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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 81 (May 11, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 11, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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D University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 81 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 11, 1964 Summer Trimester Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS SA Drops. Impeachment; Names New Treasurer , LATE ELECTION RETURNS marking some of the closest political races in Florida history failed to muster student interest in the campus TV lounges. This group of three was the only gathering among Morris Group Will Play Bu the three campus viewing rooms. In one TV room, two students hunched over a chess board, backs to the screen. The third room was vacant, the set dark. -(USF Photo) Civic Unit Elections Planned First civic unit elections under the new apportionment plan by co 11 e g e s are slated for this Wednesday during the free hour. All colleges will meet at the same time and elect a number of legislative representatives, dependent on the relative size of the colleges. College of Basic Studies stu dents will meet on the UC ball room patio; Liberal Arts in UC 47. Students in the College of Education meet in UC 167-168, and Business Administration in uc 203-205. Basic Studies is divided by the plan into nine civic units, and is thus entitled to 18 representatives. Liberal Arts and Educaeach. Business Administration r . ry H 0 Ids J a z z s e rv I. c e is divided into three units, and may name six to the SA legis-Methodist church services Blames 'Low Average' by the plan, the set to be ill Comm;ttee Seeks Causes of Last It SA executive committee has for the first time m Flonda :..i.r.:.'. " f]_ named temporary unit chairmen in the TA, Sunday, May 24, T • ' c 'D • b ' to supervise these election at 11 a.m. rtmester s am pus tstur ance USF Wesley Foundation \{ By MIKE BROOKS and who really do not understand the @ official chairman is elected Director Rev. Allan J. Burry it of the Campus Staff purpose of the university," he said. M along with the unit representa-W 1 • 0 ''* A committee headed by Dr. Donald "I can't believe that even those stun tives. will conduct John es ey s rl{ Allen of sociology is seeking to find the dents who came with only a half-serious f: Details of specific room num-der for Morning Prayers; an h causes of last trimester's dorm "dispurpose in mind can be continually inE bers for the various college eleceight-piece combo led by Mark fj turbance." The fact-finding poll was orvolved in such disturbances. There are ill tion meetings are being mailed Morris will acm dered by President John S. Allen who probably a few 'A' students who, lack!j to all fulltime students this company with $ thinks such disturbances sway students ing the necessary intellectual challenges, W. week; and SA leaders urge liturgical jazz. f away from their target of learning. Refind time to become involved but these full participation. Jazz setting for \\! suits of the poll may be released by are a minority" im Accordinl! to SA president Bob the s e r v i c e Is President Allen. King feels that no criticism of the l'l,. • exam tension unalleviated by a reasonf t h t b t t d b " Burry NBC documenM able break between trimesters erupted any u ure c ange mus e lnt Ja e Y taly produced by Chet Huntley. 1_•.:_), the responsible 95 per cenL r,' , as soon as the students tumbled on to "Our objective is to build and design , .. Now a free-lance New York @ an excuse. and operate residence halls in such a cy Harvard Geo-Chemist musician, Summerlin once came m Stressing the fact that his was a per-manner that a student has a good place __ f;-,(,::: under the influence of a minisi:) son a! opinion, Raymond King, director to live. But the university can provide ,; : ter who was concerned with X\ of student organizations, thought he only the physical plant the creation using modern art forms in the n might have an answer. of a pleasant environment is strictly in 11 T 0 Speak life of the church. His liturgical @ "The disturbances in general both the hands of the students." ,." jazz has been recorded on a iJ the noise-making variety and the more King pointed out that the residence @ Harvard geo-chemist Robert long p 1 a y i n g album on the .,, d by a halls are not and will not be burM. Garrels will present a science labeL lt1 not dened by regulations other than those M seminar and discuss the broad The USF service music will be m more than 5 per cent of the resident which are imposed by stale law over topic of oceanography of the an integral part of the worship, N body who are of low academic standing which the university has no jurisdiction. @ Florida west coast at 1:25 today 10 present a semi-techniresponses, "everything but the cal seminar on the Chemistry sermon," says Burry. With Discount Program of the Ocean. The program is The service is open to everyopen to all persons interested in Gas Stat.IOnS Seem Satl•sf•led Theodore one. Burry stresses that "this is not an effort to put gimmicks in the service but an attempt to in corporate a legitimate art form iuto the service of the church. " I dlfector of the USF DIVISIOn of Natural Sciences, described of the Campus Staff KIN Standard Service and Swyand lubncatwn and a 1 cent d!sgeo-chemists in the United By PAT COSTIANES I Edition found that only two, LYoffers a 25 cent discount on tires Garrels as one of the two top Seven local service stations mer Phillips "66," had noticed count per gallon of gas SA, Southwick said "I was in formed two weeks after the election that only Mr. Ashford's and Dean Wunderlich's signa tures would be on receipts; the SA secretary would keep a ledger, and, of course, I would be " 'allowed to look at it.'" On his alleged failure to pre sent a treasurer's report on spe cial request at a meeting, South wick answered, "I informed Mr. Ashford that it would be totally impossible for me to attend that particular meeting." * * * Prexy Names Joy Baynard To Fill Post SA president Bob Ashford has named USF junior Joy Baynard the new student association tJ•easurer. T h e appointment fol lows the recent ineligibility of in cumbent Loren Southwick, and Two paperbacks written by tion as a text by the American becomes effective the late President Kenrtedy have Idea staff. immediately says been adopted as texts for the Another factor contributing to Ashford. ' reorganization was support givShe has been a American Idea course. The aden the mock political convenresident assistant dition of Kennedy's books fol-tion, recently held on campus. and president of lows the reorganization and reDr. Robert A. Warner, AmeriUSF's residence orientation of the American Idea can Idea chairman believes that council for three Baynard department "USF should repeat it every trimesters. In high school, Miss . . four years. Participants found Baynard was student body The. text, t1tled To Turn a real opportunity to catch and president. the Tide IS a collection of seexperience the excitement of An honor student majoring speeches by the late PresAmerican politics." in physics. she is at USF on By LARRY VICKERS hours, six days per week,'" he !dent and excerpts from The second half of American a four-year General Motors of 'lhe Campus Staff said. "But now I have slowed The tex_i, Pr?f!les m Ide a CB-202 has a I s o been scholarship, one of 100 students FREIDEL DZUBAS, USF visiting artist, demonstrates his technique Co r movie cameras. He is subject of a student-pl'oduced film.-(USF Photo) I up. I don't believe in writing Courage, •s a comchanged. Emphasis on underin the U.S. on such grants Don Tracy said al the ast only on inspiration." mentary _on courage m our developed areas has shifted from The new treasurer will serve Meet the Author that he was litJcal hlstory durmg India to Puerto Rico "'ith the in the post until general stu In I often about the book he would duced in 1960 at the beginning I Commonwealth of Puerto R i c o someday write. So his wife got Editorials on Page 2 of the course and was received titled, Puerto Rico; Ally for her mother' s summer cottage with great enthusiasm. To Turn Progress. obne Foundation Holds Meet up,'' to write a book or stop the fine gift, and the desire to write dents' voluntary reading lists . Warner feels that perhaps by t l k b 't' th f' t d' t' th When the bookstore supply was I then. ". , , interest may wane The annual meeting of the a a out wn mg one. IS e 1rs m 1ca Ion at one USF Foundation will be held "W J' d d' t f t has that gift According to Tracy exrausted, a less expensive for his

.-...--Campus Edition Editorial Page It Must Not Drag in the Mud If the student association legis lature is going to accomplish any thing significant this trimester, much will depend on Wednesday's civic unit meetings. Enormously un successful to date, the civic unit plan has been given another chance. However, we can't help but be pessimistic in the light of past showings. The new plan, apportionment by colleges, represents a tremendous improvement over the alphabetical arrangement, but whatever the plan, it seems that students will not go to a civic unit meeting. The SA is making an all-out effort this time, its officials say. The question that pccurs to us: it is worth the trouble? The problem is that the SA legislature has been ineffective so long students have ceased to think of it as part of the student associa tion. The precedent has been estab lished that if something needs to be done, the executive branchnamely the president-has been called upon to do it. This situation is unhealthy to say the least. It is putting more power into the executive, power that rightly belongs to a legislative body which fairly represents the students on campus. Campus Edition reporters count ed 13 students at the civic unit forum last trimester. We predict the same sort of response this tri mester. And if our prediction holds true, we challenge the peoole in student government to finally ad mit that the studPnt body does not want any type of civic unit plan. Book Review TRIMESTER II civic unit for urn. Is this the response we can expect Wednesday? We further challenge them once more -if the civic unit meet ings are ill attended-to tear up their constitution and start again. This time, at we will know what won't work. The legislature should be a dy namic force of any democratic gov ernment.. It must not be left tQ drag in the mud behind the execu tive at USF because of civic units. l(im's Novel Sensitive, Unforgettable By GRETA KM. DIXON of why Hann and Shin were not executed Campus Book Critic with the other clergymen. The Martyred by Richard E. Kim; (George Braziller: New York), 316 pp ., 14.50. Out of material that would have made just another war story Richard Kim has built a sensitive wartime novel. Th e Martyred. Kim's novel is an enlightenment on the subject of those people who spell God with a lowercase "g" and those who want to continue using the tradi tional uppercase "G". The Martyred might also be consid ered a study of a minor episode of the Korean War the murder of several clergymen by Communistic officers. The plot is not complicated and rather simply states the facts. Before the United Nations Forces captured the cit. of Pyongyang, the communist aggressors had imprisoned 14 Christian ministers. Of this number, 12 were executed. The two remaining clergymen, 28 year old Rev. Mr. Hann and 47-year-old Rev. Mr. Shin, were retained only as hostages. Why these two ministers were spared becomes one of the. central issues of Kim's novel. The answer to this question is what Colonel Chang, Chief of Army Political Intelligence, is determined to find out. Colonel Chang summons Captain Lee of Political and assigns him the mission of clearing up the mystery L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s Within a few chapters it becomes clear to the reader that the young Rev. Mr. Hann was not killed because he was insane and thus produced no threat to the Communist regime. The investiga tion thus aims itself upon the Rev. Mr. Shin. Rev. Shin at first denies any con nection with our knowledge of the mur der of his colleagues. Later on, in a con fession to a group of ministers he says, "Gentlemen, I am guilty. It was I who betrayed our martyrs." the people of Pyongyang begin to cry "Judas." Why Rev. Shin betrayed his fellow ministers is the core of Kim's novel, thus to go deeper might spoil what possibly will become one of the season's top novels. Richard Kim writes with a straight forward approach to the little triumphs and tragedies that intrude upon the hu man spirit. He aims his novel at man' s soul. One might conclude that Kim's book, The Martyred, portrays a battle wherein men find strength in weakness and hope in despair. The Martyred has been published in large prin t with wide margins and plenty of space between the lines, other factors that make reading it easy and more en joyable. Read it, anti 'you won't ever forget it or regret it. B y B I B L E R The C(Jmpus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press EDITOR . . .........................••... Michael Foerster Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raleigh 1\lann News Editor ................................. Pat Pulkrabek Advisor ....................... ' , ............ A. T. Scroggins Deadline for copy Is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. I . ' :::-::: tJ il I m &1 @ g .... x :;:::: :-:-: % :-:-: *l" lH @ I :--> I ill q @ f{ I ;::;:: f:$ :-::-M I m I M I I rr: w: l!ili I II t.!i w ;.,>:$ fu @ . I iil n I I I fil M i;' N *''' 11 lil. @ ill Charter Graduates Miss USF Attending a conference at In diana University, University Center Program Advisor Phyllis Marshall encountered four USF graduates who had nothing but praise for their alma mater. The students are Jeanene Ziegler, who worked in the USF library; John Lazzara, who worked in the English depart ment; and Mr. and Mrs . Jean Casagrande, who worked in the language department. A time and place was ar ranged for the group to discuss their attitudes toward USF. They agreed unanimously on the following points: by all means the All-University ap proach should be continued; USF library has exceptional personnel and a chance for true advancement; a definite quality and youthfulness exists among USF professors-far above what they are now experiencing at Indiana. The graduates also agreed that they miss the intellectual discussions held at USF and the seriousness on campus. They found the academic work at In diana U. far easier after having a fine backgrou.nd at USF. Lazzara and Mr. and Mrs . Casegrande are attending In diana with the aid of fellow ships. Dean Heads Panel On Placement Representing a special gover nor's committee, Dean of Aca demic Affairs Sidney J. French last week chaired a panel on Advanced Placement at a meet Ing of the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities in Miami. French represented the governor's Professional Commit tee Relating Secondary to High er Education . The Advanced Placement program entails giving college level examinations in a number of standard fields to advanced high school students. These exams are graded by teachers and grades are on five-point scale. From this point on, there has been a diverse use of these grades, leaving the h igh school senior in a quandat'Y. Some colleges permit a stu dent to waive courses in which he has made a satisfactory score; but there is considerable debate about which score is satisfactory. Chief obstacles have been lack of information and uni formity of policy, and difficulty of staffing advanced courses ir: the high schools. There is hope that, as the program progresses , these problems can be eradi cated. Spain Veep Of Registrars Association USF Registrar Frank Spain, has been elected vice president of the Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Ad missions Officers.. The association, represented by all Florida colleges and uni versities met April 29, on Miami Beach. Spain moderated a panel dis cussion on Launching a College -Prospect and Retrospect. Other items discussed were: advanced placement of accel erated high school students, bet ter articulation between junior colleges and senior institutions , and selective ser"ice. Spain is also member of the Southern Association of Colle giate Registrars and Officers and the American As sociation of Collegiate Regis trars and Admissions Officers. Tri-Sis, PEM Share 1-M Team Hono1s It's Almost Ready-USF's New Physics Building Cinema Schedule Of Events, Bulletins Monday, 11, l 961 2:30 p.m.-Sentor Accounting . UC 215 4:30 p.m.-Dance Lessons . . . . . 47 6:30 p.m.-Gold Key Club . . . 47 7:00 p.m.-Student AssociationExecutive Council . . . . . . 226 Tuesday, 1\lay 12, 1964 1:25 p.m.-Math Club .......... lJC 200 Sports Car Club . . . . . . . . . . 202 Sailing Club . . . . . . . . . . 204 Charm Course . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 5:00 p.m.-Slges . . . . . .•. . . . . . 200 5:30 p.m.-Verdandl -........... 223 6 :00 p.m.-TRI SIS . . . .... .. . .. 202 7:30 __ ::::::::::::::: 1:30 p.m.-Arete . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 8:00 p.m.-Cratos . . . . . . . . . . . . . 223 Wednesday, May 13, 1964 All Free Hour Meetings regularly scheduled-cancelled. l: 2S p.m.-Student Association Civic Units-Coffee Hour-Elliott Roosevelt uc 248, 47, 203, 264 Thursday. May 14, 1964 1:25 p.m. UC Personnel Committee . . . . . . . . . . . 214 UC Special Events Committee . . . . . . . . . . 215 6:30 p.m.-Student Association-Legislature . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 7 :00 p.m.-CFS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 216 Friday, May 15, 1964 Last day to drop Trimester III classes without penalty. 7:30 p.m.-UC Movle-"The Gene Krupa Story" . . . . FH 101 Saturday, May 16. 1964 10:00 a.m.-Trip to Hlllsborough State Park and Busch Gardens 10:00 Music Program . . . . . TAT 6:30 p.m.-Wesley Foundation UC 226 7:30 p.m.-UC Movle-"The Gene Krupa Story" .... FH 101 St • h t /A/ NOTicEs ra I g Summer Schedule for Arros SboP-f.:':!"g schedule: Monday-Thursday-12 noon to S p . m . Average ro"'6 p.m. Thirty-seven USF s t u d e n t s earned straight A's during the recently completed spring tri-They are among 206 of USF's 4.500 students who earned aver ages of 3.5 ( B plus) or better while taking full-time study loads. The students were named to the USF Honors List. Those with all A's for the tri mester are Annette Albrecht, Tampa; James Allen, Tampa; Mrs. Jane Becker, Tampa; John Bell Jr.., Tampa; Darrell B lack burn, Palm Bay; Richard Brooks, Tampa; Kat h a r in e Brown, Clearwater; Mrs. Martha Bruce, Tampa; Mrs. Frances Butler, St. Petersburg; Michael Carpenter, Tampa; Gail Chad wick, Sarasota; Mrs. Jean Del Torto, Tampa; Ronald Estes, Tampa; Gay Ferrara, Tampa ; Gregory Harkness, Tampa; Mrs. Nancy Hilton, St. Petersburg. Roosevelt Next Coffee Hour Guest E 11 i o t t Roo sevelt, son of Franklin D. Roo sevelt, will be guest speaker at the All-Univer sity coffee hour on Wednesday in UC 264 during the free hour. An informal discussion period will follow Roosevelt's talk con e ern in g National Democratic Committee members. Anyone may attend. * * • The Gene Krupa Story, a movie about a famous drummer who is addicted to dope, will be shown by the UC movie committee at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Sunday in FH 101. * * • Dance lessons, conducted by Gordon Santmyers, will begin Also receiving straight A's are this evening in uc 47 at 4:30 Frederick Joiner, Tampa; James p.m. The lessons will continue Kavina, Glencoe, Ill.; John Law-throughout the summer. horne, Punta Gorda; Charles * * * Lease Jr., Dade Eleanor Ten weeks of bridge lessons MacKay, Tampa; Jud1th Reyers, may be taken for a registration Clearwater; Ruth Moore, Tam-fee of 25c. The lessons , taught pa; Mrs. Jean Pope, Tampa; by Mrs. Judy Walton begin Dallas Powell, North Miami Thursday, May 21, in UC 108 Beach; John Radloff, Tamp-a; during the free hour. Norma Richardson, Tam p a; * * * Noelie Rodriguez,_ Largo; Dennis Tomorrow will begin the 11Ross , Tampa; M1chael Scussel, week course in, Charm and Self Tampa; Kenna Slusher, Tampa; Improvement which will be Anthony Tantimonaco Jr .. Riverheld every Tuesday in UC 47 view; John. Tartaglia, Tampa; during the free hour. A regis James Vastme, Bartow; Geof-' tration fee of one dollar will frey Webb, Tampa; Harold cover trimester III, or a fee of Wickersham, Tampa, and John 50c will cover either trimester Winner, Tampa. IliA or IIIB. The lessons, which Concert Set are open to female faculty and staff members, will be conduct ed by Miss Joanne Toretta. Fine Arts will p r e s e n t a .-------------.., Chamber Music Concert Thurs day, May 14, at 1 !25 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. in FH 101. A trio composed of Jacques Abram, p i a n o; Margery Enix, cello, and E d ward Preodor, violin, will present Trio Opus 70, No. 1, by Beethoven . Over 6,000 Visit New Planetnrium More than 6 ,000 school chil dren have participated in over 90 programs given at the new planetarium, according to Jo seph A . Carr, curator. Nearly 500 students attend lectures dail y . Most of the students were sixth and seventh graders, he added . Seating capacity is 104 although there is standing room for a few more. Carr said that the new facil ity has been well received by schools n e a r by. Elementary schools have been taking most advantage of it since their school day better allows them to take field trips. High schools have the problem of finding two consecutive periods in which to make the visit, he added. Shows run about an hour with a question-answer period following the lecture. Thus far, children have taken full advan tage of this and have asked some stimulating questions , said Carr. Several lectures have been given to university classes also. University interest is expected to increase when a newly hired astonomer begins residence on campus. James Bond Movie 'A Delight1 Gas Stations By ALLAN J. BURRY the lead for all it is worth . He zest for living and fathering In a close race for top spot in Critic . is cool and detached, the perchildren bounces through the trimester Il's I-M competition Today, 1n a . qUJet cafe wh1ch feet image of the international story. (Continued from Page 1) University customers, and his discounts include free lubrica tion with oil change, 50 cent discount on tubeless tire, 25 cent discount on tube , 10 per cent discount on parts and 30 per cent discount on labor. Tri-Sis copped the women's serves a superb beef stroganoff play-boy spy. Robert Shaw, as the hired trophy with 1,183.5 points. P-E vmtage wmes,_ or perh.aps In the role of the Russian fek i 11 e r, and Bernard Lee, as majors took men's honors with m a. dark alley m Tan g 1ers male spy , Dan i e 1 a Bianchi Bond's superior in Lhe secret 1,061.5 points. stalkmg an enemy of the Que en, makes her .film debut. While the Service, handle their parts well. Fides, with 1,162.5 points and lbt ac k t with part does not make many de-Fleming's novels about James Fia, 1 ,1l0.1I, were the runners-sa ac ton on IS a es coup 1 mands on her, she does we 11, Bond are great relaxation and th n's division agamst SPECTER. 007, as he and could become a familiar fun, and the movie captures all up 10 e wome_ is known in the intelli gen ce comface. the flamboyance and derring-do. Enotas, 1 ,047 0 • and KIO, 72. 6 • munity, a hard living go urThe other roles are well done, It is considerably better than took secon d thtrd slots 10 met without parallel in finding too. Lotte Lenya in wh t the first Bond picture , Dr. No. men's compet1tton. b t " f 1 d t • . a IS . . . eau 1 u women rea Y o •.. surely off-beat castmg for her, Terence Young has directed at . In both diVlSions the chamwell, just ready. plays a Ru ss i a n defector to an incredibly fast pace, so that was by the Take his latest From s P E c T E R , an international you never stop to think of plaus closmg ?1k_e race. r Russia With Love. He is part of crime syndicate. In a film of ibility. He has used Istanbul al P-E maJors Tn-Sls both a plot to steal a coding machine this sort, it would be very easy most as another actor, with the htgh pomt totals by enfrom the Russians. In the course to make the characters a wild mood and beauty of the city termg all ev:nts. . o! this escapade, he .s h o o t s, charicature, but s he is menacing setting just the right mood and The all umvers1ty sportsmanfights, loves , flees, k1lls, loves, and evil and all that sort of. flavor of action and romance. ship trophy was won by Fia and deduce s . thing just within the bounds of There will be those who will over the women and by Kratos Ian Fleming's novel of t h e the permissa ble. • say that the movie is not real fo r the men . 1 same name provi des the basic One of the best roles is played ly too good . I suppose they are Outstanding officials were I plot this by Pedro Armendariz. He is a right, but it_ is fun and is sure Maressa Carpenter and Ralph Here IS escap1sm of the f1rst Turk working for the British to be a dellght for Bond fans, Powell. rank, and Sean Connery plays Secret Service in Istanbul. His and we are legion. , A Generally the proprietors had no complaints about the dis count. The other participating businesses are: Henry's "66" offering one cent per gallon on gas, 10 per cent on lubrication , 15 per cent on all mechanical work, 20 per cent on road serv ice; Younger's Sunoco offering five cent per quart of oil, 25 cents on lubrication , 10 per cent on parts and road service ; Gene's Gulf with 10 per cent on parts and labor. J . F. Whitten, Nebraska Ave , , gives one cent per gallon of gas, 25 cents off on lub r ication, 25 cents on parts, 10 per cent on road service. Genuine Parts on 40th St. offers 10 per' cent discount on auto parts. , ( 1! • { J J


OPENING UP THE MAILBAG THE T Al'tiP A TIMES, Monday, May 11, 1964 Glad Finney Didn't Win the Oscar Theater Time Clock LOCAL BRITTON: "Lilie• of the Field" at 1. 3:05. 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. TAMPA: "From Russia , With Love" at 11. 3:05 , 5:15, 7:20, 9:30. By MIKE CONNOLLY HOLLYWOOD MIKE'S MAILBAG -Dear Mike: I'm glad Albert Finney didn't win the Oscar, do you hear me GLAD! lt was a dirty picture. Now maybe we'll get more like the one made by that wonderful winner, Sidney Poitier.-Frances Morgan, Woodstock, Ill. at this hospital is responsible for my being here. He tried to . 1 o o k innocent when he signed what the Doctor says and get I Catherine Spaak, the 19-yearwell. old actress who stripped right • * * PALACE: "Cleopatra" at 2, 8 . FLORIDA: "Pink Panther" at 1, 3:05. 5:15, 7:25, 9:35. ;;.ffoiie at 3. 7:30. Dear Sir: "Captain Newman, down to her altogether in AT THE DRIVE INS FUN-LAN: "Shock Treatment" o.t 7:30, 10:45 and "The Maniac" at 9 :25. me in. Well, he's M . D." is a good sample of what's "Empty Canvas," came up here AUTO PARK: "Two Women" at 7:35. 11:25 and "Women of the World" at 9:35. at the bottom of wrong with Hollywood. The Leo all this. He had Rosten novel was a badly writ-previously threat-. ened me w i t h: ten book. The p1cture Is even Dear Frances: Albert isn't so happy. He was all set to rest on his laurels by laking a trip around ihe world but now he's on his way back to scout around for something cleaner to shoot this year. "Whatever hap-worse, the usual phony Hollypened to Ju wood garbage. Why don't they Garland is going take a good book, like J. D. to happen to YOU!" -W.T., Tampa, Fla. Dogs Run for Manatee Judy Dear W. T.: * * * There are worse things than Dear Sir: One of the doctors losing your TV series so do DR. ALVAREZ ON HEALTH Elders Can Infect Children With TB Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye," for instance, and try to make an even better picture?-Albert French, New York City. Dear Albert: Salinger refuses to sell it to Hollywood. Now you, sir, write vividly orry for h e r near relative. I was just read-heartless as to ruin the life of a children. Every ing in a fine article by Drs. beloved grandchild! couple of years Robert J. Hagerty and Joel J. FIRST RACE Five-sixteenths mileGrade D -Grade D : I. Aztee Lady 5. Mny ,J """ TE:"'TH RACE-FiYe-sixteenths mile Grade A: J. Breakanl(o 5. C:ravo 2. Giddy G a l 6. Clevel'd's Cholce m1hary tuberculosis (wtdely er of an arm through some write more about. those scattered all her body) disease like polio, or a severe Her parents, arthritis, is to teach him to take resented mvesbga_tion as _to care of himself without outside who_ had gtven the chtld the m-help. This is the kindest thing you'd characters In Peoria. That's what Hollywood needs: REAL stories about REAL people. 2. M's Get Set 6. Kandy Kolene 3. Cadabra 7. Super Hammer 4. Indicative 8. Henry Reid FOURTll RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade M: 3. Cheyenne Rose 7. Unko 4. Gator Band 8. Joyotl ELEVENTH RACE Three-eighths mile-Grade D: 1. Mr. Bil!bee 5 . H i Moe 1 . Pam's Carol Nig's l\feaness 2. Key Punch 6. Tuesday Girl 3-Kitty Young 7. Good Rating 2 . O'Nellie 6. Prance On 3. Tempered 7. Terracer 4. Dazzling Future 8. My Style fect10n, and hence mot;ths the rehabilitator can do. blocked the doctors mquirtes. Even when a man has wife Then was that an or a man-servant who is ;llling uncle had infected the to help him, he would much ch1ld. Along the way, 10 other rather be able to bathe himself children in family 'V! e r e dress himself and take care of found to be mfected five so himself. This adds much to the 4 . Sail Fast 8. Pleas e Run FIFTH RACE Three-eighths mile GradeD: i: 3. Rusty Trim 7. Easy Fly 4 . Desert Sunrise 8. Captain Adair , SIXTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mileGrade B: LEADING KENNELS Win Place Show B. J. Alderson . . 20 9 14 Ivory Tower Kennel 19 12 14 Mrs. Manuel Souza . 16 7 10 Summit Kennel . . . . 15 15 11 Car l 0. Tracy . . . . 15 6 9 ill that they had to be person's self-respect. hospttalized. I was much interested in a 1. Fred B. 5. Dolores Jean 2. Mona Means 6 . Hello Mac 3. Isaw Utah 7. Blend G. A. Alderson ... 14 15 14 Robert Marriott . . 12 10 10 D. B. Rowe . . . 11 7 8 John Grimsley Jr. . 10 6 17 As I have said here many book on strokes called "Come4. Vicko 8. Top Shopper SEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mlle-Grade D : Alderson-Lentz . 9 13 7 Marlow Kennel 9 13 5 Lawrence B. Hughes 9 12 17 1 . Golden Cheer 2 . On Comet 3. Prompt .Justice 4. Spotted Lace Joe G erard . . . . . . . . . 9 8 7 Cecil Austin . . . . . 8 20 3 C'ross Over Kennel 8 10 6 Don Abernathy . . 8 8 8 5. Nig's Eleven 6. Mr. Streak 7 . Winner' s Action 8. Gentle Heart AREA STATE GOLF SCORES Top Choralers Will Sing For Kiwanians , The award-winning c h o r a 1 back" in which Robert E. Van Rosen tells how when he was stricken, he so wanted to be in dependent and to dress himself and take care of himself. He shows, with pictures, how a man can put on a tie with one hand, also to tie his shoes with one hand. (Continued from Page 12) I Tom 81-34 8 ; group from M a dis on Junior oota 80--331; J. C. Long, Haine• City E. J. Ropulewls. Largo 88-3,;7; James High Sehool will sing a 15-82-333; Galyn Martin, Lake Wales St. Petersbur,l! 84-349; Milt Now, Mrs. Davis O 'Dell, 82-330; B. s. Brown. Sarasota 77Hess, Sarasota 91}.-362; Gordon Arnold, minute program for the Kiwanis 320; w . H. Hyde, sarasota 8 0-323. Bradenton 90 360. Club at the Tampa Terrace an able advertising woman with ITI'H FLIGHT 21ST FLIGHT . offices at 1158 Fifth Avenue, Norman Donnelly, sarasota 79-3 2 4 ; Larry Sarasota 84-357, Jerry Hotel Wednesday at 12 :15 p.m. H. R . Brown, Bartow 94-346, J. w. Wee•e, Saiasot" 88-360. Foreign exchange students New York City, tells me that Bentley, Winter Haven• 76-329; George FLIGHT . because she had a bad stroke, Phelps, Davenport 82-328; Jim KenStan Psver. Sarasota 90-337: Richard and their faculty advisors from nedy, Port Charlotte 81-322: Walt AILl!e, Clearwater 88-362; Allen Tedder. Tampa high s c h 0 01 s will be and because she was determined ler, Gainesville 82-336; Ray Adair, Wmter Haven 88-364; Sal Pavese, St. to take care of herself, she de-Davenport 78-328. Petersburg 87 364. guests at the luncheon. 13TH FLIGHT FLIGHT They will inc 1 u de Hanna signed a number of garments, Elmon Scarborough . Lakeland 83-Willis "'egus. Lake Pl.and 95 396 ; UCh b d . j dl 335; Wllllam van Brunt, cteaf\\ater L . . A. Le':l"as ter. Leesburg 85 -368; Bloecker of Germany with Carl s as a ra an a g r e 88-343 ; Jack Brake, Winter Haven Rich Armotage, Tampa 85-363-Rassler and Mrs. Sam Lewis, which can be put on with one 339; Chamberlain; Piera Caporali of hand. These are now being made HTR FLIGHT Pat Duane I Wins Italy with John Altizer, Hills-and sold. I speak or them here borough; Xenia Lacayo of Costa because I am sure that many Hanger, Bradenton 88-339. Dutchman RaceS Rica with w i 11-i am O 'Brien, a partially paralyzed woman Bob Head, 340; David King; K e r s t i n Davidson of will be very happy to get some Hull, Winter Haven 80-33:!; w. M. Pat _Duane is the kind. of gal Sweden and Julitta Lemguiber and try them out. Particularly Keeton, Bradenton 83-339: Cecil Skiph 1 k t t th per, Avon Park 83 341; Gcor,l!e w o 1 es o race agams e of Brazil with Mrs. Judy Wil-happy will be those "hemiFred Tal-opposite sex in a sailboat. And Iiams, Robinson; Mualla Akyuz plegic" (paralyzed on one side) 16TH FLIGHT the way she sails, it's no won-of Turkey and Steve Sergay of women who live alone. Don Wallace, Bradenton 87 339; Jack Miller, Bradenton 79-336 ; H. der South Africa with Mrs. Betty Remington , Bradenton 86-334; Jack Wiley Plant Yesterday Duane proved her Th; will relate exby defeating some of the periences of this past year. Sarasota 85-338. top men sailors in the state as 17TH FLIGHT Floyd Juster, Tampa 87 349; Martin she coasted to an easy victory T B Rar kavy, Sarasota 83-348; FrilL An-_ St. fetersburg 87-349; B. Moore. in the State Flymg Dutchman ames City Championship. Tampan Jeff Frayne, defendF. R. ing champ, turned over his title John 81 346: to lhe pert Delray Beach houseWilliam Norton, Lakeland 85 351; Lane I . . . . Grubb s. Sara•ota 86-350: Rip Che•tnut. Wife and ftmshcd second Wlth 'Sara& -354 Champion and current Mid-Win-follows: ter champ bagged first place WEDNESDAY9 a.m.-noon, with 1,200 1-4 p.m. Plant Health De partment, Plant C1ty. Other Totals: The Arts THURSDAY-Concert by tbe Chamber Music ensemble at USF, composed ol Jacques Abram, Margery Enix, Ed ward Preodor, John Tartaglia and Lee Eubank. Alte:rnoon performance at 1:25 and evening at 8:30 p.m. In the fine arts auditorium, 101. Free to public, no tickets required. • • • I THURSDAY -FRIDAY • SATURDAY Evenincs-"Once Upon a Mattress/• musica l comedy pro'ductlon by the University of Tampa Player s, at Falk Theater. Performances at 8:15 p .m. Thursday performance for Scottish Rite bodies. Friday performance a benefit for Hillsborough Association for Re tarded Children. * * * ART EXHIBITS LA MONTE GALLERY -Opening Sunday, the Universit y of Tampa's an nual student art featuring works by students C1f the university, Public recepiion from 2-5 p.m.. and no ad mission charge. Display to remain through June * • • * * Dear Mike: I am 15 years old. I want to be a professional stuntman. First I wanted to be an actor. Then, through selfanalysis, I found I don't have what it takes, that certain magnetism that draws people to you to believe in your characterizations, to believe in you as an individual. I know no one out there, yet Hollywood is part of me and, in some large or small capacity, I must be part of it. So it's a stuntman's job for me. What is the address of the As sociation of Motion Picture Stuntmen?-Robert Widmeier, Philadelphia, Pa. Dear Robert: You stay right where you are till you're old enough to vote. And then, if yuu still want to bust some bones, comJ on out. But bring your own ftniment, Buster. * * * Dear Mike; Please settle an argument. say the big fat trumpet too'ter AI Hirt and the big fat TV actor Sebastian Lodge are one and the same person. True or false? Sara Saunders, Philadelphia, Pa. Dear Sara: I believe you mean Sebastian Cabot (no kin to Henry Cabot Lodgel. No to any of them, although the two entertainers do re.semble each other. * * * Dear Mike: Did you know that I v I Lunelleon IIOe & l,l.,_.U Qr. Cell. NOW 2 STORES TO SEIIIVE YOU MAC & IVY'S ITALIAN STEAK SANDWICH THURSDAY -7:30 a.m.-1:30 Dlnr Schoonmaker, 2,334; Joan Babtr, p.m., 2:30-5 p .m. Anheuser '.l.:Ul7; Frank LPTinson, t.7"l.i; Hans 3336 Hender•on Bl"d., Ph. 877-1498 On the Mall-North Gate Shopping USF-An assemblage ol works of art C enter, 11135 N. l"lorida Ave., l'n. from the Museum of Moder n Art On 9329872-Call Ul and we woll have I Lukat, J ,.it;S; Charles Taylor, J ,t82; Busch Inc., 3000 Temple TerLarry Dodges, 1,109; John Bear, 969; race Highway. Hyatt , ?27._____________ FRIDAY10 a.m.-1 p.m., 2 5 p . m . Blue Light Bar, 1222 Scott St. SATURDAY10 a.m.-1 p .m., 2 -5 p.m. Central Market, 1127 Central Ave. display in the Library Gallery througl t them ready. May 28. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p .m., 10 A.M. TO :Z A.M. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. SaturdaysJ -and 1 to 11 p.m . Sundays. * * ART SALON, 7502 E. Broadway. One. woman show by LaVerne W ingate . 1nstill llfes, portraits , birds and flowers, on display In Main Gallery. Al•o in-to Las Vegas-and they wouldn't allow her to see any of the nudie shows on the Strip be cause she was under age? Haw! -Virginia Twa dell, Las Vegas, Nev. Dear Virginia: No, I didn't. Haw! * * * (l'tllke Connolly welcomes all readers' questions but, due to the volume of mail received, it may be some time before the answer to yours STARTS THURSDAY HENRY FONDA SHELLEY lERMAN AIR 20th CENTURY: "Shock Treatment" at 7:35, 10:55 and "The Maniac" at 9:25. DALE MABRY: ''Mall Order Bride" at 7:20, 10:45 and "Rock-A-Bye Baby" at 9 . TOWER: "Mail Order "Bride" at 7:20, 10:45 and Rock-A-Bye Baby" at 9. HILLSBORO: "Love With the Proper Stranger" at 7:30, 11:05 and Who's Minding the Store " at 9:3S. SKYWAY: "Charade" at 7:35, 11:15 and "The Outsider" at 9:55. -----Drive-In Theatre MON. 11945 N. Florida Ave. TUES. Open 6:30-ht Show 7 :30 PM Cary Grant. Audrey Hepburn "CHARADE" Color Tony Curtis "THE OUTSIDER" ADMISSION 35c: Box Office Closes 9:30 BARGAIN MATINEE SOc 'til 1 P.M. Mon. thru Fri . Features 1:00, 3:05, 5:15, 7:30, 1 :45 PALACE IAIIIPA & UCI STS. _ 229-930 SHOWS AT 2 P.M. & 8 P.M. !DOORS OPEN 1 P.M. & 7 P.M.) In Color TAMPA Ill ST 229 IB71 WINNER THE NO. 1 HIT OF ALL TIME! ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON REX HARRISON .. IAN R.MIMG'S • Doors Open 10:45 LAST 4 DAYS! MEET JAMS BOND, SECRET AGENT .007! THRILLS AND ADVENTURE! FROM RUSSIA WIIH LeVE AS MfS BONO DOORS OPEN 12:45 lilijii:!!llllllll YOU'LL MEET THE ZANIEST CHARACTERS WHO EVER GATHERED DAVID NIVEN PETER SELLERS UNDER ROBERT WAGNER CAPUCINE.. ONE BED! ......... CLAUDIA CARDINALE OPENS 6:00P.M. -----------------------.... , ('i'HE PINK PANTHERi 1 \ ___________________________ ; TECHNICOLOR' TECHIIII".AMA" LOVE AND LAUGHTER! Now SHOWING! JERRY .. WHas-v. NATAliE WOOD G>STEVE McQUEEN(}. 0 "LOVE WITH THE n• LEWIS • PROPER STRANGER" TIE SJDRE? KIDDIES! SUMM'ERTIME FUN SHOWS BEGIN SOON ••• START SAVING YOUR R.C. BOTTLE CAPS NOW! TODAY $ 00 prints of Chicago World's Fair SO .... ETHING At the Centers mNEW On unlted Al"r Ll"nes AT THE COLORED TREATER UNCOLN: "It's Hot In Paradise" at 3:05. 6:20, 9:35 and "f.le Rides Tall" at 1:10, 4:25, 7:40. OTHER CITIES PLANT CITY-Capitol: "Advance to the Rear" and "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation.u PLANT CITY Starlight Drive ln . "Kissln' Cousins" and "Go for Broke." RUSKIN Drive-In : "Liane, The .. Goddess" and "A Very Private FLORIDA'S MOU UNUSUAL AOULf lHEATR( CASINO FOLLIES 16th at Bdwy., Tampa Ph. 247 NOMINATED 2 Best Nudles of Year! "SHE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN Kerwin Mathews • Nadia Gray WRitliQ NOW! I ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! ' At 7:35 & 11:25! "TWO WOMEN" Sophia Loren Hit No. 2-9:35! Color ! "WOMEN OF THE WORLD" (Buddy Ebsen-TV '• Hilarious Beverly Hillbilly Star) in the Durndest Hillbilly Show Evert "MAIL ORDER BRIDE" Loia Nettl.,ton Hit No. 2 9 P .M. Onlyl "ROCKABYE BABY" J@;rry Lewis e Marilyn Maxwell ONLY! DOWN BUYS A BRAND NEW STANDARD of five artists, featuring landscapes, WAIT! MONDAY AND TUESDAY d ays, 3-5 p.m . * * * THE 1 1 1 ...., thr'lfty and conven'lent coach ser "ce t th North Tampa Community Center -on display In lobby. Open daily, MonVI 0 e ANGL A TUDOR M 16g:L CHOICE OF COLORS $14490 IF E9UIPPED WITH HEATER ADD $39.30 FIRST COME. FIRST SERVED NOTHING RESERVED! BUY NOW AND GET A CAR THAT IS GUARANTEED 5 YEARS OR 50,000 MILES! 36 MONTHS TO PAY! 3901 Florida Ave. Phone 223 Hunt center -Teen night , 7 p.m. L .. Messersmith , artist of Stetson liquid embroidery Umversity. of watercolors. To be on clnss io a m display month ol May. DeSoto Center Pre-teen "Popcorn" 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through p arty, 7 p.m . Saturday. North Boulevard Communit y Center Ballet r.:-on ' ' p.m.; beginner!• square dance class ...... ._... J .1. P. Jett, caller, 8 p.m. Tuesday Adult Mlllinery class, 9 a . m.; fine FRI. & SAT., MAY 29 & 30 AT 8 P.M. arts. 10 a.m.; cake decor ating, 10 a.m.: beginnets"' bridge, 10 a.m.; granhanfllysis

16 THE TAl\tPA TIMES, Monday, May 11, 1964 LBJ Sp ending at Faster Rate With Fewer Payrollers WAsHING T 0 N, May 11 a thinly disguised subsidy, .vas period of the current year. THE subsidy of,departments of the government. erty, are costing more and 1964 this contribution by HEW contributions to international or• CCDN)President Johnson is diminished in the last year. In I The C1v1l AeronauUcs Board all, federal s.upport !or Area redevelopment funds more. In the nrne that totaled $2 . 2 billion. ganizations in the nine months spending money at a faster rate h f' t . th f f 1 subs1dy to a1r earners held farm products, IS still shootmg from the Department of Comended March 31, 1964, th1s 1tem Tl f d' 1 k d' g M 31 $97 235 223 but with fewer payrollers than t e rune mon s 0 Jsca about the same, at $62,253,462 for skyward. In the first nine merce, for example, were flowtotaled $80,434,167, as compared . le cost 0 'P omac.y en 10 ar. were ' ' ' his predecessor, ,John F. Ken19641t totaled $12,218,945, about nine months. months of iscal1964, it was $3.5 ing out at a nine-month total with $28,380,425 a year ago. gomg up, also. In the frrst mne about $6,200,000 more than tha nedy. $5,300,000 less than the previous On the other hand, the Feder-billion, or about $150,0?0,000i of $49,703,566 in the current G_rants to states for public months of fiscal-:1964, the De-same period a year .earlier. year. al Aviation Agency's grants in more than the same penod a year, or more than double the ass1stance, handled by the De-partment of State spent $135,-Total adm1mstrat1ve budget On March 31 • three quar-THE SUBSIDIES paid by the aid for local airports jumped to year ago. rate a year ago. partment of Health, Education 838,217 for salaries and expenses expenditures in the first nine ters of the 1964 fiscal year was Maritime Commission also $53,811,888 in the first nine The cost of federal responsi1 and Welfare, have jumped $190,in the administration of foreign months of this fiscal year were over, . federal deftclt was slowed up, from $178,105,154 in months of fiscal 1964, compared bility for human welfare the TRAINING ACTIVITIES in 000,000 in the last nine-month affairs. This was an increase of $72.7 billion, or nearly $3 bil $S.4 bill!ond. If the gap .between the first nine months of fiscal with $42.352,868 in the same periessence of the war on poverty [ the Department of Labot, anperiod over the earlier one. In about $12,000,000 over the same lion more than the same period mcomet an outgo contt.nued at 1963 to $148,860,216 in the same od a year ago. shows a rising curve in many other front in the war on povthe first nine months of fiscal period a year early. And our a year ago. that ra e, the 1964 defiCit would total about $11.2 billion, a billion or more in excess of the estimated deficit when this budg et went to Congress. The odd aspect of the in creased rate of spending was the decline in the federal payroll. In February, 1963, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2,332,000 civilians working for Uncle Sam. In Feb ruary of 1964 the number had decreased a mite tu 2,327,000 payrollers. THE MOST staggering in crease in spending this Y.ear has been in the interest we pay on the national debt. In the first nine months of this fiscal year the interest bill was $7.9 bil licn. This was more than a half billion in excess of interest pay ments in the same period a year ago. The many subsidies paid out by the federal government have' spotty records this year. Some are going up, others are being trimmed. But the net seems to run against the taxpayer. THE FLOW of strategic ma1erials to government stockpiles, Your Horoscope By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR TUESDAY 1\larch 21 to April 20 (Aries) -The vision and drive 1,1eces-[ sary to achieve as you. should must come from within. and be ably, carefully nurtured. Do not hesitate to meet challenges. ! April 21 to May 21 (TauruslA day in whkh you will have 1 to watch your "Ps and Qs", take. steps to avoid needless errors. Nothing worth having will be easy to come by. !\


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