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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 105 (June 8, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 8, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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. --------......... . University Of South Florida Campus Edition Summer Trimester Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 105 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1964 PRICE FIVE CENTS Students Like Riverfront Hours By ALICE SANCHEZ of the Campus Staff "I can't imagine what they'll be doing down there at 1 a.m . in the morning," was a middle age reaction to the riverfront hours. A younger spirit replied, "I don't know but I'd like to be down there." To find out what students will be doing down there a random survey of student opinion showed that the majority of students like the hours. One student asked, "How can anyone sunbathe at 7 p.m.?" Most of the students have used the area and of these, resident students are the most frequent users. Commuters have been in the area only during organi zation gatherings. The survey showed that some stu dents did not even know of the area. Concerning the fence, students believed it will prove to be effective. The effect, students felt, will not be immediately evi dent, however. SA Legislature News Last week the University initiated a new policy of locking the gate to the Riverfront Property to pre vent or at least diminish its use by non-university people . The gate hours are 7 to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 7 p . m . to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday so that automobiles may be driven down to the river. There is a parking lot on the outskirts of the Riverfront Property for use when the main gate is closed and a pedestrian entrance is open at all times . "The students themselves have designated the hours . of the area," said Dean of Student Affairs Her bert J. Wunderlich in response to the unusual hours. He went on to say that money for the improvement of / the area will come from Student Activity fees. "Right now $3,000 has been used to start the im provement of the area , " he said. According to Wunderlich, with the increase of students in September more money can be appropri ated for the project. i For Two Weeks 1 Minister Has Busy Schedule Frosh Face New Orientation ' I Coeds June Peronto, Carolyn Wedel and Karen Melgard 'Fenced In' at Riverfront Universit Hosts y Leadership Conte PTA renee At Least 1,200Are Expected


" THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 8, ..---Campus Edition Editorial Page Unnamed Streets 'Annoying' The perennial question of what to name the streets on campus has been receiving some attention lately. One of the big boosters of this drive is the Security Police who at times find it awkward in giving directions or pinpointing accidents. But every one has at one time or another tried to give directions on campus only to find the streets nameless. Through the years the campus police and others have suggested street names. All have been re jected or tabled indefinitely . Past suggestions include varieties of trees and flowers found in Florida -such as Maple Drive, Oak Avenue -or ancient scholars Socrates Lane, Piato Road or heavenly bodies Saturn Boulevard, Mars Way-to name a few. During the past week a special executive committee has been formed by student association presi dent Bob Ashford to study the problem and come up with a work able solution. The committee suggests that streets on campus be named after Greek gods. This would be in keep ing with the Greek letters used for Letters to the Editor residence halls and the Greek name of the yearbook, the Aegean. How ever, this is where the consistency ends and the bad points begin. Probably our point would best be explained by an example. Imagine if you will a campus po liceman writing out a ticket to some one caught speeding on the corner of Dionysus Drive and Poseidon Avenue. Visualize the Campus Edition reporting some newsworthy happening one block south of At hen a Boulevard on Hermes Street near the intersection of Pro metheus and Demeter. Names of Greek gods tend to be too long and their spelling not suited to street names. We realize it is only a suggestion and must pass through three University committees before final approval; but we hope more feasible solutions are on the way. _ Not having names for campus streets is an annoyance, no matter how minor the subject may be considered. And we ask the SA committee as well as other inter ested students and student groups to continue to submit suggestions in the hopes that we can rid our selves of this annoyance in the near future. . Student Calls P.E. Exams 'Absurd' I believe it is about time somone com on the Physical Education De partment's absurd h an d I in g of pro ficiency. I would like the job. Webster defines proficiency as "prog ress, as in attaining skill." Applying this to the examinations given by the Physical Education Department one would assume that, in order to get credit for a sport, an individual would dem onstrate proficiency in that sport. BROKEN DOWN, this would imply shooting under a hundred in golf , bowling a good three game series of 450, play ing a creditable tennis match against an instructor, or putting ten arrows in a bu lis-eye. Unfortunately, it does not mean this, but instead, it means taking a written test and noting how many inches a tee should be stuck in the ground, or how many people in the United States have a bowling average of 200, or estimating the tensile strength of catgut in a tennis racket, or computing the trajectory of a 28 inch arrow against a ten mile wind. TO THE PHYSIC 1\L Education De partment of this school it does not make one bit of difference if an individual can shoot par golf, maintain a 175 a•!erage in bowling, beat Pancho Gonzalez in tennis, or split an apple with an arrow. What is important is whether or not the student can tell them how to do it on a test. The tests given by the Physical Edu cation Department are predicated on the Wadsworth Sport Skill Series books . The department recently held their trimester bowling proficiency cognizant of the fact that the book on bowling was not avail able either in the book store or the li brary. This, in essence, practically assured them that no one would pass their test and that they would have full classes in bowling next trimester. L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s I SINCERELY believe that all pro ficiency examinations should be gi 1en with the idea in mind that "expertness" or a reasonable degree of competency in the sport itself is the main and most im portant objective . If a test is deemed necessary-and there is no reason why it should be then it should confine itself entirely to the sport and not digress into history, absurdities, or technical knowledge not normally known by the average par ticipant in the sport under considera tion. ONE MUST question whether or not t.he P.E. Department of this school is here to aid and assist students in ob taining physical competency , or whether it is seeking to enlarge and enhance its status even at the expense of holding students from graduating. I would also suggest that a complete re-evaluation of military service credits be undertaken by the department. At the present time they appear to labor under the delusion that basic training in the military provides no physical edu cation what-so-ever, therefore, it is not worth considering as part of the P.E. requirement. . IN THE FINAL analysis it is the Physical Education Department itself which must reassess and re-evaluate its function if things are ever to improve. At the present time it appears to have an inferiority complex due to the doubt held by many people as to the depart ment's true value in an institution of higher learning. One can only hope the department gains confidence in its position and even tually puts the emphasis in proficiency examinations on the "doing" of the spor t rather than the "writing" of it. Sincerely, ROBERT T. KEEHN I y 8 I B L E R T _he Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub Ushed weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Colleriate Press EDITOR ...................•.••.......••... Michael Foerster Managing Editor ............. , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raleigh Mann News Editor ................................. Pat Pulkrabek Advisor ..........•....................•.... A. T. Scroggins Dead1ine for copy Is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. Ci nema Schedule Of Events Monday, Jun.e 8, 1964 2:30 p.m. Senior Accounting Meeting . . . UC 215 6:30 p.m. Gold Key Honor Society 215 7:00 p.m. Student Associatio n Executive Council ..... 215 Tuesday, June 9, 196-l 1:25 p.m. ... : .. Charm Course . .. . . . . . . . 47 5:00 p.m. Slges .................. 200 5:30 p.m. Verdandl ................ 223 6:00 p.m. Trl Sis .................. 202 7:00p.m. Paldeia .................. 213 7:30 p.m. Fides .................... 200 8:00 p.m. Cratos ................. 223 9:45p.m. Arete .................... 47 Wednesday, June tO, 1964 1:25 p.m. Business Ad Club ... UC 203 Young Democrats ..... 204 Literary Soclety ...... 205 Water Ski Club ....... 223 Matinee Dance . . . . . . . 47 8 :00 p.m. Civil War Round Table 223 Thursday, June 11, 1964 1:25 p.m. Bridge Lessons UC 213 Special Events Com mittee . .. .. . .. ...... 215 7:00 p.m. Student AssociationLegislature . .. .. . . .. . . . 47 7:30 p.m. CS ...................... 216 IFC ...................... 221 8 : 30 p . m. CFS . .. .. .. .. . .. ..... 216 Friday, June 12, 1!164 All Day University o Florida Counseling . UC 221 & 223 7:30 p.m. UC Movie "Romanoff & Juliet" . . FH 101 Saturday, June 13. 1964 9 :00 p.m. UC Stereo;Band . Dance . . . . . . . .. UC 248 Sunday, June 14. 1964 10 :30 a.m. Wesley Foundation .UC 47 5:00 p . m . University Religious Council . . . UC 248 &: 264-5 8:30 p.m. Weslev Foundation UC 226 7:30 p.m. UC Movie "Romanoff & Juliet" .. .. . . ..... FH 101 . ., Avid USF Skateboarders Say We Had It First Skateboarding Leaps Continent MISS JOANNE YOUNG, physical education, instructs US F secretaries on keeping physically fit. Secretaries are, left to right, Mrs. Helen Disbennet, Mrs. Pam Harrison, Mrs. Virginia Boehning, Mrs. Lois Strickland and Miss Young. -(USF Photo) Secretaries Try 'Special Conditioning' Twenty-two USF secretaries are participating in a special summer conditioning class be ing taught by Miss JoAnne Young, physical education in structor. The class meets during their lunch hour Tuesdays and Thurs days, and for the more enthu siastic pupils, group activities such as bi cycle riding are plan ned Mondays and Wednesdays. The main o b j e c t i v e of the course is to ton e up the body and to be physically fit. Most of the secretaries are controling their diet along with the course. Miss Young is teaching conti nuity exercises and dance tech nique to tone the muscles. These are done to music. She is also using the Royal Canadian Air F9rce Physical Fitness Test. The secretaries have almost tripled their be&in ning score on the test. ' ( f I s t c iJ u } p II b \1 ti g g .A J tl fi


fN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY 9 Corporations Get Charters Nine new corporations for 4627 W. Kennedy Blvd. Auth. Stack: Inc., c/o Paul B. Dickman, President. . . . . 150 shares of Com. o no par value. Ruskin. Filed By: Messrs. Duncan and profit involvmg Hillsbol ough Dealing ln: Insurance agency business. Lawson, 729 First Federal Bldg .. Tam County residents were approved Incorporators: Bertram D. Tubman. pa. Purpose: to administer aranll of llrving h'echtman, both Tampa, Meyer money and gifts fur religious. charl by Secretary of State Tom Druckman, North Miami. Filed By: table, educational literary and aclenAdams for the period May 13 J. Ritter. Fairmont Bldg., North to May 19. F\orida Lubricants, Inc., 3304 w. Dickman, all of Ruskin. Lou1s1ana St.. Tampa. Auth. Stock: Tampa Realistic Artists, Inc., c/o Also approved were two non-6,ooo. shares of Com. at $1.00 per share. Don H. Dulln, President, 711 w. Hilda, . . Dealmg In: PetrGieum products. In Tampa. Filed May 27, 1964 (orlalnal profit corporallons, two corpo-corporators: Sam A. Lazzara, Palmer charter flied in Hillsborough County rate name changes and three H. Crandell, Mary Lou. Crandell, all Circuit Court March 5, 1958 under cor • Tampa. Flied By: Dav1d A. Davis, porate name of Tampa Reall.stlc Art dissolutions. P.O. Box 127, Bushnell. lsts. Filed By: Messrs. Branch and . . Lo Bev Beauty Bar Incorporated, Goff, 308 Tampa St., Tampa. Purpose: FollOWing 1S the complete list 1702 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa. Auttt. promote Interest in ut. Subscribers: f t . 't Stock: 200 shares of Com. at SIO.OO Drm H. Dulln, 7ll W. Hilda. Mr.s. A. B. 0 ac lVl y. per share. Dealing In: Beauty Salon. Grandoff, 809 Woodlyn ii\rlve, Dixie Incorporators: Beverly Kass, Lois Mor Johnson 5013 Neptune Way, all of M & M Supply Company or Florida, ris, C. Dennis Harrell, all Tampa. Tampa. Route I, Box 255, Thonotosassa. Auth. Filed By: C. Dennis Harrell, 305 Mar stock: shares of com. at $1.00 gan St., Tampa. Amendments-Domeo\leper share. Dealing In: Farm and ranch F"lorida Interiors, Inc .• 3920 W. KenChance or Name DESPITE REPORTS OF FTC ACTION New County Oil Industry Headed for Upward Run THE TAMPA TII\IES, Monday, June 8, 1961 15 . . . . . . office today. Chicago Daily News Service I a mlld wmter that hurt heating confronts the industry is the1tegrated firms that Wall Street Tampa Auto Auction, CHICAGO _ Despite rum-oil demand. imbalance between supply-too likes best. And this is not as Paint bles from Washington that the I The impact of pricing pres-much -and demand too paradoxical as it seems, for the Beauty Salon: Charm Beauty Salon.JFederal Trade c 0 m miss i 0 n sures on the domestic scene has little. In the United States, conlblg oils have shown an amazing 8032 Nebraska; Penme's Beauty Salon, . . . . . 1371 s. 78th St.; Leslie Department Store 1 would like to break up some of been lessened by the industry's sump bon growth rates have ability to adapt to changmg c1r• Beauty Solon, 4464 Gandy Blvd. contractor: calvin B. Hyde, 502 E . the big oil companies Wall success in reducing costs by slowed from a compound annual I cumstances. !21st. Ave.; Robert L. Hutton, P.O. ' tl . . If' I t I 4 1 t th 1 9 3 N th 1 j i Box 422, Brandon; A . B. Tennant, 6818 Street appears to be backing the grea y mcreasmg e !Ctency. ra e o -per cen m e 5 ow ere s mcreas ng n• Oakdale; Leonardo Planes. 25I2 West1 high: Richamond Cons.tructlon eo .. industry-especially the giants THE SEARCH for cost reduc 1957 penod to a rate of 2.1 per 1 s1dcr talk that these same f1rms 5644 N. Dale Mabry; Chmate Control • • . . Heating and Air Conditioning, 6608 -for a long upward run ti'on 1 . 5 a constant n and seem cent m the 1957-1962 penod. are ready to support efforts to Walton Way; Atlas Ornament I r 0 n . 0 e " I . . . Works. 2510 N. Howard. Research reports and recom. gl . I' "te . 1 , . g Most proJections put future once-and-for-all solve the price Dealer In intangible personal prop-1n Y In Inl Sima COSc savm S . erty: Jerome Cook_and 307 mendations have poured out of can produce huge dollar returns growth at a rate of about 3 per war problem by supporting pro• N. Evers, Plant C1ty; Ra•lway Truck . cent -or an annual volumetric posals to prohibit suppliers from Financing, Inc .. 309 caesar st.; GAC brokerage houses smce last For exam 1 Arne ica Oil Industrial Finance corp., 1901 E. Broad . . . . . P e, r n increase of about 300,000 barselling the same gasoline at way. wmter d1scussmg the Oil mCo. will sell from 11 to 12 mil-rcls daily different prices to different Dry cleaner: North Howard Laundry, 2506 N. Howard: Sunshine. Laundry and dustry's pro s p e c t s. Almost lion barrels of gasoline in a Overseas, the supply-demand wholesalers. supplies. Incorporators: James A. Ber-nedy Blvd., Tampa. Auth. Stock: 50 Certificate of Amend. to Mathews Iron Derrlll s McAteer both Tampa shares of Com. o no par value. Deal Terpenlnl[ Development Corp. changing N. Morr1s, Ter'nple Terrace: ing In: Paints, carpeting, wallpaper, its corporate name to: Mathews De s. c. Bexley Jr., Ted Wallace Evans. etc. Incorporators: Dorothy M. Cllase, velopment CO'rp., filed May 21, 1964,Lifby both Tampa, Filed BY: Gary M. Wlt Charles C. Chase, M. Terry McNab, Wilhelmina Hawkins, 100 Founders e ters, P.O. Box 3239, Tampa. all Flied By: M. Terry McNeb, Bldg., Tampa.f d to W • C 1 . First Nahonal Bank Bldg , Tampa, Certificate o Amen . e.. oas Pylon Corporation, 2909 Swann Ave.. Hradesky Engineers, Inc., 305 Mor-Equipment Co .. Inc. changing Its cor Tampa. Auth. Stock: 10,000 sh!'res or gan St Room 202 Tampa Auth porate name to: Lansford Equipment Com. at Sl.OO per share. Deahng In: Stock: 'i:ooo shares 'ar com. at sui sales, Inc., filed May 22, 1964, by Auto washinll and cleaning services. p...share Dealing ln. general engln-Sulphur Springs Buslneu Service, 310 Incorporators: Laurence I. Goodrich, eering and consulting business. In cor-E. Waters Ave., Tampa. Cleaners, 2504 N. Armema. "t t" f bl I Th f" t" d Garage and service: Rand N Autol unanimously, they conclude that summer month This is some SI ua 10n 1s more avora e. e maJOr trms are 1re, Service, 3814 Caroway; Frank Colonze C t b d h th 'd f b 'di g Cities service, 3815 N. Armenia: Nell for the wise investor there is 483 million gallons. A savings 1 on sump ton a roa as grown e ms1 ers say, o su s1 zm the glint of gold in the black of three _ tenths of 1 c e n t a I at an ave1age rate of dealers' losses price wars lporators: F. J. Hradesky, Cosette A. Corporation Dluolullons .t Withdrawal• Goodrich 725 E kennedy Blvd Content! and H. Eugene Johnson all Associated Engineering Contractars, Tampa. ' • Tamoa. F"lled By: H. Eugene Johnson, Inc. (Hillsborough) incorporated .Nov. Lake Ave.; Leslie. Super Automotive . . l gallon on that kind of volume about 10 per cent m the last to the tune of $1 billion a year. Service, 4465 Gandy Blvd. 'liquid d d d 'h .-;;;=============; Lawn service and landscaping: Albert ' would mean $1 , 449,000. eca e, an " ere IS every I" R. Gooding, P.o. Box _5735, Sun City. And talk of busting up the Because such sums are in-reason to expect the uptrend to giants is taken with a grain of volved, the industry is constant-continue despite excess produc1 Box I90A, Thonotosassa; Tampa salt. ly trying to shave producti"on tion capacity of an estimated North Broward Builders Inc 2335 305 St. , Tampa. , 20, i962; dissolved by court ordet fll E AU t Bl d T A th 1 k Nunz10 Realty, Inc .. ISO!"" S. Dale lng May 26 1964. 5 i>oo 0 "{ OOupe.r shoacre' Mabry, Tampa. Auth. Stock: IOO shares AAA Pavi'ng & Fllldlrt, Inc. (HillsDealing In: Builders and contractors: of Com. at SlOO.OO per share. _Deabng borough) incarporated March 13, 1962; r.ncorporators: Harold J. Lawler, A. J. In: Real Estate. lncorp<7rators. C . J. dissolved by court order filed May 26, Musselman Jr Sue Allison all Porn-Keel Jr .. Mary J. Wal)ace, Bertha M.11964. ano Beach Flled By A J Musselman !Popek, all Tampa. Filed By: C. J. Palm View Arms, Inc. (Hillsborough) 3r 9ll8 N. Federal. Hwy Pompano Keel Jr., 1501.,.. S. Dale Mabry, Tampa.,lncorporated Nov. 8, 1961; final certiBeach. " Corporations Not For . ficate of dissolution issued May 26, Guarantee Reserve Ins. Agency, Inc., The Ruskin Educational Foundabon, 1964. News of Servicemen Times Staff 1Tampa servicemen have re ceived numerous honors re cently. Midshipman William E. Wil son, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Wilson, 3308 San Jose St., grad uated from the Naval Academy with a bachelor of science de gree and was commissioned an ensign in the Navy. Trailer Mfg. Co., 6050 W. Hillsborough Ave.; s and s Dairy Cream, P.o. Box costs. A refiner who cuts costs 1,800,000 barrels a day. 402, Mango. SINCE THE OIL i d t Wholesale merchant: Florida oxygen , n us cy by 2-100ths of a cent a gallon Service, 2611 4th Ave.; Joe and carol turned m a record performance has scored a major victory A RECENT Standard & Edwards, 529 E. Idlewild; Tom Curry t 11 eg nt . . p ' C t d f th ' Paint, 340 s. Franklin; Anderson Telm VIr ua Y every s me 10 Additionally, t h e major oil oor s orp. S u Y o e mJean; 1963 despite severe pr?blems, companies have moved steadily dustry _that earnings of Real estate broker: Safe Buy Real many observers feel it Wlll cope toward broader product divers!-the domestiC mtegrated com-EsRtatet 5017 A 1ndersoRn. 6 1equally well with the FTC. fication vertical integration and panies would rise between 5 and cs aurant. pee way, nc.. t. J f' "t ' . . 1 Box Fantasy sundry, 1413 N. ust Ive years ago, 1 was continuing developments of pe-6 per cent m 1964, while those Howard; Krazy Korner, 13016 Nebraska. fashionable to talk oil stocks trochemicals. of the Internationals would indown. But during the interval,, crease at a rate of between 8 New City despite industry problems, earn-WITH A PROVED record of and 10 per cent. ings of the five major U.S. oil turning out profits despite prob-The FTC's concern was voiced Businesses grew 50 per cent, !ems, backed of in recently revealed testimony The following new busin.,sses receivwhtle diVIdend payouts rose 40 market . stahshcs, the ml at a closed house small business ing city occupational licenses were per cent. mdustry contmues to rouse Wall subcommittee. by the city treasurer's office! The industry's 1963 performStreet enthusiasm. Representatives of both the A .. Frank Pandolfo dba Dlat TV ance overcame these problems: Oil stocks began to turn in a FTC and the Justice DepartService, 2902 Temple Terrace Hwy.; . . J. w. Wadsworth dba Ted's Garage, I continued pressure on pnces, smart performance last year. ment said a major cause <>f the competition as keen as ever, By fall , 1963, their market value gasoline price wars is the sub4101 Cypress; Leroy Ring dba Ring's concern about increased taxes as a group was greater than any sidizing of market operations by Auto Repair, 2630 E . Lake Ave.; Lois d "bl d t" th • th t th N y k L. dba Lo Be cosmetique, E?< an poss1 e re uc 10n m e I o er ca egory on e ew or firms controlling production, re• depletion allowance, and politStock Exchange $58 . 6 billion. fining and distributing outlets. quette Wigs, 1513 s. Dale Mabry. Ileal uncertainties abroad. Currently, the oil equities These officials suggested the M .d h' J F G bl J Norman R. Hayes dba Shop & Go I 11. . . 1 s tpman oe ra e r., Wilson Grable Jones Pittman Mkt. No. 1736, 7527-29 N. Armenia; BUT THE RECORD h are se mg at a mce discount to solution would be to separate son of Lt. CoL and Mrs. Joe F. 'l!g5 th . s ows the Dow Jones industrial aver-retailing from production and Grable, 1407 Nance Ave., alsoJson Pl., won a medal as top J. Jones, 201 N. Lemon St., 5609 N. Roiile: L: James Keehley:j . at and consump' age. The D-J industrials as a refining. graduated from the Naval Acadshooter in four platoons during Plant City, participated in the _hit peak levels, record group are selling around 19 emy with a bachelor of _ science graduating ceremonies from Air Force Worldwide Talent Corvel. Inc., 1409 N .. Renellle; Roberti earmngs among the maJor comtimes anticipated 1964 earnings IT IS THEsE major in degree and was commiSSioned Parris Island boot camp. He Contest recently at Shaw AFB, panies were :mo;,e the Most of the oils arc iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijij an ensign in the Navy . also won a medal as expert South Carolina. eJxcekpllon,& acs a between 12 and 15 times exill d t d to Franklin. I e er • ac son urtis pected earnings. Even the blue Nelson H Jones son of Mr r eman an was promo e . C B d Gulf coast Farm Stores, Inc., 5120 port notes . . ' • private first class. Pvt. Jonme . ernar , son N . I Airman David Turner, son of Donald R. Valade, son-in-law Mrs . Ida Turner, 2615 E. Chel of Mrs. Thelma C. Rushing, 1516 sea St., has beeen selected for Hillside J?r., has been 1 technical training as an air to techmcal sergeant while on policeman at Lackland AFB, duty in Oslo, Norway. Texas. M a r i n e Thomas David Fisher III, son of Mr. and Airman 3.C. Kenneth J. Mrs. T . D. Fisher Jr., 2402 Ard-Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira LAST TO MERGE MAY BE FIRST TO SPLIT Airman Anthony Alfonso Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Alfonso, 1724 W. Clifton St., has been selected for training as a communications winng specialist at Air Training Com mand School at Sheppard AFB, Texas. Marine Pvt. T i m o t h y E. O'Reilly, son of Mrs. Kathryn O'Reilly, 1925 115th Ave., re cently graduated from recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. Airman Neil A. Sanchez, son of Mrs. Hortensia La Rosa, 421 W. Amelia, has been promoted to airman first class. He is a machinist stationed at MacDill Air Force Base. Sanchez was awarded a certificate for mak ing a suggestion that saved the Air Force $2,500 a year. Jersey AFL-CIO Near Breakup TRENTON, N.J., June 8 (JP)-1 blackout on CIO leaders and worked for two bills tlle execu The shotgun marriage of AFL news releases bear only th_e tive board agreed to oppose . and CIO unions in New Jersey 1 names of state AFL-CIO prestCommenting on a CIO charge three years ago is on the verge dent Vincent J. Murphy and that AFL uses its sheer num of a breakup. secretary -treasurer Charles bers to make the industrial The split is expected when tl1e Marciante, both AFL leaders. unions swallow distasteful poliNew Jersey state AFL-CIO hold s AFL SOURCES counter that c!e.s yet costs, an AFL of-its ann u a 1 convention this AFL ficlaL said, "They want us to CIO on the state -pay half bi" ll and give them month and its first election CIO t b d g n a since 1961 when national labor tve a ree 0 half our profits. They never had leaders brought the AFL and it so good." CIO unions in the state together po si tion. They cite the recent There are for over their objections. state le gis lative session as an AFL to assert Its m "The merge r agreement ends example charging the CIO the merger. One 1s to amend when the gavel hits the table ' the state AFL-CIO constitution June 15 in Newark," one AFL bl • I to eliminate the offices held by source said. "George Meany

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