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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 15 (February 24, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
February 24, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 15 f TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1964 Association Launches New Plans at Retreat Student leaders met at Chinsegut Hill Saturday, reviewed the past tri mester and looked ahead to the new work of the student association. Meeting with the students were faculty and administrative staff, includ ing University President John S. Allen who gave a short history on the Retreat site. Looking at the future, new civic unit structures were explained by Rick Rumrell, representative-at-large. The old civic unit structure which, accord ing to Rumrell, "had not functioned too well in the past" has been set aside for a new representation according to colleges. In the pending elections, 17 students will be chosen from those enrolled in basic studies, nine from the liberal arts college, nine from the college of educa tion and five from the college of busi ness administration. The representation Rumrell announced that it is planned to have major civic unit elections in September and that the civic reptesenta-Student Gas Discounts Four area gas stations will be offer ing discounts to USF students on a trial basis over the next three months. The stations are University Texaco, 30th Street and Fowler; Youhger 's Sunoco, 13505 Florida Ave . ; Ly-Kin Standard Service , Fowler at 50th St.; and Swymer Service Station , 11701 Ne braska Ave. The discounts vary according to sta tion and range from one to two cents off per gallon of gasoline , plus discounts on oil, parts, labor and road service. tives will in the future hold office for the first two trimesters. members elected for that trimester only. Recently elected SA president Bob Ashford presented a 14-point outline for the coming year. The committees which he advocates have been established on an advisory basis . The following areas have been as signed committees: Book exchange, big name entertainment, cultural events, food service, income tax brochure for students, intercollegiate sports, judicial branch. Speakers bureau , student directory , gasoline reduction, Florida Foundation, race relations, and investigation and re search. In regard to the newly formed com mittees, Ashford said, "We have to work in things which legally are not our business , but nevertheless affect the students." 1 imes Count Basle Concert Set Next Month PRICE FIVE CENTS was arrived at through enrollment fig ures in the various colleges, said Rumrell. Among other legislative changes, Also, Rumrell said that the summer sessions of the legislature will be cited as a special session with civic unit Each committee is made up of volu tary and appointed students. Ashford stressed that any student who has in terest in or ideas concerning the com mittees should submit them. Chinsegut, Site of Stude,nt Association Retreat Fowler Wins Best Dressed Girl Contest Joyce Fowler, far right, was chosen best dressed girl on campus Saturday at the UC. contest. The finalists were Diana Zangmaster and Laura Scoggins , seated; Julie Nichols, Sally Bakalar, Mol lie Houck, Anita Miles, Sandy 'Baggett and Miss Fowler, standing, left to right. Not pictured is Barbara Hall. ::: ,., •. .. SA president Bob Ashford Argos at 6:30 p.m. form before a Broadway direc ducers, directors, critics and L • b C t t 5 t N t M th s d remarked that "cooperation of Peace Corps service presently tor and a New York critic theatre pt-rsonalities--Jn-1 ra ry on es e ex on atur ay the administration is encourencompasses 7300 volunteer and you h<>ve the recipe for the Broadway director Alan aging. I personally feel that it workers ln 48 countries overUniversity of South Florida's and New York drama E 0 . . cr 1 1c enrv Hewes u b xams z•t IS POSSible to have a voluntary seas. The corps aims to fill 5200 production of Man with th th d'. -WI e USF's third annual Student! USF and no textbooks may be Additional prizes will also be Personal Lib1ary Contest, s ponentered. awarded. 1 fl plan which will pay for the resipositions by this summer. Ob e mh e au Ience. The two men, dence halls ." Reeves cited that of these posioe. . w ose appearance Final examinations on Satursored by the University Library The books will be judged on . Students who wish to enter days have been discontinued for and the bookstore, will be held quality, thoughtfulness in as-the contest must mail their trimester I , 1964, and possibly March 26. and value student name and address to the Stu. .. m college and later life . Polley on exam scheduling Purpose of the contest 1s to . . . . dent Personal Library Contest, for trimeste II 1965 t'll d d 1 F1rst pnze for the wmnmg . r ' Is s 1 encourage stu ents to eve op c 11 t' .11 b care of the Library via campus indefinite because of certain . . . o ec 1on WI e a portable mail ' an mtcrcst m collecting and typewriter, retail value $ 125 .00_ graduatiOn . r_eqUirement ques-building a personal library of S d . . Contest entry deadline is ttons pertammg to that term . . . econ pnze will be $100.00 M h 20 . . alone accord'ng t t d t the1r own mterests" accordmg h d' . . . arc . Judgmg w11l be held • 1 o s u en as, ' . cas ere 1 t m the Umvers1ty March 2 6 in UC 167 _ 168 Th sociation president Bob Ashto J. P. Goree, director of auxtlBookstore. d t b 1 e ford . JU ges, o e announced later iary services. Third prize will be $50.00 will consist of two USF fa cult; . Dean of Academic Affairs The contest is open to all fullcash credit in the University members and one non-university :Sidney French stated "the hope time day students. Students will Bookstore. affiliated member. IS that we can now move to this be judged on their own library The winning student may enAdditional inform t' plan on a basis." collection which must not ex-ter the Amy Loveman National be received by th The new more ceed 40 books . No more than Award Contest which has as in Argos Center or Gerar cyear o extenstve. ftve course required books at first prize a $1000 scholarsht'p Cab . th L ' b d M paigmng by assoctatwn . e m e 1 rary. m-embers . tions, "nearly 2,000 are in Latin 'Ihe play WJll be presented through ANTA, Will headlme Book Exchange America." March 16-18 and March 20 in the the program. Another student association Two Years Service TA in with the h Schnetder IS d1rector of four study committee is investigatService in the Peace Corps inTheatre Conference curre?tlY _running on ing the possibility of a student valves two years, this includes meeting In Tampa n .at week. roa_ way, "Who' s b _ ook exchange at USF. The ex-necessary training for the posiUuiversity of Illiof Vtrgmta and change would provide for a tion. Those returning from corps no1s Webster Smalh Ballad of, the Sad _Cafe. room where students may bring service often find varied posiley, the play IS a spoof of "the as been arama editor an_d cnt!C books they wish to sell. The tions open t o them. honest man" Y.ho gEls himself the Rev1ew of 'Yould set his own price According to Reeves , "many up in "wicked poli-Literature smce 1953. arb1tranly, agencies like the USIA d hcs. The play concerns a young Proceeds of such a project USAID are looking for It was . selected the New man who, in an. insane and co r are tentaively earmarked for who have served in the corps, Play Commtttee o! _the world,. ?o wha t scholarships. Phil Wright, a as are many business firms ." theatre 011P 68 nght a Simpbctt y an d member of this committee, sueCoffee Hour Planned plays enter.ed m competltwn JOY that ts gtven only to saints cessfully conducted such an ex-There will als for pr_oduct!On at ,USF. and fools. change service at DaYton a Hour for the P o , be a Coffee Muslc for M

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 24, 1964 ___ campus Edition Editorial Page in the Right Direction Roscoe "Red" Davidson left the SA president's office last Friday after one of his most sought-after proJects. Probably the Radio, Television Have Problems Our sister institutions in mass media, WUSF-FM and WUSF TV are having their problems. Here is the situation: • Radio equipment which was not installed for three years, wait ing for technicians to man it. • $200,0000 in television equip mellt with only one man to run it and a lack of funds for the needed aqditional engineers. • Lack of pay for students. A student cannot be sure of a month to month salary according to stu dent employes. The station maintains that this is due to a lack of funds. Money is appropriated for equipment, not for people to operate the eqmp ment. Plus the fact that students are never sure if they will get paid the next month. Despite these problems . . the radio station is still broadcastmg, but is badly undermanned. More students are needed, they say, but add that recruitment is hard when salaries cannot be depended upon. 1Jntil such problems are cor rected, we can hardly expect a topnQtch radio and television station. signal accomplishment of the stu dent association this past year, the acquisition of gasoline discounts for University students was much desired according to results of student association polling. The poll indicated 81 per cent of the commuting students favored such discounts. Four a r e a service stations agreed to the plan on a three-month basis. During this time they are offering discounts which vary slightly according to station. Gen erally speaking, however, the dis counts are on gasoline, oil, labor and road service. Davidson said the continuation of these discounts will depend on student patronage. And he added that other discounts may be forth coming if the plan is successful. The student association has not had many praiseworthy accomplish ments in the past, but this is an exception. Both Daxidson and new SA President Bob Ashford have spent considerable time making this plan possible and they deserve much credit. This one instance shows that the student association can do something, but the final success of this depends upon the students. Much has. been said about the do nothing SA. But two of their mem bers have had the initiative to carry this discount policy through. We hope such initiative will continue through the ranks of all students association members. ... , .. Reporter Gains Interview With Fam-ous Anti-Communist By DIANE SMITH of the Campus Staff Another anti-Communist, pro-Americanism group has just been formed. We were fortunate to gain an interview with its president, G. W. Jefferson, in his million-dollar Palm Beach fallout shelter. "Our biggest problem," he said, ab sently twisting his pipe cleaner into a noose, "is the public. They don't know wben they're being menaced. "Look at all the ways Russia is in filtrating this country. Have you ever tried to get a taxi at the noon rush hour? "Well, all those cab drivers are paid by Moscow to keep public-spirited citi zens like myself away from important meetings. "Why yesterday I was scheduled to speak at a gathering of the John Birch's Seventh Cousin for President Association and do you think I could find a taxi? "No! I had to walk those two blocks and expend valuable time and energy." He yanked the no9se tight around his fountain pen and flipped it into the fish tank. "And another thing," he continued. "I have it on direct authority that the Other Side is making a compact car for export at half the price of any Ameri can model. ' "It will only come in one color, red, and the radio will only pick up broad casts from You Know Where . It has a peace dove for a hood ornament and a picture of You Know Who on the dash board. "And all this freedom students have. You can't tell me it isn't part of a deep pink plot to take over Cleveland, Yucca Flats, Miami Beach and other strategic parts of the United States. "Now if I was president I'd have every college in e\'ery state investigated for subversion. That's the only way to keep this country free. "Yes sir. We'd run a check and any body whose ancestors weren ' t out to greet old Chris when he landed would be automatically deported. "Oh, are you leaving so soon? I haven't told you about our campaign to fine anyone who hasn't made a pilgrimmage to the Washington Monument in the last three weeks. "You have to get back to class so you won't miss a lecture on Plato's Republic? Hummm. What university did you say you were from?" "Haven't lost a customer yet-you're our first!" The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member , Associated Collegiate Press EDITOR .......•.. ; . _ •••••..•.•••••••.•••.. Michael Foerster Feature Editor .•••••.••.••••...•..•••••••••.... Jackie Montes Advisor ......••••••••.....•..........••••.• A. T. Scroggins STAFF WRITERS Diane Bass Betty Linton Diana Byther Joseph Loudermilk Greta Dixon Laura Mandell Norma Harper Howard Marsee Robert Keehn Cliff Price Sandra Kirschner Louisa Tietz Dorothy Laker Raleigh Mann Oneta Wakeford Sue Stuart Lee Russell Leona Ehlert Sam Nuccio Kathleen Manetta Patricia Pulkrabek Phyllis Tarr Larry Vickers Jr. Pat Costianes Phillip Lucas Richard Oppel Jackie Montes Diane Smith Deadline for copy Is 1 Monday edition. Offices are Room 222, Extension 619. p.m. Wednesday for the following located in the University Center, Basie T o Appear In Marich I 'Knocky' Parker Plays (1 I Jazz 'With the Best' I by GRETA DIXON "'' w. of the Campus Staff ij With Dr. John Parker at Count Basie and his orchestra M the piano, an unpublicized m will present two concerts on * showing of the Charlie campus next month. Sponsored [::! Chaplin silent film, The = Gold Rush, was presented , by the University Center, the @ concerts will be held March 23 @ in the TA recently. The ffi at 4 and 6:30 p.m. in the TA. !;i program drew an unani;:;; mous c 1 a m o r of delight Advanced student ticket sales li from the audience a n d will begin March 9 and con* promised to become 1.-ii. tinue through March 18. The $ of the major theater hits !.!.<. price at this time will be $1. ill of this trimester. tl After March 18 student tickets % Parker, better known on H will be $1.50. A limited number @ campus as a humanities N of general public tickets will be professor, rather than a available at $2 beginning March ij jazz pianist, is a foremost N 1 6 . I authority on jazz, ragtime, fu Sc hedule music . Born in Palmer, Tex., N • # Of Events, ill "Knocky" Parker grew up ::} Bulletins I as he calls it. His dad, a life which proves amusing ff: 5:30 p.m. Civinettes .. .. .. . .. .. 167 . keyboard. One of the up.. 6 p m uc Duplicate Brldte i1 the rounds of the vanous Club . . .. .. .. . .. .. .. 213 ld r i g h t piano's hammers I fl HISTORIAN Bell I. Wiley, recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities of the Civil War and of the South, was on campus last week for a lecture on Johnny Reb and Billy Yank: The Common Folk in Crisis.-(USF Photo) 1 '25 p .m. 'tor 202 Parker however was not Freedom . . . ...... 203 content 'with just listen-lefl eyebrow, cutting him 9 uc Personnel Comm . . 214 ,,,. ing, he also had to play, deeply enough to leave a W Comm ... m m a talent he has been ex-scar. Hence the nickname, Inter Varsity chii.Stlan. . "' "Knocky." ?t; I i Sports News Basketball Tourney Fides ........ 200 family's player pi an o, national tours, in which he Verdandl Pledges ..... 215 t d 1 t t I] 5:30p.m. 6:00p.m. vDer1dhapdi ... . ........ .. 215 which he observe care-g 1 v e s ec ure-concer s, k •.P 1 .... ............ 221 @. fully enough to memorize have been highly praised. Nears Final Games 6:15 p .m. 6:30p .m. the order in which the keys Parker received his B .A. K. 1 o Dinner ........ 168 went up and down. He degree in music from TexBy CLIFF PRICE Campus Sports Writer topped Enotas Black 2o-1s, the ::: ::: " JJ t Fla .. ...... ........... 213 before long he was playUniversity. He served as All -Stars romped Beta II Wes Enotas 203 '*' "* 8:00 p.m. Cratos :: : ::::::::::::::223 ing ragtime. Parker also head of the English Def:1 and the Dribblers forfeited to Zita Phi Ei . . .. . ....... 205 ' had "tutoring" from big partment at K e n t u c k y lJ •1 Basketball enters its final W t thr th Wednesday, February 28, 1964 ' <\!; Alpha II es , owmg e1r All Day Spring Formal *'.'l name jazz pianists who Wesleyan College before week with the eight top teams dtv1 st'on 1'nto a tie for the playSale .. ...... uc came through his home coming to USF. He joined m 1:25 p.m. Jew1sh Student scheduled for tournament play off spot between the Dribblers Union ............ uc 200 & town on their way to Dalthe USF faculty last Sep-n W d . d d Th r d y FI've UC Hospitality o;: t be e nes ay an us a comm ............ .. . 202 Las. em r. teams have already qualified for and Beta III West. The chamCFS Program comm 203 %:;: • the tournament by placing either pionship game will be played : :: : : first or second in their division. Sunday afternoon, March 1. Christian Science ................. 215 The teams already in are the * * * Offictals Club .... ...... 221 f 3 0 Italian Club .. .. . ...... 223 All-Stars, with a record o • The men and women's track Young Democrats .. . .. 226 PE Majors, 3-0; Talos, 3-1; Aland field meet will be held to... pha III W, 4-0; and Cratos, 3-1. day and tomorrow. This will be iM In games last week Verdandi a first for the ladies as they 4:40p.m. Judo Club .. .. .. . . . uc 47 USF Faces Dublin U. In Debate have never before had track 6:15 p.m. : : m competition. U& ' uii;oii : Women's field events will be 8:00p.m. uc Leadership the softball throw, hop-skip27; 'i964 264 5 jump, and the standing and run-All Day Spring Formal ning broad jump. Track events 1:25 p.m. ..... uc will be the 50-yard dash, the Comm ....... . .. . uc 202 2 Golf Club .............. 203 100-yard shuttle relay, the 00Tennis Club .... .. .. .. . 204 yard relay and a 880-yard walk. . . " . ... 200 Men's events will be the 100UC Personnel Comm .. 214 Michael Daly and John Roch-yard dash, 220-yard dash, 440...... 21s ford, mem'bers ot the Debating yard dash, 880-yard run, the :: : .: .m Society of Ireland and repre-broad jump, high jump and shot Social CoordlnaUng senting the University of Dubput. comm lin, will engage in a parlia-Field events will be held at .248 mentary debate with USF de-the shelter by the tennis courts International student baters Bob Bickel and Frank while track events will be run 6 :45p.m. Fouriiiiltioit" . Martinez, Monday, March 2, at in bicycle race area or the Hu8:00 p.m. League or Women U t C te k' t Voters .. . . .. . .. 264-5 7 p.m. in the mvers1 Y en r manities par mg lo . All 1964 Ballroom. • • * Sale ......... uc The topic for debate is "RePersons interested in the pro4 : 40p .m. Judo Club .. . . . . .. uc 47 6:00p.m. UC Movie "Diary of solved, that the modern power motion of track and field as an Anne Frank" ... FH 1111 of the press is a social evil and intercollegiate sport can attend 9 '15 p.m. uc Movie "Diary or " 0 the Track and Field Club meet1111 a political menace. ne repre-All Day Spring Formal sentative from each university ing Wednesday in UC 158 at Ticket Sale ........ uc will uphold either side. 1:30 p.m. 9 '00 1: i004 .. uc 248 The Speech Association of All Day Spring Formal Band To Hold Ticket Sale ..... ..... UC America and the Institute of 6:00 p.m. westminster d . Fellowship ....... UC 215 International E u cat 1 on an W d d 6 :30 p.m. Wesley Foundation .... 220 nually sponsor a tour of de-e nes ay 4 '30 p.m. lOl haters frrim European countries • h C 7:45 p.m. uc Movie "Diary of . N•g f oncerf NAnoneTIFCrEansk" .. . . FH 101 w h o compete with forensiC organizations throughout the Five students will be "guest Placement Service Interviews: nation. conductors" at a concert by the Daly was educated at CastleUSF Band Wednesday, Feb. 26, & Ernst, staff ac knock Colle g e of the University The concert will begin at 6:30 countant opening. (lf Dublin. He is a member of p.m. in the Argos Center acAuditor Law Society, and is tivity room. P!be8.; Y}. Business Manager of his college The student conductors are au areas of teaching. newspaper; he intends a career all senio r s in instrumental muAfr:aY!? in diplomatic service. Rochford sic education. They are attended St. Conleth's College Edwards, Miami, conductmg Bethesda, Maryland, varied openings. 'ty f D bl' d • f B d b C Mar. 4-Southem Bell Telephone & of the Universt o u lD an Praeludtum or an Y a-Telegraph co., management trainees in b e I on g s to University Law cava s Thomas Luter Tampa operations openings. A group meeting ' ' W' d' wUJ be held on the afternoon of March Society and Literary and Hisconducting Ove .rture for m s 3 . Mar. S -Travelers 1 n 5 ur a n c e Co., torical Soci e ty. He is active in by Carter; 'Marte Negley , Lake-openings ror !ield undewrtter, oice the political party, Fianna land, conducting Ceremony for supervisor, and Fail, and seeks a career in law Winds by C a cava s; James Mar. &-J. B. lvey & co. , Charlotte, and politics. Smith, Leesburg, conducting A Ma Bickel is a senior and MarFestival Prelucie by Miami com-chine <:;orpora!lon, openings in data . processmt sales, admmtst'rattve staff, tinez a sophomore at USF; both poser Alfred Reed; and Allee and sJOtems engineers. hold offices in the Forsenics Wright, Clearwater, conducting Are a Au d 1 t Association. excerpts from Wagner's opera Plans are now being made to Die Me.istersinger. . Service, Organization Fraternities Announce New Pledge Classes The following men are Enothas Sweetheart Contest. pledged to fraternities: Enothas project of the year is Arete: Charles Bridges, Richto build a lodge on their lake ard Dorman, David Dukes, front property at Lake Mmeola, George Falcon Robert Kirk, Odessa , Fla. . * * * Karsten Mlkalsen, Thomas Oldt, Richard Piet:ce and Gilbert Pi-Dr. Albert Gessman will prE2tisci. sent the fourth lecture in the Cratos: David Amaral Jon Meet Judaism series with his Axford, Henry Diamond, topic, An Outline of the Ritual. ley Jackson and Ted Knowles. The. lec t ure, tbe Enotas: Peter Belstrom, RichJewish Student Unwn, will be ard Brown Don Durden Ed-held Wcdnesclay , Feb. 26, at ward Robert Dick: Ted 1 : 25 p.m. in UC 200. Diller, Robert Ellis, Robert God. * * * . . dard Michael Griffin Daniel Those mtHested m bowhng Harold Herrero, can the (lrganized James Lackland, John McClain, Bowlin g Club which has regular Louis Sastre, Michael Shapiro, league games Wednesdays at Robert Swett, Dean Tomlinson 7 p.m . Sundays at 2 p . m. and Gary Williams. The are handled as Kappa Iota Omega: George two dJfferent leagues so mem Bartlett, Kenneth Godin, Terry bers not ha v e to attend ?oth Jeffries Frank Martinus James mee t mgs, and those can register McLaughlin, Lee Perrelia, Kenas a team or as individuals. neth Vagts , Ross Webb , James • • * Whatley and carroll Wright. Horace Smith, General Agent Talos : Pat Farnsworth, Charles of Fidelity Mutual, will speak Haile, Charles Coflin , Marvin to Business Club in UC 264Henderson, Larry Hilker, Jan 5 dunng the hour Wednes McCullers Frank Marlin Kent day . Cofft>c wtll be s erved. t ' • * • Mikalsen, John Shefi, Eugene . Turner and Bill Woolwine . Regional Agreements for E cVerdandi: Roland Alfonso, onomic Development will be .dis Jerome Kane, Michael LoPiano, cussed by P r of. Peter Wnght Michael ott, John Ouellette, Thursday , Feb. 27, in UC 264 Robert Pancoast and Bernard at 8 p.m. Faculty, students, Quinn. staU and the community is in -Zita Phi Ei: Richard Harold, vi t erl to &!tend this event r;re Carl Johnson and Charles Rob-sente d by the T ampa League erts. I or Women Voters. * * * p . . . . Talos pl e dges plan a car smash alntlng MISSing for the free hour Wednesday , ! A pen and ink d r awing b y March 26, on the east ramp of I Franc isco Guardi, part of an the UC . exh i bition on lo a n to the uniPaideia sisters are planning versity which has been displayed a chicken and yellow rice dinI in the library disappeared from ner, while the pledges are the basement of the library. plet!ng plans for a car wash. If returned no charges will Plans are under way for the be filed . honor the visit at an open re-No tickets are reqUired for program representative trainees. ____ th_ e _ c _ o _ n _ c _ e _rt_ . ________ Cinema Reviewer Has Praise I Victo,rs Seen As Anti-war Film I F M P By ALAN J. BURRY of Fight for Liberty. There is not much Or Us.IC rog ram The Victors was written, directed subtlety in all this. It reflects Fore-man' s decision to make a propaganda and produced by Carl Foreman as an individual's social protes t film against movie , rather than to make his p oint By LOUISE TIETZ Enthusi astic a p p 1 au s e fol -war. It traces the history of a group through indirection and irony . Of The Campus Staff lowed the thou ghtprovoking of u.s. Army men through various cam-The Victors is essential y a movi e G 1 owing superlatives are delivery of No Man is an paigns during World War II, chr oniclin g abou t ideas . It is on this level that needed to d escribe the UniIsland by cont emporary Jean t heir erosion as human bein g s under the mo s t s e rious critici s m mu s t b e made. versity Community F i ne Arts Berger. the pressures of killin g and deprivation. No one is seriously in favor of war. religious mus ic program enProgram Highlight Foreman concludes that at the end, Too, probably mo s t people, in the inner joyed by a near capacity audi Highli g htin g the program was there is no difference between the van-rece sses of tht>ir minds , know that war ence in the TA last week . Beethoven' s M a ss in C Major quished and the victors and that it is i s dehumaniz ing and shorn of real glory. Under the dire ction of Dr. presented with intens e feelin g only throug h mass deception at home Victory on the ba t tlefield is a tenuous "; Gordon Johnson, the trimester , notion , at best. At the point of movin g iW debut of the UniversityCom mast erfully cqnveyed to the l . ' that war is seen as a viable alternative . f audience. .:) for the settling of international disputes . beyond protest to some indlcatwn o # munity Symphony Orchestra, Outsta ndin g soloists enhanced :: The cast includes Albert Finney, alternatives, the movie neither shows .. :. the Univ e rsity Choir and the ' ' ' d' t t b 'ld on the th e beauty of the Mas s. Lynn . ; ' ,".;, : Melina Mercuri, George Peppard, Vince nor m tea es a way 0 Ul up , .... Univers ity-Community Chorus f 1 f t t g nd d '' must be classed with the best Hollingsworth, soporano; Nona "' Edwards, Peter Fonda, Elke Sommer ee s 0 pro es en e ere Nor s to g, alto; Murray Harrison , t and many, many more. Their character-Yet for all its bluntness , the film "'' of the Fine Arts music pres,,, tx tenor. and Garry Cope bass izations are well conceived and executed does have occasional moments of power. ,:::; entations . d!' spla ' yed talent belongi n ' g only ' '•',.,:'' . . ,: Displayed Excellence : within the major premise of the movie. The longin g for personal intimacy, the Opening with the stirring to thos e who feel within them Foreman used the technique of in-horror of s olitude during a bombing , __ composition by Karl Heinrich the meaning of the composition. congruou s juxtaposition to h e ighten the raidin short those times of personal talented piano ; ; tf: I excellence that c 0 n tin u e d . accompani s t for the choir, did [!j during the war are followed by scene the barrage of "message." m throughout the three followin g a pra i s eworthy job and it is ,?-: from the "real" war. A soldier is shot The questions of me a nin g are fitii. not I 11 by the ata are knifed by re. Singin g with control and preperformance, the orchestra is to !i.J.J white rac ists while the radio plays viewing current movies for the Campus ,:_. cision in a capella , the choir be commended for its fine, disRemember Pearl Harbor, with the lines Edition in the weeks to come.) Hands to the mov. ' " I


IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY THE TAMP A TIMES lS Monday, February 24. 1964 FOR SERVICE TO HUMANITY 19 Corporations Get Charters Mrs. Bruton 'Outstanding Citizen' Several Starts The Santa Fe Trail had sev Nineteen new corporations I Incorporators' Philip C. Noto, Jose Stock' 100 shares of com. of No Par . . . . phlne C. Noto, Dora C. Noto, all Tam Value, Dealing In: Insurance Agency. for profit mvolvmg H1llsborough pa, Fla., fl!ed by: Louis de Ia .P'!rte Incorporators' Albert c. Werly, Richard County residents were approved Savings Bank Building, by Secretary of State Tom Frisch's Big Boy of Gull to Bay, Central Ave., St. Petersburg. Ad .._ th d F b 5 Inc .• 9399 Florida Ave., Tampa, Auth. Safe Warehouses, Inc., 622 Marine ams e peno e stock: soo shares of com. at $10.00 Bank Blar .. Deailng In: Heating and rur condttiomng. lncorpo rators: Arthur Sherry, Jack C. How. DAILY INVESTORr-•,w,..w.= ard, Barbara Sherry, all Tampa, filed •. by Ralph Steinbergj 308 Tampa . lls street Bldg., Tampa. w W Corporations Not For Prom rong Assumpt.lon c / o ,, Harold Balcom. 3703 San Pedro, >f. Tampa. Filed by Messrs. Macfarlane, . , Ferguson, Allison and Kelly, P.O. Box ••. Mrs. Quintilla Bruton was named Plant City's outstanding citizen for 1963 by Plant City Jaycees. She is pictured receiving the club's Distinguished Service Award from Dan Borchardt, awards commit tee chairman. •••. 1531. Tampa. Purpose: to promote NEW INTERNS ANNOUNCED I On Stock ovdend I S h 1 p 1 w M I I c 00 rincipa s I eet By WILLIAM A . DOYLE The adjustment in market New Q. I owned 45 shares of Chase l price takes place when the stock Howell Air, Inc.. Som_erton, Ohio; By GARY BRADDOCK " d" "d " Total Authorized Capital ts 500 Shat.,s Manliattan Bank. When it was sells exlVl end. That proc common No Par value; (Ohio) Capi Times Staff Writer announced that a 50 per cent, ess has been explained here, PLANT CITY-Two meetings stock dividend would be paid often. charter service; filed by, Messrs. Involvlng school prlnct"pals are --Carlton, Fields, Ward, Emmanuel, on this stock, I immediately Q You wrote that 56 per cent Smith & Cutler, P.o. Box 3239, Tampa. scheduled next week, Rodney b ht f . h t "99 • Res1dent Agent IS James H. Howell, Colson said that two interns schools were announced by Col from the University of South son as follows: Florida will begin practice teaching in Plant City schools March 30. oug ave more s ares, a "' of the dividend which Consoli-457 62 st.. Holmes Beach. Colson , Area Four coordinator, JACKSON-The Jackson PTA will sponsor a pancake supper in the school cafetorium Friday from 5 to 7:30 p.m. a share, bringing my to dated Edison paid on its comannounced today. JESSE D. BARLOW of Win50 shares. The stock divadend mon stock on Sept. 16 is a "re15 •. 1962; final A joint meeting of Area Four ter Haven will intern in Mrs. Wilson-The Blue and Gold gave me 25 more shares -for tum of capital" and is not subof dtSsolutiDn •ssued Feb. elementary and secondarY Mary Ellen Bostick's sixth grade Awards banquet for Cub Scout a new total of 75. ject to Federal income taxes as principals will be held March at Burney School, and Emily Pack 138 will. be held in the But, just before t b e stock dividend income and that 76 certificate or Amend. to Terrace 4 in the Hillsboro Bank Com-McEver of Plant City will be Wilson cafetonum ;r'hursday at dividend was distributed, the per cent of the dividend paid munity Room , beginning at 8:30 in Mrs. Rita Isom's sixth grade 7 :30 p.m. The pack lS sponsored 'market price dropped way down Dec. 16 is in the same catee-ory. by: Chester H. Ferguson, P.o. Box a.m . at Bryan School. by. the Wilson PTA. DEPENDABILITY Your doctor knows that he can count on Adams professional efficiency and accuracy whenever he needs a prescription filled in a hurry for you or a member of your family. Bob Schwartz, Reg. Phar. Have Your Prescription Filled By Professional Pharmacists IT COSTS NO MORE T.O GO FIRST CLASS! -to about $66 a share. I as Your column was in reply to of Amend. to Interceptor The annual meeting of the The East Hillsoorough Coun-Tomlin An oratorical consumed that I would own 75 a Con Edison stockholder who Marire Hillsborough County Elemenell of PTA will meet Thursday test sponsored by Mrs. Barbara AD AM s PRESCRIPTION shares, worth about $99 a share. said that he had received a letDell, ai>.o: tary Principal's Association will at 7:30 p . m . in the Tampa Elec-Bowden's speech class will be SHOPS What's wrong here? ter to that effect from the comto Rodar Leas be held March 2 at 2 p.m. in tric Co. Leisure House in Plant held Friday at 12:45 p.m. A. Your reasoning. What you assumed was dead wrong. The 50 per cent stock dividend lifted the number of shares you own by 50 per cent from 50 to 75 shares. panv. 1 own some Con Edison inC Corporation of Florida. Changlng the Seminole School audito-City. Dr. Denton L. Cook is Among the Judges will be Col-712 TA .. PA ST. 1 its corporate name to: GD R Inc., NO 1 m NO 2 10049 FLORIDA common stock. I never received bf: Robert L. Goethe, 2909 Swann rium. scheduled to speak. son, Kay Draughn, and Robert .. PH. 223 • 3661 • 935 •4259 any such letter. Can you tell me "Withdrawals COLSON ALSO announced It did the same thing for every other stockholder of the bank. The number of outstanding shares (owned by stockholders) was increased by 50 per cent. Each of the larger number of shares outstanding after the 50 per cent stock dividend repre sented only two-thirds as much QFne11Ship of the bank as each of thE)' smaller number of shares outstanding before the 50 per cent stock dividend. So, each of the larger number of shares naturally took on a market value of two-thirds as much as the smaller number of shares previously outstanding. This same thing happens in the case of a stock split. As far as a stockholder is concerned, a 50 per cent stock dividend has the same effect as a stock split WHEN YOU'RE REALLY HURTING I • why? that the Hillsborough County A. A number of letters such issued Feb. 6 ' 1964 Elementary Curriculum Coun-as yours have come in. Most in-Nuclear sh•p cil will meet at 8:30a.m. March dicate that the stock has been 5 in the Hyde Park Methodist left with a brokerage firm, "in Savannah Has Church in Tampa. a street name." That seems to Representatives from Plant be the reason. 'D• t B H 1 City s chools who will attend Stock in a street name is reg1r Y 0 Om this meeting are Mrs. Mary istered in the name of the brokGALVESTON, Tex., Feb. 24 Branch and Mrs. Patricia Ja erage house. In that case the nuclear ship Savannah, cob_s, Jackson School; . Ross company sends the dividend to w h i c h underwent successful RWnght JrB., and SMrhs. the brokerage firm -the reg-. . ogers, ryan c oo , rs. istered owner. The brokerage weekend trtals m the Gulf of Blanch Oswald, Burney; and firm then credits the dividend Mexico, will go into dry dock Mrs. Bonnie Carter, Wilson. to the account of the customer about April 1 to have tons of who is the "beneficial owner -barnacles scraped off . Peggy Lee the real owner of the stock. '"We have a dirty bottom" 1 Con Edison explains that it . . . ' Argent ne sent those letters, detailing the said Capt. Dav1d B. McM1chael, tax status of the dividends, to skipper of the $55 million ves-Musician Wed all registered owners of its com-sel. "The year the ship was mon stock. If you have Con docked at Galveston didn't do BEVERLY S , Calif., Edison stock registered in your us any good... Feb. 24 !UPD-Smger Peggy Lee, own name, that I e t t e r was He said the barnacles must 42, married Argentine musician mailed to you. . be scraped from the bottom of Jack Del Rio, 39, at her home If Y?Ur Con Ed1s_on the ship before it can reach Saturday. stock 1s registered m a street top performance. name " the letter was sent to M M" h 1 " d h d"d 't The newlyweds paln to delay • c 1c ae s a1 e 1 n . . the brokerage house in whose think the ship would reach its their honeymoon u n t II Apr1l name the stock is registered. 22 knots capacity because of the when they will go to New York, The broker should have sent a barnacles and sea growth. Top where Miss Lee has a singing copy to Y?U . speed in the trials was 18 knots, engagement at the Americana Con Edtson supp11ed any num but the ship's reactor was opH t 1 b_er of copies anY brokerage era ted at only 80 per cent powLee, currently recoverfirm If any broker-er. ing from a "chronic respiratory age d1dn t wan_t to handle The weekend shakedown was ailment," was unable to accom the ma1lmg , Con Edison offered the first time the ship had been pany Del Rio to the county court to handle th_at But some to sea since May, 1963. . . house Friday to obtain a mar brokerage f1rms JUst made no McMichael and other off1c1als riage license so her attorney effort to see that this was done. aboard the vessel said the tests arranged to have it delivered to (Doyle will answer only repra_n smoothly. Among other the home. . thmgs, the reactor was shut ---------of Hgeneral down and then fired up again. Man 76 In m eres m ts co umn. . e can-The ship will be tested again I I • • not answer phone quenes. ) t k d d u d g I p d ---------=-=====-:: = =--.....:----=:......---nex wee en an WI un er o O ADVERTISEMENT a full speed power run. cy n Tormenting Rectal Itch Stopped In Minutes Boy, 9, Lost In Mountains In Arizona For 8 Hours STICKNEY, England, Feb. 24 Wilson, 76, a farmer, ran his car into the village pond and spent eight hours up to his neck in icy water before Science finds New Healin& Substance That Promptly Stops Itching and Pain of Piles New York, N. Y. (Speeial)-0ne of the most common afflic tions is a condition known as "itching piles." It is most embarrassing for thevictim during the day and especially aggravating at night. No matter what you've used without results-here's good news. For the first time, science has found a new healing sublltance with the astonishing ability to promptly stop the burning itch and pain. It actu ally shrinks hemorrhoidswithout surgery. Medical sci ence has proved this substance produces a remarkably effec tive rate of healing. Its germ killin g properties also help pre vent infection. ment" was reported and verified by a doctor's observations. This improvement was main tained in cases where a doctor's observations were continued over a period of months! Among these sufferers were a wide variety of hemorrhoid condi tions, some of 10 to 20 years' duration. The secret is this new healing substance (BioDyne) -dis covery of a world-famous research institution. This sub stance is now obtainable in oint mentor suppository form known as Preparation H*. Ask for Preparation H Suppositories (convenient to carry if away from home) or Preparation H Ointment with special applica tor. Available at all drug counters. PRESCOTT, Ariz., Feb. 24 1m he was rescued. -More than 200 persons were Wil son said he couldn't move c 0 m b in g the snow-covered the car door and had to wait mountain area south of Prescott until dawn before help came for a 9 -year-old boy missing along. since mid-morning yesterday. Hospital authorities said Wil-Yavapai County sheriff's offi-son was suffering from expos cers said Dennis Hargus of sure and his condition was seri Mesa, Ariz. , walked away from ous. a YMCA camp. Deputies said they found tracks in the snow but that they were obliterated by a rapid thaw. Sheriff AI Ayers said there Gas Line Break Causes was fear for the boy's safety 100 F• because he was dressed lightly I res and temperatures were expectAUSTIN, Tex., Feb. 24 1m -ed to drop to about 15 degrees. Minor fires were touched off in Bloodhounds wel"e bein-g used 100 or more Austin homes yes-in the search. terday when a gas line regula-The sheriff said the boy might tor was ruptured by a crew lbe able to take shelter in an laying Onl y f1ve Ol" s1x of the fues -caused more than slight dam-age. No one was injured. In one hemorrhoid ease after another"very striking improveMILTON T. HAVERTY WANTED VINTAGE used CONTINENTALS 1959 through 1963 We beg your forgiveness. But we are unable ta KEEP used CONTINENTALS in stock. THEY SELL FAST-For this reason we are prepared to give the HIGHEST ALLOWANCES on a USED CONTINENTAL in trade for the 1964 CONTINENTAL-For the TOP TRADE-See me TODAY Inc. 1515 FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 229-9341 The minor blazes occurred in stoves and water heaters where pilot flames were temporarily cut off by the breakage of a regulator governing the flow of natural gas into homes. Knights of Pythias Honor L. B. Mack PLANT CITY L. B. Mack of Plant City has been installed as grand vice chancelor of the Knights of Pythias of the Flor ida Domain. Mack, a member of the lodge 45 years, s ucceeds the late Hugh R. McKain of Jacksonville. The n e w chancelor was in stalled by E. W. Toole of Lake land, A. C. Belmont Jr. of St. Petersburg and L. M. Johnson •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• .. of Mulberry. Pretty Secretary: cut this out and show it to boss. NATIONAL FLIES TO: NEW YORK: 8:20am A 8:40am• 9:05amc 9:15am8 1:30pmc 3:15pm8 3:50pm8 PHILADELPHIA: 8:20amA 9:15am8 MIAMI: 7:15amc 7:45am EXCEPT SUN.8 ll:lSamc 7:00pmA 9:20pmc 9:50pm8 JACKSONVILLE: 8:20amA 8:40am8 9:05amc 3:50pm8 3:50pm viA JACKSONVIllE a 10:00pm8 BOSTON: 9:15am8 3:50pm EXCEPT SAT.8 HOUSTON: 9:50am8 1:40pmA 8:30pmc WASHINGTON: BALTIMORE: NEW ORLEANS: 8:20amA 8:40am8 9:15am8 3:15pm8 3:15pm8 9:50am8 1:10pm8 1:40pmA LAS VEGAS: 8:30pmc LOS ANGELES: 9:45amc 1 :40pmv i A N E W ORLEANS A 8:30pmviA HOUSTONC SAN FRANCISCO: 9:50amv, ... HousToN8 8:30pmc A.OC?B B . PROP JET C . OCSJET t For reserva tions call your travel agent or NATIONAL AIRLINES, 229-0951 IS THISANYWAYTO RUN AN AIRLINE? • hired you because you're so smart!' ' YOU BET IT IS. I I


U THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 24, 196ol I CHARRED OAK 8 YR STRAIGHT • BOURBON OR TOWN CLUB BLEND Reg. 4.50-35.75 Case 3 Sths $895 EVERY DAY 3015 GRAND CENTRAL STRAIGHT BOURBON SEAGRAM vo CANADIAN BOND INVER HOUSE Case OLD IICKII! GLEN MORE OR KY. GENTL'EMAN STR. KY. BOURBON Reg. 4.99-39.75 Case S'chenleq RESERVE BLENDED WHISKEY Reg. 4.99-40.68 Case CANADIAN DELUXE 6 Yr CANADIAN 8 Yr. Ky. Bourbon McGREGORS PERFECTION • WHISKY A fine 6 yr. Canadian whi•kv at the popular American blend price. DRIVE-IN WINDOWS Prices Good Thru FEB. 25 WHY PAY MORE I OLD STAGG 7 YR. STR. KY. BRB. Reg. 6.15 4 69 Full • Quart . ' --,-TE=R=-=R---=0-=R-, s-=-A-::-::B:---::0=-=T=-=-A--=-G--=-E-A_N_D SU BVERSI 0 N Plan To Carry War to North Viet Nom Studied By KEYES BEECH "Doubtless such strikes would costly than rewarding. CasualYet Americans and a good "If you cannot find them, you Chicago Daily News Service cause an international furor" ties have run as high as 85 per many Vietnamese are convinced create them." SAIGON, South Viet Nam, observed an American official. cent that carrying the war to the Finding Vietnamese soldiers Feb. 22-A plan to carry the "But why aren't people more ' . . . north is the only solution to an willing to undertake almost sui• war to Communist North Viet excited about the fact that There IS httle or no hope o otherwise endless conflict. cidal risks is admittedly a prob• Nam through a campaign of ter-Hanoi Is openly and blatantly bringing about local uprisings. "Every monolithic state has lem. But there again, American ror, sabotage and subversion is directing the armed conquest of Motivation is another factor. its cracks," observed a specialspecial forces officers say they under consideration here if the South Viet Nam? Communist a s s a s s 1 n a t i 0 n ist in behind-the-ines warfare. know that such men do exist. command to go ahead hasn't long as we respect squads, which have infiltrated already been g I v e n, it was a n d the Saigon , are made up of fanatic learned today. don t, so long as we fight their ally dedicated men. There is The U.S. military declined kind of. war not our kind, some question whether South comment, but a reliable source he c?,nhnued, we ar,e bound to VietnafDese, lacking leadership here said the decision was lose. and the same dedication, can be made several days ago and disAmericans here are under no .similarly motivated. F i n ' a 11 y cussed in de t a i 1 with Adm. illusions about the risks of tak-there is the question whether Harry D . Felt, top U.S. Pacific ing the war to North Viet Nam. attacks on the n or t h will commander, during his visit Communist security is t i g h t . achieve the desired result-that this week. Fear of the Red regime is great. is , persuade Hanoi to call off Felt left yesterday for BangSmall scale guerrilla operations the war down south. The effect kok after talks with South Viet ID the north have been mor e might be exactly the opposite. Nam's strongman, PremIer Nguyen Khanh and other top officials. The plan to take the war to the north goes beyond the con ventional pattern of c o u n t e r guerrilla warfare. Instead, it contemplates a series of strikes by g r o u n d , sea or air against industrial targets, oil refineries, ports a n d major bridges. The raids would be carried out by South Vietnamese forces with U.S. support but American servicemen would not physically set foot on Communist terri tory. Only by making the war too costly for Hanoi can the Communists be persuaded to call o(f their insurrection in South Viet Nam, advocates o{ the plan argue. This is especially true, they feel, now that the war in South Viet Nam Is going badly for the American side. 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Distributor for REYNOLDS ALUMINUM, ALSIDE AL.UMAKING House Siding and Soffit. ALUMINUM WHOLESALER Ph. 253-3043 e 280"0 36th St. e Ph. 248 TAMPA, F'LORIDA UNIQUE IN CIGARET1'E FILTRATION 3-PIECE KEITH FILTER , Taste the good .. things that happen> to smoke filtered through charcoal. granules Flavor, the rich rewarding flavor of fine tobaccos made to taste even better because the smoke is filtered through charcoal granules. Smoothness, a new kind of smoothness made possible by charcoal granules not only activated but specially fortified in lARK's exclusive 3piece Keith filter. Richly Rewarding yet Pncommonly Smooth •


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