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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 72, no. 267 (December 14, 1964).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
December 14, 1964
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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( I ,. I ir I n ,_ II 9 v. 9 v. 9 University of South Florida Campus Edition PE's Soccer Kings, lntramurals Standings Story on Page 17 1ampa Next Campu s Edition Monday . Jan uary 4. Happy Holida y! S E VEN T Y -SECO N D YEAR-N o . 267 TA M PA, FLORIDA , M O N D AY, D ECEM B E R 1 4, 19.6 4 P RICE FIVE CENTS Unique Floor Decoration Jerr y Canfield a nd To m Gates of E p s ilo n 2 East put fini s h ing to u ches o n th e only res id en ce h a ll di s p l a y with a r e li g iou s t h e m e, say t h e j ud ges . C ompeti tive b all d ec orati o n s were ju d ge d durin g Open H o u s e last wee k . B es t o ver • all r ati ngs w ent t o t h e Gam ma H a ll d is plays.-(USF P h oto) Gamma Wins Largest Trophy Dorms Have Yule Contest Board Okays Med S Aid Fund urvey; Effort Formal Commencement in April Grads Must Wait for. Rites Some 210 USF students are in April with formal commence-dent, deans and faculty, at a given to Patricia M. Davis of e xpected to complete require-ment exercises under the Board reception in argos. Tampa by the humanities staff. ments for degrees this week. of Control's policy of once-aOne member of the charter She is the lone h u m a n i t i e s To Star t StudY I n Jan .uary T here will be no academic year graduation programs. class, Kathryn P. Shoun of Tam giaduating seniQr in the College processi ons, concerts or festiv-The fourth group to complete pa, is a m on g the December of Basic Studies and was honA survey on the feasibility .of i ties to usher the degree candidegee requirements in USF's candidates. She has been under oree at a reception Wednesday a new me d 1 c a 1 dates i n to the wml d of business brief history was honored the work-study program. afternoon. school at USF will be started or further study. This will come Wednesday night by the presi-The "VIP treatment" was CANDIDATES for special honl in January by the State Board . .. .. .... ors will not be a:;certained until of Control. . . final grades are in and evluThe study will be f irst formal U ndec.lded .. .. l.. Sound B u II Horn Ill : t:; hst follows : could attract to the area a pro ... ;:,; Mrs. Cathenne R. Abraham, posed $16 mill ion 720-bed VetHelPed 0 n .. ... '',:'_:' More pictures, brighter appearance, better, livelier n Joseph E. Ahnell, Theodore M . erans hospital coverage of news of interest and concern to USF are h Albert, Roland C. Alfonso, Wil and possibly a new community all on tap for next trimester's NEW Campus Edition. m liam P. Alford, Carol A. Allen, hospi t al. .,... We have our present staff already working over frl William R. Allen, Charlotte W.l USF President John s. Allen "Deck the halls with boughs of holly" was the appropriate Christmas carol lo set the mood for residence hall com petition for best Yuletide dec orations. M W time on a comprehensive get-acquainted with the Uni-ri Anderson, Mrs. D1ana C . An said he delivered to the Board a •IOrS [f.!.l. versity Issue to greet registering students and early h drews, Robert M. Arango, Rob of c 0 n t r 01 at its December awarded to Gamma Hall. For Room 340 on Delta 3 East. ,., returnees Jan. 4 at UC and Ad Building and at all j@ crt 0. Ares, Mrs. Sherry P. meeting a $10,000 check from Argos complex, Gamma Hall These awards were made by y usual locations Jan. 5 m Ashurst, Clyde E. Atkisson Jr., Tampa' s Committee of 100 as The dorms were on display for Open House last week when the boys stormed the co-ed halls from 7:30-9, and the girls could return the visit from 9-10:30 Sunday night. Winners of t h e dormitory competition for Christmas dec orations were announced by John Reber, Inter-Hall Resi dence Council president. prior to the opening of the resi dence halls to visitors. The largest trophy for best o v er-a 11 decorations was also took the prize for the contest j udges Mrs. Annabelle Finel exams are here! The im:j Consistent with the new look concept, we again ?i Frederick R. Dou-part of the cos t of the survey. usual anx ieties, tensions, cramff sound the Bull Horn for help in beefing up the staff. &.?.:. glas R. Baker, R1chard Banos, Dr. Allen conveyed assur-best lobby. For Andros complex, Zeta 2 won the honors for the best floor section. The awards for individual floor winners in Argos went to Alpha 2 East, Bela Ground, a n d Gamma 5 West. Honor able mentions were cited for Beta 2 West and Gamma 2 West. Andros Center floor winners were Delta 1 West, Epsilon 3 West , and Zeta I (Zeta-Eta Halll. Outstanding work was recognized by giving honor able mention to the Cratos floor. Epsilon 2 East, and to Winch, student health center nurse, Dr. John Parker, and Judy Shel don . Steve Moreland coordinated the decorations for Argos Ce n ter cafeteria a n d lounges a n d the halls for the Residence Ha ll Cou n cil. "Reber commen ted, "I would like to express my appreciation lo all floor sections for the fine job they've done in bringing the spiri t of Christmas to this campus. Each of the floors, through their deco rations, showed individual cre ativity and team effort." .,. All kinds of in terested students are welcome to Harold L Barne R I d A ming and pulling which a. c-1:.\.,' ... ,l,: g . s, 0 an ances of the Committee that an . work with us; you need not be experienced, although it Bayne Daru R B o Th company tills one-week period :,;:; m . 0 ' az • omas additional $20,000 w 0 u 1 d be of frustration facilities a look m does help. ::.l.:.IM. Beasley, Cheryl A. Beckner, forthcoming from private . . . , Specifically , we arc shopping for good photograph-Mrs Carole L Ben ett J into the mirror. L.i.i • 1 . t t :.; •. •.'.:.;. . n • ames i s our c e s to match a $30,000 . ers, sports wntcrs, and genera ass1gnmen repor ers, T Biggerstaff Still haven't found a maJ'or? i:.!J :::::: Board of Control allocation for " but we need all kinds . ... W lte B B 1 C L Wavering in a dec:sion? . . :,;:,; .. ,' b a r 0 ey,_ onme the study. The Committee of We pay off in fun and experience. And satisfaction. B d E 1 D B tt T / t h e "Sele_cting y o u r Career" l Come by UC 222 or 224 this week. f•: Toy B'r •gve/n S , In A 100, an agency of the Tampa program •s the answer. A non And those of you who don't want to join the staff :::;: ;. . o a , ara l . roo s. Chamber of Commerce, bas C redl't lecture set'l'es, 1't wt'll be )i E :.;,::: '\JlJJam E. Broughton Ill. Pa_sco been de_signated to raise the . , . well, call us when you hear news, all rtght? xp B w lt E B presented jointly by the De-'') t 618 % rown, a er $30.000 to match the state velopment C en t e r and the N enslon •m Mrs. Martha H . Bruce, Wtlham Dr. Allen said tiJat with the 1 Placement Office. E Burkhardt' Mrs. Janet Y $10,000 in hand a nc;l assurances It is designed to introduce I Bynes, Carol L . . from the Committee of 100 of the student to the principles To Improv e Educ a tio n JD t the remainder. D:. J . Bro\\ard of self-evaluation; i.e., aptitudes, I Th E C J Ch 1 Culpepper, executive dtrector of mterests, and personality, which p • II J • I omas arey r., ar es the Board of Control, assigned a make him best suite d to a In e a 5 0 Ins n L, Carlton, Rebecca J' staff member to make prelimi Pasco A. Chancey Jr .. nary plans for the study which particular career. The I B. Chevrette, fohs. Judith K. .11 t t t d . J ExD ean E s capes Massacre half of wiU be de-Clanton. EthPl ('lark. WI ge s ar e In a_nuary .. voted to mtormat10n about svPj R '• h E ff t ., A Comnes James c. Conner USF land-use studtes lfldJcate D k F ., s f . c cifie of careers, salanes, esea rc o r JL, Stanle;, R .. Corces, Mrs. the .proposed location of the ec er am I Y a e In On go quahftcatlons and procedures Rachel P. Col'ert Susan E. med1ca l school at the western ate study and graduate opportu-The Pmellas County School School Supenntendent FloYd PATRICIA M D v 30th Street and Fletcher Ave .. lfor finding employment. Gradu-. . Curry Sandra H Czubik side of t h e campus adjoining Robert Decker, former USF lcyville are believed safe, Dr. leyville. nities . Board will join with USF's Col Christian that Dr. Harold Hand, Shirley G. Day. o ve rlooking the Pine Drive lake. dean of men and presently rec-Fisher said. The Universite Libre du ConThe senes IS aimed pnmanly lege of Education in a cooper-formerly of the University of Patricia A . Deyorio. Bennie G. From Washing to n sources the tor of Universite Libre du Con-In Leopoldville, Decker's facgo is independent, and. sup-at the sophomore, but. all s_tuative research council designed Illinois has joined the College DiBona, Joseph A . DiOrio, Theo-Campus Editio n learned that go, Stanleyvillc, is s_afe with and students by a ?ents _are mv1ted .. Part1c1pat•on to bring together public school staff to serve as a consultant dore E. Domanski Jr .. , Judith the VA has. narrowe? its sig_hts his family in Leopoldvtlle. mv1ted to share facilities with maJor one of which IS the Agt s limited. To be mcluded , con -educators and university re 1 1 d' "H' . . A Dorsey Donna L Epstein on a locat1on for 1ts hospi t a l ' 1 f t Jt 1 d T h 1 A t t t PI t s c (AD on oca stu 1es. IS prmcipal • • f f In mall receiVed by Dr. MarLovaman Lmvers1ty untL u ure ncu ura an ec mca ac ervl es searchers in a joint effort to . . . . Leon M. Esachenko. Mrs. Bevnot ar rom t h e proposed medgaret Fisher, USF dean of wornplans can be out. ance Foundation the 2801, extension 141. . improve education will be workmg erly c. Falcon, Paul .J. Ferlita, ical school. The medical school en, Decker related that he and Decker left USF m July 1963 Boards of the NatiOnal Council Classes w11l be held m AD A t' k g ! . m cooperaUYe research for public I and VA hospital would work most of his faculty and student to become administrative head of Churches of Christ. 296, 1:35-2:30 p.m. (free h?ur) th 1 school systems." I x M ...... ,.c .. , ........ C ... ,, .. .... w .. .. , . .,., ....... ..-. .. x ..... ..., ........ closely on education, training body are now in Leopold ville, or the new university in the Many of Decker's friends have Tuesday and Thursday, tnme-e h DlVCI y was Batt 1 e reminded Christian ore amp us News. and research. some 500 miles from strife-torn CoMo. His offices have been expressed concern for the wei -ster II starting Jan. 12, p lla th t tl h d d' Editorials Pg 2 17 VA turned down offers of a Stanleyville. . . . Leopold ville, but. the. univer of. him, his family and the speakers for , the s_enes on \he e t1at they ra1! tl\:Os a Is cussed th: , . .w.., ..... w.W.WNW" =.w • ... ' . ....... 20-acre tract from w . c . TinsThose few remammg m Stan s1ty has been meetmg m Stan umvers1ty . were already gdoing their own fog g with tion Atlanta who will speak on research and such a coopera-and at a meeting with USF Beth M Ford Mrs Mildred Audition s For ' Oh Dad' ... Jan. 4 and 5 "Ca;eers in 'Business" and Dr tive plan would be good for President John S. Allen. M Futch Mrs' Dl'ane. G Gar-and 20(1. acres from Del E. Webb u t' b t t Pi ' Corp m the southern part of Frank Barron, research psycho!-sma coun Jes, u no or Battle told the Pinellas School rison, Mrs. Norma D. G a use. the ogist at the University of Cali-nell_as. . Board that he believes "the Mrs. Elizabeth A. Geiger, Gor---------fornia. S1nce . the board has studted program outlined here will ofdon J. Gibson Sr., Richard C. Although the series is non-the idea more and fer great advanta):tes to your Griesman. Word Sought credit, Dr. Thomas A. Rich, dec_ided to work the county school system. Dr. Hand James E. Hackney jr., Bar-director of the Developmental Umvers1ty of South Flonda, wh? l will be explaining to you per-bara E. Hall , Mrs . K . aren w. From AspirantS Center, feel s that it will be of already has a research counc1l sonally some of these advan -Hall, Willi a m F. Hampton Jr., Tryouts for USF's first thea-First class day for Tri mester II will b e Tuesday, credit to a student if it helps under way. tages, but I am sure that all William P. Haney Jr., Mrs. For SA Posts ter production of trimester II Jan. 5. him make the right career de-Dean of the College of of us are aware of. the need Jacquelyn H. Hanson, John H. . . . T ri II To Start One Day Later will be held in the TA on \fonCecil Brooks, admissions director, said Wednesday cision. tion Jean A. Battle told Pmellas for educat•onal re-Hardy, Dwight D. Helm, Student Assoc1at10n President day and Tuesday evenings, Jan. that classes for Monday, Jan. 4 have been cancelled. search. ard C. Herman. Peter E . H1llBo b Ashford has announced th_at 4 and 5 at 7 .30 m University catalog pub• Christian noted that HillsbOr-man. Mrs Jan D . Hines, Mrs. he w1ll a rules c_omm1t ' p. D 29 30 d 311 t f T i;t n tud N s h I h ough County has already agreed Virgima F, Howe Ralph C Hud tee the f•rst \\ eek of tnmester One of the most of hshed . ec. d ' 'fan T . cen 0 t er d Ths fents ew c 0 a r s Ip s to the council plan with a USF son Jr Mrs R 0 bert 'a M 'II. Members m us t oe approved . as origmal ates or n-are n'Ow regLs ere . ere ore . b th 1 1 t the expenmental theater of the . . . Jan. 4 classes wou l d be only alhance. "The other counties Hughes, Lorne E. Hunsberger, Y e eg1s a ure. absurd plays, "Oh Dad, Poor mesteEr II 60 per cent attended In addition in the West Coast I'm sute will Ande1s W. Johnson. Ira W . Th e function of the committee Dad. Mamma's Hung You in the The _ xecuttve Commlt ee many professors wiil be needed proposed for Stat e join us." .Jr .. James s .. Judy, Mrs . will be to set rules pl'O• cl d ' 1 . ' d " dectded to change that date as advisors for final registra-Observers in recent weeks PatriCia H . Katasrls, Don C. cedures for the upcommg SA oset an I m Fee m So Sa . to Jan 4 5 and 6 . . . K'l s d J K' B 1 t A hf d d . • • lion, the bulk of which is ex-have expressed dtsappomtment 1 go• e, an ra mg, ar-e ec Ions, s or sal Will be presented at 8 :30 p.m. Reas'Ons for the change pected on Jan. 4. Many of Florida's bright high The subcommittee headed by that there bas not been greater bara A. Koon. Roy E. Kotsch, I Persons who have already deon T uesday, Feb. 16 to give students a longer ChnstAccording to the statement school graduates are atte n ding Sen. Tom Whitaker of Tampa enthusiasm before now toward Terry Y. Kunrna. cided to run for office are urged Saturday, Feb. 20: There w!ll l mas hohday, and so that stu issued by Brooks, the on l y ac-outof -state universities. Two proposes a straight scholarship the cooperative research netALEXANDER H . Ladd, Lar-to con tact John Alston < UC 222 be a Sunday matmee at 3:30 dents would not have to be on tivities on Jan. 4 will be day subcommittees of the state Ieg-javailable to the top 5 per cent work idea in the face of the M. L_ashbrook. Albert P . o r write-, t o E psilon 338). ThiS p .m. on Feb. 21. campus through the New Year, and evening registrat ion. Stu islature's committee on hi gher of Florida high school ):traduates need for edLicational re-Lima, Amta G. Lmdsay, Mrs. will help the paper plan its covStudents interested in joining Brooks said. dents who completed their regiseducation have proposed a tax and awarded strictly on a merit search of th1s nature. (Continued on Page 3, Col. 3) erage of the campaigns. the production crews for seenMoving final registration datr tration on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 supported scholarship program basis with no regard to the fi ery, props, costumes, etc. should to Jan. 4, 5 , 6 means having and paid their fees will, there-that would attract these stunancial need of tl1e student. contact the Theater Arts office fina l registration durin!'( classes. fore, not be until dents to home state colleges and The subcommittee headed by ll.t ExtensiOn 321. Brooks said that 60 to 65 per 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 5. 1universiUes. Sen . . Beth Johnson of Orlando R eal Argum ent: Shall W e Adiourn? Reporter Lampoons Debate By CLELLA HOLT Of t h e Campus S taff The parliamentary debate fell apart at the seams Dec. 7 in UC 252. The topic Rcsol ved: That communism can only be defeated by m ilitary confronta tion and not by accom modation and n egotiation. T . C . Helvey and Frank Martinus upheld the affirma tive. Dr. Robert Heywood, F r an k Johnson and R a y Towler weren' t ready for the bombs. Rick Rumrell w a s moderator. HELVEY spent much time Insisting that the opponents came up with so mething besides s upposition s, b u t the only fact that he disclosed was that in ca:' of nuclear war, mly 17 per cent of the peo lle of the United States would e Someon _ e from the floor su gges ted this would mean 32 million people, then he couldn't decide whether he would rather be part of the 17 per cent or the 83 per cent remaining, Dr. Heywood c ited examples of successful negotiations, He feels certain t h e r e can be a c com mod ations between .Democracy and Communism, just as there are between I s l a m and Christian i ty change and attrition of time will be more to defeat Com munism t h a n will agg'ression. Cuba was used by both sides to prove everything. T 0 W L E R sug gested that thou gh it mi ght be nice to bury the enemy it would be unpleasant to bury oneself in the process. Regardless of what isolationists might feel, the world no longer revolves around Russia and the United States. Can we convince na tions that the United States is not an aggressor or shou l d we prepare to fight the world? F r a n k Martinus seemed ashamed to be invo lve

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December 14, 1964 .--Campus Edition Editorial Page Traumatic Trimester Hang on; t h e end is in sight. Here come finals. Can vacation be far beh ind? How many of us feel that this bas been, without question, t h e most traumatic trimester of all? It's agreed, then. Now come f i n a 1 s: Massive trauma. We are not among that special group who manages always to stay no more than one chapter behind the professor all term long, and needs only to quickly review for the final. Nor are we in the category of those who save it all for the last week, then dope up on pills and coffee for cramming. And then stagger, zombie-like into the exam room, only to find our tired brain has had it for the week. But we fit that group closer than the first. The difference is pills. And all that company that usually accom panies cramming. If you don't "dope up" maybe you can think a little better. Be sides, it's healthier . If we'd break up those cram ming parties that go far into the wee hours, we'd have a better chance, too. We know a well-meaning "A" student w h o has co operated with plans to study together, and woun d up being a tutor for her n o t-so bright friends, and p utti ng fo u r teen weeks of dilige n t stu dy in jeopardy. Don't do it. Even if you're not a well meaning "A" student, you're not going to accomplish very much more than a lot of conversation un related to the subject, and some panic-like review. Go it alone. It works so much better. Quieter, too. We've y e t to hear someone complain of n o ise made by a student studying alone; and we've heard plenty of noise from the groups. Granted, better planning (or something) would ease t h e strain of cramming at the end, b u t few are those who can carry it off. We always need to hit the b ooks be fore exams. What ever happened to the idea to have a day or two between t h e end of classes and the start o f fi nals? The trimester sched u li n g makes too much off-time impossi ble; we'd be almost to Christmas Day before getting out of here. But a day or two extra to study is needed; and should be arranged . Congratulations UF We see from the papers that Florida has a good chance of get ting a dental school within t h e next five years. Since 1947, we understand, the state has spent nearly $3.5 million financing the education of dental students at colleges and universi ties outside the state, at the rate of $1,500 per student per year. Florida needs a dental school. We are told that the new Flor ida dental school will be attached to the College of Medicine at the Universi ty of Florida in Gaines ville. That makes sense; USF's medi cal school will not be along for a number of years, surely m o r e than five. UF already has a good program going; let's put the dental school there, too. Just like all the other schools. At Gainesville we find t h a t masters degrees are offered in more than 100 separated major fields. The University of Florida in that quaintlittle north Florida town has a College of Agriculture, a College of Architecture and Fine Arts , a College of Arts and Sci ences, a College of Business Ad ministration and a College of ucation. Wait, there are more : A Col lege of Engineering, a College of Forestry, a College of Journalism and Communications, a College of Law and a College of Medicine. Did we miss any? Quite a lineup of graduate pro grams. All this and big-time foot ball too. don ' t suppose there is any thing to the rumor that the uni versity at Gainesville will always be so favored, because an whelming majority of Florida law makers and influentials a r e UF alumni? Who c o u 1 d suggest such a thing? Congratulations on the dental school, boys. C ampu s Bathroom Literati By HUGH MOORE Of the Campus Staff Are college students really ma ture? Well of course most college students are quite mature, b u t there is a small group of people on campus whose maturity is open to question. Case in point. In j unio r high school you expect to find all sorts of things written on the walls of rest rooms . You don't like to see this, but you can perhaps excuse it on the g rounds that the children are not mature. You console your self with the thought that defacing the walls of rest rooms is just a stage, and the children will soon grow out of that stage. But will they? By the time a student reaches L I T T L E M A N 0 N college age you would think that he surely must have outgrown the writing-on-the-wall stage. But this is not always true. Apparently stu . dents have matured very slightly, 1f a t all, for they are still writing on the walls. Not only is this habit vulgar, juvenile, and destructive, it is al so dull, for it seems that the writ ers have learned no new sayings since they left elementary school. The words and phrases are, for the most part, quite familiar to most people , and r for one do not feel the pressing need to be re acquainted with them. It seems to me that people in college should by now be mature enough to junk this dis g usting habit and find a more profitable use for va luable time and energy. But perhaps I am wrong . Perhaps some people are just not mature enough for college. c A 8 M y p U B S I B L WE K so CR L MY ro E 'J.f1' powN' ouR R Cram, Jam, Scram and Be Quiet-lf1S That Time Again! Campu s M inis t er Say s • . . Hell: Alienation From Self By REV. JAMES KELLER USF Minister to Presbyterian Students "Do you believe in heaven and hell?" A Gallup poll survey in 1944 reported 76 per cent yes, 13 per cent no, 11 per cent did not know. In the Catholic Di gest, 1953, a survey reported 72 per cent believe in heaven, 58 per cent believe in hell. In a s urvey taken by Ladies Home Journal in 1944, it was revealed that of 73 per cent who believed in an afterlife with God as judge, only "5 per cent had any fear, not to say expecta tion of going to hell." In the Catholic Digest about 80 per cent admitted what they were most seri ous about was not the life after death in which they said they but in trying to live as comfortably in this life as possible . What we see developing is the phe nomenon of a high percentage of peo ple who believe i n heaven and hell at the verbal level but who on the function al level believe in something entirely different. This is no doubt influenced by the total irrelevance of hell described in terms of "Flames," "Pit of fire," "Eternal burning," etc. The great af fluence of our contemporary culture and the temporary absence of crisis against the backdrop of ultimate weaponry has diverted our conce r n toward a comfort able life here and now . As a result of all this the Church has sought in many places to not talk about hell or in some places to drop the term from its vocabulary (as seen in its delttion from the Apostles Creed in some church-es l BJt a curious phenomenon has occurred. Almost at the moment the churc h drops the term, the secular prophets pick it up (witness Sartre's "No Exit,"). Evidently then some significant descrip tion of human existence is embodied in the term "hell." ONE s mall VOICE Sartre's conclusion is that "hell is other people" and his portrayal of hell is, to say the least, terribly horrifying. T. S. Eliot concludes i n "Th e Cocktail Party" that hell i s ones self, and one gets the distinct impression that this picture of existence is no simple figment of one mind. The New Testament w r ite r s and Jesus himself caught this seriousness of the human predicament. The symbols which they used to express it no longer carry meaning to us, but much of the c o n t e n t of what they are saying is picked up by some of our contemporary writers, in and out of the church. The content of the term "hell" as seen by the Scriptures and modern writ ers in some cases, is the human predica ment of alienation from ones truest self ( cf. Eliot), alienation from other people at a depth level (cf. Sartre) , and aliena tion from God. We cannot conceive of hell as some spatial place of suffering. Hell is ulti mate aloneness. So hell certainly begins in this life an(i if one finds no ultimate source of reconciliation or having found such a source continues to deny or re ject it, then bell, ultimate aloneness, could conceivably go on as long as the recontiliation does not begin to occur i n this life or the next one, i f there be one. The term heaven has los t much of its meaning in our day because it too has been conceived of in spatial terms, "up there" with golden streets, etc. Here again we have to de-mytholog1ze the Scriptural symbols, i.e. break the shell and put its content into symbols we understand today. If hell is alienation from ones truest self, from others, from God, then heav en is discovering and affirming o n e s truest seli, reconciliation within, it is being "at one" at a depth level with others, it is being at one with God. Heaven, if w e want to use the word, is ulti mate reconciliation. So heaven too be gins in this life . Chris tmas l(noc k e d as Tinse l Time; New Years as B acc h analia n Fiasc o By JOHN ALSTON of the Campus Staff H a n g on to yo u r pocketpooks friends, cause ole Kris Kringle is coming to town. This merry chap and his band of e lves annually account for the sale of millions of dollars worth of soo n -to be-broken toys, loud ties, and usel ess clothes. He is the reason for a phenom enal amount of so:ial a nd e c o n o m i c interaction, namely, the o ffice collec t i o n, borrowing money and stretching a t i g h t budget. Aside from the annual run un the banks that this Alston season causes, it is a lso the cue for the entire world to go a ll out decorating for the occasion. Nowhere are th e decorating principles of Christmas more evident than on the USF campus. Crescent Hill has sprouted a frustrated Maypole, aluminum trees have appeared and the entire UC is strung with paper bells. . ONE small VOICE squeakingly ad mits that all these ornaments are in keeping with the tradition of Christmas decorating, but someti mes this borders on the ridiculous (paper bells? J . And what abou t C hristmas carols? Sure, they're but sensibility is lacking in most of them.

HELP FROM ENGLEHORN Radio Television Programs Snead Still On Top WFLA-TV 8:00-The Blc Newa 8:15-Tbe BlJ Newa f:45-RuntleJBrinkley WTVT WSUN-TV WEDU-ETV Monday Evening Pnlae Nowa Football (Continued from Page 12) duced lwo of the league's top three poinl scorers with Moore winning the title with 120 points to 115 for Cleveland's Lou Groza and Jim Bakken of St. Louis. The Cardinals, who had a shot at the Eastern title until the Browns whipped New York, edged Philadelphia 36-34 on Bak ken's fifth field goal -a 19-yarder with 22 seconds remain ing. St. Louis will meet Green Bay in the Playoff Bowl at MiDally Line-up: Weekdays: Midnight, SEBRING, Fla. (A') -At the Jack Armstrong; 6 a.m .• Bobby Lyons; 9 a . m., Jim McShane; noon, Johnny age of 52, Sam Snead still wins Dollar: 3 p.m .• Marv Ray; 7 p.m . . Dick Eller . golf tournaments. As Mtke SQU saturdays: 6 a.m., BobbY Lyons k 'd . Noon, Marv Ray; 7 p.m., Johnny Dol-cha once Sal , Sam wtll shll Jar until 1 a.m. s!Jn-off. be winning them -sore feet Noon, Jun McShane, 6 p.m .• and all -when he reaches 60 . Sunday, the West Virginia 7:40 a . m.; 3-Star Extra, 6: at 11:30 a.m .1 1:30, 2:30. 3:30 and 7:30 p.m.: MU' with Sports. 6:05 p . m. SHIRLEY ENGLEHORN, Newa: 10 wo.'!'ll! newa Snead's partner in the $40,000 on the hour, followed by 5 minute. of Scotch Mixed Foursome Tourat a::zs and T:OO-Litll01t Hobo 7:.15-LIIIlesl Hobo Bristol Court 7:111-90 Brlatol Court a:00-90 Brlsoll Court 8:1r.-90 Bristol Court Bristol Court 8:45-90 Bristol Court 9 :00-. Jonath . Winters (c) 9:15-Jonath. Winters (c) Winters (o) 9:45-Jonath. Winters (c) 10:00-AlC red Bltchcock 10:15-Alfred Hltehcor k Hltcheork 10:45-Alfred Hitchcock News 11:15-Tonlrht Show (e) Show (e) Show lei nament, made Sam even richer 9:15 a.m., 6:15 p.m b . Features: News with Dallu Townsend. U:OO-TonJ1 ht Show (e) Y usmg a sand wedge and a 8 a.m. ; Lowell Thomas, d:45 p.m.: Ned 12:15-Tonlcht Show teJ putter to bag a couple of Calmer, 8 p.m. Show (e) Navy LoJ Around World Walter Crol!klle Nuy Lo1 Around World Bold Journey Jr. Coli. Spanish Mnle Bold Jonrney Jr. Coli. Spanish Bollom or Sea Adelanto 1\fovlo Bottom of Sea Adelante Big Mo•l& Bottom of Se& Th• Family Big Bottom of Sea Tho Family Blc Movie No Time As Fain Go Blc Movie No Time As Fairs Go The Lucy Show Wendy and Me J\larahal Tllo The Lucy Show \Vendy and 1\te Marshal Tlto RA.pgy Return• Bing Crosby Marshal Tlto Happy R eturns Binr; Crosby Mo.rshal Tllo Slattery's P eople Ben Casey FSU Fe•tlval Slallery'o People Ben Casey FSU Fe•tlval Slattery's People Ben Casey Focus on U.N. Slattery'• Pf'ople Ben Casey Fot'us on U.N. Pul1e Newa ABC Newa orr the Air Wthr. , Editorial Les orr the Air WreatllnJ Les Crane Off the Air Wrestllnc Lea Crane ocr the Air Wrestllnr Les Crane orr the Air Wreslllnr Les Crane Off llle Air Rosene 8 Les Crane orr the Air l Specials: Dear .Abby, 9:30 a . m.: 1%:411-Tonlgbt Show to) eag es. Beverly Stark, 9 :45a.m.: Arthur God __ The shots gave the team a ,ami, Fla., Jan. 3. Rescne 8 Les Crane orr tho Air SAM SNEAD Still Winning seven-under-par 65 for the final Garry Moore, 11:35 a.m.; Roger Benround and a 72-hole total of 272, 16-under-par for the 6 723-yard Wallace , 3:30 p.m.: Sidefights , 4 :30 H d H 11 ' p.m., 6:30 p.m.; Eddy Arnold, Walter ar er a course. Cronk i te, 7:30 p.m.: Pat Boone, 7:35 Class. 6 :15-Conllnental Clan. Florida 6:45-Good I:f Shitley had missed either l>.m. 1:00-Today WSUN-320 ?:15-Today Tuesday Moming Sunri se Semester orr tbe Air Off the Air Snnrlse Semester Off tbe Air orr the Air A.){, Show Ott th e Air Oft the Air A.M:. Show orr tho Air orr the Air Show orr 111e Air orr the Air A.M. Show Off the Air orr the Air A.M. Sho" THE PACKERS tied Los An geles 24 -24 and deadlocked Min nesota for second place in the west but won the Playoff Bowl berth because they outscored the Vikings in their two meetings thi.w season. The Vikings finished :>Ut their season with a 41-14 thumping of Chicago. No Rl:Jies, No Holds lone, they might not have withweather: D.aily on the hour and half stood the challenge of Dow Fin-hour . Special reports at 12:05 p.m. and t ld d M 1 H 6:30 p.m. orr the Air Off the Air A.M. Show orr the Air Off the Air Capt. Kanraroo Ort the Air Off the Air s erwa an ene agge, News: 10minute reports, s minutes 8 : 15-Toda:r who shot an identic a 1 65 to finbefore the hour. 8 CaJJt. Kanraroo Off the Air orr the Air CaJJt, .d:anraroo O!t.tbe Air Amer. v1. Comm. Elsewhere, Detroit defeated San Francisco 24-7 and Dallas Pittsburgh 17-14. l'sh one strt'ke beh' d t 273 Special Interesl: Breakfast Club, 9 8:45-Today The Haig & ::::::, __ tournament is the only one Hollywood, 12:30 p.m .• 3:25 p.m .• 7:2S MMo,.t1e Capt. Kanraroo Off tho Air Western Worlcl Mike Dongtaa T .. t Pattern Weatern World Mike Dourtas Report Let'a Plroro Ryan was the big man for the Browns, completing 12 of 13 passes for 202 yards and those five touchdowns while once himself on a 12-yard run. The touchdowns put the Browns ahead to stay 10 7 and started a streak in which C 1 e v e 1 a n d scored six consecutive times. p.m., 9 :25 10 :25 p.m. : oro ng o• e bringing men and women pros Mondays: Issues and answera, 11:05 __ _ __::..::..:=:..:.:..:.:.:=-t g th p . m . Mo'f!O Mike Douglas Sgt. Pre•ton Concert Hall Mike Dourlas Sri. Preston Science World Mike Dooclaa La La nne Show The Navigator 0 e er. Ctousloal Musto: Concert Hall, 8:05 10:15-1\lorninJ Mo'fla Mike Dourtaa La Lanne Show The Na,lj:ator It was a happy occasion for 9 p.m . WALT u10 This Snead, who is one of golf's bigSporht One-minui; at 2:1 mJnutes ___ __ gest all-time money winners. Fidler. 5 minutes Barred I Lon Luey Prlce Is Rlr;ht & Placea I Lo .. Luey Price Is Right u.s. History And:v-Ma:vberry Get the Mesugo u .s. History At the 11th hole, Snead lashed past hour. WALT Beach Party, Satur• (o) And7-Mayb erry The McCoys Get tho Message Mlsslnc Llnko Tl '11 b 1 d days, 1 p.m. 11:45-Jeopardy (ol Jere WI e no ru es an no a 300-yard drive and Shirley WLCY-1380 ----=-...:.....:.:.:..:.:.... __ ......:..::::.:.:..:...:...:...:..:..:.. _ __::..::..:.;:..:;:;::..;;;=:.:...-...:...::..:..:=:..:..:..=.:.._ holds barred when the world tag chipped in trom so yards out on half hour.' minTuesday Afternoon The McCoya Mlulnc Links The Americana team duo Qf Tarzan and Tim for an eagle deuce. At the 17th, Sports: 5 minutes at 7:35 a.m .. 8 : 35 R ' d ft th G' ts she dr pped a 25 foot putt f r a.m., 5 '35 p.m., 7 '35 p.m . • and 12'35 ffft:::: ::l yan s score a er e aan Tyler meets Bob Orton and Hiro 0 • 0 a.m. u.3"Trulh-Conseq. taJ h d I d th te Weather: 10 m.Jnutes before hour. .r-• had moved ahead on a touch-M t d light ut Texas er secon eag e an e am Featurou Farm hour. 5:30 a.m . , Unl12:45-Truth-Conaeq. <•> down pass by Y. A. Tittle -who a su a m a s 0 '. split $5,600 first prize. versity of Taro\pa, 2:35 p.m.; Campus BIJ Newa set a NFL record by playing in death match tomorrow mght at Finsterwald and Marlene di.• Open Mike, 10 Puloe-Newa Woatber-Mkta. Search Tomor' w Llrbt no of Life Lo'fe of Life .A& World Tama .A& World Turna Father ltnow1 Father Knowa Tenn. Ernie Tenn. Ernie Home Theater Rome Theater Home Theater Rome Theater Tbe Americans Cor. cor. Bablamos Espanol Science Horhon Western World his 176th game but connected Fort Homer Hesterly Armory vided $3,800 for second. Dave WHB0-1050 1:45-Let's Deal te> for only one score in what may at 8 : 30 . Ragan and Mickey Wright split t:•,•s•w:rrdd Dome Theater Western World have been his farewell. Since no rules enforced in $3,200 for a third-place finish at Fe&tures : Swap and Sell, 9 :15 a.m.. Doctors Rouse Party World 277 Daisy Mae. 11:35 a.m. 2:f5-The Doctor• Rouse Party Da• M Saunders Faoc'atln• World The Colts were locked in a 10 th' t p f match the Tyler Sporh: Five minutes of sports, Mon. IS y e 0 ' B b T Jti f' h d 11 d d lh F ld 7 30 and 4 30 tb W t• T lith T th Ge I H I' 1 F ' tl W ld 10 tie with the Redskins at the t h . hi 0 os lntS e we own at 10:30 T:n th: nera 01P .a or half but moved ahead in the Bros. tag earn c ampJOns p in 14th place with his partner, a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Don' t Say tel Edre of Nlrht BomemaklnJ third quarter on Jerry Hill's bell will not be at stake. There Judy Torlumke, but Toski came News ana minutes -::Y:-o-:u",..:'=--M7a_rr_Je_d_•_.,......T:::od:.:.•..:7-:-seven-yard touchdown run beis also no time limit and the up with the biggest thrills of the before the hour. 4 :00-Match Game Secret Storm Trallmuter A• Folrs Go fore Unitas hit for a touchdown winner is nQt decided until one final round. pass and Moore plunged short team cannot continue. Exploding out o! a bunker, 7 '25 a . m. onday roug Thaxton Show Woody W'dreek'r Bleb Adventure yardage for his two touchdowns Toski holed a 30-yard shot for a WPLA-910 Thaxton Show Woody W'dpeck'r Blsb Ad•enture f h b ' d' th hth h 1 Th News: 5 minutes on the hour, up, ThntonSbow Pulse News, Wth. Sp. Bllko to put It out 0 reac TillS IS a return grudge Ir Ie on c eJg 0 e. en noon. J:•ii-L. Thaxton Show Editorial-Extra BUko What'a New What's New Klnderg'ten Cor. Klnderc 'te n Cor. Unitas wound up with 13 com-he stepped up to the ninth tee Weathor: 11 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. pletions in 2u attemts for 226 match. Two weeks Tarzan and lofted a 171-yard four iron toF;!ti.':'.'s: The Mary Jim Everidge _____ ___ _ Yards and a pair of touchdowns. Tyler and Orton met w1th Tyler shot for a hole-in-one, the fifth News daily 12:30 p.m. The Jim Maloy Rock Show weekdays 3:30 5 p . m. MaD 1• • J t B 5 h I Bakken tied an NFL record trying to wrest Orton's Southace of his career. ion Forum Monday 11:45 a.m. lYing ree a ryan ( 00 with his five field goals, the last ern heavyweight title belt. Ort-snead-Enr l ehorn s2.800 News: on the The River Grove Junior said Mrs Jean Johnston pub-one coming. after he missed a on lost the two-of-three falls but Flnsterw' d-Hagge u ,900 half !>Our, local on hour throughout the • 53-yarder wtth less than two . . , den Club will present a living chairma?. . h . minutes r e main in g. That kept hts title when Tarzan L. HebertSuns St.I25 .. 7:17()..68-279 Friday. . Christmas tree to W. J. Bryan tudents Wlll stng C nstmas seemed to have clinched it for disqualiied when Tim entered . : 1 t h 1 29 carols as part of the program. th E 1 b t D B RudotnhWhltwort h S894 R9-71-67-7:1-2RO p.m. Saturday and sunday at 10:30 E emen ary Sc 00 at 34 E. Patiicipating will be Mrs. e ages u on rumm re-the ring. EfllsKimball U94 ...... 7()-70-68-280 am and 5 30 p m H'll b gh A covered an Ollie Matson fum-Last week Orton and Matsuda Pott-Cr••d SiM ... ?3-69-r.i-282 ' weather: Quarter past each hour, 1 s orou ve. George B. Hoover, club conser-ble to set up Bakken's game-souchak Romack Si50 .. also 20 of hour 6-9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The 12-foot tree will be plant-vat! on chairman; Harris Carter, winner took two of three falls from the only ed on the school grounds in principal; and Robert MeDon-and lhe Cardinals' victory. Tylers but couldn't take the sls1f0 .. : ceremonies at 9 a.m. Thursday, ald, club president. champiQnshlp belt since they uoo":.: Of a Broadway show, sundays at 4 p.m. THE TWO teams scored 47 won the third fall on a disWharton-Ston• 1375 .... 71-69-711ii-2R7 I t • th d 'od Rui•Cohm snr.o ........ 77..69-12-288 secon Perl -an qualification. Bart Starr of the Packers also The second of three tag team :i."'t :. broke a league record on the fi-matches pits the rough Assas nal day of the season, complet-sins against the due or 'Eddie JHS Cage Games ing 26 passes without an inter-Graham and Sam Steamboat. Slated ccption for a string of 225 in a c J ':1 1 Th ld Corsica Joe and orstca ean Four Junl'or Ht'gh Schoo 1 row without a stea . e o record of 208 was set by Milt clash with Tony Marion and games are scheduled on the Plum in 1959-60. Abe Jacobs In the other team basketball courts tonight. Starr big Boyd Dowler with a fray. Eighth graders will open acfive-yard touchdown pass to Single matches plt George tion at each gym at 6 p.m. with start a 14-point fourth quarter Drake against Pedro Godoy and the ninth graders playing at 7:30. against the Rams, ther: Jim Chief Little Eagle against Duke The teams and gyms are: Taylor got the tie with a one-Keomuke. Sligh and Van Buren at Hills-yard plunge. azreservations can be made in borough, Franklin and Buchanan by calling 253-0643 or at Jefferson, Tomlin and Adams by stopping by the Sportatorium at Plant City, and Dowell and GRANTS 106 North Albany. Graco at Brandon. Dog Track Nearing I $15 Million Figure Greig, has not posted a win In more than three weeks but still remains the leading winner with Radio Stations TAMPA WFLAFM-9U MO WDAEFM-100.7 MC WPKJ\1-F.M -lM.'l' 7ol0 WTUX-FJ\1-88.9 MO WUSF-FM-R9.T .MC WT.l\'IP -11/iO XC WALT -1110 l{C WHBO 1050 11:0 WSOL -1300 KC WlNQ 1010 KC WEST COAST STATIONS WALK1430 KC WKKY-930 KC WSUN 820 KC WP1:-l 680 KC WPLA 010 KC WSIR 1400 XC WRBB14?0 KC WINT1380 KC WTLZ 1.)00 XC WYND 1280 XC WGTO 540 KC WBRD 1420 KC WLCY 1380 KC WTCXFM-99.5 MC WSPB HGO KC WTAN 1340 KC WAZE 860 KC WTI\L 1490 KC WDCF -1350 KC WYAKFM-10:1.6 MC Kiwanis Club Plans Party For Children The Kiwanis Club of Tampa will hold its annual Children's C h r i s t m a s Party at noon Wednesday at the Tampa Ter race Hotel. The guests will be 150 children from 21 Hillsborough County schools-ages 6 through 12-and lheir t e a c h e r s and Already more than $1 million ahead in mutuel handle , the Tampa Greyhound T r a c k is moving rapidly toward its first $15 million season. The biggest two-day boost of the season came this weekend when 11,110 fans wagered $503,726 to run the total to date to $12,269,666. This is $1,063,5,04 over last year's total of $11,206,-162 for the same period. 12 victories against nine for 1 school principals. The children G. A. Alderson's Imitation Red. are selected by the teachers and Helpeker, Tampa Juvenile Stake are all from underprivileged champion, will try for her ninth win for A. L. Sparks tonight. owned by Dave It's NEW From CHRYSLER •• the BERTONE! THIS IS THE ANSWER for those Looking for a Luxury Sports Car The only All-American sports car with CHRYSLER'S 5-year or 50,000 mlle guar anteel UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICED G. A. Alderson had three wins last week and took a 55-54 week over Alderson and Lentz, which was the leader for most of the season. Nineteen days of racing remain and the Tampa Derby will be the outstanding feature during this period. ENTRIES FffiST RACE-Fivesixteenths mile Grade D : (Firs t Half Daily Double): 1. Cactus One 5. Ray Tracing 2. Carol Mar 6. Rajah's Prince .. 3. ,Jonimora ?. Pay As You Gn 4. Theodelane 8. Lord Brandywin e SECOND RACEFive-sixteenths mile Grade C: . "The Ghost o! Moby rain. Jane Wyman, Van Johnson Dick." Scientist seeks to find a star. !1956J. whale that has left him a cripple. Tuesday BRISTOL COURT, 7:30 p.m. 9 a.m. f 8J. ''It Shouldn't Hap• (8). Karen adopts an Afghan pen to a Dog." Reporter, work hound; Harris hires a maid; and ing on a gangland killing story. a patient becomes meets and falls in love wilh a Dick' s slave. lady detective. <1946>. 1 p.m. <38). "Bringing Up Baby." Katharine Hepburn and JONATHAN WINTERS, 9 p.m. < Sl. Mirth and music com bine, with Win t e r s and his guests who are, pianist Peter Nero, comedian Louis Nye and singer Eileen Farrell. (Colorl. LIFE OF MARSHAL TITO. 9 p.m. (3). Documentary on Tito's role as a fighter and sucCary Grant in a comedy adven• ture, mixing socialites. archaeol• ogists, and two leopards into lhe action. <1938 l. cessful politician. Post Office Advises Use of •Local• Bands THE LUCY SHOW, 9 p.m. (13). Lucy and Viv go into coin collecting, eyeing a quick profit. WENDY AND ME, 9 p . m . f38l. A lost dog is returned to Wendy, many times over. ALFRED HITCHCOCK, 10 p.m. f8J. Ed Begley and Jean ette Nolan star as incompetent medical missionaries who are unhappy over lhe arrival or a younger couple on the field. The Accelerated Business Col lection Delivery lace ment service is available. Determine your own qualifications with our FREE Qualification Chart. To receive yours. till in and mail the coupon below NOW. .... ... ------ETectro1lc PI'Difllllllllnr Tt'lininr; Center, lac. A . 8o)( N 314 c / O TribuneTimes. Tampa., F l a . Please send me l"l'!.EE or charge &nd without ohllratlon a. Qualification Chart. _ ....... ------------NAME Piioii'Eiio. Pii'aU'c'ii8C't7'VE.riiiiG o Dl' oAY o -----------., __ Nothing else . quite measures up It has the look and enC)ineering features for merly fo11nd only in $4000 and up c:ors suc h os th e Italian ALFAROMEO or German PORSCHE. Imported body by Bertone of Italy, disc; brakes on all four wheels . Adjust able reclining bucket seats. These are but a few of its luxurie s! S2665 DELIVERED IN TAMPA! l : Goosip EIGHTH RACEFive sixteenths mil e -Gra de C : I. Mr . Umpire 5 . Friendly Shadow 2 . Court R lng 6 . Patsy Lake 3. Donna Larsen 7. Frisk!e Squ aw Dixon said all questions con cerning the chang e should be addressed to the Commanding General, Finance Center, Unit-ed States Army, attention Chief R etired Pay Division, Indianap olis, Ind. Walker's DeLuxe Bourbon A CHRYSLER SIMCA DIVISION W MOTORS CORP. ; / f. J a/0, . AUTO '.) /J.ffl U/ /J..IfX SALES 9390 FLORIDA PH. 935 4. Cactus Ace 8. F'uddsy NINTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile Grade A : 1 . La Fette 5 . Dust y Ruler 2 . Nig's Bonnie 6 . G ay Janice 3 . Katie Sunmarker 7. O!le R ose 4. Upper Story 8 . Jac ob' s Leader TENTH RACEFive-sixteenths mile Grad e B: 1. Spot Button 5. Desert Lou Mar 2 . Estimated 6. Ensue Me 3 . Nora Iri s 7. Cammie Cool Cat WICHITA, Kan. fiPI Fire men answere d a call from a residence and were asked to in vestigate strange noises com ing from an air conditioner. 4 . Creole Jazz 8. Re gina lAdy ELEVENTH RACE Three elhths When they pulled the air con5 . Merimba 1 ditioner out of its case a cat 2. Rocker's Circus 6. She's Set hopped out and scurried away 3 r. C.'s M eadow D ? Dainty Spark 1 'th h ' • 4. Ratn e r Dar k s. Patsy Ross Wl out explatnmg lS presence. THE ELEGANT 8 YEAR OLD Classic decanter or regular fifth, both gift-wrapped at no extra charge. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • 86.8 PROOF • HIRAM & SONS INC. PEORIA, ILL.


Newspaper Enterpris e Assn . Harol d S. (Mike) Vander bilt, who invented contract bridge back i n 1925 and de velope d the Vanderbilt Club I Conve n tion as the first bidding system, has JUst published a book on a mod ernized version of the conventh:m. On page 100, he is ki n d enough to recall that in 1934 he and T wo n a national title p laying his cl u b conventio n. It is a good convention but I feel strongl y that you lose a trifle more than you gain when you have to give u p your normal one club bid in order to use it artificaUy. However, Mike has come up with a couple of ideas in his book that I intend to NORTH H • 1 0 9 7 6 5 • 10 8 7 +H A64 WE S T EAST • 2 . A43 •A9432 •a + K Q 1 0 3 + 9 8 7 6 5 2 • 10 3 2 • J 8 5 S O UTH (D) .KQJ B .KQJS + A . KQ97 Both vulnerable South We s t N orth East 1 • Pass 1 + Pass 1 • Pass 2 • P a s s 3 • Pass 3 • Pass 4 • Pass Pass Pass Ope n in g lead + K. study carefully to see if I can't Incorporate them in my own bidding methods. I His first idea is that aces 11nd kings are so important in slam bidding that he counts ace-kin g points as well as high card points. Thus, one d i amond response to the Vander bilt Club denies holding : A tvt o ace s,B-onc ace , one king and o n e queen; C-two k ings and two queens. When today' s h a n d was played at a New Jersey regional tournament, the standard bid ding was usuall y one club by South , one spade by North \\'hereupon several South playe r s became over-ambitious and landed at five spades. This went down a trick because the de f e n s e collected two aces and a h eart ruff. The biddmg in the box is the Vanderbilt club. The club o p e n i n g shows at least 16 high-card p o in t s. The diamond response denies two aces, so South makes no effort at all t o get the slam and stop at four spades. o:en :HJrklugn The bidding has b ee n : West N o r t h E a s t South 1 • Dble. P a ss ? You, Sou t h, hold: .7543 .AQ86 +KJ5 t ... 6 What do you do? A-Bid two spades . Y o u have 10 :POints and want to b e in game, b u t y ou on l y h ave four hearts. TODAY'S Q UEST IO N You bid two spades. Your partner bids three hearts. Wh a t do you do now? Answe r Tomorrow . SOFT AS A 1(. TS:'S ,,%, 1. J IJtVel{ n.A'RE $CO'JCH 7i/H!$Kf fje t SOFTLY PRICED mm WHiill nmr mer l • • IMFtll!llf IHI MDVH IISIIlUiS, liD., IIIlA. SLIE YOUR CHOICE Reg. 2" Ladies'. Teens' Tennis Oxfords Reg. 4'5 CAR TOP CARRYING RACK Val. to 4'5 HI-FI and STEREO ALBUMS Full Selec:tion of Top Arti s t s in Voc & lnst . f11 U.S.A. Reg. 250 OLD SPICE MEN'S SETS Gift Boxed Reg. 3 CHILDREN'S DRESSES Sizes 1 to l, 3 to •x YOUR CHOICE Reg. 19'5 14K. GOLD 1Di PENDANT Reg. 17'5 MEN'S WRIST WATCH l7J•wel,t vr.guar. Reg. 18'5 9x12 TWEED RUG -Reg. 14'5 ELECTRIC IRON Steam and Dry Reg. 1595 ELECTRIC MIXER Sunbeam Reg. 1995 GE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH Reg. 16" ELECTRIC COFFEE MAKER XMAS YOUR CHOICE Reg. 9'5 ROCKING HORSE Junio r Size li m i t one Reg. 49 5 MEN'S JACKETS Unlined, washable , full Zipper Reg. 4'8 l/2 EYELASHES for real eye flattering Val. to 9'5 Children's Famous Name Shoes Reg. soo 9UILTED ROBES 10 thru 44, SML YOUR CHOICE Reg. 10'5 MEN'S 9UALITY DRESS SHOES !izt:' 12 Reg. 1995 A9UARIUM 5 Gal. Tank with Pump & filter Reg. 1288 Ladies' Sunbeam Electric Razor Reg. 775 Grafted Gardenias Ready to Bloom Wilson, Dunlop Tennis Rackets 6!1v Reg. 1099 12 PAIR STRETCH NYLON SOCKS • BIG COUPON • • • • • BIG COUPON • • • • • BIG COUPON 1 • • • • BIG COUPON 1 • -; • • BIG COUPON • • II! • • BIG COUPON • • • • • BIG COUPON • I • 1 I SHAMPOO & SET 1 LIGHT BULBS : PLAY DOUGH I COFFEE : POINSETTIAS : PAINT BRUSHES 1 ZORI 63 Reg. I 5 , 000 3 Reg. 1 Limit 36 R e g. I Pe r 1 Reg, 1 Limit 29 Reg. I S i zes 38 Reg . I S M L 1 Reg. 1 $2 . 50 1 Limit 4 ea. 25c: 2 1.00 I Cup 1 Oc: One 89c: I 1 3 99c I Limit 4 J7r: I I Good D ec . 14 and 15 Only I G ood D oc . 14 And 15 O o l y Good D ec , 1 4 and 1S Only I Good Dec. 14 and 15 Only Good D ec. 1 4 and 15 Only • Good D oc, 14 a n d 1 5 Only I Good D ec. 1 4 and 1 5 Only • r • • BIG COUPON • • - • • 1 BIG COUPON • • i • • BIG COUPON 1 • • • BIG COUPON • • T • • BIG COUPON • • • • • BIG COUPON 1 • 1111!. • • BIG COUPON • • 'J : flashlight BATIERY : BLANKETS : PANTIES : DONUTS : TOOTH PASTE : OCCASIONAL CHAIR : DINETIE SPc. SET : 1 Limit 4 Reg. I Solid s and $187 RetJ. I S ML 9 Reg. 1 All You 1 Reg. 1 Family 49 Reg. I SAVE $19'5 Reg. I Wood $5995 Reg. 1 4 eo. 15c I Stripes 2 . 87 J9c: Want 1 Oc 89c 1 NOW 49.95 I Veneer 79. 95 I Good D ec. 14 and 1 5 Only Good Dec. 1 4 and 15 Only I Goo d D ec. 14 and 15 Only I Good Dec. 14 and 15 Only I Good D ec. 14 and 1 5 Only I Good Dec. 14 and 1 5 Only Goo d D e c . 1 4 and 1 5 Only I I • • I FREE INSTANT CREDIT BABY SITTING 4465 GANDY BLVD. WATCH AND COMPARE LESLIE GANDY'S EVERY PRICE • •• AND YOU'LL SAVE!


• I I I I I Presbyterians Active ' On and Off Campus Dr. Dean Elected Dean Harris W. Dean is new president of the Southern Assn. of Colleges and Scholls. Dr. Dean is dean of academic affairs. He was elevated to the office at the annual session in Louisville, Ky. recenUy. BULLETIN Budget for Six A thleti c Clubs in Presente d THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December 14, 1964 PEs Soccer Kings; E .notas Is Tri High Speech Tourney Jan. 11-16 ;:;. High Achievers Receive Medals lJ Alonso medals. (below) were aw.arded this week to 22 USF students who scored in the 99 percentile on a mot.or fitness .test given by physical education department. F r o rp. left are: (f r o n t row) Dr. Gilman Dianne Davidson, Mabel King, Sandra Yanaura, Linda Bastberg, Roland M iII e r, Dean Amadeo, Dr. Rtchard (second row) Boren, Brenda Donaldson, Vicki Wade, Carol Boehm 1 e r, Wendy Fletcher, Eddie Domack. are Doran Cushing, Char I c s High, James Jean, Frank Lynn, Arthur Plage, Carl Zellermayer, MarJone Miller, Barbara Stall worth and Margie Varn. Alumni, Grads Party Exam Schedule Changes Listed I The USF Alumni Assn. today Sarasota. William Geiger of . . . invited graduating seniors to Pinellas Park is new president1s hst of changes join in the annual Christmas elect. mad_e m the trlDlester I examldinner-dance Dec. 18. Other new officers to be in-lnahon schedule. A fellowship period. will stalled are Mrs. Nancy Bishop 201 205 207 Dec. at 7 p.m. and the dinner wtll White of Tampa, secretary and CH 450-CH 105. be at 7 :30, followed by dancing Mrs. Carol Carpenter Taylor 3.51-AD 129. at 9 p.m. at the Causeway Inn of Tampa, treasurer. 305 , 04-FH 288. Dec. 17, 6 30 banquet room. Jack Boyd of Tampa is chair-GE JOJ.Ot. 02-l'H too. HI 111, 05, 90 PH 141. Dec 16, A reduced price of $2.75 each man for the 1965 1eunion and 6:JPO P.m. M Wh't h f d S 201. 04-FH 101 (togetherl. for semors and thetr rs. 1 e ts m c arge o e-so 201-01. 90FH 143 rtogetherl. guests will i nclude eligibility corations. 02, 03, 90-FH 101 (lo for the grand prize-a handReservations may be made at so 331-01, 90FH 144 ctogelherl. some chair with USF emblem AD 226. Ext. 121 or tickets can 04 should have N!ad in gold. Seniors do not have be purchased at the UC desk. o:>

18 THE TIMES, Monday, December 14. 1964 Couples Wed A double ring ceremony in Parents of the bride are Mrs. Oak Grove Methodist Church Harold Ellis and Gottlieb Kauer, solemnized the marriage of Miss both of Tampa. The bridegroom Linda Carolyn Kauer and John is the son of Mr. and Mrs . A . H. Arthur Merrell Saturday. ! Merrell, 12712 Linda Drive. The Rev. Jack Kelly officiated * * * at the 7:_45 p.m. Nup, The Rev. Harold E. Buel t1al mustc was provided by Mrs. solemnized the marriage of Miss Henry Jepson and Mrs. George Carolyn Louise Luttrell and KenSeevers. neth James Rawings Dec. 5 in Given in marriage by her faHyde Park Methodist Church. ther, the bride wore a formal ! Parents of U1e couple are Mr. gown ?f lace peau and Mrs . James Luttrell of Gay de so1e w1th a matchmg rose lord, Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. She carried roses and Joseph Kmieske. of Vanderbilt, orchtds Mich. and T a r p o n Springs, Her sister, Mrs. Fred Haw-Fla. kins, served as matron of honThe bride ' s Cather gave her or and wore a formal gown of in marriage. She chose a wed emerald green. Mrs Kelly ding gown of Chantilly lace with tain and Miss Shirley Padelford a chapel train. A pearl crown served as attendants and wore h eld her illusion veil and she identical gowns . carried carnations and an or-Best man was Larry Brinkchid . ley. Fred Hawkins and Kelly Mrs. Dolly Moore attended C h a. s t i a n were groomsmen-her as matron of honor. She ushers. wore an oyster white taffeta formal gown with blue accents, HERE NU and carried blue carnations.

150 Automobiles For Sale '57 CHEV. 4 dr. 6 cy1, auto. No cash needed, $8 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232 1959 MERCURY Monterey, fully loaded, 1 owner, good condition. 876. GORDON CALDWELL-'S-THUNDERBffiD CORNER 5198 34th St. No .• St. Pete CADILLAC '61 DeVille. F a c tory air conditioned. One e I d e r l y owner since new. This gentleman is not extremely wealthy. He trades every 4 or 5 years but he is a very particular person and he cl o e • tenderly care for his prized motor car. Needless to say the finish is without a blemish of any description . E l e g a n t Ermine white waxed and re-waxed to a sparkling gloss. The chrome protected by m a n y coats or chrome palish gUstens like a dla monel. The interior is mint fresh and absolutely immaculate. Un der the h o o d every speck of dust or oil has been painstak ingly removed and the engine carefully wiped down by the very particular former owner whose name and address is available to v e r II y the 11,936 completely verifiable m i I e s. S2, 795. Qua my Cadillac Home of the most Ave. N., St. Petersburll. Open daily 9. Sunday after Church . INDUSTRIAL BANK -HAs SEVERAL LATE MODEL REPOSSESSION & OTHERS MR. COLMAN , '59 FORD Country Squire, 4 door, 9 Wag. R&H, clean, new rubber, full p r I c e . See at Henry Witt's 66 Service, 202 W. Hillsboro ph 232--7721 HUSKY HUlman, 1959. Can be used for buslneu car or family car. 935. PRIVATE; 1963 Corvair Monza, 2 door. Radio, WSW , $150 down, balance Bank financed. . 626-9877 . 1963 COVArR Monza 2 door, R&H 4 speed, bucket seat, white, clean, low mileage. Original owner. Hamiter 832 . 253 . MERCURY Monterey '61. J you are l o o k I n g for a comfortable, low mileage, extremely w e I I cared for automobile, I o o k no further. You ca.n 8tretch out tn the clean, family sized Interior. & .. air 10,541 verifiable m II e s. The soft v lnlfl upholstery Is like new &. th.e tbtck high nap carpettu shows no wear at all. plete lnspectloM a._.ure you the most perfect pre-owned m o t o r cars in the world. Corner U.S. 19 at 38th Ave. N. , St. Petersburr. Open dally 9-9. Sunday a I t e r church. '56 BELAIRE, PS, PB, WSW, Needs body work, $250. 4016 W. South Ave, 817, evenings. '55 CADILLAC, full power, lac tory oir. $295. Trode, terms. 238. '55 Chev. BelAir TUTONE Neptune Blue, economy performance Pay only So down, small weekly or month ly payments Feb ruary '6S. Open 9-9 daily. Superior Motors 4205 Florida Ave. Ph. 237 • . . AUTHOitiZilD DEALER '63 C A D I L LAC Conv. Benton blue, bucket seab, ........... '63 CADI l.LAC Sedan. Fae. air, full power, S3J95 Sierra Gold, c::lean. '62 TBIRD Coupe. FAC• tory a1r, full power, AI oino white. $ 2495 Clean .....••.• '62 OLDS Super 81 Holi. day Sedan. Factory air, full power. $2195 Very clean ..... '59 M I It C E D I! S .INZ: 220-S. Air eond., FM ra dio, heater. '1595 ltcltan ...... . '62 P'OftSCHE Cot. Germany's fineot. $2195 AlPine whit• .. '63 IMPEftiAL Custom 4 Dr. HT. Fac. air, full Dower. $3195 Light blue •... '61 CADILLAC Fleetwood. Factory air, full $2695 power. Xclean '62 CADILLAC Conv. IFAC• tory air, full p o w • r, bucket sub. 53295 SHARI' ....... . One-Year Warranty 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. 011en ltvH. and sunda)l 221f10S '60 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4DR. HARDTOP. l'ower str. 1 SO Automobiles For Sole 150 Automobi!cs r r !lo:e CASH BARGAINS '58 Buick, clean . . Buick nice 1 owner ... . '53 Ford Cleanest In town .. . 5495 1962 CADILLAC conv.rtlble. Extra. 5295 extra nicel Telephone S295 876. '56 Ford hardtop. real . 5020 FLORIDA AVE. S395 CONTlNENTAL 1959, exceUent condition , au power , air condition inJ:, new nylon WS tires. $1395. 584-8290. CORVAffi Monza, 1963, private. Must sell by Christmas. Faclory air. 4 speed. 855..1323. 1960 CHEVROLET Impala, V-8 COD vertlble. Alpine white. AT, PS, PB, R&H, WSW, new nylon top. Me cbanically perfect. Extra c l e a n . Private owner. $1150. 62115 N. Dale Mabry. 876. '63 CHEVROLET SS : 2 door hard top, 327 engine, 4 speed transmis sion. Excellent condition. 617. Credit No Problem!! THE Family Plan. You must be 21 yrs. old, have a job. You pay only $2 cash dn & take over notes. '59 Plym $390, '60 Ramb $590, '62 Ford conv F / H $1590, '58 Chev $329, '57 Pont Ht $249, '53 Chev. $53, '56 Ford S56. AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 Florida Ave. Ph. 23121 1960 CHEVROLET, 4 door, ala tion wagon, R&H. Perfect In terior, good tlres, excellent con dition. 1901 Grand Central Ave. 251-1902. TODA Y ' S ' SPECIAL 1001 W. KENNEDY BLVD. '61 Dodge-$895 LANCER 4-Door. Std. trans. Heater. FERMAN OLDS PH. 253-0247 VOLKSWAGEN YEAR-END S-A-L-E-! GUARANTEE SEDANS & GHIAS SALE WAS PRICE 64 Sedan 6 to choose 63 Sedan 8 to choose . 1595-1495 62 Sedan 12 to choose 1495-1395 61 Sedan 12 to choose 1495 ll9o 59 Sedan . . . . . . . . 1095895 58 Sedan 2 to choose . . 995-795 57 Sedan . . . . . . 895-79o 56 Sedan . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 795695 55 Sedan . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . 695 595 62 Ghia Coupe .. . . .. . . . 1895-1695 62 Ghia conv ........ 1895 -1695 61 Ghia coupes (3) .... 1695-1495 60 Ghia coupe ......... 1495 1295 59 Ghia coupe . . . . . . . . 1395-U95 Station Wagons*Trucks 64 Sdelx. wag. cqpt. 2595-2395 63 S-dlx . wag. eqpt. . . 2395-1995 63 Deluxe wag. eqpt .. 1995-1795 63 Kombie wal(cn .... 1995 1695 62 Deluxe wagen ..... 17951495 62 Kombie wagen ..... 1695-1395 62 Dbl. cabin pickup .. 1695-1195 61 Super dlx. wagen .. 1495 1295 59 Super dlx. wagen . . 1295-995 1962 VW CAMPER FULLY equipped for outdoor llv ing . . ........... Was S1995 S AL-E Pricf' ........ 51795 1961 VW CAMPER NEW c o n v e r s l o n and fully equipped. WAS $1795. SA LE Price 1960 WESTF ALIA vw Camper. One owner, very clean. WAS $1695. SALE Price $1395 BAY AUTO SALES LINDELL MOTORS, Inc. "Authorized VW dealer " '58 CHEV. Imp. V-R. '59 PONT. Bonne. 2 Dr., RT. '56 CHEV. V-8 4-Dr. Hdtn. Low As $5 Per Week 75-Car Selection BAY -3500 Fla. Ave. CADU.LAC a1 a B a r g a l n Price. I don ' t know how you feel about lt but when I plan to make an Invest 8as ai want to be absolutely certain I'm a ;rar have many miles of rough usage and another thing that Is very Jm. portant. I want to be sure I'm not paying too much for What I'm buying . . . 1f you feel the way J do you can understand why Quality Cadillac City on U.S. 19 at 36th Ave. N ., St. Petersburg Is such a car so thoroughly that only the very finest motor cars are sold. Number 2, Quality has the modern, methods and facilities in combination with ' 'olume Cadillac selling that Insures you Premium motor cars at a low price. If QualIty didn 'I scU a better motor car. at a lower price we wouldn't be the largest pre-own<"CC Cadillac Dealer in the South! It's tha t simple. Open dally 9. Sunday alter church. SPORTS CARS Fertnan's Got 'Em! Try These! '62 Mrcds. s2495 190 4Door. Diesel power, 4speed trans., 'heater. feather upholstery, tutone red a.nd white. '60 Lancia . s1895 ROADSTER. Seo this one to appreciate itl '62 C'vette s2695 BOTH TOPS. Heater. 4SPHd, white with red interior. '65 Mstng.. $AVE! CONVERTIBLE. It • d I o and h a a. t • r, automatic. power ateering, black with white top, '64 C'velle s2495 MALIBU Super Sport Coupe. V-8, t"adio &. heate,., 4speed on fldor. It's a shame to call it Hused"l '64 Chev. . s2895 IMPALA Convertible. lhdio & heater, 4Pted on floor, 327 engine, 300 H.P., red with white top. 1Ytar Warranty FERMAN Chevrolet 1428 FLA. AVE. 229-2196 Ph. 229-0706 Open 9 a.m. 'ttl 9 p.m. Mon. thru Sat. CLOSED SUNDAY "FEltMAN NEVER FOOLS" '62 CHRYSLER CONVERTIBLE Power 1teering, power brakes, ole. Red with 3900 W . Kennedy B lvd. 877-58B7 For Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty '63 VOLKSWAG. $1495 Bus. 3 teater. Excellent condition. '63 CONSUL ..... $995 Cortina Sedan. S/s. '62 RAMBLER .. $1395 9-Pass. Wagon. AT, R . H. '63 COMET ..... $1595 4 Dr. kdan. AT, lt. '60 DODGE ...... $885 P ioneer 2 .. Dr. HT. AT. R , H . '60 DODGE ...... $985 Phoenix 4Dr, , AT, R, H , PS, air con d. '61 PLY ......... $785 V-8 Belvedere 4-Dr. AT, R, H, PS. '59 PONTIAC .... $595 4-Dr. HT Sedan (as i•). AT, R, H, PS, air-720A '61 PONTIAC .. .$1585 Bonneville Convertible. AT, R, H, PS. '62 OLDS ...... $2085 88 4-Dr. HT. AT, R, H, PS, PB, air. WE LEASE NEW 1965 BUICKS '62 T-BIRD ..... $2575 ._.T 2-Dr. •rue, power, R, H, air. '63 FORD ...... $2385 Oalaxie HT 4Dr. AT, R , H. PS, air. '62 FORD ...... $1575 XI. 2Dr, AT, ft, H. PS. '60 CADI. ...... $2085 Fleetwood 4-Dr. AT, full power, R, air. '59 BUICK ...... $875 Electra 4Dr. HT (L 172A) . AT, R, H, P'5, air (as it). '57 BUICK .•.•.. $475 Convet"tibte. '55 BUICK ...... $375 4-Dr. Sedan. '59 CHEV ........ $475 2 Dr . 5edan. '55 OLDS ....... $195 2 Dr . HT. Lifetime Warranty Plua One-Year Warranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E. Hillsborough Phone 239 09 Open Sunday After Church '62 CORVAIR STATION WAGON 4-DOOft. AutomAtic trans., radio, heater. Rtaf nicel $1290 150 Automobiles For Sale '60 PLYMOUTH-$495 4 DOOR. Automatic, radio ' heater. A real buy! MIMS USED CARS 4802 E. Hillsboro Ph. 626 $9 DOWN '60 Ford 2 door ......... $33 Mo. '60 Pbm. 4 dr. Belv. . . . M2 Mo. '60 Falcon 4 Door ...... S31 Mo. '59 Plym. 9 Pass. Wag. . $39 Mo. Rambler 4 Door S32 Mo '58 Lincoln Capri . . . $34 Mo. 50 More To Look Over RIVER SHORE 7939 FLA. "MR. MELVIN" 14825 NebrMka Ph. '53 T-Bird A CLASSIC convertible in Superior condition. All original with 3 speed overrlrive floor shift. Roman Red with White Nylon top. Tutone matching leather Interior. A rare find. Superior terms. Can finance with SS down. Open 9 d&Jiy. Superior Motors 4205 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3929 60 FORD Fairlane "500" 4 Dr "6" Cyl. Radio & heater. Nice. Plaza Mtrs. 4511 S. Dale Mabry '63 Buick Air $2095 HAWKE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 4404 Fla. Ave. ph. 237!1 MUST sell! Chevrolet BelAir. Sharp Car! Full price $395. Stored at 14223 Fla Ave . Dealer 935-2563. '60 PLYMOUTH Fury, original owner. Excellent condition. Below book. 689. Our SAM HICKS & SONS ST. PETERSBURG'S Oldest Independent Dealer 1.124 Central Ave. Pb. 862-8928 WHOLESALE PRICES PLUS $751 '63 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN 4 00011 STATION WAG 0 N. Thi t beauty . is loadod with all the extrao, boauti $2115 ful green finish .. '64 DODGE DAftT CONVERTIBLE. Wh1lt with white toe, red vinyl interior, v-a, 4 on the floor, •••••.••• $2115 '64 DODGE DAftT G T. •uckot seats, s t .a n d r d transmission, ••••••• $1915 '60 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 4-DOOft. Radio, Automati c. 6 .. cYio, liaht green fmish. Economical S8J5 transportationl .. '62 BUICK LeSABftli 4D001t. Automatic;, radio and heater. power ateering, factory air condition. Another beautiful new-car $1815 trade-in I •....... '61 FORD FAIRLANE '500' 4-DOOft. Radio, automatic, S8l5 lovel y bluo finish .. '60 DODGE SENECA 4 DOOit STATION WAGON . Automatic, t,eater, light bluo S6J5 finieh. • ......•..• '62 DODGE DAftT 4-DOOR Automatic, t'&dio & heater, air condition, slant '6' for $1115 real eeonomy •... *MANY MORE* ON-THE-SPOT FINANCING TRADES ACCEPTED SMALL DOWN PAYMENTS LONG AND EZ TERMS! '61 CORVAIR STATION WAGON 4 DOOIIt. Automatic, t'adio, & br$1 o9o Buy! $1690 BIRDSONG MOTORS. • I ftC. BIRDSONG MOTORS. • 1nc. 1 Year 11333 Florida Ave. Ph. 935. II 26 Delivers the Car of Your Choice '5t Eng, Ford Consul . ....• , •• , . $295 '57 ..... ...... $495 Morrlo Minor 2-Dr. $1 Down . . 5395 Fiat 500, $1 Down •••••••••. 5395 '54 Chev. 4-Dr. $151 55 Sta. Waa. . . , , •• , • . . I •so ............. 5149 $299 '59 English $295 Sl Down , .. s395 157 Ford Anglia s395 Wagon, $1 Down . HOMER F. HERNDON 1Year '65 MUSTANGS 2-DOOR HARDTOP &Cylinder Engine Transmission r:'rqh Air Heater f n Stoc k Ready for Immediate Delivery $2508 '5550 Per Month Cash down pAyment of S500 or if your car is appraised at $500 no cash is needed. INSUftANCEEXCLUDED 48 MONTHS TO PAY 11333 Florida Ave. Ph. 935 26 '64 FORD GALAXIE 500s 2 & 4D001t HARDTOPS Cruiae .. 0 .. Matic transmi s s1on, V 8 engine. FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED . Radio and heater, power stearina. N ice color selection. $5480 l'or Month Cash down payment of $500 or if your car is appraised at $500 no cash it needed! INSUitANCE EXCLUDED 48 MONTHS TO PAY FULL PRICE 52489 NORTHGATE FORD 150 Automobiles For Sale Jim Quinlan Chevrolet U.S. HIGHWAY 19 150 Automobiles For Sale SACRIFICE 1960 Chevrolet station wagon. V -8, otralght shift. Excel lent condition. Can finance. 238 evenin&s and Sunday, THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December U, 1964 31 Just South of Clearwater 1961 CORVAIR, 700 series. Private owner. Automatic, R&H, $173. 8712 Elmwood Lane, Bay Crest. 855. 1940 FORD DELUXE COUPE COMPLETELY restored, Chev V motor, over S3000 invested. Sell or trade for best offer 876-5915. '64 OLDS PRlVATE LOADED 88 HT. fac air, PB, PS 7300 mi. spl radio & elec ant. w.w . olher extras. 1 yr war. $3195 Thomas, Winter Haven CY 4 THUNDERBIRD convertible. Blr condi tio ned, all extras. $3950. Phone 626-2417. PACE PAMPERED TRADE-INS '61 CADILLAC $2695 '57 FORD ...... $495 4DR. DEVILLE, F ull y equipped including factory air. Immaculate. '60 PONTIAC .. $1095 CATALINA 4 • D 0 0 ft HT. Fully equipped. Lovely Dan u be Blue with matching interior. FAIR LAN I! '500'. Auto• matic, radio and heat• er. Extra nice! '58 BUICK ..... $595 IPECIAL :l DR. HT, This is a Cream Puff! '59 PONTIAC ... $895 STAitCHIEF 4 • DOOft, Well eCIUIPI'Cd, clean. * EXCELLENT SELECTION * PACE PONTIAC TRADING POST 1420 FLORIDA AVE. -PHONES-229-7101 '64 IMPALA HARDTOPS V Engine. Power Glide, Power lteerinl Radio, Heater, Seat Belts $2395 54688 Mo. BAL. OF FACTORY WARRANTY 5500 Down Cash or Trade EauitY 48 MONTH FINANCING No Mo. 1'ayment1 'Till Jan. 15, 1965 100 64's & 63's With Factory Air Conditlonl"g '64 GALAX IE 500 HARDTOPS Factory Selectaire Cond., V-8 Engine R. H, ftS . Tinted Olaa• aatance of Factory Warranty $2495 $47" Mo. $500 Down Cash or Trade Eauity 48 MONTH FINANCING '64 GAL. 500 XL's 2 -Door HT. Fact. air, 250 HP. lt&H, AT on floor, tint PS and Pll, wsw, XI. hubo , 52995 5 in stock •....... '64 RAMBLERS Cfanica &60's. AT, ft, H , • .., ......... '1995 '64 CHEVY ll's AT, R&H. America's favorite com D • c t with bio car $1995 comfort ........ . '64 OLDSMOBILES H88'' 4-Dr. HardtoPS. Fact. air cond., full '3295 power, ft&H ..•. o '63 CONVERTIBLES tmpalas and Galaxie SOO's. V-8, AT, R , H, PS. Ba lance of factorY $2095 warranty ..... , .. 641/J FASTBACK G._la>rY ..,uipped. '1399 Extra shar"! . . . '62 P'ont1ac Station Wa9on 4-Dr. F ull '1999 Jtower, radio, heater '64 Cadillac Conv. Coupe, Full power and fact. aor cand., loaded. Owner's per .. sonal automobile. •al. of new c•r warranty, aouoht and Hrvlced '4899 locally! . '63 Chrysler New .Yorker Salon. Thi s ia a cne .. owner a u t o m o b i I e , fuHY equipped including all power and factorY air cond, Whofe sal e Red !look price on th'i a car is 53650. Buy now for leu than book! Delivery price new more than Crown lm . . . . . .. . 13499 '62 Oldtmob•l• H o I i d a Y 4Dr. Hardtop. Full radio and $1869 heater, W1W! • • • •• '61 E nolioh For d Thames Panel B U S . $699 l'rieed to .. n '63 Falcon. !'ae '1 099 torY equopped '64 P'onti&t: Q r a n d Prix Hardtop. Full power, facto,.y air cond., radio and heater, bucket 1eats. Bal. of ......... $3499 '62 Chevrolet Be l Air Station \Na.gon. Full power, fact. air cond., '1199 radi o and heater ... '59 Thunderbird Coupe HT. F ull power and 1999 fact. al r cond •..... '60 Chevrolet Impala Coupe. PG, V-8, PS, $1099 ft&H , WSW ...• '64 Corvaore-Monza Cpu., 4 Doora . ••lance of Now Car 51999 Warranty ....... . '64 Chevro let " Impala Cpe, Factory equipped incl. power steerino. 52399 Warranted ..... .. . '64 MercurY Marauder Cpe. HardtDp. Full Pow e r :rrd ......... '2999 '64 Chevrole t Chevelle ata tion w&aon, I Dassenger. P'G , v.a , PS, $2699 radio, heater ..... . '62 Chevrolet Sport Cpo. Hardtop. PG, V-8, . H ' ........ 51899 '62 Rambler Ctauic .eats ... 51199 '61 Cadillac C:onv. Coupe. Full POWtr $2499 factorY air cond •... . '62 Volkswagen Sedan. Factory $1199 equipped ......... . '63 Ford Gala>< i o 500 Cpe. ........ 51199 '62 Thunderbird Coupe HT. Full power 12499 and factory air cond. '63 Studebaker 5 t a t i o n Wagon. A ll $1499 fact. equipped .... '64 Thunderbird Cpe. HT. Landau. Full power and factorY air cond. $3899 Loaded ..........•. '65 Hardtop. 4 speed tran s., v .. a , power steering, ft&H, $2199 warranted ...... . '64 Chevrolet Impala 2 & 4•Dr. Hardtop. P-G, v.a , fact. air cond. S2J99 R&H . waw ...... '62 Corvalr Monza Coupes. $1399 EQuipped ........ . '63 •ulck SkYlark Coupe FUll POWet and factorY '2199 air cond. . . .... '62 C hevrolet Coupe. PG, v.s , It, H , $1699 WSW, air cond • .... '64 P'lymouth Fury Station Wagon. P'owerfllte, V -8, r adio and $2199 heater . . ........ . '64 Ford Country Sedan. 9 Passenger, f ull Power and factory air cond. . ...... . 12999 '6 2 Buick Special Deluxe. v.a, factor)' 11599 equipped ........ .. '64 l'ontiac TtmDut Stat ion Wagon. A utomatic trans. Radi o '2699 and heater .....• '65 Chevrolet Impala conv. Coupe. PG, $3399 V-8, PS, R&H, WSW '64 Falcon Con, Coupe. Au tomatic s1999 trans., ft&H , WSW '62 Falcon Custom Station Wagon. Fact. $1199 equipJied •. , ...... . '62 Morcury. S -55 Conv. Coupe. ljull power bucket seats, radio $1899' and heater . .... . '63 Chevrolet Club Coupe. Factory $1199 equipped ....•.•••• Phone 229-0857 Open 8 A.M. 'Til 10 P.M.


32 'lHE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December 14, 1964 .... --.. --: . --. chenley instant party. .. just add friends and serve. Present this decanter of Schenley to your friends. This is a gift that makes parties just seem to happen. The recipe: just add friends and serve. Result: instant enjoyment. \ Also available beautifully gift-wrapped • the regular fifth. a&Jy it by the case • for the big instant party.


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