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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 25 (March 8, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 8, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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• SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 25 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1965 PRICE FIVE CEN TS Poets Ciardi, Wall ace ead Annual Festival SA Asks Censure Be Lifted Rev. Dr . Julius Mark ... Then She Slippe d Off T he Board! USF ' s pow e r and wat e r failure gav e students free time to try out some new sp o rts . Here, Sandy Murphy , a freshman from 1\liami , d e mon s trat e s the exciting new game of " laddersliding. " ( USF Photo) What It W as, Was Mudball! Mud a l ways add s a t ouch o f g l a m o r t o a ga m e of football . The s ce n e took place east of Gamma du r in g U SF ' s third ( ho-hum) pow e r f ail ur e, last Tu e sd ay. T he mud also furn is h e d th e n e w spor t o f " mudboa rd in g . " (USF Photo ) ' Break' H a lt s P ower, Water B y MARY ANN MOORE Of the Campus Staff out 3 0,0 00 gallons per hou r . The wat e r tank holds 250,00 0 gallons. When the break octricity w h ich was turned off about 10:56 a.m. because of danger to the power lines. As Tampa Electric Co. put it, "It is a l most impossible to d etermi n e the cause but it looks to us as if ligh t ning struck" and burned off insu lation from the wires. The r einsulation was com pleted at 2:55 p.m. and the electricity was t u rned on. By 7 p . m. the sand that had col lected in the restroom facili ties was cleaned out. There is a possibility that the university will bill th e contractor who is doing $1.6 million worth of construction on campus. The bill would be for a water main as the power line is the responsibil ity of the phys i cal plant. Dm:ing the water failure, the Health Center, according to Dr. R. L. Egolf , was allot te d "several barrels of water stored for Civil Defense pur poses" in order to utilize the restroom facilities for ill stu dents. The Health Center has no emergency power supply.


THE TAl\lPA TIMES, Monday, March 8, 1965 Alas, the Poor Grass Several months ago the grass between the University Center and the Theater Auditorium was be coming excessively worn from the constant harassment of students' feet. Then the a d m i n i s t r a tion stepped in-and rightfully so-to t;ry to halt this particular prob lem. They planted a row of foot high bushes along the west side walk of the University Center. Surely these bushes would remind students that the sidewalk is "the shortest distance between t w o points." But the students didn't seem to notice the new bushes . They walked around them, over them, and through them. And the grass wore ever-thinner. The students didn't seem to realize-or just did not care-that they were destroy ing the landscaping of their own campus. And now only a few scraggly stubs of the bushes remain. In some spots the previously worn grass is now worn dirt. Nor is this the only troubled area. The grass directly in front of the UC is also under a constant barrage of "effort-saving students." How much time is saved by "hedge-hopping" and grass tromp ing in these two areas? Ten sec onds? At the most! How many steps are saved? Fifteen? At the most! It really doesn ' t matter, though, because some students will hedgehop even when they have plenty of time. What is the solution? A t a 11 hedge? A concrete wall? A barbed-wire fence? Don't laugh, freshmen and sophomores; the barbed-wire fence has made its appearance on this campus once before. Apparently a large, thick hedge is the only p r act i c a 1 answer. Hedges have successfully protect ed grass west of Alpha and near the library entrance. In any case, the hedge had better be high; USF has some good vaulters! Tennis Courts Need Lights The University of South Florida owns six tennis courts . These six courts are in such demand that in fair weather students and faculty often wait to play for 30 minutes or Longer. Several small colleges with one third the enrollment of USF own at least a dozen courts . According to Dr. Gil Hertz, director of phy sical education , no new courts are planned before the end of this com ing summer. With no new courts until the fall trimester, USF is faced with the following problems : (1) The heav iest part of the tennis season is coming up; (2) The new tennis team is practicing afternoons and will be p 1 a y i n g intercollegiate matches here on Saturdays during April and May. A partial solution to alleviate the tennis traffic would be to light the courts for evening use. For years faculty and student tennis enthusiasts have pleaded for lighted courts but the administration has always turned a deaf ear. The "no funds" reply 'is the usual one. USF has been able to afford 18 lights for a swimming pool that has scarcely been used at night. Furthermore , six of the pool lights are left on all night. With "luxury" such as this, it seems as if the administration could reconsider the need for lights on the tennis courts. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor: In the four years that I have bee':l a student here at USF, I have read many comments aimed at degrading our food service. I do not recall having ever , read one editorial, o r comment commending for their undoubtedly difficult job. May I take this opportunity to do so? As far back as I can remember, wherever meals have been served on a mass basis, there have been gripes about the food. From jtt:tior high, high school , through the armed forces and now here at USF, it seems to be one of the norms of society to complain about food service. Yet little action ever follows up even a valid complaint. Need it be said that very few persons attended a meeting set up by our Food Service last tri-mester to hear complaints and suggestions. Having had a considerable number of Morrison's meals, . I can honestly say that the good ones far outnumber the Dear Editor: A sellout run of a play that is obvious ly exciting theatre audiences is indeed a wonderous occasion for any theatre. "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You loa the Closet And I'm Feelin' So Sad" is such an occasion . There is only one note to sadden the director, actors, crews and box office staff and it is the "No Show . " A "No Show" is a thoughtless person who re serves tickets for a performance and neglects to attend or to call the box of-Mr. Editor: On a recent tour of our campus, I noticed that several trees which had been placed near Epsilon hall had been pulled out of the groun d and broken. I also noted the other day that the new side walk which was placed in front of Gam rna hall had been completely defaced by initials as well as the use of some pro fanity. I would like to know if this is what college students are really like. To me this appears to be something my twelve year old brother might consider ; not something that college students do. L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u 5 bad ones. Granted there are some ap parently poor quality meals due to taste preferences and even a few "careless mistakes " in preparation. However, when you consider that our food senice serves better than 10,000 'meals a( day and a good of those me'als are bought on a food card for approximately $.60 each, it' rather silly to expect the same variety, quanti ty a':ld quality of food you would pay anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 for at a public Morrison's or private restaurant. Considering the number of people served, the amount of food prepared daily and the cost of that food to the individual, not to mention the friendli ness and co-operative attitude of the managers, I feel that our food service is doing a commendable job . loa the words of one of the managers at the beginning of last trirne>ter, "It may not always suit your tastes, but it is nourishing. CECIL A . HOLLADAY fice to release the tickets. "No Shows" kept at least 20 others from seeing each performance of Oh Dad. This is a waste of time aoad energy and is therefore deplorable especially on a campus where scheduling does not per m i t long runs of plays. Each theatre patron can help by only reserving on nights when he will actually be able to attend, pickin g up his ticket before 8 p.m. on the evening of per formance, and being sure to release tickets he has no intention of using. ROBERT W. WOLFF During this past summer I was here on campus for a visit with my family, After touring the campus, my father com mented to me that, "If this is what my taxes are g oin g for as far as Higher Education is concerned, theoa it's well worth it." But now I'd like to know if it really is worth it if students can only destroy all of these beautiful things which are provided for their use. A. C. B. : 9 :00 p . m . lJC Stereo Dance UC 248 All Day All -University Weekend UC 248 SUNDAY 10 :30 a.m. Wesley Foundation UC 47 6:00p.m. Westminster Fellow. 6:30 p.m. UC 47 Liberals UC 213 Wesley Foundation uc 226 7:00 p.m. Movie "Writte n on the Wind" FH 101 Others make f r antic efforts to become known on campus a nd often attempt to be too active in campus life. DR. JOHN B LACK, director of the Counseling and Test Center at Stan ford U n iversity, recognizes this crisis in personal identity on the large campus. "To quit school or to flunk out are no longer reasonable options . , . the re sult Is more intense, self-serving com petition to succeed . . . more hos tilit y and anxiety." This need to succeed i':l college is often related to the pressures on the student from his own well-meaning parents. This may take the form of parent al insistence on a certain college, or by excessive emphasis on academic or so cial success . Parents may often dicta t e a choice of career. Students themselves often geoaerate a lot of their own tensions . They may be reflecting the attitudes of society or of their college. They feel the pressures at USF by increasing standards of admis sion, both academically and financially : increasing course requirements and the inteoase competition in classes. As the associate dean of Yale said, "Somehow, in striving for brighter students -and getting them we have increased the incidence of emotional instability." ANOTHER CHIEF cause of emotion al problems to be found on this campus is "personal unreadiness or immaturity" -the commoo universal problem of growing up. Every student must figure out his identity he will assume in the adult world. This can be especially difficult be cause the college student delays his final decisions four years, during which time he faces a bewildering array of new possibilities of alternatives to decisio n s . Psychologist Charles McArthur of Har vard says, "This overlong tentative state of mind is ferUle soil for the growth of neurosis." Naturally, the amount aond degree of a student's anxiety seems dependent on the person's emotional make-up and the environment he was raised in. As also stated in The National Observer, Jan. 4, 1965, "It is not work that kills, but worry." Author of this article , John Heoaderson, M.D., states that the victim of "an anxiety attack" tends to limit his activities and withdraw from any situa tion in which an attack may have oc curred. IF YOU SUFFER from such "anxiety attacks" there may be symptoms as "heart palpitation, s w e a t i n g, rapid breathing, and a tremendous build-up of feelings of tension." In addition to ex treme fatigue from worrying about an anxiety problem, a student may indulge in so-called "blind-alley thinking" in wbich his mind creates apparently in soluble problems. According to Dr. He'>Jderson's article, "Endless hours are spent trying to figure a way out of a dilemma that often doesn' t actually exist. And when an actual problem does exist, it is often the individual's way of looking at it that causes the real difficulty." WE CAN conclude that emotional problems can result in anxiety which can the student from completing his purpose of education at the Univer sity . Professor of psychology Dr. Paul R. Givens sees anxiety in the USF student as evolving from problems other than occupa t ional and sex roles in society. Givens att ributes tensions to the fact that "many come from homes where parents have not received a college educatiif.l." "There is a lack of understanding when parents are not aware of college's pressures," he said. Furthermore, in discussing these home pressures on many of USF's two thirds majority of students , Givens said that some students did not expect to go to college themselves and their values are suddenly different from their pare'ilts'. Students thus alienate themselves from their fa mily, causing insecurity and lack of identification at home. GIVENS EMPHASIZED the lack of identity with cohesive traditional activ ities at USF. There a r e also the pres sures for academic achievement with the "Accent on Learning." "These pres sures seem to be of more significance than social pressures," he said, "but if the student with such emotiif.lal con flicts weren't in college , he probably would have other difficulties relating to achievement and social standing some where else. " Givens , in noting that USF draws its enrollment from the upper-lower and lower-middle income group, said that USF would be able to provide "very good" facilities for counseling services. Our ratio of coU';lse lors to students pro vides for quality professional psycholo gical help for students with emotionally d istressing problems. P r ofessional psychological help for students is undoubtedly valuable in their education. Accordi ng to the director of Harvard's H ea lth Service , "students can profit from b r i e f therapy because they're young, flexible, intelligent and willing to improve." The Campus Edition . A special edition of The Tampa Times pub bshed weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press PR-s Editor. ......•......... Raleigh Mann Managmg Editor ..........................•.... Jay Beckerman Edit ' I P Ed"t ona age I or • • . • .•............ Mary Ann Moore Ad. VIsor . Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. b I b J1 a r e s ( f i j '\ t 1: Ci 'l ( I ,


Reist Eyes Fifth Consecutive Win Southeastern Cage Standings mE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, Marth 8 , 1965 Conference All Games SEC SEASON ENDS TONIGHT W L Pet. W L Pet. Pts. OP vanderb't 14 1 . 933 22 3 .8so 1974 1693 By Assoelated Press ldefeat would put Tennessee in a VanderbUt team to a 22-3 over-gia 85-83 in a non-conference U : }: m: m: Two games tonight will end three-way tie for seeond with I aU record and the Commodores game. Florida 11 S .688 lJ 7 .'12() 1828 1558 I Kentucky 10 s .6%5 15 10 .600 2109 1914 the 1964-65 Southeastern Confer-Auburn and Flonda. succeeded Kentucky as league ALABAMA stayed with AuST. PETERSBURG _ Several I than A. L. Sparks and t h r e e ::M }i 1g :!gt frJ ence basketball season, decide I The Commodores wrapped up/champions. burn for a half but the Tigers have tried it, Including the great more than Todd. : :m tl m: the league's second-place team their first SEC crown last week. Lee scored 22 points Saturday it on after Tulane 2 13 .133 3 21 .125 1689 2053 • I . . behmd Larry Cart's scormg. Braka, but no greyhound has I otto Mamino's Braka, win-Miso. 11S .063 4 22 .154 15541934 the end to a It IS hard. to reahze Vandy posted an easy 85-62 Cart got 14 points in the second been able to win five straight ner over Rinaker in the fifth whtch prou_d Kentucky fm,Kentucky Wtldcats are finishing VIctory over T u 1 an e. John half. races at Derby Lane this win-round of the Classic Stakes Sat-Berkeley Prep Loses 1Shed . a. poor ftfth. . so far back. The Wildcats under Schweers led Tulane with 14 . Bobby Buisson led the Tigers t L N ST. PETERSBURG -BerkeLoUisiana State will be at1coach Adolph Rupp have taken Bob Grace set a Vandy career with 16 points and Bob Andrews er. arry. ave _a pup urday night, still leads the Inley Prep of Tampa dropped a Vanderbilt and Tulane at Ten-21 conference titles since 1933 rebound record, boosting his was high for Alabama with 17. named Retst after h1s fifth in dividual greyhounds with 10 3-1 decision here yesterday at nessee. land have been perennial con-three-year total to 805 . I Tennessee's Larry Mcintosh 8 row in. the co-featured eighth victories and boasts an amaz-Bartlett Park to St. Petersburg VANDERBILT, with a 14-1 jtenders for national ehampion-J In other Saturday games, Au-dropped in 23 points and A. W. race tomght. ing season record of 10 wins as the host team captured the SEC record, already has the title ship honors. burn defeated Alabama 80-60 Davis 22 points against LSU. , I , to , I 'U ), I .: • , ' " __ That's right! You can borrow $50. for 15 days for a total cost of only 75c at-1936 E. Hillsborough Ave. TAMPA Phone 237-3368 Open Fri. Eves. Loans to $600 ' West Coast Junior Soccer Tour-Jwrapped up. Tennessee can take I This season, allSEC s tar and Tennessee turned back LSU,Dick Maile of LSU led the seorREIST, who followed a maid-five seconds and one third In nament. second with a victory, but a Vol Clyde Lee led the determined 83 60. Florida State edged Geor-ing with 24 points. .._ _________ ...,. :::k:f :e R EiiiiiiiiiiiiSiiiiiiiiiiiTOiiiiiiliiiiiiiiE iiiiiiiiiiiiCiiiiiiiiiiiH Oiiiiiiiiil CiiiiiiiiiE iiiiiiiiiiiF CiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiAMiiiiiiiiiiiPiiiiiiiiiiil OiiiiiiiiiiiN S ....... fast company in a field that Moon Gossip, a 1963 juvenile, includes such established Grade with seven victories. Moses' ••• A runners as Helpeker, Lobby, Rayoner and Nitrana, Nave's, Worthy Cause and F r is k i e I Tinted Rock and Rocky Wood Squaw. and Fred whitehead's Como, The kennel r a c e continued the Inaugural champion, have tight, even tighter than a week six apiece, and five more are before, at Derby Lane. Where tied with five each. kennel owners Homer Herndon Take your choice of Firestone Champions ••. get the 2nd tire for of Tampa and Charles T o d d ENTRIES were tied the previous week with 38 victories apiece. HernG:';.IfeSf,, RACE-Flveslxteenths mildon, Nave and Orville Moses now share the top spot with 42 3. Sun Sol 7. Sahaba wins apiece, but only one more 4 ' ------------Grade C: . . .. .. MATINEES Wednesdays and Saturdays 2 P.M. Exciting New TWIN DOUBI.I ST. PETERSIUR4t GANDY ILYD, NO MINORS 1. Daniel K. 5. You Name Me 2. Kenny K. 6. Hacka 3 . Scrag 7. Tell You Cal 4. Travel Mac 8. Pando TlliRD RACE -Three-eighths milGrade D : 3. Leslie Evan 7. Isa Dandy 4. Rico 8. Ruby Wink FOURTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade B: 1. Future Issues 5. Fan's Dream 2. Burt Ola 6. Canad'n HI There 3. Cri Forever 7. Peroxide Pearl 4. Tell You Fred 8 . Lll' Antler FIFTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile Grade A : 1 , West Side Story 5. Moon Red 2. Star Fall 6 . Jinella Ann SIXTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile Grade D : 1 . Julia ' s Judy 5. Sydney K. 2. Wally Brooks 6 . Sally Sails 3. Little Habbie 7 . Prime Rock 4 . Glory Sea 8. River Hawk SEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile-Grade C: 1. Buck's Barber 5 . Star Gaze 2. Sheftal 6. Wayward Abe 3. Estimated 7 . Zinger 4. Ma.<(gie Mooney 8 . Pokey Rock EIGHTH RACE-Five -sixteenths mile Grade A: 1. Lobby 5. Reist 2. Friskie Squaw 6. Helpeker 3. Worthy Cause 7. War Penny 4 . C.K. Sonny Boy 8 . Cleburne NINTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mlle -Grade C: 3. Fasco 7. Irish Nugget 4. Scepterson 8. Ran King TENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mlle -Grade B: 1. Jon's Rusty 5. Nancy Griffin 2. Java 6 . Bulls Bay 3. Sam Ring 7 . Bank Holiday 4. Expert Judge 8. False ELEVENTH RACE Three-eighths mile-Grade C: 1. Vickie Lass 5. Satin Trim i: 4 . Gil Bryan 8. Nlg's Eleven TRAILWAYS & GREYHOUND aus sTATIONs Clinic for Umpires 1. P.M. MATINEES ld d 7 P.M. NIGHTS Will Be He Tues ay An umpires elinic will be con-letum to Tampa Immediately ducted by the district 6 little After Last Rac:e league offieers tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at the Florida Athletic and Clothing Co., on t h e corner of Florida Avenue and DERB. Y L A lV:-E . Henderson Boulevard. The district invites all l!l.m plres and managers to attend. OfFER ENDS MARCH 10 72 HOURS ONLYMON., TUES., WED. BUY ONE Any Size 2nd Tire ONLY $5 PRESTIGE NYLON SIZE TUBELESS 6 .00-13 $23.20 6.50-13 24.75 7.50-14 27. 95 8.()0-14 32.05 8.50-14 35.10 6.70-15 27.95 7.10-15 32.05 7.60-15 35.10 8.00/8.20-15 39.20 TUBE-TYPE .$23.45 29.90 31.00 2nd TIR" $5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 Good Used TIRES 99 Up Buy the first tire at price listed below .•. get the second tire for ONE-HALF THAT. 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City Moves To . Upgrade Park DEPOSITS BY THE 10th EARN FRO THE FIRST! EARN MONTHLY INTEREST COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY AT 40/o PER ANNUM! FIRST CITY BANK 41!2/o ON ONE YEAR CERTIFICATES == f' MADISON AT MORGAN MEMBER OF F.O. I.C. By GARY BRADDOCK I Times Staff Writer 1 PLANT CITY The first major move to transform Sansone 1 Park, the city's newest recrea-Glaros, . who as Ci_ty In a to the city board, tion tract, from pasture land Recreation Committee cha1r-Glaros sa1d that any county asand swamp into expansive nat-man, said it is hoped that the sistance appeared remote. He uralistic and field sport areas is work can be done for $25,000. reintroduced his loan p 1 a n, scheduled to take place Wednes-At the same time, Glaros which was promptly side-day. quashed a rumor that lighting tracked. The County Commission will of the baseball field might run accept bids then for the light-as high S3?,00_0. , Glaros did,_ h _owever, get his ing of one Little League and He sa1d 1sn t true. And, to advertwo softball diamonds proposed added, ,If 1t true, the the li?htmg of four ball for the Park Road area, City c1ty couldn t afford 1t. f1elds for b1ds. Manager T. J. McCall said. S h or t 1 y thereafter, county . . GLAROS SAID the baseball commissioners approved the al-th ?-'he f makin1 field lighting will be more exlocation of $10,000 for the Plant IS e r as P:r$1g 0 ;0 s t pensive than the other three City park. The city bid adver 0 d i 0 t eh P fields, since it will require more tisement was canceled. mid e par s eve opmen • e lights, more poles and heavier It has that Mo?re sa w1rmg . was the movmg force behmd M CALL REPORTED th 't He noted it will be lighted actbis gift, according to a letter 1 c t t b'd M rehCl 2Y2 cording to recreation standards, Mayor W. M. Rickert has re-P ans o accep 1 s a c f 1 ed f c f th li ht' f b b 11 not to pro ess1ona requrrece1v rom ommiSSloner or1 e g mg 0 a ase a ments. Frank Neff. Neff is chairman fie d . . . The lighting project has been of the county park and recreaT?e four dtamonds to ll stalled the past two months, tion committee. are o n g e1ght while considerable political ma-f 1 e 1 d s to be ultimately con-neuvering was under way to fi-NEFF WROTE that Moore structed in the SO-acre area. nance the work. appeared before the County McCall said the county appro-It began with Glaros suggestPark Board Feb. 16. priation probably would not ing the city borrow $25,000 for "As a result of his eloquence cover the cost of lighting the the lights, to help kick off the and persuasive power, (Moore) Little League and softball fields. park's development. secured a unanimous vote of ap-The balance, he said, will be proval for the project," Neff borne by the city. INSTEAD of approving his re-said. quest, the City Commission re-County commissioners conTHE CITY MANAGER could ferred Glaros to County Comcurred to Hs recommendation provide no estimates for light-missioner Elbert Moore. '{' h e Feb. 17, he added. ing all four fields. District 4 representative might Neff closed the letter by say-City Commissioner John be helpful in securing financial ing he was sure a letter of aptension indiges tion'l Stop It right away with , TUMS antacid tablets. Today's good tasting TUMS are fortifiedspeed soothing , high potency relief •.• neutralize all excess acid .•• release you from the grip of an acid-irritated stomach -completely, gently, on the spot. Wouldn't you like that? Quickly effective. hich potency tolitf 3 roll aid for the city, he was told. preciation directed to members Glaros appeared before the of the park board "will be helpCounty Commission once, and 1 1 ful in securing additional ap the Park Board twice, request-propriation for park develop-ing help. ment." PRELIMS TONIGHT 67 Beauties Seeking Berry Queen Crown GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PILE of g cod usable odds and ends you no longer have use for. Turn them i nto cash. Tribune-Times classified ads reach cash buyers for these items fa st. PH. 223-4911. PLANT CITY Sixty-seven er, the show will be held in the East Hillsborough girls will vie Plant City High auditorium. tonight in the preliminaries of the 1965 Strawberry Queen conALL CONTESTANTS will be test. attired in swim suits for tonight's The beauty pageant is the judging. seven finalists will first major event of the Hills-wear for the '-----------..1. borough County Fair and Strawceremomes Thurs ____________________________________ _..:.. ____________ berry Festival, which opened day mght. . . e this morning for a six-day run. W. M . ;Rickert , Wlth a • Come to Comet's celebration! I / • We're celebrating because we have the liveliest lineup of cars in town waiting for ypu-the 1965 Comets. 10 models, all of _them priced right. All All powerful. All beautiful. • We're celebrating because this month is the date of Comet's 5th birthday. And this car has gone a long way in those years. We've just completed the best sales year in Comet history, and now we're out to top it! Do you want a popular car? That's the '65 Comet! • We're celebrating because the 1965 Comet showed its championship performance by roaring 16,000 miles, from the bottom to the top of the world-from Cape Horn to Fairbanks, Alaskain 40 days and nights of almost continuous rugged driving . A free copy of an exciting 16-page, full-color booklet about this run through 14 fascinating countries is yours for the asking. • We're celebrating because a specially equipped 1964 Comet, after traveling 100 , 000 miles at Daytona, went on to complete another 130,000 stop-and -go miles cross countrymore than the distance to the moon. And this Comet's engine is still running strong, without a major repair. If that's the kind of championship performance you like, you'll like Comet! A PRODUCT MOTOR COMPANY • LINCOLN-MERCURY DIVISION Get your championship deal on the performance-champion Comet Comet the world's 100,000-mile durability champion FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES. INC. SALES. INC. 9530 North Florida Avenue 1515 Florida Ave. {Cor. Henderson Ave.) ll[[lllfll)))), WALT DISNEY'S MAGIC SKYWAY AT THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY PAVILION, NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR Out-of-town judges will select helpmg hand seven young ladies as finalists Queen, M1ss Georgie in the program scheduled to BleVlns, will crown the new start at 7:30 o'clock on the out-queen. . door stage at Schneider Stadi-The_ contest IS by urn. In case of inclement weath the Lions Club a -nd auxiliary. United Fund THE 1965 QUEEN and her court

Party Swells NDEAFund The U.S.F. Women's Club's second annual Bridge Benefit Friday netted $1,100 which is expected to be matched by the THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 8, 1965 17 USF Researchers Open Talk Series Basketball All Star Players Named As Cage Season Ends Federal government on a 9 1 Interested in the love life of books, including the "Hand book basis for the NDEA loan fund. herons? of North American Birds ." The lively affair began with or in the origins of Civil Horrigan, chairman of politlthe consumption of 85 apple pies War? cal science, is a specialist on and 45 gallons of coffee provided If so, you'll enjoy the first Thatiiand t Viet Nam: By LARRY GOODMAN Lahti, and Bob Goshorn. points per game and p u 11 e d by the University Food Service. two lectures_ in the. campus Sports Editor The players were determined down numerous rebounds in Next a fashion show by Wolf Lf.recture Senes. AdmiSSIOn 1s Thammasat University in BankThe USF Intramural Depart-by the weekly basketball allleading his team to the intra-Brothers featured faculty, staff, ee. kok and is a contributing au-ment has announced the 1965 stars and the all-opponents mural finals. Bill is from Han-and student models. They were, The first, "Courtship in thor to the book "Problems of intramural basketball all-star teams sent in each league. The nibal, Missouri and lettered Rena Antinori, Rose Anne GarHerons," will be given by Dr. Politics and Administration in team. I-M staff was also consulted three years at Hannibal High cia, Patti Roberts, Judy She!A. Meyerriecks, Monday, March Thailand." First team _ Kelly Roberts, for final determination. League School. In his senior year he ton , Mrs. Miles Hardy, Mrs. Joe 15 at 8 p.m. in CH 100. According to Dr. James A. Bill Howard, Norm Lawn, Hugh teams were named by the same was chosen to the Missouri allBoulware, Mrs. AI Scroggins, The second, "Social Origins Gould, chairman of the lecture Lindsley and Dave Geissler. method. state basketball team. Howard Mrs. Charles Fager, Mrs. of Civil Conflict," will be given program, two distinguished leeSecond team-Dave Duncan , Bill Howard, a 6'5" center for plans to coach high school Meiners, Mrs. Hubert Wnght, by Dr. Fred Horrigan, Monday, tures will be presented each John Bell, Bill Boglio, Scott the PE Majors, averaged 20 7 basketball. Marlin Scheib, Dr. Mitchel MorMarch 29 at 4 p.m. in the phystrimester. The purpose of these Hugh Lindsley, a 5'9" guard row, Kermit Silverwood, Dick ics lecture auditorium. lectures, he said, is ". . . to 21 Softball T earns Vie for 1-M Po.ints for the PEMs, averaged 16 . 3 Thomas, Herman Brames, Walt Meyerriecks associate profesgive recognition to the research points per game and was a playWilliams, Richard Hunter, John sor of has conducted conducted by our profe ssors maker for his team. Hugh is The Swing in Spring Gallagher, Stu Patton, Don distinguished research on North and to acquaint the University from Mount Dora , Fla. and Sadler. American herons, egrets and community with this resea.rch." played for Mount Dora Bible The swing in Spring is to baseball and at USF Over 90 gifts were donated bitterns . Dr. Meyerriecks reThe lecture committee invites School and Lake Sumpter the girls, too, get into the game in intramural play, as for prizes . Paideia sorority volceived his Ph.D. from Harvard, recommendations for future lee Junior College. To coach high evidenced by this pulchritudinous player who whams unteered to do baby sitting free has written over 25 articles and turcs these should be sent school basketball is one of one out.-(USF Photo) 1of charge for faculty and staff. has contributed to sever a 1 to Dr. Gould. Lindsley's goals. ______________ _.:... ___________ _ Fee Breakdown Explained Whaley Regarded 1Heart and Soul1 Kelly Roberts, a 6'5" center, scored 12.1 points per game and was an outstanding rebounder as he led the Cratos Maroons to the intramural title. The USF senior played for Tampa Wher-e Does Tuition Go? Men's softball was to have gotten under way last Chamberlain in high school and Thursday after a three-day delay. Twenty-one in plans to attend the University By OZZIE GRAYES per trimester. Out-of-state Where will the extra $17 Of USF Theater five leagues will battle for four week_s to the of Kentucky graduate school Of the Campus Staff undergraduate tuition will go go? This will not be known winner who will receive 150 I-M pomts. Enotas 1s de-of denistry next year. The Board of Regents has from $175 to $200 and graduntil the proposal is accepted N La d approved a raise in the under-uate tuition will be increased by the legislature . However, . d ft fending champion. orm wn average 10 2 graduate tuition effective in from $113 to $150 per tri-the breakdown for the present A USF Profile Asking for no credit an en Slowpitch softball usuallyt--N------T--.----I,wpoeilnltsallpaerrougnadmein ahnedlpm"pglaythede September from $113 to $130 mester. S113 is: Matriculation gets By DIANA BELLAMY refusing it outright, he runs an •t h' h Of The Campus Staff efficient theater department, results in qUI e tg scores --=--------------------------. $63, student fee building funds Such as 20 runs or more in ow I n y Enotas Gold to a runner-up Cl b N $20 and the University Center Amid the stress, strain, and known for its success in both position in the tough Fra-U eWS student activities account for sometimes hysteria of technical production and education. Bea game. ternity League. Norm was a two rehearsals at the USF theater, fore coming to USF, he attend-Enotas won the track and c G t A year basketball letterman at Ath Sc h ed u I es $30 a silent phantom stalks. ed the Yale graduate school of th G ld a e m To the $113 tuition fee, the field events with e o en an e Lakeland High School and went en u He's there b e fore trouble scenic design. He then de-l d State of Florida adds approx-Red Eyes a c ose secon on to letter two more years at starts to stop it. He's there signed for theaters in Nanb k tho imately $800 in support or No records were ro en lS Manatee Junior College. Lawn when trouble happens to solve tucket, Mass., North Conway, 1 f each student. This, of course year, but Ray F emmmg 0 H • c tl is a J"unior maJ"oring in physical T h • p I it. He says little but does much. New Hampshire, and Pennsyld . e n g a r e comes from the taxes . Alpha 2-E was the outstan mg a I r u . education and hopes to coach a c I y Glasses resting somewhere vania. Also in Pennsylvania, he f th Just as a comparison, the individual performer or e high school basketball. between the bridge and tip of was associate p r o f e s s o r of Second Strai.ght year. Flemming basic charge for tuition fees "' D G 1 6'1" 1 his nose, he designs sets anu scenic design at Penn State Won the broad Jump and 440 By LARRY GOODMAN ave . eJss er, a P ayer Senior women's honorary will be conducted by Charles N. by 75 state universities is $ 293 f E 1 3 E t ds t f t d costumes that have been acUniversity for nine years. Y ard dash and placed fourth in Campus Sports Editor or on as ' roun ou society, Athenaeum, sponsors a M"lli d f th c 11 f or two semes ers as oppose the flrst team of the intra I can, ean o e o ege o to USF's $241 for two triclaimed throughout the state There he was also in charge of the 100 yard dash. Cratos Maroon Coach Tiny 1 b k b ll 11 t H-conference on college teaching Business Administration. d f and often the country. the Artists Series. Other winners were: 100 yard Moffett is a story in himself, mura as et .a a -s ars. e for women Saturday, March 20 mesters. Tuition an fees or Little is said about his acdash Brandenberger, Golden having coached four of the past 15.2 per game for in UC 252. The conference will close out-of-state students in other complishments b e c a u s e he Red Eyes, 880 yard run-Ken-, . t 1 h1s team whtch lost to only . with a banquet at the Tampa universities is $635 for two five mens m ramura cage tl" tll'st Cratos and runner-up PE Speakers. are Dr. Lelia Boone, T H t 1 b . t . t s won't mention them. However, Chet. Golden Eyes • . 880 yard reh d 1 t tr" t • d errace o e egmning at nmes er . lay_ Enotas, shot-put_ Selig , c am piOns an as unes er s Majors. Dave lettered two state of • anh 7 p.m. Banquet tickets at $3.25 For students with financial he is one of the few designers Golden Red Eyes' . Pole Vaultwomen's champs, accumulating years at Windham High School, Dean Edwm P: Martm of t e per person or $6 per couple are needs, USF offers work scholin Florida to be a member of Scott, Enotas. record of 58 wins WJllimantic, Connecticut and college ofll Mffrs. on sale now by senior accountarships, Nation a 1 Defense the United Scenic Artists Union, * * * There will be important practice bike races on Tuesday, March 9 and Wednesday, March 10 at 4:40 p.m. All teams must wear their uniforms and participate on one of the two days. The purpose of the practice races, according to bike race chairman, Sam Prather, is to have the teams become familiar with the fpeling of racing com petition. * * * First rounds in intramural tennis were to have been com pleted by March 8 and second rounds will be by March 14. Players must contact their op ponents, play their m a t c h e s (two out of three setsl, and report the results to the I-M of fice by the deadline date. Oth erwise both players will forfeit. Pairings can be obtained from the Intramural office. Weekend (Continued from Page 1) This year he directed the Ma roons to a title victory over the same PE Majors that he coached last year to a 9-1 record and a runnerup slot in the cage race. Moffett's coaching r e c o r d reads like this: 196I-"All-Stars", 14-1, cbampoinsh1p; I962--EnoCas Gold, 9-0, championship; 1965--PE Majors (women, 7, cham plonshlp; 1965-Cra.tos Maroons. 9. cbamplonship. TINY MOFFETT • . • winningest coach a• USF one year for the Central Con-S. A en WI gJve a ee ing and Business Administration Loans, and Florida Student New York City, which is the top necticut State freshman team. m the for all mterClub members. Education Loans. branch. Geissler is a sophomore and is ested women mv1ted to Here at USF, his voice can D B 11 k o often be heard echoing his fa-majoring in history. r. oone w I spea n News of Rellogloon . S d All t t "Challenge and Responsiblity" vorite word, "enjoy" to stand r-s ar 12 5 and Dean Martin 's topic will be behind the students, soothe tired . 1 og 10• a ' "The Growing Edge." M th d • t B t• t and short tempers, turn tears pomts per game scorer for . . e 0 IS S a p IS S to laughter. and smooth any Cratos is a junior majoring in This con!erence IS P_art of I ruffled feathers within range. electrical engineering. He lets larger proJect of Russell Whaley is considered tered two years for Tampa Jef-coordinatmg_ career and_ Conferees by bis students and co-workers ferson High. uate school I n f 0 r mat 1 0 n . A the heart and soul of the USF . workshop on graduate ... school tb t d t t "W"th t John Bell, 6', 11.8 pOints per will follow for the fall. "' ea er epar men . 1 ou game scorer for Enotas, has a . RUSSELL WHALEY him we wouldn't want to be." B.A. in English and following .Kay and Ga1l By JEFFREY L. BIALEK tion were musical programs put --------------------------graduate school, he P 1 an 8 to w1ck are chairman of the proJCampus Religion Editor on by various BSUs including teach in college. He played for ect. The Florida Methodist Student the . one at USF and missions the Tampa Hillsborough High * * * Movement Conference at the teshmony. state champions of 1959 and Former candidate for goverFlorida Youth Camp in LeesThe BSU will have a beach for two USF I-M cage champs, nor Scott Kelly will address burg, Florida was attended by party ?n Friday, March 12 . the All-Stars in 1961 and EnYoung Democrats, March 10 at more than 240 college students Cars w1ll leave the BSY center otas in 1962. 1:25 in UC 47. from across the state. The theme at 5 p.m. The Wlll be 50 Grants Are Offered For Hawaii Study Scott Lahti scored 10.2 points * * * of the conference was "Faith, cents and can be per game for Talos team which The USF Press Club has been Ethics & the Crisis of Identity" made by The Institute for Student Inspend the summer between his .. lettered three years for Forrest elected were John Alston. presgiOn and pastoral counseling at Ch . f F ll h' d . P L"b 1 A t t d t to t d for 12 weeks. Tiny is USF senior and a Hill High School and played ident; Mary Ann Moore, vice Iliff School of Theology in Den ts lan . ed ows I .era 1 s s u en s 5 u During his junior year, the Cratos pledge. He is from Palm on the 1962 University of Florpresident; Larry Goodman, secver. Cihy, rdecAeJved one 0 tivde broth Chmese or Japanese at the Um-student will continue his Ian. . er oo war s presen e y e . H . t J Harbor, near Dunedin, about 25 1da freshman cage team. Scott retary-treasurer. Ann Whittington of USF was Tampa Bay Area of the Nationversity of awaii s artmg une, guage study and take at least miles from USF. is a senior mathematics major. The club will meet on Thursre-appointed to serve as co-al Conference of Christians and 1965. one course related to the Asian In Iowa he won letters for Bob Goshorn a 5'11" for?ay, March 11 at the free hour chairman of. the and Jews last week. This project is sponsored by area. Also, effective courses will four years in high school footward whose 14 pomts game m UC 203. summer proJects _comm1ttee and Rev. Davis received the honor the U.S. government in cooperabe available to bring the stu-race (a bicycle built for two). ball and managed the basketball led the Alpha league m scorMembership is open to any-Jeffrey Lee Btalek was refor outstanding work in ad. . . . dents total academic load to 15 I d . 'd 1 h" t te th h " I h 1 n AI h 2 We t . 1 t d t t tr twn w1th the Umvei:SJty of Ha1 6 h D b' s n IVJ ua s w1s mg o en r e team. lni w 1 e e p1 p a -. s one mterested m any field of e ec e as s a e easurer. vancing inter-racial understand.. . . or ; ours. unng IS emor novelty races may sign up at Tiny is not really very "tiny." to the league title. Bob ls a journalism , including radio-teteThe Rev. Allan J: Burry, di-ing. He has been a leader in wau. The grant will pro':'tde the will to the racing site before the races He stands 6 , 3 , and weighs 230 freshman and two vision, and to those enrolled in rector of the USF Wesley projects such as SALIENT and tuition, travel expenses, lodgmg, home InstitutiOn to co111plete begin. , . . pounds. years for Leesburg Hlgh School. journalism classes. Foundation (Methodist), w i 11 ERASE in which USF students , food allowance, and a personal his. BA degree .. The women s bike race begms M"ldl tit" "C h" Dave Duncan scored 14.3 • • • lead a discussion of the "Playand faculty have volunteered ll f 12 tlis An-Smce most Liberal Arts Col. 1 y supers 1ous, oac . t . 1 d" B t a owance or mon . ... 1 . d t ff Ch' 2 Pr;: .The Moffett vowed not to get a hairst ea el a Business Administration stuboy Phil?sophy" in. attempt their help to less proximate value of the scholarJeges o o dor aps an lS _exptec_ e D fo e cut until after Cratos lost a bas-T-h es6' of he • slemldmaf s. dents will miss classes Thurs-to examme the validlty of _the school children with varwus I. . $4 BOO _apandetse, et liS de about 30 mmu es. e en mg k tb 11 Al h e res man P aye or day to attend the Business approach to life and its relatiOnneeds. sup IS ' . Signe o mee liS en tca nee ' c h a m p s Fides and the PE the a gamkse. f so, Me wore Stuart High School and is a Opportunlt 1 es Conference sponship to Christianity on Thursday * * * The recipient of the grant will Students who show excellent M . f d . fl ld e same soc or every aroon d . . d . th . f a)ors are avore m a e 'th t h" th pre-me maJor. sored by the College of Business March 11 at 6:30 p.m . m UC Jewish Student Union and progress urmg eJr year o of eight teams. game, WI ou was mg em m INTRAMURAL LEAGUE ALL-STARS Ad .. t t CB t d t . 2o3 Tampa chapter of the B'nai o do •p o d' study in Hawaii will be given • 0 0 between of course. Fraternlly LO&I"UO miniS ra lOll. s u en s m. Clar I revlewe . 0 tl The mens race Will beg J n '. Center-Kelly Roberts, cratos terested in business are eligible * * * B'rith is sponsoring a Collegiate contmwng grants second about 2:45 p.m. , after the Next time you see James AlLawn, Enotas to attend. Twenty USF students were Spring Hop for all students at The Reader's Thea_tre the summer to furt_her their study of women's race is complete. Cra-fr_ed Moffett, better known as Forward-John Bell, Enotas Th d among the 300 students from colUSF and the University of TamUC Program Council w1ll prethe languages m Tokyo. E t d KIO f ed Tmy you can be sure he has Guard-Scott Lahti, TaJos At 1:25 p.m. on urs ay a " J h c d " " D dli f li t" tos, no as, an are avor ' . Guard-Bill Boglio, Cratos . titled " Ethi . leges and universities attended pa. The dance, free for all stu-sent PreVIewmg o n 1 ea ne or app ca 10n IS in a field of 15. The race will changed hls socks and had a c 1 P h 2 w symposiUm en . cs the 39th annual Florida Baptist dents with an ID card is 9 p m at the USF Coffee House m UC March 20 and any student who be 100 laps and will last about for ?0t? the cut Moffett 4-E the Modern Business Word Student Convention at the First Saturday, March 13 at the 108 at the free hour, Wednes!s interested_ and desires more an hour halr and Tmy s maroon socks Forward-Bob Goshorn, Alpha 2-W B ti t Ch h . G . sville . h C "t C t 2808 day March 10 Information IS urged to contact e in th C t cr pb k Guard-Bob Strange, Alpha 2-E A 1 • • D dlo ap s urc m ame IS ommum y en er, , In both the men's and women's ar e ra OS s a oo 0 G!'ard-;-(lle) Tom Manley, Alpha 2W pp ICatiOn ea lnes from Feb 26-28 Horatio Street The program will include Mrs. Rose-Lane Re\•els, Coordi-th . d" .d 1 te Cra•r Willet, Alpha 2E . . . . . d b 141 t of International Ex races e m lVl ua ams G k N Application deadline for deThe conference theme was Transportation will be availpoems by Ciardi rea Y na or . . • may deterii!ine own ree eWS gree-seekers who plan to attend "When Students Worship God." able at 8:30 p . m . in front of the readers from . Dr. Popovich's change, in Alpha 119 lmmedl a-E Trimester III A session is, April Special highlights of the convenUniversity Center. oral mterpretatJon class. ately. earns Wl e o-Da ncl ng Guard-Rick Catlin , Beta 2 E 6; for those who plan to atphleS and 125 _I-M pomts. tend Trimester IIIB the dead-o f Bleachers will accommodate Forward-Joe Patton, PEM . line is May 25, according to Campus News Br1e S 400 spectators for the race Last Forward-Barry Billmeyer. Epsilon C '1 B k . . d d the T 0 Open 3E roo s, aSSIStant regiSus F Orlentatlon Leaders Nee e All students are urged to buy • s k Blg Week Pro Writers pea Robin Kirk, student chairman credit and at least a 2.0 grade Businesspersonalitiesfromall cents for each ribbon will go to for the new student orientation point average in order to apply. over the country will attend the support the USF scholarship f conference and will discuss cur-f d A b . I ill b g en At c H program, and Dr. Charles H. d 1 t un . lCYC e w e Grab your dancing shoes and on ere nee ere Meet Author Friday rent tl:e.n s and p acemen away at the race a prepare to romp to the sounds Wildy, coordinator of the proportumhes for the future busl'Revolution' Satire Then1e S a turd a Y two semiof the Velvets Monday night, gram, have announced that ap-Dr. Harold Taylor, nessman. formal dances w1ll be from 9-12 b wnter and former president of The Ides of March is passed 0 0 March 15 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. By RUTH DUKE trants for the 4-day writers' plicatlons are now emg acSarah Lawrence College will usF 0 Fo I The will play m the by the North Argos Ramp. Of The Campus Staff conference. cepted for upper class student speak on "The Idea of the erS In Ina S but "The TwentySixth of UC south dmmg room and the A . . "I've never met a writer who Al H" hb f 1 Bob Lake Orchestra provide 11 students are mv1ted to . . Jrs erg, success u leaders in the new student orienNew," at a Meet the Author cofOf the 10 finalists for the Miss Mai"ch" is coming! dancing music in the UC ballparticipate in this kick-off event wads not. a I of numerous magazme tation program to be conducted fee Friday in UC 252 during the Tampa contest , three are from "The Twenty-Sixth of March" of Greek Week. For the semi-an ommvorous rea er. arhc es and novels , spoke dur-free hour . room Th th ord f J hn g th Th d Sept 2 3 and 4 1965 USF Becky Lundquist Nita titles the senior satire being f t AI formal dance which is restricted ese were e w s 0 0 e Ul"lS ay mormng ses' ' ' All students and professors ' . A floor show ea unng ' D MacDonald author of 46 sJon ld t d "I d t attend thl's leeLaca, and Mary Starnes will presented March 25 durmg the Sanders and Diana Bellamy in a to Greeks and invited guests, bl" hed 1 d 500 Wi y sta e , n or er o are invited to comedy sketch will highlight the the "Lovelighters" will be fea-phu IS t s d Hirthshberg,ta 1 f 2 ree lance writedr have an effective o rientation ture sponsored by the College appear in gowns for the crownfree hou_r, March at . ' tured This event will be at the s ort s ones, m a a en e ' for e pas years, urge . . ,. h of Education and the Center for . f M' T t th g 10 p.m. m } H 101. AdmiSSion Saturtday n;ght s events. All Sheraton Hotel March "Who Killed Felicity?", the students to try to "sell stories program Jt necessa _ y to tve Continuing Education. mg o ISS ampa a e pa is 25 cents. Seniors, headed by even s are ree. 20_ Thursday afternoon sess1on of about people, not things." And, the cooperation of upper c ass D T 1 ill . th th' d ant March 20 at the Curt1s Bob Ashford wrote the script. th S W "t ' C f h dd d "f "d d d " t r. ay or w . gJve e Ir Hixon Hall. Gowns will be pro-.. ARETE The brothers of e uncoast n ers on er-e a e , 1 yo.u want to be a students to gm e an Jrec new annual Sarah Ollve Rush Lee"d d b M B th I The one-act play satlrtZes a Law Profs Here Ar t d th d t 1 b t d ence. free lance wnter, you must students through the program ture and Colloquim at 6:30 p.m. VI e Y aas ro ers. student revolution at a fictional Prof. Robert Stubbs of the ttt h e ;; e t 0 f the writer's much patience because such as we had last year." Thursday in UC ballroom. The finalists were chosen Fri-u n i v e r sit y, "strangely like 1 "ll b , a as "buJldmg blocks" and "tools," "th1s IS a very rough and tough G t f h ll 1 d day Feb 26 after a talent comUSF" D" t H 1 F Emory Law Schoo WI e on weekend. Bubba Clark s ranch MacDonald told his audience business , With the projected increase at s o onor w1. . me e • , 1rec or ar an oss campus Tuesday, March 9, for was the scene of a barbeque . . . . presidents and admtmstrahve petition Thursday night and confided. Cause of the revolu1 . t . .th 0 d h .d F "d . ht that the prospective wnter Hirshberg was followed by USF m September, the new Stupersonnel of 15 central and south speeches Friday night. tion are revealed in a series of nt :nt da ayrJ. e thn ay 11 must have an "early awareness Ray Robinson , articles editor dent Orientation Committee is Florida colleges and the USF 13 flashbacks. who IS m elldeslike tm aw slct O?th.' a urh aldy et glrRan a f of the shape and texture" of for Good Housekeeping magl king for 120 upper class stuadministrative Council. Fol D f S If you wou e 0 consu WI lwas e m 0 e rys a oom 0 words . He must have an ear azine. Robinson said that "the 00 0 0 I m on ea et Every student Jerry, 1135.3 him, please come by the Pothe Inn. for nuances and a "quick recnon-fiction writer must research dent leaders to ass1st m the proThe Tampa Area . f (played by Wayne Ottol insti-li 1 S D p tment be 1 b .. To Revo1ew Soclety or 2ates the revoltltion with the "tica c1ence e . TALOS_ A_ soc_Ja Is. ognition of what is trite." carefully and assiduously." He gram. m fore March 9 and sign up wJth planned conJunction with TnThen MacDonald told the must strive to make his writing Applications for positions as the Deaf and Hard Hearing assistance , of his girlfriend Miss Ann Turner, Hall SIS soronty March 14. group that felicity is almost "lively, palatable and readable. " student leaders may be obtained Job Openings and The Tampa Jumor Wom, Nancy

..... Candles Flicker as Couple Exchanges Vows Paragraphs About People A candlelight ceremony in The bride is the daughter of W. E. Sims gave his niece de sole gowns and carried car-\ M Highland Avenue Methodist Mrs. Martha C. Arnold of Tampa in marriage. She wore a formal nations. Flower girl was Tam. , Church united in marriage Miss and the late James E. Mickler. gown of Chantilly lace over taf-mie Williams. l 'Zl R b mn Doris Elizabeth Mickler and The bridegroom is the son of feta with a chapel train. Her Best man was Allan Ryan, < e e e en Rev. L. Edward Herndon per-Texas, and the late Alfred B. floral crown, and she carried bride, and C. Sidney ,Johnson ey m m r @;George H. White Saturday. The Mrs. Olga White of Sour Lake fingertip veil was held by a Richard Mickler, brother of the (:i formed the 8 p.m. ceremony. White. carnations. were groomsmen. Ushe r s were @ Mrs. Sidney Johnson served Sam Houston and Bill Lindell . "" as matron of honor. Mrs. RichWhen they return from a wedTHE ALUMS of Jefferson High School are planning a grand lOth reunion in June at a banquet in the Hillsboro Hotel. Mrs. Mary Jo Alfano (she was Mary Jo Provenzano when she graduated) says that response has been excellent to questionaires, but a few graduates haven't been contacted. If you're one of that 1955 graduating class of 230, and haven't re ceived a questionaire, do get in touch with her. A "THIS IS Your Life" theme 'IVill be carried out-the same format used for the graduation banquet and the class annual, "The Monticello," 10 years ago. Of course, the color scheme will be Jeffer son's colors, blue and gold. Mary Jo is general chairman of the reunion commit tee, helped by co-chairmen John Agliano and Jim Downing. Justa Fernandez is secretary for the group. Berkeley Winners WINNERS OF the Americanism Essay contest, sponsored by the DeSoto chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, will be given books as prizes Tuesday. "Our American Heritage and How to Pre serve It" was the topic and winners were students of Berkeley Prep School, Walter E. Aye, first; Locke Besse, second, and Virginia Newman, third. They-and other Berkeley students -entered the contest under the leadership of the Dean of Girls. They'll be guests of the chapter at Tues day's meeting and hear a program pre sented by Mrs. Ada M. Jossim, American ism chairman. Visiting Here FAMOUS BIOGRAPHER Jacob Axel rod is visiting here on the Suncoast and lf it came from STANFORD MUSIC t must be Quality Conn and Thomas Organs Estey and Story & Clark Pianos 2107 W. Kennedy Ph. 259-0311 I No Flat Idea DENVER, Colo. (UPI) When the leader of Senior Girl Scouts Troop 859 had a flat tire recently she got an idea for a course in auto mechanics. Now all the members of her troop learn such things as the differ ence between a carburetor and a generator, how to care for the battery and automatic transmission positions and how to check fuel and oil gauges. YOU'RE WELCOME AT THE ANTIQUES SHOW PREVIEW RECEPTION TUESDAY EVENING, 7-10 P.M., MARCH 9th CLEARWATER MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM March 1 0-Open Daily 1 • 10 p.m. CLOSING SATURDAY AT 6 P.M. SNACK BAR -AMPLE PARKING 36 Exhibits by Nation's Leading Dealers. For the benefit of THE JUNIOR SERVICE LEAGUE OF CLEARWATER, INC. Trailways Tours MIAMI MIAMI BEACH 3 Days 2 Nights $33.26 AND UP Includes round trip transportation , hotel, sightseeing. Please make advance reser vatlons. ESCORTED NASSAU TOURS These dates Marc h 22, Apr ll 5 . 5 d ays. i n clud e s es co rt. tr&nsportation. s h i p as hote l , ba naee t ip s , si1htseeln1. $99.30 AND UP NASSAU 3 Days, $71.80 PLU8 TAX Includes round trip bus travel from your city and round trip by steamship with ship as hotel and meals. Ask about other Caribbean Tours. Please make reservations in advance. TRAILWAYS TRAVEL BUREAU TRAILWAYS TERMINAL 501 Madison St. 229-1831 SPRING CLEARANCE Of Famous Brands in Pastels of Pink, Yellow, Blue. Black and White, Blue and White, Brown and White. Spectators White Lined Brocades also Straw PlatValues ta $24.95 HI HEELS. MID HEELS LOW HEELS ShoeMant 814 FRANKLIN ST. l'ormerly l'rlncess Boot Shop working on a book dealing with the life of Philip Freneau, the poet of the American Revolution. His most successful biogra phies were "Anatole France: ard Mickler and Mrs. Joe ding trip to Miami, Mr. and Mrs, Matthews were bridesmatrons. White will live in Tampa at They wore pink velvet and peau 212 S. Howard Ave. A Life Without Illusion" and "Patrick Henry-The Voice of Freedom." Sunday, he lectured on "Literature as Art" at 3 p.m. at the Beaux Arts Gallery in Pinellas Park. CaUing Alumnae Mr. DID YOU GRADUATE Axelrod from Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar or Wellesley? If so, you're most welcome to meet next Thursday with the Seven College Alumnae Group at the Plaza Restaurant in Sarasota. Lunch begins at 12:30. Visitors and new residents may not realize it, but this is a unique organization-no money-making projects. For several years the group has met at the Plaza on the second Thursday of each month. There are annual dues of $1 so that some money can be on hand to entertain a visiting officer, if one from one of these colleges comes to town. Information may be obtained from Mrs. Henri A. Coussirat in Sarasota. Mrs. George H. White Couples Choose Church Settings Miss Marion Kathleen Phillips ganza with matching acces became the bride of Woodard sories. William Miley II Feb. 28 in Best man was Jim Amorelle. House of Prayer Episcopal Groomsmen were Carol Chap Church . man, Henry Tamaborllo and Joe The Rev. Arthur J. Lively Tamaborllo. officiated at the 4 o ' clock, double A reception at the American ring ceremony. Legion Hall followed the cere-The bride is the daughter of mony. After a wedding trip to Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Lopez, 1601 the Gulf Beaches, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hamilton. Parents of the Piparo will live in Tampa at bridgegroom are Mr. and Mrs. 1710 Church. W . W . Miley of Lutz. A traditional gown of Alencon WILLIAM G. TAYLOR, M.D. beauty salons LAKELAND TAMPA Ci.ntpzkL BHllli:Jf SaJon, LARGO e CLEARWATER DUNEDIN e SEARSTOWN In LAKELAND YOUR NEW COIFIN MINUTES YOUR NEW COLOR INSTANTLY ••. WITH lace over peau de soie was the bride's choice . With it, she PLASTIC SURGERY Quickly we snip and trim, shape your hair to Its new Has Romoved hie Office to the shorter look. Then apply our Fancifuil Rinse and it wore an illusion veil held by MEDICAL ARTS CE"TER a jeweled petal crown and she ., colors while we set the halrl S imply rinses in, then carried white roses. Her father 4600 N. Habana, Suite 10 shampoos out when you wish. Colors to cover gray, to Ill .. " • .. ,. ... gave her in marriage. Phone 872-9201 refresh dull hair, to tone bleached ha ir •• , Attending as maid of honor was Miss Sandra Miley, sister I of the bridegroom. Miss Susie Ingram was flower girl. Miss Miley wore a formal gown of blue peau de sole with matching and carried pink Mr. Mrs. Woodard W. Miley II Best man was Gary Fox of Lutz. Ushers were James Co]:}b o f Lutz and T h o m a s Albert Knaus. Rick Kirby was ring bearer. Mr. and Mrs. Miley left for a wedding trip to Miami after a reception in the church social hall. Mrs. Miley will live in Tampa during her husband's tour of duty with the Army in VIetNam. • • • Christ the King C a t h o 1 i c Church was the scene of the wedding of Miss Mary Joyce Militello and Frank Piparo Feb. 28. The Rev. John Healy officiated. Parents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Militello, 1710 S. Church. The bridegroom' is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gi, lando Piparo, Italy. The bride was given in marriage by her father, and wore a formal gown of white organza and lace. A pearl and lace crown held her veil and she carried carnations, centered with an orchid and lilies of the valley. Maid of honor was Miss Carol Fraterrgo. Mrs. Carol Chapman was bridesmatron, and bridesmaids were Miss Eiane Mili tello and Marguata Boom. They wore gowns of light blue or-DANIEL LUBRANO, M.D. Wiahet to announce the removal of his office for the practice of Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Piparo 4600 N. Habana, Suite 14 Phone 877-6483 Dale Pad American Association of Uni !versity Women, creative writers, l wlll meet Tuesday, 4:30p.m., at the home of Mrs. Frank Toombs. Mrs . Sydney French, former Pen Women president, will speak. PILOT CLUB Pilot Club of Tampa will meet for business and dinner Wednesday, 6 p .m ., at Floridan Motor Hotel. CIVIC DANCE Dances for teens will be held every Wednesday nigh t at Oak Park community center begin ning March 10. OES Tampa Chapter 11, OES, will initiate candidates Thursday, 8 p .m., at Hillsborough Masonic Temple. TRINITY Tri nity Chapter 240, OES, will meet Friday in Zendah Grotto Temple, Drew Park. CRUIS-ACADE NEW PERFUME CREME SACHET Longer lasting than Cologne ... almost as lavish as Perfume. \ 1 .AVAILABLE IN ) WIND SONG; PROPHECY, STRADIVARI, BELOVED. ABANO and GOLDEN AUTUMN by dJ PRINCE MATCHABELLI $2"'• 1 oz. Crown Bottle '"jor a limited lime only fAMILY-SIZE Beautiful n e w top-quality dinette suites. Bronzetone and walnut finls.h. Easy to clean plastic tops. Beautiful chairs In new beautiful covers. Save on every suite. Pay Only $1.50 Weekly FREE! 16-Pc. Breakfast Set of Dishes with Each Dinette Sold HOLLYWOOD BED With HEADBOARD 33" Hollywood Beds 3995 Only $5 a Month PEEL CANE CHAIR Lightweight Good A s An l!xtra Chair Everywhere * 36x60 Table With 12" Leaf * 6 Sturdy Chairs With Box-Type Seats and Vinyl Covers WALNUT BEDROOM SUITE! SAVE ••• $2000 COMPLETE SUITE! e Bookcase Bed • Double Dremr • Mh'ror e Chest of Drawers BEAUTIFUL WALNUT FINISH NEVER BE sg gsa FORE AT THIS LOW PRICE AN D THESI EASY TERMS. Pay Only $2.00 Weelcly! Members of Cruis-A-Cade Club will meet Saturday for a covered dish supper and square dance, Dusty Crum a c t i n g •••••••••••••••• .. .-•••• .. caller. , 1


' 1 ' t '" THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 8, 1965 142-A Campers, Coaches and Travel Trailers Save! Save! Save! Special this week only! Open Road Deluxe Camper with used Truck $1695 See "JOE" Anytime FOR Information about this FABULOUS OFFER, REMEMBER good this week only! OPEN ROAD CAMPERS 1015 E. Hillsboro Ph. 236 Open Dally 9-9, Sun. After Church 24 TRAVEL Trailer, toilet, sb"we• perfect condition. $950. 10941 N. Boulevard, 935-0253 after 4 PM. VOLSWAGEN camper. Ideal for t rave I e r or duluxe equipped. Can sleep 4, $1295. Week days, 3703 Cypress. WANTED self contained travel trailer, not over 17'. 233-3861, 626-3593. DREAMER PICK-UP CAMPERS $1,095 up. Travel Trailers $795 up. SALES & RENTALS O'Brien'F St. Pete. 4650 34th St. N. APACHE Camping Trailers. Order 1965 model by Mar. 15 & receive $100 bonus. Ed & Johns 5995 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, 544. 143 Motoreyc:le-sc:ooters HARLEY DAVIDSON "SPRINT" AS SMOOTH as silk, 250 cc OHV HP10'Mod!fseed sA1rNk CO. 1707 W. Kennedy Blvd. '57 TRIUMPH 650 CC, $450. 626-5067. 1965 ELECTRA Gtide, $1690. Low down payment, 210 Cranberry Lane, Brandon, 689-4804. 1964 TRIUMPH, 650cc twin. Per fect condition. 949. INSURE your TEENAGER'S scooter or cycle -very reasonable rates ROBINSON-STARR, INC. 253-0148 VESPA GS, Jtearly new. 5802 Gor don Road, Ballast Point. NEW '65 Motorcycles. Nothing down w-good credit. Priced from !389 up Barney's 876-0646 2111 W . Hlltsb. 1964 HONDO; lSOcc. Less than 1000 mUes. Best o!Cer. 932-6202. THOUSANDS RELY on Classified ads in solving daily prob lems. To sell, rent, buy, hire, Phone 223-4911. 145 Automotive Miscellaneous AUTO radiators, used, rebuilt, or recored. Priced to save you Adams, 628. _ EAsY!erms. Guaranteed rebuilt motors, tl'ansmissions or repair yours. Saines Auto Service, 906 S. Howard. 253-3278. JAMES Transmission Shop fl!!a1s SIS most cars. Most transmlss1ons $65 & up. 1419 W. Waters. 932-417i: AUTOMATIC transmissions rebuilt, or exchanged. Boozer's Garage, 2930 W. Hillsboro. 876-4607. CALL 229-8058 AUTO INSURANCE Kistner Realty & Insur. 'Realtor 213 E. Kennedy Insurers Enq installed & guar. This is better & laster than r.palrlng your old motor. Cost less too! Adams, 626-5161. Auto Speedometers AUTO speedometer repairs. Cables 97c . 1110 Tampa. 229-1525. Truck Rentals 'h DAY-DAILYWEEKLY Truck 146 Autos and Trucks for Lease SAVINGS THRU LEASING CAR5-TRUCK5-EQUIPM'T Phone 896-7157 Today COLLECT RELIABLE AIR-AUTO LEASING 147 Trucks, Trailers, Buses Orange State Mtr. Co. '60 GMC BW5500 tandem dump. trans. '60 IHC B170 w/16' alum. Very clean, mecb. ok. '58 CHEV. Alum. step van, Good condition. van. 12-ft. TRAILMOBILE r e e f e r trailer tandem. With gas p o w e r e d cooler. Good condition. '59 FORD F500, 12 ft. alum. van. New paint, clean. "83 FORD If.> ton pickup. Wide lona body. 6 cyl. Good rubber. 147 Truc:ks, Trailers, Buses 1964 'l4 TON Dodge pickup 200 HP V -8, 4 wheel drive, 4 speed trans, heavy duty thruout. Loaded with extras. 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St. Pete 148 Automobiles Wanted TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR USED CAR 5608 Florida Ave. Ph. 232 WE PAY MORE FOR 1956 to 1962 American or foreign cars tbat are to extra nlce condition. Or we trade ill your present car for an older car & reduce your payments. See Gordon Von Pusch or Tom Wolfe, Tom Wolfe Auto Sales, 9390 Florida Ave. Ph. 935 . -CASHIN A FLASHFoR clean used cars. We Buy, Trade or pay orr balance. CRACKER BOY 4.500 CASH TODAY WE pay top $$$ for c l e a n '61 thru '65 cars. Extra S for wagons. ELKES-CAMPBELL MOTORS 3737 Henderson Blvd. at Dale Mabry Ph. 872-9246 149 lmported-Spon Cars ''GOOD USED CARS" '58 VOLVO 2 & 4 Door '65 MG Midget '62 HILLMAN Convt.-$599 '64 VOLVO Executive car Air cond. R&H SHERMAN H. SMITH VOLVO & DATSUN DEALER SALE5-SERVICE-PARTS 406 E. PLATT ST. 229 89 1963 VOLKSWAGEN, fully equipped, one owner, good condition, low mileage. 12011 N. Oregon. 935-48135. ' MG midget $1385, 932-0501 after 5 PM. 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For In slant c r e d I I check call 232-4891 232-3741 SUN RAY MOTORS , INC . 6300 Florida .,;A:.:..v;.:e::._..,....,__, '59 FORD-----:--: .... $595 Gala:de 4 Door Hardtop Full Power "Hale's Used Cars'' 2808 W. Kennedy Blvd. 877 NEAT. clean '55 Ford, standard shift. CasH, make offer. 988-6112. TAKE over '58 Olda Super 88 4 Dr. All power, R&H. Bal. 5295 at $16 82 mo. No cash needed, no paymt 'til llfay. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224-8221 '58 RAMBLER AMERICANNO cash needed, $6 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Pll. 232 '61 . METRO PO LIT AN H a r d to P• No cash needed, 110 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 '59 FORD-$395 4DR. STATION WAGON V-8, SOLID white, Fordomatle. radio & heater. MIMS USED CARS 4802 E. Hillsboro Ph. 626M ---THE LIL LOT WITH BI-G SELECTIONS! See Mack Davis about this WHk's speciala.l '61 CHEV. 4DR . Sedan. 6 cylinders, stick shift, htr. Whitt with ... • .. '945 blue int. . •. , '62 FORD 4-DR. Galaxie Sodan. V-1, AT, rad., htr. White with . 51146 blue .nt. Open Daily 'til 6 P.M. Closed Sunday JOIN THE SMART CAR SHOPPERS DOWNTOWN -atFOSTER'S ONI! -YEA R WARRANTY '63 MERC •••••• $2295 MONTEREY Custom con vertible. Factory air con• diticned, full power equiP• ment, automatic. r ad i a and heater. See D t C K LUTZ for this one owner beauty! '63 PONT ...... $2695 BONNEVILLE 4-Dr. Ha.rd top. Factory .air condi tioned, full oower, auto mat1c, radio and heater. Let D I C K SAUNDERS show you this fine car today. '63 FORD ...... $1650 FAIRLANI! '500' 2-0r. Air conditioned, power deer ing and brakes, v .. a, auto matic, radio and heaterit's perfect! See PHIL FRANK for a wholesale deal. '59 CHEV ....... $575 BISCAYNE 4D o or. V-8, automatic, ra.d io & heater, power otter. MAL JANIS will this one to you wholesale. '60 MERC ••••••• 5575 MONTEREY 4-Door. Radio and h e ate r. automatic. power &teering and brakes. See L. E. IELDERS to bUY this one. '56 CHEY ••••••• $400 4. DOOR . V-1, automatic, radio and heat • r. Let MORRIS MARKS • how you this oood trllntPorta tion car. FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY 1515 Florida Ave. "Juat Off Interstate 4" Largest Stoek Ever '65 MUSTANG HARDTOPS $2508 Delivered in Tampa ONTHESPOT FINANCING $5645 Per Month $500 down cash or trade equitv. 48 months to pay. Life insurance included in payments. BRAND NEW 1965 FALCONS EQuipment includea 105-HP engine, standard transmission, fresh air heater and defroster, color and upholstery choice. front arm rest, ash tray, seat belts, dual sun visors, alternator, etc. $4620 DELIVERED IN TAMPA PER 5500 Down Cuh or Trade EQuity. 48 Month• to Pay, Life MONTH Insurance included in payments. NORTHGATE. FORD


ISO Automobiles For Sale Don't Miss These At BARGAIN CORNER NO DOWN PAYMENT 24 MONTHS TO PAY '59 sruDEBAKER V -8 Overdrive transmission . . . . . . . . . . . . $300 '59 STUDEBAKER Sta. Wagon 6 cyl. std. trans., rawo & heater .. . .. .. . . ............. $400 '58 CADILLAC 4 dr. hardtop, f ull power, factory air. very nice $495 '53 Dodge V-8 Flnid Drive, 4 door, radio & heater ............ $250 '57 CHEVROLET BelAir 4 d oor, std. transmission & heater $325 '58 PLYMOUTH Sla. Wagon V-8 9 passenger, nir conwtioned.. auto trans.. rawo & heater . . ... ' .$325 '55 MERCURY auto trans, rawo & heater, runs good . . . . . . . S200 '53 MERCURY 2 door auto. trans. .. trans. . . . .. . ...... S295 '57 STUDEBAKER sta. w a g o n V-8 4 door auto. trans. rawo & healer . . . . .. . $200 '57 STUDEBAKER sla. wagon 6 cyl. 4 dr., automatic transmis-sion . .. .. . . . . . .. $300 '55 STUDEBAKER President auto trans . . .. . . .... S95 <54 CHEVROLET 4 dr. auto. trans., real nice .. , . . . . .$325 '53 PONTIAC 2 dr. std trans. 6 cyl . very good . . . . . $200 '57 FORD F'alrlane convertible auto. trans., rawo & beater $275 FELLOWS MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER k 150 Automobiles For Sale CRACKER BOY New Tag Free '64 CHEV. Belair, 4-Dr. Sedan. 6 ryl., std. sllift, R.H. Hurry $1795 A plan for every man. "We Sell To Sell Agajn" 4500 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. 231-4331 "MR. MELVIN" 988-3183 Ph. 932-5900 $10 DOWN '61 COMET 2-dr. Air at $8.50 wk. Credit No Problem 75 Cars to Choose From TROPICAL MOTORS 4130 E. HiUsboro Ph. 626-3707 WE FINANCE IF you are 21 & worlting & wish to buy a quaHty car with low down payment & low mo. payments, Okay Motors is the place to come. 1 year warranty & service on all models. 5720 Fla. Ave. Continued Success In Wholesaling at the Public. "Buy the car of your Choice at Choice Prices'' ISO Automobiles For Sale VOLKSWAGEN S-A-LE-! 100% GUARANTEED SEDANS & GHIAS SALE WAS PRICE 64 Sedan ............. $1695-1595 63 Sedan .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1595-1395 62 Sedan 12 to choose 1495-1295 61 Sedan 12 to choose 1495-1095 59 Sedan ............. , 1095895 58 Sedan ............. , 995795 57 Sedan .. .. .. .. . .. .. . 895795 56 Sedan .. .. . .. .. .. .. . 795-695 55 Sedan . . . . .. .. . .. . . 695-595 63 Ghia Coupe , ...... , 1895-1795 Real low mileage 62 Ghja Conv. . . . .. 1895-1495 59 Ghia Coupe .. .. . .. . 1395-1095 Station Wagon*Trucks 64 S-dlx. wag eqpt. . . , 2595-2395 61 Deluxe wag. eqpt ... 1995-1795 63 Komble wagen ... , . 1995-1495 62 Deluxe wagen ...... 1795-1495 62 Kombie Waj!en . . 1695-1395 61 Super dlx. Wagen .. 1495-l295 61 Panel Delivery nice . . . $995 LINDELL MOTORS, Inc. "Authorized VW Dealer" . 3900 W. Kennedy Blvd. 877 '63 FORD GALAXrE 500 2 door hardtop slyl ing. Has all the goodies including air. Extra clean, low mileage. Superior car with Superior terms. S5 down, easy weekly or monthlY payments. Open HO daily. Su perior Motors, 4205 Florida Ave. Phone 237. KAISER JEEP DEALERS Don' t wait! -63 cars In Stock 1417 w . Kennedy Blvd. 253-5719 BAY _3500 Florida Ave $5 DOWN SACRJFICE '57 C b e v y, 4 door, A-C, R&H, ttoted glass, seat belts. $600 cash. 839-4897, after 6 . -NoMoney Down One Owner ' 59 CHRYSLER 4 dr. Sed. Has full power & alr cond. New Ures, also '65 Lag is already .installed. I you are looking for t h e finest in a quality used auto, don't miss this one. Completely financed with no money down. Quality Auto Sales 4607 Fla. Ph. 236-6711 '64 C ROWN IMPERIAL BY Chrysler, with Factory Alr, Power Str. & Brakes, Elec. Win dows , 6 Way Power Seat, AutO> malic, R&H. Beautiful Light Blue Finish with all White Leather In terior. Immaculate condition. At this low price of $4595. See at Nat'l Auto Supermk't. 2555 N. Dale Mabry Ph. 877 Jim Quinlan Chevrolet U.S. ffiGHWAY 19 Just South of Clearwater 1-YEAR WARR,I\NTY '64 FORD •••. $2295 GALAXIE 500 2-DR, HARD TOP. Black with red interior, automatic, radio and heater, DOWer steering. One owner. '62 CONT ..... $2995 4 -DOOR. Completely ectuipped Including factory .air condi tioning. '61 VOLVO •••• $995 4 DOOR. Gleaming jet black. Economy special! BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty '62 BUICK •.•. $2285 Wildcat 2-Dr. HT. Power, R, H, AIR (21SA) '63 BUICK .... $1575 Special Convertible S/S, R , H. (147A) '61 BUICK .•. $1395 Electra 4-Dr. HT. Power, R , H , AI ft (4R71) '60 BUICK .•.. $1095 Electra 4 Dr. H. AT, R , H , PS, Air '64 RIVIERA .. $3795 HT. 2Dr. Powe r , R, H, AIR (53 2) '63 RIVIERA •• $2995 HT. 2-0r. Power, It, H, AIR . '63 BUICK ••.• $2175 Skylark 2-Dr. HT, AT, R , H. '63 BUICK . .•. $2295 LeSabre 4 Dr. HT • AT, R, H, PS. '59 BUICK ...•• $595 114Dr. Sedan. AT, R, .r H, PS. (L3 06A ) WE LEASE 1965 CARS-ALL MAKES '62 CHEV. II ... $995 4Dr. S/S. H. Economy Car '62 JAGUAR .. $2295 4-Dr., AT, R , H. '61 RAMBLER .. $695 4 Dr . 6 -Cyl. S/S, R . '63 RAMBLER .. $1875 4-Dr. Wagon, 6 Cyl., AT, R, H, AIR '61 MERC •.... $1295 Monterey 4-Dr, AT1 R , H , PS, PB, '64 Barracuda $2495 Sedan V 8. AT, It, H. '59 PONTIAC •. $675 4 Dr. HT, '59 PONTIAC •• $385 S/S, R, 2-Dr, '54 LINCOLN •. $195 HT. 2-Dr, '59 OLDS •..•• $395 4-Dr., AT, PS. (as is) Lifetime Warranty Plus OneYear Worranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E. Hillsborough Phone 239 09 Ope11 Sunday After Churc:h ... 1959 CADU.LAC converti ble, extra clean, private owner. 235-1791, 839-4940. '57 OLDS 98, loaded, factory air, clean . 5495. 932-0866. COMPACT * SPECIALS * '62 Chevy II s1295 Nova 2-Dr. Hardtop. '61 Lark .... s695 4-Door. Stick shift. '58 Rambler s395 American 2Door. '59 Renault s295 Dauphine 4Door. '60 Comet .. s695 2 Door. Automatic, radio. '59 Eng.Fords395 •Door. * FREE '65 TAG * 1801 FLA. AVE. PHONE 229-9427 '61 FORD 2 dr, R&H, 6 stick, $695. Falconer Bros. 236-6321. '61 RAMBLE R wagon , $100 equity. Payments $47.01 . Week days after 6 PM, a n y t i m e week ends. 234-7384. Galaxi e. Rad., htr., AT, air $1695 cond. . ..... . '63 CADILLAC Loaded! With $3695 air conditioning Closed Sunday WARRA.Atr FERMAN OLDS 3611 Florida &Lake 223 TODAY'S BEST BVYS Beautiful one-owner trades on the exciting '65 Cadillac are rollinq in. Take advantaqe of our large inventory and low, low prices. '64 Cadillac Sedan. Fac. air ... $4495 '64 Fleetw'd. Fact. air., maroon $4895 '63 Cadillac Sedan. Fac. air ... $3495 '63 Cadillac Convt. .. ....... $3195 '62 Cadillac Sedan. Fac. air ... $2695 '62 Cadillac 7 pass., Fact. air $4750 '61 Cadillac Fleetw'd. Fact. air $2495 Large selec:tlon of '59 & '60 Cadillac:s AUTHORIZED DEALER 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. WE BUY OUR CARS BRAND NEW WE GUARANTEE MILEAGE We guarantee the balance of the manufacturer'• 24,000 miles or 24 months warranty will bo transferred to youl ---* * * *---15 I 65 MODELS FOR SALE HARDTOPS, SEDANS AND WAGONS Some with factory air. All have auto. trans., radio heater and power steering • FROM $2595 $195 Down-36 or 48 Month Bank Financ:ing ----*----*----*----*----'64 IMPALAS Fact. Air, 2 or 4 dr. HTs., AT., R., H., P .s., v .a, wsw. Bl9 wheel covers. Low mile age, Nic e color selection. Nothing down, 36 to 48 mo. Bank $2495 F inancing ..... . '64 CHEV. It's Factory air cond. Nova 4 .. Doors, AT, R&H, $1995 tinted glass ... . '64 OLDSMOBILE Factory air cond. 4Door Hardtops, AT , R&H , PS PB, WSW, very low $3095 m1leage •••••.••• '64 GALAXIES 500 FactorY Air, 2-Dr. or 4-Dr. HTt., A.T,, R., H., P.S., V •8, WSW. Big wheel covers, low mileage. Nice color selection, nothing dn. 36 to 48 mo. Bank 52295 Financinv '64 RAMBLERS Factory air cond. 660 Classic AT, R&H, PS, rt $2095 cfin ing .seats .... , '64 GAL. 500 XL 2Dr. HT. Factor y air con d . 250 HP. full power, T-Bird steering wheel. $2995 Loaded ....... , . . CHEVY ll's AND RAMBLERS WITHOUT AIR DEDUCT $200 * * * * * Transportation Specials at Wholesale SS '61 TRIUMPH. Clean, new '60 RAMBLER 4-Dr. Deluxe, 5395 .......... 5575 '57 CHEV. Bel Air. V-8, AT , R&H , PS. Clean. $395 HurrY for this one. , '59 RAMBLER Deluxe 4-Dr. 6 eyl,, std. shift, top econ.......... $275 '55 CHEV. 4 Dr. 6 cyl., std . shirt. N ice $195 second car , , . , , , . , . '48 CHEV. 1f2.Ton Picku p . Runs & Drives good. $275 New tires ........ . ' 57 PONTIAC 4 Dr. Sedan. V-8 , A.T., R., H., $1•95 P.S .......... , .. , , ISO Automobiles For Sale BIG SALE We Accept Good & Bad Credit Appl. LOW AS 10% DOWN IMMEDIATE FINANCING '61 Comet 4 dr. . . . $997 '57 Ford Conv. . .. $197 '60 Ford FL 500 ... $697 '57 Dod ge ..... ... $497 '62 Chev. II 2 dr. $1097 '60 Comet 2 dr .... $797 '60 Corvair 4 dr. . . $497 '61 Comet 4 dr .... $997 '60 Pont. B. Conv. $1097 CARS & Terms to Suit Yo u r R es 4228 Fla. Ave. 3 Blocks North o Bufalo Open DallY 9 -9 Sun. 12 'til fi '54 CHEV. 2 Dr. Stick $279. No cash needed, $4 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 $15.00 DOWN 1950 Chevrolet. We Finance Anyone. 4612 34t h St. The Sign of Good Can GOOD CARS ARE NOT CHEAP CHEAP CARS ARE NOT GOOD Our reputation for qual ity is well known. Ask the man that bought one. SAVE-SAVE '65 BONN. PONT. 4-Door HT. Beautiful Teal turquoise, matching interior. Fact. air, elec. window, elec. seat, R&H, full power. Fac tory warranty. Only 3700 verifiable miles. S howroom condition. $600 Save over ......... . '64 BARRACUDA F'actory air, power steering, automatic transmission, ra dio and heater. 10,000 miles. Factory $2795 warranty ........ '63 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Door. AT, R&H, power steering, . $1995 powe r brakes. Nace '61 BONN. PONT. 2-Door HT. FactorY air, R .&H_'_ ..... '62 FORD WAGON Country Squire. AT, R&H, ........ 51615 '62 OLDSMOBILE Super 81 2-Door HT. Air, AT, power. $2195 Don't miu this ...• '61 CADILLAC 4 Door sedan. Factory a ir. Full power, E. 52595 window, E. seat ... '63 CORVAIR Monza 4-Door. '1695 Auto., R&H . , .... '64 TEMPEST V 4Door. &ir t power R&H. $2895 Be;o.utoful ono .... '63 GRAND PRIX Factory air, full power. Con solo._ Auto. $3095 Ermme wh1te .... '61 THUNDERBIRD Factory air, auto . , p owe r, electric w i n do w , electric ......... $2095 '64 PONT. BONN. 4Door HT. Factor Y air. Full power, elec. w in$3895 dow. Pampered. . . '63 OLDSMOBILE Star fire Conv. Factory air, alec. w i n d o w, elec. seat, automatic trans., R&H. Full ... , , .... $3295 '63 BUICK Wildcat 2 0 o or HT. Full power, automatic, radio and heater. $2895 Cream Puff ..... . '61 CHEVROLET Impala 4-Dr. HT. Air, auto. trans. , R&H , PS, $1695 PB. Good ....... . '63 VOLKSWAGEN Station Wagon. Very, very clean. 51995 Deluxe ......... . '63 FORD Galaxie 500 4-Dr. HT. Fac tory air, PS, r a d i o and heator,. auto. '2190 Real ....... . '64 PONTIAC G.P. Beautiful blue, w h i t 1 in terior. FactorY air. Electric window, electri c seat, R&H. Console, auto. $3795 trans. A beauty .. '63 CADILLAC 4Door sedan. Electric seats, electric window, factory air. Full power. _ Re a l $3175 n 1ce. Low mileage. '62 LINCOLN Continental 4 • Doo" .. dan. FactorY air, full power, elec. seat•, elec_. win $3195 dows. A one . '64 OLDS WAGON 81 6Pass. Wagon. Factory air, elec. windows, elec. seat, auto., R&H . Rack on toD . Nicest in $3795 town .......... .. '64 BONN. WAG. A real beauty. Factory a ir, electric windows. Light blue, matching interior. 6 .. pass. Factory air, full power. Showroom condition. Save nearly $1 000 Good trade too , , . REAL LOW PRICE BUYS '60 Ford Sta. Wag. $795 '62 Mere:. Conv ••• $1795 '57 Plymouth ••••. $290 '61 Falc:on 4-Dr ••• $1095 Wagon '61 Tempest 4-Dr .•. $995 '62 Mere. 2-Dr. HT $1695 '60 Chev ........ $1395 9-Pass. Wagon '59 Merc:ury 4Dr ... $895 '60 Pont. 4-Dr .... $1395 '57 Buic:k Sed •••• ,$395 ELKES CAMPBELL MOTORS 3737 Henderson Blvd. ot Dale Mabry 872-9246 Factory air cond., R&H, power steering & brakes, 4 speed trans. Will trade. Full Price !219($1995 '61 VALIANT 2-Door. $595 Radi o and heater •. '60 DODGE DART Radio, heater. $595 Econ. 6 cyl ........ '59 OLDS Conve,tible. AT, R&H , V-8, .. ..... , ... 5695 '59 FORD Station Wagon $295 R&H , automatio .• , '64 CHEVROLET Choice Sedan or Station Wagon MALIBU . Automatic, R&H , v.a, power steering. $2295 '63 SPYDER Convertible or Hardtop. 4 speed transmission. Radio, heater. Real nice. $1595 '63 FORD Galaxio 4-Door. Automatic trans., r • d i o, heater, air conditioned. Power steering. OnlY $1495\ Ph. 877 500 Hew & Used Car Selection -Two B . ig Locations '64 MERCURY Monterey 4Dr. Factory cond., P /Str. and brakes, R&H, V-8, automati c, WSW tires. All vinYl interior. 9 actual m i I e • Purchased from bankrupt de a I e r. Never t itled. $1000 SAVE . ......... . '63 CHEVROLET PONTIACS '63 Grand Prix Factory Air Cond. Completely Equip. $2595 J IN STOCK '64 GRAND PRIX '64 BONNEVILLE '65 CATALINA '64 GTO '56 CADILLAC Sedan DeV ille, Radio, heat• er, automatic, power steering and 5395 brakes ........... . '60 CADILLAC Full power, rad io, heater, automat ic. 0 n e owner. ...... 51495 '62 FORD 4Door Galaxie. Radio, heater, power steering, Vl. Automati c, 51095 A steal at only . . • '63 JAGUAR XK-E convert ible. B Ia e k with red interior. Radio, heater, 4 speed trans. Wire wheels. Perfect $3295 in every detail ... 30 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , March 8, 1965 Automobiles For isa:ili:e-111 New '64 Bonneville CONVERTIBLE Loaded, Including factory air. SAVE OVER $1QQO Choice Selection o f other '64s PACE PONTIAC 1420 Fla. Ave. 228-7138 YELLOW cabs are bemi replaced with '65 models. These cars are for sale : '61 Fords, '61 Stude bakers, also '62 & '63 models . $350 up. 510 N. Oregon. '56 CHEVROLET 4 DOOR Belair. Automatic transmission, e co n o m y 6 cylinder engine. A real transportation spe cial & a Superior buy. Only $389. $5 down, $5 week. Superior Mo tors, 4205 Flo r t d a A v e. Pb. 2373929$ SpenD 900W N ' 58 LINCOLN Continental, excellent condition. For gulck sale $695. 235-7854. 3 WAYS TO SAVE On" Brond New FULL PRICE $247050 lJ OR $199 DOWN CASH OR TRADE OR $ PER MONTH lnc:l. Credit Life Ins. * SPECIAL PURCHASE * from CHRYSLER CORP. '64 DODGES DART '270's' '64 PLYMS. VALIANT V200' s 4-Door Sedans Automatic, radi o and heater, backUP lights, WSW t iret, wind shield washers, Some with all vinyl interior. Choice of colors. FACTORY WARRANTY '64 CHRYSLER 4 DOOR HARDTOP. POWI" steering and brakes, auto matic, radi o and heater, fac tory air con-$2895 ditioning ......... . '64 eHRYSLER CONVERTIBLE . Power steeri ng and brakes, automatic, radio and heater, soli d white with white $2795 top ............. .. '64 DODGE POLARA 500 2-DOOR HAII!D TOP. Automatic, radio and heater, power ateering , air conditioned, $2195 bucket seats . . . . • . '64 VALIANT 4-DOOR STATI ON WAOON . Automatic, $1795 heater .......... .. * FREE '65 TAG * -MASSEY MOTORS 1801 Florida Ave. Up To 5 Years To Pay WILLIAMS BROS. 500 Car Selection On The Spot Bank Financing '65 P o n t i a c Bonneville Coupe. Full Power and fact. air cond. B al. of new car warranty S 4199 SAVE l .......... .. '65 Dod go Polara Coupe Hardtop. Full power, V-8 , R&H . Balance $2999 of New car warranty '65 Chevrolet Impala Coupe Hardtop, Fac. equipped including Dower steering. Balance of New $2799 Car warranty ..... '64 Cadillac Fleetwood. Loaded . Owner's per .. tonal car. Bought new and serviced 55699 locally ........... . '64 Cot'Yette Convertible. 4-tpeed tran1., radio, heater, dark b lu e w ith white inte•ior $3699 6000 miles . . . ... ,. '64 Ford FL 5 0 0 C o u p . e. Automatic $1699 trans., R&H , WSW '64 Ford Galaxie '500' 4Doo r . Cruise. 0 • Matic, power steering, $2099 R&H, WSW . .... . . '64 Chevrolet Impal a 4Dr. Station Wagon. PG. V-8, PS, PB, fact. air cond., radio, heater, WSW. Bal. of new car $2899 warranty , , ... , . •.. '64 Pontiac 8 o n n o v I I le Coupes & 4-Door Hard tops. Full powe r a n d tact. a i r cond. One $3399 owner. Loaded! .... '64 Chevrolet Impala PG, V-8 , PS, PB, asr cond., WSW, radio, heater, bal. of new car $2699 warranty ........ . '64 Plymouth F ury 4-Dr. Hardtop, F ull powe r & factor y air cond. Bal. of new car $2499 warran'b' ........• '64 Corvairs , 2 & 4-Doors. Fact. equipped. Some 4 speeds arid $1799 mati c transmissions '64 Pontiac Temp"t Sta t ion wagon. Automatic trans, Radio, '2499 heater. . ...•...... '64 Pontiac Bonneville Sta t ion Wagon. F u II power and factory air '3699 cond. Loadod •..•.. '63 Cadillac Coupe HT. l'ull Pow e r and fact. a i r cond. One owner. $3699 Loaded! .........•. '63 Volkswagen s1299 Panel Truck immBDiBTB DBLiUBRY { 'i. ) '6 2 Chrysler Newport 4Door. F ull power, radio h ... ....... . 51399 '63 C h 1 v r o I o t Station Wagon 4 0oor. Factory equi PDed incl. $1799 radi o and heater ... '63 Thunderbird Co u p e. Hardtop. Full P owe r. ... .... $2499 '63 Ford FL 500 4-Doo•. Custom int., $1499 fact. equipped . . . '63 Pontiac Tempest 4Door. F ull power, air ... ........... $1799 '63 Studebaker Wagon. . . ....... 51399 '62 Pontiac starchier 4-Dr. F ull power, factory air conditioned. $1899 R&H. One owner , , , '62 Vo lkswagen $1199 2-Dr. Sedan . . '62 Chrysler 300 4-Dr. HT. Full power. 51699 One owner . ...... . '62 Ford Galaxi o 500 4 Door. Air cond., wsw, full power, V•S. $1499 R&H . . . ... '62 Cotvair M on z a. Fact. eQUipped. S o m o auto-mati c & 1oma 4.. '1199 speed trans. . ..... . '62 Chevrolet Coupe. Fact. a i r cond., $1499 radio and heater •• , '61 Chevrolets, I m p a 1 a Hardtops. A i r $1499 cond., PG, VS, R&H '61 Buick 4Dr. Fact. equi p. 51199 '61 Olds F-85 4-Door. F ull power, V-8, $1199 radio and heater . , , '61 Cadillac Conv. Coupe, Bucket s eats, full oow or, fact. a i r eond. $2399 Loaded! O ne owner . '61 T-Bird Coupe Hardtop. Full power and radio . . . ...... 51499 '61 Commuter S tat ion Wagon 4 .. Door. F ull power, radio $1199 and heater, WSW . .


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