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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 37 (March 22, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 22, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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By JAY BECKERMAN Campus Managing Edition Karen Lee Seufert is a his tory major working outside :Rio de .Taneiro, Brazil, teaching home economics to hospi talized girls. She is also a Girl Scout leader. Twem-y three per cent of USF's student body appbed for Peace Corps slots last year. USF leads the nation in this Prepare For Action SA Legislators Cut Through Procedure By JEAN BARFOOT Of the Campus Staff Amid numerous calls fo1 proj ect action, the March 11 session of the Student Association Leg islation p 1 ow e d through an agenda crowded with unfinished organizationa l business. " Do t h in g s. Accomplish t h i n g s! • Vice-president Ed Coris advised in a pre-adjourn ment pep talk. He then turned to visiting Dean of Student Af fairs. Herbert J. Wunderlich for a comment to the legislature. The dean outlined possible areas for legislative action and warned against the legislature getting bogged down in procedure. saying in conclusion, "Let's get on with the projects." and Judy Peterson, representa tive from the Co lle ge of Liberal Arts attended the Gainesville conference at the University of Florida on March 6. (s ee SAPHE story) ,.. / 1ampn SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 37 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH 22, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS ) Budget Cut May By JAY BECKERMAN Campu s Managing Editor g inning April 5. It will be sold only in the bookstore after the first week. The price is $1. "This edition will highlight more student life than any other yearbook at a Florida state university," said Man aging Editor Michael Foerst er. The 184 pa ges of this is sue will feature a full color cover, an expanded campus 6500 was 41 per cent higher than the previous year. life section and more cover age of clubs and organiza tions . "It will be more stu dent oriented," he added. Foerster a 1 s o announced that applications for staff po sitions -are available in UC 221. Those interested in working on the next edition con pick up the applications any time during the day. "P rev i o u s experience is nice, but they don't need it," noted F'Oerester. " What we want is interest." An organization has been !problems in higher education, formed by universit y students calling for a change of thinking to inform the public of the "as to the amount of financial needs and benefits of higher the system of admincation and to promote legisla-istration and the structure of tion favorable to higher educa-the state government as it per-tion in Florida. tains to higher education." The Student Association for It was decided at the confer the Promotion of Higher Educa-lence to send letters introducing tion CSAPHEl held a conference th e organization of SAPHE to at the University of Florida on all the four year univiersities March 6th, with delegates from and to major organizations of major Florida universities at-Florida. tending. The University of South While discussing the SAPHE Florida Student Association was conference, Judy Peterson said represented by Harvey Frank that the organization could be and Judy Peterson. of "fantastic benefit to us as The SAPHE

I THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 22, 1965 ' .. r ' r Administration Loosens Every once in a while we be gin to get the notion that this Uni versity administration is loosening up a bit. Maybe it's spring already. But, have you noticed? USF bas quietly permitted the newly Qrganized senior class to have a say in thin g s relative to com mencement and related activities. First, the class organizing in the first place received the University's blessing. Then we were told that April graduates w i 11 have their names called at com mencement, and will file by to re facsimiles of diplomas. Soon, !.lfficers were elected, a series of meetings held, and plans for a host of events pitched toward fun and good memories for t h e senior took shape. _ The grads-to-be have scheduled a dinner-dance that, in our view, is overdue, a strictly dancy, y e t relaxing evening slanted toward t..fle senior and his date or spouse. The semi-formal dinner-dance will be a memorable event even for us unsentimental old-types. Dig up the money. It's worth it. Then, about that satire. W h a t little we've heard about the script Leads us to believe it's pretty fun ny. A series of events revolve around a "revolution" at a fiction al university. A risky move f or USF administrators , letting o u t the reins for such a satire. You know who is leaving oneself wide open for lampooning, of course. The torchlight ceremony sched uled for April 8 should be a mean ingful one if conducted with and participated in with dignity. That the administration h a s cooperated with the plans of the class and offered constructive sug gestions and advice is perhaps an indication that they are, contrary to the belief of some, interested in the student. We feel that genuine interest in student morale is a significant part of USF's motivation in going along with the senior class. This is good judgment, and who knows? Maybe a trend is beginning. . Picketing Policy Suggested The Joint Student-Faculty committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility has issued a recommendation to the Student Mfairs committee regarding t\Jlmpus picketing. The committee's recommendations are: • 1. A written policy on campus picket ing should be communicated to the Seci.trity office and to the Student body 1'.Y means of a handbook and other media. "2. This policy should provide: A. That a representative of the group of picketers inform the security office ill person of any plans to picket and that names of the picketers and/or the organization need not be disclosed. B. That a security officer require proof that a picketer is a student but that no students name or ID car d should be taken. C. That orderly picketers should suf fer no disciplinary action. D. That a definition be made oi or derly picketing for the security office and the communication of such a defini tion might include single file picketing, no obstruction of passage ways, etc. E. That the Security officer should protect the ril[hts of the picketers as well as those of the general public. F. Cases involving disorderly picket ing should be referred to the Student Association Board of Discipline and Ap peals. Professors Named • Thirteen USF faculty members have been designated research professors for • Jl}65-66 by the All-University Research • Selected on the basis of proposals for r-esearch submitted to the council, the Jl;rofessors will receive reduced teaching during the year. The professors will teach only half Ume during one or two trimesters of tpe year, giving them time to conduct the research and write reports on their work. • The faculty members selected and their projects are: S. C. Bloch, physics, to study the interactions of electromag netic waves in plasma; Michael Barfield, chemistry, to investigate a theoretical study of nuclear spin-spin couplings; James A. Gould, philosophy, to write a 'book in the area of political philosophy; Howard G. Gratzner, zoology, to inves Ugate cellular protein synthesis; J. E. Fernandez, chemistry, to investigate the Mannicb reactions; Bruce Flanagan, be havioral science, to study adjusting avoidance as a function of shock i nten sity. Other professors are: Frederick J. Horrigan, political science, to study po litical communication and administrative control in Southeast Asia; Cbarmenz S. Lenhart, English, to make a critical study of the poetry of Louis Bogan; You Feng Ling, mathematics, to study ap plications of the theory of topological semlgroup s to functional analysis. Others are Eugene D. Olsen, chemis try, to investigate chelation and ion exchange reactions in mixed solvents; Terence C. Owen , chemistry, to study the radiation chemistry of sulphur bio chemicals; Patricia Porter, modern lan guages, to study the thematic and stylis tic development of the contemporary Portuguese poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade; and Glen E. Woolfenden, zoology, to study the osteology and the systematic position of the white backed And crested ducks. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor: That the University of South Florida l\as six unlit tennis courts is indeed lamentable. No recreational facilities should be denied to the university community merely because sufficient lightibg has not been provided. • However, robbing Peter to pay Paul ti not the solution . The inference in the • 8 editorial was that there is both 'all overabundance and misuse of lights .At the swimming pool. I would like to ($sure you that each of the 17 (not 18) •bove-water lights is necessary for sage weration after dark. • You may deplore the extravagance of lraving six lights burning all night, but would you prefer having the . pool closed i!; a result of b r o k e n bottles being thrown in, as happend on Feb. 13 during tbe power failure? Of course, after havfag the pool dyed several times, street elgns thrown in, corked up bottles added •nd even a skunk' s carcass found swim you may question the effective ness of the lights as a deterrent to childish pranks. But so far we haven' t had L I T T L E any students or outsiders injured while making unauthorized use of the pool. This, l believe, is sufficient justification for the "luxury" of burning six lights. TOM GROSSHEIM Student Manger USF Swimming Pool Dear Editor: Congratulations to the UC Dance Com mittee! The Bob Lake band, one of the two All -University Weekend Semiformal bands, was one of the best we've heard here in a long, long time. According to the UC night report, as many students swung to the smooth, harmonious sound of Bob Lake as to thumping, electricguitared rhythm of the Playboys. Bob Lake has a real band -saxes, trumpet, trombone, piano and vocal so loists. His "Guy Lombardo sound" was a pleasant relief from a world of blar ing drums and guitars. We hope the Bob Lake dance band will be a frequent visitor to USF; the students deserve no less than the best! -LARRY GOODMAN I y I I B I. E R .. I r I Schedule 1 I Of Events B l*'l MONDAY w 9 : 00 a . m . Music Clinic .... UC 202, 248 ;>.-:> 12 : CO noon Pre School PlaMinr fJ M"eting ........ ...... UC 1.53 5:30p.m. Clvltans & Clvln.,ttes UC 168 1.. t:OO p,m. Forensi c Association UC 226 li Education Class 7 :00 p.m. . . ii% 7:30p.m. USF Womens UC 108 Board of Discipline i= m and Appeals ........ UC !:' Chemistry Lecture Series .............. CH 108 ;:::: uc 248 I d W: .... UC .. :Hg m ., Sports Car Club .... UC 226 Enalish Coffee Hour UC 252 .. 1 2 :00 p . m . PUihellenlc Council .. UC 4:40p.m. Judo ................. AC 233 • I 5 :30 p . m . Verdandi ............ UC 200 , Fides ................ UC 202 J>aldeia , ............. UC 215 , You've got the serve down good, but you ought to work on your grip a little. 7:00 p.m. Arete ............... UC 47 M Cratos . . . . . . ........ uc 203 m W Talos . . ............. UC 205 ,;;. Zeta Phi Epsilon .... UC 213 Burry Unburdened Minister Discusses Selma By ALLAN J. BURRY Of the Campus Staff As this is being written, Selma con tinues to be in the news and the outcome is by no means sure. Confrontations, speeches, marches, po lice lines and adamant positions m a k e a n y calm assessment of the situation impos s i b I e. Much that is writ t e n clouds the issues rather than illumines them. . It falls to us, then, to reflect on what is happening in the civil rights movement and to look again at what af firmations lie at the heart of the struggle. Burry One of the fundamental issues is what are the rights whicn a citizen has in herent in his citizenship? Unlike Com munist countries, we do not have to have travel passes Ol' documents to travel within our own country. We do not apply for a passport to Alabama. In the United States, no citizens are "outsiders." INDIVIDUAL STATES do not grant the rights of citizenship. Tile most they can do is confirm them or deny them. If they are denied, steps must be taken to correct an intolerable situation. For a state to say that agitation is caused by someone seeking what is his own reminds one of a thief saying that the police are agitators for putting him i n jail or for a supplier of dope to argue that those who buy from him are happy and that the narcotics squad is causing disruption in his economy. PRESIDENT JOHNSON rightly has said that the way to deal with the prob lems of demonstrations is to remove the legitimate causes for the demonstrations. People from throughout the nation have converl(ed on Selma. It is fashion able to say that they have as press ing problems at home, which they should stay at home to work on. Is this a true statement? Do you honestly believe that people are being denied the right to vote in Tampa? Of course not. Are they being denied the right to peaceful assembly in Tampa? Of course not. Are clergy being beaten and killed in Tampa for expressing their views? Of course not. Why? Because, in spite of many seri ous problems in Tampa which will take a long time and great patience to over come, the fundamental right of partici pation in the political process of the city and the state is affirmed in Tampa. And at least some of the less fundamental but still important rights of citizenship are also recognized. Those who argue that Tampa citizens should not be concerned with Selma either do not understand the situation in Selma or are being more critical of Tampa than is justified by the !acts. ANOTHER ARGUMENT is used that everything can be handled b y the courts, because the laws are adequate since the passage of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. The truth of the matter is that the significant questions of voting rights a nd federal registrar s were deleted from th e 1964 bill before passage. Burke Marshall, fo rmer Assista n t Attorney General in the Kennedy Administration, says that the additional legislation called for by Presi dent Johnson is needed by the Justice Department in order to make real the right to vote. The present legislation is s 1 m p I y inadequate to guarantee the rights of citizens. But, some say, the innocent citizens of Selma are being hurt by all this agita tion. I t would be interesting to have some of these "innocent" citizens pointed out. First of all, those making this state ment are t hinking of only the white citi zens of Selma. But perhaps we could be shown the person in the white commu nity who has not prospered because of racial segregation . LET US SEE the person who has not given tacit approval to a system which methodically robs others of dignity. And when one takes part, without pro test, in evil, he should not be surprised when others deny him the label "Innocent" nor should it surprise him if he gets hurt in the process. Does this, then, mean that anything goes in combattin g a social evil? Surely not. Human beings have a legitimate claim upon our compassion, on both sides of the color line and on both sides of the civil rights issue . Justice is made necessary, though, by our lack of compassion, and it is not by accident that the statue of Justice carries a sword. Torchlight 165 Torchlight '65, a special edi tion of the Campus Edition will appear on April 12. Documenting the first annual graduation, this "first of its kind" issue will salute the Class of '65;-(USF Photo) One Small Voice How To Remake a Monster By JOHN ALSTON Of the Campus Staff We spent a long time this week plan ning this column. The obvious s ubject is the monstrosity on Crescent Hill. But what can we say? Originally, we thought that everyone agreed that the fountain was not "aes thetically pleasing." A call to Physical Plant destroyed thi s opi nio n however. Physical Plant seems to think that it's creation is beautiful. Unfortunately, t he students don't seem to share their opinion, however. They seem to think that "it look s like a nickleodeon,'' "they should tear it down and resod the hill," "it looks like a volcano" and "someone should blow it up." Practically every derogatory adjec tive imaginable bas been applied to it. In an a ttempt to protect against the thing (or just to raise h e ll) students have soaped ancf dyed it. This is expen sive. Let's assess the situation. First the fountain i s here t o stay no matter how much a nybody dislikes it. But there can be some chan ges made. Specifically , in the lighti n g which is now pretty garish. And r.s far a s the actual f unc tioning of th e w ater goes, this is designed so that it won ' t " people sprinkle." How to go about making these changes? . . Well sad to say, Physical P lant doe s n ' t realize the student dis Satisfaction. So, i f you're really ticked off a t the fountain , write a note to Pnysical Plant. I'm sure they'll take steps to alleviate the eyesore when they know exactly what's wrong with it. As a starter, we'd like to suggest that th e co lor scheme be changed. May be pastels would look nicer. In any event, let's hope tliat !orne thin g is done to improve the situation. ' M. Pinaud To Be Rated With Agent 007 A Review of the Book FAIR MAIDS MISSING by Pierre Audemars CN e" York: Doubleday & Co., 1965), pp, 192. $3.50. B y GRETA KMARIE DIXON Campus Book Critic A detective who is becoming world famous is the very real and very fic tional character of M. Pinaud of the F r e n c h Surete. M. Pi naud is the creation of P i err e Audemars who might very well become rated along with Agent ••••• 007. "Fair Maids Missing" ls one of seven novels in volving the exploits of M. Pinaud and like all the rest. it is a delight to read, as it combines an unusually simple but puz Di){on zling plot with s u p e r b characterizations, even those found in the minor characters, and excellent descrip tions of the small towns one finds in France. Pierre Audemars is a meticulous craftsman and in each novel gives as much attention to the dramatic personae and their environment as to his hero and the plots . This literary quality places Audemars' novels above many of the others written in the field of detection. "In Fair Maids Missin g," a policeman, excepting Simenon's unsinkable Maigret and Creasey's tenacious Gideon and In spector West, and perhaps a few others, usually doesn' t make as exciting a hero as an amateur detective or private eye. However, M. Pinaud seems to be a man of many professional carats and possess ing his fair share of human virtues and weaknesses before being that type of man known as a policeman. He is a warm character, introverted In his thinking and extroverted i n his daily performance of assigned duties. He is the type that usually gets his man even at the expense of a high personal cost. In M. Plnaud's latest adventure, three young and attractive girls have disap peared in three consecutive months from the rural town of Charnac, and our hero Is sent to this town by the Surete to In vestigate the kidnapings which were thought to have ended with the assault and murder of the girls. How M. Pinaud follows a winding trail, parries with friends and suspects. falls in love, and eventually finds the solution to the riddle as a detective while being defeated as a human being is the subject or the most enterb.ining nove l whose charm even overcomes its violent ending . M . Pinaud has all the appearances of fast becoming a best-seller character and should go very far i n the admira tion of his ever-growing group of fol lowers. Theatre Plans Summer Fare Three contemporary plays have been selected presentation during the sum mer repertory program at USF. " Casual Theater" will include "The Fantastiks" by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, "The Hollow Crown" by J oh n Barton, and "The Sandbox" by Edward Albee. Presented in connection with "The Sandbox," will be a series of improvisla tions called "Forty-Second City . " These three productions will be given in nightly rotation July 12-24 in the USF Theater. "Casual Theater" program Is re placing the American Shaw Festival. The p r o g r a m change is be cause the USF Theater will be closed during most of April , May and June for the construction a nd installation of staging equipment. Production of "Casual Theater" is to be handled by Prof. RU'Ssell Whaley, with direction by Prof. Jack Clay. t Phi Slama X I ... .... UC 22J KIO ................ uc 22.6 • : Tri-SIS . . .......... UC 252E $ @ Enotas . . . . . . . . . . . UC 252W 7:30 p . m . ....... UC 265 f:j 0 :00 a.m. Naval Officer Candi dat" Program North Lobby 10:30 a.m. Music Clinic . . . .. UC 248 12:00 noon Blood Bank Drive .. UC 252 '. < 1:25 p ,m. Youn( Democrats ... UC 47 ..... UC 108 . Jt Senior Accounting t1 club ............... . uc 202 1m : UC Movies Com . : • mltte" . . . . . . . ...... UC 203 Business Adminls ij!; !ration Clu b ........ CH HI . ... . . uc 2os l. Amateur Radio Club UC 215 UC Arts & Exhibits . . . . . .. UC :UJ )ll Italian Club UC 226 fu 6 :00 p.m. SO\: I"tY.::.: rn m :( 6 : 30 p . m . P roll(rom Cou"cit . . UC 214 m 7 :00p.m. Gold Key . . .. UC 226 .. < Bridal Fashion Show < j Rehearsal . . ..... UC l : THURSDAY :_:,::o:::'i 8 :00 a . m . Student Personal !. '""' Library Contest .... UC 248 . f . . &,.: 9 : 00 a . m . Naval Of(lcer Candi •. ::::: date Program North LobbY ' ;&: I :25 p . m . . . ... UC 202 . m c Itt uc 203 y o omm ee ..... '* UC Speelal Events Committee . . . . .. UC 2l4 UC Recreation Com-ill mitt"e . . . . . . . . .. uc 205 . . Young Republicano . UC 323 , M couee uc 226 Hour ............ UC f! . gg ifi 6 : 30 p . m . Wesley Foundation . UC 223 i f)i 7:00 p .m. Judo ..... ......... AC 233 Student Association ;! .,,. Lel( lslature . . . . ... UC 252 I' Christian Science .... UC 226 ! Lutherllll Student Group . . . ...... UC 215 ;,., • Church o f Christ .,. UC 213 7:30 p .m. Jewish Student Union UC 203 fJ N 1:25 p . m . Gary WoH , pianist . FH 101 8 :30p.m. Gary Wolf, oianlst .. FH 101 FRIDAY 9 :00 a m . Naval Officer Candi l date Program North Lobby "' 4 : 30 p.m. Karate ........... AC 233 "'"' 1 .. , 7:00 p . m . Syrnlx . ............ DC 252 ' '; 7 : 30 p . m . UC Movie "'All That ill . Heaven Allows " .. FH 101 W 8 : 30 p . m . Ooera : Marriage of f.). .. ,: .. ..... FH 102 " 9 :00 a.m. Beac h Party ;;>: Ft. DeSoto Park ::.;)• :.;::. l&M Workahop UC 200, 205 i> Jl! 226 , 252 [\l 'iii 7 :30p. m . UC Movie " All That x,, I : : : :: I < 10:30 a . m . Wesley Foundation . UC 47 on 6 :00 p . m . Westminster Fellow-t{ ,.. shlp . . . . ....... UC 47 f;: 6 : 30 p.m. Rell.dous Llberals .. UC 213 t;S !iii! Wesl "Y Foundation UC 226 * 7 :30p.m. UC Movie " All That @ ... FH 101 @ 8 :00 a . m . All Florida Under :., .. ,:raduate Paintlnt 1-i Competition . UC 248 @ Peac" Corps S . Lobby It 204 ill m Does the Shoe Fit? (ACP) If some college courses were judged on a monetary basis-S21 for three credit hours-the University o! Oklahoma would be forced to set up a bargain table at the end of enrollment, says the Oklahoma Daily. Take for example, a class In which the professor consistently arrives 10 or 15 minutes late. Since he makes a habit of tardiness and teaches only part of the class period, shouldn't that class sell for about S17 .35? Or on the other hand, t he class where the teacher runs out of material 15 or 20 minutes before the hour and usually lets his class out early shou l d be quite a bargain at $12.60. A class where a professor never real l y is p repared or where he uses out-dated yellowed notes should go for about 25 per cent discount, or perhaps $16.75. A class taught by a teacher whose tests haven' t been changed since be got his doctorate and are in wide circulation probably should go at about half price. An unchallenglng teacher could be rated on a sliding scale from about $8.50 t o $15. taking into consideration t h e amount of class disc ussion, completeness of material, s i ze of class And number of times jokes are repeated per semes ter. A p rofessor who uses his class as a personal soap box for political, re lig ious or social harangues could sell for about two fo r $5. II a courses combined several of these sales points, say a tardy professor with 10-year-old notes, it could sell for abou t $8.98. Sir, are you an $11.98 professor? Quotable s ... It is an old saying that the weather of the whole year depends upon St. Paul's Day, Jan. 25. Sun on this day means a good year, rain or snow foretells i n d Iff e r e rt t weather, a mist means want, thunder predicts 12 mon ths of winds and death, according to Shepherd' s Ahrtanaek of 1676. True luck consists not in holding the best of the cards at the table: Luckiest he who knows j ust when to rise and go home. -John Hay The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Colle•late PreiS Editor ............•.........•........•......... Raleigh Mann Managing Editor ............•....... ...... , .... Jay Beckerman Editor i a l Page Editor ........ , . ............... Mal'y Ann Moore Advisor .......................•............ ...... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. ....


LEARN THE LATEST DANCES CHA CHA-BOSA NOVA-TWIST OR ANY DANCE OF YOUR CHOICE 12 LESSONS 'LUS 4 WEEKLY aAND PARTIES C\.UB . .. . ... . ' Majestic 238 W. KENNEDY BLVD. Ph. 253 COMBINE YOUR BILLS-HAVE ONE MONTHLY PAYMENT • , • with Associates Bill Consolidation Plan Now Associates solves the problem of unpaid bills. Under Associates Bill Consolid11tion Pl11n, you borrow the money you need to keep your good. Select a plan from the schedule below. Th&n write, phone or visit the Aseociates office near you. • REPRESENTATIVE I'AYMENT SCHIDfiLES;; .24 'AYMINTI '].300.25 $60.00 $1859.47 $ 60.00 $1516-96 $70.00 $2107.40 $ 68-00 $ 2 123.74 $98.0 :S3409.02 $110.00 LIFl INSURANCl AVAILABUu.; .. , . . FINANCE , INC • IN TAMPA 401 Jac1cson Street .................. 229-2969 1 517 South Dale Mabry Highway.,,. 2 $3-0 17 6 8034 Nebraska Avenue .............. 935-1158 Abo ofl'lce1 In St. Petor1burg, Clearwater, Lakeland, lradenton and Saraaota Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Civilian: Abbr. 4 YIP in sports: Slang 9 Polished 14 Keelbllled cuckoo '15 Player in kids' game 16 Derive by reasoning 17 City of U.S.A. 19 Feminine name 20 Water body 21 Part of Grand Canyon 22 Rowing implemer]t 23 Trim 24 Between 26 Spanish mural painter 29 German :n Gelderland city 32 River to the North Sea 33 Stress 36 Pickpockets: Slang 38 Hollywood name 39 Not single 41 Skull 43 State: Abbr. .C4 Maple or Redwood 4o Wears away 47 Not any 49 .Negativ . e answer 50 Droop 51 52 T ranspor tat ion me

16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 22, 1965 DR. ALVAREZ ON HEALTH By JACOBY & SON be used to persuade the declar-LIFE BEGINS AT 40 Editor of Music Journal Is 80 Fast-Growing Washington, with two million area residents, is the fastest growing metropolis in the tor 15. Seven Danger Signs Of Cancer Are Listed Newspaper Enterprise Assn. er to ruff unnecessarily or to By ROBERT PETERSON others. These assorted beats ful qualities. If we listen to, Official of ruff high in a critical trump Music Master Spaeth AP and sounds have no musical or create, some beautiful, uplift--;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;A;;D;;V;;E;;R;;T;;rs;;E;;•ME;;;;;;N;;T;;;;;;=;;:;. Bndge says, "False signals can ' proaches 80.-Editor. . . . ing music daily we can't hel p • situation." . But signtflcance and represent mere feeling younger than our years." By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. 50 or 60 must quickly be ex The American Cancer Society a mined); 5) hoarseness or cough publicizes seven danger signals: many a person should realize ll A:ny unusual bleeding or disthat he has a cancerous nodule charge; 2) a lump or thickening on a vocal cord in his larynxin the breast or elsewhere; 3) voice box, or Adam's apple on any sore that does not heal; 4) the front of his neck -the day a change in bowel or bladder his voice changes in quality. habits (for instance, a person The coughing up of a tinge of who gets badly constipated for blood is a danger signall 6) in the first time in his life at age digestion or difficulty in swal FAA Checking Plane Crash lowing: 7) a ehange in a wart or mole (if it ulcerates, and when a little scab comes off one sees another ulceration, one should see a physician the next day). Most men ret1re at 65. . T ki .. NORTH 22 North held a minimum takeDr. Sigmund Spaeth w 11 s 70 pnmi Jve nOJsema ng. This saga of a septuagena• A Q 9 out double, but his raise to when he accepted the editor-How's his health? "Pretty rian's success in a new career • J 10 8 2 three hearts was justified on ,ship of the Music Journal Next good, despite a decline in enshould inspire e 1 de r s every+ J 7 the principle that it P a y s to month he'll be 80-and still at ergy and some vexing medical where. It also awaken "' K Q J 6 the helm of this monthly pub-. . personnel directors to the pes-WEST (D) EAST try for a vulnerable g am e lication. on what I can eat sibilities which exist for finding • K J 6 3 • 10 7 54 whenever you appear to have Why did he take the job? an nn superior executive talent among 6 • Q 9 7 5 a possible play for it. 1 "B e c a u s e the publisher, AI ''BUT LIFE is still very much those carelessly labeled as su-+ A K Q 10 6 + 9 3 2 When South 1 0 0 ked over wa_s very. persuasive," re-worth living. My usual day has perannuated. "' 10 5 3 "' 9 4 dummy he was delighted :With P_lled this amiable, . legendary me getting up when I feel like IF YOU would like a bookSOUTH his contract. Surely the k 1 n g figure who _knows Just about it-usually around nine. Then let "The Most Popular Retire • 8 2 of spades would be held by all t h ere IS to know a bout I have a light breakfast read . . A K 4 3 West so there w 0 u 1 d be no music from the stone age to th P er and stroll to the ment Hobbies," wnte to Robert + 8 54 losers in e it h e r black suit. modern times. of;ice day's work Peterson, "Life Begins at "'A 8 7 2 There were two sure diamond "I'd heard so much about .. . Forty," in care of The Tampa Both vulnerable losers and his problem would old folks being unemployable Two or three a Times, enclosing a stamped, West North East South be to escape with the loss of that I was quite astonished by I attend some Slgntflcant self-addressed envelope and 10 1 + Dble. Pass 2 • only one trump trick. the offer. It seemed almost irmusiCal Then I play cents to cover handling costs. Pass 3 I' Pass 4 • E t 1 k d d 1 responsible to accept an execu bndge With fr1ends once a week, -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;=; P I'll. P as oo e over ummy a so d d t tisf ti r ass ss ass and decided that he just might tive post at an age when every-an enve g rea sa ac DANIEL LUBRANO M D FORTUNATELY, we are find-Opening lead-+ K beat the hand 1. he could perone else was retiled. But I've sports tel_ev1' • • 1 Jng m f ki 1 g t f r b se Wishes to announce the removal Fragments of wreckage sa ore ways 0 rna ng an suade South to ruff a third always maintained that music Slon JS Simp Y rea 0 , a of his office for the practice of Wreckage vaged from a private plane crash early diagnosis of cancer. Of diamond lead with the jack or keeps you young, and figured ball, football and hockey. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat north of TamP a Saturday, late, Dr. L. Egan has for Prague ten of trumps. Therefore, East I must be younger than my How does music keep people . . . been showmg X ray men and all '2 played the nine of diamonds on years. young? "It has a relaxing ef-To GUARANTEED The fastest relief known for COUGHS due to VIRUS COLDS with Amazing BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE Over 50 million bottl es sold. At all drug stores 75 and $1.25. When you buy BUCKLEY'S all you can lose is your cough-you must get the fastest cough relief ever ex peri enced-or your money will be re funded without question, W. K. Buckley Co. 11700 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland 4, 0. which cla1med _of physicians and surgeons. that in PRAGUE (A'! -A 485-meterhis partner's king. West confeet on emotions and tends to members of a M1am1 fam1ly, Will many cases, an f1lm of a long bridge will be built across tinued with the ace and E a 5 t IT be that smooth away cares and frustrabe combed over by investiga-woman's breast Will show a Prague's residential areas to completed an echo with the Dr. Spaeth IS no mere tions of age. Music has always • tors today. nodule_ that was too small to be help solve the Czechoslovak deuce. head on the _staff of .this re-been associated with liveliness 4600 N . Habana, Suite 14 Phone 877-6483 K .11 d . th h b t t felt w1th the fmgers; also, the capital's traffic problems, the West led the queen of diaspected musIc magazme. He and gaiety and these are youth1 e m e eras a ou wo X f"l od d t b h d t d -------------. . . -ray 1m can g1ve a go 1 ea news agency Ceteka reported. monds and South was faced cas s IS s arp an prac 1ce !h: the nodule is . cancerSeventeen buildings will be by a moment of decision. eye over every lin: copy, and Mighty Gas So th . . . . ous or Just a harmless tiny cyst blasted in the preliminary operaHis best play would h a v e actually wntes or Initiates many Jr., 24 • his wife, DMiane, OitUe bag of water). Today, tions. The two-deck four-pillar been to ruff with the eight of the articles. MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) -A 20 h1s mother Mrs. ane d . X . ' H" t h h b ld 50; and brother. Wilan thJ?lOie -rayh Tl_len are bndge I s to be opened spot. This would protect him f ISh ouc ' /n, cloud of gas can be immensely ]" 18 earnmg JS new tee me. to transport m 1969. against the false-card and also or t e magazme s cJ.rcu a Jon strong stuff. Engineers here use lam, We. must r e m em b e r that The bridge will join two hills coold not hurt him if West has doubled and its . The Hodges route bleedmg the bow.el may in Prague's southeastern part. held the nine of trumps b u t revenue tnpled durmg pressurized dry nitrogen gas f1 om Airport m be due to p1les, but 1t often Like Rome, Prague is built on South ruffed with the ten of h1s 1 0-year reign. . squeezed to a bout the thickness County to POit Arthur. Tex., comes from a cancer. Many numerous hills and the obvious hearts and the hand collapsed. Dr. Spaeth worked his way of a human hair to support a when the plane through lumps are harmless, but a few solution -underground transEast was bound to make two through school-all the way up nine-ton spacecraft simulation the clouds and a cy_press are cancerous. Nineteen out of port _ has encountered untrump tricks! to an earned doctorate at platform. swamp. has lmk:d 20 goiters are cancerous, precedented difficulties, Ceteka Princeton University. His chief ----.....,-c:==-=-===---the crash with. a thunderstorm but the 20th one 1s. said. [Z3){•]•] lJtZD interests have a 1 ways been that was passmg through the, ----'-'--u-music and sports. During his area at the time. LUMPS AND ulcers and bleed-L. . d v 8"11 Q-The bidding has been: remarkably productive life he's Just a Pieces of the plane and papers ings in young people are not 1m1te Ote I East south West North been a music critic and lee-salvaged from the crash scene likely to be cancerous, but such WASHINGTON-Sen. Everett 1.._ Dble Pass 2 ... turer, a radio commentator on COtton•pickin' are to be investigated by 0. E. troubles, when they appear in1M. Dirksen said today he does Pass 2 + Pass 2 both music and sports, and is Karvonen and S. L. Tinkham, an old person, can easily mean not believe Congress will be Pass 3 Pass 3. author of 32 books on music. minute! inspectors for the Federal Avia-cancer. willing to go much beyond the Pass "! ' tion Agency from St. PetersConstipation in a young wom,terms of the pending administra-You, South, hold: HOW DOES HE feel about This is all the longer it will burg; and Ed Lowe, an investi-an rarely means anything seri' !tion bill on voting rights. Dirk-•K 9 7 6 •A 10 8 4 + K J 6 5 "'2 the present s t a t e of popular take to read this message about gator for the Civil Aeronautics ous , but constipation appearing;sen, the Senate Republican lead fyoouu rdoh? e•rts. Your music? " I suppose I should be an opportunity for people 50 to S I th r t t. ld th S t R b 1 reassuring and optimistic but 8.0 to learn how to apply for Board from Miami prmgs. or e Irs rme m an o persen, e ena e e P u 1 can partner may be too encouraged . life msurance. The plane was owned by Horison is .a. that_ alarms thus placed himself in by a bid of four spades at this I get depressed at times by what Then take another minute to wns Unlimited, a Miami flying a D1ffJculty m _swalto proposals some point. appears to be My put your name, address and club of which Hodges was a lowmg m a young person 1s usof h1s party members m the TODAY'S QUESTION tastes are cathollc and embrace year of birth on a postcard and member. ually due to a nervous spasm, House, notably Rep. John V. everything from Wagner and mail it to Old American, 4900 Th . 1 . t "d "t but when it shows up in an old !Lindsay of New Yor%, for beefEast opens .the b idding with Stravinsky to Rodgers and DixOak, Depl. LN393, Kansas City, e mves 1ga ors sa1 I may 't th f one heart. You, South, hold: ieland Jazz. Mo., 64141._ B y mail we'll be several months before an of person, 1 can mean a cancer, mg up e terms 0 a measure •A Q 10 8 4 • 2 .y.K Q J 9 8 6 .. . . , send you mformat10n about a . . h f th either in the gullet or in the aimed at end in g voting dis-But see no ment m $l,OOO old line legal reserve r.eportdon t 0 e valve in the upper end of tbe lcrimination against. Negroes in What do you do? and roll and the type of music policy. No one will call. No eras IS rna e ava a e. stomach. tthe South. Answer Tomorrow associated with the Beatles and obligation. Rocky Says 2 GOPs Balked On Mayor Race NEW YORK, March 22 illl'D Gov . Nelson A. Rockfeller said last night he "pleaded" with both fellow Republicans Sen. Jacob K. Javits and John V. Lindsay to run for mayor of New York City. But both men were "unwillIng" and "reluctant" to face Robert F. the city's three-time Democratic mayor, the governor told a local radio audience. Rockefeller accused Javits and Lindsay of setting a March J deadline for finding a GOP candidate, and later refusing to make the race themselves. ''The target date was set by two people who refused it," he said on the interview program a rhino. To be happy with a GTO or Le Mans, you've got to want a tiger. Because that's what you get. 335 or 360 hp in the GTO. 250 or 285 (or a 140-hp six) in the Le Mans. That classy interior you see is standard equipment. So is the luxurious carpeting you can't see. Just remember: you've got to want a tiger. But then who wants a pussycat, anyway? Quiclc Wide-Track Tigers Pontiac Le Mans & GTO "I dropped the bicycle and ran for the nearest tree, but after I'd climbed it I saw two lions below in the grass. "So I thought it would be better to stay there for the night until the lions went away-and I'm sorry I'm late for work." He was forgiven. • COME TO WIDE-TRACK TOWN. SEE THE NEW BONNEVILLE, STAR CHIEF, GRAND PRIX, CATALINA, 2+2, LE MANS, GTO AND TEMPEST AT YOUR AUTHORIZED BAY AREA PONTIAC DEALER PACE PONTIAC, INC. WALDRON PONTIAC, INC. I I 0 I I I 15 Florida Ave. Tampa 2, Florida 3 60 9th Street N. St. Petersburg, Florida HARRIS PONTIAC, INC. 1165 Cleveland St. Clearwater, Florida • s T 6 0 fe F M w til Tl b i rE m t v is a l s t 5E o j th Jl1 pi h i D y


'Tennis Club T earn' Clashes With Miami-Dade Squad New PE Facilities To Be Constructed The physical plant has been tion of the new physical educaallotted $250,000 for construetiona! facilities. Three new football fields will be added east of the old bas , ketball courts and south of the existing football fields . Behind the Baptist IUnion, a main baseball field and one auxiliary field will be constructed. MEN'S Three other facilities will be u . ltl built west of the existing soft.. : .. ::.: .:::::::::::::: diamonds. These include a 3. KIO . . . .••..•.•.•.•..•...•..... 47 new track which is 1 / 4 mile ing: !};. a-w ......... .............. 24 side, an obstacle course which 6. ::::::::::::::::::::: is 1/6 mile inside, and a new g: Xi :::::::::::::::::: rang-e. 10. Alpha z.w . . . . . . . . . . I Ten new tennis cou1ts will be }lEN'S constructed to the west of the erato• s, Zeta Phi 1 existing basketball courts. If red Eyes 3, Scmor Account-enough money is left, all of the .tir.h•3.fE12 6 tennis courts will be lighted. Beta 2-E 10, 1leta lW 4 Two tennis courts will be add3 ed to the existing six. Six shuf8 fie board courts, six horse-shoe Beta 3-W 12. Beta lE: 7 pits, and four volleyball courts RACE RESULTS will be constructed in the vicinNo. 1 ity o f the existing golf greens. 4 . Enotas Gold Bids will be received in June fol' construction and within X : seven months. 9 . KIO No. I --------10. Enotas Pledges 11. PE Majors Counselors Sought 12. KIO No. 3 WOMEN'S SWIMMINGDIVING Today is the last day to turn i Campus Sports Editor By LARRY GOODMAN The University of South Flor ida Tennis Club team plays its first intercollegiate competition Saturday, March 27 when the Brahmans take on Miami-Dade Junior College at Miami. The USF team is offically known as the "Tennis Club" team since no USF athletic inter-collegiate basis. lteams are operating on a formal Eleven players make up the USF team which is coached by Lewis M. professor of education. The players are prac ticing together twice a week, according to Hilley , and are also working ou t a great deal on their own. Netters Check Rankings For First Match Concerning the team's development, Hilley said "I could tell quite a bit of difference in how much they've improved since • we started practicing six weeks ago." Mike Hilley , assistant coach, reads out the current tennis rankings to the USF Tennis Club team. From left are: David Bauer, Clif Suddarth, (Hilley), Pete Grossman, (kneeling) George Salmon , Rich Howze , Charles Hodges , John Pluta, Bob Dick , James Hankins. Not pictured is Bill Mathes.-(USF Photo ) The team has just completed By Two Seconds a tournament to determine the ranking order of each player. One player may challenge the rank of another, according to the team coach, so that the rankings will always remain up Cratos Out-Wh.eels Tcllo s Coed And Coed Horse ••. Peggy Stewart's Classie has learned to enjoy university life.-(USF Pboto) to date. Rankings as of March 24th B y LARRY GOODMAN Of the Campus Staff After 100 laps nearly 19 were: 1. John Pluta (senior); 2. miles-the Cratos No. 2 bike James Hankins (sophomore); 3. team edged out upset-minded Dick Howze (junior) ; 4. Mike Talos by two seconds in the Hilley (Juniorl; 5. Bob Dick third annual men' s bicycle (senior); 6. Clif Suddarth (sen-race. In the women's race the Wh lle Coedls Away ior); 7. David Bauer ( .fre.shman ) PE Majors pedaled to an early 8 . George Salmon ( Juruor ) ; 9. two-lap lead and hel d that Bill Mathes (freshman) ; 10. distance all the way to finish Charles Hodges (junior ) ; 11. line . Horse Classle wlll Play Pete Grossman (j unior ) . In the closest men' s race WUSF S h d yet, four of the 12 teams fin-e e ules ished withi n three-fourths of By GEORGE LYONS Music For Lent a lap. Cratos No. 1 was th ird, Of the Campus Staff For the Lenten and Easter about 8 seconds behind Talos, "She's really like a big dog," USF coed Peggy Stewart season WUSF, 89.7 on the FM while Enotas was forth, about said, as she carried a bucket of horse feed out of the barn. dial, will present the Handel 10 seconds behind the third-A junior and English major, Peggy explained that Classie and Haydn Society in special place te_ a _ m_. _______ _ The women PEM's were paced by Phyllis Musgrave, Peggy Pettijohn, Judy M c Kown, a nd Ann Frets. Cratos No. 2 cyclists were Gary Ragan, John Williams, Eddie Correia, and Frank Caldwell. The runner-up in the 40-lap women's race was FIA, who a lso took the sorority crown. Men's runner-up, Talos, ran a terrific race since the y had only placed sixth in the quali fying rounds. The biggest app lause-getter of th e day was the PE Majors' Frank Neitzey, who rode 75 consecutive laps,. when his teammates failed to show u p. Even then, Neitzey beat out a team with four riders. An interesting sidelight in the men's race was the battle between Crat os' No. 1 team and their No. 2 team. Bill Moore of the No . 1 team which had placed first i n the qualifying rounds , was charging toward first in the 92nd lap of the race, when he s w erved to avoid an accident and h i s bike hit the asphalt. Moore went out badly skinned up, leaving his team w i t h on l y three riders. Thi s year's rider s were in much better p hysical condi tion for the race, accordi ng to I-M coordinator Murphy Os borne, T h e average team practice time was a record 36 hours . 1 . Fides .. 88 in applications for orientation 3: . :::::::::::::: . counselor in the fall. Applicants 4. TriSIS 40 must have a 2.0 grade poin t liked to chase and run and play, programs. :;;':':?:'''ii!:''':':'i::''::',::: ::?;:::',::'! Peggy boards Classie Cnickname for Classic l near the March 1 8 , Mendelssohn ' s EliConstitution ratio an? have completed twelve !Top Five Teams> academiC hours. Completed aprii Majors .::::: :::::::::::: : m p!ications should be turned into 3. Ba.skctweavers .................. the Student Association office :: ::::::::::::::::: m (UC 218). News of Religion BSU To Raise Mission Funds campus. Peggy pays the expenses, letting other students in-jah may be heard from 1 to terested in horseback riding "rent" the horse a few hours per 2 :30 p.m. (Continued from Page 1) week. The students help feed and groom Classie to keep the for March 25 from confined to faculty members mare in good condition. 1 to 2:30 1s a program featur-onl B. f d d th t t d t After letting her eat a little, Peggy took the bucket and ing works of Handel, Bach, an: shook it in front of Classie's nose. When the horse reached Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn, demic staff members would be for some food, Peggy ran away. Soon Classie and Peggy were and inc lu ded in discussions of perrunning about the little lo t, thoroughly enjoying themselves. . Apnl 2nd s w1ll tinent items but would not have Classie, eight years old, will have her first colt in May. mclude a rec1tal by USF stu-a t Peggy was planning to have Classie bred last summer. How-dent Averill Vanderipe, pianist, vo e. ever, while Peggy was at the World's Fair, Classic took care scheduled for 1 to 2:05 p .m. Tradi tion has provided for the of the breeding. Sena t e to be a curriculum comPeggy used money earned from baby-sitting to bu y Classie Tri Ill Lists Out mittee. Binford said he wants t o when she was a freshman in high school. She didn't know a Trimester III class schedules see that this policy be main-great deal about riding and Classie wasn't trained. This was are available in the Registrar' s tained, but he also wants the an ideal situation for learning together. office. Schedules will be availSenate to expand its function to Peggy uses a forward seat English saddle. She said that able as long as they last at the include legislation. .By JEFFREY L. BIALEK ing the BSU at 988-6487 before has a "nasty trot" and it is hard to stay aboard with a 1uc desk, the AD information "Where faculty controls cir-Campus Religion Editor Friday morning. Tickets are $1. western saddle. office and at Argos desk. riculum you have a better uniFathH McFaMe will sponsor a spaghetti supper to about the Vatican Ecumenical UC E raise funds in order to send two Council at the Catholic Student VentS COMMITTEE T favors the Baptist students of USF to JaOrganization meeting on Thurs-formatio n by the Senate of a summer 25 at 7:30p.m. in Pa , nters Com pete for Cash staff an? faculty Father McFadden was at the standing committee consisting ' are 1nv1ted to attend th1s supper . . . . of an equal number of faculty : at the Baptist Student Center on of the Ecumen-The third annual All-Flonda land, Robert Susan Chris Baden of Florida Presby-representatives elected by the Satruday, March 27. The serving Coun.cll m Ron:e. He met Undergraduate Painting ComTcssum, and Dav id Haxton of terian; Mike Bakaty and VirSenate and of student s selected will begin at 5 :30 p .m. Tickets With at the petition will be on exhibition USF; Judy Thomas ginia Haber of Florida Atlantic in a manner s tipulated in the • are available at the BSU Center CounCil. He w11l explam some of March 22 through April 2 in the D1xon and Anna Wmset of the University; Gilbert DeMeza , Constitution and By-Laws of the . at just one dollar peJ' person. "whys" of the latest changes UC ballroom. University of .h'lorida; Barbara Richard Jester, and Richard Student Assoc i ation. Tickets should be ordered beIll the Church. Thirty-three entries have been Russ, Felipe Echeveria, and Kunsch of Tampa University; It should be the purpose of : fore . noon of March 27. * • • received by the UC Arts & Ex-Lynn Pullen, Joel Bagnall, Helen th i s committee to recommend . At 7:30p. m . after supper the Jewish Student Union will hibits Committee, who sponso1 Budget Cut Whittington •. Dave .Neal of reso l utions t o the Senate regard: group will go to the Armenia sponsor a lox and bagel brunch this annual statewide activity. Stetson Umvers1ty; R J chard ing student welfare and mat; Skating rink for a skate party. Sunday, March 28 a t 10:30 a.m. The entrants are Deanne (Continued from Page 1) Dorman, Robert Soper, and Bar -ters o f mutual concern to stu-: The total cost for this will be in Argos Center 139. Guest Hegys, Sally K. Gibby, and bara Atkins of Florida Southern dents and faculty, according t o \ ' Randy Wilkie, USF coed, readies for show, a i de d by Mrs. Betty Merrill of Maas. Bridal Fashions Shown " G old en Moment s " a bridal :,:' fashion show and buffe t dmner will be Monday , March 29 in the UC BaJiroom. The dinner will begi n a t 5:30 p.m. and the fashion show at 6:15 p.m . Residen t students with a food card can secure Ire e tickets a t the UC desk. There will be tickets for non-resident students available for $1 at tl1e UC des k. Maas Bros. of Tampa will provide the fashions, consist. ing of bridai g owns, attendants dresses, and bl'idal trousseau suggestions. Mode l s are USF students <' Randy Wilk ie, Ga il Reeves, Lynnette Kelly, Sue Ledford, .' Margie Townsend, D i a n e := Johns, Janice Higg i ns, Marsha Hall. Vicki Wade, Janice Haynsworth, A leida Redruella, . Diane Johnson, Rick Pulliam, Dave Soko ( and J i m Bradley . 60 cents. speaker will be Dr. William Ruben Travieso of Jacksonville a list of priority statements at College; Norma Canelas and committee T . There will be a Baptist faculty George o f the history departUniversity; James c. the end of March. Thi s list will George Bridge of Rollins Colfellowship supper at BSU on ment. Everyone is cordially in-Timothy Johnson, Hattie M . reflect the decisions as t o how lege; Eric Hazelhoff and D avid One Case in Three Years Friday, March 26 a t 7 p . m . vited to come; 50 cents per Johnson. and Leonard B. Foote many students in which cate-Rollow of New College. Make your reservations by call-person. of Flonda A & M; Michael Row-Rate of VD Low at USF Theologian Asks in Address Comest Thou?1 By LAURA MANDELL of the Campus Staff "Jews believe that Jesus was born humanly and lived divinely; but Christians believe that Jesus was oorn di vmely and lived humanly.'' USF Religious Council's theologian -in -residence, Rabbi Julius Mark thus emphasized some basic similarities a n d differences between vUdaism and Christianity during his main address to a small group of interested students, faculty and guests Thursday evening. HIS SPEECH concluded Ma1k's visit on campus from March 15-19 . The address, ''Whence Comest Thou? What Is Thy Country? Of what Peo ple art Thou?" was titled from the Biblical story of Jonah. Whereas most people are familiar only with the allegory of Jonah and the whale, few are aware of the story of Jonah replying to the above question . "Of what people art thou?" was answered by Jonah by his saying "I am a Hebrew." In a similar manner, Mark would also reply to this ques tion, "I am a Jew, a rabbi." The literal meaning of "rabbi" is teacher. Whereas some religi ons consider a clergyman to be the mediator between God and Man, the rabbi is mel'ely the teacher who en ables man to better understand his religion, Mark said. MARK ALSO d iscussed the 5everal significant religious observances of Judaism for the benefit of the non-Jewish members of the audience. Explaining the meaning of such bolidays as the High H o 1 y Days of Rosh Hashana and Yon Kippur, Chanukah and REV. JULIUS MARK ••• "Who Are You?" Passover, he emphasized the purpose a n d description of how these are celebrated. For Jews. this is the :v('al' 5725, according to Mark. The Jewish calendar which establishes the dates of these holidays is based upon the lunar cal endar of 357 days. In explicating the complicated system which includes a leap year which adds an addi tional m o n t h every t h r e e years, Mark said that t h is year is a lea p year in the J ew ish calendar. THE CHRISTIAN Julian calendar. establishes the date for only one holiday, Easter, on the lunar calendar. This is why Easter comes ou.t on a different day each year, Mark explained. The New Year is tr aditional!y celebrated eight days after the birth o f Christ. Thus, this holiday is on the same date each year, unlike ? most Jewish holidays. The sabbath observed by the Jewish people begins at sundown on Fridays and con e l u de s sundown Saturdays. According to Mark, this is so because in the Bible the Lord is supposed to have included both day and night in the first day of Creation. This is the reason holidays begin at sundown the day before the event to be celebrat ed. For example, the Fest iv a l of Lots, Purim, was March 1 8 on the calendar, but celebrated from sundown Wednesday until sundown Thursday. Rab bi Mark discussed the signifi cance of U1is holiday , derived from the Biblical story of Esther, d uri n g U1e interdenominational weekday worship service Wednesday evening at the Baptist Student Cen ter. Coincidentally that evening was the beginning of Purim. ''THE THEOLOGIAN-in-residence project is even better than R e 1 i g i o u s Emphasis week," said Dr. Margaret Fisher, dean of women, "be cause you don't try to Cl'am religion for a year into on e week." As adviser to the USF Religious Council, Dean Fisher spoke of the success of the past week's visit of Rabbi Mark. Other schools have ligious E m p h a s i s w e e k duri n g which a team of the olo gians of many denomi na tions visit the campus. However, according to Fisher, this project is an improvement with one very distin guished person such as R'\bbi Mark. He partici p ated in 12 classes and was readily acces sible to students and faculty since he resided on campus. gories will compose t.he 1965-66 student body. The action the State Legislature will take is the key to whether the pressure will be lifted from the University of ficials who have to deny entrance to applicants. USF of ficials are c a u g h t in the middle; their limits are being imposed from without. COMPROMISE m u s t be reached between two forces. A philosophy must be develop e d which identifies who should go to college. And money must be obtained to support the adopt ed p hil osophy. The two facets are part and parcel of each other. ln the present situation money is the dominant factor. The result of this balance at th is time may necessitate a change in t h e philosophy which guides Uni versity admissions policy . A second facet is corresponding delay in development of embryonic graduate schools. To some extent classes can be scheduled to leave a minimum of unused classroom space. FOR SEVERAL years Florida University applicants have been limited to Florida h igh school graduates who scored h igher than 300 or a possible 500 on the Florida 12th Grade Placement Test. An alternative for those who scored lower is successful completion of a p rogram at a Florida junior college. This list of routes is of course not exhaustive. "The who fall substantially below the 300 score are generally not prepared to do university -level work," said John Egerton, d irector of information services are USF. "California now admits the top 12 per cent of their high school graduates to universities. Florida admits its top 40 per cent." A total of $175 in prize money will be awarded. A representative from R i ngling Art Museum will judge the entries. There will be a reception on Sunday, March 21 from 1-5 p . m . i n the UC ballroom when the winners will be announced and the exh i bition will o p e n officially. . * ... * In conjunction with "Peace Corps Wee k" on the campus, the UC Special Events Com mi ttee will host an All-Univer sity Coffee Hour with representatives from the Peace Corps recruiting team as special guests, T hursday a t 1:25 p.m. in UC 252. A film will be shown and there will be a question and answer session. Everyone i s in vited. By JAY BECKERMAN Campus Managing Editor "In the t hree years I have been here, only one case of syphillis has been reported to the health center. Two or three cases of gonorrhea have been treated annually." Dr. Robert Egolf, di 1 ector of the USF Health Center, remarked that the number of students requesting treatment for venereal diseases has not statistically kept pace with the enrollment here, " prob ably because students f e a r that health records would be available to the university administration, or to o ther individuals or organ i zations . This just is not so. "STUDENT HEALTH rec OI'

l8 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March ZZ, 1965 Club Roundup .They B 'nai B 'rith Women ' Set Schedule Film Showing h lut B'nal B'rith Women will be City African Violet Society's physical fitness classes will the first group in Hillsborough l1965 display and show . conducted at DeSoto Commun]W The County to present the mental The flower exhibit will be held Center starting Mar h 23 health film, "Cry For Help," at in the Garden Club Building, c their Tuesday meeting. and about the care The classes will be M e m b e r 5 wlll meet at 8 and vanetJes of the plants wtll Tu d d Th d , b il bl every es ay an urs a:;-_ o'clock at the Jewish Commue ava a e. . t c t f th d An open invitation is extend-even 1 n g from 7:30 to Date n1 y en er or e program an . . , election of new officers. ed to all Ilower fancters m the o clock. area . . Answering about. the * * * 1\lrs. Jerri Ewing, instruct ftlm will be Dr. Wtlson; Rtppy women who join the millinery will stress Individual as well 3'11 Jr. of Tampa, and classes now will have time to group instructions . She will r• E.lwyn Rasco, clinical psycholo-make one or more hats for Eas-elude exercises which will'" gtst and consultant. ter, according to Mrs. Jack prove body tone, Miss Jeannette Warren Mr and Mrs. George W. Warren, 4709 Ohio Ave. , announce the engagement and coming marriage of their daughter, Jeannette Arthena, to Douglas Robinson Baker. The County Medical AssoclaClay, instructor. agility and coordination. tion has purchased the film, and The classes are held, 9:30a.m. . Miss Warren was graduated from Robinson High School and attended University of South Florida where she was a member of the Business Administration Club. She is now employed by Tampa Electric Co. and is a member of Manhattan Avenue Methodist Church. it was by Mental until noon , Tuesdays at North A small will be chargeet Health Chatrman Mrs. Robert Boulevard Community Center. The center ts .operated by Mason. Members learn every phase departmen * * * of millinery from making the jiiiiilliiiiiilll•lliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hl_llsborourh <:ounty frame to adding attractive trim GRADUATE TOHer fiance, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Baker, 4710 McElroy Ave., is a graduate of Plant High School. He attended Georgia Institute of Technology and was graduated from Uni versity of South Florida with a BA degree in administration. While enrolled at USF he was a member of the Business Ad ministration Club. He is now employed by FMC Corp. of Lakeland as assistant product sales manager. He is a member of Palma Ceia Methodist Church. Auxiliary, the Ptnk Ladtes, w1ll mings. celebrate its second birthday A fee is charred and the Thursday. classes are sponsored by the Auxiliary members will meet city recreation department. 41America's Finest" CONN ORGANS with Mrs. Samuel G. Hibbs , 3111 ,.. * * Mrs. Hugh F. Rogers Jr. Mrs. Riverson S. Leonard Samara Drive, for a coffee and social hour. They will be married May 8. 3 o ' clock, in Manhattan Methodist Church by the Rev . Joseph Jones. * • * will be presented when the Wom an' s Club meets Thursday. C'h U nch Bells C'h lm ed A one-act comedy, "Consola.. ... : •x. < • .,._,,,,,,,,.. .. tion," will be presented by club . m members after the business I T D t P d Miss Bren?a Ann Parsons be and was :r.:rlss I The bride is the of meetmg. ampa a e a \% came the bride of Hugh F . RogSusan Smtth, s1ster of the bnde. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Thleroff of The meeting will begin at 10 ers Jr. Saturday, 8 o ' clock, in All attendants wore gowns of Wilhiemshaven, Germany. Paa . m . and will be held in the so ill Palma Ceia Baptist Church . The yellow silk organza and carried rents of the brideg roo m are Mr. cial hall of Tims Memorial Pres-Adult home economics departDAUGHTERS Rev. Titus Aldridge officiated. daisies. and Mrs. Carl F. Cowgill of byterian Church, Sunset Lane. ment, Evening V o c a t ion a 1 0 r a n g e Blossom Council, The bride is the daughter of Best man was Robert Leon-Tampa. * * * Airlines-ToursCruises Sch. ool, has openings in the Daughters of America, will meet Mr. and Mrs. Walter R . Parard, father of the bridegroom. Jack w. Holmes, a family "Violets in Party Fashion" sprmg quarte7 classes in Wednesday, 8 p.m., in the Odd sons, 3218 DeLeon. The bride Groomsmen-ushers were Phillip friend, gave the bride in marwill be the theme of Haines ing construction, t a i 1 or 1 n g, Fellows Temple. groom is the son of Hugh Roge r s Plyer, Stephen Sears, Joe Els-riage. She wore a street length ------------planning.. interior of New Orleans, La., and the berry, Bill Steen, Tex l'ielland, gown of taffeta and lace, and a decorahon, shp covermg andre.GRANDMOTHERS, late Mrs. John Taylor. Jimmy Bradley, Dick Hdnt of pearl crown held her veil. She Piano Recital '-!Pholste ry. For more. informaSemmole Grandmothers Given in marriage by her fa-Fort Lauderdale, Mike Curran carried white orchids . Around the State-= t1on c?ntact Mrs. Flosste Roker, will meet 11 ;3 0 ther, the bride wore a formal of Atlanta, and Larry Smith , Mrs. Burleigh w i 1 k 1 n 5 of Planned Toni ght coordmator of the program. a.m., at the 99 ers Restaurant. f 'lk taf brother of the bride T t f th Reservations rna be made with gown o SI .organza . . . Houston , exas, SIS er o e PSI . Mrs. R. L. 1511 Hillsfeta. earned carnatiOns and A reception at Palma Ce1a bridegroom, served as matron Merle Holloway will present a Beta. Chapter. Beta side Dr., by Tuesday. her veil was held by a pearl Golf and Country Club followed of honor. She wore a gown of group of high school students in :ma Phi, wtll II_leet Tuesday wtth crown. the ceremony. . . blue and green t affeta and car-tonight's piano recital. Mrs. John Bnce, 4932 San RaCATHOLIC CLUB Mrs. Tamra Yong of Sarasota After a weddmg tr1p to Sea ried roses and orchids. . . fael. The Rev. John Mangrum Members of the Catholic Soserved her sister as matron of Island, Ga., Mr. and Mrs. Leon-Charlie Haladzs was best man The program will be 10 Around the Country-= .• Around the World-of St. Mary' s Episcopal Church cia! Club will meet Wednesday, honor. Miss Patricia Tant was ard will reside in Athens, Ga. and Joe Hudson was usher. Butldmg will be guest speaker. New offi8 p.m., at Lowry Park to play maid of honor and attendants * * * A reception in the home of au num at p.m. cers will be elected. golf. were Mrs. Ann King of Atlanta, Married Feb. 27 in First PresMr. and Mrs. Jack Holmes fol Music is from the classic, roGAMMA ALPHA LUNCHEON Ga.: Miss Gregg of byterian Church were Miss lowed the ceremony. After a mantic and modern periods. The business girls' luncheon Orlando . and Mtss Susan Mar Ursula Thieroff and Carl Fred-wed din g trip to t he Gulf Sally Hawsey, accompanied It Cost No vail Gamma Alpha Chapter, Beta at the YWCA will be noon , tin . They wore gowns of blue erick Cowgill Jr. The Rev. John Beaches, Mr. and Mrs . Cowgill by Cynthia Barber, will present Sigma Phi, will meet Tuesday, w d d taffeta and organza. B . Dickman officiated. will live in Tampa. a group of vocal solos . of our Services. 8 p . m . . at the home of Mrs. e nes ay. Best man was Russell Gross Ruth Bowen, 163 Barbados. PEO Chapter T of the PEO will of Gainesville . Groomsmen were DELTA BETA meet Wednesday, n 0 0 n, with Jr., brother of Delta Beta Chapter, Epsilon Mrs. J . N. Cardwell, 3104 Omar. the bnde, Ka1 Yong of Sarasota, Sigma Alpha , will meet with Tony Lopez and Bobby Carpen Mrs. Raymond Tavares on TuesOES ter. day, 8 p.m. Mrs. G. T. Bodo Ceia chapter, OES . Af ter the ceremony Mr. will demonstrate "Jet-Age w1ll meet Wednesday, 8 p . m . , at Mrs. Rogers left for a weddmg Make-up . " Fellowship Masonic Temple. trip to the Gulf Beaches. PALMA CEIA * * * Hostesses for the event are Peggy Bruno and Pamela Kre her. WORLD TRAVEL CENTER 1601 E. Hillsborough Avenue TAMPA-Phone 237 317 North Mauochusetts Avenue LAKELAND-Phone 682 The American. Field Service Gasparilla An n e will be the discussion topic when Buchanan Smith became the members of Palma Ceia Worn-bride of Riverson Samuel Leon an's Club meets Wednesday , ard Saturday evening. 7 :30 p . m., in the International The double ring ceremony was Affairs Room, University of h e 1 d in First Presbyterian Tots! Nothing You Can Buy Cleans Dentures, Destroys Odor Better Than D.O.C. Ask your dentist! He knows the value of using D.O.C. regularly to eleen your dentures. Here' s why: (1) adivated-oxygen bubble•-away cdor-C8llSing food particles; safeguards your breath. (2) D.O.C. rates number one in cleansing power in e. leading University study. (3) No brushing; just soak and rinse. Next time you buy a denture cleanser, remember: Nothing you can buy eleans dentures , destroys odor, better f}um D . O.C. Two month Tampa. Church at 5:30 p.m., the Rev . JUNIORS John D . Dixon o fficiating. Tampa Junior Woman's Club empire gown. of peau de will meet Wednesday 8 p.m. at sote \1/lth pearl tr1m was the the clubhouse. A bride' s choice. Her veil was will follow the joint session of rosepoint Brussels lace. and she regular and professional mem-carried roses. Her father gave bers. New officers will be her in marriage. elected. She is the daughter of Mr . ANCHOR CLUBS and Mrs. Melvin B . Smith, 2923 Lawn. Mr. Leonard i s the son of Anchor Clubs of Tampa will Mr. and Mrs. Robert G . Leon present the program when Pilot ard. Club of Tampa meet WednesMiss Allen Simpson and M iss day, 6 p . m. , at the Floridan Katherine Minnich of Atlanta M .otor H o t e 1. Ga., served as the bride's maid ; Hillsborough and P 1 an t Htgh of honor . Schools will be represented . Bridesmaids were M iss Betty WILLIAM G. TAYLOR, M.D. PLASTIC SURGERY Sue Landrum, Miss Lisa R a n kin, Miss Gee Canada of Lynch burg, Va., Miss Barbara Ison Has Removed his Office to the of Atlanta, and Miss Jane Leon" ;1:11 MEDICAL ARTS CENTER ard. sister o r the bridegroom. 'f t' 4600 N. Habana, Suit' 10 Bridesmatrons were Mrs. Wil-. Mrs. Carl F. Cowgill Jr. . Invitation To All Ladies :: . . ; f. .::;. YEARS OF LEARNING pattern•cuttlng techniques ARE WIPED OUT IY A SINGLE, EASY METHOD! Fantastically Succenful in 28 Countries! LEARN PATTERN-CUTTING THE MODERN WAY UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE! Ylannase fashion designers ond German Mathematicians have craatacl a pattern.cuttlng method which can ba :ji masteracl by anyone In :'1 JUST ONE HOUR :':i A ustem named "THE GOLDEN RULE" where YOU do not do an;r !ilrUring and need no experience othe r than readlne a j number and drawing a dot Give ua one of your time and we will !how :vou at our PATTERN-CUTTING SHOW :ill how to draft ;rour pattern wltb Ol;IIY two measurements ID any ;::: alze and style for any member of :rour famll:v. This course will j be an IDYe!tment which will save a fortune In next to no timet f) PROVE IT TO YOURSELF! ) DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! l l!'or JOUr conveni ence. so that you need not study, demonstrai:i: tiona be!nc held. To make these possible, a small Demon.;; atratlon Pee Ia charged. < All Necessary EQuipment Available at Claues TAMPA TERRACE.-. Make the Most O'f Your Looks I By COUNT MARCO "You're as young as you feel or as old as you look . " @ "Beauty is as beauty does . " % \] I could go on and on. Beauty is an important byproduct @! of everyday living. So I pass on to y ou t.1 ill :m the secrets of beauty sent m by many o! my "Always apply cream to the eyes after washing the face," suggests a reader from Los Altos, Calif . , ''and always before bed time. Not before makeUP but definitely before retiring." She adds that if you apply it to the forehead and neck you will be doing yourself another good turn . Marco Another suggestion is that you should a lways use cotton for removing make-up at the end of the day. "Facial tissue," another hom e expert claims, "when used over a period of years, causes a roughness to appear on the skin." My aunt the Contessa claims the two greatest beauty H m aids any woman can have are the following: F irst: Think # Cor. Kennedy Blvd.-Florida Ave. 2nd Floor Daily }), % Beautiful. "A woman ' s attitude alone can make her i@j From: Tuesday, March 23 thru Friday, March 20th :(\i r.: beautiful." 3 Demonstrations Daily: 10 A.M. _ 2 P .M. _ 7:30 :@ Second: If every woman spent. half an hour daily M P .M. Demonstration Fee-SOc ilffi on herself she would find that It Improves her beyond h .'ii Please Come Early! Classes Filled To C 1 t:: % expectation. This applies to any woman . \1 ) apacity n M Those of YOU with sour faces f rom complaints of " Oh, .. CLASSES ALSO BEING HELD AT FOLLOWING CITIES•. D t t'on Fee SOc f.Hili aching btack" can thank Mrs . L. o . of Redwood City Ior : @ W 1s sugges wn: Y.! . , L•KELAND RA .. ADA I . \'@ :t "When picking up around the house, always stoop, A :?: ,.. : m INN, I bO I E. Memorial CF Tahr HaRmson MHotel, TShouth t _ _ =1 never stand and bend . Any woman will notice the difference @ }j Blvd.-Banquet Room, Monday, March 22 and or armon .-ep yr oom en., ursf: 'f h d th I i hi ll " 'i:' Wednesday, March 24. day, March 25 and Friday, March 26. H 1 s e oes IS a t u. y . r: From Scottsdale, Anz., Mrs. A. F. says, "My beauty hint ,,_i :[_[_:_ BRADENTON: Manatee River Hotel, 309 lOth t SARASOTA: Orange Blossom Hotel, Cor. Main f _:: is just simply get to bed early enough to get in those :\! Stoet-Club Room. Meu., Monday, March 22 an.d Palm St.-Men, Thursday, March 25 and :t, much-needed eight hours. . ;;: thru Wednesday, March 24. Fr1day, March 21.. (:i "Proper sleep makes a world of difference in looks, V post'g; .. by a OUR WENDY WARD DIRECTOR Is Joann Torretta, • gredutte of North. western Univ. Sch. of Speech in Chicago, ud the Ber biton School of Modeling in Now York City . Recently returned from Am. Modeling Convention in New Yor k City with the latest beauty end charm pointers. M iss Torretta has train•d over I 0 ,000 students. Teens! Adults! Enroll Today In A WENDY WARD CHARM Course! New Classes Starting Mar. 22nd • Apr. 3rd NOW! 8 Week Course The Tab? gso INCLUDING: *Wendy Ward Beauty Book *Complete Skin Care K i t Cash or CharCJe *Fashion Show • Graduation learn professional pointers in e SKIN CARE e POISE e WARDROBE STYLING e MAKE-UP e WALKING e FASHION MODELING Schedule: Beginners Courses CHILDREN Monday 3:30:30 (6 -11 yrs.J TEENS Tuesday 4 :3 0-5 : 45 I 12 yrs. I OR TEENS Saturday 1 0:00 : 15 (12 yrs.J ADULTS Wednesday 10:00 -11 :1 5 e .m. Schedule: Advanced Cour9es ADULTS Monday 7 : 30-8:45 p .m. OR ADULTS Wednesday 11: 30:45 CHILDREN Tuesday 3 : 30-4 : 30 TEENS Saturday 11 :30 12 :4 5 OR TEENS Monday 4:30-5 :45 p.m . REGISTER NOW IN PERSON OR PHONE WARDS FASHION DEPT. TAMPA 877-6161 EXT. 211 or 212 goodman.Whatdoyousuggest? d STUDIO LA-HAI INC. STUDIOS ON 5 CONTINENTS • ..


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CRACKER BOY 4500 Florida Ave. Ph. 231-4831 CASH TODAywE pay top S$5 for c 1 e a n '81 tbru '65 cars. Extra $ for wago111. ELKESCAMPBELL MOTORS 3737 Henderson Blvd. at Dale Mabry Ph. 872 CARS wanted! 16th St. and-Temple Terrace Highway. 935. GET CASH for your old car today. For fast action & top dollar call Adan1s Auto Parts, 626-5161. JUNK CARS WANTED West Coast Auto Parts 626-3512 4 WJLL buy old junk cars and run 1 nlng car$. 621f.Q08l Peek at this pair of PICKUPS (and the Van!J among our lotful-'63 CHEVROLET 1/2Ton Pickup. Extra clean. .... ..... 51345 '60 CHEVROLET V• Ton Pock up. Long s995 wheelbase. New paint '56 INTERNATIONAL Z Ton Van. Heavy $696 duty •quipment , .. 010en Daily 8 AM 'til 9 PM Sats. 'til 6 PM. Closed sun. TRUCK SALES T!JE SOUTH'S BIGGEST SELECTION OF TRUCK BARGAINS 1955 GMC D660 cabover or con venllonal tractor, engine over hauled. Bargain. 1959 MACK B61 Tractor, Conven tina! Cab, Top Condition tb1u-out. '57 TRAILMOBILE 38' flatbed. Ready to go. TRAILMOBlLE PRODUCE VAN. Hlllh cube, excellent con dillon wlfh good rubber. 1960 :13' TRAILER wIth U .W.D. THERMOKING UNIT underslung, 4" insulation. Knee hlgb In rubber. A real buy 1960 GMC BV401l with 17V.. van bod.v dual wheels, good rubber, an excellent buy. 39th St. & Adamo Dr. Ph. 223, Ext. 36 Eve. 988 "Red" Shirley, R. D. Holley & Ernle Wingate '63 RANCHERO Real Nice ONLY $895 HENURIC KSON AUTO SALES __ 909 N. DALE MABRY JEEPS-TRUCKS '64 Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Long Wide Deep Bed P I c l< u p. Show room Clean. Warranty. '63 F 'ord V-8. Wide Deep Bed Pickup. Low mileage. Pl"k'H'.;.Y;:: Double Nice. 8' Long Wide Bed. '62 Ford 'h Ton V Wide Bed Pickup. Custom Cab. Clean. '62 Falcon Rancllero Pickup. '81 Cbev. 4 Wheel Dnve Pickup. (2) '61 Ford Auto. Trans. Pickups. v .s, Grill Guard, Texas Bumper, Radio & Heater. One Owner. '60 Jeep" 4 Wbl . Dr. Forward CoD trol Pickup. 9 Ft. Bed, Hubs, One Owner, Very Clean. '58 Jeep 4 Wb!. Dr. Pickup. '51 Jeep 4 Whl . Dr. Wagon. Hubs, And Ready Tu Go. '51 Jeep 4 Whl. Dr. , Runs Good. MANY MORE TRUCKS TONY WEIR 1 Blk. N. of Columbus Drive 2803 FLA. AVE. PH. 229 WANT AD. Ph. 223-4911 149 Imported-Sport Cars Saab Sales & Service For the Tampa area. Maier Motors 4888 34th St. N ., St. Pete 526 Ford. Real nice. $400 & '59 Fiat 1100 Sed. 5400. $1 down, $20 mo. 3711 Florida Ave . Inter national Storage. 1963 'rRIUMPH Spitfire. Real clean, R&H . plus extras. After 8, 258. 1963 DELUXE Volkswagen bus, 3 seats, radio, whitewalls, $50 & assume paymenta of 157.69. 988, after 4 . :a2"MG"?tiark-ll,.....,.r""ed;--convertihle :If"! leather interior. ,8760 PORSCHE, '57N coupe. Red. Runs, drives, looks good. Radio. Michelin X tires. $1195, or wlll trade for later model foreign car, 300 S L GULL WING MERCEDES Benz. Black outside, red leather inside, exceUent con. dltlon. Wonderful road car but no good to drive hal! mlle for groceries in retirement center. 634-1787. • u-;o" o"'o " u"'s"E"'D,___c:;;A""R=su,.,....s8 VOLVO 2 dr. '61 VOLVO 2 dr. '62 VOLVO 4 dr. '63 VOLVO 2 dr. Air Cond. '64 VOLVO Executive car Air cond. R&H SHERMAN H. SMITH VOLVO & DATSUN DEALER SALES-SERVICE-PARTS 406 E. PLATT ST. 229 1963 JAGUAR 3.8 sedan, AT, fac tory air, R&H. 18,000 one owner miles. Call St. Pete, 894 dlr. -SPORTS-CARS This Weeks Complete Selection . 1950 MG TD . . . . ......... $700 1957 Austin Healey 100 ........ $600 1963 Sprite Mark 2 .•...... 5850 1957 TBird, Both tops • •.... $2295 1961 Corvet convert. . ....... $1995 1962 Austin Healey 3000 ..••.. $1695 1962 TR3 . . . . .......•..... $1195 1959 Jag. XK150 Rds. . ..... Sl495 1960 Sprite ..................... $500 WE have several other sports cars In the cbeaper price bracket that will be available within this week. Come in, browse around &. have a free coke. If you have a sports car to sell I would like to talk to YOU about it. We take trades & have excellent financing available. INTERNATIONAL STORAGE 3711 FLORIDA AVE . MERCEDES Benz, 1959 . 4 door, evenings. 1963 MGB sports roadstet, spoke loaded, real nice, $1650 call FACTORY AUTHORIZED Import Car Service FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY 'Parts •sates 'Service MG AUSTIN -TRIUMPH FMTRENAULT -PEUGEOT We Service AU Makes Ph. Tampa 236, Clwtr . 442 CLEARWATER MOTOR CARS 150 Automobiles For Sale 1961 CHEVROLEf Impala..! 4 door, hardtop, full power , A -<.;, Radio. Original owner. $1375. 877 af ter 4 prn. TRANSPORTATION SPEClALf OLDSMOBILE. Factory alr, a•r cold. Sharp Car! Full price Florida Ave., 1960 RAMBLER deluxe s t a t i o n wagon, 4 door, sti ck, $700. 255-2471. MUST sell by owner. 1963 Buick Wildcat convertible, factory air and more, excellent condition 988741. WE GOT 'EM 1965 VOLKSW A GENS NICE COLOR SELECTION IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ALSO 1200 & 1500 Series KarmaM Ghias In stock. STRICKLAND'S AUTO SALES Authorized Dealer Pb.. 231 150 Autemobiles For Sale DENNIS THE MENACE ly HANK KETCHAt.\ _a_o __ A.ut_o_m_ob_t_I•_•_Fo_r_Sa_le-150 Automobiles For Sale 150 AutomobHes Fot Sale AUTO LIQUIDATORS No Down Payment No Paymt. 'Til May '61 Chev. Imp. HT . $1398 $67 mo. '62 Ford Gal. Air .. s 999 $57 mo. '60 Chev. Wag. $ 797 $48 mo. '60 Chrysler 300 HT $1190 S6l mo. '58 Olds HT. CP .. S 469 $27 mo. '63 Ford PU . . .. $1139 $67 mo '59 El Camino S 793 $47 mo. '60 Chrysler 300 HT $1199 $72 mo. so Line. H / T Air . s 999 S59 mo. '61 Rambler 4dr Air S 797 $48 mo. '59 Chev. 2dr. stick $ 598 $34 mo. '60 Ford Gal. . .. $ 799 $48 mo. '61 Fal. 4 dr. A / T . S 797 $48 mo. '60 Corv. A /T, 4 dr. $ 598 S34 mo. '59 Buick, 4 dr. H I T S 898 $54 mo. Jr.,. .. :: J m '61 Corv. A /T, 4 dr. $ 793 $47 mo. '60 Plym war. . .. S 597 $34 mo. '60 Fal. 4 dr. A / T . $ 579 $33 mo. '56 Chev. H / T . S 399 S24 mo. '59 Pont. H /T, Air . S 698 542 mo. '58 Opel wag. . $ 398 $24 mo. '57 Ford, 2 dr. &tick $ 268 S18 mo. '58 l''ord wag. . S 199 $12 mo. '57 Olds. H I T . $ 299 S2l mo. '56 Ford 2 dr. stick $ 198 $12 mo. '56 Ford 2 dr. stick S 99 WILL 'l'RADE ALL CARS ROAD TESTED Free OneYear Written Warranty Stored at 2105 Fla. Ph. 229-5737 cj;\r . A No 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 1960 IMPALA, 4 dr. R&H, new paint, & interior. 876. TAKE over paymenta '57 Ford V -8, AT, R&H, $125 at $11 mo. No cash needed, no payment until Mav. Dlr. 2819 Fla Ave. 229, 224 '59 CHEVROLET convert. VB, R&H, , Runs good, S295. 224-4262, 229. '55 FORD, 2 dr ., V8 stick, $299. No cash needed. $4 week. Dir. 8300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232 4500 FLA. AVE. CRACKER BOY • An' when she hit me with her fist, I kicked her in the pants. Can I help 'It if she's got loose glasses?" 150 Automobiles For Sale TAKE over payments '60 Plymouth Fury, 4 dr., HT, R&H , PS, two tone. Real nice . Bal. $495 at ,24.87 mo. No cash needed, no payments until April. Dir. 2819 Fla. Ave . 229, 224 '61 Volkswagen $995 SEDAN. Radio, mechanically per fect. Real clean 'n extra sharp! C.&R. AUTO SALES 150 Automobiles For Sale We Finance Anyone '58 Lincoln Continental HT $695 '60 Chevy Wacon, real nice .. S795 '59 Mercury waton nice .... $695 '60 Valiant Wa110n ........... $595 '58 Plymouth 4 dr HT . . ... $495 '58 Chevy Bel Air, VB, AT . . $495 '59 Chevy Bel Air .......... $595 df, s!m 4316 FLA. AVE. PH. 2381962 Big John's Auto Sales 4001 Fla. Ph. 238 TAKE over payments '59 Olds 2 Dr. BT. All power, real clean, 1 owner. Bal. !595 at $27.62 mo. No cash needed, no payment until May. Dlr. '61 MERCURY 9 Pass. Wgn. '60 BUICK Convertible, afr t1095 '60 CORVAIR 4 dr., nice $695 '57 DESOTO 2dr. HT. 1395 '59 OLDS. 88 $597 '60 CHEV. Impala Conv. S955 '84 IMPALA 2dr. HT. $2195 Phone 231-4831 We Finance Anyone GOOD FAMlLY CARS 4100 FLORIDA AVE, DRL. conv ertible, perlect condition, AC, new tires, All pow er. 23,000 miles. 4207 Zellar, off S. Lois, eveninga and weekends. Rea. sonable. 1958 LINCOLN Continental, hardtOP, . $575. Excellent condition. 235-7654. TRANSPORTATION SPECIAL! '59 Oldsmobile convertible. S h a r p rtiia , 56 FORD, 2 door. V8, R&H. No cash needed. $5 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 PLYMOUTH, 6 cylinder, new motor. Good condition, 1195. 235-7854. '81 YORD wagon, CruiseOMitlc, PB, '62 FALCON StatlonWagon. Clean, many extras., private owner. 232, 223. FORD conv, clean, new tag, $645. 837. AUTOMOBILE-AUCTibN EVERY Mon. Wed. and Fri., 7 :30 PM, 5 ntw car dealers alone. Taking invutory, will sell 100 cars, follow the crowd. Tampa's larl;"est and best auto auctlnn . 13223 Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Fla. FOR SALE. 1959 Pontiac. Full power, A / C. 1950 PlYmouth, clean. 237 3365. Nights call '55 BUICK sedan. Loaded. One owner. $475. G&H Auto Sales, 5709 Florida Ave. Ph. 233 . 1960 FALCON, 2 door, standard transmission $495. 988, 8609 Chinaberry Dr. '58 CHEvY Impala HT. $495. No cash needed . $6.50 wk. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232 1958 TBlrdconvertible, full power, AC, new paint, good condition. 932. '6l FORD Galaxle, P / S , P / B , R&H, AC . One owner, good con dition. 1958 CHEV. staUon wagon, stick, 4 dr., V-8. Call 235. 1965 COMET Cyclone, 2 door HT, bucket seats. 8 cylinder, WSW, steering, 4 speed on floor. .• of payment. No dealers. 258l. 1961 PLYMOUTH 4 door Belvedere, V-8. automatic, power steering. factory air. Real fine condition . $850. Private. 238. '50 Jo'ORD, 4 door, $149. No cash needed. $3 week. 6300 Florida Ave . Ph. 232 BARGAIN CENTER SPECIAL SALE THIS WEEK ONLY OF TIM O'RILEY'S CLEAN CARS NOBODY , BUT _./ NOBODY UNDERSELLS US ON TAMPA'S BEST USED CARS CHECK OUR CARS BEFORE YOU BUY WE INTEND TO PLEASE YOU 1961 Ford loaded .. $795 1961 Chev. B/ A . . $995 1959 Pont-loaded .. $595 1958 Olds loaded . . $495 1957 Chev. loaded $595 1960 Mere. HT .... $595 1959 Ply. 2-Dr ..... $495 1959 Chev. stick .. $395 1956 Cad. C/DL .. $395 1955 Chev. V -8 .... $395 TIM O'RILEY'S CLEAN CARS 5608 Fla. 236-5531 1958 CHEVROLET 2 door fiT, t.ig motor, Low price. 836. LOW! LOW! PRICES! I WANNA AWAY BUT MA WON'T LET ME! '63 SPRITE ................... $995 '59 Fury HT . . . . . . . . . . . $695 '62 IMPALA CONV. S S ...... $1495 '57 HUDSON. nice .............. $295 '61 DODGE WAG. 9 pass ...... $995 '57 CHEVROLET V 8 auto. . .. $495 '60 DODGE V stick . . . . . . 1695 '63 COMET CONV. V . . .... $1495 '60 FORD GALAXIE .......... $795 '57 FORD 6 cyl. stick ......... $195 '55 CADILLAC coupe ........ $295 '57 MERCURY HT . ........... $195 40 MORE SPECIALS McLEOD MOTORS 592 0 NEBRASKA PH. 238 BEST DEAL IN TOWN WE FINANCE OUR OWN CARS AUTO RANCH 4829 FLORIDA 1st City Bank of Tampa HAS SEVERAL LATE MODEL REPOSSESSION I< OTHERS MR . COLEMAN, 228 BISHOP Motors sells better cars for less. See for yourself. 5020 Florida Ave., Tampa. --Jim Quinlan ChevroletU.S. HIGHWAY 19 Just South of Clearwater i961 . CADILLAC, private owner, 4 door hardtop, full power, factory air. Clean. 831 9861. 1960 CHEVROLET Impala convert ible R&H. AT, PS. 1422 E . Osborne Ave. FOR Sale: 1962 Ford Falrlane "500". R&H. 2746 Florida Ave. 223 3098. Our Specialty SAM HICKS & SONS ST. PETERSBURG'S Independent Dealer 2324 Central Ave. Ph. 862-8928 '58 BUICK "75" Limited 4 Dr. H Top. Loaded w /extras-Show room cond. S595. Plaza Mtr& . 4SU S. Dale Mabry. '62 COMET-$1195 4DOOR, one owner. Air condl tioned, standard trans., extrA clean. Spare never been on the ground! C.&R. AUTO SALES 4316 FLA. AVE. PH. 2381962 Credit No Problem!! YOU must be 21 yrs. old, have a ;;: Caddy $249, '59 Ply. $347, '59 Sunbeam $249, '55 Ford $148. AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 Florida Ave. Ph. 2315521 60 CHEV. 60 Corvalr $695; 56 Ford $150; 57 Chev. VB Wagon $325; 2324 Ivy St. 876. 1957 CHEVROLET station wagon : Good tires, original owner. 101 Druid Hills 988 Don't Miss These At BARGAIN CORNER '59 DODGE V 2-dr . hardtop, auto. trans. , R&H, power steer. & brakes, real nice .......... $550 '59 STUDEBAKER V-8 Overdrive transmission . . . . . . . . . . . . ... S300 '59 STUDEBAKER Sta. Wagon 6 cyl. std. trans., radio & heater . , . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... $400 '57 CHEVROLET BelAir 4 door, std. transmission & heater $325 '58 P.l,YMOUTH Sta. Wagon V-8 9 passenger, air conditioned, auto trans., radio & heater ....... $325 '55 MERCURY auto tram, radio & beater, runs good ......•. $200 '55 WlLLYS 4 door overdrive trans. . . . . . . . . . . . . ....... $29& '57 STUDEBAKER sta. w a g o n V 4 door auto. trans. radio & beater . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200 '17 STUDEBAKER sta. wagon 6 4 .. dr., . . . '5S STUDEBAKER Sta. Wagon 2 dr. v.a auto. transmission . . . . .$150 '55 STUDEBAKER 6 cyl . 2 dr., overdrive trans. rad. & heater $150 '13 PONTMC 2 dr. std trans. 6 ,gl. auto. trans.. radio & beater 1954 CHEVROLET 4 Dr., Std. Trans. , Radio & Heater. Extra clean . . . . ......... S395 19 CHEVROLET 4 Dr., Std. Trans. Heater-Nice ....... 1200 FELLOWS MOTOR CO. AUTHORUED STUDEBAKER • KAISER JEEP DEALERS 1417 W . Kennedy Blvd. 253 1961 PLYMOUTH Fu.ry , 2 door, PS, automatic, radio. Good tires. TOP condition. Drafted, urge to sell. Bargain, $750. Joe, 838. TAKE over payments '60 Cadlllac. Air, R&H, all power, SWS tires. Real clean, 1 owner, 4 4r. Sed. DeV . Bal. $1295 at 169 mo. No cash needed, no payment until May Dlr . 2819 Fla. Ave. 2292288, 224 A 1955 Chrysler New Yorker $391. L . J . Cobb Garage. 201 W. Columbus Dr. ON THE SPOT FINANCING No Credit Problems NO DOWN PAYMENT 58 MGA Roadster $797 4 SPEED, R, H, wheels, $39 mo. '58 Buick HT ..... $297 AT, all power, '65 tag, good tires, $17 mo. '63 MG Roadster $1597 4 SPEED, heater. 3900 actua.l miles, double •harp, white wltb black Interior. '61 Pont. Tempest $997 WAGON, AT, R, H , extra clean, $39 mo. '63 Chev. II 4 dr. $1297 AT, R , H, PS, one owner, white with red Jnlerlor, $46 mo. '64 Falcon Deluxe $1447 4 DR. , ss, 6 cyl. H, one owner, $49 mo. '61 Chev, Wagon .. $997 PS, '62 English Ford .. $697 ANGLIA 2 dr., 4 speed, heater, one owner, e>1 ENG. Ford Cortina • (Black) .••.. $1295 '64 FlAT llOOD 4 dr. . •.• $1095 '49 BUICK Torpedo extra clean ............. S 200 CHRYSLER 4 dr. H ' top tac tory air cond clean " loaded . . . $ 395 '62 DODGE LANCER GT Cpe $1495 '6>1 IMPALA Cpe . , air, full power S279S '63 CHEVROLET 4 dr. , air $1395 '62 DODGE 4 dr b'top sharp ... S1395 '64 FIAT 600D . • ••••• $ 895 '63 STUDEBAKER 4 dr., auto., air . . . $1291 Homer F. Herndon's 3907 FLA. AVE. PHONE 223-4902 NEW SHIPMENT VW "1500" SEDANS AND WAGONS-GOOD SELECTION OF COLORS VOLKSWAGEN S-A-L-E-! lOOo/• GUARANTEED SEDANS & GHIAS . 64 Sedan . . . . . . 63 Sedan . . . . . . . 1595--1395 62 Sedan 12 to choose .. 1495--1295 61 Sedan 12 to chooae . 1495--1095 : ... :::: ... ::: 109:;:: 58 Sedan • . . . . • • . • . . • . . . . 995-785 56 Sedan . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . 795-89S 62 Ghla Conv ........... 1895--149:> Station Wagen*Trucks 64 S-dix . wag. eqpt. .... 63 Deluxe wac. eqpt. . . 1995--1795 63 Kombie wagen • . . 1995--1495 62 Deluxe wa1en . . .... 179$.-.1495 62 Komb l e waren . . . 169$--1395 n Super dlx . wagen . 1495--1295 81 Panel Detiver;v nice $995 LINDELL MOTORS, Inc. "Authorized VW Dealer" 3900 W . Kennedy Blvd . 6n 5887 OLDSMOBILE ''2 Holday Sedan Ninety.EJght, cool, comfortable facto r y airconditioned gorgeous sparkiing bright finish absolute ly flawless . The Interior of taste fully tailored fabric and costly leather renects fine taste & eX• ceptlonally good care. The Elder• ty folkS who purchased this JoveniD14 verifiabl e spee

150 Automobiles For Sale CADILLAC 1963 factory air con ditioned. Not aU Cadillacs are pie wealthy enoug h to drive Cadillac& are retired. The gen. tleman who purchased this car new and drove 9487 speedo miles IB 82 year• old. He wa. brought liP In a trad ition o tenderlY caring for his prize possessions and this gorgeous Cadillac re fleets the careful service it has received It certainly pays lac.. We can ' t afford to be Jn . dependent. Quality Cadillac City I• the largest pre-owner Cadillac dealer In the south simply be cause we sell the finest pre owned Cadillacs in the world . Cadillac City on us 19 your Quality Dealer. Olds Convertible 1960 OLDS Conv., beautiful ma room finish with all vinyl interior. Radio, heater. automatic, power oteering. XXX sharp. Only $1095. l full yr. written warranty. Lie. &. !Jonded Dlr. 9308 Fla. Ave. SPRING TIME SPECIALS For Year 'Round Driving Pleasure Priced To Sell '61 Pontiac Sed . • •• air '62 Bonn . 2-Dr . HT • • nir '63 Corvoir Monzo Sed . '64 Tempest Sed. • •• air ' 63 Pont . G. Prix ••• air 161 T-Bird ••••••••• air '64 Bonn. 4 Sed. , ••• air '63 Olds Starfire .••• air ' 62 Olds 2-Dr . HT •• air '63 Olds 88 4 Sed .•• air '61 Chev. Imp . Sed . air tlKES-CAMPBELL MTRS. '64 GALAXIE 500 4-DR. HARDTOPS eruiseOMatlc trans., rad io. heater, power stee ring, V -8, WSW tires, wide color selection. N o cash is needed if your old car equity is worth $500. Insurance e>138. Dlr. '54 FORD, R&.H, good condition . $125. 3008 44th Sl., 626 344. '64 with seats:-excel lent condition. Must sell immedi ately. Wholesale . $1775. '55 PONTIAC 2 door, very good transporta. 3 WAYS TO SAVE On a Brand New FULL PRICE $247050 OR $199 DOWN CASH OR TRADE YOU SAVE MORE WE FactorY atr cond., full power assist, etc. Bought locally, Wtll trade, terms, finance. '$2195 '62 GALAXIE 500 factory Air cond., full power, R&H, automatic, v .. a , double Jharo. $1295 Also '61s, '63s, '64s in Stock '64 CHEVROLET SUPER SPORT Radio, heater, 4-spee:d trans. 327 engine, padded dash, tinted grass, premium WSW ti,.es. 11,000 actual mile.s can be ver-ified. Bought and service d locally. $2495 '63 OLDS 88 4 Dr. Hardtop. Factory ail" c:ond., double power, R&H, automatic, tinted gla5S, ate. $2195 '58 Pontiac. Power .... $395 '55 Cadillac. Power , .. S195 '58 Hillman. Canv, ... $395 '58 Con•t ...... , ...... 5495 '63 CHRYSLER SALON Loaded w ith e v e r y extra Chrysler m a k e s including factory air. Owned locally. Balance of 5 year Chrysler warranty: Full price onlY $2895 '63 CORVAIR "700" 5-Qries. Autom41.tic, radio, heater. Nice! $1295 Over 2S Compacts in Stock Some with Air OR $5525 PER MONTH Incl . Credit Life Ins . NO MONEY DOWN BANK . financing NO PAYMENTS 'TIL MAY 500 New & Used Car Selection Two B .ig Locations Stick shift, new too, ful red finish. Real n ice. Also 2 '60s in Stock '63 MONZA CPE. 4Peed transmission, R&H. $1295 '65 PLYMOUTH ,-ury Hardtop. P ower ste-ering and brakes, radio, heater, automati c , v .. a en .. gine, $2995 '63 GRAND PRIX 2-Door Hardtop. Factory air cond., full power, R&H. M idnight bluo with match ine interior. $2595 '63 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4Dr. Automatic, R&H, factorY air cond., v .. a. '59 OLDS 88 /r. ..... 5395 '59 PONTIAC REPEATS A SELLOUT! FREE '65 TAG & EXTRA TIRES 25-1964 Chevrolet lm pala 4 Door Hardtops auiPPed with automatic t ransmission, r,a.dio , heater, V l engine, power ste.ring, 2 1Peed electric wipers, windshield washers, seat belts, backup lights, WSW tires. 2 (Two) Additional 1 s t Line WSW Tires NO PAYMENTS 'TIL MAY 15th All Payments Quoted Inc lud e Full Finance Charges Over 200 aatisfi•d c:ustomert' names and addresses on re.queat. We th• exclusive outlet for Herb: and ouarantee them to be of the highest aualibt of any cars sold anywhere. Balance of factory warranty. Only $-199 Down, $66.97 per M o nth 3 6 Months to Pay Full Priee Add $200 for Factory Air Cond. 20-1964 FORD GALAXIE 500 4-DRe HT's Equipped with automatic transmission, radio, heater, V l engine, oower steering, l IPced electrie wipert1 Windshield washer., aeat belts, backUP lights, WSW tires. $64.84 PER MONTH $2098 FULL PRICE 36 PAYMENTS ADD $200 FOR FACTORY AIR 5-PONTIAC 4-DR. HARDTOPS Fully equipped Including automatic transmission, radio, heater, power ateering, 8 engine, wide color selection, W S W tires. Na payments 'til May ! Orily $249 Down $69.97 Per Month $2399 36 MON T HS TO PAY INCLUDES ALL. F INANC E CHARGES STRICKLAND'S AUTO SALES Jeep Dealer 3702 E. HILLSBORO PH. 231 SPORTS CARS '65 Sting Ray, 4 SPd. R&H, low mileage. Bal.$4295 of factory warranty .. '64 Alfa Romeo. Giulia Spyder. a red beauty, $2495 w / b lk. interior . . . '64 Triumph Spitfire Roadster . Beautiful wh•te $1695 with R&H . . . .. '64 T riumph Spitfire (2) Roadsters. W/striking $1695 red finish, R&.H. . . . '63 Triumph TR-4, Light blue .......... $1895 '63 A. Healey "3000". Deluxe 4-pass., wiro $2295 wheels, o . o., R&.H .... '63 Jaguar XKE Conv. Chroma wire whls., 4 spd. $3695 trano .. R&H ....... . . '62 Corvette. Red beauty w / Detachable $2495 hardtop. lt&H . . . ... '62 Triumph Tlt. English white w /black $1595 interior, R&H ....... . '60 Corvette HT, Conv. with R&H hardtop, $1795 '60 MG Roadster. Red beauty R&H .... $995 '60 A / H Sprite HT. 40 m.p.g., ....... $995 '59 Corvette Conv. S1795 Auto. trans., R&H CONVERTIBLES '64 Ford XL "500 " . Bucket seats, auto. trans., $2695 PS, R&H . . . . . . . . .. '63 Ford XL 500. PS , auto. trans. , R&H, $2295 bucket seats, fact. ail" . '63 Pontiac Bonneville. Magne sium Whf!els, PS, $2395 auto. trans., R&H . '63 For d Galaxie 500. Beauti ful white, PS, $1995 auto. trans. , R&H . . .. '63 T -Bird. Beautiful gold, fact. A / C, R&H, PS, $2895 P /W, auto. trans. . '62 TBird. Burgundy finish, fact. A/C, PS, $2495 PB1 AT, R&H ....... . AIR CONDIT I ONED '65 Mustang. V-a HT. Console , auto. trans., PS, $2995 R&H, 289 •ng. . . . . . . '65 Pont. Bonne. 2-Dr. HT . Full gold ... $4295 '65 Pont. Tempest Cpe. AT, R&H , beautiful $2895 emerald green . . .... '64 Plymouth Spt. Fury HT Bucket seats, PS, $2795 PB, auto. trans. '64 Ford F / L 500 HT. 4 on the floor, 289 V 8 eng, $2595 Bucket seats . . . . . . ... '64 Buick Riviera. Glamorous is the word, all $3695 the extras you can name '64 Pont. 4-Dr. Catalina. M o d nite blue and $2795 white, full power .. '64 Bu•ck leSabre HT. White 2-Dr . PS, PB, $2995 AT, R&H ........... . '64 Chev. Impala HT . V -8 eng. R&H P _ S_' :.a, AT, ... $2795 '64 TemPest 4Dr. 321l V -8 eng, lt&H ......... $2595 '64 Tempest Wagon. 4 Dr, 326 V 8 ong, PS, AT, $2795 red . . ......... . '64 Tempest Wagon. 4Dr. 326 eng. V 8 , P5, $2795 auto. trans., blue finish '64 Tempest Wagon. 4Dr. 326 V eng. PS, AT. $2795 Silver blue . . . . . . '64 Olds '98' Spt. Cpe. 2 Dr . Bucket seats. $3395 Loaded w ith everything '63 Pont. Catalina HT. Han duras maroon. '2495 PS, PB, R&H . . .... . '63 Chev. 4-Dr. Bel Aor. V 8 , R&H ... ......... $1995 '63 Pont. Bonn. 4-Dr. HT. Fully blue $2595 '63 Pont. starchier . Fully eqpt. inter io:D.r: .. $2495 '63 Buick Gas saving trans. ..... . 51895 '63 Ford XLSOO Conv. Bucket seats, auto. tran., $ 2 295 PS, PB, R&H ...... . . '62 PIYm. Spt. Fury HT . Bucket Nice .. $1695 '61 T B _ird HT. Full power OQU>PPOd. $1895 Beautiful white ... . , . PLEASURE CARS '65 Corvair Corn HT. 180 H.P. R&H ...... $2795 '65 Mustang HT , 289, V -II enR&H .. Ps,_ ... . $2795 '65 Muotang HT. 4 speed 289 v . a ongine R&H . $2795 Turquoise ........... . '64 Pontiac Cat. HT, One owner, 2 -dr .. full $2695 JkJW . Extra nice . .... '64 Dodge ,.330'' 4 .. 0r. V 8 , auto., rad. & htr. $1995 Beautiful white . . ... '63 Ford XL 4 Dr . HT. Bucket w /e'l{tr::•ts_ , _ .... $2095 '63 Dodge Da r t GT. Bucket R&H •• . ... $1695 '62 Plym, Fury HT. PS , AT , R&H v_-s : .... ........ . $1495 '60 C-orvair 4-Dr. $ cyl, AT, R&H . $895 Real clean .... ......... . '59 Mere. 4 Dr. HT. $595 Montclair. P$, AT. STATION WAGONS '64 Temput Custom. VS, AT, PS, . $2795 fact. a i r cond ..... , ... '63 VW Mi c r o Bus, $1795 Delu xe. 9 pass ... '63 Eng. Ford Anglia. 4 cyt., N ice 35 MPG , . .. . .'1 095 '62 Valiant 4 Dr. White, stick lt&H ......... $1195 '62 It ambler 4 Dr. c u 1 t 0 m Classic. AT, $1195 6 cyl., R&H . . . . . . . .. '61 Pont. Safari. Air $1695 cond. , AT, R&H . '61 Falcon 4 Dr. Do $1095 luxe. AT, R&H .. '61 Chev. 4Pr. A / C, V-8 , PS , beaut. . . . . . S1595 '61 Rambler Amb. YS. Oon•t m iss this. $1095 Ex . nice ............ . Open Doily 8 to 9 Sundoys 12 to 7 Up To 5 Years To Pay WILLIAMS BROS. On the Spot Bank '65 Pontiac Bonneville Coe . Hardtop. F ull power and fact. air cond. Loaded. Never tagged nor t itled. Balance of new car $4199 warranty! , .... , . '65 B u ick Wildcat 4-Door. Full power & fact. air cond. Loaded. Bal. $3899 new car warranty! '65 Chev r o let Impala Hard tap. Bal. new $2799 car warranty! Save! '65 corvair Monza Coupe. 4-speed t rano. 140 h . p. engine, Bucket seats, radi o, heater, WSW. Bal . $2499 new car warranty! '64 Cadillac Floetwaad. Full powe r & fact. air cond. Owner's personal car. Bought & serviced locally. $5499 Bal. new car wrntyl '64 Pontiac Bonneville Cps. & 4Door Hardtops. Full power & fact. Air cond. Loaded. Bal. 1new $3399 car warranty. . .. '64 Pontiac G ran d Full power &. fact. a• r con d . Load • d. One owner . Bal. new car s3399 warranty! . . .... , . '64 Chevrolet Impala Sta t i on Wagon. Full power & fact. air cond, Bal. new car warrantY$2899 one owner! '64 Chevrolet Impala Con vertibl e . Full power, v.s, radi o & heater, cond. One owner. Bal. new car $2799 warranty! ...... . '64 Chevrolet Impala Hard tops, Bal. new car war ranty! $2299 Fac t . equipped .... '64 Chevrolet Chevelfe Super Sport Malibu Hardtop. PG, VS, PS, radio $2299 & heater, WSW ... '64 For d Galaxi e 1500' 4Dr. 0Matic, V, power steering, radio & htr. . . . ,. $2199 '64 Corvair Mon:z:a Spyder. 4-speed tra.ns., super charged 150 h.p, engine, bucket .... $1999 '64 Ford F'airlane '500' Cpe. Automatic trans. , radio . '1799 '63 Buick Riviera C o u p e Hardtoo. Full Dower & fact. air eond. '3199 Loaded . . . . . . . '63 Thunderbird Cpe, Hard. top. F ull power, radt o & heater. $2499 One owner ....... , '63 Chevrolet Bel Air t Passenger Station Wag. Full power, VB, fact. air cond. Rack on top. 52399 One owner! . . . . -'63 Ford XL. '500' Coupe Hardtoe. Fu II power & fact. air cond., bucket seats, rad;o & '2299 heater, WSW ••••• '63 Pontiac. Tempest 4 .. Dr. Automatic trans., v . s , air cond., radio & $1199 heater, WSW , . . . '63 Ford Galaxi e '500' Cpo . V • S , Steck, radi o & --. $1699 '63 Corvaira, 2&. 4Door_a. Automatt c trans., rad•o .. _ ...... $1499 '63 Valkowagen Panel. A ll ..... . . $1399 '63 Studebaker Sta. Wagon. Fact. equl pd. $1399 One owner . . . .... '63 Cadollac Coupo Hardtop. Full power, fact. a.r cond. Loaded . $3699 One owner . ...... . '63 Chevrolet Coupe, Fact. equipped. 7000 actual mileo. $1699 One owner . .... . . . '63 Camet Custom 4 Door. Fact. eQuipd. $1399 One owner! ...... . '63 Chevrolet N o v a '400' Super Sport. PG, 6 cyl., bucket seats, radio '1899 & heater, WSW ... '62 Thunderbird Cpe. Hard top. Full power, & fact. ail" cond. Loaded. $2399 One owner! •...... '62 Oldsmobi le '911' Holiday 4 • Door Hardtop, Full power & fact. a.r cond. Load ed. One Must 52499 see to apprectate! .. '62 Chrysler '300' 4 .. Door. Full pwr., rad. $1699 &. htr. One owner .. '62 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport. PG, power steer ing, radio & heater , fact. air cand., WSW. .. 51999 One owner! . . . . . '62 Chrysler Newpo r t 4 Dr. Full power, radio & . . . ......... 51399 '62 Fa.irlane '500' 4 . Door. Fordomatic, power steering, air cond., ,.adio & heater, tutone, S 1499 WSW , . '62 air con d. Chevrolet Coupe. Fact. equipped, includes fact 51499 '62 Volkswagen Sedan. Fact, $1199 equipped . , , . , . . , , . '62 Falcon Custom Station Wagon. Fact. $1099 equipped ......... .


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