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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 225 (October 26, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 26, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition 1ampa Throw Pudding For United Appeal Story, Page 15 SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 225 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1964 PRICE FfVE CENTS Wagner, Helvey Clash in Science-Humanities Debate study in the history of man . the moon and who cares? I may use mo r e money, but the norant , if he does not know the WAGNER • • . No Conflict By CLELLA HOLT There is a National Science Of the Campus Staff Foundation , why not a National USF professors Gerard WagHumanities Foundation? The ner and T. C. Helvey last week humanities are necessary to de staged a heated debate on the velop the critical sense needed Role of the Sciences and the Huto understand ourselves and to manities in the Public School preserve the best in our culture. Program. Even in the interest of science The program was part of the itself, the other aspects of soci regular Student Florida Educa-ety need be studied. There is tion Association meeting . no national program for the perWAGNER: There is really no arts. We ask these conflict except in the relative thJDgs: space allotted and the amount 1. Better qualifications in the of money provided by the nahumanities for high school teach tiona! .government for the pro-ers . grams. 2. Improvement in courses of Graduate Program1 Help Stepped Up Who Decides? Nationals Debate Subiect FLYING TRAPEZE? No, it' s Tom Eure soaring over the stage in "The Tempest" with the aid of a special flying rig. .. 3. Better and facan look at a Rembrandt myh u manit i e s (or connected advantages of being first on the cilities in the schools. self! studies) tak es three-fourths of moon. Telslar alone will bring 4. Better relationships between HELVEY: I am supposed to the student' s time. a revenue of two billion in 1966. the colleges and schools . be the antagonist , I suppose , but College profe ssor s find themI enjoy a Rembrandt as mucb I do not believe we are at I on your side . But selves teaching l3th grade in-as you, but how _ much money war, and don ' t believe we need the time IS not now . stead of colle g e freshmen in you for pamt and canvas . competition among nations . The We scientists do not feel science. We ha v en ' t time for Let 5 end the , war ftrst , maybe people themselves are willing ence and humanities must be th is ! We are in a war now. Only drop a couple of nuclear to l;>e friends. The conflic t is balanced in education. The well, the most naive people call it and then . on to the humamties . between pressu r e groups, and being of our country comes first. " compe t ition." . Followmg arguments of both c m c 11 b d . . I sides and rebuttals questions e 0 ono 1 a _Y ase . . thThe Russ _ tans have JUSt put t I deny there is no antagonism wer e heard from the 'noor. Wag-ur opm10ns on war are tr ree men m a space sh1p. We award the Chinese and Rus-ner s gge t d t H 1 " Y reconcilable, so we. will drop do not know how to do this ! sians. What good are our so l go onu a ds e so e vey,, ou th' d' ' f th 1 n an wer; you re on IS. . s a v e the . lers 1 ey ov e t he enemy? my side!" Helvey obliged, and But thmk of the money we untJl later. We need mo r e tlme I I accuse m y opponent o f be i n g was still answering when time are spending to put a man on in the hig h school program . We anti-progressive, and even ig-ran out. HELVEY .. Drop Bombs Soccer Club To Meet Miami-Dade Saturday GRE Given On Nov. 5 The Graduate Record Exam will be administered at USF on Nov. 4 and 5. T h e exam is required for graduation and b y some graduate schools for ac cepta nc e. All stud ents interested in conti nu i n g s tud ies s hould check the entranc e regul atio n s of schoo l s they are interested in attending. ) Spotts Go Off USF The USF Soccer Club meets its first off-campus competition Saturday when the squad tangles with Mi ami-Dade Junior on the USF intramural fields . More Pages, c olor USF's yearbook , the Aegean. sched uled fo r publication nex t spr ing, will expa nd to nearly 200 pages an d feature greater use of color . Sam Nuccio, n ewly -named Aegea n ed itor , po ints out that the ol'iginal plan of publishin g a b ook each trimester now ap pears to be impossible , so the b ook will b ecome a true "'an nual." Price o f t he Aegean will be mor e than $1, Nu ccio Foerster Nuccio sa1d. 1 Aegean Managing Edito r 1s is Layout Editor. Dr. A. T. Michael Foerster. Larry Hevia lContinued on Pare 15. Col. 3>


I THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, 26, 1964 ____ campus Edition Editorial Page Orientation, a Success It doesn't take an experienced psychologist to u n de r stand the simple principle of timely recog nition and its positive effects . We all get bombarded with criti cism and pressure from so many sources, a deserved pat on the back is rare and mighty welcome. We have a few kudos to toss; they are well deserved . This year, for the first time, a comprehensive orientation program was provided for incoming stu dents. Chaired by Tom Oldt, the Student Association Projects Com mittee gave its first report of plans in May. Included in the report was a proposal for an entirely new ori entation program "providing an in sight into the functions and gen eral patterns of the many programs and activities which compose the student university community." Orientation programs held Sept. 4 and 5 came off well, demonstrat ing superb planning and organiza tion. The important factor, success in terms of the new student, was rated high. Following the orientation , on Sept. 17, a discussion session was held to critique the effort. Upper class counselors, who largely held the key during the effort, cited these personal reactions: • More counselor training was needed. • Selection of co u n s e 1 or s should at least six or seven months pnor to t:ne orientation. • Intermediate !roblemdis cussing sessions shoul be held dur ing the course of the orientation. These are self-incurred criti cisms. To their credit , the members of the orientation team success fully conducted this past Septem ber: A casual street dance , an edu cational movie , campus tours, many question-answer sessions, a satirical skit, another dance with live music. During the course of the two days, the new students were in the care of the counselors who and this is the important point gave the newcomers the straight dope from the student point of view. Many of the counselors were heard to say, "I wish I had had the same opportunity ." Orientations are easy to find at a university, but the down-to-earth What Is It Really Like point of view is rare . Not any more at USF . Tip 0' The Turban to Oldt , his many student, faculty and admit:tis trative colleagues . They are trymg to make the transition a little easier. We believe that they are succeeding. The Miracle Is You Fund-raising drives seem to be evolv ing into an annual struggle with reluc tant contributors, often emerging with something less than the desired or need ed goal. Obviously, 1964 will be even more of a problem getting someone's attention when the political campaigns are raging simultaneously with the United Fund campaign. Briefly, here is how this year's United Fund drive at USF stacks up against last year's. APPROXIMATELY 3600 STUDENTS and 700 staff participated in 1963, con tributing a combined $4,162.09. This year, approximately 800 staff and 6,400 students are bein g asked to con tribute a total of $9 , 500 combined. The goal breakdown is $1,500 for students and $8,000 for staff. Some simple arithmetic will s h o w that USF 'ers gave about 94 cents per capita in 1963. Students now are being asked for a minimum of 25 cents each. Ma:u;y of us are "roughing it" finan cially, but a quarter isn't much for the purpose. Purpose? To wrap the annual ap peal of 35 worthy agencies up into one campaign. An'd 25 cents spread 35 ways is not much. Shall we take a moment from the po litical commotion and combine staff and student effort to put the United Appeal for USF over the top in a hurry? We would make the work of many dedicated campus chairmen considerably easier; in many cases the hardest work ers are those who are already busy with other important pursuits. What is more important, your prompt and generous contribution will help ease life for needy and deserving persons . We must not shrug this off onto the shoulders of the Fund team. The miracle is YOU. A HELPING HAND is asked for the United Fund of Tampa which helps support the work of 35 agencies, such as the Cerebral Palsy Center where this plucky youngster is making big strides to overcome his handicap. Monikers, Goofs Are 'Nixies' Are you a part of a "nixie?" For the uninitia ted this is post office jargon for undeliverable mail. To new students living on campus, errant mail may be a problem. Before he goes charging to the desk demanding his missing letters, the student shou ld make sure he hasn't g iven his relatives and friends the wrong room number or residence h a ll. According to the people at the desk, misplaced mail is usually the fault of the students. They may for get to notify their parents if there h•as been a change in rooms or they may use nicknames and codes that aren't registered with the desk. Accordin g to J. G. Vaughn , campus mailman, some 6,000 pieces of mail pass through the mailroom each week. It is brought to USF by the security police and handed directly to the people at the desk. Each resident student shares a box with his roommate and only these two people have the combination to the box. If there is a change in roommates, the combinations are automatically changed. Ther e can never be more than two peo ple with one combination. The mail from the dorms is picked up at 10 a.m. and 2:30p.m. , Monday through Friday and 7:15 a .m. Saturday. The schedule for the box in front of the UC is : 7 :30 a.m., 1:30 p . m . and 5 p.m . Monday throug h Friday and 4:30 p.rtl. on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press PREss Editor ..................................... 0 ••• Raleigh Mann Executive Editor ......•.•.•. o o • o o • o • 0 ••••• 0 ••• • • Pat Pulkrabek Editorial Page Editor ..•....••..•..••.••..••.. Joseph Kempster Feature Editor o .............................. Jay Beckerman Sports Editor ................................ Charles W. Ennis Advisor .......................................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 9 a.m. Tuesday. m,..,i!! .. ... :1! ill How Should Higher Education Be Governed? By JOHN W. EGERTON that board-decisions involving money, ommended some other changes that are. continuing interest along these lines. The Editor, USF Information Services buildings and key personnel -have his-not included in the law which would im-subcommittee has recently held extended .tr In the din of oratory echo1'ng around :!'i torically been subject to review by the plement the amendment. discussions of proposals calling for a State Board of Education, which is, in chancellor system in the universities, Florida's gubernatorial race this year, effect, a five-man committee of the State THEY p R 0 p 0 S E D that the new more authority for the university presi(" v the most important question affecting Cabinet, with the governor as chairman. Board of Regents have wider discretion dents, and a more exclusively policyW public higher education has not been an-In the past 10 years, two major studies and authority in the governing of the making role for the governing board. swered. In fact, it has not even been of Florida's higher education system university system. In a word, they said . ll! .. a::::ti:n How s h 0 u 1 d b: of the Cabinet. Such administra-past few years, and a new answer to [t, .. the same time, and a LegLengthening of terms for members to tion_ would, of course, be subject to postquestion is emerging. As new faces ap fi islature preoccupied with nine years; audit. pear in the Legislature, on the Board of , .• reapportionment convenConfirmation of the governor's ap-THE 1963 LEGISLATURE included Control (Regents?), in the State Cabi. r ing in April, the big quespointments by the State Senate and the these provisions in its "regents bill," but net and in the governor's chair, the face tion on governing higher State Cabinet. . after passing the bill during the regular of higher education in Florida will education has never been These proposals are mc?rporated in session, the lawmakers modified it dur-change, as will the rest of the state's more timely, or more imame. ndme_nt to the Flonda Constituing an extended session to return much programs and services. lf. portant.' tion which Will be voted on the peQple of the budgetary power to the State Gov. Farris Bryant's chief contribu@ Since 1905, Florida's at the Nov. 3 general election. If the Cabinet. tion to higher education has been finanuniversities have operatamendment_ passes, these changes Will the question of autonomy come cial; if an autonomous Board of Regents Egerton ed under the Board of m the two study reports Will up again in 1965? A higher education should become a reality in the 1960's, . Control, a body of seven citizens ap-be mitiated. subcommittee of the powerful Legisla-it will have to be said of the governor pointed to four-year terms by the gov-But Drs. A. J. and Ralph tive Council, in drafting proposals for who takes office next January that his -r$ . . !!miim!rdJ: '""' QZ: --..,. .... =,;*?@'?•*: Smokers, Sinners Beware 'Dr. Dissent' Speaks In this age of cynicism it is nice to pause once in a while, and laugh at the foibles, s h o r t c o m i n g s, misconcep tions and wacky ideas which each of us might possess . Here are a few "maxims" gleaned from the treasury of Dr. W. W. Hall's "Fun Better Than Physic or Everybody's Life Preserver," published in 1871. See if you recognize one . "Blue reminiscences are, far the most part, unremunerative. A hearty, whole souled, wide-mouthed laugh is incomparably more healthful; it enlivens the cir culation, mollifies the heart, and wakes us up to the newness of life." "IF YOU WANT to get rid of a trou blesome and unprincipled acquaintance, with offending him, lend him five dollars." "Every man owes it to society to be come rich, for the poor man's advice is never heeded, let it be ever so valuable • . . Let a man throw a doubloon on the counter and everyone will want to hear it ring. Throw a cent down, however , and its voice would prove no more attractive than poor relations." "Many a person had dropped dead at the pump from drinking too much when overheated." IS a useless, expensive, selfish, and filthy practice; it lends to drunkenness in many cases, and it is rare to find a drunkard who does not smoke; the man who smokes every day is never safe from the gutter ... " "There should be no carpet on the floor of a bedroom, except a single strip by the side of the bed, to prevent a sudden shock by the warm foot coming in contact with a cold floor. Carpets col lect dust, and dirt, and filth, and dampness, and are the invention of laziness to save labor and hide uncleanness." "Whoever drinks no liquids at meals, will add years of pleasurable existence to his life . " ''A teacher must have more than knowledge, -he must have a high prin ciple, a conscience, a heart." "YANKEE MEN, nor Yankee princi ples, nor Yankee thrift will ever die out while this planet is inhabited; and if it is ever depopulated by a conflagration, the last survivor of a smouldering world will be Jonathan, at the death, singly and alone, resolutely trying to put out the fire: if by famine, the last loaf of bread will be owned by a Yankee." "The odor of dead rats induces dis ease in a whole household ••• If the hi sulphide of carbon is poured into their holes it will drive them from the prem ises in 24 hours; the next best remedy is a rat-trap baited with toasted cheese." "If you want to convince anybody of anything, argue alone." "Many a pie has cost an industrious man a hundred dollars. A human life has many a time paid for an apple dumpling." "The man who is not a Christian, by principle and practice, should regard his condition with fear and trembling." "When you speak to a person, look him in the face." "A single drop of tobacco oil will kill a cat or dog in five minutes." "LONG PRAYERS are impolitic; they engender an irritable frame of mind, and make the body restless. Short, earn est, fervent prayers wake up the atten tion, and soften and soothe the unquiet spirit." "A great cause of dyspepsia in min isters, is eating too soon after preach ing ." "Sleeping in rooms long unused has destroyed the life of many a visitor and friend." "The best position in which to go to s:eep is on the right side; the heart being on the left, it has greater freedom of action th'Bn when the weight of tliat part of the body is on it." "IN APOPLEXY. as there is too much blood in the head, everyone can see that the b est position is to set a man up, and the blood naturally tends downwards, as much so as water will come out of a bottle when turned upside down if the cork is out." " Watermelons are the only things we know of which can be eaten with im punity until we cannot swallow any more. The best time for taking them is about 11 in the morning, and about 4 in the afternoon." "IF A MAN can afford to eat fried gold for breakfast, boiled bank notes for dinner, and roasted dollars for supper, he can afford to eat potatoes cooked in the same way." "It is surprising how little is known of hominy; this is a nutritious, healthy food, and what an excellent substitute for potatoes." "Many men perform the wonderful necromantic trick of 'di.2ging their grave with. their own teeth,' and others still more strangely, seem to glide d

'1'0 SEAFOOD FESTIVAL Gorrie School Gets Special Invitation "'f\1 \Ufnl HI!Ht Uf 11Mt\/M!. P -ALACE 700 TAMPA S T 229-9JOO I Sophia Loren iiiiu GJiiiW -EMI :,R TAMPA 129-1877 I ROMANCE AND RACING ARE IN THI!IR Bt.oool JAMES PAMELA DARREN • TIFFIN DOUG JOANIE McCLURE SOMMERS PLUS "WONDERS OF MIAMI BEACH" in color ll•B 1: 1\'{;\'4: Pf !If:' t:IJMANCHERIJ$ PLUS ..,.rine& ..,QDI' 9 ';•jijfi.oPIE. __ ••. tr• ... U. Marvin Angie Dickinson John Cas.s avetas CO-HIT AT 8:50 ONLY! "'NOTORIOUS LANDLADY" Tippi Hedren Sean Connery CO-HIT AT s:20 ONLYI "'TO CATCH A THIEF" C ary Grant • Grace Kelly In by 8:30 s .. Complete Show! AT 7 :00 ONLY! ADULT ENTERTAINMENT! "'CARPET BAGGERS" Georgo Pepp a rd Ala n L add 8ob Cummi n g s M artha Hyer COHIT AT S:45 ONLVI lot Run! "THE SON OF CAPTAIN BLOOD" THE TA1\1PA TIMES, 1\fonday, October 26, 1964 HOLLYWOOD REPORTER'S MAILBAG Will CBS Let Yankees in Ser.ies? 'LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT IN VITA TION T O B ID Sealed bids for the furnishing and In atallation of certains items of furniture and accessories for the Administration IN PERSON "THE INCREDIBLE" JIMMY SMITH Building at Peter o. Knight Airport. THE WORLD'S GREATEST J'".,.. Tampa, F lorida are invited. Bids will ,......, be received by the Hillsborough eounw ORANGIST and GUEST Avl at'lon Authority at the offlce of the Artist Carlton "King" Coleman Time o n Friday, October 3 0 , 1964, at at which time and place bids will be M KAY AUDITORIUM opened publicly and read aloud . Bids C received after said time will be re CONGRESS INN 4655 N . Dale Mabry Dial 877 turned unopened. Detailed p lans and specifi c atio n s for SATURDAY, OCT , 31 All Seats Res. $2.2 5 , $ 3, $3.30 the work prepared b y the Architect IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING T H E may be o btained at the offices of H. )) :00 p ,M, FLORIDA M FOOTBALL GAME! 3420 W. John F. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, mi\U4PU.IInl:;.• F lorlda-33609, on and after October Leslie Walker & Associates, Architects, .. 12, 1964. Cost o f Con tract Documents is Four ($4.00) Dollars for Specifica Uons and One ($1.00) Dollar for Draw ings which amount Is not refundable. to H. A Proposal Bo n d or Certified Check In the amount of Five (5% > Percent of t h e amou n t of t h e bid m ust accom pany each bid. No bid may b e with drawn within thirty (30) days from the Authority reserves the righ t to waive any informalities In or reject any and all bids and to award o r refrain from awarding a contract for the work. Bids shall be addressed to Hil l sbor ough County Aviation Authority, Office of the Director, Terminal .Building, ROM'S s 1 Tampa International Airport, Tampa, I E Florida, and plainlY marked o n the • o utside of the envelope, "Proposal for PRDM.ISESI Knight Airport, Tampa, F lorida, " In 1 addftlo n t o the name and address of Starrin g -------the Bidde:f>. F. TAYLOR, Chairman MANSFIELD • MARIE McD Hillsborough County AviaUo n TOMMY Authority FRE E PARKINQ T O WHOM I T MAY CONCERN : You are hereby notified that the fo l sal e at 11 a.m. o'clock on the 2nd day of November. 1964, at 401 Jackson St., Tampa, Fla. The proceeds of the sal e wil l be applied to the payment of the cost of retaking, storing and sale of said motor vehicle and the cost of publication of n otice of sale and then to the satisfaction of the balanc e due under the contract with Jerome G. Greenough, 6005 40th St., Tampa, Fla. , covering the flnanc1n11 of said motor vehic le. Any surplus will be paid to you, and you will remain liable for any balance remalnine unpaid under said contract. ASSOCIATES DISCOUNT CORPORATION 401 Jacks on Street T ampa, Florida. NOTICE OF SALE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hereby notified that the fol lowing motor vehicle : 1963 Corvair Conv., S#30967Wl93628, will be sold at public stile at 11 a . m . , o'clock on the 2nd day of November, 1964 , at 401 ment of the cost of retaking, storing and sale of said motor vehicle and the cost o f publication of notice or sale and then to t h e satisfaction of the bal ance d u e under the contract with James H . Parish, 3002. Dodge St., Tampa, F la., covering the financing of said motor vehic le. Any surplus will be ro':-id under said contract. ASSOCIATES DISCO tiNT CORPORATIO N 401 Jackson Street Tampa, Florida. NO MONEY DOWN ••• IF YOU ACT NOW! NOW • • • for A Limited time only WE'RE ABLE TO OFFER CHRYSLER'S LOWEST-PRICE D S EDAN THE 1965 SIMCA 1000 ONLY COMPLETE WITH 5 YEAR or 50,000 MILE WARRANTY --------SIMCA DIVIS ION 0 CHRYSLER MOTORS CORP. ]f!!!J.J!! OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9CLOSED SUNDAY • WANTED TRAINEES Men and women a r e urgently needed for I I IBM I ,• MACHINE TRAINING Persons selected w ill be trained in a p r ogram whi c h need not Inte rf ere w ith present job . I f yo u quality, t r a i n in g can be f inanced. Write today. Pl ease Inc lude home phon e number and a ge . AUTOMATION TRAINING, Box T -866 c/o t h i s newspa per Mexico bas bullfights and bargains and castles and cathedrals and frescoes and fiestas and mosaics and Mayans and horse races and jai alai. And Jazz. has the only Jets. No change of plane to Yucatan or Mexico City. Just $ 1 1 d own, h ours up, and you're in M erida, Yucatan. Only $17 down, and less than 4 hours to M exico City. I I Take your c h oice of the ancient o r modem onl y Pan Am can h ave you in either place so quic kly. See ast o un ding M ayan ruin s in Y u catan. They rival a ncient Egypt. Wander through temp l es , p alaces, pyramids, and m eet the white-clothed d esce ndan ts of the people who ruled here fifteen cen t u ries ago. O r make it M exico City, where buildings come in mosaics, a n d the nig h t life can start with the lilt of a mariachi band and end up in t h e wee h o u rs to the cool r h ythms o f a jazz combo. Your ro und-tri p Jet economy ticket fro m Tampa to Y ucatan is only $105, M exico City $ 1 64 . Just 10% down g ets you o n your way--with t h e mn feelin g that comes from flying the v e ry best there iL See your Pan Am Travel Agent or call Pan Am. Pronto . Phone : 229 5 2 1 T ic ket Offi c e : Hotel Terrace, 401 F lorida Ave. You're better off with Pan Amworld's most experienced airline I'IR ST IN LATIN AMERICA FIRST ON THE ATlAN T I C FIRST OH THE PACIF I C FIRST 'ROUNil THE WORlD 13 •


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, October . 26, 1964 Australia Hangs Killer PERTH, Australia, Oct. 26 UP! 1963. The prosecution held him -Edgar Cooke, 33, one of Ausresponsible for five killings but tralia's worst k i 11 e r s, was Cooke claimed he had also murPROSTATE HERNIA 1r HEMOIIHOIDS corrected non-surgical met•od WltiTE FOil FltEIE •OOKLIIT News About Tampa Bay Area Servicemen By JIM UPSHAW has been assigned to the Air [basic training at Lackland Air hanged today in Fremantle. dered two other people. Cooke went on a rampage in He shot most of his victims the suburbs of Perth early in but strangled one . DR. E. AUSTIN ELLIS N.D. Times Staff Writer Force recruiting office in Tam-Force Base, Tex . He will be M. Sgt. Benjamin H . Grace pa. He recently completed a trained . as a 116 S. HOWARD PH. 253-5470 course for recruiters at Lackelectronics specialist. land Air Foree Base in Texas. Hender$on Blvd. Shopping Center, Henderson at Dale Mabry IS HEW REDEMPTION NEEDED? Grace is the son of Mrs. John Navy Ens. William E. , Wilson, H. Salley , of Dunnellon. son of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Wil son , of 3308 San Jose St., re A irman James T. F . Houston , cently flew his first solo flight son of Mrs . Medora F. Housi n a Mentor trainer plane at the ton , of 2921 Wallc raft Ave., has Naval Air Station at Pensacola. HEAR R. C. HOEFLER su ., 1st, 7:30 P.M. GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH 501 s . Dale Mabry completed the first phase of his :: Marine Pvt. Alexander GarGrace Houston cia Jr., son of Mr. and M;s. . Wilson TIMELY WATCH VALUES a. Handsome 17 jewel BARON ... shock and water resistant,* with match i ng ex pansion band. b. Man's 17jewel Baron is automatic ... shock and waterresistant * w1th match ing expansion band. $1488 $1888 p r i ces plu s tR.x: ZALE'S ••• AMERICA'S LARGEST JEWELERSi Alexander Garcia, of 3245 Tytry Division in Wurzburg, GerBohannon, of Route 1, Box 211, son Ave., has completed a . week many. Thonotosassa, has been asof testing. and . signed to the 24th Infantry Di-Naval Air Teehrucal Trammg Marine Sgt. Robert T. Lewis, . . . G Center in Memphis, Tenn. son of Mrs. T. I. Lewis, of 10024 VISiOn 10 ermany. . . Nebraska ve., taking a N v Air m an A rentice Army Pfc. David G . Ehnch, course for Jet engme mecl:lana Y . . PP whose wife lives at 2916 Price ics at the Naval Air Technical Charles E. Williams, son of Mr. Ave., has been assigned to the Training Center in Memphis, and Mrs. Donald C . Williams, of 30th Artillery Brigade on OkinaTennessee. 4506 Fairoaks Ave . , is serving Ehrich was a Ta':Tipa po. with Training Squadron Two at before entenng the Airman 2.C. Douglas P. Johnthe Naval Auxiliary Air Station Army m 1962. son, son of Mrs . . W . B . J?hnat Milton. son, of 930 Cornelius Ave . , IS a Navy Seaman Appren. James member of Air The Air Force has promoted Beckett, son of Mrs. Fletta Command Special Air James R. Burleson, son of Mr. ?udly, of 8306 Greenw??d . • Center now particJp.atmg and Mrs. William G . LeMon, of 1s aboard the ammumtion in Exer cise Cherokee Trail IV 6220 R ell to staff sergeant Nitro w.ith the Sixth Fleet m i n North Carolina. at Hor::::te;d Air Force Base , the Mediterranean. Florida. Army Pvt. Edmond S. Selph, Air Force T . Sgt. Lawrence son of Mr. and Mrs . Herman H . Bishop , son of Mr. and M;rs. C. N. Bishop, of 6017 Second St., has been named Outstand ing Fuels Man of the Month for Headquarters, S e c o n d Air Force, at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota . Young Tampan Eyes National ROTC Award Army Pvt. Robert E. Rogers , son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry B . Rogers Sr., of 3105 Van Buren Drive, has been assigned to the Second Armored Cavalry Regi ment in Germany. Navy Airman Apprentice Don-Edd' W 0 1 Robert T . Bodden of Tampa, ald c. Wells , son of Mr. and Armfy MPfc. d IMe Thoo eays, a 1964 graduate of Florida SouthMrs. David C. Wells , of 1606 son o r . an rs. om A E D le f 603 E. North st. ern Colle g e, has been nominated ve., 1s a . s .an av.ta. 00 Y . 0 . . • . • . twn electromcs techmcian with recently participated m a field for a n a t I o n a 1 ROTC award T . . S d T t th G rammg qua ron wo a e . .exercise m ermany. given by the U . S. Army. Naval Auxiliary Air Station at: Phone 876-1354 I HENDERSON BlVD. I . 14,460,:J TIMES A DAY YOUR, BRA SIZE CHaNfiES .. . . > , .j J < j ;. • &04 Franklin 'Til • P.M. He IS with Headquar: ers ComThe award is the Hughes Milton. j nation's outstanding ROTC grad-Airman 2.C. John S. Salze r k , .. uate cadet selected from nomi-Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Thi"s new Concer'tina Bra has "action frames" 86 PROOF • 1962, ECHO SPRING DISTILLERY, LOUISVILLE, KY. nces of part icipating colleges s. Salzer, of 2111 Seaman Ro a d , a tht t tht f"t J tl "th b th tkf Bodden, who was graduated course for air armament me-a s re c 0 I you peiteC y WI every rea you a e. BIG CALL IN FLORI A bottles sold! ==<;:::: 'vhy more attd trtore JteOJtle for tltis extra age Ketttucky Bourbon again, agaitt :tgain! last May with a B . S. degree, chanics at Lowry Air Force served his senior year as cadet Base in Colorado. colonel and commander of the ROTC battalion, the top cadet Army Pvt. George L. Hicks , pos t. His nomination also was son of Mrs. Dorothy 0. Hicks, based on scholarship and allof 821 S . Orleans Ave . , has en round campus leadership. rolled in the Army S i g n a 1 Bodaen is now a second lieuSchool at Ft. Monmouth, N . J . , tenant in the Army reserve, for 10 weeks' training as a awaiting call to active duty. His photographic technician. parents are Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Bodden, 3006 Stovall Place. Lions' lnd uction There will be an induction of new members at the N or t h Tampa Lions Club regular meet ing Wednesday at 6:30 p . m . Roaches? Call BURKE Tox-eol 876-2463 JUST SAY 'CHARGE IT . (EVEN IN ECONOMY CLASS) It works like this: TAMPA/ ST. PETERSBURGTORONTO Dad pays Mom pays Child 12-21 pays Child 2-11 pays under 2 Aft fares are one way Economy, II .S. transportation tax extr3. $62.00 $46.50 $46.50 $31.00 FREE N ow, at las t, i t's e a sy and thr ifty to make travel plan s fo r t h e who l e family ! AIR CANADA offers a Fami l y F a re Pla n that 's un c omplic a ted and unlimited a s to flyin g d a ys. You g o and return any day of the week you c h oos e . Father pays fu l l f are ( o r M othe r does, i f she's shepherding the brood). T he re s t of t h e fa mily, chil dren b e tween 12 and 2 1 , go a t 2 5 % oft. Except c hildr e n 11 an d und e r th e y g o halffare . If there ' s a c hild und e r 2 he goe s f ree! The new daily dis cou n t F amily Plan provides s pe cia l meals and reading material for the youngster s . You make a swift, comfortable trip. And you enjoy the "Action frame" atound each cup is made with "Lyera" Spandex*, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s as you inhale to give extra "breathing room." Cot ton where it counts keeps its snug-ability! A , B, C cups, $3.00 ( D cups, $3.50 ) . • All Cotton Bro3dcloth Frame & Band: Cotton, "Dacron" Polyester 'Power Net Elastic: Nylon, "Lycra" Spandex new concertina bra by maiiie'lform courteous service and thorough going dependability of one o f the free wor l d ' s top ten airlines. Plan a family holiday in Canada. Fly 11ft for sight seein9 , •. for a "foreign" shopping spree. , • to visit fam ily or friends .•. for skiin9 lit comes first to Cern. adal Get the facts about AIR CANADA'S new daily 25% discount Family Plan on First or Economy Class. S ee your Travel Agent. Or phone AIR CANADA by asking Long Distance Operator for WX 2041, St. Petersburg (no Toll charges). Ticket Office: at Airport Terminal. ., ' •


Allen Gears Plans For 10,000 by '68 1500 Hike Expected Next Fall By BOB CHICK Of the Campus Staff A re-gearing of antici-1 pated enrollment figures has caused USF President John S. Allen to conserva t , ively estimate a 10,000 stu dent body for the fall 1968 trimester . The 10-year (1960-70) plan placed the school enrollment at that figure no earlier than 1970. In order for USF to handle that total, the Florida Legislature in its 1965 session must appropriate $12,897,000 to cover the minimum amount of' construe t i o n . Without t h a t grant President Allen Allen feels that the school cannot adequately handle the load . Clerics Tall{ Meet Mrs. Muriel Allen SATURDAY, OCT. 31, 1964 7:30p.m. Movie "Fiower Drum Son&: FH 101 9:00p.m. Stereo Dance VC 248 WEDNESDAY , OCT . :!8, 1964 8:00a.m. Placemen t Interviews UC 223 SUNDAY, NOV. 1, 1964 11:15 a.m. Political 10:30 a .m. Wesley Science Class UC 252 3:30p.m. Martha Rearick 1:25 p.m. You n g Democrat. UC 47 6:00p.m. Westminister uc (7 FH101 uc 47 Accounting C lub UC 20:>. 7:30p.m. Movie uc 203 "F'Jower Drum song FH 101 Committee UC 205 OFFICIAL NOTICES Water Ski Club UC 215 Nov . 17-Southern Bell Telephone, Jack-Amateur Radio Club UC 223 ville. Business. management open. Business tngs , program Adminlstratlon Club VC 25:>. -Mutual and United of Omo.ha, Tam• 2.:30 p .m. gg ru Openings for sales representa4:30 p .m. Bridge Lesson s UC 108 -American National Red At 4 :30p.m. Gymnastics lanta. Various positions in u.s. and Workout P B Shelter overseas. 6 :15p.m. Program Counc D V C Nov . 18-Arthu r Anderson It Co . , At 7:00p.m. Dr. Barfield 11C %41 \anta. Accountants. 1:30 p . m . Exceptional Chil d Club U C 252 Nov . 1$--Hasklns lr Sells, Tampa. Ac VC Leadersh ip countanta, ' )


16 THE TAMP A TIMES Monday, October 26, 1964 If you are among the many women who use a natural silk sponge to massage creams into your skin, as well as to apply make-up, assure yourself of i ts maxi mum effciency by keeping it fresh and clean. According to a leading beauty author ity, when a sponge becomes soiled or hardened with make-up or other requisites, the application of make-up will not be as smooth as it should and, the massaging of creams on the skin will be less than gentle. To restore the sponge to its original condition, im m e r s e it in a cup of hot water with about one table spoonful of mild detergent. After letting it soak for a short time, squeeze the suds through the sponge with the fingertips several times until all the make-up and other residue is dissolved and the sponge is again clear and soft. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze dry, and it will be beautifully ready for use. Weekend Brides Wedding Bells Chime Winter P ark Presbyterian Ross Calleja Jr. Sunday after-4517 Watrous. Parents of the Haven, Miss Betsy Beote of Church was the scene of the noon. The Rev. Lawrence Murbridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. Jacksonville, and Miss Cathy marriage of Miss Nancy Plapp phy officiated. Sam Bucklew, 4216 Dale. Mosley of Nashville, Tenn. and Oscar Juarez Saturday. The Parents of the couple are Mr. Silk peau de soie and Alen-Best man was Sam Bucklew, Rev. Oswald Delgado officiated. and Mrs. Ralph R. Bitetto, 2409 con lace was the bride's choice father of the bridegroom. Keith Col. and Mrs. Herbert Plapp Ripgewood Ave., and Mr. and for her formal gown with pearl Bucklew, Don Cawthon of Or of Enterprise are parents of Mrs. R. R. Calleja, 1710 E. and crystal trim and a court lando, Harold Brock and Glenn the bride. The bridegroom is Northbay. train. A silk rose held her illuSchatzberg were groomsmen the son of Dr. and Mrs. Oscar The bride was given in mar-sion veil and she carried roses. ushers. A. Juarez of Tampa. riage by her father and chose Her father gave her in mar-A formal reception at Palma The bride was given in mar-a formal gown of peau de soie riage. Ceia Golf and Country Club fol-riage by her father and wore a and lace with a chapel train. Attending her were Miss lowed the ceremony. After a formal gown of peau de soie and Her veil was attached to a Betty Lou Claywell, maid of wedding cruise to Nassau, Mr. lace. Her veil was attached to crown of pearls and she car-honor; Miss Ann Milton, Miss and Mrs. Bucklew will live in a floral crown and she carried ried orchids on a Bible. Margie MacCalla of Winter Tampa at 4311 North A St. an orchid on a Bible. Mrs. Sonia Meabe of West Miss Anette Tyner of Orlando Palm Beach served as matron was maid of honor. Miss Vir-of honor and Mrs. Sylvia Gor ginia Shollar of Orlando and don, sister of the bridegroom, Miss Sarah Booth of Clearwater was bridesmatron. They wore were bridesmaids. They wore gowns of antique gold peau and emerald green gowns and car-carried single chrysanthemums. ried bronze flowers. Best man was William Gor-Best man was Richard Juarez, don of Gibsonton. Groomsman brother of the bridegroom. Jack was Frank Bitetto, brother of Moore of St. Petersburg, Nor-the bride, and John Bitetto, also man Pricher of Orlando, Tom a brother, and Wayne Mallo Parson of Manchester, Tenn., were ushers. and Robert Plapp, brother of A reception at the Cruise-A the bride, were groomsmenCade Club followed the cere ushers. mony. After a trip to the Smoky A reception at the Orlando Mountains, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Officers Club followed the cere-leja will live in Tampa. mony. Mr. and Mrs. Juarez will live in Orlando. They both at-tend Stetson University. Miss Susan Cawthon became the bride of Karle Emil Buck lew Saturday at 5 o'clock. The A double ring ceremony In Rev. J. Robert Miller perform Our Lady of Perpetual Help ed the double ring ceremony in Catholic Church solemnized the Palma Ceia Methodist Church. marriage of Miss Josephine The bride is the daughter of Theresa Bitetto and Risvelio Mr. and Mrs. D. Roy Cawthon, • Mrs. Oscar F. Juarez Date Pad Del Rio Woman's Club will STONEY POINT meet 8 p.m.! at the Members of Stoney Point Gar-Del RIO CIVIc. Jim den Circle have changed the of Florida Christian College will date .for their November meet-speak on government. ing to Wednesday, Oct. 28, when WESTGATE a picnic will start at 11 a .m., Westgate Y-Wives will meet at Tampa Federation of Garden Tuesday, 9:30 a . m., at St. Paul's Clubs. Methodist Church. An art class ABW is scheduled for this meeting. Tampa Bay chapter, AmeriPOINEKAH can Business Women's Associa-Poinekah Club, Poinsettia Retion, will sponsor a covered dish bekah Lodge 20, will meet Tuesat Busch Garden Hos day, 8 p.m., at the IOOF Ternp1tality House , Wednesday, 6:30 pie, 6220 Nebraska Ave. p.m. BETA PSI SORORITY COUNCIL Members of Beta Psi Chap ter, Beta Sigma Phi, will meet at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, 8 p.m., for a special program on charm. Tampa City Council of Beta Sigma Phi will meet Wednes day, 8 p.m., in the Floridan Motor Hotel. SEMINOLE GRANDMOTHERS Tole Painting To Be Taught At Tampa Center One of Early America's fa vorite forms of decoration tole painting will be taught every Tuesday afternoon f r o m 1 until 3 p.m. starting Oct. 27 at Interbay Community Center. Mrs. Carolyn Babcock will in struct the series which is spon sored by the city recreation de partment. A nominal fee will be charged. in tole painting, colorful stencils are applied to various pieces of furniture and trays. The designs are just as varied as individual tastes and include stylized, floral and scenic. Those Horrid AGE SPOTS* -WRINKLES Fade Them Out! ZONTA Zonta Club of Tampa will meet Tuesday, 6:45 p.m., at the Fluridan Motor Hotel for a din ner meeting and program on cerebral palsy. Seminole Grandmothers' Club •Weathered brown spots and wrin n t 11 Mr D th S kles! They tell the world you're Wl ms. a s. oro Y eese getting old-perhaps before you Choose a CRUISE •• .! Mrs. Karle E. Bucklew MILES as president Wednesday at noon really are. Fade them out with at the 99'er Restaurant, 2803 ESOTERlCA, new medicated cream Temple Terrace Highway. that breaks up masses of pigment on the skin-makes hands look white, smooth, and young again. Equally effective on face, neck and arms. Not a cover up. Penetrates skin cells to stimulate new, smooth beauty. Fra grant, greaseless-it softens, lubri cates and moistens skin. Now only BUYING A CAR? PTA Executive Board of Miles 9 in Newlyweds Are I STAR for that special .• CHRISTMAS PRESENT Call us, or stop in for information "TJRT.D TRA\'Jo.:L C&VTI:IJt 1601 E HJIU..

1 SO AutoMobiles For Sale '57 Olds '98' Coupe J. & J . AUTO SALES 3017 FLA. AVE. PH. 229-2218 TAKE over payments '58 Ford 2 dr. HT F/L 500. R&R, Bal. $287.60 at $19.87 mo. No cash needed, no paymt 'til Dec. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229. 224 BEST DEALS '59 CHEVYS FROM $ 8 WK. '59 BUICKS FROM $ 9 WK. '59 FORDS FROM $ 7 WK, '62 CHli:VYS FROM $10 WK. '55 THRU '58 FROM $ 3 WK. ONE DOLLAR DOWN BEST Terms In Town BEST AUTO SALES TAKE over payments '59 Chev. 4 dr. B/A. Real clean, low mileage, R&H, V-8, AT. Bal. $499 at $32 mo. No cash needed, no payment 'til Dec. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229, 224 '55 & '56 CHEVYS $295-$395. $5 down, take over payments. 5920 Nebraska Ph. 238-1817 Dlr. 1947 JEEP, $500. 4 wheel drive. Ex c e 11 en t condition. Phone 833-6434 party wlll sell 1960 Rambler wagon. new palot job, only 38,000 miles. 935 days! be seen a 1953 MERCURY hardtop, standard 3hili with overdrive. Good condi tion. No rust. $175. 9205 48th St. TAKE over payments '55 Chev. 4 dr. B / A. R&H, V-8, AT, Bal. $129 at $9 mo. No cash needed, no payment 'til Dec. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229. 224 1957 CHEVY wagon, power steering, brakes. Automatic. 935-1960, after 5:30. Top $$$ for your valuables. Speedometer Trading Post. 111U Tampa St. Ph. 229 MERCEDES Benz 190SL. Excel lent condition. Beautiful car, re4'e HT, new pa1nt, AM FM radio, WSW. $2,000. Will ac up to $500 in value. 1964 IMPALA 2 door Ht, AT, PS, PB, 409 eng. Must sell due to illness. Can be seen at 2302 W . Sligh Ave. 935. LADY must sell her beautiful Chrys ler 4 door hardtop. Worth $795 will sacrifice today for $575. 3005 Ne braska Ave. "56 CHEVY, 1 owner, low mileage, V8, AT, R&H, $495. 248.511 1953 CHEVY coupe, good tires S125 cash. 834. TAKE over payments '61 Pontiac. V-8, atr. stick, real clean, low mileage. Bal. $799 at $39.87 mo. No cash needed, no payment until December. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229 , 224-8221 '53 Cadi. . 00 00 • 00 •• $295 COUPE de Ville. Power otecring. Rebuilt hydramatlc. ''Short Profit Hale" 2808 Jfv!. P-'8'77-!362 TAKE over payments '57 Ford conv. Real sharp. Loaded, new top. Bal. $297 at $14.89 mo. No cash needed, no payment until December. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288 , 224-8221 1960 IMPERIAL hardtop; Fully equipped. New tires. Private. Must sacrtrice. $12.50. 988-4374. '62 CORVAIR Monza, 4 Dr., AT., $1195. Accept trade. 838'71. 1959 PLYMOUTH Fury Spar! Coupe, private. Automatic. R&H . $545. 876-9785. First Line Quality Cars At Big Savings '61 RAMBLER Super 4 dr. sdn, Auto Trans, R&H. This is a Sharp car, 6 cyl., low mileage. ' 62 STUDE. Daytona HT, VB, 1 owner. 25,000 actual miles, show room cond. '59 THUNDERBIRD R , H . White walls, Red & White Real nice. '61 STUDE. Lark 6 cyl, Auto Trolls, Heater & De!. Low mileage. lowner, extra clean. '61 STUDE. Lark 6 cy!, Stick shift -heater. Show room cond. 1 owner. 'S9 RAMBLER Super 4-door, 6 cyl. R&H, Stick shift, Whitewall tires. new paint. A good buy. WAGONS!-WAGONS! '62 STUDE. wagon V-8 R&H 4 door. Show room cond. '61 STUDE. wagon V8, Heater 4door, A cond. '81 RAMBLER cross country, 6cyl. stick shift, heater -top rack, extra clean..r '60 P L Y M 0 U T H 2door, 6-cyl. otick shift, real nice. '60 CHEVY 4door V8, Parkwoodreal nlce. More To Choose From FELLOWS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED STUDEBAKER & KAISER JEEP DEALERS 1417 W. Kennedy Blvd. 253 CADILLAC '63 DeVille Purchased new by one o Pinellas County's "'ealthiest men. It's showroom fresh. Driven 6,491 completely verifiable mUes. It's infrequent use is explained by the fact this gentle man spendS a good deal of his time traveling abroad. $3,995. Qual ity Caclillac City. Home o f the most perfect pre-owned motor cars in the world. Cor. U.S. 19 at 38th ::iT).. 9 . 9 ATT. WHOLESALE BUYERS 1960 PLYMOUTH Fury. Air cond, best of!er cJr trade for lot. 1.210 E. Fowler. $495 :NICE Crown Imperial 1957 4 dr. MR. MELVIN, 14825 Ne brask.a 'til 6 P.M. '61 MONZA Cpe., automatic, radio, heater, extra sharp. $999. Dlr. 4701 E. J{lllsboro . Ph 628 1960 ,.falcon Wag. '60 DELUXE-4 Dr. Falcon Wag. on, radio, heat, XXXX sharp. Very low m ll e age. Beautiful Green & White f i nl s h with matching interior. 1 lull yr. written warranty. Wk. End Spec. Onl.Y $795.00. Dlr. 9308 Fla. Ave. TAKE over payments '59 Ram bier. Gas saver 6 . Str. stick. Bal. $487 at $25 mo. No cash needed, no payment 'til Dec. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224 WANT AD. Ph. 223-4911 -------I I I I I FOSTER'S : Month-End 1 Bargains 1 I '60 CORVAIR I '700' 4 • DOOR. Standard I transmission, $150 I tadio & heater . . . . I I '60 RENAULT I I DAUPHINE 4 000R. A little 1 __.gas-saver! $550 I Extra clean . . . . . . . I I '61 COMET I 4-DOOR STATION WAGON, I Automatic, $1150 I tutone finioh ..... I I I '62 lUlCK I SPECIAL 4DOOR STATION 1 radio & 1 I late throughout.. 1550 I I '59 FORD I I STATION WAGON. 6 -CYI •• I automatic, tutone $650 I red and white . . . . . I FOSTER I I LINCOLN-MERCURY 1 1505-1515 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. 229-9341 I I I -------150 AutoMobiles For Sale '57 CHEVY BelAir Wagon; Best o!!er over $400. 3528 Nebraska Ave. INDUSTRIAL BANK HAS SEVERAL LATE MODEL REPOSSESSION & OTHERS MR. COLMAN, 228 SAVE $150. '62 Rambler, 4 doo r station wagon, factory air, AT, PS, clean, one owner. 876. Also '58 Rambler American, 2 door, $200. 1960 VOLKSWAGEN conver'tlble. exceptional, one owner, 18,000 miles. $1,000. 837-8241 alter 6 PM. 4 DAYS only, 1961 TBird, power equipped. $1600. From original owner. 677-6631. TODA Y'S SPECIAL 1001 '60 Corvair _$7 40 COUP E. St.d. Sparkling Red. trans., beater. FERMAN OLDS PH. 253-0247 BAY AUTO SALES .. Home of $5 Wk. Payments" '58 CHEV. Impala Cpe. . ... $5 wk. :: '59 MERCURY 2-Dr .......... $5 wk. :t :;g BAY -3500 FLA. AVE. See MACK DAVIS SPECIALS '60 CHEV $1040 4-Door llel Air. I cyl., auto. trans., R&H, tu tone, white over 1ilver. Very 1harp. '62 CHEV. $1695 trans. paint. Sheppard's IMPORTS (4 Mechanics On Dub) Sport Cars & Sedana AUTO SHOW EVERY DAY! I '65 MOi ua" Rdstr. White, red, black. Wire or diac: ' 65 AUSTIN Healey "3000" '65 AUSTIN Cooper S 1395 CC '65 SPRITE & MIDGETS Roll-up wi ndowa. All colora 165 MG "1100" Sed'n 2 or 4dr. '65 TRIUMPH TR. Green '65 TR SPITFIRE. Red '65 SUNBEAM Sedan. Sunroof '65 SUNBEAM Sedan. Auto. '65 SUNBEAM Sed. 4onflr. '65 SUNBEAM Tiger Vll '65 SUNBEAM Imp. Blue '65 SUNBEAM Alpine Rdatr. '65 SUNBEAM GT. Cpa. Automatic transm111ion '64 ALFA "1600'' Spyder '64 XKE Jaguar Roadster '64 AUSTIN "350" Cooper '59 JAGUAR 3.4 4-Dr. Sed. '63 MG "1100" 2 Dr. '62 ALFA ROMEO Roadster '62 HILLMAN Husky Wag. '62 SAAB Sta. Wag. llpau. '61 SAAB Sedan '62 HILLMAN Convertible '54 MG-TF. Black. Xsharp '62 HILLMAN 4Dr. Sedan '61 SPRITE (Bug-Eye). Clean '60 VOLVO "544" 2Door '60 RAMBLER Sta. Wagon '59 RENAULT. Auto. trana. '59 SUNBEAM Rapier '55 SIMCA Sta. Wagon '58 Magnette Sedan. Clean '58 MGA Coupe. Clean 1413 S. HOWARD AVE. Week Nites 'til 6 P.M. Ph. 2S3-0139 • . AUTHORIZED DEALER '&4 CADILLAC SEDAN Alpine White. Factory air. 54195 Extra clean . '&4 CORVAIR MONZA Sedan. Fac. air, A. trans., show $2495 room cond. '63 CADILLAC CONV. Full power, soft Benton B I u e leather Bucket Seats. $3595 Extra olean .. '80 CADILLAC SEDAN. Fac. .air , full power. Alpine white, $2095 X clean .... '63 OLOS 98 SEDAN Faot, air. Full power. Lovely beige, $2995 Xolean .... '63 CORVAIR Monza Cpe. Fac. air, A. trans., R&H, $1895 Extra clean '58 EL DORADO Brough am. Fac air. Original cost $14, 000. $2395 Only ...... . '62 CADILLAC CONV. Goddess gold. Fac. air, bucket seats. $3195 X clean .... '62 CADILLAC SED. DEV. Nevada s i I v e r, red leather interior, fac. air. 53195 X clean .... 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. Open Eves. and Sunday 229 -610!1 1 SO Automobiles For Sale '53 CHEV.. 2 door, automatic, good shape, $100. 988-3782. GORDON CALDWELL-'STHUNDERBIRD CORNER 5198 34TH ST. N., ST. PETE '57 OLDS 88 Fiesta wagon, loaded. Tmmaculate inside & out, $495. Plaza Mtrs., 4511 s. Dale Mabry lF you are 21 yrs. old and em• 238. MUST SELL!! THESE TRADE-INS NO Down Payment, any reason able o!fer accepted. All are in good running condition . '59 Volkswagen Panel-Excellent '58 Plym. 2 dr. 6 Cyl. st. stk. '57 Dlds. 4 dr. Fac. air-power. '57 Plym. S /Wag. 4 dr. A.T. '56 Pontiac 2 dr. HT-Nice car. '55 Pontiac 2 dr. HT-Rough. 156 Hudson 4 dr. Extra Nice. '55 Cadillac 2 dr. HT-Nice. '53 Ford S /Wag . S /Stk.-rough, '55 Olds. 2 dr. HT-Puff. '55 Ford 2 dr. VB, St. Stick. '54 Lincoln 4 dr. Sedan. HENDRICKSON AUTO SALES 909 N. DALE MABRY '63 BONNEVILLE convertible, loaded, faciory air, all pawer, mag. wheels. Will take trade, 876 after 6 PM. 1957 FLEETWOOD C a d I I t a c, "LOADED." Good con d . RE DUCED TO $495. Terms can be arranged. Apt. 3 4408 N. Ar menia. '58 4 DOOR STATION WAGON. Beauttrul tulane Blue & White finish, clean matching in terior. radio. power steering, ex cellent V-8 motor, Fordomatlc drive, WW tires. No cash needed, $6.50 week . SUN RAY MOTORS, INC. 6300 Flmida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 Monday Specials '63 Olds .. $2895 D88 CONV. Factory air con ditioning, auto. trans., pow er, radio, heater. '63 Olds .. $2595 088 SEDAN. Auto. trano., power steering and brakes, radio, heater, factorY air oondt. '63 Chev. II $1895 SUPER SPORT NOVA. Auto. trans, radio, heater, extra clean. '63 Dodge . $1295 2 DOOR. Std. trans., radio, heater, real nice. '63 Falcon . $1 095 2-DOOR. 6-cyl., std. trano., heater. 1 YEAR WARRANTY FERMAN OLDSMOBILE FLA. & LAKE-223:Z OPEN 'TIL 9 P .M. FOSTER INE CARS '60 MERCURY ... $895 2-DOOR. Standard transmi• sion, radi o and heater, 22,000 actual miles! '64 FORD ...... $1995 2DOOR. 6 cyl ., stick shift, heater. New car warranty. '63 YOLKS SEDAN. A little low mileage. '62 RAMBLER ... $1195 CLASSIC 4R, Air condi tion(ld, automatic, radio & heater. '57 PLYM. . .... . $395 BELVEDERE 4-DR. HARD TOP. Full power, automatic, radio and heater. WHOLESALE PRICES! '61 RENAULT .. $98 Dauphine. '59 PLYM •.... $575 Hardtop. It's sharp! '62 CHEV. . .$1850 2-Dr. Hardtop. Auto., power. '58 OLDS .... $550 4Dr. Automatic. '54 FORD .•••. $85 4Door. Stick. '57 CHEV. . •. $450 Station Wagon. '56 CADI •.... $375 Hardtop Coupe. '55 OLDS ..•. $350 4Door Hardtop. '58 PL YM •.... $175 Speciall '58 CHEV. . .. $350 v . a 4-0oor. '57 PONTIAC $120 4Door. V-8, auto. '58 CHRYS. . . $650 4oor HardtoP. '60 PL YM •.... $475 * MANY MORE * 1 SO AutoMobiles For Sale 1963 PONTIAC LeMans convert! ble. PS, WSW, auttomatic, $1995. 256. 1959 BONNEVILLE. Private. Clean est 1o town. Trade. Must sell. 876:196. FAMILY Plan. You must be 21 yrs. old or older, have a job or retired. You pay only $2 cash dn. with good credit. '60 Chcv. S690, '59 Chev. $590, '59 Ford $349. Bad credit or none, we fi nance '52 Chev. $39 dn., '55 Ford $29 dn., '56 Ramb. S49 do. AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 Florida Ave. Ph. 23121 IF you have S50 I have a car !or you! Fin. Arranged. Mel's 2821 E. Hillsboro Ph. 2Z6-1101 '62 PONTIAC, Bonneville con verlible. Full power with air. 832 . AUTO AUCTION MON., Wed., Fti., 7 P.M. follow crowd to auto auction 3 nltes a week. Gofi & Mullis. 932 13223 Nebraska Ave. MERCEDES 2205. 1959, original owner. $1250. Call 839-3329, eve nlngs 932. MUST sell. private owner. 1961 Corvair club coupe, white with red interior, automatic, R&H, excel lent condition. 855-3616 AVIS Wholesale Trade In Outlet Public Invited '59 HT ..... $595 '51 •.... $445 AC .... $580 '60 '60 '59 RAMBLER 4dr., AT FORO Sta. Wag. .. 5550 .... 5545 '60 ........ $860 '59 ....... 5310 '60 ....... $545 '59 5565 '58 AT ..... $245 '51 Chevrolet $595 BelAir 4r. '58 ........ $160 '51 ...... 5115 '58 FORD $245 4Dr., HT ..... Mr. G's Auto Out1et '63 FORO Fair lane ... '63 FORD 2oor '63 RAMBLER 11440" ... '63 CORV. Monza. Auto. '63 FORO FLSOO 4Dr ... 062 MONZA Spyder 4 spd '62 CORV. Monza. Auto. '62 CHEVY II 4Dr. AT. '61 CHEV. Bel Alr '59 FORO Galaxie HT • . '59 PLYMOUTH 4Dr ... FOREIGN ECONOMY '63 SIMCA 4-Door ..... '63 ENG. FORD Cortina '62 ENG. FORD Capri .. '60 OPEL Sta. Wag. '60 VAUXHALL 4-0t .... 60 VOLKSWAGEN Conv. '60 SUNBEAM Rap. conv. '59 RENAULT Dauphine STATION WAGONS '63 CHEV. Impala. Air. '62 CHEV. Wag. VS ... '61 FORD Cty. Squire .. '61 FALCON Wag. . .... '60 CHEVROLET 4Dr •.. CONVERTIBLES '64 BUICK SPe., AT, Vll '64 THUNO'BIRO. Sharp '63 CHEV. Super Sport. '62 TEMPEST LoMana . . '62 DODGE Polara 500 .. '62 TBIRD. Loaded . '&1 DODGE "Phoenix" '61 THUNDERBIRD '&4 DODGE Po lara HT .. '&4 PONT. 4Dr. HT. . '&4 BUICK LeSabre 4Dr. '64 TEMP. 4DP' . "326" '63 BUICK Electra 225 .. '63 OLOS Starfire Con. '63 CHEV. Impala Wag, '63 PONT. G.P. Loaded. '63 MONZA 2Dr. HT ... '62 OLDS Starfire '62 TEMPEST Conv. . .. '61 FORO HT ......... '60 CADILLAC Sed. OeV. '59 IMPERIAL 4Door SPORT CARS '84 TRIUMPH TR4 .... '64 MC Midget '63 CORVETTE Fastb'k '83 TRIUMPH TR-4 '63 A . H . 3000. Wire whls. '63 CORVETTE. 4•speed '63 TRIUMPH TR4 .... '63 TRIUMPH Spitfire .. '63 TRIUMPH TR ... '63 M.G.B. Wire WhHla '63 TR-2 Tops '13 MQ Midget .. '63 A. H. SPRITE. Red. '62 A . H. SPRITE. Red. '62 JAGUAR XKE Rdstr, '62 TR. Blue '61 AUSTIN Healey 3000 '61 TRIUMPH TR Con, '61 M . G,A. . '58 TRIUMPH TR3 OPEN SUNDAY DON'T MISS OUR SPECIAL PRICE AD ON PAGE 11 TAMPA TIMES ISO Automobiles For Sale WE FINANCE HERE '50 CHEV. $12.5 '50 Stude $99. 606 E. Waters 932 Dlr. '59 Ford Galaxie '500' Only $28 per month. J. & J . AUTO SALES 3017 FLA. AVE. PH. 229 '62 PLY. 2 dr. HT, R , H, Alr $1395 HAWKE CHRYSLERPLYMOUTH 4404 Fla. Ave. Ph. 237 -Volkswagen Sale . '64-'63-'62 MODELS IR Sta. Wagons STRICKLAND'S AUTO SALES 3702 E. Hillsboro Ph. 231-2311 '60 FORD, 6 cylinder, 2 dr . , straight stick, extra clean, S695. R . L. Moore, 3010 Fla. HEAL economy-1958 Ramblet American sedan, excellent condi !ion. S285. 8 39-4956. BY O\\ner. '59 BelAir Chevrolet, 4 door, g o o d condition. $650. Must see. 837. '56 CADILLAC Coupe de Ville PS, PB, alr, electric. $495. 689-4449. '55 DODGE wagon, good tires, paint, clean, real buy, 235-5864. Mr. Avis G's Corner '64 GALAXIE SOO's Hardtop-s. FactorY air cond. V 8, AT, R&H, :,S.:sstin . t .... $2545 $55.95 mo., 48 mo. fi nancing. Balance of Factory Warranty. COMPACTS '64 & '63 Chevy ll's '64 & '63 Falcons '64 & '63 Ramb. A111er. '63 Corvair Monza '64 & '63 Falcon Wa9. '63 Chev. II Wagon '62 Chev. II Wagon '64 IMPALAS Hardtops. V-8, AT, R and H, PS. Low mile age. Nice $2445 colors ..... . $53.25 mo ., 48 mo. Financing. Balance of Factory Warranty. '64 Cad. Sed. DeVille. Full power, air fresh. '64 T. Bird HT. Every factorY option incl. factory air cond. '64 Olds 88 HT's. Fact. air cond. V -8, AT, R, H, PS, PB, WSW. '64 Pontiac Cat a I i n a HT. R • a I beauties with fact. air. Full power. '63 Pontiac Grand Prix. Midnite blue. Every extra. '64 RAMBLERS Classic 660'J, AT, ft and H , PS, reel. seats. Factory $1945 fresh ..... . Bal. of Fact. Warranty '63 Chev. II . A. 4 door sed. R, H . 8000 mi. One owner. '62 Volkswagen. Clean. One owner. sale price. '62 Chev. B . A. a . AT, R, H, PS, air c o n d. Perfect familY car. '62 Ramble r Classi c a cyl. AT, h eater .. Very nice. One owner. '61 Comet wagon dO luxe. AT, R, H. New WSW tires. '64112 GALAXIE XL's 2-Door Faotbacks. 352 eng., AT, R, H, PS, PB, factory air cond. Bucket 1 e a t s, t-inted glass. 53095 WSW ...... . Bal. of Fact. Warranty '61 Olds 98 HT. Fact. air, full power. One owner '59 Buick lnvicta 2-Dr. HT. AT, R , H, PS, PB. Low m ileage. '59 Impalas. 8 in stock. v.s, AT, R, H, PS, One with factory air. '63 Conv. Impalas ond Galaxies All have V-8, AT, R, H, PS, nice colors. .. $2095 Bal. of Fact. Warranty '60 Chev. Kings wood wagon, 9-pass. AT, R , H. One owner. Nice. '51 i:hev. B.A . HT. v .a, AT, R, H, PS. Low mileage. Puff. ORIGINALS '63 Plymouth 2Dr. Sedan. 6 cYI., std. shift, w/heater, 1 careful owner, ab aolutely showroom condi $1395 tion .... '63 Galaxie. Air cond., V -8, AT, R, H, beautiful beige and white, car kept spotless by 1 owner, new wsw $1595 tires .... '55 Plymouth. One owner, 2Dr. Sedan, V-8 eng., AT, R, H , PS, green and white, Perfect tires, must see and drive to appreciate, Only $391 EZ Term• Mr. G's Avis Corner 2000 N. DALE MABRY PH. 872 OPEN 'TIL 10 P.M • 1 SO AutoMobiles For Sale 1958 BUICK 2door HT. $335. 1952 Studebaker $65. 1953 Chev. SW $150. Call Kirby. 689-1752, 229. 1961 FALCON station wagon, new tires. Telephone 932 after 5. '55 CHEVROLET 4 DOOR V. Beautiful new tutone Blue & White extra clean interior. needed, $5 week. SUN RAY MOTORS. INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232R9t '59 FORD Galaxie 4 dr. Sedan. A.T. R&H, air cond. P o w e r Only $695. REI\ na1CKSO"' AUTO SALES 909 N. DALE TODAY'S SPECIALS '64 Tempest ... $1964 Sedan. Auto trans., R&H, 1 owner. Bal fac. war ranty. '63 Fiat ........ $964 1100 0 4door sedan. 1 owner. Extra clean. '62 Rambler ... $1064 Classic 4-door. One own .. er. Extra sharp. One-Year Watranty NORTHSIDE RAMBLER 1 0409 Florida Ave. Ph. 932-6171 BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Liietitne W a.rranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty '63 Buick s1875 Skylark. 2-tone, S/S, R, H, low mileage. '61 Buick Special 4-Dr. S/S, H, one owner. '63 Buick Special 2 Or. 5/S, R, H . Economy car. '64 Buick LeSabre 4Dr. AT, R, H , PS, PB. '63 Buick LeSabre .C-Dr. HT. AT, R, H, PS, PB, air con d. '62 Chev. s1775 I m p a I a 4-Dr. HT. White, AT, R, H , PS. (424A). '63 Chev. s2185 Impala Spt. HT Cpe. AT, R, H, PS. (490-A). '59 Chev. s1095 Impala 2r. HT, AT, R, H, PS (691A), a i r oond. '61 Ford s1195 Galaxie 4Dr. Sedan. AT, R , H, low mileage (712A). '60 Ford s695 Rar-ch Wagon. Beige finish, S/$, '62 Ford s1685 Galaxie 4Dr. Sedan. AT, R, H, PS, PB, air c:ond . '62 01ds s2375 98 Convertible. AT, R, H , PS, PB. '62 Pontiac s2185 Star Chief HT 4Dr. AT, ft, H, PS, PB, air con d . '61 Pontiac s1595 Bonneville Converti ble. AT, R, H, PS, PB. '63 Comet s1685 4Dr. s-dan. AT, R. '59 Mercury s795 2-Dr. Sedan. AT, R, H, PS, PB, cond. LifetiMe Warranty Plus One-Year Warranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E. Hillsborou9h PHOME 239-1109 Open sunday After Church '62 CADILLAC, DeVille, alr, full POwer, exceptional $2,785. Can t r a de. St. Pete. 867-5015 . i9594riooR hardtop 98 Olds, air, R&H, new palitt, good condi tion, private owner1 1522 E. Caracas. EXCEPJ'IONAL 1959 Ford V-8, sell, or trade for English Ford, VoJks. wagen, or pickup. 855-1783. Specials '64 DELUXE FALCONS Sedans. Automatic trans mission, 170 cubic inch engine, radio, heat er. Some with whitewall tires and seat belts. Nice color selection. $3800 Per Month Cash down Qayment of S400 or 1f yc-ur car is appraised for $400 no cas h is needed! INSURANCE EXCLUDED 48 MONTHS TO PAY FULl.. $1779 '64 FORD GALAXIE 500s 2 & 4DOOR HARDTOPS CruiseO Matic transmis sion, V engine. FAC TORY AIR C 0 N D I TIONEO. R ad i o and heater, power steering, Nice color selection. $5480 Per Month Cash down payment of $500 or if your car is appraised at $500 no cash is needed! INSURANCE EXCLUDED 48 MONTHS TO PAY FULL PRICE $2495 HORTHGATE FORD, INC. CHECK CAR BUYS '64 Pont. s2295 TEMPEST 2-DOOR. Auto matic, radio and heater, WSW tires. Extra clean. '62 Chev. s1895 IMPALA COUPE. Radio and heater, automatic, p ower steering, WSW tires. '63 Ford GALAX IE '500' 4 • DOOR. Radio and heater, auto matic, power steering. '63 Stude. s1595 LARK 4 DOOR. Automatio transmission, air co n d i tioned. '60 Line. PREMIERE 4R HARD TOP. Full power, factory air conditioned, all-leather in terior. Truly a fine car! SEE 'EM tt TODAY! 1-Year Warranty FERMAN Chevrolet 1428 fLORIDA AVE. 229-2196 Ph. 229-0706 Open 9 a.m. 'til 9 p.111. Mon. thru Sat. CLOSED SUNDAY "FERMAN NEVER FOOLS" Drive ltl Today To BILL CURRIE'S and let otte of Tampa's most helpful and courteous salesmen show you how easy you can own a 1964 FORD Galaxie soo 4-Dr. HT AIR CONDITIONED • Plus CruiseOMatic Transmission, Power Steering, Radio, Heater, V-8 Engine, Whitewall Tires. Top Dollar For Your Present Car -Plus Best of Ter1ns! FRANCHISED INT'L SCOUT DEALER New '65 in Stock Now! '63 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Door Hardtop DeluKe . Factory air cond., p.,wer steering and brakes, R&H, automatic. 14,000 actual m iles. $2495 '62 GRAND PRIX F'actorY air cond., electric windows and seat, power steering and brakes, mag. nesium whcols. Automatic, R&H. Choice of two (2). S2295 '62 CHEVY II 300 S e r i e s. Automatic trans., r a d io, heater. Real nice 4-door economy car. $995 '63 OLDS 88 4-Door. PS & PB, radio, heater, full power assist, factory air cond. Auto matic, WSW tires. Green & white. Matching int. $2295 * * --lr* YOUR CHOICE $595 '59 CHEV. Bel Air 4 Or., air conditioned; v.s. '59 BUICK 4 Or. Automa tie, radio, heate,., power steering. . '60 CHEVROLET 4 DR., radio, heater, automatic. *_*_ * _* '63 CHEVROLET Station Wagon. Automatic, heater & defroster, white finish with turquoise in• terior. Nice. $1G95 '63 FORD Galaxie 2 .. Door Sedan. Automatic transmission, radio, heater, V engine, tutone paint, real nice. $1395 '64 FORD Galaxie 500 2r. Hardtop. Radio, heater, V, stick shift, sharp. $2195 2555 North Dale Mabry Ph. 877-8234 '63 BONNEVILLE Convertible. •uto m at i c. radio, heater, power deer. ing and brakes, p o we r windows, v.a. Real nice. $2295 '60 CORVETTE Convertible. 4sl)eed trans. Maroon with white top. $1995 '60 Austin Healey Roadster. W i r • wheels, electric clutch, red finish with leather interior. $1295 '61 BONNEVILLE 2Door Hardtop. Automat ic, radio, heater, power ateering & brakes. Loaded. $995 '63 MONZA SPYDER Black finish, radio, heat .. er, w ire wheels, etc. $1595 '63 CHEVROLET Impala oonvertibte. V-11. Power steering, r ad i o, heater, WSW tires, auto matie. Turquoise w i t h white top. All vinyl in terior. $2095 *-*-* -* YOUR CHOICE S595 '60 FORD Faorlane 500 2 D r . , automatic, R & H. '59 OLDS 2 Dr. Automat i c, R&H , air cond. , p/steer• in g. '59 PONTIAC 4 Dr. HT. Automati c, R&H. '59 CHEV . Sta. Wag, Auto matic, R&H . (2) in stock. 1711 East Hillsboro Ave. Ph. 237-3323 27 ---"' NO DOWN PAYMENT NO CREDIT PROBLEMS PRESTIGE CARS '64 Pontiac G r a n d Prix Coupe Hardtop. Full power & factorY air c:ond. Loaded. Balance of $3199 new car '64 Pontiac Bonneville . 4 o o o r Hardtop. Full power & fact. air $3599 cond. Lo ad.-d! Save! '63 Pontiac Star Chief 4 Dr. Full power, fact. air cond. LoadedS2499 pnced to sell . . '62 Oldsmobile' Super 1111 4 Or. Hardtop. Full pow. er, fact. air cond. $2299 Loaded-one owner. '62 '98' HolidaY Couj;:e. Full power & fac_t. air cond. $2499 loaded. One owner! H'!2 Thunderbird CouPe U Hardtop. Full powl!!:r & fact. air cond. Loaded! '6"' Imperial Crown 4-Door Ill Hardtop, Full power & fact. atr cond. s1699 Loaded. One owner! COMPAC_TS '64 &hevrciiet II Nova ' 400" Co u p e Hardtop. PG, Balance of new car warranty, PPiced $2199 to sell! '63 Buick SkYlark Coupe Hardtop. Full power and air-cond., radio and heater, $2399 WSW •• '63 Corvair M o n z a s Coupes, 4sPa.d trans., radio & heater. Some with automatic 51699 trans. . . . . . . . . . '62 Corvair M o n z a s Couoes. 4speed trana., radio & _heater. Also $1399 automattc trans .... '62 Rambler Custom 4-0oor. Auto. trans., $1199 radio & heater •... '62 Ford FL 500 4-0r. Fordomatic, V 8, power steering, radio & heater, c:on_ d.': .. .. .... s1599 '62 Metropolitan C o u P e Hardtop. Fact. equipped incl. radio & sagg heater . . . . . . . . . .... '63 Fiat 1100 4-Dr. $ft99 Factory eqpd... ;J '61 Oldsmobile F-85 4-Door. Automatic trans., radio and 5-1199 heater ..........• WAGONS '64 Ford Country Sedan. 9 passenger. Full power, v.a, factorY air cond., radio & heater. Balance of new car warranty! '64 Plymouth Fury 4-Door. Full power, radio & heater, wsw. Balance of new . • . , .. , . 52199 '64 Ford Country Sedan. Cruise 0 .. Matic, V-8, PS, radio & heater. Balance of new oar $2699 warranty! '64 Pontiac Tempest 4Dr. Automatic trans., radio & heater. Balance of new ........ $2699 '63 Volkswagen Panel. All fac. equipped. $1499 One owner ..... . '62 Falcon Station Wagon. Fact. $1199 equipped ......... . '62 Ford Country Sod an, Fordomatic, v.s, PS, fact. air, $1699 radio, heater ..... . CONVERTIBLES '64 Chevrolet Chevelle Mal ibu Super Sport Conv. Coupe. PG, V-8, PS, R , H , fact. ai r cond., bucket seats. Balance of new $2999 warranty! ....... . ''64 Chevrolet Impala Conv. Coupe. PG, V-8, PS, R&H, air cond., wsw. Balance of new 52899 car warranty! ..... '64 Ford G a I a x i e '500' Conv. Cruise-0-Matic, V , PS, radio &. heater, wr.w. Balance of new $2599 car warranty! . . .. '63 Comet S-22 Convertible Coupe. Merc-0-Matic, bucket seats, ra $1999 dio & heater, wsw. '63 Chevrolet Impala super SPOrt Conv. Coupe. Full power, fact. a1r cond., bucket seab, radio & heat. $2699 er, tinted glass, wsw. '62 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport Conv, Coupe, PG, v.s, PS, & heater, .. ..... $1899 '62 Dodge Convertible Cpe. Full power, 51699 radio & heater . '61 Cadillac Conv. Coupe. Full power, fact. air cond. Loaded!J2599 one owner .. , , .... COUPES SEDANS '64 Chevroleb. Impala 2 & 4 doors, Hardtops, PG, V-8, PS, heater, fact. air cond. Bal. new $2899 car warranty! ... '64 Chevrolets 2>. & 4Doors. Fact. equipped. Balance of new car warr-anty! Also 2 & 4-Door Hardtop $2199 Impalas . . . • '64 Ford G a I a x i e 1500' Coupe Hardtop. V -8, PS, radio & heater, wsw. Balance of new car warranty . . . '63 Chevrolets. 2 & 4 Doors. Fact. eQuipped, also 2 15. 4-Door Hardtop $1199 Impalas . '63 Ford 2-Door. Factory equipped. Balance of new car $1599 warranty! , . . . . '62 Coupe, Faotory equopped. s1 099 Priced to sell '61 Chevrolet Impala Coupe Hardtop. PG, V-8, PS, radio & $1499 heater ........... . Phone 229-0857 Open 8 A.M. 'Til 10 P.M.


28 THE TAMPA TIMES Monday. October 26, 196( By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Albert Morehead, one of the greatest bridge writers of all times, has just written " Morehead on Bidding ." This book discusses modern Amer ican bidding from the stand point of both beginner and expert and, in addition, he il lustrates many bidding situa tions by showing the play as well. He points out that South has a book three no-trump bid and that South's first play would be the ten of hearts from dummy in the hope that West had led away from the queen jack. He continues by remarking that after the ten of hearts failed to hold . inexperienced WEST 4QIO? + J974 .76 NORTH .32 • 10 '1 + 8653 ... Q 10943 EAST .J865 QJ9 + KlO% •Ks2 SOUTH (D) 4AK94 AK63 +AQ ... AJS North and South vulnerable South West North East 3 N .T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead2. players would not see any way to make the contract unless they could find a singleton or doubleton king of clubs. Never theless , South managed to make it in spite of the fact that the king of clubs was doubly protected. At trick two he led the jack of clubs and overtook with dummy's queen. East held off with the king and the ten of clubs was played from dummy . East played low and the ten was finessed. Now South led a diamond and finessed the queen. This worked and gave him his nine tricks (three in clubs and two in each other suit). Of course , South was lucky to find East with both minor suit kings, but if you give the cards a chance they will fre quently reward you and South did give them their chance . tz:R'n :lt,tfi!ND Q-The bidding has been: North East South West llifo Pass 1 + Pass 1 Pass ? You, South, hold: •ss KJ7s +KJ75 ! What . do you do? A-Bid two hearts. You have good heart support. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to three hearts. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Halloween Dance A Halloween dance will be sponsored by the Police Athletic League of Tampa at Lowry Park at 7 p . m. Oct. 31. Music will be furnished by a disc jockey from radio s t a t i o n WFLA. . SOFT AS A Ill INVeR. f{OUSe FINEST QUALITY, yet INCREDIBLY INEXPENSIVE IL!NDEI SCI!CM W!ISKT liMIT IIDIF The world's leading acoustical experts made the test. The U. S. Auto Club certified the results: at 20 mph ... at 40 mph ... at 60 mph ... The 1965 Ford rides quieter than a Rolls-Royce! Prior to the introduction of the 1965 Fords, the country's leading auto motive writers drove the new models at Ford's top secret Dearborn test track. The first things most of these experts remarked about were the ex traordinary quietness and smooth ness of the ford ride. An automotive writer, in Mechanix Illustrated, put it this way, " ... the first thing that impressed me about the new Galaxie was the quietness. If there is a quieter car made in this country-then I haven't driven it." Quiet Means Quality Quiet is a traditional measure of quality in a car. Ford engineers had designed the '65 Ford to the finest luxury car standards. The experts instantly recognized the dramatic results. The question became: bow to demonstrate this important fact to you. Ford chose to make a docu mented test against the world's finest luxury 'car-a brand-new RollsRoyce. Could a Ford match the leg endary silence of the car that long has been considered by many to be the best car in the world? If it could, this would be evidence that no one, however skeptical, could shrug off. Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc., world's leading acoustic consultants to government and industry, agreed to make the test. The tests were su pervised by the authoritative United States Auto Club. All cars were tuned to factory . specifications. The Result , The Fords proved to be slightly quieter at all moving speeds. Of course, no claim is made that a 1965 Ford is a Rolls-Royce. The differences are many and obvious, including the nearly $17,000 price of the Rolls-Royce. For example, Ford does not have hand-fitted parts, nor seats covered by the same choice leather used on seats in England's House of Commons. But Ford does have a quieter ride. That astonishing fact has now been doc umented and certified by a team of the most reputable judges in the United States today. The official report reads, in part: "At all moving speeds, on both courses, the Fords were quieter than the Rolls-Royces ... the differences were sufficient to show up clearly both in listening and in the calibrated measurements." The Difference Unlike the difference in price, the sound level difference, to be sure, is small-but it is there. At 60 miles an hour, Ford was actually 2.8 Acoustics expert and USAC official (in rear seat) monitor sound measuring equipment during low-speed test. PRODUCTS MOTOR COMPANY decibels quieter than Rolls-Royce. At 40, Ford was 5 . 5 decibels quieter. At 20, Ford was 4 . 9 decibels quieter. (Decibels are the universally recog nized units for measuring the vol ume of sound.) However small these advantages over Rolls-Royce may be, they are significant evidence of quality-important to anyone buying a car in Ford's class. To achieve dramatic results such as these, Ford invested $170,000,000 in the past four years in a gigantic quality-engineering program. You can see and feel and hear the re sults in every mile you travel in a 1965 Ford. How Ford Quiet Is Achieved A major factor is the newly de signed body, frame and suspension. The body ofthe 1965 Ford is much stronger-so strong that, if wheels were attached to it, it could run without any frame at all. But there is a frame: a new-concept "isola tion" frame that absorbs road vibra tions. It is sealed off from the body with eight soft butyl-rubber mounts placed at the exact points where vibrations tend to cancel each other out .•. and virtually disappear. In addition, ultrasoft coil springs now form the . rear suspension. And the front suspension is a further re finement of Ford's famous "reces sive wheel" system which takes the thump out of bumps by flexing back ward a trifle as well as up and down. Take A Test Drive A key-and a warm welcome-await you at your Ford Dealer's. The key, incidentally, is the same on both edges. It fits in the lock no matter which side is up. Now, there's a touch the other makers haven't thought of -symbolic of the hundreds of ad vances you'll find in any Ford you road-test. Come in and see for your self. You'll be pleasantly surprised. New Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud ill during series of tests. SOUND LEVEL (All readings in decibels) I FORD MPH FORD ROLLS-ROYCE QUIETER BY 20 67.4 mph 40 75.9 mph 60 82.6 mph TEST CONDITIONS: Dry, level, moderately smooth concrete divided highway; light, quartering wind. All cars operated at steady 20, 40 and 60 mph with all windows and vents closed. Noise level readings taken at ear level in right-hand front passenger seat. TEST EQUIPMENT: Bruel & Kjaer precision octave band analyzer, recording through direct observation and through Nagra precision tape re corder. Data expressed in Perceived Noise decibels. Note: Decibels are the universally recognized units for measuring the volume of sound. TEST CONDUCTED on September 72.3 4.9 81.4 5.5 85.4 2.8 24, 1964, by Bolt, Beranek and New man, Inc., of Cambridge, Mass ., the world's largest acoustic consulting firm. TEST CERTIFIED by the United States Auto Club. CARS TESTED: Two brand-new Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III sedans, V-8 with automatic transmission, list price in New York $16,655 each. Three 1965 Fords, each with 289-cubic-inch V-8 engine and Cruise-0-Matic Certified by transmission: Galaxie 500 LTD, Galaxie 500/XL and Galaxie 500 4Door Sedan. • Test drive Total Performance '65 •.. best year yet to go MUSTANG • FALCON • FAIRLANE • FORO THUNDERBIRD Try the quiet ones for yourself at your Ford Dealer's now! • IMIII!ED I!INYEI HOUSE DISIIll!IS,lli.,PIIll, 1


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