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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 201 (September 28, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 28, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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.l ' University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 201 1ampa TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1964 Speakers at USF: Shriver Tomorrow Malik Wednesday PRICE FIVE CENTS I SF Construction Projects Top Priority List Vacancies Filled In SA Units ROARING MACHINES and ringing hammers soon will resound again on the University of South Florida campus as a massive construction program resumes. Moving Attached Furniture Banned Shriver Talks Here


THE TAI\1PA Tll\1ES, l\1onday, September 28, 1964 ..--Campus Edition Editorial Page Court for USF What this University needs is a student Court. The Campus Edition feels that such a system is necessary on cam pus for two reasons: e First. If there was a Student Court system on this campus it would rid the administration of a lot of student cases, that would re quire nothing more than a good "tongue lashing." • Second. The Student Court would make the students on this campus more disciplined and make it known to them that if they com mitted some crime they would be prosecuted immediately. This would make the campus a more unified body, working forthe com mon good of all and not just some. The paper feels that such ac tion must be taken immediately be fore things get out of control. This University has been rather lenient in the past about publiciz ing disciplinary action that has taken place. What we believe should be done is to have a Student Court and print a list of offenders such as the regular papers do. Why? Because by printing the names of any offender it will make the person feel guilty about the crime he has committed and will restrain him from repeating this crime. When can this be started? As soon as the Student Associa tion puts in the good word that they will take this "C ourt System" under their wing. Students on this campus would enjoy participating in such an en deavor as a Student Court. And also, there are quite a few political science majors on this campus who would be more than willing to aid in carrying out this project. It is the understanding of this paper that such a program as a Court-system of government has been under much discussion by the Student Association. Well, why haven't they followed through on the matter. We would like to know, why not? If this organization that is sup posed to be the governing student organization hasn't done a thing about this situation it is about time somebody does . . . We need the cooperation of each and every student on this campus. The students, by voicing their attitudes to the student govern ment possibly can succeed in get ting the SA to get a bee in their bonnet and do something about the situation. Since the student association is supposed to express the needs and desires of the students, we feel they might if a substantial number of students respond. Therefore, it is up to you, each and every last one of you, the stu dent body, to write to the stuaent association and voice your ideas on the Student Court. Write now, and voice your opinion . Get int"O effect a Student Court to take the strain from the shoulders of the administration. Make it possible for the students of this University to be represented by a defender of the democratic system of government. Only through J>:OU we ceed in putting th1s proJect to Its completion. Exchange Program Saluted The Campus Edition salutes Dr. Arthur Barfield. Barfield has estab lished the Student Exchange program on this campus. Right now ten students from Massachusetts are here enjoying the facilities of this modern campus while seven USF students are in Massachusetts . The program, in its second year was originated to create a better understanding between universi ties all over the United States. Although USF is young when considered with the oldest univer sities in the USA, we feel that a growing friendship sJ:lould. J;le estab lished with other umvers1bes . This is the long range goal of the exchange program. It is our feeling that Dr . Barfield is doing a commendable job in promoting this university. We feel that more of the people on this campus should participate in pro moting the feelings and attitudes of this institution. It doesn't hurt to give some of your time to this project. All yon have to do is support some of the organizations or come up with some ideas of your own and submit them through proper channels. Since Dr. Barfield is the only person we know of at this time we feel that all recognition is due him. Maugham Book Leads One Through Half-Century of Fine Storytelling By GRE-TA Kl\1. DIXON Campus Book Critic Selected Prefaces and Introductions of W. Somerset l\1augham, (Doubleday & Company, New York.) 1963, 158 pp., $4.50. An author in writing an introduction or forward to his book once he has completed its main text is really trying to prolong his silent dialogue with the reader. It is as if he is trying to tell the reader points of interest which he can not do after the stage is lit and the cur tain has gone up. So it was with the prefaces, introduc tions, and forewords of Somerset l\1aug ham. This book is a collection of such writings and includes those prefaces he wrote for his novel , Of Human Bondage, his Collected Plays, his Complete Short Stories, and two of his books about writ i ng and writers, The Art of ! Fiction and A Writer's Notebook . Also included are his introductions to his thTee anthologies , among them Tellers of Tales. Spans 40 Years Maugham's latest volume spans forty years and depicts a panorama of his deep belief about the role of the author m the literary world. A word is present too for the writer of fictional literature. Having read many of Maughams pref aces and introductions it is a real pleas ure to have them handy in book form and arranged in such a pleasing se quence. . This work tells of how some of his stories were conceived , for example, he once met a Miss Thompson, and in the process of literary alchemy the incident led to the writing of the memorable tale "Miss Thompson." Art of Writers Maugham points out the basic quall ties, clarity, euphony , of good writing; he discusses the Journal of Jules Renard, and he discourses at length on Mau passant and Chekhov, whom he believes to be the greatest of short story mas ters: he tells of the background that helped him produce Of Human Bondage; be gives reference to Kipling, and rem inisces a bout Henry James. In a brilliant analysis, he explains the art of many great writers and points out why he selected their works for his anthologies. Maugham's volume will be greatly enjoyed by all his admirers as it is a walk through the pa,thways of bali a cen tury of superb storytelling." In reading this book, one can not help but feel ad miration and respect to one who has be come known and beloved as the "Very Old Party" of the world of letters. The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press EDITOR ..........••........................... Pat Pulkrabek Sports Editor ...........••..••••...•.....•... Charles W. Ennis Advisor .......................................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619 . Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. That 'Temporary' Housing Shortage 'I I t "While the population explosion has not seriously affected such heavily industrialized areas as the U.S., some backward sections have experienced pressure." Vaccine Offered . Students, Staff First Campus-Wide Drive Against Flu Starts Oct. 13 Anti-flu vaccine will be offered to students and staff Oct. 13-15 in the first campus-wide immuniza tion program. Dr. Robert L. Egolf, director of student health, said the influenza vaccine will be given from 1 p.m. to 4 p . m. in Rm. 226 at University Center. The vaccine is not advised for persons sensitive to chicken, eggs or chicken feathers. The vaccine will be given on Tuesday, Oct. 13, to those whose last name starts with the letters A through M, on Oct. 14, N through Z and on Oct. 15, make-up for any who missed. Two Doses Needed The second of the twodose series will be offered on the same Fine Arts plan Nov. 10-12. There will be no charge for the vaccine. The most effective "polyvalent" vaccine available , combining six strains of the virus, will be given from disposable syringes. Also as part of the illness-pre vention program, the "tine test" to check for sensitivity to tubercle bacillus (TB germs) will be given. The test is given by use of a;n individual four-pronged disc con taining a pre-measured amount of test vaccine on the prongs (tines) which scratches the forearm skin slightly. Within 48 to 72 hours the test results are "read" by s t u d e n t health personnel. Results indicate whether or not the individual is sen sitive to TB bacillus. If so, periodic chest X-rays may be suggested by the personal physician. Concert Tuesday; USF Music Groups Forming "l'SF Prof. Everett S. Anderson, bass, will present two concerts Tuesday in the fine arts auditorium. The concerts which are open to the public, will be at 1:25 and 8:30 p.m. There will be no admission charge. Dr. Anderson's program will include "Where Ere You Walk" from the opera "Semele" by G. F. Handel; "Hear Me! Ye Winds and Waves!" from the opera "Scipio" by G. F . Handel; "With joy the Impatient Husbandman" from "The Seasons" by J. Haydn; "Das Wandern " from "Die Schone Mullerin" by F. Schubert; "Der Doppelganger" from "Schwanengesang" by F. Schubert; "Standchen" from "Schwanengesang" by F. Schubert; "Do miro Sol Nel Manto Mio Regal" from the opera "Don Carlos" by G. Verdi; "Over the Steppe" by Rachmaninoff; "A Kingdom by the Sea" by Somerville; "Long Ago in Alco1a" by Messegar; "There's Many Will Love a Maid" by Head; "Mah Lindy Lou" by Strickland; and "The Green Eyed Dragon" by Charles. Dr. Anderson has been soloist many times at Town Hall and at Radio City MJsic Hall in New York City; was win ner of "Young Artist Award" in 1946; created the leading roles in world prem iers of Otto Luening ' s opera, "Evangeline," and in Virgil Thomson's opera, "Mother of Us All;" and was soloist on WOXR and WNYC radio stations in New York City . * * * Two University of South Florida music groups are open to residents of the Tam pa area. The University-Community Chorus holds rehear"sals at 7:15 p.m. each Mo,n day in the fine auditorium (room 101). Chorus director Dr. Gordon John son invited anyone interested in joining the group to attend the next rehearsal session. The chorus will present Handel's "The M e s s i a h" Dec, 8 in the University Theatre. The University Is forming an Opera Workshop for those interested in this area of music. Persons who want to participate should contact Professor Eve rett Anderson at 988-4131, extension 311. Expanded Program Is Started at University The first three faculty members have been named in an expanding research program. Under the program, USF professors can submit research proposals to the All-University Research Council. Those selected will receive reduced teaching loads to allow more time for research. Dr. Leslie l\1alpass, coordinator of sponsored research, said the first chosen for the program are Professors Bruce Flanagan, behavioral science; Edgar E. Stanton, humanities, and Richard E. Nee!, economics. Flanagan will conduct research in speech, Stanton will revise a book and Language Study Awards Offered Two hundred awards will be offered to undergraduate students for intensive summer study of certain languages of the Far East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. The programs will be conducted by National Defense Language and Area Centers located at universities in the United States. study certain language theories and Nee! will evaluate public policy matters of the Civil Aeronautics Board. Board Names Dr. Winthrop Prof. Henry Winthrop, chairman of integrated social science at USF, has been appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of the newly-formed Institute for Cybercultural Research. Dr. Winthrop said the institute has been established as a center for inter disciplinary research dedicated to com munity service and to the goal of a hu mane society and a great civilization. It also is intended to become a "storehouse" for disseminating these research findings to leaders who help shape the ideas, opinions and actions of society. Others appointed to the board include philosopher Earl Bertrand Russell, physIeist Sir Robert Watson-Watt, geneticist L. C. Dunn, writer Ruth Nanda Anshen, 3nd architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller. Applicants for these awards must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents who have had at least one year of formal college work or the equivalent in the The USF professor also has been re-language they propose to study. cently appointed a contributing editor Award benefits include tuition and re to four journals. The Indian Sociological quired fees for the summer course, a maintenance allowance based on $400 for Bulletins. The Cybercultural Review, The an 8-week term, and round-trip tourist Journal of Existentialism and Psychics air fare to the summer institution. International. For additional information contact Dr. Prior to coming to USF in 1960, Dr. C. N Micarelli, chairman, Foreign LanWinthrop was on the faculties of the Col guages, AD 188, or Dr. L. F . Malpass, . . . Coordinator of Sponsored Re-Search, LS lege of Wilham and Mary, Rollins Col 162. lege and University of Wichita. Letters to the Editor Parking Said Ample at USF Editor, Campus Edition: In reply to your editorial entitled Enrollment Confusion as it applies to traffic and parking: Shortage? No. Confusion? Yes. During the first two weeks of Tri mester 1 there has been at least 125 vacant parking spaces at all times in the dormitory lo ts 5B-E. There are over 3,550 parking spaces on campus and at peak hours there is a minimum of 850 vacant parking spaces Some of the lots are. full by 8 a.m. and remain full all day while others have few if any cars in them. The major cause of the confusion and congestion is caused by students driving Letters to the Campus Edition should bear the author's alrnature, class status, and should be typed or printed in ink. The Campus Edition reserve• the right to shorten any letter in meetini space reqliirements. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tues day for the followiui issue. from class to class . I am submitting a zone parking plan to the University Committee for Traffic and Parking which should, if adopted, eliminate most of this confusion. John H. Campbell Patrolman, Security Department Ripping Campaign Stickers Rapped Editor, Campus Edition: Upon departing USF last Monday, I approached my automobile and was disgusted (not to mention very angry) as l saw that my Goldwater c a m p a i g n stickers had been ripped off and thrown on the ground. This is not the first car I have noticed in this condition, I might add. This child ish act not only reflects the immaturity of the individual, but it lends an in sight to the intelligence (or rather the lack of intelligence) of certain Johnson supporters. Being fully aware that not all of the Cinema Review backers of President Johnson would stoop to this low level, this letter is not a denunciation of the entirety of the Presi dent's followers. A great American patriot once said, "I do not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Let this be a guide to these "ex tremists" that exhibit such complete dis regard for others' political beliefs , not to mention their private property. William E . Redmond Jr. Freshman Scalpel-Swinging Playboys, Frolicking Nurses Forthy Fare By JOSEPH KE!IIPSTER Campus Movie Critic Scalpel-swinging playboys, u n b e lievably frolicsome nurses and on-the spot diagnoses with Immediate treat ment make The New Interns second in the first of a series of medical "muscle beach parties." First, of course, was The Interns. Michael Callan, Bar bara Eden, Dean Jones and Stephanie Powers don their smocks for a second tim e to run wildly th:aough crowded hospital corridors as interns and nurses. This frantic on duty pace is matched, if not exceeded, by the off-Kempster duty parties, fights, love affairs and rule-breaking which the in terns and nurses engage in. "Oh lookee," says an intern working on an abdominal knife wound, "this looks like a kettle of spaghetti!" Oh you smart, smart writers and smart director, making this slushy belly wound a microcosm of the whole movie. Let's join the doctor over at the wound and see how things are up close. "Hi doc, how are things going?" ••surprisingly slow, considering the fact I've worked in this same mess before." "Well doc, what do you think of this wound as a hole?" big." "Could you be specific?" "I mean its got a lot in it. Its got How's Your Telephone Technique? How is your telephone technique? USF telephone operators have sugges tions which would help ease the strain on over-burdened campus lines. USF's high enrollment has increased the volume of campus calls to as many as 2,000 a day, operators report. They suggest these points to facilitate the flow of phone calls: 1. Be as brief as possible. 2. On J outgoing calls, be sure you know the number before dialing. . 3. If you do not know an on-campus number call the Argos desk, Ext. 2221, for help. If you need help in finding an off-campus number, dial the Univer sity Center desk, extension 635, not the campus operator. 4. Take care of dormitory phones . It is costly and time-consuming to replace a damaged phone. . L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u 5 some humorous veins running through it, some sad looking parts, and some parts I'd really like to cut. " "Doc, would you recommend that other people come and observe this wound?" "In my professional opinion?" "Please." "Yes, on certain conditions. First, it would be smart to see this wound with an open mind; preferably blank. Second, if anyone has seen this wound before it wouldn't be Interesting to see again be cause it contains many parts which are left over from my last operation." "Thank you, sir, you are most helpful." * * * Mail Order Bride , the second feature, rounded out the eveningIn a very in consequential manner. Buddy Ebsen, the vaunted, urbane star of The Beverly Hillbillies played in his usual flashy a retired sheriff who tries to reform a wild boy who is the son of an old sidekick of his . How. you ask? Simple , He orders thj! boy a bride from Montgomery Ward. I The events leading up to, including, \ and after the bride' s arrival are thorough ly boring. It's amazing how the actors main tained their sanity after being forced to go through these idiotic proceedings. Mail Order Bride might be aptly subtitled, A Cliche Classic. 1 Campus Edition Deadlines Announced The Campus Edition is expanding its coverage to three pages today. This will enable more intensive report ing of campus news, addition of columns and feature articles. The Campus Edition invites organiza tions, departments and individuals to sub mit material for consideration, letters, or suggestions for stories. Deadline for letters and features for the Editorial Page is 9 a.m. Tuesday. For other material, the deadline is noon Wednesday. Picture suggestions or re-. quests must be submitted by Tuesday for the following week's use unless of usual importance. These should be discussed on an individual basis with the editors. A news reporting form is available at the Campus Publications office, Room 222, University Center. Telephone Exten sion is 619. I y N' WHAT KtrJO OF A t1" A LJNS LONG ti ... • I I I t.. E R J I ) I H tu qu too cw I me gr me tht th I hi! im ex ro: m BP 1 1 8e a 1 li It e : r ti b d b tl b II f l


. \ HOW BIG WILL IT GROW? Size of Upswing Concerns Business By SAM DAWSON fling at saving their tax cut AP Business News Analyst bonanza? NEW YORK !A'! -With au-But the signs of still greater tumn officially starting, the activity ahead are the chief question for most business firms factors in today's business out today isn't how long will the look-for the fall and into the current upswing last but how winter and even the spring. big will it grow. Management is w o r r Y i n g ALL THREE SECTORS of the more a bout how to handle the economy s e e m set to spend greater activity it sees in the more: months ahead than it is about the few threats that could cut . -Consumers have been push the good times short. mg up _retail sales. And the per-Business worries are: How Income total rose high will labor co t li b? m August than m the previous s s m three months, to set a record How large? should we bulld our high of $494 billion at a sea lnvento_nes: How much plant son ally adjusted annual rate. expansion _ Is . call1ed for by the This offers a fatter market to rosy predictions. How much th k d d ' tr'b t f more are consumers going to e rna ers an IS I u o 11pend now that they've had their consumer goods and services. Ancient -Business spending plans in crease month by month. Buying of new equipment and building of new plants will give the gen eral economy a boost. The fore cast of an inventory buildup in some industries will mean great er production in the months ahead, even if it holds a threat of a slowdown when the build up stocks are finally used. -AP Wirephoto Service For Honored Guest France's President Charles de Gaulle walks under a canopy as he goes to San Pedro Church in Lima, Peru, to attend religious services. The French lead er is taking a goodwill tour of South America. Trees Cling To Life -GOVERNMENT spending Shipeing News BISHOP Calif Sept 28 (= continues to rise at the state 8 1 1 at FARM AND HOME Boys, Girls Mark Nationai4-H Week • ' :• • n 1 and local level. Federal spend-Tampa Ship Repair and Drydock. High! on the barren upper ing has leveled off but still holds loading at elopes of the White Mountains high. And the possibility of in u.s. PhOsphoric, Garrtaon Terminals, . . . and ACL TermiDaJs for South America. of central California Is a grave-ternational InCidents, a 1 w a y s Fillette-Green, agents. d f t ted th h pres nt co ld k d f S / s Ormos . discharging at ' t ll th Garrison Terminal! and loading phos They are bristlecone pines, SPI e a e economy drives. Ebate at Port Tampa for Japan . A . R. some more than 4 , 000 years old Business thus feels sure that loading at By JEAN BEEM Florida y outh . The many thou-and believed to be the oldest this fall will top last year's in s . America. Flllette -Green, County Agricultural Agent sands of boys and girls who Jiving things on earth. many lines, from production to Krosslonn CGer.), loading at About 47,000 4-H Club mem-have benefited from this p roretailing Port Tampa. A . R . Savare " Son. bers in Florida are observing gra m throughout these years They look their age agenls. 1 w k s t li ti t tl The 'Problem is whether prices S / s Marine Ranger . load N a tiona! 4-H C ub ee , ep . are a vm g tes mon y o 1e have only one branch will rise with labor costs and Tampa lor 26 to Oct. 3. W . value of 4-H. It has equipped left With a few needles. The old with consumer demand _ and S 1 s Amazonas CPeruv.>, loading a t w . Brown, State our young people with training h I t 11 b t Port Tampa. A. R. Savage & Son, er ones • ave os a u a nar-how much. Some price rises in agenta. 4--H Club leader that has helped them become row strip of bark and their bare industrial materials a 1 ready said the head-useful citizens. trunks have been polished by have taken place as revived agents. . heart • hands 4-H has helped them acquire t f d d d t d . 8 / & Texaa Gull Sulphur , discharging at throughout t h e will be facing. All of us have Terminals. F'lllette-Green, United Stat es and an obligation to concern our'\:1 / s Koten 1\.laru (Jap .), loadinJ Puerto Rico. The selves with building programs, lor Japan . Fillette-Green, 1964 t h e me is Beem including 4-H which will meet ''4-H-Learning for Living . ' ' these needs. Terminals, agent.s. 4-H Club Week is a time when 4-H will celeb rate the 50th an VESSEtilr:.XfsEOTED all Floridians can take' stock niversary of the Cooperative Exof the value of our youth protension Service, of which the ao:ents. grams to the stat e and the need 4-H youth program is a sigS / s Hess 'Bunker (Amer.), to dis r t t 'th b ' thd charge at Stanaard ou, Port Tampa. which 4-H fills in meeting the m tcan par • WI 1r ay parto discharge problems of our young people. ties. In 1914, when the Smith at City Docks. Marine Agency of The Florida Agricultural Ex-Lever Act authorized the Exto discharge at tension Service is proud of its tension Service, the same fed Tampa City Docko. Marine Agency of record of 50 years' work with era! legislation provided funds Tampa, agentsSEPT. z9 for 4-H Club work. For this 5 1 • Lake ontario to dis reason, 4-H also celebrates a ft. faevn:;:1 golden anniversary. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , September 28, 1964 New Safeguards for Investors By SAM DAWSON 1 and th e A me rican Stock E x 1 w ould-be buy e r or seller oth e rNEW YORK , Sept. 2 8 IA'l T he r ul es raise the rewi s e can't find a New safeguards for the invest-qu1rements that the specialis t The SEC was cntical of the public are being hammered must have t o hold h is job on of a few special out. Involved i s the specialist-the tradmg floor o f the ex1sts at. the. t1me of the Kennedy a broker important to the buyers changes and pu t further rest ric-assassmabon. Tbe ne w r ules and sellers of s tock although tions on h!s activities all a _re aimed at a many of the little investors may supposedl y m the public ' s favor. htion of specialists puttmg be pretty hazy as to just what Here i s bow the s peciali s t f its the . pubhc mterest second to he really does. into your investing , ii you r l)r otherr own . ker buys or sells for you through Tms TIME both the s t ock exthe stock exchanges: TO Tms _END the nt;w. rules chan ges and the federal policing When you buy stock , you take w ould requ1re a specialist to agency are behind the move. A part in an auction _ you b i d be bac;ked b y enough capita l year ago they were at odds over what you think a share is worth. trade m the volume of his other rule tightening moves. In When you sell you also are part Issue_ formerly, the case of the specialist the of an auction _ you set tle for and t o . p nonty to orders aim of the latest proposals Is to the best price your broker can ?f publi c . mvestors be fore buy . make sure that stock price get for your holdin gs at the time . mg or selling on h1s o w n account. swings don ' t get out of hand-The exchanges say that the as some did in the 27 minut es AND IF at any one mome n t, great majority of speci a lists al-of trading after the nation heard almost every one wa n t s to bu y, r eady fi t into this general of President Kennedy's assassin-the auction could get out of hand scheme. The SEC w a n ts t o m ake ation. and the price skyrocket be y ond i t official that do : . And the aim also is to see reason. Or if almost everyone want s to police the i r activ ities that the little investor isn' t the wants to sell , the price that more clo s el y . Both the last one to be considered in the any one could g e t might d rop the excha_nges say the m vesting complicated techniques of tradprecipit!)usly, as happened when public w ill be the gamer b y ing on the stock exchanges President Kenned y was sho t. bemg re11ssured about the pos. s ible activities of i nside r s and To maintain some ord e r out ho w i t s h 0 1 d 1 n g 5 may be of possible chaos, and t o pre affected . THE NEW rules are proposed by the Securities & Exchange Commission and most of them already have been accepted by the New York Stock Exchange serve what the stock exch a n g es ----..,.,.===-==---like to call their " continuou s ADVEI\TIBEMENT Countries Get Freedom Tools two-way auction market for securities," the exchanges have designated certain brokers to act as specialists for one or more specific issues. THE SPECIALIST is supNEW YORK (IPJ-A little posed to bu y his des igna t ed is su e known organization of business-if everyone else seems to w a n t men is providing under-to sell at once, or to sell thi s developed countries with the particular issue when e v eryone means for industrial progress. else seems bent on buying . That It is called "Tools for Free-evens out wha t othe r wis e cou l d dom." be wide swings, or a complet e . stalemate. The idea i s t hat t hi s This movement got It s start in way the market does n't f a ll and has been picking up I apart and in time w ill f ind a momentum ever since. level 'somewh e r e n e a r th e true At that time four Connecticut situation. Als o the s p ec i alist firms shipped metal wor king must "make a market" w h e n a shapers, lathes, a drill press, a grinding machine and machine tools to St. Joseph's S c hool of Industrial Trades in East Pakistan. AGE 50 TO -80? l Discover How to Apply For ' $2000 Life Policy at Introductory Rate! If you're betw e e n 50 and 80 , Old America n now invites you t o appl y for its $2, 000 Golden Eagle insurance policy at spe cia! introduc tory rate. Y ou han d l e the entire transaction en tirely b y mail. No on e will call. No o bli gation. Jus t tear out this ad and mail i t today with your name, a d dres s and year of birth to Old A meri ca n Insurance Co., 4900 Oak, D e pt. 7C993 , K a n s as Cfty , Mo. 6414 1. Tools for Freedom now has' nearly 400 contributing com panies and has on hand requests I for equipment from 1965 OLDSMOBILE 1188 .. 4-DOOR HARDTOP WITH FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING, FULL POWER, RADIO AND HEATER A Month 24-Month Lease Order Yours Now II IN UNLIKE THE towering 3,500year-old Sequoia of th , to load fiation . A slowdown In manuphosfhate. Gull Florida Terminala, WE STILL HAVE a few 50pound bags of MIREX (fire ant bait) for sale. Growers and ranchers with la1;ge infestations can pick up the bait at our of fice in Plant City or Tampa for a small fee . CALL 237-3749 CAR-TRUCK RENTALS I It gets its name from its cone, much like other pine cones ex cept for a bristle that extends from each section of the waf fled surface. Why does it live so long? Dr. Robert Wright of the University of Redlands biology de partment, who has made a study of the bristlecone, credits a dry climate and little if any com petition in its home above the timberline for what nutrients can be scrounged from the mountain soil. facturers' new orders might "steel Executive ochteca (Lib. ) , to dlschar e at But as summer ends the ma-Black Point and Tampa Marine 'lerm. . . Moran Shipping Co.. agents. jority of signs still pmnts up. OCT. 3 the Near East. Fillette-Green. agents. Busl •nessmen M / v Meikun Maru . to load at Port Tampa lor lhe Far East. A. R. Savage &: Son, aJ{ents . G t Ad • M ! s Telemachus (Brit.>, to load at WET ROT kills most trees at e VICe the Far East. a comparatively Young age. On Negotiating 1o:nt Even the giant redwoods, highly Savage & Son, agents. resistant to rot, eventually topNEW YORK tm Business pie when they get so big their men have only themselves to i:.".Tina1" roots can' t hold In soft, moist blame for letting unions Impose Green_,_•g:.e_n_ts_. _____ _ aoil. contract settlement upon them, T B T The scrubby bristlecone In its Lemuel R. Boulware, a retired 00 usy 0 Notice arid climate has no such prob vice president of General ElecDESMOINES, Iowa IA'I -Don Jem. tric, says. Benson of Des Moines was out Other bristlecones have been Businessmen almost always of his office when his 8-year-old f 0 u n d in milder climates in fail to do their "home work" in daughter Nancy called the other mountain country eastward to the field of ideological competi-day to tell him the electric Colorado, Wright says, but none tion with the _ union before nego-ity had gone off at home. begin to approach the age of tiators ever s1t down at the bar-Don was out at the time of the those in the White Mountains. gaining table, Boulware said. call, but a fellow worker took Somehow, just learning to live The result is that "free col-the call and relayed the informain a virtually impossible envl lective bargaining," the basic tion to Don who then phoned ronment these tortured forms idea of negotiations, frequently home and asked N a n c y ii the have the secret of endur"is not free, not collective, and, power had been restored. ina longer than any other known in fact, no real bargaining at "Don' t know," Nancy replied. kind of life on earth' . all," be said. "I've been watching TV . " FOUR ARE NON-PROFIT GROUPS New Corporations Get Charters Ten new corporations involv tn1 Hillsborough County resi de-nts have been chartered by Secretary of State Tom Adams for the p e r i o d Sept. 9 to Sept. 15. Also chartered were four non profit corporations, the com plete list of activity Is as fol lows : 390S West south Avenue, Tampa, Auth. We1tehore Civic Club Inc . , c / o Dr. Stock: 250 sPlares of oom . of no par Vahak Gadarlan, 2 1 6 South Occident value, dealinJ: ln: Aluminum products. St. , Tampa. Filed Sept. 15, 1964 b y Incorporators: Rafael Grau, Jose Grau, Messrs. Macfarlane, FerJuson, Alllson Caridad Grau, all TAmpa. fla., filed and Kelly . P .0. Box 1531, Tampa. Pur.. Post Office Box Honey Op Bee Grove, Inc. First Fed-ltam C. and Martaret Spoon , 5118 eral Bld.r., Tamf•• Auth . Stock: 100 Cleveland St . • Tampa. shares of com. o no par value. Deal Univer.sity Community Civic Asso cia int In: CitfUS bu!lineu. Iqcorporators: tion Inc., Route 3 , Box 1156 . Lub. Helen J . !'ood .. 1\ferle L. 0 BerrY. Tbel: Filed Sept. 15. 1964 by the corporation. ma D . 0 Berry, all Tampa. Ftle.d B y . Purpose: Civic. (Three or A . Dallas Albrlttton, Jr. . First Fed many) Mrs Jerry LeBrun Route 3 Dickman Bulldin Box 328, Mr. Michael L. Pontius; Ruskin, Auth. Stock: '00 shares 0f 3, Box 298, Mra. Marguerite Ka com. of no par value. Dealing In: minlkl, Route 3 . Box 282, all ot Lutz . J d nd A ociates Inc 1501lh Publishing b u sl ness. Incorporators: Amendmenb-Domutte-chan•e 1 'g rn J b ptt ' Auth ' Stock D. Reno, R . Andrew Duncan, of Name 1 ;000 •,&are: of' no paf value: ky . e i Certificate ot Amendment to Land Dealln& ln: Real and. personal prop F Y d. 1 reT am c • Lackey Insurance Aaen cy Inc. chang:-erty. Incorporators: Jess J . Yado, III, Florida safeS and Service& , lng ita corporate name to: Lackey Mary J. Wallace, Bert M . Popek, all Inc. Drawer J. Tampa, Auth. Stock: Inc,. filed sept. 15 , 1964 by . E . Brad Tampa, Filed By: Jeu J . Yado, ID.. SO sha.res of t.-om. of no par value, iord Miller, P.O. Box 1363, TampA, S. Dale Mabry, Tampa. Dealing In Sales and leaslrig or auto-Certtficate of Amendment to Tampa Rodale, Inc . 1707 w. C a s s St. , Tampa. mobiles, trucks, etc. lfome1 Inc., changing ita corporate Auth, Stock: 100 shares of. com. at M. w. McDowell. Christine s. Me name to: John H. Land Inc., filed 1100 per share. Dealin&" ln. Printing Dowell Clarlc& Kitchen all Tampa Sept. 15. '1964 by: E. Bradford Miller. and dupUcatint butineu. Jncorporatora: Filed 'By McLean &: McLean Posf P . O . Box 1363, Tampa. Charles LeFebvre, Darald P. Rose. Office BoX 21 Tampa Fla ' Certificate of Amendment to Bevi s Donald M . Oayts, all Tampa, F117 e07d Star Pub115hi 'ng ComPany Or Brandon, Shell Homes Inc. <;:hanging .its cor John H . Stmmon Assoclatea. 1 Inc. P .O. Box cc, Brandon, AutlL P:Drate name to Bev1s Industnes Inc. , W . Cus St., Tampa. Stock: 200 ahares of com. of no par filed Sept. 11, 1964 by: John P. CorHa&ty Restaurants cf Tampa. value, Dealing In: Publilhtng busJ coran Jr. , P .O. Box 1949, Tampa. Inc. 150B"l S. Dale Mabry, Tampa, neu. Incorporators: Paul E. Dinni A , Corporation Dissolutions aad Auth. Stock : 25,000 Shares of com. Brandon, George E. Parker, Jr. , Withdrawals It n .oo per sh. , filed Sept . 10. 1961 4 , Lithia Betty L Dinnis Bundon Ju. XlnrCrowder-Gibbons Inc '03 a .m.-5122 Holland, building fire. 12:18 p . m.-404 E. Kirby , emergency . 12'38 p.m.-4217 16th St. , building fire. 12:55 p . m.-Florida and Harrison St. , Branch St.. automo bile fire. 1 :20 p.m.2620 29th Ave ., building fire. 1:30 p . m.--4217 Gene.ssee, trash fire. 2 p.m.-lltb Avenue and 20th Street, false alarm. 2 :53 p . m.-11th Avenue and 20th Street, false alarm. 3 :53 p .m.-loth A venue and 2l!L Street. false alarm. 4 :39 p .m.-Franklin and Kennedy Boulevard. service rendered. 5:19 p .m.2318 12th Ave . • stove fire. 6 :5 3 p.m.-Robles Park, false alarm. 7 p.m.-3402 E. Hillsborough, emer gency. 7 :15 p .m.-9Hlh McBerry , servic e rendered. p . m. -Broadway and 37th Street. false alarm. 9:31 a.m.-3916 S. CootidJe , emer gency. 9:33 p.m.-Central and S cott, auto fire. 10:14 p ,m,-3606 Bay to Bay, emer gency. Midntght-9242 Hia leah, emeraency. 1 :17 a .m.-411 W . Fortune, semi-trall er fire. 2 :55 a .m.-2447 Kennedy :Blvd . , false alarm. -------BuddinCJ Artist HOPKINSVILLE , Ky. IA'I -A f t e r his grandson presented him with an original painting, Sterling Lanier entered it in the Pennyroyal Fair. The painting won first prize . What the judges didn't know was that Lanier's grandson is 5 years old and composed the picture in his kindergarten class. PLANNING TO LEASE NEW '65 CAR? DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GET OUR Nationwide Rates e Private e Fleet e Commercial Any M ak• or Mode I Our vast feate will assist you i n tailoring a pi•n to b411t suit your requirements. Ph. 87 6-0457 LEASING INCORPORATED THOMAI M. HU •• AIID OWNER and GENERAL MQR. 4916 S. Melro•• Tampa 9 The full summary of the Warren Commission Report on the assas sination of President John F. Kennedy is available for $1.50 . The hard bound book is being produced and will be available in a few days. Order your copy now by using the order blank below . Cash, check, or money order remittances only. Only mail orders accepted, YOUR THE TAMPA TRIBUNE W'ht Wampu Wtmrn DAILY NEWSPAPERS P.O. BOX 1889 NAME ADDRESS COPIES @ $1.50 ea • • • TAMPA 1, FLA.


THE TAMPA Tll\tES, Monday, September 28, 1964 Goldwater Strategist "Sick to Death" With Campaign By JOHN McMULLAN fensive to people. It's true lhat you in the long run? greeted every morning by The things that are troubling people, A-Sw e we are. We would people are going to wonder Chicago Dally News Service he has not gone into Tennesee A-Well, it's 1:ertainly not an Washington Post and The New mainly the atomic rap. Once we like to have more television WASHINGTON, Sept. 28-and repudiated his stand on the intentional act on anybody's York Times, and it's enough al-can take care of a few of these time than we have. about. Here's a President who Barry M. Goldwater's hand-TVA, or gone into St. Peterspart to make the Republican most to drive a man to drink. things, I think things are going Q-What has been builds a TV studio in the While picked strategist says he is burg, Fla., and made a big pitch Party white, brown, yellow or We're keeping a file on little to turn out all right. tion to him on TV? the reac-House basement but won't come "sick to death of the type of on medicare. He is not an anything else. We have at-things we think are rather pe-Q-What states do you think out and appear against Sen. .;ampaign" waged thus far in orthodox candidate by the tempted to tailor a program and cul'iar. Like when we go to At-Goldwater can win? A-Excellent. One thing we Goldwater. Here's a man who the presidential race. Democratic standards. philosophy that does not subsist lanta and draw a crowd of 100,A-I think that would be idle want is a face-to-face confronta-can't make a two-minute greet-The lines of weariness showed He 's campaigning for the on special interest groups. It's 000 to 200,000, then draw the speculation. tion with the President. We try ing without a prompting device, clearly on the face of American people as a whole. rather incredible to me that a biggest crowd in history in Q.-One of the pollsters has every day, but all we get are yet he won't go on television Burch, 35-year-old Anzoman He's not going out of his way to Negro would feel that the DemMemphis, and yet they're called said that with the proper cam-smarty letters. This is one thing to debate the real issues of the who was installed by insult anybody, but he also is ocratic a friendly party, spotty." palgn, the Republicans could • as .t he $30,000-a-year nati?nal not going to tailor-make his but the real!t!es are that 1n the . Q-Do you place much re-win back a Jot of their defectors. cha1rman of the Republtcan speeches to fit special interests last few elections the Democrats hance on crowd turnouts? What are you doing about this? Pa.:ty, , in a certain area. Frankly, I have been getting ,more and . A-Well, no politician ever ls A.-Republican defections are > campaign. Frankly, I'm sick to death of the type of campaign that we have had to date. If both parties would pull in these entourages going around the country, I'd be all for it. But we're hamstrung. The man sitting on Mount Olym pus in the White House won't debate us on TV. . Were Burch think most of the people in the more Negm votes. Its unfortu-distressed when he gets twice slacking off. I'm not too con Said , as he President United states share my opinion from our pomt of VIeW, but as many people turning out as cerned. After all, we went for to debate about orthodox politics-There's Its a fact. he had hoped for. But we haven't through a real s 1 am-ban g the Issues Wlth Goldwater on something a little disgusting Q-Tben you regret this idengone in for sending rally crews primary and convention. I was T';; . . about it. And the Democrats tification? into an area a week in advance emotionally involved myself. So If both partJes would pull m have an orthodox candidate. A-Sure, I regret it. In the to sponsor "spontaneous'.' demonI can recognize that when you Fast aftel'noon Jets to these gomg Q.-You don't agree, as has firs t place, it's not true. And strations. put your heart and soul into :e I d be all for It, been suggested, that Goldwater I'm a political realist-! want Somebody said that Gold-something and don't win, there's u:r,c ;adldb. 1 . 1 3 has "suicidal tendencies?" votes. water's strength is like an icea temporary feeling that, "I'll e a een up un 1 . a .. m. Q-Is this identification cost-berg-just so much of it show-sit this one out." and the words seemed suJf lng you votes or getting you ing. I'm inclined to agree with But all Republica ns have certhelyy In a a ' more votes? that. tain principles-fiscal integrity, ....... ange un 1 ter vo1ce. course I don't agree. Q Wh t d th t . f In shirtsleeves, he 1 e an e d Q.-Jie definitely, then, is A-I don't know . I can an. -a 0 YOU a a suspiciOn of large we.l are-type back behind his desk, a red tie trying to win the presidency? swer that better on Nov. 4. gtves encouragement. government-for . wh1ch they tr ti h l 'lh It A Absolutely Q-Why isn't Goldwater go-A-We ve been through these stand, If Republicans reflect con as ng s arp Y w1 a so -.valleys and hills bef d f t b t h t th blue shirt. He would start to Q.-It was first thought that ing more into the suburbs ore-an or a momen a ou w a e r;peak and the phone would ring. Sen. Goldwater wouldn't do are the great heart of the ReSen .. Goldwater came. through Democrats on the other After the third interruption be much whistle-stopping, or crowd publican Party? 'Y10 at the A:s I side, they Will vote for Sen. asked the operator to. hold. all four or five stops a day into his A-It's a matter of schedule Sit 10 this chair, It 5 . mcredible no how they calls. They kept coming, a!-schedule. Aren't you changing difficulties. to me tha.t the Amer:can people may w1th h1m on cer-though at a slower pace. your strategy? Q-Is there any panic In your c.ould seriously consider a man tam ISsues. A visitor to Burch is Jed down A-We've had the usual staff, as has been reported? like. Lyndon Johnson fo . r !he Q.-Do you think you can oara long corridor of glasse d-in scheduling problems but we A-The only panic I detec t is pres.Idency. And I keep thi.nkmg row the gap In the next few ' th 1 t w It lhat s got to start generating weeks? booths, where workers clip, didn't foresee the problem we among e co umms s . a er . . , , sort, file, plan, relay and con-have in using an airplane that Lippmann, for example, is alI , t fer. travels almost 700 miles an hour. most frothing at the mouth. His s , erb us, u b on 10 gomg. a o c oc m e Over a "locator" hangs, a A plane takes the travel out of opinion will affect maybe three we ve een smot Th.ey mornmg. , . One-stop via Atlanta connection Leave 4:40pm, arrive 7:26pm Other service at 9:10am, arrive 12:16 pm Minimum fare $60.75 plus tax chart designed to show where traveling. We wind up with time votes in his own family. release a poll every five mmQ-You re having no finau-top officials are at the moment on our hands so we schedule According to the Democratic utes or. every four laps around cia! trouble . In Tampa call Delta 877; in St. Petersburg, 896; with names. Q-Is this one reason, also, tion locked up. Yet suddenly the step up t,helr Either Anytime you re 10 the out. >?. c E L: I :A. The air is not one of de-why the senator is resting be-President s c he d u 1 e s an exthefb t their polls , party you h!lve trouble with f1-but only two spaces are filled more stops during the day. candidates, they have the elect he WhJte but then .they A-Yes, we,re Clearwater, 446-8318; or see your Travel Agent 6pondency or panic, but the go-tween stops? He's supposed to tremely heavy-for him-speak-or ey runnmg scared. nances. , . ,t go-go vibrancy of earlier days be lacking in stamina, Isn't he? ing schedule, he departs from AQ-W at else? Q-You re not res!;tctlng your ... isn't there, either. A-Whoever suggested that his prepared text to refer to ___ w_e_h-:a_v_e_a __ ______ ......:'--------------"---....:t:.:.h:..:e_a....:ir_lz_'n_e_w_i_th:........:t:.:.h:..:e_B::.:..::[I::_G::._J..::_:E::_'l=.::'S:........: __ _: Burch spoke candidly of a obviously hasn't been around "ranting demagogues," he feels campaign that see TV as its him, or followed him. He has constrained to put forth a finan main hope but lacks money to as much stamina as any man cial statement, he launches the buy the appearances needed; of I've ever seen. most vicious television attack polls and why they can't be be-The American people have that's even beeen seen. lieved; of why Goldwater does come to expect candidates to be If there's any panic, well, sur what he does; of hope amid hard supermen-I'm not sure it's a prisingly enough, it's in the realities. reasonable requirement for a other party. Question-There is a feeling man to be a su.perman physi-Q-What do you think of your that Sen. Goldwater seems to cally. Sen. Goldwater, though, is press coverage? deliberately offend people when a stout person, in the physical A-The only objection I ever he visits certain areas. Why is sense as well as in other ways. have to any of the press is when this? Q-The Republican Party has they editorialize in so-called Answer-! don't agree that been called a "white man's news stories. But in Washing he's saying things that are ofparty." Is this good or bad for ton, I'm surrounded -I'm IT'S HANDCRAFTED BETTER TO QUALITY MAKES THE PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE! Fine Furniture, Contemporary cabinetry in genuine Walnut or Mahogany veneers and select hardwood solids. $569'5 Genuine Handcrafted TV chassis with no printed and no product ion short cuts for greater dependability. Super Gold Video Guard 82 channel tuning system with 125 gold contacts for longer TV life, greater picture stability . "Capacity Plus" quality components ex ceed maximum circuit load requirements to last longer. e S TEMPERATURES e e WASH 'N WEAR CYI:LE e ULTRA VIOLET LAMP TAMPA BELMONT FURN. & APPL. 1438 Franklin St. BJ RITE APPLIANCE CO ., INC . 2902 Temple Terrace Hwy, J. M . FIELDS, INC, 9215 Florida Ave. FRANKS TV & APPL. 1625 E. Broadway FULWOOD APPL. SERVICE 2137 w. H illsboro Ave. GRANDWAY Hillsboro & Armen1a HALLS APPL. CO .. INC. 4510 Florida Ave, HOME FURNITURE CO. 107 Franklin St. JOHNSON'S TV & APPL. eof\Met El Prado & Manhattan KANE' S FURNITURE 711 5. Dale Mabry TAMPA KANE' S SKYMAI'T 5630 E. Hillsboro TED KELLEY' S APPL., INC. 3417 Henderson Blvd. KIRK' S APPLIANCES 2819 So. MacDill Ave . LARMON FURNITURE, INC. 1324 E. BroadwaY LATINAMERICAN FURN. CO. 1721 E . Broadway SPRINGS JEWELR\' &. APPL. 8124 Nebraska Ave. TATE ELECTRIC CO. 1620 W . Watera St. TROPICAL APPLI'INCES 1112 W. Buffalo Ave. ZAYRE D!:PT. STOOliE 2525 10. Hillsboro Avo. 0 BLEACH DISPENSER • dis penses correct amount at correct time automalfcalfy. A M A G I C-MIX DISPENSER V FILTERcombs out lint and mixes detergent automat ically. A SURGILATOR -AGITATOR V • creates millions of water 0 PERFORATED TUa • 1199 perforations assure$ all types of dirt removal A PUMP PROTECTOR • elimiV nates troublesome a n d costly service coils A H E A V Y 0 U T Y PUMP • V pumps 17 gallons in le$$ than 2 minutes 2 SPEEDS, 5 CYCLES • featuring super wash, super soak and exclusive RCA whirlpool Wash • n • Wear cyde . HEAVY GUAGE STEEL CABINET. maximum dvrability for extra long life PORCELAIN TOP AND TUB • rust free, worry free protection plus gleaming finish LONG LASTING TRANSMISSION • the heart of your machine with a 5 year warranty LAKELAND AUSTIN & BARNETT ELECTRIC 211 s . Florida Ave, J, M . FIELDS, INC. 230 u.s. 92 East GORE ELECTRIC 234 N. Kentucky Ave. . THRIFTY CITY 1102 E , Memorial Blvd, DADE CITY FREEMAN'S SERV. CENTER 301 E. Live Oak HAINES CITY BUTT' S REFRIGERATION Hwy. 17 & 92 North GREENS FUEL BARTOW BARTOW ELECTRON !CS, INC. 535 E. Main 5!. TRADE VALUE I to 3 Yet • .$J99.88 . rs 3 h> 5 ••• $209. Years .sa 0 . \'er 5 Years $219.881 . BIRDSONG ltADIO .. TV 26 W, llroadwa)' BROOKSVILLE HERNANDO BOTTLED GAS CO. 22 E. Libert)' LUTZ NORTHSIDE PROPANE Rouh 3 WINTER HAVEN THRIFTY CITY, INC. 1103 6th Street N.W. BOWLING GREEN ANDERSON RADIO & TV 925 Oak Street , I


Intramural Football Competition l=lits USF Campus This Afternoon Swimming -Pool Rules Set Regulations governing use of the new USF swimming pool have been announced. People who have skin disease, open sores, fever or are wear ing bandages will not be permitted in the pool. Swimmers must be clean. If the lifeguards deem it necessary, a student will be refused swimming privileges until be has cleaned up to the guards satisfaction. Women will wear bathing caps Jn the pool at all times. No sun tan lotion is to be allowed in the pool area either in the container or on the swim Council Meet Set Th!! Westminister FeUowship will present a two in one pro gram on Sunday, Oct. 4, at at 6:30 in UC 47. Dr. Robert Goldstein of the history department will speak \..on "The Real Issues Facing tbe Church in the 20th Century." On the same program Dr. Donald Allen of the soci ology department will speak on "The Issues Facing us in tics and Social Problems." * * * The Baptist Student Union will hold its first Baptist Fac ulty Fellowship Dinner at the Baptist Student Union on Fri day, October .2nd at 6:30 p.m. All Baptist Faculty and staff members of U. S . F. are urged to attend. Society Has Openings . . GOODWILL AMBASSADORS from USF and University of Massachusetts who took part in the exchange student program are, front row from left, Jane Shauf fer, Annette Roupenian, Susan Christie, Eleanor McCarthy and Diane Olbrych. At rear, Linda Carlson, Beverly Bowker, Linda Haefner, Dean Jean A. Battle, Rose Anne Garcia, Robert W. Claussen, Carol Kalbko and Rosemary Connelly. Exchange Program Dilemma: They Don't Like Leaving i Aipha IIIW Defending Champs By CLIFF PRICE Of The Campus Staff THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 28, 19M Tbursda,-. O c t . 1, 1964 1 :25 p . m . Dance Lessons UC 47 USF we;ght Lifting Club UC 205 Volleyball Officials Clinic U .C. Personnel uc 226 Committee UC 252 International Student Organlzation UC 264 3 :00p. m . FICUS Counselor UC 158 6 :30p.m . Wesley Foundation UC 20ol 7 :00p. m . Formal 47 Cratos UC 202 Kappa Iota Omega UC 203 Verdandi UC 213, 215 Talos UC 252 Arete UC 264-5 7:00p. m . Lutheran UC 223 Westminster UC 226 Aud i tions or Folk Sing UC 248 7 :30p. m . Newman Club UC 205


18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , September 28, 1964 Date Pad Nu Zeta Chapter, Tau Phi \ o'clock, at the clubhouse, 4634 Lambda, will hold a rush party Browning Ave . tonight at the home of Mrs. WENONAH COUNCIL Robert A. Wilson , 6007 Roberta Circle. There will be a barbecue Wenonah Council 3 , Degree of Pocahontas, will meet at a p.m., Monday, at the VFW Hall. and social hour. HATTON GILLETT AMARANTH Hattoll: • . VWF Post. 121 'rampa Bay Court 13, Order and Auxiliary, will meet tomght, of the Amaranth, will have a 8 p.m ., at the opst home, 6809 stated meeting at a p.m., Man-Nebraska Ave. day, at Fellowship Hall. BAY PILOTS WESTGATE WIVES Area Pilot Club will meet Y-Wives of Westgate will meet tomght, 6 :15 p .m., a t Tampa at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, at st. Hotel for dmner and Paul's Methodist Church. There busmess. Mrs. Leon Braddock will be a cake decorating class. of Mental Health Association will speak. TWIN LAKES PTA BAY SCHOOL Twin Lakes PTA Board will meet at a:45 a.m., Wednesday The T?mpa Bay Boulevard in the school cafeteria. School Will meet Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., in the sc hol cafetorium. TAMPA CHAPTER SUNSET PARK T11mpa Chapter, United . Daughters of the Confederacy, Members of Sunset Park Gar-will meet Wednesday, 2 p.m., at den Clu b will hold an open the Federated Club, 809 Horatio house Wednesday, 10 to 12 Street. ADVERTISEMENT PALMA CEIA SKIN PROBLEMS? Palma Ceia Kiwanee Club will meet at the home of Mrs. M. W. Collins, 2108 Dekle Ave. Thursday at 6:30 p.m. For the minor discomfort of: Ory, Rough Skin, Chafing, Itch ing of Piles or Hemorrhoids, Minor Burns, Athlete's Foot, MYSTIC Mystic Chapter 110, OES, will observe Warder's Night on Friday, 8 p.m., at the John Darling Masonic Temple, 620 E. Madi son St. Use soothing lanolin-rich ' RESINOL Sold i" Drugstores Eve rywhere WHY LOOK OLDER BECAUSE OF FADED GRAYING OFF..COLOR HAIR? Shampoo In Life-Like Co/or For This 2nd Chance At Youth You're younger looking •.• wlt b a new evenly loned, ot&YIn hair color ... m the magic or one easy TINTZ CREME COLOR SHAMPOO! T1nta nHlOIOI'II gray, ot....U:Od, dingy brJr wit.b a I u.otroua tint M Jlfe-lllOO .,.,.,. &Jld 'll'1n " ZDd chance a 7otlr Coler Cllatt 01 EYIIJ PKl1111 We guarant.e TINT% •nt 9lvre you tha most fl.atterlnt. natural• looking, hair color ••• eaaler and quicker th•tt aftythlne )'OM ....... VMd hfote • 0 ,Of' return for purch ... price mund. Complete With Developer .•••••••••••.. $1.5 0 plus tax Mrs. John C. Bierley New Name Miss Ruth Lykes Webb became the bride of John Charles Bierley Saturday in t h e home of Mrs. John Wall Lykes, grandmother of the bride. The Rev. Donald L . Irvine of Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church officiated. Parents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs . Guy R. Webb, 3411 Lykes Ave. Mr. Bierley is the son of Mrs. R. R. Sarvor of West Palm Beach and Harold Bierley of Portsmouth, Ohio. The bride was given in marriage by her father and attended by her sister, Miss Matilda Webb. Lt. Howard H. Johnston served as his brother-in-law' s best man. The former Miss Webb was graduated from Hollins College in Virginia and is a member of Tampa's Junior League. Mr. Bierley was graduated from Unive r sity of Florida where he was a member of Kappa Sigma and Phi Delta Phi, Florida Blue Key, and elected to the Florida Hall of F1p11e. He Is now an attorney with' the firm of Fowler, White , Gillen, Humkey and Trenam. Keep in Trim Now's the Time To Talk Turkey By IDA JEAN KAIN Shopping Center H e nd erso n at Dale Mabry Phone 876-1354 MAIDEN FORM brings you a younger, shapelier silhou tl 11SWEET MUSIC" STRETCH STRAP BRA 3.00 Spoke-stitched cups for shap::keeping support! Stretch straps never slip, stay firmly in place . White cotton. A cup, 32-36; B cup, 32-3 8; C cup, 32-38. 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As I was toting a big turkey to the car it suddenly dawned on me that the 18-pound turkey I was carrying represented the amount of my excess weight load. That did it! I was determined to get that turkey off my back_ "I'M WRITING thls so as to encourage your other readers t o take off those newly added vacation pounds before they get used to them. Now eac h year after vacation I buckle right down to calorie counting and keep to 1200 a day. I stay with it until the pointer no longer wavers past the 145 pound mark. I have found this plan really works, whereas crash diets do not. For eight years I have kept my weight at 145 pounds and wear size 14 and 16. Please send me a new calorie chart in the enclosed, stamped self-addressed envelope. My old c;hart is in shreds," l!he concluded. THE CHART HAS been sent. Friends, take a tip from this homemaker. Curb that "grow ing " appetite now . During vaca tion, particularly on the American plan, it's natural to indulge in rich, fattening fare. 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Junior -Musicale Program Will Open New Season A new season wUl be opened Student CouncU officers, Ann L. Thomas, Martha Wadlington , January of Miss Jane Lenoir, , b y the Junior Friday Morning Foley, president; Cecilia P aleJane Wallace, Jem Wallace and flutist, as guest artist. Musicale this evening at eight veda, vice-president ; Gayle Wegner. . . Lazzara, secretary; and Lmda Junior Federation

HiO Automobiles For Sole 'Sol CHEVROLE'l B/A Sedan. Ex AT. 'B9 CHEVROLET. Assume PlY ments $38 mo. Bal. $684. FLEETWOOD MOTORS 1608 Florida Ave. Ph. 238-2372 '51 CHEV. 6 cyl. stick. Good trans J)Ortatlon . $249. MABRY -GANDY MOTORS Mll Gandy Blvd. Pb. 838 'o2 CORVETTE, fuel injection, four speed, $2700. 8207 12th St. IF you nave $50 I have a car for ;rour. Fin. Arranged. Mel's 2812 E. Hii!Bboro Ph. 236-1101 17 18th & Central, St. Pete DICK ALBRITTON'S * DAILY DOUBLE * CHEV. '63 ..... $1890 4-DOOR. Sparkllnt blue, power steering &: brakes, automatic, radio & heater. Still under fac tory warranty. NOT a UDrlve It. OLDS '62 . . . . $2290 '68' 4-DOOR STATION WAGON, 9-passenger, lactory air condi tioned, electric windows & 6-way seat, power steering & brakesJ automatic, radio &: heater. Excellent Selection Drive Right In! 1419-27 FLA. AVE. Phone 229-0669 Open Sunday IMPORTS 39 Yn on Howard Ave. Franchised Dealer• 30 Brand New Models on Display A1rConditioned Showrooms! 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Auto. trans., heater, ttower steering. '62 CHEV ....... $1895 Impala 4-Dr. Auto. trans., radio, heater, power steering, power braku. Lifetime Warranty Plus On .. Year Warranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E . Hillsborough PHONE 239 Open sunday After church at B oth Locations ... tho 1965 BUICK$ on Display at 107 F"ranklln St. 1 50 Automobiles For Sale '63 CONVERTIBLE Volkswaren, R&H, bright aa sunshine. 949-1751. '59 STUDE Lark Econ. Spec. A• sume payments $26 mo. Bal. 1380. FLEETWOOD MOTORS 5608 Florida Ave. Ph. 238-2372 NO MONEY DOWN FULL PRICE $595 '58 PEUGEOT 4 dr. 3 speed trans. with overdrive. Nr cond. 5 new tires. Nothing down, $8 wk. Quality Auto Sales 4607 Florida Ave. Ph. :>.36-6711 156 FORD VIC. GLAMOROUS 2 door bardtop styJ. ing. Beautiful Peacock Blue. An all original car. A rare find. Only $5 down, $6.50 week. Open 9-10 daily. Superior Motors, 4205 Flor ida Ave. Ph. 237 3929. $5 DOWN 1964s GRAND PRIX Factory air, loaded! 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El.c:tric seat, windows and antenna, power steering and bt-ake.s , factorY air con ditioned. '62 FORD ...... $1895 GALAX IE 4 • DOOR. F"actory air conditioned, full power. It' s sharpl '60 LINCOLN ... $2195 CONT I N ENTAL 4-DOOR. CompletelY equipped including factory air conditioning! A beauty! "Ferman Never Fools!" CHECK THESE++ CAR BUYS '59 OLDS 2-DOOR . Auto matic t ran • mission. Lovely tutone finish. '59 BUICK . s1595 ELCTRA 225 4 DOOR HARD TOP -All power Dlus factorY air conditioning. EKtra cleanJ '60 FORD t Passonger STATION WAG, Radio and heater, automatic, power steering. PLUS A GOOD SELECTION OF '64 CHEVROLETS YOU c:.AN SAVE UP TO See 'Em Today! 1Year Warranty FERMAN Chevrolet 1428 Florida Ave. 229 Ph. 229-0706 Open 9 a . m . 'til 9 p.m. M011. thru Sat. CLOSED SUNDAY 150 Automobiles For Sole INDUSTRIAL BANK HAS SEVERAL 1983 MODELS REPOSSESSIONS & OTHERS MR. COLMAN, '57 Mercury 2-Dr. HT FULL price $389. No cash needed, S5 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 '56 CHEVROLET. Bal. $430.-..:8sume $24 mo. FLEETWOOD MOTORS 5608 Florida Ave. Ph. 238-2372 '59 Chev . 4-Dr. B/ A -AIR conditioned. beautiful tutone Gray &: White finish, extra clean original deluxe interior_, heater, power steering, power brakes, perfect V-8 motor, WW tires. No cash needed, $12 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 150 Auto111e&Ues For Sale '58 I'ORD conv. v.a. AT. Very nice. $295. Ph. 838-35ll . Dlt. SACRIFICE '58 MERCURY Turnpike Cruiser. exceL cond. all power, private owner. Can be seen at Gulf Sta tion cor. Fla. &: Fowler Aves. $650. CAD . 4 dr. Loaded. One owner. No cash needed, $5 wk. NO SALE FEE, Inc. 4100 Fla. Ave. '51 FORD 6 cyl. standard shift. Full price $95. Tropical Motors. 4130 E. IDllsboro Ph. 626-3707 '35 BUICK-good transportation. Runs exceptionally good. $139, 6427 F!oriqa Ph. 234-0101 Dlr. THE AUTO RANCH THE "T" CORNER 5198 34TH ST. N. 150 Automobiles For Sale '!16 LINCLON, all power, factory air, 1 llWl!er. $380. 235-78M. TODAY' S SPECIAL '59 Mercury Conv. $597 CLEAN-YOUR CHOICE-ANY CAR Big John's Auto Sales 4001 Fla. Ave. at Buffalo Ph. 238 17,000 Actual Miles! '59 PONTIAC 4-DOOR HARDTOP RADIO & beater, automatic, pow er steering, extra clean through out. A real puff! C. & R. AUTO SALES 4316 FLA. AVE. PH. 238-1982 N 0 INTEREST or N 0 . FINANCE CHARGES * 1801 FLORIDA AVE. * AUTO FULL DOWN "AYMT . MONTHLY PRICE CASH or TRADE PAYMENTS '57 BUICK 4-Door 5618 560 53437 Stock No. 1213A. '55 CHEVROLET V-8 5331 535 51841 Stock No. 1215BB. '61 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. Wag. 51493 5293 s5oso Stock No. A264. '62 2-Dr. 51393 5243 54750 Stock No. 434 B. '61 51193 5243 53965 '58 PLYMOUTH V-8 HT. 5595 5183 52278 Stock No. 1221A. '59 CHEV. Imp. 4-Dr. HT. Stock No. J;uzA, 5893 5243 5]621 '60 DODGE V-8 4-Dr. 5873 5253 53589 Stock No. 1369A. '60 FORD V-8 Conv. 5953 5253 52916 Stock No. 1335A. '60 FALCON 5783 5183 52509 Stock No. 1017 A . OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. • 9 P.M. SUNDAY NOON TO 7 P.M. MASSEY MOTORS 1801 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. 229 229 OFFICIAL CLEARANCE SALE * * * '64 fords S2695 F'actorY Air Galaxie 500 4-DrHTt. AT, R , H , PS, V-1, Hat bel b. '64 Chev. ll's $2095 AT,R&H W ith Air 52395 * * * * $100 5100 It Is Worth $100 Toward the Purchase 11f Any '13 or '64 Model Avis Car at •oth Gur Locations, 2000 N. Dale Mab ry or 6US Fla. Ave. Limit 1 Good 'til Oct. 1 * * * '64 Impalas $2595 2 & 4-Dr . HT• V•S, AT, R, H , PS With Air, 52895 '64 Ramblers $2095 Classic, AT, PS , R&H With Air, 52395 Premium U Drive ItsBalance of Factory Warranty '64 Galaxie 500 XL HT's, 2Doors,l'63 Rambler 4Door. AT, 250 HP, PS, PI, R, H, R, H . Sneral ta fro.m. tinted glass, WSW, seat belrs, Cruise $195 down, bal. 36 mo. at $44.75 •n on floor, XL hubs. $3195 it life and $149 5 Four bea11ties In • • • • • full ••••• • $ t 00 Coupon Above Good For 5 Days Only on Following 1 Owner Trade-Ins See at 2000 N. Dale Mabry See at 6115 Florida Ave. '62 Chev. II St. W ag . '61 Chev. ImP a I" Tutone. '1395 4-Door HT, AT, R, very clean . H, Vl, s1595 PS ...... . . '62 Belair 4-Dr. Sed . V-8. AT, R, $1595 '60 Chev. Wagon H , PS . . . . . . . 4-Dr. V-8, $1195 AT, R, H, PS '62 Chev. I m p a I a '60 V"liant 4-D oar. 2Dr. HT. V-8, AT, V-200. 5895 R : H . '1895 R, H ...... . ' 59 <:hev. I m p a I a '62 Volkswagen. R, 2 -Door Sport Coupe. H. Very $1195 V 8, AT, $1095 A1r .....•... clean . . . . . . . R , H ...... . '61 Corvair 4D o or '59 Ford 4-Door Sta. Sedan. AT, R, $835 Wagon. AT, R , H. H . 1 owner . . . Excellent $695 cond •........ '62 Chev. I m p a I a 4-Dr . HT. s1795 '59 Chev. I m 11 a I a R , H, PS, PB 4 Dr. HT. '995 '60 Rambler Classic R, H, AT ' ' 4-Dr .. AT, R, $895 '51 Ford Sed. 5295 H. N1ce . . . . . . AT, R, H ..... (Mr. Currie Will Fire Us If We Don't Get Rid of These) 1964 Demonstrators Executive and Brand New Fords Reasonable OHer Refused (Or Un Reasonable OHer Either, In Most Cases) Best Terms From Our Own Finance Company UP$1500 IN TO ' DISCOUNTS Up to 48 s to Pay THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 28, 1964 29 NO CASH OR TRADE NEEDED MAKE YOUR OWN TERMS We Sell the Best for Less We Will Not Be Undersold '64 CORVETTE Stingray Hardtop. 4-speed trans., 365 HP engine, POsitive traction rear end, AMFM ra dio, elec. windows, power brakes, red w ith black in terior. New car warranty. $3495 Also In stock '14 corvette with a ir. '64 CHEVROLET Bel A ir. Automatic, radio, heater. Full p r ice o nly O ver 100 Chev ' s in Stock Some with A i r '64 GRAND PRIX Factory a i r cond. , full l>()wer, elec. windows &. seat, auto matic, R &. H, w / w tires. 6,000 actual miles. Balance of new car warranty. $3595 '64 FORD Galaxle 500 Hardtop . V-1 , ra dio, heater, tutone, w / w tires. B lance of new car warranty. $2195 Over 50 Fords In Stock. Som e with Air '62 CORVAIR 700 SeriH. Automatic, radio, heAter, red white finish. Seat be l ts. Over 50 Corvairt in Stock The West Coast's Largest Dealer '61 TEMPEST 4 -Door Sedan. Automati c, ra d i o, heater. Beautiful light finish with matching interior. $895 '63 VOLKSWAGEN 2 Door . Choice of sunroof or hardtop. $1395 '64 SCOUT PICKUP $1395 We are a lnt'l. Scout fran chised dealer fo r thi s area. '61 Continental Convertible . .-actor y air cond. , full power, e l ec. windows & seat. 1 owne,.. Hon•v beioe leather interior f i n ish in white. Real clean. $2495 Cheapies '58 Pontiac: 2Dr. HT '58 Ford 2-Dr. HT '59 Ford 4Dr. I&H ... $295 ... 5195 .. 5295 '64 Air Cond. Cars In Stock '64 ConY. Air '64 Old5 98 Conv. Air '64 Olds Starfire, Air NATIONAL AUTO SUPER MARKET 2555 N . Dale Mabry Phone 877-8234 290& FLA. AVE. PH. 229 --'-411-.W TODAY'S SPECIALS AIR CONDITIONED '64 Pontiae Oroiind Prix. F"ull power and fact. air cond. Loaded. Balance of new car warrantY . .... 53899 '64 Chevrolet ImPala 2 and 4-Door HardtoDs. PG, V-8, PS, R&H, fact. air cond. D iscounteo $2999 hundreds! ....... . '64 Buick Riv i•rA Coupe Hardtop. Full power, fact. air cond. , absolutelY extra on 34399 th•s one! '63 Chevro let Bel Air 4 • Dr. PG, V-8, PS, $2189 R , H, fact. air .... '63 Oldsmobile HolidaY 4 Dr. Hardtop, F"ull pow-er and fact. air $2799 cond. Loaded! . . . . '62 Cadillac CouDe De Ville. Full power and fact. air cond. Loaded. One owner, Must see to '3499 appreciate ...... . '59 Thunderbird CDe. Hud top. Full power, fact. air cond., R&H, WSW, Hurry ............. $1299 COMPACTS '64 TEMPEST 4-Door . R , H, WSW. Onlll '2999 one at this ... '64 Chevy II 400 Sport Coupe . PG, 6-cyl. , WSW . Onl11 o n e at 52199 this price! ....... . '64 Co rvairs 4boora. Auto .. matic trans., heater. 20 in ttock. 51989 Choice of color . . . '63 Falcon 2-Dr,. 51399 fact. equipped. '63 Corvair Monza coupe, 4-speed $1699 transmission . . . '62 Corvairt Monza 2-Drs . 4-sDeed trans. and au tomatic trans, , R&H, WSW. choice of '1499 colors . . . . • . . . . . . . '62 Dodge Dart. AT, PS, 2Door . '1199 RadiD, heater. '61 F"alcon 2Door. Radio & t i rea ... . • $699 WAGONS '64 Pontiac Cl\talina Safari. Full power & fact. air cond. '3699 Loaded .. -........ . '64 Plymouth Fury 4 Door . Fult power, V 1 , radi o ........ '2899 '64 Ford Count r y Seda n. Cruise-0-Matic, v .. s , PS, R&H , rack on top. Balance of new car warranty, some with fact. air $2799 conditioning .....• '63 Volkswagen '1499 Panel Truck . '63 Volkswagen 9Passenger wav. ...... '1899 '62 Ford Country Sed a n Station Wagon. FOM, V 8 , R&H, WSW. $1499 Priced to sell ..... '61 Chevr o let Parkwood, PG, v . a , Ps. s1699 Fact. Air, Jlt:1 H , .... '61 Tempest St. WagDn. AT, WSW .. , .... 51199 CONVERTIBLES '64 Ford G a I ax i e "500 " C o n v. Cruise-0 Mati c, V -8, PS, R&H, WSW. 6 elow . ........... $2699 '64 Cadi I I ac: Conv er tib l e . Loaded! Owner'• ear bought new locally, Save hun dreds on a C addy $5199 with a his tor Y . . '64 Chevrol e t Mali b u Super SDort. PG, V 8, PS, bucket seats, R&H, fact. a i r cond. Balance of new car ....... . $2999 '64 <:hevrolet Impala Conv. PQ, V-8, PS, R&H. Air eond., WSW. Ba l anc e of n e w ......... 52899 '62 F"ord XL500 Conv . Cpe . F u I I p owe r , bucket ........ '1899 '62 Chev r olet Impa l a Supe r Sport Conv. PG, V-1, PS, R , H, WSW . '1989 (20 Conv's in sto c k) '61 Thunde r bird Con v erti ble. Full power, R&H, WSW. Never aga i n $2199 at this pricel ..... SPECIAL FEATURES '62. Motrllpo litan Cou pe HT, stick, radio, $899 heater . . . . . ... '60 Starlin&r Conv., eond., new t op, new tires, PS, PB, Cruise O Matic. . . ......... 51 099 '61 F"ord GaI a xi e Conv. F"ordomat ic, V 8 , PS , .•.... _ .... '1399 '61 Chevro let 4 Door . PG , WSW ... $1 099 '61 Chevro let 'lz Ton P i ck up , 6 -eyl., s t r a i g h t stick . $948 $39 mo .. _ ....... . '60 Ramble r 4 Dr. Ameri can . A uto. trans. Ext r a sharp. s599 $34 mo .......... . '60 Dodge V-8 2 D r. HT. Stic k , R, H, S888 PS. $42 m o •........ '60 Volkswag e n Bus. 4 speed, R, H, '889 Perfect . 539 ma . . ... '60 Faleon 2 -Door. D e lux e . Stic k, new ajr cond., If, H . 5728 $39 mo •............ _ Phone 229 Open 8 A.M. •til 10 P.M. NO CASH OR TRADE NEEDED '64 CONTINENTAL 4-Door Hardtop. Factory air full power assist., elee. windows and seat, radio, heater, whitewall '64 CHEVROLET 4-Door sedan. Automatic:, factory equipped. Big dis• eount '63 T-BIRD Hardtop. air Power steering and brakes, automatic:, r a d i o, heater. Extra nice. I 62 CADILLAC . 4-Dr. Hardtop. 4 windows eye, factory air eoJtd., full power, el"trlc: wMdews and seat, auto• R&H, WW tires. '62 CHEVROLEt Station wagon, 4door Jel Air. Automatic:, r a d i o, heater, p ower steering, air V-B, WW tires. Solid white finish. '62 OLDS 88 4Door. Automatic:, radio, heater, power steering and wakes, fac:tory air c:ond., WW tires. Solid w h i t e finish. '60 BUICK Electra 4-door. Automatic:, fac:t. air c:ond., full power, windows and s e • t, WW tires, R&H, '60 FORD Canvertible. Automatic:, ra dio, heater, power steering, WW tires. Solid white fin ish. An extra nic:e c:ar. '60 CORVAIR 700 Selies, 4door. Auto• matic:, radio, heater. A real bargain. $595 NATIONAL AUTO SUPER MARKET 1711 E. Hillsboro Phone 237-3323


30 THE TAMPA TIMES. Monday, September 28, 1964 LIFE BEGINS AT 40 News of Tampa Bay Area Servicemen 1 College Heads Here for Talks Widow in 70s Finds The University of South Flor-versity's educatlonal channel \da has invited the presidents and to dis cuss possible uses the of 11 public and private colcolleges can make of USF tele-c • R d • By RALEIGH MANN Times Staff Writer M.S. degree in astronautics from the Air Force Institute of Technology. leges in the Tampa Bay area vision programming. era m ICS ewa r I ng to discuss future utilization of Dr. Allen , Robert L. Denpa are part of a specially seSix U.S. Navymen from Tam-A graduate of Hillsborougb High School , he will be assigned to the Space Systems Division of the Air Force Systems Com• rnand. educational television on their nard, dean of administration, By ROBERT PETERSON th d 1 . lected group participating in a was e e 1ght of applymg . . campuses. Gerhard Eichholz, director of Handicrafts are among the colors and glazes and firing demonstratiOn of the Umted USF President John s. Allen educational resources, and them in a kiln. States' capability to maintain most effective antidotes for the will meet with the presidents Manny Lucoff, USF's television "Although I had never done peace. apathy and inactivity encount-anything like this before, I was The men are servJng \' ' the Tuesday to outline the timecoordinator, will describe to the , ' d t d 1 ered in later years. soon fascinated and found I had Navy's Task Force One, made table for opening of the unJpres! ens . . eve opment plan. s, / Maj. Don M. Hartung, son of Mrs. E. A. Hartung of 4002 Vascosts, possible courses, eqmpConsider Mrs. Minna Lind. a certain dormant talent for up of its three nuclear-powered I Open 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. ment and facilities to be used When she was 70 years old U1is creating artistic designs. surface ships-the attack airTumer Taylor ..• SchmU Vogelsang conea St., has graduated with a B.S. degree in engineering sci loman AFB, N.M., for duty. He I ences from the Air Force Inst!• will be assigned to the Air Force tute of Technology. Hutto'S Groceries when USF begins broadcasting widow then living in Georgia "Later, I enrolled for an ad-craft carrier USS Enterprise, T T h vanced class in ceramics at the guided-missile cruJser USS wo ampa men ave comSundries on channel 16 sometime early f It d d d 1 Sb Cor. N. Blvd. and Buffalo in 1966 . e epresse an a one. e Emory University and soon was Long Beach, and the guided pleted U.S. Air Force basic miliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii/had a son and three children entering various craft contests. missile frigate USS Bainbridge. tary training at Lackland AFB, Missile Development Center of' l Maj. Hartung is being re• the Air Force Systems Com\ assigned to Eglin AFB, Fla., fol' IRI TTON PLAZA living nearby-but they had Over a period of five years I The men are Robert Adair Jr., Tex., and have been selected to h won 20 blue ribbons for my at dl t h 1 d t eir own active lives and did . av1 Ion or nanceman r attend technical trammg courses. ceramics. I also got a part-class 1421 Terrnino Dr. Rene . . . not particularly need her. time job teaching ceramics at A.. Armengol Jr., They are Airmen Phlhp S. "I happened to hear about a a horne for unwed mothers. mate first class, 209 Hyde Park Turner and Jerry R. Schmit. class in ceramics at a local Ave.; Paul E. Schmotzer, sea-Airman Turner, son of Mrs. studio, " said Mrs. Lind, a tall, blue-eyed woman of slender . duty with the Tactical Air War• mand which has the mission of fare Center. researching, developing a n d ----AD-V-ERTISEMENT testing Air Force planes and missile systems. MON., TUES. ••••••••••••rtbuild, "so I paid the $25 tuition YOU HAVE mastere? man, 505A Fowler Ave.; Philip Audrey L. Turner or Rt. 4, will a hand1craft you can take 1t S. Yarick, seniot chief machin-be trained as a communicationswith you .wherever you go. I ist's mate, 4908 Elberton St.; electronics specialist at Keesler learned th1s when my son was Charles York, aviation machin-AFB , Miss. He is a 1964 gradtransferred to Indianapolis, Ind. ist ' s mate airman, 6028 Jackson uale of Chamberlain High I to follow along so Springs Rd.; and Tony Vila , School. Airman James H . Taylor, son of Mrs. Eloise H. Taylor of 304 E. Henry, has completed Air Force basic military training at Lackland AFB, Texas. WED. GET A HUGE 11x14 WALL PORTRAIT OF YOUR CHilD SEPT. 28, 29, 30 $ 00 HOURS: I 0 A.M. P.M.; 2 P.M. 5 P.M.; 6 P.M •• 9 F'.l.1. and enrolled. "THEY STARTED me off I wouldn .t lose and, hospitalman, 1923 W. Kentucky Airman Schmit, son of Mr. doing the simplest things-mold-after gettmg settled m a small Ave. and Mrs. Gerald R. Schmit of ing clay into paperweights, ash set myself a cer4009 Fair Oaks Ave., will attend . . . amtcs teacher b y pnntmg cards Second Lt. John M. Vogel-the metal repair specialist trays, contamers and f1gurmes. stating that I was available for sang, son of the Rev. and Mrs. When the clay was dry there lessons . Martin Vogelsang of 122 E at Amarillo AFB, Tex. He . . 1s a 1964 graduate of Robinson "Word got around and pretty BougatnvJllea , has been awarded H ' h S h 1 soon people were coming to me the U.S. Air Force silver pilot Ig c 00 The Arts Taylor is being assigned to a Strategic Air Command (SAC) unit at Minot AFB, N.D . , for training and duty as a medical specialist. A former student at Hillsborough High School, Taylor attended the University of Tampa. Lt. Col. Gonzalo Fernandez, son of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio F. Fernandez of 1312 20th Ave., Tampa, has graduated with an MONDAY Lecture by Taylor Hard wick, Jacksonvil le architect. at the Tampa Arl InsUtute, on experimental cinema. Hardwick will show a selec tion o his experimental lilms, with comments, at 7 :30 p . m . for instruction. After each class wings upon graduation from fly-Firs t Lt. William J. Barnes period we sit around the table ing training school at Vance Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Wit for refreshments and fellowAFB, Okla. liam J. Barnes of 3808 Palmira ship. The Sl each pupil pays me Lt. Vogelsang is being asSt., has graduated with an M.S. weekly helps supplement my signed to Hunter AFB, Ga., Ior degree in astronautics from the Social Security of $70' monthly. flying duty in a unit which sup-Air Force Institute of 'llechnol-"My interest in ceramics ports the Military Air Trans-ogy at Wright-Patterson AFB , JEWELRY Manuraetur1n1 " oeslgnlnt BIG EVERY WAY! by bass soloist Everett Anderson, a t USF. To be fre boosts my morale in many ways. port Service mission of providOhio. our R•P."..'!.,II,.•• •• 1d'atyl•"•"r Best 1 b 1 l'ft R' •• Yes, Tampa Want AdJ. It makes me feel I've got mg g o a a1r 1 of U . S. millLt. Barnes, a Plant High gradMILLS JEWELRY, 503 Franklin St. lind you big lot.s. big bargains, bif something special to offer. Very tary forces and equipment. uate, being reassigned to Hol.. 01 au a big audi• Building. Admission lree. WED:SESDAY -Lecture by Cha1es M alik, former president of the UniLed Nations Assembly, at USF Theatre at 8 :30 p .m. Free to the public. Art Exhibits IIIUNICIPAL MUSEUM, at the Uni versity ol Tampa. Renderings of new fabrics and traditional, by area three chapter of the American Institute o! Interior Designers. Exhibit to remain through S..ptember. Hours are 10 a .m. to 4 p . m . , Tuesday through Saturday .. BARBOUR BOUSE-Bayshore and How ard, an exhibit o paintings. Group showing bY central Florida artists, now on display. . . . TAMPA ART INSTITUTE-The Pear sall collectlon of North American Indian few people know anything about ;;; ======== it and are eager to learn. I'm often asked to talk about my hobby, and I give a weekly\ class in ceramics at no charge at a nearby school for retarded children. "I ALSO SELL some of the things I make, particularly my bowls, vases and imitations of Royal Danish figurines. My students also make occasional sales and find that ceramics can be a profitable hobby. "I've exhibited my ceramics at the Indiana State Fair and at various hobby shows, and have won five additlonal ribbons to add to my collection. art and artifacts . Exhibition will be on e NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED e SELECTION OF SEVERAL POSES display through Oct. 28. Als o showing, e FULL POSE PORTRAIT e IAIIIES AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES 1f0 "I'm 78 years old now and it's my advice to others that they explore the world of arts and crafts and find a new interest which may open the door to an exciting new world." and 7 t o 1 0 p . m . • we.dn;sday8. BELK LINDSEY OF BRITTON BRITTON PLAZA YIOLA TODD'S, 200 Zack St. Exhibit o f p ainting s by Anne Echelman. On diS play during store hours. . . . South Dale Highway • , • Phone 836-1211 Hours I 0 J..M, to 9 P.M., Monday thru Saturday WEDU-90 8 S . 20th St. Art exhibit by Ruth Alsobrook, on display In studio lobby. Exhibit of naturalistic scenes in oil•, may be seen Monday t'hrough Fri day, 9 a .m. t o 5 p.m. . . . LA 1\tONTE GALLERY-An exhibit of mosa1cs bY Harold Nostl, on display Sept. 25 through Oct. 16 . Gallery open 1 2 to 5 p . m . daily . IF YOU would like a booklet "35 Ways to Make Money at Home" write to this column i n care of The Tampa Times, en c 1 o s i n g a stamped, s e 1 f-ad dressed envelope and ten cents to cover handling costs. • Does National have the most through jets to Los Angeles? You bet it has-9:45 am nonstop daily You bet it has-new morning flight at 11:55am daily You bet it has-new evening flight at 8:05 pm daily And that's not all National has. For example: 2 nonstop jets daily to New Orleans at 11:55 am and 8:05 pm. Through jets to Houston and San Diego. Connecting jet service at New Orleans for Las Vegas and San Francisco. For reservations call your travel agent or 229. CHARGE NATIONAL AIRLINE TRAVEL WITH AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT CARDS at ali National and A mer •can Express Company offices and by Travel Agents: Low carrymg charge bllled with monthly statements to card hold ers. 3 to 12 months to pay! Is this any way to run an airline? -'.\?You bet it is. .,.,You bet it is. ,You bet it is. Jet National 1 r 111 IOQul 111 (;Wl DAY ATTENTION Everything goes! Nothing held back! Some are very slightly damaged -some are 1964 models most are 1965 models! All Priced Low! PORTABLES e SLIM TRIM SPORTABOUT e SPACE AGE SEALED CIRCUITRY ALL PRICED TO SELL FAST! More People Own 'RCA VICTOR Tha.n Any Other Television •• a.nd White or Color .II.LL CHANNELl More People Own RCA VICTOR Than Any Other Television ... Black and White or Color COLOR TELEVISION e Enjoy the Luxury of Color right in your own home e Finest wood cabinetry for any decor BLACK and WHITE TELEVISION Consoles in Many Styles & Models WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET! NO REA.SON A.BLE OFFER REFUSED DURING THIS SA.LE! Any Other , Television .. 1Ua.c'k-a.nd-white WE'LL TRADE-WE'LL EAL COltiE IN AND MAI{E lJS: AN OFFER!!! 0 ONEYDOWN OLDT -WARING STORES NO PAYMENTS 'TIL NOVEMBER 1505 SO. DALE MABRY PHONE 253 OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL 9 P.M.. 7112 FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 239


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