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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 67 (April 26, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 26, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 67 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Seven Dorms Included For Andros $7 Million in. Building USF Eyes Branc St. Pete Maritime Growth Ahead for USF Here are some important dates to remember for the summer trimester as listed by the registrar's office: April 26, 27 Drop or with draw !rom courses at Regis trar's office. Tri III and III A. April 28 Tri III and III A, late registration ($5 late fee), adds and drops, 9 a.m. -3 p.m. and 6 p .m. to 7:45 p.m. in UC ballroom. May 10 -Apply for degree earned by Tri III. May 14 -Deadline to re move X grade from Tri II or to make application to remove machine-scored X grade. May 25 Deadline to apply for Tri III B . June 10, 11-Mid-term break for III, final exams for III A. June 11 -Tri III A ends. Summary of News During T ri Break A NEW HIGH voltage cable was installed into the permanent utility bank during the trimester break. The power had to be turned off for about 14 hours intermittently during the weekend of April 17-19. A SCHOLARSHIP and loan coffee was con ducted Tuesday, April 20, in the lobby and art gal lery of the library. Donations collected from the coffee will be added to existing NDEA Student Loan funds at USF. COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Sunday April 18, marked the recognition of some 775 graduates. There were 38 students graduated with honors. (See story, this page.) DORMITORIES underwent a thorough cleaning and where Andros complex dormitones and cafetena will be closed this tri mester. THE REGISTRAR'S office processed 5 831 grade reports from trimester II. The last of' the grades were received . from the April 19, and the grades went mto the mail April 20 and 21 according to Merle Slater, director of records. ' And now that you're here .•• The UC cafeteria will be open from 7 to 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and from 5 to 7 p.m. daily beginning today. The library will be open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, 8 to 5 Saturdays, and 1 to 11 p.m. Sundays. The swimming pool hours will be 1:30 to 7 p.m. daily, noon to 7 p.m. Saturdays, and 1 to 7 p.m. Sun days. Enrolling Is Exciting Registration Endless Forms and Long Lines, Loads of Books and Excitement of a New Start -USF Photos Two Seniors Get Awards Hearing Tuesday On Constitution Two USF graduates who were outstanding student leaders re ceived s p e c i a l Alumni As sociation awards at the April Harris W. Dean, chairman of have been members of the sen-18 reception following com-the Senate Council, has an-ate but not the students. The mencement exercises. nounced that there will be anpurpose of the commilee would The outstanding senior award other open hearing Tuesday on been to recommend legiswas presented to Richard Cadth d USF t'tu . lation to the senate. . e propose cons I tion. Th AAUP wallader, class president. The . . e sponsored com-award was based on leadership, Mam on agenda for mittee did n?t meet with favor character, scholarship and efthe meetmg, which will be in able reception, however, and forts for senior class accomCH 100 at 1:25 p.m., are written Reber, in his suggestion to the plishment. suggestions for changes in the has thrown his support Th Kin O'N l A d f t . behmd Blunt. e gea war or proposed cons 1tut1on. The sug. the highest grade point average gestions have been received The tentahve draft of the went to Harold

i THE TAJ\1PA TII\IES, 1\ionday, April 26, 1965 Book-Banning Silly The whole story about the ban ning of the "Bull's Eye" from t h e e a m p u s bookstore is becoming more and more ludicrous. James E. Lucas, manager of the bookstore, told the Campus Edition that the magazine was banned because "it didn't meet our standards and we have a reputation to protect." And in the wake of the banning, the magazine has been turned over to State Attorney Paul Antinori Jr., leader of a ban the books crusade, who thinks that filthy literature will damage the brain cells of youngsters. ' The actions of the campus bookstore are quite legal. But the reasons given for the "No Sale" decision are nebulous. It has been the policy of the bookstore to special order any book that is legally sold in the U.S. inc I u ding "Fanny Hill," "Tropic of Cancer," and "Lady Chatterly's Lover." But suddenly "standards" a r e set up and a magazine is banned for failing to meet them. And it is interesting to note the quality of the magazines that the Campus Edition has seen and even pur chased in the bookstore that pre sumably meet the standards that the "Bull's Eye" failed to meet. We quite frankly feel that the "Bull's Eye" is being discriminated against in the whole affair. Classics with m u c h more "salacious" material can be purchased in the bookstore. And if the current ban ning was an attempt to protect the public "image" the result has been just the opposite. The story has gotten prominent space in the lo cal papers, even evoking editorial comment. We feel that all forms of cen soring arises from a "Bull Moose" type complex that dictates "What's good for me is good for you." And we seriously doubt that the banning of the "Bull's Eye" was good for the store, the public image, or the students. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor: In reply to the editorial on March 29 regarding the report on the draft con stitution by Committee T, of the Ameri can Association of University Professors, o'tl College and University Government, we would like to offer additional informa tion regarding our position concerning the University Senate. Webster defines the faculty as "the body of persons to whom are entrusted the government and instruction . . . of a university ..• " We want the faculty of the University of South Florida to be entrusted with the responsibilities that are naturally its own. There was a time when it could be said that the faculty was not complete and could not enter fully into the decision-making process, but the complete faculty is here now. If the faculty makes decisions at this university when are they made? The faculty does not meet. There is no faculty senate. There is no representative, de cision-making, faculty group above the departmental level in the entire univer sity. Does it make sense to invest money In a competent and experienced faculty and then to withhold the responsibilities it should have? The faculty has close contact with the students. The faculty is challenged daily in the teaching proc ess. The faculty should, with advice and information from the students and the administration, establish educational pol icy. We are not opposed to an "all-Uni versity Senate" if others want to experi ment with it. Perhaps it can be made to work. What we think is more important is a faculty Senate and a Constitu tion that will tell it how to function . We have a good example in Florida State University. Visitors to our campus from that university have remarked that we are in a position very similar to theirs of several years ago. All we are asking for is a Constitution as good as that of Florida State University. While the main responsibility of Com mittee T has been to represent the fac ulty point of view, we have not been un mindful of the student point of view. We Dear Editor: I have nothing against the 13 or the eight week drop date. I don't think that shifting the date closer to the first day of classes will so lve or help to solve anything. It will merely give the reg istrar's office more time to process these drops before they process final grades. The drop problem is a large one but there are a few better places to start corrective action than the one current ly under discussion. Attention ... Campus Edition Needs Staffers The Campus Edition needs staff members to fill vacancies left by grad uation and vacation. Anyone who would like to write for the paper is invited to stop by the ofCice cue 222) and fill out an appli cation. Journalism experience is not necessary but is, of course, desirable . The paper needs a cartoonist who can draw caricatures as well as pro duce humorous ideas, and someone to write art and drama reviews . For these positions knowledge of the field is required but newspaper writing ex perience is not necessary. do not want our students to feel like products of a business corporation iden tified only by IBM cards. We believe it is essential to have a student-faculty committee at the policy making level of the Senate. This committee should be composed of an equal number of students and faculty, with each gro up having its own chairman. Committee S, of t h e AAUP, on the Faculty Responsibility for the Academic Freedom of Students, has formed such a committee with student members appointed durin g the past year. The meetings have been informal and candid . We believe they have been pro ductive of many good ideas. If such a committee were connected to a faculty Senate, it would be very effective when their resolutions are brought before the Senate. Committee T believes that it would be desirable to have the President of the Student Association on the Senate as an ex officio non-voting member. This would place him in the same category we are recommending for the deans . We would like to hear the criticisms that students may have regarding the recommendations of the AA UP in order to answer them directly or to be con vinced that we are in error. We firmly believe that our proposals are in the best interests of the University of South Flor ida and that includes both faculty and students. Associate Prof. of Chemistry JESSE S. BINFORD, JR. President, USF-AAUP ROBERT W. LONG Associate Prof. of Botany Chairman, Committee T JACK C. ROSS Assistant Prof. of Sociology Co-Chairman, Committee T Ed. Note -Perhaps the representation In the Senate that we favor, does not conform to Webster's definition but we still feel that the students should have a voice and some degree of control over the curricula that they must undertake. The right to debate, while usefUl, is not enough. Debate without power or influ ence is practically meaningless. Is proselyting a dirty word, aca demically? It may well be but it is also the practice of many professors in certain departments here at USF. The promising feature is, "Well , if near the end, you don't think you can handle it, I'll let you drop with Wp. All I want you to do is sign up for the course and see if , you like it." Ask as many seniors as you can find whethe r or not they have ever been approached with an offer like this. I'm sure that many have. Here is a better place for the corrective action to be focused. Make it known that the registrar's office does not w a n t this practice continued. It has been my un derstanding that additional OPS funds are divided among departments on the basis of pupils enrolled in a depart ment's courses. If this is true, then why not divide this money, regardless of how little it is, on the basis of how m .my studen ts complete the courses of a certain department instead of the num ber that enrolled. Figures from the pre ceeding trimester could be used for this calculation. This is only one possible solu tio n out of the many that must exist but I'm fairly sure that it will cut down on the number of free rides offered by professors in the departments that con done proselyting. CHARLES M. WOOLHEATER The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Press Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Alston Managing Editor ..........•........ -. . . . . . . . Laurence Bennett Assistant Managing Editor .................... Jeffrey L. Bialek Editorial Page Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mary Ann Moore DEPARTMENT EDITORS Religion-Jeffrey L. Bialek Advisor ......................................... Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. ' , Bow Of _Peyt.on ,Love Inside Report J44

, 1 At the Centers THE TAMPA TIMES Monday, April 26, 1965 13 AT THE CENTERS Gary Community Center-Ballet and tap , 9 j!ames, 7 p.m.: chess club, 7 p .m. Tues day-Ballet class (pre-teens), 4 p .m.; Junior High boys' weights and body building, 4 p.m. North Tampa Community Center Physically handicapped club, "Birth day Party," 7 p.m. Tuesday-Senior C itizens', I2 noon . Ponce de Leon Community Center Hobby and e-ame nJ.iht, 7 p.m. Hunt Community Center-Boys' slot c:ar c lub, 7:30 p.m. DeSoto Community Center-Pre-teen par(y time, 7 p.m. North Boulevard Community Center -Ballet hYslcal fitness, 5:30 p . m.; beginners' JUdo (6-13), 6 p.m.; ad vanced, 7 p.m.; men and boys 04-50), 8 p.m.; beginners' charm (teens and adults), 7 p.m.; advanced, 8 p .m.; chess club (all ages), 7 p.m.; youth circus (11-19), 7 p.m.; advanced gym nastics (adults), 9 p.m. TuesdayGolden Age Club, 9 a.m.: adults' crafts. 9 a.m.; men's chorus. 1:30 p.m.; tumbling ( boys and girls 6 -I9), 3:30 p.m.; elementary schoolwork, 4 p.m.; Junior High teen council, 4:30 p.m.; gymnastics (boys and girls 6-19), 4:30 p.m. Anderson Community Center-Adult dance, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday -Spanish class, 9:30 a.m. Grant Park Community Center-Pre teen ceramics, 6 p.m. Tuesday-Inter mediate ballet and tap dance class, By FRANCES DRAKE serve to experience will be con Look in the section in which siderable diminished. your birthday comes and find Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sag-It what your outlook is, according tarius) -It's will power plus to the stars, genuine work interest that will count now and you should FOR TUES_DAY be able to fulfill both require21 . to April 20 (Aries.>. ments nicely. Emphasize sys -In gettmg back to work, tern, accuracy. or whatever your schedule, do not be hasty and do not skim Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 over seemingly unimportant deMost of the world s great-Theater Time Clock BRITTON: "Dear Heart" at 1, 3:10, 5:20, 7:35, 9:45. TAMPA: "Truth About Sprln&" at 1 : 20, 3:25, 5:30, 7:3>9:40. PALACE: "Sound of Music" at 8 : 30. FLORIDA: "Mary Popplns" at 1, 3:40, 6:20, 9. NEW RITZ: "Two On a Guillotine" at I:10, 5:15, 9:35 and "A Distant Trumpet" at 3:20 , 7:45. AT THE DRIVE L>;S FUN LAN: "How tn Make a French C Office Opens 11:00 A.M. TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. Oreh & Loge $1.75 I aa1. $1.50 r.,. TOOOAO' / mea couple of fun-loving and ag knowledgeable worker. Stress persistence, independence and drews this week at downtown His ing cowpokes, is due to open accuracy, finesse. s o u n d approach to even the movie houses. brmg him mto with Wednesday at 20th Century and Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) most difficult of situations are Meanwhile, the brilliant Miss (a w1dow he Fun-Lan. Set in modern day _ With competence, a sense of ?utstanding. Your natural pace Andrews continues to domina te Is planrung to Patricia it's a_ rollicking humor and a show of enthuIS too much for some (c an be the scene for another week, in Barry, (an old girl fnend), and comedy With slapstick, pretty siasm for even the dullest tasks, for you, too!) . Try not to drive "Mary Poppins," at the Florida Barbara Nicho ls, (a girls and rowdy f u n. you can win some nice benefits . yourself too hard or you could Theater, and at the Palace, bl_onde he engages m bnef * * * Look ahead as you strive TOdamage health, especially the where " The Sound of Music" "World Without Sun," the DAY. nervous system Taureans make continues on for an indefinite Michael Anderson and JoAcademy Award winning docuSept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) able bankers,physic!ans, ar?sts stay. anna Crawford two beatnik mentary m _ ade underwater , will Don ' t wait too long before and confidential advisors . Birth"The Truth About Spring," types,. as the belli_gerent of return to the area Friday, to adopting a new method or idea. date of: Gen'l. U. S. Grant, 18th offers moviegoers a wholesome the '."'1 dow, and h is girl fnend, play an engagement . at the Others will be keen for advancU.S. Pres.; Samuel Morse, incomedy about piracy and young touches to the Tower and the Dale Mabry ing through unusual procedures, ventor (Morse code). love, with refreshing appeal for otherwise pOJgnant story of Drive-ins. This is the story of an and you could be left behind if audiences of all ages. It is set romance. * * * unbelievable city, built under too hesitant. Gl Insurance in sunny Caribbean waters, and the sea and inhabited by OceaOct . 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) co-stars Miss Mills with her " For those who to catch nauts. The spectacular photogThe good which you cast ( • R• ht father, John Mills, and another Mary Poppins, before it raphy is in color. upon yesterday's waters shall arrleS 19 young actor rising 1>n the star 1>n from Tampa, there "L H M F " . • JS only one week left of the ove . as any aces , 1S be returned the proverbial hun To BorrOW horizon , James MacArthur. 1 .t h . d h showing at the Tower D a 1 e d ed f ld B t d •t . . . ong run 1 as en]oye ere. • . r o very soon. u on M1ss Mills Is cast as a tomJ li A d th b 1 ed Mabry, and Auto Park Dnve-gloat or the satisfaction you deST. PETERSBURG Veterboy J ust awakening to feminin ude d n1 . rhetfwsl, ahs efov ins with Lana Turner C 1 iff G r r • an e 1g u erome rom • • Drive-ln Theatre MON. holdmg b I I e ity and romance. She lives English literature will give way and Hugh O'Brian 11945 N. Florida Ave. TUES. msurance po Cies may orrow aboard a shabby, old schooner, F 'd t h F • . m starrmg roles. up to 94 per cent of their pol . h f th (M'll ) h ri ay, a t e lorida Theater, amid Open 6 :3>-lst Show 7:25P.M. Carroll Baker "SYLVIA" Kirk Douglas "THE RACERS" in Technicolor ADMISSION 35c Box Office Closes 9:30 icy's cash surrender value With 'd er f a ehr_ I sth r 0 to a return of Samuel Bronston's Filmed in Acapulco,_ . . . prov1 es or Is mo er ess production of "Circus World , plush luxury of vacation rem e e t emergenctes, daughter by scrounging food, starring John Wayne ' sorts, it's a beach party plot on Melvm T. D1xon, of the fuel and 1>ther necessities from * * * the most sophisticated level, of Veterans Affairs sympathetic and wealthy cruise A h _. with emotions as tmrid as the said today. . t t e drtve ms, a comedy . . . . . . pa ssengers m the and first run feature, "How to Mexican mid-day sun. This actiOn, the The of Make a French Dish," is show-* * * amount of protection, still leaves the paJI attracts the mterest At the Hillsboro Drive-in the policy in force . On the other of a young Harvard Law School Lou•lse Dresser "The Pleasure Seekers" is cur-hand, if the policy is sur graduate (MacArthur), who rently playing along the s. Dale Mabry e Britton Plan AT: 1:00, 3:10, 5:20, for c _ ash, all protec-trades what has been a dull 5 • S suspense thriller, "The Visit." bon under the msurance holiday aboard his uncle's yacht ervlces et Mid-week, it's a triple billing and cannot be renewed or rem-for a couple of weeks on the f Th d of sentiment and shenanigans GLENN FORD and GERALDINE PAGE stated, the agency said. old schooner. Or UrS ay with "Your Cheatin' Heart,'; Annual interest on GI policy From this beginning, the plot HOLLYWOOD, April 29 (A'I "Get Yourselt a College Girl," loans is charged at 4 per cent weaves in some buried treasure, Funeral services will be held and "Bikini Beach." on the unpaid balance. If not intrigue and of course, romance. Thursday for Louise Dresser, paid, it is added to the loan * * * silent film co-star of Will principal and begins to draw inFollowing this attraction at Rogers. terest. the Tampa, there will be a Miss Dresser, 82, died Satur BRING THE FAMILY-SKYWAY: "Sylvia" at 7:25,11:30 and "Racers" at 9:40. OTBER CITIES BRANDON : "Dear Heart. " PLANT CITY-Capitol: "Mad, Mad World." PLANT CITY Starlight Drive In: nRounders" and Over Darllng." RUSKIN-Drive In: "Kiss Me Stu pid" and "Topkapl." TB Associqticn A report on activities and elections to fill vacancies on the board of trustees will be con ducted at the annual meeting of the Gulf Coast Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disea se Asso ciation at 3 p.m. May 2 , at St. Petersburg. v 95c & 1.20--811 W. Konnody ONLY TAMPA LYRIC THEATRE KNOWS! about BLONDES Presenting A MUSICAL COMEDY OF THE 20'S ''Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'' FALK THEATER April 29, 30, May 1st 8:30 P.M. CMay 2nd at 2:30 Only) BOX OFFICE OPEN APRIL 19 FROM 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M. PHONE FALK TH'EATER • 253-3726. bonan za f or the hordes of day at the motion picture counDA V Meets Tuesday B 0 d fans, as TWO of hts try hospital in nearby Woodland ....... The Disabled American Vet-earlier adventures return on Hills where she underwent erans Tampa Chapter 4 and billing. Jhe surgery March 13 for an intestiChildren's Portions WATCH FOR OPENING ••• FREIDS NEW Admission 3.00-2.50 & 2.00 Orehesh'a & Baleony Auxiliary will meet at 6:30 p.m. brmgs back Dr. No: the I:st nal obstruction. A . pril 27 for a potluck dinner of the film_ Services will be a.t the Wee coupled wtth "To Russ1a Wtth . , and a regular meeting to fol L , K1rk 0 the Heather, Forest low at 8 p.m. at the Chapter ?;:;s particular goodie is listLawn Memorial Park in Glen-Hall corner of Willow and ed to begin Friday. dale_. Azeele. * * * Miss Dresser began her act.. DINING ROOM ACCEPT THE TESTIMONY or thousands of Tampa Tribune-Times ClassiHed users. Ask anyone who's used Want Ads . They'll say, "great for action." To place your ad phone 2.23-4911. i•••••••• &ilijl ••'i "Dear Heart," starring Glenn ing career on Broadway in 1927 E. HILLSBORO : LIVE liBffl!BJ : he_r zenith 1 s Beautiful Girls on stage I It is a story of two lonely people ring Wlth Rogers 1D seven stlent •• P..-r:!h:he 1i e 1 P'lus "SEXY PROIBITISSIMO" : wh1> mee t and fall in love in films, among them "State Fair," aged : Ad $100 0ooe1 Mo•. thru I New York, the world's most "Lightnin'" and "David Har&teak-$ in town. V 'J.\1 : m. !:.ur. wltll thl8 : sophisticated city. um." If, I Miss Page plays an extrovert, Widowed in 1951 with the death Also Other Fine Food STEAK OUSE whose painful loneliness is hid-of her second husband, Jack Cocktoil Lounge 301 S. DALE MABRY • •• 1116 eth st. N. sM9022. st. den beneath a 1 o u d, over-Gardner, she lef t no survivors. PHONE 877-6911 OPEN MON 'DAY THRU SATURDAY-9 A.M.-9 P.M.-SUNDAY 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Call Now for An Appointment GuarantMd To Satisfy* *If ••t Mtltfit4 rotana wlthlll 1 0 oncl your purchato will lte replacad or yeur IIIOIOY cll .. rfully refunded! HillSBORO 'ai LINCiJLN ROAD Opens t?, 6:3o P . M . PreAStJRC';* ANNMaRGR6f !:m ''THE VISIT" I ,,._ . Phone Your Order in Now ••• Call 877-5824 ONE LOCATION 3302 W. Kennedy Blvd. I'IGRID BERGMAN•ANTHONY QUINN lil!


14 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 26, 1965 Student Demonstrators Offer No Viet Nam Plan By JAMES RESTON JR. program for a solution to the versing the losing tide in South read. "Although we differ as tol These questions were not the Saturday march? Bob Parrish, Chicago Daily News Service problem. Indeed, its discussions Viet Nam. And they are ofwhich is more desirable, we ones that dominated either the a civil rights leader for Mis WASHINGTON, April 26 -A have tended to avoid the cruel fended by the administration's are unanimously of the opinion teach-ins or the march on the sissippi, chose this forum to dis student movement to end the questions that face the decisemphasis on a North Vietna-that the war must be brought conversation on the bus to pute recent charges of comwar in Viet Nam is spreading ionmakers in washington. mese invasion as justification to a halt." Washington. If pressed for views munist infiltration into the civil through American college cam-This was clear last week 'lit for the bombing. Is it possible that this moveon these issues, the students rights movement. puses. It is a curious movethe teach-in at the University These were the outward rea-ment represents a new isola-say that nothing could be worse Moderator Slaughton Lynd, a ment for several reasons . It of Chicago , in the march of sons for the student demonstrationism of the left? Whatever than the present state f a-Yale professor who refused to has evolved a new technique 16,000 students on Washington, tion in Washington, but no doubt the motivation, the fundament. . 0 . ' t b o f protest the teach-in -a and in the long bus ride from inwardly many youths felt like al questions of foreign policy fatrs for either the South Viet-pay mcome ax . ecause of combination of late-night oraChicago to Washington with Rainier Seelig, a non-student that are involved in View Nam namese people or the Ameri-our VIet Nam Polley, asked tory and ear ly-morning seminars some of the 300 students from and a veteran civil rights are not being probed. What are can people. They proceed to the why, when a Viet Cong terwhose purpose, !ar from bein g the University of Chicago. worker. Asked why he was gothe implications of a comvision of a Titoist communist rorist was about to be executed simply to teach, is to build op-It was not hard to undering to Washington, he replied munlst southeast Asia for state, run by a Cong who no American had "run out posit i on to American policy in stand the motivations of these without hesitation, "because I American security and the efrepresented the wtll of the h' lf th bod southeast Asia. students . They are appalled at don't want to die." ficacy of American foreign ple, who would accept Amenthrown tmse on e Y For all its opposition to U.S . American support of the mil-In the p e t i t i o n that the policy? How can America prove can assistance in developing of the boy and shouted 'stop, policy, all its oratory about itary dictatorship of South Viet marchers attached to the door a strong alternative to comthe Mekong River, and who stop, you know not what you "the smell of burning flesh Nam and at the atrocities of of Congress, they could not betmunism? How can we proceed would raise the lot of the do." If that had happened, Lynd from napalm" or its flaunting war. They are frightened by the ter have reflected their conwith positive social and ecopeasant. a,ssured his audience, ''the cen of American mistakes of the nuclear danger of escalation and fusion. "Congress has available nomic measures like the Mekong ! Now were these the questions . sored American press would past, it has put forward no see in it no indication of re-to it many proposals ... 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Beep! ... Beep! ... Bee p! THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 26, 1965 15 If on some quiet afternoon telephone operator. She dials on the USF campus, you hear the three digit number which a man emitting strange robotwill beep the supervisor conlike sounds, don't be alarmed; cerned with the emergency rehe's just a member of the Uniquest. Then within the next sev versity Physical Plant Division. eral minutes, the supervisor lo The beeping sounds come from cates a phone and calls his Trimester Doomed, Change Seen in '66 a paging unit on his belt. "focal point." The focal points Since the installation of the are girls working in the Physi beeper page system in October, cal Plant Divison who are able 1962, the Physical Plant Division to provide him with the neces has saved countless hours and sary information on the emerdollars in emergency or imme-gency situation. Each man diate situations. The system has equipped with a page master often facilitated quick repair of unit has a pre-arranged co air conditioning units, and once tact. was used to prevent flood damSeveral page systems were ages in the Physical Education looked over before the present Building. one was chosen. Such factors USF Payers Chosen Oh Dad1 Opens Center And Comes Out Here It Starts Here ••• Sixteen men in supervisory as distance, height, and depth positions carry page master had to be considered. The sys units, with the main coder sys-tern now in operation cost aptem located with the university's proximately $500 for the main switch board controls. II the coder, and $167 per paging unit. Physical Plant gets an emer-It is powerful enough to reach gency call requiring immediate every location on the campus attention for one of the 16 men, and even a few b 1 o c k s off the division calls the campus campus. Foreman Bill Stephens awaits the signal from headquarters. Where will be be going t-o next? Only the operator at the other end of his beeper knows. (USF Photo) The USF theater group production of "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Bad," has been chosen to kick off the weeklong official opening of the new civic center in St. Petersburg, May 4, according to Russell Whaley, chairman of the theater arts department. THIS WILL be the only theater production in the list of nightly programs at the center, which will include performances by the Highwaymen and comedian Joanthan Winters. Campus "beeper" system is set into action by switchboard operator Daisy Skidmore.-

16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 26, 1965 Mrs. Michael T. Peterson Mrs. Richard A. Sanger Mrs. Thad T. Whidden Mrs. Stephen D . Demmi A reception at Citrus Park Baptist Church followed the wedding of Miss Patricia May Hope and Michael Tandy Pe terson Friday. The Rev. A. C. Teston performed the 7:30 p.m. ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mrs. Margarite Hope of Lutz, and Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson oi San Diego, Calif. F r a n k Houlihan gave his niece in marriage. She chose a formal gown of Chantilly lace and tulle with a chapel train. A pearl and crystal crown held her illusion veil. Mrs. Doyle Johnston served as matron of honor. BridesSuch A Pleasant Way To Help You LOSE WEIGHT Now! Improved Hungrex• Tablets Contain An Automatic Appetite Curb Simply take a tasty Hungrex tablet before meals. Automatically helps curb your appetite and desire for food. Result? Down goes your caloric intake .. , clown goes yoor weight Normally healthy (non.glandular) overweight tnen and women are invited to try Hungrex Automatic Appetite Curb tablets with this guarantee: . you must be pleased With results. IJ your money back. maids were Miss Carla Covey, Our Lady of Perpetual Help over pink peau de sole in EmI Mrs. J. L. Whidden of Bowling ,her sister as ma1d of Mrs. Miss Myrna Delk and Miss Catholic Church was the scene pire style. Green. Terry Wingate was her sister's Marty Peterson. Eileen Dykes of the wedding of Miss Nellie Girlamo DiChiara was best A traditional lace over peau bridesmatron with Mrs. Diane was flower girl. Mae Leto and William Henry man. Larry Westberry, Gilbert de .soie gown was the bride's H nki Mi M rlen Demmi Doyle Johnston was best man. Westberry Sunday. Lucas, Ralph Cerra Jr., and cho1ce. A pearl crown held her ns. ss a . e • Jon Pazicni, Roger Burrage, The double ring ceremony was Tony Leto were illusion veil and she carried Miss Shirley Demm1, sisters of and George Jesson were performed by the Rev. George Ring bearer was James DI-white orchids on a Bible. the bridegroom, and Miss Shar groomsmen Ring bearer was Kelly at 3:30 p.m. Chiara and usher was Bill Mrs. Nancy Gilchrist served on Kelley were bridesmaids. David Delk: The bride is the of Gleason. . . as matron of honor. Miss Cheryl They wore formal gowns of yel-Mr. and Mrs. Peterson left for Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. of A reception at Letter earners Suarez was bridesmaid. They low and white organza. a wedding trip to Daytona Tampa. Parents of the bndeHall the .. pink brocade go.wns and Best man was Richard Blandy, Beach after the reception. They groom are Mr. and Mrs. Law-er a wedding tnp to Mia earned baskets of spnng flow-b t h f th b id . . . son L. Westberry, 703 E. James Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Westberry ers r o e r o e r egroom. will live m Tampa. Street. will live at Camp LeJuene, N.C. . Groomsmen-ushers were d Ch t'll Best man was Charles Whidmy :Dorsey brother of the bride 1 organza an an 1 Y d b th th b 'd ' ' 1 n. b ' d , h . f ..A. ..A. ..A. en, ro er of e n egroom. Ray Anel Jim Markart steve ace were ..... e n e s c mce or X X X Vernon Whidden also a broth' 'd R Nuptial vows were exchanged her Empire gown. A pearl and . . ' Wilson, Terry Wmgate an ayt 1 h ld h ill . Marned Saturday m Evangel-er, was groomsman. Ushers mond Dominguez by Miss Alma Rit Fleming and a dcrohwn e . derb ical United Brethren Church were Roger Gilchrist and Wil-A t' in th. h h . 'd ve1 an s e carne r1 a .1 S G'l h. t li C b recep Jon e c urc so-Richard Allen Sanger Fn ay. flowers . Her father gave her in were Miss Eml Y u.e 1 c ns am ros .Y . cial hall followed the ceremony. The double ring ceremony was marriage. and Thad Tracy . A reception m the church soAfter a wedding trip to Miami , . 1 •'d A Mr Girlam D'Chiara f Eau The Rev. Frank Gilcbnst per<:1al hall followed the ceremony. d M D • held at 8 o clock m F on a v. s. o I o f d th 3 'clock ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Whidden are now Beach, Mr. an rs. emnt. ti Ch h Th R Gall1e served as matron of honorme e 0 ' . • . . will live in Tampa. enue Bap st urc . e ev. or. Mrs. R a 1 Ph Cerra was and the Lee, livmg rm Tampa at 4107 FairCharles Hurt officiated. bridesmatron and Misses Evegave her m marnage. way D . ----A-=-o"'v""E=a=Tr::::s:::E:::ME=N:::T:----Parents of the bride are Mr. lyn, Irene and Ellen Westberry She is the daughter . of BEnER HEARING H 13 w were "ridesmaids. Flower girli Rev. and Mrs. F. B. Gilchnst, and Mrs. J. . Flemmg, 3 . "' D H h was Nanette Leto. The attend3203 River Grove r. er us-Bayshore Baptist Church was Ida St. Mr. Sanger is the son ants wore gowns of white lace band is the son of Mr. and the scene of the wedding of Miss of Lawrence Sanger of Tampa and the late Mrs. Sanger. J u d it h Annette Dorsey and Stephen D. Demmi. Given in marriage by her fa ther, the bride wore a white lace dress. A pearl crown held her fingertip veil. They were married Friday, 7:30 p.m. The Rev. James Jor don performed the double ring ceremony. THROUGH SURGERY ORA HEARING AID Miss Sharon Coker served as maid of honor. Miss Sylvia Cox and Miss Kay Knott were brides maids. Parents of the bride are Mrs. NEW EDUCATIONAL BOOKLET Best man was Robert Sanger. G r o o m s m e n ushers were Charles Meid, Ed Meid, Law rence Valdes and Charles Flem-ing. Mr. and Mrs. Sanger left for a wedding trip to St. Augus tine after a reception at the church. They will live in Tampa. BlAEH STRAnD Jack Dorsey, 209 Glendale Drive, and the late Lt. J. J. Dor sey. The bridegroom is the son of Dr. and Mrs. S. F. Demmi, 3611 Mullen Ave. Given in marriage by her uncle, Ralph Kelley, the bride wore a formal gown of silk peau de soie with lace trim. A matching crown held her illusion veil and she carried yellow daisies. Miss Jacqueline Dorsey served Explains why some persoos with hearing loss may be helped by Surgery & others cannot. Graphic ally illustrates the Processes of Hearing. Explains Causes of Hear • ing Loss, Nerve Lou, Conductive Loss, Occupational Lou. Child Deafness, Head Noises , etc:. and steps to be taken in finding the to your hearing problem. To obtain this booklet write: Oapi. 12 Hearing Services c:/o P .O. Box 2133 Tampa, F l orida. all Mode beauty salons Five Brides Chose April for those who PERSPIRE HEAVILY A new c:reaJil anti-perspirant thai really works! Solves underarm problems for many who had de epaired of effective help, Mitchum Cream Anti-Perspiran t keepa underarme absolutely dry for thou•nd• of grateful users. 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Henry or call WE FINANCE IF yo u are ha ving trouble buying any model of automobUe, then may we sugaest that you stop by or call 238-1607 or come to 5608 F'Iorida Ave. & let us try to help you in obtaining the car of your choice. Immediate results with no money down. Okay Motors, Inc. 5608 Florida Ave. Ph. 238-1607 Credit No Problem!! YOU must be 21 yrs. oldJ have a job . D .P. take over notes. '60 Ramb. $490 '6 0 :Mere $590 '59 Ford 5349 '58 Buick $549 '59 Lark 5190 '56 Chev. $188 AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 Florida Ave. Ph. 231-5521 Sheppard's IMPORTS 4 FACTORYTRAINED MECHANICS TO SERVE YOU Our 40th Year On Howard Ave. '65 JAGUAR XKE Coupe '6.5 ALFA T.t. 4-Dr. Sedan 5 on floor. 1600cc. 165 ALFA u1600" Spyder. Wh. '65 MG us" Rdstr. White, red '65 SPRITES & MIDGETS '65 MQ 1'1100" Sed. 2 or 4dr. '65 TR4 . Red or white '65 TR SPITFIRE. Red, white '65 TR 111200" Conv. White '65 HILLMAN Super Deluxe ' 65 HILLMAN Husky St. Wag, 165 SUN BEAM Tiger V 8 '65 SUNBEAM Alpine Rdstr. '64 A. H. SPRITE, Turquoise '64 M. G . MIDGET. White 163 TR-3 ua", Wiro wheels '63 FORD 11500'' XL. Auto. tr:, power atee.-. & brakes. Extra clean, '60 A . H. SPRITE, Whitl '61 SAAB Seda n '61 PORSCHE Super. Wh., cltan '62 HILLMAN Convertible '60 VOLVO 2-door '60 VW Sedan. Blue '59 ALPHA Coupe. Red '57 KARMANN GHIA CP• 2 lllks. N. of Bavshore Hotel 1413 S. HOWARD AYE. Weekda ys 'til 6 P.M. Ph. 253 FERMAN FQ\\LS!" Monday Only DOOR-BUSTER! (First come, first buy) '59 Chevrolet 4 -Dr. Wagon. V-1, Pwrglide, pwr. steer., pwr. br., rad., air condit., good tires, white with grey int. Even better than it looks. ssss '62 OLDS 98 4-Dr. HT. Loaded! Pwr. str., & br,, seats, wind. Fact. air,l rad. . t i n t. glaS$, WSW. $1911 No, P2037 .... '62 BUICK E lectra 4-Dr. HT. Pwr. str., br., seab, wind, fact. air, rad., WSW. $1911 No. 2023 . . .. '62 PONTIAC starchiaf 4-0r. Sed. Fact. I air, AT, pwr., br., EZI gla••• raa. $1182 No. P1974 .. : . . '60 TBIRD 2-Dr. HT, All power & fact. air. WSW, white w ith black int , $1280 No. P400 ..... Open 8 A.M. -9 P .M. on S a t . 'ti I 8 Closed SundaY FERMAN We Accept Good & Bad Credit Appl. Low As 1 0% Down -Bank financing COMPACT SALE '62 Hiflman •.•••• $697 ' 58 Volkswagen ••• $597 '60 Rambler ••••. $S97 '60 ••••••• $597 '60 Comet ••••••• $697 '61 Comet • • • •• , $797 '61 Faleon Wag •••• $797 '62 Faleon W9n. • , $897 '60 Rambler Wgn .• • $597 . '59 Coupe •• $897 Cars and Terms to Suit Your Pocketbook froJn CHRYSLER CORP. '64 DARTS 270s 4-DOOR SEDANS WITH THE FOLLOWING E9UIPMENT * Automatie Trans. *Radio *WSW Tires * Baekup Lights * Wheel Covers *Heater *Variable Speed *Windshield Washers Wipers CHOICE OF COLORS FACTORY WA.RRA.NTY MASSEY MOTORS 1801 Florida Ave. 1 SO Automobiles For Sale PRIVATE Owner; '62 Rambler, 4 door StaUon Wagon, AT. R & H. AC. 876. LOW! LOW ! LOW ! ORIGINAL & co mpletely recondi tioned in our sh op . "59 Ford, 4 dr. HT. power .... $495 "59 Olds, AC, power ....•.•.. S595 Corvair, 1 owner ......... $595 "59 Chev. Impala convert ... ,$795 '59 Cbev. Impala. 4 dr. HT ... $495 '57 Chcv. 4 dr. sedan ...•.•.. $495 '57 Chev. 4 dr. HT .......... $495 "61 Plymouth, stick, 6 cyl. ... $595 '58 4 dr. HT ........ $395 Several Transportation Specials ED'S AUTOMOTIVE 3413 Swann Ave. 876-4859 PRIVATE ow ner, clean '61 Comet 2 door, A / C, new tires $850. BUS 17th St. ExcelleDt condition. clean , low 1 owner. Bal. $1.987 at $69 mo. No eash needed, n o payment 'til June. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229, 224-8221 WE ARE PAYING TOP DOLLAR FOR TRADE-INS The 519ft of GOT THE CAR FEVER It 9oes with spring fever -we hove the eure for it -a fine preowned eor from ElkesC: am p be II Motors . SPECIAl-' 1959 CHEVROLET Station Wagon. A u to matic trans., power steer .. ing, radio, heater. A real buY $695 Only .... ,,, .. SPECIAL 1961 CADILLAC Seda n D eVille 4-Door . Beautiful whi t e. Blac.k & white interior. Electric windows, electric seat, Hydramatie trans., radio, heater, power steering, power brakes, white wall tires, factory air. Save $600 $1995 Dnly ........ . Mony more fine pre-owned cars to d!oose from MOST WITH AIR Open Sun. 1 to 6 ELKESCAMPBELL MOTORS I -YEAR WARRANTY '60 Pont. s1295 B 0 N N E V I L L E 4R HARDTOP . Furl power, fac• tory air conditioned. '61 Mere. s1395 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Radio &heater, automatic, power steering, factory air condi tioned, tutone, WSW tires. '59 Chevy SS95 2-DOOR. Automatic, heater. '63 Ford GALAXIE 4-DOOR. Radio & heater, automatic, WSW tires. A cream puff! '61 Ford COUNTRY SEDAN 4-DOOR STATION WAGON . Automatic, heater, extra clean! '59 Plym. FURY 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Radi o & heatet" , automatic, power steering, t u t o n e, WSW tires, extra clean! 60 Falcon 2-000 R . Radio & heater, stit:k shift, WSW tires, * Many More * ISO Automobiles For Sale '54 OLDS, 98, AT. Rldl . Very good (."Ond1tion. Call 935-2920. 1963 RED Falcon Futura Con verUble. R&H. Priced to sell be low retail. $1295. 4314 Fleteher Ave .• Apartment 18. 935-5795. SHARP '58 FORD WAGON. BEST BUY IN TOWN $295. AUTO RANCH 4829 FLORIDA 1 SO Automobiles For Sale Cool Comfort '62 Bonneville YOU must see this car. One owner. It has all the ex.tras in cluding air conditioning, Forest Green with the luxurious matching interior you find only in a Bonneville. $ 1 down. terms to suit you. Best Auto Sales 4830 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3306 Open Daily 9-10 Sunday 12-8 WE FINANCE ANYONE Continuing our Grand Opening series of specials from our hand-picked sweet selection: '63 DODGE 2-Dr. 270 Dlxe. Standard 1h;ft, rad., htr., WSW, $1 095 big whl. covers. White w green int. '60 CHEV. Belair 4-Dr. V-8, A . T., rad., htr., fact. air, pwr. 1tr. & br., EZI glass, WSW. Open Daily 'til 9 P.M .-Saturdays until 6 P . M . "These SHERK Guys Offer THE BEST BUYS" AIR CONDITIONED '65 $4295 '65 Ford LTD 2 • Door HT. with .........•. 53695 '65 Pont. Tempest Cpe. AT, R&H, beautiful '2895 emerald green ......•. '64 Plymouth Spt. Fury HT, Buoket seats, PS, '2795 PB. auto. trans. '64 Fora F/L 500 HT, 4 on the floor, 289 Y eno. $2595 Bucket seab ......... . '64 Pont. 4•Dr. Catalina. Midnita blue and $2195 white, full power ..... . '64 Buick LeSabre HT. White AT, R!..or:. PS:. .... $2995 '64 Chev. Impala HT. Y-8 eng. PS, P8, AT, $2795 R&H ............... . '64 .. $2495 PLEASURE CARS '65 Corvair Corsa HT. 180 H .P. 4 -S.eod, $2195 R&H ................ . '65 Mustang HT. 289 $2195 '65 Mustang HT. Auto. trans., V S engine, R&H. Beauti !ul >:ellow w/black $2195 tntertor ............. . '64 Chev. Super Sport Coupe . AT, PS, Yo $2595 radio and heater .....• '64 Dodge "330'1 4Dr. Y -8, auto., rad. & htr. $1995 Beautiful white ..... . '63 M o n 1 a Spyder. 4-speed, bucket seat., $1195 .-adio and heater ..•• , . '63 Val;ant H.T. $1695 A.T., R&H . . •• '64 Tempest Wagon. 4Dr. 326 blue .. 12195 '62 $1495 '64 53195 '62 .51195 '63 Pont. Gr . Prix, $2695 '61 Falcon 2Door '195 Loadod •.. • • Sedan. R&H ..... . '63 R;v;era $3195 Hardtoo • STATION WAGONS '63 Pont. Bonn. HT. Fully eQuipJ)od, midnite '2595 blue . . . . . . . . . . . ... . '63 Pont. starchief. Fully eqpt, 4-Dr. HT. , delu"e '2495 interior . . . . . . . . . .... '62 Pontiac Bonneville H 'top. All edra1, $2195 Just like new ........ , '63 Buick Special. Gaa saving tranl. •........ 51895 '62 Pfym .. Spt. Fury HT. Bueket N;ce '1695 '62 T -B;rd HT. Full $2395 power, R&H ... '61 ChrYSler Wind 1 or 4-Dr. owner ":. ..... '1695 SPORTS CARS '65 Sting Ray, • Spd. II&H, low mileage. Bal.$4295 of factorY warranty ... '64 Temoe•t Cu•tom. $2195 V-8 AT. PS. AI R/C '63 VW M;cro Bu1. $1795 Deluxe, 9-pass •.. '63 Ford Econoline S1495 Walk-In Van .... '61 Chev. A/C, V-81 PS, beaut. . .......... 51595 '61 Rambler Amb. v .. a. Don't mi•s th;l. '1095 Ex. nice ...........•.. FOREIGN ECONOMY '63 Fiat 1100 4 Dr. $1 095 35 MPG ....... . '62 Mercedes "190'' 4 .. Door. Very . .••••• $1995 '62 F;at 4Door s995 1100 ••Nice" •..•.. '59 VW 2-Door sags sedan. VerY clean. '59 Ooel Wagon. s495 VerY Nice. 30 MPG. '64 Alfa .. omeo. Giulia Spyder, a red beaut)', s2495 CONVERTIBLES w/blk. interior . . . . . . . '64 Corvair M on z a Spyder. u:4 Triumph Spitfire Roadst!!r. 4-Speed. $2095 V Beautiful whit. $1695 Nice . . . . . . . . ..... ... . w;th R&H . . . . . . . . . . • . '63 Olas 88 Fact. A;r, $2495 '63 Tr;umoh TR . $1895 Full Pwr, ...... . Conv., R&H, N1te: '62 Corvair Monz.a S p y de r, '62 Hn"::::. ... $1695 Red . ........ . . 51595 '61 Alfa Romeo $1 095 '62 Eldorado cad;, $2495 Conv .. Reef , • , • • Has all the goodies '61 Aust;n HealeY $995 '61 Rambler Conv. Auto, $895 Sprite Conv. , • • • • . Trant. P . Steering. '60 Aust;n Healey $995 '61 T-B;rd. A/C, full $1995 Sprite Hardtop . . . . power, R&H ...• 4217 GANDY BLVD. PHONE 831-1581 PACE PONTIAC NEW TEMPEST COUPE HEW FULL SIZE CATALINA COUPE 6PASSENGER e FACTORY E9UIPPED HYDRAMATIC: !FACTORY EQUIPPED! $1995 F.O.B. $150 Down $2395 F.O.B. S175 Down * lMMEDlA.TE DELIVERY* ALL MODELS 1101 FLORIDA I Open Sunday After Church WE SELL NEW CARS AT "UDRIYEIT" PRICES! 1 50 Autornobilec For Sale 28 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , April 26, 1965 I ISO Autornobllec For Sale 1150 Autornobilec For Sale PRIVATE: 1962 Chevy U Nova TRANSPORTATION SPECIAL! '57 '55 RAMBLER STA . WAGON . 4 6 st::!tht week. SUN RAY MOTORS , INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 COMPACTS '61 Lancer .. $695 4 DOOR. Automat• i c , radio and heat er, air conditioned, '60 Monza .. $695 Automatic, radio & heater. '63 Lark .... $795 Low mileage, '63 ford ..... $1695 GALAXIE XL 4-DOOR HARDTOP . V-8, matic, power steering, radio and heater. SUPER SPECIAL '62 ford ... $1095 4-DOOR H A R D T 0 P. Automatic, radio and heater, power deering. 1801 FLA. AVE. PHONE 229-9427 BUICK CORNER For Our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus 1 Year GW Warranty -saysSee me before you buy ony Used Automobile '63 YOLKS ••. $1297 Sedan. Sun Roof , a/s., R.' '60 RAMBLER .. $477 Wagon, s/s., R . '61 MERC ••.•. $1189 Monterey 4-Dr. A.T., R., H., P.S., P . B. '60 PONTIAC . $1197 4 -Dr. Sedan. A,T,, R ., H,, P . S ., AIR. '63 PONTIAC . $2397 Star Chief 4-Dr. HT, Power, R,, H. AJR. '64 PONTIAC. $2777 Cat a I in a Convertible. A.T., R., H., P.S. '62 OLDS .•... $1897 88 2Dr. HT. A.T., R ., H., P.S. '62 OLDS .•••• $1687 F"-85 2-Dr. A.T,, R., H . '63 OLDS ..... $2397 98 4 Dr. Power, R . , H. , AIR. WE LEASE 1965 CARS-ALL MAKES '64 OLDS ••... $3297 88 4.or. HT. Super. Power, R., H., AIR. '59 CADILLAC $1177 HT. Power, R., H. '56 CADILLAC $387 Cpe. A.T. , R., H ., P.S. '62 CADILLAC $2497 Cpe. DeVille. Power, R., H. AIR. '59 FORD .•... $497 2-Dr. Sedan. A.T ., R., H. '59 FAIRLANE .. $797 500 HT. Cpe. A.T" R., H., P . S ., Factory Air. '63 GALAXIE . $1697 4 Dr. V-8 Sedan. AT. , R., H., PS, (L243A.) '62 FORD •.•. $2197 HT . Cpe. Power, R . , H., AIR. Lifetime Warranty Plus CD OneYear Warranty FAIRCLOTH BUICK 908 E. Hillsborough Phone 239 0Pf!n Sunday After Church 4001 _ Bucket Seats, AT. AC. R&H . Olds 4 door HT, dnuble power, miles, Will accept trade. new tag. Full price 599. 14223 233-4441. Florida Ave., Dlr. 935. "Thinking About a Cadillac?" We are offering the finest pre • owned one owner Cadillaes in tfte Tampo Bay area. Our priees are the lowest and our quality the highest. Cheek us and see. '63 Cadillac Sedan HT ....... $2995 Air condition, full power, Alpine white, clean, '63 Pontiac Tempest Sedan .. $1495 Automatic trans. Radio & heater. Xclean. '62 Cadillac Cpe. .. $2295 Full power, light blue. X-ctean. '62 Cadillac Conv. .... $2695 F'ac. air. Full power. Alpine white. '61 Cadillac Sedan DeVille .... $1895 Full power. Median Blue. XCfean. '60 Lincoln Continental Conv. $1695 Fae. air, white, Xclean. ' AUTHORIZED DEALER 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. Platt St. 400 CARS MUST SELL! -Make an Offer-C-H-E-V-Y-S 1965 SS 2dr. H.T., Loaded Air I 61 ... "• • •• $3395 1965 Impala Loaded Air Ill) ............. $2995 1965 Bel Air 4-Dr . No Miles Ill ........•.. $2S95 1965 Bel Air 9-poss. Wagon Air C1 l , ••••••• $3595 1964 Impala 4dr. H.T., A;r 114) ........... $2495 1964 Impala 4-dr. H.T., 2dr. H.T. (11) ••••••••• , •••• ••• •••• $2295 Nova 4-dr., Air 122) •••••••••• ••• ••• $1895 Nova 4dr. 6 Auto. 130) ••• , ••••••••• 51695 lmpalo Conv., Loaded Ill .....•.•...•. $1995 lmpola 4dr. H.T., Air Ill ....•.•..... $1995 GMC: Y/6 '12-Ton, L.W.B. Piekup ••••••• $1395 1962 C:hev. 'llTon L.W. Bose Pickup , ••••••• $1295 1962 Impala 4-dr. H.T., Air (4) •• •••••• •••• $1595 1961 4-Door v.s, Auto. • ••• , • , •••••• , •••••• $89 5 1961 Impala 4dr. H.T. 121 ................ $1295 1960 Chevy Wagon, Loaded, Air 121 •••••••• $1095 1959 Chevy, Choiee of Colors 181 from ...... $395 F-0-R-D-S 1965 XL 2dr. H.T., Loaded, Air 161 ...... , ••• $3195 196S Golaxie 500, Looded, Air 13 l ••••••••• $2895 1965 Mustang v.a, Air .................... $2795 1965 Country Sedan Wagon. Air 11 l ••••••••• $3595 1965 T. Bird, Looded, Air 12 l .......... , .. $4695 1965 LTD 4dr. H.T., Air 11 l ....... , . , •.• , .$3695 1964 Galaxie 500 4dr. H.T., Air Ill ...... , .$2295 1964 Galaxie 500 4-dr . H.T. Ill ............ $1995 1964 Faleon Wagon, Loaded ( 1l •••••• , •••. $1895 1963 4-Door. Air, power. One owner , •• , •••• $1595 1963 Falrlane 500 Y, Loaded Ill ••••• .,, .$1495 1962 Galaxie 500 4-dr. H.T., Air (1)., ....... $1495 1962 Falcon Wagon, Nice 11 l •• , .......... , • $995 1960 Fair lane ""500"' ••••••••••••••••••••••• $595 1959 T. Bird 2dr. H.T., Sharp 11 l ........... $1 095 R-A-M-B-L-E-R-S C:lassie. Power, oir ................. , • $2595 Ameriean Rambler Std., R&H Ill .••••. $1895 660 C:lassie, Air, Looded ( 1 l , ... , ..... $2695 1964 660 Clossie 4dr., Air 151 •• , .......... $2095 1964 660 C:Jassie 4-dr., Loaded 191 •••••• ••• $1895 1963 C:lossic 4-dr. Std., R&H 121 ••••••••••• $1295 1960 4dr. 6 Std., Nice ( 1l •••• , ••••••• , ••• $595 19S9 Ambassador 4-dr. ( ll ... , ..••.• , •••... $595 0-L-D-S 1965 88 4dr. H.T., Air. Loaded 121 ........ $3595 1964 88 4dr. H.T., Air, Loaded (1 l ......•.. $2995 1963 '18 4-dr. H.T., Air, Loaded 11 l ••••••••• $2995 1962 Super 88 4dr., Air, Loaded 121 ••••• , .$1795 1961 88 4dr. H.T., Loaded Ill ............ $1395 1959 Super 88 2-jlr . H.T., Shorp 11 l ......... $895 P-0-NT -1-A-C C:otalina 4dr. H.T., Air 141 B-U-1-C-K Buiek Special 4dr., Loaded 11 l • , • , ••• $1095 C-A-D-1-L-L-A-C-S 1961 Sedan DeVille, Air, Loaded 11 l ........ $2395 1959 Coupe DeVille, air/c. Sharp ••••• ••••• .$1495 1959 Sedan DeVille, Air, Loaded Ill ........ $1395 1956 Sedan DeVille. Loarfed, Nice Ill. ....... $595 300 1965 MODELS Fords, Chevys, Ramblers, Old!h Buicks Pontiacs, T .. Birds, Cadillac• As Low As $1895 All our-cars are bought new by our Avis fl eet and authorized to convey the balance of the original w•rrant)' to you! 123 Sharp Trade-ins From $75 5 A.cres Clean Quality '6' 5 FALCONS Low mileage, hond • pieked 2 Door Folcon U • Drive-Irs . Week ly payments after normal 1/• down. WILLIAMS BROS. Inventory Reduction SALE AIR CONDITION SPECIALS '65 Pontiac Bonneville CDe. Hardtops. Full power and factory air conditioned. Balance of new $3999 ear warranty. ! '65 C a d illac Cpe, DeVille Hardtop. Loaded. Bal . .. $5699 '65 Buick LeSabre Cu stom Sport Coupe. Full power and factory air cond. Loaded. Bal . of new car $3999 warranty. save! .... '65 Chevrolet Impala Super s p or t Hardtops. fo"ull power, V-8, factory air cond. Balance of new car $3399 warrantY. save! .... '65 Ford XLSOO CoUPe Hard-top. Full power and factory air conditioned, Bal. of new car $3299 warr.lntY • , ... , .•.. '65 Chev. Malibu 2 Dr. HT, Auto. Trans., R a d i o, Heater, Power $2899 Steering, Air Cond. '64 Pontiac Bonneville 4-Dr. Hardtop. Full power & factorY air conditioned. Bal ance new car $3199 warranty I ...... _ ... . '64 Ford Galaxie 'SOD's. 2 and 4 • door Hardtops. Cruise-O .. Matic, V-8, power steering, radio and heater. Air cond., WSW. Bal. $2299 new car warranty! . '64 C ad i I I a c Fleetwood. Loaded . One owner. Bal. new car warranty, $5099 9000 actual miles .. '64 Chev. Malibu Hardtops. PG, fact. air cond. ...•. $2299 '63 Cadillac Coupe Hardtop. Full power and factory air conditioned. $3299 Loaded. One ownert '63 Chevrolets. PG , V • 8, factorY air conditioned. Radio and heater. 51899 WSWI ........ . '62 Old$mobile '98' Holiday 4-Door Hardtop. Full power and factor)' $2299 a i r con d. Loaded! ... '62 Chevrolet Impala tops, PG, V -1, PS, R&H, fact air $1699 cond •....• , , , ..•.. '62 Thunderbird Hard to J)S, Full power and faetorY air conditioned. $2199 Loaded! . . . . '62 Chevrolet Coupe. r:ac tory equ;o. $1299 i nel. ail' cond . . ; .. , . '61 Thunderbird Hardtops. Full power f a ctorY air conditioned. $1699 Loaded! ... , ...... . STATION WAGONS '64 Pontiac Bonneville. Full power .and factorY air cond. Balance new s3499 ear warranty! ..... . '64 Chevrolet Impala 4-Dr, Full power, V1 factorY air conditioned. $2199 one . , , . , , , . '63 Pontiac Safari 4-Door. Full power and factory air conditioned. $2399 One own e r! ....... . '63 Volkawagen Panel. Factory 51299 equiPPCdl •......... '65 Corvair M on z a. Auto .. matic trans., factory air conditioned. Radio and heater. Balance new $2699 car warranty! ..... . '65 Chev. Impala S .S. Conv. , Auto. Trans., R ad i o, Heater, V-1 , Power $3199 Steering, Bucket Seats '63 Fo r d Galaxie '500' con vertibte. Full pow e r, factory air $1999 cond. Loaded ..... . '63 Corvette convert. Fully equipped. Loaded. 4 ..... $2999 transmission ... . '62 Bu ick Spec. Conv. Full power, radio & heater, ........ , .. 51599 '62 Dodge Dart 440 convert ible coupe. Full power, .... $1399 '61 Cadillac convert. couP!• Full power, factory a1r conditioned. Loaded. $1899 One owner! ....... . '61 Thunderbird convertible coupe, Full power. Ra-dio and heater. $1699 ........... . COMPACTS '65 Corvair Monza 4 • Door Hardtop. PG, radio and h eat e r, factory air condi tioned. Bal. new $2199 ear warranty! ..•.. '64 Buiek Skylark 2 • Door H ardtops and 4 Doors. DYnaflow , pow e r steering, radi o & heater. Bal. $2499 new ear warranty! .. '64 Corvair Monza coupes. 4 speed and automatic transmission available. FUlly equipped. Bal. new $1"899 car warranty! ..... . '64 Ford F" /L 500 Coupe. Automatic trans.. radio & heater. Ba11. new $1199 car warranty, ..... '64 Chevrolet II Nova Hard tolil's PG, 6 cyl., radio heater. Low mi. $1899 Choice of color ..... '63 Rambler c;:ustom 4-Door. Factory a1r $1399 conditioned ....... . EXTRA '65 Dodge Polara C o u J1 e Hardtop, Full power, radio &. hcator. Bal. $28'99 new car warrant)!! . '65 Chevrolet Coupe. Fac-tory equipped! Balance of now car $2199 warranty! ........ . '64 Chevrolet II Nova HT, Auto. Tran•• $1899 Radio, Heater . . . . '62 Thunderbird coupe Hardtop. F'ull pow e ,., .. ... $1999 ; 1 J l li c I! t f ( b i ! c 8 ll c tl b l • • tJ c: ....


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