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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 129 (July 6, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 6, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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lit es u n University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY .SECOND YEAR-No. 129 1ampa TAMPA, FLORIDA , MONDAY, JULY 6, 1964 'Trying To Work Things His Way'-Brown Summer Trimester Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS Wunderlich Blasts New Judicial System PAT BROWN "Structure Necessal'y" By JOSEPH KEMPSTER of the Campus Staff The judicial section of the new student associa tion constitution now under consideration came under heavy fire at the legislature meeting last week. Herbert J. Wunderlich, dean of student affairs spearheaded the attack. Senator Pat Brown, key figure in originating the judicial section, was the major defender. He said Wunderlich was trying to "work things his way." Wunderlich's main criticism of the judicial sys tem was that it lacked provisions for and "rehabilitation." This, he said, is what the UmWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? By NORMA HARPER of the Campus Staff "I was born. a Dean, and never wanted to be any other kind. " These are the words of Harris W. Dean who succeed Dean Sidney J. French of Aca demic Affairs July 1. Although "Dean" Dean says tl he has always maintained this statement, he has obvious changed his mind. University President John S. A 11 en him to fill the vacancy left by retiring Dean French. Dr. Dean thought it over and decided to accept the position. Trains Volunteers Horrigan Aids Corps • versity is primarily concerned with, not "court structure." BROWN FEELS a "definite court structure is necessary to let everyone know where they stand." He says in order to have a stronger and more effi cient student association a "strong, well -structure d court system" is an essential check and balance. Wunderlich says "We do not ha ve law yers here." He says the judicial section of the new constitution was written by students who are interested in going into law. But , he sa ys, if you need a judicial branch, call it such. He says, the University disciplinary sys tem does not "exist this way." He feels more time * * * must be spent on the actual process of counseling. BROWN FEELS that such a system of counsel ing would be a "nebulous" affair. He says the new constitution was not something "thought up over night." This plan has been "well thought out" and "modified" as the need arose, he added. Wunderlich said the "nomenclature of courts is not applicable here." He says the counseling must be a "part of the system; participation, not review after the case bas been decided . " Brown says "we are not trying to imitate the Uni versity of Florida law school." * * * * * * DEAN WUNDERLICH "No Lawyers Here!, * * * Students, Administration To Tackle Constit utio n Judiciary Student association legis voted unanimously last week to refer consider ation of a revised SA consti tution to a joint student committee to iron out real and potential conflift between the two


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 8, 1964 Edition Editorial Page .. , Students Praise Center Since a student association com mittee has begun an "investiga tion" of the Student Health Center, it has received written complaints by students charging incorrect diagnoses . While the SA has been receiving nothing but complaints about the Health Center, The Campus Edition has been hearing noth mg but praise-in the form of let ters to the editor. In place of this week's editorial we are running two letters. For the most part the letters also rep resent our views on the Health Center. Editor: As a student who must depend on the abilities and competence of the Health Center staff 1 am happy to see the recent interest in our . medical facility. However, the par ticular i n s t a n c e s cited in 1 a s t week's Campus Edition indicate a lack of tact and ignorance of the medical sciences . Specifically , a "green stick" fracture is rarely diagnosed cor rectly on the first visit, and is often missed on an X-ray; the diagnosis of gingivitis was correct for the ''trench mouth" case , the latter being a lay-term. The patient was properly sent to an oral specialist, dentist, for treatment. Over 1,500 patients are seen during the average month ( 14,000 last year). About five to ten per cent of these are ambulance cases, the rest are treated and released . 'fhis represents many times more patients than the average family doctor sees. About a year ago Dr. Robert Book Review Egolf tried to form a health serv ices committee comprised of stu dents and faculty. A few repre sentatives from the residence halls showed up and some faculty, but no student association representa tives, despite frequent invitations to the past president. Now that interest is aroused the present committee might con sider working with Dr. Egolf to improve health services. Bruce Pettyjohn Editor: I have been extremely upset the J?aSt two weeks by letters con cernmg our Health Center. I was appalled by the fact that nobody came to the defense of this excel lent service which our school sup plies for us . Because of a bad sinus condi tion, I have had to use the Health Center frequently. I was always treated superbly by the fine staff of nurses. I have had occasion to see Dr. Egolf twice; in both instances, by following his advice, I was cured of my ailments . The Health Center has saved me a great deal of money because of the many pills I use; plus the frequent heat treatments I've needed this past term. As for the incorrect diagnosis mentioned by one or two students, let's just mention the fact that the Health Center sees thousands of students each month . I am certain that the students feel as I do; that we are fort unate to have such a fine Health Center at USF. Ira Lavinsky The Analyst Becomes the Analyzed By GRETA KMARIE DIXON Campus Book Critic 1 Married A Psychiatrist by Louise Pfister as told to Frances Spatz Lelgh (New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1963, 288 pp., paperback. relaxing reading enjoyment, the I Married A Psychiatrist by Louise is practically unbeatable. It is funny and Freudian story author's life with a world-famous Yes, they are married. with, says the author, "If a psychiatrist, you need a I married a psychiatrist. I need a psychiatrist. The one I have , think." Although the author never gets on the couch, she has a pretty good conception of her latent needs. As the story unfolds we find the Doctor and his bride-to-be looking for his baptismal certificate . They couldn't Eet married in church without it and to wait any longer, after a six year court ship, was unthinkable. But alas, they wait any longer and are married Without the certificate! Then the honey moon. A honeymoon for three was in order, though not planned. Said John, the psychiatrist, "What does one have ior a wedding dinner when the third party i s a suicide." From the honeymoon that never real ly took place, the newlyweds returned to their apartment and then made plans to build a home of their own. It was to be a dream house a split-level house -a house with a split-leve l personality. L I T T L E M A N 0 N c John said, "It will be a house to end all houses." The author said, "-and it al most ended me." John insisted that the living room have an "extroverted feel ing." That the library had to be "introverted." And the bedroom ... Well, John had a very special plan for the bedroom. Then, there were children. Two boys who Inherited their father's sense of humor, " which all sane people have." A small sample of what one psychia trist's wife Is up against goes like this: "The cat thinks he's a dog. (Most cats think they are people.) The boys won't wear overshoes they're too Inhibiting. A woman telephones regularly to say she's in love with my husband. The dog walks downstairs backwards. The am bulance driver deposited a man who thought he was President Coolidge In our hall. The maid is threatening to quit again. And all because I Married A Psychiatrist. " "My psychiatrist," says Louise, "looks at life and finds it good. He finds it even better when he laughs and makes those around him laugh . John feels a person owes it to himself to enjoy life to the fullest. He never 'puts off living,' as he calls it. 'One is dead a long time.' " Read this and see what happens when an analyst becomes the analyzed. And by his wife at that. There is never a dull moment throughout this heart-warming, side-splitting inside story about the life libido, and laughter of one wife. A I M y p u 8 5 I • Af INreL.L.e;c:TtJAt. Wf.'((g. !_ oN E The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Colleriate Press R EDITOR ...............•..•.•.••....•.•••.. Michael Foerster Managing Editor ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raleigh Mann News Editor ....•.•..............•..•........ Pat Pulkrabek Advisor .......••.....•.••.•........•..•.... A. T. Scroggins Deadline for copy Is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offic es are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619 . Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. Cinema Take a Dramamine, :;. Jones, Chadwell uc Billiards Champs Being Part of a Magic Act . . I • su of re of a(! N re 01 " ] in yl k4 a lt tlJ ta fr ta f< n c I 0 f o : a h t tl a '1 c s I i l II j f I I 5 t j I J t j


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 6, 1964 15 Average Supermarket Carries 6,000 Items TV SETS TO TOILET SEATS Motels_ Find Looting Prevalent Daily News Service CHICAGO -The a v e r a g e supermarket carries 6,000 items of merchandise, but even this represents a small percentage of goods offered to the grocer. A survey by the A . C. Niel sen Co. reveals that the average retail outlet concentrates on himdling 17 per cent of all product possibilities and rejects or does not stock the other 83 per cent. The shelf problem in stores, according to Franklin H. Graf, executive vice president of the N 1 e 1 s e n firm, "has almost reached the impossible stage." "A GROCER has to be jeal ous of his space," Graf said. "He has to make sure that every inch brings in as high a net yield as possible. A supermarket operator has to be sold on a new product." As far as Graf is concerned, it's becoming more apparent that manufacturing must simul taneously weigh product appeal from the standpoint of the re tailer as well as product satis faction from the standpoint of repeat sales to consumers . Obviously, the a m o u n t of shelf space available to a new On Man Freed product may determine whether it succeeds or fails. And, far too many new products, prob ably 95 out of 100, fail to make the grade. NEW PRODUCTS, the Nielsen study showed, m u s t be backed by a well planned total marketing program, since the number of stores to be reached will be comparatively small in number. But placement of a product on the shelves of the 40,100 biggest stores (out of a total of more than 300,000 outlets) will ensure exposure to 74 per cent of the population . The best shot in the arm for a new product, said Graf, is an adequate budget for advertising and promotion. Speaking generally, the suc cessful m a r k e t e r o f n e w products makes close estimates of competitive advertising costs per case or whatever yardstick is used and then budgets to outspend the competition. Chicago Sun-Times Special CHICAGOAbout the only things people don't swipe from a motel are (1) the roof, ( 2 ) the heating plant and (3) the wall paper. Guests-some, not all will steal just about anything else , including television sets, linens , faucets, showerheads, s of as, chairs, tables, mirrors, ashtray , light bulbs, toilet seats, and even beds . As a result of this wholesale looting, mote l owners in the Chicago suburbs have asked sheriff's police to watch for cars loaded with motel furnishings . The pilferage from motels, es pecially fancy ones out on "The Strip," as Mannheim Road 1s known around O'Hare International Airport, is far greater than the stealing from hotels. D • • T • • f J b -Starr Photo by Aus-ust Staebler THAT'S BECAUSE of what ISCUSSiftCJ fQiftlftCJ Of 0 S police call "easy egress," from implementation of the youth training program to start for 100 appli the motel rooms. They usually cants Aug. 3 is discussed by Charles Rodriguez, left, of the Florida State Employ-open directly onto the motel ment Service, and E. G. Erwin, supervisor of adult and vocational education for parking lot. Hillsborough County and School Supt. J. Crockett Farnell. In addition to learn Not long ago a man checked "OUR EXPERIENCE," said ing a trade, youths 17-21 may be eligible to receive a training allowance. into the O'Hare Inn and locked Graf, "is that the chances for himself in his suite for 48 hours. long-range success are greatly COURSES BEGIN AUG. 3 He had brought with him sand-enhanced when the share of the wiches and cold drinks. advertising is at least slightly 1 00 s h f y h T Dan Pavis, the general man-ahead of the product's share of O U g t Or OUt ra 1 n 1 n g ager, said he broke open the the market." door when the guest failed to S p e c i a 1 are answer any of his calls. needed to produce maximum The Multi-Occupational Youth determine in what skills existed sons for a stenographer course "We thought he was dead," In Jax support cons.umer Training project here is seeking a need for trained people. to start July 14, and 15 persons said Pavis. "He was anything tnal usage dunng the mtrof t rt b d d H h d JACKSONVILLE, July 6 UPi ductoru stages, the Nl'elsen re100 applicants interested in acYOUTH COURSES. availabl or an au !J pa s counterman ut ea . e a been working •J • • • • e course, starting Aug. 20. The hard all that time with tools he One man was free and four port showed, with most manuqu1nng sk1lls for wh1ch there c o v e r t r a in in g as auto two courses are for mature had brought in. In the middle of faced possible new trials today facturers using coupon offers, are job opportunities, Charles mechanic, auto body repair, adults, too. the room he had piled up the on federal charges of violating cents-off deals and other pro-Rodriguez of the Florida State auto upholsterer, furniture upRodriguez said that persons chairs, a sofa, the bathroom fix. a Negro boy's civil rights by grams. 1 1 conspiring to dynamite his All things being equal, the Employment Service, said today. bolsterer, and genera c erk. who qualify for financial aid tures all of them -the home. t . k t 1 . f 1 Rodriguez said applicants ma y In two MDTA courses, will r_eceive allowances while 11 n ens, mirrors, the TV, and nc o P annmg a success u . the agency IS seeking 20 per-attendmg classes. even a doorstop. A 12-man, all-white jury reinducement program seems to be either dropouts or high turned its verdict yesterday on be staying out of the "me-too" school graduates, but they must the two charges interfering rut. be unemployed and without a with a federal court order "This isn't easy, I know," trade. They must apply at the "ALL THIS he was getting speciality of providing for its ready to cart out to his station guests. wagon when we broke in." Pavis said he has managed to cut the pilferage a bit at the O'Hare Inn by having the maids in!'pect rooms as guests check out. "If we discover a valuable item missing, we simply put the cost onto the bill ," said Pavis. A check of the suburban motels showed that in all cases motel operators have bol t ed television sets to the wall or floor. In some cases, the TV sets are chained. "THEY HAVE EVEN taken a 200-pound urn full of sand in the l obby, " Levy said. "Some • body must have been planning his own beach." William Hickey, manager of the Hyatt Chalet, said motels throughout the Chicago area are being victimized by what he called "profess ionaL thieves." "They operate mostly ove r the weekend when business slacks off," he explained. "They have their own keys, so they don' t bother to check in . They knock on the door of MORT EX, operator of the a room to which they have ac Americana Inn and the Ameri cess without going past the cana Motel, not only bo lts down desk. If here is no answer, they TV sets, but has branded them unlock the door and move in with the words: with their tools. "Stolen from the Americana." "In no time, they strip the Said Ex : "It's sort of cute to room and away they go in their take an ashtra y with the name station wagon." . of the motel on it. But it's a n A FEW YEARS ago, when other thing to see a TV set in Leonard Boris and his partner somebody ' s house with the word Sanfo r d Skor opened the Park •stolen' on it." Ridge Inn, they had the name Mike Levy, general manager of their motel embroidered on o! the Flying Carpet Motor Inn, looks on motel looting as "a plague on the industry.'' From the Flying C a r p e t, guests have hauled away lavish draperies, bedsheets , pillow cases, artificial flowE The complaint seemed operatively by the employment just like countless others Depagency and the Hillsborough uty Sheriff Michael Dow had County school system. investigated. The woman on the School Supt. J. Crockett other end of the telephone wantFarnell, upon receiving official ed her husband arrested. notice of receipt of some But as he listened to the com$350,000 for the youth program, plaint of Mrs. Bess Negri at her said: home early yesterday morning , Dow realized there was a dif"THIS IS a real fine thing. ference. The husband had brok-It's something that is certainly en no law . overdue if we're going to give Mrs. Negri, 65, explained her youngsters saleable skills . " husband, John, 66, had arrived E. G . Erwin, director of adult home and begun acting "mean." and vocational education, said, She said she thought her bus"This is a crash program to try band should spend the night in to get these people back on a jail. paying job." Her husband even agreed with Rodriguez said the courses her and insi:ited that Dow lock were selected after a survey to him up for the night. But Dow told Negri: "I can't take you to jail because you haven't broken any law." Negri hesitated for only a moment b e f o r e he walked across the r oom and slapped his wife in the face. Dow then obligingly took Negri to jail on a charge of assault and bat tery. Physicists Are in Demand Crossword Puzzle NEW YORK, July 6

16 THE TAMPA TIMES 1\londay, July 6, 1964. I OFFICE HOURS APARTMENT DWELLERS COMPLAIN DR. ALVAREZ Grandma1s 36 Cats Baffle Rulers Specialists M 0 S C 0 W, July 6 (JP) -may be kept in an apart-tee decided the cats bad to missions and committees in Grandmother Atchkasova, For five years, Grandmother ment. go. Ki Atchkasova and her 36 cats Triumphantly, the old lady Nothing happened. The cat ev and Kharkov. meanwhile, is defiant. To her have baffled authorities of the jeered at her neighbors and question remains unsolved. It's fear of assuming reneighbors, reports Izvestia, Soviet Ukraine. added more cats to her meThe cats are still there, and sponsibility, says Izvestia, she has issued a warning; Listed In Grandmother Atchkasova nage , warning that if there the problem is being jockeyed that "breeds bureaucratic pro"If the complaints con t inue, keeps them in a crowded were any more complaints, back and forth among comlonged proceedings." I will also buy a wolf." Directory apartment shared by several there' d soon be 100. •-:------------------------------=-------families, who understandably The question was appealed • By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. People ask me every d a y where they can find in their "You're fired! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's neighbor hood a certain special-an efficiency expert who thinks my salary ist-perhaps an orthopedist, a is too high." plastic surgeon, or a neurologist. If the person lives in a city, LIFE BEGINS AT 40 the public library, or the Toy Import Tycoon Started at Age 46 are not crazy about the idea. to the Kiev regional commitA disapproving article in tee. A commission was ere-the Soviet newspaper Izvestia ated. It studied the cat ques ' tells the saga of the Atchkasotion and reported; va cats: "A violation of Socialist It began in 1959, when out-communal living . The cat s raged neighbors complained are driving the people out of to city health authorities in the apartment. Stern meas-Kharkov. Inspectors arrived. are needed." "Counting the cats and snifThe Kiev regional Soviet's fing the air, they noted in an committee sent the files on indictment : ' in such feline Citizeness Atchkasova and 1 surroundings it is impossible her cats back to a local comfor people to live.' " mission for study and recomThe neighbors were advised • _m_e_n_d_a_ti_on_._T_h_e_l_oc_a_l_c_o_m_m_it_ to appeal to high authorities. of the County Medical Society, should have a "Directory of Specialists," such as I have in my office. This lists for most cities in the land, one or more men who have passed a special exammation w hi c h qualifies them to be called specialists, and to practice as specialists. The case went to the sanitary Inventions Ride Rails chief of the Kharkov atea, h Comrade Chernov. NEW YORK 1m -RevoluBy ROBERT PETERSON country. In 1963 he sold a w op-lf my correspondent has a Th , evalent and unping ten million of them. Comrade Chernov studied honary advances are not limited friendly family physician , he ere s a. pr . the problem and referred it to the space i ndustry alone, ac-may well be able to give the fortunate pomt of vtew that says Here is evidence again that to tt:e Kharkov city health dit . d • t cording to Steelways, official name of the best specialist of a man must find his niche by Ime an matun Y are some rector. A commission consid' h publication of American Iron an a certain type of the neighbor40. If he doesn't, society credits times required to kindle mans ered t e cat question, sniffed th t th t t d Steel Institute. Recent advances hood . him with poor potential. Yet awareness of opportunities and e a1r a e apar men , an b hi noted "the cats howl and vio-in railway car design , including there are countless examples , ena le m to express dormant late the sanltatt"on of the DIET FOR GALLSTONES otentials multilevel rack cars for auto-Many people ask me for a diet from Henry Ford to Harry TruP apartment-it is impossible mobiles, double-size hopper cars for gall stones, and usually I say man, which refute this youthfor people to live . " and stainless steel tank cars, I don't see any reason why they riented attitude If you w9uld like a booklet The old lady was told to are helping to put the railroad should bother with a diet. I 0 • as "Starting a Small Retirement evict the cats. She ignored freight business back on the know that all the books say, Take Fred Bronner. He w Business" write to this column the order. The doctors de-track, the magazine reports. • DELTA announces a New evening non-stop FanJet to Leave 6:25pm, anive 7:34pm Jetourist fare only $30.05 Add tax Other Delta non-stops to Atlanta at 9: 10 am and 4:40 pni. the air line with the BIG JETS "cut out fats," but usually this an Austrian refugee during the in care of The Tampa Times cided only the courts could "A new 50-car train," says 1 seems so silly. The idea back of war and came to the U.S. in enclosing a stamped, self-adhandle such a case. But a Steelways, "will replace 128 con it is that bile is needed to help 1945 when he was on the brink dressed envelope and ten cents judge found nothil:Jg in the law ventional smaller capacity cars the digestion of fats; but in all of 40_ . Although hard-working ____ 1" ___ of those cases in which the pa. . . . • tient is not jaundiced, the bile and ambltlOUS, nothmg he d1d must be flowing normally out seemed to succeed. of the liver and into the bowel , He held various jobs -as just as it always does. ' an auto salesman, insura. nce The only difference is U1at if agent , accountant, and toy sales the gallbladder is working well, man. He was no whiz at any of some of the bile goes up into the gallbladder to stay for awhile them but he did become in-and be concentrated by the retrigued by the toy bu siness, and moval from it of water. Evi-at the age of 46 set himself up dently , this concentration or the as a toy importer. bile is not essential to our digestion, because I have talked ONE DAy he saw an ad in to a thousand people who had a British magazine for minia no gallbladder-and yet had a perfect digestion. tures of British automobiles just Certainly there would seem two and three inches long and to be no sense in giving a diet m a r k e ted in small "match to a woman with gallstones who boxes." He wrote the company has always. had the for samples. He wrote again, of an ostnch, and yet, t1me . . and again, I've seen my medi-and then agam -three trmes cal brethren insisting on giving before he got a reply. The such a person a fatless diet. manufacturer was not interest When I asked them what they ed, for the U.S. did not ap expected the diet to do, they pear much of a market for min did not know, but they said the instruction was in the books, iatures of English vehicles . But and hence it should be followed. Bronner persisted and finally But I am sure this is a sensegot the exclusive distribution less practice. right. "Partly," he concedes, "because nobody else seriously DISEASE OF the gallbladder wanted it." is seen three to four times as Bronner was intrigued by the often in women as in men, says quality of t h e s e miniatures. Dr. Alvarez in his b o o k 1 e t, They were made of good old "Gallstones a n d Gallbladder fashioned metal and contructed Disease." You may obtain a so perfectly that even the cyl copy of the booklet by sending inders on the engine and spokes 25 cents and self-addressed, on the wheels were accurately envelope with your request for detailed. He felt he would en it to Dr. Walter c . Alvarez, joy collecting these miniatures, Dept. TAM, B ox 957, D e s and that children and adults Moines, Iowa 50304. all over the U.S. could be persuaded to start collections. Plenty of Books The Library of Congress con tains 12 million books, the ma jority of which can be ordered from the main reading room . HE WAS right, too. In the past ten years he has built these miniatures of British mod ern, antique and classic cars into a staple toy line in this You Don't Have To Be Rich To Go Places Our Vacation Money Service is tops in convenience. It's quick and it's easy, too. loans up @ to $600 ... CORPORATION AMOUNT PAYMENTS FOR YOU GET 24 MONTHS 20 MONTHS 11 MONTHS 12 MONTHS $ 75.00 -$ 5.06 $ 5.47 $ 7.55 160.00 $ 9.49 10.79 11.67 16.11 425.00 24.86 28.35 30.69 42.50 600.00 34.39 39.34 42.66 59.35 ------------------TAMPA-----------------41120 Tampa Street, Cor. Madison .•••••• Telephone: 229-8534 915 Tampa Street, Cor. Tyler ........... Telephone: 223-3641 1901 East Broadway ••••••••••••••••••• Telephone: 248-1101 4715 florida Avenue .................. Telephone: 239-1147 --------------ST. PETERSBURG-------------654 Central Avenue ..........................•...•.. 862 3669 LAKELANDI--------126 West Main Street •............ , .. Telephone: 686 -5193 LOANS MADE TO RESIDENTS OF ALL NEARBY TOWNS Every daymore and more people say, "I like to do business with Marine Bank/' ••• How about you? the 'zed as is nd corn 11..f --rine Bank financtat a rog In..... k'' in man'Y rnine the P ''Lead Ban . tt i hich deter _ o.ffatrs . • muntt'Y great cttY• b r of farrtt f our . nurrt e . ress o r.grot litng . Bank tS T att eve Manne . 0 b inessmen , . ;_.1 planntng d us t Lies an f r importan k the burst looked-to o first to spar f and assistan_ce in the e: of communttY d open-minded an . soun ' oals our cttY • • : npproa ch to your g • t' c in tts ... B k thusws l • F ll Service an ' . Bank ts a u . d Manne law to offer checking an empowered by l and many other . unts oans . savmgs accdo ' tunities to assist you tn . an oppor servtces z d business affairs. your famt y an . k . im ortant, Manne Ban tS And m_ost and determina P.ossessed tvtkth new opportunities for twn to see ou zz l h d then through wte tgent P an growt an ' k" th you . nderstanding and wor tng-wt • ' ntng, u . to make them pro/ttable. If you are looking for a f_inancial ner with a record of com'!"umty _and fma_n cial leadership, and a stncere mterest m your future • • • this is the kind of bank Marine Bank is. WELCOME ABOARD! MARINE BANK & TRUST COMPANY HOI lOA' S OLOUT TIUSI COMPANY-MEMIEI F . O.I.C. TAMPA, FLORIDA


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