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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 9 (February 17, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
February 17, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 9 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1964 Record-Breaking Vote MakeS Ashford President By RALEIGH MANN of the Campus Staff With a record-breaking vote of 865 to 661, USF student voters elected Bob Ashford student association presi dent over Charlie Money last Wednes day. Total votes cast in the election came to an unprecedented 1,551. RECEIVING THE news of his vic tory in the UC lobby Wednesday eve ning, Ashford immediately thanked all those who voted for him .and helped his campaigning, adding "most of all, I want to thank all of you who voted at all, whether for me or not ." "There is a closeness between the students and the government during an election campaign like this," the new president continued. "Let's try to keep this kind of Closeness." ADDRESSING A small but enthu siastic crowd, Ashford declined to comment on the just-ended campaign, or on the fact that runner-up Money was not present when the election restated that he intends to appoint any .suits were announced. student or group of students who have Ashford then appealed to the stu-an idea they would like to work on. dents to openly express their ideas Members of this committee will reand wishes on things that they would ceive official government sanction to like to get started. "Please come to carry on research; "and," he promises, me and tell me, whether you know me "I will do all in my power to facilitate now or not." their work." The new SA leader told the Cam"BY P R 0 VI D I N G a means by pus Edition that his first concern, his which students can work freely, as "pet project," slated for immediate their own masters, by providing a attention is the committee for action channel apart from t.\le allegedly paraand research which he brought out in lyzed government, we can take in, the closing days of his campaign, rather than turn away, such students,'' ACCORDING TO Ashford, there is Ashford points out. a substantial number of students who Through this and other ways, the either do not have the time to particinew president feels, the student will pate in all aspects of SA, or have lost be drawn closer to the student associthe confidence or patience to attend ation. civic units, but who, nevertheless, Ashford then remarked that he is would work s t r o n g 1 y for specific l?oking forward to a good and effeccauses which they find worthy. tlve relationship with new SA vice The president feels that many good president Ron Johnson. He also stated ideas and hard workers have been lost that he foresees an improved relationfor this reason. ship between the student association To this new committee, Ashford and the Campus Edition. BOB ASHFORD SA President RON JOHNSON Vice President LeadinCJ Historian Featured Speaker Wednesday in T A PRICE FIVE CENTS LOREN SOUTHWICK Treasurer For Materials USF Gets ' $530,000 Allotment ,Association to Regroup During Chinsegut Meet AS PART of an American Idea Lecture put on by the International Student Organization, recently, Mija Parson, left, and El Hwan Kim tell of Korean cus toms and traditions.-(USF photo) •. Students Elect New Legislature • Scheduled Saturday The student association will hold its second Chinse gut Hill Retreat of the . school year Saturday, Feb. 22. Plans were not finalized at press time but the agenda so far includes talks by Uni versity President John S. A 11 P n and Gerald Wagner speech instructor, and several workshop sessions. Purposely Timed


THE TAMPA TIMES, 1\londay, February 1'7, 1964 ... __ campus Edition Editorial Page SA Must Have Teamwork A record turnout at the polls may sound good at first, but the actual number-1,551 leaves something to be desired . And the number of cand idates was not impressive either. Out of 15 elective offices, eight ran unop posed. There was only one candidate for vice president, one candidate for treasurer and one candidate for corresponding secretary. Also there were only five candidates for the five representati ve-at-large seats. This in itself could discour age voter turnout. However, students witnessed hard, active campaigning in the other seven offices and most agree that this year interest was higher than ever before. It is up to the new student association officers to sustain this interest and perhaps increase it. This is the challenge the Campus Edition gives to these new officers. And we ask more. To those candidates who suc cess fully campaigned for SA of fices and won, we challenge them to put as much interest-even more, perhaps-in working for the stu dents as they did to get elected. Letters to the Editor To those candidates who wage d a losing campaign, we challenge them to continue to work for the students and for the university. With the elections over the student association will need this combined help if it is to succeed. To those candidates who ran unopposed for SA offices, we chal, lenge them to prove their dedica tion and their abilities. The stu dents did not have much choice in electing you; you will have to earn their trust. To those SA officers who will vacate their positions shortly, we challenge them to work with and advise the new officers. Such ex perience should not be forgotten. And, finally, we challenge the students to work with their stu dent association. Looking back over his term of office, SA presi dent Roscoe "Red" Davidson said, "A lot of students don't want to accept responsibility." To get things done, students will have to begin accepting re sponsibility. We believe things are starting on the right track. All that is needed is for students to accept the challenge of working together as a team. Davidson Evaluates Term. This past trimester has been one . of transition for the Student As sociation at this University. Never before have we faced the problems and trials that became evident this year. Out of the circumstances came learning and understanding in the area we all are concerned with human relations. But students, I ask you what does this mean if we as a body waste this knowledge? Our campus is end o wed with one on the best faculties in the United States, bar none. With few excep tions, these learned men and wom en will give you their best . Will we use it is the question. The students as a group at this University are terrific. Most are very understand ing and seemingly serious. But do you, as students, realize that you individually and then col lectively constitute the University of South Florida. The buildings and the administration are a must . But this is your university. You should have a voice in its affairs. To do this there has to be a focus point your student association is this point. Rally around this point and back them. With the aggregate many things you want and need can be accomplished. If there is an area of special interest to you, go to your president and pool your thoughts, interest and work with others. man just elec ted , Bob Ashford, is without a doubt your choice, but without your support he is nothing. Don't criticize if you are doing nothing. Join to gether as a unit and ask -if neces sary fight for your citizenship equating American rights. I leave the office as your student body president with a high hope for the generated interest and a high regard for the students that now will speak for you. Give them your courtesy and mora l support and above all believe in the principles and goals aimed for, by them for you. At this time I would like to thank you as a whole for your sup port and work. Many of you have done outstanding work . Kay Mac Kay, John Bottcher and Max Hudson are three such dedicated students. Remember we are work ing for goals which involve all of us. We are in separate areas but we must be centralized to accom plish our aims . A great man once said, "Together we stand, divided we fall." I leave this final solution to you. Sincerely, Roscoe C. Davidson President Student Association Little Man on Campus The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. M ember, Associated Collegiate Press ' PRESS EDITOR ........•.• •••••.••.••••.••.•.•••.. Michael Foerster Feature Editor .•.••••••.••••••.••.••••.••.•.... Jackie Montes Cartoonist ...••.•.••••••••••.••.•••.••.••.••... Stephen Davis Advisor ..•.••••••••••.•.•.•...........•••.. A. T. Scroggins Diane Bass Diana Byther Greta Dixon Norma Harper Robert Keehn Sandra Kirschner Dorothy Laker STAFF WRITERS B etty Linton Joseph Loudermilk Laura Mandell Howard Cliff Price Louisa Tietz Oneta Wakeford Sue Stuart Lee Russell Leona Ehlert Sam Nuccio Kathleen Manetta Patricia Pulkrabek Phyllis Tarr Larry Vickers Jr. Pat Costianes Phillip Lucas Richard Oppel Jackie Montes Diane Smith Deadline for copy is 1 Monday edition. Offices are Room 222, Extension 619 . p.m. Wednesday for the following located in the University Center, IN MUSIC Summer Programs Slated A series of six 2-week music programs for high school stu dents , college students, and mu sic directors and instructors will be o ffered for the first time this summer at USF. The summer music programs include chorus, orchestra and band workshops which are open to students and directors. Piano, voice and violin master classes will be limited to 20 students Choir, Chorus Orchestra In Mass Concert The USF Division of Fine Arts u c Sponsors ORGANIZATION NEWS will present the University-Com River Rally, Sororities Announce Chorus, and the University Choir in concert tomorrow. The H Hillsborough County School System !or concert will be at 8:30p.m. in ootenanny Latest Pledge Ltsts the TA. The orchestra, chorus Systems and choir will be under the By BETTY LINTON Work-Study Students on Work Period direction of Dr Gordon John f th C St ff • . . . fi N' h l L' b th 0 tt J 11 -Those carrying insurance at USF o e ampus a USF s rush actiVltles are n lC o s, lS e u en, ane e may in emergency phone the Workson, associate professor of mus ic . ally complete. Patrick, Laura Scoggins, Cecelia Soloists for the Mass are Lynn A River Rally the USF . . . Todd , Elizabeth Van Voulken-o the folders exP.Iamlng the policy with Hollingsworth, Soprano; Nolla riverfront property 1s The followmg lS a list of the burgh, Velva Wells, Frances Norstog , Alto; Murray Harrison, Saturday, Feb. 22. will new women pledges. Wilso n. work-Study Ofllice or the Health cen Tenor; and Garry Cope, Bass. begin at 2:3 0 p.m. Wlth volleyDelphi: Ca.role Demkier, Jane ter Office. Follow ing the concert there ball, softball, pushMcLeod. * * * PLACEMENT NEWS will be a reception in the Theatre ball, bicycling, boat rtdes a nd . . Arete, Enotas, Talos and Kap lobby sponsored by the UC fishing (cane pole style ) . Supper F1a: Carol Braxton, Sandra pa Iota Omega, sold coke at the Ing companies w!ll be on campus dur hospitality committee. will be served at 5 p.m. A hoote Fowler, GeralGasparilla to mtervlew for graduate There is no charge fo r the nanny at 5 will end the afterdme Garcta, Margaret Gregory, F1a sorority will hold a car Feb. IS-Aetna LHe Insurance co., J i H' G K k h S t d F b 22 t' sales management trainees . concert but reserved seat noon. an ce tggms, reer raJec ' was on a ur ay, e . • lme Feb. 24-Sumter County Board or Pub-t . k t ' d R * * * Nanci Lewis Sherry Lun n Yo and place will be announced. lie Instruction, ele lC e s are requ1re . eserva! . • mentary education. juniOr high tions may be made any weekPersons interested in joining landa Martmez, * * * school English and science. d aft b Mullen, Mary Kay Pos1e, Jackie . Peace Corps-Several representatives ay ernoon etween 1 and 5 a UC committee may sign u p . Dean Cooper w1ll speak at from the Peace corps will be on cam P m at the box office and by tht's week at the UC desk. The Revels, Mananne Rooks. the SFEA meeting Thursday pus the week o! Feb. 24 . Students mterested should contact Dr. Charles calling 988-4131, extension 323. committees are now conducting Fides: Sue Hudgins, Judy Har-Feb. 20, 1:25, UC 264-65. His Peace Corps campus repre Pace Conducts their membersl1ip drives. ris, Holly . Gwinn, Carol Farns-topic will be liberal arts and its ton Tea Co. rep* * * worth, Alice Crownover, Jane curriculum as it relates to edu-resentative, J. w . t\\ard, will be on Today and Wednesday bridge Campbell, Janis Bell, Genie cation. Piano Program will be offered in the TV room. Judith Peterson, Lynda * * * Duplicate bridge will be played Rushmg, Sherry Sears, Jeanne All committees for the "Spring interview if interested. USF and the National Piano today and lessons will be given Shea, Synthia Sm1th, Eva Wal-Spectacular" bicycle race are Foundation will co-sponsor a on Wednesday begiruiing at 4:30 dron. urged to meet with Nancy Due-.------------., Piano Workshop here Friday, p.m. Paideia: Carol Congdon, Les-ker and Tiny Geiger, Tuesday, C G 0 d Feb. 21. A new approach to piano * * * lie Green, Janice Lang, Marie Feb. 18, at 1:25 in the UC B all ap. OWft r erS instruction, the Workshop will .A Meet the Sheriff Hour Malear, Jun-e Peronto, Lynne room. Definite plans must be ?e held a . m .. 1 p.m. will be h.eld tomorrow m UC Taylor. made at this time, committee m the Humamties Buildmg . 264-65 durmg the free hour and s g . Charoleet Stokes Ther-adviser Dr. Gilman Hertz an-Conducted by Dr. Robert will feature Sheriff Ed Black1 ;st. ' nounced. Pace, the Workshop program burn of Hillsborough County. esa e ers. includes: a new look at piano * * * Tri-Sis: Jennifer Albritton , * * * teaching; elementary and ad-Friday afternoon, a dance will Laurie Bamberger, Patricia USF Racket Club will sponsor van ced musicianship at the be held in the south dining room Coplon, Carol Diamond, Diane an exhibition featuring four top piano a nd organization of piano of the uc at 3:30 p .m. Dress Fucarino, Emma Gonzalez, Car-players from the Dixie tourna instruction for private studios is school clothes and there will lena Lazzara, Sandra Lucito, ment. Further information con and public schools. be no admission charg e. Annette Mason, Carol McCorcerning the players and perti mack, Maxine Mockabee, Julie nent facts will be issued. 1Biithe Spirit1 Called Finest Performance By LEE RUSSELL medium with the mostest." Her of the Campus Staff scenes were a pure delight. Her Last week's performance of "trance dance" complete with Noel Coward's " Blithe Spirit" calesthentics, and the scenes in was one of the finest campus the dark "communing with the performances . Coward calls his spirits" couldn't have been car play "An Improbable Farce in ried off better. Three Acts," and that it was. Ann Phillips, as the g hostly, With ghosts flitting across the but sexy wife, slinked across stage at the slightest provoca -the stage with great success. tion, crockery flying off the man The effect of havin g a green tel and across the room, and a light follow Anne wherever she lo vab le Medium calling to the went, plus the wonderful make spirit world, after doing sevup job , added just enough of an era! "warming up exercises," eerie touch. of course, the audience joined Great pains were taken to in the fun right along with the assure a realistic English ac participants. cent, but at times it was carried Each character seemed to off too well. Harlan Foss, as stand out, distinctly and vividly Charles, and Sherman Hayes, portrayed. At first it seemed as Dr. Bradman, were so Brit that the jet-footed maid, played ish that the audie nce wished by Carolyn Parkins, would steal they would slow down in order th e show, but then Holly Gwinn to catch the punch lines. took over as Ruth. With the enThe only distraction in the pro trance of Susan Brown, as fli g ht-gram was the fact that Bob ly Mrs. Bradman, a new scene Gower, who played the lovely stealer was born. music during the intermissions T h e University Book store will be taking orders for caps and gowns from s e n i o r s graduating in April. 0 r d e r s wlll be taken at the security coun ter through March 2. The rental fee for caps and gowns is $4. When it seemed that nothing that had been written by Coward could top this trio, who sho uld received no credit. Consider this appear but Madame Arcati, partial credit for a job well played by Diana Bellamy, "the do ne. ELVIRA CONDOMINE (Anne Phillips) comes back to haunt her husband (Harlan Foss) In the USF Theater production of "Blithe Spirit" which finis h ed its four day run Saturday.-(USF ' • I tl q fi tl i J I I p

SCHOOL SUPT. GUEST SPEAKER T H E TAMPA TIMES, Mond a y, :February 1'7, 196' aAsED oN TEsTs • U.S. Acts Underwnters' On Wheat, Robinson Elementary School Dedication Set . . Rail Strike J CHICAGO The Underwritlists that give a great deal of A F b 1 (A') the main address at a Feb. 27 six school patrols, directed by ers' Laboratories label is a fa-srecific information concerning BE CH, e 7 ceremony officially dedicating their sponsor, Willis Peters. miliar sight on the new electri-the items that have been tested. -President Johnson sent a top the J. S. Robinson Elementary Among those taking part in the cal appliances that come into trouble School the Turkey Creek presentation will be Blll Mor-the home, but few persons as-The lists are published in pnvate talks a out a. rea ene community. M It R T Hin sociate it with the insurance seven different categories: of wheat. to Rodney C o lson, Area Four industry. building materials, fire protec-Russia and a railroad dispute Granger and Jimmy James. In fact many consumers are tion equipment, electrical appli-that slowed the space program Mrs. S}leila Gisbert, school not Sure 'where the label comes a n c e and utilization equipment, at Cape Kennedy. East t music teacher, will lead the au-from or what it means. electrical construction mate-James J. Reyno ld s, dience in singing "America,• Underwriters' Labora-rials, hazardous location equip-secretary of labor, came •lere Hillsborough Our Heritage," followed by the t ories dates back to 1894, when ment, accident, automotive, and the AFL-C!O executive invocation to be given by the the National Board of Fire Unburglary protection equipment, cil opened Its annual policy NeWS Rev. James A . Fortenberry, d erwriters organized it and and gas and oil equipment. making Most top labor pastor of the Turkey Creek sponsored it as a not-for-profit leaders, mcludmg AFL • CIO Baptist Church. company. Revitalization President George Meany, are coordinator, will serve as masMrs. Irene Sexton, principal, In its early. years, the insur-A A • d present. ter of ceremonies for the 7:30 will introduce members of the ance compames s upported its rea ppra15e Rey?olds, a p.m. program. school faculty and staff. There projects and along its $ of writer Quentm Reynolds, Is One of the highlights of the will be music by the school expense budget. Sm.ce 1 917 it At 287,500 e.xpected to try to the a!program will be the unveiling chorus. has been self-supporting. PLANT CITY-The city comof the AFL-CIO s of a portrait of the late Mr. The Rev. Henry A. Thomas, . . . bme Trades Department . on Its Robinson by his daughter, Mrs. pastor of the Turkey Creek BEAUTIFUL, PRACTICAL NEW SCHOO L T h is is tbe J. S. Robins o n Elementary School a t Turkey Creek, which will be o fficially dedicated Feb. 27. The purpose o f !he organizamissiOn has appraisal threat to boy.cott loadmg of Robinson B l a ck, and grand-Assembly of God Church, will tlo n is to test equipment going reports on three areas sched-wheat for Russia. unless at least daughter, Miss Mary Black. deliver the benediction. showing how George WashingROBINSON -The Robinson S I MMONS -Mrs. Mildred the and factory for uled for early development in 50 per .cent of It goes aboard Preceding the unveiling will be THE SCHOO L PTA will ton and Betsy Ross planned PTA executive board will meet Fernandez's 3rd th grade class ftre and accident hazards. Plant City's downtown revitaliU . S. ships. serve refreshments at an the first U.S. flag. at 3:30 p.m. in the will present an assembly pro• Manufacturers have a long list t' REYNOLDS ALS O is expected open cafetonum. gram Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. f U d ' t , L bo t . za Ion program. H•l"h School To Get house after the program. M M Lou Martin's class t'tl d "L' 1 s " o n erwn ers a ra ones . to confer with G. E. Leighty, rs. ary The 4-H Club will meet Fri-en 1 e mco n m ong. standards against which to check .Appraisers C. W. Acree and chief negotiator for 11 unions $400 Bulletin Board the se.cond play day at 2:30 p.m. in the cafetor: The Simmons school will host new equipment before it goes VIctor B. Yeats reported the on strike against the Florida F b 15 1962 1 t 't which Will stress the ium with Mrs. Edna Little the Hillsborough County School into production. The items are total appraisal on all properties East Coast railway in a 13CITY-A permanent f e th 'T k ' 1 of Dental Health wtll presiding. LIUlch Asl)oclation meet l n g tested by UL before the label amounted to $287,500. month-old wage dispute marked board to keep ey ree emen-be a melodrama entitled CavRobinson pupils will have a Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in the can be affixed. The manufac-Th t l bl by dynamitings shootings and mformed about upcommg stu-' which was phased ity Foiled Again," showing the program Friday at 8:30 a.m., en-school cafetorium. turers pay for the services. d'e mtosthv.a ua ertarea, thac-ccusations of dent activities will be erected out. evolution of the tooth brush. titled "Parade of the Animal The Simmons Library Club h b cor mg o e1r repo , was e a t th PI nt ct H'gh S h 1 Other school events and acSt d t C il Once an item as een ap-block bounded by Reynolds, An AFL-CIO spokesman india e a I Y I c oo Uvities announced by Colson _The u en ?unc Kingdom." Russell Fraker of will meet at 3 p.m . Friday in proved to carry the label, UL Palmer, N. Drane Streets and cated the maritime unions :-vouid by Key Club members. are as follows: will meet m the school library Tampa will present the pro-the library; Club at 2 :45 inspectors make sure changes the Seaboard Air Line Railroad find considerable support m the The board, to be constructed after the assembly program. gram, using live animals to p .m. Tuesday in the cafetorium, are. not made that might ma-track, at $150,000. This prop-executive council for a wheat-of red with a lighted winJACKSON-The third grade Jackson fire marshals have teach conservation of Florida and the Blue-Triangle Girls terially alter the safety of the erty is to be developed as a loading boycott. dow, Will cost about $400 , mem-classes of Jackson School will prepared charts, showing the wild life. Club at 3 p.m. Wednesday in item. public parking lot after it has A meeting between Leighty bers said. present an assembly program location of fire extinguishers, Marshall High -The Dad's Eoom 5 . T H E MAIN OFFICE of UL been purchased by the city. and a chief official of the struck Key Clubbers raised the Friday in the school auditorium. to be placed in each classroom. Club will meet Feb. 23 at 5 Members of the Simmons PTA i in Chic go There are testing Also scheduled to become a railroad last night did nothing funds for the board by their Mrs. Jean Fulford's class will Ricky Lockridge is fire chief p . m. in the school library. The executive board will attend the 1!boratori:s in the main office parking lot is the property to bring two closer .to car wash and other present play entitled and Johnny Herring is lieu-Mom' s Club will meet Feb. 25 state conference in Gainesville building, in Northbrook, Dl., appraised at $80,000 which is the negotiatmg table m that disproJects. Needle Fights for Freedom, tenant. at 7:30 p .m . in the library, Wednesday. Melville, N . Y., and Santa Clara, bounded by Thomas, Haines, S. pute. Calif. Drane Streets and the pro-w. L. THORNTON, chief op-About 1,000 persons are em-posed extension of Wheeler erating officer of the railroad, ployed in the various labora Street. said that Leighty had ad tories, and 450 field men make Approximately $58,000 is the mitted that some union mem inspectio ns from centers in 200 appraised value of property bers had "possibly got out of cities. needed for the Wheeler Street hand." Leighty, appearing in a More than 300 graduate engi-extension, from S. Drane Street television interview with Thorn-neers are o n the staff. to W. Renfro Street. ton, denied it. IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY 13 Corporations Get Charters Thirteen ne:"' for Prom profit involvmg Hillsborough 1,000 shares of common at no par Luckenbach Steamship Co., Inc. c ( o County residents were approved value. in: Operate and MacFarlane, Ferguson, Allison & Kelly, a general shiP repair and sh1p con-P .O. 1531, Tampa, total Authorized Cap by Secretary of State Tom struction business. Incorporators: Sam !tal is 18,944 shares @ $1; (Delaware) i 2 F . Davis, Chester H. Ferguson and Dealing In the carriage, transportation, Adams for the per od of Jan. 9 Marian Woofter, all of Tampa, med storinJ and Iadins or rreigbt, goods, to Feb. 4. . Allison and Also approved were fore1gn B & c Enterprlzes, Inc., 9316 Ne & Keily, P.o, 1531, Tampa, Fla.; Resi t . f f't braeka Ave Tampa Authorized Stock. dent Agent •s Mr. Elmer E . Keller corpora IOnS pro 1 , one nonIO shares oi common of no par value. Jr., Luckenbach Aerm1naL foot of profit corporation, three dl.ssoDealing In: Tools, machinery and equip Franklin St., Tampa. ment. Incorporators: James E. Burns, Tamiami Inc. c f o lutions, one name change, an Marion J . Burns, both Lutz, Alvin A . Messrs. Coles, H1mes & Talley, Tampa; amendment and one reinstateCasey, Shirley Casey, both Tampa. ment American Typewriter Co.. Inc. 2512 is $125,000; Eealing In the transport. Temple Terrace Hil{bway, Tampa, Auth. ing of property for compensation as a Following Is the list of acStock: 50 shares of com. of no.par val motor hil!hway contract or common i 1 , ue, Dealing ln.: Typewr1ters, o. carrier; bled by Coles, Himes & Tal tV ty. Ice eqUJpment, supplies. etc. Inc.orpora ley, First National Bank Building, Tam Coi')>Orationa for Profit tors: Richard J. J;la!T", Manan B . pa 2, Florida; no resident agent has Dixie Parkway Automotive Sales, 202 H!'rro, Charles L. VI illia"!!, ali Tampa, been filed. W. Patterson, Tampa, auth. Stock. 100 Ftled by: Charles L. Willard, 310 E. Corporations Not for Profit shares or com. at $10 per share. Deal-Waters Ave., Tampa. Briarwood Civic Association of Tamini In: Auto sales business. Incor J . G. Brown Automotive Supply, Inc. Inc. c / o Allan P. Sell.gsobn, 11101 2::"w;id1e E. C. Hughes, ail Tampa, filed by: par value. Dealing In: Auto supplies, 500 Marine Bank Building, Tampa. PurA. Britton. 620 st. , Tam LltUe Enterprises , Inc. Peter 0. Evelyn G. Lail, all Tampa. Filed By: 11109 19th St., W. Ted Whidden, 11107 Knight Airport. Tampa. Auth. Stock: Charles F . Mixon Jr., First National 19th St., all of Tampa. 5,000 shares of com . .at $1 per share . Bank Building, Tampa. Corporation Dissolutions & Withdrawal s Dealing in: Motor boat racing, etc. Southern Architectural Plastics, Inc. Sport Center, Inc. Incorporated Sepof Tampa, filed by: J. Danforth Browne, par value. Dealing In: Plastics, etc. Data Service, Inc. Incorporated Jan . P.O. 1531. Tampa. Incorporators: Betfy Jane Weaver, Wil-4, 1963; tinai certificate of cllssolutlon C. Williams Construction, Inc., 4407 liam Victor Gruman, Naomi Bond, all issued Feb. 4, I964. N. Tampanla Ave .. Tampa. Auth. Stock: Tampa. :Filed by: William Victor Gru Moncrief Realty Co., Inc. Incor-100 ahares at $10 per share . Dealing man, First National Bank Bldg., porated Feb. I, 1960; final certificate In: Construction of sewerase plants, Tampa. of dissolution issued Feb. 4 , 1964. or gene C. Williams of MerrlU loland, Stock: 100 shares o1 com. o no par Certificate of Amendment to Tampa flied blj Builders' Mortgage Corp, 3404 value. DealinJ In: Hotel operation. In-Ship Repair & Dry Dock Co., Inc, 2502 18th St., Tampa. Autb. Stock: 100 shares of !Ued by: James L . Lee '!Jf.. , 500 Mart:e MacFarlane, Ferguson, Allison and com. at 550 per share. Deal.lng In: Bank Building, Tampa. . Kelly, Exchange National Bank Build Real property, Incorporators: Peter P . United Rich Foods, Inc., P . O . 1531, ing, Tampa. Scarllone, Steven Savarino, Tony Costa Tampa. Auth. Stock: 2 ,500 shares of Forelrn Corporatlon&-Amendmollll and Sam Charles Vaccaro all Tampa, com. at $10 per share. Deallng in: Tampstar Sports. Inc. c / o C. T. Cor filed by: VIncent Philip Nuccio, Suite Food products. Incorporators: Beavan poration System, 10 Post Office Square, 303-308 Tampa St. , Tampa. Woodward, Ollie Sue No res, Judy AI Boston 9, Mass.; (Delaware> chanting Southeastern Shoe Corp., 1310 N. 22nd len, aU Tampa. Filed By: Beavan Woodcorporate name to MEDALLION St., Tampa. Auth. Stock: 5,000 sharel ward, P .0. 1531, Tampa. Sporta of Tampa, Inc. of com. at $1 per share. Dealing in: Sandy's of Tampa, Inc. 305 Morgan Relnstatemeab Wearlni apparel and accessories, Jn. St., Tampa. Auth. Stock: 5,000 •hares Brandon Enterprises, Inc. Box 63. corporators: Richard Lieb, Merrick, of com. at $1 per share. Dealing In: Brandon, 100 shares common no par N . Y . , Eleanor Glau , Brooklyn, N . Y . and Real and personal property. Incorpora-value and olOO shares preferred @ SISO: G. Brechtel o Yonkers, N.Y., tors: Edward A. Johnson, Eugene E . Hillsborough County; incorporated March brio ll: 1 ' 1962; rein-From PCA'• $10,000,000 laboratories come great advances in concrete research When you n eed the fa c t s on concrete ius t call on PCA Your local PCA field office is one of thirty-five across the nation-staffed hy professionally qualified engineers, architects and farm specialists. Backed hy more experts at PCA national headquarters in Chicago, they are here to help you with upto-the-minute . advice and information on every phase of concrete construction. It's a service made possible by the -more than 80 member cement companies who voluntarily support the Portland Cement Association in its research, educational and technical service activities. Informative literature of every type on modern uees of concrete is yours for the asking. For an authoritative, friendly source of information -call on PCA. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1612 East Colcmial Drive, Orlando , Florida An organization to improve and extend the uses of concrete \ Sherman H. Smith announces he is now a Volvo Dealer for these reasons: Volvo out-accelerates other popular priced compacts in every spe e d range . . . gets over 25 miles to the gallon lik e the little economy cars ... is virtually indes tructibl e . Sherman H . Smith 1225 Compact (Also available as a 2door) 544Compact VOLV O S a l e s & Serv ice 406 E. PLAn St. 122S Compact Wagon PlSOOS Gran Turismo These are the Volvos he sells. (Go down and drive one.) 't


16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 17, 1964 Dr. Frank Miller = ==========:n DR. ALVAREZ ON HEALTH f The Careless Car Driver Risks Losing Elbow By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. for fla r eups in the course of I always hate to see a man chronic asthma. a car with his left elbow Group 1 ) Allergy, foods, sub stlckmg out of the wmdo\v. I stances inhaled, and drugs By DR. FRANK MILLER as soon as possible after surgery, have known of so many men taken, also infections in the nose DEAR DR. MILLER: Mamie, though of course as long as she who suddenly either lo s t most the sinuses, the throat and the our fox terrier, has been in needs intensive treatment, has of that arm, or else had the bronchi ( the tubes that carry perfect health all her 11 years. pitalization is the only answer. bones in the elbow joint shat-air into and out of the lungs) . The only time she has seen the TLC (Tender loving care), while tered into a number o little Group 2 ) Nasal polyps noddoctor bas been when she gets absolutely vital to recovery in pieces. What happened was that ules in the thyroid gland (just her shots. Now she has devel-older animals, cannot take the a car, often a truck, came so below the Ad m ' pple) . boped a tumor and the doctor has place of transfusions or otl1er close that it was able to shear struction in th a br s n:hi recommended she be operated hospital procedures when they off elbow . . in the back tb;oat etc. on soon. My husband and I both are indicated. the way to I WISh everyone in th1s coun: agree that the operation IS necessettle th1s controversy IS s1mply try knew the risk he runs when Drafts, sudden . m the sary. But we don't agree about to realize that the doctor will he drives with his left elbow temperature, the humidity or leaving her in the hospital after choose whatever course is best sticking out of the window. the weather; also . wet feet and the surgery. My husband says for Mamie. Each patient is an exercise m cold air. she should stay until she is comindividual and must be treated CAUSES OF ASTHMA _ I Psy chogenic disturbances pletely healed up and all danger accordingly. t t . 1 D 0 n due perhaps to crises in the life of complications is passed. He as d arJ ICe f rc. h 5 1 etta r at home or in the office. doesn't mind spending the mon-DEAR DR. MILLER: What is wme or r., o ar o esb th b f M th uili" ville, Va . , listed several causes Irritants in the air, such as ey ut wants e est or amie . e best zer for a ca Park free at any Sheraton -even in New York smoke odors chemicals fresh I would rather have her come who gets airsick? -N.C. paint, ' insecticides and ' deterhome as soo.n after the opera-DEAR N. c.: Terra firma. gents . tlCJ .. as possible so that I can (Cats vary considerably in their Chronic lung diseases, such nurse her and take care ,of susceptibility and reactions to as emphysema (in which the her . . She IS a I m u auquilizers. Consequently, tiny air lobules are injured, she :vould Just pme away would !Je best to check with the dilated and ruptured); also fi 10 hospital. you favor doctor who knows your cat -if brosis (scarring) of the lung, ?s :"lth _Your opmlon as. to who fly she must.) and some enlargement and inngbt m th1s argument . . Thank fection of the bronchial tubes. you. -H. R. . . Asthma may be a s tnptom DEAR H. R . . ; (Copy of reply Does your favonte ammal f tr bl Y h mailed earUer) Older dogs are have problems, physical or emoo serwus au cs , sue as b" t t t Of t" 19 D M"ll ill an e heart disease, obstruction of a more su JeC o s ress. any 10na . r. 1 er w sw r bronchus rare! caricer of the age group they are m?st re-all letters sent to h1m, c.are of 1 ' b . Y h h" 1 t s1stant to change m their rou-The Tampa T1mes, provided a ung, or a en; g n 1 \ dutine. For this reason, your vetstamped, self-addressed envel FREE Sessions of TWO world-famous Now is the time for honest self-appraisal for setting new goals for action to reach them Tomorrow w(\ll't do for the man or woman who is alert to today's opportunities. THE DALE CARNEGIE C ,OURSE in Effective Speaking, Leadership and Human Relations will bring you A BETTER JOB NEW SELF-CONFIDENCE A BIGGER INCOME NEW RECOGNITION A.k us to show you the results of this world-famous training among scores of Dale Carnegie Course graduates in this area. Designed for women who want more out of life You can develop the inner independence to break out of rou line do things that are personally satisfying. A 11 yon need is the self-confidence to put more verve in your life ... and the Dor• othy Carnegie Course can help you find it. The course can give you a new outlook on yourself. It develops unta]Jped personal abilities that can make you more interested ••• and more interesting! FREE SESSION 6:30 P.M. I FREE SESSION 7:30 P.M. TONIGHT, FEBRUARY 17th Sheraton Tampa Motel e Morgan at Polk Presented by the FLORIDA INSTITUTE, Inc. 512 Columbia Drive Call 253-3770 for Additional Information EVERYTHING FROM SOUP TO NUTS is available through Tribune-Times Want Ads. ?'or,bveryhrare kor.elgnbo Y erinarian will send Mamie home ope is enclosed. 1n a ronc us , a nma ronchus, or a cyst or a tumor in • Your car's on us when you stay at any Sheraton (except for Sherwyn and minimum rate rooms in the Sheraton-Atlantic and Park-Sheraton). Also free at any Sheraton: family plan (no charge for children in your room). TV and radio. Guaran teed rates. Insured Reserva tions. Time-saving convenience (example: fine restaurants and lounges right on the spot). For Insured Reservations at any Sheraton call: 229-6431 85 SHERATON HOTELS & MOTOR INNS the middle part of the chest. SOME OF THE causes of asthma are discussed more fully in Dr. Alvarez' b aoklet on the subject. You may get a copy of it by sending 25 cents and a self-addressed, stamped en velope with your request for it to Dr. Walter C. Alvarez, Dept. TAM, Box 957, Des Moines, Iowa, 50304. Silent Hunter . Contrary to popular belief, the bloodhound doesn ' t follow a trail sniffing the ground and emitting eerie howls . It runs without baying, having been trained to silence to avoid warn ing fugitives or frightening lost 0 children . /To the thousands of men and women with\ NERVE DEAFNESS (sensory-neural Joss) who previously could not benefit from wearing a hearing. aid I Hopeful news from Zenith research Recent acoustical-electronic advances are actually helping people who ''hear but don't understand." Perhaps you've had a hearing test, and your hear ing pattern looks like this-with a "gray area." Words are a jumble, and you have trouble un scrambling conversations. Maybe you believe a hearing aid won't help you, because tried one and tbe sounds were only louder-not clearer -group conversations hard to understand. Zenith ba5 changed an that! Thousands of men and women with problems like yours-nerve deafness buugbt oo by age. by childhood fevers and other causes-may solve their problem and once again enjor the wOOd of "Living Sound" with: ACOUSTIC MODIF1ER -helps many people who '"'hear but don't understand." Its a new kind of ear-connector for use with most hearing aids, with a built-in sound chamber. It filters out dis turbing soonds. ZENl11:l DELEGATE-tiny behind-the-ear hear-1 iog aid meigbing only lA oz. with battery. tiJe. sounds you probably have di1'fkalty bearing. Come mGd try 1hese new Zenith advances sooo.. Foe the newest and best in hearing aidS, on Zenith•s dectronic leadership and its devotion to helping the hard-of-hearing. HEAR ;("' . •LIVING. HEARING AIDS BETTER HEARING SERVICE 316 MADISON PH. 223-3441 yVhat is ? a Lead Barlk . 11 tecul • ' circles, 0s f • too"k to In t that otlte;sf motion, :k. • 0ne f tn or Betn ts 1 source o . g 11 course o centra . de in setnll-rtd os a gtJL a . • of acnort• . a Lead Bank ts In your hfe, to for i,mportartt one that y..Q!:!: loo_k g and assistan.ce tinancia1 plann:n bank that you -esstve a. • • • a help set a goo. Count on to can h e for growt • cours ing number To an ever-grotv his . . a businessmen, t of famthes .an B k r • first to Manne an • • • means b t I building activity spark a urs fo 'ty sound, in the heart o our C" • • : • • • clecl and enthuswstre Jn open-mtn z r its approach to your goa s. If y_ou are looking for.a bank with a record of commumty financial leadership, and a sln cere interest in your future, make Marine your Lead l.1.!!!i! • • • WELCOME ABOARD! Make Marine your Lead B an k. Start with a Checking Ac count ••• then dis cuss your plans with u.s. This puts Marine Bank in position to kelp you with all yo u 7 Jinancial af• fairs. MARINE BANK & TRUST COMPANY flCIIDA1$ OLDESt TIUST COMPANY-MIMI it I.P.t.C. TAMPA, FLORIDA • j ,/


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