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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 15, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition Summer Trimester Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. lll TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 15, 1964 PRICE FIVE CENTS Charter Graduation: First and Perhaps Last Held in December Yearly Commencement Planned Acting on a state board of control ruling, the university executive committee last week announced a new policy deal ing with commencement and distribution of diplomas to USF graduates. Over the signature of President John S. Allen , the an nouncement states, "There will be only one commencement a year, to be held in April. However, diplomas will be issued and dated as of the end of the term of trimester in which the student completes graduation requirements." The announcement states that the President's office "will mail the diplomas to the graduating seniors as soon as they can be prepared after all qualifications are in from the col leges, and will invite the students to return for commencement ceremonies in April." Dean of Academic Affairs Sidney J. French, executive committee member, supports the annual commencement con cept. "It seems that on the trimester system you would just be jumping from one graduation to the other -it just doesn't make sense." French further indicated that he believes that a greater senior class sense of identification and cohesion could result from the annual ceremony concept; and he sees merit in seniors organizing to plan for related commencement activi ties. Could s t u d e n t s participate in the planning of the com mencement ceremony itseif? French says "Of course.'' The dean recalled that the first commencement w a s planned by a committee with student members; but "it had been felt that the committee was no longer needed." Dean French feels that a change in the procedure of rec ognizing graduates in the ceremony is unlikely. He points out that while the graduating classes are relatively small now, and reading of names would not take too much time; the year is not far off when this would become too lengthy a proc ess. A move to change the procedure at that future time would probably "cause trouble then." According to French, the executive committee is sympa thetic to the feelings of students who desire more recognition at commencement, but feel that printed names in the pro gram must suffice in light of potential future problems. The committee is composed of President John S. Allen, Dean French, Dean of Student Affairs Herbert J. Wunderlich, and Dean of Administration Robert Dennard. Allen Ap oints Athletic Council I To Return Senators MayBe Ineligible Student association r u 1 e s committee action on a bill gov erning appointments of inter im senators and representa tives-at-large could result in dismissal of six officers away for the summer trimester. The committee ruled uncon stitutional section one of B .4, a bill submitted by senator John Reber, now off-campus for the summer. The section reads: "If the vacancy occurs be cause a senator or representlive-at-large will be a b s e n t from the University for a pre determined length of time

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 15, 1964 Campus Edition Editorial Page Senior Class Should Organize First senior classes at USF have not organized with officers to plan and administer commencements and related social activities. Many say this is because the trimester system has divided the traditional Class of '64 or '65 into non-identifying au tonomous groups. The Board of Control has de termined that state universities in Florida shall have one commence ment exercise per year-in April. The University of South Florida has stated that students completing de gree work the preceding June, Au gust and December will receive di plomas in the mail, affixed with the date the student completes his studies. These graduates will be in vited back to participate in the April ceremonies. This a n n u a 1 commencement could promote senior class identifi cation and c o h e s ion if someone w o u 1 d take the initiative to or ganize. Advantages are numerous. Students could conceivably have a voice in planning commencement. The long-needed v e hi c 1 e for venting pent-up "steam" could be directed into a senior class tongue in-cheek production during the com mencement week, at which targets of student criticism could be lam pooned in high spirits. Book Review The young alumni association might use the week's activities as a time to induct the senior class into the association with a banquet. Per haps this or another event of the week could be an awards program for outstanding grads. A variety of good social activi ties could be planned as part of the week. A student association committee is working on an annual Homecom ing to combine the best parts of all University and Autuptn Antics weekend activities. We suggest com bining the Homecoming concept more appropriately with commence ment week activity, and perhaps using the new ideas there; while leaving the fall events the same. It is not too early to start plan ning what could become the begin ning of a fine tradition which might also spell the answer to the omni present problem of enriching stu dent spirit and sense of identifica tion. Let the students of a senior class, consisting of June, August and December 1964 and April 1965 graduate candidates, elect officers early in the fall for organization of a tradition-setting . commencement week directed by seniors for every one to enjoy. Novel Shows Self-Made Jefferson By GRETA KMARIE DIAON Campus Book Critic The Jefferson Image in the American Mind, by Merrill D. Peterson, (Oxford University Press: New York) 1952, 548 pp, "The Great Man makes history and ts consumed by it. He swiftly becomes a SYJ"lbol, perhaps many s y m b o 1 s, through which men of different persuasions and at different times seek to comprehend their experiences and state t h e i r purposes." Such a man w a s Thomas Jefferson according to Merrill D. Peterson, author of The Jefferson Image in the American Mind. PETERSON'S WORK is not a history of Jefferson the man but rather a pic ture of what history has made of Jeffer son. Peterson sees the image of Jefferson upon the American scene as .. the composite representative of the historic personage and of the ideas and ideals, policies and sentiments habitually identi fied with him. This image is highly complex, never uniform, and never sta tionary." Jefferson's whole life was consecrated to the improvement and happiness of his fellow men. As the. author of the Declaration of Independence, the statute of religious freedom in the constitution of Virginia, Father of the University of Virginia, and a founder of the Demo cratic party, he perhaps exerted a great er influence on the institutions of the United States than any other American. SAUL K. PADOVER in his book, The Genius of America, agrees in many ways with Peterson when he states, "Jefferson was a master formulator of the ideas and ideals of democracy on L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s a philosophical basis of inalienable natural rights and an inherent system of moral values." The book presents an excellent over all study of the diversified character Jefferson. Peterson, by setting the Jef ferson image against the historic back grounds of past and present generations, reconstructs Jefferson' s impact upon the formation of the national character. Jef ferson emerges from this work as the model of the self-made man whose pur suits spread over and influenced an ex ceptionally wide range of activities. He appears at once as the serene scholar, champion of the common people, and the leader whose iron will and penetra tive vision never falters. SINCE JEFFERSON'S character was somewhat labyrinthian his mind was be wildering in its range and complexity. Later generations molded his thoughts into their own and the nation was be sieged with Jefferson's idea of democ racy. Every man was becoming his own Jeffersonian. This, according to Peter son, "was due not only to the enigma of the man, but also to partisan mem ories and to some mysterious attraction that caused men in every generation to interpolate Jefferson in their 1 i v 1 n g worlds." Peterson's book makes it clear that Jefferson towers in modern history be cause of his great vision into the future. His ideas and ideals were addressed to the future, they were impregnated into the life's blood of a growing democracy and they injected both contention and strife into the internal realm of the nation's heart. "As history extended his life far into the future, Jefferson was fated to endure these struggles a n d agonies." B y B I B L E R The Campus . Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press EDITOR ..................•.........••... Michael Foerster Managing Editor . • . . • . . . • . . • . . . . . . . . • . . • . . . . . . . Raleigh Mann News Editor . . . . . • . • • . . . . . . . . . • • • . . . • . . . . • . . . Pat Pulkrabek Advisor ......•..•..•.•.....•............... A. T. Scroggins Deadline for copy ts 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Mondav edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. Crews Start Building Three Shaw Festival Sets By DIANE BELLAMY of the Campus Staff Saws are buzzing and ham mers are pounding as the backstage crews start build ing the sets for the Shaw Festival plays. Three sets were designed by 22-year-old student Her bert O'Dell. These are the first sets he has designed for the TA. O'Dell designed and built the sets for The Visit, performed at the Falk Thea tre last November. O'Dell has also worked on set designs and lights for a professional summer stock company over a period of four summers. He has been doing summer stock shows since he was 15. At USF O'Dell has de signed and operated lighting effects for Streetcar Named Desire and U.S.A., 1963 pro ductions. Many will remem ber him for his excellent per formance as Barker and the Indian judge in Man With The Oboe presented last se mester. Each of the Shaw Festival Plays is placed in a differ ent period of time-the 1890s for Man and Superman, the 1920s for You Never Can Tell, and the present for Don Juan in Hell. Scene shifting is made dif ficult by the fact that a dif ferent show will be per formed every night between July 13-29. Instead of having to take down a complete set every night, the crews only to take some pieces of scenery out and put others in. Seven sets will be used in the three shows. As yet they are only renderings or color drawings. Help Needed O'Dell emphasized the fact that people are needed for such backstage w o r k as building, painting, costuming and lighting. He added that the people who are interested need not be experienced but Act II Stage Set for 'You Never Can Tell' must be willing to pitch in and work. "Crew schedules are available in the Theater Box Office," said O'Dell. "We're working days as well as nights so that people can work whenever they're able. If they can't find the time now, they can always come during the actual perform ances and work on make-up and properties." Th I • I Cinema 00 ogmn n 1 'Think Young' Is for Those Don't. TH!NK I Coffee Hour IDl By ALLAN J. BURRY told. HIS bits m this movie Will certamly do I) N Campus Movie Critic to further his career. Paul. Lynde plays. his :: Tomorrow For Those Who Think Young is a movie for partner, and is funny, even weak d Dr. John von Rohr, theo logian in residence, will be guest speaker at the All University Coffee Hour to morrow in UC 264-65 during the free hour. * * * Sport Shorts will feature the film, Sun Valley Time, tomor row at 12:30 p . m. in UC 167. Lunch may be eaten while w a t c h i n g the film, which shows action at Sun Valley during the four seasons. * * * UC committees will sponsor a beach party, a watermelon fest, and a street band dance this weekend. The beach party will be at Fort DeSoto Park Saturday, .Tune 20. The bus will leave the uni versity at 9 a .:fll. and return at 5 p.m. The price is 50 cents for resident students and $1.50 for non-residents. Students must sign up at the UC desk by Wednesday, June 17. The free watermelon fest will be on the same day at 7 p.m. on the east ramp of the UC. The free street band dance will follow the fest and will be held in front of the UC from 9 to 12 p.m. Dress is casual. * * * Cape Fear, a suspense film starring Gregory Peck, Rob ert Mitchum, and Polly Ber gen, will be shown Friday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in FH 101. * * * Anyone interested in partici-pating in the billiards tourna ment which begins June 22 must sign up at the UC desk before Wednesday, June 17. * * * Dance lessons will be of fered during the free hour Wednesday in UC 47 during trimester lliB. Registration is 25 cents, and students can enroll at the UC desk;. New Program A new program, Stars of the Summer Night, is being presented at the Planetarium. Curator Joseph Carr an nounced that the USF Plane tarium will be open throughout the summer. Sponsors and chairmen of science clubs, women's clubs and other groups of at least 50 people can schedule spe cial programs weekday morn ings or afternoons by calling the Planetarium office (988-4131, extension 580). The general public is invited to attend programs Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and also should make reservations. Since the USF Planetarium was opened in March, 14,500 persons have attended lec tures there. Because of the busy sched ule which has included as many as eight programs a day, some groups have had difficulty in p 1 a n n i n g pro grams at convenient times. Carr invited these g roups to schedule summer programs. g those who really don't want to think at all. Stand Bob Denver has !rappe_d himself m his r?le ing firmly in the noble tradition of Beach Party, of Maynard from Dobie Gillis. If has W Muscle Beach Party, and,_ eyen maybe Return else to offer, he would be well-advised to try 1t. of Muscle Beach Party, this ts about a group of . M college students who go to the beach, twist, surf, But, even a movie as mstpid. as this can party, and drink Pepsi (since they're thinking have a good moment. Ellen McRae 1s a new face [j m young, you see). to me, and a one. a lot like m Familiar Plot Doris Day, but 1S much qUicker: With a gag or E James Darren is the male lead, and sings facial contortion. She plays a sociOlogy professor the title song. He is the rich, spoiled who wants. to tp.e where :Woody works, f:l who is reformed love of v1rtue, her "mvesbgab?n makes a J.oke of a. sub@ played by Pamela T1ffm. familiar? . Ject that South Flonda students fmd devoid of Eiji Wo?dbury, comedtan, humor. . . . M makes hts moVIe debut, gtvmg some segments For Those Who Thm_k Young IS, m sum, as ij! @ of his routines , cleaned up appropriately, I am flat as last week's soft drmk. Lecturer Notes Dream Value By GERRY HERMS of the Campus Staff Dr. Robert Van De Castle, member of the Miami Insti tute of D r e a m Research, pointed out last Tuesday that "the dream is the purest in stance of a psychological pro jective test we have." Van De Castle , in a lecture before a small but wide-awake audience in FH 101, compared the dream to a blank screen, saying "present psychological projective tests are limiting in that the images presented are too restrictive t h e y already look like something." Van De Castle said that in a dream, the dreamer creates a total subjective projection of attitudes and subconscious drives and anxieties. He stated that "barriruz ex ternal factors such as room temperature or restrictive clothing, the dreamer is the sole creator of the subject matter of the dream, thereby Best Books On Display In Library An exhibit of the best new library books of 1963 is now on display in the basement of the library. The exhibit, composed of 849 books, is aimed at readers from the seventh through the twelfth grades. The book s will be on d isplay until .Tune 26. The collection is a i m e d mainly at high school librar ians, teachers and people in volved in teacher education. Its purpose is to make the latest book material from all over the country available to those interested. T e a c h e r s from seven counties have been invited to visit the exhibit. The collection includes a wide range of topics, from books on space capsules and missiles to a history of D-Day, and are books that might be included in a young person's personal library. ' making a more honest and less limited projection." Dr. Van De Castle added that everyone dreams every night, with 20 per cent of the sleeping time spent in dream ing. He said, "One hour after falling asleep we start our first dream this lasts about 10 minutes. Thereafter our dreams increase in length during the night by about five minutes each dream pe riod with about 90 minutes of dreamless sleep b e t w e e n dreams." He stated that the f i n a 1 dream in the night's cycle might last as long as 30 min utes and occurs during the pe riod of deepest sleep just be fore awakening. The lecturer explained that in the studies he is currently conducting in Miami "the lab is nothing more than a house with all atmosphere of ex perimentation removed." Van De Castle said this VAN DE CASTLE made the lab subjects more relaxed since the house had as much of a home-like en vironment as possible. Hancock., Taylor Winners Golf Tourney Over By CHARLES ENNIS Campus Sports Editor Ward Hancock and Spafford Taylor won the Staff Golf Tourney held at Apollo Beach with identical scores of 71. B e f o r e handicapping, the scores were 96 and 81 respec tively. Jack Cargill won the hole in-one contest by placing his ball eight feet four inches from the pin from I75 yards away using a three iron. Cal Lewis took top honors in the longest drive contest with a swing good for 231 yards into the wind. The lowest score, but not a prize winner, was recorded by Dr. Richard Bowers with an unhandicapped 78. ... * ... Cratos & Independents shut out Alpha III East 5-0 Tues day, June 9, to dance off the softball field waving the In tramural Pennant. Alpha III East managed three hits while short fielder Dave Brewer led the Cratos attack with two safetys. Rod Lindsay drove in the winning run. To be commended for their performance are Bill Keck, shortstop, and Gene Jones, pitcher. Both men are Cratos brothers. • ... * John Pluta and his blister are holding up the play-off of the IM T ennis Tourney's ch ampionship game. Richard Wehr, his opponent, has ap proved the postponing until the blister heals. * * * Entries for trimester IIIB slow-pitch softball competition are due no latel' than June 24. Anyone interested may pick up entry blanks from the IM office. There is also hope for an open golf tourney between stu dents and faculty to be held in IIIB. Dates will be announced as they are available. Schedule Of Events, Bulletins Monday, June 15, 11164 AU Day Student Book Ex change ............... UC 219 All Day Art Exhibit ............... 108 2:30p.m. Senior Accounting ...... 215 3:00 p.m. International Film sponsored by stu. dent Association Internanational Exp. Committee 47 6:30p.m. Gold Key ................ 215 7:00p.m. Student Association Executive Council •...... 221 7:30p.m. KIO ..................... 213 Tuesday, June 11, 1964 AU Day Student Book Exchange .•.......... UC 219 All Day Art Exhibit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 12:20 p.m. Sport Shorts .......... 167 8 1 :25 p. m . All University CoHee Hour-Dr. Von Bohr .. .264 Sports Car Club ........ 202 Sailing Club ........... . • . 221 Photo Club ............... 2Z3 Charm Course .....•.••... .47 3:30p.m. Southern Bell T&T Interviews ................ 221 5:00p.m. Slges ...•..•••.••...•.... 200 5:30p.m. Verdandl ................ 223 6:00p.m. Tri Sls .................. 202 7:00p.m. Paideia .................. 213 7 :30p.m. Fides ...•...••....•...... 200 8:00p.m. Cratos .................. 2Z3 All 17, 1984 Exchange •.......... UC 219 All Day Art Exhibit .............. 106 1 :25 p.m. Coffee HourOpen -Or. Von Rohr .......... 264 Coffee Hour-Open-Busi ness Administration Club Young Democrats . ...... 204 Literary Society ......... 205 Christian Science ........ 215 Water Ski ............... 223 3:30p.m. Program Council ...... 214 ThursdAy, June ]8, 1964 All Day Student Book All Day 1:25 p.m. Coffee Hour-OpenOr. Von Robr ...... . ... .264 SFEA ................. 213 UC Personnel Committee 214 UC Special Events Committee . . . . ... ..... 215 International Student ouanlzatlon . . ........... 223 BridJ!e Lessons .......... 108 2:30p.m. Southern Bell T&T Testing . . ................. 221 6:30 p.m. S\udent AssociationLegislature . . . . ....... 47 AU Day 19 ' 1964 ............ UC 219 All Day Art Exhibit .............. 108 7:30p.m. UC Movie "Cape Fear" ........ FH 101 Saturday, June 20. 1964 9:30a.m. Fort DeSoto Park Beach Rally Leaves from UC 7:30p.m. Water melon Fest East Ramp of UC AU Day Art Exhibit . . . . UC 108 Sunday, June 21, 1964 All Day Art Exhibit ... UC 108 10:30 a.m. Wesley Foundation ..... 47 6 :30p.m. Weslev Foundation .... . . 226 7:30p.m. UC Movle-"Cape Fear" ........ FH 101 NOTICES WORK-STUDY HAS OPENING FOR FALL-Th e USF Work Study Program has a number o l openings for students startlnt with trimester I, Sept. 1 . Open Ings exist for majors In: Accounting, electrical englneerinl(, education, bl ology, math, chemistry, plus general buslne!JS administration. Students should be advised to see Mrs. Nee!, Work Stud y O!lice, AD 282. Cmnselors Needed Prospective upper c 1 ass counselors for freshman ori entations may pick up appli cations for the position in the SA office, UC 218. Library Gallery Exhibit 1 Almost Repellent1 By BETTY LINTON Campus Art Critic Color and geometric design, the most obvious elements of the art exhibits in the Library Gallery, combine with texture to produce h u g e paintings that are almost repellent. All of the works, painted by Hans Hoffman and his stu dents, use vivid colors-such as red, yellow, orange, green and blue-with little restraint, on large canvasses, in both ab stract and realistic manner. Out of the Rockies, one of the most beautiful of the col lection, makes excellent use of color with a style much like a Japanese print. However, as excellent as some of the paintin gs are, others seem to be m e r e 1 y great masses of color. Having no title, many are almost im possible to e v e n specu late about, Others, although completely abstract, do seem to capture a feeling of movement. A Mo-ment's Insight and Within the Temple have movement and life. Circle No. 3 produces an unusual effect with the com bination of all rectangular shapes on a circular canvas. The painters' ability to con vey mood simply through combinations of colors is al most amazin g. The pastel paintings seem peaceful and relaxed; the paintings using vivid co lor s e e m alive and moving; and the darkcolored paintings con vey a feeling of coldne ss and melancholy. All of these artists seem wholly aware of the great power of color, and their u se of color makes many of these paint ings outstanding . Another aspect of the col lection is the individuality of each painting. Although the artists all studied under Hans Hoffman, each is stylistically uniqu e and each painting is distinctive. The paintings will be on ex hibit until June 22. f' , , Coed Examines Modern Art in Library '


Radio Summary WPLA-t'!ft a.m., Flair Reports at 11:25 a.m., 1:25 Jlfewat Networll ntPOJ'U 011 tile !lour, a.m. and 6:30 p.m.; In Hollywood, 12:30 local on hal!hour. World Newa, 7:40 a.m.l p.m .• 3:25 p.m., 7:25 p.m., 9:25 p.m., 3-Star Extra. 6:45 to 7 p.m.; Chet Huntley 10:211 p.m. '1: 30 p.m. Mondaya: I.asues and answers, 11: OG THE TAMPA TIMES. Monday. June 15, 1964 OFFlCIALLY CHARTERED ORGANIZATION on TV Anti-Commercial League Growing Monitor, Saturday at 10 a.m.-Noon, p.m. p.m.mldnlsbt. Sunday, 4:30 to 6:30 Classtoat M u •I o: Concert Hall, 8'05-By '1'ERRENCE O'FLABERTY ious, repetitive and overly sug-or any other commercial prod-question was -how much did I Featuru: Traffto Watch, 2-mlnute re-WALT 1110 Tonight Tuesday THERE'S AN organization gestive. uct and participation by the the commercial cost the tax• &;b ":i'id Sporta: One mwut;at 25 minutes past LIMITS, known as The League Against One of the league's recent proj-Coast Guard does not constitute payers? 6,W0 Mllt Jimmy Fidler. 5 minutes .Put ht e, 9 a.m. (13). "THIS SIDE OF Obnoxious TV Commercials in ects was to investigate the reendorsement. The general public * * * WDAE-wo bour. WALT Beach Party, Saturtlal/8. • mar l t 1 ta ' THE LAW," an imposter, paid Brentwood, N.Y., and it Is grow-cent Timex Watch commercial information policy of the Coast "WORLD Communications" a Nen: 10 minutes of CBS world new• 1-4 p.m. capturfed mi an n et:P anet rhy by a lawyer to impersonate a ing in strength. Recently it was where a United States Coast Guard, consistent with those of new s u r v e Y published • by 5 minutes of WLCY-1380 war ace nterroga ton ec h te ed ffi . I th ed f f th U 'ted Weather: Special reports at 8:25 ud News• 5 minutes on nall hour 2 miD ' f arthly cunning w althy lient finds his decep c ar r as an o Cia Guard plane a Coast Guard o er arm orces o e DI UNESCO, reports that for the 9:15 a.m .• 6:15 p.m. utes, to' past hour. ' mques 0 une e c ' -profit educational organization. launch and Coast Guard per-States, embraces co-operation first time more than half the 8 p..:U.?':!4 :.:. Repeat. tion fools even the rich man's It puts out a quarterly news-sonnel w e r e shown assisting with commercial advertisers world total of television receiv .. Calmer, a p.m. weather: 10 minutes before hour. HOLLYWOOD AND STARS, wife. (1950). letter devoted to the premise! John Cameron Swayze prove provided certain protective stip-ers is found outside the United •• 9:30 p.m. (8). "On Location: The that fresh and imaginative com-that his boss' product won't get ulations are met. States, which still leads other :_=;;. a.m., Open Mike, 10 p.m. Nthightt of thte Igukanaan.'d' pFlialymsinoaf 9 a.m. (8). "JOY OF LIVING," mercials can sell just as effec-wet or stop even after being "Among them are provisions countries with 94 per cent of Moore, 11:35 a.m.; Roger Bennett, 11:45 e s ars a wor . tively as ones that are obnox d d b h t t th homes equipped with sets Japan p.m.: Woman's World, 1:30 p.m.; Edlth M i u R t Irene Dunne and Douglas Fatrroppe Y a parae u e ID o e to insure that no classified inHead, 2:30 p.m.; Mike Wallace, 3:30 Ne.,..: On the hour anc! balf hour. l"uul ex can Vl age. epea . water To me and many readers th b di 1 d follows with 13 million sets 95 p .m.: Sidelights, 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m.; 15 minute report at 5:15 p.m. BREAKING POINT 10 p.m. banks Jr. m a melodrama about S I t• A : . formation be ere Y vu ge ; . , ' Eddy Arnold, Walter Cronkite, 7:30 Features: Swap and Sell, 9:15 a.m.. 0 • 0 0 a va I On rmy of thls c 01 u n the l;nctdent personnel are not inconvencent of ASia_ s .total, and p.m.; Pat Boone, 7:35 p.m. Daisy Mae, 11:25 a.m. (38). Lillian Gtsh and Walter an actress and her parasttlc seemed inconsistent wtth the ienced; that our cooperation is 127 of regiOns 170 tele-Weather: bour and bali Pidgeon star in a story of an family. (1938). Fund Drive dignity of the armed forces. incident to, but does not intervtsiOn transmitters. reports a& 12'05 p.m. and r,;J Report w then "It appears to be a blatant ere with normal or training op-In Africa, 45 countries are as New•: tO-minute reports, 5 miDuteo Sports: Five Minutes of sports, Monday agmg actress re uses o accep 1 p.m. (38). "EASY LIVING" TopS Goa 1 disregard for taxPayers' erations; no monetary compen-yet untouched by television, and before the bour. thru Friday, 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.-th d th f her husband Re • 2 I b BpeelaJ Interest: Breakfast Club, 9 Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and e ea 0 • starring Victor Mature and . . money," charged the LAOTC . sation is authorized; and that no the1r 1 ne gh ors operate only 5:30 p.m. peat Operation RelocatiOn has lev"H h d'd t t th t t t t 'nf b d fledgling services concentr tin., Weather: Quarter past each hour, Lisabeth S c o t t . Professional 1 d ff i t th ilin ow muc 1 1 cos e ax s a emen or 1 erence e rna e , a .. Sch I Off atso 20 of hour 6-9 a.m. and 4-6:30 p.m. SING ALONG, 10 p.m. (38). . e e. o n o a smoo -sa g payers?" that such products are used by main 1 Y on educational pro-00 s er WTMP-1150 The Singing Sisters, a choir of gets into fmantoward a new SalNo less person than the As the Coast Guard to the exclu-grams. E t C I News and weather: Five minutes Dominican nuns are spec i a 1 ctal d1ff1cultles because of his vabon Anny citadel and an . t t S ta f th T sion of other similar products • X ra asses Tracy Collins. 11 guests. (Color, ;epeat.) demanding wife. additional building to be conIn the instant case these I FRANKs TV I I R d • 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. structed from $251,079 con • , n ea 1ng Sports: 7:25 a.m. Monday through tributed in a final tally lunch "Of course the Coast Guard Is were met. RC..4 Color For Leu Two special reading courses, Friday. . WPLA-!IIt T I • •. p eon in the drive. not promoting Timex Watches Yes, but Mr. Secretary, the 1625 E. Broadway ph. 247-1792 eeVISIOn rogroms ricshment, are included in this hourJY, at of the army's citadel and dorOPEN DAILY 9 t 6 p M S 1 6 summer's 11th and 12th Months Weather: u a.m. and 12:20 p.m. 5WFLA-TV WTVT WSUNTV WEDU-ETV mitory created a need for new 0 • .UO. to Program offered by the county's r1eopoortsf thdeaUyh.ouAlsor. hourly, at 20 T T St p t b Tampa-St. Pet. structures and the drive for Obann:fP• NBO ...... annea11111J!a "BS Chann' eele38-n "'Jc public school system Supt J Features: The Mary Jim . Everidge 8-'"' ..-... ChannelS funds to build them with a goal • News dally 12:30-1 p.m. Tbe Jun Maloy . Crockett Farnell reported today. Rock Show weekdays 3:30-5 p.m. Manion Monday EvenlnCJ of $250,000 set April 23. The developmental or enrich-Forum Monday 11 ' 45 a.m. In seven weeks of solicitation, I:OC)-The Big Newo Pulse Jlfewa At!C Eve. Report Sunshine Alm'ao d ment program is open to stu-Radio Stations 1:15-The Btg New• sporll, weather News. Spts., wth. Armchair AdY. contributions range from $1 to dents in grades seven through 8:3C)-Huuttey-Brinkley Newsoo()ronklto Kingdom ol Sea Am. Perspective $20,000, inclUding unsolicited 1:45-Huutley-Brlnkley News-crouklte Klnrdom or Sea Am. PerspecUn twelve at nine centers: Cham-WFLA-FM _ 99 • 8 Me 7:00--Moment or Fear Mnto B td J EJ z 1 D 1 gifts, E. D. Witham of Fund berlain, Hillsborough, Jefferson, = 7:15-Moment ot Fear Movie EJ:!:; z::1: Raising Associates, said. King, Plant, Plant City, RobinWTUN-FM 88.9 MO 7 ' 3C)-Monday Movie . ::;l: Outer Limits Peopte-Ptaeea Thanks were expressed yesWHY AY son and Turkey Creek High WTMP Jll.TM.!l 1110 KC ::::: Mo•to terday by Carl D. Brorein Jr., • Schools and Man Junior High WHBO 1050 KO WSOL 1noo KC 8:15-Monda,Movie Moole Outer Llmllo Heritage campaign chairman; Col. Harold WINQ 1010 KC 8:3C)-Monday Movie MoTte Waron Train African Wrlteu • School. It will run from June WEST COAST STATIONS 8:45-Monday Movie Movie Waron Train African Writers Stout, Salavtion Army state COMPLETE ROOMS $ 22 through July 31 and is lim= = 9:00--Monday MoYie Danny Tbomaa waron Train PerapeeUn• commander, Jacksonville, and ited to 105 students per center. = = Hugh Macfarlane, advisory The C 0 U r S e may n 0 t be WILZ 1590 KC WYND 1280 KO 9:41;-HoUywood Stars And:r Grllflth Waron Train PeropecUveo board chairman. counted toward graduation, Co= 10:00-Sing Atone (e) E. Side/W. Side Breaking Point Children Grow The tally announced yesterday Ordinator J 0 r g e G a r c i a exWSPB 1450 KO WTAN _ 1340 KC 10:11;-Sing Along (c) E . Side/W. Side Breaking Point Children Grow is not a final total. Following WAZE 860 KC WTRL _ 1480 KO 10:3C)-Sing Along (e) E. Side/W. Side Breaklnr Point Social Security plained. It is intended to train WDCF -1350 KC WYAK-FM-102.5 MC 10:45-Sinr Along (c) E. Slde/W. Slc!o Brealdng Point OfHhe Air were the divisional totals as of students in such skills as rapid 1l:OC)-Big News . • NEedwl•torlat ABO News Off the Atr yesterday: Advance gifts, $178,-T PI 11:11;-Tonlrht Show (e) , WSUN News Off the Air reading, VOCabulary develop-eens an 11:3C)-Toulghl Sbow (c) Boarlnr 20s Scieuee Fldlou Off the Air 300; special gifts, $25,167; gen• ment, comprehension and inter11:45-Tonlrht Show lcl 201 Science Fiction Off the Air eral gifts, $ 8 , 773.; ad vi 8 0 r y pretauon and reading study. To Egg, board, $38,225; ctubs and or-There will be a registration fee 1%:3C)-Toutrht Show (ol Blghwar Patrol otr tbe Air Off the Air ganizations, $814. of $1 for the course. Th E t It 12:45-Tonlrht Sbow (o) Blrbway Patrol Ott the Air Off the Air The remedial reading pro-en a Tuesday Moming gram for children who have AIKEN, S.C., June 15 (JP) &:OQ-Off the Air Summer Sem. orr the Air 5-Pc. DINffiE SET 1 O-Pe. BEDROOM SUITE 8-Pc. SOfA SUITE Firestone 10001. Pure FoamF11ll 4-lnc:h BOX SPRING and MArrRESS Full or Twin SIN Both for only •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• completed the third grade but If the egg five Aiken teen:t: • have not entered the seventh agers plan to rocket into 6:45-Good Mornlnr Farmer, Paotor ou the Air is o p e n only to students re-s p a c e doesn't end up like 1:00--Today Good Day ott tile Air Off the Air orr the Air Otrthe Air Of! tbe Air -• Improvement Group Meets The Hetghts Community Im provement Association will hold another in its series of panels tonight on neighborhood self help in blight fighting. ROCKERS ••• • . • • • • • . . .. . • ferred to the course by their Humpty Dumpty, they plan schools. It is designed primarily to scramble it. 1:45-Today Good Day orr tbe Air to improve basic reading They fired a horned toad &n Mrs. Doris Stalnaker, coor IDanamed George to 2 _ ,000 feet 8:3C)-Today CaJ>t . .cangaroo ort the Air t 'd 8:45-Toc!ay Capt. Kangaroo Off the Air or, sat and returned him safely Sat-The course runs from June 22 urday. through July 31 and 22 differ ent school centers in the county. 9:00--Mornlng Movie Mornlnr MoTte 9:15-Mornlnr MoYle Morntnr Movie 9:SC)-Mornlng Movie Mornlnr Movlo TV Movies Tonight 'I p.m. (13). "THE L E F T HANDED GUN" starring Paul Newman. Western drama, about the events of 1880, that made an outlaw out of B i 11 y the Kid (1958). 7:30 p.m. (8). "NEVER LET ME GO," starring Clark Gable and Gene Tierney. American newsman attempts to rescue his wife, a beautiful Russian bal lerina, from behind the Iron Curtain. Now, the five, ranging in age from 13 to 15, want to send a rocket a few thousand feet higher with an egg as the payload. The three-stage rocket car rying George performed beautifully with stage two ignit ing at 500 f e e t and stage three at 1,000 feet. Doug Hazard, one of the rocketeers, said the egg will go up in a four-stage "bird" and "if it comes down un broken we'll eat it." 9:4&-Mornlnr Movie Mornlnr Movie 10:00--Momtnr MoYle Mornlutr MoYle <• 10:45-Worll For Word (e I Love Laor La Lanne Sbow La Laune Show Price Is Bl'ht Price Ia Right 11: 00-ConcentratloD 11: 1&-ConeeutraUOil 11:3C)-Jeopardy (c) 11:45-Jeopardy (c) The McCoys GeHhe Meaaare The 1\tcCoya Get tbe Pete aud Gta4ya Mlnlntt: Links Pete and Gla4:ro Missing Llnka Tuesday Afternoon Impreulon (c) Pulse-New• Fatber Knows 12:1&-lst Impression (c) Weather-Mkta. Fatber Know• 12 :SC)-Trnthoo()onseq. (c) Se.rch Tomor•w Tenn. Ernie 12:45-Truth-conseq. (c) Guldlnl Licht Tenn. Ernie 1:()C)-The Btr Newa Love of Life 1:1&-The Bhr Newo Love of Life 1:3C)-Doble Glll11 A• World TUrDI 1:45-Doble Gillis A• World Tarn• 2:00--Let•s Make Pauword %:1&-A Deal (c) Password Home Theater Dome Theater Home Theater Home Theater • • 2 :8C)-The Do cion House Party WinS RecognitiOn !:&-The Doctora Bouse Party Home Theater Rome Theater Day ln Court Darin Court Oft the Air Otr the Air Otr the Air Off tbe Air Off the Afr Ott tbe Air Otf the Air Off lhe Air Offtbe Air Off the Air Oft the Air Off tbe Air Oft the Air Oft the Air Off &be Air Ott tbe Air Off the Air orr the Air orr the Air Ott the Air Off the Air Ott the Air Off the Air Off the Air ori the Air orr the Air Ott tbe Air Ott the Air Off the Air Ott the Air Off the Air Ott the Air WE FIX Parts $595 TV Service Byron Howes, 10605 Carrollt:: ::::1::: wood Drive was recognized at the annual University of Illi---no is concert band banquet last 4:15-The Match Game Score& Storm Trail master Gardener • • In yo11r home--or no c:hai'CJe Ph. 87 6-2634 week. He was among 42 students who earned the right to a concert band p endant for 6:15--Mtcke:r Mouoe 011111 Woody W'dpeck'r Htrb Adventure What•• New maintaining a B average in band : 1::::: courses throughout the year. Pro1rama Are Aa Furnlsned B7 Tbe Btatlons-(eJ..C::olor the thrifty way on United coach United Air Lines offers thrifty and convenient nonstop coach service to Atlanta and Pittsburgh ••• no-change-of-coach service to Buffalo, Charleston, Cleveland and Rochester, too. Service to many other northern cities via convenient connec tions in Atlanta. Enjoy the economy and savings of United's low coach fares. For your reservations north, call United Air Lines in Tampa at 876 5102, in Clearwater at 446-8851, in St. PetersUN/.,.1/:!Q burg at 896-3626, or see your Travel Agent. I _., THE NATION'S L ARGEST AIRLINE /KNOWN FOR EXTRA CARE 111111' • I • • Large Table 4 Chairs large Table 6 Chairs • • The meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. at the recreation room of Tampa Heights M e t h o d i s t Church. Persons from other areas besides Tampa Heights interested in planning to pre vent the start of blight are invited, officials said. SOFA BED & CLUB CHAIR Both ssaaB For The agenda will include de tails of planning for the widen ing of Buffalo, Lake, Floribras ka, Columbus and Kay streets for east-west arterials in con junction also with the express way. BUNK BEDS COMPLETESPRINGSMATTRESSES Sister Loretto Mary will tell of plans for the present St. Jo seph's Hospital, and business men will discuss prospects for the blocks paralleling Florida Avenue and Tampa Street. BALLOON NOTES GIMMICKS 1201 FJ.ORIDA AVE. OPEN NIGHTS & SUNDAYS OFF STREET PARKING Ph. 935 THIS IS THE TOTAL DOWN PAYMENT! vONLY 36 MONTHS IN TAMPA DODGE A DART W PHONE ---------------229-2671 I nE. I ,,


.. . ... "' .. ' .. \ . ' ... .. GrT cooL PROTECT YOURSELF! HOW? INVESTIGATE! Are you planning on Installing a CENTRAL air-conditioning syatem In your home, office, plant or church? These are some of the steps you can take to protect your interests. 1. Do business only with a properly licensed contractor in ac cordance with Tampa's NEW mechanical ordinance, The mechanical permit he must obtain will insure that your In stallation wlll be inspected by city personnel. %. Obtain in writing a one-year nmchanical guarantee. 3. If ductwork Is a part of the syatom, discuss It In detail with your contractor. NO AIR-CONDITIONING INSTALLATION IS ANY BEnER THAN ITS AIR-DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. For a list of members, sent to you without obligation, write: P. 0. Box 2210, TAMPA, FLORIDA. A SWEETHEART OF A SYSTEM $ ' LEADER IH AIR COHDITIOHIHG COMFORT e FURNACES e AIR CONDITIONERS e ALL SEASON UNITS When You Buy for a Lifetime Buy the Best! ].m. lBnmJlJlJ eb. AUTOMOTIVE AIR CONDITIONING 905 EUNICE 910 ST.l PHONE 229-0082 If you haven't got the FACTS* about Peoples Gas System's high-performance, low. cost residential and commercial installations for ATURALGAS h. {.0) or to us! * New low rates now make it cheapest as well as best! 81-RITE Appliance Buddie Bi-Rite Says STAY AS ' COOL AS COLD WATER BUY THIS Air-Conditioner FOR $ 00 End that Problem With a New 19&4 GENERAL • ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONER We Offer ••• Quality, Dependability and a Staff of Trained Personnel to Help You Deter mine Your Cooling Needs! "Thinline" AIR CONDITIONER 6 ,000 to tt,300 BTU e 13,000 BTU e New GE Filter Blower e Washable Air Filter e Air Exchanger • Automatic Comfort Control • Big Living Room Cooling e Quiet Operation NEW 1964 .. THINEnE .. ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Installs Quickly With $119QS Built-in Side-Closure Panels e Fits Most Windows TOP VALUE STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE PIONEER "Wfl Service What W:e Sell'' TAMPA AT WASHINGTON PH. 229-1951 $16 PER MONTH . Installs A Ci)UALITY Ford Air Conditioner in Your Car! At • e e Let ••• WHILLOCK WIRE YOUR HOUSE FOR AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIAAL' EASY URMS I "' PHONE: CONTRAenNG 935-3806 SPEEDY 2-WAY RADIO FREE ESTIMATES LOWEST PRICES ALL WORK LICENSED AND SERVICE 16512 Florida Ave. BONDED! BEDROOM AIR CONDITIONER * The ideal balance of cooling and dehumidifi cation for sleeping comfort! * Instant Installation Model RF604B e AIR CONDITIO ......... Now you can enjoy cool, QUIET com . fort, even in large living areas-thanks to this revolutionary new air system perfected by G-E engineering! The an noying noise is gone, but you still get :the performance you need. Automatic i Comfort Control; Air Exchanger; wash able air filter. EXCLUSIVE! As Low As $1.25 Weekly GOOD/iEAR SERVICE STORES DOWNTOWN NORTH GATE BRITTON PLAZA Morgan & Twiqgs 9222 Florida Ave. 3813 S. Dale Mabry Ph. 229-0821 Ph. 932-6166 Ph. 831-1891 GENERAL ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONER Gianr 23,500 BTU Capacity For the handy man-Special Low, Low Cash & Carry Deals! Free Estimates on Complete Installation 20" Bubbleway BOX FAN NOISELESS HIGH PERFORMANCE AIR CONDITIONER REMOVES 50% MORE* DIRT, DUST and POLLEN AIR YOU BREATHE *OVER PREVIOUS MODELS MATCH YOUR ROOM DECOR ••• choose from 7 beautiful decorator fronts. Changeable front panels available in modern fabrics and simulated wood finishes . COOLING CAPACITIES from 6,700 to 16,000 BTU /Hrs. • Automatlo Thermostat a Speelal V•ntilatlon Control a Puohbutton Controls e AdJu1table Full Circle Grilles a Advanced Air Stream out an a Tilt Down Frontt e Ganvanlud Stf!el Contruc:tlon PRICES START AS LOW AS See MO.LLY COLUMBIA Music & at the Appliances 1416 r. Broadway Ph. 248-2159 HERE'S A REAL BARGAIN Call ... 935-8268 For FREE Home ESTIMATES Air-Conditioning We Service All Home Appliances Air Conditioners-Wash,rs-Ranges-Dryers * The only Dry Bottom Air-Conditioner *A Fan Motor that runs Under Water * 15/o Less Noise *Rust Resistant * Built especially for Florida Weather * Exclusive Comfort Guard *You can Pay More but you can't Buy Better 2902 TEMPLE TERRACE HWY. 935-8268 . .


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