plans Otis Brayton ; Tod Padgett. 3 :40.13 to be back Sunday and Wlll try semlflnal 1 , Scarborough; 2 , to challenge Nicholson. Jim Ming o ; 3, Bob Smith. 12 laps . No Buddy Bass, a P a r a c h u t e time. . maker for dragsters, won top Six-Man Tag Team Match On Mat Card eliminator honors with his su p er-charged Chevy dragster. Nick Ballard of J;llant City, put ting his new A competition coupe on the line for the first time, was an easy winner of middle eliminators honors. Don Curtis hopes to put the Little eliminator honors went "sleeper" hold on Saul Weinger-to St. Pelersburg' s Chic Davis off when the manager of Kurt in a Willys. _ and Kar l Von Brauner joins the Garllts Dodge d1dn t make 1t German twins for a six_ man to the Dragyvay yesterday. :\!Australian tag team wrestling though Don IS up north :unmng matc h at the Fort Homer Hes-his A. fuel his crew terly Armory tomorrow night. here IS the super curtis will be backe d by for run but d . '11 ran mto difftcultlcs and couldn't Edd1e Graha m an Ray V1 mer g t th r ready in time to try for the ou_t of three fallh matc h wh1ch Will be one of the Val LaPorte, scheduled to run feature events , on Promoter yesterday, blew an engine SatCowboy Luttrall s four match urday night and was unable to a rranged to start at 8:30 make the races. o Nicholson will pit his '63 alum-We_mgeroff hll;s that inunrn Chevy-reputed to be h_e w1ll be the f1r s t man m the fastest in the countryttOn and start the German trw a gainst the Garlitts' Dodg e in to victory. Plans by Curtis and best two-of-three run that was his partners is to use the sleep-rescheduled for Sunday after er on Weingeroff and knock him being postponed two weeks ago out for the rest of the match. when Nicholson blew an engine Ramon Torres, co-holder of and was unable to make it here. the world tag team championship, will try to bring_ another title into the family when he meets Southern Champion Hiro Matsuda of Japan. Last week the young J apanese star failed in a bid for the t eam crown. Fight Results By The As.oclated . Pre s s LAS V EGAS, Nev.-Will1e Pa s trano, 1 7 6 , Miami, outpointe d Wayn e Thorn ton, 1 7 5IA, Fresno , CaiJC . 10. S H ERBROOKE, Ont.Sugar Ray Rob inson, I 6 1\li, N e w York, knoc k e d out Maur ice Rolbne t , 165, 3. BRESCIA, Italy -Sante AmontL 194, Italy, and W ayne Bethea, 2IO, New York, drew, 8. Al Torres, other member of the Californians, will try for a s w eep over the Japanese heavy weights in a match with Duke .............................................................. ................ 1\Keomuka. HALIFAX Blair Richardson, 160, South Bar, N.S., outpointed Wllfie Greaves, 159%, Detroit, 12. First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Tampa is happy to be your host for the first free baseball. game of. the year .. Get your ticket at any Fiist Federal Office in Tamp,a: 408 Franklm, 721 S. Dale Mabry, 1920 E. Hillsboro, or 4134 W. Hillsboro. Bring the whole family to enjoy an evening of boo prmemonal Cla s s A baseball! 20 PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN AWAY • 1 Admiral Table Model Radio $25 Savings Bond $10 Savings Account at First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Tampa • 1 $5 Savings Account at First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Tampa • 10 Pads of free tickets for future baseball games at AI Lopez Field • 6 Baseballs autographed by Tarpons Team An First Federal offices are ope-n weekdays from 9:00 -AM to 1:00PM. Get your free tickets today! FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATJON OF TAMPA I 1 ti 1 t t II t II u E t 11 t ,, t


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