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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 238 (November 11, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 11, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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I University Of South Florida Campus Edition Trotter To Speak On Lasers Tuesday, 1 :25 p.m. in CH Ill SEVENTY-FIRST YEAR-No. 238 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER II, 1963 PRICE FIVE CENTS Dr. Trotter Lectures On Lasers ceive." Reality Is Truth Williams also defined reality as "what peopl-e see as truth." Reality is different to different people such as businessmen, laborers and farmers, he said. "The man in tlle street sees reality as the boss, his wife. refrig-erator , inflated dollar and the stove." Williams perceives this reality as the "peoples reality," and said that it was a "comfortable structure" not easily interrupted. Poet's Reality On the poet's reality Williams said, "It encompasses all that is true. The poet's truth is the truth the people must always re turn to or perish. It is also truth naked and complete." Williams advised young poets ••not to steer a middle course • . . but to refuse to run the g auntlet. The poet dare not write for the market for he will lltarve, and he must starve if he bas no faith. He must write poems for the sake of the poems." POET OSCAR '":illiams is busy signing autographs after a Meet the Author lecture last week. Williams also spoke that night in the Humanities auditorium. -(USF Photo) ' ) Autumn Antics Start On Friday With Full Schedule of Events Donkey Added Attraction Dr. Ashford Appointed To Exam Board USF professor Theodore A. Ashford has been named by Gov. JUDY WEST and James Coplon take 'an early lead in a tluee-legged race, part of the activities in last year's All-University Weekend.-(USF Photo) Fine Arts Exhibitions Faculty Art Work I Showing in Library to t?e of Works by members of the fine Craig Rubadoux are now be exammers m bas1c SCiences, lt h . h li h . . . th arts facu Y compr1se the ex-1 mg featured m a show w 1c censes p YSiCians m e . . . . . state. hib1t10n now showmg m the in the Theatre Gallery. The exThe five-member board, estab-Library Gallery. The exhibition hibitlon is open from 9 to 5 p.m • .-------------. lished in 1939, annually exam-will continue until Nov, 27 and Monday through Friday and dur Senior PhotOS ines approximately l,OOO persons can be seen from 8 to 11 p.m. ing Theatre performances. It who apply for licensing as . . . ed discussion sessions on topics such as student government, academic responsibility and leadership training. For yearbook physicians in Florida. I weekdays, 8 to 5 p.m. Saturday will be on VIeW until Nov. 27. Dr. Ashford, who is director I and 1 to 11 p.m. Sunday. Rubadoux was born in RochesTO Be Taken of the USF natural science divi-This annual fine arts faculty ter, N.Y., in 1937. He moved to Photographers f r 0 m Bryn-sion, has had ext-ensive experiexhibition includes recent paintSarasota in 1945. In 1956-58 he Alan Studios will be on campus ence in the field of testing and ings by Harrison Covington li""d d k d s 1 t s 9 6 h h • ""' an wor e m pam. n Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. examma tons. mce 1 4 e as Wright Christian, and Wesley . 13 and 14, to photograph D-ecemb.een of the exam_inaHouk, and Sculpture by Ernest 1959-62 he t_aught m Westport, her graduates for the yearbook. tlons committee of the American Cox. In addition to the works Conn., and m Sarasota. He Appointments have been set up Chem_ical Societ.(s division of of these continuing members of traveled in Italy and France in in UC 223 from 8:30a.m. to 7:30 chetmt tcal the faculty are paintings by 1953. At the age of eleven he had P m f 0 . t h co e . I m1 ee con suuc s an pu s 1es R b t G 1 . . t' d . . I e. nv mence . o national standardized t-ests for o er e mas, pam mgs an his first one-man show at the both day and mght students. ach . t. . prmts by Jeffrey Kronsnoble, Sarasota Art Association. cording to Lurlene Gallagher, c emis ry courses. and ceramics by Charles Fager, . co-editor of the yearbook. The USF professor holds a a newcomer to Florida and USF. He has and Dark drapes will be supplied bachelor's, master's and doch' . . h' group exhibitions mcludmg the , . An ex 1b1hon on arc itecture 1 1 Fl 'd st t F ir d th for the girls who are requested tor s degrees from the Umver. . . . oca on a a e a an e . . . . . d IS bemg shown m the Teachmg s t f th F A t to \\rear no Jewelry. Boys are s1ty of Chicago. In 1950 he Jmne . . . . . octe Y o e our r s m asked to wear dark suits and the faculty of St. Louis Univer-?alleJ Y m the Humarutles Palm Beach. Io recent years, d k t . lsity where he organized and mg through Nov, 20 It Is a he has had solo exhibitions tn ar les . ' tf li I . d b th Scheduled appointments a r e 1 directed the Institute for the por 0 s 10w: orgamze . Y e Madrid, Malaga, Miami Beach, as f o 11 ow s: Wednesday, 8:30 Teaching of Chemistry the Institute of Archttects, Provincetown. St. Petersburg, a.m., Akers-Bolan; 9:30 a.m., first of its kind in the nation. He the awards the Sarasota, Tampa, Westport and Booth-Delgado; 10:30 a.m., Diazheld the appointment until 1960 01gamzah?n m 1961 for Woodstock. A show of 25 of his Germaine; 11:30 a.m., Gtahamwhen he joined the USF faculty. buildmgs In parts of ihe drawings is cut'l'ently being cir Jones; 1:30 p.m., Jortlan-McA native of Greece, Prof. Ashworld . Teaclnng Gallery hours cula.ted by the Ringling Mu Pherson; 2:30 p.m., Macon-ford is author of a textbook, are 9 to 5 p.m. Monday through seum's Education Department Nichols; 3:30 p.m., Nousiainen-From Atoms to Stars, published Fnday. to nine cities on the Eastern Roe; 4:30 p.m.. in 1960. Paintings and drawings by Seaboard. •


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, 11, 1963 Campus Editorial Page . Misunderstanding Over 1-M A lack of communications be tween the physical education de partment and administrative per sonnel seems to be endangering the intramural program. Both sides seem diametrically opposed to each other on every point. The problem lies, we think, in different inter pretations of the I-M program on campus. Murphy Osborne , I-M di rector, said no one really knows all the answers for such a trimester system, but added that the adminis tration does not attempt to under stand the answers brought out by the physical education instructors. He said his department was reflect ing what the students said were the needs and that the administration was unsympathetic. The biggest immediate is finding a parking place at the I-M field. Osborne said he has talked to members of the administration and the security police, and these were he replies he received: 1. No more parking places are needed. 2. Reschedule the games. 3 . Let them walk out to the I-M area. 4. Form car pools. Some of the pictures on this page should amply refute the first reply. They were taken during a regular 1-M activity period and 52 cars were found to be illegally parked because of a full parking lot. The second reply, that of resched uling games, is not possible, accord ing to Osborne. In surveys made by the physical education department, it was found that these were the only times (4:30-6 p.m.) all team mem bers could be present. Since partici pation is the essence of I-M activity, we agree with Osborne that schedul ing an activity when teams could not participate would defeat the whole purpose of the program . Thirdly, walking was proposed as a method of relieving the park ing problem. We again think Os borne showed this was not feasi ble when he asked, "Have you ever tried to walk from a Life SG:ience class which terminates at p.,m. to a lllliilllil ence Hali , change clothes, on the I-'M fields at 4:50 p.m .?" (4:50 p.m. is the deadline for games to start.) He said that many teams have students with eighth period classes who barely make it on time even with cars. In answer to the car pool idea, Osborne said that. trying to pick up people from different buildings with a car pool would even be worse . He then tried to imagine a driver picking up five teammates at different locations on campus; driving to the Residence Halls, where all six would run to a different Hall to change ; run back ' into the car, and be ready to play at the I-M field, all in 20 m i n u t e s. Next year Osborne predicts that 40 teams will enter competition. If the parking problem is not ade quate now with only 21 teams, how can it adequately serve 40 teams year? The Campus Edition feels the only way to cope with this parking problem would be to temporarily suspend giving tickets to students who park by the side of the road. Parking on the fields should not be allowed because of the danger to students playing on the fields and the damage to the grounds. Space should then be cleared for a tem porary parking lot to handle the overflow of cars. We emphasize that these meas ures are only temporary. An ex tended par;k:ing lot at the I-M field is the only positive long range solution. Another point clearly shows the need for expansion of present fa cilities. Several complaints have been brought to the attention of the physical education department that students are r u i n i n g the grounds by playing football around the Residence Hall area. "I do not condone playing on these grassed areas but I do whole heartedly condone their playing," said Osborne, who added, "Where else ca. n they go?' • _ The best suggestion to alleviate this problem would be to decen tralize the . recreational area, al lowing fields near the Residence Halls. As Osborne noted, it is easy to get students to participate in a team practice where the recrea tional area is just a hundred yards away, but try to get a team to gether and practice when every one must get into cars, drive to an area where there is poor parking facilities, and then find no fields available. In an afternoon intramurals competition, over 425 s t u d e n t s were counted as active partici pants. This was, we repeat, only one afternoon. Such a t u z: n o u t places the I-M program as the largest student activity, second only . to academics. A program of such size needs more attention than it has been receiving from the . The1d e cis i o , h must be made whether we want to keep a strong and active intramurals program or not. The Campus Edition feels that there is probably no great argument here; disagreement arises when this goal tries to be achi . eved. But n e e d e d goals are not achieved when there is misunder standing and lack of communica tion. Both the physical education department a n d the administra tors, in our opinion, are victims of such misunderstanding. We hope they will correct it, not only for their sake, but for the sake of the students. Where Else Can He Park? I The Campus Edition . A special edition of The Tampa Times published weekly by JOurnalism students of the University of South Florida. EDITOR Michael Foerster NEWS EDITOR FEATURE EDITOR John Gullett • Kay Keating Photographer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gary Ragan Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................ Danny Valdes Advtsor .................................... A. T. Scroggins STAFF WRITERS Eugene Abbott Lurlene Gallagher Larry Vickers Jr. Richard Oppel Janis B ell Kathleen Manetta Edward Wagner Dianne Terry Arthur Cody Patricia Pulkrabe k Lillian Collins Jim Felter Leona Ehlert John Rosinski John Thomas Jackie Montes Mike Fowler Marian Stewart Pat Costianes Diane Smith Sam Nuccio Phyllis Tarr Phillip Lucas Darel Sheffield Deadline for copy is 1 p.m . Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 206. ' . '. Arrows Show Illegally Parked Cars by 1-M Parking Lot Theme Needs 1Assimilation1 By DAREL SHEFFIELD of the Campus Staff Two Adolescents by Alberto Moravia (New York: Signet, 1962, 165 pp,). The first novella of the two which make up Two Adolescents concerns a nine or ten-year-old boy and the unusual problems he encounters in his summer at the beach. His problems are, to say the least, distressing. MORA VIA IS a sensitive and percep tive writer. His theme in Agostino-la tent homosexualitY. in a young boy-is handled with depth, continuity and objec tivism. Agostino's pathos becomes fo cused in his attempt to exorcise his de sire for his mother: "Quickly, quickly he must find an antidote, and set up be tween his mother and himself the imag e of another woman to whom he could turn his thoughts if not his eyes." A g ostino's conflict is realized when , in order to rid himself of the mother ideal, be tries to patronize a bordello. He has been ridiculed because of h i s youth and sent away . Here Moravia il lustrated with concisely expressed in sight Agostino ' s humiliation : "HOW BADLY it had all turned out; he had been betrayed by Tortlma (his friend), who had taken his mouey, and be himself had been thrown out . • • He felt a burning sense of disappoint ment, especially on account of those two men who had treated him like a child. The laughter of the jovial man, the cold, e"']lerimental benevolence of his companion, seemed to him no less humiliating than the dull hostility of the woman." Agostino, because of several trauma tic experiences received during his sum mer, and becsuse of his super-sensitive nature, will never grow into a man. He has been told that his mother-his god dess-is promiscuous, and he has seen the accusation proved. HE HAS BEEN introduced by Savo, an old gypsy into perversio n and inver sion, and he has attempted to enter a bordello, all in three months' time. His education in the summer illustrated the epithet "too much too soon." Moravia ' s theme is complex, and part o f it is that one must be given time. Time to assimilate, to understand ex perience. Women Sustain Torture In Effort To Meet New Demands of Beauty By DIANE SMITH of the Campus Staff Woman is a hardy creature. To meet the insistent demands of beauty she has endured unspeakable torture from whale bone, spike heels and brush rollers , She has survived the gamut of Paris vs. New York, the sack vs. sex appeal, and Madi son Avenue vs. common sense. She has played more roles than any actress, becoming a desert Arab, a N ile siren, a Swiss ski instructor and an aloof first lady within a few fickle fashion sea sons. She has raised, 1 o w e r e d and worked vanishing acts on her waist, neck and hemlines . SHE HAS SUBMITTED to hair styles copied from Australian B u s h m e n , drowned mermaids and the armed serv ices. She has faced the traumatic ex perience of decidin g whether a cham pagne or an ash blonde has more fun. She has risked broken necks from fa thers and cancelled checking accounts from husbands-to-be by own i ng a wig for eyery occasion. No friend has daunted her, When the accent was on eyes no mannequin pos sessed brighter, lusher, more ma. nufac tured o rbs than woman. And when the hazards of lidliner and eyelash curlers became common , woman W!'!nt on to bi g ger thin gs. Letters to the Editor DIETING AND EXERCISE were teamed up in awe-inspiring combinations. Yogurt replaced bread as the staff of life as naturally as rowing machines and ballet bars r e p 1 a c e d indoor pools. Madame could no longer be lovely with out being lithe. When the female form reached a state of perfect formlessness, dieting and dumbells palled. Attention next focused on the face. Few females had the leisure or funds necessary for plastic surgery, but those possessing both spurred after this new fox with astonishing vigor. Women's magazines ran encouraging artic les on nose bobbing but woman was only moderately interested. She had dis covered designers who were in sym pathy with her and were t urnin g out feminine, non-torturous clothes and coif fures . HOWEVER , THESE s t y I e s were short-lived. Alter centuries of beli eving beauty coul d only be gained by effort and a dash of discomfort, the new lines looked too simple . Suits were too com fortable, heels too easy to balance on, makeup too light. It weighs heavily for woma n that she was able to survive this . pe riod. With such s t r e n g t h she may even overcome the current i ndign ities of knee boots, bowler hats and man-tailored suits. Food Service Termed ' Dubious' I wish to bring to light certain dubious practices and le gis lation concernin g the food service on campus, In Mae's Sub Shop there ts posted a letter from Aux ilary Services, U.S.F . which s t a t es: " This is to advise you that our con tractual arrangements for food service preclude outside venders delivering to or selling food or drinks on campus." I disagree with this ruling for the following reason s: First, the quality of Morrison's food is inferior to that of out side estabiishments, so students are forced to buy inferior food or to leave campus. Moreover, I believe that the inferior quality is due to the lack of competition . Morrison' s will have to im prove the quality of their food if forced to compete with outside establishments, that is if thi s monopoly is taken away and they are subject to free enterprise. Thirdly, male students without cars are stranded in the dorms. When Morri son's stops deliveries at 11 p.m . there is no way for them to get food. Also, there i s no reason why food cannot be de livered to gir ls between 11 a nd 12 p . m. when the R.A.'s are on duty , but Morri son's is closed. Once again, Morrison's fails to meet the needs of the students, and unnecessary regulations prohibit in dependent establishments from doin g so. One reason for this rule could be that it prevents food which might be un sanitary f:r:om bein g eaten on campus. But this is not valid because restaurants must meet city ordinances for sanitation and a lis t of approved restaurants could be easily obtained . I wish to make still another point. The statement quoted above specifically says that no outside venders may de liver or sell food on this campus. Yet at the present time the vending machines on campus are serviced and filled by out side vending companies who, in view of this statement have no more right thau a restaurant to sell food on this c,ompus. Why i s this not a vio l a tion of t he con tract? Moreover, catering . was allowed on this campus for two .and one half years, durin g which time Morrison's was under their present contract. This fact, and the apparent violation above lead me to question the existence of such a re$.trictlon. I would like Aux iliary Services to print the specific clause that in the contract forbids cater in g, and if such a clause exists, to justify the above named violation of it. If s uch a cl a use does not exist, I re quest that the restrictions be lifted or • that a better explanatio n for them be given. In t his case I would also like the letter in Mae's Shop to b e explained . J , Respec tfully submitted, Cricket Kemp Fleming Novel Good for 'Escape' Goldfinger by Ian Fleming,

) ;-. Kennel Competitio . n Close Records continue to fall at the Egypt Temple Shrine racing 1,046 . The 3,060 fans which Tampa Greyhound Track but party and trophy race on Thurs-turned out Tuesday was a rec competition Is so keen among day and opening of the $1,000 ord for Ladies Night. kennel owners the race for the Tampa Kennel Stake on Friday. Kennel standings: season's honors may not be de Seven recordS' in mutua l han-cided until the final event next die were set last week as w a g-Kenne l KENNEL Show Jan. 6. ering soared to $6,509,172 after W. c . Groves ........ 46 35 20 43 days of racing for an in: : : : W. C . . "NEAL" Groves sent crease of $596,841 over last year. ... :::: :: fs seven wmners to the p ost last Attendance is 136,109, an in-c. H. Scott ......... 30 23 25 week to mo v e into the No.1 spot creas e of 7,844. .. ::: : with 46 victories. Last week's L. M . !Grkpatrick: . . .. 24 21 15 le ader R. E. Thomas held secNEW RECORDS are largest fi ond with 44 wins and A. W. Monday night handle, $139,553; :::: Kulchinsky and Huron Kennel largest Tuesday night handle Mrs. Manuel Souza . . 19 19 are tied for third with 42 wins. $145, 608; largest matinee $137, :::: U Huron hopes to break the tie 566; largest doubleheader $309, .. :: :: : : tonight when Real Challenge will 566; largest doubleheader $309 , A . L. Sparks ........ 13 12 2 0 try for his sixth win in the I largest week with only one mat.. :: ii ; feature ninth race. This week'si inee $1,020,089; most number of 1 racing schedule highlights an winning daily double tickets, L . .M. Balle• . . . . . . . . . . 9 4 6 J. R. Githens .. .. .. .. 8 e 15 June G1llb: . . . . . . . . • . . S 9 13 Entrl•es Jeannette Eagan . . . . . 2 10 7lh Kyle Stephenson .. .. .. • 1 FffiST RACE-Five-sixteenths mile-, z . Sebulex 6. Storz Grade D (fir!t half dail y double): 3. Blanchard 7. Much Luck 1. Dare Goff 5 . Rockin White 4. Ducbes15 Mar 8 . Agent 2 . Burwood 6. Flying Fable SEVENTH RACE-Three-eighths mUe !. R. Jonea 7. Wicket Moe -Grade D: t. lm•tatton Red 8 . Pam's Baby 1. Glowing Star OU Payment SECOND RACE-Three-eighths mile-2. Dainty Lass 6. Joe Humble Grade E -70-75-71-286 ::::::::: :m . . . . I Jacobs , $87 5 ............ 78-69-69-70-286 Philadelphia 3 8 273 6 won tbe frrs t Smatra Invitation a Kelley, SB75 .... .. ...... n-71-7073-286 WESTERN. DIVISION 0 b . g! t k Glover, $875 ............ 72-72-69-286 Lc Anecles 7 3 700 pen y a sm e s ro e . Rule Jr., 5600 .......... 7 3-59-287 st 'Louis .. .. " 7 4 •636 Sinatra gave him a check for Kneece, 5600 .. "" .... 7 5 ' 71-72 69-287 san Francisco"::: :: 5 • :556 Batdorf!, $600 .......... 72-72-70-71-287 Baltimore ......... 3 7 .300 4 $9,000 , which is $61.02 more Nichola•, $600 .......... 6973-73-7Z,....267 Detroit .. .......... 2 6 .250 ' than Beard had won in all his Two oastaffers Tae Lcs previous tournaments combined. SATURDAY' S RESULTS SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (A') 100. BEARD, WHO never entere d I There wa s a three-stroke range New York 8 9 . san Fr ancisco 84. the national amateur tourna-. Boston 113, st. Lcuts 91. ment because h e never had among f1ve players, ehaded by . Ruth Jessen and Kathy Whit. NFL Roundup enough money, has been playmg th th f' ld d t f 11 1 war , a s e 1e move m o . pro ess10na y a year. Unt1 Sunth f' 1 d f th $B 500

16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 11, 1963 ADVERTISEMENT ADvERTISEMENT 2 FREE GIFTS BALL POINT PENS ONLY GOOD FOR 4 DAYS Souvenirs of Historic Valley Forge One writes in GOLD Ink-the other in BLUE! Yes, these beautiful pens are real souvenirs from historic Valley Forge -''testing ground of the American Revolu tion" and home of the GOLD STAR PLAN. These pens are FREE to adults o\•er 21, without co s t or obligation. Use the blue one for regular cor respondeme , the gold one for gift (•ards, special notes, etc. We offer you these attractive, useful gifts for letting us se11d you, with no obligation, com plete details about the low-cost GOLD STAR Hospitalization Plan for folks who don't drink. Your gifts will be mailed jus t as bOOn as we receive your name and address on the coupon he low. (NOTE: Offer limited to one member of each family and to thos e "ho have never before received Free Gifts from Gold THIS 2 GIFT FREE OFFER TO TRIBUNE-TIMES READERS .. Bo. th FREE GIFTS Mailed to You • With Facts About This Special -Low Cosl Hospitalization Coverage ow Available to on-Drinkers Only! Why Doctors, Clergymen, Educators, Statesmen Prominent Americans from every field-wholeheartedly endorse this new common-sense way to 9et Low Cost Hospitalization Protection for the whole family! Lynn Burke, Olympic and World Swimming pion: "Neither I nor any other champion I know d r i n k s. Of course , I highly recommend t h e Gold Star Hospitalization Plan for non drinkers. Hon. Frank Carlson, U . S. Senator , Kansas: "De lighted you have worked out plan for non-drinkers at reduced cost . I urg e those concerned about financial security to take advantage of it." Dr. Herschel Ford, former vice president , Southern Baptist Convention : "You are rendering a tremend ous service in providing a low-rate hospital policy for non-drinj{ers." S. S. Kresge, Founder, S . S. Kresge Co., over 800 stores : "Delighted that non drinkers are now rewarded by insur ing with Gold Star Plan at substantial savings. The right answer." James A . Farley , Leader in busine ss, national af f airs : "As far a s health and accidents g o , the ab s tainer is clearly a bet ter risk . Gold Star ha s recognized this, and re duced rate s accordin g ly ." Dr. Fred P. Corson, Pres ident , World Methodist Council: "I have studied the Gold Star Plan and believe it t o be sound. Should bring down the cost of hospital insuranc e ' considerably . " Upton Sinclair, Puli t z e r Prize author : " Id e a of g ivin g peop l e ins urance di s count they earn by not shortenin g t heir lives with alcohol i s brilliant. Glad to be counted in ." Dr. Daniel A . Poling, outstanding m i n i s t e r , Editor of The Christian Herald : " Advantag e s ob vious . Lower rate is pos sible because you 're not paying bill s for illnes se s and accidents of those who use alcohol." Dr. Boyd Leedom, Judge, National Labor Relations Board: "The Plan may be an additional incentive to many g o o d people who are a bout to conclude that the y h ave done all the drinking they can s afely do." Jerome Hines, Leadin g bass, Metropolitan Opera Co.: "The non-drinker is a better risk, should be ., entitled to a better rate. I recommend it, s hould prove a ble s sin g to all who can qualify . Gold Star is the only hospital pion endorsed ond by over 50 nationally known leaders SONS, DAUGHTERS! Get Gold Star protection for your father, mother, or elderly loved ones and avoid sudden and unexpected burdens of heavy doctor and hospitalization bills . ................ NO COST-NO OBLIGATION • • • ................. l .. Moil Us Your Name and Address on This Coupon NOW! De Moss Associates, Inc. The Gold Star Plan Valley Forge, Penna. 1 5-1306-103 I do not drink. 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Schedule Of Events, Bulletins the subtle blending of the two in struments produced a precise harmony of rich sound. The varied contrasts in mood and tone color of the concert completely held the audience, who were enthusiastically ap preciative of the fine virtuoso performance. Psychology Class Takes Field Trips BARBENDER CLUB president Nick Lobi gets in some weightlifting before his club meeting. Watch ing him is coed Aileen Castellano. Membership is open to male students, meetings held Thursdays, 1:25 p.m. in UC 200.-{USF Photo) TRI-SIS -Pledges are curThe Ford Motor Co., of De rently offering their services to troit has selected USF as one shine shoes for 25 cents a pair of the universities from which as their money-making project. it will select work-study cooper Plans are also underway for a ative education students in the car wash. Congratulations to future. Tri-Sis for winning the worn-Dr. Frank Jakes, director of en's volleyball tournament. training for the company, said * * * Ford would like to first have ARETE _ Brothers of Arete a team in mechanical engineer extended their services in many ing and later add teams in other capacities to the Florida Sherareas including business admin iffs' Boys Ranch at Live Oak, istation. Florida, Nov. 8 and 9 . Students interested in apply-* * * ing for the Ford teams, which ENOTAS -Plans for a mon will .be located at plants. in . . Sheffield, Ala., or Nashville proJect are Tenn., should see Mrs. Caroi and will the sponsorship Storms in the work-study office of two cold drmk booths to be for details AD 2080 set up at the Gasparilla parade ' in February. Enotas brothers are currently working on their President's Ball own yearbook which included pictures and information con cerning each member. Set Friday Night The annual President's Ball and Reception will be held Nov. Drake on Campus 15 in the state dining room and Miss Debbie Drake, nationballroom in the UC . ally known expert on diet and It serves not only as a social figure control, will be on cam-function but acquaints the new pus Tuesday, Nov . 19, at 1:25 members of the faculty with the p.m. to give a lecture-demon-other members of the staff, stration in the TA. according to Mrs. Mozelle Stock Ticket s are free and may be well, secretary to Ptes. Allen. obtained at the UC information Mrs. Allen, with the help of desk, Argos Center information the University Womens Club. desk, and the Physical education will supply the decorations and office, UC 159. refreshments. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 11, 1963 1'7 nnual Speech on Tap For Today Says Sarett 40Vie For Sarett Trophy Faculty Seen 1Team To Beat' in Antics COSA NOSTRA tries a pass against Beta II West in intramural competition last week. 1-M football competition will continue until December.-(USF Photo) 'I


18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 11, 1963 Mrs. J. H. Skemp A double ring ceremuny Miss Fay Skemp was maid of united Vicki Lane and John H. honor. Alison Casey, Mary East Skemp Jr., Saturday, 6 p.m., land, Lynn Weekley and Mrs. in St. John's Episcopal Church. A. G. Spicola were bridesmaids. Father William E. Martin offiThey wore floorlength gowns of elated. white taffeta sashed in pink vel-Brides' Choice Formals Selected For Special Day Mrs. G. R. Hewitt Mrs. R. T. Miller by her father, wore a formal They wore street length gowns where she was a member of when they return from a wed gown of silk peau de sole and of royal blue satin peau de F.H.A. , F.T.A., and F.B.L.A. ding trip to the Gulf Beaches CITRUS READY FOR . THANKSGIVING DELIVERY PLACE ORDERS NOW! GUARANTEED SATISFACTION DELICIOUS FLORIDA NAVELS MIXED WITH OUR LUSCIOUS GRAPEFRUIT SHIP TODAY! VISIT OUR GIFT SHOP AND PACKING HOUSE Open Dally to 5:30-0n Sundays 1 to 5:30 P.M. McSWEENEY GROVE re-embroidered Alencon lace. sole with matching headpieces. Mr. Hewitt is also a graduate and New Orleans. 4938 Temple Terrace Hi9hway Her fingertip veil of silk illuThey carried cascades of red of Brandon Hlgb School. Parents of the couple are Mr. sian was held by a flower of roses. ' '* ... .. h and Mrs. Donald B. Blackadar, 1 Mile East of Busch Gardens lace and seed pearls and she Best man was Weston Carter, St. Johns Ep1scopal C urch 582 Marmora Ave. and Mr. and ,. The bride, given in marriage vet with matching velvet head by her father, wore a formal pieces. They carried pink roses gown of white peau de sole with and ivy. carried a cascade of orchids, Bloomingdale. Mike Adcock, was scene of the marnage Mrs. Ralph M. Miller, Gulf Ph. 988 roses and lilies on a Bible. Barney Newsome, Brandon, and of Gall W. Blackadar to Ralph _________ Dorothy Elder was maid of Louis Massaro, Brandon were T. Miller, Saturday, 8 p.m. The _ Chantilly lace overskirt. Her Best man was John H. Skemp, floor length mantilla of Chan-father of the groom. Grooms tllly lace formed a short train men-ushers were Peter Skemp, and she carried white roses and Frank Lane III, Carrington Ivy. Barrs , David Fisher, and Dan L. Myers Jr. Organist was honor, Linda McElveen, Leesgr?omsmen-ushers, and Wayne Rev. Dorsey G. Smith officiated . Ollver was rmgbearer. at the double ring ceremony. burg, Judy Blshop, Brandon,, A reception at the Brandon Soloist was James Biggers. He and Lola Thomas, Brandon, Leisure House followed the was accompanied by the Boys were bridesmaids. Flower girl ceremony. The bride is a gradChoir. was Kim Mongar, Brandon. uate of Brandon High School The bride, given in marriage James W. Biggers. St. John's Boys Choir sang. A reception at the home of the bride's grandparents fol lowed the ceremony. by her father, wore a formal gown of Candlelight peau de soie accented with re-embroidered Alencon lace. A miniature Princess crown held her silk illusion veil and she carried a cascade of roses and lillies of Announcing the New Sholt MondaY and Friday 'Til I P.M. 604 Franklin St. Ph. 229 Parents of tl)e bride are Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Lane Jr., 1000 S. Sterling, and Mr . and Mrs. John H. Skemp, 3107 Pros pect Road are parents of the * * * Dr. L. G. M e a dow s ficiated at the marriage of San dra F. Oliver and Glen Richard Hewitt Saturday, 8 p.m . , in the First Baptist Church of Bran don. Parents of the couple are Mr. Frederick R. Oliver, Ruskin, and Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hewitt, Bnndon. The bride, given in marriage Rent Electric Carpet Shampooer FOR ONLY s1 Now you can rent tbe new Blue Lustre Electric Carpet Sbampooer for only Sl per day witb purchase of famous Blue Lustre Shampoo. Save big with tbis easy to use "do it yourself" equipment. You'll be amazed witb tbe new look of your carpeting. Available at Allied Floor Coverings 5132 Florida Avo. Harmon's Paint Store 309 S. Howard Htrtz Rent-All 1705 Gr. Central Avo. Kane's Skymart Carpets 5630 E. Hillsborough Madison Drug Store Britton Plan Shopping Center Manhattan Hardware 3649 S. Manhattan Perri Hardware 403 I Henderson Blvd. Sparks Hardware 3115 W. Hillsborough Mac Traina Interiors 1727 E. Broadway ANITA'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 238-3417 4810 NEBRASKA AVE. Tampa, Fla. . : INTRODUCTORY OFFER . I I I . I • I Wait By Your Phon-You May Be C:allecl To Save on Your Beauty Service for the Next Full Year • • • Mrs. R, J. Ferro Sacred . Heart Catholic Church was tl\e scene of Nora A. Almirall's marirage to Richard J. Rerro, Saturday, 6 p.m. Father N orrnan G. Roggi officiated. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore an or ganza and peau de soi gown appliqued with pearls. Her Eng lish illusion veil was held by a headpiece of pearls and she carried carnations. ' Daysi Almirall, sister of the bride, was maid of honor . Miriam Abreu, Miami; Mirisol Chavez, Miami, and Perla Que sada were bridesmaids. Isle Oliva wasflower girl. Their floor length gowns of apple green peau de sole were accented by bou. : quets of yellow carnations. a limited number of ladles will be called to receive • Shampoo and Sat e INDIVIDUAL STYLED SHAPING • Hair and Scalp Treatment For Only Unheard of Values in Beauty $695 If You Are Called Best man was Ferman Ferro, brother of the groom. Grooms men-ushers were Florencio Chavez Jr. and Sergio Padron. Ring. bearer was Roberto Almirall, Miami. The couple left for a weding trip to Orlando and Oklahoma after a reception at Regan Park. They will reside at 1016 22nd Avenue. If you are callecl our representative will explain in full Parents of 'the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Almirall, 2705 Myrtle Ave., and Dr. and Mrs. Ferman F. Ferro, Miami. Peoples .,Nee ,., G.A..S SYST:El..VI 215 TAMPA ST. 'Ph. 229 VFW Hatton Gilette VFW Post and auxiliary 121, will meet for a covered dish dinner 6:30 p.m., Monday, at the post home, 6809 Nebraska Ave. A ceremony burning of old flags will be held at 7:30 with a business meeting following at 8 p.m. SECRETARIES Hillsborough County Associa tion of Educational Secretaries will meet Monday, 8 p.m., at the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. audi torium, 13th St. and York. PUBLIC NOTICE WHY PAY RENT? CALL US FOR FANTASTIC SAVINGS! L e 3 BRs. & 4 BRs 0 $1 DO down, $60 mo. 0 e 2 BRs., B-1 Kit. K $1 00 down, $43.00 LEDO REALTY the valley. Mrs. William Murdock was matron of honor. Mrs. John J. Burda .and Candace Moore were bridesmaids. Marcy Jo Quinn was flower girl. Their formal gowns were of peacock blue silk and they wore miniature crowns with nose veils. Best man was Stephen Miller, Gulf Breeze, Fla . Hugh Hanley of Fort Walton Beach, Robert Smith of Gainsville, John J. Burda, and Donald B. Black adar Jr. were ushers. A reception was held immedi ately after the ceremony at the brides home. The couple will reside in Kansas City, Mo., Spinets and consoles of distinc tive design. Sea the beautiful through-tho-years styles of this new group of pianos by Hom• mend. Bring the through-the years pleuure of '"usic into your home. Prices are modest. terms are liberal. Hammond Pi. enos or Hammond. Organs-see our exciting display! Free Parking at T elander' • Lo1 Nex.t. Door SPENCER .TRACY ELIZABETH TAYLOR Father The HAMMOND PIANOS Priced From Open Monday and Friday Night& 192f1' p4 .... ,..., Tamp-106 E. Tyler St. Tel. 223-4611 Of Bride " ... •If • .. .. .. '" ... NOR rH MIAMI • MIAMI BEACH • TAMPA • FORT LAUDERDALE HOLI YWOOD MONDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES-TONIGHT 7:30-CHANNEL 8: ' . I \ . '! '5 -6 '6 'f 'II '5 '5 1 '6 '6 '6 :gj ' '5 '5 '51 .5 l v


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Red & Wltite--Nice '59 Rambler Wag .. $849 2 DOOR American. Reb u Itt motor, auto trans. ExceUent transportation. 700 N. DALE MABRY PH. 877-5875 Volkswagen Center WE ARE closing out an & '63 Volkswagen• this weekend to make room for large shipment. So come on out and take ADVANTAGE of this rare opportunity. 6o/• BANK RATE FINANCING 2 YEAR WARRANTY STRICKLAND'S AUTO SALES 3702 E. HILLSBORO PH. 231-2311 1959 PREFECT 4 DR. ENGLISH FORD ONE 31,000 actual miles. white with red leather int. Up to 35 miles per gal. Can be purchased for S5 down & $7 . .50 wk. Full prlce $495. Dealer, 9308 FLA. AVE . Ph. 935. Good Transportation '55 Ford 4 D!>or ............... S 99 '53 Ford 6 cylinder ........... 5189 Ford 4 door .......• , ...... $179 '54 Ford Sta. Wag ............. S249 '48 Ford Pickup Truck ........ S199 '55 Chrysler Hardtop ......... $289 NO CASH NEEDED-SMALL WEEKLY PAYMENTS. SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232 VVe Finance P.ulyone '55 Chev. 4 dr. stk. $6.50 wk. 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V•S, AT, R, H, PS, PB , air cond. '63 Impala .. $2395 4R. HT. V•l, It , H, PS, PS. '63 Rambler .$1995 660. AT, R , H, PS, reclining seats. '63 Chev. II .$1995 AT, N, H. '63 Fairlane .$2195 500. V-8, R, H, PS. '63 Rambler . $2495 660, AT, R, H, PS, factory air, '62 Impala .. $2095 4Dit. HT. V-8, AT, R , H, PS, PB. '62 Ford ... $2395 OALAXIE 500. V, AT, It, N, PS, P8, factory air. '62 Falcon ... $1295 Deluxe trim, AT, H . '62 Fairlane .$1495 500. Low mileage. Extra clean, "' H , '60 Corvalr ... $895 Nice. Stick. '61 Yolks •... $1195 Clean. One owner. '56 Mercury .. $395 V-1, AT, It, H, PS, Pll. A steal. '56 Ford ..... $295 V-1. Red A white. '51 Chev •...... $95 Sedan. Good trans. Best Terms Highest Trade Allowances AVIS (Licensee) 111 W. St. (Corner HJghland OPPOSite Paladium) Phones 229S9 229 $99 ONLY s99 DOWN Cash or Trade Buys Any Car on Lot No Side Notes, No Small . Loan, No Gimmic:k. Just $99 Dwn., 1 Mo. Paymt. Example: 1961 Corvalr Station Wagon, $999.00 $99.00 Dwn., $46.10 Per Mo. Parks Auto Supermarket 3800 Fla. Ph. 224 ISO Auto111elllles Por Sale '61 FAIRLANE. fully equip. Clean. Freight Whse. 4301 Fla. Ave. "'YOUNG'S USED CARS" Want a cheap car? $35 to $295 3319 Gandy Blvd. Ph 839 VOLKSWAGENPan.f

32 THE TAMPA TIMES 1\londay, November 11, 1963 DR. ALVAREZ Foods Found Nutritious By W. C. ALVAREZ, M. D. Because these days so many housewives are frightened by scary articles in the magazines, I am glad when I read in medi cal and scientific journals Utat tests of our foods in govern ment laboratories usually fail to show any significant contamina tion with either fallout strontium or pesticides. For instance, a couple of months ago I read in the "Journal" of the AMA that "the latest results of the Food and Drug Administration's 'total diet' stud ies have _again confirmed the safety and high nutritive value of the American food supply." The experts said that the strontium-90 content of food from fall out is still well within safe limits; in fact, in some places, even near the bombing sites in Nevada, no strontium could be found in the milk. Obviously, there is no need for anyone to panic. The ex perts also measured in foods pesticide residues, and con cluded that the amounts of them are well within safe limits. AND HERE is another state ment that all mothers of grow ing children should read: the experts said that many foods as bought "contain ample quan tities of vitamins." Today the food and drug people are warn ing us that there are many men going about making much mon ey by scaring the mothers of families into buying many dol lars' worth of vitamins and food additives. The salesmen claim that unless the additives are used, the woman's loved ones will fall ill with some deficiency disease. Our national experts say that this is bunk, and they are beginning to go after the salesmen and to confiscate their false advertisements. I often say that 70 years ago, when I was a boy, my mother had nevet• heard of vitamins -they had not yet been discov ered -but nevertheless all of us five children grew several inches taller than our parents; we all grew up well and strong, and four of us have lived long. RUPTURES IN WOMEN Women write to ask why, when I talk about ruptures, I always talk about men. Don't women sometimes have ruptures? Yes, they do; but they cannot have the big type a man can get in his groin. Why? Because they have no spermatic cord, and it is the passage of the spermatic cord from the testicle up into the abdomen which makes a channel through the abdominal wall -a channel which, when dilated, permits one or more loops of bowel to come down to make a rupture. In women with a rupture in the groin, the knuckle of bowel comes through a little opening that lies alongside of the big "femoral" a r t e r y where it comes out of the abdomen to go down the front of the thigh . Because in women this weak spot is deep down under the groin, instead of over it, as in men, we physicians can easily fail to discover a small hernia in a woman. If troublesome, such a rupture should be ?per ated on. DR. ALVAREZ' NEW booklet, "An Enlarged Prostate Gland," will be of interest to many men. You may obtain a copy by en closing 25 cents arid a self addressed, stamped envelope with your request to Dr. Walter c. Alvarez, Dept. TAM, Box 957, Des Moines, Iowa 50304. MacDi II Enters Fighter Wing Competition Tactical fighter wings from every Tactical Air Command Base in the United States. in cluding MacDill Air Force Base. will take part in the "Match Point" flight competitions next week at Hurlburt Field, near Fort Walton Beach . Representing MacDill will be pilots in four F84 jet fighter planes from the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing, 836th Air Divi sion. They are scheduled to participate on Friday. A rotating award will be of fered the tactical wing which achieves the highest point total. "Match Point" was ordered to test the comparative profes sional qualities of flight leader ship, flight teamwork, tactics, and forward air controller ac tions while working in close sup p or t with Army ground forces. Great Books Session A Great Books discussion will be held at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Jewish Community Center, 2808 Horatio. The reading will be selections from Hobbes' Le viathan. ROACHES? Call Terminix 835-1311 BUY NOW-PAY LATE NO PAYMENTS 11L MARCH '64 Mc.gnav"o:x. 4 WAY HOME .ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 23'' TV STEREO A FULL SIZE 280 SQ. INCH PICTURE VOLTS OF PICTURE POWER. VIDEOMATIC Fully Automatic Television PHONO. YES,IrSATRUE HIGH FIDELITY . STEREO PHONOGRAPH AM -FM RADJo NOISE FREE FM and SELECTIVE AM RADIO. THE FINEST! IT'S ONLY 50 I HERFS ANOTHER Magnavox SPECIAL VALUE HERE'S TRUE STEREO HIGH FIDELITY AT A LOW PRICE .... only • Wonderfully $ compact • Easy-to-Carry • Remarkable performance ADDS A TOUCH OF BEAUTY TO ANY ROOM IN YOUR makes an equally ideal gift for your favorite teenager, too. Best of all, you get the perfection-the same standards of quality and reliability found in Magna vox consoles. The 119 sq. in. screen gives you clearer, sharper, more stable pictures than you've ever seen from Personal TV -evenJrom distant stations. AMAZINGLY LOW PRICED TRUE STEREO PLUS AM/FM RADIO! Four high fidelity speakers, powerful stereo amplifiers, exdusive Micromatic Record Player with 10 year diamond Stylus Guarantee. Superb FM/ AM Radio. FM Automatic Frequency ControL AUTOMATIC WASHER FULL WASH CYClE AUTOMATIC liNT REMOVAL HANDY LOADING DOOR t--------------1 WESTINGHOUSE AUTOMATIC DRYER MAGNA-SONIC PORTABLE WITH OUTSTANDING FIDELITY AND STEREO SEPARATION ••• NOW AT ALL TYREE'S STORES Just one compact unit to carry. Simply plug in and play. Powerful solid state steno amplifier. Two high fidelity speaken, Miuomatic Record ptayer with 10 year Diamond Stylus Guarantee. Model ISC239 others as low as $69.90. UDICO CAN OPENER AND KNIFE SHARPENER $1448 NOW ONLY PRESTO PRESSURE COOKER 4 QT. CAPACITY REG. 12.45 VALUE NOW ONLY $788 No Special Wiring nttded just plug It in to any 110 volt apP.foved outlet! SILEX JUICIT REG. $19.95 VALUE DEWX CHROME MODEL $1188 NORTH GATE NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER 8879 N. Florida Ave. Ph. 935-2181 REG. $15.85 VALUE NOW ONLY $888 JUICER AnACHMENT DURING THIS SALE DALE MABRY EAST TAMPA DALE MABRY SHOPPING CENTER 1213 S. Dale Mabry Ph. 253-3465 EAST TAMPA STORE 1901 E. Hillsboro Ave. Ph. 237-3989 DORM EYER MIX-WELL MIXER with FOOD GRINDER ATTACHMENT 10 FULL POWER SPEEDS REG. 49.95 VALUE Others .. Advertised Discount Price is $38.88 NOW ONLY CLEARWATER 1408 E. CI.MLAND Ph. 446-1024 NO CASH DOWN Wit!IT.U. • PAY ONLY Per Month REG. $24.95 VALUE Others' Discount Price $17.88 NOW n:lrs $1 ?_I 8 IrS 'ONLY LAKELAND LAKELAND HOME APPLIANCE CO. 228 S. Florida Ph. 683-0161


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