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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 196 (September 23, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 23, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition Glendinning Next 'Meet Author" This Wed., 1 :25 p.m., UC 264-65 SEVENTY-FIRST YEAR-No. 196 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1963 PRICE FIVE CENTS To Present Glendinning By JACKIE MONTES of The Campus Staff UC Committees Plan Gathering PICTURES SHOW the events In last week's Open House sponsored by the UC. Clay and Robbie, a steel band concert, jazz session, and concert by the Uni versity Band were among the activities of the showcase.-(USF Photos) SA Elects Grate President Pro Tempore in Lively Meet A nominal entry fee of sev enty-five cents for active, card holding club members and one dollar for non-members will be charged. Any faculty, or staff member may enter any make sports , foreign or com pact automobile . The cars will . be run in four classes , with the winner in each class being tbe car with the best time for a two lap run of the course . Dash plaques will be given to all entries and hand some trophies will be awarded to winners. This event wm also count for activity points toward an end of the year award. Sunday's Autocross marks the second Sports Car Club func tion of the trimester. Last Sun day new members were treated to a beginners rally which pro vided an opportunity for learn Ing about rallying. , . Belle Lamar To Feature Miles, Rucker .:?' . The cast has been chosen for the first theater production of the trimester, Belle L a m a r by Dion TED GOSE, USF junior, whips his MG around the markers showing the course drivers in their compact cars will follow in Sunday's Autocross, to be held in the Humanities parking lot. .) USF Student In City Election Board Runoff


' THE TAMP A TIMES, Monday, September 23, 1963 CAMPUS EDITION Feature Page Italian Film Is Provocative By JOHN GULLE'fT of the Campus Staff FELLINI'S 81h-Italian language production by Angelo Rizzoli, and J o seph P. Levine released by Embassy Pictures, with story and direction by Federico Fellini and currently play ing at the Capital Theater in St. Pe tersburg. Stars include Marcello Mas troianni, Claudia Cardinale, Anouk Aimee, Sandra Milo, Rossella Falk and Barbara Steele; 40 minutes, black and white. Although the actual title of the film is 81/z, we, like the rest, feel guilty about that , so Fellini is stuck on the front to bring the :>t whole thing around to our ' way of thinking. Unfor tunately, we cannot do the same with the script. The story concerns a successful film director (Mastroianni) who at tempts to tray his life's expenences in one coherent picture. His rna-Gullett jor problem comes in trying to make sense out of the whole thing. He starts out with a basic idea: "I wanted to make an honest film, without telling any lies. I thought I had something quite simple to say, that it would be a film of some use to everybody and would bury that dead thing which we all carry inside us." Mastroianni is saying this as he ponders how a basic idea resulted in a movie spectacular, and he is stuck with a castle of metal tubes and platforms to launch a spaceship. "At what point, I wonder, did I go wrong?" As far as we can observe, Fellini did not go wrong. He weaves fictional life experiences of the director into numerous scenes of wish fulfillment that leave the viewer both confused and informed. Most of the confusion arises from the realistic manner in which fantasy is presented. Pressures from his workers and others drive him to escape beneath a table, put a gun to his temple and finally end it all. But in the next scene we find it didn' t really happen after all; he only wanted to do it. The women he has known played the strongest role in bringing him to his current place in life, and unfor tunately most of these experiences have been painful. His wife (Miss Aimee) doesn't understand his desire for devilish dallying; he is punished as a child in his first experience in erotism with a female; a dream girl, (Miss Candinale) a vision of either innocence or sincerity constantly eludes him. He is returned to one of the few pleasurable associations with the op posite sex by way of the most impres sive scene of the film-his own pri vate cat house, where all the women of his life reside and delight in fre quent flagellation. Striking features in the film include the European loveliness of the women, the masterful editing job and the brilliant performance of Mastro ianni. The title is unlike any other, but can be explained (Fellini has directed six features and three vignettes prior to 81 /2, and the content is unlike any other, but there the comparison ends. Week's Highlights Campus-The UC sponsors three and one-half hours of drama and pag eantry in color in the form of War and Peace, Friday at 4 :45 p.m and 8:30 p.m and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. It stars Andrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Mel Ferrer, Vittorio Gassman and Anita Eckbe,rg. Direct ed by King Vidor, it is based on Leo Tolstoy's novel. Besides, it's only a quarter. Tampa Theater-Running through Oct. 3 is A New King of Love, a ro mantic farce in color, starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, sup ported by Thelma Ritter, Maurice Chevalier and others. A sexually-re tarded career girl and a journalist fall in love and romp romantically through Paris. WFLA-TV -Saturday at 11:45 p .m. channel 8 presents Victor Hugo's classic Les Miserables, vintage of 1935 and starring Charles Laughton and Frederic March. oaily Dueling Fights Bite Problem By DIANE SMITH of the Campus Staff . Coeds may cry about calculus and declensions, but these problems fade into when compared with the diet duel. A few words of explanation may be necessary for I!1ales who think this is a new form of Russian Rol:llette. Diets are hopeless battles against stomach pangs, jersey shifts, and full page color .advertisements featuring lemon meringue pie. Dieter and Devil Compete The dueltakes J?.lace between the dieter and the devil, disguised as a chocolate malt. Weapons are will pow er and whipped cream, respectively. Some students think the cold-cut war is easier to fight on campus. Oth ers argue that victory is threatened by class-office breaks. The pros claim that half -mile walks between classes melt inches away. Cons say it only stimulates their appetites. Besides, they keep passing candy machines that practically sit up and beg for money. One can't let automa tion down, can one?No, sighed the Pros. One can't. But what about the food in the cafe teria? Well-balanced. Nutritious. What growing girl, direction of growth ignored, would eat candy when salads are so tempting? Salads or Sweets? And what girl, ask the Cons, would take a salad when apple pie is so much closer? Reaching across the counter for lettuce leaves would expend energy, making. her hungrier than ever. Perhaps there should be a campus forum on dieting where successful pound -shedders could share their secrets. Listeners c o u 1 d do deep knee bends while speakers praised the low ly cabbage and sent hot fudge sundies to a kind of refrigerated purgatory. The audience could be required to fast before lectures and anyone who fainted could be revived with a sip of delicious celery juice. Of course, these gatherings would have to be held outdoors. A circular auditorium would distract listeners with visions of pizza. A square one might conjure up bon-bon boxes. But until that enlightened time, coeds will have to fight the bite when ever tempted, and keep those tape measures hanging in their lockers. PEGGY STEWART, 19-year-old sophomore from Lakeland, Fla., is one of three co-eds who thinks a horse should go to college. Stewart, living in Gamma, has her horse, Classia, stabled about a half mile from campus. "A lot more girls would bring their horses to college if USF would provide the necessary land," she said.-(USF Photo) Has Limited Facilities New Radio Station Talks of Expansion Yearbook Continues Progress The second meeting of the USF yearbook staff will be held today at 4 p.m. in UC 224. Faculty advisor Dr. A. T. Scrog gins is looking for the best talent available for the project, and all interested students are invited. He is hoping particu larly that members of the charter class will join the staff. At the first meeting last Mon day students were asked to indicate in which area they wished to work. Plans are being made for the groups to assemble material for individual sections. Since USF has had no year book and thus has no backlog of experienced staffers, editor ship of this firsl project could very well be a joint venture of two or more editors, according to Scroggins. The first yearbook will be in magazine format such as used LITTLE MAN ON CAMPUS by other major universities.------------------------While only two editions are being planned for the year 1963-64, future years may see one planned for each trimester. Each edition will have its own cover but the student may pur chase a binder of all editions. Scroggins said, "We are Education_ Professor Likes Country Humor searching for a new and creative By MARJORIE FISKE I around and a strong humanities approach to the problems of a of the Campus Staff staff." yearbook and are very for"My favorite pursuit is dredgAn intense interest In world tunate in not being tied down ing up quaint country humor," affairs and the social sciences to traditional concepts ." said Dr. Elmo Moretz, assistant grew out of four years of deMembers of the charter class professor, College bating on the varsity debate and various student; staff and of E d u c a t I o n. team in college. When faced academic activities will be "Every u n d e rwith a choice of interest, he featured. grad uate should naturally chose social studies. Publication date is 1 ate read James LongMoretz feels that "mora ls are December or early January. The street's, Georgia far more sound today than they yearbooks will be issued free to Scenes. have ever been . To read history "In a rapidly growing university like USF, the members of the charter class Feared by some in any other fashion is to read radio station is finding itself in the need of expanding and will be on sale to all of his students blindly. In fact, I'm no t sure if its present facilities," explained radio coordinator Wil-students at fifty cents each. for. his stiff rewe haven't gone too far toward liam Brady. qmrements, he conformity, canceling out the in-At present the station, a division of educational 0 H said that he atdividual as in Thoreau and broadcasts re-pen 0USC, tempts to chalLin coln." Ab I runs of major lectures, past Ienge them to exMoretz Dr. Moretz is the coordinator ram n cultural events and partie-parents Day plore unfathomed . and of the elementary education pro, ipates with the television roll back new honzons. They gram in addition to his duties Concert Thursday Statl'on In the teachm' g pro-C • U can all do much more !han they as a professor . • Ormng P think they can. They JUSt need grams. Although the station to be pushed a little." A family man with two daughappears to be extensive, its USF's council representatives, Of students on campus today, ters, Ann. and . Pat seven, limited facilities, equipment along with Dr. Herbert Wunderhe said, "The intellectual level m.uch of. hls tune is spent and small staff prevent it from lich, dean of student affairs, and interest in current affairs With hls and Mrs . covering many u n i v e r s i t Y met Tuesday to discuss plans is the highest I've seen on any Moretz, a teachevents. for open house and parents day, campus." He credits this to "the er now teachmg kmdergarten. Brady said under present scheduled October 13. university interest in the world Swimming, reading, playing J Ab . . d ' . . . the piano, taking care of the acques ram, p1amst, will con 1tlons the station operates Wunderhch sa1d one of the yard, and his famil fill his present USF's first musical Monday through Friday from reasons for the open h,?use an? ORGANIZATIONS leisure time . he enconcert of the fall trimester noon to 5 p.m. on 89.7 me. pare.nts day was that tbe umjoys fishing and hunting Thursday, September 26. The "Future plans would include vers1ty felt a need to get better M h d • ' concert will be in theTA at 8:30 extending the broadcast day to acquainted with parents and et 0 lStS Of USF, he says "I am very p.m. night-time operation and poshave them get better acquainted the univerJacques Abram is known on sible weekend activity." with us." Wunderlich said he T H Slty s progesslv7 program. It is three continents through his WUSF currently broadcasts felt many parents were not 0 0n0r far. sophlsticat.ed I recordings and tours. on ten watts of power and v-acquainted with the university, anticipated. The 1 v e r. s 1 t y He has h'een soloist with some . and did not realize the signifi Rev Burry should have no difficulty m obseventy major symphony orches a radius of ten miles. cance of sOme of the • taining accreditation for whattras in North America and in happenings Rev. Allan J. Burry, new diever they apply. This is demonEurope, including many re-en1 n s acto 1 extend 't e The house and parents rector of the USF Wesley Founby the quality of the gagements with the New York b d t b s day will begin with a general dation, and his wife Evelyn wmlimlted number of graduates that Philharmonic, the Chicago Orroa cas . 0 Y coun les open house from 10 a.m. to 5 be honored by an informal rehas The the .British Broadcastby mcreasmg to 1000 p.m. At 12: 30 p.m., there will ception tomorrow. Methodist umverslty to play mg Corporatwn 0 r c he s tr a, . be a luncheon in the UC folstudents, staff, faculty and other a very . dommant role m cui Danish State Radio Orchestra. IP edn t . lowed at 1:30 P.M. by a • welInterested persons are invited tural llfe of the commumty." Recently he e cor? e d t h e u e u eds Jazz an. c ascome by President and Mrs. to the occasion at 1:25 p.m. in A member of the Temple Benjamin Britten P1ano Con-s1ca mus1c an .recordmg of J h s All UC 264-65. Terrace Presbyterian Church, he certo with the Philharmonic some popular movie_ and F n 2 .30 3 .30 t The appointment of Rev. is concerned that the church of -------------. way scores. News 1s now lim-bl to . s Burry marks the be ginning of today make its influence felt in ited to campus events with a th : a ffe: 0 VIS! Wl eans full-time Methodist work at the the world conflicts of today. Nash Talk Postponed Till • 64 Because of illness, the Og den Nash lecture, originally scheduled for Oct. 21, 1963, has been postponed until April, 1964. In his place, Dr. Arthur Larson will give a lecture on America Looks At The U.N. in theTA at 8 p.m., Wednes day, Oct. 16, 1963. t b t d t m e1r o 1ces. noon newscas u ' accor .mg. o . . . . University. T h e Foundation A graduate of Appalachian Brady, growth mThe general public 1s mvlted. meets each Sunday evening State College in North Carolina, elude city, state. and natiOnal A of between 1500 and 6 :30_ 7 :30 p.m. in UC 226. he received his Ed. D. degree news. 2000 I s expected. of stu-* * * from the University of Foreign universities will also dents presently attendmg the b 't t t WUSF b university will receive an inAll old members of the USF B II L tshu ml apes . 0 rt d at. out vitation along with details of Judo Club a'nd interested per-e e amar • • • e news, mus1c, a , e uca 10n, ', . i 'ted t b I't t d f the days happemngs. sons . are nvl 0 a . (Continued from Pare 1) 1 ure a.n economics o meetmg Wednesday durmg free . . . their countnes. "Last year's small attendance," hour. Place will be announced. mary Invahd, w11l play the Student staff members inWunderlich said "was due main-* * * comic lead role of Rem my Shea, elude Mike Laurance, ly to bad weather." Westmipister Fellowship will Union soldier. Opposite director ; .Mel !farns, news lSO Enter USF meet Sunday, Sept . 30, at 6 p.m . , h1m will be Holly Gwinn . as rector; B11l K1etzer, mus1c diin the Gallery Lounge. H?nnor McQuade, his g 1 r I D ., S h d I f E d N • Orchestra in London for His rector; Lunsford. assist -B t• M f * * * fnend. . a• y c e u e 0 vents an ot•ces Masters Voice. Abram preant mUSIC director; Frank Ed-ow •ng ee Circle K and the uc Program The sec?nd lead , TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1963 uc Special Events to all those Interested in purchasing a m iered this work and has permon.dson , .announc er, and Steve The 1963-64 intramurals seaCouncil will sponsor a ScholarMarston Pike, Will be played 12:20 p .m. UC Fllm Sport committee uc 215 home. Contact C. Ward Hancock in the f d ' t ' th I DaVIS writer h' F d D S t d by Sand Gordon Stonewall Shorts uc 167 8 Religious Councu uc 216 Off-Campus Housing Office (ext. 49ll or me I WI near Y every ' son opens tonight with a bowls IP un a nee a ur ay eve. 1:25 p.m. wesley Foundation . . u c Recreation for further Information. major orche stra in the United ing tournament at F 1 or ida ning in the UC ballroom. The Jackson will be played by Mer-Coffee uc 264-S 6:30 Association uc 213 .. States. Recently he performed Deadline Lanes., 10400 F 1 or ida Ave. Velvets will provide music for ton . Religious Council Le.clslature U C connection with orientation. on Sept. 4 the two formidable B r a h m s Deadline for submitting ma11About 150 bowlers half as the 9-12 p.m. event. Umon officers will be played "The Thread" CH 100 FlHDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1963 are available In the Office of the . . . by William Kietzer and Michael Young Americans 4:45 p.m. 1st sbowlng-UC Movie President. P1ano Concertos m a smgle conuscripts for the first edition of many as expected-had entered Admission, $1.00 per person B h C f d t ff' ill f F d uc 203 "War " Peace" FH 101 Reception For Wesley cert in Holland at press time $l 50 1 p d eac . on e era e o Jeers w 8:30 p.m. 2nd showing-UC Movie Methodist students, staff and faculty Ab t USF f i.e., USF literary magazine is or per coup e. rocee s be p laye d by Loren Southwick uc D Co 't t uc 20s "War & Peace" FH 101 and other Interested persons are invited ram comes o rom F d 0 . .' Th s r tch tournament in will be donated to the USF CFS ance mm1 ee SATURDAY, SEPTE!IlBER 28, 1963 to an Informal reception for Rev. Allan the University of Toronto where ri ay, ct. 11. Specifications men's and h 1 h' f d and David Kaufman. Christian Lite Fellowship uc 221 . for the past three years 'he has concerning the form. of the competition. sc o ars lP un . Pat DWYer will be played by Orientation Program Chinsegut The reception will be held Tuesday, b Art' t T h d H d manuscripts will be prmted in New Circle K officers are Mike Stottlemeyer Uncle Dan v e 5 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER %9, 1963 Sept. 24, during the free hour at 1:25 een IS eac er an ea b . 1 1 . . ' uc Movie committee uc 213 2:30p.m. uc .. Movie "War & p .m. in uc 2S4 . The appointment of of Piano in the Royal Conservaa su sequent art1c e. A 1 stuEntry deadline for the next John Sessums, p . res1dent;. An-by Michael Kelly and Rhemmy 's a:oo p.m1p.hs1iges uucc Peace 1st Sbowing TAT Rev. Burry the beginnln!f of dents are encouraged by the events men's and women's thony Scolaro vtce president soldiers by Dell Cooper Rich-De • 8:30p.m. UC Movie "War & fullllme M ethodist work at the Umver tory . . ' ' ' 5:30 p.m. Fides uc 167 Peace" 2nd Showing TAT sit:Y. . Abram ha r ceived m h magazme staff to submit manu archery and men's volleyball Jim Hagar, secretary; and Bob ard Goddard Tom Meiners and 6:00p.m. Tri-Sls U C 202 8:00p.m. Wesley Foundation UC 226 The Wesley Foundabon meets each S e UC scr'pts for 'd t' n W d d G d d t ' ?:00 p . m . Enotas uc 203 Westminlster Fellowship uc 108 sunday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 in critical acclaim but it is the .. 1 cons1 era IQ lS e nes ay. a s en, reasurer. George Walser. m is ab= from following stat 'e men t f r 0 m f:30 p.m. Paldela uC 213 lng and heating (excepf in extremely the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Dimitri Mitropoulos that he Areta UC 264 cold weather) . Any request for deviation Company will be on the campus Oct. 7 the most . . "Jacques l:25 p.m. uc Meet the Author office 24 hours prior to the desired In business administration or liberal Abram lS among the greatest UC 264-5 Program Taklnr Appllcaartists playing in America . I Committee UC 202 later than Friday noon): tlono -Chrysler Corp. , Space Division, could not ex press it too strongly, Administration uc 203 66 his technique is astounding and Coffee uc 108 7 &:ner when P.lays, the. music. comes Organization UC 205 a .m. to 19 p.m., Mon . . hurs. & Sun.; nautical or aerospace engineering, mefrom Wlthln and hves With the 1:25 uc 214 flexibility and superb rhythm of Relations UC 215 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Mon. to Fri.; the Work-Study Office 7 a.m. to and interview forms. Applications should Included lD AbramS concert m Jin. will be Chromatic Fantaisie and 4130 p . m . UC Beginners Bridge Humanities


16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 23, 1963 LIFE BEGINS AT 40 Developers Urged To Build for Senior Citizens By ROBERT PETERSON need more housing of this kind just not interested in devoting best way under the free enter-[ space available and if builders A few months ago this column is William Breger, chairman of time to projects which may give prise system to meet the press-can be persuaded to devote created a stir in running a story the department of architectural only a 6 per cent return." ing housing problems of our rissome of their time to the con• about Edward Wagensomer, 38. design at Pratt Institute in What proposals has be for ing number of elders who want struction of senior housing yield He's the bright, young builder in Brooklyn, N.Y. "I haven't visit-meeting the need? "Most older to live independently in the ing lesser profits than those to Detroit, Mich., who proved for ed Kundig Center," he said, people with limited means want midst of things but simply can-which they may be accustomed. perhaps the first time anywhere "but it's certainly possible to two things: They want to re-not afford presently prevailing that it's possible to build one-build units on donated land main in their home community, rates." If you would like a booklet room apartments for e l d e r s which will rent for as little as and they want to be situated "Financing Your Coming Re which meet all government spe$22 a room-and still return the in the heart of things. BREGER'S COMMENTS de tirement" write to this column cifications and rent for just $22 builder a profit." "For this reason I'd like to serve wide circulation and study in care of The Tampa Times a month -and still give the Why then I probed isn't more see private and civic groups in for they suggest that low cost enclosing a stamped s e 1 f-ad• a six per cent return' on such housU:g erected? "It's be-. . . . housing for elders can be a dressed envelope and 10 cents his mvestment. cities make available the _air reality if cities will make air to cover handling costs. . . . cause it doesn't return SUFFI space over low shops and bUildUsmg land provided him at CIENT profits to make it atings in the business districts. ADVERTISEMENT n? cost, tractive to developers" he re Then I'd like to persuade dehis own money m erectmg two lied ' . 1 t t FHA modern, low-slung structures reP . ve opers o use pnva e or funds to build clusters of one motels -each "MOST DEVELOPERS these and two room apartments which 28 umts. Each one-room days are busy building middle would rent for just $25 to $:f.i a a large carpeted room Wlth and upper-income housing which room but which would pay for own heat gives a higher percentage re-themselves and give a modest bled b_ath and servicette for turn on investment. So they're profit besides. I feel this is the preparmg snacks. New Denture Invention The units were built adjoining ADVERTISEMENT IN A REBEL CAMP IN cuB A -AP wtrepb•t• Asthma Formula Prescribed Exiles say this photo, smuggled from Cuba, shows anti Castro. guerrillas Roman Catholic prelate who has Replaces messy powders, oozing pastes, reliners The big difference between natural teeth and dentures is in per formance . Now this difference is smaller due to a new invention. and irritation. You eat faster-bite harder, without pain-and enjoy your food more. You may eat tha hard-to-chew foods your body craves like steaks, fruita, vegetables -thus preventing "denture malnu• trition," a problem of older people. teaching a farmer (back turned) how to use guns. Orestes Farinas, described developed a flourishing day cen-Most By Doctors-Available as commander of the Internal Front of Liberty, an underground band, holds ter in the Automobile City where gun at right. low-income elders can get meals N wth t p t• and spend leisure-time visiting OW I OU rescrip IOD Y I d • •d . , H and engaging in arts, crafts and Stops Attacks in Minutes ••• Relief Lasts for Hours! . Our n lVI U a . o roscope recreation. New York, N.Y. (Speelai)-The asthma -in tiny tablets called Primate!U • 1:00 o..m. -eight strength of a soothing, ce freshingdouche.l!gentlysoothes, cleanses delicate tissues-can leave you poised, confident, sure. ! Instead of old-fashioned v inegar ! orgermicides,!rynewpleasantly scented V.A. Powder. Available atalldrug countersinconvenient "paekettes"-each one premeasured to take the doubt out of feminine hygiene. Avoid dissension. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) -Do not overtax yourself now. And don' t WOITY about what others think -if you are doing your honest best, it will prove rewarding. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) -Avoid persons and situations which could affect your work or beliefs adversely. A few drawb a c k s, contention indicated; meet them with will power. YOU BORN T U E S DAY: "First thoughts" are often your best judgments. Foresightedness helps you to progress rapidly, PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT believe in ••• e HONESTY and ECONOMY In Governme11t e Devoting full time to the office of Councilman e Public: office as a public trnt and I will treat It as such • The fact that there are already too many "Jook Joints" N TAMPA DAY I ELECTION TOMORROW IS . n Tampa just . . nt four years 1 With the. most_ lmporta ro"ects planned and already h d w1th so many P J • every voter has a ea • • • b. o-


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