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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 75 (May 4, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 4, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 75 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 4, 1964 SPACE CONFERENCE delegates bear one scientist discuss waste and nutrition problems in outer space. The conference, which was held on the USF campus last week, included some 60 scientists from around the country. Professor T. Charles Helvey of USF was conference -director and will compile the conference findings in a report to be published by the National Summer Trimester Edition PRICE FfVE CENTS BOARD OF Control Chairman Baya M. Harrison delivered the principal address at conference banquet DR. EDWARD Teller, associate director , Law rence Radiation Laboratory, University of California at Berkely, addressing the conference.-(USF Photo) Academy of Science and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.-(USF Photo) •. Wednesday evening.--(USF Photo) * * * I • D iscou raging • Space Scientist Says We Must j U.S. Lags m .. .. th• i In Race .Registrar Counts 27 40 ;Students This 'Trim to give thought to the question of how water content is likely to be only a few we can use the materials we are likely tenths of a per cent,'' indicated Teller. F s JJ 1 0 r pace ence on Nutrition in Space. is not very different from the crust of :1:1; Teller told the conference members the earth. li, "As o April 24, the United \ I 9 ever be colonized. In addition, he said do willi it? We can make sure that llie and the Soviet Union 65 since i t'.:. ''" :::' •. .;;;;;".,;, !_r __ •. .• __ ' .,",',;,.',. or Mars with relative comfort for one soon it will cool , and one can then pour :.: every year for the last five or two-year periods. it, use it; even, hopefully, to grow algae years, the lead of the Soviet j] ::t for are other mate. @ to ilie conference on the topic of Water rials llian water, Teller went on to say t tl before." indicated Dr. Charles I {i Generation in Space. that we have a steady energy source that .... S . Sheldon II. Teller predicted that every element we could use on the moon -a nuciear Sheldon, White House rep''' needed to sustain life can be found on reactor; probably a very powerful one. .,; resentalive to the space conti the moon. He told space scientists iliat The point is that ilie powerful nuclear t1 !erence, stated that the Soviet rocks on the moon wJll rontain at least reactor ls not much more heavy than a r.l\ Union is clearly interested in I 1 limited amounts of water, oxygen, iron, weak nuclear reactor. m more than spectaculars. "In the t .. l carbon and nitrogen "in tAct, all of Teller said. "What is heavy in a )\ Earth-orbital regime, il has put = the elements needed for human sur-nuclear reactor is its shielding, and there $ up 28 Kosmos class scJentlfJc 1 !t.i vival." is no reason, to believe that green cheese ilJi satellites :o than the ,, 1 said that there will be water on the Teller also said he could not even it\ experiments. Some of these *-' moon. We are not sure. The question is guess at what man would find on other @ spacecraft are non-recoverable lt_:: can we afford, on the moon, to squeeze planets of the universe, but said what% and may be modest in size. the water out of rocks --possibly out ever is, it will be "highly interesting Others appear to be very heavy of rocks that are a few hundred feet and, m the end, very useful." it. satellites in the 10,000-pound d VosFor NDEA Loans Foundation Tracy Next On 'Meet The Author' Coffee Nets $800 Turning to lunar and planet ary probes, Dr. Sheldon said that Russia's commitment for planetary exploration is five times greater than that of the United States. ester Enrollment Up Over Last Year Popovich Netv President


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, 1\lay 4, 1964 Civic Units Waste of Time Student association leaders have announced a new plan for ap-portionment of civic units for tri mester III. The new plan, intro ctuced by r e p r e s e n t a t i v e John BQttcher, provides for division of tpe University's colleges into units b.ased on their relative population . • According to this plan, all stu d . ents shall be assigned to some civic unit in his respective college. It further stipulates how civic unit meetings shall be publicized, how temporary unit chairmen shall be a,Ppointed to run elections, the du tles of a civic unit secretary, and provides for "free discussion on any issue or topic brought up by a member." It is easy to see why Bottcher was named by his peers the Most Valuable Legislator last trimester. He has done a thorough job with tbfs plan. Unfortunately for Bottcher and other similarly dedicated workers in the association, this is a waste of time and effort. Any wasted effort in SA activity is unfortunate for the entire student body, which makes up the SA. Let's stop kid ourselves about this civic unit busmess . . The most polite appraisal of the effectiveness of the SA civic unit system at USF has been "unsuc cessful." Certainly attempts at get ting unit representatives elected have been that. The success of the past legislatures once staffed (by whatever method chosen by the in cumbent powers at the time) is de batable. All right. If students do not want to corpe out to attend civic unit elections, (and they obviously do not, and never have), then a new civic unit plan by Bottcher, or former v.p. Myrle Grate, or anyone else, will surely never change that apathy. The dilemma, of course, is pro viding for some sort of democratic student representation for the stu dent body members, when the stu dents apparently do not care about being democratically represented. Appointments have not been democratic, by any stretch of the imagination. We believe that another glar ing fallacy lies in this continuous attempt to run out an "old" legis lature, an d p u t in a "new'' on e every trimester. Last term's rep resentatives are just now becoming accustomed to their duties, and the same period of orientation can be expected to fill most of the sum mer, in time to elect (or appoint) a new group. We reiterate our conviction that the SA should abandon_ any idea of a summer legislature, and concentrate on p 1 a n n in g a Fall constitutional convention aimed at a thorough reconstruction of" the USF student association. Cuban Refugees Not Pleased With vents in Cuba By DIANE SMITH of the Campus Staff Recently we talked to some Cuban refugees, who prefer to remain anony mous, about the situation In their home island. They were displeased and a little bitter about the turn events had taken there. One had fought with the band of guer rillas who helped oust Batista and make Cuba safe for Fidel Castro and his merry men. We asked him if he had been sur prised by Fidel's political about-face when he was certain that the island was in his hands. "Yes," he said, "we were surprised. It was a slap in the face to all of us who believed he would bring prosperity and democracy to Cuba. "We needed land reforms, we needed political reforms. We were hungry for peace. Some of us were just hungry. "We wanted equality for the factory worker and the men and women who worked in the sugar cane fields for a few cents a day, but we did not think Communism was t h e solution to o u r problems. '.'Castro had said he wanted these things too. He did not say that the first thing he wanted was power. If be had he might still be in the hills, not in a com fortable office in Havarta. "There was a dictator in Cuba al ready. We were not starving and fighting to replace him with another one. Un fortunately that seems to be what we have done. "Castro says Cuba must be a 'people's republic.' He would like to make all the countries of South America into a set of leashes that he could hold in one hand. "But leashes can pull in two direc tions and tpey can also break or be cut with a strong knife. The leash Castro has on the people of Cubf is pulling tighter every day. There is still time for it to break. "Cutting it would be more difficul! now than it would have been a year ago, and it will be more difficult next year. Every group of Russian and Chi nese technicians entering the island will make it more difficult. "If we are to free Cuba we must do something today, not next year. We must prevent the Fidelistos in Brazil, Vene zuela and other Latin American coun tries from slipping their leashes into place." They did agree, however, that another unsupported invasion like the Bay of Pigs landing would not help their cause. .,_ __ campus Edition L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s Editorial Page "You'll find, Miss LaBido, our class has had very little oppor tunity to draw the 'undraped' figure." High School Ensembles, Soloists Converged on USF Last Week To Compete in the Bandmasters Music Festival Schedule I y I I I L E R I Metropolitan Opera Star Nell Rankin I Book Review , UC Planning Trip To : State Park, Garden Of Events, I Gives 'Outstanding' TA Performance I Goudge Book Worthy :; a !ish about to be hooked are Of Careful Reading A trip to Hillsborough State hair styling, visual poise, social 2 '30 p.m.-Senior Accounting . Her fiery renditions of Habanera, Se-c• Club uc 215 m Outstanding was the word to describe guidilla, and Gypsy, three selections form it By GRETA KM. DIXON I lagers. Never before has Mary l?'ark and Busch Gardens is be graces and personality develop7:30 p.m.-Student Association':1;;; th P f f N 11 R k' . th th . C B k C "ti k . lng planned for May 16 by the ment will be offered this tri Executive council 226 e er ormance 0 e an m lD e e famtliar Carp1en, carried the perampus oo n c nown such happmess. She UC recreation committee. Buses mester for all female faculty Tueada:r. Ma.y s. 196' ffl TA last Wednesday evening. The leading formance to intermission with tremenTHE SCENT OF WATER by learns to give of herself selfwill leave the University at 10 and staff members. The lessons 12'00 Noon-Sport Shorts uc 167 -68 ill mezzo-soprano of the Metropolitan opeTa dous success. The second half of the i'l' EUzabeth Goudge (Coward> lessly and all those who come a .m. and return at 5:30 p.m. will be conducted Tuesdays durpresented'a well-filled program requiring liprohgrambwas largely dedicated to Eng349 $4.95. rf? dconthtactt tlwit? compa_ssion :!further information is available ing free hour in UC 47 begin 7:00 p.m. Paideia 213 b exacting abilities which aptly displayed S num ers Of Which particularly IDOV n ary ill say lS a SUCCeSS lD a 1e1r begm to at the UC desk, and persons inning May 12. FidM 200 h t 1 t A . d b th ing was He's Gone Away, a North Caro-it! ful London career woman who blossom forth, thetr problems 7:30 p.m. Arcte 47 n er a en s. ccompame Y e master-lina folk song. fi leads an interesting and fasbegin to appear smaller and terested in going must make A registration fee of $1 at the 8:00 p.m.-Cartos 223 f!: ful playing of George Murray, Miss Ran -<* . . . . nservations before May 12. UC desk will cover the 11-week 1 ,25 kin's rich and penetrating voice was In response to the soprano's performcity lifeth. The 1 n one day theyltthmAnk more of others as a * * * course. Mr"ss Joanne Toretta, Don Tracy uc 264 .. h 11 11 ance, the audience demanded a second s e grves up e g amour o resu . example has been C 1 ent usrastica y received by t h e we • A free stereo dance wr'll be fast110n coordm' ator and com-hr stlan Science 215 h encore at which time she sang Danny l:t. London society life and retires set. Young Democrats 223 * filled house. held Saturday, May 9, in the mentator, will c on d u c t the Tbursd&y, .1\lay 7. l@. Boy. @ to the small English village of The secret of this giving, 1 '25 p.m.-UC Personnel Sh d d h b 'th I dd"t' h I A 1 h Th t • h h t b UC ballroom from 9 to 12 p.m. course which will begin with a committee uc 214 ::;l e prece e eac num er w1 a n a 1 ton to er magni icent voice, n: PP es aw. e ques 1on auses owever, as no een acqmred Pat Costianes will spin the rec-reception with Miss Toretta as Student 215 spokhen Enghlish translaltion which did the listener couldn't help but be imm: as to why someor:e as successovernight but has. been le_arned ords, and school clothes will be speaker. uc SP!!claL ;ij;vents m muc to en ance the istener's under-pressed by Miss Rankins' majestic ap(;l' ful as Mary Lmdsay would through Mary's daily readmg of order. --------6:30 Association-223 W standing. Of particular delight to the pearance on stage in a flowing wine *t give up all the opportunities her deceased cousin's diary. * * * New Book 7 ,00 2n I) was her. of colored gown which served a delightlJ that were available in. cousin who suffered from UC Sport Shorts will feature Friday, M&y a. 196t d bert s Der Erlkomg m whtch the com1cal ful complement to her smgmg. M for a place of anonymity m a senous mental lapses had writDiscovery in Bermuda tomor7 '30 ,rovit-"Ma & Pa p n small obscure village ten how she was able to over * * • Professor 7 '30 & Pa TAT not understood . immediately, diary which. also reveals that Dance lessons will again be NOTICES for even our herome has a hard Mary's cousm had hoped her offered during trimester lli i n A book, b?' By MIKE BROOKS be played on the I-M fields bebe held on an of I campus time explaining her decision. cottage would be used as a TtC 47 Monday afternoons from USF sociology and political SCl gomery County _Public Schools, Rockof the Campus Staff ginning at' 5 p.m. 1 course. But, don't close the book. Read place of self-discovery and hapf Le A D t ville, Md., openJDgs In all areas for A t t d ff" t , . . . 4':30 to 6 p.m. Gordon Santmyers ence pro essor wts ex er, educational majors. nyone 10 eres e 1D o tcra • Future announcements will be on and you ll soon dtscover that pmess. She hoped that the Lauwill instruct the class which re wa_s last ?o The Office has ing at the softballTgames should made as to the place and tYJJe Mary 's journey is being taken rels would bring forth a tender rlllires a 25 cents registration edrtor rs Davtd Mannmg Whrte, ing$ for students in all rtelds. nounced Its program for tn-contact Spafford aylor at the of tournament. to seek something she needs branch "that will not cease fre. Interested students should research professor of journalmester III-A. Scheduled are a I-M office, UC 158. very much-to know herself through the scent of wate; 'it Uc d k ism at the School of Public needed for art classes by the Division 1 't h ftb .ll l If Separate student and faculty Tenms tournaments will be better. will bud and brrng forth boughs s'ign up at the es nn. . . o Fine Arts. Facullv or staff knows ow PI c so a eague, a gd d If t t .11 held on the USF courts The RelatiOns and Commumcahons Ing or students who mfghl be interested to t d t . one-ay go ournamen s WI In Appleshaw, Mary moves like a plant. " mediately. t B t U "t in modeling should have the student urnamen , an a enms tournatourney will be a doubles or . . . . . * * * a os on mverst y. contact the Divi•ion of Fine Arts, hould Pamela. Brown, truly a fine an exercise in futility . If you see at a dri ve-in when it Campus Movie Critic tography, costume design, have. The film is pedestrian actress, is swallowed whole want to see money s p e n t comes back. Cleopatra is playing at the and special effects. Each of in concept and execution in in a meaningless part as a prodigally, with some go:1d William Holden and And-Palace in town. It was cut Member , Associated Collegiate Press once during its New York run, and rlow again for the EDITOR ............•.•........ Michael Foerster runs in the province s. I, for one, will not object, except Managing Editor ................... Raleigh Mann that it makes it a bit rough News Editor ...................... Pat Pulkrabek to follow the story, suppos-Advisor ......................... A. T. Scroggins ing that there was one at the outset. Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the The Academy of Motion following Monday edition. Offices are located in the Picture Arts and Sciences University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Dead was correct in its awarding 1" f 1 tt i 9 T d of the four Oscars to Cleo ...:•;...m_e __ o_r_e __ e_rs_s __ a_._m_. __ u_e_s_a_y_. ________ --J.1patra for best art direction these is calculated to knock those areas. Elizabeth Tayaction scenes thrown in, go rey Hepburn are diverting b t to b high priestess. Hume Cronyn, you out of Your seat. lor ts a eau Y, e sure, see it. Otherwise save your and sometimes witty in the t . ld h George Cole, Cesare Donova, Especially is the but her ac mg wou ave time. story of a writer in Paris b Tv K e nneth Haigh, and Robert final sea battle, which brislooked ad even on . * * * who is trying to turn out a Stephens contribute in fits ties with action. Irene SarRichard Burton keeps prom We have recently had some movie script in 48 hours. He b th and starts. Roddy McDowall aff , costume designer for ising to nse a ove e prcfine comedies come our'way. fortifies himself with Bloody k th fusses around in the part of Elizabeth Taylor, set new ture, but never ma es e Tom Jones, Charade, Dr. Marys and she with clotl1es Octavian with little success . records in spending money, leap. Rex Harrison, as Julius Strangelove, to mention just and perfume by Givenchy. and, in the main, with good Caesar, is the only member Joseph L. Mankiewicz is three. In comparison , Paris There is built into tbe story results. Surely Marc Antony of the cast who could, by credited

Area Radio Program Summary WFLA-97B ltlonltor, Saturday at 10 a.m.-Noon, 8 a.m. ; Lowell Thomas, 6:45 p.m.1 Ned Sports: 5 minutes at 7:35 a.m., 8 :35 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 4, 1964 on Television News: Network reports on the hour, 10 p.m.-midnight. Sunday, 4:30 to 6:30 Calmer, 8 p.m. a.m .. 5 :35 p .m., 7:35 p.m., and 12:35 a.m . local on half-hour. World News, 7:40a.m.: p.m. Speclalo: Dear Abby, 9:30 a.m.; WFee•attuhreers:. lFOarmminuhteousr,be!?.'Te ah.omur .•. Unl 3-Star Extra, 6:45 to 7 p.m.; Chet Huntley Features: Traffic Watch, 2-mlnute reBeverly Stark, 9:45a.m.; Arthur Godfrey, • 30 Tonight '1:30 p.m. ports. between 6-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.; !0:10 a.m.; Art Linkletter, 11:10 a.m.; versity of Tampa, 2:35 p.m.; Campus Stars Broderick Crawford, John QUIL;LIGAN," a seaa ring r ' 5-minute emphasis at 11:30 a.m .. Ask Miss Fickett, 11:30 a.m.; Garry Calendar, 9 :35 a.m., Open Mike, 10 p.m. OUTER LIMITS, 7:30 p.m. Ireland, Joanne Dru, John 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 7:30 p.m.; Milt Moore, 11:35 a.m.; Roger Bennett, 11:45 to 12:30 a.m. frolic about two zany bargemen, starring William Bendix and Joan Blondell. <1945). Tune In Spencer with Sports, 6 :05 p.m. a.m. and 6:30 p.m.; In Hollywood, 12:30 WHBo-1osn (38). Group of people take Derek and Mercedes MacAmWDAE-uso p.m.; Woman's World,_ 1:30 p.m.; Edith Newo: On the hour and ball hour. Full f News : 10 minutes of CBS world news Head, p . m.; Mike Wallace, 3:30 a.m., re uge in a owned by a bridge. (1950). on the hour, followed by 5 minutes of Cron Daisy Mae, a.m. man who the past and 7._30 n.m. (8 ). "GOOD MORN local news. and )l'eather. e, : : p.m. WINQ RADio-1010 present are mterchangeable. . . Weather. SpeCial reports at 8:2S and weather: Dally on tne hour and haU News: Network reports on the half lNG MISS DOVE," starnng DAD," starring Paul Henreid 9V •• Dallas Townsend, h?ur. Special reports at 12:05 p.m. and hour, local on throughout the broad FAR EASTERN ARTS, 8:30 Jennl'fer Jones Flashback story TONIGHT 9 a.m. (13). "SIREN OF BAG6.30 p.m. cast day. Foretgn Correspondents Report (3 ) p .11 d • and Patricia Medina. A comNewa: 10-mlnute reperts, 5 minutes 8:30a.m .. Monday th111 p.m. rogram on 1 ustrate about a teacher's influence on a Radio Stations before the hour. Sports; Five Minutes of sports, Monday philosophy of the Japanese ll t (C 1 1955) edy melodrama; dancing girls Special Interest: Breakfast Club, 9 thru Fnday, 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m."'h t t h' d sma own. O or, • are kidnaped by desert thieves a.m., Flair Reports at 11:25 a .m., 1:25 saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a .m. and ... ea er, ouc mg on ance, TUESDAY WDAE Dial1250 MC p.m., 7:25 p.m., 9:25 p.m., Quarter past each hour. music, and art of acting. 9 "DON JUAN (aln9d53s)_old on the slave market. WDAE-FM -100.7 MO Mondays: Issues and answers, 11:05 also 20 o 4-6:30 p.m. I WAGON TRAIN, 8:30 p.m. a.m. {8), = 13:.-l 111 u al c: Concert Hall, 8:05-Ntws: 5-minutcs on the hour, up, noon (38). British newspaperman, WUSF-FM-80.7 MC 9 p.m. to 1 p.m. t l 'th th , d WFLA ll70 KC WDAE KC WALT-1110 Sports: Capsule reporl3 hourly, at rave S Wl e .ram an lS = = One minute at 25 minutes past trf and 12:20 p.m. 3cynical of f a b 1 e d hardships Wl:'OU 1:;:;o xc Featureo: Jimmy Fidler, 5 minutes past 1 minutes reports daily. Al_ so hourly, at 20 until he encounters them. ReWEST COAST STATIONS hour. WALT Beach Party, and 10 of the hour. . peat WALK _ HaO KC WKKY _ 930 KO 1-4 p.m. Features: The l\lary Jim . Evendge • WSUN 620 KC WPIN 680 KC WLCY-1380 'News daily 12:30-1 p.m. The Jtm Maloy HOLLYWOOD AND STARS, WPLA _ 910 KC WSIR _ HOO KC Newo: 5 minutes on hal! hour, 2 min Rock Show weekdays 3:30-5 p.m. Manion 9 .30 (8 ) ""' h t t l WRBB 1470 xc WINT _ 1360 KC utes, 10 past hour . Forum Monday 11:45 a .m. • p.m. • .L e mmor a WILZ U90 KC WYND 1280 KC Jolson. Study of the late ShOW = mg T I ' . . p man and singer. Repeat. = = m& e evl s I 0 n rog rams SING ALONG, 10 p.m. (8). WDCF -1350 KC WYAKFM-102.5 MC Three favorites S 0 n g S Of the late President Kennedy will be WEDU-ETV highlighted. . James Henderson Joins Police Force Tampa Tampa st. Peteroburr WFLA-TV WTVT \VSUN-TV PLANT CITY-Police Chief __ c_h_a_n_ne_l_S-:..._N_B_O-'---=Cb.:.:a:.:n.:.:n:.:•.:..•..:.•a-=-.c.:..=BS Channel 38-ABC Bob Spooner has announced Monday Evening Tam pa-St. Pete Channel 8 that James Henderson, 37, of 8:00-The Big Newa Pulse News ABC Eve. Bepan Sunshine Alm'&e . 8:15--The Bll' Newo Sports, Weather News, Sub., Wth. Tuple No. 1 the Turkey Creek area, has 8:31>-Huntley-Brlnkle:r News-Cranklte Trails West Beginning Spanish joined the Plant City police 6:45-HuntleJBrlnkler Newa-Cronklte Trails West Beginning Spanish force. He replaces R o n a 1 d :::1: ::l: :: to join ::::; :::l: Henderson is a retired Navy chief petty officer. He served during World War II and the Korean conflict, mostly on cje stroyers. ADVERTISEMENT FIX BROKEN DENTURES • PLATE-WELD Amazing P/111-WI/Irepaira breaks cracks and replaces teeth. Simply flow toeether. Pl•t•-W•Id uses the most aucceasful method devised for home repairs. Works perfectly e_very time_ or money back. 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    -Tonlrht Show (e) Hlghwar Patrol Off the Air 12:45--Tonight Show {e) Hichwar Patrol orr the Air 6 :0,0-0I'f tho Air 6:1:>-orr the Air 8:31>-&FD Florida 8:45-Goud Mornlor Tuesday Morning 7:00-Toda:r 7:15-Toda:r 7: 8()-Todar 7 :45--Toda:r 8:00-Tod&J 8: 15--Toda:r 8 :31>-Today 8 :45--Todar 9:00-l\lornlor Movie 9:1:>-Morolng 1\'lovlo 9:31>-Mornlng Movie 9:45--Mornlur lllovle U :00-Concontratlon 11:15--Concentrat!Oil 11:31>-Jeopardy (c) 11:45--Jeopard:r (c) Sunrloe Sem. Off the Air Sunrise Sem. orr the Air Florida Farmer Off the Air Farmer, Pastor Ott the Air Good Day Off fbe Air Good Day Off the Air Good Day Off the Air Good Day Of! the Air Capt. Kang&roo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. a.angaroo Capt. Kangaroo Morolng Mo•Je Mornlnr Movie ltiornlng Movie Mornlur Movie Off the Air Off the Air orr the Air Off the Air Pattern lllorninc Repert Bongo Bailey Bongo Bailey La Lanne Show La La nne Show Price Is Right Price Is Right The McCo:rs Get the Message Pete and Gladys Mloslng Link• Tuesday Afternoon 1%:06--lst Impression (c) Pulse Weather Father Knows 12:15-lst Impression (c) New a, Weather Father Knowa The Famlir The Famll:r Far Eastern Art Far Eastern An Perspectives l'e.rsvectlve• Perspective• Perspectives To Be A.nnounC't"d To Be Announced Social Securllr Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air 011 the Air Off I be Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air 011 the Air Off the Air Off the Air orr the Air Off the Air Oil the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air Com'unism Stud:r From Beginning From Berinnlnr lllu•ic Music Music The Navigator The Na.-lgalor P•ople & Placea U.S. History U.S. HlstOfJ Music Musto The Amerlcano BREAKING POINT, 10 p.m. (38). Arthur O'Connell plays a retired barber who is seeking a reason to live. (Repeat) EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE, 10 p.m. (13). A teen-age romance that goes beyond the accepted moral convention, causes parental reaction. TV Movies 7 p.m. Tonight (13). ''ALL THE KINGS MEN," a drama of poli-tics and a corrupt governor. ADVERTISEMENT Fair Serious ABOUT SERVING YOU. LET HIM bi 4 u olsale anything nu 229-2222 Elect C. T. (Charley} FISHER HOSPITAL WELFARE BOARD GROUP 1 Chorley Fisher will support: • An lacrease In personnel to Insure patient welfare e Immediate action for a !\Ospital in North Tampa near the University of South Florida e Constant supervision of the lltllergenc:y room to insure prompt attention e No cash deposit necessary for emergency treatment -DEDICATED TO YOU-[R] FISHER Why sui!er? Now, for truly fast relief from day-time torment and sleep-disturbing discomfort of nervous tension headache, get time-proved, time-tested pink SAL-FAYNE. 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IN TAMPA 401 Jackson Street •••••••••••••••••• 22 9 969 1517 South Dale Mabry Hlghway .... 253-0176 1034 Nebraska Avenue •••••••••••••. 935-11'58 Al1o In St. Petersburg, Clearwater, lakeland, Bradenton and Sara1ota 2:15--A Deal (c) Pasaworct Dome Tbeater Music 2 :81>-The Doctou Bouse Party Day in Court Science World 2:f5-The Doctors House Party Da:r In Coun Fasclnat. World World Tell the Truth General Hospital Faselnat. Werld S: tr.-Another World Tell the Truth General Hospital Front Desk 8 :3()-You Don't Sar (e) Edr;e bl Nltrht Qneen for Dar Homemaktnr 3:45-You Doa•t Sa:r (c) Jr. dee of N.trb\ Queen for DaJ Today 4:00-The llfatoh Game Storm Trallma•ler Tropical 4:15--The Match Game ectet Storm Trailmaster Gardener 4 :80-Uncle Bruce Superman Trallmaster To Be A nnoanof"d f :f5--Uncle Bruce Superman Tr&limaster To Be Announced 00-Mlckey Mouse Clab Woody W'dpeck'r High Adventure \VhaPs New 3 15--l\llckey Mouse Chlb Woody W'dpeek'r Hlrrh Adventure \Ybat's New 3 8()-Comle Strip Pulse Newa, Wtb. Amos and And1 Take Thirty 3 fii-Comtc Strip Editorl&I-E:o:tra Amos and Andy Take Thlrt:r Proar•m• Are A1 Furnished BJ' The Station!f-fe)-Color Crossword Puzzle FOR RELEASE MONDAY, MAY 4, 1%4 ACROSS 1 Shasta and Diablo 5 Talk meaning lessly 9 Arrange 14 Man's name 15 Support for glasses 1& C.B.C. jurisdiction 17 Famed French name 19 Omen of doom 20 Thing found 21 Coin of U.S. and Canada 23 Pretty woman 24 Gulf ---2& --• • souci: without care 28 Outlay 31 Modern 35 Musical Instrument 40 Act of generosity 41 Site of Universidad de San Marcos 42 triple crown 44 Fruit of gourd family 45 Sluggish 47 Tendered 49 Small flag 51 Polaris, e.g. 52 Hardwood tree 54 Wavelet 59 Transported &2 Charge with ammunition 65 Distribute 6& Audibly 68 Outwit 70 Irish poet 71 eire! e 72 Paul -popular singer 73 River of Prussia 74 Leif Ericson':; father 75 Numerical suffix DOWN 1 Trespasses 2 Without animation 3 Asia 4 Lesser -Lake 5 Brit. North America (abbl & Ruler 7 Town in Italy 8 Abounds 9 State
    PAGE 4

    THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, !\fay ol, 1964 DR. ALVAREZ,ON 1 Motion Sickness Often Inherited Jr. MEMBER Board of Public: Instruction District 3 Civic Leader New York, N. Y. (Special) , For the first time sci ence has found a new healing substance !with the astonishing ability to !shrink hemorrhoids, stop itch ing, and relieve pain-without surgery. ments as "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" And among these sufferers were a very wide va riety of hemorrhoid conditions, some of 10 to 20 years' standing. In one hemorrhoid case after another ,"very striking improvement" was reported and verified by a doctor's observations. 1 Pain was promptly. And, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction or' re traction (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of allthis improvement was main tained in cases where a doctor's observations were continued over a period of many months! 1 In fact, results were so thor ough that sufferers were able to make such astonishing state-All this, without the use ol narcotics, anesthetics or astrin gents of any kind. The secret is a new healing substance (BioDyne)the discovery of a world-famous institu tion. Already, Bio-Dyne is in wide use for healing injured tiss ue on all parts of the body. This new healing substance is offered in suppositO'Y'y or ointment form called . Preparatio n H. Ask for individually sealed convenient Preparation H Sup positories or Preparation H Ointment with special appli cator. Preparation H is sold at all drug counte r s. ,Co ao!RD OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION * QUALIFIED • EXPERIENCED PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT McDONALD vs. GIBBONS A FIGHT FOR FAIRER REPRESENTATION WHO . WILL WIN TOMORROW? THE PEOPLE AND McDONALD ••• or GIBBONS AND THE TRIBUNE? Robert L. "Bob" McDonald, father of six children, vet. eran, trained in Jaw and industry, feels the reeord of o.ur present Congressman is not worth repeating another term -that Hillsborough County must GROW for ALL NOW I need your HELP and SUPPORT so that we can get 10,000 new jobsNOW. This is your election and your government. This is a battle for better government and pro9ress-against a well entrenched political machine whose only goals are aimed to help tho rich ')el richer and leave• the poor to RETAIN THE TEAM THAT IS PLEDGED TO EQUAL .FOR ALL Both men made their talks to the closing session of the engi conference Saturday. ' • l • • • l• '.. .. ' .. t•' PAID FOR BY SPICOLA CAMPAIGN FUND Pamper with one of these "part-time maids" from General Electric Is she too frantic in the morning? Wake her gently with pleasant bell tones of this General Electric MeiOTone* Alarm Clock. Dial lights up when the sun goes down; View Alarm light shows when alarm is set. (Model 7287-K) of General Electric Co. Has she too much to do at mealtime?-General Electric's . , new custom Electric Can Opener opens all household-size canseasily, safely, quickly. Magnet holds lid. Cutter bar and magnet remove easily for thorough cleaning. (Model EClO) Is she too busy to spend much time on her hair? General Electric's Deluxe Portable Hair Dryer saves time by drying her hair while she moves around and does other things. Saves her nerves by drying quickly. Bouffant bonnet fits over the large\t rollers. Stylish, too-smart pink or beige, in a white carry and storage case. (Model HD2) Is she coy about carving? Ease her work with a GE Electric Slicing Knife. All she does is guide it! Glides through roasts, breads, tomatoeseven angel food cake. Ca_rving goes so fast and easy, you may even take it up yourself. Handy rack for wall or drawer storage. (Model EKl) Has she too many cakes to bake 1 Beating the batter is just a snap when she turns on General Electric's Portable Mixer. Whips fluffy potatoes, mixes marvelous drinks (no extra charge for drink mixer) . Hangs on the wall-always in reach. Knife sharpener attach ment optional. (Model M47} Or would slle like a gift the whole family can use? The GE Automatic Toothbrushthe one bought by over 40,000 dentists-gives more healthful gum care , cleaner teeth than ordinary handbrushing. Four snap in brushes; holder recharges bat tery automatically. (Model SlOl) See your General Electric dealer for his low prices GENERAL fJ ELECTRIC


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