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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 71, no. 250 (November 25, 1963).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 25, 1963
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Rorida . Campus Edition SEVENTY-FIRST YEAR-No. 250 Allen Issues Statement On Mr. l(ennedy The loss of our President Is a very personal loss to me, as I am sure it is to everyone at the University of South Florida. His famous statement, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country," challenges us at this time more than ever to dedicate our lives to mak ing our democracy under stood, that it may work for the respect and dignity of all mankind. 1 As we join the grieved fam1 y of the President and all c itizens of the nation in this Jl riod of national mourning, II university flags will be f . own at half mast. A men . orial service for the Presi d nt will be held at 11 a.m. M onday in the Teaching Audi t irlum. All students, staff, ulty and the general pub are invtied. Classes will suspended all day Monday, John S. Allen A USF professor has been named an associate ( contribut jng) editor of a new Indian Re view of History and Political Science to be issued by Review Publications in Meerut, India. Lewis A. Dexter, who joined the USF political science and sociology faculties this fall, is also associate editor of the In dian Sociological Bulletin. During the past year Prof. "' Dexter has been an executive on the committee for space efforts and society of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The committee has been devel oping a program for social sci ences research in space pro grams. TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1963 He has been a consultant in social science research during the past 15 years for such insti tutions and organizations as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Kate Jackson Anthony Trust in Lewiston, Me., and the mental retardation research pro gram of the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Wel EDGE OF NIGHT writer Jim Gentile answers a question in last week's Meet the Author program. With him are, left to right, Manny Lucoff, WUSF tele vision coordinator, and co-writer of the "Edge" series, Irving Vending. ,-(USF Photo) fare. ' State Legislators On Panel In Idea PRICE FIVE CENTS MARY TAYLOR of FIA Sorority participates in the manuscript speaking portion of the IM speech contest held recently. FIA walked off with the Lew Sarett Sweepstakes Trophy.-(USF Photo)


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 25, 1963 Alumni Part of USF 'Dream' Next month .USF will graduate its charter class. On Dec. 22 some 320 will leave the university with their sought-after diploma. They take with them four years of mem ories-the eccentric roommate, the old car and the m i 1 e s it has traveled, the "absent-minded" pro fessor, that s e m i n a r that you thought you'd never pass. They also unique learning experience the uni take with them four y e a r s of a versity has instilled in them. For four years they, and others who will follow , have taken all the university has had to offer. But will See Campus Edition feature Section, Page.J9 these same graduates in later years remember what the university bas given them? Will they as alumni in ;orne way try to repay the debt they owe to the university for the advantages its education has helped them to realize? .. ... ... Alumni like to give their sup port to the university's football team, but USF does not have in Campus tercollegiate sports program. Does this means that the university will now be forgotten by those whom its graduates? Undoubtably USF will have in tercollegiate football in the future. This is inevitable. But the univer sity was not established to bring to this area a "big-time'' football pro gram. The university is a dream being realized, a modern institution of higher learning professing the high est standards of excellency. For a new institution it has assembled an faculty-people who want to share in this dream. They have Left established pooitions in older e o 11 e g e s, have sacrificed their tenure. ... * * Students have also come to USF to share in this new experience. Others have come because they can not 'afford to attend another uni versity. But they too are part of this experience, they are encom passed in the total dream of university's . program for education. This is what the alumni should remember. They are the first pro ducts of this dream, a dream which will not end with their graduation . S u p p or t of the university .bY its alumni will insure the reallty of this dream. Editorial Page "Venture Into Music" Ov' TO C. t f2...C.\J M .S ND LeHers to the Editor •• li;asF I 0 o 'Chastisement' of Police Unfair Dear Editor: In reference to your editorial of chastisement of our campus police, I felt that you were a bit unfair in metering such a severe criticism. You must remember sir, that our be loved police force is comprised of an aggregate of retired night watchmen who have not been exposed to the tide of humanity as is found on our campus. They have not had extensive experience in handling so much responsibility. Be kind to them sir; they are in hibited to socialization because of their lonely lives on the 12 to 8 shift. Our beloved campus police should be guided along lines directed toward normal so cializatlon-not critized because they know not to suppress their instinc tive desire to wield great power. Alas! Forgive them if they appear a bit overzealously prone to write tickets for no apparent reason. This minor in fraction upon our individual freedom serves numerous functions. a) It disciplines us in preparation for the rigors of society. b) It gives them (the deputies) a sense of belonging, c) and it allows them to release pent up resentments toward society. d) It reinforces the Barney Fife im age that we have of them. e) It substantiates the theory that man can be conditioned (i.e., to react unthinkingly to a stimulus regardless of any modifying conditions in the field of perception.) So it appears as though the bene ficial factors far outweigh our dissatis factions and anxieties upon receiving a ticket. Since our benevolent, power oriented, Gestapo-like local constabulary has a Freudian attachment to the dis play of such unorthodox behavior pat terns, and since the patterns have such manifold functions as outlined above, I submit that we do not allow undue criticism to befall our flat-footed Guard ian Angels. MICHAEL W. HESS The Campus Edition A special e.dition of The Tampa Times published weekly by journalism students of the University of South Florida. EDITOR Michael Foerster NEWS EDITOR FEATURE EDITOR John Gullett Kay Keating Photographer • • . . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • . Gary Ragan Copy Editor • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Danny Valdes Advisor ...••• : ••.••••........•.......•••••. A. T. Scroggins STAFF WRITERS EuJ'ene Abbott Lurlene Gallagher Larry Vickers Jr. Richard Oppel Janis Bell Kathleen Manetta Edward Wagner Dianne Terry Arthur Cod7 Pdricia Pulkrabek Lillian Collins Jim Felter Leona Ehlert John Rosinski John Thomas Jackie Montes Mike Fowler Marian Stewart Pat Costianes Diane Smith Sam Nuccio Phyllis Tarr PhlUip Lucas Darel Sheffield Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 206. ' University of So. uth Florida Campus-A Dream Being Realized Bool{ Gives 'Lowdown' . on Beats By DAREL SHEFFIELD of the Campus Staff The Beats, edited by Seymour Krim (Gold Medal, Fawcett Publications: Greenwich, Conn., 1963,. 224 pp.) One of the most interesting subjects to "cool" college students is the beat movement. The Beats is sort of an in troduction to this unschooled school; it contains selections from the movement's most famous writers: Kerouac, Mailer, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Corso and Bur roughs, among others. Most of the pieces are essays. One, The Know-Nothing Bohem ians by Nor man Podhoretz, makes some awfully true-ringing appraisals of the sociologi cal perspective the broad-range psy chological import of the beat writer. Podhoretz says about Kerouac's T h e Subterraneans: What. seems to be involved here, in short, is sexual anxiety of enormous proprotions • • • the book is one long agony of fear and trembling over sex. Seymour Krim includes critics of the beat movement as well as proponents. An essay by Herbeh Gold, The Beat Mystique, 1s caustic tn its critlcism. The funny thing about this essay is that its diction is beat, while its content is a criticism of the beat philosophy. Gold's diction and word usage are jazzy: "Proust or religion, it's to talk over, it's to carry in his (the hipster's) jeans, it's to hit his buddies with; it makes no sense or feeling, and the Wieder it is, the cooler the kick." Gold, while bombasting the beats -their <:onformity in reading, dressing and talking, has used beat jargon (wierd, cool, kick). The whole book is epitom ized by the Gold essay. Pros and cons of critical opinion are presented, but they all carry the influence of the movement. The essays provide a critical per spective of the beats; their poetry and short fiction selections give the repre sentative creations from beat philosophy. They are written with a subjective view point, but all contain a didactic pur pose: They are pleas for social reform; not the changing of social institutions or the reformation of a power system, but an insistence upon tolerance for the in dividual. The beats are like the Bohemians of the twenties in that both movements search for expression through escape, through liquor and drugs. But the beats seem to want to return to a "better world." One selection, Fable of the Final Hour by Dan Propper, starts off with an image of Walt Whitman lying dead in a subway tunnel. He is the beat hero-the poet who had visions of America united in love for humanity. Propper is saying that Whitman's America is dead. In Corso's Spontaneous Requiem for the American Indian, Corso says that thtl Indian has lost his identity because America's eradication of non-conform ists. T his poem, though, doesn't mean that only the Indian has lost his identity. Corso is saying that all individuals have lost their identities: The Senaca sleeps, no sled, no pinto, no end, but sleep, and a new era, a new day, a new light, and the corn grows plenty, and the night is forever, and the day; The jetliner streams down upon Texas, Requiem. Christmas Decorations Herald the Coming Of Thanksgiving By DIANE SMITH of the Campus Staff T. G. '63 Pour the vino, fill the plate, Time and A-bombs will not wait For the space it takes To say a grace or two. With the Big Red Bear so near There can be a valid fear That the turkey being carved May soon be you. Christmas decorations have been up for two months so it must be nearly time for Thanksgiving. Several turkeys seen pretending to be zebras add weight to the circled date on most calendars. WREN THE g e n e r a I population counts its blessings this year it will have to add the new "hot" line to Mos cow and Christine Keeler's decision to cancel her proposed visit to the United States. They might include Castro's recent silence and the abandonment of Jim my Hoffa's plan to organize America's educators. A few may bless Ian Flem ing's destruction of James Bond by mar riage, and the release of Dr. Stange love, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb, to movie houses across the nation. Some may wonder why the Pilgrims made all that fuss to begin with, since they only had hostile Indians and starva tion to worry about. TODAY SCIENCE and gunpowder have taken care of our Indians in the 1 disease and war-painted forms, but a dozen new ones have rushed in to tak their places. Madison Avenue advertising neve disturbed the first settlers. Televisio never made semi-morons out of thei children. Civil rights hadn't worked u the nerve to rear its ugly head whe .the Mayflower limped into port. Neithe had China or the Cosa Nostra. National and overseas peace cor were in the womb. Nuclear weapon were waiting for a more advanced, de structive t i m e. Newscasters confine their reports to the hourly Indian a tack, and only the turkeys worried about race survival. However, civilization does have mu for which to be thankful. An ulc r preventative may be discovered befor1e next November. Automatic anti-accideu.t radar may be installed in Detroit's '&5 line. The cold war may keep its and Berlin lose her wall. Some brillian)t legislator may even arrange a way k,' have Thanksgiving coincide with Fourth of July. Faculty ArtExhibition • 1n Library Gallery 1Excellent' Show By JIM FELTER Campus Art Critic Cutting its way into the air of the faculty exhibition now hanging in the Library Gallery and slicing the space with its lunging points is Ernest Cox's u n tit 1 e d work of steel and con crete. This is comparable to and better than a lot of contemporary sculp ture made of such mate rial. All his craftsmanship, his technique and his creativity is laid bare along with his outlook on life. Cox's work seems to have improved since he Felter began conducting classes here on cam pus. He seems to have widened his vision and developed his creative powers along strong solid lines. All for the best. COX WORKS with the figure and distorts it to his aesthetic liking. The work of steel is aptly titled Standing Girl. The toothpick arms contrast well with the torso and the whole work has a feeling of freshness, not of withdrawal and seclusion like many other modern sculptors afraid of what tomorrow will bring. This work is also a magnificient comment on today's women and is worth consideration. Cox's work is best de scribed as bold, straightforward and honest. Harrison Covington continues to ex pand using his collage technique and thick juicy paint. Burden is my favorite in his grouping .. The strong masculine color and rich relief textures are typical of Covington's work. It is worth men tioning that this artist seems to be branching out more now also. This ob servation may be due to a lack of a fair knowledge of his work, but his colors seem to be expanding, and his subject matter also. This is especially noticeable in Architectural Forms, first seen at his one-man show at the LaMont Gallery downtown. WRIGHT CHRISTIAN makes a beau tiful showing with his large untitled works. His use of texture and color is quite different from most of the work I have seen and is done very well. It was this critic's first chance to see ;my of Christian's large works and am anxiously looking forward to seeing more; however, they should be titled next time, if for no other purpose than identification. C. Wesley Houk is represented by three of his mixed works. Houk is by far the most individual and unique of the artists represented with Wright Christian next in line. Houk has been burning into his canvases with a blow torch and experimenting with textures. His paper collages, his application . of paint, especially in ". • • and all the flesh died that moved upon the earth" -and his use of line-all .reveal his state of mind and his questions of life for the art lovers. THE NEW F A CULT Y members, some exhibiting on campus for the pub lic for the first time, bring new blood and new techniques, skills and philoso phies to the campus. Jeffery Kronsnoble exhibits his two prints. The Bride and In the Beginning the first being an etching, the second an intaglio. He also has several oil works reflecting and enforcing his graphic work with the addition of more dra matic textures and color "ll.ariation. He will soon present a one-man exhibition in the T A lobby. Robert Gelinas exhibits four works. He recently caused considerable praise and comment from the student body with his powerful, dramatic one-man showing in the TA. He has mast-ered a great deal of the problem of handling paint and thus allows himself more freedom in his application. His work is violent and his compositions are excellent. THE STONE WARE of Charles Fager sits quietly inside the gallery and of fers a striking contrast to the paintings and sculpture around it. Fager deals with useful items: bowls, cups and the like, and therefore, his work must serve the function it is designed for, My fa vorite is the large bowl of cobalt blue slip and white mat glaze. All in all it is an excellent show and everyone on campus owes it to himself to become familiar with the work of the art faculty members on campus. PART OF THE faculty exhibition in the Library Gallery includes sculpture by Ernest Cox. One of his most prominent pieces is this untitled work made of steel and concrete. ROBERT GELINAS is also exhibiting some of his work in the Library Gallery. This is one of his oils titled Cliffside. (USF Photos) , • . • .


SAYRS HEdWApS KILLED TO HIDE TRdUTH E J • THE TAMPA niMdEs, l'trSonda1y. Novem:r u, 1963 n B. Clark, 30, a great-grandson poration since 19Z5. e ropagan a xp otts Oswa aytng of James E. scriPPs who ' Sold by Mail founded the Detroit News, has whee 1 e r to their board and been named publisher of the named him executive vice presi. B.ERLIN , Nov. 25 (JP) -The public at the nist Party newspaper, said in an I over there (in East Berlin) will anyone asking to see my White ..• You may be qualified for newspaper and president of the dent of the parent corporation. killmg of Lee Harvey Oswald 1s. mtxed at the t1me w1th article from New York: be able to tell whatever lies House press card. $1,000 life insurance ... so you Evening News Associatiun. Wheeler will continue as genwas a handsome and highly apdtsgust at conditions In the land "With ch h aft th they like. Many people will be"The first and only time it will not burden your loved ones eral manager of the newspaper preciated gift to the Communist that is praised as 'the freest in ea our er e lieve them." was required was to enter the with funeral and other expenses. Clark succeeds Warren S. Clark served for the past propaganda machine. the world' but is In reality ruled tragic death of Kennedy, we underground garage where this This NEW policy is especially Booth, who was elected chair-years as vice president and asWithin minutes after of by reactionary mob with the have. more and more to "I DON'T THINK we've astonishing shooting (of Oswald) helpful to those between 4() man of the board I-1 Excelsior said the consul told The newspaper Excelsior said Oswald his request would have last night it had evidence that to be submitted to the C u b a t Lee Harvey Oswald, accused asforeign ministry for clearance, sassin of President Kennedy, a .Procedure usually taking about visited the Soviet and Cuban three weeks. consuls here I as t September At that, the story said, Os and tried to get a visa. wald's temper flared and he left The newspaper did not dis-the Cuban consul's office, slallJ" close the source of its story, but ming the door. said that it was from "a high official source." It said it corON SEPT. 28, the newspaper roborated the report and found said Oswald visited the Soviet that Oswald was in Mexico from con;ul In Mexico with the same Sept. 26 to Oct. 3. Oswald was request. The newspaper said he shot to death yesterday in Dalsaid he was "a militant Com las. munist, married with a So\!iet Excelsior said the story ' of citizen," and a resident of Rus Oswald's visit would be pub-sia for three years. lished ln its Monday editions. According to Excelsior, Oswald t o 1 d the Russian consul THE NEWSPAPER said Osthat his marriage to a Soviet wald c r o s s e d the border at girl could be ascertained by call Nuevo Laredo Sept. 26,_ met lng her long distance In N e w with Cuban consul Euseb1o Az-Orleans, where she was wattU1g cue. the next day and requested for him. a Vlsa so he could travel to the The consul was not identified. Soviet Union via Cuba. Again Oswald was told t h a t DR. ALVIN L. FREY Optometrist Announces tho removal of hll office from the ht National Bank Bldg, to some time would have to elapse until his visa request could lie cleared by the Soviet foreign ministry, probably as much as three or four months. 817 1st FEDERAL BLDG. Hours by Appt. Ph. jl29-0281 Oswald had a bitter argument with the consul, the newspaper said. Go ahead ••• admit you've always wanted a real wood-burning FIREPLACE. Indulge yourself! Make the center of interest in your NEW FAMILY ROOM the fireplace. Add worlds of charm to your room ••• for just pennies! LaMonte Shimberg will design your family room (with fireplace) to suit your budget. In keeping wtth LaMonteShimberg's policy of using only the finest NAME BRAND materials, we use the smart new firepiKe styling of • • • llleatllator America's Most Famous Name In FireplacesGuaranteed SmokeFree! HANG YOUR KIDDIES CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS ON A REAL FIREPLACE For Free Home Estimates, firm Bids and 9uick Finish • • • Phone 855-7231 ) • Depend on your car? It'll start. Fast. Count on it. You've got No-Noxin the tank. No-Nox, Gulf's premium gasolin -e-; is blended to fit each season. In any weather its volatility is controlled for fast,. sure starts. You can depend on No-Nox out on the road, too. No worries about annoying stalls. And No-N ox has higher octane to deliver full power without engine knock soalways stop at the sign of the orange Disc. Fill up with No-N ox -the gasoline you can depend on. NONOX GASOLINE helps keep your car out of trouble. GULF OIL CORPORATION •


18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, Nnvember 25, 1963 MUSEUM PIECES SCARCE Wonderful World of Animals By DR. FRANK MILLER DEAR DR. MILLER: I've suf fered through my wife's pas Few Mementos in State Capitol sion for dieting for years and TALLAHASSEE, Nov. 25 lA'al governor (1821), to Farris part of the building. Protecting ON mE SECOND floor, inl A SEPARATE case displays a I'm used to it, except when she Unlike many state capitols Bryant (1961 ) ; and Civil it from footsteps of visitors is a the central part of the Capitol, section of the. tree under which tries tb diet me. Recently she 11$ which house museums in their War relics. green velvet rope. festooned fro are battle flags _ commonly George took bought M C nk d spacious corridors and basement four brass stanchions . known the Southern Cross _ mand ?f the Amencan Army m a a aque mo ey an . rooms Fiord , satehnuse ha . N t f f th 1 . d' as Cambndge Mass., July 3, 1775. she is already worried about overeating . As far as he's connip Is there anythmg wrong?• a s • .,... THE PORTRAITS line the . 0 ar rom e sea IS a ISf Fl 'd 't f" ht' ' A F . little along this _line to catch walls of the marble corridor on play case containing several arvanous on a UUI s Ig mg A Umted States flag is on dis him eating too much. She gives cerned, food is love. • the fancy of visitors. ticles of Florida's Civil War m the Civil War. play in this case. him th_ree meals a day but alDEAR DR. MILLER: I'm A.F.: Not Actually, many private homes the first floor. Jackson,and Brydays. These include writings of of them were capBut, for a detailed look at lows h1m only what he can eat . . ch' k Cats, like people, vary considin the South have more museum ant are hung ln the governor's soldiers and their families; pow-tured by Yankees and were re-Florida's past and present, those in 15 minutes. A few times she plannmg to raiSe son:e ens erably as to the amount of expieces on display than Florida's office. der flasks; a double-barrelled turned by the federal governinterested must seek out the 54 has taken food away from Char-for. a s c h o o 1 proJect. m the ercise. they consider adequate. Capitol, itself a museum piece Ar d th ll f th t shotgun used in the ' fighting in ment 50 years later. museums in 34 cities from Pen• li d h b ' ted . 1 t1 sprmg. I've heard there ls a new Furry s low-gear approach to of sorts. oun e wa s 0 . e sena e Virginia by John Jett of TennesSeveral flags list the battles sacola to Jacksonville to Ke;yo e an e 0 _ VIO en y. superchicken that lays low-cholife may be her attitude, Construction of the Capitol chamber are portraits of many see, an ancestor of a Floridian; in which they were carried. West . The wbole pomt Is I can sym-lesterol eggs . Do you think this n?t Had she been wa sordered in 1838 and begun senate presidents; around the and a cooking pot and sword In other display cases are These include 20 art mu pathize with Charlie and don't would be a good chicken to vigorous prev10usly and suddenin 1839 What with all the addiwalls of the house of represenused by Lt. Robert E. Lester, more battle flags and maps of seums, 18 history museums, nine want to see him go hungry! Do raise? Thank you for any in-ly slowed down, a check-up tions renovations, it has yet tatives chamber are portraits owner of a _ plantatio.n in Leon south, photographs of sloscience _ museums, five histort you think he is getting enough formation.-D.B. would be indicated. to be completed Plans still are f h k County, while was with the 5th diers and muster rolls and a and science museums and two t ? • -. . • 0 many ouse spea ers. Florida Calvary. sword. history and art museums. 0 eat.-M.W. DEAR D.B.: There actu_ally IS Does your favorite animal m the of_fmg to tear cen-Probably the most looked-at DEAR M W • If Ch 1 . a low-cholesterol egg commg on have problems physical or emo-ter section and rebuild 1t. . . .. ar Ie was , • . . display IS the colorful seal of . the market, though you cant tional? Dr. Miller will answer Articles on display in the . . . . gettmg a properly really give the hen too much all letters sent to him, care of Capitol range from portraits of the state of Flonda mlaid m balanced diet he might be able credit. These eggs, containing The Tampa Times, provided a every governor of the, territory tile in the floor in the central to stuff down enough to get by twice the normal polyunsatu-stamped, sell addressed enve-and state of Florida, from An on in three 15-minute sessions. rated fats, are the result of lope is enclosed. drew Jackson, the first territori lt's more likely, though, that feeding the hard-working hens-------------------------Carabao for Corps his regime nutritionadditional vegetable oils. The FRAUD CONVICTIONS ally madequate. This approach eggs are thus the result of a HILO, Hawaii (IP)-A brace of carabao-traditional beasts of burden in Pacific and A s i a n countries-have been sent to the Peace Corps training cen to his feeding would quickly re-super-saturated died, not super--------------suit in emotional malnutrition ability on the part of the hens. c h I e TaX .• 0 n anyway. He needs to have some left-overs to satisfy a need for DEAR DR. MILLER: My cat, security. And, as a token of af-Furry, is 5 years old. All she fection, he shou ld have sev.eral does is eat, sleep, and walk in handfed snacks daily. Charlie is between my legs. The only time more likely to go to pot from she is alive is when I give her lack of affection than he is from a ball of yarn filled with catSMART NEW WAY Encourages Alliance ter on I:Ia waii island. The animals, a 15-year-old bull and a 10-year-old cow, ar 'rived in. Hilo by barge fro m Oahu Island, 200 miles away, By CHARLES KEELY ment program. were trucked inland to a Copley News Service More than half the plan's total nee pa_ddy next to a model WASHINGTON Two crim-investment requirements, inAsian village . inal prosecutions in Chile have eluding 80 per cent of those in Corps volunteers are training encouraged Alliance for Prog-manufacturing, are expected to in Hawaii under simulated con ress officials here. come from private sources . But ditions and thought the longThey were the first tax fraud U.S. oi.ficials report that private horned beasts would add an convictions in Chile's 145-year investment is currently inhibited other touch of realism. history , according to the U.S . by inflation, a deteriorating exMost corpsmen from the Hilo Department of Commerce. change rate, and uncertainties facility wind up in Asian counOnions ready for the holiday feast in a few minutes. heating time! Superfine peels and cooJcs these tender, pearly-white onions so you can pop them into a pan or baking "dish and serve them in a jiffy with your holiday bird, ALWAYS REACH FOR Superfine ••• THE TASTIES11 Sold at All LeadfnJI Food Shires to buy In addition, Commerce offiabout forthcoming elections. tries. cials report, Chile's legislature ------------_;_---------------------------------------------------CHIPS is considering income and in heritance tax reform bills. The tax service has been reorganized and revenues increased 15 per cent as a result of more effor. ficient administration. DIPS THE MAJOR goal of Chile's 10-year Nationa l Development Program (1960-70) is to achieve an average annual increase of 5.5 per cent in the gross do mestic product (3 per cent on a per capita basis). This is based on expected growth rates of 6 per cent in mining , 5.5 per cent in agriculture, and 6.5 per cent in manufacturing. Installed electric power is ex , pected to rise by 1,265,000 kilowatts by 1970 , the Commerce re port estimated. The length of paved roads should double dur ing the decade to total 5 ,500 kilometers (3,437 miles) . Financing the program is ex pected to cost about $10 billion at 19601 prices, the Commerce Department said. Gross foreign exchange costs are estimated at $2.5 billion, comprised of $831 million for manufacturing, $500 million fo r transportation, $411 million for power and fuel, 2 1 $364 million for mining, $111 P ac kag e S I . n . million for agricult\lre, $64 mil-lion for urbanization and com munications and $260 million RidgieS WAVY -STYLE has committed $330 million to the . C H I P S for DIPs. plan during its first two-and-a-half years, Commerce reported. The most recent commitment was $60 million to support Chile open an account today ••• up to 1 year to pay Shop Mon. & Fri . 'til 9 P.M. • integrated stabilization-develop-complete 58-pc. service for 8 no money down convenient terms ZALE' t I .JEWELERS 604 Franklin St, Ph. 229-2310 Here's egg nog at its creamiest, fresh-made the instant you want it. Just take one can of new Famly Egg Nog Mix anCI add milk for eight eups of the freshest egg nog you can buy. 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) .. . . . ---.... --" During Kennedy's Visit Members of Press Try To Live Up to Their 'Image' By JOHN GULLETT of the Campus Staff Campus reporter Richard Oppel and this writer had the opportunity last week to wit ness "from the inside-out" the basis for the great fer vor with which the city of Tampa accepted President Kennedy's visit. The unique reaction of members of the press covermg the event in attempting to keep up the image of re porters as stoics of the com munity gave the brief tour an air of importance com parable to that of a declara-tion of war. The dozen or more White House correspondents tour ing with the President took the whole thing in stride, but local newsmen viewed and reported the events with a Huntley-Brinkley zeal. Wit ness the conversation as we approached Al Lopez Field, site of the p_resident's first public speech: "Here's a good parking spot . " "We gotta find the press parking section.' • "But this is closer to the field, and Kennedy is about to land." "We gotta find the press parking section." "What possible oifference could it make where we park?" "Well, how is anyone going to know we're reporters un. less we park in the press section?" "Oh., And there was the s ome what humorous feeling of wanting to applaud at an ap pealing remark, but knowing to do so would not fit the stereotype of the objective reporter. The desire to parti cipate in the proceedings fin ally overcame the pressure Reporter ... (Continued from Page 1) from the venders; and few could resist the miniature flags on sale. The older citizens took the occasion more in stride than the rest. They s i m p l y sat and waited patiently. Apparently, old age accustoms one to the e x c i t e m e n t of presidential speeches. Helicopters Receive Ovation Finally two helicopters ar rived and the crowd gave them a standing ovation. But one con tained only anonymous secret service men, and the other local dignitaries who can be seen any time. Completes USF Weather Lab Solos Highlight Wednesday Concert By ARTHUR CODY bell a by Mozart. There responof the Campus Staff I ses were perfectly timed and Student vocalists and instrualmost spontaneous. menta li sts presented an exciting I _The vivacio u s o_r both evening o f musical entertaingirls gave t h e mus1c il parhcular ment i n a rich l y varied concert l y charm in g quality and was very 1 t w d d 'ght i n the TA ! pleasing both to see and to hear. as e nes ay 01 : Alice Wright put a Pied Piper All of the featured solos were spell on the a ud ience with the exceptionally well Flu te Concerto No. 1, also by and r eceived considerab!e Mozart. She h e ld her listeners cal support from the UmversJty' w i t h the teasing notes of t b e Community Symp h ony Orchesflute, as if whispering a secret tra, conducted by E dward Preto each o f them. odor. Bonnie Shaffer was the most Piano so lo is t Leslie J o n e s in t rig uin g o the solo p layers. op ene d the concert with the S h e played the difficult bassoon com p 1 ex Beethoven Ca nc erwith clarity a nd s implicit y, and to No. 3 in C Minor. He played was provided perfect h armony o n 1 y the first of three move-by the string section of the or ments but amazed the audience chestra . with spectacu l ilr scale runs a nd A violin solo by Pierre Jean an extremely sensitive caden za . added a flav o r of m elancholy to His empath y with the music was the program. He pla yed L a lo's so effect i ve each lovely and sepSympbo nie Espagnole very well, arate passage flowed as natural -but missed perfection because ly as if their famed compo s e r of a s li ght l ack in the tone qual -had performed t l}em. ity of his ins t r um ent. Vocal students Anne Wright, Chris Boyd played an" imc o ntralto, and Priscilla Salemi, pressionistic Bartow cla r inet soprano, sang See Here Dorasolo. ' to remain aloof unsmil ing when, as the President entered Ft. Homer Hesterly to make his speech to the Florida Chamber of Com merce, the state's leading businessmen and reporters alike stood and applauded . The resentful entrepreneut contingent was either not present or m e r e 1 ':( over whelmed by the presence of the president, not Kennedy. But then the local news men, with shoes shined and hair cut, settled back in to the familiar bored-but-atten tive role. E y e b r o w s r e mained s t r a i g h t as the president mentioned such c 1 o s e to home things as: passage of the $75 million state univer s i t y construc ti on b o n d amendment ( be said he was pleased t Rat even the state businessmen, usually tight with their money, voted for the amendment) . And when it was over the crowd raced for the exits, while members of the press noncha la ntly headed for the iar side of the hall: "Let's follow the rest of them.'' " But we're right here, why don't we just go out with these people and • , • never mind.'' WUSF-FM Production' Manager Mel Harris was on hand for President Kennedy ' s speech at AI Lopez Field in Tampa last week. On Campus Davidson Wants 16ig Name1 By LARRY VICKERS of the Campus Staff In a heated session, the SA leg islature me t Thursday, Nov. 21. In spite of several "con-Social Club Gives Honor To Smathers EDWARD Preodor conducts the University-Community Band in a concert which featured vocalists and instrumentalists las t week in the TA.-(USF Photo) THE TAMPA TIMES, Wednesday, November 25, 1963 19 President John F. Kennedy takes time out for some handshaking during his visit to Tampa last week.-(WUSF-FM News Photos) Schedule Of Events, Bulletins


D THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 25, 1963 From Abroad Come Critics By VIVIAN BROWN I the northeastern part of the Two young visitors from United States, some thought it abroad agree that American was in Eruope," he recalls teen-agers act younge_r than 'th . d lit their years. WI mere u y. Right or the The accepted fact that Amerl men from Turkey and France can teen-agers are socially rna offer pretty convincing argu-ture is a myth, he says. ments. "If t th h "Th t t ik' th' i 1 means ey can ave e mos sr mg mg s . . . . their ignorance about everything parties m the evenmg mstead of but their own little community," in the afternoon, then yes, they says liter Turan, 22, of IstanbuL are socially mature. But that is a tall, blond, bronzed youtb all." He says that at one party h,. . . a t t e n d e d the girls were Tall, gaunt, dark Chnstian "shocked that I could dance.1 deVillemeur of Paris, a student They can't believe that people of Lille, looks younger than his from other places can do 24 years, is law but things," he says. hopes to be a soctologtst. liter, a graduate of Oberlin "I like to learn what young College, is planning to attend people think here. But unlike Columbia University's School of France where you can get a con International Affairs. He attendversation rolling by mentioning ed high school in California unpolltics, religion or girls, you der the American Field Service cannot find an opponent here. program on his first trip here Even adults just sit around and five ears ago. A teacher there when you say something that in got a variety of answers, he trigues they look at you and says, to the elementary queslaugh or say 'okay' and it is tion: "Where is New Zealand?" finished." "Some kids thought it was in But here American girls read rubbish, he says, arid they are always at a loss to discuss any thing important, ol).e reason why when you date them they want to go to the movies or dancing. French girls like to sit and chat. liter and Chris crossed paths this summer when both worked on summer jobs at Montauk, Long Island. llter had two jobs. He was a bus boy lit the Manor there and a lifeguard at the Mrs. Edward Jacobson Wed in Church Morning Marriage St. Patrick's Catholic 1 soie and they carried one white I Parents of the couple are Mr. was the scene of the marnage rose. and Mrs. Russell Pereira, 4208 of Dianne Pereira and Edward I L Best man was Dennis Whaley I ynwood Ave., and Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson, Saturday, 11 a .m. . Monsignor Johh Scully offici-Robert Pereira, brother of the Frederick Jacobson , Gloucester, I COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE We Specialize In Hair Coloring Little girls narr•do-We ot>'le the young misses hair • • BERNICE'S BEAUTY SALON PH. 233-1131 FREE PARKING a ted: Organist was Lynn Carter. l bride, Frank Mederos, and EdMassachusetts. !ward MacCaffery were The bride, given in marr.l'age men-ushers . A wedding break by her. father, wore a formal fast at the Silver Lake Country gown of silk peau de soie. Her Club followed the ceremony. sllk illusion veil was attached to a Princess crown and she carried roses. Del Rio Meets Karen Pereira, sister of the Del Rio Womans Club will bride, was maid of honor. meet Tuesday, at the Nuccio Bridesmaids were Sylvia Diaz, Grace Costa, and Antionette Park Civic Center. Corrine Messina. T h e i r streetlength Schuler and Barbara Larson gowns were Royal blue peau de will host. NO MONEY DOWN F.H.A, TERMS ••• • Stumps Removed by • Trimming e Land Clearing Specializing In: Dangerous Tree Removal Complete I Insurance Protection We Insure Your Property and Our Workmen Free Estimates Member American Gem Society ADAMS-MAGNON JEWELERS Stro i ght from heaven to you! Wear this little ongel pendant wher !Ner you go. One bril liant diomond set in hand of 14K eold an gel. Dolnty motching chain. Chalet where Chris worked as maintenance man, mowing the lawn, sweeping terraces, work ing in the kitchen and as a waiter. "They go together for 10 year, and maybe the girl is not what you absolutely need for a wife, but how can you tell if Local Births you never go out with other TAMPA GENERAL ji Nov. 17: Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Small, 304 E. 131st St., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P Boyt, 6005 39th St., girl; Mr. and Mrs. James W. Barrien, P.O. Box 215, W)mauma, girl; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Wil liams, 1919 W. Jean St., boy; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Murphy, 2515 Palm Drive, girl; Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Mills Jr., 4208 11th Ave., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Bomar, Montclair Ave nue, Brandon, girl; Mr. and Mrs . Salvatore F. Fazio, 4425 Out-dews, out-does all others! ForonlySatura moisture cream contains an exclusive balance of hormones to plump up cells ... smooth out tiny lines ... plus Vitamin A and precious mois tllrizers to fight dryness ... add dew ... for a new radiance, a younger looking you! Cream or lotion, $3.50 and $5.00. SATURA by DOROTHY GRAY YOU PUBLIC NOTICE WHY PAY RENT? CALL US FOR FANTASTIC SAVINGS! L e 3 IRs. & 4 IRs 0 $100 down, $60 mo. 0 e 2 IRs., 1-1 Kit. K $100 down, $43.00 LEDO REALTY 3202 N. HOWARD Phones 872-0145, 932-6339 Bay Villa Ave., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Troy B. Johnson, 6403 Learn TO Dance YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ACCEPT THIS UNUSUAL GET AC9UAINUD OFFERA $60 $14 50 This exceptional offer Is made to prove we can teach you to dance be"er, faster, and less expensively. Convince yourself. Enroll today. Limited time, Class & Private Lessons Under the Of MISS YVONE Fred •Astaire DANCE • CLUB JNT'L 201 N. FRANKLIN 229-8083 St., girl; Mr . and Mrs. Curtis Eberhart, 1909 LaSalle St., boy, and Mr. and Mrs. James E. Thomas, Box 450, Llmona, boy. Nov. 19-Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harper, 10217 North 22nd St., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Brantley, 1806 E. Frierson, girl; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Asakevich, 207 No. Fremont, girl: Mr. and Mrs . Lee P. Griffin, 1817 15th Ave., boy; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ragano, 1207 Druid Lane, boy; Mr. and Mrs. George Nixon, 8509 Mitchell Ave ., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hansen, 4705 Trilby, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Rob ert Russ, 3410 25th St., boy, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lanier, 2519 54th St., boy. ST. JOSEPH Nov. 17 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fulford, 2015 E. Gen esse St., boy; Mr. and Mrs. Al fred Miller, 5020 N. Hubert, boy ; Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Webb, 1002 26th Ave., girl; Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ford, 8108 Packwood, girl. Nov. 18Mr. and Mrs. Pierce W. Harding, 401 W. Bird St., girl; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hook, 6906 Central Ave., boy; Mr. and Mrs . Charl es Bowles, 6825 N. 22nd St., boy; Mr. and Mrs. N. Bush, 4211 11th Ave., boy; Mr. and Mrs. M. Jackson, 2405 S. Ramona Circle, girl. cl!n be pfaying Christmas music in an accomplished manner by Christmas. As proof, we111 have you playing music in less than 30 minutes. Come in and let us prove it! Surprise your family ... this Christmas. YOU GET e The orCJan of your choice de livered to your home for 30 days • 6 free lessons $2 • Study material 5 • Full credit if purchased Only COMPANY Tampa-1 06 E. Tyler St. Tel. 223 1 -SO MUCH TO COUNT ON-FROM SEAL TEST! You can count his birthdays. You can count the inches he grows each year. And you can always count on Seal test Milk! Mother has every assurance that Seal test exercises the most rigid quality controls to give her family the finest milk. 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150 AutOmobiles for Sale CADILLAC D., VIlle 1961. A!r Con ditioned. One very careful local owner. 14,366 completely verifi able miles. $3,375. Quality Cadil lac City_. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North. st . Petersburg. THUNDERBIRD '58. fullY equipped, top condition, 838-8741. '60 Rambler 2 Dr. NO CASH needed, $8 week. SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave, Ph. 232-4891 1957 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 door, automatic. radio, original owner. 12309 Oa1deal Ave . 935-()529. '54 Ford V-8 CASH PRICE $99 SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florlda Ave. Ph. 232 OLDS '60 Holiday Sedan. Factory fresh condition. One very careful elderly owner. $1,595 . Quality Cadillac City, Corner U . S. 19 at 38th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. DICK ALBRITTON'S *DAILY DOUBLE* Lincoln '57 • PREMIERE 4 DOOR HARDTOP. Tutone finish, factory alr conditined. fUll power, 18,000 actual miles. Rambler '62 CLASSIC 4-DOOR STATION WAGON. Spotless wh i te , stand ard transmtssion, low mileage. 200-Car Selection Drive Right In! 1419-27 FLA. AVE. Phone 229-0669 CADILLAC Convertible 1961 Air conditioned. Factory fresh 16, 919 1 hrt;: Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. No. St. Petersburg. '58 Stude V-8--Nice NO CASH needed, $8 week. :50 Automobiles For Sala OLDSMOBILE 1962 Holiday Starfire coupe. Sparkling fresh inside and out. sftarkUng fresh finish, tenburg, '57 FORD STATION WAGON $495 3700 W. COLUMBUS DRIVE !963 CHEVROLET Impala, 4 door, HT, Palomar red, PS,. PB. power glide, R&H, factory air. low mileage. Priced for quick ule. 5113 Longfellow. 831 8031. '54 Chev. 2 Dr. Nice NO CAS.}{ needed. $5 week. SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 2JZ.4891 CADILLAC 1957 Coupe DeVUie. One owner elderly people who babied their car 29,976 complete ty verifiable miles. $985. Quality Cadtllac City, Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North. St. Petersburg. '51 RAMBLER Wagon. Straifht stick. Good tires. Economy car. 911 E . Loulslana. Dlr. Terms "59 VW, air-conditioned, extra clean. very reasonable, 832-1893 after 6. Weedends any time. CONTINENTAL 1963 Sedan. Air Conditioned. Never titled Factory Brass Hat Cars. Choice of 3. Com pletely guaranteed or 24,000 miles. Priced $500 under the market tor . quick dJspo.sal. This is a once in a lifetime bargain. $4,975. Quality Cadillac City, Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. N. St. Petersburg. '56 Plym S/Wag .. Stk NO cash needed, $6.50 week . SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 DICK SCHOFIELD FOR FINE CADILLACS '62 CADILLAC ............. $3699 Sed. DeVille loaded. '60 CADILLAC . ............. $2699 Eldorado Conv. Loaded. '60 FLEETWOOD . ........... $2699 Loaded. MANY, MANY MORE AT E. HILLSBOJ\0 Phone fi26-4761 OLDSMOBILE 1963c:-;S:.'ta='r!:;l;:rc:-e-C"'o=n=vertible. Air conditioned, 5,409 mtles. Factory fresh. $4 .195. Quality Cadillac City. Corner U . S . 19 at 38th 'Ave . No . St. Peters burg. '63 FORD CONVERTIBLE SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4991 POWER steering, low mileage cruiseO matlc. Custom Interior. *TODAY'S SPECIAL* '63 FORD CRUISE-0-MATIC Iran s . , 220 engine, radio & heater, power steering. all vinyl .interior. _$2295BILL CURRIE FORD 3401 Fla. Ave. Ph. 229-5151 "MR. MELVIN" 14825 Nebraska Ph. 932-6423 CADILLAC De Ville 1959. Factory fresh throughout. One owner. 15, 877 completely verifiable yes 15. 877 mUes. We actually have elev en 1959 Cadillac& in stock. Only one of which has 15,877 miles. Quality Cadillac City, Corner U . S. 19 at 38th Ave. No. St. Petersburg. '58 Chev. Nomad Wagon GLAMOROUS t u tone Hondur'as Red & Ind1an Ivory finish. Easy automatic drive, power steering. -'5 down, SlO week. Open 9-10 Superior Motors 4205 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3929 I-MPERIAL 1962 4 dr. Southampton, Atr Cond. 9 , 872 mi. Mint fresh sparkling cond. One careful owner since new. $3,675. Quality Cadillac City. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. VOLKSWAGEN Jnicrobus, rood condition. $875 , Cash or terms. 248-5812. FALCON 1960, 2 door, heater, radio. $675. By owner. 835-1311 . finish. Stunning white leather buc,ket seat s and lovely high nap A d.ition. Quaufr caamac City. Corner U : S. 19 a 38th Ave . North. St. Petersburg, '62 CHEV. $2099 DIPALA 4-Dr. BT' s. Factory Air, FS, AT .. R.H . , WSW. Cream puff cond. $199 dn. 36 pay. at $64.39 Ill eluding full Jlnance charges. Auto Super Discount Center 4311 Fla. Ave. Pb. 237-3388 CADILLAC Fleetwood Sedan. 1961. One owner. 12,806 that's right 12, 806 completely verifiable miles. $3,375. Quality Cadillac City, Cor ner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. '55 FORD V-8 STICK CUSTOMLINE 2 door. Nice green finish, R&H. perfect motor, tires. Full price $299. No cash needed. $4 week. SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 AUTHORIZED DEALER '58 CADILLAC Fleetwood. B-eautiful grHn w/ matching interior. Low ••.... , ..•.. $1395 '61 PORSCHE Super 75 Conv. Germany's finest. •right red with white -........... $2995 '63 COMET .Conv. 5. Air cond. Bucket seats. So vory $2495 clean. only ....... . '63 PORSCHE SUHf' 90 Conv. R&H, beautiful jet black. Here's a terrific buY for the most wanted ... :--.... $3995 '63 CADILLAC Fully eQpt, $4995 1nc. a1r con d. • .. . . '63 SUNBEAM Strikina red, black top. T,OOG ,nile• on thi• $2195 beauty. Only • . . • . . . '62 PONTIAC HT Bonneville, Filctor:y air, full power. Beautiful jet black. Black leather in-$2895 terior. Very clean .. '62 TBIRD HT Factory air, Full power, atrlk... 53195 '62 CADILLAC Coupe De Ville. Fac;. air. F'ull power, lovely Alpine '$3995 whit•. Only , •..... '61 CADILLAC Sedan. Fac. alr. Full Power. 3 beautiful cars to '3295 choose. Only . . . ... . 111 E. PLAn ST. Open Eves. 05 THERE'S a new .set of wheels for you at WHEELS INC. 4404 Florida Ave. Ph 239-1173 IMPERIAL 1963 Air Conditioned sedan. 6,816 miles. Sparkling lresb in every respect. $300 under the national market. $4,675. Quality Cadillae CJty. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. No. St. Petersburg. ENGLISH FORD BEAUTIFUL orirtnal Cardinal Red finish. attractiVe matching leather interior, up to 30 MPG. perfect motor, body, tires. No cash needed. $6.50 wk. SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 1962 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door hardtop, loaded. Low mileage, by owner. 689. '60 Chev. Impala GLAMOROUS Indian Ivory Hardgentle rake & sUcks. A rare beauty with Superior t e r m s. Drive today. Budget weekly or monthly payments. Open 9. Superior Motors 4205 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3929 CHEVROLET 1959 Convertible. City, Comer U . S. 19 at 38th Ave. North. St. Petersburg. HAWKE SPECIALS '51 DOdge ffT '490 VerY clean , ..•.. '58 CheY. 4-Door ........ $485 'U Mercury $980 2Door Sedan . , . '62 ChrYsler '2540 Convt .....• , . . '59 Chev. 4-Dr. 6 Cyl., A""UtO, OneYear Warranty HAWKE Chrysler-Plymouth 11 07 Gr. Central -Ph. 253 -AVIS WE BUY OUR CARS BRAND HEW YES! WE TAKES TRADES '63 SUPEI! SPORT Jmpala 2Dr. HT. $2795 One private owner. V-8. AT, R , H, PS, PB. Immaculate • '63 Ramblers 660, $1995 AT, R , H, PS. '6) Impala HTs, Vl1 AT, H, PS, $2395 '63 Fairlane .500's v.s, AT, R, '2195 H, PS ..•...• ''3 GALAXIE 5001 Futory A lr Con d. $2895 4Dr . Hardtop• , v.a, AT, R , H, PS. PB. Many Colors . FACTOI!Y WARRANTIES NO DOWN PAYMENTS BANK FINANCING •n Chov. II Novo $1995 AT, R, H • ... '62 Galaxie Conv. v.a, AT, R, H, H , 52095 PS, Pll ..... . '82 Impala HT. Factory a;r, v.a, $2295 •... . . TRADE IN SPECIAL '58 Plymouth y.a, AT, A .. Dr. Nice . ..••• 156 Mereury Orig., solid $495 5495 AVIS (LICENSEE) 111 W. CASS ST. Turn w .. t on lyter from Flor Ida Ave. or Tamp• lt. Tur11 eut 01:1 Cass St. from Armenia or Boulevard, OPEN 4, SUN. AFTERNOON PHONE 221-2659 150 Automobiles for Sale TAKE over payments: 'S7 Buick, HT. No cash needed fill. $34 mo. R. I< H. AT. PB. PS. DRIFTWOOD MOTORS 5720 Florida Ave. Ph. 237:1301 CONTINENTAL '61 Sedan, Ice cold atr cond. 18,231 miles. One local owner. $3, 475. Quality CadHac City. Corner U . S. 19 at 38th Ave. North. St. Petersburg. '56 LINCOLN Good condition. 4 tires. 340Z w. Dewey, 1956 OLDSMOBILE 88. PS, PB. Excellent condition. $400. Pri vate. 855-1516. OLDSMOBILE 1962 "88" Factory fresh condition. one careful own er. $2,57!i. Quality Cadillac City, Corner U.S . 19 at 38th Ave. North. St. Petersburg. 1940 CHEVROLET. Body excelgood. $145 . 1954 PONTIAC $20.00 down. We finance anyone. 4612 34th St. Dealer. CADILLAC Cpe DeVille. 1963 Mint fresh condition. 7,316 yes 7,316 completely verifiable m l J e s. $4, 475. That' s the complete price $4,475. Quality Cadillac City, Cor. U .S. 19 at 38th Ave. No. St. Pe tersburg. & 60 job. Priced under the market at $895. 4410 N. Armenia. CONTINENTAL 1960 Sedan. Air conditioned. 11,372 miles. Gor. geous all leather interior. Spark ling factory fresh condition throughout. One very fussy eld erly owner since new $2,675. Quality Cadillac City . Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North. St. 'siCHEVROLET station wagon, good condition . Will consider trade. trade. 855-4320. 1956 FORD Victoria . New tires, low mileage, one owner. 838-4484. 1954 OLDS custom built olckup. New tires and paint. 836-0861. OLDSMOBILE '63 "98" Holiday sedan. Ice cold air conditionint. 4,120 miles. Full power. New CadiJiac $3, 995. Quality . • at '56 Packard $295 CLIPPER -4 DR. 4500 Florida Ave. Dealer Pb. 231-4831 power steering, Auto trans. One owner. $1 , 495. Quality Cadillac City. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North. St. Petersburg. '55 CAD. HT Coupe. Extra nice. loaded. Only $445. 6204 Nebraska. Ph. 231-8521. Dlr. '56 BUICK 2 DR. HT '51 CHEV. 2 DOOR SEDAN '55 CHEV'S 2 & 4 DOORS 6425 F l a . Ph. 234-0101 Dlr. CADILLAC De Ville 1958 Sparkling factory fresh condition. One owner s ince new. 23.416 completely verifiable miles. !1.495. Quality Cadillac City, Corner U . S. 19 .at 38th Ave. St. Petersburg. etfe upholstery, WSW, back up lights, window washer. tinted windshield. $2600. 441-5523, 2036 N. Highland Ave., Clearwater. WE WILL BOTH LOSE MONEY IF YOU DON'T READ OUR BIG AD IN SATURDAY &SU'NDAY'S T RIB U N E . INTERNATION AL STORAGE, 7900 FLORIDA AVE. PH. 238-2011 . BUICK 1958 Roadmaster. 75 One local owner. 18.877 verifiable miles $1,095. Quauty Cadillac City, Corner U .S. 1 9 at 38th Ave . North, St. Petersburg. '59 CHEV. IMPALA ....... $999 V , stick shift. Jac k Graham Mtrs. 3410 Fla. Ave. OLDS Holiday. Ice cold air conditioning. Complete full pow er. 23,816 miles. One local owner. New Cadillac trade-in. $1095. Quality CadiiJac City, Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. FERMAN OLDSMOBILE '63 OLDS s2895 F85 Cutlass Coupe. Auto. trans., p o w e r radio, heater, air condi tioned. 63 Pontiac s3295 Star Chief Sedan. Auto. trans., power steering and brakes, radio, heater, air conditioned, power win dows. '62 OLDS 88 s2495 4Dr. Hardtop. Auto. trans., power steering and brakes, radio, heater, air condi tioned, solid white. '62 CHEV. S2195 Impala Conv. V-8, Power Glide trans., power steer ing, radio, heater. Two to choose from. r62 BUICK Special Spt. ;oupe, Auto. trans., radio, heater, air conditioned. '63 RAMBLER 660. AT, R, H, PS, rKiin lng seats. '63 Impala HT. 4Dr. VB, R, H, PS, Pl. '63 Chevy II AT, R, H. '63 Fairlane 500. V•B, R, H, PS. '59 Ford Wagon $575 '60 Ford ••••••• $595 '56 Chev. 2Dr ••• $375 '60 Ford $995 Clean. '56 Ford Wagon $255 MR. G's 6115 Fla. Ave. Ph. 236-5558 -----------------150 Automobil.s for Sale 150 Automobiles Far Sale 1 SO Automobiles for Sale 36 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 25, 1963 ONE owner. 1959 Plymouth. 4door, AT, RH. air conditioning. N 1 w tires. Call BUICK Century Riviera 4 door. Factory fresh. 23,123 miles. $775. Quality Cadillac Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. Nortb, St. Peters burg. t 50 Automobiles For .. '55 Chev. 4-Dr. Bel Air B U D QUALITY 4607 Fla. 236-6711 Don Davis, ph. 236-5584. Tampa Auto Brokerage. 4830 Florida Ave. 1956 FORD, 4 Dr. Wagon, rusted body. mechanically perfect. Good tires, AT. R &. H . S250 cash. Morn Ings at the Gator Bar. 502 13th St. BUICK 1963 Wildcat Sports car. Air, Full power, 7 ,917 miles, $3..975. Quality CadiUac City. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. N. St. $30 DN. NO CREDIT NEEDED 12 CARS PRICED $45 TO $99 YOUNG'S USED CARS 3319 GANDY BLVD. PH. 839-3162 TAKE over payments. 1962 Bon neville, 4 door hardtop, full power. 831-4474 V-8, AT, R&H, $14.90 dn. $6.50 wk. Up To '63 MONZA Coupe. Air cond!Uoned. 713. yes 713 miles. $2475. Quality s H E R K I Cadillac City, Corner u.s. 19 at 48 Months 38th Ave. North. St. Petersburg. 4 -'ng, TO p 1964 PL YMOUTHS Demos & Official Cars NO CASH NEEDED 100% FINANCING OR WILL AC CEPT Y 0 U R OLD CAR IN TRADE. (WE PAY OFF ANY BALANCE OWING. Payments r:.raw;rd. ROMINE, 935-3103. PLYMOUTH SALES $50 FOR my equity 1958 Chevy sta. tlon wagon. Take over $50 mo. payments. 938, 234L Owner. '55 Chev. V-8 Stick-No CASH needed, $8 week. SUN RAY MOTORS 6300 F lorida Ave. Ph. 232l 1960 PONTIAC Ventura, 2 door hardtop, all power. 831-4474 BUICK Skylark J,JJ62 Sparkling white. 13,894 miles. $2,395 . QualIty Cadillac City. Cor. U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. No .• St. Petersburg. '61 Buick Electra LUXURIOUS 4 door sedan w ith power ,steering, power brakes. radio, heater, automatic trans mission, factory air conditioning. A! clean as you will find at only $1995. TOM WOLFE AUTO SALES 9390 Florida Ave . Ph. 935-1145 Open Eves ' Til 9-Ciosed Sun. '59 MERCURY 4-Dr . Hdtp.-$1095. PARKLANE. Fully equipped Ln eluding factory air conditioning, One owner. Mims, 4802 E. Hillsboro 626-1106 '62 T-BIRD FULL power" Iacto1y air. $3. 100, Owner, 225. TAKE over payments: '57 Chevro let, HT. Fin. $34 mo. Real Nice. DRIFTWOOD MOTORS 5720 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3301 MERCURY 1962 Monterey, 9,372 mt. Sparkling fact. tcesh cond. the same as finding a new 1962 Monterey. $2,175 . Qua1ity Cad'UJac C lty. Corner U . S. 19 at 38th Ave . North. St. Petersburg. COULD YOU USE $50 TO $100 FOR holiday expenses & a good late model car? For information call 237. Allied Auto Sales, 3506 E. Hillsboro. '57 Coupe DeVille $895 BLUE & White. Full power. Air. 4500 Florida Ave. Dealer Ph. 231-4831 CADILLAC ConverUble 1962. Ml{lt fresh. One very careful elderly owner. Used as a second car by these wealthy people . Driven less Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave . North, St. Petersburg. A REAL BUY! -1959 MERCURY blue &: white J whitewall tires. See 0. R. SHELNUTT at Foster Lin coln -Mercury. 9530 Florida Ave. Ph. 935-3164. PONTIAC Grand Prix 1963. Spotless pure white. Big 4 on floor. 8,800 St. Petersburg. JUST FOR FUN Come in and kick the tires if you like .•• Some folks still do, but it won't be neceasary when you see the fine stock of pre .. owned cars that we have. '63 Cadillac Sedan '63 Buick Special Skylark u Chevy Z Hardtop '63 VW Bus '62 Lincoln 4Dr. Continental '62 Pontiac w/air '62 Falcon 4Dr. '62 Volkswagen '62 Chevy 4Dr. HT. AND MANY MORE-ALL EXTREMELY NICE CARS JIM BALDWIN'S QUALITY CARS 408 N. Dale Mabry 877 9-Pass. $1595 BUICK, PS, PB, spotless. 4500 Florida Ave. Dealer Ph. 231-4831 CADILLAC DeVille 1960 .Ur Con ditioned. One elderly couple owners . 17,805 completely verifiable miles. $2,675. Quality C.dlliac City, Cor ner U.S. 19 at 38th. Ave . North, OLDS '63 Cutlass F-85 . Air condi tioned. 3,917 mil e s. $2975. Quality Cadillac Cityt Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave . North, St. Peter-sburg. HAVING CREDIT PROBlEMS? WE can get anyone handled some way or somehow. Come by don' t be bashful. Just about everyone has problems. Contact JIM HIGGINS at Foster Lincoln-Mercury, 9530 Fla. Ave. Ph. 935 -3164. power brakes, automat ,smission, radio, '.1 ur-quoise beauty is showroom J.J'tsh. Only $1995. TOM WOLFE AUTO SALES 9390 Florida Ave. Ph. 935-1145 Open Eves "TU 9-Closed Sun. St. Petersburg. 2-Dr. $995 OLDS '62 starlire Holiday coupe. V-8 AUTOMATIC Trans. Clean. FOR SALE 1962 Rambler Sedan. One owner. Good cond. Coilll Geo. Shelley 834-9922 dlr. E & P Motors 1700 E. Hillsboro 19 at 38th Ave. North, ... St. Peters 1960 OLDS Dynamic "88". AT, PS, PB, fac. air, 4-dr. HT, orig inal white with blue int. Excel lent condition. $1.590. 10503 19th St. 935-1661. DO you have $200? I have clean burg. late model car for you. Spot financing With terms. See Fred DO YOU WANT A REAL GOOD at Tropical Motors 4130 E. Hills BUY? See me !or this real boro. Phone 626. Open dally. beauty! '61 RAMBLER 4Door , THUNDERBIRD 1961 Convertible. radio & heatert air conditioned, '56 CADILLAC. Bal. due $395, take over payments $24 mo. Air Conditioned . 9..871 mi1es. u you whitewall Ures. tutone finish. want a truly superior factory fresh See or call MIKE AGNELLO 7901 Fla. Ph. 235-2271 Dealer convertible Thunderbird you won't at Foster Lincoln-Mercury, 9530 flnd any 1962 or 1963's cleaner. Fla. Ave. Ph. 935. $2,895. Quality Cadillac City. Cor-ner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North , St . '58 CHEV. Sta. Wag. Bal. $595, take Petersburg. over payments $34 mo. FOR SALE 1961 Rambler Statton Wagon . Call John Watts 223-3701 dlr. '60 Olds 4-Dr. HT $1595 7901 Fla. Ph. 235-2271 Dealer OLDS '62 Sedan 98 4 door. Alr con WHITE, 88, double power. ditioned. 12.300 miles. $2975. Quality 4500 Florida Ave. City, Corner u .s. 19 at HUNTERS Special GMC pickup & camper. Fin. $23 mo. Gas stove. sink icebox, sleeps two. Ready to to. Dealer Ph., 231 .4831 . . .:,P_,e,te"-r-"'sbe,:u00r.._g:... _ CADILLAC Sedan DeVille 1963 Full CLEAN 196Z FORD Galaxle--equipment including air condition low 'mileage. See JIM COLLEY DRIFTWOOD MOTORS at Foster Lincol n -Mercury,. 9530 Quality desperately needs c lean Fla. Ave. Ph. 935-3164. 5720 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3301 !958 F'ORD, V-8, AT, seat belts. Clean. $500. Owner. 833-0651. TAKE over payments '55 Cadillac Cpe DeV. R&:H, all power, real sharp, WSW tires, tutone. Bal. $599 at $22.87 mo. No cash needed, fin. can be arr. No pay. ment 'til February '64. Dlr. trade-ins and we ba ve twenty two 1963 Cadillacs in stock including this factory fresh Sedan DeVille. Quality Cadillac City, Cor. U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. No . • St. Petersburg. INDUSTRIAL BANK HAS several recent model repossessions. Buy or take over pay ments. Mr. Coleman, 229-2778. BUICK '59 Electra Sedan. Air con ditioned. 19,972 completely verifiable mnes. 51.495. Quality Cadillac City, Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. North, St. Petersb1U'g. '57 Chrysler $495 WINDSOR 4 dr. Nice. 4500 Florida Ave. Dealer Ph. 231-4831 1940 FORD 2-door sedan. Perfect running condition. All new interior. Just painted exterior. 323 W . Hanna. OLDS 1959 Holiday 88 Air Cond. Sparkling fresh cond . One careful owner since new, S1.295. Quality Cadillac City. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. No . • St. Petersburg. TAKE over payments '58 Ramb. 1 owner. Real clean. Rebuilt engine. Gas saver 6. Str. stick. Bal. $599 at S27.82 mo. No cash needed, fin. can be arr. No pay ment 'Til Feb. ' 64. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 PONTIAC 1962 Catalina Sedan. This sharp car i!l ln factory fresh condition. 12,304 local miles by one care f u I owner. $2,695. Quality Cadillac CJty, COrner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. No .• St. Petersburg. BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty '62 BUICK ..•• $1895 Special Conv. '56 CHEV •..... $595 4-Dr. Bel Air Sedan. '55 CAD •...... $595 2-Dr. HT. Atuo. trans,, radio. '59 BUICK ..••. $995 2-Dr. '60 CHEV ..... $1495 4Dr. Parkwood Wagon. '60 BUICK .... $1495 2-Dr. LeSabre Sedan. '61 CHEV ..... $1545 2-0r. Biscayne Sedan. '59 OLDS .... $1195 4Dr. HT 88. Auto. trans. '61 TEMP ••... $1345 4-Dr. Sedan. Auto. trans. '61 BUICK .... $1595 4-0r. Sedan Special. '59 O ' L ,DS .... $1195 4 .. Dr. Sedan. Auto. trans. '59 BUICK .... $1295 Electra Conv. Auto. trans. '63 MONZA .. $2395 2-0r. 900, Auto. trans., radio. '60 BUICK .... $1595 4-Dr. LeSabre Sedan. 908 E. Hillsborough Phone 239 09 '60 Super 88 Wag. $1595 OLDS . 9 pass., PS, PB, Air. 4500 Florida Ave. Dealer Ph. 231 OLDS '62 StarEire Convertible. Air conditioned . 9.887 miles. Showroom condition. $2775 . Quality Cadillac City. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th A ve. North, St. Petersburg. '62 Corvair Monza SPORTS C 0 UP E. Immaculate throughout, equipped with auto matic transmissi on , radio, heater, Whi t e tires &. bucket seats. One only or this price $1495. TOM WOLFE AUTO SALES 9390 Florida Ave. Pk. 935-1145 Open Eves 'Til Sun. BUICK '62 Electra 225. Air condi tioned. 8 ,992 miles. $2975. Quality Cadillac City. Corner U . S . 19 at 38th Ave. North, St. Petersburg. '58 Chev.--Sharp $499 Easy Terms. S2 Down, $7 week AUTO RANCH 4829 FLORIDA 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 FOR SALE . 1960 Rambler 4 Door Sedan. Call Cliff Lay 252-6043 dlr. TAKE over payments Ford 2 dr. HT. Real sharp. Hide-a-top. Tutone, WSW tires1 all power, R&H. Bal. $599 at $29 mo. No cash needed, tin. can be arr. No paymt 'Til Feb. t64. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 FOR SALE. 1961 Rambler Station W a g o n. C a II Nick Nickerson 835-6733 dlr. * NO MONEY DOWN * • SUPER 4-DOOR. 6 cyl., stick '60 CHEVROLET • • • shift, radio • • 2DOOR. 6 cyl., stick 3hift, radio & '62 FALCON • • • STATION WAGON. Automatic, radio & '59 HILLMAN • • • 2-speed transmission, heater. • '59 FORD •••• STATION WAGON. radio & heater. • • '57 OLDS. . -. . . . 198 , 4-Door. PS and PB, R&H1 automatic. • •••••••••••••••••• E 9-'63 CHEVROLETS E • Driven by Executives of • • Ferman Motor Car Co. • • A fine group of '63s, serviced in our own • • shop, driven only from 2,000 to 6,000 miles •• • These ears are fully equipped, most with • B air conditioning. G o o d color selection •• • Choose now from: g • 1-Chevy II Nova S/W 8 • 1-lmpala 4-Dr. S/W • • 2-lmpala 4-Doors • • 5-lmpala 4-Dr. Hardtops • R All Still Under New Car Warranty • • 36 Mos. 'Financing Available • If you are thinking of buying a 2nd ear, visit • 93 Other Makes & Models • • To Choose From • Parks Auto S u per Market, {2 N D CAR HAVEN). No car over 5999 ret a i 1, no paY ments over $50 mo. For example: '59 Ford 2-Dr., AT, R & H, extra clean, $699, $99 down, $34.35 tno. 200-car selection, •ss•s thru '62. models. See 'em at 3800 Florida Ave. Ph. 224. Open 7 dan 'til 14 P.M. '60 FORD Fairlane 500. 4Dr., auto mafic, radio, heater, v ... a enqine, power steerinq. No money down. $39.80 month. Full price. '62 MONZA Conv. Automatic trans., radio, heater, whitewall tires, etc:. Over 30 Corvairs in Some Spyders, •ome • • • • : FERMAN: : CHEV. : • • B 1428 Ph. 229 • • FLA. AVE. 229-0706 • II One-Year Warranty II • OPEN 'TIL 9' P.M. _ e CLOSED SUNDAY • ••••••••••••••••••• I 63 GRAND . PRIX Automatic. radio, heater. power steering & brakes, power windows & seat, etc. Factory a i r conditioned. Fu II power assist, black fin isJr, etc. 5 in Stock Including '62 Conv. DALE MABRY LOT PH. 229-0857 _-....-Mol No Payments 'til 1964 '64 PONTIAC ••• $4199 Bonneville Coupe Hardtop. F'ufl pawer, factory air cond., tinted glass, white walls, showroom cond. Save $800. '64 CHEV'S From $2499 Biscaynes-Bel Airs-Impalas Chevelles-Malibus. '64 FORDS From $2799 Custom -Galaxies Galaxia SOD's -FordomaticV-8 P5-Radio-Heater-WSW '63 LINCOLN ••• $4899 Continental Full Power Factory Air Cond, On• Owner -Loaded. '63 CADILLAC •• $4899 Sedan Full Power Fac tory Ail' Cond. One Ownol' -Loaded. '63 TBIRD ••••• $3799 Coupe Hardtop. Full power, factory air cond., tinted glass, white w•lls, radio, heater. One owner. '63 BUICKS From $2199 LeSabres, w/factory air c:ond. Wildcats, w/factory a1r cond. Loaded. SkYlark Hardtops with air cond. Specials. '63 FORDS From $2299 tory air cond, XLSOO's-some air cond. Galaxie "500" Con. vertibles, Station Watons. '63 CHEV'S From $1999 Impala Hardtops. 2 & 4-Doors, Convertibles, Super Sports, Bel Airs. Some factory air cond. Station Wagons. r63 OLDS •••••• $3199 Holiday Coupe, Dynamic 88. Full Power, factory air cond. Tinted glas!h one owner. Radio, heater, tutone. '63 PONT'S From $2099 Tempests fully equipped. Bon nevilles and Catalinas. with factory air cond. '63 CORY'S From $1999 Coupes, 4-0oors, all models, some with factory air cond . '63 FALCONS ••• $1799 4-Doors. Automatic trans., heater. Also converti-From $2499 Holiday 4-Door Hardtops, '98' Sedans and Starfires with factory air cond. '62 PONT'S From $2299 Catalina Coupes and 4Doors -Hardtops-Starc;hiefl. Some with factory air c:ond. '62 MERCURY $2399 Custom Monterey Convertible . Power brakes, steering, windows, and seats, Mercomatic, V, radio, heater, one owner, Also 5-55 Convertible. '62 FORDS From $1599 Gala; SOO's-2 and 4Door Hardtops. XLSOO Convertibles. Fairlane and Fairlane SOD's 2 and 4Doors. All factory equipped. '62 CHEV'S From $1799 Bel Air 4-Doors. Impalas 2 and 4-Door Hardtops, Con vertibles. All fully factory equipped. '62 DODGES From $1499 Lancers 770 4Doors, Darts, all factory equipped. '62 FALCON •••• $1299 2Door. Factory equipped. r61 TBIRDS From $2499 Convertibles and Hardtops. Full power, factory air cond., radio, heater, tinted glass, white walls. '61 PONTIAC ••• $2299 Safari 9 Passenger Station Wagon. Full power, factory air cond., radio, heater. '61 OLDS •••••• $1999 Convertible. Full POWer, f&.c• tory air cond., radio, heater, tinted glass, white walls. r61 FORDS From $1299 Coupes, 4-Doors with air cond., Galaxie Hardtops, Sta tion Wagons, '61 CORY AIRS •• $1199 4-Dr. 4700s', Automatic trans., radio, heater. Also Monz:a Coupes. '61 RAMBLER •• $1099 •Door. Automatic trans., radio, heater. '61 CHEV'S From $1399 Biscayl')es, Bel Airs and lm palas with factory cond. '6J CADILLAC •• $2699 Convertible Coupe. Full POWer, factory air cond., radio, heat er, tinted glass, whito walls, '60 ...... $1099 Country Sedan. Fordomatic, V-8, radio, heater. '60 CHEV •• _ •••• $1399 Impala 4-Dr. Hardtop. Power Glide, V-8, factory air cond., radio, heater, white walls. '59 CADI'S From $2099 Coupes ilnd Sedan OeVilles. Full power, factory air cond., radio, heater, tinted glass, white walls. Open 7 Days 'til 10 P.M. Phone 229-0857 Jiul CJJ.wzfluJ tBulJ SRJ: LET'S TALK '64 Corvair Monza Spydel". Super $2795 Charger , , ..... . '64 Rambler American. De livery miles $1795 on ...... .... . '63l Ford XL F'iiUtbac.k 2 A real $2895 beauty ...••. '63! •..... $2195 '63 Ford Cty. Sdn. $2695 9Pass. Wagon • , '63 Ford Galaxie $2495 500 4• Dr. H'top , , '63 Chev. Impala $2695 4-Door H'top .... '63 Chevy II 4dr. Nova 300. A beautiful $1995 white ..... •••. '63 Tempest 4-Dr, $2395 V-81 all power . . '63 Cotvai r Monz:a. Super 4• speed, radio $2195 and heater . . .. '62 Corvair Monz.a Co u 1) e. ....... . . 51895 '62 Dodge Lancer HT, Bucket seats. '1695 Loaded ....... . '62 Chev. 11 $1895 Nova Wagon .. , , '60 Plymouth 4-Dr, $1195 Belv. Loaded ... '60 lark 4-Door. $895 A little beauty, . . . '59 Ford Ranchero V-1 Pic:ku• truck. Auto, $995 trans. . ....... _ '59 Chev. El Camino Pickufll ........... . 51195 '58 '!_-Bird '1395 real cutte ..... AIR CONDITIONED '64 Chevelle HT. $3195 Fully equipped .. '63 Chev. Impala $2995 4-Pr. HT. Loaded !63! Falcon .SPrint HT. 4-sPd. . .•. $2195 '63 SOO HT •.. $2995 '63 Pontiac G rand Prix. 53895 '63 Pontiac Bonneville Conv. .. .. -. '3895 '63 P o n t i a c B o n n e v i 1 1 • ........ $3795 '63 Soorts '3195 White, loaded • . '63 Rambler $2495 4Dr-. Loaded . . . '62 Ford Country Squire 9-Pass. ........ 52495 '62 Pontiac Bonneville Conv. .. . . . .. '3095 '62 Pontiac Grand $3095 Prix. Full power '62 Sta, wa:2on6 . 9co5r. 9 pass. . . . . '61 Fleetwood Cadillac. Fully eaot. A '3395 Black B,_eauty ... '59 Chev. Sta. Wagon. 4-Dr. . . . . . .•.. '1295 '59 Pontiac 4 Door. Hardtop. . ........ $1395 '59 lmper;ai 4-Dr. $1595 t..o.aded. real nice CONVERTIBLES '63 Dart. $2195 Automat1c: ..• , . '63 Rambler 440 $1995 Stick, 0 D. red . , '63 Chev. lmoala-'2995 All the extras , . '63 Ford Gal. so_ o $2495 Blue and wh•te . . '63 Corva;r _Monza. 52295 Automatic. Red .. '63 260 v-a $2295 Wh1to beauty •.. '63 Falcon. Auto, 52295 trans. A red beauty SPORT. S CARS '63 Triumph Spitfire Rdstr. . ...... 52195 '63 MGB Rdstr. $2495 A freal sharpie . . '63 Aust;n Healey '1795 Sprite ........ . . '63 Jaguar XKE 150 Conv. ......... 54495 '63 Sting RaY '4195 Rdstr. 4 on floor '62 Tdumph Herald 51295 Conv. 4-speed . . '62 Sunbeam Aloino '1895 Roadster. R & H '62 MG M;dget, $1495 Fully eauiPPOd .. '62 Corvette Conv. 4 s3595 5Pd . Fuel injection '62 Alfa. Dual overhead. •......... $2395 '61 .... ' . $2875 '61 Sunbeam Alp;no '1595 Rdstr. R & H .. '61 Austin Healey '1195 Sprite Rdstr ••• . '61 wheels ..... 51695 '60 Tr;umoh TR3 '1395 Rdstr. . . . •• '60 Conv. '2595 '57 Corvette. A $1595 real nice one . . . t 0 i r; b S i b J n u f f w a ' d VI


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