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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 123 (June 29, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 29, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 123 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 29, 1964 . Summer Trimester Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS UC Features First Free Family Night Program C. SHAW SMITH • • • magician University Center and the TA will swing out Wednesday evening with four a'nd a half hours of free-wheeling entertainment aimed for the first time at married students, staff couples and their families. UC's prograJ? council is calling the free-of-charge affair Family Night. Tickets are available at the UC desk. Highlight of the program will be Saucy Sorcery, an hour-and-a-half magic, music and comedy show in the TA beaded by traveled magician-humorist C. Shaw Smith. Featured will be his wife Nancy providing musical background, and the five young Smiths . Before the show, the evening is to be loaded with planned activity of family ap peal, beginning with dinner in the South dining room at 5. The children's special at 50 cents includes chopped steak, whipped potatoes, string beans, fruit ade and ice cream. From 6 to 7:30, the children will be en tertained with story hour and cartoons, ele vator rides, tractor rides and a baseball bat ting machine; parents may try their luck or skill at free billiards and table tennis in the recreation room. The two to five year olds may be left with expert baby sitters in UC 47. The Saucy Sorcery program at 8 will show the musical, magical and mirthful tal ents of Shaw Smith Jr., Curtis, Nancy, Gra-ham and Mary Mig Shaw who range in age from 15 to 41/2 years. "At each performance we vanish one young Smith into thin air-which is always more difficult than using thick air," claims the senior Smith. This is the fourth annual junket for the whole family following a 1961 summer tour of colleges and universities that took them into 20 states from Carolina to the Grand Canyon and the last two summers' treks from Pennsylvania to Minnesota through the Great Lakes region and into New England. Actually in addition to using rabbits, doves and the like, the Smiths use the chil dren to "ride a broom into space," vanish SA Committee Submits New Constitution Plan Faces Key Issues Athletic Council Organizes Revision Resolution Vetoed Firm Will Match USF \ from a suspended position in full view of the. audience, appear from a doll's house which moments before was shown empty. and "do the things that it would be difficult for rabbits to learn without formal school ing," says the father. "Frankly, we think the show is cute, corny and friendly-and is quite seriously designed for entertainment that the campus family can enjoy." Most of the Smith's entertainment back ground has been slanted toward adults. This year's version of Saucy Sor<;ery is meant to appeal to college and university students first, with the whole campus-faculty, mar ried students, and total family groups-in cluded. ' Last Day To Apply Today is the last day to ap. ply for a degree for trimester III alld IIIB.


Of SA Constitution Veto Won1t Stop Revision The SA president's veto of R13, a to establish a legisla tive committee to look into consti tutional revision, has stirred up questions of whether the student association will ever revise or change its constitution . But there was nothing else for Bob Ashford to do . The resolution .was out of order. The bylaws spe state that all matters con cerning constitutional revision must be brought up in the legislature jn the form of bills, not resolutions. The veto will not create a stum b1ing block, however , because plans are being made to submit a new constitution to the legislature in the form of a bill. Once this new plan is read to the legislature vice president Ron Johnson has prom ised to appoint the same legislators to study this constitution (in bill form}-provided for in the now vetoed resolution. This is fair. The committee is structured so that it will have rep resentation from each college. It has been suggested that the executive committee also meet with this legislative committee and both can jointly study the new con stitutional plan. We don't think this is a good idea. First, the executive commit-tee is made up of the people who wrote the proposed constitution. Secondly , since this new constitu tion will be in the form of a bill under consideration by the legis lature, it will still be solely a leg islative matter. And it can be construed that combining the committees is an attempt to stack the vote in favor of the new constitution, since its founders (the executive committee) are unlikely to vote against their own plan . Instead of combining both com mittees , we would like to see the legislative committee alone tackle the problem , per haps holding hear ings on the constitutional idea and inviting the members of the execu tive committee to appear. We realize that the drafters of this new plan should be given op portunity to defend it and these hearings would aff.ord them and any other student this opportunity. * * * One word of caution . Interest is high over this new constitution. Maybe it isn' t so much having a new constitution as it is getting rid of the old one . And so there is the tendency perhaps to grab on to this plan for lack of a better one at the moment. We hope this will not be the case. 'Burden and Glory' Best Volume On John F Ke edy treaty, the civil rights revolution, • nn the big steel retreat, the Alliance Off h P for Progress , the Berlin Wall. It t e resses is the dramatic story of how a man By GRETA KMARIE DIXON answered the enormous responsiCampus Book Critic bilities of the Presidency. The Burden and the Glory by SINCE PRESIDENT Kennedy's John Fitzgerald Kennedy, edited death last November, we have read by Allan Nevins (Harper & Row: of his idealism, of his humor, of New York) 1964, 277 pp., $4.95. his eloquence and of his style. Numerous books have been pubThese are the characteristics of The lished and reissued during the last Burden and the Glory. In putting several months in memory of late aside all emotional overtones, this President John F. Kennedy. One book is an impressive and inspring of the best volumes to come off the reading experience. press so far is The Burden and the Said President Johnson in his Glory, containing selections from foreword, "No book will have a more President Kennedy's writings. . treasured place in my library-no THIS BOOK is a testament to book will be opened more often. For the SP,eeches and statements of John Fitzgerald Kennedy are Manuscripts Lost Manuscripts submitted for a summer issue of i . e . have been lost through conditions b e y o n d their control say its editors. They are asking those people who submitted manuscripts to re submit the work and also for new submissions from students. among the richest legacies he left us." IN THE YEARS that lie ahead, long after our golden image of the man has tarnished, we will want to return and recapture those years in which our country was lead by a youthful and vigorous President, we will want to reassure ourselves that nostalgia has not tricked us that John Fitzgerald Ke nnedy was a great man, more than a hero in shining armor and that he was our President. The Burden and the Glory will help us then, in future years, to see our President as he really was-a young man complete ly dedicated and deeply involved in the issues which faced a country and a people he loved. President Kennedy, an eloquent history of his call to grea t ness. It is the history of the :(>ast two years, as seen by and wntten by John Kennedy in his speeches and state ments. It is the story of the missile crisis in Cuba , the nuclear test ban ..--Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June Z9, 1911-l Editorial Page L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s I y B I B L E R , USF Music Department ! Of Student Health Center Concludes Workshops A w ell-known choral director and an internationall y a.c-> claimed p ianist conducted c horus and p i ano workshops he l d a t USF last week. I of C olorado . A composer and arranger, he has edited seve ral : choral s elections and books. 1 The c horus workshop , d i r e cted b y Dr. Gordon Johnson t =-== was t a u ght b y guest conductor !mig. T h rou g h d i scussion and 1.;.,i,.:_:. demonstration , he taught cho ral s t yle and int-erpretation. F ifteen students were enrolled in the workshop whic h in cluded fu ll and sectional rehearsals, p r i vate and class voice lessons, small ensemble sessions and classes in musicianship. THE GROUP heard lectures by USF faculty members Jame s E nix and Dr. Samu e l Miller . Guest speaker J a mes Ki B iggers, head of the music department at St. John' s Episcopal Chur ch , s poke about the Bach Boys Choir. USF Master Pil\no Teache r Jacques Abram conducted th e :1. piano wor kshop for f ourteen students . The program included discuss i ons on piano literature, private lessons and master class sessi ons i n which the participants performed for each other and receiv ed c r i ti cism from Dr. Abram came to USF from the University o f Toronto where he was Artist Teacher and Head of Piano in the Royal Con serva tory . He has made exte nsi ve concert tou r s and has bee n so l oi s t with approximately seventy major symphony orchestras in North America and Europe. Cinema Hit Incorrect Diagnoses 1Chalk Garden1 Superior Film ' (Continued f rom Page. 1) fnur judges. All will be s tuden ts. Function of the discip linar y :will be t o handl e all di sc:ipllnary a c tion on camp u s . .Jurisdiction The organiza ti onal court w ill bave jurisdiction over d i sputes between individuals a nd organI • , t.r MARTIN GERBER follows throug h on a shot in the UC pocket billiard• tournament s till unde r way. In this g arne Gerber was the winner, defeating Skip Caldwell. (USF photo) ,..


lY CHAMBER DIRECTORS Maki Park Development Backed Cavalcade of GIRLS In Gorr;eous LIVING COLOR Staf'Mftlt-TfMPtsTSToRM Plus 2nd Big Nudie In Color ing a dinner sometime in Au to honor area students for athletic and scholastic achieve ment. PLANT CITY-The General Services Administration h a s f i 1 e d a condemnation s u it against a local businessman to acquire his property for a park ing lot for post office patrons. It was announced by Con gressman Sam Gibbons' office in Washington that the federal agency will let a contract about the middle of July to demolish a structure on the tract and to pave it. C. B. Nuckols, Gulf Oil Corp. distributor, said he was served with papers by a GSA repre sentative last week, informing him that the suit was filed in federal court June 23. Nuckols refused the initial offer for the property at 309 W. Reynolds St., on which a service station is located. Elmer Kay, who operated the station, closed it last week after being informed he was to vacate the premises by Tuesday. Faces Are Hidden The proposed parking lot will accommodate from 13 to 15 cars, it was reported. FREE PARKING I Midnite Shows AIR COND. Fri. & sat. Tuaregs, or "blue men," a no madic tribe of western Africa, keep their faces covered with veils leaving only the eyes vis ible. Florida State Theatres A1111.:01'tDIJIUiitiJ PALACE JAM,. I\ ' ZACI STS. 12't '}00 DOORS a OPEN ' s .. ::;.,.,, ' 'tr HAUEYMILLS , H ILLS BORO DRIVE-IN 1UllS8011D illHICOlN IIIDAD 2 BIG HITS If You Remember "Mr. Roberts" You Wo.n't Forget 'ENSIGN PULVER" Tochn a color ....... . . t . . Parking has been a problem for post office patrons for many years. T h e r e are only five spaces available in front of the facility on Reynolds Street, and three on Wheeler Street, imme diately east of it. Freak Traffic Mishaps Kill 3 in Virginia RICHMOND, Va., June 29 fA'l . -The law of averages had to be stretched to include the freak occurrences that took three lives in traffic crashes over the week end in Virginia. Winfield Corns Grigsby of S t e e 1 to n, Pa., was return ing Sunday to his brother-in law's home in Washington, Va . , where be and his wife Lucille were vacationing. His wife was driven out to meet him. The two cars collided on a blind curve. Mrs. Grigsby died instantly. William Henry Brown, 39, of Petersburg, Va., was one of two men killed Sunday in a two-car collision in Prince George Coun ty. Brown was the father of 16y&ar-old Robert Brown, who died Saturday in a wreck Petersburg. Drive-In Theatre MON. 1lt45 N. Florida Ava. TUES. Open 6:3G-1st Show 7:45 PM Elvis Preslell "Kissin' CoiiSins"-color Dan Duryea "Walk a Tight Rope" ADMISSION 35c Box Office Closes 9:30 ]lul CALF e FINE STEAKS e COCKTAILS . 4422 N. ARMENIA AT BUFFALO Open 5 P.M. Ph. 877 SEE SILVER SPUR RODEO KISSIMMEE JULY 3 Ct.,.,l/1,.,. • ._ ....,_ CLUB cJI UA.1 u.pu. oi.Ll LOUNGE Danny Patt Kathy Seiber Dancing Nltely 'til 3:00A.M. Open 9:00A.M. 'til 3:00A.M. 2309 N. Dale Mabry Ph. 877.6406 .:cxxxxx:GRAND OPENING FESTIVITIES TILL JULY 1 OPENING TONITE! The FREDDIE CAMPO REVUE Direct from the N.Y. World's Fair 5 INSTRUMENTALISTS4 SOLO VOICES SEE THIS GROUP TONITE CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT HI 'TIL 3 A.M. Congress Inn 4636 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Ph. 877 Complete Banquet THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, .June 29, 1964 15 Trip on Broken Step Quaker President Leads to Death only Quaker to become LOS ANGELES, June 29 (All _ president was Herbert Hoover. Police say Charles Schaeffer, 76, ADVERTISEMENT went to his basement to fix a B • I I leaky pipe, on. a broken urla nsurance step, fell and h1t hlS h e a d against a cement then SoJd by Ma.ll collapsed, unconsc10us, m the three-inch-deep water from the y till b a1 'f' d 1 k g . . . ou may s e qu 1 1e ea m plpe. . for $1,000 or more burial insur-He was dead when h1s wife ance ... so you will not burden found him lying face down in your loved ones with your fu the water later yesterday. neral and other expenses. Tf\is NEW policy is especially helpfUl to those between 40 and 90. Only you can cancel your policy. No medical examination neces sary. ADVERTISEMEN'l' FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearers or !alse teeth have suffered real embarra.ssment because their plate dropped, sllpp811 wob bled at Just the wrong time. Do not llve In !ear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a llttle FASTEETH , the alkaline (non-acid) powder, on your plates. Hold false teeth more firmly, so they !eel more comtort &ble. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor breath". G e t FASTEETH at drug counters everywhere. OLD LINE LEGAL RESERVE LIFE INSURANCE ... No agent will call on you. Free information, no obligation. Tear out this ad right now. . . . Send your name, address and year of birth to: Centrlil Security L i f c Insurance Co., Dept. J-407, 1418 West Rosedale, Forth Worth 4, Texas. WANT ADS Pay Off Big TROPICS SERVING FINE FOODS 'TIL 1 .A.M. PRIME STEAKS AT THEIR BEST FROM $2.65 UP-COCKTAIL LOUNGE 301 S. DALE MABRY PHONE 877-6911 STARTS TODAY! Sunday Noon to 7 P.M. PRICES ON THESE AIR CONDITIONERS .INCLUDE • 5 Years Warranty on Sealed Unit • 1 Year Warranty on All • 1 Year Service and Labor • Free Delivery • Free Normal Installation • No Extras-No Gimmicks RCA Whirlpool AIR CONDITIONER Mod. ALM-085-20 Cools Up to 600 Sq. Ft. RCA Whirlpool 110 VOLT 8500 BTU AIR CONDITIONER Mod. ALS-190 220 Volts 18,500 BTU Cools up to 1250 Sq. Ft. RCA Whirlpool AIR CONDITIONER 220 Volt 23,000 BTU sa7ooo Cools Up to 1600 Sq. Ft. Mod. ALS-240-3 Admiral Chest Type DEEP FREEZER $ 450-Lb. Capacity ONE ONLY SUNRAY CONTINENTAL TYPE ELECTRIC RANGE e Double Oven with Glass Door e Built-in Units e Coppertane Color $2990 Next to Eastgate Shopping Center East Hillsborough Ave. at 22nd St. RCA Whirlpool AIR CONDITIONER $26 00 Mod. ALH-1 05 220 Volt 10,500 BTU Cooling 9500 TU Heatin9 RCA Whirlpool AIR CONDITIONER 220 Volt 14,800 BTU Cools up to 1,000 sq. ft. Mad. ALC-150 G.E. AIR COOLERS Complete with Roll-Around Stand Ideal for Bedroom or Nursery 350-Lb. Capacity ONE ONLY $ RCA Whirlpool 00 Deluxe GAS RANGE $14 00 e Glass Oven • Turquoise Color ONE ONLY Open Monday thru Saturday 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. PARKINGFREE and EASY . .:


16 THE TA!\IPA TIMES, Monday, June 29, 1964 LIFE BEGINS AT 40 Old Age Worry You? Take a 2,000-Year-Oid Tip By ROBERT PETERSON (1) Age weakens the mind. the pumps more useful than the it does indeed free us from much more triumphant and suevolume of Cicero's eollecte4 If you get disturbed about old Cicero says this just isn't so and old pilot who sits quietly in the youth's most vicious fault. " cessful than the young, for the works a t you r public library. age creeping up on you, take a claims those who continue to ex-stern holding the tiller?" He long life to which youth aspires . . . . . . (4) AGE BRINGS us to the has already been a t tained by IF YOU w ould like a book• few tips from Cicero. The tips erc1se therr mmds can retam says 1t 1s not by muscle speed end of life Ci'ce d' th ld 1 1 t " Th Ad t f G . . . . . ro ismtsses e e er y , e e van ages o row• can be found in "De Senectute," the1r mental faculbes up tu or physical dextenty that great this by asking what is more con-The foregoing is just a sam-i ng Old " write to this column a much-neglected essay which the century mark and beyond-things are achieved, but by ex-sonant with nature than for t he ple of the splendid geriatric in care of T h e Tampa T imes has been gathering dust among an observation with which most perience force of character and old to die? He1 say s death is l o gic you ' ll find in De Senectute encl os i ng a stamped, self-ad literary classics for the past mod.ern psychologists and physitragic only when it strikes youth. -th e full tex t of which you ' ll dressed enve lope and 10 cents 2,000 years. olog1sts agree. As for the comH . He asserts that the old are p r obably be able to find in a t o c over hand ling cos ts. 1 t tht ld b-e n By DR. FRANK MILLER ing? Also every night Squeaky Tlus gem of prose IS probably mon comp am . a e ers e . . DEAR DR. MILLER: o u r runs on the excercise wheel the brightest, most optimistic come forgetful Cicero responds Milo who, I t seems, was watch small mongrel pup, Geddown, and that squeaks and k<1eps me bit of reading you'll find in the brightly, " I ne':er heard of ing some youngsters training was a year old this month . We awake almost all night. What literature of gerontology. Alold man forgetting where he htd for a race. Suddenly Milo looked are very fond of her bllt she can I do?-R.B. though it sounds dull and scholh i s money." He goes on to say at his own shrunken muscles The Arts People1s Choice chews up everything she can DEAR R.B.: If Candy and arly, it turns out to be highly that the aged can remember and began to weep. Instead of WEDNESDAY-Film Classic, " G r eat NORTH HILLSBOROUGH g r en , Glenl! Marshall, No rman . . I • h t th t t b . . Mil t lk c Expectahons," W ill be s hown at the t stick her teeth into. Like bindSqueaky never have a male n \\ a ey wan o remem er. g1vmg o a pep . a Icero USF T heat er , at 8 ,30 p.m. This Is ROTARY CLUB Renshaw, trus ees. ings on the chair, or the chair mouse in the house they must this work Ctcero dtscusses the scornfully rebuked h1m for never Dickens' masterpiece. filmed in Eng-legs, or a knitted af ghan, or remain mouseless. Genuine four standard complaints of a ge, (2) AGE the having lifted himself in his in-land in 1945. Admission t o members James L. Baldwin, installed RUSKIN MEMORIAL POST linoleum or rugs magaz ine's old-maid mice can never have and then pulls the props out In answermg this complamt terests from the brute s trength of the USF F t l m Class t c s League. as Other officers: 6287 VETERANS OF FOREIGN even buttons and , a mop b aby mice. The easy way to from under each with cool, irrefCi .cer? asks, "Is the young o.r lungs and limb to l!Je crea-Art Exhibits Harry McDonald, v ice presiWARS dle. I have been told that this eliminate the squeak w.ould be utable logtc: climbmg the masts and workmg bve p leasures of the mmd. USF, Theater gallery: "Paintin g s b y dent; Donald Gould , secretary; Walter F. Radecki, installed might be due to a deficiency. to oil it-the wheel, that is. I don't see how that can be beSPARKY cause she doesn't miss a thing. WARNING .FROM A READER I've never heard of a dog with I would hke to tell you what such a varied diet. Is there happened m::' .son . It may WI-lY WAl-K?.,, MY DADDY MOBILE anything we can do before she save a InJury to. some GE:TS J.AS AND ! eats us out of house and home other child . He was trymg to -literally?-R.E. a Samarita_n and .he DEAR R. E.: The following pos. rescue? a With an, m sible causes for Geddown's , JUred wmg. Whtle he was carry consumption, listed in order of ing the bird home .it reached their probability are : (1) boreand pecked at eye. He dom (2) mineral deficiency (3) got gash his eye that intestinal parasitic infection (4) sewmg up the neurosis (5) gum infection. tor said another half htgh These causes may be interre-er would ha':e cost that lated. More a c t i v i t y f 0 r I hope story Wl_li teach Geddown, permissible chewchtldren that b1rd rescmng can abies and a check-up, could be dangerous.-J.D. combine to put a stop to this P .S. : The crow recovered and extracurricular chewing while flew away four days later. your house is still (relatively) COMMENT: The natural cu"IS STRENGTH," asks CiHarrison C ovington,". will g o o n display Cecil Bennett, treasurer; Larry as commander. Other officers: J u l y 2, for the remamd er of the month . cero , "so excellent a quality?" of July. Evans, sergeant a t -arms ; board Adolph M . Es_ser, senior v1ce He points out that not even the WEDU, 908 s. 2 0th s t . V ariety o f members: Dr. M. D. C l ayton, c?mmander; Yra Teets, juoi ol' strongest of us has the strength works by member s of the Palette Club Jack Elliott John B King Harvtce commander; Alonzo J, of a horse. "But," he asks, "are ' . Ma y, quartermaster; Vernon horses for that reason more exFrida y . man Wheeler elec t ed president Meredith, post adyocate; Fred• cellent than men?" He grants HARBOUR HOUSE E x hibition of of Presidents Roundtabl e of erick L, Van At ta, 'Chaplain; that old age is often lacking in brt Tampa. L. W . Townsend, trustee, great strength. "But," he points f .oward. On display June 21 to out, "we can take pleasure in • • • SOUTH HILLSBOROUGH Radioactivity Level the. that no-?e .is expected TAl\IPA ART INSTITUTE, 320 North LIONS CLUB of It. He also mSists we can Blvd, Exhibition of prints b y Jeffrey S . FRANKFORT Ky ,(A') D resist ill healtli and premature Kronsnobl e and students. Gallery open am HarriS, mst alled as pres• • e• Tuesday through Saturday fro m 10 . spite burial of 100 ,000 cubic feet loss of strength by practicing a.m. until 4 p.m. Also on displ ay: tdent. Other officers: Hiram o f nuc lear wastes at Maxe" . hlbitlon of photographs, from the-Vemce . . " moderate exercise and by tak-B iennial Gqld-Medal A w ar _ds o f tbe Green, 1st vtce president; W. E. Flats the radioactivity level in ing just enough f ood and drink Carothers, 2nd vic , e president; the ;rea is no higher than in. to maintain our bodies and not or Kenne t h Stoll, 3rd vice presi-the rest of Kent ucky, overburden them. • • • dent; Ray Reedy, -secretary ; State gave that re(3) Age depr ives us of physi:MJJNICIPAL ii1VSEUJ\t, at Tam a Art Janes, assistant secretary; por.t after examining the north• cal pleasures. Cicero takes Univers ity. Exhibition by J,tussell fi. John Balrre t , treasurer; Wen-eastern Kentuckysite• the first f th. tl b ] . R obtnson. Includes portratts. land d ll R . L' care o IS nea Y Y exc a1m-scapes and murals, GalierJ' open Mon e egis, Ion tamer; John burial' place in thenation for intact. riosity of your boy no doubt caused him to peer too closely 1----,,.--,----------------ing , "0 glorious boon of age, if 1 a .m. to 4 Fletcher, tail twister, Bill Sho radioactive waste. DEAR DR. MILLER: 0 u r at the bird, the most white mice (Candy and vulnerable part of his anatomy. Squeaky) are both females and A strange bird should always be we would like to know if they kept far enough away from the could have babies without mat-face to avoid such accidents. Mexico has bullfights and bargains and castles and cathedrals and frescoes and fiestas and mosaics and Mayans .and horse races and jai alai. And Jazz. Pan has the only Jets. No change of plane to Yucatan or Mexico City. Just $11 down, 172 hours up, and you're in Merida, Yucatan. Only $17 down, and less than 4 hours to Mexico City. Take your choice of the ancient or modernonly Pan Am can have you in either place so quickly. See astounding Mayan ruins in Yucatan. They rival ancient Egypt. Wander through temples, palaces, pyramids, and meet the white-clothed descendants of the people who ruled here fifteen centuries ago. Or make it Mexico City, where buildings come in mosaics, and the night life can start with the lilt of a mariachi band and end up in the wee hours to the cool rhythms of a jazz combo. Your round-trip Jet economy ticket from Tampa to Yucatan is only $105. Mexico City $164. Just 10% down gets you on your way-with the good feeling that comes from flying the very best there is. See your Pan Am Travel Agent or call Pan Am. Pronto. Phone: 229 Ticket Office: Hotel Tampa Terrace, 401 Florida Ave. You're better off with 'Pan Amworld's most experienced airline FIRST IN LATIN AMERICA FIRST ON THE PACIFIC FIRST ON THE ATLANTIC FIRST 'ROUND THE WORLD '.r . . Accounts SaYlngs Accounts CoiUmcrcial Personal Loans 'fl-ust Department International De}?t• Travel Department Mor1;gage Loans Safety Deposit Boxes •••• 4 Drive-In Tellers Bauk-hyMail Free usA de nee f Indepen . pedaratioTt o l netO world of o this week, for ct who e IBB years ag and the fottn lished. daim(3d • • • ise was estab anY tV(lS tvas pro and free-enterpr nk & Trust CoJTtP freedoJTt . k Maritte J?a . rise system• thts wee ' h t jree-enteJ P 5q yeats::: principles oJ t a . anniversarY date 1ouncled upon teful to have our 50th Birth J I d gra hare our We are of.n]uly. • .. and to :ustomers and fall so close of Tampa , our • • • with ,.a"' tvith the t t' Independence a'Y a .1 _ • gtgan tc hoLders 1.n a . k n d patriottc mustc. wor sa W on?t you join us in • h" the greatest 4th of July mak-mg t ts ? celebration ever.. 4TH OF JULY By proclamation of the Mayor of the City of Tampa, the annivcrsa1y of the signing of the Declaration of Independence will ]Je observed lJy the l'inging of hell s from churches, schools, factories and firehouses throughout theCity of Tampa at the hour o l o 'clock in the afternoon of the 4Ul of July, 1961, and the whole day. will be. solemnized with pomp and parade. with shows, games, sports, iII u m in at i o n s and patriotic music from one end of this city to the other. HAPPY BIRTHDAYUSA MARINE BANK & TRUST COMPANY flORIDA' S OLOUT TIUST COMPANT-MlMIU f.O.I.C, TAMPA, FLORI CA .,


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