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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
December 7, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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\ University of South Florida Campus Eqition SA Book Exchange Opens TodayUC 218 SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR-No. 261 1ampa TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1964 J More Campus News And Editorials On Pages 2. 19 PRICE FIVE CENTS Burns, Bryant Bog, Over Regents HAYDON BURNS • . . Must work with new Regents. News Analysis By RALEIGH MANN Campus Edition Editor Speculation increases across the state on the outcome of the apparent stalemate regard ing naming of a new Board of Regents to gov ern Florida's university system. USF students and state taxpayers are all concerned; the new Board will oversee a pro posed 1965-67 budget of $231.5 million for Florida, Florida State, Florida Atlantic, Flonda A&M, FICUS, the proposed University of West Florida, East Central Florida, and other outlets. AS DAYS of impasse lengthen into weeks, rumors mount as to who is tr"ying to do which with whom. Outgoing Governor Farris Bryant has the privilege of naming the new Board; but Gover nor-elect Haydon Burns is the man who must work with them during his term. Aware of this, Bryant has invited Burns to have a say in the Board make-up, and diffi. culties seem to have begun at this point. ALTHOUGH Bryant gets to name the Board before leaving office Jan. 5, those ap pointments must be approved by the state Board of Education, then confirmed by the state Senate. Unless a special session is called, the Sen ate confirmation may not come until next April, if then. More, the present Board of Control is defunct when Bryant leaves office, and the new Regents could serve four months without con firmation. EVEN WITH Board of Education approval of Bryant appointments, sources close to Burns say that he could and would take legal action to block Bryant appointments before Senate confirmation. Bryant and Burns have been meeting to gether for more than three weeks in an effort to agree on Board of Regents' membership, and only speculation surrounds the bases for their "non-agreement." MANY FEEL that a major bone of conten tion is the trimester system . The Miami Herald said in a recent article that Burns is concerned about the make-up of the Board because he wants men to help him carry out his campaign pledge to do away with the trimester system. Bryant , the Herald said, is proud of his authorship of the system in the state and wants to see it retained. The St. Petersburg Times , in an interpre tative story, bas said that "The real basis for the Burns-Bryant dispute is that both are strong--willed men . It is a conflict of wills and pride rather than greed. "FOR FOUR years," the Times said, "Bry ant has been top dog in Florida. For more than a decade Burns has been top dog in Jackson ville, which means that neither is accustomed to giving in on policy matters." Both men have ideas on how the Florida university system should be governed . Each man has supporters who seek ap pointment to some board or committee. CONFLICT can arise over which friends get named to the Board as payoff; it can also raie its head over which men will carry out the policy ideas of either Burns or Bryant. According to The Times , rumors say that they are unable to agree on only a few names . Whoever is appointed to the new Board by January, governor-elect Burns will be able to then adjust the membership to his liking , prior to, and pending confirmation by the state Senate. Supporters of the new amendment provid ing for the Board of Regents say the object was to take the Board out of politics. After this first Board is appointed, terms of office will be stag gered so that no other governor will be able to regulate the membership in his favor. FARRIS BRYANT .•. Gets to name them. Constitution Approved; Students Favor 2.5 GPR Food Service Probed Qualit y of campus food ser vice is the subject of two sub committee inquiries on campus. Studying, Not Pills For Tests Alumni To Offer Award Tally Is Yes: 728 No: 123 Ashford Candidate Students Voice Views in Referendum Carolyn Johnson, senior, and James MeDaniel, freshman, register their opin ions in last Wednesday's referendum on the revised Student Association Constitu tion. A report of food service on campus will oe compiled from information being gatltered by three subcommittees now mak ing studies. The report, ex pected for release in March or April, will be used in consider ing aspects of the USF food service contract. The pres e n t five -year con . tract, held by Morrison Food Service , Inc. will expire June 26, 1965. Busine•• Andrew Rodgers last month ap pointed Procurement Diredor Stephen McArthur chairman of the University Ad Hoc Food Service Committee. McArthur appointed members to three subcommittees to cover stu dent, faculty-administration, and physical-fiscal aspe cts. Purposes of the subcommit tees are to note good points as well as in campus food service. Student subcom mittee members are student or ganizations Director Raymond King and UC Advisor Phyllis Marshall. Physical Plant Director Clyde Hill a . nd Housing-Food Service Office A ssistant Ward Hancoek. l ooking into the faculty-admin istration a r e a received two major suggestio ns a t their Nov. 24 open meeting. Plans Unveiled .for Building Shown here is the architect's drawing of the handsome new $1.9 million Science and Technology (Engineering) Building to be started next year, south west of the Physics Building. Bids on the tentatively 90,000 square foot building will be received In April and is expected in September , 1966 . Esti mated cost mcludes equipment and architectutal fees. '


THE TAMPA TIMES, Mo1ulay, December 7, 1964 .--Campus ! Edition Editorial Page Look at the Record As we come qown the stretch of this trimester and prepare to our breath before the next g6-round, the time is appropriate to lQok at the record. : Certainly one of the more sig happenings during the has been the change in the Sfudent Association. It is accom pl.ishing; it is beginning to have r'al meaning. Whatever side you are on , it is difficult to criticize acq1mplishments that eclipse all preC!lding student government efforts. When Bob Ashford ran for SA president and was e 1 e c ted last February, he made 20 campaign pledges. Few believed that more than one or two would be realized. The record shows otherwise. Let's look. Com• Pledge plete Non-compulsory food plan Outside catering 3. Student voice in negotiating all auxiliary service contracts * 4. Revision of basic studies course and basic studies final exam 5. No Saturday exams 6. Committee to work for national fraternals '!'/. Investigation of bookstore prices 8. Committee to facilitate inter collegiate sports ll. Gasoline discounts 1!>. Student Book Exchange * * * * * In Progress * * • • 11. Student Directory 12. Student appeals system for grades 13. Revitalization of Constitutional Revisions Committee 14. Creation of judicial branch of SA 15. Committee on Race Relations 16. Publishing Of voting and attendance records of SA representatives 17. Establishment of student polling * * * * * 18. Requirement of senators to attend senate meetings * 19. Rejuvenation of Speaker's Bureau * 20. Scheduling of civic unit meetings at free hour specifically reserved for such meetings * * And there are several more. Ashford did not do it alone; nor does he claim credit for all the ac complishments . We want to say thanks to everyone, but obviously that is impossible. Space and dan ger of oversight do not permit. Just this exception: Find John Bottcher, and thank him personally for his near superhuman efforts in behalf of the badly-needed new con stitution. Lots of people helped. Bottcher has gone the extra mile. The University owes thanks to all of the students who give a darn about what happens here. Some times we wonder how many do. Ashford, Bottcher and some of their team have given USF student government meaning. :-Yakking Can Be Hacking It's examination time a g a in week; and that means con versation time in the USF Library. For some reason known only to uSF students who enjoy conversa...!too ,more than study (and , tha,t's e exam-time means a reiaxing of library . rules, afid lots of noise where quietousual ly reigns. There are many USF students who, during the trimester, escape the rellidence hall or coffee shop dip_, to the relative silence and solitude of the library for study. 'lf you can't have peace a n d qUiet there, then where? A legit imate question at any time, espe cially at exam time. Last year we Were trying to cram last-minute knowledge into hbe resistant vacuum during exam week, and we, like many others, retreated to where we felt relative silence prevailed-the library. lt would be an understatement to' say that all was not quiet in the library. C o n v e r sat i o n was loud and long; it was, fflr the most part; not ' " studying together." It was social izing. And it was distracting. We tried to study, anyway for an hour, then gave up and ONE small VOICE complained to the library employe. He in f o r m e d us that the "no studying together or talking" rule is relaxed near exams, because that is when students need to study most. A masterpiece of logic. 1 If students need to study most before exams; then, is it asking too much to permit them to do just that? Where can one go if it is not to the library, when he needs the quiet atmosphere? There is plenty of conversation everywhere else. It is backwards thinking to re lax a rule about no talking or studying together when study is needed most. If working together is necessary, t h e r e are many places for that. We hold that the library is to many a refuge of quiet. Most of the time it is far from that; at exam time it is as distracting as the coffee shop for study atmos phere. Let's tighten up one of the nec essary and sensible rules, a n d keep at least one place for study. The library is the logical place. We might start with some library employes, who, in m a n y cases set a dubious example with loud conversation all year long. Dumb Drummers Bring New Dance Music to Excruciating Crescendo By JOHN ALSTON of tile Campus Staff •calisthenics anyone?" ''J;Jlis seems to be the invitation everytir-Qe a rock 'n roll band (three guitars and a dumb drummer) mount the stand, tutn their amplifiers on "loudeat" and start filling the room with that ole mo nofonous one-two beat. t's not that I have anything personal ag11inst dancing. It's just that what is cuzrentl.y offered as dancing just does !mit my definition of the word. The "dance" of today with all of its arm s vj i n g i n g, hipshaking, backbreaking mollements bears no resemblance to that wbjeh was originally termed dancing. Way back in the '40's dancing was so$ething that a couple did when they wanted to have a quiet evening out with goOd music and relaxation. Now the same couple must go to a movie if they want quiet. At today's dance, they can find only aching eardrulJIS, t oo long stag lines ("cutting in" is taboo in to day's culture), and a resulting back ache. The "why" of this I leave to psy chologists, sociologists, and everyone else who says that there must be a rea son for everything. I only want to raise my small voice in a cry of "help." Why, oh, why, can ' t we the tired ones, find some dance somewhere we can rest our weary bodies, hold our partners, and have a quiet evening? It's not that I want to see the end of the w e e k I y physical conditioning meetings. I kind of like the music and the way you can forget yourself for awhile. But can't we dance once in a while? The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collea-Jate Press P:Editor : : . -...........•.. Raleigh Mann Editor ........ -........................ Pat Pulkrabek Editorial Editor ......................... Joseph Kempster Feature Ed1 or .... -.......................... Jay Beckerman Sports Editor ................................ Charles W. Ennis Advisor ... .... -........................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters IS 9 a.m. Tuesday. r /' ______ ,....-.... "Really behind in your studies. eh Fred?" Fail Safe: Bizarre l's Possible By ALLAN J. BURRY Campus Movie Critic The story of Fail Safe is the ac count of a SAC bomber group which is accidently sent on a mission to Moscow. A mechanical failure causes the group to receive the attack sig nal rather than the recall at the "Fail Safe" point over the Arctic. THE PRESIDENT or :iers our own fighters to pursue and shoot them down, but they fail. He gets on the "hot line" to the premier of thoe USSR and fells them of t h e born bers' impending arrival, stressing t h a t it :Burry was a mistake, and pleading that Rus sia not start a counterattack. Finally SAC is commanded to work with the Russian military to give positions of the planes and their defensive capabili ties. All but one of the bomber group are shot down, while it moves on closer to its target. Two twenty megaton bombs would kill approximately five million people in Moscow, so the president orders the Dean Emeritus French same number of bombs dropped on New York City, hoping that the "eye for an eye" solution will deter a massive nu clear war. Based on the best-seller of the same name by Burdick and Wheeler, this is a moving plea for sanity in a world liv ing under the possibility of a fiery doom. The plot, reduced to its bare bones, may seem unreal or weird. It is a testa ment to the craftsmanship of the film makers that it moves with inexorable logic, in which the bizarre becomes pos sible and the tension mounts painfully. HENRY FONDA plays the president, and the decisions which he makes are made coolly. Fonda's penchant for un derplaying stands him in good stead. Only once does the script fail him and he sermonizes on the necessity of takinll responsibility for man's creation of the machines of n -uclear war. Director Sidney Lumet has refrained from the hysterics which constantly threaten to break forth. Especially good is Walter Matthau as the academic ad visor to the Pentagon on the advantages of )imited nuclear war. Shades of Henry Kissinger! Dan O'Herlihy, Frank Overton, Ed-Book Review Story of 'Most Impossible Job' Told in New Hammarskjold Book By GRETA KM DIXON Campus Book Critlo MARKINGS by DaaHl'mmarskjold (Alfred A. Knopb; New York, 1964). 222 pp.; $4.95. Dag Hammarskjold will probably go down in history as one of the world's greatest p u b 1 i c servants. Mr. Ham marskjQld w as revered by the world as a truly devoted statesman b u t litUe was known about his personal extraord i n a r y inner life. In "Markings," t h e whole world will now be able to focus on this man's i n n e r thoughts. Hammarskjold spent sev eral years 1n compiling_ his thoughts into b o o k form, setting d o w n his Dixon most intimate reflections on life and des tiny, nature's mysteries, and the temp tations and dilemmas of public office. ... all these points were meant for his own use to enable him to develop a greater degree of personal integrity. Hammarskjold's own account of his purpose in writing this vo..ume can be found in its pages: "These notes (mark lngs)?-They were signposts you began to set up after you had reached a point where you needed them, a fixed point that was on no account to be lost sight of." And elsewhere; "a sort of white book concerning negotiations with my self and with God . • . the only true profile that can be drawn ." The New York Times' review bills "Markings" as "the reflections of a ward Binns, Larry Hagman, and Fritz Weaver complete the roster, each add ing good characterizations. The film is marred by inexcusably sloppy editing, making some parts of it jerky and hard to follow. In dealing with this picture, compari son must be made to Dr. Strangelove, which had pretty much the same theme, except that the trigger for the action was an insane general rather than a mechanical failure. STRANGELOVE made 1 t s points through comedy, while Fail Safe takes a straight dramatic approach. The com edy of Strangelove was black, using the absurd to point up horror, while pro viding some relief and esthetic distance from the subject matter. Strangelove was, for my money, the better of the man of affairs, of aristocratic lineage, elected to the Swedish Academy in suc cession to his father, gifted with what colleagues termed 'a razor-sharp mind" ... "very brill iant, orderly, pragmatic, subtle, and capable of lightning speed in both comprehension and construc tion, yet strictly disciplined." Hammarskjold functioned well when thrust into the ""most impossible job on earth" ... that of Secretary General of the United Nations. In accepting this unexpected call Hammarskjold wrote, "The most dangerous of all moral dilem mas: When we are obliged to conceal truth in order to help the truth to be victorious • . . For someone whose job so obviously mirrors man's extraordi nary possibilities and responsibilities, there is no excuse if he loses his sense of 'having been called.' " In "Markings," the reader has at his fingertips an extraordinary work, a work which had it been written in a cloistered religious community would, have set the spiritual world alive. Yet this volume was not written in the si lence of the cloister wherein man has the peace and quiet necessary for his meditations, it was instead written while the author was deeply involved in the solving of the world's many complex problems. "In our era," states Ham marskjold, "the road to holiness neces sarily passes through the world of action." "Markings" is a book to be read as it will be the 'history book' in the fu ture upon which all other writings on the subject of this great man will be based. pictures, for it was able to find a way to carry the emotional weight of de struction. For example, when Fonda calls the premier to tell him of the mistake, you are aware of the fragile nature of words and their inability to relate the depths of human grief. This same point is made when Peter Sellers calls the premier in Strangelove, and they are reduced to jabbering apologies for who is m o r e sorry about it. When our structures of meaning collapse and annihilation yawns th:ough the abyss, the power of the moment will not be caught on the _front page of The New York Times. The poet or, in our day, the comedian will have his say. All in all, though, Fail Safe is good en,ough to force you into a few very un moments of reflections . Returns to First Love, Teaching By MARY A. BROOKS of the Campus Staif "When L was a boy, I. dreamed of becoming an engineer. I wanted to wear high-top boots and carry a transit over my shoulder. At that time I never in tended to be a teacher.'' These we1a the statements of USF' s revered Dean Emeritus Sid n e y J. French. Pausing a moment to reflect over his past, Dean French swung easily around in his chair, as he sat in . his third floor office in the USF chemistry building. Continuing, Dean French explained how an inspirational chemistry profes sor at a Wisconsin college caused him to substitute a new dream for his youth ful one. "After I met that professor, I went on to become a chemistry teacher myself," he smiled. DEAN FRENCH is b a c k teacbing chemistry today. Teaching USF's pros pective high school teachers in this field of physical science is only one of his two part-time jobs. His other position is as consultant with an organization called "Ficus, " which is short for "Florida Cooperative Workshop for t,he Improvement of Col lege Teaching} • Dean French empha sizes that his ( two part-time j obs are keeping him even busier than his old full-time position did, but he appears to thrive on the work. LAST SUMMER, Dean French re tired from his position as USF Dean of Academic Affairs, but this ebullient man had no thought of retiring com pletely from the field of education. Re leased from his concentration on ad ministrative duties, he is delighted to be back doing the thing he loves best -teaching chemistry to undergraduates. "I used to teach senior chemistry," he pointed out, "but now I find my train ing is merely adequate for teaching freshman chemistry." T -he subject has had so much new knowledge added to it during the intervening years when Dean French was not teaching it, that he has returned to find t h i s drastic change a reality. ONE OF Dean French's special abili ties has been helping to set up master USF Research Grants Grow By DURBIN PEARSON of the Campus Staff USF's growing prestige is reflected In the cumulative value of sponsored re search on campus which now exceeds three-quarters of a million dollars. As of the fiscal year 1963-1964, the University had been awarded a total of 44 grants. In the fiscal year 1963-1964, 22 grants were awarded from a total of 47 proposals submitted. The research is being conducted by several faculty members with students working as assistants. Most of the re search is supported by a government or private agency ill the form of a grant. In order to be considered for a gnnt, the scientist must have an idea, collect pertinent data, write up a proposal, sub mit it to the proper government or pri vate agency, and request funds. Much of the research is conducted with the use of USF facilities. About 20 per cent of the grant must be paid to the University for overhead. In the geology department, Dr. Wil liam Taft is studying the hardening of carbonate sediments. His study is cen tered in the Yellow Bank area of the Bahamas. Dr. Taft's project is spon sored by a National Science Founda tion grant of S23,000. Working with Dr. Taft are Frank Arrington, Rudy Donnahoo, Allen Haimo vltz, Catherine, C h a r I e s Woolheater, and Clifford Wright. The students work ten bours weekly for two months dur ing the summer with pay. Working in the Bahamas, they must, by skin diving, collect rock samples on which are made chemical analyses and age determina tions. Another project is presently being conducted in the biology department by Dr. Robert Long. He is preparing a field manual of the vascular plants of sub tropical F lorida. High schools, colleges, and universities have no book such as this one suitable for use by their stu dents in botany or biology. Dr. Long Is wo!'l

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, De.eember 7, 1964 Smith Heads All-Western WILL REMAKE RECORD BUSTER New StUdio Boss Planning Ahead ENTRIES FIRST RACE-Five-sixteenths Dille Grade D:

t8 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December '7, 1964 PRELUDE TO SUPREME SOVIET MEETING W EDNESDA Y ) Kremlin May BeHeaded for More Government Changes Naming a Disease Is MOSCOW Dec. 7 (UPI) during the weekend in response indicated it wants to put off, but "unify" the splintered w 0 r 1 d new budget and economic plan Pravda said it opposed "ex DR. ALVAREZ ON HEALTH Kremlin today called a to recent polemics from Peking, not drop, the meeting because Communist was will give a clue to the new cessive concentration of power A Step Toward Cure m_eeting of the all-powe_rful new urgency to the ideof pressure from Co_mmunist ported to remam paramount m leadership's defense plans in the hands of individuals." By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. Many a person sadly reminds me that about all we doctors t C t l C tt lli Kremlin strategy, . vte e n r a ommt ee, m. . China and some Russian a es T h e r e has been speculation formed sources reported. The ologtcal nft between the two in Eastern Europe. On the domestic front, the Su. d THE E D I T 0 RIAL said . agenda was said to include the Red giants. preme Soviet session on Wednesabout a boost m defense spen • Khrushchev tried t o "interfere he cannot cure a h k The Soviets accused the ChiBUT A WORLD conference tu day is expected to announce a ing. in all practical matters. includ-often I 1 . new s a e-ups 10 e par Y an nese, without mentioning them WESTERN OBSERVERS sat'd ;ng street traffic." great y regret my mgovernment. ' C .... done 'very rare ability to help a correspondent Qualified informants said the by name, of dogmatism, 1 a w-'Homing Target or ancer the Supreme Soviet may also an"What would we say a or . hts chtld s rare hewho has written asking for a committee meeting was a prel-less ness and personality c. u 1 t . nounce a reshuffle among govconductor instead of conductmg redttary dtsease has been to cure for his disease. In many . methods in opposing Kremlin . . . . . his orchestra tries to play all give it a name. To such persons cases all I can do is to explain ude. to a sessw.n of the Supreme . VICTORIA, B.C. Ul'l -Cancer sctentists may develop a cancer ernment mtmsters and deal w1th the instruments himself?" PravI feel like quoting what the briefly' and in simple English Soviet, or Parliament, scheduled theones about Communism. research has reached a point treatment which -like a homre-organization of administra-da asked. or Wednesday. great Matthew Arnold once what Hashimoto's or Addison's THE QUESTION in diplomatic similar to that in 1932 in the ing torpedo-finds its way to live and economic management. Spaeking through Pravda, the wrote: or Cushing's disease is and WESTERN OBSERVERS said circles here was when-or ifdevelQpment of the atomic cancer cells and destroys them. In a long editorial yesterday, new Kremlin chiefs affirmed the "Nor bring to see me cease to what th 'h t tt t d ti ti live . e Is, or w a both meetings would provide a the Russians would announce bomb, says a cancer exper His research into cancer sugPravda, the newspaper need t;nore e.n:ocra za on S d t f 11 l h d most likely Is . guideline for Soviet policy at postponement of the Khrushchev Dr. J. W. Jull, associate progests that a steroid hormone of Soviet Commumsm, made of Soviet life by gtvmg a greatorne oc or u 0 P rase an There is one good feature e and abroad in the postsummoned Dec. 15th meeting fessor at the University of . new charges of imperialism er voice to g o V e! n! n g fame, about having recognized and chev era. of 26 Communist parties to British Columbia's Cancer Re-can be used to carry certam against the United States in bodies, pub l1 c orgamzations, To shake his sapient head, and named a disease, and this is The Kremlin 1 e v e 1 e d new avoid a showdown with Peking. search Centre, told a meeting chemical groupings .to cancerSouth Viet Nam and indirectly trade uTI!ons and the You n g give that often it is the first step charges at Communist c h in a The new Soviet leadership has his experiments suggest that ous areas of the body, criticized Khrushchev. CommuniSt League. toward finding a cure. As an Neighbors Want Ringo To Move LONDON, Dec. 7 Ul'lRingo Starr, the Beatie drummer who lost his tonsils last week, may also lose his home. His neighbors have petitioned his landlord to move him out of his $126-a-week apartment in Westministcr. His teen-age fans are driving them crazy. "Ringo's tonsil operation has given us our first peace for months," said Latham Gedge, one of the neighbo rs. "Ten-age girls scream a n d shriek all day long," said his wife. "They get hysterical, fight and kick each other and chase every car that arrives in case Rmgo is inside." "It's a drag,'' said Ringo, due out of University College Hospital on Thursday, "I wish I could do something about it-but I can't control the !ans." Ringo was reported coming along well despite a slight cold -and his voice retains its Liver pudlian croak. Carols Played While Johnsons At Church ancient Chinese sage once said, ''The beginning of knowledge comes with the correct naming of things." To illustrate: some 75 years ago, little could be learned about typhoid fever, typhus fev er, malarial fever and pneu monia, so long as doctors could not always tell t h e s e several diseases apart. Because :few physicians of my father's day had a microscope, or knew the difference between a bacte rium, a virus, a "Rickettsia" and a plasmodium, when they were called to see a patient with a fever, they often gave what I called a "straddling " di agnosis, and said that the man had "typhoid-malaria,'' or "ty phoid-pneumonia." Later, when doctors learned that typhoid fever was due to a special germ, typhus fever was due to a tiny parasite called a R i c k e t t s i a , which grows in body lice; malaria is due to a "plasmodium" which grows in a mosquito and also in our red blood cells; while pneumania is an inflammation in the lungs due to a germ or a virus, we were able to stop straddling. Also, we soon got rid of ty phoid fever by cleaning up our city water supplies and vaccinat ing our people; we got rid of malaria by draining swamps WASHINGTON, Dec. 7

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December '7, 1964 lt li_--'F 1 etcher Avenue By Associated Collegiate Press Edition Rated First Class N A USF's Campus Edition of the Tampa Times has won First Class rating by the judges of Associated Collegi ate Press for the second straight trimester, barely missing top honors \Qf All American. THE ALL-American rating is given college newspapers earning 3,400 points on the rating scale. USF' s summer editions earned 3 ,380. Under editorship of Michael Foerster, the summer Cam pus Editions were rated in comparison with the nation's college and university papers in the same category, i.e., published weekly to at least a 4,000-member readership. THE ACP rating service listed the summer Edition as MICHAEL FOERSTER ... headed summer edition staff earning top point counts in Coverage of News Sources, Balance of Cow.-rage and Con tent of News Stories. Page make-up for lhe front, editorial and inside pages were also rated Excellent, or top points for that category. S E R VI N G on Foerster' s staff during lhe summer were Raleigh Mann, managing edi-tor and Pat Pulkrabek, news editor . Mann is presently edi tor; Mrs . Pulkrabek is now executive editor. Advisor for the summer publication was Dr. Albert T. Scoggins. journalism pro gram chairman. Mr. Steve Yates is present advisor to the Campus Edition. Foerster now serves as managing edi tor of USF ' s yearbook, Aege an . Photography, rated Excel lent by ACP, is handled by Calvin Sparks and Ted Gose of USF's division of Edu cational Resources. George Blanco , now attending the University of Syracuse, was on the summer team of pho tographers. SCROGGINS said the Cam pus Edition staff headed by Foerster was to be congratu lated on its excellent nation al showing. "I also expect the Campus Edition to break into higher ground very soon. As a matter of fact, with the present caliber of staff, and with Mr. Yates as advisor. I believe USF ' s newspaper wlll rapidly become one of the best University publications in the country." Scroggins also stated that the Campus Edition was an excellent training device for students. "At least six former editors and staff members were graduated last year are currently Iulltime professional journalists," be added. Bulletin Basket \ Stre et Names on USF Campus Pine ... Palm ... Cedar ... Oak ..• Those are s orne of the names for campus streets as shown on the sketch above. South Palm leads to the Ad Building and North Palm enters from Fletcher. Note also East and West Holly. Signs will be erected within a few weeks. Books Due? Grades Held Schedule Notices Of Events, With the Greeks Fraternals Initiate The end of trimester I finds via, Diana Humphreys, Joyce Monday. D.c. 7 . tOO< USF's fraternities and sorori-Kumnick, Pam Ledbetter, Duls :oo a . m. Lobby ties initiating their pledges into cie McAlister, Diane Olbrych, 9 ,00 a . m . uc 213 brotherhood and sisterhood. Shelley Purvis, Anita Reich , Mag a zine Sale s . uc LobbY ARETE: Over $100 was raised Pam Ripple, Roseann Taranti-Arnade To Study In Spain 3 :00 p.m. Ficus Counselor UC 223 d L' d z t 4 : 40p.m . Karate AC 233 by the pledges recently in a no, an m a uro. es Charles W . Arnade, social sciAll library books are due in by Friday, Dec . 11, according to Mrs. Nancy Biddle, library assis tant. Students who keep books out past Dec. 14 will find that Fi nance and Registrar's offices have been notified to hold their grades until the books are re turned, Mrs. Biddle said. The library will then resume checking books out on Dec. 16 for the duration of lhe trimester break. 5 ' 3 0 p.m. Dinner uc t68 scholarship fund-raising project Pledge" award went to Pam ence professor , will leave Dec. ti:OO P m. 'f"c[igill'on uc 226 held at Temple Terrace Com. . t d . 8 for New York en route to Lonely Holiday Supper Mcehng uc to3 munity Church. Entitled the SIS ers partJclpa e m a on a FulA bleak and lonely holiday 6 ' 1 5 p . m . u c 167 Cloven Hoof, the project took carwash Saturday at Collins' Grant. season far from home faces a ginning of Tri-ll can do so be fore Jan. 4 and receive a com plete refund. On Jan. 4 a stu dent may drop and receive a complete refund minus the $20 Student Fee Building Fund. This applies to a full-time fee pay ment. Directories Last chance for students get new directories S.A . is Wednesday, uc 218. Deadline The last day for degreeseek 7 :00p.m. Rus s'"n Studies the form of a coffeehouse in Texaco StatiOn. n d 7 .. 30 p . m . u c 248 which folk singing and refresh TRI-SIS: The second . annual WI , nspMenanumber of foreign students at ing students to apply for TriII • uc 252 USF. Several have expressed . '*i''ii$ .,.... uc tos ments highlighted the evening. "Topaz Ball" of Tri-SIS Soror and will re-interest in observing a tradi IS December 8 . Non-degree stuInformation, May I Help You? S oOO p . m . Film A Christmas party will weiity was held Friday, Dec. 4 in to USF in tiona! American family Christdents and former students re E I t t k h t' th Program uc 264 & 265 come new brothers to the irathe uc. ballroom. Hon.or.ed 1965. th. ager 't wan mg o now ow many Imes e Tuesday Dec s toM guests mcluded many d1shn ' mas. turning who apply after IS bells will rmg off schedule or some other interesting s :OO a .m. Marine' Office•: candi ternity Dec. 5 at Lake Key. : research unAnyone interested i n having a date must pay a late fee . dat e School N . uc LobbY stone . Music will be provided gmsh_ed member. s . of the Umthis grant fact are June Peronto and Tom Demmo talking to M arine Interviews UC 2t3 t f lt t f T guest during the holidays or th f t' 1 C I S (USF Ph t ) Florida 12th Grade by the "Outsiders." .John Hogue verst Y acu y, Cl izens o am will cover the who knows someone who would, Christmas Program e m orma IOn ga ' aro pencer.-o o I Rter.t ry uc 248 was named "Best Pledge." pa, and guests mvlted by the study o f Spanish is asked to contact Dean C. H . ' foliO a.m . . s . uc Lat>by . . . . sisters and pledges . Also honFl d 1 The annual Christmas proUSF' 'J f t • L d , .15 am Lecture "The, World ENOTAS: Formaltnlllatlon of ored were graduating seniors , on .a, matena Wildy ' s office, AD 157, Ext. 145. gram will be on Dec. 10 at 1:25 S n orma ton a y we Liv e In" u c 252 1 d 1 b ted D 5 in t h e libraries 1 ,25 p . m . Sports car Club u c 200 P e ges was ce e ra ec. Pat Davis and Vickie Caplinger. Arnade and archives of Refund Dates p.m . in the AD building patio. .. r s m a ceremony preceded by a Music for the formal dance was Spain. President John s. Allen will de Quick With the AnswerS Young Amedcans banquet. Guest speaker was provided by the "Velvets. " , Those students who should liver the main address. Faculty, u F

!0 THE TAMPA TIMES Monday, December 7, 1964 Holiday Lights If a lamp post lights the way to your ft•ont door, decorate it with greens and cones. And, don't overlook the mailbox. Dress it up with greens or hollies. Give Mrs. William F. McGowan Jr. Mrs. Terry Register Mrs. Barry W. Johnson Couples Exchange Rirzgs, Vows Date Pad Members of the Fun 'n Sun GULF WINDS Garden Club will meet a t the Josephine Howard S tafford, Leisure House tonight at 7:30. attorney for the Hillsboroug There be a Christmas dem-County Legal A i d Bureau, will onstrat10n. speak at the Wednesday meet. TAMPA LAKES ing of Gulf Winds Tampa Lakes Woman's Club American Business and Profes executive board meets Tuesday, s i o n a 1 Women's AssociatiOn. . 10 a.m. , at Forest Hills Com-Members will meet at S un;;et munity Center. Country Club, Snell Isle. " IDLLSBOROUGH CIRCLE PALMA CEIA • !Jillsborough Garden Citcl, e Palma Ceia Chapter 243, OES, meet Wednesday at s will meet Wednesday, 8 p .m., • . Holiday Ranch. Reservations Fellowship Masonic Temple, Ar may be made with Mrs. R. W . menia and Kennedy .dlvd. Applegate or Mrs. W. G. Mont. PALMA CEIA JUNIOR. gomery. , BAY CREST CIRCLE The Exe.cutive . Board ?1 . Palma Ceta Jumor Woman sBay Crest Garden Circle w.111 Club will meet with Mrs. wH meet Wednesday, 10 a .m., Wlth liam J . Haladay, 4712 Mrs. C li f or d Howell, 8727 m Th rsday 9 .30 m Thornwood Lane. an, u • a . BRYAN PTA W . J. Bryan PTA Executive Board will meet Wednesday, 9 a . m., in the lunchroom. HERE NU (T h r ift Shop) 4449 w. Hillsborough Ave. b locks West of Dale M b r PRESENTING THE ULTIMATE IN GIFTS your men the gift they would probably choose for themselvesSacred Heart Catholic Church was held by a silk pillbox crown Harrison, and Ozzie Morris were ternational Falls, Minn. is .. was the scene of the marriage and she carried white roses. groomsmen-ushers . bride's mother. The bridegroom I I f M' B b Jea Sp t H t M' T J It's Almost Like Having It' s happy Holida y shopping when you can select as many ' just right" gifts for so many dear people at one time in one shop-"Oh! There is magic in Christmas" when you know where to shop . . • 0 d arF a:; . k G 0 0 s SIS ISS 'd h ane A reception in the church soIs the son of Harold J. Peter-AM I 9 r an J 1 :7 dr 6 ,c 1 Jo o onor. cial ball followed the ceremony. son of Fall River, Mass. ua Jty an r., a ur ay a o c oc . rs. . eece mtth Jr., was After a wedding trip to the gulf . . "America's Finest" The Rev. Norman Rogge per-bridesmatron, Miss Ja.cquelyn beaches, Mr. and Mrs. Register The bnde wore a white bro formed the double ring cereNew Y"Ork C1ty was will live in Brandon. cade sheath and matching jackSTORY & cLARK PIANos b d d d Ml A M "Bia Balanud Tone Beauties .. mony and the bride was given .n esma1 • ss . nn Parents of the bride are Mr. et. Her accessories were white ESTEY PIANO & PLAYERS tino was JUnior 1d "A Fine Plano Reuonabty Priced" in marriage by her father. Th f 1 " a and Mrs. Warren Harrison of and she carried white orchids. STANFORD TEACHING sYSTEM ey WOre orma gowns of . "Futost Cour&O, Pop or Claaslo" Parents of the bride are Mr. emerald green velveteen and Brandon. The bridegroom lS the Her sister, Miss Maddy SoStanford Music Co. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL CHRISTMAS EVE 1712 SO. DALE MABRY * and Mrs. George C. Spoto, 445 crepe and carried mums son offMr.fand Mrs. Jesse Reg-boleski of Los Angeles, Calif., 2101 w. Kennedy, Ph. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil-Gowan of Montchanin, Del., * * • a blue brocade suit and liam F. McGowan, 141 Danube brother of the bridegroom. The Rev. Manuel Morales carried orchids. the extra pleasure that comes with Ave. Groomsmen were George Spoto united in marriage Miss Linda Best man was Louis M. Caro. Mrs. McGowan chose antique Jr., brother of the bride, and Marie Lynne and Barry Wayne A reception followed the cer-ivory satin and Alencon lace Peter Winders. W. Reece Smith Johnson Saturday at 2 p.m., in emony. After a wedding trip to for her formal gown with full Jr. and Thomas Clark were St. Patrick's Cath"Olic Church. New Orleans, La. , Mr. and Mrs. court train. Her illusion veil ushers. Parents of the bride are Mr. Peterson will live in Tampa. FINE MILD SMOOTH HAVATAMPA 6CIGARS t<(jJ() any g;k w•appod lo handsome holiday pac:koges of 25's, and 50's -$1.75 to $12.00 • . . tor a MERRY'-' CHRISTMAS CHOOSE YOUR PIANO TO BE SEEN AS WELL AS HEARD Styled in richly grained and figured genuine hardwoods a Kimball P.iano blends unobtrusively into the ilecor of a room-ie a fashionpiece of fine furniture. And you can select a. Kimball in any sty I& you prefertraditional-l>'rench Provincialor contemporary-in such treasured hardwood• as mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak, chettnut and maple. BUY NOW A decorator designed When you own a piano by Kimball you have one of lhe world'a greatest musical in in ton• and technical performance. Come in-you can own a amart Whitney-Kimball piano for as little aa Eaaieat Budget terms over3yeara While Stocks Are Complete Be Assured Christmas Delivery • .. 'It' Payments Start Next Feb ruary. Liberal Trade In Allowance for Your Old Piano. SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICES ON ALL MODELS WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF USED PIANOS TAKEN IN TRADE ON NEW PIANOS-PRICED LOW TO SELL OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL CRRISTltiAS EVE We Gift Wrap Your Piano 1 06 E. TYLER ST. MUSIC CO. TEL. 223 Visit Our Winter Haven 'Store • • , Opposite Southeast Shopping Plaza • A reception at the bride's and Mrs. Michael Lynne 4733 parents' home followed the cer Iowa Ave. The bridegroon:•s pa emony. After a wedding trip to rents are Mr. and Mrs. Arthur the Bahamas, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of Maitland. McGowan will reside at 141 Dan ube Ave. Given in marriage by her fa* * * ther, the bride wore a formal ELASTIC SURGICAL STOCKINGS CAN BE BEA UTIFUL •• e . gown of white velveteen. Her A double rmg ceremony in fingertip veil was held by a velFOR AS LITTLE AS se PAIR I UP First Baptist Church of Mango veteen rose and she carried red united in marriage Miss Belinda roses. Harrison and Terry Register M J h H Smith f G i Now you can wear Friday evening. The Rev. Heard rs. 0 n 0 a nessurgical hose that Burnette officiated. ville served as matron of honor. givts both Th b ' d f 1 Miss Jeannette Warren was support and stylosh e ri e wore a orma gown 1 • uood look! Long-life of lace over taffeta. Her illusion br desmald. They wm e Empire elastic fibers. mold to II tt h d to 1 gowns of burgundy velveteen your leg, govong the ve was a ac t! a pear d . d h'te f f comfortable aupport crown and she carried lilie of an carrie w 1 ur mu fs you need, finer th ll s and mums. stitch fabt i c is e va ey. Her father gave her Gl H 11 b t light.r and cooler, in marriage. en arwe was es man too. With sofbhoer Attending her were Mis p g-and Gary LaPorte was groomsyou never need gy Parker, maid of man. George Ellsworth was Carol McGuire Miss Cheryl usher. marks". Thanks Hayman and Miss Connie God-Mr. and . Mrs .. Johnson left win were bridesmaids. The for a weddtng to Atlanta, Prlcet? At a. price Y Ga., after a receptiOn at HawaiYou can ea01ly wore formal gowns of red velvet ian Village They will reside in afford. rn either and carried white mums. Above Knee or Below Tampa. Knee sbriH. If you Best man was Dwayne San* • • wear elastic ders Glynn Bachelor Arthur &tockinos, )lou'll love ' Mayor Nick Nuccio performed ANDREW. .. FASHIONETTES Tops for sports car and motor scooter buffs are charcoal grey knit wool covered hats, for both guys and dolls. The wool covers sturdy plastic safety helmets. * * * Shown freely in Europe last Spring and now on the Ameri can scene are pumps laced to please. With the laced pumps come shoes with lower heels, lower b a c k s and sides and softer shape in the toe. * * * Really in is the "almost real" look of gold filled jewelry. Bracelets, some engraved and others set with stones, range in sizes from the narrow bangle to wide cuff sizes and are smart in combinations of dif ferent finishes, polished ropes, chains and beads. * * • Favorite idea for a young fashionable in the three to six age set: Long-sleeved cotton dress checked in dark red and white with a large scalloped bertha of white piq11e and a big red bow at the neck. * • * Even separates for milady are off on a luxury kick. The long evening skirt paired with a matching top goes on and on, with some of the best done in velveteen. One sample: cara-lmel-colored velveteen for a trio of after-dark separates that makes the most of refined line and elegant fabric. The eased, ankle-long slim skirt is topped by a bare-armed shell blouse, U-necked fore and aft-plus a 'cardigan jacket. The ensemble blend'S well with jewels, cham pagne suppers and candlelight. Births in Tampa TAMPA GENERAL Dee. 2 Mr. and Mn. Alan D. Broder, 7511 Robllldale Rd., boy: Mr. and '!'In. Marvin U . Hinkle, 4805 An derson, flrl: Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McBtlele, 4510 W. Ohio, boy; Mr. and Mre. Rodney L. Mathers. 4218 W . Flora, boy; Mr. and Mrs. BUIY C. Mullins, 7204 N. li'>ward, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Irvin F, Griffith, 4522 W. Knoll wood, girl; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Williams, 1551 Spruce Terrace, girl; Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hallls, 4806 29th St., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Putnam, 442C N. Thatcher, boy: Mr. and Elmer G. Reardon, 2307 W. Henry, (lrl. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W. Bennett, Rt. 3, Box 1494, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Robert A . Whitcomb, 4322 s . cameron, Mr. end Mrs. Geor1e A. Bradford, 4313 Empedrado, girl: Mr. and Mro. Earl M. Brethauer, 5529 12th St. Ct. W{j W,d Pr.:;:; the double ring ceremony which united in marriage Miss Polly SQboleski and Francis J. Peter son, Friday. The ceremony was held at 9 o'clock at the home of Louis M . Caro, 672 Geneva Place. Mrs. Victor Soboleski of InWATCHES Santa's little $6 99 Christmas belles 1 • ORTHOS ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES & ART. LIMB MPG. 204 E . FLORIBRASKA PH. 225-2432 You asked for them-Frozen Bars with all the tastetempt ing re freshment of famous YooHoo Chocolate Drink. Now they 're here YooHoo Frozen Bars with that creamy r ich milk chocolate flavor -full of energy , full of nutrition. "The Frozen Bar of Champions." Vli'llllam A. Scates, 3624 E . Glddena, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Jack A . Boyd, 3218 Beach St., girl: Mr. and Mrs. L . W!Uiams , 7707 Huntley Ave., boy; l'.tl••••••••••••••••••••••• .. Mr. and Mrs. Keller R. Orender, 2507 ...., Tbornbrook Place, girl. beauty salons TAMPA AND BRANDON LARGO e CLEARWATER e DUNEDIN SEARSTOWN IN LAKELAND LET US BRING OUT As you'd like it, so we'll blond it with Roux Crem D'l ite, our brend of blonde magic. , It's cooler, more so much lovelier! FROM $5oo up . EXTRA TOPPING for new-blonde Any one of 1 8 delicious toning colors in Fanci-ful! Rinse, Roux's color that rinses in, shampoos out. •


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December '7, 1964 GUNSMITHING, ReblulDJ, Buy, aell, trade JUnl, accessories am mo. reload auppllea Arcbeey Le.. 8440 Nebruka ph 935-1228 GOING HUNTING? RENT A GUN. HERTZ RENT-AU. 2!13 0928 SHOTGUN reloadJnr outfit, Slmu Jated Antique & wall p1stols & rUles $20 up Swords $10 up. Hunting rifles $10 up Cowboy guns .tart at $20. Trade lor anythinll Brlnf trading stock along Open sunday Art'l swap Sbop at the big Ferris Wheel 9608 Neb BIRD old, 6719 11th St 1%6 Swap This for lhat TRADE guns, Sell guns, Buy 11\lDS. Art's 9608 Nebraska 7 days WILL trade equity In BR CB for l'lekup HALF , Toy Fox Terners, ped!Jreed for what have you 935 1819. 4 YR. oid, furn.. 1'h baths, CB, Clearwater Wanted, mobile borne or $2500 & move In Full pnce at FHA commitment Phone 876 4752, or 235 or Owner, 391-()375. St Pete WILL trade electric ranse lor rid tng lawn mower 689 5930 WATERFRONT lot, 71' on Alalia River, 274' deep, 24' above hlph water Electric In Will trade 127 Power Tools USED New tackle, underwater lungs, Buy Trade-Sell Open Sun days. Arl'a Swap Shop, 9608 Ne braaka 128 Maehhtery-Heavy Equip. RENTI>LS DRAGLINES, crane., bacll heel, air compressors, roUera, pumpa sradets. maintainer• RENTAL DIVISION CONTACT ltlCHARD HELGRJ!lN FLORIDA EQUIPMENT CO 1108 Twlfll Phone 229'118 Alii compressors new a used >,; to 20 b p Special 2 h p Quincy $295, term• arranJJed Buell's. !1018 Anderson Ave 877 Out Road Machinery 0 6 D-7, Motor Graders. trucks Lob equip 935-3169 wkdys NEW & used macblne tools and Dnden Machinery Co. Sun City Fla Tampa 845 LATHES , Mills, Shapers, Screw Ma chines, Drills, Taps, Reamers. Cut ters. Lea5lni WUllams Machinery, 3605 W Buifalo Ave 8711-3435 ONAN 5 KW, gaoollne generator, excellent, $400 BUB 37th Ave. N St Petersburg SELLING for parts RD 6 Cat trac tor, 30" trackS Has been used as power unlt last 2 years 3300 Cat block OC 3 OUver crawler tractor, 12 yard dump truck, other miscellaneous equipment Located 2200 E Main St. L a k e I a n d MUH631 129 Farm Equipment barb wire field renolit addlery, fence post. water tanu. Loper Feed Co 248 llh, FOltD Tractor, Loader, tread width Bucket, Near New Condition D FleeK, 301 2 miles north Wild Wood 131 l'ertlllzer-Garden Suppl'• 13 133 Nutserle-Piant-TrMI l'IURSERYMAN selling out beautuul llursery stock and rosebushes under pr1ces Holiday Nuraery, 612 S Dale Mabry By Truckload OnlY fiOINSETTIAS in bloom SOc UP L1gustrum lOc up 4814 N Clark Ave In Drew Park Newton's Nursery, 877 3900 &ELLING out nursery, due to illness fern. house plants, tree1, evergreen, oplnsettta. many others Everything must go N Rome, 877 6936 CHERJW LA URELS::;;--:-ln-:-q -uar-.-ls-,1"'0c-, eallons 35c 932 9511. 134 Llvestoek For Sale PANGOLA hay for sale Hobb1 D a 1 r y, BlootnlDgdale Road 239-6963 FRESll cut pagola bay, reasonably priced and conveniently located . 949-1646, FAMILY cow, Jersey, CHV. Fresh 4 gallon milker. sm 920 5318 P1ckup from credit cards Lemley's Saddle ShOp, 448 Wabash, Lakeland, WANTED! Rabbits Cash waltlng Clearwater 584-0426 fmiCtose Outs , 189.95 Used Ropln $45 Used & New Buy Sell-Trade at the Big Ferris Wheel, Art's Swap Shop 9608 Nebraska iiA Y'HUieock::.:..,R,..a-n""'eh,..,--=-L-u:-tz-• ....,Lak• Fern Road 949-1373 GAIT .ED PBlomlno sale $200 Bay mare $SO Saddles & bridles cheap! 988 TWO nlce • ....,4 yrs old. Sec to appreciate Make otfer 626-3284 FINAL LIQUIDATION Retl!ter"d Quarter Horses R L Welch, Williston 528-3692 136 Poultry and Supplies BOB White turkeys, 11tck 4401 * Transportation 140 loot-Marine SuppiiH NEED SOMEONE TO LOVE ME Chrlo CralL Cavalier Cabin Cruiser 95 HP like new Cbrlat Craft engme JUST TAKE OVER MY PAYMENTS Of $114 per mo. Ship to shore Sleeps 4 Bait well-fish box 877-Fredrlck McCULLOCH Outboard Moton Parts " Service-Scott & Martin CJipper Boah Seals, Inc. 4 500 Nebr 235 J{ERCURY model 88(1, ttme onlY 35 hours Real sacr!lloe 924-i29!, Sarasota CC CAVALIER 1961 26', 12,650. Bradenton City P1er Tampa, 62632 lSLANDER 32, Oberg!UI slOOPI st P::s races 8' & 10' Sa11 Prams $139 & $16a 8 ' -14' Fishing Skllfs $49 UP Fiberglass Resin, t3 95 Gal FREIGHT WAREHOUSE 4301 I1'la. Gandy Bridge Marina AUTHORIZED EVINRUDE SALES & SERVICE Gandy Blvd St Pete 525-679R IN THE WAY THINGS such as radios, phono graphs, p o w e r tools, sports e q u i p m e n t, typewriters, all kinds of furniture, appli ances, toys and what have you-sell quickly with a FAST ACTION Tribune Times want ad. To place your ad Ph. 223-4911. • D'ANGEW MOTORS 6815 Fla. Ave. '84 EVINRUDES All at Big [)Ia. count. Evldrude Sales 1: Strvlce. NO MONEY DOWN 36 MONTHS TO PAY 1"111ler's. 2108 w. Hlll1boro. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL AQUAKARTS TWO 8', flber1lass Inboard lcarts with trailer, retail $595 each. Make offer 229 0001 Kingfish Specials 18' LONE STAR fiberglas Offshore fishlnr & crulslllg boat Thls boat has a beautifUl red deck & wh1te hull Also Included Ia a New top, windshield & bas a built In 12 eal tank This handsome 18 footer Is powered by a completely rebuilt 75 If pfu0su thla lB Ill All for the low price of $1,095 18' STARCRAFT open water Fisher man with lots of extras lncludlne FUU. canvaa, compass, fire ex tlnJUisber, rod holders, !2)-40 HP Johnson, super quiet motors, full electric, generator & con trols. BIG 1as storage PLUS extra heavy duty Gator trailer complete with tie-down & llfbtl and steel cable ALL for Check This $1,495 !Above rig sold New for over $3600) KOOL9SwnMARIN( rNYC. Dry Storage AUCTION COMING NOV. 20 6 PM Madeira Beach Causeway Made1ra Beach , Call St Pete 392 1218 7 NEW but tarnished flshblg bclats, glass & alum. priced to s til From $85 up BISHOP ' S MARINE "Your serv1cing Evinrude Dealer'' Brandon, Fia ph 689-1416 Make offer-Ph 255-6803 THUNDERBIRD 16' complete. AFI 21' complete 42' COMMERCIAL IIJ;h, diesel Gray Gull Dock, Tarpon Springs. Phone 937-4039 30' Sportfisherman CC, TWIN !85's with only 60 hrs RadiO, etc Priced to sell, $6800 YACHT HARBOR BROKERAGE !•land Yacht Harbor Clw 445 8021 I IS YOUR Inboard boat. Crwser or yacht for sale? Call or wnte Wllbams lc Mallory Yacht Sales, Home Port Marina, P 0 Box 783, Dunedin, Fla , Ph 733 1447 We have buyers for clean boats wouLD like to trade up to 25-30 Cabin Cruiser prefer twin Our 20' Cobia fiberglaS!, 75 Johnson Electromatlc, 30 hrs. Sarasota 958-3828 REGAL LINE 11 FT, Regent model, & tra1ler 7'4" beam Canopy top 50 HP Evlnrude motor In EXCEU.ENT CONDITION S800 takes 1t-or wlll trade for real estate Phone between 1130 AM & l PM, 837-4553 14' BOAT, and trailer, 10 HP Johnson Motor Excellent condl Uon Phone Monda), 22.9 1983, 22' ISLANDER, 120 Hp Less than 100 hrs Immaculate $325(1 1502 w HiUsboro. Ph. 872 0286, or 876 7260 BUY.SeiiTradeUsed rigs Boat trailers & aluminum boat• $65 ea & up Running outboardl $25 Used motor parts, control1 , propellen, gas tanks etc Buy-Sell'rrade Bring trading stock alO!lg See the B1g Ferris Wheel Art's Swap Shop, V608 Nebraska THE MACK BOYS New 16' KST Boat Tra11er Sl49 4506 s Dale Mabry Ph 836 8743 McKay Chns Craft Yacht Brokers Tampa Bay Marina Ph 876 NEW BOAT SALE For Christmas WuNow 8' Aluminum Boat I 89 169 10' Aluminum Boat $ 99 179 12' Aluminum Boat $119 $99 GRUMMAN CANOES ELECTRIC TROLLING MOTORS HONDA MOTORCYCLES VERPA SCOOTF:RS BARNEY'S .423 FLORIDA JOHN'S In & Out Dry Boat Storage 12795 Gull Blvd , St Pete, 383 A WORD TO THE WISE THE best deal on new & used boats -Inboard1 Outboard or sail Wood Aluminum Maxuno Moorings Manne Center 4901 34th St S Ph. 8711-3164 St Pete GuARANTEED used boats, mo tors, trailers Connelly's Marine, 732 N Dale Break-In Hours Only EXTRA deluxe Super Craft 15' offshore runabout c om pIe t e w twalktbru front seats. convert lble & removable rear seats, "'rap around windshield, positive steenng & much, much morel HwP' l controls To complete the ouUit we use a Sea K ine Heavy duty lilt trailer w /wlnch, light & tie downs $595 COMPLETE -No Cash DownTAMPA BOAT MART "Fior1da's Largest Boat Dealer" 3431 Hendeuon Blvd l'h open 9 AM-9 PM, Sat & Sun 'til 6 BOSWORTH MARINC YACHT BROKERAGE DIVISION NEEDS Good clean mboard boat all sizes Customers waiting for your boat PHONE 898 6341 Slip 32 ST. PETERSBURG MUNICIPAL MARINA opeb 8 tn 6 PACKAGE SALE LOW AS 10% DOWN New 15' Fiberglass, baltwell $ New 14' Lone Star Runabout S 395 New 18' SupercraftFlberglassS 895 New 20' Stamas Flb.,rl'lus S1095 WILLIAMS BROS. JOHNSON-SALES & SERVICE F'l'. OF JEAN ST. ON RIVER 6304 Otis Ave 239-99e3, 234-4461 141 Aviation--Service FOR sale. Aetonca Champ, new licensed, new engine majored 877-3621 142 Mabile Homes-Supplies Brand Nu-10 Wide 2 BEDROOMS Less Than $51 Per Mo . 2800 E. HILLSBORO ACROSS FROM ZA YRES GENERAL 30' very clean excel cond modern $1195 13223 Nebraska Ave 27' MOBILE CRUISER ALL ALUMINUM * * $8951 * * 3073 W . Hillsboro S & J LOT NO 3 CASH FOR YOUR TRAILER Call 932 8388 ! ! 3 BEDROOMS ! ! 55x10 "EARLY AMERICAN" FRONT KITCHEN, DOORS ON BOTH SIDES YOU OWN IT FOR LESS THAN $60 PER MONTH 2800 E HILLSBORO. ACROSS FROM ZAYRES WE * PRICES * PAID CASH todl.l' for ;yonr Trailer or will sell on eonslrnment. Ph. 626-2511 <15 LIVING ROOM, 16xl0 MAS TER BEDROOM, 2 BA'fH ROOMS, GUEST ROOM, 8' CEILING THROUGHOUT CUSTOM BUILT FOR $8500 2 YRS AGO, AND STILL LOOKS NEW PRICED FOR QUICK SALE CAN ARRANGE TERMS 4325 E HILLSBORO, ASK FOR TONY SEE NIXON'S FOR YOUR MOBILE HOME PRESIDENTIAL "12" GREAT LAKES-VAN DYKES 12408 FLORIDA AVE UsED 1, 2. b e d r o o m tra1ters 0 p p o s i t e dog track, 508 E Waters CLEAN 1959 "DETROITER'.LIKE NEW $2795. CAN BE FI!IIANC.ED PH 935 3101 REPOSSESSION 3 BEDROOM, 55x10 1963 MARLETI'E, l'h BATHS CARPETING, 2 DOOR REFR!G ERATOR STJU. LOOKS NEW 4 BACK PAYMENTS $68 PER MONTH 3610 E Hlu.SBORO ASK FOR FRANK See watson" before you Buy 4170 E . HILLSBORO 'ROYCRAFTS • CHAMPIONS • HlLLCREST Au. SIZES FROM 36' TO 58' 10 & 12 WIDES ANYTHING of v a I u e taken ill trade, liberal trade In WATSON'S Ph 626-2511 45x8 'Streamhte" 2 Br BUNKS NICE & CLEAN NEW PAINT * * $1780 * * 3610 E HILLSBORO EXCLUSIVE USED TRAILERS BEST MOBILE HOME DEAL' FEDERAL QUALITY HOMES 4222 S Dale Mabry Ph 833 9671 "MORE AT MOOREOS"New In Tampa -3319 Gandy Blvd MOORE'S MOBILE HOMES REAL PRETTY and REASONABLE TOO JUST arrived Tbls 1965 SKY LINE, 12x50, 1 bedroom, with center kitchen, full length drapes, house type furniture, w o o d e n dmner set, tub enclosure Roomy bedroom With closets galore. $5670 Bud Wilmath, Inc. 7277 Nebraska Ave 236 5995 142A Campers, Coaches and Travel Trailers 'BUILD your own camper. traller, or houseboat We sell everythlne you need wmdows, one p1ece aluminum panels made to your size Complete frames. Amer1can Eaale Camper Manu facturing, Drew Park, 4108 W CayJUta 877 2440 NIMROD Camp Trailers Sales $495 eekly POSTON MARINE HARDWARE 1012 E Cass Tampa ph 229 TRAILERS CTRA VEL) Lots of em• Bargains• Like wholesale! 13507 Fl a Ave fmest camper OPEN ROAD CAMPERS E Hlllsboro Ph 236 Dally 9-9 Sun after Church 1!H!If-15' TRAVEL Trailer-sleeps cond. $895 920 2207 LIKE NEW 16' Frohc, com• pletely equipped, plus trailer h•tch , 2 jackS, 2 side mirrors & electrld brakes 935 6679, 316 E !37th Ave ATTENTION hunters:-hshermen & vacationers• Come see the finest camper buill Buy dlrcct from rae tory at dealers prices, save over 30% We have your s•ze camper Bank financ1ng available Amencan Eagle Camper Manuiactutlng, 4108 W Cayuga, Drew Park, 877 SLADES, INC. TRAVEL TRAILER CENTER AMERICA'S FINEST LINES "If YOU go with It, \\e sell it" HOLIDAY RAMBLER MERROW YELLOWSTONE -FLA CAMPER SEMINOLE-CAMP CRUISER WELLS CARGO Home, Vacation. Camping, Truck Pickup Cempsters. Horae, Cargo, Display, Off1ce & Trail ers 6711 Nebr DaUy 9 , Closed Sun 143 HARLEY Davidson Nlfty Thrlfty MSO for Christmas Barnes Co 1707 W JFK Blv d. MUSTANG Sales & lee 833 0291 CARIU.'S, 3407 Bay to Bay. ARIEL, 650CC twin, au extras. top condition, $350 firm 831 9381 1961 NORTON-650cc Twin $595 1960 HD Duo Glide S775 Barney's 876 0646 2111 W. Hillsb RIAGGIO scooter, !Ike new, red, $200 or best offer 988-1267 1965 ELECTRA GLIDE FLH, $1700 CASH 689 4804 LIABILITY Insurance onyour BIG heavyweight motorcycle $50 ROBINSON-STARR, INC 253 0148 GO CART. exeellentCondihonMake reasonable offer 932 9447 145 Automotive Mlseetlaneoua EASY terms Guaranteed rebuilt motors, transmiSSIOns or repair yours Salnes Auto Service, 906 S Boward 253-3278 JAMES TransmiSSIOn Shop seals SIS most cars 1419 W Waters 932-4174 AUTOMATIC transnussion comEngines hauling• Let us Install a low 62wgr:I. enflne for Auto Speedometers Cables Truc:k Rental• .1 DAY-DAILY-WEEKLY King Car & Truck Rentals 3716 E Hlllsboro Ph 237 Insurance CALL 229 8058 AUTO INSURANCE Kistner Realty & Insur. Realtor 213 E Lafayette Insurors Trucks, Trailers, B11ses SERVICE AVAILABLE A M 'Ill m•dnlgbt weekdaJI t/c M. 6G4 S oh 229 '62 FORD P1ckup 25,000 miles $1250 241 8735, after 5 PM SPECIALS '57 INTERNATIONAL TRACTOR Sleeper cab l'tuno good' DENNIS THE MENACE ly HANK ICETCHA" 150 AutomobliH 'or Sale "Sure, I'll tell ya why I'm not in bed. I didn't wanna get GREASE on my sheets!" 147 Trueks, Trailers, Buses WRECKER & PICKUP TRUCK L J Cobb 229 9567 Pickup Standard Equipment For the Low Pnce ol 11779 at Hunt Truck Sales 211 South Tampa St Ph 223 4221 "so CHEV dehvery sedan, 6 stick, Apphance Store, 1102 E. Hllisboro 236 6321 1955 FORD 2'h ton 16' van body Canvas top 5 speed transmission, 2 speed axle 837 0643 USED 36' alum1num fru1t trailer Call Fletcher, everungs 988 6705 FOR Sa l e, "4 ton Chevrolet truck, stake body 832 H03 1960 INTERNATIONAL R 190 tan dem w1th Insulated 24' body, new patnt, excellent cond1t10n, Pr1ce S3250 Call Brooksville 796 3553, Chatman BUick Pontiac Co JEEP station waaon very clean, 4x4 wheel driVe, good tires. Dlr. Terms-Trade Ph 223 3321 SPECIALLY PRICED 40' GREAT Dane TranSICO!d 3" In s ulation, West Coast tandem ALSO Large select1on bunker blow• dry retght, storage vans, Used tanks & many others DOERR'S TRAILER & EQPT 905 E Platt St Ph 229.()234 W Will Pa.>' Cash Your Truck, Pickup. Panel 1 O• Trade A Car. 1'ony Weir, 2802 Fla 1 Blk Nortb Clf Colwnbu1 Dr WANTED cattle truck-;clean, low mileage. SlXleen foot body Ro manus Dakin Box 209 Zolfo Springs, Flonda FUEL oil truck, 1954 Ford 8 cYiln der. 1,000 gallon tank, fully eqwpped , good running cond1tlon, $1800 Buchan Oil Co , 6150 49th St N • St Petersburg, 526 9121 l,t, Ton wide Side PICk up A 1 cond1tlon $895 246-4871 WALK IN, II' Dodqe rebwlt eftiiii8, new tires, body m excellent shape 831 5501, 835 9751 We Service All Makes Trucks-Trailers CRALLE-HALL MOTORS 7810 ADAMO DRIVE 626 6 Ml East of Tampa on Hwy 60 HUN I TRUCK SALES THE SOUTH'S BIGGEST &ELECTION OF TRUCK BARGAINS WE have 10 1959 D W >665-GMC 147 Trueks, Trailers, llusn ORANGE STATE MOTOR CO., INC. 43 Yrs the Tampa Area's Largest International Dealer SPECIAL '53 I H C R162 C &C As Is $195 '59 I H C B162, 12 ft alum van body, s•de & rear doors, clean '59 FORD FSOO, 12-ft alum van, side & rear doors, clean. '56 FORD Vanettes-dual wheels, 10. 12 rt walk m bodies Several to choose from. '63 FORD FlOO .!to n wide side pickup Clean. '61 GMC 400,, 154" W B , 900x20 tires, clean. '61 GMC Extra long W B B4029 C & C, 8 25x20 tires, very clean '56 I H C S182 wlth 16-lt alurn van body, lift eate, 9 OOx20 tires Used Truck Dept OUice PHONE 223 3321 1001 E . Kennedy Blvd. (Formerly Lafa;yette Sl ) 16' VAN. '57 Dodge, v a. good condition. $400 236 5711, ext 355, ask for Mr Boyett USED TRUCK HEADQUARTERS International Harvester Co. 2063 1st Ave. S St Pete 148 Automobiles Wanted CASH TODAY WE pay top S$$ for clean '68 thru '64 cars Extra $ for wagons, ELKESCAMPBELL MOTORS 3737 Henderson Blvd at Dale Mabry Ph 872 TOP OOLLAR FOR YOUR USED CAR 56011 Florida Ave Ph 232 02tl CASH IN A FLASH FOR clean used cars We Bll7o trade or pay off balances CRACKER BOY 4500 Fla Ave. Ph. 231-4831 CARS wanted 16th St. and Tem ple Terrace Highway 935-0940 Foreign Cars Wanted Call BOB CLARK J PAY TOP PRICES PH. 223-4902 Or Stop at Homer Herndon's STABLEMATES 3909 FLA AVE We Pay More FOR 1960 to 1984 American or forelen automobiles Must be above average conditlon We wW buy outright or pay off your balance & give you cash or alder ta:n .. 9390 Florida 93545 '56 TO '61-appUance store at 1102 E H!Usboro 236 6321 JUNK CARS WANTED West Coast Auto Parts 626 3512 spicer 6853C m;un and 8031l' aux tran$m1sslon Tlmken 38,000 lb S Q D D van axles. 10 OOx20 Ures GIVE your old auto or trucka 3-1961 Gl\IC V-4008 Cab & Cha.sls, decent funeral Call Auto Grave-2 speed rear axle, JOOd rubber. ____ ---:--ready 1 '61 G M C B F W 7010 Sleeper, olldmg slb wheel page & page pusher excel 59 TRI>ILMOBILE 35' refrlg van R M Thermo King unit R I.. model olldJnl tandem and meat raUa FRUIT SPECIALS WE have several Trallmoblle 34 ft Bulk fruJt tan6em trailers In otoclt ready to go 39th St & Adamo Dr. Ph 223 4221, Ext 36 Eve 968-1816 "Red" Shirley & R D FERMAN On• Year warranbl SPECIAL $895 SALE '61 ECONOLINE •• $895 Van stock No 2028. '60 CHEVROLET .. $895 3/4 .. Ton P•ckup Stock No P1957 '60 CHEVROLET .• $895 1/:z-Ton P•ckup Model C1404 Stock No 1808 '60 CHEVROLET •. $895 112 Ton Fleeta•d• P 1ckup LWB Stock No 1805 '60 CHEVROLET •• $895 'hTon Panel 5 to c k No. 1786 '60 CHEVROLET • . $895 '/2 Ton PiCkUP LWB New pa1nt. H D tires, sharp1 Stock No . 1694 '60 CHEVROLET .. $895 '12 • Ton P1ckup M o d e I C1434 Fleets•de. Stock No 1630 ' 60 CHEVROLET •. $895 'lzTon P•ckuP . LWB Step ••de Stock No. P1048 5406 NEBRASKA Open 't1l I P M. Mon . thru Fri. 'T1I 6 PM CLOS&D SUNDAY Phone 234-0251 FROM FLORIDA'S TRUCK HEADQUARTERS '62 FORD F'100 '!:Ton P1ckup 6 c•hn der In good shape throughout. $1095 IF Y 0 U TREASURE TIME, save lots of it by solving problems through Classified ads! Phone 223-4911. 149 Imported-Sport Cart PORSCHE 1982, 18,000 m1les, excel lent condition. must sell 855-4298 BY OWNER, '63 Volkswagen, full extras, $1295 13647 Florida Ave 935 9990 '60 TR3 By owner. Excellent con dltlon 836-1411, Ext 2416 days, or 62-2569 evenmgs MGTD {2) One 1953:-, _ n _ e _ w -e'""ngt.,.-ne 5675. one 1954, top condition $900. 2073 Burruce Drive, Clearwater, 446-6477 '63 SIMCA CHRYSLER'S popular economY sedan Over 30 miles per gal lon, complete leather inter1or, fresh air heater, radio, White tires Less than 7,000 miles by original owner Drive thls home $95 down $1195 Tom Wolfe Auto Sales 9390 Flor1da Ave. Ph 935 1145 Open Dally 9-9 Sunday 1 1960 MGA roadster $875 Whlte, beat er, rack, wire wheels 833-0361 1962 AUSTIN Healey, pnvate own• er. low mlleaee Will accept trade $1795, 935-4885 '62 VOLKSWAGEN POPULAR 2 door deluxe sedan !!ff tires Fresh & clean throughoul Today's spec1al $1195 Tom Wolfe Auto Sales 9390 Florida Ave Ph 935 1145 Open Dally 9 9 -Sunday 1 7 150 Automobiles For Sale '64 Olds-$3495 JET Star No 1 Hardtop 2 Door, Loaded & Factory Air "Short Profit Hale" OPEN 8 AM to 8 PM 2808 W Kennedy Blvd 877 ' 56 BUICK STA WAGON $79 SUN RAY MOTORS, INC 6300 Florida Ave Ph 232 4891 '56 BELAIRE, PS, PB, WSW, Needa body work, $250 4016 W. South Ave , 877 3529, evenlnrs '57 FORD StatiOn Wagon, W/W tires, R&H, very clean $395 4106 E Knollwood, 626 3995 1956 CHEVY 2 Dr HT V-8 A, T R&H WSW tires 245-3004 dally, after 6 Sunday of owner $2200 Mrs Jean Crist, VIllage, Winter BONNEVILLE CONV. '64 PONT Bonneville Conv Fact Air Concl PB PS windows & antenna, car has everythmg on it possible, Inc! spec Bronze all leather mter w /Bucket seats Only car like It In entire state, L1st new for $5600, w11l sacrlf1ce for $3795 , as my new car Will be In tb1s wk. I wlll finance this TIA-U-C-T-1-0-N !T TONIGHT-Mon & Wed PM. ANYONE can buy or sell TAMPA AUTO AUCTION 7100 E BUFFALO 626 0881 '60 Pont. Catalina POLAR Bear White trimmed with luxurious Maroon Interior V B , automatiC drive A car the whole famlly wUI enjoy Whether you pay cash or totally finance, Best does It Best Open 9 10 BEST AUTO SALES 4830 Florida Ave Ph 237 3306 '59 LINCOLN . . $1095 PREMIERE 4 DOOR HARDTOP Full power, factory air cond MIMS USED CARS 4802 E Hillsboro Ph 626-1106 1962 CONTINENTAL 4-DOOR Sedan This Immaculate low mileage luxury sedan ts fully equipped with every extra pos sible. lncludmll factory a1r con dltJonlng, ruu power, electric win dows and seal This exqUISite sedan Is finished In gleaming light blue w1th an unpeccable luxurious matching mtenor A car you must see and dnve to believe All or the very low price of only 53199 BOE WOOD CHEVROLET 1720 E Hillsborough Ph 235 2071 '58 PEUGEOT 4 DR SUNROOF Sparkling Jet Black !lnlsh, extra clean original Interior, radio & heater, perfect runntn( motor, 4 SPeed transmiSSion, good body & WW hres No oash needed, S5 week Full pnce $395 SUN RAY MOTORS, INC 6300 Flonda Ave Ph 232-4891 BANK REPOSSESSIONS RECONDITIONED Free 5-Year Wntten Warranty NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH QUALIFIED CREDIT NO PAYMENT 'TIL JAN. '57 Ford HT s 498 bal S28 mo 'al Tempest $ 898 bal $49 mo '63 Chev Air $2089 bal • • mo '57 Chev B / A S 479 hal S28 mo ' 58 Piym Wag $ 298 hal $18 mo '59 Dodge-air $ 699 bal $34 mo '60 Valiant $ 589 bal $29 mo '63 Chev B / A S1896 ba 1 • • mo '59 Ramb Wag S 796 bal 147 mo '61 Ford Wag s 897 bal $47 mo. '61 Volkswagen S 699 hal $39 mo. '57 Chrysler $ 289 hal $15 mo '55 Ford HT S 298 bal $18 mo ' 60 Dodge HT S 899 bal $49 mo '60 Chev Air $ 798 bal $42 mo '60 Ramb -alr S 699 bal $38 mo '59 Pont Wag S 796 bal $48 mo '59 Chev B/ A $ 699 bal $38 mo •so Dodge s 89 hal 1 6 mo '59 Ford S 699 bal $36 mo. '61 Falcon $ 799 bal S42 mo. '59 DeSoto Wag. s 794 bal $44 mo '59 Olds HT s 849 hal 546 mo '60 Ford s 699 bal S37 mo '59 Che\' PU . . s 896 bal $48 mo '56 Cadillac S 499 bal $27 mo '51 Chev $ 150 bal $ 9 mo WILL ACCEPT TRADEs-Dealer Stored at 2805 Fla. FINANCING ARRANGED OPEN TILL 9 PH 229 2874 NO CREDIT PROBLEMS BANK FINANCING AVAILABLE EZ TERMS WE CAN FINANCE YOU' '59 T BmD hardtop, radio, heater, SPECIAL '60 Falcon 4 Dr wagon, SS, R, H. new tires $34 mo. $797 $39 mo '63 FALCON 2 dr Deluxe, straight sbck, rad1o, new Urea, on.e owner $1097 539 mo c<:tb red interior $1197 $43 mo '60 CHEV Impala 2 Dr. Hardtop, AT, R, H, PS, V-8, tutone, all orJg!Dal , one owner $1197 $49 mo ALSO .B1scaynes, BetAirs '61 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4 Dr , SS, 6 cyl • R, H, $997 $U mo Also BelAir '58 FORD Fairlane 500 con. verttble, Crutseomattc, R, V, tutone, one owner. $397 S23 mo '60 VOLKSWAGEN, bus or panel, 4 speed, R , H, extra clean. Runs perfect, one owner. original $897 $38 mo '56 OLDS 2 & 4 Dr Hardtop, air cond , new tires, PS, PB, one owner 3 to choose from. $377. $22 mo Ph 231. Call us W. B. MOTORS 4228 FLA. AVE. Open <9 9) 7 Days '56 CHEV. 6 CYL STK S299 NO cash needed, week Dlr 6300 Florida Ave Ph 232 4891 --,55 FORD V 8 STICK$2-gg-NO cash needed, $4 week Dlr 6300 FlO Tid a Ave Ph 232 TAKE over payments on '57 Pon tiac, 935-3297 after 5 PM 1962 JEEP p1ckup 12,000 orudnal miles One owner Winch, R&H, automatic Hubs See at 7220 N Rome Ave '57 FOltD FAIRLANE 500 HARDTOP Beautuul tutone Yellow & Whtte finish, attractive matching In tenor. radio & heater, power steering, excellent motor, body & WW tires No cash needed, $6 50 week. SUN RAY MOTORS, INC Flonda Ave. Ph 232-4891 1963 RAMBLER, AmerlcM440 eon vertlble R&H, AT, 932 9914 After 5 '60 RAMBLER. 6 cylinder wagon automatic, real clean $695 '58 BUICK, hardtop $495 '55 CHEVY Bel Air hardtop '59 BUICK, 4 door sedan '59 PONTIAC 4 door, wagon $495 '59 FORD wason $595 CADILLAC Sedan DeVille $595 '61 FALCON, 2 door, sld shift Real clean $695 B1g John's Auto Sales 4001 Fla. Ave. 238-1111 '50 CHEV 4 DR STICK $99 No casb needed. $2 week Dlr 6300 Florida Ave Ph 232 4891 T AKE over payments '56 Chev Sta Wag R&H, AC. real clean. 1 owner, AT, V 8 Bal $14 86 mo No cash needed, no payment until FebruarY Dlr 2819 Fla Ave 229 22, 224 8221 AUTO LIQUIDATORS No Down Payment No Paym't 'Til Jan. '59 Olda conv $699 bal $42 mo '57 Plym Wag. $199 bal $12 mo '55 Ford 4 dr 1239 bal $15 mo '54 Ford V1c bal Sll mo '60 Cbev conv. $998 b&l $59 mo. '60 Falc 4 dr. $779 hal $47 mo '59 Cbev B f A $598 bal $34 mo '60 Ford HT $893 bal $54 mo '59 Pont Ht $797 bal $48 mo '60 Plym 4 dr $598 bal $34 mo. '58 Ford 4 dr $399 bal $24 mo '59 Ford 4 dr $598 bal $34 mo '59 Chev conv $797 bal $48 mo '59 Ramb 4 dr S498 bal S30 mo '58 HT S698 bai $42 mo. '60 Ford 4 dr $598 bal $34 mo '57 Chrys HT $389 bal $23 mo '59 Ford Wagon $598 bal $34 mo '59 Ford 4 dr. $697 bat $42 mo. '57 Ford 2 dr. $299 bal. $21 mo. '60 Plym Wagon $598 bal. $34 mo '59 Pont 2 dr. $697 bal $42 mo '59 Dodge 4 dr $498 bat $30 mo '60 Dodge 2 dr $749 bal $45 mo. '60 Olds 4 dr. $997 bal. $59 mo. '57 Chev 2 dr. $579 bal $33 mo Stude PU $497 bal $30 mo '58 Jeep PU $698 bal $42 mo. WILL TRADE ALL CARS ROAD TESTED Free OneYear Wntten Warranty Stored at 2105 Fla. PH. 229-5737 car for you PRIVATE '53 FORD V-8 STICK $39 SUN RAY MOTORS, INC Ph 877 6811 6300 Florida Ave. Ph 232 4891 150 Automobile• 'or Sale TAKE over payments '59 Mere Wa&on 4 dr, PS, PB, V-8, AT, AC, WSW tires, R&H, new paint Bal $499 at $24 87 mo No cash needed, no payment 'til Feb Dlr 2819 Fla Ave 229-2288, 224 NEW '65 JEEPS ALL TYPES-PARTS & SERVICE STRICKLAND'S AUTO SALES Authorized Jeep Dealer n02 E Hlllsboro 231 2311 '53 VOLKS 2 door sedan, good ruat tree body, rebuilt motor. $475 935 7892 LOW COST SPECIALS GOOD CARS! '51 JEEP WGN 4 W D '57 RAMBLE:R Wgn, W /rack W / W Tires 199 00 STUD Land Cruiser 4 Dr V-8 179 00 '55 PONTIAC 2 Dr Sedan 6 Cyi Stick shlft 295 00 '59 STUD Lark V-8 4 Dr R&H 39500 '59 FORD 6 Cyl Slick shilt 4 Dr Wen Radio 395 00 495 00 R &H 29500 '55 STUD President 2 Dr Sedan Aut V-8 black 395 00 '55 STUD Champion 4 Dr Sed R & H W. 0 D & clean 495 00 ' 57 295 00 FELLOWS MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED STUDEBAKER & KAISER JEEP DEALERS 1417 W Kennedy Blvd 253-5719 TODA Y'S SPECIAL 1001 W . KENNEDY BLVD '61 DODGE •... $890 LANCER Wagon 4 Door, 6 cyl , Sid shUt, heater FERMAN OLDS PH. 253-0247 CRACKER BOY '62 PONTIAC 9 passenger Safari Wagon, ps, pb, RadJo, heater, Auto Trans, beaUtiful while with Burgundy Interior $1795 4500 FLORIDA AVE. ph 231-4831 LEAVING town, will sacnflce, 1964 Opel station wagon. R&H, WSW tires, very low mileage Take over payments $61 month IY Apply w1th good credit 877-3808 mr Xr."'Xftts real clean, low mileageJ one own er. Bat $1595 at $59 87 mo No cash neede d, no payment until Febru ary Dlr Fla Ave 229-2288, 224 8221 HOUS!:>:WIFE'S private '57 Impe rial G o o d condition $350 236 3161, 212 W VIOlet '60 PLYMOUTH Fury. 2 door bard lop PS&PB, AT, excellent condi lion 689-4342 after 6 IF you have $50 I hav e a car for you! Fin Arranged Mels 2812 E Hillsboro Ph 236-1101 50 car selec tion-We Ftnance 1955 CHEV Wagon 6-cyl s-s clean bargain 5225 00 RAMBLER WAGON THE popular 1962 Classic Statton Wagon Complete to suit your fam•IY needs With factory air, automatic transmission, radio, heater All origmal Nylon & leather Interior. Today's special Sl395 Tom Wolfe Auto Sales 9390 Florida Ave Ph 935 Open Dally 9-9 Sunday 1 7 '62 CHEVROLET, 4 door, clean Original owner 11336 N Armenta 932-7975 or 935-5818 lent condition Can finance 235-0011, 238-1210 evenings and Sunday 1958 HILLMAN Convertible"" Minx, New top, excellent tires, low mileage, new upholstery Beat o fer over S300 cash Can be seen by appointment, 834-1441 '57 MERCURY Barraln $225 00 876 3825 '62 PONTIAC Catalina, 4 DR R&H WSW, A-1 take o'er pymts Call Ron arter 6, 259-2502 LADillACS Our SAM HICKS & SONS ST PETERSBURG'S Oldest Independent Dealer 23U Central Ave Ph 862 1928 I>SSUME payments of $58 on 1962 Volkswagen Comb! Stahon wapon Very good condition See at 3640 W. Kennedy Blvd 1964 CHEVROLET Impala SS con verUble, VB. automatic, PS 253-9378 79 PM. 1962 THUNDERBmD, excellent con dillon, Fully equipped. Must sell Phone 831-9881 Electra 225 Conv. '64 BUICK Electra 225 Convertible, factory air conditioned, elec wmdows. 6 way power seat. power steerln& & brakes, automatic, radio, heater, 6,600 actual 1 owner m1les can be verled, in beautl!ul Coral MISt with all wh1te (bucket seats) Th1s car has everything on It possible In eluding lilt steermg wheel List new for $5,700 Our low pnee $3995 Balance or factory war ranty Will trade. See at 2555 N Dale Mabry Nat'! Auto Superm'lt't. Ph. 877-8234. '62 RAMBLER Classic Deluxe 4 dr 6 cyl Std shift $895 Dlr 4701 E Hillsboro 626 DICK ALBRITTON'S *DAILY DOUBLE* CADI. '62 .... $2990 FLEETWOOD SEDAN Factory air conditioned, wll power, all original, low ex t r a clean throughout' VOLKS. '59 .... $690 SUN ROOF SEDAN Radio & healer A good little automobile 1 Excellent Selection Dnve R1ght In! 1419-27 FLA. AVE. Phone 229-0669 MUST sell, '64 Ford Falrlane, HT, or '65 Mustang 3608 Concordia 835 4623 Love At First Sight '60 CORVETTE with zooming V-8 power Hugs the road like a only $5 down, easy weekly or monlhly payments Open 9. Superior Motors 4205 Florida Ave Ph 237 3929 $10 DOWN VVe Can You '57 Chev 4 dr HT 690 $37 mo '56 Chev Z dr HT $590 $32 mo '59 Ford 2 dr. $555 $29 mo '57 Buick 2 dr HT $295 $18 mo '59 Cbev Wag 4 dr $590 $32 mo '57 Plym 4 dr HT $390 S22 mo Plym 9 / P Wag 5490 $27 mo Chev. 2 dr. $390 $22. mo '58 Olds 4 dr $890 $37 mo. '58 Chev 4 dr. HT $490 $27 mo OPEN 8 A M TO 9 P M . WE WILL TRADE Fleetwood Motors 5608 Flor1da Ave. Ph 238 2372 '59 CI>Dtu.AC 62 series HT. rae tory alr, etc Perfect throughout, only 664 Geneva Place week ends 4402 Nebraska Ave. weekdays 150 Automoblles 'or Sale CONTINENTAL 1962 Air Conlil tlonecl You Will be =cressed 0! vale world of modern comfort and converuence Low mileage and careful driving h a v e resultl!d In a motor car that IS showroom fresh $2,995 Quality Cadillac C!IY, Home o the most perfect owned motor cars In !be work!. Cor U.S 19 at 36th Ave . N. it. Petersburg Open dally 9-9 after Cb ureh 1960 DODGE, 2 door, 1 owner good condition 224 0191, 229 Buy Here-Pay Here $50 TO $95 DOWN '57 Buick 2 Dr HT • S247 '58 Chevrolet 4 dr . S377 '55 Chev Wagon 4 dr $1117 '57 Chevrolet 2 dr $197 '54 Chev Sta Wag $l47 50 Cars To Choose From ; RIVER SHORE 7939 FI;.A '58 IMPALA STANDARD shift on this glamor ous 2 door Ermme Wh1te beauty. All new Red & Wh1te Interior. powered V-8 engine One Dollar Down, $8 50 wk Credit no problem Open 9 10 BEST AUTO SALES 4830 Florida Ave Ph 237 "MR. MELVIN" 14825 Nebraska Ph 932-5900 1962 PLYMOUTH Belvedere, 4 door, AT, PS, R&H, windshield, new t l r e s, clean, one owner Take over payments or' make offer 8316514 MUST sell' 1960 -Vo:,;lk'=sw:::a::cg::e::-n-"'p"'""cR..;: up Sharp Car• Full price $495 Stored at 14223 Fla Ave Dealer 935-2563 CHEVROLET-,64 Super Sport Air condJIIoned There Isn't another Sll per Sport coupe like lhls one m the enUre trl ctty area It sparlllea like a fine dJamond. Talk to the origlDal owner, and 'erify the 5,834 m1ies Don ' t delay because won't have this superb automobile for long $2,995 Quality Cadlllac C1ty, Home or the most perfect pre owned motor cars m the wo:rld Cor U S 19 at 38th Ave . N St. Petersburg Open dlllly 9 9. Sunday after Church '61 CHEV Conv S S , VB, PS SPINNING WHEEL MOTORS 5901 Fla. Ave pb 237-3769 BAY AUTO SALES SANTA CLAUS HEADQUARTERS FOR lsi, 2nd, or 3rd CARS! 75 Car Selection $99 Up-Low As $5 Wk BAY -3500 Fla. Ave. FORD '61 Galax1e 500 Sport hard top Factory fresh throughout One owner 28,36 1 completely verIfiable miles $1,395 Quality Cad lilac City, Home of the most per feet pre owned motor cars m Uae world Cor US 19 at 36th Ave N St Petersburg Open dally 9 9 Sunday after church '58 CHEV BelAir 4 dr HT Gold & Wh1te V 8, Auto Ext1a clean $395 4221 Leona St 834 9922 Dlr Bf!rY No Money Down-v-8 Stick '56 CHEVY V a. stralJ1ht trans. BeauUful .new Red & White pamt Runs & drives perfect No money down, S8 wee'< YOU CAN BE FINANCED AT Quality Auto Sales 4607 Florida Ave Ph 236 671J Sheppard'S.' IMPORTS (4 Mechan1cs On Duty) SHOP IN COMFORT The South's Lar9est Indoor Import Showrooms A SPORTS CAR A MUST FOR STUDENTS BRAND NEW 1964 JAGUAR XKE ROADSTER Beautiful red. Chrome wue wheels, 3 catbs, heater, 4-speed transmiSSion, 155 MPH . Power diSC brakQS. Hardtop and soft top. Only one left at a substantial diS count '65 AUSTIN HEALEY 143000" 11The Sports car of Sportsmen'" a 4 speed overdr1ve transn115110n, 4 .. seater 2 door convert• ble w1th w1re wheels, heater and alt the plus features 150 HP. w1th speeds up to 140 MPH and tw1n down draft carbure tors. '63 TR HEI'tALD Conv Clean '83 VW convertible Red '62 A . HEALEY Spnte Red '63 HILLMAN Super, Red '84 AU!TIN "850" Cooper '59 JAGUAR 3 4 4-Dr Sed. '61 SAAB Sedan '62 HILLMAN Convertible '62 A H SPRITE, Red '61 SPRITE Clean '61 LOTUS 7-A '61 VW Sunroof. '60 TR ROADSTER '60 VOLVO "!44" 2Door '59 SUNBEAM RaPier '58 Magnette Sedan. Clean 1413 S. HOWARD AVE. Week N1t11 'til I P.M. FOSTER INE CARS PRE-HOLIDAY SPECIALS '62 MERCURY .. $1695 MONTEREY 4-DOOR Power, power brakes, auto .. mabc, radto & heater, waw ttres COMET ..... $2295 404 4 ODOR. 6-cYI, automatIC, radto & heater, power ateermg, polar whttc w1th blue all vmyl tntenor, 4,500 miles One owner. New car warranty 4-1963 DODGE DARTS SEDANS & STATION WAGONS Must b e sold' MAKE OFFER! '56 LINC. Make Offer! PREMIERE 4DOOR Loaded W1th all the extras mclud mg factorY au condtttontng' '61 FORD ...... $1195 GALAXIE '500' 4-DOOR Factory a.r condattoned, automat IC:r radto & heater, power lteertng & brakes, sohd wh1te Wtth blue 1nter•or '62 CHEVY II ... $1295 4-DOOI't Sparkling red & whtte, rad•o & heater, auto mat. c. power s t e e r 1 n g & brakes. A real star performer' Want Ad Ph. 223-4911


150 Automobiles For Sole Ci\))D..LAC '63 Fleetwood Sedan. Ab solutely gorgeous. Fully equipped cost new over SB.OOO. Driven completely verifiable miles. $4,395. QUality Cadillac City, Cor. U.S. 19 a , t 38th Ave. N. St. Petersburg. dally 9-9. Sunday ailer '63 Impala 4-Dr. HT CHOICE of 4. All 1 owner cars. PS, PB, factory air. Immaculate c_qJld. Special price $1995. AUTO SALES 909 N. DALE MABRY 'M FORD 2 DR . V-8 STICK. New Jet Black finish, extra clean In terior, radio, exce1lent m o t o r. bQdy, WW tires. No cash needed, $5 week. SUN RAY MOTORS , INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891{'r. 51250 or best offer. 26?0 C.,rrollake St. Phone 932 289. Days 839-3329. 1956 CHEVROLET Nomad station wagon, PS, PB $365. 626-2335; 877-7664. TAKE over payments '61 Ramb. Gas saver 6, str. sUck, R&H . ex tra clean, 1 owner. Bal. $695 at 538.96 mo. No cash needed, no pay ment til Feb. Dlr. !:819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 1960 CORVETTE, 283 engine, 3 speed, stick, must sell, very low price 839 487 BANK REPOSSESSIONS ALL CARS MUST BE SOLD By Dec. 7 1964 TERMS TO SUIT EVERYONE "60 FQrd Fairlane . . . . .... S 395 '61 Chev. Imp. 4 dr. HT ..... $1095 Corvair Monza-Air ..... $1S9S '63 Corv. Monza Conv ...•.. $1595 '59 Olds-Full powcr-alr •.. $ 695 '61 Studebaker Lark ........ $ 595 '62 Chevy U-A/Trans.-Alr $1195 '60 Olds HT-Air cond. . . . . . . $ 995 &Yea r United Warranty on Every Car Sold During This Sate Cars Stored At 9210 Florida Ave . Ask For Mr. Brickner Or Mr. While . Ph. 935-2130, 935-2139. 160 PLYMOUTH, 4 door , R&H, AC, clean. 27 ,77<1 miles. 225-8965. TODAY'S SPECIALS '63 Rambler ... $1464 4-Door American Deluxe. R&H, std. tran$. B01l. of fac. warranty, '62 Rambler ... $1164 4Door. Extra clean. '59 Rambler .... $864 Amba5sador. Full power. One owner . One-Year Warranty NORTHSIDE RAMBLER 10409 Florida Ave . l'h. 932-6171 DISCOUNT PRICES BANK RATE TERMS '63 FALCON Wagon. Auto. trans., air cond., rad;o &. "1691 heater ........ . '62 BUICK Power &. air, It &. $2156 H. Double sharp. '62 MERCURY Monterey 4 • Door. R&H, auto . trans:• $151 0 power & a1r .... '62 CORVAIR Co u p e. 4 • speed trans. .......... $1086 '62 STUDEBAKER Regal Cruiser. Power steer., V 8 , $1216 auto. trans. . .... '61 AMBASSADOR Auto. trans., V , $1183 R&H & power , '61 CORVAIR Very clean coupe. $1079 Auto. trans. . . , . , '61 RAMBLER Classic 4 • Door. s cyl. Speci•r -Aiso{2) '60 Chevs. {2) '59 Chevs . '61 Olck Air. '63 vw. We Have Over 30 Trucks LarCJe Trade Allowances TONY WEIR 2802 Florida Ave . Ph. 229-2802 1963 English FORD CAPRI 2 DR . HARDTOP Very, Very Nice $1190 1 50 AutomobiiH For Sale Jim Quinlan Chevrolet U.S. HIGHWAY 19 Just South of Clearwater '55 CHEVROLET 4 DR. BEL Affi. Beautiful tutone Aqua &. White finish, extra clean matching in terior, power steering, pow er brakes, perfect running motor , WW tires. No cash needed, $6.50 week. SUN RAY MOTORS, INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 AUCTION 300 CARS Mon., Wed .. Fri.. 7:30 PM. Anyone can buy or sell. You only pay if your car sells. Goff & Mullis 13223 Nebraska Ave. Tampa 1963 FALCON wagon good. condi-tion. Will sell Ior bal. due finance co. Phone 935-1314. '60 FORD Country Sedan, 9 pas ssenger wago n . V-8, AT. PS. R &. H. Immaculate. $795. 6906 16th St. Credit No Problem!! THE Family Plan. You must be 21 yrs. old, have a job. You pay only $2 cash dn & take over notes. '59 Plym $390, '60 Ramb $590, '62 Ford conv F / H $1590, '58 Chev $329. '57 Pont HI $249, '53 Chev. $53. '56 Ford $56. AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 F'lorida Ave. Ph. 231-5521 1964 BARRACUDA, V-8, AT, A-C, R&H . Owner must sell. Take over payments . 838-5633. 1961 CORV AIR. 700 series. Private owner. R&H, $775. 8712 Elmwood Lane, Bay Crest. 855-3616. '64 Chev. B/A $1995 Air Cond. Plus V-8 Per. Peppy Auto. Dr., R&H Nice Low Mi. 1 Owner $0 Down-$61.11 Month Ph. 235-1761 For E-Z Fin. Auto Ranch 4829 Fla. 1957 PLYMOUTH, hardtop, stick . Fury engine. New paint. $350. 932-7838. RAMffiB"L"E"R""v"-8>,-;n;;;e;;w:--cm=o'-to;;;-r, R&H. no extra clean, good tires, $493, or best offer. 689. FOR SALE 1959 Fiat 1100 Model Excellent condition $350. 949-4594. 1957 CHRYSLER , good co ndi tio n , priced for quick sa.].e, $225. 235-7854 BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Lifetitne Warranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty '63 LESABRE ... $2495 Convertible. (4R44). F u I I power, R, H , air cond. '63 BUICK ..... $1775 Skylark 2Dr. HT. ( 664A). '63 BUICK ..... $1695 S/51 R, H. (4R7). '60 CHEV ....... $1195 Impala convertible. AT, R, H , PS . (394A). '62 CHEV ....... $1595 Impala HT. 4 Dr. (424A). AT, R , H , PS. '63 CHEV •.. .... $1995 Sport Impala HT 2 Dr. (49 0A) , AT, R, H , PS, PB . '62 CHEV •...... $1495 Corvair 2Dr. !tOO. S/S, R . (440A). '62 MOHZA .... $1795 Convertible. ( 705A). 4 on the floor, R , H. '60 CADILLAC .. $2095 Fleetwood 4 Dr. Full power, R , H, factory air. '59 FORD •..... $1295 T-Bird HT. Coupe. ( 782A). Power, R , H, .air cond. '62 FORD ...... $1595 500 4Doar. sedan. {651A). AT , R , H , PS, PB1 air cond. '62 OLDS ...... $1995 'Convertible. (4R43 ). AT, R, H1 PS, PB. '59 PONTIAC .... $695 4-Door HT. (720A). AT, R , H, PS , air. '61 PLYM ....... $895 Belvedere HT 2Dr. AT, R , H. (3068). '60 DODGE ...... $895 2 -Dr. HT. AT, R , H . (273A). '60 DODGE ...... $995 4-0r. HT. (299A) . AT , R , H, PS, air. '62 RAMBLER .. $1395 9-Pass. station wagon. AT, R , H . '62 VOLKS ..... $1195 2-Door sedan. '57 CADDY ...... $495 2Door HT. AT, air, WE LEASE NEW 1965 BUICKS Lifetime Warranry Plus CD OneYear Warranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E . Hillsborou9h Phone 239-1109 Open Sunday After Church 1962 CHRYSLER COHYfRTIBLE SOLID RED All Power, Nice C a r $1690 BIRDSONG MOTORS. • InC. 1 Year I ..... Warranty 11333 Florida Ave. Ph. 935-1126 -DOLLAR DOWN-'59 Olds 88 4-Dr. Hardtop. Power .•.••. $499 '55 Olds 88 2-Dr. Power ••...•...•.•.. $150 '59 Hillman Conv. Has its own rope . . $110.50 '57 Rambler 4-Dr. Air. Cond. $1 Down .•. $495 '61 Fiat 1100 4-Dr. $1 down ...•...... $495 '60 Morris Minor 2-Dr. $1 down .••••••. $395 '58 Fiat 500, $1 Down ............... $395 '60 Eng. Ford 2-Dr. $1 down •••••••••. $395 '61 Ford 4-Dr. Ex-Police Car • , , •• , , •.•. $599 Sorry, no !iiten '54 Chev. 4-Dr. Sta. Wag ••.••••••.• $151.55 '50 Nash Bathtub. $1 Down •••••••••. $149 '59 Au9tin 2-Dr. $1 down ............ $299 '58 Hillman Minx, Motor Overhauled .. $395 '59 Eng. Ford, $1 down ........••••••. $295 '57 Ford Anglia Wag. $1 down •.•.••.. $395 HOMER F. HERNDON 3907 Florida Ave. Ph. 223 150 Automobiles For Sale PONTJAC, late .. Cat a I in a, 4 door HT, R & H, PB, PS, AT, low mileage. Private owner. 932-7644. 1962 VALIANT, V200 Model , 4 door, AT, heater, WSW, 1 owner, condition. 238-4795, 1910 E. Shadowlawn. '64 THUNDERBIRD l:on verUb1e, air conditioned, all extras, $3950. Phone 626-2477. '56 DODGE Royal, 4 door Sedan, $250. 1901 Grand Central Ave. 251-1902. REPO'S and cheapies. Full fi nancing. Call Jud Emory Z29. Dlr. i962CoRVAIR-Mom.a C oupe. 4 speed transmission. R&H, WSW. tinted glass. A e ream puff. 855. OLDS '6l Dynamic .. B8" Sport coupe. Sparkling factory fresh con dition. 28,751 completely verifiable miles. One owner since new. $1,595. Quality Cadillac City. Home of the most perfect pre-owned m.otor cars in the world. Cor. U . S. 19 at 38t h Ave. N. St. Petersburg. Open daily 9-9. Sunday after Church. '59 CORVETTE-3 on the floor . $1595. 5920 Nebraska Ph. 238-1817 Dlr. 1965 CADILLAC 2 DOOR COUPE DeVILLE. loaded all accessories. Must sell for financial reasons. Save $800. Telephone 876 or 876-1789. We Finance Anyone $25 Down. "53 Chev. '53 Pont. '51 Chev. '53 Mer c. "49 Chev. 150 Stude. 606 E. Waters. Dlr. '60 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 4-DOOR. Radio, automatic::, 6-cYI. , light green finish. Economical $815 transportation! ..... '62 BUICK LeSABRE 4 DOOR . Auto. malic::, radio and heater, power steering, factory air condition. Another beautiful $1815 trade•nr ....... . '61 FORD FAIRLANE '500' 4 DOOR . Radio, automatic, "815 lovelY blue finish • . . '61 BUICK SPECIAL 4-000R. V-1, automatic, heater, white ... '$915 '63 BONNEVILLE Cou!:te. Air and power '60 BO.NNEVILLE Coupe. Air and powe r _'60 OLDS Hardtop. Power '64 BONNEVILLE 4Dr. Air and power '60 BUICK Air and power '63 RIVIERA Air and power '64 OLDS "98" Coupe, Air and power '62 PONTIAC Wag., 9-passenger '61 T-BIRD Air and power '62 PLYMOUTH Fury, Air and power '63 PONTIAC Grand Prix '64 TEMPEST Air and power '62 CHEVROLET Impala. Power '64 BUICK Wildcat '63 MONZA 4-Door. Auto. trans. '64 MALIBU Wag. Air and power '61 VENTURA 4 Dr. Air and power '64 CHEVROLET Impala. Air and power MANY MORE TO CHOOSE! "Open Sunday" ELKES CAMPBELL MOTORS 3737 Henderson Blvd. at Dale Mabry 872-9246 150 For Sale -,61 CADILLAC Coupe. All white, o n e owner. Showroom clean! C. & R. AUTO SALES 4316 FLA. AVE. PH. 238-1962 INDUSTRIAL BANK HAS SEVERAL LATE MODEL REPOSSESSION & MR. COL.>dAN, 228-74611 Rambler 4 D7., R&H, PS. AT, Fac. Alr. Small equity and assume payments. Ph. 259-1214. SIMCA, trade for boat, outfJt. 6412 23rd St. evenings. 231-7914. FORD '63 Country sedan, 6 passenier '63 by elderly St. Petersburg couple. Driven 11,420 completely verifiable miles. It's a fact most station wagons look as if they were used to transport pJgs t.o market but this magnificent motor car is just as sparkling bright and im maculately clean as the day lt left the showroom. Its mint fresh ap pearance renects the fine care it has received. $1.995. Quality Cadil lac City, Home of the most perfect pre-owned moto,r cars in the world. Cor. U.S. 19 at 38th. Ave. N. St. Petersburg. Open daily 9-9. Sunday after Church. '61 OLDS F-85 $1340 4-Dr. Deluxe. Auto trans., radio. heater, w/w tires. All vinyl interior. '63 CORVAIR $1590 M o n z a. Power Glide, radio, heater, bucket seats. All vinyl interior. Beautiful white with blue interior. . ........... np( GO C{gadilk ., '64 FORD Fairlane 500 2 Dr. Auto. t r.a.ns., power steering, R&.H. $1895 Showroom cond '62.T-BIRD Coupe. Factory air, full power, Alpine white. $ 2495 Clean ....•.... '62. OLDS. Super IS Holi day Sedan. Factory air, full power, $2195 Very clean ..... ' 59 M E R C E D 5 BENZ 220-s. Air cond., FM ril d;o, heater. "$1595 Xclean .....•. ' 63 CADILLAC Seda n De V i lle. Factor)' air, full power , tur-$3795 quoise. Clean '63 CORVAIR Monza Cpe. Fact. air, auto, $1895 trans. Clean ... '62 PORSCHE CDe . Ger'2195 A I.P•ne wh.te .. '63 IMPERIAL Custom Dr , HT. Fac. air, full power. $3195 Light blue .... ' 61 CADILLAC Fleetwood. Factory air, full $2695 power. X clean 162 DODGE OA RT 440 Se dan. Power steering, auto. trans., V l , R&H, 19,000 , .....••.. $1395 '62 Conv. F'ac tory air, full power, bucket nab. '3295 SHARP ....... '63 FALCON Wag. Squire. Air cond., luggage rack, std . sh;ft. $1595 Real nice ...... 408 N . Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. Open Eves . and Sundav 23-1105 Factory Selectaire Con d ., V-8 Engine Cruise-0-Mati c, R , H , PS, Tinted Glast Balance of Factory WarrantY $2495 $4799 Mo. $500 Down Cash or Equity 48 MONTH FINANCING '64 GAL. 500 XL's 2Door HT. Fact. air, 250 HP. R&.H, AT on floor, tint glass, PS and PB, WSW, XL hubs , $2995 5 in stock ... r . '64 RAMBLERS Clauics 660's. AT, R, H, Low '1995" m•leage .... '64 CHEVY ll's 4Dn. AT, R&H. America's favorite co m p a c t with b;g car '1995 comfort ....... , .. ' 64 OLDSMOBILES 1188'' 4 Dr . Hardtops, Fact. air cond., full s3 2 95 Power, R&H ..... . '63 CONVERTIBLES Impalas and Galaxie SOD's. V-8 , AT, R, H , PS. Balance of factor> $2095 '64 IMPALA HT'S V -8. PG, PS, R , tt, seat be: Its . 546. 88 mo. $2 395 Some with air cond . '64 COUNTRY SEDANS 9 Pas5. F act. air cond. AT, R, H, PS, PB. Beautiful wh;te with 52995 blue interior ..... '63 RAMBLERS Americans. 6 cyJ, R , H, 4 doors. 3 in stock. Top econ omy. Balance of '1195 factory warranty . '63 MONZA 4 on the floor. R , H . Low m_ileage. $1595 wtth r-ed 1nter1or . '63 IMPALA HT's Fact. air cond., V l, AT, R , H, tinted glass, seat belts, tow mileage. Balance of factory .$2295 warrantY No Mo. Payments 'Til Jan. 15, 1965 We Take Trades * HiCJhest Allowances 1 50 Automobiles For Sale '53 BUICK 2 DOOR HT $59 SUN RAY MOTORS . INC. 63(){) Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 EXTRA nice. By owner '61 4 door hardtop Impala. 237 8 655. '59 IDLLMAN Minx convertible. 8714 Beverly Dr. 988-1363 1956 Cadillac, good condition. come after 5:00. $450. 201 9 Fifth Ave. 1957 CHEVROLET V-8, HT, . Rf. After 6, 252 TAKE over payments '57 CadUJac 4 dr. HT. R&H. tutone. Bal. $199 at $18 mo. No -cash needed, no payment 'til Feb. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 '62 CHEVROLET Bel Alr 4 BR. radio, power str. & brakes. automatic, tutone green & white with matching interior. Only $99 down deliver.s. Full price. $1149. Northgate Chrys. Plym. 10415 Fla. Ave. Ph. 935-3103 PONTIAC Grand Prix 1962. Big beautiful & conscientiously cared for. Owned since new by -a wealthy retired couple who had it serviced every 30 days by their competent mechanic. The motor is whisper quiet. interior is immacu-1ate, Whlte Satin body has been waxed until it reflects like a mir ror. 2.051 miles. $2595. Quality Cadillac Home of the most ,perfect pre-owned motor cars in the world. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. N. St. Petersburg. Open 9 . Sunday after Church. 17 More Days '59 CHE'V. IMPALA Coupe, V-8 auto. trans., $995 PS, R&H, A/C •• '60 CHEV . NOMAD Sta tion WaCJon, V-8, auto. traJU., PS, $1195 R&H, A/C •• '60 0 L D 5 88 Hardtop, auto. trans .• PS, PB, R&H -$1195 '62 VOLKSWAGEN Camper . .. .. $1495 '60 PLYMOUTH Hardtop Coupe, V, auto. $895 trans . , PS, R&H .• 1 YEAR WARRANTY FERMAN OLDSMOBILE FLA. & LAKE 223 OPEN 'TIL 9 P .M. No Payments 'til Feb., 1965! Hurry to take advantaCJe of this s p e c i a I finance arrangement-your present car will in most cases make the down payment, leaving your free for Christ mas needs! '60 Cadi. SEDAN DEVILLE. Full power equipment plus fac tory air conditioninCJ, ' '63 C'vette $3295 STING RAY COUPE. Radio and h e a t e r, automatic, p owe r windows, 9enuine wire wheels. '61 C'vette s2395 CONVERTIBLE. With both tops, radio and heater, 4 on the floor. '64 Ford GALAXIE '500' FASTBACK COUPE. Radio and heater, power steerinCJ, factory air conditioned. '63 Chev.ll s1995 NOVA 4-DR. 5 T A Tl • 0 N WAGON . Automatic, white with red inter i or. 1-Year Warranty Chevrolet 1428 FLA. AVE. 229-2196 Ph. 229-0706 Opea 9 a.m . 'til 9 p .m. Mon . thru Sat. CLOSED SUNDAY "FERMAN NEYER FOOLS " 1 SO Automobiles Far Sale '63 PLY. Belv . 4 Dr. AT. $1795 H AWKE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 4404 Fla. Ave. ph. 237-3781 CADILLAC '64 DeVille . Comfort con trol air conditioning. '!'his magniil cen t motor car was purc hased new by a very wealthy Sarasota Couple who trade every year, despite ex tremely low mileage. Their car re ceived the best care money can provJde. . $4.,995. Quality Cadillac City, Home of t h e most perfect pre-owned motor cars in the world. Cor. U.S. 19 at 38th A\'e. N. St. Petersburg. Open daily 9-9. Sunday after Church. TAKE over payments '59 Chev. 4 dr. HT Impala. R&H, all power, WSW tires. Bal. $595 at $28.64 mo. No cash needed, no payment until February. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. No Down Payment Full Price $475 '57 FORD Stick V-8. Red & Black, t u t o n e interio r , orig. throughout. Nothing down, $5 wk. FINANCING NEVER A PROBLEM AT: General Auto Sales SPORT CARS '64 MG Midget '64 TRIUMPH ,Spit Fire. '$3 TRIUMPH '63 M.G.B. Conv •...... '63 Tops '63 MG Midget ' 63 A, HEALEY 113000". '63 A . H . SPRITE. ' 63 JAGUAR XKE .. , . , '62 TR, Blue. '62 CORVETTE 4Spd •.. '61 M .G.A. . ..... , , , , '60 POR5CHE .. , ..... . '60 CORVETTE, 2 tops .. '60 MGA •.. ....•.....• '58 ALFA Romeo STATION WAGONS '64 FORD 9-Pass. A/C '62 CHEV. Wag. Vl ... '61 FORD Cty. SQuire .. ' 61 CORVAIR 4-Door ' 60 CHEV. El Camino '58 FORD Fordor ..... . AIR CONDITIONED '64 DODGE Polar& HT '64 BUICK LeSabre 4-Dr, '64 TEMP. 4-Dr ... 32601., '64 FORO 9-Pass. Wag. 164 RAMS. Classic 4Dr, '63 TBIRD Conv. '63 BUICK LeSabre HT. '63 BUICK Electra 225,. '63 TEMPEST V-8 HT 163 CHEV. Imp. 4-0r. HT ' 63 PONTIAC 2 • Dr. HT ' 63 BUICK Riviera ... , . '62 FORD HT ........ . '62 CADI. Sed. DeVil '62 BUICK LeSabre 4 D . '62 TBIRO Conv •..... '61 CADILLAC Conv •.. '60 CADILLAC 5ed. DeY. 159 BUICK lnvieta PLEASURE CARS '65 MUSTANG 6 Cyl •.. '64 CHEVELLE SS. 4 sp. '64 RAMBLER Classic 4d '631h FORD l-Or. HT •. , '62 PLYM Fury H.. T . '63 FORD 2Door ... . 163 FORD FLSOO 4-Dr •.. '62 RAMO . Classic 4-Dr. '62 CHRYSLER Newport 'f2 CORV. Monza. Auto. '61 CORVAIR 4 -Dcor .. '61 CORVAIR MONZA .. '59 FORD "Stick" V 8 FOREIGN ECONOMY '&3 ENG . FORD Cortina '63 HILLMAN Sup. Mnx. '62 ENG. FORD Capri , . '61 AUSTIN "850" .... . '60 0 PEL Sta. Wag .... . '60 AUSTIN Sedan •••• '60 SIMCA 4 -0r. 160 VAUXHALL 4Dr •.•. '59 PEUGEOT 4Dr •.•• CONVERTIBLES '63 MONZA, Auto ..... . '63 DODGE Dart , , ..•. '63 TBIRD A/C '63 FORD G alaxie '500' '63 FALCON Futura ... '63 CHEV. Super Sport. '62 DODGE Polar& 500 .. '62 T.BJRD Air Cond ..• '62 CHEV. Super Spt •.. ' 61 CADILLAC, A /Cond,. '60 PLYM . Fury, auto .. , OPI;N SUNDAY We've Got 'Em! THE '65 FORDS Are Rolling! Brand Driven You Can New. Never Ford for Have • a Been Less Than WEEKLY After Normal Down Payment, Excludes Insurance , 34 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December 7 , 1961 150 Automobiles For '56 CHEV stick V-8 R&B . Emma Cir. owner. '60 MERC. Monterey 2 DR. must see to appreciate. Plaza Motors. -4511 S. Dale Mabry '65 MUSTANGS l DOOR HARDTOP &Cylinder Engine Standard Transmission Fresh Air Heater In Stock Ready for Immediate Delivery $2508 •55so Per Month GORDON CALDWELL 'S THUNDERBlRD CORNER 5198 34th St. No., St. Pete 1958 BUICK, 4 door 4218 Bayview Ave. '64 FORD GALAXIE 500s 2 & 4-DOOR HARDTOPS Cruise 0 • Malic transmit• sian, VS engine. FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED. Radio and heater, p ower ateerino. Nice color selection. $5480 Per Month Cash down payment of 5500 or if your car is appraised at $500 no c::ash is needed! INSURANCE EXCLUDED 48 MONTHS TO PAY $2495 NORTHGATE FORD Cash down payment of $500 or if your car i s appraised at $500 no cash is needed, INSURANCE EXCLUDED 48 MONTHS TO PAY FULL PRICE GRAND OPENING OF OUR NEW "TRADING POST" '64 Grand Prix or Bonneville Conv. Cotalina Sport Coupe. Factory oir •••• $J495 '63 Bonne. 4-Dr. Vista ... . $2695 Catalina 4-Dr. HT. A/C $2695 Catalilla 4-Dr. A/C .... $2495 '62 Bonne. 4-Dr. HT. A/C .. $2595 Bonne. 2-Dr. HT. A/C . . $2595 Starchief 4-Dr ........ $2195 PLUS OTHER CLEAN NEW CAR TRADEINS PACE PONTIAC 1420 FLORIDA AVE. t 2555 N. t Dale Mabry Ph. 877-8234 SPORTS & PLEASURE CARS '63 Chev, V-8 .. $1495 4-Door, Air cond, Automatic, P .S. '60 Rambler ••.•• $395 Automa t i c . '61 Chev. Air •••. $895 '6Z T-llird Air •• $2395 '64 Rambler .... $1395 '64 Comet ..... $1595 '63 Cont., air ... $3495 '62 Chev. 4-Dr., R&H, V-8, AT •..•. $995 '6Z Grand Prix '63 Rambler Sedan '63 Gr. Prix, Air $2895 '64 Falcons 2 & 4-Drs, '63 Ford, air '64 Barracuda ,, $2395 '64 Chev ••..••• $2595 Impala. Air ' 64 Ford ....... $2195 Gal. 500 '64 Starfire. Air '64 Chev. El Camino '60 Ford Sun liner '64 Ford FL 500, Air '61 Volvo • ••..•• $895 '6l Colony Park. Air '63 Ford GaL ..• $1295 '63 Riviera, Air . • $2995 '63 Mercury S55, air '62 Ford Hardtop C Zl '6Z Rambler Clas. $895 '61 Ford Consul •• $595 '59 Buick sedan •• $595 '58 Vouxhall ..... $195 '60 Ford AnCJiia •• $395 '53 Mercury , ••• • $195 HT. N ice '55 DodCJe 2-Dr .... $95 CONVERTIBLES '64 Olds 98, air '64 Falcon, Air !21 '63 Continental. Air '64 Ford 500 XL. Air '64 Mercury Caliente '63 Ford 500 XL '63 Chevrolet 55. Air '64 Buick Electra 225 Air STATION WAGONS '63 Ford Squire. Air '59 VW Bus • , • , , $895 '56 Ford Squire .. $195 '62 Chev ••••• , .$1595 B / A , Air '57 Ford ......... $95 '61 Falcon. Air Franchised Deal e r TWO BIG Locations NO Payments 'til February Buy With No Money Down t 1711 EAST t HILLSBORO PH. 237 '64 CHEVROLET Impala 2-Door. Hardtop. White with red interior, wsw tires. Check this spe. cial low price while we're c losing out all '64 models in stock. $2195 '61 CORVETTE Two 4 barrel carbs., floor mounted shift, both cloth top and hardtop, dark ma roon finish, wsw tire•. Immaculate condition. $2395 '64 SCOUT FULL CAB $1495 14 New '65' s in Stack '63 FALCON SPRINT Convertible, V-8 engine, floor mounted 4 speed trans., radio, heater, white with red tap, wire wheel covers, red interior, $1495 '55 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr. Sedan. New red paint, good tires. $495 '59 CHEVROLET Parkwood Station Wagon. Automatic, V l engine, radio, heater. $495 CAMPER 1956 Fo r d Pickup with Factory Camper. Complete w/lights, running water, stove, rcfrig., etc. Sleeps 4 . Very, very good con dition. $895 '63 CHEVROLET Station Wagon 4-Door. White with t urquoise int. Automatic, heater, etc. $1595 1711 E. HILLSBORO • Balance of new car war4 ral\ty on current models e 100% guarantee parts and labor on all others e On the sPot b anl< financing e 500 car selection • Up to 60 months to PaY '64 C orvairs-Monza Cpcs .. 4-Doors.J Balance of ......... $1999 '64 Chevrolet l"_lpala FactorY eqUIPPed 1nc1. power steering. $2499 Warranted .... ... . '64 Mercury Marauder Cpe. Hardtop, Full Pow e r ... ,, .... $2999 '63 ChrYsler New Yorker Salon. Full power. Fact. air cond. 53199 Loaded ........... . '64 Chevrole t Chevelle sta-tion wagon, 9 • passen ger._ PG , V -8, PS, 52699 radro, heater ..... . '64 Ford Custom 500 4Dr. . Factory $1999 !QUIPPed ... , . , . • '62 F'ord Galaxie '50 0 ' . Full power, V-8, $1499 R&H, WSW •...... '62 Dodge, Conv. Coupe. Full pow•'• $1699 Jt&H , WSW . . , '62 Rambler Clas5ic 400-seats Reclining .. $1199 '61 Cadillac Con v . Coupe. Full p ower 6o $2699 factory air cond •.. '62 Volkswagen Sedan. Factory $1199 equipped ....... . '61 Old5mobile F-85 4-Dr. Automatoc $1199 trans., R&H ..... . Galaxie iio 99 eQUIPPed . , .... , , , , 8 Pa;l 99 eQUtPPCd . , , , . , . , , , 3 '62 Thunderbird Coupe HT. Full power $2499 and factorY air cand. '64 Ford Galaxie XL 50 0 . 4 D r. Hardtop, Full power, bUcket sea,b, fact. aircond. , RS.H, $2199 WSW ... '60 Imperial Crown 4 Dr. HT. Full power and ........ . $1699 '64 Cadillac Conv. Coupe, Loaded one owner. Balance of New Car s4999 Warranty . . . . ... '63 Falcon $1199 Fact. eqUIPPed '62 Ford GalaKie 500 Con v. Coupe. Full power, V, .. ........ $1199 '64 Thunderbir d Cpe, HT. Landau. Full power and factory air cond. '3999 Loaded , ........ . '65 Mustang Hardtop, 4 speed trans., V-8, power steering, R&.H, $2899 warranted ....... . '61 Chevrolet Impala Cpe. HT. P G , V-8, 51499 PS, R&H , WSW ... '64 Chevrolet Impala 2 & 4 Or. HardtoP. P-G, V-8, fact. air cond. $2899 R&H, WSW ...... . '62 Chevrolet Impala Cpe. P-G, V-8 , $1799 PS, RS.H ....... . '6 2 Corvair Monza Coupes. trans, ....... $1499 '63 Buick Skylark Coupe Hardtop. Full power and factory $2299 air cond. , .. '63 Buic..k R ivi"ra Coupe Hardtop. Full power ....... , 53499 '64 Pontiac Grand Prix Coe . Loaded. $3599 Faetoty air cond. . '64 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon. Powerflite, V -8, rad;o and $2199 heater .... , ..... , . '64 Ford Country Sedan. 9 Passenger, full power and factorY air cond. Balance ........ 52999 '64 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon, Full power .... 53199 '62 Buick Special Deluxe. equipp:d8 ' . 51599 '63 Monza$1c6ou9p e9s . trans. . . . . . ... '64 Pontiac Tempest Sta tion Wagon. A utomatic trans. R a d;o $2699 and heater ..... . '65 Chevrolet Impala Conv. Coupe. PG, $3399 V, PS, R&H, WSW '64 Falcon Con. Coupe. AU tomatic $1999 tran$., R&H , WSW '64 C h e v r o I e t Bel Air Coupe , PG, $2199 V •8, R&H, WSW .. '62 Falcon Custom Station Wagon. Fact. $1199 equippe d . . , ..... . '62 Old5mobile Hol i day 4 Door Hardtop. F u I I Power, R adio .and $1899 heater, WSW . . . . '62 Mercury. 5 Conv. Coupe. Full power, bucket seab, radio $1899 and heater . . . . , '61 Thunderbird Con v. Couoe. Full $2199 power, loaded ..... '63 Chevrolet Club Coupe. Factory 51199 equipped .. , .••..•• 229-0857 Open 8 A.M. 'Til 10 P.M.


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