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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 136 (July 15, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 15, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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\ ' . University Of South Roricla Campus Edition SEVENTY-FIRST YEAR-No. 136 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 15, 1963 Shaw Repertory Opens With 'Androcles' Tonight CASPER TAKES REINS FOR SUMMER Festival Will Run Through July 27 SA President Resigns Lee M. Lombardia re-signed from his position as president of the Stu dent Association last week : and has left the Univer sity. According to the consti tution of the Student As sociation the vice presi dent, who is Roscoe David son, should assume the duties of the presidency. However, Davidson h a s been hospitalized because of a recent accident in the phosphate mines where he had been working during the summer trimester. I inside page of Southern A • Accent). il The University of South Florida's first mencan He also stated, ''I ask Shaw Festival, featuring three of Shaw's best-k n own you when you think of the comedies, opens today at 8:30 p.m. with the performance president of the Student (.' of "Androcles and the Lion." Association in the future &..<' The Festival will continue through July 27 with that you think of him as tH your president, for no rf "Androcles," "Misalliance" . and . "Pygmalion:• playing higher position is voted W, m mghtly rotatiOn . "Anthe entire student T T k dr.ocles" will p 1 a y "Actions Not Meaningless" it WO a e Thursday, 18, Wednes Lombardia cone 1 u de d, li'i: day, July "Please remember that the July 27. Misalliance Will actions of your stude•nt m B. R I open Tuesday and will also government are not mean@ 19 0 es play Friday, July 19; Monday, ingless. are symbolic if:1 July 22; July 25. of a new mtellectual trend t%: "Pygmalion" will o pe n Wednesw hi c h has influenced m I pI day and also play Saturday, July Casper Takes Over American Higher Educa. n ays 20; Tuesday , July 23; and F.riCharles Casper, the cur-tion in years and 1f day, July 26. rent president of the stutoward which your student iiij Shaw Lecture • dent L e g i 51 at u r e , will LEE LOMBARD lATwo of the USF A free lecture on Sha w's handle the duties of the a d . I hope , wlll American Shaw Festival repercomed y by the noted stage and Student Association offiadministration for making to a1m to .complement thiS tory company have major roles television actress Miss Pegg y cers for the remainder of his tenure in office "as new wave, not only today, all three of the plays. These Wood w ill be featured Sunday, $.;;; the summer. . educationally enriching as but tomorrow, because "schizophrenic" portrayers are July 21. All performances and , fl Lombardia thanked the it has been" in his offici al I thit nuk . we ictal}, have a Diana Bellamy and Bill Kietthe. lec t !lre will be hel _ d i? the t students, staff, faculty and letter of resignation (see grea mvers y. m zer. Umvers 1ty Theatre begmrung a t M In interviewing Diana the : p.m. . main question seemed to be, A c.or_npany o f flVe actors and d "How do you keep the lines of d r a w fro m the F . St t Sa s Dean Frenc ' h the three parts memorized with Umversity, commumty theatre ore1g n u en y out mixing them? " Diana: "It' s and profess ional ranks, been not hard to keep the lines assembled for the Fes.hval. Ac"SAY CUPUH " University-Community Band in Concert Thursday at 6:30 p.m. PRICE FIVE CENTS -(USF l'boto) The perennial Pygmalion rides again , this time on the USF campus with Holly Gwinn as Eliza Doolittle, who does quite a bit toward improving her vocab ulary and diction during the play . Above , Eliza gets a lesson from Professor Hig gins (Mike Kelly), while Colonel Pickering (Ed Thompson), another linguist stands by. This is the familiar "phonetic scene" which has received varied interpretations, especially in the UJ.Usical version of the play. Pygmalion is compani on to Androcles and the Lion and Misalliance in repertory opening tonight with "Androcles" . at 8:30 in the TA. A t N straight but the characterizators will be cast m grand D M t B ccep s ew tions. I must switch from the style, with_each THOSE ON VACATION em Oc raCy US e dignified Mrs. Higgins (Pygmaformmg several roles m the bl!J.. Ad • lion) to the rather flighty Chickof the company Will USF p f VlSory Slot abiddee Tarleton (Misalliance) also diTect ll:nd handle set and ro essors Companies Seel{ New Employes M d b H and then to Megera (Androcles des1gn. a•nta•ane y eart and the Lion) who is a shrew. AdvJsory Team I Dr. J_. French, dean of As long as I can make the General director of the Festiaffal.l"s the Univercharacter change I don't have val is Jack Clay, assistant pro-Research, Rest . s1ty of has ac-to worry about the lines since fessor of theatre arts at USF. By PAT .JACOBS II be_lieve they are right, an lDVl• they go with the character. Russell G. Wha ley , chairman of ,.D m crac can not be mainthey Will fight to the end of the tation to become . 1 theatre arts at the University, Personnel Services has anit must be' world.". . . an Overseer of F_it Roe . is general designer; and cos-By MYRA WELDON Seminar nounced that representatives of lnt . d b th' h t , -So The mc1dent that rmpressed the college of the B1ll Kietzer said much the tumes were constructed unde r E G t 1 N b m Graduate Econom1cs. 1 u b arne Y . e ear . Suphachai most in this country Virgin Islands, a same thing concerning his tlrree th e super vis i 0 n of Maryon ua a: e ras . severa Wl e .0n said Suphachat Jeeyangkabn, happened the day he anived in new institution of roles: "Once I get into the Moise. ka, Ind1ana, Disne yland and Cole Domg campus thts week m connection who has t r aVe 1 e d half-way San Francisco. He was alone higher learning character the lines come na p t J D li g are some of the places Dr. Charles F. Cole and fam with j ob placement. the h and lonely when a couple be1 o e ate d at St. turally.t. Metalus, the . Roman mstructors can be found ily in Virginia whi.le on Thursday a representative 11 .... upac aJ an s room fricnded him and showed bim Thomas. courtii!Y jAm lrocles\1 1s t h c, Put:rto P.ico bead s the large summer. he IS domg 1esearch at the 11:1rf Ge al A . Lii 1 Kamol new foraround the city. He said he was Tl1e invitation quiet type; Summerhays cast for , llie ' productions. Deliz, C. Houck's were ginia Institute of.Marine. Science 0 net e . nstudents fH?m Thailand, are surprised that total strangers was extended by (Misalliance) 1s an old man of one of only seven Americans to study m Europe on hrs doc-at Gloucester Pomt. He IS studysurance Co. will be at USF. He rapidlY., would be so friendly. the Hon. Ralph about 70; and young Hill in Pygchosen to study at the Royal torate. ing Variation and Speci ation in will be here Friday, also, offer-to the Amencan way. . First Saw Snow M. Paiewonsky, mallon is about 20 and the gushy Academy of Dramatic Arts in Peter C. Wright and wife are a group of Darters. ing several job openings. They enrolled at USF durmg What Kamol remel]lbers beftt governor of the type." London this f al l , will portray in Guatemala. He is d oing reDoing research on the Utiliza -On Tuesday July 23 a repreTrimester III-B and '!re study-is a night in New Jersey whell Virgin Is 1 An ds French Young Peter Deliz, recently of the L ion In "Androcles" and will search on isolated rural life tion of Radioactive Tracers is t ti f N y k Lii I ing physical Flothe first saw snow. "I stayed up and honorary chairman of the New York and heading for Lonco-direct "Misalliance" with which is h is topic for a doctorDr. Jerome Krivanek. He is sen a ve 0 .ew or e .n-ida State Uruvers1ty will be all night 1 o o king out the board of trustees of the new don's Royal Academy in the Mildred Smith. ate dissertation. studying at Oak Ridge National surance Co. Wtll be here to diStheir stop, where Suphawindow." . Dean F!ench's fall, has a difficult portrayal in D.aniel Jimenez •. a theatre arts Lantz In Nebraska .. He and cuss several job openings. will on elecI go home I will try will be of the title role as .Lion in AnmaJor at USF, Will co-direc. . . are livmg m Oak Ridge while on July 18, Waddell and Reed, tncal engmeermg, and Kamol to give my people a better matters affectmg adm1n1strabon drocles and the L1on Deliz extor o f "Androcles" w1th James Teachmg .at the Umversrty of he does research. Inc a national firm of invest will study mechanical engineer understanding of the United and curriculum, and to act as plains that the lion Coplon, who has been seen in . 1 st Missing in the Functional Engme;;t bankers 209 E Davis ing. States.. and as g?od neighbors, "an the. requires the whole body; not a number of USF p roductions. an. e IS eac mg m t e lish Departmen t are Mr. Everett Blvd., Tampa,' will hold discusWill Return Home we will go hand lf hand t? the th1s I.?,Stltujust the throat, but the stom-James Judy and Bonme Touchu catwnal Psychology and Meas -C. Johnson and Mrs. Virginia sion groups c ' overing the quesAfter completing their studies end of the world, • proclauned bon. of higher ac-ach, chest, and diaphragm . I ton, who have appeared. in a ofd Valentine. Both are doing gradution, "What's Happening to Our In engineering both plan to Kamol. cording to Gov. Pa1ewonsky. must get into the state of being number of USF plays, will be f 0t ege,. 1 et aAn ts ate work towards their doctorDollars" and the possibilities ' th 1 ti I ak it" c di t f "P g 1' " a mr WI re urn m a e ugus t Mr J hn tt d' 1 work a while in this country Doors Open This Month e lOJ_l-some mes m e . o-rec o r s o Y ma 1on. . . . a e. . o son IS. a e.n of a career: IS and return to their homeland Concert Band Th ll . d Applause at Rehearsal The Performers At the Umversity of Indiana Western Reserve Uruv e rs1ty m open to all mterested Jumors When he isn't studying in th; e co ege was Deliz with fellow erformers Jack Belt, well known for his is A: He is Cleveland, Ohio, where he will and seniors, in Room AD 2073. J.b 1 1 . T A O last year after careful planmng Al d A dp 1 d work with both the Tampa workmg on h1s Ph.D. m speech. receive his Ph D next summer Please contact Personnel Serv1 rary or pay ng pmgpong 0 ppear n San ers as n roc es an c 't T tr Hi f 11 d h' th . . ' Suphachai is an amateur pho: by a group of educators brought Mike Kelly as Caesar achieved ommum y and the ,.S am Y ]ome 1m e Mrs. Valentme has JUSt begun ices. . kin •11 t g th t G , c nf . . 1 USF Thea tre, will play Tarleton tnp. Also at the Umvers1ty of her doctorate work and e xpects 0 J 1 26 M Cl R p He IS . now rna g Crescent HI o e era overnor s . o er-a rare rehearsa in "Misalliance" and the Cap. Indiana is Dr. Fred Horrigan. to finish in the summer o f '66. n u Y , r: ay . eagtwo One . 1s, a study of . . ence on Higher Education in recently. T':le lion 1s ta i n in "Androcles" Albert SanHe is working on a special grant . ler, Personnel DITectol:' of the Amenca'n G1rl. The The Communio/ 1961 and will open its doors to br the durmg ders one of the most popular to prepare political and social At Syracuse . roe _Col:lnty schools will be m-"Garden of Eden, USA,'' JS m Concert Band will present a tw1-. h1s reumon w1th fnend Andro' . . t 1 th t A Studymg at Syracuse Umver terv1ewmg on campus from 8:35 his words, "beautiful nature of light concert on Crescent Hill , the charter freshman class cles ( Andy-Wandy) and begins !f:F ern Sla, sity 1\olr. Patrick. J. Distasio. until 12:15. He is primarily inAmerica." just north of the UC, Thursday, month. Lawrence C. Wanlass 1s to chase Caesar up and down pro ,uc rons, WI P ay n 0: . . . He will complete terested in elementary teachers, What Kamol misses most is July 18, at 6:30 . president of the institution and the stairs. one of j.he reSummer R;y d th courses, begm but will see others who Will bis orchids. In Thailand he Gale Sperry, Umvers1ty band Dr. Melvin H. Evans is chair-hearsals this chas e sequence Diana B ella m y fa. t 1 s 1 ney Canlif 0 .er and P.resent his subJect of d1s-be graduating as late as Decem-raised orchids and is looking director, will conduct the con-brought applause from the . ' ._ m eres mg P m a orma, sertahon. ber 1963. for different varieties in this cert, which will feature favorite man of the board of trustees. watching actors and crew. voute of USF audi Oregon and \\ashmgton al:'e Dr. Arnade and Students interested in meeting country to send home marches by Sousa and AlexanDean French was one of the Al Sanders who plays the ences, will perform m all three J ames D. Ray and family. family of SIX children traveled these representatives should Both a ee that the un-der, show tunes from the educators who took part in the title role of kdrocles, finds his Dr. Alma Sa ret, '\Yilliam by bus to the Duke sign up on the Bulletin Board l th f d . th' Broadway production of "The planning conference which was most exhaustin g scene to be the dr lp .1 d .. J. ll' " and Dr. Elton Smith f:lere Dr. in the Personnel Office. usua om ey oun m . lS Sound of Music" and "Suite of . , "slurping oi:gy" which ensues oc es an . Isa l ance. at home, Dr. Sarett JS IS teaching Latm Amer-..... ,_ ..... . ......... ...... . .. .. ....... . country IS the of datmg. Old American Dances" by coordmated Dr. G. after he has pulled the thorn Mary Kirschner, who revlSillg her speec.h bo?k. Mr. Jca history. . . When a. young Robert Russell Bennett. John Moron, president ementus of from the lion ' s paw. As Bentley starred as Step.a Deyo pl.ans_ a tnp later. In the Functional ;'\1 H to liltbmgt De music director at Hampton Institute, and novelist in " Misalliance" he also throws ill the l!s: ?,f Dr. IS writmg a book a_nd MORE USF M fLrst .e ge s o ow a ou Bartow High School and a mem-Herro W k v -erY strepuous temper tanStreetcai .. aml7 J?,esrre, w, preachmg. are mlssmg this summer. Wilf; NEWS ON tJ ber, fmds someone to b f th Uni er ity Commun-an ou • . . trums play m There are many other inter-liam Wallace Ford is vacation!=f them, becomes a good fnend tr B de ill be sg st c nduc Dean French, an authority m . Helen Dav1s, a favonte of Tamesting places to find USF ining with his wife in Long {::! PAGE 4 and finally asks for a date. foa: thew band's the field of general edu.cation, Duectors, Too , . pa Com:nunity a.udi: strut::tors At. "-:an-Isla?d, New York. Dr. Roy the giTl may also of Leroy Anderson's "Belle of has often served as adviser to . Actors

THE TAI\IPA TIMES Monday, July 15, 1963 Big Greek Vase Find Reported TRIPOLI, Libya, July 15 (R') -Hundreds of ancient Greek vases believed to be 2 , 500 years old, have been discovered at Toeta, a small seaport east of Benghazi. Experts describe the find as an archaeological treas ure. It consists of vases and terracottas produced in Corinth, Rhodes and other GTeek centers and brought to Libya by the first generation of Greek settlers. THE VASES were found in sid& a roughly built Greek wall believed to be the remains of a merchant's The warehouse was on the seashore and seas uncovered the wall a few months ago. Many of the vases are decorated with painted scenes of animals and human figures. A large proportion of the smaller ones are complete , and experts say the broken larger ones can be fitted together. . These experts believe the size of the find indicates regular import of utensils into Libya bad begun within a half-century of the arrival of the first Greek settlers, early in the 6th century B .C. The find shows that much remains to be excavated of the earliest Greek village on the site, which probably was the earliest port of ancient Barce. Deaths in Tampa Area WILLIAM B. SCHULER III Hardage and Sons Riverside William B. Schuler, III, 11, Funeral Jacksonvlll_e. of 4101 West Gate Drive, Knox-Graveside serv1ces will be m ville Tenn., son of William B. Tampa later. Jr. and. Louise Schuler JOE R CRENSHAW died Saturday m Knoxville. A native of Tampa he had lived in Joe R. Crenshaw, 77, of 5014 Knoxville for the past four E. 14th Ave., died yes.terday years. Besides his he morning in a hospttal. A is survived by two s1sters, native of Joplm, Mo., he had Stephanie and Debra Ann been a resident of Hillsborough Schuler, and his maternal County for. the last , 45 grandmother, Mrs. L. A. Hyl-Survivors mclude b1s wtdow, ton, Tampa. Mrs. Mary E. Crenshaw, Tampa; two sons, Charles Dav1d, Tampa l\IAXWELL 0. MASSEY and John Clent, Los Angeles; Maxwell 0. Massey, age 55, a brother, Newt, Ruskin; a sisof 3962 Di Marco Road, formerly ter Mrs. Ruth Aynes, Adams of 3817 Lake Shore Drive, died ville and four grandchildren. evening in a local MICHAEL B. MARTIN hosp1tal. A native and life-long Michael B. Martm, infant son res1dent of Tampa, he was ownof Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin er-operator of the of 10703 Nebraska Ave. qied Engrl!-vmg_ Co. He lS survtved Sunday at hiS residence. In adby h1s w1fe, 0. Massey, dition to his parents, he is surTampa. a son, Willis R. Massey, by two brothers; John Paul a daughter, Mrs. and Edward Wayne; two sisters, Glor_1a N1pper; mother, Mrs. Miss Wanda Lee and Miss Massey and two grand-Lynn, all of Tampa; ch1ldren, a!J of Tampa. Mr. and Mrs. MRS. HAZEL M. MENOTTE Martin of Charleston, Mrs. Hazel Marie Menotte, 66, W. Va., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank of 6700 N. Rome , died in a lo-Panzer of Bryant, N.Y. cal hospital early yesterday KENNETH E. CRUM after a short Mrs. Me!lKenneth Edward Crum, infant otte was a. nat1ye of Detroit, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crum and bad lived m. Tampa for of 9621 46th St., died Sunday in seven years. mclude a local hospital. Other survivors her husband, E!!ul N., Tampa; are the grandparents, Mr. and a .son, Ross Re1lly, Allcnpark, Mrs. E. L. Crum, Orlando, and M1ch., a daughter, Mrs. Edwaro Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Ripple , Imm, Allenpark, four grandchildren and two great-grand-chlldren. C GIUSEPPE CALDERONE ongreSSmen Giuseppe Calder9ne, 87, of Ask 1Coolie' 2102 W. Hillsborough Ave., died . saturday morning at a Tampa Law Regeal hospital. A native of Sicily, he had resided in Tampa 60 years. WASHINGT N, July 15 WPD He is survived by his widow, John E. Moss, D-Calif., Mrs. Magdalena Calderone of proposed legislation to Tampa two sons, Benny Calde-repeal the so-called "coolie rone of Tampa and Nelson Caltrade laws" enacted in 1862 to -AP Wlrepholo derone of New York; two procuring of v.o..o.c'"""'-'"1 TOCRA ALSO was the last s t r o n g h o I d of the Byzantine government, whose withdrew into the s t r o !1 g 1 Y walled city when the Arab army of 'Amr Ibn Al-'Aas approached {rom Egpyt in 642 A . D. MISS CANADA COOLS OFF .. daughters, Mrs. Josephine Viias servants or apprentices. Using small pieces of ice Miss Giana Serra, and Miss .Norway, lazon and Mrs. Bessy McCarthy Sen. Clair :Engle , D-Calif., Eva Carlberg helps cool the brow of Miss Canada, Jane Km1ta as the g1rls took of New York; seven grandchil-and Reps. John McFall, DCalif., a break from rehearsals for the opening of the Miss Universe Pageant at Miami's dren and three great-grandchil-James C. Corman, D-CaliL. ahd dren. He was a member of La Spa1k M. Matsunaga , D-Calif., Bayfront Park bandshell. Unione Italiana Club. joined Moss in urging repeal Par ishioners Get of what they called "archaic MIAMI BEACH EVENTS GO INDOORS MRS. NINA H. THORNTON and anachronic" laws. Orchids From Pastor Mrs. Nina. Thornton, They said that othet statutes WARWICK, R.I. , July 15 (JP) H wl B t c t t t 81, of 2718_ Riverside Ave., Jack-singling out Orientals had been -The Rev. Carl w. Bloom-eat I ts ea u y 0 n es an s sonvllle, died early Saturday_ at repealed or modified, and her home after an extended 111-"continued existence of the quist distributed 200 orchids, ness. A native of C_ollege Park, term "coolie' in U.S. laws was one for each family, yesterday ' Ga. and res1dent of At.. and disparaging. at Pilgrim Lutheran Church tu MIAMI .BEACH, July 15 (A'l -girls withered under the heat. I Ida Marie Varnez; Miss Iceland, lanta, she had resided in Jack-mark his lOth anniversary as South Florida's sweltering mid-Even before last night's dif-Theodora Thordardottir; Miss sonville since 1929. Mrs. Thornpastor. July beat is bullying contestficulty , pageant officials had Indiana Vicki Little; ton was the widow of Chancel-The Rev. Mr. Bloomquist, ants in the Miss Universe beauscheduled taking of the official Scotland, Grace Taylor: lor A . Thornton and the daugbwho had the orchids flown here ty pageant, which opened yesMiss Universe P,anorama. photoMiss Niaijragua, Leda Sanchez , ter of Joseph B. Hardin and from Hawaii , said in a letter terday with a presentation of Uus mornmg, to Miss Belgium , Godin; and Annie Barton Hardin. Mrs. to his parishioners: ". Inas-gifts to Miami area officials. avoicl m1d-day heat. Miss Wisconsin, Lynn Korcbun'J'hornton was a member of the much as our family has received Miss Universe will be selected Last year several girls coloff. Baptist Church. Survivors in-numerous expressions of love in Saturday night's finals. lapsed during the late morning Folding tables were quickly elude two sons, JosePh H. and esteem from you parishionA c om b in at i o n of tense photo session in front of Conset up behind tl1e band shell Thornton and Eugene A. Thorners during these 1 0 happy years nerves, skipped meals, h1gh vention Hall, the pageant head-where two doctors and two ton, both of Jacksonville; one • :. we are going to say it with heat and humiditY . each day quarters. nurses tended the girls. Thep sister, Mrs. B. D. Bartlett, :f.::l0:..:\\:..:'e:..:r:..:s:..:.'_' __________ l at least temporarily, put. some A doctor, who declined use of tl1e contestants were returned Tampa; seven grandchildren and of the internatiOnal beaulles out his name, said he would recto their hotels in air conditioned 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral F a' Not'• "'eS of action. om mend to the pageant comautomobiles. services will be held Monday Uner " Eight of the young women mittee that out-of-doors events The heat had no effect on Miss afternoon at 4 o'clock at the fainted or faint. last be discontinued. "It's just too Florida, Linda Egland, whose ADVERTISEMENT CALDERONE, GIUSEPPE Funeral in the s offiCial opemng rough on these kids , " he said. costume was a !'avy high alti-1---,..---....,.-,:----:-c:-----••rvlces for Mr. Giuseppe at 1 am Is pabn-surrounded "Some of them are from cold tude pressure SUit. It has a portIs Yo r New Home band shell beside Biscayne Bay, climates and many of them are able air conditioner, which Miss U A. P. Boza RIVERSIDE CHAPEL wearing heavy costumes." Egland bad working. s f f T ro burial in Myrtle Hill. Pallbea.r LAST WEEK during prelim-Judging for Miss U S A be-a e rom er r Joe Frank Mirabole, . . ' d hot g . Jim Vanacore, carmelo mary processmg an P 0 -EXCEPT FOR the photo sesgins Tuesday with the fmals Llohtnlnc BY far fa the Fellx Calderone and John Savarmo. raphy sessions, several of the sion, all remaining p age ant Wednesday night. Miss TTniverse .deotroyer of homeo -t h d I d ' d th j d b Th d 'f "th loved oneo an your home With CRENSHAW. 10E Jt.-Funeral services Gator Caught lor Mr. Joe R , Crenshaw, 77J of 5014. 1 even s are sc e u e ms1 e e u gmg egms urs ay, Wl proof Llrbtnlnc Protection -. -t• air conditioned Convention Hall. the semifinals Friday and the I Medical assistance was given nationally televised,. (CBS) filast night to Miss Is rae 1, nals Saturday beginning at 8:30 East Hlh Avenue, who passed away early saturday morning in a local I K hospital will be conducted Ibis after-n ansas noon at 2 o,clock from the Butcalo . Avenue Church of God . . w!th the Rev. HUTCHINSON , Kan., July 15 J. T. PUts, officJ,aUng. Pall-bearers will be, J. A. Franklin, (IP)-Steve Hass, lS, bas the w. E. Shoupe, w. N. Sikes, C. L. f f; h" t A. Denmark and R. L . prize catch 0 a IS mg COn es without the prize . Steve, fishing at the west menls. pond of the Kansas State ReI1ENOTTE, MRS. HAZEL MARIEformatory, hooked a two-foot Fune1al services !or Mrs. Hazel Marie Menotle, 60, of 6700 N. Rome, alligator Saturday. who passed away early Sunday mom h t b ht th spon ing in a local hospital, will be COD T e ca c caug e 51 sors by surprise, but not Steve, Pre,att Funeral Home. 3419 Newho is from Fort Scott. He braska Ave. Pallbearers w!ll be: Mr. didn't throw it back. He took Lee Baker. Mr. Phil Lemay, Mr. Ray the alligator home WIth him. Young, Mr. Andrew Wallace, Mr. c .. w. Palmer, Jllr. Clay Baroes. Where the reptile came from 'I'BORNTON, l\IRS. NINA BARDIN Graveside services lor Mrs. Nina Hardin Thornton, 81. who passed or bow it got into the pond is anyone's guess. away Saturday in Jacksonville wUI be Noted SovJet wr.ter held Tuesrlay afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. in .Myrtle HUl Memorial Park • cemetery. Rev. 111. G. Perry. ChapAt Fren,.h ReceptiOn lain of Tampa Gen. Hospital. will ._, officiate. Mrs. Thornton wm lie In MOSCOW July 15 WPD-llya state Tuesday mornmg from 8:30 L ' " , A.M. unloil 1:00 o'clock P.M. for !he Ehrenbmg , 73-year-old dean of Soviet letters, attended a nue at Platt Street. Survivors in-Bastille Day reception at the French in his o! Jacksonville: one sister, Mrs. B. first public appearance smce he D . Bartlett, Tampa, seven .rand was denounced by Premier clilldren and 15 great-graodchJidren. Nikita S . Khrushchev I aS t March. Ehrenburg c h at t e d with IN niEMORIAM Norma c. "Bryant, guests but steered his remarks ;;u away from his chastisement for be as long as lite and memory lasl. "unorthodox" views of the We will remember yoHelen Meoser Stalin era. The writer, who is JEWELRY Manufacturing & OesltninJ our Reputation Is Your But Recommendation MILLS JEWELRY, 503 Franklin St. "located In the banking aeetJon ofTampa" Billy MIlls. Gemologist , R A '"DICK ' STOWERS STOWERS PH. GBI\ -BRANDON F'LA ANYWHERE-ANYTIME B. MARION REED AMBULANCE SERVICE suffering from a heart ailment, appeared frail and drawn. HARD OF HEARING? IT'S SO SIMPLE! WORN IN YOUR EARS No Tubes .•. No Wires ••• No Cords! No Scratch.y Sounds No fitting necessary , you don•t even need an earmold. Perfect for losses dqe to NERVE DEAF NESS. If you find your hearing slowly fading out, learn TODAY about tho MOTOROLA/DAHLBERG MIRACL-L\RCI HEARING AID USERS DISCOUNT SPECIALS Sherine Ibrahim; Miss Brazil, p.m. (EST). Liqhtn1ng Protection Sv'i.t e m s 3631 S. Dole Mobry l'h.831-6201 Cocktails Served All Major Credit Card, YoD..-8at. 8UJI, 6-10 : 30 D.lll. BERN'S STEAK HOUSE 1201 Iouth Howard Pllobe 252-3881 4 Blu. N , Banhore Ron! Hotel !Offer For Heoring Aid Users Only-No Dealers Please! COMPARE THESE BATTERY PRICESAND SAVE e #675-6 for $1.50 e #400-6 for $1.02 • #312 -6 for $1.02. Other baHeries priced comparably low. Congratulations, Gentlemen, on a job well done. These 15 men have earned the highest honor for life insurance underwnters 1n 1963-membership in the "Million Dollar Round Table." The Exchange National Bank of Tampa considers it a privilege to work closely and cooperatively with life underwriters. We wish these men, their companies, and their colleagues and associates continued success and prosperity. Our hearing aid prices start at $29.50. 5th Yr. Same Specialist On Duty COME IN WRITE OR PHONE MID-STATE HEARING SERVICE Authorized Dealer t.IOTOR.OLA/DAHLBERG HEARING AIDS 811 Citizens Bldg. Ph. 223-3830 706 Franklin St. OPEN 9 to 5 Daily9 to B P .M. Mon.-Closed Sat. , f "So I took another look! '' and " I -liked what I I saw at Falk' s! , IT'S MORE THAN NEW PAINT AND PLASTER ••• IT'S THE DEDICATION TO BETTER SERVICE. THAT IS THE REASON FOR THE GREAT THINGS HAPPENING AT-The Store With A Purpose f' E f l I


BATISTA A 'SAINT' BY COMPARISON THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, .July 15, 1963 Once Pro-Castro Peasants Y earh for Past EDITOR'S NOTE: Wbat Is it wears shoes. The squatter re-cornmeal with a handful of tive means growing what the go and humble oneseJ.f before like to be a Cuban in Cuba moves a dark, malodorous cigar chopped onion on top and boiled government determines a n d these people. T!1e one m charge these days? George Arfeld, from his mouth. He flashes a malanga. Black coffee. then turning over a high per-of the cooperative of the AP's man in Havana for . . was a lottery bookie so now be two years, talked to some smile that is mostly pink gums Why doesn't P1po ra1se more centage of the crop to the re-is a co-op manager a bookie and says: chickens and hogs, or plant gime, Pipo feels he' d "rather and a drunk. " ' peasants, before he left for t bl • b kill d" th b kl another assignment, about this "For more tlian a year now more vege a es. Let : t e His black cigar danced up and question and gives his report, th • b b ts b "First of all '' he explains a er e conce s a WI SIX down between his lips as be f ere ve. (oo orts) oelsf "at the prlces 'the government months of feed , maybe be will we)lt on, in a hate-filled voice: in the following story. or us gua)rros peasan s . eventually have to gJVe m "Th • t d By GEORGE ARFELD you want boots you have to join pays us for p1gs and pr,oduce ey ve go everyone, scare The Cuban peasant, once a the or a government we make .firoflt ;:d J{e PIPO HOLDS a very low tn ili: cheering supporter Fidel. Cas-cooperative. • : opinion of state farm manrevolution. Those who, like my tro,. today mutters "Everything IS a these they'll force us to sell it to agmg of h1s area. self, once believed in it changed .agamst the commu.mst regime days " his wife chips m. She th " "Bums and bandits that's our minds when Fidel said be which has a Joke .of land bends over an open charcoal • • what they were and still are," was Communist. That, sir, is a reform, encroachlJ?g day fire, fanning the embers on P1po shows off his three-room he says savagely. " One has to name we do like." by day on h1s way of life. which the noon meal cooks . hut. In the bedroom there are __ ..:..._ __ ..:::......:..._ ___ __::_:.:_:.:=:..:..._..:.:...::__::.:.-l_:__....:.. ____ l Still as appallingly poor as be"Cooking oiJ _ when we get two large beds: one for the cou fore the advent of tlie bearded it _ tastes like motor oil; lard ple and the latest baby, the ruler, most cor is poor and mostly rancid; they other for the .three boys and the !espondent met durmg his stay are always out of bard crack-12-year-old grrl. m Cuba yearn for a return to ers. To get a tin of evaporated In the living room two rocktlie past. They say that then, at milk you have to obtain a cou ; ing chairs each other. Stiff least they were free to do as pon from the committee of the posing relatives and startled they pleased. defense of the revolution. . ." infants peer from framed sepia "Things never been so photographs. A faded ?f bad before, a re-LUNCH IS served: boiled Castro torn from a magazme IS tired cattle foreman sa1d, shak-tacked to the wall. ing his head. • "Fidel has die Taft UndeCided "YOU NEVER know who'll tator Fulgenc10l Bat1sta mto a come around," Pipo shrugs. saint, by comparison," com0 Senate R As it does with other inde-mented a Province n tiCe pendent farmers who refuse to a;quatter, addmg: WASHINGTON Jul 15 !UPD toe the party line, the govern-. -Rep Robert J/ R-Ohio ment is applying subtle pressure "HAD BATISTA been satls. d t d tl1 t h • h d t to force Pipo to join a coopera fied with only three, wh:there toa tive or farm: Unless he maybe -four million pesos. the Republican senatorial nomi-does so, it Will be mcreasmgly be all would have we_II. • nation next year. difficult for him l? obtam feed, For the peasant, life m the fertilizer boots w1re and other backlands is rough these days. Taft, ?f the late. Gl•st ol Dale Moory) ,U.S : 27 AT STATER. :•64, AVON PAR•K _ 22nd STCAUSEWAY AT 78th ST .• CLAIR-MEl:;. . . . . ' ' • . . , 'if:


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 15, 1963 . . -(USF Pholo) AUTHOR BECOMES "FLIP-FLAPS MOTHER" Mrs. Bee Lewi, guest lecturer in the Meet the Author series, demonstrates how it feels to be a seal for her audience as Dr. Carol Douglass and Steve Knowles watch. 1Get Inside Characters1 Advi .ses -Lecturer Lewi BY TALMAGE LYMAN Mrs. Bee Lewi, author of numerous.books and articles for children, was guest lecturer at the latest "Meet the Author" coffee hour held last Wednesday at 1:25 p.m. Dr. Ed Hirshberg, asso• ciate professor of English, began the talk by telling how the citizens of Engle wood Florida, where Mrs. Lewi makes her home, have started a scholarship fund for Englewood students who plan to go to USF. He then announcedj that Mrs. Lewi was donating her lecture fee io the fund. Poor Sense of Rhythm Dr . Carol Douglass, of the education department, then in• troduce.d Mrs. Lewi. She began her lecture by telling how she started to write. It seems that when she was in grade school her teachers would not allow her to participate in the school poetry readings or the school band and chorus because of poor sens,e of rhythm. When she was nine years old, she went on a trip to Japan.' While at sea she wrote her first poem, "The Waves.'' This started her on her writ ing career. When she returned to America, Mrs. Lewi wrote a column for her hometown news paper, entitled "Philosophical Poems." The column was dis continued when her age was learned. Wrote During College < \ ' CREW MOUNTS TELEVISION ANTENNA Checking over the recently mounted television an tenna atop the Library are, left to right, Sonny Stoll, chief engineer John Rolle and Tony Salinero of Tampa T.V. Labs. While attending Wellesley and :Barnard colleges, Mrs. Lewi wrote both serious fiction and .articles on child development tesearch. In 1953, while in St. Petersburg, she met Miss Jean Lee Latham, noted Miami playwright. S i n c e then they ' have collaborated on a series of books for children, "Tell-To gethers." These are books in which the child dramatizes the story by making the sounds called for. Miss Latham has ________ ..........,_ ______________ _ translated them into Spanish for childten in South American countries . Peggy Wood in Shaw Festival as Lecturer Books in the series are When Horner Honked, illustrated by Cyndy Szekeres, The Dog That Lost His Family, illustrated by Karla Kuskin, The Man Who Never Snoozed, illustrated by Sheila Greenwald and The Highlighting the American \ ington, D.C. She works for the Cuckoo That Count ilShaw Festival at the University benefit of professional organiza lustrated by Jacqueline of South Florida is Miss Peggy tions such as Actors Equity. . Wood, performer on stage, in Peg gy Wood began as a child Editor of Children's Magazines films, on television and author training for the opera and had In addition, Mrs. Lewi has of several books and magazine her first professional experience held the position of editor of articles. Miss Wood will lecture 'in a Victor Herbert operetta, children's magazines , such as on the subject of G.B. Shaw July " Naughty Marietta," when she Dum_Pty and Children's 21, Sunday, at 8:30 p.m. in the was 18, and wound up with a I D1ges t, pubhsbed by Parents TA. career in musical comedy. Later Magazine. She is the author o Only recently celebrating her she pla y ed dramatic roles such the "Picture Fact" series of Golden Anniversary in the theaas Portia in Shakespeare's "The books of career guidance for ter, Peggy Wood first stepped Merchant of Venice" opposite Junior High students, and has onto the stage in 1910 and has George Arliss in 1928. written material for Paramount appeared and starred in more Then she returned to musicals. movie cartoons. than 65 st-age productions. She Broadway and Movies This nearly caused her a lot played the title role of TV's Her most recent film was the of trouble, Mrs. Lewi explained. I (both live and filmed) Century It seems that she was working for e1ght years. The Story of Ruth m which on a cartoon called "Flip-Flap President for Three Years she played the part of Naomi. the Seal." To find out what a Miss Wood succeeded the late She returned to Broadway in seal felt like, she got down on .Clarence Derwent as president the production , "The Rape of the the floor and pretended to be of the American National Thea Belt ." . one. Just then b er husband tre Academy in October 1959 In private life Miss Wood is came home, brin ging a friend and was herself elected for a the wife of H . Walling with him . "This is Flip-Flap's three-year term as president in chairman of the board and mother, " said her as February 1960. She also serves ner of the Roger, K e 11 o g g, the start I e d fnend's eyes on the U.S. commission for Stillson Printin g Firm. "Mama" bugged out. "You have to get iUNESCO and the Advisory is now gra ndmama for she has "inside" your character," said 1 Committee on Arts for the Na-three in ConnectiMrs . Lewi. tional Cultural Center in Wash. cut. - t . th t 'd d k' fraternt'tt'e I t 't bl d mural painting invites insults, MONDAY, JULY 15' 1963 men IOn e pan y rat s, rm mg par-I was sfoarmceods ti0newvtaa1.t 30 one cannot please everyone. New usct2u4d 8enls Orientation " Advising ties and "gaudy breast pins" which many persons also categorically at-years to get a college education. I was Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, and 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. u.c. Dance Honor 1 Goya are just three for whom ing New Students, south Dining tach to nationals. P eased at the prospect of graduating mural painting resulted in inRoom However, upon looking around, we in one of the first of a new different and ignorant response 5:25p.m. coneglale Clvitan uc168 find that locals are not always locals university. I was dismayed at the from the people they had to deal 8 '30 nor are nationals always nationals. For inquisition!type of witch-hunt con-with. It is quite necessary in 9:00p.m. Re•idence Hall council, D.I.' s , this era of specialization to have Office-Alpha example, we find that many of the ducted against this school a year ago. some knowledge of art and yet Ad so-called "Ivy League" schools replace I am as fully dismayed at the pros-we hear more than anything the vising, ucz48 natl.on ls t'th " ff 1 b " Y t th pect f f t •t Th tired statement, "I don't kno\" 1:25 p.m. AU University Coee Hour, a w co ee c u s. e e s 0 ra erm Ies on campus. e much but I know what I like.'' T "coffee c 1 u b s," with the help of last two are holdovers from other wealthy alumni, maintain big houses, centuries which we can very well do 11.bErlary Etxhibflt emen s o Modern Art" Is 5:30 p.m Collegiate Civlnettes, uc pay high dUeS and fees and are SUb Without. the present exhibition in the 7:00p.m lo 9 p.m. U .C. Dance Honoring ject to rigid control by the alumni Please, can't anyone who reads University Gallery in the Li-7:oo A t 11 th h th' th' t d d b t d brary. It is a highly educational Verdandi, UC223 group. C ua y, ey ave every mg IS paper S an Up an e COUn e show from the Guggenheim Shaw Festival of the nationals except the name. on this subject? Give it thorough F 0 u n d at i 0 n. The works Piay-'-"Misalliance" TAT These locals also list as members a thought and research, then let us be are small in number but well Ad large portion Of the student body. polled COmpletely, not just a SpOtrepresents the painters. vising, UC248 Looking to nationals, we see many check. Make it an official ballot and It is a wonderful thing to see 1:25 ta"oaBuslncss Administration Club that have no houses or large expenses. ask everyone to vote. a:eppnlicationt S t . 1 •t 1 . th . ANE ew ar IS ry. 4:40p.m. u .c. Lessons Comm. Begin orne na 10na s are qm e ax In e1r J T ARMSTRONG would like to advise anyone who ners Brldge, uc1os not been in the Library gal6:30p.m. u.c. Program Council, UC214 lery recently to spend at lest 7 '00 The Tq m Pa T .1 mes two hours viewing this show. 8:30 Shaw Festival (Continued from Page 1) -D.D. THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1963 ______ .,......._ New .Sludents Orientation & Ad Kietzer, Ned Ricks, Denise vising, UC248 Strenglein, Kenneth Daniel, University of South Florida Campus Edt'ti'on Two Take • . - • 6:3o Claudia Juergensen, David Dye,


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