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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 117 (June 22, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 22, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 117 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1964 Summer Trimester Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS In Education Graduate VA Team Seems Program Begins Confident of USF Some 132 graduate and special students are enrolled in USF's first graduate pro gram begun this trimester (IIIBl. The program for elementary school teachers is a 36-hour non-thesis program. Med • ICa I School Another Collision in the Theater Parking Lot The Falcon, right, driven by Marcus Hook, entered the TA parking lot Friday morning and struck the Triumph, driven by Lynwood Thomas, bounced off, and struck again. Florida Highway Patrol of ficials termed the accident "unavoidable," and charged neither driver. Thomas and Hook were treated at the USF health center and released. Ac cording to USF Superintendent of Security James Garner, many of the campus parking lot accidents are caused by drivers exceeding the 10 mile-per hour limit.-(USF Photo) SA Change Constitution Of the number registered some seven to eight out of 10 are in-service teachers. How ever, the sequence features a flexible advice and counsel program which accommodates . students with diverse back grounds. The program has en rolled students specializing in fields such as reading and supervisory work. According to Dr. E I m o Moretz of the college of edu catioq a number of staff changes have been made, but no one has been brought in specifically for the master' s program. The program is divided into four parts; the process core, the liberal arts core, special ization area, and seminar in curriculum research. The process core Is de. signed to assure competency in the areas of l'listorical, philosophical, and psychologi cal foundations of education, measurement, and research. The liberal studies core is to give students an under standing of four background areas of liberal education; social issues, physical world and society, language and society , and cultural social pattern.s. The specialization area is designed to assure a mastery of the subjects the Individual will teach. Seminar In curriculum re search will give insight and critical evaluatilm of the historical, traditional , and new approaches to content, methods , and materials in selected curricular areas. Dr. Elmo E. Moretz of the college of education s aid, ' The college has been grati fied with enrollment, and tbe quality of students Is quite high." Anderson SHOPPING FOR bargains in the student as sociation book exchange are coeds Norma Harper and Betty Linton. Waiting on the potential customers is Rick Rumrell.-(USF Photo). In the Fall Leading Lawyer Joins BA Faculty One of the nation's most out, standing business law professors and a leading specialist in man agement and marketing will join the College of Business Admin istration faculty this fall at the University of South Florida. In Concert Sunday Fine Arts will present Dr. Professor Harold F. Lusk, wh.o Everett s Anderson bass in a has been a member of the Indl concert 8 :30 ana faculty for 33 June 28, in FH 101. years, Wlll teach law at Dr. Anderson will present the USF:d past Lusk Morell following numbers: Invocazione pres! an as e many Di Orfeo from m us i c drama other. P 0 s t s In the mittee of the Academy of Man Euridice by Peri; Si dolce el Busmess Law Assoagement. The student as s ociation leg islature last w e e k pa ssed unanimously a resolution sub mitted by basic studies repre sentative George Thomas pro viding for a committee to pre pare revisions and amend ments to the SA constitution. sion s of doubt running ram pant through the student body as to the need for constitu tional revision," according to Thomas. and two representatives elect ed from each college by the representatives thereof, with the advisorship of the Dean of Student Affairs or his designate, is hereby appointed for the following purpose and with the following dutie s: tormento by. Monteverdi; Preach Clatlon. Professor L u s k holds A.B . , Me Not Your Musty Rules by His textbook , Business Law, J.D. and S . J .D. degrees from Dr. Arne; Il Lacerate Spirito Principles and Cases, is being the University of Michigan. His tiona! revision; from opera Simon Boccenegra used in approximately 130 colmany publications, in addition 2 . To prepare and present . leges and universities across the to three textbooks include ar to the legislature , not later than the first meeting in Sept. 1964, a draft of consti tutional revisions and amend ments as reflected by the above investigation .... " nation , including the University ticle s in law journ'als, business of Pittsburgh, Indiana Univer publications , sections of ency sity, Rutgers University, Univer clopedias, chapters and mono sity of Virginia and University graphs . The resolution comes in the wake of "expres ' slons of doubt and rumors of expres-The resolution provides "that a committee of repre sentatives, to be known as the legislative committee on stu dent government constitution, to be composed of a chairman 1. To investigate the needs and considerations of the stu d e n t government constituThe T h o m as resolution, (Continued on Page 2, Col. 3l More Campus News, Editorials on Page 2 of California at Los Angeles His many honors include pres

I THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 22, 1964 1-"'-Campus Edition Editorial Page Revision: It's About Time In last Thursday's meeting the stu d en t association legislature unanimously passed a resolution appointing a committee to prepare revisions and amendments to their constitution. It is about time. Resolution 13 says there are of doubt" about the need for constitutional revision. We don't doubt it for a minute. Several times in the past our edi torials have pointed to the need for a new constitution which would be free of the ambiguities and vague phrases in the present docu ment. We would prefer a constitu tional convention to be held in the fall and made up of representa tives of all campus interests. But this democratically structured com mittee appears to promise a di versity of views. Also encouraging is the clause which asks for student body partici pation in aiding the committee in its investigations. Our suggestions for constitu tional revision include: • Provision for a student judi cial branch which has long been discussed, dropped and discussed again. • Specific length of terms of office for SA members. It is yet Book Review to be specifically mentioned in the constitution. • Appointment of treasurer and secretary instead of having them elected. These are jobs which require special knowledge and past elected officials have proved in capable of nandling the duties of these offices. • Correcting the semantics of the constitution and eliminating such catch-all phrases as "unless otherwise stipulated" which bring up enormous problems in inter pretation. But most of all we hope this committee will not burden itself and the student body with a cum bersome document. Let's keep it simple and to the point. * * * A major responsibility now falls to the greater portion of the stu dent body. Many of us have sat back comfortably and grumbled about the weaknesses and ambigui ties of the SA in and this unfortunate constitution in pat= ticular. SA leaders want those com plaints articulated in public ses sions, toward building once and for all a strong and coherent con stitution. Our responsibility is to now make our wishes known or be quiet about it and stop complaining. Dean Fisher's Book Worth Reading By GRETA KMARm DIXO:S plies accepting the disciplines and habits Campus Book Critic College Education as Personal De velopment by Margaret B. Fisher and James L. Noble, (Prentice-Hall Inc.: New Jersey), 1960, 375 pp., illustrated. "To be a student implies, first of all, being a self, an individual, a person dif ferent from others." With this idea in mind the authors of College Education As Personal Development strive to im press upon the students that their col lege years are for the most part the main stepping stones to independence and maturity. THE BOOK is divided into three dis tinct sections and deals with the student as self, as a member of the academic community and as a n adult. It is an in spirational commentary and explanation which goes far beyond the formal and techmcal copy found in most volumes of thisnature, for it dwells on the educa tion of the whole person-emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Yet the authors are not so preten tious as to claim their work says every thing there i s to be said about this subject. They do, however, attempt to lay a solid foundation of knowledge in this field for their readers; a necessary starting point for further and deeper study, experiment and practice. THE AUTHORS make it quite clear that their volume describes only the student's general style of life, out of which an individual way of life develops. What makes a student an individual, he himself must supply, for the writers make no attempt to do it for him. "Each student," they feel, "must seek to un derstand himself and his college by di rect experience and observation." This of course, they continue, "ImL I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s of college study . . • it means working with faculty members." In summary it means accepting self-responsibility. AN IMPORTANT ingredient of this book is its humor which allows the au thors to make sane, but witty comments on sometimes all too serious parents, professors, and students. The subject matter of College Edu cation is gleaned from many sources, although its pages are not cluttered up with footnotes and references. T r u e, their are references given. but the au thors have shoved them to the back of their volume under a special section titled Notes. As for footnotes, they are there, with their needed knowl edge, but they have for the most part been incorporated into the body of the text. Likewise, for easier reading, sub• titles have been skillfully used through out the bOok and provide the reader with a series of pegs, upon which to hang the memory jn the study of the text. THE VERY NATURE of this work suggests that it is not a book w h i c h should be thrown away at the time of graduation, but rather a friend to be taken along by students into their fields of action, to aid them in recalling and re newing the zeal and enthusiasm of their college days. For "personal development does not cease with college. College, rather, opens up a way of life in which the disciplines of scholarship can be ap. plied in a long and productive career." This work Is recommended as must reading for all students, parents, and those who in any way deal with aca demic life. One o f the authots of College Edu cation, Dr. Margaret Fisher, is dean of women at USF. I y I I B L E R The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Colleciate Press EDITOR .... ..........................••... Michael Foerster Managing Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raleigh Mann News Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pat Pulkrabek Advisor .................................... A. T. Scroggins Deadline for copy Is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following .Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. ' Sports Pluta Cops 1-M Title In Tennis John Pluta won the I-M ten nis championship last Thurs day, defeating P . E . instructor Richard Wehr 6-4, 16-14. The game had been postponed sever al days until a blister on Pluta's foot healed. * * * The softball trend continues as trimester IIIB's Slow Pitch Softball League is now being organized. The competition will be. hot as Cratos, UIA I-M champions, h a v e re-entered along with a much improved Enotas & Help. Staff effort has picked up steam and a group of science teachers attending a seminar on campus will be a strong con tender. This team placed sec ond in last year's IIIB compe tition. Any student or member of the staff may organize a team. Each team consists of 10 playPROF. PETER Wright teaches reading to two young Guatamalans in the small village of El Jocote. He, along with Thomas A. Rich, director of the developmental center, will study the effects of literacy in that country this summer.-(USF Photo ) Professors' Passports In Use University of So u t h Florida professors will keep the pass port office busy this summer. Professor Theodore B. Hoff. man is bound for Formosa to participate in an .Institute on Chinese Civilization at Tunghai University. The USF humanities professor received a Fulbright grant to spend July and August there. Two other Fulbright recip ients a t USF are foreign lan guage instructor Pat Porter and history professor Charles Ar nade. Mrs. Porter is now in Rio de Janeiro studying Brazilian poetry, and Dr. A r n ad e will spend eight months in Spain collecting Spanish documents on the early exploration of the southeastern United States. USF artist Harrison Coving ton has recently returned from several months In Europe under a Guggenheim Grant. ers and rosters must be in the • I-M office, uc 158, no later Evaluate Literacy Pro9ram Also returning to Tampa this summer will be USF speech professor Anthony W. Zaitz. He has spent the past two years in Damascus, Syria, on a U.S. State Department project. than Wednesday, June 24, at 4 . Professors Off to Guatemala Troph1es will be awarded to the winners. Persons interested in officiat ing softball games should contact I-M director Murphy Os borne at the I-M office, UC 158. Interviews for students in terested in working in the lM program are being held at UC 158. The qualifications are a 2.0 average and sincere interest. Contact Osborne, Ext. 474 for appointments. UC News Modern Jazz Concert Set Tomor. row The trio: Carl Goodspeed on piano, Phil Richards on bass, and Mark Morris on drums, will present a concert of modern jazz during the free hour tomor row in the US ballroom. The g r o u p has performed many places publicly, including Jazz Underground, St. Peters burg. * * * The Eddie Duchin Story, star-ring Tyrone Power and Kim Novak is the UC movie for the week. The film will be shown Friday, 7:30 p.m. in FH 101 , and at the same hour Sunday in theTA .. * * • A free stereo dance is planned for Saturday, 9 to midnight, in the ballroom. Brooke Cham berlain will be disc j o c key. School clothes will be in order. * * * Table tennis tournament en trants may sign up at the UC desk starting to d a y through July 8 for a tournament which begins July 13. * * * Girls of all ages are invited to sign up for the IIIB Charm and Self Improvement Course, and may sign now at the UC desk. Classes are every Tues day, free hour, in UC 47; reg istration is 50 cents. The next few c 1 a s s e wi11 cover wardrobe styling. * * * Those interested in taking dance 1 e s sons which begin Wednesday during the free hour in UC 47, may sign up now at the UC desk. SA Changes

PERSONAL INCOMES LEVEL OFF Good Times Sweet Turns a Bit Sour By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (IP)-A slowdown in the grow ,th of personal in comes for the first time in months is about the only sour note in the lilting chorus of good times. Most business news has been so much better than expected in the spring now ending that about the only worry has been: Is it too good to last? sent prior repayment claims when the weekly paycheck is up for distribution. The May figures for personal incomes put the total at a sea sonally adjusted annual rate of about $485 billion. This would be about $1.25 billion above the revised April rate, which at first was estimated to have topped March by $2.2 billion. One reason that personal in comes are expected to go on rising, at whatever rate, is that I the very business boom itself will generate expanded pay rolls. If all of the corporate plans for spending on new plants and equipment are car ried out, there will be new jobs and longer work weeks. Personal spending is the big gest bulwark of the economy. It is broader than either gov ernment or business spending. The steady climb in personal income totals has strengthened this bulwark. This in turn has bolstered industry and trade and above all has inspired hope that the general upturn will continue into the foreseeable future. And employment totals did go up in May to a record 71 million, with 81,000 new jobs in manufacturing alone. The Iac-GRAVES BECOME PRIVATE PROPERTY Cl.Anbd . perMsonal Tihn co m1 e dd_id tory work week was the 1ong• illegally placed graves show in view north toward Interstate 4. rm m ay. e on Y rsest and the overtime hours the appointment is that its growth highest for any May in nearty 'GARDEN OF PEACE' SEn'LEMENT NEAR was only about half that of 10 years. April. Available signs show Still another reason for ex-June pretty much like May. pecting personal income totals If 1\l:ay is a new trend rather to climb is that important labor than an exception the question negotiations are in the works City To Buy 2 Acres, 40 Graves becomes: Can personal con-this summer. And for all its By GARY BRADDOCK f th ld t" f th sumption expand enough, and concentration on J"ob securi•", 0 e 0 er por ron o e -and possibly more -were •.r Times Staff Writer "G d f p " c ff" fast enough, to justify all of the labor isn't easing its demands ar en o eace. rty o r-1 clearly on his property. high hopes on which business for higher wage scales, In most PLANT CITY City officials cials saw no need in platting After being informed of the now is basing its planning? industries some increase in hope to complete a land pur-this area, since virtually no survey, city officials decided As a bulwark for the economy hourly pay is considered a sure chase deal today that will place 1 personal spending can continue thing. at least 40 graves back within vacant P ots were available. that purchasing the half-acre to grow. It can reasonably So the worry if any about the legal confines of t h e The half-acre area in which would be the_ most sensible count on some gains in the the business c;cle isn't "Garden of Peace," Plant City's the 40 graves are located is im-move . the totals, even if at a slower pace. whether personal income and Negro cemetery. mediately north of the older secwould be VIrtually. impossible, Beyond that there is the inthe other factors in the econNegotiations have been In tion. becau_se_ a portiOn creased total of personal savomy will go on expanding for progress with John Neuner, lo. . are drstmgmshable and srgrufed ings which could be drawn a time at least, but how fast. cal investor, for about two by markers. upon to buy still more goods And particularly if the growth weeks to purchase two acres thts unauthorrzed extensiOn of The tract in question is more and services, if that's what will be fast enough to fill the of land immediately north of the cemetery when he bought a of a "Potter's Field," although people want to do. demands of a swelling popula-the cemetery. large tract of land bounded on some expensive tYPe grave . personal debts also are tion with ever higher goals for . vice president of the the north by an Interstate 4 are located there. nsmg. And these often repre-its standards of living. Frrst Bank, agreed to frontage road on the east by The maJonty the gr, aves: how accept the crty's offer of $2,400 Shannon on the south ever, are lndrcated by stmple, S F d d S h for. late last week, by the cemetery and the west small metal markers. The ears I e era te 0 w ofhcrals said. the Seaboard Air Line Railare undrs THE NEGOTIATIONS were oad. Because other graves may be Top Gains in Nation i n it i ate d immediately after HE DIDN'T HAVE a survey hidden by a deep undergrowth Neuner informed the city that made of the area before he of folage, city officials decided the graves were on land he re-closed the transaction. For that to buy two acres from Neuner. cently bought from a local matter, neither had the cattle-They hoped this would bring . By DAVE PAULY . !state Department Stores, pri group. group which sold it to all of the graves within the Ch1cago Daily News Serv1ce marily a discounter, both exHrs disclosure c am e as a hrm. confines of the cemetery. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 22, 1964 15 DIAL CIRCLE 7-0100 N.Y. Has Plenty of Hotel Rooms I NEW YORK, June 22 !UPDall over the country of people Bureau, a permanent organiza• "We have, right this minute, bewho complained, with justice, tion. tween 300 and 400 hotel rooms that when they got to the New Three years ago , when plans available, some of them in the York hotels where they had for the World's Fair were being heart of midtown Manhattan." made reservations, rooms just formulated, the organizers set And that, says Charles Gil-weren't available. up the housing bureau to act as lette, vice president of the "The reason for this," says a clearing house for all hotels World's Fair Housing Bureau, is Gillette, "is that many people in the Greater New York area the answer to the reports of a who already had rooms decided -which, for their purposes, shortage of hotel space in New to stay on and refused to vacate, takes i n a radious of 35 miles York City. thus leaving the hotel on the around Manhattan. The problem, says Gillette, is spot. not space but knowing where to " BUT," HE ADDS, "if these same people had called us, we could hav e gotten them rooms elsewhere almost immediately. look for it-and his bureau is the place. THE BUREAU lined up 380 hotels and motels , each offering good rooms and good food, with a total capacity of some 100,000 rooms . A TELEPHONE call to Circle 7-0100-or a letter to the hous Ing bureau at 30 Rockefeller Plaza-will bring the right i n formation to anyone already in or bound for New York t o visit the fair, attend a convention or just go sight-seeing. "Throughout the past two jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii weeks, there have been rooms available, at good hotels, at all time . Right now , we could take care of more than 300 people." There have been reports from The World's Fair Housing Bu reau is an adjunct of the New York Convention and Visitors • You can cover a 9x12 Room for the Heavy Weight FELT BASE 9 and 12Ft. Widths Terms Available NORELCO DICTATING E9UIPMENT Sales and Service AUTHORIZED DEALER DICTATING SYSTEMS CO. 4242 Henderson Blvd. Ph. 25'1-1346 CHICAGO _ ChicagG'.; Sears, ceeded Sears' and Federated's revelation to city officia ls,. but . Late last month, Neuner, de-The transaction is expected to F d ance, but fell far short on the The crty never had an en-It showed that at least 40 graves sian for action tonight. e erated Department Stores other indicator. gineering survey made of the are the nation's most profitable Penney earned 15.2 per cent tract in question, or for that department store organizations. on net worth in 1963, but only matter the older portion of the Yet the two retailing giants 3 per cent on sales. Interstate's "Garden of Peace." represent two completely difwere 14 8 per cent of FOR COUNTLESS YEARS, equrty, but a scant 1.3 per cent approaches to their their of volume. possibly extending back beyond Sears and Federated are actu-the turn of the century, Negro In fiScal 1963, Sears kept ? ally just about even on profits families had laid claim to tracts per cent rts as proftts. to sales, as they are on profits within the cemetery to bury s profits-on-sales ra-to net worth, if Sears' figure their deceased. ho was 4.7 per cent last year. is adjusted to include only profUp until a few years ago, the Sears' 1963 profits repre-its from its retail business. The city had no control over who sented 14.1 per cent of net I Chicago company had net in-acquired plots or the opening worth; Federated's equaled 14 come of $35,651,539 last year and closing of graves. per cent. from dividends and ''miscelBut in April, 1962, the city Using these twin indicators l laneous." passed a cemetery ordinance of earning power, Sears and Sears' profit-sales figure, taking over maintenance of the Federated stand in a class by without adjustment, in 1963 was cemetery. In addition to charg themselves. A Harris Trust & the same as in 1962. Federated ing a fee for tracts, an en Savings Bank study of 16 leadhiked its profits in 1963 from gineering survey was made to ing department store companies, 1 4.1 per cent in 1962. Sears' plat 188 lots in an area extend including Federated, shows these profits on net worth figure in ing 625 feet north of Spencer firms had an agregate profit-to1962 was 13.3 per cent, FedStreet. sales ratio in 1963 of 2.73 pe-r crated's in the same year was cent and profits-to-net worth 12.8 per cent. ratio of 9.83 per cent. Federated's proposed acquisi-The only other big depart-tion on Bullock's of Los Angeles ment store chair to achieve a won't affect its profit-to-sales 4 per cent or better profit on margin, but will lower its profit sales last year was May Depart-to-equity ratio. Bullock's earned ment Stores, with 4.2 per cent. 4.8 per cent of sales in 1963, J. C. Penney Co. and Inter-but only 11.5 on net worth. THIS IS KNOWN as the new section of the cemetery. No survey, however, was made Fourth Of July Plans Made By Jaycees New Model Stock Ticker Introduced Similarly profitable, Sears and Federated are dissimilar operations. PLANT CITY-The Plant City Sears has grown from within; Junior Chamber of Commerce Federated's main route to exhas completed plans for its an pansion has been through ac-nual Fourth of July barbecue quisition. supper and dance, club officials NEW YORK, June 22 fA'I Scars' forte is central buying announced today. The New York Stock Exchange for the whole chain; each of The celebration, to be held today introduces a streamlined Federated's 12 independent di-underneath the auction shed at model or the stock ticker, symvision does its own buying. the State Farmers Market, will bol of Wall Street for years. Virtually all of Sears' prod-begin with a dance for teen-The ticker, called the " 900," ucts are made under its own agers. The Stingrays will pro is designed to keep track of up labels; Federates sells the name vide music for this event, from to 10 million shares a day. It brands. 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. changes speed automatically Sears started out as a mail A barbecue chicken supper to keep pace with trading. order house and has built its will be served from 5 7 Stock tickers carry a running department stores one by one, o'clock by Jaycees, with mem account of the day's trading to or, maybe, three by three. Fed-bers of Theta Zeta chapter of . brokerage firms, banks, busi-erated was born by merger Beta Sigma Phi serving cake ness firms and news media. and has grown that way. Of and coffee for dessert. Stock prices are printed on course, the various Federated The evening program will tape. divisions have expanded within begin at 7, with Paul Bradley The ticker replaces a box-like themselves. and his Country Ramblers pro-model in use since 1930. The Federated came to be in 1929 viding music for square dancing first new unit was installed at when three famous merchants until midnight. Dick & Merle-Smith, the excombined: Abraham & Straus The Jaycees have been span change's oldest member broker-of New York, Filene' s of Boston, soring the supper-dance several age firm in New York. and F. & R. Lazarus of Colum-years to encourage area resi-By October, the exchange exbus. Ohio. dents to stay off the congested pects to have replaced 3,800 The chain added other big highways over the holiday weekTickers in the U.S., Canada and names as time passed, includend. Europe. The tickers are oper-ing Bloomingdale 's, also in New Tickets may be purchased ated jointly by the exchange and York , Shillito's in Cincinnati and from Jaycees and are available by Western Union telegraph. the Boston Store in Milwaukee. at the First National Bank and Existing tickers print about Most recent additions were the Tampa Electric Co. office. 500 characters a minute. The Rike's of Dayton, Ohio, an d new tickers will print up to 900 of Memphis, both characters a minute. acqutred rn 1959. Sears, of course, also is in C '8" • • the catalog business, while Fed-ampus ICJWICJ erated is. . strictly a department NEW YORK ruPD -Largest and specialty store firm. Sears' academic building on the Cocatalog sales of about $1,180, lumbia University campus is the 000,000 (The total is $5.1 billion) S c h o o I of Engineering and are greater than Federated's Applied Science, which marks total volume, $932,777,286 in its 100th anniversary this year. 1963. !he 15-story structure, contain-From a smaller base, Fedmg 55 laboratories as well as erated has increased its profits classrooms, w a s dedicated in 129 per cent in the last 10 years 1961 as the first unit of an en-to $43 , 700,000 compared with gineering center also to include gain in earnings of 85 per cent a research centei and an 18-to $261,00,900 by Sears. Fed story tower wing as funds be-crated's 10-year sales gain is come available. 86 per cent, Sears' 73 per cent. .. Y & CO. ,. . . . _.:;GROUND FLOOR-MARINE BANK , BUILDING .. ,. :_.. .. MEMBERS . Mrs. LBJ Gets Painting By Marine Artist WASHINGTON , June 22 (UPl) -Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson has received an original water color by marine artist Winslow Hom er for the White House collec tion. Donation of the p a i n t in g, "Surf and Prout's Neck," was announced over the weekend. It was given by Mrs. George Brown , wife of a Houston, Tex,. businessman and a prominent art patron. Mrs. Brown is also a member of the Committee for the Preservation of the White House. A seascape of Maine in 1893, the painting has been put up in the west hallway on the second floor of the executive mansion. It is the first Homer work to be placed in the White House. 1 THE DEPENDABLES: SUCCESS CARS OF '64 How to be a hit with the misses The answer, obviously enough, is to become a 1964 Dart owner. For thi s young-at-heart beauty is winsome-and then some. Take 1964 Dart styling, for instance. Handsome, dashing, suave, and far from stuffed shirt. Here' s a car anyone could love for looks alone. But let's go on. Inside, leather-grained vinyls are every bit as soft and supple as they appear. And how many other compacts can you name that offer a choice of standard or bucket seats, carpeting on the floor, and engines ranging from a Mobil Economy Run winning Six to a new V8, 273 cubic inches strong? Maneuverability and response? You bet. We'r e talking Dart, aren't we? Oh, yes. There's one other thin g about Dart that the ladies really appreciate. It's called dependability. And it carries a 5-year/50,000-mile warranty.* So, if you want to be a hit with the misses, see your Dodge Dealer . But hurry, t h e r e are bound to be many other fellas with the same idea. "HERE'S HOW DOOQE'I lYUR, 60,0110-MILE ENGINE AND DRIVE TRAIN WARRANTY PROTECTS YOU: Chrysler Corporotion confidently worrants all of tho following vital parts of Its 1964 cors for 5 yurs or 50,000 miles, whlchaver comes durin& which tlmt any such parts that prove defective In material and workmanship will bo or repaired at a Chrysler Motors Corporation Authorized Dealer's place of business w ithout charge for such parts or labor: engine block, head and Internal parts.lntakt manifold, water transmlssron case and Interna l parts (excepting manual clutch), torque converter, drive shaft, universal JOints, reor axle and d lfferenllal, and rear wheel bearings. REQUIRED MAINTENANCE: The following maintenance services are required under tho warranty-change encino oil every 3 months or 4,000 miles, whrchtver comes firsl; replace oil filter every second oil change: clean carburetor air filt e r every 6 months and rep It every 2 years: and every 6 months furnish evidence of th i s required service loa Chrysler Motors A uthorized Deoler and request h i m to certify receipt ol such evidence and your car' s mileage. Srmpl e enough for such Imp o rtant protection. Compact Dodge Dart DODGE DIVISION 0 CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION Our Golden Anniversary is your golden opportunity! Come in and see the Dependables! ---------------SEE "THE BOB HOPE SHOW," NBC-TV. CHECK YOUR LOCAL L ISTING.--------------1 ...


... Let ••• WHILLOCK WIRE YOUR HOUSE FOR AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRiftAL' EASY TERMS I '-' PH' ONE: CONTRACTING 935-3806 SPEEDY 2-WAY RADIO FREE-ESTIMATES LOWEST PRICES ALL WORK LICENSED AND SERVICE 16512 Florida Ave. BONDED! .. thinette" ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS • Extra-Low Noise Level • 10-Amp Operation e 115-Volt Circuit • Built-In Side Closure Panels e 4,000 B.T.U. Capacity 00 e 7.5 AMP. OPERATION e 7300 BTU'S OF QUIET OPERATION e 115 VOLT CIRCUIT ONLY 1.50 WEEKLY! $ 7 900 Terms As Low As s2.2S WEEKLY G:OOD/iEAR SERVICE STORES DOWNTOWN NORTH GATE BRtnON PLAZA Morgan lr Twiggs _ 9222 Florida Ave. 3813 S, Dale Mabry Ph . 229-0821 Ph. 932-6166 Ph. 831-1891 GENERAL ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONER Giant 23,500 BTU Capacity ............. For the handy man-Special : 8t SIIA To Sot... • Low, Low Cash & Carry .• = ......... _: Deals! :W II'\.VI'lA!W!I -"-! Free Estimates on Complete : ONLY oooo.oo : Installation : Model RP204A : STAR APPLiA.NCEs .............. .. 8436 NEBRASKA AYE. Installed on most American ears FAMOUS .A.R.A. MAKE lnc:l. Labor, lnstollation Double Cage $27000 Blowers Ret9. We work on all makes-We guarantee our work 932-7555 J .. J.-.... LINCOLN-MERCURY, Inc. './J.lJ.l.Jl/L "Your Transportation Center of Tampa" p . * LINCOLN *MERCURY *COMET. ' Florida Ave& Henderson Phone 229 1964 NOISELESS HIGH PERFORMANCE AIR CONDITIONER REMOVES 50% MORE* DIRT, DUST and POLLEN AIR YOU BREATHE *OVER PREVIOUS MODELS MATCH YOUR ROOM DECOR ••• ehoose from 7 beautiful decorator fronts. Changeable front panels available in modern fabrics and simulated wood finishes. COOLING CAPACITIES from 6,700 to 16,000 BTU/Hrs. • Automatlo Thermostat e Advanced Air Str.,.m e Special Ventilation Design Control e TlltDown Frontl e Oanvanlzed Stool Contruction PRICES START A$ LOW A$ Every Operating Part Except the Washable Filter is Fully Guaranteed for Five Full Years! See MOlLY COLUMBIA Music: & at the Appliances Ph. 248 ER MONTH corcal? End that Problem With a New 1964 GENERAL • ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONER We Offer ••• Quality, and a StaH of Trained Personnel to Help You Deter• mine Your Cooling Needs! FREE HOME SURVEY ••• NO OBLIGATION "Thinline" AIR CONDITIONER 6,000 to 9 , 300 BTU e INSTANT INSTALLATION e ROTATOR AIR DIRECTORS e WASHABLE AIR FILTER "SUPERLINE" TO 23,500 B .T.U, EASY • • • EASY TERMS e Big Living Room Cooling e 13,000 BTU • New GE Filter Blower e Washable Air Filter e Air Exchanger • Automatic: Comfort Control e Quiet Operation NEW 1964 "THINEnE" I ' • THE TA!\IPA TIMES, Monday, June !!, 19U What have you got to lose?* Check Peoples Gas System's high-performance, low-cost installations for NATURAL GAS * New low rates now make it cheapest as well as best! HELP YOURSELFJ It's Yours For The Asking! WHAT IS? COMFORT ••• Comfort in Your Home, Office, Plant or Church BUT-BE SURE YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR! Eaeh year improperly designed or Installed CENTRAL aireon dition i ng & heating systems are costing Floridians hundreds of thousands of dollars. The West Coast Refrigeration lr Air Conditioning Contractors Association you to take these steps for your protection: 1. Deal only with a properly licensed contractor. 2. Ask that he take out CJ meehanieal permit. 3. Buy CJ nationally advertised produc:t. 4. Determine if repiCJeement parts are readily available. 5. Obtain in writing a one year mechanical guarantee. For CJ list of members, sent to you without obligation, write P.O. Box 2210, Tampa. WHOLE HOUSE AIR CONDITIONING e BANK FINANCING e FREE ESTIMATES e IMMEDIATE SERVICE Jm tB.o.wMlJ eJJ. 2611 DELEON PHONE 877-8391 Installs A QUALITY Ford ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Installs 9uickly With $119 g INSTALL -&SAVE! I Air Conditioner in Your Car! At • • • Built-in Side-Closure Panels 5 Enjoy Cool Comfort While You Travel FEDDERS AIR-CONDITIONER 4v000 to -24,000 BTU'S HIGH VELOCITY, COOLS MANY ROOMS $13 gss WITH (1) to (2) TON _ UNITS. PRICED FROM ... WITH QUITE LOW COST OPERATION. SLEEP COOL TONIGHT WITH A NEW FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONER. FRANK'S TV & APPLIANCES 1625 E. BROADWAY PH. 247-1792 4 . $ e Fits Most Windows 8 CLIMATIC-AIR $199 plus UNITS Completely Installed at tax HURRY, HURRY-WHILE THEY LAST TOP VALUE STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE YEAR 'ROUND SALES AND SERYICE ON ALL MAKES PIONEER AUTOMOTIVE "We Service What We Sell" AIR CONDITIONING TAMPA AT WASHINGTON PH. 229-1951 905 Eunice Ph. 229-0082 HURRY-HURRY-HURRY 9,000 BTU ADMIRAL AIR CONDITIONER Sorry, Only 20 Vnits Itt Tlds Prwe! • • 88 e COOLS UP TO 9,280 CU. FT. e CYCLE AIRE MOVES BALANCED COLD AIR FROM ROOM TO ROOM APPLIANCE.CO. 2902 TEMPLE TERRACE HWY. 935-8268 *Pric:e includes normal thru the-wall instalfation, no wiring. Model 1904 ' D I


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