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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 93 (May 25, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 25, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEA R-No. 93 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 25, 1964 Professor, D e an Debate on Rights Bill DEAN 1\IARTIN By R ALEIGH MANN Campus Managing E ditor A free-wheeli n g but friend l y debate probed tender spots in the explosive Civil Rights Bill here last week and left an overflow crowd in UC 264 wondering who won . Dean of B asic Studies Edwin P. Martin, argued against certain aspects of the bill ; speech instructor Gerard Wagner d efended il. W AGNE R OPENED h i s intro ductory remarks by saying that h e militantly espouses the bill; his only reservation is that it does not go far enough. Wagner feels that in the sec tion regarding some sanctions on atheists they should have all the rights of any other person. "My argument involves only one proposition: Human values transcend properly rights. They have from the begin ning of Anglo-Saxon law, and hopef u lly, will continue to as long as man exists," said Wagner. sippi" spent most of his first 10-minute period discussing the difficulties of a Mississippi Negro man who was "framed" and sent to prison . Dean Martin opened his remarks by accusing Wagner of confusing the audience by playing on their heart strings. Martin addressed himself to certain specific provisions of the bill, attacking first the right under the bill for the federal government to interfere in party primary elections, pre viously unheard of. "CERTAIN SECTIONS of the bill allow summary punish ment w i thout trial by jury," said Martin. "Is not each and every one of us , at our pleasure, entitled to a trial by jury of our peers, if we are willing to take the risk?" Martin added, " One of the rights I really care about is my right to stand up and say 'I do not like you.' Tile public accommodations section invades my right to d o this without explaining my m otivations.'' ATTAC KI NG O NE amendment to the bill , Wagner termed T H E SPEECH professor "from the swamplands of Missisthe trial by jury amendment "stupid.'' "Anyone held in con . SA Seeks Clarification I ' ) ; tempt of court, which is what will happen to anyone violating the law, can appeal and demand a trial by jury." Regarding alleged federal interference into party primaries permitted by the bill , Wagner said, "States have not made fair election codes. The federal government has been forced to." Wagner added, "The Negro has been getting half a cup ful or less for a hundred futy years in this country. Now it is time to say tQ. him: "we want to give you more than we're getting.' " 1\IARTIN CHARGED that the bill is also a tendency to ward centralization of control, which has been harmful in the past. Martin said , "Trying to determine the real reason for dis crimination is impossible ; you can't tell what is going on in the hearts of men. This is hard to control." At the close, Martin slated that he felt honor bound to admit his personal support of the bill, adding, " When it passes, we can all go down to the University Restaurant the next day." \ Summer Trimester Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS PROF. "The fire alarm was pulle d by one of the girls, but in general both the RA 's an d stud ents did a fi n e job. ' Experiment ' Seek s More Participant s J


' THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 25, 196' .---Campus Edition Editorial Page It Verges on the Ridiculous Once again the question of wear ing shorts on campus seems to loom as the all-important Issue of the Day. Students who have been asked to leave UC lounges for wear ing them are outraged ; UC person nel are indignant, and even the student association legislature bas formed an investigative team for clarification. Somehow we fail to see the im portance of all this hoopla. In fact, it verges on the ridiculous. But, for the record, here's the way it stands: • The student association has received written complaints by two coeds claiming they had been asked to leave the UC lounges for wear ing shorts. Both declined to be identified but when interviewed by the Campus Edition reiterated their stand. According to one: "I can wear them (shorts) in the bookstore and cafeteria, but must return to the dorm, change clothes, and then come back to the UC if I wish to study or just talk there before class .... This is of course absurd." • UC personnel point to no tices on the doors of all the lounges which prohibit the wearing of shorts. They say they usually over look students wearing shorts in tri mester I and II, but during the s u m mer trimester "it becomes a problem." They add that the lounges in the UC are not as casual as many students regard them. Book Review • Finally, the SA legislature discussed the matter last week and referred the question to a commit tee which will seek to clarify the University policy on shorts. * * * We fail to see any need for clarification. Standard of dress, as quoted in the Student Handbook, should be "appropriate to the ac tivities in which the individuals are engaged." This simple, gen eral rule places most of the respon sibility on students. It is very lib eral. We would like to compare this 10-word policy with part of one used by our neighboring college, the University of Tampa. Tampa U. dress policy prohibits men from wear ing dungarees, blue denims and three-quarter length slacks. Men can wear Bermuda shorts in the dorms and certain times on Saturday on the campus. Women are prohibited from wearing shorts , pedal-pushers and slacks at all times except i:r;t the dorms. Failure to abide by this reg ulation means forfeiture of I. D. card. We are glad that the USF ad ministration has not deemed it nec essary to advocate such a strict dress policy as this one. We also hope the disgruntled students will see by this compari son how well off they are and cease their griping. Then perhaps we can get on with something really im portant. 'Every Girl' Is Important Reading By GRETA K. DIXON Campus Book Critic Every Girl Is Entitled to a Husband , by Nina Farewell, (McGraw-Hill; New York) 198 pp., $4.95, lllustrated. Ladies, read and rejoke! Men , read e.nd beware! In a most dramatic flair Nina Fare well undertakes the writing of Every Girl is Entitled to a Husband . In this book 1t has become the author' s purpose to prevent the young single woman from being "tossed out into the world, un tutored and bewildered" in the most im portant intellectual undertaking of her llfe . . . that of setting a trap for and capturing a male animal whom she hopes to reform into a husband . MISS F A R E W E L L'S book is ad dressed to all females age 15 a nd over. Why? Because no woman is ever too young or too old to play the game of mate-hunting. "Girls, you must be diU gent in your efforts and obstinate in your determination during the hunt. You must be willing to pursue him in far off corners , fight off all rivals, and carry on dauntless in the face of impossible vdds, " warns our authority . Oh, yes, for the men reading this book it will serve as a warning as to what extremes women will go to in the hunt ing and capturing of a husband. Miss Farewell doubts if you men will take her seriously and thus finds no harm will be done in revealing the husband hunters' secrets to you. L I T T L E M A N 0 : N THE CHAPTERS of Miss Farewell's book are in themselves choice reading. For instance ; Is Love Necessary? Where to Look for Him . How to Trap Him-the lures, spellbinders, and love potions. Pit falls and How to A void Them. And fi nally an all-important message titled Kindness in Victory. So, dear readers, you must now be aware that Every Girl is Entitled to a Husband is extremely important read ing material for your future happiness. It approaches the problem of husband hunting in a most practical, most hon est way and reaches great heights as a most extraordinary piece of satirical writing . The '196 pages of Miss Fare well's book will prove to be some of the most comical and astonishing you have ever read. You will laugh, cry, question, bite your nails, and even say some of the methods for trapping a hus band, I!S the author herself admits , aren' t too too nice. HAVING READ Miss Farewell 's writ ings, a woman becomes that much wiser and that much closer to capturing that most valuable of creatures, a Husband. The wise man who reads this book will be aware of the hunting technique em ployed by the female and thus be bet ter able to protect himself. This volume is recommended read ing for the month preceding June. If you're narrow in your thoughts though and are inclin e d to be critical-better stay away from this one. I y B I B L E R The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press PRESS EDITOR ........•.•......•..•..•..•...••... Michael Foerster Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raleigh Mann News Editor ................................. Pat Pulkrabek Advisor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. A . T. Scroggins Deadline for copy Is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. USF Puppetry Delights Over 7,000 Tampa Moppets By DIANA BELLAMY questions, not to mention breakof the Campus Staff ing up at his antics. After this Over 7,000 Tampa elementary kind of introduction the chil school have ?een hea:d dren were well prepa,red for the WJth delight whlle colorful puppet show to follow. watchmg the USF theatre's pup petry adaptation of Midsummer Although all puppets were Night ' s Dream made and operated by the TA . 481 class, The puppet voices The screams were 10 response were done by faculty members to the tncks and talk of USF and their wives. student Tom Kelly's portrayal of the mischievous Puck. Russell Whaley, head of the Tom garbed in a sparkly Theatre Arts depart ment, con green-ieafed costume and green ceived the idea for the puppet make-up, bounced about while show and t a ugh t u;e class . . . . , .. performing magical feats . He Whaley and J:Ierbert 0 Dell de. used audience participation so signed and built the scenery andlworked the complicated l ighting lmer Shaw festival, directed the,next perform for the Florida well that even the puppeteers puppet stage. effects. Peter B. O'Sulli va n, acto r puppets. Theatre Conference at Daytona backstage began answering his O ' Dell also designed and superv ising director for the sumThis "children on ly " show will Beach in June. Cinema Dullea Only Bright Spot In 'Red Line' By ALLAN J. BURRY Campus Movie Critic Great Books Make Great Mo tion Pictures, according to the ads for The Thin Red Line. Maybe so , but you can't tell it from seeing this I p i c t u r e. ACE Films winds up in the hole in I their effort to put the James Jones novel on the screen. Taken from the stock formula for 'Visible Eyes' Most Striking By BETTY LINTON colorful assemblage in the col mobile junk yard. Eduardo , a Campus Art Critic lection features bright colors in sculpture, and Many-H e ad e d Perhaps the most striking and the red-checked table cloth , in Creature, a relief, are two of strange assemblage of the col the blue, polka dot curtains, and this kind and use no color. Maz, lection on exhibit in the Library in the food-and drink-filled table . a sculpture consisting of twi sted Gallery is Visible Eyes. The reThe least abstract in the colsheets of metal mounted on a lief consists of a large disc, l ectio n , this assemblage seems base, uses striking colors to give completely covered with glass to capture the spirit of sprin g, it beauty. eyes and shiny "rubies," "Emsummer, a nd vacation. Annunciation seems to be coneralds," "pearls" and other An assemblage titled, Portrait cerned with some of the sins of "precious" ston es . The glitterof Betty, combines cardboard man. Love, a woman, playing lng and sparkling mass is set and plaster in a n unu s u a l way. cards, horseshoes, and a serpent into a background of black The surface is cardboard with a r e all represented; yet when velvet. This one attracts and two profiles and two han ds looking at the assemblage, the holds attention. drawn in live ly color. The lips viewer sees his own reflection In contrast to Visible Eyes is and hands seem to hold primary in the small mirrors which sur a relief, And In My Sorrow importance. In the center of the rou nd each object. Prayed. A group of unreco gnizacardboard is cut an ova l through Assemblages consist primari ble objects seem to be swirling which is seen a plaster face, ly of ordi nary objects or bits of in a circul a r mov ement. The with closed eyes, and one fi n ger. paper arranged and glued on a gray-green color contributes a Both are colorless except for the background and usually with a feeling of melancholy which is red lips and one , re? finger -theme in mind. This is a relarelieved only b y a ladder which nail. tively new art form which t d h . h gained its name in 1953. The seems to stand ou , a n w Ic Several of the assembla g es . . . 1 to b 1' . collection of assemblages 10 the seems natural y sym o 1ze should appeal to the mechamcal Library is from the Museum of prayer. minded as they seem tG eonsist Modern Art and can be viewed The "h a p p i e s t" and most entirely of objects from an a utothrough May 28. Schedule Of Events, Bulletins Monday, May 25, 106-l 2 : 30 p.m.-Senior Accounting Coffee Hours ... , ...... UC 264-5 226 213 215 200 47 223 USF LIBRARY employees Elsa Gomez and Car ole Wood regard an assemblage from the Museum of Modern Art . The exhibition is in the Library Gallery through Thursday. (USF Photo) e1 w Ul a, Jl Ji p th 8 1 Ct gl Sl la p I I • I . .


AWARDS PROGRAM Pinecrest Selects Rezoning Action 4 Honor Graduates By GARY BRADDOCK Ricky Ryals, physical education ; Sc h ed u I ed Times Staff Writer Keith Allchin, science. PLANT CITY -Four Pine-Als o Linda Jameson and PLANT CITY-The City Com-crest Hill High School seniors He 1 en Birks, typewriting; mission is scheduled to take were selected as honor grad-\Wanda Norris, business; Ellen final action Monday night on an uates at the school's annual Hall and Pam Hunter, home ordinance rezoning portions of awards day program. \ economics; Charlotte Mangum, 12 blocks in the South Collins They are Wayne Sumner, best all-around girl; Wayne Street area. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , May 25, 1964 ' 15 f Ladies Night Is Planned Methodist Men Honor Bahret h b I f k RUSKINA Ladies Night is H . D. (Pete) Porter is chairRUSKINJohn Bahret has c am er c osing or Two Wee s being planned by the Ruskin man of the program committee. . , Mer c h ants Association for A membership committee re-been named the Methodist Mens RUSKIN -The office of the Driver examinations will be Wednesday, June 3, at 7 :45p.m. cently named by the group inClub "Man of the Year." Ruskin Chamber of Commerce given each Tuesday t h rougll at Bahia Vista Restaurant. eludes Eugene McRoberts of the Bahret was cited for outstandwill be closed for two weeks , June from 9 a.m. to 5 p . m . A highlight of the evening will McRoberts Fisheries, Maynard ing service in leading the club June 8 through June 20. License renewals w i 11 be is• be a talk on how merchants Clark of M . C . Topps Depart-successfully. The club has reJune-born drivers, in an even sued Monday through Frida y can accelerate community prog-ment Store, and Clark' s Furnicently completed decorating the year, may renew their licenses 0 to 3 d S t • ress by Dr. Joseph S. Scheckler ture, Hardware and Appliances , pastor' s study and contributed at the Chamber office June 1 from 1 a . m . p.m. , an a of the Tampa Business Univerand Don Tanner of Western to the Ruskin Library Fund and through June 6 , and again from urdays 10 a.m. to noon , June sity . Auto Associates . the Methodist Youth Camp fund . June 22 through June 30. 1-6 and June 22-30. -------PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Jane Hill, Ronny Townsend, and Sumner, best all-around boy; The governing body approved Jim Culpepper. and Keith Allchin, biology. the ordinance on first reading I Other awards presented by The school superintendent's May 11 after about a dozen Principal Lyle R. Flagg went to branch office here announced complaints against the move I the follow ing students: that bot h Tomlin Junior High were proven unfounded. JAl\IES WALKER, Robert and Plant City High report Those opposing the ordinance Swilley and Clayton Baty, agri-cards will be mailed June 12. had complained on the grounds culture; Carolyn Purvis, En-Parents are requested not to go that rezoning the area to C-2 glish; Helen Waddell, history; t o the schools for them. (General Commercial Districtl Sharon Guthrie, Ronnie Strick-EVENTS AND activities anwould classify their businesses land and Duane Jones, library; nounced for Area Four schools as non-conforming u s es. E stab PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT are as follows : lishments so designated are • WANTED! for DEMOCRATIC IIATIOIIAL COMMITTEEMAN WORTHY OF CONSIDERATION JIMMvJIMES DESERVING OF PROMOTION 12 YEARS OF SERVICE TO ••••• AND A LIFETIME OF BELIEF IN ..... the DEMOCRATIC PARTY For "PROGRESS through UNITY" ELECT DEMO. NATIOIIAL COMMinEEMAII Turkey Creek-The Junior-denied building permits for Senior Prom will be held F r ipansion. day at the Tampa Terrace Hotel However , it was brought out in Tampa. that the protesters' businesses The school's annual awards would be benefitted by the new assembly will be held June 1 zoning classification , in that in the auditorium. Senior High they would be classified as con awards will be presented be-forming uses . Nearly all the ginning at 9 : 20 a.m. , and Junior firms are presently designated High awards at 10:35 o ' clock. as non-conforming uses under THE SCHOOL BAND will the current C-IA clas s ification . present a concert in the audi torium Thursday at 8 p.m. . The athletic awards program will be held Wednesda y at 2 :25p. m. Trapnell-The school ' s annual awards assembly will be held June 5 at 8:30 a.m. A number of service club awards will be presented students having c om piled perfect attendance for the year. Marshall High-Final exams will be held June 3 and 4. Re port cards will be issued June 12. JACKSON-The sixth grades will present their end-of-the year program Friday at 9:30 a.m. The program theme will be the history of our govern-ment. At the same time, the com mis sion will consider a resolu tion declaring its intent to amend the zoning ordinance to include the selling of fertilizer, seeds and farm supplies in the district. The commission will also take action on the awarding of a contract to supply the city with an automatic parking gate for the Palmer Street parking lot. Bids for the gate were ordered tabulated at the previous meet-ing. Other items appearing on the agenda are the opening of bids for air-conditioning units at the Tourist Civic Center and a tractor and payloader for the street department. Daniel Keene, fifth grade teacher, will take a year's leave Sun City Group of absence to attend the Unid versity of Florida to work on Meets Wednes ay his Ph. D . degree. SUN CITY CENTER A Plant City High Marilyn meeting of the Men ' s Club of Balliet has been installed a s Sun City Center will be held in president of the PCHS Future the town hall, Wednesday at Teacher chapter. 8 p . m . Other officers are Linda A representative of Genera l Spencer, vice p resident; Pam Telephone Company of Florida Carlton, secretar y ; Lynne Rob-will be the speaker, and James erts, treasurer and Suzanne H. Site give an organ recital. House, reporter. The chapter • sponsor is Mrs. Rubye Wright. SURETY BONDED DeMolay Boys To Pick Queen RUSKIN DeMolay boys will select a Sweetheart at a dance on Saturday night in Memorial Hall at 8 p.m. TERMITE CONTROL free inspection dBURK TAMPA: 876 CLEARWATER: 446 LAKELAND: 686-5464 SARASOTA: 958-4534 PUNTA GORDA: NE 9 for tbose wbo want ONLY THE BEST Distinctive designs for Homes, with quality workmanship. Grayson Miller Construction Co. is equipped to handle even the most intricate detail available. You will find our workmanship unequaled. Call or stop by to develop an exciting design for your new home or home improvement needs. Any girl 14 years or older may be a contestant for the title. The winner will receive an all expense t rip to Jackson ville to vie for the state title . DON'T LET THE NEWSPAPERS DECIDE YOUR VOTE YOUR DOCTOR KNOWS THE TRUTH ASK HIM! For Better Patient Care In Our Hospitals VOTE FOR LOUIS SPICULA Hospital Welfare Board Group 1 Paid for by the LOUIS SPICOLA Campaign Committee Never a better time to buy a Breezeway Mercury . great road car • • Your Mercur y d e aler is doin g h i s ever-lovin' best by custom e rs these d ay s. Fo r M er cur y s are mov ing out so fast he doesn ' t have to quibble on y ou r t r ade-i n value. And look wha t you get whe n y ou trade on a Breezeway Mer c ury, for exampl e : an exclu s ive r ear window, stay s clea rer in rain or snow. Lowers to l e t in the b reeze . The over h a n g i ng roof p r otects rear p ass en g e r s from the s un. And on any n e w Merc ury , t h e solid ride, comfort , and luxury of a g r eat road ca r . A bi g 390 c u . in. V-8 is standard equipment, too. Big deal? You bet. Make it with your Merc ury dealer this May . Exclusive Br eeze wa y Design with Flo] Thru V e nt i l a tion Th e key to t his g reat adva nce in ventilatio n is the retra c t able , pow er-operate d rea r wind o w . J ust ope n 1 the fresh-air controls, c lose side win•!( d o w s and vent panes, lower rear win dow , as m uch as desire d . N o ise blo cked out for a quiet ride . Air en te r s , circ u 1 I a les t h rougho u t the c a r and flows out Mercury's B reezewa y l' ear window. r ... INTERIOR DECORATING SERVICE AVAILABLE CALL GRAYSON MILLER ••• for FREE PLANNING 8 Years Experienc:e in Quality Home Construetion & Design! Financ:ing Available 876 • j Great road car ••• Mercury ••• at the "Home of Champions'' FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES, INC. SALES. INC. 9530 North Florida Avenue Corner Florida and Henderson Streets I C #*Ride Walt Disney's Magic Skyway at the For d Motor Company W onder Rotunda, N e w York World ' s Fair/ A PRODUCT MOTOR COMPANY • LINCOLNMERCURY DIVISION ' •


............. ___ .,. 16 THE TAMPA TI:\-IES, Monday, May 25, 1964 Domestic Wines Gain Popularity Hotel Guests . . More Honest NEW YORK CUPil Imports\Spam Is needed to make a good-NEW YORK rupn -Guests SUDDEN PUBLIC OPINION SWITCH represent a comparative drop in real estate investment or the are taking fewer hotel towels S h I P T • d c h today' s wine bucket -or only label of a London tailor is an than ever before, possibly be• C 0 0 raY e r I e a n g e S about 7 per cent of the total essenlial to sartorial elegance," cause they. realize operating us k t -d-t said Paul L. Farber of the costs are high and towels are mar e • accor mg 0 a . . expensive, says one New York spokesman from one of Califor-Cresta Blanca vmeyards, Liver-hotel manager. By JAMES HOGE Five weeks ago, when con-er amendment now think they issue out of the judiciary comCalif.), an outspoken foe o! the nia's leading vineyards. more, Calif., in a recent speech ! "Some guests who want tow• Chicago Sun-Times Special gressional hearings began on can safely bury the issue in the mittee and force it to the House proposals, reported a complete "Imported wine is no longer here. Consumption of domestic els for souvenirs are paying for WASHINGTON, May 25 -the controversial subject, it ap-House Judiciary Committee. floor for a showdown. turn around from 9 to 1 in the requisite of fashionable dinwines has skyrocketed in the them," said Joseph J. Van of Capitol Hill old-timers are shak-pea red that s p 0 n so r s of a They claim 15 sure votes among Rep. Frank J. Becker CR-N.Y.), favor of a prayer amendment to ing, any more than a castle in last 17 years, Farber said. I the Hotel Edison. ing their heads with amazement prayer amendment could han-the committee's 35 members one of the most zealous cham9 to 1 against it. at how swiftly the tide has dily carry the day in Congress and have high hopes for at pions of a prayer amendment, Committee members attribute PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT turned . on the red-hot school on the strength of overwhelm-least three or four more. has corralled 169 signatures Ior t he tumabout of congressional prayer Issue. ing public support. Furthermore, the opponents a discharge petition. Becker's mail to strong editorial react ion . there _is a latge body, Such a quick and large-scale oC a prayer amendment are no legislative adversaries feel that throughout the nation , to the Inside and outside of Congress, reversal of the odds is some-longer so fearful of a challenge figure represents his high-water forceful opposition voiced in the o P P o s e d to a constitutional what of a rarity on Capitol Hill. from the House floor iC they mark. For every new name he committee hearings by one reEDITORIALS of the TIMES amendment that would in efBy the time most issues come don't report out a proposal. can add to the petition, they ligious leader after another. ------feet, , the to the surface through the com-Initially it appeared that the feel confident the new The church leaders, in 8 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 18, 1964 s prohibition ag_amst de-plicated machinery of Congress, prayer amendment backers atmosphere of ?emg . able to particular, are credited with ----------------------;------------and Bible read-the sides have been drawn, the would have a good chance of\ persuade a previous stgner to persuading the public that the R d d b mgs m public schools. backers and opponents well-or-overriding the committee drop off. Supreme Court decisions were e Com m e.n e y ganized and the subsequent through the complicated and The opponents of a prayer not an attack on the religious the follotVtng Tatn• ITALIAN SPAGHETTI EVERY MONDAY NIGHT 5 PM to 9 PM at J fiOW.ARD '( ottnfon1 jockeying is for a few votes rarely successful parliamentary amendment have been given foundations of the nation. pa Citizens • • • here and there and a slight device of a discharge petition. most heart by the dramatic shift In the last week opponents shift of public opinion there. The petition, if signed by 218 in mail coming into Capitol Hill of amending the 'constitution J h A k Leading opponents of a pray-House members, would take the Before also were heartened by the 0 n dCOC heanngs began, the JUdiciary change of mind voiced by Rep. R b t K AI d committee was flooded by mail Robert L. Leggett . An 0 er exan er running 10 to 1 in_ favor of author of a prayer amendment, R • B II amendmg the Conshtuhon. Leggett told the committee he Onnle e Individual_ . congressmen re-no favored changing the Emmett J Comiskey P?rled the same and! constitution. ' h1g?er of The anti-prayer amendment Bobbie C. Davis mail and m volumes exceedmg forces still aren't completely that. comi_n? on all issues in-out of the woods. They expect James 0. Davis cludmg ctvll nghts. continued pressure for some Last week, Mrs. Bess E. Dick, kind of congressional action beRalph Dell Dr. Frank rThe Wonderful World Of ANIMALS staff director of the judiciary tween now and the time the s-=:.s committee, said the mail ratio committee hearings arc Charles Downie 'B.W:has switched, with more letters ulcd to end in the first week of _ _w __ urging de i eat of a prayer June. Gary J. Ennis By DR. FRANK MILLER time htding under the bed. He amendment than adoption of At a minimum, they foresee • DEAR DR. MILLER: My ubsetd to bhc. 3 happyb dokg one. \strong eHorts to force the Bob Enshn _f h d h t h 'd d u now IS spirt seems ro . . d' . 'tt t t w1 e a w a s e cons! ere 1 th thing . e can Rep. W11Jiam C. Cramer (R. JU !Ctary commt ee o repor j h f G h ff J I a brainstorm a few weeks ago. f s h' e;e any L Fla.), sympathetic to the prayer I out a resolution, expressing the 0 n ' ast 0 r. She was going to save money 0 or lm . . . backers in hearings, still re-judgment of Congress that the J' G on the family haircuts and put P.S. I promised my wife a _dtshceives more mail in favor of an United States is a religious 1m ray the m on e y aside for a new washe': if she would get nd of amendment but opposition cornation. G"bb W H • dishwasher. She bought a do-it-the cltppers. . respondence is now running Unlike a constitutional amendI S • arriS yourself haircut kit and our DEAR E.L.: Time should heal close. lment such a resolution would J k H tf' ld youngest boy was the first "valCurly's ruptured vanity, provid-Rep .• Tames C. Corman (D. have, no force of law. aC a 1e unteer. " Ugh! That scalping ed everyone stops making fun was so bad that all three of of him in the meantime. The our boys agreed they would best approach is just to treat 6832 E. Hillsborough Ave. 1 rather do the dishes themselves. him as though nothing had hap-3698 G d B 1 d Then the wife decided she could pened. Of course, Curly won't an Y ou evar at least trim our poodle, Curly, be able to go along with this 1010 S. Dale Mabry Blvd. as long as she had the clip-approach wholeheartedly, but pers anyway. Well, you'd have making a big deal out of his "Landmark For Hungry Americans" to see it to believe it, it's so lopsided locks will merely pro awful. Curly spends most oJ his long the trauma. PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT IMPORTANT NOTICE CALL FOR TRANSPORTATION TO POLLS FOR GOVERNOR DOWNTOWN AND HEADQUARTERS INFORMATION TO VOTE AND OTHER INFORMATION CALL 228-7388 223-3047 228-7351 TRANSPORTATION AND RETURN FROM HOME OR BUSINESS CALL NUMBER CLOSEST HDQ-935-6993 935-1161 • 932-7034 • 935 HDQ-248-1539 248-1359 • 244-2111 HDQ-835-6767 257-6321 • 832 • 833 247-2482 248-2595 HDQ-876 876-8838 • 255-1061 Budget Commission District 3 Les Hirsch William J. Houlihan Jr. Marcellino Huerta Harry E. Hurst Thomas 0. Jones Jr. Frank Lorenzo Jack T. Marsh George McEivy Dudley L. S,enc:e Mr. Spence was recommended Harry F. Orr by this prior to Frank Rosenblatt May 5 ballotmg. He remams our choice in the runoff. W S Sh J We are impressed with Mr. • COtt erman r. Spence's earnest and intelligent E H t Sh t approach to county government• ew or al problems and his knowledge of the duties of the dual-headed Ted Taub Budget Commission and Civil Board_. . H -arrison C. Thompson Jr. Hts ded1cat1on to fair, sound aM economically operated govPhil Vento ernment are most valuable asrecommend J'm Webster hts nommahon. I North Tamp a • • . Ybor City •.... Palma Ceia .••. Northeast Tampa Gary Area ••••• West Tampa •.• Ruskin ••••••• Seminole Heights North Rome • Temple Crest • • • Apollo Beach • • • Brandon •••••• Lutz •••••••• 645-3294 • 645-3295 236-5531 935-3210 lt1s an impol'tant gasoline discovel'y I Methyl* steps up octane per formance so effectively that it stops power-wasting knock better than any other antiknock compound. Methyl spreads more evenly throughout all cylinders of your engine, stands up under extreme temperatures. And it's • • Plant City . • • • 932-6055 645-1694 689-2410 689 • 689-3926 932-7484 HDQ-752-8300 752-5167 • 752-1698 Paid for by Haydon Burna for Gov. Campaign Fund • in Standard gasolines (Crown and Crown Extra) ••• at no increase in price! Another way that we take better care of your car. *Methlll-trademark STANDARD OIL • •• now in Standard gasolines-at no increase


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