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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 19 (March 1, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 1, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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LM 1( f c g 0 ' • l., SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 19 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH l, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Drasti. c Measures T ak .en As Dorm Applications Burgeon; Andros Lounges Converted Proceed As Programs Scheduled By ROBERT LECHNER 2) Alpha, Beta, Eta, and Of the Campus Staff Zeta residence halls will be For various reasons, USF assigned to m en. Gamma, will have no additional rooms Delta, and Epsilon will be as ready for occupancy in Sep signed to women. To handle tember. the overload, students will be Pres. John S. Allen has outassigned four per lounge in women), for accommodations off campus. This applies mainly to new applicants but a Is o concerns those who are applying to live off campus. No married stu lined the following policy for Andros total: 16 men, 48 dents will be housed on cam Despite Budget Rumors housing assignments for the women. fall trimester: Fifty men, in excess of capu:j Fraternal groups will be 1) NEW APPLICANTS FOR pacity, will be assigned to able to continue 1 i vi n g in HOUSING who live within a Beta and 70 will be assigned groups, in residence halls if 20-mile radius will not be adto Alpha for Trimester I, 1965. they meet all of the other re mitted to tbe residence halls. Twenty of the excess men in quirements . By MYRA HOWZE Of The Campus Staff Students from Tampa currentAlpha will be considered tern!I) Resident assistants will ly living in residence halls porary residents of Alpha and be assigned single rooms. All USF graduate programs may continue to Jive there. will be moved as space be6 ) The general space alloca now in operation and those to be Students who must re-apply comes available. The rest will tion w i 11 be approximately instituted in June 1965 will pro-for admission to the univerbe permanenent r e s i d e n t s. 50 per cent male. ceed as scheduled. sity will be treated as new This will mean a total over-There was concern and conapplicants for housing. New load of 184 students. THE FIRST payments on fusion about the status of these applicant s for housing w h o 3) Applicants w h o s e ages housing for the fall will be programs because of an article live within this 20-mile radius are 21-25 will be interviewed due May 1, 1965. A reduced appearing in the Tampa Tribune will be required to commute. by the deans of men, said. "By the general amount of time the teams have been spend ing on practice , we will probably have the fastest race yet." Fourteen men's teams and nine women's foursomes are en tered in the race. Thirty-four others were dis qualified for not fulfilling the one hour per week per team member practice regulations. The purpose of the practice, according to Osborne, was to get the riders in physical shape, to accustom the riders to the feeling of the bikes, and to have the riders become familiar with the racing course and its turns. Last year the "Cyclopaths" won the men's race, while Fides captured the womens' division. This year's leading contenders are Cratos, Enotas, and KIO of the men's teams; Fides and the w o m e n PE Majors of the women's teams. Bike Riders Will Try for Breakneck Speeds Less than two weeks away, the races which will highlight AllUniversity. The women's race of 40 laps is expected to take about 30 minutes. The men's 100 laps take about an hour. Qualifying races are scheduled for today through Thursday at 4:40 p.m. on park ing lot 10.-(USF Photo) \


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 1, 1965 Burns Stirs State Stew Florida politics tighten t h e i r grip on the administration of high er education as governor Haydon Burns has now directed the Board of Regents to place the new univer sities near Pensacola and Orlando high on the budget priority list for construction monies . The Governor, we believe , is au daciously counting votes for 1966 in the two heavily-populated areas, much as he did at his inauguration when he promised great progress for Dade County's roads and high ways. Pensacola, 0 r 1 a n d o and the Dade County areas carry a consid erable amount of potential impact at the polls with their large popu lations. While the need for expanding the state's university program is ac as important, we feel that the need for continued growth of existing facilities is pressing. This university saw a greater increase in s t u d e n t enrollment from September 1963 to September 1964 than any other state univer sity. Additionally, USF's utilization of residence space is near p e a k, and was more than fully realized during the preceding trimester. Something is outrageously wrong with the handling of money when any university is forced to curtail the availability of its library resources, particularly one w h i c h professes a sincere dedication to Accent on Learning. Politics and education should not be mixed. Originally, a key moti vation for changing Florida's high er education administration from the Board of Control to a Board of Regents was to insure more sepa ration of politics and higher educa tion. But before the Regents were ac cepted as a new body by the voters, their channels of authority were re routed back through the same ave nues as the old Board of Control. To his credit, we believe that moves on Burns' part to build vot ing support during his bob-tailed term of office are natural and sim ply good politics. The trouble is, in this instance, with the system. We believe that the closer the political figures of the state play with the administration and growth of our state universities, the closer this activity will be watched by the agency that determines the status of USF's accreditation : the South ern Association of Colleges and Schools. And it is our guess that the Association will not regard vote maneuvering with the universities with a kindly eye. Let us, once and for all time , wake up before it is too late and get our universities out of the po litical cauldron. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor: About a week or so ago I happened to see a copy of the ballot used for the election of senior officers on Feb ruary 10 . I noticed on here that the same two persons were running for the offices of president, vice president and secretary treasurer. Another person was running for both the offices of president and vice-president while still a third party was seeking the offices of vice-president and secretary-treasurer. Names will not be mentioned here as the ones concerned know who I am referring to and this is enough. What I would like to know is whether these persons think their actions are ethical. Sliould a candidate be allowed to run for one office in any election or should he be able to run for all and assume responsibilities of the office he hap pens to win? I may seem a little old fashioned but I believe a person should run for one and only o ne office in any election. It is his duty also to run for the of fice which he is best qualified to serve in. The duties of the officers of any or ganization are clearly defined as being quite different. Dear Editor: "Faces, as serious, cannot insist," says this society. But why should anyone be serious? If life is but a moment for pleasure, then let everyone enjoy his. ' We cannot go higher. We have attained the ultimate . We are members of the "Pepsi Generation!" I often wonder if we understand the real significance of the words "Pepsi Generation!" For we, standing at "The Edge of Abundance," are the first to reach this height. Can we dare to look beyond to new heights? For if we do, we may have to insist. But we cannot insist because "they" are the ones who Dear Editor: Much too. often we find it easy to criticize action considered to be not worthy of the student body at the Uni versity of South Florida . In order to allot "equal time," which is the only fair thing to do, I would like to congratulate and thank the on campus residents of USF , espec ially the residents of Alpha Hall, for their exemOne person would find it difficult to execute the duties of all offices equally as well. Although not probable it was possible for the same person to win all the offices . The only reason I can see in this kind of conduct on anyone's part is a purely glory seeking motive . It is ap parent to me that the persons concerned don't care about the job involved and their qualifications for it. All they want is to have the glory of the office . I hope this case doesn't set a precedent and I'm sure it won't. When a voter casts his ballot or turns the switch on a voting machine he likes and has the right to think he is voting for a person who feels qualified for the office which he is seeking and that he is supporting a candidate who will be dedicated to the office and is confident of his ulti mate victory. A person . doesn ' t or shouldn't run for an office unless he is qualified for the position and doesn ' t have confidence in himself and of his chances of winning. An office is nice to have and it is always pleasant to be a winner of any election but it is certainly no disgrace to lose after an honest campaign. Am I right or wrong? JEFFREY LEE BIALEK are responsible for the bombs! So let us turn our backs and together have our moment. No, not alone but all to gether, because alone, each may realize that he must insist. We now have no need to make the "descent." Nor must we reflect seriously upon the words of those few who are insistent because we know that these will be forced from our midst by our s o c i a 1 protector and shield A De termined Ministry In Nursing Infants So That Responsibility Attaches Too In sistently On None. And we will leave the university, all looking just the sameSQUARE. PHILIP CARLETON plary conduct and assistance during the Saturday night campus black-out of two weeks ago . Their personal attitude, as evidenced by their behavior, should be a great incentive to the entire student body to render similar assistance when it is in their power to do so. AL E. LOMBANA Resident Counselor, Alpha Hall Quo tables Some people are so fond of ill -luck that they run halfway to meet it. Jerrold L I T T L E M A N 0 N If you were born lucky even your rooster will lay eggs. -Russian proverb c A I M y p u 8 5 I 8 L "THE't' 'ltXJI{ AGAit-l E rr coors us QUITE' A e1r 10 IN)VE waw .. JEs." R I , , Emotional Conflicts Among Students: . I Schedule 1 What Are They? What Causes Them? m OfE vents I MONDAY 3:30p.m. Bridge Lessons ...... UC 108 m By LAURA MANDELL Of the Campus Staff Editor's Note: This is the first of a three-part series of in-depth feature ar ticles which discuss the emotional con flict in the student's college life. "Sex," said one USF student, may be a main aspect of the identity crisis for the college student. Emotional problems of all types may result from y o u n g people thrust suddenly into the open-minded , sophisticated intellec tual environment of a u n i v e r s ity. These problems chall e n g e that fine old American tradition stating that the college years are the best years of our lives. Mandell For a large number of students, col lege has become a time of confusion conflict, frustration, and failure. emotional problems of today's students certainly seem more severe than those of a generation ago," says Dr. Dana L. Farnsworth, director of the Harvard Uni versity Health Services. J azzrnan Basie Swings Today Renowned J a z z m a n Count Baste and his orchestra which has played before European royalty as well as at U.S. presidential balls, will pay a return visit to USF today with performances at 7 and 9 p.m. in TA. The Count will present mapy of his famous hits as well as excerpts from his current albums.-(USF Photo) A RECENT STUDY shows suicide to be the second most common cause of student deaths, after accidents. Nation ally, suicide is the sixth most common cause of death among people of the same age group. Why'? Several causes of the emotional troubles which afflict college students, and the symptoms of this emotional distress in various forms, can be ana lyzed. This analysis will be based upon the belief that professional psychological counseling is valuable in enabling stu dents to better cope with the pressures of emotional problems. USF's on-campus counseling will be discussed to see how this university is unique in the prob lems of college life. ACCORDING TO the December 1964 issue of the "AAUP Bulletin," psychia tric disorders among college students are not necessarily increasing at an alarm ing rate. There is evidence to suggest that the rate of mental illness seems to be fairly constant over time among dif ferent colleges. More of our colleges now feel a responsibility to help students who have emotional difficulties, and the serv-USF Becomes Gardenland? By JOHN ALSTON Of the Campus Staff At last! At last! Long needed improvements are being made around the campus. A sidewalk is being laid alnngside of Gamma Hall to replace the trench (of course If the trench had been allowed to deepe n much farther the whole building might have toppled in> but were glad to see the walk being paved. A ramp is being built east of the UC and this will facilitate all those students who are confined to wheelchairs . One recent improveme n t (and this terminology may be erroneous) is that all the streets on campus have been given names. But oh brother, what names! Suppose you bad to tell some one how to get to Fletcher Ave. from one of the parking lots behind the dor mitories. Here are the actual directions: ' Turn left on E. Holly Drive then turn right on N. Palm Drive , or, in stead of turning right on Palm, turn left on Palm, follow the curve to the right and you're now on W. Holly Drive. Follow W. Holly to Magnolia Drive and turn right. A few other side notes on the situa tion might be enlightening. Every road that has been named so far is a "Drive. " Thus, you can't tell in which direction a road runs by the name. Another "goodie" is that the appropriate tree or plant will be planted along the road that bears its name. So far, seven dif ferent kinds of trees are slated for the campus. Silly? No. Ridiculous? No. Idiotic? YES!! The whole system is by the far the mest preposterous system I have ever seen (with the possible exception of A t lanta, Ga. which also has named much of their streets after trees>. It is with great dismay that we view the prospect of seven different kinds of trees on campus, planted in orderly rows along the streets (oops, drives). Driving on campus will be like driving through a nursery . It is interesting to note that this state of affairs is entirely the brainchild of the Administration. Originally, they had asked the Student Association to suggest names for the roads. They instructed them, however, that the names should be original and germane to Florida and the university. Well, an SA committee worked long and hard and finally suggested names from Greek mytholo gy. They had con sidered all kinds of names but had re jected them as not original or in some way not meeting the requirements set forth. The administration r e j e c t e d the names, though, saying that they were too long and complicated. Presumably, they then set about trying to find a s uit able syste m of their own . At last the decision was made and the original decision was reached. Florida trees! What ' s done is done. We just hope that the new trees grow faster than the ones that were planted along the side wa lk s last summer. How It Feels To Be Black BLACK LIKE ME by John Howard Griffin (Signet Paperbacks B o s ton, Mass., 1960) 157pp. 50 cents. By GRETA DIARIE DIXON Campus Book Critic For years the idea of what it might be like to be black-skinned haunted John Howard Griffin. So, after much consid eration and much discussion John Grif fin, white man, b ecame John Griffin, black man. After making his decision to look, live, and act like a Negro, the author con tacted several prominent dermatologists. Then throu g h a series of medical treatments, Griffin watched the white man' s color vanish. He watched hi s ski n become darker and darker and then he realized he was ready. Ready to step out of his hiding place into t he world of the American Negro. Upon crossing the color line, Griffin found himself treated like and experiencing the same bitterness, fear, and hopelessness which today constantly are a source of challenge to members of the Ne g ro race. From Nov. 6 through Dec . 14, Griffin lived in a darkened world. He journeyed by hitchhiking, by f o o t, and by b u s throughout the states known as the deep South. Herein is written a first-hand account of the story of the American Negro of the South . And herein are the details, "the real s tory," says the author, "of how it feels to be a Ne g ro ." Further, he con tinues, "it Is the story, a u niversa l one of men who destroy the souls and bodies ' of other men (and in the process destroy themselves) for reasons neither really understands. It is the story of the per secuted , the defrauded, the feared and the detested." "Black Like Me," started out as a scientific research study of the Negro and the South, with careful compliation of data. But the scientific data was filed and the work was gathered i nto a diarylike account of a man involved in a most unique experiment. "Black Like Me," finds the b lack man Griffin trudg ing along southern roads in search for a place to work, a place to eat, a place to sleep. It finds the black man being hounded by the white man, being stared at with utter con tempt. The ques tion often arises to Griffin, "would this be happenin g if I weren't black?" The Dallas News calls "Black Like Me" "a stinging indictment of thought less, needless inhumanit y. No one," it says, "can read it without suffering." Author Griffin's book i s fascinating, informative reading. I t is a warmly hu man story inspite of its "crudity and rawness." It is a book with a purpose, a book exposing the very depths of the vicious ci r cle which swirls around a m ank ind filled w ith a hate -a hate for the color of another man's skin. A hate, that neither black nor white can exp lai n. A hate that all sens ibl e men know must be destroyed before it destroys humanity. This book brings forth the problem and asks the reader to consider the question -How can it be destroyed? ices these college provide are being util ized. In this respect, the University of South Florida fits into a similar pattern. Dr. Thomas A. Rich, director of USF ' s De velopmental Center, suggests that most students attending this university do not consult professional help because of their income bracket. Thus, they would use the facilities offered by the conseling service. He said that the rate of USF stu dents who ask for help In problem solv ing is about 15 per cent this year. Accord ing to the "Saturday Evening Post," Oct. 12, 1963, a recent poll of 600 college psychiatrists revealed that 15 per cent of the students in their institutions seek help, while 30 per cent ought to. The. article further stated that at Harvard, "25 per cent of the undergraduates consult a psychiatrist or social worker." These statistics are generaliza tions about the college population which can be compared with this university ' s situation. IT IS DIFFICULT to say what are the concerns and worries of USF's stu dents, to what extent do they think they need some kind of professional help in dealing with them, and where would they turn for help if it were available. Although research suggests that the two main aspects of the collegian's iden tity crisis are the choice of a career and sex, we do not know how frequently stu dents worry about sexual matters as compared with career plans or whether either problem seems of sufficient inten sity to require professional help. Perhaps therefore, there is a need to make a comprehensive study of the emo tional problems of students on the USF campus, and the facilities avallable for l).elping students by counseling. Two particular types of studies are being used to collect basic information about the extent and nature of emotional difficulties in our colleges. The first deals with problems as seen by the pro fessional, and the other study seeks data from the students' point of view. The first approach, from the profes sional view, would require research of diagnostic criteria in evaluating prob lems in the college clinic, description of various conditions, and classification of difficulties encountered . This particular approach would collect basic data about attempted and completed suicides, hos pitalization for psychosis, homosexuality , and classical neurotic disorders. ON THE OTHER hand, the students' view would be approached by compre hensive questioning. For example, in a study a t the U. of Toronto last year as the "AAUP Bulletin" reports, "50 per cent of the men and 64 per cent of the women replied that they had worries for which they would like some kind of pro fessional help, yet more than half of the respondents did not know about the coun seling services that were available in the University." Since 15 per cent of USF's student body consults the Developmental Center's counseling service, we might w o n d e r when most are troubled by emotional pressures. One argument in a "Saturday Evening Post" article states that though many students find the freshman year bewildering and difficult, it is during the sophomore year that most undergraduates must decide on a major for their fu t ure vocation. The frequent result is "sophomore slump" with symptoms of declining grades and dete r iorating be havior , indecision and perplexity . "PERHAPS ONE-THIRD of the stu dents seeking help from the Counseling Service are in search of vocational assistance," says R ich. The counselin g that is given to students by the Developmental Center staff is described by him as "problem-solving and a learning experi ence." This career crisis agai n occurs for the coed in her senior year when she has to choose between marriage and a career. Girls may succumb to "senior clutch" when there is a frantic grasping at what ever man is nearest at hand. The boy girl relationship, whether restrained or expressed, often leads to conflict and frustration for the college student. It is dif fic ult to define precisely the symptom syndrome for various emotion al conflicts. Some associated psychological conditions include apathy, unconsci ous rebellion, vacillation, indecision, and psychosis in extreme cases. This emo tional distres s that underlies much of our present-day college life includes such symptoms as headaches, nightmares, cramps, retching, fatigue, overweight, drinking, rioting, gambling, cheatmg on exams, and sexual promis cuity. (Next week, several other causes of college students' emotional instability will be discussed). l<:(: College or Liberal @ ::: :::: Education Class ' Supper Meeting .... UC 1031 t<. ' l:t 7:00p.m. Karate .............. AC 233 . F Count Basie Concert .. TAT \ 7:30 p.m. .. UC 205 .,,., day' s Issues . . . . .. UC 248 l:i' Be!pDners Br!rtge ... UC 2.64 I ' '00 'm 1:25 p . m . IFC .................. UC :100 '1 UC Public Relations t,' ful B8 t% .. UC 213 • Distributive Educa l@j tion Club . . . .. ... UC 215 ffi uc 220 i @ Speaker "Nelson < @ . and ... UC 252E I . ,. Talent Committee .. UC 214 , 4:40p.m. Judo Club ........... AC 233 5:30p.m. ............ UC 200 Ides ............... UC 202 Zet a Tau Sigma .... UC 204 I_;. 7:00 p.m. .. ::::::::::: Cratos .............. ug 203 Be m KIO ................. UC226 7:00p.m. Panhellenie Council sl'eaker .. . . .. . . .. . uc 248 TrlSI.s ............ UC 252E Enotas ............ UC 252W fj Talos ................ UC 264 7:30 p.m. F!a .................. UC 265 WEDNESDAY 1 :25 p .m. Young Democrats .. UC 47 Business Admlnistrawm,. lion Club . . . ...... UC 200 1:\l Senior Accounllna Club ............. UC202 UC Music Com-W: mittee .............. UC 204 p UC Hospltallty Com-ii&C!io ctiiti gg UC Arts and Ex hiblts Committee .. UC 223 Italian Student Club UC 226 I Meet The Author .... UC 252 UC Movies Com-l ire uc 214 'l::l. CouncU ............ JI'H 132 6 :00 p . m . Circle K ............ UC 167 6:30p.m. Program Council .... UC 214 I 7:00p.m. Chess Club . . ..... UC 108 7:30p.m. Leadership Train ing ............... UC 252E THURSDAY iii 8:00 a . m . Professional Writers tlfj Conference . . UC 200, 202 , I . '.. . . . 203, 226, 248 and 252 1 :25 p .m. Windjammers ....... UC 200 Barbenders .......... UC 202 .. uc 203 204 W .. n Exceptional ChUd Club ............... UC 215 <: Young Republicans .. UC 223 Professional Wrltera m . . . ... uc 248 m 264-26S 1. Committee ......... UC 214 Religious CouncU ... UC 216 ,.::, 6 :30 p . m . Wesley Foundation .. UC 204 m 7:00 p.m. .... uc 213 . sCienc'e" .... uc 215 Organization ....... UC 223 Judo Club . . . . . . . . . AC 233 1,;,, 7:30 p .m. Physical Education Majors . . ..... UC 47 Catholic Student Organization ...... UC 200 Christian Life Fel......... UC 9 :00 a .m. Professional Writers Conference .. UC 200, 202, . . ..... 203, 220. 248 and 252 4:00p.m . Gig Session ........ UC 47 7:30 p.m. Movie "The Devil I at 4 o'clock" ...... FH 101 8:00 P.m. History conference .• UC 252 8 :30p.m. Lecture "Howard K. Smith" ............... TAT I ; 8 :00 a .m. , Registration ......... South 8 :3 0 a .m. Hisiory. CorifereneeUC Lobby * I 'lr' . ' I I I I I I . ' . mf.t History Conference UC 252 10 :00 a.m. Fencing Tournament AC 231 12 :3 0 p.m. Histoty Conference 7 :30p. m . :e;,v:u .... uc248 1: 'll at ...... FH 101 it.<; 7:00 a.m. Methodist 'Break" fast . .UC 167-168 A 10:3 0 a.m. Wesley Foundation .. UC 47 lli 6:00 p.m. Westminster Fel\j. 6:3o p.m. Liber&ii .. :Bg Wesley Foundation .. UC 22.6 • 7:30 p.m. Movie "The Devil at 4 o'clock" ...... JI'H 101 ffi ; J International Living: Student Program To Promote Peace The Experiment in International Liv ing features a program of a month's stay with a foreign family. The purpose of the Experiment's 33 program is to make advances toward world peace on an individual level. Qualifications f o r ambassadorship are: 1. Keen interest in people and a de sire t o contribute to in ternational under standing. 2. Easy adaptability to new ways o f living . 3. Ability as an observer and reporter. 4 . Knowledge of the language of the country. 5. May be married or single but must be over 16 . An ambassador is a member of a group of 10 Experimenters. They live with a family abroad, sharing i n its problems, hopes, routines and festivi ties. He is not a t ourist-but an am bas sador of good will and interest in other countries. For information about expenses and departure dates, students may contact student sponsor John Reber, the Amer ican Idea Office (ext. 752) , Mrs. Lester Guffy, 855-3779, or Mrs. Freeman Revels, 988-3733. The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press Editor • • • • ....•..••... Raleigh Mann Managing Editor ............................... Jay Beckerman Editorial Page Editor ......................... Mary Ann Moore DEPARTMENT EDITORS Greeks-Phyllis Tarr Religion-Jeffrey L. Bialek Sports-Larry Goodman Student Association-John Alston STAFF WRITERS 0 / ean B&rfool, Jolm Bell , Barbara Bercer, E dwlna Burgess Gerald Canfield ltulh D k Jerald Keeney, LInd a DM .Illehr, SD11n1ah OS'Berry, Leroy Patrick, 'shirley Rawson, tna ay er, ammy Steen, PerrY Stewari. ' ' Advisor .......................................... Steve Yates for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday editiOn. 9ffices are in the University Center, Room 222, Extenswn 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. ,,


.. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 1, 1965 15 !%ilk& .. WQ?i RALPH'S * * Tigers 1Stack1 Group Hardware in Trophy Case .:: 1 I . . . . ' . Saturday Ralph had two winners in 10 races, giving him 68 winners in 306 races for the year and a .222 percentage. * * SECOND RACE-Purse $1,000. Mal den 8:rr.-olds, e furlonco. m Jlo"l,emenke 1. Lila c. 113 C. Nicholaon close up 4 '1. Rozanne R. 11.3 H. Viera Overdue brackets 6 9. Turnabout Jet 113 G. Adk!Ds Knock!Dg at door 6 3 . Many Facets 113 No Boy Needed latt 8 2 . Davie Glance 118 No Boy Just fair 10.1 6 . Miss Din 113 G. Adk!Ds Argues at times 15 5. Feather Cap 113 G. Mahon Would be price 15 4. Mark's Mommy 108 R. Cook Can't recommend 20.1 THIRD JtACE-Puue $1,000. 4-:rr.• olda & up. Clalmltlc. e turtonc1. ]. He's A Poppln 119 A. Rini Gets call here 5. Klng'a Chotce 120 M . O'Rourke Battle 'til end 2 3 4 -4 1 6-1 8-1 8-1 12 7. 120 No Boy Last better t m 8. Dix Dago 115 J. Hanley Last better 4. Mr. Tad 115 J. Hanley Tip 2. Novum 119 W . Hubbard May be cl<>ser FOURTH RACE-Purse $1,000 . 4-yr.-oldo & up. Cialmlnr. 5.,_ furlongs. Mar 7. Bonnie Becky 115 No Boy Speed returned 4-1 5. Fab's Ghost 120 No Boy !je In front 5 6. Miss Reca p 110 A . Williamson Not out of it 6 1 8. Portly Miss 110 L. HWs Unreliable 8 4. Tin Action 120 No Boy Has fair record 10-1 2. Cleobar 115 J. Clemens Hard to guess 15 FIFTH RACE-Purse $1,000. 4-yr.-olds & np. e turtonca: 2. Dan Cravat 120 M. Beneito 1. Glad Helen 115 No Boy Last put on edge 2 Awaited this • 3-1 4. Dispossess 120 R . McEwen Should get part (-1 Threat on best 4-1 3. Little Enos 120 J. Olivares 5. Hachllah 115 K . Pruden 8. El Misterio 120 H. Viera Comes oU route 6 Wants more 1round 8-1 6. Solid Indian 115 A. Williamson Last helped 10 Usually stops 15-1 7 . Ed's Misa 110 C. Gilbert SIXTH RACE-Purse Sl,JOO. 4-yr.-olda If up Claiming. 6 fnrtonrs. e. Lo-Jean 114 C. Marques 3. TIDy Nugget 117 D. Jin Set for bl& <>ne Dangerous here Has scored her e Bred for speed On the upgrade May be closer Tip 7. Bow League 122 D . Jln 2. Pride of Anthony 122 D. Weiler 1. Mount Sea 122 No Boy 8 . Game Venture 109 P. Bor1ernenke 4. Bell Rouser 116 F. Saumell 6. Royal Buffet 116 K. Pruden A hard worker SEVENTH RACE-Purse Sl,100, 8 & 4-yr.-olds. Allowancea. e turlonca. 3-1 4 4-1 6-1 6-1 8-1 8-1 10.1 '1. RockP-ort FlYer 114 T. Slsum lJke this one 10. King s Scepter 114 0. Headley Look out here 9. Sweet Bounce 117 W. VedUago Be In ploture 8. (a) Klnl Apollo 122 E. Robart In lood foror 6. Special Dame 117 E. Robart UsuallY close 4. Carry Me On 122 R. McEwen Tip 2. Flora Bonds. 117 w. Vedilaco Last helped t Jane m *' 3. Daryl's Pick 114 R. West 1n deep a-King Apollo and Special Dame e ntry 15-1 20-1 EIGHTH RACE-Puna $1,000 . (-yr.-olda It up. Cl&lmlnc. Milo & 70 yda. 2. Sun Oasis 119 No Boy Has winning edge 1. Man 0' Nord 117 C. Gilbert Press top one 8 . Jarbas 119 No Boy Could wake up 9. Bally Laff 119 W. VedUalfO About due 6. Singapore SlinC 119 A. Wolfe A lways threat s. Go Boom 119 P . Herron Likes distance 3. Commo-Man 119 K. Pichette Rounding to form '1. Victory Lane 108 No Boy Lightly raced 4. Pioneer Rock 115 A. Williamson Perhaps later NINTH RACE-Purse $1,000. s-,.r.•olc1a. Maidens. Vlalmlng. Mile & 70 ;yda. It's Much 118 C. Nicholson Can graduate today 3-1 Rullah Path 113 G . Adkins Ready for best 4 Tepid Tone 113 W. Hubbard Go well here 4 -1 Champagne Fli&ht 113 D. Weller Last helped 6-1 Hoop Sweeper 113 K. Pichette In fair form 8 Bird's DobbiD 118 No Boy Tip 10-1 Court Surprise 118 No Boy May surprise 12-1 Insco Miss 108 L. Swan Later on -PresentsALL-STAR WRESTLING TOMORROW 8:30 P.M. AT THE ARMORY FREE PARKING -SEEHAYSTACKS CALHOUN ED GRAHAM -VERSUS-TARZAN TYLER FRED BLASSIE * * DAN MILLER -VERSUS-SAM STEAMBOAT * * LITTLE EAGLE GEORGE DRAKE -VERSUS-ASSASSINS -PLUS-BOBO BRAZIL -VERSUS-ROCKY STORM RAY GORDON -VERSUS-BILL DROMO Call 253-0643 For Reservations . FIRST mile GradeD: 1. Raid 5 . Lena 2 . Gil Bryan 6. Rujac 3. ChollY 7. Trawl 4. Li! Amy 8. Paaten SECOND RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade C: 1. Pokey Rock 5. Mud Hole 2. Fourway Rae 6. Cactus Ace 3. Prince Rouge 7. Zinger 4 . Good Effort 8. Hacka THIRD RACE-Five-sixteenths mOe Grade D: i: 3. Paul's Sunshine 7 . Nora May 4 . Mlas 8. Well Red FOURTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade B : 1. War Penny Sea SUrf 2. Mutual Funds 6. West Side Stot"Y 3. Much Luck 7 . Jon' s Rusty 4 . Irish Gem 8. Tell You Cat FIFTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile Grade A: 1. Jacob's Leader 5. Notice That 2. Mitzle F. 6 . Small Genius 3 . Orbit Inn 7. Parilla 4. Spec Harmony 8. Chew Rock RACE-Five-sixteenths mile1. Big Daddy 5. Gable's Boola 2. Ginger Man 6. Ash Red 3. R . F . Miss Rita 7 . 4. Lord Brandywine 8 . Wide Ocean lACE 1. North Country 5 . Mov!Dg 2. Think Pretty 6. Kathy Can 3. Huella 7. Ritzy Rock 4 . Star Gaze 8 . Get Your Gun RACE-Five-sixteenths mile 1. Joe Lusardi 5. Jake•s Sapphtr. 2. Nancy Griflin 6. Aunt Mart 3 . Star Fall 7 . Scythe 4. Rocky Wood 8. Magic Valor c;RACE-Five-sixteentha mile 1. Paul Mark 5. Copeland 2 . MasCer Rocker 6 . Spec'! Messen1er 3. Carry Out 7. Wayward Abe 4 . Jan's Cutie 8 . Travel Mac ;aACE-Five-sixteentha mile 1. Luk_e Iris Party Husiler 2. Adline 6. Sky Shawn 3. Conner 7. Buxom Rose 4. Baffled 8 . One Rose Three-eighths 1 . Speedy George 5. Satin Trim 2. Fan's Dream 6 . Peace Fllght 3. Merlmba 7. Lord Lucky 4. Mackie Rock 8 . Buck's Barber Selections 1 Gil Bryan, Pasten, Rujac 2 Four-w&y Rae, Prince Roure, Zinger 3 Paul's Sutt1hltle, Austex Lou, Paslcel 4 John's Rua,y, Sea Surf, Irish Gem 5 Small G enius, Chew Rook, Parllla 6 Ginger lllan, Gable'• boola, Cactus Blr Daddy 7 Prell,., North Country, Rlle1 8 Roclt:r Wood, Joe Lusardi, Aunt 9 Abe, Carry Out, John'• 10 Luke Iris, Adeline, P&r!y Rustler 11 Trim, Lord Lucky, Mackie MIAMI -Hot Dust, swept up In the final strides and beat his stable mate Your AUba.hal by a head in the $97,950 Bi&leah Turf Cup at Hialeah. BOWIE, Bask!D r , $10.00. rallie d from third on the home turn to capture the 134,400 Barbara Frllchle Handicap at Bowie. LINCOLN, R.I. SUII Echo, 110.60, scored a 6'nlength Ylctory Itt tho $5,000 Pawtucket Handicap at Lincoln Downs. OLD SMAR. Mary Charte1, $3.40, closed well and bea' Iadom by a head In ihe feature at Sunshlne Park. NEW ORL E ANS Dapp:r Deterate, thundered to &n elrht-lenrth triumph Handicap at BOT SPRINGS, Ark. Ba:r Phan• torn, $7.20, scored by a lw<>-length mar gin over Gay Revoke In tbe SlO,OOO King Cotton Handicap at Oak lawn Park. WHITEWALLS or BLACKWALLS ONE LOW PRICE! COMPLETE SET for$ onlY Same tread quality ••• Same tread design ••• SamB tread width ••• Same tread depth ••• as the FIRESTONE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT TIRES that cams on 1961 thru 1964 new cars/ e5000 sq. ft. coverage .Non-burning •Feeds grass for months % Water-repellent • Assorted Colors 'ZInch $2 9 9 Diameter • Chrome-plated 34inch Shaft, one per Wood Handle customer • Heavy duty molded rubber. • Exclusive new design . • Universal contour. • Black, wh ite. blue , green. red. Plus tax and 4 trade-in tires of same size off your car Our retreads, identified by medallion and shop mark, carry this DOUBLE GUARANTEE l.Agalnst defects In workmanship and materials during the life of the tread. 2.Agalnst all normal road hazards encountered in everyday passan• aer car use for 12 MONTHS. Replacements are pro-rated on tread wear and based on current Firestone retail price at time of adjustment. -:,. 3.4 Bu;hei " USE. FIRESTONE'S UN I CHARGE NO MONEY DOWN Take Months to Pay DOWNTOWN ?00 E . Kenne dy Blvd. 3 TAMPA FIRESTONE STORES DALE MABRY EASTGATE 2401 E . Hillsboro Ph. 236-5928 Ph. 229-2626 1205 S. Dqle Mabry Ph. 253 PLANT CITY LAKELAND WINTER HAYEN CLEARWATER BARTOW Tickets on Sale At the or CiCJar Stand of The Thomas JeHerson Hotel ARCADIA. Calif. Bill Rise, 12G. 60, 9ame up Itt the stretc h to win the Reynolda at P almer 202 N. Mass. Ave. 6th St. & Ave. "A" SW Missouri & Court lit. 180 S. Wilson Installed Exchange Guaranteed 10,000 miles or one year 88 Installed Exchange Guaranteed 20,000 miles or two years OUR EXPERT BRAKE MECHANICS y Replace old lining and shoes on all four wheels with Firestone Factory-Engineered Bonded Brake Linings. v Clean and inspect brake drums for trueness , inspect hydraulic system, .inspect brake shoe return spring for equal tension. y Inspect grease seals and wheel bearings. v Adjust brakes for full contact to drums. GUARANTEE We guarantee our brake relining service for the specified number of miles and years from date of installation . Ad justments prorated on mileage and based on list prices current at time of adjustment. Prices shown are for chevrolets, Dodges, Fords, PJymouths and all Americari Compacts. Other Cars Slightly Higher. NO MONEY DOWN on CAR SERVICES FRONT END ALIGNMENT COUPON . . . Washers, Dryers, TV, Stereo, Refrigerators '

16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 1, 19611 At the C e nters ' MONDAY llnd TUESDAY jday-Ballet class (nre-teens), 4 p.m.; Ponce de Leon Community Center-Gary Community Center-Ballet and Junior High boys' weights and body Hobby and game night, 7 p .m. tap <&II ages), 6 p.m.; recoFds (teens), building, 4 p.m. Hunt Center-Boys' slot 9 p.m. Tuesday-Teen. drop-m. 4 p.m. North Tampa Community Center-car races, 7.30 p.m. Cleareld Communlly Center-Table Physically handicapped club business DeSoto Community Center--Pre teen games, 7 p.m.; chess club, 7 p.m. Tuesmeeting, 7 p .m. party, 7 p .m. North Bou levard Community CenterBallet (all ages), 5:30 p.m.; beginners' square dance class, Bill M u ench, caller, 8 p.m. Tuesday-Beginners' millinery (adults), 9:30 a.m.; beginners' oil naint ing (adults), 10:30 a.m.; advanced, 11 a.m.; adults' wardrobe and styling, • ''GEM O F RES'rA U RANTS SINCE 1'05" P RESENTS JN T HE s i boney Cesar Gonzmart and his Magic Violins AMPARO "3M. JOSE FORNS /'Mitt tfpctilc'' !)A N C IN G WllK H ENRV TUDELA A NO HIS _ ORCHUTI\A FOR RESE.RVA. T IONS PttON 248-2313 Heights community Center -Women's physical fitness, 5:30 p.m.; new series beginners' judo (6), 6 p .m.; advanced. 7 p.m.; men and b o ys 04-50), 8 p.m.; beginners' charm (teens and adults), 7 p.m.; advanced, 8 p.m.; chess club (all agesl, 7 p.m.; youth ci . rcus (11-19), 7 p.m.; advanced gym nastics (adults), 9 p.m. Tuesday-G old en Age Club, 9 a.m.; adults' crafts, 9 a.m.; men's chorus, 1:30 p.m.; tum bllng (boys and girls 6), 3:30 p .m.; elementary schoolwork, 4 p.m.; Junior High teen council, 4:30 p.m.; boys' and girls' gymnastics (6), 4:30 p.m. Anderson Communi t y Center Adult 7:30 p.m . Tuesday -Spanish class, 9:30 a .m. Grant Park Community Center-Pre teen ceramics. 6 p. m . T uesday-Intermediate ballet and tap dance class, 4 p .m. Interbay Community Center--B ceramics class, 7 p.m. West Tampa Community Center -Table games (adults), 8:30 p.m. Tues day-Char m class (89 years), 3 p.m. Forest Hills Community Center Adult charm, 6 p.m.; ballet <5 and up), 7 p . m.; water and boating safety class, Coast Guard Auxiliary, 8 n.m. Tuesday -Women's physical fitness, 8:30 a.m.; new series beginners' judo, 3:30 p .m.; eenter Games and sounds (}3-19 years), 7 p.m. Tuesday Table games (10 years), 4 p.m. Southwest Port Tampa Community Center--Teens' games. 5:30 p.m.; young adults' night, 7 p .m. SACRAMENTO Calif. (IJPD -The Wilmi n gton oil field off Long Beach, Calif., has b eco m e the second in the nation to produce more than 1 billio n barrels of oil, according to the state Department of Conserva tion . The first in the nation was the East Texas field. • You d on't h ave to on DELTA/ A recent ruling of the CivH Aeronautics Board approved an increase in fares under $50 between a large number o f cities in . the South and Southeast. Delta did not feel that this increase was either sary or justified and is not participating in it. However , one carrier with a major network of routes from this city has put the higher fares into effect. . If you do not check comparable air faies, you may be paying as much as $3 to $4 more than necessary on your round trip for identical flights, j'et or propeller. And on Delta you e:pioy service that is always quick1 . and exceedingly thoughtful. Examples of Air Fares from Tampa (including tax) and the amounts you saue by flying Delta: Tampa to: New Unchanged Sauzngs on D e lta Higher Fare D e lta Far e On e Way Rd. Trip A t lanta $32.66 Jet Da.ytouri s t $31.55 $1.11 $ 2.22 Cin cinnat i 40.32 3 9.64 .68 1.3 6 Jet Nightou rist Miami 19.43 17.64 1.79 3.58 Jet Da.ytourist Miami 17.43 15.4 9 1.94 3.88 Prop Da.ytourist Miami 14.91 12.92 1.99 3.98 J et Nightouris t W. Palm Beach 16.91 15.0 2 1.89 3.78 Prop Daytourist ';l'he table above shows only a few comparisons. DELTA fares are lower to practically every destination than the new increased fare s put into effect by another carrier. B e s ure you take advantage of DELTA'S low fares. In Tampa call Delta 877-8111; in St. Petersburg, 896-7141; in Clearwater 4468318; or see your Travel Agent CEL.TA the_ air line with the BIG JETS • ONLY SIX MORE D YS FREE! THIS ROGERS SILVER PIECE TO THE FIRST 10 LADIES IN EACH STORE EACH DAY! YDu Get.BDthl AND WET MOP No obligation-nothing to buy just stop in any Good W 0 RT H year Store and Register. Drawing to be held S at., Marc:h Store-2901 W. 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THE TAMP A TIMES, Monday, March 1 , I 965 Cratos Cage Champs; Commencement Changed No Grad Mcirch; Budget Approved op PEM In Overtim By BARBARA-ANN BERGER presently indebted to the SA Of the Campus Staff office for "six reams of paper,. USF's graduating seniors will an? other o f i c e supplies. He stand to be recognized as their satd that t1_1ey need more money names are called at commencefor operation. I I By LARRY GOODMAN Campus Sports Editor fired-up C r a to s conquered the PE Majors 43-39 in over time last Monday to win the intramural basketball title and write a storybook finish to their season . A crowd of about 200 saw the fraternity team play their best the coveted Greek cage crown. sity basketball experience , ment exercises in April but will Further p l a n . s have game of the year to win their But the spirited team didn't Cratos Maroon "marauders" not march across the platform made for the 8 Torchllght first ma 3 0r I-M championship stop there. Their enthusiasm outshot, outhustled, and just t the time Parade, replacmg the baccalau a reate services. USF President of any kind. carried them past quarterfinal-plain beat a team which had This plan announced at John S. Allen suggested that To gain the finals, the Cratos ist Epsilon 3-East and semifinal-demolished seven opponents. the class meeting Thursday by the senior class pass the torch Maroons had eliminated two ist Beta 3-West. . Ironically, winning coach Tiny Paul Ouellette, commencement to the president of the junior tough fraternity teams, Talos Then, faced With sure-bet PE Moffett, a Cratos pledge, is a class member. A $5?0 budget class. and Enotas, in the final days Majors, a team that boasted of PE Major himself and beat the was adopted from vanous grad-To date there is no officially of regular play, thus gaining a combined eight years of varPEM team he coached last year uatio n events, subject to aprecognized junior c 1 a s s . SA to a runnerup place in the proval by Dean of Stude_nt Af-President John Reber an' iJ ' . , finals . fairs Herbert J. Wunderlich. nounced Thursday mQrning that In claiming the coveted crown Ouellette reported U1at plans Bob Blunt has accepted the the Maroon team thwarted a last are now for a roll call with temporary chairmanship pf the minute PEM bid which had put each senior rising, and then for junior class. Blunt is to sched-the game into overtime . all to march collectively with ule an election before the tl'i Bill Howard, a PEM junior, tlleir college to receive diplom-mester's end. bad kept his team in the game as. Previously Pres. John S. Dean Wunderlich said that with three last-minute baskets, Allen had indicated each stu-this further stratification of including the one which dead-dent might march across the classes would not affect the All locked the score at 37-37 to send platform as his name was University approach. While be the game into the extra five-Bang! • , • and Th1're Off! called, u the ceremony were favors the symbolic passing hor minute period. d i t t d t I d' t f' th held outdoors. the torch to the juniors, e Ray Lun qu s , s u en ITec or, Ires e th t r t Cratos' however, hustled in k ff l f th 440 d d h l t W d The $500 is coming from the pointed out a an ac tve JUn or ta e-o signa or e -yar as m as e nes-d T h 1 " t r ctical " Be two baskets by Buddy Stone and d f L d t ) studen t activity f u n e c ass IS no P a • day's track events. Sam Black (secon rom un quis breakdown of the expenditure cause of the trimester system Bill Boglio, and Kelly Roberts of the PEMs won this heat in 63 . 5 seconds.-(USF covers the dinner dance, $75; the there is no strong delineation of sank a pair of pressurized foul Photo) "Senior Satire," $145; and the classes below the senior level; shots as the marauding Maroons ___ __:______________________ h i t torchlight parade, $100. Senior students ave vary ?g .amoun s kayoed the PEMs to become the • Class President Richard Cadwalof credit hours, and JUmors may 1965 I-M cage chamPs. News of Religion lader had originally submitted be first, second or third triLast year Crat os placed third a budget o f $792. mester students. when the independent "All Noted Rabb; To Be USF Funds for publicity for all "The play is a riot, " said HarStars" won the title. II events, approximately $145. are lan Foss, director of tile yet-un Moffett used the same "fourstill being negotiated. titled senior satire. Try-outs man box and z o n e" defense Th z • • R id Wunderlich expressed the Tuesday and Thursday were which had b e en so effective eo 0 gtantn• es ence hope that the senior class would open to all s t udents. "We're against tough Enotas . Basic ally soon be self-supporting . Cadwallooking to a successful produc the plan calls for four men to By JEFFREY L. BIALEK appearances. Arrangements Iader reported that the class is tion," Foss concluded. be positioned in a " box shape" Campus Religion Editor should be made with Dr. Wil _________ _ under the opposing team's bas -The University R e 1 i g i o u s liam George, Religious Council ket, while the fifth player is left Council is b ringing the Rev. advisor, as soon as possible. He free to cover the other team's Dr. Julius Mark, senior rabbi may be reached at extenstion USF Car Club Will 1-M Cage Champs for 1965! leading scorer. of Temple Emanu-El in New 681. F • t R -J h Willi B'H K k B'll The plan worked to near per-York City, to the . campus * * * H ld ls d w k I The Cratos Maroons (left to right): IrS OW 0 n ams, I ec ' I fection for Cratos, especially in Ma7ch 15-19 as theol ogian-in-The. Baptist Union 0 pee . ee S Boglio Paul Harvey; standing-Tom Gates, Dave Amaral, Kelly Roberts, Buddy the first half PEM Howard a residence. executive counc il will have a Stone,' Tiny Moffett (coach). All are juniors except Gates and Moffett, who are 25 P P g sco;er was held a Rabbi Mark is an outstanding business and dinner meeting at oo C t . d th d f and a professor at Hebrew Fnday, March 6. begin a c tivities for "S p e e d m the FH parkmg lot at 1 p.m. • h R d 60 p os nppe. e cor s or Union College. The BSU social board has Weeks" tomorrow with a film Sunday. Vandalism, Fig ts eporte oets the first basket lD the game and He will be available fo r a announced a beach party for on the history of racing at In-The Autocross is a speed d I d limited number of classroom Ba.ptist students and friends ?n dianapolis in UC 226 during free event in which the cars a I t B 0 . • • ' . • an . Fnday, March 12. More detatls hour. closed course one at a ttme n r u e r s . am e Head I n e was the mid-game resting 7 Coeds VI. e will appear next week. Thursday and Friday there against a clock. Trophies will pomt. * * * will be a display at the UC. be awarded. h f Kelly Roberts key twoThe Rev. Allen J . Burry, dion the south lawn will be Milo The following Tuesday free In Cam Pus T e ts pointers and. for Jn Pageant rector of the USF Wesley Foun-Vega's Lotus Elite, which was hour, films of 1964 I the Maroons m the hrst half, dation said the time of the co-driven to a class victory by 12-hour race wtll be shown m Festi.VQ w h 1 e PEM Asht?n Hester:s Methodist Worship hour will be USF student Alan Bouverat in uc 226. . . By PmL RUNNELS entered the floor armed with and reboundmg kept his Of the 40 contestants 11 a.m. on Sunday, March 7. lad year's Daytona ContinenThe kick-off event for Of the Campus Staff tire irons, chains, baseball bats, team m the game. in the M iss Tampa contest thts * * * tal. USF Speed Weeks was the Thud "Psssst! Mac .•. com'eh. and sticks. They were apparent-More than 60 students repre-.In the half, the deterseven are USF c_oeds. 'l:'he This past weekend the Baptist Inside the uc lobby, with tile Ann u a 1 Daytona Continental How'd 'cha like t'buy a set a ly looking for a fight. However, senting 11 Florida colleges and mmed PE fIve forged ahead •grrls from South Fl?nda vymg Student Unio n had their state display of trophies and J?hoto -Sunday, Feb. 28. Yester bubs _ reeeal cheap?" OR "Eh, they left before one developed • . universities will participate in 20-19 , whereupon tbe two teams for the hUe D1ane Olkon, conference in Gainesville. At graphs of past events, w1ll be da.y s race was held on the 3.2 Punk! Yea, you, Brahman. Big The chief stated the boys es-the second annual F 10 rid a traded leads until the Becky Lundquist , Starnes, the same time the Methodists Bouverat's Ducati -a 250 cc course at Daytona Interna-bad University boy, eh? Com'on, caped before the police arrived, Poetry Festival here March score was tied at 25 up. Sheryl Jolmson, N1ta Laca, were attending their state con-racing . tiona! Speedway. Joe College swing CQm'on but they were believed to have 12-13. Then, Cratos' Boglio, Roberts, stance. !ind Sue Sopkin. ference in Leesburg at the FlorCompetltwn at Tne USF Sports Car club waa I said!!" been from a Tampa high school. Featured speakers on the fes-and Dave Amaral led the maPrelirmnanes for the ida Methodist Youth Camp. 6 p.m. w1th reg1strat1on for a well_ represe?ted by Sound familiar? Listen a little Dean t>f Men Char 1 e s H. tival program are John Ciardi, roon-clad outfit to a 34-27 adheld Thursday and FnHare 'n Hound rally. as timers, . workmg m harder tomorrow and you may Wildy said "This is the first poetry editor of The Saturday vantage. Four minutes re-day, 25, .26 .at the Tampa 'S A • I ' The big event for tile week the Plts, and watchmg. as spec-pick up some of this s u p e r b time since I've been here a high Review magazine, who w i 11 mained. Auditonum. At that ea mma S tators of the event, wluch lasted speech . • . school group has come on cam-speak on "How Does a Poem At this point, a Howard bucktime the was whittled Petition from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. The University of South Florpus." Mean," and Robert Wallace will et brought the PE team to withdown to. 10 fmalists .. From these B • J T • fda is .a Wildy also commented up.on a read his original poems. in one , 34-33. 10 , a MISS Tampa will b e chosen 10 ogy opic (Continued from Page 1) l ih I A of growmg pam mvasiOns Currence of a further dormitory The festival opens March 12 . . March . 20 at a pageant and .. . machine, a nd the learning of I era rts from without. With!n past raid to "stay in a room with with a Poets' workshop directed . Maroon John .Williams the. n c . oron.atlOn ball a t the Curof the daily menu prices few weeks the umversity has your door locked and call the by Wallace in the Humanities h1t a most crucial basket h1s tis HIXon Convention Center. Sea will be the subJect of a (S.l that both of the inexperi-I been the target for vandalism operator at first possible time." Lounge at 10:1 0 a.m. only one of the. game-for a 36 • Carla Couture, a u,sF talk March 4 a t 7:30 p.m. !>Y enced chefs in Argos cafeteria E ects Reps and gang fights. Non-University Woldy also commented upon a The first assembly at 1:25 in 33 hit f?r more,, was last years wmner. Kaye, head of the Biobe replaced with more experipeople are suspected. . recent fight at a Temple Ter-FH 101 will feature Wallace two pomts, score. 36-35, still s talent an oriental logtcal Department. of enced help. I n one of USF's briefest elecD. chtef of the race eating place between a reading his poems.' Cratos. . Jazz dance whlch she choreo-Navy. Oce anographic Of fice m These changes have all been tions ever held, tile Liberal Arta umvers1ty secunty, .that group of high school students Theatre and Choral Readmg Marooner Stone mhaled deep-graphed. Washmgton, D.C . recommended in the interest of College elected 10 representa-the recent wave of maliciOusand three USF students from Workshop will be directed by ly at the foul line .•. and sank d Sponsored by the Marine Bio-students who have paid fo r their tives to the Student Association ness has in numerous Beta 4 East. The fight ended Prof. Irene Edmonds of Flora free throw; score 37-35 , still Procedure Change logy Club, this talk is open to food in advance. According to legislature Wednesday. thefts: Entire sets o f wheels, amidst broken sugar contain-ida A & M University at 2:30 Maroons. A change has been announced all interested people. It will be the best information we can get Elected were: Loren Southbatteries, carburetors, wheel-ers and slashed heads and in FH 101. The second Poets' on 1 y 20 seconds remained. in the probationary procedure. in LS 272. from Mr. Willis and Mr. Skinwick Arthur Corrales, David covers at the .rate of 20 per . Workshop .":ill be at 3:35 in Bill Howard grabbed a long As soon as a * * * ner, these changes will not cos t Douglas Greene, David week, and proposed that further the Humaruties Lounge . pass and popped it in; game 60 or more passmg hours, w1th The A 11 University Scholareither Morrison's, or the hous-Greene, Kenneth Daniels, Judy Garner a. Feb. 7 develop _ place At 4 :40 Gera.rd and tied. less than .a cumulative ?PR ship Committee will sponsor a i ng department any extra Peterson, c. "J" Keiser, Dan early mormng . mvas1on of be made off limtts to the Mark Morns Tno will pre-With only seconds of regula2.0, he wtll be bicycle race in the FH parking money . In fact, as claimed by Hersey, and Tim Cloninger. ground floor Epsilon Hall. He uruvers1ty students for protec-sent the USF Poetry and Jazz tion time left, Cratos' Boglio ately on final academ1 c warrung . lot on March 13 begi nning at Mr. Willis it costs approxi-reported a mob of 15 to 25 boys tion of our students. " ,in the . was fouled. Time ran out . • . of s u c h 1 2 noon. mately $12S a day more to op-d 5 ff Greek News s presentatwn will be the court was surrounded by classifteation are spelled out on Ribb ons will be sold for 25 erate the University Center tllan Aegean Nee S ta a . t 8 :30 10 the 'f!leatr.e. Reserved tense spectators. Boglio was pages 19-20 of the University cents each at the race. The it does to run the cafeteria. The Aegean is looking for new Greek.Week Offers tickets are m_ the Thea-handed the ball knowing his one Catalog. money will go to the scholarWe attempt to understand the staff members. The yearbook is tre box offtce f today. free-throw would win the game ship f u nd. various problems involved in getting ready to put together its Saturday w d and title for his team. Pool Hours Noted * * * serving 6,000 persons a day in next issue and desperately needJ; :e R.ead;s ea 30 ora He aimed carefully . . . Beginning today, the swimPaul Antinori, states attorney a public restaurant. We ask a staff, especially someone fqr Skit, Singing Prizes . ;,H :101 breathed deeply •.. and shot, ming pool will be open during for Hillsborough County will be merely tllat s tudents wh o have the senior section. m Pets' ewa rek ahn . th aHn the following hours: the featured speaker at the paid their money in advance for Yearbook experience is not a oe or s op m e u the ball bouncing off the back 'ti L g t 9 m -rt' m for the score, the game \"as Daily Monday through Fri-meeting of Young Democrats on food be given more honest connecessary. The Aegean supglies roam es oun e a a. . ' 1 25 . UC 'd t. f b th th H " th . b" t . . g Stud t c d' d Wallace will speak in overtime day-1:30 p.rn.-7 p.m .. Saturday March 3 at : p.m. m 47. s1 era ton rom o e ous -one-JO ramm .' . en. s By PHYLLIS TARR of the Rose Ball, a semi-formal t 1thar 1 1 ssembly 1n the H f 11 12 noon-7 p .m. Sunday 1 p.m.-The publi c is invited to this ing and Food Service Depart -may pick up applicatiOns m a e ma a owever, many o owers of . d M , c f t uc 221 Of .the Campus Staff dance. . . Theatre from 1!:15 to 1 o'clock. each team, confused as to the 7 p.m. meeting. ment an ornson s a e er1a. . hC?mmtttee be r s land A SWihmlmd. mgt athnd At this time, the best of the flurry of last minute baskets, c arrmen are. wrn mg_ up P ans s ng par Y was e a e student performances in all di-rushed onto the court to con-f h for the commg frolic, Greek home of John Howard on Sunvisions of the festival will be t 1 t th. t f 'Marriage 0 Figaro' Marc 26 Week . Trophies and prizes will day. The pledges successfully repeated gra u ia e err earns or a nar-th b t ti 1 t d th ki row v ctory be awarded for e es sa ncomp e e eir money-rna ng All performances of the Festi• cal skit as well as the best project, a "slave sale,'' over val are open to students, facSoon the courts ing group. The date for this the week-end . . . ult and the public. though, the still f1red-up event is slated for March 14 to PAIDEIAFrtday the sisters Y Maroon five went on to outscore the 20th . participated in a free baby sit-the Physical Education Majors CRATOSA recent pledge ting project for staff members Sesslons 6-2 in the overtime minutes. USF To Present Opera project included entertaining a attending the Scholarship Bene-And guess who fired in the By STEPHANIE LAUWEREINS group of children at the Southfit Bridge TQurnament. A picnic last and title clinching basket Of the Campus Staff west Florida Tuberculosis hosat the USF recreation area highOpen To for the Cratos Maroons? Bill on March 26 and 27, tile USF pita!. Last Friday evening the li ghted the weekend. The acBoglio . opera workshop will p r e s e n t International Inn was the scene tivity ended with a softball "Our zone defense kep t Ho w "The Marriage of Figaro" by game in which the sisters com-s d ard from shooting , which we Mozart, in FH 101 at 8:30. T N peted with their dates. t u en ts kn1:w we had to do,'' the tri -Everett S . Anderson, who or-op ewsman TALOS Newly elected of-umphant Moffett declared after ganized the workshop this year, ficers for the Spring 1965 pledge he was hoisted to many Cratos will direct the singing. SupervisH K S • h are. : John Three sessions of tile Sunshoulders and paraded off the ing the acting is Jack Clay, as• . mtt . !dent; BtU VICe pres!-coast Writers' Conference, a court along with Boglio and sociate professor of theater arts. dent; . Gene Kickhter, secretary; workshop featuring professionRoberts. "We just ou t hustled The p i ano a c com pan is t is Ed treasurer; Ben al writers from all areas of 'em!" George Atwell. Fletcher, sp1nt. D1ck Cornell has mass communications he 1 d THE CHARACTERS in "The been welcomed into Broth-March 3-6, will be open to USF tl 1f 'i Marriage of Figaro" are Figaro, Talks Friday erhood as a new advtsor. studen ts. Boruo t 1 59 Bonnar 1 o 2 bass Harlan Foss Suzanna soH o w a r d K. Smith , Em my Pledges exhibited lots of elAI Hirshberg, free lance writ1 1g g prar{o , Oaula Award-winning news comment abow grease at a er for the past 12 years and 1 Bester t z 10 B a rtolo , bass, Dan R adebaugh; tor, will speak on "The Chan?last A soCial With Ftdes co-author of "Fear Strikes Out," . ---Marcellina, sopra no , Joy Debar-ing Challenge to m sor?nty was Feb. 10. "Prodigal Shepherd," "88 Men .. .. ... 1J7 t olo ; IX>n Basillio, tenor, Walter TA at 8 :30 p.m. Fnday. soctals are planned Wlth and 2 Women," and author of PE MaJors ................ H 23 Z..39 Ryals; Count Alma viva, bariSmith's lecture is sponsored the other soronties ?n campus. 25 books and numerous mag atone, Joe Copeland; Countess by the University Lecture Series. TRI-SIS -The s1ster-pledge zine articles, will speak on 5 Almaviva , soprano, Nancy Luns-Free tickets for reserved seats party was at the writing non-fiction. He will be emester ford; Antonio, bass, Jack available at the TA box .ofP1stol R_ange. The in the UC Ballroom at 9 :30 a.m. (Continued from Page 1) Barbarina, soprano, :f1c between 1 and 5 p.m. daily. Challe ngers ProvIded the on Thursday, March 4. tu ' t f r student to t Lmda Bond ; and Cherubino The commentator conducts the music. Mothers of sisters and At 1:25 that day, John D . Mac-por ru Y 0 . s . . rans-Donna Und erhill and June Sunday evening program "Ispledges were honored at a MothDonald , authQr of 46 published fer among tbe iels. sues and Answers" on the Amerer-Daughter Tea Sunday afternovels and over 500 short stories, " But, USF has expressed a The workship will present acts ican Broadcasting Co. network, noon in UC Mothers were serials and novelettes, will speak genuine and dominant prefer-I , II, and IV o f "The Marriage and is writer-narrator of ABC Wltll .a.nd on " Who Killed Felicity?" On ence for the trimester schedule t>f Figaro." The opera will b e documentaries. f1lms of the soronty s :J.ctivtties Friday at the free hour i n the . . . . . sung in English . He received the 1961 Emmy were shown: ballroom, Irving Vendig, creatlts Job early AT THE BEGINNING of the Award for his CBS program on • or of the television serial "The sprmg class conclusiOn, comple-opera, a count, being tired of "The Population Explosion." Berhn Talk Set Edge of Night" will speak on tion of the sessit>n before Christhis wif e , makes 1 o v e to the Smith also is recipient of the Free tickets are available be-mass dramatics and mass cuimas holida ys, and tile oppor-maid, who is engaged to the Sigma Delta Chi Professionalginning Tuesday, March 2 , for ture. t n't to earn a degree in two count's valet. The complicated Journalistic Society award for the film-lecture entitled "BerlinThese three sessions are the u 1 Y . ., escapades throughout this comllew writing. He won the DuPont Island City" by Art Wilson and only o nes open to students dur-and two-thtrds years. edy can be attributed to the Award twice and the Paul White Fred Keiffer on Thursday, ing the four day conference held Dean Dean, on tile same ques-count's page, who Is alwa ys be-Award. March 18, at 8 p .m. in FH 101. at USF. tion, said, " We hope so." ing found in the wrong place. Count Has a Word for Cherubino Count Almaviva discovers Cherubino has been in Suzanna's bedroom. From left are Walter Ryals, Donna Underhill, Paula Davies and Joe Copeland. (USF Photo)


18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 1, 1965 Paragraphs About People Show Brings Social Scenes I and dancing are on the menu March 6 at !\1 m Tampa Yacht and Country Club. Guests can dine from 6-10 p.m. and there'll be dancing to Jack Golly's Combo from 9 o'clock to 12 midnight. A brunch is on the schedule March 7 from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m . Jack Golly and his group will furnish music for this event also. ,,t_-,r:,_l, Verdun, 509 Martin St .... Alpha Omi-:;;; cron Pi sorority has claimed Beverly 'j versity ... Stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia are coming up il for Virginia Hiers, daughter of Mr. and ,,, Mrs. L. G. Hiers, Temple Terrace. She auditioned and was accepted by the Wes leyan College Glee Club, which tours an nually. Tampa Visitors IN TOWN from Bossier City, La., are Staff Sgt. and Mrs. Robert Beam, who are @ visiting his sister, Ann Beam. The Beams il will leave next week for four years in Japan. Ann plans a trip to Japan in May and she will spend the summer with her brother and family. En route, she plans to visit friends in California and Hawaii. Congratulations FIFTY years of marriage were cele brated Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Syester. Their daughter, Mrs. George W. Mann, hosted open house at her home, h 2708 Varsity Place. Friends were invited by to wish the couple well. New Address SADIE Shaffer McFarlen wants friends to know her new address, 2301 E. Bay Isle Drive , S . E., St. Petersburg . She is recuperating at the home of her sister, Mrs. S. R. Arbisi following a lengthy stay in St. Joseph's Hospital. She moved from 4414 Nebraska Ave. in Tampa. Convention Note CHICAGO was the destination of Dr. Meet Three Tampa. Brides Mrs. Robert N. Becker Mrs. Paul G. Sanders Jr. Mrs. Horace D. Mathias Miss Lesley Gaye Taylor be-on a Bible. Her father gave her Iiams and Victor Britt. Church solemnized the marriage is the son of Mr. and Mrs . Spentel gowns and carried spring came the bride of Robert Neil in marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Sanders left of Miss Diane Williams and cer D. Mathias, 504 James Becker Saturday in Nebraska Mrs . Joyce Johnston served for a wedding trip to Pensacola Horace D. Mathias Saturday, Given in marriage by her . Avenue Methodist Church. They as her sister's matron of honor. after a reception in the church 7 p.m. The Rev. R. 0. Pepper father, the bride wore a formal Best man was Bill Willett. were married by the Rev. Hoi She wore a turquoise crepe gown social ball . officiated. gown of white lace. A pearl Hasten Da vis of Lutz, Johnny land Vaughan at 8 o'clock. with matching accessories. * * * Parents of the bride are Mr. crown held her veil and she Williams and Dennis Rogers The bride is the daughter of Leland Johnston was be_st A double ring ceremony in and Mrs. J. M. Williams, 502 carried an orchid with lilies of were groomsmen. Mrs. J. w . Sarvis of Tampa and man. Ushers were Danny W1l-El Bethel Primitive Baptist E. Patterson. The bridegroom the valley. A reception at the church fol E . B. Taylor of Dickinson, Tex. Dor i s served as lowed the ceremony. Mr. and Parents of the bridegroom are of honor .. M1ss Annet t te Mrs. Mathias will live in Tampa. Mr. and Mrs. J. s. Becker, 4380 Wcedltzng Bells Cn zmed . DaVIS of Lutz, MISS Brenda HenBeach Drive. derson, Miss Sherrie Henderson Given in marriage by h e r and Miss Sue Ree v e of Brandon father, the bride chose a formal were attendants. They wore pas gown of silk faille and lace with a chapel train. Her veil was held by a pearl and crystal crown and she carried r o s e s and tulips. Miss Michele Hutto was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Robin Sarvis, sister of the bride, Miss Amanda Taylor of Dickin son, also a sister, and Miss Jean Quesada. Laurie Leavine was flower girl. T h e y wore gowns of red velvet. Best man was the bride groom's brother, Bill Becker. John Becker, also a brother, Ed Taylor of Columbus , Ga., brother of the bride, a n d Le Hicks of Waycross, Ga., were groomsmen-ushers. Miss Cynthia Clementi be-came the bride -of J o h n n y Date Pad Acosta Feb. 21 in Our Lady of P e r p e t u a 1 Help Catholic Church. Members of Garden Ga t e Cir The bride was given in mar-cle meet Wednesday, 10:30 a.m ., riage by her uncle Mario at the home of Mrs. B. J. Speer, ' 3407 M c Kay Ave. Herman nandez. She is the daughter Massey, superintendent of TamMrs. Louise Clementi, 1505 E. pa parks, will speak. Ida, and the late Gaspar GARDENIA menti. Gardenia Garden Circle will . tour Holmes Nursery WednesMr. Acosta 1s the son of Mr. day t 12 • 1 k M A a o c oc . rs. no and Mrs. Joseph Acosta, 2717 Shipley will speak on orchids. Conrad. SHELL POINT The bride chose an emp ire Shell Point Garden Circle sheath gown of satin and lace. will meet Wednesday at the H 1 h ld b t 1 Elks Club on Bayshore Boule-er ve1 was e y a pe a \7ard. crown and she carried spring GRAY GABLES Such A Pleasant Way To Help You LOSE WEIGHT Now! Improved Hungrex• Tablets Contain An Automatic Appetite Curb Simpl y take a tasty Hungrex tablet before meals. Automatically helps curt! ynur appetite and de3irt for food. Result? Down goes your caloric intake ... • down goes your weight Normally healthy (non-glandular) OYerweight men and women are Invited to try Hungrex AJrtomatic Appetite Curti Edward F. Van Eepoel, who attended the , .. semi-annual meeting of the American Pros-@ lli thodontic Society. Dr. Van Eepoel left W A ' reception at the church fol lowed the ceremony. Mter a wedding trip to St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Becker will live in Clear water. * * * Married Saturday in Bloomflowers. Mrs. J. Davis Brandon, 202 S. Mrs. Mary Moscato served as Beverly Ave . , will host mem. . bers of Gray Gables Garden tablets w ith this guarantee: , you ITIIIsl be pleased with results: your money back. for the cold climate as a representative of i ingdale Baptist Church were Miss Gloria Jean Douglas and Paul Gordon Sanders Jr. The Rev. J. Z. Crofton officiated, asisted by the Rev. C. D. Mar tin. matron of honor and M1ss Gloria Circle Wednesd 10 G i . h ay, . a . m. arc a was ma1d of onor. They Mrs. Elizabeth Trefethen will wore formal gowns of azalea show slides and speak pink peau de soie. South Pacific tour. • --------------, FREE! ' Toothy of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Douglas of Riverview. Parents of Mr. Best man was Joseph Acosta . Rick Leto was groomsman usher. A reception at the bride's MARTIN PHARMACIES 1311 South Dale Mabry Tampa, Florlcla l Mrs. Sanders is the daughter CHICAGO

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 1, 1965 31 30 FT. Pontiac, extra clean. New carpet & paint. A. $895. 11105 Nebraska. VIND!\LE. Trotwood, VanDyk,;, Cranbrook, 10 & 12 w i d e. Rau Mobile Homes, 752-2576, Plant City 3 BEDROOMS ! ! ! LffiERTY * * $1880 * * 4305 E .HILLSBORO S & J SUPER DISCOUNT 1\:IKT. 2 BEDROOM Spartanette. Sell-rent Travel Spartanette also. 677-5846. -----viAYNE'S MOBILE HOMES 11650 Nebr 3411 Nebr. 223-3454 T R 6 T W 0 0 D Aluminum Travel TraJler 16' modern. 13647 Fla. Ave. CAMPER 1958 FORD Pickup with Factory Camper. Complete wllilthts, run ning water. stove, refrig., etc. Sleeps 4. Very, very good con dition. Nat'l Auto Superm'k't 1741 E. Hlllsboro Ph. 237-3323 BEST MOBILI!J HOME DEAL! FEDERAL QUALITY HOMES 4222 S. Dale Mabry Ph. 833-9671 LOW COST INSURANCE & FI NANCING. D I A L 238-1737 OR WRITE TRArL-R-HOME INSUR ANCE AGENCY, EXCLUSIVE. BOX 790, TAMPA. TRAILER LOANS WE SPECIALIZE IN low cost trailer reinancing, loans & fl. nanc!ng on Individual trailer sales. 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SALES & RENTALS O'Brien's St. Pete. 4650 34th St. N. HUNTERS, Fishermen, Vacation ers. Come see the finest campers built. We have all sizes-From the small cab h e i r h t utility camper at $189 to the big 10'h Ct. cabover. Buy direct from fac tory & save SOo/o. Open 7 to 7, 7 EAGLE CAMPERS Drew Park 4108 W. Cayuea Ph. 877-2440 APACHE Camping Trailers. Order 1965 model by Mar. 15 & receive $100 bonus. Ed & Johns 5995 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, 544-3811. --SLADES,INC-. TRAVEL TRAILER CENTER America's finest Line Holiday Rambler & Trav1er Yellowstone, Gypsy, Merhow Fla. Camper, Wells Cargo Traveling-Vacation-Office .. If it Travels we have it'' 6711 Nebr. U.S. 41 9-9 Clos. Sun. I'LL BUY USED CAMPERS WITH OR WITHOUT TRUCKS WILL OUTBID ANYONE CALL A. J. ELLIS 236-5581 VOLSWAGEN camper. Ideal for t r a v e I e r or camping., duluxe equipped. Can sleep 4, $1295. Week days, 3703 Cypress. 62 ALlJl\1. Camper trailer self con tained, fully equip. Make offer. Plaza Mtrs. 4511 S. Dale Mabry. WANTED self contained travel not over 17'. 233-3861, 143 Motorcycles-Scooters HARLEY DAVIDSON "SPRINT" AS SMOOT H as silk, 250 cc OHV CO. 1707 \V. Kennedy Blvd. PRIVATE 1959 Davidson 74 Duo-glide, foot. Full dress. Perfect condition. 935-2542. 1425 Rambla St., City. 1959 BSA. Fully equipped, Perfect condition. 988-3179 after 6 PM. MOTOR scooter, '64 Cushman Eagle, electric start. 85l>-4526. '57 BSA 650cc Custom ....... $495 New '65 Hodaka 90cc .. .. . SJB9 Motorcycle Trailer-Single rail, torsion bar suspension . . $90 Barney's 876-0646 2111 W. HllJsb. 1960 HARLEY Davidson 1 65cc mo torcycle, $135. 93l>-5878, 507 Annie St. MoTORCYcLE wsw:ance:No Unlit 250co-S35. Ph. 253-0148 ROBIN SON-STARR REAI,TORS. 145 Automotive Miscellaneous AUTO radiators, used, rebuilt, or recored. Priced to save you monev Adams, 626-5161. EASY terms. Guaranteed rebuilt motors, transmissions or repair Service, 906 S. CALL 229-8058 AUTO INSURANCE Kistner Realty & Insur. Realtor 213 E. Kennedy Insurors Engines GOOD used engines, Installed & guar. This Is better & faster than repairing your old motor. Cost less too! Adams, 626-5161. JAMES Transmission Shop seals Sl5 most cars. Most transmis sions $65 & up. 1419 W. Waters. 932-4174. Auto Speedometers AUTO speedometer repairs. Cables !17c. 1110 Tampa. 229-1525. Truc:k Rentals --'h DAY DAILY-WEEKLY King Car & Truck Rentals 3716 E. Hillsboro Ph. 237-3749 14 6 Autos and Trucks for Lease SAVINGS THRU LEASING CARS-TRUCKS-EQUIPM'T Phone 896-7157 Today COLLECT RELIABLE AIR-AUTO LEASING THOUSANDS RELY on Classified a d s in solving d a i 1 y prob lems. To sell, rent, buy, hire, Phone 223-4911. 147 Trucks, Trailers, Buses yuga, Drew Park. We Service All Makes Trucks-Trailers CRALLE-HALL MOTORS 7810 ADAMO DRIVE 626-3167 6 MI. East of Tampa on Rwy. 60 195o CHEV. pickup. Good runner. $150. Ph. 223-3321. 1964 FORD 'h TON PICKUP 6 cyl. used only as passenger car. Real Clean. LINDELL MOTORS INC. "Authorized VW Dealer" 3900 W. Kennedy Blvd. 877-5887 CHEVYLAND TRUCK CENTER '60 CHEVROLET 60 SERIES TRACTOR. Ready to work .... $1995 '6\1 FORD PICKUP ....... $1299 '6\1 CORBO(IWOOD .. s 799 CHEVROLET CO. 1720 E. HILLSBORO AVE. PHONE 235-2071 HUNT TRUCK SALES THE SOUTH'S BIGGEST SELECTION OF TRUCK BARGAINS 1959 AUTO CAR DC75T. Factory sleeper, Neway air lift, tag, axle, WH 220 Engine. Ready to go. 1959 MACK B61 Tractor, Conven tlnal Cab, Top Condition thru-out. 1959 GMC * Ton Pickup, wlde side body. Extra clean. 1960 TRAILMOBILE PRODUCE COD• 1960 TRAILMOliiLE 35' TRAILER with U.W. D . THERMOKING UNIT underslung, 4" Insulation. Knee blgh in rubber. A real buy. 39th St. & Adamo Dr. Pb. 223-4221, Ext. 36 Eve. 988 "Red" Shirley, R. D. Holley & Ernie Wi.ngate GOOD 12 ft. steel flat bed dump body. Complete with hoist & power take off. $225. Adams. 626. 1960 INTERNATIONAL Tandem. 12 yard dump. $3750. HALL'S TRUCK SALES 13201 N. Nebraska Ph. 931).1220 1958 GMC, 18xB body, 14,000 pounds. $495. Perfect running condition. 826-2614, St. P.::e:::te:::;rs:;::b:.:u::;rg"'.---,-DID you know that you can buy a brand new GMC 'h Ton Truck Sales. 211 South Tampa St. Ph. 223. Jeeps-Trucks-Campers '64 Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Lonl:' Wide Deep Bed P I c k u p. Show room Clean. Warranty. '63 Chev. Custom Cab Long Wide Deep Bed Pickup. V-B, Radio And Heater, Air Horns. Tutone. '63 Ford V-8. Wide Deep Bed Pickup. Low mileage. '62 Ford .o Ton V-8 Wide Bed Pickup. Custom Cab. Clean. '62 Falcon Ranctlero Pickup. '61 Cbev. 4 Wbeel Drive Pickup. 12l '61 Auto. Trans. Pickups. V-B, Grill Guard, Texas Bumper, Radio & Heater. One Owner. '60 Ford V-8 Wide Deep Bed Cus tom Cab Pickup. Double Sharp. '60 Jeep 4 Wbl. Dr. Forward Con-trol Pickup. 9 Ft. Bed, Hubs, One Owner, Very Clean. '58 Jeep 4 Whl. Dr. Pickup. '51 Jeep 4 Whl. Dr. Wagon. Rubs, And Ready To Go. '51 Jeep 4 Whl. Dr., Runs Good. Wolverine All Aluminum Over Cab Camper. Clean And Nice. ALL AMERICAN 2 Bed 8 Ft. Camper. All Aluminum. MANY MORE TRUCKS TONY WEIR 1 Blk. N. of Columbus Drfve 2802 FLA. AVE. PH. 229-2802 HOUSE trailer hauler, '60 Ford tilt cab, A-1, equipped to haul big trailers. l\1 ust sell, sickness. 11105 Nebraska. 1960 FORD Pickup. 8 ' bed, 'h ton, LIKE new, 1963 Ford 1 ton, dual B cylinder, new tires. 932-6794, wheels, 18,000 acutal miles. $1800. 855-1117. '-to::;n;--p;;;i-;;;ck"-u;-;p;-, ---;;;$4;;;so mine While matched interior, tal price on!)' $1895 with $5 cln. Okay Motors, Inc. 5720 Florida Ave. Ph. 238-1607 9 Passenger Wagon MERCURY 1964 Colony Park Air & everything. Sparkling con• ti!Uon, factory waranty. Owner sacrifices. Will trade. St. Pete 867-7991 or 867-5015. '59 LINC. 4 Dr. Hf. PulE. $7.50 wll BAY-3500 FLORIDA AVE. '62 COMET Station Wagon CUSTOM 4-DOOR, 6 cyl., auto. matic, radio &. heatPr, air con ditioned, whitewall t I r e s, low mileage. A one owner trade.ln for $1395. See MAL JANIS. FOSTER Lincoln-Mercury 1515 Florida Ave. Downtown Ph. 229-9341 "Just off Interstate 4'' Jim Quinlan Chevrolet U.S. HIGHWAY 19 Just Sonth of Clearwater '62 MONZA-;AC,-AT, vlnY-rseatS. Dellll

150 Automobiles For Sale We Accept Good & Bad Credit Appl. LOW AS 100% DOWN Immediate Financing '62 Chev. II 2 dr. $1097 '62 Falcon Wagon $997 '61 Falcon Wagon $797 '60 Comet 2 dr. $797 '60 Chev. Wagon $1097 '57 Chev. 4 dr. $597 '56 Chev. 2 dr. $497 '58 Cad. 60 Spec. $897 CARS & Tenns To Suit Your PVtooB.ExMOTORs 4228 Fla. Ave. 231-7881 Open Daily sun. 12 ' til 6 CHEVROLET $20.00 Down. We Finance Anyone 4612 34th St. '56 PONTIAC Convertible. No cash needed. $6 SO week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 '53 CREV. BelAir HT Stick. No cash needed, $4 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave . Ph. 232-4891 No Credit Needed SINGLE, married or divorce. You must be 21 yrs. old & have a job. Down payment start at S35, $7.50 wk. B\Jy here, pay here. No co signers necessary. Warranty. No carrying charges. Ph. Appl. to Mr. Bob AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 FLORIDA AVE. '64 ll\IPALA 4 door hardtop: Pri vate owner. 6000 miles. AC, AT, PB, WSW . See Miss Rose, Cass, Highland . 1962 FALCON Squire wagon, fully con-SACRIFICE '58 Olds & '57 lm perial. Cheap, ph. 626-2935. '57 RAMBLER Sta. Wagon 5299. No cash needed, S4 week. Dlr. R100 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 J} you have $50 I have a car for vou! Mels 2812 E. Hillsboro Ph. 236-1101. 50 car selection-We Fl nance. No Flnanco Charges. 1962 PONTIAC, Catalina station wagon , full power, actory air, 832. '55 Chev. 6 Cyl. EXTRA sharp. No down pay Jnent, $6 week. HENDRICKSON AUTO SALES 909 N. DALE MABRY 1959 CHEVROLET, 6-stick. Excel lent. $650. 1954 Ford. 689-5088, 689-1752. BY owner '61 Buick LaSabre, con vertible, R&:H, PS, PB, $1195. 988-2256. . FERMAN We're bulging with bargains! These examples ex plain the heavy traffic from our 1428 lot lately! • '62 PONTIAC Bonneville 4-Dr. HT. Rad .. htr .. automatic, air cond. Black with bur s:undy 51895 Interior . . ... . '61 MERCURY ColonY Park 4-0r. Sta. Wag, Lugsue rack, rad., AT, htr., air cond., pwr. str. and br.. elec. tailgate $1495 window ..... . '62 THUNDERBIRD Landau HT. Rad. , htr., AT. air cond., pwr. str. and br.. Pwr. windows. Pink with $2195 black vinyl top '63 PLYMOUTH Belvedere (-Door. AT, rad., htr., $1595 cond ..... '60 CHEVROLET Impala 4-0r. Rad .• htr., AT. Small V. $1195 Extra clean! . '62 OLDSMOBILE 98 4Dr. Hardtop. Pwr. &tr., AT, rad .. btr .. atr cond. Lisht s1995 p-een and white Open 8 A.M.-9 P.M. On Sat. 'til 6. Closed Sunday E \J E ' F 0 s I • FERMAN 1 50 Automobiles For Sale CADillACS Our Specialty SAM HICKS & SONS ST. PETERSBURG'S Oldest Independent Dealer 2324 Central Ave. Ph. 862 TAKE over payments '55 Chev. 2 dr. HT, R&H, str. stick, 6 cyl. Bal. 5148 at $9 mo. No cash needed, no payment until April. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 WE FINANCE ANYONE '60 Ford FL, V-8, std. shl!t $695 '60 Valiant Wag. Std. shift $595 '57 Cadillac Coupe DeVille $595 '58 Chevy Bel Air 4 dr. V-8, AT $495 '55 Hudson Wasp . cream puH 5395 '58 Plymouth Belvedere HT .. $395 '57 Buick Hardtop ............ S295 Big John's Auto Sales 4001 Fla. Ave. Ph. 238U1 1959 DODGE custom royal, 4 door, A-1 condition, RH. AC PS. PB, swivel seats, all extras, 1326 Waiki ld, Clair Mel. '60 CADILLAC 4-DOOR HARJ).. TOP. "A Supreme Example of the standard of the world." The first sentence describes this car well. Completely equipped -lm maculate condition . Full price only $1695-$95 down-terms to suit. HURRY! TOM WOLFE AUTO SALES 1000 W. Kennedy Ph. 251-1397 '63 CHEVY II CLUB SEDAN. Deluxe series with luxurious Nylon & leather Interior, automatic drive, Blue Flame thrift 6 engine, big factory heater, etc. A showroom fresh beauty with only 12,00() miles. Full price only $1695, S95 down, Balance to suit. SEE THIS! TOM WOLFE AUTO SALES 9390 Florida Ave. Pb. 935-1145 '64 CHEVROLET COUPE. Immac. ulate condition, tutone finish. push button radio, big factory heater, truly nice condition! These cars are availalbe at both locations. Read on , a Is o equipped with: 300 b.p. 327 cu. ln. V-8 engines, fuel injection heads & fuel pump, power & brakes, 4:11 rear end pos•traction, etc. Full price, wh ile they last, only $1895! TOM WOLFE AUTO SALES 9390 Florida Ave. Ph. 935 1000 W. Kennedy Ph. 251-1397 IYEAR WARRANTY '62 CHEVY II .$1295 NOVA 4DOOR STAT I 0 N WAGON . Stick shift, radio and heater. Solid white. WSW tires. '65 MERCURY $3695 COMMUTER 4-DR. STATION WAGON. Automatic, r ad i o and heater, pow e r steering and brakes, factory air con .. ditioned, white with blue in terior. '60 COMET •••. $895 4-DOOR STATION WAGON. Automatic, radio and heater. Gleaming red finish, WSW tires. American 4-Door Hertz-U. Drive It. Radio $169 5 and heater •••• Sold and balanc:e of fac tory warranty furni6hed by the following dealers. DALE MABRY RAMBLER 700 N. Dale Mabry Ph. 877 NORTHSIDE RAMBLER 1 0409 Florida Ave. Ph. 932 SCHULSTAD RAMBLER 1111 E. Cass St. Ph. 223 REMEMBER • • • Bill Currie Sells for Less! 1964 GALAXIE. 500 4-DOOR HARDTOPS Auta. Trans., Radio and Heater, Power Shtering, White Sidewalls. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FINAL DAYS OF OUR CLEARAN CE SALE TODAY-VERY SPECIAL 1962 Cadillac Convertible Lovely Cape Ivory. Leather bucket $2795 seats. Factory Air . Extra clean •• , • We have traded additional Cadlllacs, so come by for best selection of colors and models. All sale prices clearly marked on windows. AUTHORIZED DEALER 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. 1 50 Automobiles For Sale BANK REPOSSESSIONS RECONDITIONED Free 5-Year Written Warranty NO DOWN PAYMENT WlTH QUALIFIED CREDIT NO PAY1\1ENT 'TIL APRIL '60 TBird ...... $1369 bal. $62 mo. '59 Ford 4 dr ... $ 699 bal. $34 mo. '61 Falc. 2 dr ... S 698 bal. $34 mo. '60 Chev. 2 / d ht. $1089 bal. $59 mo. '59 Ford conv. $ 789 bal. $43 mo. '63 Chev. Imp. $2089 bal. ?? mo. '57 Ford HT .... S 391 bal. S24 mo. '58 Ford 2 dr. . . $ 499 bal. $30 mo. '60 Fate. Wag, $ 798 bal. $43 mo. '57 PlYm HT . . S 499 bal. S30 mo. '60 Chrys HT . . $1098 bal. $59 mo. '64 Malibu HT .. $2489 bal. ?? mo. '61 Ford conv. . . $1298 bal. $62 mo. '57 Mere. conv. S 547 bal. $31 mo. '58 Chev. 2 / d ht. $ 599 bal. $34 mo. '61 Chev. HT .. $1197 bal. $61 mo. '55 Chev. 2 dr. . $ 169 bal. $11 mo. '60 Buick 4 dr. $1099 bal. $57 mo. '60 Mere 2/d ht. $ 991 bal. $56 mo. '57 Dodge conv. $ 487 bal. $30 mo. '62 Ram b. 4 dr. $ 771 bal. $48 mo. '55 Chev. 4 dr. $ 599 bal. S34 mo. '63 Chev. 4 dr. . . $1799 bal. ? ? mo. '57 Ford HT ... $ 156 bal. $ 9 mo. '59 Chev. Wag. S 699 bal. S34 mo. '60 Vaux. Wag. $ 449 bal. $30 mo. WILL ACCEPT TRADEs-Dealer Stored at 2805 Fla. FINANCING ARRANGED OPEN 'TIL 9 PH. 229 LINCOLN '63 Continental, air con dition. full power, AM FM radio, all leather interior, private owner, $3450 . 876. LADY selling her '56 Ford Ranch Wag. V-8, std shift with O.D. Must see & drive tJtis car to believe lt could be this nice. $295. 4221 Leona St. 834. Dlr. ISO Automobiles For Sale TRY US! YOU'LL LIKE US! '60 Eng. Ford .... $295 '63 MGB Roadster, Flame Red . . . ........... $1995 '64 FALCON Ranchero, V-8. Fordomatic .....•..... $1995 '63 SPITFIRE Rdster ....... $1795 '62 LANCER GT Cpe. AT, Air cond. . . • . . ... $1495 '62 DODGE Polara 500 PS & PB, etc. . .............. $1495 '63 FALCON 4-Dr. Wagon, stick . . . $1295 '63 CHEVROLET. std. shift, ( Door, beater, V-8, factory atr cond. .. . . . . . . . ......... $1399 '61 CHEVROLET 4-Dr. R, H , PS . . . .. . $995 '58 FORD l!-Dr. Station Wagon. Stick, 6 cyl., 4 new tires ... $299 '57 CHEV. 2-Dr. V B Wagon, Stick ..... .................. $595 '62 CHEV. V-8, 4 Dr. auto., factory air, sharp--sharp. . .. $1395 Homer F. Herndon's STABLEMATES Franchised "Flat" & .fC: XifE?ealer PHONE 223 Open 5 Nites a Week Jy payments? U you are married, or 21 years of age, steadHy em f::: instant credit check. YOU CAN BE FINANCED AT: SUN RAY MOTORS, INC. 6300 FLORIDA AVE. 1961 FORD BY ORIG. OWNER FAIRLANE 500, 4 dr. sedan, V-8 engine, AT, R&H; good condition. Tires & battery practically new. 876-7256. . TAKE over payments '57 Ford Wag. $149 at $6 mo. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 CLEAN 1960 Cadillac sedan DeV ille one owner fully equipped Including factory air excellent condition throughout. 988-6044 Pace's "New Breed'' Serves. You Better! * 1964 SPECIALS * ONE YEAR '64 MERCURY PARKLANE MARAUDER. A real luxury car! Ivory with contrasting blue interior, fully eQuipped including faC• torY equipment. '64 CHEVROLET IMPALA SPORT COUPE. A sharP red with contrasting black interior, automatic, power steering and brakes, radio and heater. Special todaY! '64 GRAND PRIX Turquoise with matching in terior, full equipment in .. eluding factory air condi t ioning, Balance of new car warranty. '64 BONNEVILLE SPORT COUPE. Tutono tan and brown, matching in .. terior, all luxurY equipment including factory air condi tioning. Balance of new car warranty. '64 TEMPEST STATION WAGON . 4-Door. A tow mileage, stick shift, 6 cyl., with radio and heater. Balance of new car war .. ranb'. '64 CATALINA 4-DOOR. White with turquoise interior, fully equipped including factory air condi• tioning. Priced to sell% PACE PONTIAC 1420 FLA. AVE. PH. 228-7138 OPEN Y AFTER CHURCH '64 GALAXIE 500 4-DR. HARDTOPS Cruise-0-Matic trans., radio, heater, power steering, v .. a, WSW tires, wide color se lection. No cash is needed if your old car eQuitY is worth $500. Insurance excluded in payments. Months to Pay. Only $45.10 per Month, Largest Stock Ever '65 MUSTANG HARDTOPS $2508 Delivered in Tampa ONTHESPOT FINANCING 55645 Per Month $500 down cash or trade equity. 48 months to pay. Life insurance included in payments. BRAND NEW 1965 FALCONS Equipment includes 10S .. HP engine, standard fresh air heater and defroster, color and upholstery cho•ce, front arm rest, ash tray, seat belts, dual aun visors, alternator, etc. PER $500 Down Cash $4620 DELIVERED 1N TAMPA Equity, 48 Months to Pay. L•f• MONTH Insurance included in payments. NORTHGAT E FORD INC. WE BUY OUR CARS BRAND NEW WE GUARANTEE MILEAGE We guarantee the balance of the manufacturer's 24,000 miles or 24 months warranty will be transferred to you! Several '65 Models available. Bel Airs, Impalas, Malibus. Also '65 Ford and Chevrolet Station Wagons or without factory air conditioning. '64 IMPALA HARDTOPS Factory air, 2 or 4 .. 0oor. V B engine, auto. trans., R , H, PS, tinted glass, seat belts, wsw tires, big wheel covers. Plenty in stock. All colors and interiors. $195 down, 36 or 48 mo. Bank financing. FACT. AIR COND. 2 or 4 Dr. HT's, V -8, AT, R, H, PS, WSW tires, $2395 big hubs ........ . '64 CHEVY ll's 88 Hardtops. Fact. air, AT, R , H, PS, PB, WSW. Very .......... '3095 '64 RAMBLERS FactorY air con d., 4-d o or Factory air c:ond. 660 Ciao Novas. AT, It & H, tint sics. AT, R&H, PS, reclin ....... 51995 ........ 52095 Chev. and Ramblers Without Air Deduct $200 PREMIUM USED CARS AT LOW $$ PRICES '61 Cadillac sod a n De V i lle. Full p owe r, air, 1 owner, '2395 1mmaculate •..... '62 0 I d s S811 Hardtop. Fact. air cond., v .. a, R, H, PS, PB. An ex ........ $1195 Chev. 4 • Door Hard tops. 3 in stock. v.s, AT, R, H, $1495 PS, PB. Nice ..... '62 Ford Galaxio 4 Door. Fact. air cond., v.a, AT, R, H, PS, PB, tinted ............ 51395 '61 Olds 88 4 -0oor HT. v .. s, AT, Rt H, PS, ........ $1295 '61 Impala HT. Vl, AT, R, H, PS, PB. A ........... 51295 '61 Ford Galaxio. v.a, AT, R , H, PS, PB, fact. air cond., extra nice. ............. $995 '63 Impala Convert. V-8. H, PS . .... 51995 '61 Triumph, car .. ...... 5395 '60 Ply. 2-Dr. Sedan. 6 eyl,, atd. shift, clean. ............. $595 '60 Valiant 4-Dr. Sedan. Stick shift on $595 floor. Very clean .. '59 Rambler 4Dr. 8 c:yl., .. •..• . 5245 35 More in Stock from $50 up 150 Automobiles For Sole 150 Automobiles For Sale 32 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 1, 196!1 BARGAIN CORNER VOLKSWAGEN S-A-L-E-! 150 Automobiles For BEST BUYS 100% GUARANTEE SEDANS & GHIAS SPECIALS EVERY DAY I! SALE '63 STUDEBAKER Station Wagon WAS PRICE "6" cyl. 4 DR. std. trans. Heater, 64 Sedan 6 to choose ... S1695-1595 sliding roof. Very low mHeage. f2 ::: '62 STUDEBAKER Station Wagon, 61 Sedan 12 to choose ... 1495-1095 & V :{r 59 Sedan .. .. . .. .. . 1095895 '63 RAMBLER "660" Classic with 58 Sedan 2 to choose... 995795 overdrive, radio & heater, very 57 Sedan .. .. .. .. .... 895795 low mileage in showroom condi 56 Sedan 795695 tion. C . . .. . .. . .. .. .. . 695595 '61 RAMBLER super 6 cyl. 4 door •a onv. 1895-1495 auto. trans., radio & beater, very 59 Ghia Coupe 1395-1095 nice. Station Wagen*Trucks ::: 4 dr. V-8 63 Kombie wagen ....... 1995-1495 '60 PLYMOUTH stat,on 6 ey!. 2 62 Deluxe wagen 1795-1495 62 Komble Wagen ..... 1695-1395 , door standard trans., radlo. 61 Super dlx. Wagen .... 1495-1295 58 STUDEBAKER C h am Pion 6 61 Panel Delivery nice . . ... $995 cyl., overdrive trans., ver y clean. LINDELL MOTORS 1 FELLOWS MOTOR CO. vw .. nc. &. 3900 W. Kennedy Blvd. 877-5887 Runs good. AUTHORIZED STUDEBAKER KAISER JEEP DEALERS Lifetime Warranty 85 Cars I In Stock One Dollar Down Best Terms In Town Price Or Credit No Problem Best Auto Sales 4830 Florida Ave. Ph. 237 We Finance Anyone $25.00 Down & Up 4612 34th St. '60 IMPERIAL car, full power, factory air, low mlles, dual 90 tires. Private owner. No trades. $1550. Ph. Lakeland 683-1238 after 7 PM 1417 W. Kennedy Blvd. 253-5719 SELLING due to illness '55 Dodge Pickup Trk. Very good cond. New snow grip tires. V-8 stick shift. $395. 4221 Leona St. Ph. 834-9922. Dlr. BUICK CORNER For Our Lifetime Warranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty '62 FORD ...... $2377 TBird HT Cpe. (L175A). AT, R, H, PS, PB, AIR. '63 FO'RD ...... $1697 Galaxie V-8, 4 Dr, AT, R, H , PS. (L243A). '60 T-BIRD ..... $1197 HT Coupe. AT, R, H , PS, PB, AIR. '59 TBIRD ..... $897 HT Coupe, AT, R, H, PS, PB. '57 DODGE ...... $397 V 4-Dr. Wagon. AT, R , H , PS (as is). '63 OLDS ....... $2397 '18' Sedan. AT, R, H , PS, PB. '62 OLDS 88 ... $1787 '881 4-Dr. Sedan. AT, R, H, PS. IL244A), '64 OLDS ....... $3377 Super '88' 4-Dr. HT, AT, R, H, PS, PB, AIR. WE LEASE 1965 CARS-ALL MAKES '59 PONTIAC .... $777 4 • Door HT. AT, R , H, PS. '60 PONTIAC ... $1387 Catalina 4-Dr, HT, AT, R , H, AIR. '63 PONTIAC .. $2987 Grand Prix. Fun power, R , H, AIR. '64 BARRACUDA $2497 Sedan. AT, R, H , v.a. '&2 DODGE ..... $1487 V 4Dr. 9-Pass. Wagon. AT, R, PS, AIR. '61 MERCURY .. $1297 Monterey 4-Dr. AT, R, H , PS, PB. 2Dr. Sedan. AT, R, H. Lifetime Warranty Plus One•Year Warranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E. Hlllsborouqfi Phone 239 09 Open Sunday After Churdl v .. s engine, automatic, radio, heater, WSW tires, all vinYl interior. '61 PLYMOUTH 2-Door. $695 R&H. 6 cyl •....... '61 VALIANT 2 -Door. $595 Radio and heater .. '60 CHEVROLET Floor shift. Radio, heater .. ............. 5696 '60 DODGE DART Radio, heater. s595 Econ, 6 cyl, ....... '59 OLDS Convertible. AT, R&H, V-8, . . . .... 5695 '59 FORD Station Wagon $295 R&H, automatic ... ENGLISH FORD 5195 '57 FORD .... 5150 '54 BUICK 4-Door. Automatic 569 radio, heater ....... . '56 FORD Country Squire Station ....... 5195 '55 CHEVROLET Radio, heater. $195 Station Wagon .... '63 FORD GALAXIE Sedan. V engine, Beautiful w h i t e BRAND NEW '65 PLYMOUTHS MOD ,EL V-100 P .RICE INCLUDES 5-YR. or 50,000-MilE WAR!RANTY Up to 5 Years To Pay Cars From $49 to $6000 500 New & Used Car Selection Two Big Locations '64 GTO Convertible Pontiac. Factory air cond., full power, 4 ... speed trans., V-8, $2995 R&H . 1local owner '63 BONNEVILLE 4 -Dr. Hardtop, Loaded, fac tory air cond., PS and PB, R&H , automatic, $2295 all vinyl interior '63 CHEVROLET 4-Door sedan. Automatic, radio, heater, air $1495 conditioned, Vl .. '63 GRAND PRIX Factory air cond., full POW er assist, R&H, automatic, alum. $2595 wheels ......... . Bankrupt Stock of ENTIRE Central Flor. ida Mercury Dealer has been purchased by N.A. S.M. All cars will be sold at bankrupt prices. Partial listing. '64 Comet Station Wag, Never titled. '64 Mereu ry Monterey Air Cond. Never titled. '62 Lincoln Cont. '64 Plym. Sta. Wagon '82 FALCON sedan '62 RAMBLER Sta. Wag. '56 CADILLAC Sedan O.Ville. Radio, heat er, automatic, power steer ing and s395 brakes .....•...... '57 FORD 'h Ton Pickup. Long bed, 6 CYI., std._ $495 Noce cond1toon .... '63 CHEVY II 4-Door sedan. Radio, heater, ........ _ s995 '65 GMC t;.. Ton Pickup. &, standard trans., factor)' $1695 fresh cond ...... . '57 CHEV. 4-0oor or •sa Chev. ImPala 2-Dr. HT. I'I&H, $495 AT. Choice ........ . WILLIAMS BROS • . BUY NOW AND SAVE 500 Car Selection Up to Five Years to Pay on the Spot Bank Financing '65 Cadillac Coupe DeVille . Full power and factory air cond. Loaded. Balance ......... $6199 '65 Dodge Polara Coupe Hardtop. Full power, V-8, R&H . Balance $2999 of New Car warranty '65 Chevrolet Impala Coupe Hardtop. Fac. equipped including power .steering. Balance of New $2199 Car warranty ..... '64 Cadillac Flo • two o d. Loaded. Owner's per• sonal ur. Bought new and serviced $5699 locallY .......... . '64 Oldsmobile '98' Coupe, Hardtop. Full Power & Fact. Air Cond. $3299 Loaded. One owner, '64 Chevrolet Malibu Coupe Hardtops. Power91 i d e, radio and h 1 ate r. WSW. ........... $2199 '64 Ford FL 500 C o u P e. Automatic $1699 trans., R&H, WSW '64 Ford Galaxio '500' 4 Door. Cruise .. 0 .. Matic, power steering, $2099 R&H , WSW ....... . '64 Chevrolet Impala 4-Dr. Station w a g o n. PG, v .. s, Ps, PB, fact. air cond., radio, heater, WSW. Bal. of new car '2899 warranty .•. ....•.. '64 Pontiac B o n n e v i I I e Coupes & 4 Door Hard .. tops, Full power and fact. air eond. Ono s3399 owner. Loaded! .. .. '64 Chevrolet Impala Conv. PG, V-8, PS, PB, air cond., WSW, radio, heater, bal. of new car $2699 warrantl' ......... . '64 Corvairs, 2 & 4-0oors. Fact. equipped. Son1e 4 speeds and auto. $1799 matic transmissions '64 Pontiac Tempest Sta tion wagon. Automatic trans. Radio, $2499 heater. . .........• '64 Pontiac Bonneville Sta tion Wagon. Full power and factory air $3699 cond. Loaded •••••• '63 Cadillac Coupe HT. l'ull Pow • r and fact. air cond. One owner. $3699 Loaded! ........••. '63 Volkswagen $1299 Panel Truck '63 Mercury Comet Custom 4 Door. Fact. $1499 equipped. One owner! '63 C h e v r o I • t Station Wagon 4 .. 0oor. Factory equiPPed incl. $1199 radio and heater ... '63 Thunderbird Co u I> e. Hardtop. Full P o we r. ........ $2499 '63 Ford FL 500 4 Door. Custom int., $1499 fact. eQUiPPed ..... '63 Pontiac Tempest 4 Door. Full power, 326 V -8 engine, air $1199 cond., wsw ..•.... '63 Stu d 1 b a k e r Wagon. ........ $1399 '62 Pontiac Starchief 4-Dr. • Full power, factory air conditioned. $1899 R&H. On a owner ... '62 Volkswagen $1199 2 Dr. Sedan . . '62 300 4 D r . HT. Full power. $1699 One owner ....... . '62 Ford Galaxio 500 4 Door. Air cond., wsw, .... $1599 '62 Corvair M on z a, Fact. eQUipped. Some auto. matic & aome 4 $1199 speed trans. . ..... . '62 Coupe. Fact, aor cond., $1499 radio and heater ... '61 Chevrolet., I m I> a 1 a Hardtops, Air $1499 cond., PG, V-8, R&H '61 Buick 4 -Dr. $1199 Fact. equip. '61 Olds F-85 4-Door. Full power, v.a, $1199 radio and heater . , . '61 Cadillac Conv. Coupe. Bucket seats, full oow• or, fact. air cond. '2399 Loaded% One owner . '61 T -Bird Coupe Hardtop, Full power and radio ......... 51499 '61 Mercury Commuter Sta • tion Wag o n 4 .. Door. Full power, radio $1199 and heater, WSW . . USED CARS FERMAN OLDS HAS YOUR CAR! You can drive home TODAY in a VALUE-Rated BEnER car by drivinCJ in 3611 Florida prepared to accept a BIG TRADE on a real fine deal. (Great Selection) '63 Chev. P.U. Truck, S h a r pi Very clean. #P13. 51495 '63 Cadillac 4-Dr. Hardtop. All power and loaded. W h i t • color. #245A. $3695 '61 Chev. Impala V-8 4-Door H a r d to p, Power steering & brakes, A.T., radio, heat • r. #848. '64 Chevelle 2-Dr. Malibu Hardtop, A u to. trans., radio, h e a t e r, #P196. $2195 '64 Volkswagen blue. '63 Buick Riviera Coupe, White w ith wire wheels. Low mileage and loaded! #P12. '3195 '63 Olds 98 Tow n S e d a n . Loadecl all extras! a win• dows. #277A. '2395 '62 Olds Wagon 81 s .. pass. station wagon, AT, radio, heater, tutone Paint. #48SA. '1595 '64 Falcon 4Door. Standard oquiJto ment. # P4 . 51395 '62 Thunderbird Coupe. Very sharp! Ail" cond., AT, radio, heater. All power. #P167, 52395 '64 Ford Coupe Fastback. Air eond., AT, radio, h e a t e r, pewer steering. # P158. 52295 '63 Chev. Impala 4Door. Power steering, radio, heater, AT. # 50A. 51195 '60 Chev. Wagon Nomad. Air cond., radiot heater, AT. # 71A. $1095 '63 Buick LeSabre 4 .. 0oor. Air cond., radio, heater, AT, power steer• and brakes. #82A. '2195 '62 Pontiac 4 .. D o o r Catalina. Ai,. cond., AT, radio, heater, steering and br. '64 Pontiac Bonneville H a r d t o It• Loaded a n d beautifull # 208A. 52895 '62 98 4-Dr. Hardtop. Air cond., auto, trans., radio, heater. $1195 Open 8 A.M.-9 P.M. 'til 6 P.M. Sat. (Closed Sundays) 3611 Florida & Lake 223


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