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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 195 (September 21, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 21, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 195 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1964 Blood Drive Starts Wednesday See Story, Page 2 PRICE FIVE CENTS Application Is Pending Before FCC USF Seeks More Powerful 'Voice' for Radi o and TV The University of South Florida soon may get more powerful "voices" via the airwaves . WUSF radio and television have asked the Fed eral Communications Commission for authqrity to in crease the power of both stations. The radio station would be increased from 10 watts to 1 , 000. The television station would expand its services from closed circuit broadcasting on the cam pus to open circuit serving a far wider area. Serve Bay Area This change in power status will enable both sta tions to reach the entire Tampa Bay area. To Be Channel 16 If approved, WUSF television will broadcast as Channel16. Manny Lucoff, TV coordinator anticipates approval within six months. If approved, he said , "We can be broadcasting within 18 months." It will be an educational station similar to Chan nel 3. The main difference will be in the level of material presented. Mostly "college level" material will be presented on WUSF TV to supplement lower grade-level ma terial presented on Channel 3, said Lucqff. Students Assist Both WUSF radio and TV operate in the b ase• ment of the lib rary. WUSF radio operates on 89.7 megacycles from 3 to 10 p.m . Monday Friday. Riverfront Picnic Plans Are A Washout Radio Coordinator William M. Brady said " This power increase would permit a much wider audience to hear the broad range of program material offered. This will include University information , cultural, educational , musical and entertainment material." Outstanding foreign programs , particularly those from England, will be offered, Brady said. The radio station is operated mainly by studen ts and uses both majors in broadcasting and volunteers . Brady reported on station plans in a talk to the clas s in basic JOurnalist i c writing. He discussed also use o f recording devices in newspaper , r adio and television reporting . USF coed Jan Wilson postponed prospects for a picnic at Riverfront Property when she found rain swollen Hillsborough River over flowing through the parking area. -(USF Photo) Civic Unit M e e t i n g , Hawanan To Fill SA Vacancie BRIGGS GETS GRANT Dr. John C . Briggs, USF profess o r of zoo lo gy , will di rect a s tudy of the distribu tion of fi s h aro und the world in prepara tion for a book on the s ubject. The study I s supported by a $3,400 grant from the National Scie n ce F oundation . ... -POETRY AND JAZZ w ere bl ende d recently at USF as Gerard W ag ner of Speech D e pa r tm ent recites poetry to the accompaniment of the Jazz Combo. 1 Fellows Pet Liz-Right On Campus! The fellows just naturally are attracted to Liz. For some it's almost a case of love at first sight. In fact, many walk right up, give a cheerful greeting and, throwing c a ution and con vention to the wind , gi ve her a friendly pat. This is understan dable since con n oisseurs of beauty concur that Li z is most attractive and perhaps the most unusual n ew comer to the campus lovely eyes, a fetching walk, and all , those teeth! Liz doesn't resent such fa miliarities. In face, she l oves it -and thereby hangs the tale. Liz, you see, is a guide dog. And all this attention is inter fering with her duties . "She doesn't know wha t to make of all the a t tention . she is getting from the students," says Carol Starke. attractive youn g owner of the g uid e dog. "Too much affection keeps her from concentrating on h e r r rom concentrating on her work." Carol said Liz learned as a puppy that she is not a pet. But naturally she likes the attention but i s diverte d by it. So, animal lovers, Carol would appreciate it if you resist the i mpulse to stop Liz and pet her -as much as Liz mi g h t like


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 21, 1964 .--Campus Edition Editorial Page Residents Due Rebate? The Campus Edition feels that a re bate is due ro those students living in 'bvercrowded dorm rooms. Why , you might ask? The answer is simply stated, it is both a great inconvenience ro the residence students and a subject for much con ,troversy. In short, this situation is creatIng a feeling of unrest in the hearts of the students toward the administration. One example. An interning senior is just at her vnts end because her freshman roommate is preventing her and the other senior in the room from studying . Why? Because the freshman does not know that during study time she should not bring all of her girl friends inro the study area for sheer conversation. After endless reminders the freshman continues to bring her "loud" friends into tl)e area. Is this an environ• ment in which you would like to study, o.r should we say, try ro study? Of course not. Take another example. A special stu dent, with some disablement, is in a room with two other people. You might 811Y that the atmosphere is good for him, but it is not. The student was as-sured on signing a housing contract that he would be placed in a single room. He requested a single room since he has trouble in making good friendships with students. He finds that the students feel he is rotally different from them. But ha really is not, except for a few minor physical inconveniences. What would you suggest? We, among other people on the cam pus feel that something definite should be done about this situation termed only "temporary" by the housing director. This situation was supposedly to last only from two ro three weeks, but it still exists. Yes, it still does exist and the only thing that has been done about this situa tion is that a few students were moved out of their rooms in Gamma Hall into rooms in the Andros Complex. Why, we ask? There must be some answer. We would like ro have some justification. The Housing Department, should try and make some settlement with the stu dents because the situation has caused a great deal of mental anguish. In addi tion, the students are finding studying in their study areas impossible. 'Hollywood-Type' Characters By GRETA KM. DIXON Campus Book Critic Armageddon by L e on Uris, Wfi""iffi!l"i%1l almost pure journalism. His coverage of t I T T L E A N c A M p u s The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press I y I I I L E R EDITOR .....••..•...•••••..•.••.•••••••••..... Pat Pulkrabek Sports Editor .•••••.•••.•.••••.••..••••.•.... Charles W. Ennis Ad visor ...............•.......................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. r . I • Cinema No Guffaws Over Goof's Gewgaws By JOSEPH KEMPSTER Campus Movie Critic Once upon a time there was a little rich boy. He was rich from selling bright trinkets ro people who seemed ro enjoy them. even though such things insulted their intelligence. As he got older and richer and m o r e powerful, he decided to make bigger and brighter trinkets. He hired beautiSnooker, Charm On Miss Joann Torretta, fashion commentaror and coordinator, will speak on "The Total You" Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 1:25 p.m. in uc 202. This is an introduction to the 10-week course in charm and self improvement which she will instruct this term. The course will cover make-up, hair styles, wardrobe styling, poise, and so cia! graces. Lessons will be each Tuesday during the free hour in UC 202. Women interested in attending may sign up at the UC desk. Registratio n fee is $1. Kempster ful salesmen and * * * salesladies and sent them out, Wednesday, Sept. 23, is the sometimes skimpily clad, ro sell last day to sign up for Univerhis varicolored products to gul-sity Center tournament{ Pocket lible cusromers. billiards, snooker, carom, and At least they seemed gullible . table tennis (doubles and sin-They bought his wares and engles) will be included. The tour-joyed them. But in their hearts, naments begin on Sept. 28. they didn ' t, They assured each Sept. 25 is the last day for other that they bought his trin-students to sign up at the UC kets for diversion; something INTERMURAL DIRECTORS got together recently to discuss plans. Shown, desk for lessons in billiards, they could see through, but did left to right: Charles Shrader, officials club coordinator-, Janie Cheateam, assist-bridge, charm, dance, and pho-just for fun. tography. Oh, once in a while the cus-ant IM coordinator; Murphy Osborne, 1M coordinator, and students Peggy Petti* * * romers would protest because john, Ray Lundquist, Julie Stewart, Roger Harkness, Connie Culp, George PeriThere will be a free a particular trinket offended des, Linda Wanamaker and Greg Nichols. band dance Friday, Sept. 25 , them. For example, once the from 9-12 p.m. in the UC Ball-customers were offended about Sports Activities room. Music for the last half a trinket which was supposed will be provided by the Outsid-ro be a technicolor time ma-F • A•d sk•ll d St • ers. en c I n g I s I a n a m I n a The uc Committee to Egyptian times; times when . . will present "Magnificent Ob-cusromers weren't offended a:t By CHARLES W. ENNIS essential and also come With greater degree. Development of session," starring Rock Hudson anything a riCh and powerful Sports Editor practice and instruction. the mind includes the learrung and Jane Wyman, Sept. 25, 26, man sold ro them. Only the gul-French History majors and Fencing is enjbyed by all ages, of etiquette which may be conand 27 in FH 101 at 7 ;30 p.m. lible customers revolted because everyone else in the student indoors and out. The young be-verted into courtesy and conThis technicolor drama is the the salesman and saleslady of body:. You can actually partici-ginner benefits from his strength sideration for others when as story of a playboy million 1 this trinket acted pate m a of your stud-and endurance while the expe ri-sociating with people. The good who learns the rewards of !They were probably JUst emoies , that glonous era of forged, enced fencer counter attacks fencer makes quick decisions ing others following an accidept tionally swept up in an identifif?ur-foot_ toothpicks and doublewith skill, finesse, and tactics and acts immediately. He apin which he kills 8 noted d cation with the trinket they were time wnsl action . In short, join gained with time. praises a change In a given sit-* 0 • selling.) USF's Fencing. Club. No two people fence a 1 ike uation and adjusts instantane-T * * . . After this goof, the r och boy Modern fencmg has developed hence, each learns from t h e ously. He has the ability to ana-he UC Recreation Commit-decided to market a trinket from . the wars and dueling other. The experienced fencer lyze and anticipate his adverannounced that. the USF which made people laugh. He codes of the past into an excit-perfects his motions when en-sary's actions. ri ge Will begm Sept. 29. really worked on it. He got the ing and fast-moving sport regaging a beginner. In short, the mental and physi-The club :Will meet every Tues best feather-wielders, armpit-quiring split-second thinking and Fencing requires courage, self-cal training gained in fencing is UeCverunMg from. 6:?0-9 :30 in ticklers, a.nd toe-tweakers he even action. The only rna-esteem, and a fighting spirit. not applicable merely ro fencing e embership 15 free to could find and put them to work jor change in fencing over the In competition, a good fencer but' also ro maoy facets of the all students, staff, and on this trinket. When it was all ages is the sport is nonat a 1. will accept an unfair judgment art of living. members •. The ?arne be made, he got the salesmen Paul The object still is ro touch first with ' dignity , and will, only re-Members of the student body ':lbber bndge,. With an mstruc Newman, Dick Van Dyke, bean and keep from being touched. double his efforts to score a interested in joining this club tiona! period 10 d u P 1 i c a t e Martin, Robert Mitchum and Fencing is easy ro learn as point . may contact Miss JoAnne Young bndge. B.nng a partner, or con the saleslady (Shirley Macone ' technique is mastered be-Fencing develops both mind in Alpha 150 for further details. tact Mrs. Judy Walton the Laine) who were the most popfore another is introduce d. and body. The skilled fencer * * * UC desk for partnership ar ular with his customers and sent Speed, skill, and are I walks assurance, The Sports Club Council will rangements. them out, with all the proper products of practice. Proper dances With additlOnal grace, meet this Wednesday afternoon I.-------------. and attendant devices needed form and footwork are highly and succeeds in sports ro a at 1:25 p .m. in Alpha 149. I I to sell his newest creation. The Club Ne S few people who did buy it, didn't W laugh. USF's Judo Club meets TuesThings got worse. The little days at 4 :40 p .m., Thursdays at rich boy, now a little rich man, 8 p .m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. started losing money. People Head instructors, Art Fancher stopped buying stock in his trin-(3rd Degree Black Belt) and Ed ket company. Finally one day, Maley (4th degree Black BE:It) as he la y on a couch in his are operators of the Florida lush office, a broken and dying School of Judo on MacDill man; he screamed in a final nue and promote judo as a gasp: "What A Way To Go." sport along with judo contests. Schedule Of Events, Bulletins Mpnday, September 2L 19&1 & :00 p .m.-Education Class Supper Meeting ..... UC 103 Civitan Supper Meeting ........... .. UC 168 1 :15 p . m .-Education Class Supper Meeting ..... UC 167 i:SO .... uc MB T:OO p.m.-USF Women' s Bridge . . , .. ... ...... UC 264 Tuesd&J', Sepiembtr 22, 1964 1,25 p . m.-Sports Car Club . , . UC 200 Charm Lessons ..... U C 202 Windjammers ....... UC 2.04 Young Americans for !<'reed om ..... , . UC 205 Dance Committee .. UC 213 IFC , .. , ......... ,. U C 215 Photo Club ...... , .. UC 223 Forensic Society ... UC 226 English Coffee Judo develops not only the body but also the mind. Club President Glenn Brosch, along with his instructors, in-. vites all students, faculty, and staff to join the club. * * * Young Democrats will meet every Wednesday during the free hour in UC 226. * * * USF's Water Ski Club wIll meet Wednesday during the free hour in UC 223. Plans will be discussed for future meets and shows. * * * USF's Intramural Bowling League will begin today. It will run for three consecutive weeks. Florida Lanes will be host to the league. Cost for each person will be $1.08 for three games. Hour . " ...... UC 264 & 265 3,00 p.m. -Wesley ......... ..... UC 213 * * * s,30 .... ._.uc 167 FIRST SPEAKER at the Fall series of All-University Coffees was Prof. AnEntry blanks for Intramural 6 ,00 :Ei"::::::::H8 thony W. Zaitz who returned from leave at the University of Damascus, Da football are due in the Intra 6 ,30 :: ::::::::::H8 mascus, Syria. mural Office (Alpha 145) not 7 ,00 p.m.-Aret.e .............. uc 4 7 . later than Sept. 23. The league Delphi .............. uc 2os F I S • . will start Sept 28 Fla ............... ._uc 265 raterna ocaetaes • • • KlO ................. UC 226 7 : 30 p,m,-Enotao .............. u c 200 The entry deadline for WomCampus 'Blood Drive Is Sept. 23 uc 202 may sign up in the Intramural aiidio aiib:H8 By PHYLLIS TARR Don Durden, recording secreare sponsoring 11 blood drive Office . The games will begin ...... ... uc 205 Of the Campus Staff tary; Jim Metcalfe , pledge mas-Wednesday, Sept. 23 in front of Sept. 30 Gold Key Honor * * * . ....... uc 2i3 Rush parties are currently and Rell Lackland,. chap-the UC. . Th Newman Club will meet committ.., ......... u c 223 heading hte list of activities for lam. Each year the brothers of The blood donated goes into an Thursday night at 7:30 in UC Young Democrats ... UC 2.26 th Meet_ the Author . __ uc 252 all of USF's fraternities and so-Enotas volunteer etr serVIces account which may be drawn 203. Soronty ............ UC 264 to 1 t th d b tud t cos ........ .. ._ ..... uc 2i6 rarities this month. However, move grr s m o e orm1upon y any s en, staff or * * * ''30 Lessons " .. UC 264 t Thi th ' d f lty b th ir USF' S t C Cl b ts 6:lh p.m. -Program council __ uc zt4 many of the clubs have added ones. s year ey are ai • acu mem er, or e farrus pars ar u mee 7,00 p.m. -Fraternity Smoker .. UC 248 in t d t t 't f li t h Tuesday at 1 •25 .m' UC 202 Gqld Key Honor new officers. They are as folg s u en s 1n ransi r o m es a no c arge. . • society Reception . . uc 252 G H ll t A d C "A d Many rallies and auto crosses september %4, 1964 lows: amma a a n ros om-person oes not have to are planned for this year, the 1,25 p .m. Lyg:f:.i . . uc 252 E FIA -Kathy Ladd has been plex. donate to be eligible ro receive first being a'" beginners rally on Engineering uc 252 w * * * blood," stated Steve Nall , S t 27 I d b h ' uc 264 & 265 appointed new pledgemaster for Arete Brothers of Arete man of the dri've. ep . . ncrease mem ers 1p Basic studies ... . _ uc 248 1964.65. Sisters of FIA are is expected with this trimester's Education .... uc 202 & 203 -------------The mobile facilities of' the influx of more sports cars. All Educat ion .......... uc 206 planning a scavenger hunt later B II t d t h t t ......... uc 205 this month at the home of Carol u e ' t•l n s Southwest Florida "Blood Bank s u en s avmg an 10 eres 10 sports cars are urged ro attend .......... uc 213 Braxton in Tampa. will be set up in room UC 264-65 the meeting. A fee of $1 makes 5 , 30 p.m.-Wesley . ....... uc 204 * * * from 1 p.m. on Sept. 23. Peryou a member for the trimester. 7:00 p.m.-Lutheran ............ UC 223 Rusii u c 226 Tri-Sis Sisters of Tri-Sis Students who plan to graduate at the sons under 21 who wish to dou 00 h h t h d to b end o( Trimester I 1964 must complete ave V: a . 1 s ope . a n A pplication for Degree Form no nate may obtain a parental perF\• .. ............... u c 265 a tradition 10 therr orgamzation. tater than 5:00 p . m . Monday Oct. 5, mission form at the U.C. desk. Fides ............ u c 252 They are sponsoring the SIS 1964, in o rder to be considered for grad Apply Now LIFEGUARDS NEEDED :::: : :: ::::::H8 fund or Scholarships for Interu ation. These should be completed and 7,30 ' i962c 205 national students. susanna Students who have started a Drop returned as soon as possible. Applications are being taken '1':00 RUSH Chung, a Korean student from procedure ,must complet e the_ proce The blood in the account has for the position of lifeguard Delphi ...... ..... . .. UC 200 • 'ty . S l . t dure and turn 1n the Drop Slip to the t th USF l h d l d Cos ............... .uc a umversi m eou IS presen • omce of the Riglstrar no later than been responsible for saving at a e new poo sc e u e ::::::::::::::: H8 ly benefiting from this project Friday, Sept. 25, 1964, in order to drop 1 a t lif d t d t taff to open Sept. 17. Tri-Sis .............. uc 202 which maintains itself by selling without penalty. e s one e, an s u en s, s If you are male, have a Red 7 , 30 203 stocks ro any interested party at Students who took the Comprehensive and faculty are urged to donate Cross Certificate, and are inObsession" .FH 101 50 cents a share. Miss Chung College Tests March 19 and 20 ' 1964' to the drive with the thought teres ted you may apply in Room t:OO p.m.-U. C. DANCE ...... UC 248 . . and who have not p1cked up their . . . . saturday, September l6. 1964 IS a sophomore, and majormg scores may get copies o! them and that their blood might save a 280 of the Admmtstratlo n Build 1% NOON-High School Pub . . ' . llcation Banquet ... UC 248 m Natural Scmece . interpretative leaflets at the Informa. life mg. 7,00 p.m.-sORORITY RUSH * * * lion Desk in the Administration Build Delphi .............. uc 200 tng. Full medical and lab facilities Cos .............. uc 264 Kappa Iota Omega The Placement of KIO have recently f will be provided. SCHOLARSHIPS u Oci. * * * ::::::::::::u8 the following new offi rapher and Geophysicists. USF students may apply until 7 , 30 __ .FH iOJ cers; G: L . Bartlett, o ct. & Co . • Orlando. Talos -The new slate of of Oct. 1 for Florida Bankers As10,00 p . m.-sorority Bid Signing u c 47 Jim Kitchens, executive vlce l oct . U-Tornwan, Lang & Lee, st. fleers for the coming year are sociation scholarships Sunday1 September .27. 1964 president Carroll Wright 50 Petersburg. Accountant. f ll 'd t B b Cl 10 ,30 ............ ,UC 47 . . • • , " O ct. 13-1!-SNavy Area Audit O!flce, as 0 OWS: preS! en , 0 a us-Preference will be given tt> u ,oo Noon-Soror>ty Bid cJal charrman; Terry Jeffenes, Norfolk, va . A ccountsnt/Audi sen vice president John Shofi students in banking nd fin c Pick-up ...... uc 264 & 265 t W T l IFC tor. • • • a an e s ;OOp.m.-Westminster , .. ... uc 47 reasurer, . es Y er . Oct . H-IBM Tampa. Ol secretary, Pete Rowe; corre-and the grants will cover the 6 .30 p.m.-Wesley . .... -.--.--. uc 226 representative and Steve Scrlv-l>c e admimstraUon, systems d ' t F k M .. Paldela Pledge Re •. and sales :represenspan mg secre ary, ran ar-cost of tu1t1on and books . cepUon . ...... -.. uc 252 ener, rush charrman. tabve. lin chaplain Bob Blunt parlia-Further information is avallT :tM> p.m.-Fl a Induction of New Oct . Compton &-Vas1J Tam , , ' . ' . ___ .uc 264 "265 * * * pa. Junior a ccountant. mentanan, Mike Shea; treas-able from Dr. R. E. Neel, ''M p.m. Movie Maplficent Enotis -New officers are; Oct. 16-Ernst " Ernst. Tampa. Ac urer John Zeien. Alpha '105 Oboe01lon ........... FH 101 countant. •


s l B i s n d d d ?" n j. il S• to :e 1e lt Secretary Honored Eddie Gonzalez (left), executive secretary of the Centro Asturiano, receives a plaque from President Joe M. Martinez for outstanding service to the asso ciation. Several hundred other persons were honored Friday night in special ceremonies for members who contributed to the organization, which last week cele brated the 50th anniversary of its building at Palm and Nebraska Avenues. GMExecl • Against Increases Chicago Dally News Service GAYLORD, Mich. Semon E. Knudsen, a vice president of General Motors, says he would "prefer" to see car prices stay the same. He quickly added that whether they do or not "is a horse of a different color." "One of the reasons automo biles have been selling well un doubtedly lies in the fact that prices for comparable new cars have remained substantially un changed since the fall of 1958," Knudsen said. Car makers will announce prices when the new line offi cially go on sale. Chevrolet bows Sept. 24. There has been speculation on the effect, if any, of the wage settlement between Chrysler Corp. and the United Auto Work ers. Knudsen, also general manag er of Chevrolet, commented durIng the national press preview of the 1965 models at this North ern Michigan resort town. He quashed rumors that Chev rolet would drop its compact Chevy II line. "It will play an important role • '-""<••.u DAILY INVESTOR n:iU&iW:mt.f!MIUM:!q p r 0 duct Knudsen painted a rosy picill ture for the future of the car W business in general and Chevro[l let in particular. Market Compared To Weather Table [1 "Seven million cars has been a magic figure for the industry Diagnostic Device -Staff Photo by Charlie Mohn THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 21, 1964 lJ FARM AND GROVE White Clover Rates High for Pastures White clover remains the most mixture with a ratio of from one widely planted cool season pa.sto three pounds of Ladino and ture legume available for Cen tral and South Florida. In the Tampa Bay area where soils are suitable, cattlemen should Louisiana S-1 per acre. Planting time for the West Coast area is mid-September. Rate of seeding should vary from a total of four to six pounds per acre. certainly considDR. w. G. KIRK, director of er planting white the Range Cattle Experiment clover to pick up Station at Ona stated recently the slack grazing at the field day that period in Janu-renovation of clover-grass com.' ary, February and bination was beneficial. The two March. Probably most effective renovations were the most serious Beem the roto-tiller and twice over threat with white clover is the with a two section medium slow growth rate, when the weight Marden choppeJ;". White night temperatures drop below clover in pangola grass sod 50 degrees F. showed greater response to all Louisiana S-1 and Nolin ' s va-treatments than in Pensacola riety are recommended. Ladino bahia grass turf. white also has good . fea-Also at the Range Cattle Sta tures. Ladmo will stand higher tlon Field Day It was Interesting howeve.r, this va to note that pangol.a grass still riety Will not bloom m Central leads the more common im and So u t h . Florida. Current proved pasture grasses in pounds recommendations are to plant a of beef produced per acre. Re New Type Ship For Swordfish Is Launched cent results showed Pensacola bahia grass producing 389, 'Tifti No. 1 bahiagrass 418 , Starr Ber muda 349, slender pangola grass 409, an d regular pangola grass 547 pounds of beef per acre per year. Your local county agent stands ready to advise. cattiemen on these latest recommendations. CHILMARK, Mass., Sept. 21 IA'I -A new type of fishing vessel will be launched Wednes day to take advantage of a new-ly discovered fact swordfish --..,...--=A=n..:.v=E-::RTI_s_E_ME_N_T __ _ don't disappear in cold weather. ANNOUNCING-Until 1962 commercial sword fishing was pursued along the A NEW CONCEPT IN N ever since iliat number was ext{ ceeded for the first time in 1955. ill We now feel that the seven mil-By WILLIAM A. DOYLE suming you have the wisdom lion car year Is normal," he Q. In answer to your readers or luck to pick good investsaid. who constantly watch and worry ments) you should not be mesChevrolet is nearing its first about changes In market prices merized by the stock market. three million unit sales year, flf their stocks, you might com-My philosophy is that (as Knudsen predicted. This EEG machine at work in Tampa Hospital's .new. elec.troencepha Iogram department picking up electnca I bram waves of patient m wmdow area and producing a written record for diagnostic purposes. Note mass of pushbuttons and dial controls being operated by technicians Michael Fox and Beatrice Relyea. coast only during the DIAMOND CUTTING, FOR But that year the U.S . Fish EXTRA BRILLIANCEI and Wildlife Service caught four • swordfish on a night trawl -John C. Fannin, President of in the early spring. Since then Ferrell Jewelers, announces that fishermen from New England to Ferrell Jeweler s is now showing a the Carolinas have been catchof Diamonds of unus!'al ing swordfish all year around on brillance due . to a new SCREENS BRAIN DISORDERS pare the stock market to the suming you have the wisdom "This division hopes to se.n daily weather table -interest-or luck to pick good Invest2.8 million cars and trucks 10 lug but not of all-absorbing in-ments) you should view your 1964 to set its third consecutive terest. A person with modest investments as though you own industry record," be said. TGH Adds Valuable Machine . concept. Ordmary full.cnt ilia• long lmes. moods have 58 facets or reflectInvestments should not be mes a share of a commercial build-The car maker expects to sell By POLLY HENRY merized by the stock market. ing which you pass each day. a record 2,275,000 new passen-Ttmes Staff Writer My philosophy Is that (as You paid $10,000 for it. One day ger cars in calendar 1964 to top A useful diagnostic tool is you are offered $10,500 for it; the 2,210,000 sold in 1963, Knud-the $10,000 electroencephalo a week later someone offers you sen said. gram installed recent 1 y at only $9,500. Chevrolet truck sales should Tampa General-one of the few Russians Prefer Vodka MOSCOW, Sept. 21 IA'I Pre m i e r Khrushchev's personal campaign to get Russians to drink mineral water instead of ''odka has been no howling sueBut you know it is produc-reach an all time high of 525,000, hospitals on the West C o a s t tlve property. It pays a good up from 441,000 in 1963. equipped . for comprehensive rent is wen maintained ls In-EEG services. in value. so don't Ex-Convict The sensitive Inpanic if you are offered more strument With a battery of mul-or than you have In it-Charged In ticolored controls dominates the as long as you know that It Is EEG department set up l e s s increasing in value and paying Slaying TWO than two mo_nths ago ... you a satisfactory return on The macbme amplifies and your investment. PEORIA, Ill., Sept. 21 IA'I -records electrical waves pro-Do you agree? ex-convict who has served duced by the brain. It is used pr1son terms in states not as a form of treatment but A. Very much so. Your phi-been With 10 as a screening technique for losophy is excellent. You have connection the hotsf persons with neurological dis-11 d t in d'ff t d two dancers 1n a Peona e1g orders spe e ou , 1 eren wor s, t 1 • cess. . what this column has been sayroo e . . , The fact that many still pre. f If 1 Arthur (Shoeshme) Anderson, REGISTERING the bram s . mg or years. more peop e t d 1 t 1 t 1 tl 't th f fer vodka, and m generous qlkuan-would follow your reasoning, 40, a Negro, wasH e ts e/c r1ca tc VI y m . e titles, can be noted by wa mg there would be fewer unhappy mght by e1g s po iCe o a wavy me on a _movmg s 1p along busy Mo?cow streets on investors and speculators. and ch?rged With Poof the machme turns out a summer . You have a good comparison lice sa1d a dnver. recog-pertment Information records The num?er of mtox1cated pen-between part ownership of a nized Anderson m a stathat. us.ually average 200 pages. ple may g1ve .the VISltor an exbuildin and a share of stock . tion and .contacted Fmdmgs the EEG. prove aggerated notiOn of the drunk-Both part ownership The VIctims were MarJOrie helpful in diagnosing epilepsy, enness problem. Muscovites in a of something tangible. When Herd, 30, formerly of La Crosse, b .rain tumors, strokes, be celebrating mood like to get out you own stock in a company and Wis., and Chicago, and Dorrie havioral problems in children, of their crowded apartments that company does well, increas-Coley, 25, a Negro, of Lit tIe d.etermining the and re and let off steam. ing its profits yotlr share beRock, Ark. s1dual of head lnJunes, and a comes more Sheriff Trunk of Peor!a variety of metabolic changes in ' NEVERTHELESS the prob-Over the years that increase County said the women were m the body. " . lem is real enough, as Soviet In true value will increase the the coffee shop of a motel yesD u b b e d the Cad!llac of officials themselves have ac-market value of your shares of terday morning when a man EEGs," the hospital's machine knowledged. stock. walked in and shot each in the is not only capable of measur-Some years ago, Khrushchev Certainly this column doesn't head with a 45-caliber automalng changes in structure of the promoted a drive to lead Rus-want to chase people away from tic pistol. brain but also changes in its sians Into the habit of quench-reading newspaper financial T r u n said h .as functioning. ipg their thirst with mineral sections. But it does warn served prison terms u1 Illinois, wa.ter. in of vodka. This against cultivating ulcers over Washington, California and Ore "BEFORE. THE ADVENT of comcided w1th h1s own personal d to d h g . th gon Trunk said he bas been ar-the EEG, epllepsy was frequent to cut down on alco-kayt : ay cf atn eks 10 e mar-rested 66 times in Peoria since ly treated inadequately . • .; . . e pnces o s oc s. 1 tl 1 holic mtake. . h d th Also, not everyone has either 1940. wa: ';; ca. mtpaign tia mRorde tian what you call the "wisdom or His first brush with the law Tyh rmpoHssJHe, . exp ame I . rt. an Jdealis IC IJJ.O ve. e uc on good luck" to pick good invest-was at the age of 12, Trunk said. om as . arnson, neuro og1s of would be a boon ments. Those unfortunates have Trunk said Ander 5 0 n had In . charge of the department, to the Soviet economy. It would reason to worry. made no statement. wh1ch _opened July 21. cut the number of l•)St Having your skull daubed In-to production from drink-induced H d dian fashion with red markings Q. Some friends have told me Big Chain a impairment of efficiency. about the "class A" stock of starts off preparations for an Harvey Aluminum Inc. I have Small Beginning EEG. A technician measures the BUT RUSSIANS, who look up looked at this stock but, for the NEW YORK fllPD -When head, divides the scalp into to Khrushchev in most matters, world of me, I cannot under Frank W. Woolworth opened sectors according to a 10-20 perma! nlot havthe. takent him too stand how this company ean pay the doors of the "Great 5c. centage system used interna•erJOUS y on iS pom d' ld nd f $1 20 , . L t p J tionally, and marks each area R Si'ans have a peculiar toler a IV e o . a year on Store m . ancas er, une 'th d .1 usf h d d king When a each share of this stock while 21, 1879, h1s stock consisted of WI a re wax pencJ ance or ar nn The standard method means .., . u n h. e 1 s ex only reporting earnings of 87 $410 worth of merchandise . .nuss1an es one o , . . the electrodes can always be erci.sing a time-honored privi cenls a share. Can you enlighten Sales the f1rst day were $127.65 placed on the same spot during lege me? and by year-end reached a $12,-subsequent exams for follow-up police, strict almost , . . 024, according to recor?s of F. studies. to a fault on most matters. make A. s try. Fll'st, 1t must W. Woolworth Co., wh1ch now special allowance for drunks. be pomted out that. a company operates more than 2,110 stores NEXT THE PATIENT re-Normally they don't I) other does not have to in the United States. clines on a bed within a parti them, so long a& they do not earn m the The company, in an 85th an tinned room having a large win make nuisances of themselves. year 10 which it pays. the divl-niversary report, notes that Its dow screened with bamboo dend. A company m1ght have policy of "nothing over lOc." drapes to provide privacy and a THE COMMUNIST P artY high earnings (profits) for a bas changed and so has the restful atmosphere. The tech newspaper Pravda complained number of years and pay out scope of its merchandise. Woolniclan applies either disc or sub not long ago that "very regret-only part of those earnings in worth sales volume in 1963 was dermal electrodes to the scalp tably" the government campaign dividends. nearly $1.2 billion. and plugs them into a color against drinking Is in some The of the earnings are coded wall outlet. quarters considered only a tern-kept as a cash reserve. Then, Moore's Their Man Outside the window the EEG porary measure. if the company falls on hard goes to work picking up electri-It wasn't entirely without re-times, it can use those reserves OKLAHOMA CITY 1A'1 -They cal impulses of the brain, oper&ult, however. Many v 0 d k a to keep payJng out the same still have and need doctors at ating along the same principal drinkers now use mineral water dividend rate. You'll find this as the antenna of a radio or the t ti 'lh f 1 1 Mercy Hospital but the man as a chaser. Si ua on WI a aJr Y arge needle on a phonograph record. Shipbuilding Executive Dies at 56 number of companies -but not most in demand is Tom Moore . Pushbuttons on the switch Harvey Aluminum. He is the maintenance engiboard enable the technician to Harvey Aluminum has 1,750, neer. set up a variety of recording ODO shares of. class A stolick) The hospital isn't f a 11 i n g combinations that make possible (owned by the mvesting pub c d' f 11 h d and four million shares of class apart; it just happens Moore recor mgs 0 a ea areas. B stock (owned by the Harvey can fix anything from a broken A STROBE LIGHT-resemb . WAYNE, Pa., Sept. 21 1A'1 -family) outstanding. That's a water pipe to an oxygen tent. ling the flash of a camera-is .John G. Pew Jr., vice president total of 5 ,750,000 shares. Moore even is called into the focused intermittentiy over the of Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Last year the company had operating rooms to fix an auto-patient's eyes. This Is done to Co. , died today of a heart at-earnings of just over $5 million. 1 (st iliz ) d . t th dete-rmine brain response to tack at his home. He was 56. Divide that earning figure by cave er er an m 0 e visual stimulation and to acti-He was the son of the founder the total 5,750,000 shares out-laboratory to see why a re-vate latent epilepsy. ot the massive shipbuilding firm, standing and earnings per share, I searcher's artificial kidney de-The examination lasts one John G. Pew Sr. .!or the year, came to 87 cents. sign won't work. He may even hour. When sleep records re-The company was one of the But dividends, to date, have make a new part for the kidney quire the patient to take a largest builders of tankers in the only been paid on the class . . h snooze or be sedated, the test-world during World War II. It A-not on the class B stock. m bJs 5 op. . . . .. ing may take two hours. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary of So, the company has money 1 Mooreki of his kJOb. t Meanwhile, the machine Is Sun Oil Co., also founded by the left over. tg mgs jotting out a scribbled 'record. Pew family. no Y e se can ma e This is interpreted by Dr. Har-is assisted by two especially trained technicians, Michael Fox and Mrs. Beatrice Relyea, who also doubles as record typist. It is to take advantage of this ing surfaces. Now, Fer;ell Jewelers erans' Administration Hospital, that the Chilmark Fleet Co. , of bas. developed their own cutting this Martha' s Vineyard island wiih 122 reflecting surfaces known Albany, N.Y . port is launching the 83-foot as "REFRACTO-LIGHT" adding SO FAR the youngest and "Chilmark Sword." extra brilliance to these diamonds. . . Instead of the old method of This series "REFRACTO-LIGllT" oldest patients undergomg EEG h . g th b t w'll set i• now available in unus ual mod F d h ' 1 •t 1 t arpoonm , e oa 1 . ul . ox receive IS OJ Ja ram-examinations have been a 4t 20 miles of nylon and polyern at pop ar 1 h It I t Ch 1 . ou , ExclusJvely at Ferrell Jewelers, mg m a nava osp a a e • month-old mfant and a 78-year-propylene rope, w1th branch "REFRACTO-LIGHT" Diamonds. sea, Mass. He was sent by the old . Last month the department lines every 50 feet dangling 10 Downtown, 310 Zack Street, also Hospital and Welfare Board to tested 85 persons and expects feet to a baited hook. Norih Gate Shopping Center. Duke University Hospital for soon to hit a 100 monthly mark. study under Dr. Harrison, who At present the EEG depart was neurology instructor there ment is located on the hospital ' s during his final year as chief fourth floor. However, plan s are resident. in the making for its relocation Mrs. Relyea formerly worked during the expansion and reno at Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, vatlon of TGH under the pro N.Y. She was trained at Albany posed $10 million hospital bond Medical Center and the Vet-issue. Two great ways to get to Broadway: Rehearse. Relax. 8:30am jet I :00 pm Nonstop jet Plus 6 through prop jets daily. National also has three flights daily to Philadel phia; five flights to Washington; daily jet service to Boston. For reservations see your Travel Agent or call 229-0951 your reprda t.lroadW81? You betH II. CHARGE NATIONAL AIRLINE TRAVEL WITH AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT CARDS Accepted at all National and Amer ican Express Company offices, and by Authorized Travel Agents. Low carrying charge billed with monthly stafements to eard hold ets. 3 to 12 months to pay! cfl!ff!l NANONALJr l t Pew is survived by his widow, (Doyle will answer only repG"trls Eat Less rison, who dictates the report. Margaret, three sons, John III, resentative letters of general inWilliAm and Richard, and a terest in his column. He cannot The teen-age girl Is the least DR. HARRISON, graduate flf daughter, Lynn. answer phone queries). well-fed member of the family. Duke University Medical School, • t;k; "'t;k; "'OM; .I


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 21, 1964 Goldwater Picture Many Incongruities By EDWIN A. LAHEY Chicago Dally News Service On tour w i th Goldwater Sept. 21 -It is very dilficul; to package Barry M . Gold water w i th words at this stage of the 1963 presidentjal cam paig n . Y ou reach for an honest p e r s pective of the Republican nominre, a nd it darts away, llke dand e lion fuzz bubbling in the air current from your p a lm . You ev e n find y o ur se l f say ing tha t Sen. Goldwa te r isn ' t for real . This is af ter chas ing him throug h the South on a trip s eemingly under control o f men w ho did graduate work a t on the arts of in eptitude. Goldwater ' s basic defects as a spellbinder. People who waited maybe hours to lis t en to their hero want to be demagogued, the way a lady wants to hear tender little nothings. Gold:"ater's admirers, quick to realize that the candidate can ' t bring out the beast in them, watch eagerly for a chance to ex;plode without a cue from their boy . The spon taneous and noisy encourage ment from his audiences sometimes seems to be a pleasant surprise to the can didate slowly to a vast crowd t .twater pays his respects ities that would make a m • 0 1 A crowd at Atlanta an "1 believe you people have sounded as though their anger an. acceptable com pan i 0 n something in your heart and was real when Goldwater while you . waited all night in security recipients in the on your mmd." said: a bus station, Goldwater outPinellas C a u n t y, Anybody like s to be told "Why should Georgia be ranks Lyndon B. Johnson. which comprises one of the .he harbors some mystery told how to apportion its legisYet Goldwater seems to be Republican congressional dism his heart, and the crowds lature? That power was never labonng under a handicap in in St. Petersburg the other night, Goldwater was speak ing in the most highly con centrated group of social t:icts in Florida, has a populaalways wail for more. given to the Supreme Court." comparative images. The intlon of 400,000 , and more than But Goldwater is a 50-SO bet Goldwater's crowds on this tellectual fashion of the day one quarter of these citizens to. let the customers down at Southern trip were as warm tends toward uncritical esti get mo:tthly social security pomt, with an observaand as enthusiastic as a can-mates of Mr. Johnson as the far backward to avoid critiOdds like c1sm that their dispatches this can get a -about Goldwater have become man down. And if Goldwater lampoons in objectivity. can go the rest of the route Yet the subtle bombardwith as much poise as he has ment of Goldwater with rid!shown so far under great dif cule goes on in a form of inficulty, the man's severest tellectual guerrilla war . . . The tremendous imbalan aref cntics m the Republican and the public 0 . ce 0 Democratic parties alike must . which sh M plmon polls, • salute his courage. ow r. Johnson far ---Trm'iiTffi;=.i;,.....--ahead of Goldwater, may get ADVERTISEMENT some of their substance from Vote for F • checks. bon l ike this: dldate could ask for. only possible of the But Go I d w ate r droned . "The issues may be shap They were substantial. The u 11\ an race. At the same through a law and order mg in another week or 1.0 gemuses on Goldwater's staff largely through the me speech in St. Peters burg withOr the anticlimatic were in constant dispute Wlth dlum of nonsense jokes about •••ort;onment & HELP FAIR FITE 4u out a single reference to SO on insight routine rep?rters on estimates of Gol(!tater, at the same level cia! security. might go like this: the1 r number. But one thing as e ephant jokes, the image I I i ' he audience at St. Peters -"So th' was c t . B ' of the Republican nominee IDENTIFICATIO' N me mg is wrong. I don ' t er am. Ig as Goldwahas been pretty thoroughly s INC this intellectual war on Golda1r water. burg's ball park added to the know what it is. The country ter's turnouts were, they were warped, in my opinion. • view that keep s comwants a change. I can't spell far below the numbers that mg through. This is an old it out today, but I might be tu.rned out for Richard M. G 0 1 d water was shrewd 4341 W Even more than the way he folks town. But the Goldab l e to after a week or so." Nixon when he invaded the enough to throw newspaper • Kennedy Blvd. speaks, the things Goldwater water meetin . h Af South R reporters and editors a little Tampa 9 F1 Ph 8 says and does not say add to g m t e park ter Goldwater had sho"'n . as epublican presi-off b 1 • a.-. 76-6339 seemed load d thi " dent 1 . a ance a few months ago people h 1 still ll WJ accusations of unfarr • AI th • H . ' . w 0 proc aimed their syndrome the other day at sma er than the n M .t-A.U or"''""'ed Dealer For The Republican nominee's relaxed . and pedestri an style public speaking makes it to get a sharp image of hiiD. the confusion. e With young s ole man Mose 1 nsl'ght . Ia nommee in 1960, and th e can cover thousands of VIews m t b cr d th ' ess. any editors and corre,. ...... 1 f . grea anners saythe Belvedere Shopping Cen-ow s at welcomed Dwight s d t m1 es o territory in the deep mg that " t n El' h pan en s are now leaning so S th young Americans er a u t s i d e Atlahta one . sen ower as a nominee ou • where the one issue for f d • th TAPE b ree om' were in the friendl y observer hl s m e .early part of the 1952 WRITERS LABEL MAKERS er groove. head and commented ampalgn. oac e ? . OVMO And yet you know the guy is there. He is the same citizen y ou ' ve known for years, the affable, good-looking fellow who would be the last man in to call himself a mental giant. And who, if be lost the fight to be president, would . do so with a cas u a l e l e g ance unlike an y thing we'v e seen in m any years. You find man y incongruities in the Goldwater picture after n d1ng w ith thi s far-out en . . ur.ning . deep everywhere 1 s Goldwat v c R h CIVIl r1ghts. But Goldwater I t 5 TAPES "' "" m'"" " if i< . Wh•t M" "m' "H'' ' •till "''"' I<> ffod th ' • ' "m' of"" h•m" '"''' • ._ BADGES were the tariff que s tion of lfas the same baffling handle . " e I Open 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. I Call BURKE TOX•eol 1928 Side effects as what he does T H tt 1 C I __________________ always good for a boo when C N Sundr1es 876-2463 and sizes prompt delivery ' .1 d tapes all colors or • • Blvd. and BuHala ' ers filled write for free tou r a g e . For on e thin g , Goldwater c a n o nt se em to bellow at the voters, t he w a y a man should when h e i s r unning for the r?ses. It makes you feel a l1ttle unea s y f o r a f riend when Goldwater, wit h thou s ands of Sou therners look w g f o r a chance to cheer wra ps l_lP a c r itical W i t h th1s promise : " Bill Miller and I will take care of this ." The thing i s , there is not a of change in his tone of vo1ce. The brave promise to the electorate is uttered in a . low mono t one , and it sounds like the man sa y ing: " Train No. 28 now leaving on trac k 10 . " The c ro w ds seem to s en s e Labor On Mrs. LBJ1s Houses Hit MONTGOMERY , Ala ., Sept . 21 1:'1" Unwn offic i als awaited Wh1te Hous e comment today on a org ani za tion ' s protest of the hmng of non-union labor tn rep a i d n g ten a nt houses on Mrs . L y ndon B. Johnson ' s Ala b a ma fa rm. The City Building and C o nstructiOn Trade s Council sent a t elegram S aturday to c. J. H aggerty, pres ident of the AFL CIO Building and Cons truction Trades D epartment i n Wash Ington. T h e t e l e gram, si g ned by pres Ident H . L . Welch and secre tary treasurer L . c. Hawkins sa i d : ' "


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