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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 13 (February 22, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
February 22, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 13 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS University In A 'Krysis' 4' CENTRAL RECEIVING Campus Powerles s Again After a power shovel working Saturday on street expansion at the intersection of Cedar and W. Holly Drives broke a protective concrete casing, the tempo rary fix pictured above restored partial capacity of Tampa Electric and General Telephone services .•• us." By JERRY KEENEY Of the Campus Staff "The fack can't be no longer disgised that a Krysis is on These perceptive words of American humorist Charles Far rar Brown (Artemus Ward) may well have been reiterated by one of USF's physical plant employes about Tuesday af ternoon after the entire campus had been deprived of power for the second time in four days, Our last few days' "lights out" sequence, touched off Sat urday afternoon by a crumbling cable casting, and extending into the wee hours of Wednesday morning, has been an exas perating experience for all persons concerned. SINCE THE INITIAL break in USF's main power cable, a series of events has put the camp us, or parts of it, in the dark, then light, then dark again, several times. When the break occurred Saturday, Feb. 13, Tampa Elec tric Co. set up an emergency, above-ground power line to keep USF in service until repairs could be made to the main cable. At about 10:30 p.m. the power came back on; but, unfortu nately, not to stay. The emergency set-up lasted through Monday, but at 10 a .m. Tuesdy, an overload caused the lights and all other elec tric power to go off again. Elevators stopped between floors, electric typewriters stopped in mid-sentence and, in near-SO degree weather, air conditioning ground to a silent rest. ABOUT 45 MINUTES later, the buildings were put into New Uni_versity Co,nstitutio, n Would Reduce Students/ Senate Representation By CERITA LUDWICK functions as a legislative was elected Nov. 25, 1960 .. Of The Campus Staff body of the University and COPIES OF the tentative The tentative draft of the may legislate with respect to draft of the constitution have University constitution, pub-matters of educational policy been distributed to all faculty lished last week, provides for and standards which concern members, chief offices, a n d an increase from 24 to 40 more than one college or copies are available for read faculty representatives in the which are otherwise of gen ing in the Special Collections University Senat& and a de-eral educational interest." room in the library. crease from 5 to 2 student Articles in the constitution Sheets are attached to the and non-academic senators. also cover the government copies of the constitution to The total number of elected and admini stration of the uni-be used in submitting' sug members increases from 40 versity, councils and commitgestions for changes in word to 50 elected members plus tees, university faculty, ading. the deans of the various colministrative, professional and Suggestions are to be sub leges as ex officio members. other personnel. The consti-mitted to the Senate Council service again one by one until, when the Physics building was reached, the load become too much and the campus went dark again. At this point, a committee composed of Clyde Hill, director of USF's physical plant, Dean of Academic Affairs Harris Dean, Dean of Administration Robert Dennard and other in terested parties met to decide what measures to take in this emergency. A decision was made to keep power for the library and some of the dorms off, thus cutting down on the electrical strain and permitting full use of classrooms and other facilities for maintaining classes. The library was chosen to remain in darkness because it is the biggest single power drain on the campus. THE LIBRARY WAS closed for the night at 5 p.m. Tues day, along with the Life Sciences and Chemistry buildings, and power in the dorms was turned back on. After midnight Tuesday, the entire campus went dark again as part of a plan to enable Tampa Electric to increase the capacity of the emergency lines in an effort to forestall fu ture power failures until the main, underground cable could be fully repaired. • Amidst this panorama of confusion caused by the sudden extinction of modern conveniences, though, the bright light of human innovation shined. For instance: The Hearts and Flowers Ball scheduled for Saturday night was held on schedule by candlelight. Students in the library where power was off the longest Continued on Page 19, Col. 2) ••• Which had been ingeniously supplemented by reading near windows in the library, and by such meth ods as the one pictured above for working in the UC. -(USF Photo) Transfer of Power Co, mplex Problems Facing SA Prexy By JEAN BARFOOT Of the Campus Staff John Reber, newly elected president of the Student Association, began his administration facing "complex transitional problems." In an interview last week, Reher summarized his position: "It's difficult to have a trans fer of power in the middle of a trimester." THE C ON S T I T u. tution replaces the operating and the Council has proposed TION states the official pro-procedure which has been the open hearings to be held to <'edure for operation of the guide for the University discuss the suggestions. This University Senate, "which Senate since the first Senate , proposal will be voted on at Out-going SA president Bob Ashford has beef! Reber's chief consultant concerning the con' tinuation of projects initiated ,, . . . " under last year' s administra-Recount Decides CB Race '1 Do Solemnly Swear •• .' tion. Many people who have Newly officers of the Student Association . are shown here l'eceiving been working on Lhese projects By JEAN BARFOOT --------------------------, the Senate meeting Feb. 24. If the proposal is accepted, the dates of the hearings will be announced in advance by the Senate Council. The dead line for s u b m i t t i n g sug the oath of office from Chief Justice John Bottcher (left foreground). From left to will be leaving in April. Of the Campus Staff right: President John Reber, Vice President Ed Coris, and Senators John Hogue, For new beginnings, Reber Representatives from the Col Karen Klein, Robin Kirk, Wayne Otto, and Bob Blunt. The officers were sworn in has worked closely with vicelege of Basic Studies ran so at ceremonies held last Tuesday during the free hour in UC 264-5. president Ed Coris. The two close the outcome was decided More Support Sought Seniors Schedule ___ __:::....... __ have been working on by two recounts last Wednesday a system of using the one cabievening, and the excitement of net for both the president and Student Association e I e c t i on!> t h e vice -president executive still isn' t over! Hours Restored To Normal gestions is April 1. Torchlight, Satire AFTER THE hearings of the Senate Council, the con stitution will be voted on by the University Senate. It will then be offered to the faculty as a referendum for vote. Af ter approval by the faculty, President John S. Allen will submit the document to the Money Root of l Y Pinch business. The nominees for the SA legis-Reber stated that some waited anxiously for people have been approached tion returns, . and gathered . m for SA appointed positions, but the UC lobby Just before closmg he would not disclose names time to hear the !mal results. until the legislature met and recoun_ts mvolved three approved the appointments. nommees vymg for the 16th An impressive torch-light pa-er's graduates also receive rade will take the place of hac-letters in forming them of book calaureate services for t h e store hours .for picking up robes. Board of Regents . . Rental fee 1s $4.50. April graduating class. Students and non-academic Commencement exercises will personnel will not participate By ANDRA GREGORY Of the Campus Staff Dean of Instructional Serv ices E 11 i o t t Hardaway ex . plained the library's recent shorter hours. March at the rate we were stances. We have asked for going, The library was open more money for the next two on Saturday from 8 to 5. No-years as we do expect heavier body comes at 8. We tried (Continued on Page 19, Col. 7) to pick hours for reduction place, the last, on the ballot. The legislature did not meet From the ballot of 24, students last week due to "difficulties i:n of the College of Basic Studies securing a room," but will meet chose the following 16 repre Thursday, Feh. 25. sentatives: Bob Brown, Frank This was announced at tl1e be held out of doors. If it rains, in the referendum vote besenior class meeting held last the.y will be held in the TA. ,.,,,.".,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,,.,,.,,"'.,.,,,.,.,,.,,,,x,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,;,;''"'''''"'' Thursday during the free hour. Thrs would allow only 552 guests ,._.,.,,.,.,_.,.,.x.,., . . ,,.,.,_,..,,._,,., ... ,.,., .. , .... ,m.w..< . .--, .. ... ....-.d.-. Tentative date for the march for a class of over 400 More Campus News, . . . Bob Ashford gave a report Ed• • 1 p 2 19 Hrll 1s Aprrl 8. The on the progress of the senior 1t0r1a S, g. 1 mvocatlon will be followed by satire He asked for further sugDiana Bellamy's speech on the to finish up the. play. :; .. history and purpose of t h e Play try -{Juts were held m the Academic Affairs Harris w. 1965 class. Benediction will close SA office last Saturday afterDean the constitution deals the nondenominational service. noon, and will be held tomorwith administrative The USF orchestra and chorus row, Wednesday and Thursday. and faculty matters. The budget for library ex penditures is submitted three years in advance. Requests for money must be based on experience from the past. This request goes to the university, then to the state board of re gents, then the state budget, and then to the legislature. The legislature m u s t stay within present funds avail able, according to Hardaway, During the time between the last allocation and now, usage of the library has in creased. More student assist ants were needed to keep the library in operation. There was no way to obtain extra m o n e y for the salaries of these students. which would inconvenience the least amount of people.'' Said D e a n Hardaway, "I think the decision was good. There was no question in my mind that the u n i v e r s it Y would have g i v e n us the money had they had it. About five weeks ago we received more money from Tallahassee." As far as inconvenience to students, Hardaway believes "the human being is very adaptable. We all get our checks cashed before the bank closes and get our cars filled with gas before the service station closes. Yet we expect libraries to remain open 24 hours a day.'' Plans for the April 18 comInn at a charge of @! GRE mencement convocatwn have $3 per person. Ttck:ts Wlll go f'' • W also taken steps forward. Leton sale at 'a table m the uc 01 Of All SeniOrS j@ ters about cap and gown prolobby thiS week. 't . cedures were sent to all graduA table in the UC lobby will be M USF semors are reW ates since the last commence-set up for answering any quesN qUlred to take th<; Gradlf ment in April 1964. They must tions about senior class plans. t: nate Record Exammatwns fj be filled out and returned to Proposed for the class gift to M Aptrtude Test as a part of fi President John S. Allen's office the university was an endow!iii graduation requrrements. fj "We looked for extra money before March 1. This trimes-ment fund raised from breakli Students who expect to K from the state treasurer. He age fees of seniors. [l graduate by August 196? fl retired and a new treasurer Two or t h r e e years ago, Dean Hardaway made a pro posal to keep the USF library open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. "It was , " he said, "laughed out. I ously feel, however, that the trend is toward longer library hours. I'm sure that we would have people in the library during all the time it is open." . . . n and who have not prev1N 'th I' 'd to k Btll elect of :.c .. ously taken this test should t.:.i w1 new po tcy 1 eas o SEN'IORS TO MEET th All A c t n over and we didn't get any e • umm sso 1a 10 ' anreport to the TA between ti money." The senior class will meet nounced plans for a reception in J.t.j 6 and 6 ,15 p.m. on Feb. f) in the TA this Thursday, Feb. Argos after g 24 or 25. This will be the ;;'l "The shorter hours were 25, during the free hour, 1:25 ment exerc1ses. They Will pre;,,,, l t t .t f . 5 m not a snap decision," Harda s nt an Outstanding S en i or ;''" as oppor um Y or semor .w way explained. "We made a p . m. All seniors are urged e . S to take the exam until the @! to attend thl s plann 1 'ng-quesAward to the o1f bdest ;Ii fall trimester. ;:.f.''' cardeful s1tubdy of accuWrate reed-character, scho ars 1p, ea er,,,, or s on 1 rary use. e coul Hardaway feels t h a t the shorter hours were a result of a combination of circumtion-decision session. ship and service. have stayed open only through Tickets Moving For The Count At press time, a few tickets remained for the March 1 concerts at USF by Count Basie and his orchestra. Limited to USF students and staff, the ducats go for $1 in advance for the 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. performances of the "Most Explosive Force in Any tickets remaining to be sold at the door will go for $1.50. Campus News Briefs Competition Slated For Poetry Festival Tryouts for the Second An nual Poetry Festival are sched uled for Feb. 25 in FH 132 at 1:3(). The festival, featuring John Ciardi as guest lecturer, will be March 12-13. uc 203. Plans for water ski shows and tournaments will be announced. Officers of the Tampa Ski Bees will be present to discuss joint programs with USF skiers. All water skiers are invited to attend. Original manuscripts (four copies) must be submitted to Speech Department by Feb. 24. Entrants in the oral interpreta-Jazz Lab Band tion of narrative and lyric poThe USF Jazz Lab band, un etry must register in the Speech der direction of Prof. Don Owen, Office by Feb. 23 at 5 p.m. Inwill appear in concert Thursterpretations are to be from the day, Feb. 25 at 1:25 in the UC Renaissance period. Ballroom. Water Ski Club Included on the program is "The Kid from Red Bank," a The first meeting of the USF number written and arranged Water Ski Club will be held by Count Basie, whose arches Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 1:25 in tra will appear at USF March 1. Study Asked The problems of transition Caldwell, Philip Cohen, William 0 T from one administration to anDreyer, Cindy Hill. Bonnie S. fl rimester other are being worked on too, Jurmark, Patricia LaBrot, Reber said. Beginning next fall, las Lawless, Joan Lmdsey, Bill Gov. Haydon Burns h a s , e 1 e c t ions w i 11 be held Martm, Chester B. McMullen, through his cabinet , asked the in November and officers will Don Claude Scales, L!ll Council of Presidents of Florida take over in January, thereby Sullivan, Dave and universities to complete a rec-eliminating the mid-trimester Jim Weaver . The remammg can-ommendary study of the triproblem, Reber said. didates were: .Joey Argenio, mester system by April. Fred Conley, Mike Hanst, Ga-. Tryouts Set briele Mazza, Arthur Nelson, A story m last St. Sandra Ratcliffe, Jane Richard-Petersburg Times sa1 d the. g-ovTryouts for Theatre USF's s n and William H. Wilkinson. ernor d1dn't ask the presidents . . 0 . to axe the trimester, but he production of "A Vrew From The College of Arts h d h. ti cl . the Bridge" by Arthur Miller and the College of Busmess Ad-as rna .e rs. posi on eat . . ministration will elect represenm the past. He w11l be held ill the Theatre Montatives to the legislature this 1s agamst 1t. day and Tuesday Feb. 22 and k Burns said as governor he ' wee . . would be bound to follow t h e 23 at 7:30 p.m. Performances Ten w1ll be recommendations from the uniwill be March 31 through April elected ill the Lrberal Arts elecversity presidents. 3.

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 22, 1965 SA in New Hands The reins of power in the Stu dent Asspciation have finally been handed over to the new adminis tration. For the next year, Presi dent John Reber and Vice-President Ed Coris will guide and direct a grpwing and rapidly expanding SA. The new administration was elected in one of the dullest cam paigns in the history of the SA. Only two candidates contested the presidency and neither proposed many specific plans. They de veloped no real issues as to new plans for the SA but chiefly con centrated on who could carry on the current work better. THE WINNER, John Reber, has long been active in SA politics and committees and we feel he is qualified on the basis of his past performances. Vice-President Coris, however, is a neophyte in SA government. He was unopposed for the post and his platform pledged himself to "back those programs and goals which I believe can be attained through industry. and diligence." Unfortunately, he never explained just what those programs and goals were. As vice-president, it will be his duty to preside over the legislature. He will have to learn by experience because he has never been a mem ber. HE WILL NEED to work dili gently and relentlessly if he is go ing to expedite and successfully conduct the business of the legis lature. He is one of the keys in the government and he must op erate effectively if the government is to be effective. Many problems face the SA and several projects must be pushed and encouraged by the new ad ministration. One of the most im portant is the need for at least some constitutional improvement. The recent fight over Ron John son's eligibility to run pointed out the need for clarification of these sections of the constitution. The new constitution provides for a broad base of activities for the SA. It will remain for the of ficers to make this government work by appointing responsible people to the various branches of the government and seeing that all function smoothly. THE FOOD SERVICE commit tee should be reactivated and re organized. This committee func tioned sporadically under the Ash ford administration but there is a need for it now as students are signing a petition regarding the service . Since students feel this strongly about the service the SA should lend a hand to this effort in order to resolve the dissatisfac tions fairly but completely. We feel that the new constitu tion offers basically the machinery for a good student government. But this government will only be as good as the peop-le who hold its offices . And the elected officials must not forget that they are elected by the students to serve the students. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor: A petition concerning food service im provement has been circulated among resident students. The random carelessness of the food s e r v I c e here at this university has reached a point where something con structive must be done. It is the respon sibility of not only the housin g and food service department and Morrison's Inc ., but the students as well. In defense of both agencies mentioned above regarding improvements already made, it should be admitted that stu dents do have the opportunity to lodge Editor's Note: We would like to call special attention to Mr. Putt's Jetter which appears above. The "carelessness" he charged to the food service was graphically demon strated to us last week (Feb. 15). We went through the north side of the UC cafeteria and received Salisbury steak. When we started to eat it, how ever, we found that it was so burned it had a hard crust. We took the meat back to the man ager who graciously took it and set off in search of an unburned piece. He re turned in a few minutes, however, and criticisms immediately with the cafete ria managers, and to date, only a few instances have occurred of this nature. To improve this situation, it might be po ssible to have a clearance center for complaints set up in each of the cafe terias, where students could register their disapproval. If improvements are to be made, com plaints must be made constructively and to the proper personnel. Simply griping about the food is no answer. Students must accept the responsibility of lodging their complaints if improve ments in the food service is to be ex-pected. EARL E . PUTT said that "they're all burned." He even had gone down to the kitchen. The manager was most courteous and helpful but when it is impossible to find a properly cooked piece of meat in the whole cafeteria something is drastically wrong somewhere. Students deserve and have a right to much better service. The Housing and Food Service contract works both ways. Yet, we wonder what would have hap pened if every student who received burned steak that night had brought it to the manager. We think d r as t l c changes In the preparation of food would occur. Victor McLaughlin? Dolores Del Rio? No, it's Dr. John "Knocky" Parker, beckoning fans of the silent films to the days of World War I. "What Price will be tomorrow night in the TA, to be preceded by "notous and movmg songs. (USF Photo) 'What Price Glory?' 'Knocky' Parker Rides Again! Silent Film Fans Will Rejoice Victor McLaughlin, Dolores Del Rio, Edmund Lowe, Dr. John "Knocky" Parker, Prof. Anthony Zaitz , Prof. Ev erett Anderson and 20 men from Cratos are your parade of stars tomorrow night for a "block-buster" of entertainment. And it's free. "What Price Glory ," the 1926 movie based on the World War I Capt. FlaggSgt. Quirt controversy that later became the Pat and Mike jokes and the Willie and Joe cartoons of World War II, will be offered for our entertainment and edi fication tomorrow at 8 p.m. in the TA. No reservations are required, and, as we uid, it's free. "But come early," urged Dr. Parker, "so as to get in on the prologue!" To begin , a 20-voice ensemble of Cra tos men will sing "riotous and moving " World War I songs and parodies, such as "C-C-Cootie!" Anderson and Zaitz will perform a WW I ballad with recitation. "Koocky" will knock out appropriate tunes on. his trusty harpsichord: St. Louis B l ues during the "uxorious" scenes, beau tiful ballads for the tender scenes and marches for the "bLood-and-thunder." "With 'All Quiet on the Western Front' and 'The Big Parade,' this is the greatest of all war films," says Parker. "Don't miss it." As fans of "Knocky's" silent movie productions well know, the "Standing Room" will be "OnLy." So, come early. • • 4 . .. . O 0 0 0 q 0 0 OQ .. • • II t 1 a 0 • 0 4 ' . 0 • 4 4 II • I t II • ! 6 0 000 co 00 0 co 00 0 co 'iii Gel 0 e 0 <> <3 • 0 0 G --G) e e • • 4 • a .. I t • 0 II< •• II t .. '. a • • 0 • D 0 ••• • • <2 I 0 • • 0 li Schedule ;;; Of Events I . I 'l:E :: .. I S:OO p.m. ...... UC 103 Forensic Association UC 226 -7:00 p.m. CoJlege of Education -:. • Intern Reception .... UC 248 Karate _ . AC 233 *' ? :30 p.m. Chemistry Lecture Brldge i8: W. 8 :00 p.m. Christian Science =%$ Speaker Program ... UC 265 TUESDAY .. ; l:2S p.m. .UC 204 I?;nAe uc 205 .... uc 213 m d IFC .................. UC 215 , .. I gg J Committee .......... UC 214 ;;: "'' ''X THURSDAY lJ:' .. :.,i 9:00 a.m. Naval Officer ,.. 1,25 p.m. r,_t::_i: m r :: Bg m Windjammers .... _ .. UC 226 . Jazz: Lab Band . . . . UC 248 .. 252 E EVents ... uc 2ss Committee . . . . . .. UC 214 u Religious Counell ... UC 216 m m "0 J d AC 233 ''" "$:., p.m . u o . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $]:! :::: 1 =Lutheran Student Group ............... UC 215 ". .. : Christian Science Organization .... , ... UC 226 ,., T,3o p.m. Jewish Student Union UC 203 kf;;.'; Christian Life FellowJEi ship . . . .. .. .. .. . .. . UC 205 lli % Student Assn. Legislah ture ............... UC252 f FRIDAY ,t; @ 8:00 a.m. Dr. True Class CoHee UC 167 I ;::: I CtUb uc 202 I ... -'7:00p.m. Alpha Hall Dinner Dance ............... UC248 7:30 p.m. UC Movie o the Sixth Happiness" FH 101 SUNDAY 10,30 a.m. Wesley ............. UC 47 2,00 p . m . Tri Sis .............. UC 252 3:30 p.m. Jane Murray Con-cert .................... TAT 6:00 p.m. Westminster ........ UC 47 ::S; 6:3op.m. : :Bg .. ' .. .. .. '; x-: 7:30 p .m. UC Movie ••Jnn of the Opinion Students Break Smoking Habit? By PAT PATRICK Of The Campus Staff am a USF student! See, I have a student number, so it is so. I am the shade of education, the epitome of erudition, a seeker of truth and an explorer of light. I delve, digest, dissect, discern and discuss . I am becom ing as one who is learned. I know the results of smoking. I know how cigarettes are made and I know the definition of nicotine "a poisonous alkaloid, C-10, H-14, N-2, found in tobacco leaves, from which it is extracted as a colorless, oily, acrid, transparent liquid and used, ordinarily in an aqueous solu tion of its sulfate, as an insecticide." I have read about the SUJ;geon Gen eral's report on smoking and know its recommendations. I know that it is not an innocuous dissertation on a hybrid evil. The telltale reeking breath, fulvous cuspids and jaundiced finger tips all spell so simply the macabre dictum:-Prog nosisJ .. terminal." But I am young, it will be a whilemy pen will glean my teeming brain-I hope -I smoke! The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Pre&i PR::SS Editor ...................•.•..•......•......... Raleigh Mann Managing Editor ............................... Jay Beckerman Editorial Page Editor ......................... Mary Ann Moore DEPARTMENT EDITORS Greeks-Phyllis Tarr Religion-Jeffrey L. Bialek Sports-Larry Goodman Stu?ent Association-John Alston STAFF WRITERS Jean Barfoot, John Bell, Ba.rbara Ber1er, Edwlna Burcess, G e. r a 1 d Canfield. Jtulh Duke. OZile Gra?es, David Ramway, Lynda Hancock, Sara Bester, Mrra Howze, J'enld Keeney, Llndr. Kempton, Stepll:anle Lauwenlns, Robert Lechner, Cerha. Ludwick, George Lyons, Anne t t e Mason, .Joan Miller, Dlnab O"Berry, Leroy Patrick, Shtrle7 Rawson, Gail Reeves, Pbll Runnelt, Carol Seay, Diane Stayter. Sammy Stun, Pe111 Stewa.rt. Advisor .......................................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday.


Committees Are Work AII-U Events Set The schedule of festivities for the AU-University Week end, March 12 and 13, have been announced by the in tramural office. An intramural diving meet Friday at 4 :30 p.m., will ' kickoff the activities. Diving will be followed by a swimming meet and both events will be worth intramural points. The remaining w e e k e n d events will be as follows: Fri day 8 p.m. Street Dance; Saturday 8 a.m. -Facultystudent Tennis Match. 12 Noon Cook out. 1 p .m. Novelty Bike Races. 2 p .m. Women's Bike Race40 laps. 2:45 p .m. Men ' s Bike Race100 laps. 9 p .:m. Semi-formal Dance and Floor Show. The Scholarship Committee, designed to handle arrange ments for the bike race tags and the C1Jncessions, is c o m)lOSed of Maxine Levine, TriSis; Sue Stelzner, Paideia; and Don Walker, Arete. Last year over $200 was contributed to the USF Scholarship Foundation and better organization should enable the students to top that mark this year. Publicity will be handled by Bob Faust of WUSF and Loren Southwick. All athletic chairmen of or ganizations and residence halls are requested to stop by the In tramural office for official en try blanks this week. Contract To Be Let .. , ... Look Out, It's A Long Fall! John Woosley (left) and Robert McCluskey, who have learned to unicycle in less than six weeks will be featured in the All-University Weekend Novelty Bike Race, Saturday, March 13. UC News Briefs Moonlight Cruise, Dance Are Scheduled THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February ZZ. 1965 19 P .E.M. Collide Crown 'Bald Soprano' At Coffee Hour A bald-headed soprano! Have you ever contemplated such a phenomenon? Whether you have or have not you are sure to be highly tertained by a dramatic reading of Eugene Ionesco's ludricrous play, "The Bald Soprano," to be offered during the English Coffee Hour on Feb. 23 in UC 252.


20 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 22, 1965 Wedding Vows, Rings Exchanged YTeens Expect Special Guest Roc King was best man. al YWCA field representative, lery will be water guns. esses and will judge the cosMary Frances Lacey, nationa row of candles and the artil-,Committee will assist the hostGroomsmen-ushers were Enrib 1 th e specLa guest at e Members of the Y Teen-Age tume and bakery contests. que Gonzalez, brother of the bridegroom, and Pete Hodge, masquerade party TbursADVERTISEMENT GET YOUR OLD I I ' LAXAifiVE FREE 1f 1t works than new Laxa1d Try and compare. If you don't prefer It In every way, we'll refund the cost of your present laxative. New Laxald works where many other laxatives fall. It helps stimulate lhe large intestines to start regular laxative action. Mild, effective relief usually comes in 8 to 10 hours without griping, nausea, or embarrassing urgency. This pure vegetable formula has been recommended by doc tors and used in hospitals. 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ost cos-• ' • • r: ' 150 Automobiles For Sole TAKE over payments '59 Olds 4 dr. Wag. Real nice, R&H, tutone, WSW tires. Cold air. Loaded. Bal. $697 at 539.82. mo. No casll needed, 110 paymt 'til April. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229, 224-8221 PLYMOUTH, '55, 8 cylinder, auto-mafic wagon, runs very good, neatly new tires. $165. 4401 N. Manhattan Ave., Drew Park. '53 WlLLYS Jeep: R&H. Runs good. 935 after 6 PM. MUS'!: sell Immediately beautiful Impala. wm take older car for equity. 932-0888. 1962 CORVAlR Monza, 900. WSW, R&H, bucket seats, stick shift. Best offer. To see call 2.31-6625. '59 FORD -Puff $5.00 Wk. BAY 3500 FLORIDA AVE. '59 LINCOLN LoadP.d Puff $8.00 Wk. BAY 3500 FLORIDA AVE. 1962 COMET, 4 door, excellent condition, Sacrifice one owner. 232 1960 FORD Galaxie, 2 door, V-8, automatic. New tag. Extra crean, $750. Original owner. 855-3713. FORD SUNLINER '59 HARDTOP convert Very clean. Mechanical condition & tires very Good -Private own e r -No trade. $850. 932. 63 CHEV B. A. fuU eqpt. excel. cond. 1-owner $1600. 876-3121. '60 CHEV Conv. Nice $6.00 Wk. BAY 3500 FLORIDA AVE. 1962 CHEVY n, 6 cyiinder.2Ci00r stick, clean. $875. 876-9496. 1957 CHEVROLET, AC, R&H, S600 Cash. 839 after 6 PM. "57 Mercury.. owner.. clear title, 65 tag, $325. 833-6161 1959 FORD convertible, cruiso matic, R&H, AC, private. $720. 837-9321. '58 RAMBLER, Custom 6 wagon, PB, PS, 55,000 miles, clean, 855-1516 matcbing interior. AU seats face forward. Ideal for Church or social type car. 834-9922. 4221 Leona St. Dlr. 67 FAlRLANE "500" hardtop must see to appreciate. Plaza Mlrs. 4511 S. Dale Mabry '58 FORD Skyiiner Convertible. 872 after 7 PM Monday thru Thursday, all day Saturday and Sunday. 1953 JAGUAR "120" Coupe. $400. Call 932-9129 after 5 PM. 19M THUNDERBIRD. White, red in terior, real clean, fully equipped. $3600. Will trade. 316 S. D a I e Mabry. 1962 FIAT; 4 door sedan. Good condition. Must sell. 834-0312 . PRIVATE party, '58 Ram bIer Wagon. 2104 E. Flora 235. PRIVATE owner, 1952 . Cadillac Se dan, DeVille, low mileage, and ha,s all extras. Must sell. No reasonable offer refused. 932-9765, 7005 North Lois Ave. GUTHRIE'S USED CARS 9210 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. 935-2130 n you have S50 I have a car for vnu I Mels 2812 E. Hillsboro Ph. 236-1101. 50 car selection-We Fl nance. No Finance '59-0LD8-H.T. Puff $8.00 Wk. BAY 3500 FLORIDA AVE. '62 FORD CONV. Puff $7.00 Wk. BAY 3500 FLORIDA AVE. 1963 CHEVY II, 6 cylinder, sUck, 4 door, R&H, beige. private owner. $150 my equity. Balance owed, S950. 855-3698. 1961 CADILLAC Fleetwood. Private owner. 4 dr, HT, loaded, white, executive condition. Small down pymt., assume regular payments. 831-9861. p:::a r::::::l f""'\ 5i5 C:::: HE Authorized Dealer '60 CADILLAC Sedan. Fac• tory air. Full power. Alp;ne white. Clean '51 CADILLAC Sedan. Fac tory air. Full power. Extra $2495 clean ...... . '62 RAMBLER Ambaosador 5 e d a n. Auto. trans. steer$1195 1ng. Clean .. '63 BUICK R;viera Coupe, FactorY air. W h i t e leather s3395 Int. Xclean One-Year Warranry 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. Open Eves. and Sundall 229 6105 The Sign of Good Cars "WE CANNOT TELL A LIE" We have the nicest cars in town. SEE THESE TODAY '64 Barracud'a ...... .... air '64 Ford Gal. 500 4-dr, air '64 Bonneville 4-dr. HT .. air '64 Bonneville 2dr. HT . . air '64 Grand Prix ....•.... air '64 SkYlark Convt. . ... auto '63 Cadi. Sedan DeVille .. air '63 Starfire Convt., ..•.. air '63 Olds 98 4-dr. HT .... air '63 Olds 88 4-dr. HT .... air '63 Ford Gal. 4-dr. HT .. a;r '63 Buick Wildcat Cpe power '63 Monza 4-dr •....... a'Uto. '63 Grand Prix ......... air '63 Olds Cutlass Cpe • . . 4/FI. '63 Buick Skylark Cpe •.. air '62 Olds Starfire CJ)e •... air '62 Bonneville Sta. Wag, air '62 Bonneville 4-dr. HT . . air '62 Mercury HT Cpe •.. power '62 Grand Prix ......... air '62 Olds 98 4-dr. HT .... air '62 Oldo S88 2-dr. HT ... air '62 Ford F/L 2-dr. '62 Corvair 4-dr •..... auto. '62 Bonneville 2dr. HT . . air '61 Cadillac 4-dr. (2) .... a;r '61 Chev. Jmp. 4-dr. HT a;r '61 TBird Coupe ....... air '61 Pont. Ventura 4 dr ... air '61 Falcon St. Wagon. Auto. '60 Chev. 9pass. Wagon air '6' 0 TBird Coupe ....... air ELKESCAMPBELL MOTORS 3737 Henderson Blvd. at Dale Mabry 872-9246 Open Sunday After Church 150 Automobiles For Credit No Problem YOU must be 21 years old, have a job. $5 dn., take over notes. '56 Chev. S $249, '61 Edsel $490, '58 Buick HT $590, '59 Plym. $329, '57 Chev. 9/P Wag. $375. AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 Florida Ave. Ph. 231-5521 WE FINANCE IF you are 21 & working & wish to buy a quality car with _low down payment & low mo. payservice on all models. 5720 Fla. Ave. '60 T-BIRD-$1295 HARDTOP. Factory air condi tioned, 29,000 actual miles, extra clean! C.&R. AUTO SALES 4316 Fla. Ave. Ph. 238-1962 UNCOLN Continental, 1962. Clean 20,000 miles, No dealers. 877-3557 VW. '63. PRrVATELY OWNED EXCELLENT condItIon. WSW, R&H, $1450. Call 988. '59 Volkswagen Truck ECONOMY, comfort & capacity are all yours In this 'h ton pickup. A Superior value at $589. Pay only $5 down, $7.50 week. Superior Motors, 4205 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3929$5.nDOWN PRIVATE. 1959 Pontiac. Take pay. ments, $28 monthly. Older car for equity. 252-3683. 1959 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon. Real good condition, must sell. $600. 316 S. Dale Mabry. 1st City Bank of Tampa HAS SEVERAL LATE MODEL REPOSSESSION & OTHERS MR. COLEMAN, 228 YELLOW cabs are being replaced with '65 models. These cars are for sale: '61 Fords, '61 Stu debakers, also '62 & '63 models. $350 up. 510 N. Oregon. '58 RAMBLER; American. matic transmission. New Runs good. 935-1305. RIVIERA. equipped. ..$3295 MUSTANG, A.T., rad., htr., pwr. str. 1,900 $2895 mi. Warranty. ••• and lots more VISIT TODAY FERMAN OLDS 3611 Florida&lake 223 BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranry '61 BUICK ..... $1775 lnvicta 4Dr. AT, R&H, PS, Pll. '60 BUICK ..... $1295 I nvicta 9 .. Pass. Wagon. Power, Jlt&H, air. '60 BUICK ..... $1275 lnv;cta 2 • Dr. HT. AT, R&H, PB. '63 BUICK ..... $2385 Skylark 2 • Dr. HT, AT, R&H. '63 BUICK ..... $2495 LeSabre 4 .. 0r. AT, R&.H, PS. '57 BUICK ...... $385 Special 2-Dr. HT. '57 BUICK ...... $385 Century 2-Dr, HT. '59 BUICK ...... $695 Electra 4-Dr. AT, R&H. (412AJ. '63 OLDS 88 ..•. $2395 4Dr. AT, R&H, PS, PB. '62 BONNEVILLE $1785 4 • Dr. HT. White, AT, R&H, PS. '60 CATALINA .. $1395 4-Dr. HT. AT, R&H, air. '59 PONTIAC .. -.$795 4Dr. HT. AT, II&H, PS .. '61 MERCURY .. $1395 Monterey 4-Dr. AT, R&H, PS, PB. : WE LEASE 1965 CARS-ALL MAKES '63 FORD ...... $1995 Galaxie 4 • Dr. HT. AT, R&H, PS, PB, air. '59 FORD ....... $695 Galax;e 4-Dr. V-8, AT, R&H, PS. '57 DODGE ..•... $395 4-Dr. Wagon. AT. FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E. Hlllsborau!Jfl Phone 239-11 09 Open Sunday After Churdt 150 Automobiles For Sale BANK REPOSSESSIONS RECONDITIONED Free 5-Year Written Warranty NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH QUALIFIED CREDIT NO PAYMENT 'TrL APRrL '60 T-Bird ...... $1369 bal. $62 mo. '59 Ford 4 dr. . . S 699 bal. $34 mo. '61 Falc. 2 dr. . . $ 698 bal. $34 mo. '60 Chev. 2 / d ht. $1089 bal. $59 mo. '59 Ford conv. S 789 bal. $43 mo. '63 Chev. Imp. $2089 bar. ? ? mo. '57 Ford HT .... $ 391 bal. $24 mo. '58 Ford 2 dr. . .S 499 bal. $30 mo. '60 Falc. Wag. $ 798 bal. $43 mo. '57 Plym BT ... $ 499 bal. $30 mo. '60 Cbrys HT . . $1098 bal. $59 mo. '64 Malibu HT .. $2489 bal. ?? mo. '61 Ford conv •.. $1298 bal. $62 mo. '57 Mere. conv. $ 547 bal. $31 mo. '58 Chev. 2/d ht. S 599 bal. $34 mo. '61 Chev. HT .. $1197 bal. $61 mo. '55 Chev. 2 dr ... $ 169 bal. Sll mo. '60 Buick 4 dr. $1099 bal. $57 mo. '60 Mere 2 / d ht. $ 991 bal. $56 mo. '57 Dodge conv. $ 487 bal. $30 mo. '62 Ramb. 4 dr. $ 771 bal. $48 mo. '55 Chev. 4 dr. $ 599 bal. $34 mo. '63 Chev. 4 dr ... $1799 bal. ?? mo. '57 Ford HT .... $ 156 bal.$ 9 mo. '59 Chev. Wag. S 699 bal. $34 mo. '60 Vaux. Wag. $ 449 bal. $30 mo. WILL ACCEPT TRADEs-Dealer Stored at 2805 Fla. FINANCING ARRANGED OPEN 'TIL 9 PH. 229-2874 '58 HfLLMAN 1 OWNER NO cash needed, $5 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 '56 CADILLAC. Orig. tbrouihout. Immaculate cond. Make offer. 835. 4418 Oklahoma. Dlr. MUST sell 1957 Olds. AT, heater. $295. 253-9368 . Ronnie Laufer Rm. 207. 301 Plant Ave. 1-YEAR WARRANTY '63 FORD ••••. $995 ENGLISH FORD CORTINA 2DR. White finish, economy plus! '59 CONT'TAL $1195 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Factory air conditioned, full power, light turquoi.te finish with matching leather interior. '57 CHEV. • .•. $495 automatic, ra'61 CHEV •.. $1395 IMPALA 4 • Door. Radio a n d heater, automatic, power ateering. '62 BUICK $1995 INVICTA 4-Dr. Hard top. Radi o and heat er, automatic, power steering and brakes, factory air cond. IMPALA 4-Dr. Hard top. Radio and heat er, automatic, power steering. '61 OLDS •• .$1595 18 4DOOR HARDTOP. Automatic, power steer• ing and brakes, factoryair conditioned. '64 CHEV •.. $2395 2DOOR HARDTOP. Ra dio and neater, auto• matic, power steering. FERMAN Chevrolet 1428 Florida Ave. 229 Ph. 229-0706 Open 9 a.m. 'til 9 p.m. Mon. thru Sot. CLOSED SUNDAY '64 GALAXIE 500 4DR. HARDTOPS Cruise-OMatic trans., radio, heater, power steering, V, WSW tires, wide color selection. No cash is needed if your-old car equity is worth $500. Insurance excluded in payments. Months to Pay, Only $45.10 per Month. TRY US! YOU'LL LIKE US! '60 Eng. Ford .... $295 '63 MGB Roadster, Flame Red ..........••... . $1995 '64 FALCON Ranchero, V-8, Fordomatic ............ $1995 '63 SPITFIRE Rdster ....... $1795 '62 LANCER GT Cpe. AT, Air cond. . . . . . . . . ...... $1495 '62 DODGE Polara 500 PS & PB, etc. . . . . . ......... $1495 '63 FALCON 4-Dr. Wagon, stick . . . . . $1295 '63 CHEVROLET, std. shift, 4 Door, heater, V-8, factory air cond. . ................... $1399 '61 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. R, H, PS . . . . . . . $995 '58 FORD 2-Dr. Station Wagon. Stick, 6 cyl., 4 new tires .... !299 '57 CHEV. 2-Dr. V-8 Wagon, Stick ............... . . ..... $595 '62 CHEV. V-8, 4 Dr. auto., factory air, sharp-sharp. . . . $1395 Homer F. Herndon's STABLEMATES Franchised "Fiat" & "Triumph" New Car Dealer 3909 FLA. AVE. PHONE 223-4902 Open 5 Nites a Week '51 OLDS, less than 40,000 miles. 336 Rio Vista Court. 1961 GALAXIE'"'4--:;dc=-oo=r:-;:h:-::a::-rd'"'t"'op=-, rad1o, heater. automatic. power BARGAIN 1958 PlYmouth Sedan. 4 dr. PS, PB. 935-9472. $155.00. '59 PONTIAC $995. BONNEVlLLE 2-DR. HARDTOP A :real sharpi e! C. & R. AUTO SALES 4316 Fla. Ave. Ph. 238 TAKE over payments '57 Ford Wag. $149. at $8 mo. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 '56 FORD Victoria HT. $199. No cash needed, $3 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 2.32-4891 SALE $150. 1957 Ford. Owner. 4239 Henderson Blvd. 872-9363 TAKE over payments '59 Cadillac 2 dr. HT Coupe DeVU!e type. Real clean, aU pawer, low mile age, 1 owner. Bal. $995 at $49.87 mo. No cash needed, no payment 'til April. Dtr. 2819 Fla. Ave. '64 FORD XL 11500" ••• '63 DODGE Dart ..... . '63 CORVAIR Monza. . . '63 PONTIAC Bonneville '63 FORD Galaxie 500 .. '63 TBIRD. Air/C ..... '62 TBIRD. Air/C •.... '62 FORD Galaxie '500' '60 PLYMOUTH Fury .. '60 METROPOLITAN . . '59 CHEV. Impala .... AIR CONDITIONED '65 FORD L.T.D. . ..... '65 MUSTANG V HT. '64 PLYM . Spt. Fury HT. '64 BUICK Riv iera ..... '64 PONT. 4Dr. Catalina '64 BUICK LeSabre HT. '64 FORD XLSOO FB ... '63 CHEV. Imp. 4Dr. HT '63 PONT. Catalina HT. '63 CHEV. 4Dr. Bel Air '63 PONT, Bonn. 4-Dr • . '63 PONT. 4Dr. Starchf. '63 BUICK Spec;aJ .... '63 TEMPEST 4-Dr. V-8 '62 BUICK 4Dr. LeSabre '62 TBIRD Landeau HT '62 CHEV. 4-Dr. B.A •.• • '62 CHEVY II HT. . ... '62 PLYM. Spt. Fury HT PLEASURE CARS '65 MUSTANG HT. V 8 '64 PONT. Cat. HT, ... '64 DODGE 11330., 4Dr. '63 FORD XL 4 -Dr, HT '63 MONZA Spyder .... '63 OLDS F 4-Dr •... '63 DODGE Dart GT •.. '62 PLYM. Fury HT .... SPORT CARS '65 STING RAY, 4Spd •. '64 STING RAY, 4-Spd • . '64 MG Midget . . '64 TRIUMPH Spitfire . '63 TRIUMPH TR '63 CORVETTE F/B AT. '63 CORVETTE Fuel inj, '63 A. HEALEY "3000". '63 ALPINE, 2 tops . ... '63 JAGUAR XKE Conv. '62 CORVETTE. 2 tops . '62 TRIUMPH TR-4 ... . '61 MG Roadster .... . 'GO JAGUAR XK 150 HT '60 PORSCHE Conv. . .. '60 CORVETTE HT •..• '60 MG Roadster ..... . '60 A/._. Sprite. HT ... . '59 AUSTIN H. Sprite . '59 CORVETTE 4-speed. STATION' WAGONS '64 FORD 9 -Pass. A/C . '62 CHEVY II 4Dr • .... '61 CHEV. 4-Dr. A/C .. '61 RAMBLER Amb; V-1 '60 OPEL Rekord ..... . '60 FIAT Multi pia . ... . '59 FORD Ranchero PU FOREIGN ECONOMY '62 MERCEDES "190" .• '60 METRO Conv. . .... '60 FIAT Sta. Wag. OPEN SUNDAY Largest Stock Ever '65 MUSTANG HARDTOPS $2508 Delivered in ON THESPOT FINANCING $5645 Per Month $500 down cash or trade eQuity. 48 months to pay, Life insurance included in payments. BRAND NEW 1965 FALCONS Equipment includes lOS .. HP engine, standard transmission, fresh air heater and defroster, color a.nd upholstery choice, front arm rest, ash tray, aeat belts, dual sun visors, alternator, etc. $4620 DELIVERED 'IN TAMPA PER $500 Down Cash or Trade MONTH Equity. 48. Months .to Pay. Life Insurance mcluded an pa)'ments. NORTHGAT E FORD 150 Automobiles For Sale 150 Automobiles For Sale '53 FORD 2 Dr, V-8 Stick $99. No cash needed, $2 week. D lr. THE TAMPA TIMES. Mdnday. Z2, 1965 33 TAKE over payment" '58 Ford V-8, AT, Bal. $129 at $5 mo. Dlr. 2819 F la. Ave. 229, 224-8221 1963 CADrLLAC Fleetwood, 1 owner. All factory extra equip ment. A perfectly clean car. See to appreciate. Kwik Pep Station, 50th St. & E. Hillsboro. PRIVATE. '57 Olds, new trans mission, $225. 238-4051. '57 PLYMOUTH Hardtop Belve dere PS, PB, R&H,. WSW, new battery, plastic seal covers. Ex ceptionally clean. A good buy. $425 . Private owner. 935-0135. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 TAKE over payments '59 Buick 4 dr. R&H, WSW tires, AC, real clean, one owner. Bal. $697 at $39 .67 mo. No cash lleeded, 110 payment 'IU April. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 '64 CORTINA Ford 4 door. Real money saver. For further information call 872-(11211. PLYMOUTH 4 Dr. Sedan $39. SUN RAY MOTORS, INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 '63 FAIRLANE 500 2 DR. Sedan. A .T., R&H, 1 owner. Beautiul Red paint. $1495. HENDRICKSON AUTO SALES 909 N. Dale Mabry 1958 FORD consul, good condition, $225. 988-3218. '63 Ranchero Only $995 Hendrickson Autos 909 N . DALEI MABRY 1959 CHEVROLET. 6-s tick. Excel lent. $65()_ 1954 Ford. 689-5088, 689 752. '64 FORD 500. Z door bardtop. v .a, automatic, PS. No reasonable offer refused. 645-1132 aner 5 PM. ==== YOfJ CAN BE SfJRE When You Trade At Mr. G's WE BUY OUR CARS BRAND NEW WE GUARANTEE MILEAGE W& guarantee the ltalance of the 24,000 mile• or 24 months warranty will be transferred to yout 1965 CHEVY BELAIR Power Glide, POwer steering, radio and heater, 4door sedans. 4 in stock. Purchased for our rental fleet, Factory $2695 Bal. of Manufacturer's Fresh Warranty $195 ON . BAL. 36 OR 411 MO . BANK RATES Also In stoc:k 1965 Impala Hardtops, Malibu Sport Coupes, Impala Wagons, Mustangs, Passenger Ford Country Squire Wagon. '64 IMPALAS Foc:tory olr conditioned. 2 or 4Dr. Hardtops. v.a engine, auto. trans., radio, heater, power steering, tint gloss, seat belt5, wsw tlre1 and big wheel $ '2595 All Colors and Interiors $195 Down-36 or 48 Mo. Bank Finonc:ing Without Fact. Air Cand. Deduct $200 Fact. air cond., 4-speed floor shift, R&.H, v.a, wsw tires. ower steering. o power brakes. Up to 5 Years To Pay Cars From $49 to $7000 500 Hew & Used Car Selection Two Big Locations '65 MALIBU 2-Dr. HT. Super S1>ort . 4speed, V-11, radio, $2995 heater, wire wheel • '55 FORD o fooling at Ferman! Sporty '65. Corvoir is in a class all by itself. About the only way to improve on it is to get your . self the possible deal We you delivery down and 83 mo. (36) includes _ life ins., title, finance chge., freight well-equipped 2-Dr. Corvair! I TRADES! WILLIAMS BROS. PRICE CUT-lNG SALE NO MONEY DOWN 90 days same as cash, or 60 manths at low bank rates LUXURY LANE '65 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Loaded. Bal. new car warrant. Leather $619ft interior .. Savel . . . . . _,'65 Pontiac Grand P r i x Coupe Hardtop, Full power &. fact. air cond., buck et seats. Loaded. B a l . new car i"arranty. $4299 Save ............. . '65 Pontiac Bonneville Cpe. Hardtop. Full power &. tact. air cond. Loaded. Bal. new 1car warranty. $4199 Save ............. . '65 a u ;ck LeSabre Coup_ e . Hardtop. Full power & t,ct. a i r cond. Loaded. V in yl top, wire wheel covers. Bal. .. $4099 '65 Bu ick Wildcat 4-Door. Full power & fact. air cond, Loaded. Bal. new car warranty! s3999 Savel ..... .... ... . '65 O ldomobile Jet I 4. Door. Full power & air cond., radi o & heater, Bal. new car war-$3899 ranty! Save! . . . . .. '65 Chevrolet Impal a S uper Sport Coupe H ar.dtop. FuJI power &. fact. air eond., radio & heater, bucket seat$, vinyl top, tinted glass. Bal. new car warranty! $3199 Save! . . .......... . '65 Chevrolet Impala 4Door Hardtop, Full power &. fact. a i r cond., v.s, rad i o &. heater. Choice of colors, t inted glass, wsw. Bal. new $3599 car warranty! Save! '65 D o d g e Polara Coupe Hardtop. Loaded • . Bal. new car 52999. warranty! . ....... . '65 Mustang Coupe Hardtop. 4speed trans., V .. 8 , radio & heater, power steer .. inu. Bal. new car $2899 warranty! ........ . '65 c hevrolet Impala Cdu.,.,-Hardtop. Fact. eCIUi ppecf incl. power steering & heater. Bal. new car war. $2199 ranty! Save! . . .... '64 Pontiac Bonnevi lle Cpe. Hardtop. Fu II power & fact. air con d . Loaded. Bal . new car war-s3399 ranty! .. ......... . '64 Chevrolet Impal a Super Sport Cou pe Hardtop. Full POwer , fact. a i r cond., radio & heater, wsw. Bar. now car $2 899 warranty! ........ . '64 Ford Galaxi e •soo• XL Coupe Hardtop. Cruise• 0 ... Matic, power steering " brakes, fact. air con d , , bucke1; seats, radi o & heater. Bal .. ......... $2199 '63 Cad;Jiac Coupe Hardtop. Full power &. fact. air cond. One owner. $3699 Loaded! . ......... . '63 Buick LeSabr e 4 -Doo r Hardtop. Full power & fact. cond., radi o '2499 . &. heater, wsw ..... STATION WAGONS '64 C hevrolet Impala St,: tion W a g o n s . FuU power, V .a, fact. air con d. new car warranty. $ Radio &. heater ... '64 Pontiac Bonnev ill e 4 Full power &. fact. cond. Loilded . Bal. $3699 new car warranty! '64 P lymouth Fury Full p o w e r, radi o &. heater. One $2599 owner, wsw . , ..... '63 Chevrolet Bel A i r 9 Passenger 4Door. S:uU power & fact. air $2399 cond. One owner! .. COMPACT CORNER '65 Po n t iac Tempest LeMan• Custom Cpe. Full power, 326 v.a engine, fact. air cond., radi o & heater, bucket seats .. Bal. 'new car war $3299 ran tY! save! •...... '65 Corvair Monza 4 • Doo r Hardtop. Auto. trans.,_ fact. air cond., radi o & heat .. er. Bal. new car $2899 warranty! Savel ... '65 Corvair Monza Coupe,. 4speed t rans., 140 H . P . engine, radi o & heater, wsw. Bal. new car $2499 warranty! Savel ... '64 Ford FL •soo• Sports coupe, Full power, V-8, bucket !!:eats , radio & heater, fact. air cond. One owner. Bat, now war $2 299 ranty! ........... . '64 Corvai r Monza Coupes. . ........ 51999 '64 Comet Caliente Sport Coupe. 4speed trans., fact. a i r cond., AM / $2499 FM radio. Loaded! '63 comet 4-Door. Custom, Factory $1499 equipped ......... . CONVERTIBLES '64 Chevrolet Impal a Conv. PG, v .. a , power steering & brakes, air c:on d ., wsw. B a l . new car $2199 warranty! ........ . '64 Chevrolet Malibu S uper Sport. PG, V-8, power st"ring, bucket seats, fact. air con d., radio & heater. ... .... .. 52199 '62 Ford Galaxie '500'. Full power &. faet. a i r cond. owner . . . . ... 51199 '61 Cadillac Conv. Coupe. F ull power &. fact. a i r cond., $2399 seats. Loaded! ..... '61 T • B;rd Conv, Coupe, Full power, radi o &. ........... 51999 '62 Me r c UI'"Y Conv. Coupe . Full powe r , $1699 radi o & heater .... EXTRA SPECIALS


!4 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 22, 1965 ove AMPA FURNITURE SHOWROOM TO 3347 HENDERSON BLVD. OPEN TONIGHT •TIL 9 P.M. --* 80/o of Our Entire Showroom Display of Furniture, Bedding, Rugs, Lamps, Accessories, etc., must Be Sold at Discounts up to 40/o! *Galloway's To Return To Former Small, Low-Overhead Factory-Showrooms in Tamp a, Sarasota, St. Petersburg and other Florida cities. Sarasota and St. Petersburg now open. *After This Sale our new showrooms will continue to operate on a "No Sales'' policy now in effect since las+ fall. Our Low Factory Prices prohibit further .Reductions. *Any purchases made this sale can be held in our warehouse until you need it. Monthly terms are available with up to three years to pay. *This sale will be your big.gest opportunity this year to make sub stantial savings on quality furniture. The sale will last only as long as the furniture remains unsold -which won't be long at these • pr1ces. *Only floor samples are on sale-but you can special order any current design at our regular factory prices to go with your sale purchases. *Come Early for best selections for this is THE Furniture Sale of the year. -. 2655 SWANN AVE. CENTRAllY LOCATED lO $ERV FlORIDA'S WEST eOAST St . Polo Clurwater Area Sarosoto Ahltolancl Aooe from Howa rd franklin Follow Platt St. aro....d FFCm Hillsborough lite. Sr tdge a nd Courtney btuary to Armenia. TuM go South via Arrn.nM CIC' Camp bell Cau•eway lol left to Sw-. Dale Moboo, to Swam. low Grand Centra l to Armenta ard turn right to Swann '":::::-1'E.II fl I UL ................. ._:::11 +J!OLQDOIL s c;.;J 0 c ll7/ II ..... hwroo111 21655 Sw,....., t.mpa, Florida PHONE 876-1457 ear Full Circle Return By Ralph Galloway Two years ago this spring we opened our giant furniture showroom on Swann Ave. as a wholesale decorator outlet. Those of you who visited this showroom know that it was the most beautiful and impressive furniture display ever shown on Florida's West Coast. But, alas, it was at least five years ahead of its time and this area just could not support it, so we converted it to retail. As you may remember we ran a number of Sales to reduce the huge inventory we had on hand and the people of this area bought the biggest furniture bargains ever offered on Florida's West Coast. Our loss was your gain. After these sales were over we tried to operate this giant showroom with just the furniture we manufacture, but no manufacturer's line, includ ing ours, is big enough to afford this massive building. So we must move to our former showroom at 3347 Henderson Blvd. which is now being renovated and remodeled. New furniture groupings are now being manufactured to fit this much smaller building. To make a long story short Galloway's has gone full circle to return to its former concept of operating small, low overhead showrooms located in various Florida cities. We have re opened our former St. Petersburg and Sarasota showrooms and now it's time for Tampa. Because our new showrooms are operated on a made to order basis we must dispose of 80% of our entire display of floor samples in our present giant showroom. In our new chain of furniture showrooms we intend to continue our No Sale, No Promotion policy now in effect since last fall. Our low factory prices prohibit further reduction after this Sale is over. I Sincerely, President • CARPETING • FURNITURE • DRAPERIES • BUDGET TERMS • . DECORATING ASSISTANCE '


Smokey Bear In Town Smokey Bear and his "keepers" is in Tampa to kick off the U.S. Forest Service's Co operative Forest Fire Preven tion Program for 1966. Mrs. Auralee Buckingham, president of the Tampa Adver tising Club , said the club is host for the weeklong meeting of a national committee of the Ad vertising Council, which annual ly contributes its services to the Forest Service's Smokey Bear conservation program. The program will be outlined before the Tampa Advertising Club at a noon luncheon Tues day at the Airport Motel. Russell Z . Eller, of Los An geles, voluntary coordinator of the Forest Fire Prevention Pro gram, will be principal speak-EARN $6,0000 to s1 5,6000 Per Yea,. ACCOUNTING COST ACCOUNTING PUBLIC ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT COMTROLLER C.P.A. COACHING COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Find aut today how you can learn one of these exciting, high paying professions, in a short time in yo11r home in your spare time. Take final exam. before a local C . P.A . Free placement service. Call or write today for free booklet. Phone 872-8181. International Accountants Society, Inc. 315 lntemotional Bldg. Tampa, Florida . _d7 1-.,,,..,_., .,. HERE•s WHAT WE'LL DO FOR ••• c REG. $4.19 VALUE ROTATE ALL FOUR WHEELS AND CHECK BALANCE ADJUST BRAKES. ALL 4 WHEELS PRICES PLUS TAX AND RETREADABLE TIRES Whitewalls $2 More ADD BRAKE FLUID IF NEEDED INTRODUCTORY SAVINGS I ALLNEW KELLY SAFE TRACS NYLON WITH KELLY 100% HEAT -GUARD 6.70-15 7.50-14 8.00-14 7.60 -15 BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK TUBE-TYPE TUBELESS TUBELESS TUBELESS 2 FOR 2 FOR 2 FOR 2 FOR S15B. S18B. $2395 News of Servicemen Airman 2 .C. Arthur E . Coo k Jr., son of Mrs. Glad y s F. Huffstutler, of Thonotosassa, has received special recognition and a cash award at Seymour John son Air Force Base, N.C . , for submitting a suggestion that will result in cost reductions. Drive-In Theatre MON., Ut45 N. Flortda Ave, TUES. Open 6:30 -1st Show 7 P.M. 2 Technicolor Hits Lex Barker "CODE 7 VICTIM 5" Peter sellers "WORLD of HENRY ORIENT" ADMISSION 35c Box Office Closes 9:30 SOc 'til 1 PM (Mon.Fri.) OPEN 12:30 S, Data Ma-rr e •r.itlen . Pial& e JIH, a32.J5l' Instead of responding one spade to your one-heart opening, your partner has responded two clubs. What do you do now? Answer The Brave Are Never Different ••• Only Different Looking! Features: 1:00, 3 :20, 5:25, 7:35, 9:40 JACKLEMMON. AT HIS FUNNIEST UIRNAUSI New Youth Job Corps Units Asked . "HDW TD MURDER YOUR , ,., UNITED ARTISTS with TERRY-THOMAS WASHINGTON,Feb.22 Proposals for 17 new neighborhood youth corps proJects , Free Parking aimed at providing work for Air cond. 6 ,764 jobless youths and school Midhite Shows dropouts , have been submitted for review to the governors of 12 to 12 Daily 14 states. The .governors will review the projects before final action is taken , according to a Labor De partment announcement this The 17 proposed projects would bring the total to 77 in 33 states, involving 52,785 youths at a total cost to the federal government of $30. 3 million . The government pays about 90 per cent of the cost. Theater Time Clock BIG DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM!! The 2 Best Films of the Year COMPlETELY UNCUT! starring BARBARA VALENTINE ALEX D'ARCY and dozens o l oel i c i pus DOllS THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, February 22, 1965 •tAMING OF SHREW' Students May See Rollicking Comedy AT 1:25 3:30 5 :30 7:35 9 :40 CINEMASOOPE , • -4iH GOhOIIIONt 0 ),PALACE ; 1i ZAC i SlS m 9100 OPENS 12:45 P.M. Shows at 1 • 3:40 6:20. 9:00 LAST 2 DAYS! At 7:15 & 10:42 .. STATION SIX SAHARA"' Carroll Baker at 9:10 "'RACING FEVER .. ltC:.u:-2:. FIRST AREA SHOWING! Starq Thur., Clearwater flLEcrROIIOfiiSIDN • SCREEN E . NTERTAINMENT CO. STARRING THE BEACH BOYS CHUCK BERRY JAMES BROWN & THE FLAMES THE BARBARIANS MARVIN GAVE GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS plete! Uncut! Exactly at ing road ahow engagements! AT REGULAR PRICES Adults 75c--Childron Under 12 in Cars Freel -WINNER OF 3 ACADEMY AWARDS! AMERICA' S MIGHTIEST ADVENTURE! At 7:30 On lyl "SYMPOSIUM ON POPULAR SONG" AT 7 :00 & 11:10! Co-Hit at 9:30 Onlyl Edgar Allen Poe's "MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH" 17 Filmed in Florida . GKRNh I ANDREWs I oou6LAS 111 AIDIRICIIIZiiTIDI :.aFEml Universal Pictures on Loc.ation at Calorl Silver Springs. • • "THE V.I.P .'s" Rock Hudson Movie Richard Burton :


FRENCH PROVINCIAL OCCASIONAL CHAIRS I I SOLID CHERRY 1 Only BUFFET AND HUTCH 1 • .Rei). $249.95 World of Animals fleas must be getting sleep by working in relays. We are ready to try almost anything. Can you give us ANY way to win this battle? HELP! HELP! -s. G. DEAR S. G.: Many fleas freeze, but not those that reBy DR . FRANK MlLLER dry as that found in deserts. main on the dog nor those that 3PC. DANISH LIVING ROOM SET 1 Only SOFA, 2 CHAIRS • • • • 1 1 ReiJ. 5149.95 DEAR DR. M I L L E R: BeThis air dehydrates the mucous remain inside during the cold cause I have trouble with membranes of the respiratory weather. Those so protected can asthma, someone sold my bustract, making them less resiscontinue eating and breeding band on a humidifier. Well, it tant to irritation and infection. (and sleeping) on a year-round hasn't helped me much (some The skin area of the body is basis. However, once the "' 1 Christmas present! ) , but my, also exposed to this drying efflea population concentrated in has it made a change in Jo Jo, feet, and normally shedding side is eliminated, the chances our 5-year-old English Bulldog! processes are greatly accelerof picking up a new crop are He has had trouble with breathated . When the moisture content slight . The best approach is to ing, too, and he has always of the air is brought up to a provide Snitzel with oral insecti wheezed and sputtered his way more tolerable level breathing cide. These tablets are absorbed through every winter. Now since becomes easier. As skin health into his bloodstream and when we have been using the humidi improves, the hair follicles are a flea takes a bite it automatiDANISH Reg. $139.95 SOFA BED AND CHAIR 1 1 BotUieces 9x12 ARMSTRONG 8 Only LINOLEUM RUGS I I I I I I KROEHLER EARLY AMERICAN 1 Only WING CHAIRS • 1 • 1 • • 1 1 ReiJ. 5116.95 WINHGECHiiRAWiTH ARM CAPS 56495 $3995 COMPLETE WITH HEADBOARD YWOOD BEDS ... he breathes much easier better able to bold hair, so cally poisons him. Eventually, quieter. Another thing that sheddiog is reduced. every flea on the premises will made us happy is the way have taken his first-and-last-bite, it has helped his shedding. I DEAR DR. MlLLER: Snitzel, and the battle will be won. Your just wonder if Jo Jo is differ my Manchester-Cocker mix, is veterinarian can provide these ent from most, or i! the humidi STILL plagued with fleas. We flea pills for Snitzel. fier has helped other dogs? We thought the cold weather would think now that it was well freeze them out but there seem Does your favorite animal worth buying just for him. to be more than ever. Snitzel have problems, physical or emo--B. R. is getting tired of biting and tiona!? Dr. Miller will answer DEAR B. R. : Yes, humidifiscratching. I'm g etting tired all letters sent to him, care cation has helped other canines, watching him. My husband is of The Tampa Times, provided too. The average home (in win getting tired of dousin g him with a stamped, self-addressed en tertime) contains air twice as flea sprays and powder. The velope is enclosed . aSHINITIIN'S HANDCRAFTED COLOR TV BIGGER TRADES THAN EV'ER ••• EASY TERMS 1965 COLOR TV THE TALBOTModel 5317WU 'D istinctive contemporary "Lo Boy" console styling in grained walnut color. Available in Maho9any or Cherry At No Additional Cost Choose ZENITH with ZENITH Perfected Performance Features Handcrafted TV chassis ! 00 'Yo handwired. No pro duction shortcuts, no printed circuits. Super Gold Video Guard 82 channel tuning system with 125 gold con tacts. Co I or Demodulator circuitry with Zenith color hues tubes. $ 95 the quality goes in before the name goes on M2733RU 1965 MODEL 23" CONSOLE BLACK and WHITE Contemporary Styled e "Low-Boy" Cabinet e All 82 channel tuning spotlite panels e 21,000 Volts Picture Power e Zenith "Fin Cooled" power transformer e Zenith Cj)uality 61!4 "x21f4" Speaker 1965 COMPACT TABLE MODEL COLOR TV Full Performance Features e Handcrafted TV chassis e No printed circuits, no production shortcuts e Super Gold Video Guard 82 channel tuning system with 125 gold contacts for longer TV life e Zenith's own 'Color TV performance advances ONLY 23" ZENITH BIG SCREEN FINEST QUALITY TV 1965 MODEL e 21,000 Volts Picture Power e "Perma-Set" VHF Fine tuning e Peak Picture Control e 82-'Channel Tuning System $23995 WITH STAND 12" ZENITH LIGHTWEIGHT. SUPER COMPACT. PERSONAL PORTABLE TV 1965 MODEL Easy room to room portability e 3 -Stage IF Amplifier e "Perma-Set" VHF Fine Tuning e Horizontal Width Adjustment e 82-Channel Tuning System e Front Mounted Controls $ AS LOW AS $15.00 PER MONTH HANDCRAFTED BLACK and WHITE TV 23" over-all diag. meas. Roll-About Stand 12" Overall Dial). Meas. "TOP VALliE STAMPS WITH EVERY Pl!RCHASE" OUR OWN PERSONALIZED FINANCING PIONEER WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL FREE PARKING ON OUR LOT REAR OF STORE TAMPA at WASHINGTON ST. Phone 229-1951 FRANKLIN ST. AT CASS Reg. $42.50 $75.00 $99.50 $137.50 $199.50 Briltiam stone flanked by 26' perfectly matched blu., cl6amo1Mh, : EVERY DIAMOND RING IN OUR STOCK ;,; 1/2 PRICE Compare Values and Prices BRIDAL PAIRS .... .... SALE Reg . SALE $2125 $299.50 $14950 $3750 $395.00 $19950 $4950 $499.50 $24950 $6850 $699.50 $34550 $9950 $995.00 $49950 Get Up To $2500 IN TRADE FOR YOUR OlD WATCH CORNING7!EWARE FREEZE • COOK • SERVE WARE BRIDE and GROOM 14K GOLD RINGS $1995. R10gs ALL POLAJtOID FILM COLOR & BlACK & WHITE 25/o OH Complet• with carr yin g taso. earohonn and ba ttery America's Favorite ALL TRANSISTOR! Portable Radio A bigger buy than ever! This fal)lous General Electric portable has outstanding tone, plays ISO hours in nor mal use. $16'5 Special $1 Weekly CLOCK-RADIO with a MEMORY! NEW G-E FEATURE the memory alarm Efiminates alarm setting. Just set the Jlann once and the MEMORY ALARM wiU awaken you to music (or music plus buzzer ) every mornini at the same time . A reset bar located on top of the cabinet turns off the radio and;or alarm. On weekends when you wish to sleep in, a HOLIDAY SWlTCH overrides the MEMORY AlARM setting. Special 2995 NEW 1965 BULOVAS WE GIVE YOU A BIG ALLOWANCE for your old watch, regard less of age, make or condi tion when you trade it in for a brand new Bulova. Bring that brokendown watch in today-this offer is for 1 short time only! Prices from $2475 Up Low Down Payment FREE! CORNING WARE Anniversary Special TWO OF THE HANDIEST PANS MONEY CAN BUY! YOUNG MODERNS SET $19.95 1 and 1 '14 Qt. Saucepans with covers, 9-inc:h skillet with c:ov er, 1 qt. Sauc:emaker, Detach able Handle, two Petite Pans. And as an Anniversary Spec:ial you get two extra Petite Pans FREE giving yau 4 pans in all! $1.00 Weekly 826 FRANKLIN


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