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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 85 (May 17, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 17, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 85 TAMPA, FLORIDA. MONDAY, MAY 17, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS SA Government Elections Postponed Ed Coris, l Marine Geology Students To Study Under Water increasing population can on ly aggravate the existing problems or water pollution . Students Informed Too Late By JOHN ALSTON Of the Campus Staff On the Inside Underwater Rockhunters Marine geology students of Dr. William H. Taft excavate tock samples at a ..depth of 17 feet in the Ba bamas. USF students will do similar work at the mari time base in Petersburg.


Sorry, Joe. No Do.ugh! HOW MANY students are there on campus who would like to have scholarship, a loan, or a campus JOb, and who cannot get one because they don't have the necessary 2.000 grade point average? We would like to know. Kermit J. Silverwood, director of financial sa:ys that job scarcity is causing his off1ce to turn away many appli cants with averages balancing on 1.9 mark. Most scholarships re qmre above a 2.0 grade standing (lr "C" average. The loan policy here_ also sticks to the 2.0 average requrrement. Where does this leave Joe Sad dlesneakers, who must have finan cial help or a job to stay in college? Silverwood says, simply: "The President (of the university) makes the rules." IN THE MEANTIME, Joe Sad dlesneakers needs to buy books , or school supplies. He tries the textQook lending library in the base ment of the USF library. He can ' t get what he needs there. He tries the office of financial aids for a loan. But it turns out that Joe let JUs grades slip while working off campus. Sorry, Joe. No dough. _ "How can I make 2.0 average WJthout books?" quenes Joe logi cally. We' d like to help Joe out. True, he might to able to make more money by working off campus. But if Joe is like a lot of USF students he came to this university of its accent on learning. He wants to stay as close to it as he can, and immerse himself in the unending list of stimulating educational ac tivities here. He wants to be exposed to the thoughts and ideas of some of the greatest minds on e a r t h. Minds such as those of Dr. Henry Win throp, Dr. Hans Juergensen, Wes ley Davis, Dr. Edgar Hirschberg, Dr. Elton Henley and the incom parable Dr. John W. (Knocky) Parker . WHY COULDN'T somebody come up with a loan fund to help Joe stay here and boost his grades without having to worry about such mundane things as eating or having' a place to live. A loan could be made on a probationary basis for one trimester at a time. The' stu dent's progress, gradewise, could be used to determine whether or not to continue the financial aid. It' s a gamble, but remember, too it would be only a loan. And it might return immeasurable divi dends in service to this country. SA Needs Help Now Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer seem to be giving the Stu dent Association no end of trouble . Seems that a goodly number of SA workers resigned or dropped out of school in the wake of last trimester's grade lists. Others have found lucrative employment in summer jobs. • There are now 22 openings in 1lle Student Association legislature, dne on the Student Board of Dis and Appeals, and two per• Movie Review sons have already been appointed to vacated Senate seats. Now, more than ever, the SA is in need of interested persons to swell its ranks and make it work. The time for griping about stu dent government is over. If you have the qualifications, sign up this week to run for an of fice . And even if you don't have the time, just take two minutes to vote on Thursday. It may sound trite but it's true. If you don't vote, don't gripe! 1Fool Killer1 Moves Fast By JOSEPH KEMPSTER ,Campus Movie Critic If you h&ve ever harbored a desire to suddenly get up in a room full of people and slip out into the night and ije gone forever, you should see "The Pool Killer. " This movie is well worth seeing. It is I{ study of a runaway hoy, played by Edward Albert and a wandering misan thrope, played by Anthony Perkins. The s_tory is tightly drawn with very few superfluities. It moves rapidly and powerfully from the outset and maintains this pace until the end. ALBERT runs away from a "clean'' home where "things are done proper" and the word of the Lord is invoked in Dormal speaking as frequently as blasphemies pour from the mouth of a sailor. He heads West and stops off for two weeks at the house of an old hermit. The old man tells Albert the story of the Fool Killer. "Boy," he says . "you are a fool , jes' like me and it would pay ya to look out for the Fool Killer. He"s got a gleaming ax and he goes aroun' killing fools like you and me 'cause we is always doing somethin' that ain't proper, somethin' that we can see some seus e to, but other folks can't. He woulda got me, boy, but he seed I got married to a clean woman and he figured I was gonna pay plenty' soz he didn't cut my head off." THE BOY leaves the old man and meets up with Perkins, who plays Milo, a name given to him after he suffered amnesia as a of wounds incurred during the Civil War. Albert confides in Milo and tells him of his desire to head West and get rich and build a big mansion and have a fine carriage. Milo by saying it's a fool dream. "Be like me," he says. "All I want is to be able to eat when I want to, talk to folks if I want to or not talk to them, and s ee the world." Milo deserts Albert after a revival meeting Albert talked him into going to. He de serts him because Albert let him self be saved. Then Albert is taken iQ by some good people and becomes adjusted to living with them when Milo shows up again. Albert forces a meeting between Milo and the folks he's staying with. WHAT FOLLOWS is inevitable. Al bert is trying to reconcile two different worlds and cannot. He should have chosen but could not and forces events to choose for him. The story ends with him the choice made for him and yearning more hungrily than ever for the other. Letters to the Editor Dear Editor: This pas t week. I went to the CashIer's Office to cash a check. Upon presenting my check to the cashier, I dis covered that I had last term's ID card with me, instead of the present student identification card. I was informed by the cashier that my c h e c k wouldn't be cashed. I asked to speak with Mr. Melendi, the gentleman in charge of the Cashier's Office. I showed him my present food card as proof that I am in school this The _ food card also has my student ldentifiCatwn number printed on it. I mentionea that I cash at least two checks a week and that the cashiers all know me hy name and know that I am m school this trimester. Finally, I ex plained to him that I had to meet my dale and catch the bus downtown and I didn' t have any money on me. He still refused to let me cash my check, stating that I must present my ID card. All of us agree. that no institution can be run without rules. However there are times when persons should comjllon sense. The ID card shows your student number, but so does your food card. Secondly, since I am known by all the cashiers, there was no question that I was in school and that I had the money in the bank. I have been cashing checks in the Cashier's Office for seven terms now. Mr. Melendi, didn't deny what I stated was true, but insisted that a rule is a rule. Man is said to be superior to a ma chine because man can think and has the ability to reason. Apparently, Mr. Me lendi did not use his good judgment. I hope he can correct this situation otherwise , I would advise replacing hiU:. IRA LAVINSKY The Campus Edition . A special edition of The Tampa ' Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Colle(iate Press Editor . Lauren A B tt A t t Ma • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ce enne . Pa Editor .••••••.••..•••...... Jeffrey L. Bialek ge Editor ........•............... . Mary Ann Moore DEPARTMENT EDITORS Religion-Jeffrey L. Bialek Staff Writers . Jo Ann Cummings, Joan Davidson, Peggy Fullerton Rosalie Dorotby Laker, Maxine Levine, Donald Phillips, Lynda Ma_ry Sanders, Ronald Shaw, Ruth Smith, Electra Sutton 1\'lanan Harns, Cerita Ludwick and Kathy Manetta. ' Ad. VIsor ........................................ . Steve Yates for is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. _Offices are in the University Center, Room 222, Extens10n 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. • • Social Notes ••• Secretaries Feted With Floral Tribute Orchid corsages (artificial) blossomed on attire or a VIP c a m p u s g To u p (g enuine) 'Wednesday in a "salute to secretaries" program. The floral tribute to some 100 secretaries who help make the campus wheels go 'round was part of the annual "thank you'' given by bosses and associates at a get-together in the library. A colorful touch was added by a display of hats made by some of the secretaries. He's Ou-u-t! The program was arranged by the Personnel Benefit Sub committee headed by Duane Lake. Members are Joan Mc Kee, Mrs. Beulah Rugh, Bill Durkin and Dr. Donald Allen. The squeeze is on as Ed Worley of the SAT's tries to Joe McAleer of the Staffers. Looking on IS ump1re Pete Silver. The Staffers won the game 12-4. (USF Photo) Pouring c off e e were Mrs. Mozelle Stockwell, Mrs. Ouida W. Mahoney, Mrs. Mildren Sin gletary and Mrs. Sara Howell. Serving coffee and tea were Mrs. Nan Rutherford. Mrs. Boots Carlton, Joyce McKee, Joan McKee and Mrs. Rugb. Staffers Outhit Stud . ent Affairs Spring Goes To Their Head Floral frills blossomed on colorful headdtess dis played at the campus salute to secretaries program last week. Modeling secretary-made bats from left Jan Chryzanowski, Joann Dabbs and Rugh: (USF Photo) Burry Unburdened l).S. Dominican Policy Is Termed Failure Hostesses for the occasion w e r e Mrs. Mildred Winters, Mrs. Ann Mulder, JoAnn Dabbs, Mrs. Rose-Lane Revels, Mrs. Marie Clark and Mrs. Margaret Hamilton. Mrs. Lois Dick was in charge of the hat display. Helvey Given Science Award The American Institute of Aeronautics presented T. C. Hel vey , assistant professor of con tinuing education at USF, with its annual award for his contri butions in astronautical science By ALLEN J'. BU.RRY Of the Campus Staff "to pre v e ,;_ t anotller Cuba." and cybernetics. Even if we grant tl f II U _ Helvey received the award at . . le u a e a dmner meetmg of the Insti-A year ago we were entering gabon of CommuDist presence, tute at the St. Petersburg Yacht the long,_ bot of racial persists the haunting Club last Friday night. He has 1n MISSISSippi. The atthat a!! IS not well With also had an article, "Extra-Terrecently our_ amlgos. Our eyes are not restrial Life," published in the focused on Alaeyes, _and Thomas Mann recent March issue of Science bam a has faded IS a ad Vl so r to a United Educaion Magazine. f a s t, as t h e States pres1dent, not a Domini-American citizen can patriot. Archaic Instruments recovers f r o m All who are genuinely con-F d • C the emotional jag cerned with the welfare of our eature In oncert t h a t character neighbors to the Sout11 must Musical instruments popular ized the vica1iraise forcefully with our govern-in the 17th ar.d 18th. centuries ous participation ment the question of when the will be heard in a chamber mu-By TOl\1 GATES Campus Sports Editor As the hot summer weather continues, the 1-M .summer soft ball leagues have begun with great enthusiasm. In the Faculty Le3;gue, the Staffers, led by Dr. Robert Goldstein, Charles Schrader, Hubert Wright, Joe McAleer and Ron Willis carried their team to an easy 12-4 victory over the Student Affairs team. Coffee House To Give Poetry The Reader's Council will conduct a coffee house through the summer trimester, on Wednesday during the free hour. Here is the schedule: May 19-UC 108 June Z-UC 108 June 16-UC 264-265 June 30-FH 101 July 14-UC 108 July 28-UC 108 All poets on campus who would like to read their poems or have read during the June 2 coffee house should sub mit their work to Mrs. Dino in the Speech Department or to Lucille Gigante, UC box 2414. Poets will he notified if se lected. in the March, United States will grasp t h e sic concert tomorrow night at Vi. e t Nam is fundamental proposition t h a t 8 : 30 in FH lOl. Former Student Wins s t i I I with us, c h an g e must come in Latin Featured will be John Tartag-K 1 K 11 h growing worse or Burry America. Must any people who lia on the viola d'amore; Patridentaraot USeF dy, w at stu1 1 b tt d . c Ste b bl kfl te d urmg nmes er e er, dependmg on who you es1re a better life turn against Ia n erg on oc u an Jin 1964 h b d d d read this morning. The United the United States and toward Don Owens on baroque trumpet. Miss Flo,ridaas r:. JU States is in a an_other system for even a flickEd w_ a r d !lnd contest. The U:vinneer Miss only part of 1ts own makmg, ermg hope? Watkins Will assist on VIolin; USA will go on t th Miss where we build up strength to IT JS PROFOUNDLY disturbRodolfo Fernandez, cello, and Universe e Gil Hertz and Dick Bowers led the SAT's in defeat. In the other game, Mainte nance overpowered the Registrar Rebels 17-l. Bob Macon Don Vincent, Tom Howard and Dave Crouch led the Mainte nance team with three hits each. Deller and Brooks led the de feated with great fielding plays. In the st)ldent's Independent League, Arete outhit Senior Ac counting 12-7. Phi Sigma Zi was tromped by the Senior Account ing team 12-4. One grand slam borne run was hit by John Goree. In the Residence Hall League, Alpha 3 East romped Alpha 2 East by a score of 13-3 . A home run by Russell Avery and three hits each by Andy Whitehead and Tom Moore clinched the victory for Alpha 3 East. In the Women's softball league, Eta bombed FIA 15-1. Eta, with a bolstered crew of Physical Ed ucation majors, set the pace of a Women's Intramural league by winning the first game. They were led by Mabel King, Ann Frets and Linda McLellan. FIA was led through the bitting of Karen Little and Monica Harty. These games are scheduled in coming weeks: SOFTBALL SCHEDULE Monda.:r Hot Heads vs. Senior Accounting Arete va. Phi Sigma Zi FlA vs. TriSis \ Tuesday Beta Ground West vs. Alpha 2-East Wednesday A I ph a 2. East vs. Beta 2 West Beta 2 East vs. Beta Ground West Eta vs . FIA Tbursda.r Areta vs. Hot Heads Alpha 3 East vs. Beta Ground East SAT's vs. Rebels Staffers vs. Maintenance convince the Communists t11at ing that the United States is Gary >_Volf, harpsiChord. we want to get out where planes seen in Latin Amer tl Music heard will include ViAnnual Event Cons1"dered ' Lea as le valdi's "C on c e r t f v 1 bomb and soldiers shoot, and world power wJ1 ich wants to , . ,. o or 1o_,a money flows like blood. maintain exploitation and preAmo1e, Allesandro Sca;,latti s Those who persist in asking vent the legitimate aspirations .,Qua_rtet for Blockflute, and for a quiet rationale for our of the 1 T r 1 o for Blockflute , VI o 1 a policy a statement beyond the It "tel . d'Amore, and Basso Continuo," Carnival Held in UC li h , . o m lDl y more 1m-by J J Quantz "M b c c e , a posture grounded m a portance to the well-being of our Th., . ay e next year we'll have resentatives of 20 companies. viable goal for the future, are nation that we ally ourselves t the conc_ert lS free and open cotton candy and candy apples The vendors represented such ed f b t . . o e 'PUblic. accus o e our govWith those who dream, work and ---------to carry the carnival theme," corporations as A. B. Dick, Royernment by calling our resolve sacrifice for a better world than T d L Ron Keller, chairman of personal , Smith-Corona, Victor, a n d into question. that we rush the Marines in to ape eCtUreS 3M Corp. Th D t f . nel development sub-committee, T e epar ment o State 1s bolster every failing military R 1 R • d he carnival was started by sendmg out staff members to junta in Latin America. U eS eVISe said. Keller as an aid to the depart-convince tbe of our Perhaps _ just perhaps _ we Lectures recorded on tape by Keller was referring to the ment oCfices _which want to land that all IS well, that be-had no alternative in the Do-Educational Res 0 u r c e 5 are busmess machine carnival in prov1de for eqtnpment in budget Y?nd the seeming expensivelminican Republic, but tbe land-placed in the audio laboratory, the UC ballroom Tuesday. He this July. Keller said atmlessnes_s our. action_s, a ing or the Marines signals a AD 180, under the following hopes that the carnival W1luid if these off1ces knpw what grand destgn IS bemg fulfilled. disturbing failure of u.s. policy procedures: b ff . IS _on the market and what the THE DOMINICAN REPUBPapa Bird may not be worried. l. Taped lectures not re-ecome an annual a atr at USF. pnces _are, would be much LIC may h ave a but the chickens are increasing: quested by for replay Between and $30,?00 Wiser m their spending. government by the time this IS 1y coming home to roost are placed m the laboratory w or t h of bus1ness mach1ne A number of representatives printed, but the problems the within 24 hours. equipment was exhibited by rep-saw the carnival as a great suesituation has raised will be with s d 2. Taped lectures requested cess. Glenn Brown of the A. B. us for some time. tu ents fOL" class replay witllin two days CIC and NCICA Dick Corp. remarked, "The We are told that Communists after being recorded are placed turnout has been very good. The were behind the revolution, that I in the labor_atory within 24 May Form •interest has been quite high they gained control, and that im, R • hours after bemg replayed. Former members of CIC . d compared to manY busine ss mediate action was necessary 1 ece I ve Therefore, delays in taped . . an mac tune c o n v e n t i on s rve lectures the laborarory NCICA mterested m a worked with." <., \ are the result of scheduled local NCICA group may drop a Although Keller was in charge Campus Forum Grants classroom functions. Students card to L. s. Lippincott, 13762 of the project, he said that PI P should not request lee74th Ave. N., Largo, Fla. contributed anS rogram tures from Educational Re• m presentmg the carnival. Pro • All taped lectures will Tampa Po11ce Band curement contacted the venOn V1et Nam Four USF students have re be m the laboratory within 24 Performs T • ht dors; personnel supplied there-A new group called the ceived traineeship grants in the hours after schedul_ed use and On f r e s h m e n t _s; educational Campus Forum has made final field of special education. cannot be heard until after such The Tampa Pollee Dance resources P_rov1ded the music, preparations for a program on The grants of $1,600 a year scheduled use. led by Sgt. A. L. Ford, and the office of the registrar "Should the U.S. Get out of were awarded to Mrs Mar will perform today at 8 p.m. decorated the baliroom. Viet Nam, " to be presented Lamphier, Mrs. RoiJob Interview in the UC Ballroom. USF spent less than $20 on the Thursday at 1:25 p.m. in UC ers, Mrs. Mary L. Penn, and University of Florida, grad-Also aPPearing will be carmval. 252. Cosmo Re, by the United States uate program i n health and hos-singer Nadine Williams, Miss S J b The plans call for two speakOffice of Education. pita! administration bachelors Tampa of 1965, and jazz aero-ummer 0 s Open ers to present opposing views The candidates are all seniors degree in business 'administra-batist Renee LaFountain. Any male student interested on the topic. All students are in-and are majoring 1n the field tion. Admission is free and no in a camp counselor position vited to attend the session and of special education. s p e c i a 1 . reserve tickets are required. for all or part of' the summer present their own opinions, aceducation includes the teaching should contact Murphy Osborne cording to Ed Caris, chairman and training of handicapped and S h d l DJ Hosts UC Dance Ext. 479. in Alpha 145 of the committee. . retarded persons. C e U e . Chamberlain will be are positions open The pttrpose of the forum Tbe grants will begin in Sepdtsc Jockey for a f r e e stereo group is to "provide an avenue temher and will run for one Of E t d UC 1 K through which students can not year. The candidates were ven s arate Demonstration only voice their opinions, but chosen by their expression of ual dress will be in order. The Club will stage a become e_ducated about issues interest in the area and by other 9:30 a.m.-Concept of the 1 demonstration on karate Frlday f Absurd UC 203 oremost m their minds," Coris academic criteria. 8:00p .m. soundsation s "TamMadison Avenue Set in Argos 233 at 4:40 p.m. said. Committee members will This was the second year that Dance uc 248 F • • Students are mv1ted to at-try to acquaint themselves with USF has won grants in this TUESDAY eatured In Fhck tend this performance and also th d 9 : 30 a .m.-Hillsborough County ese 1ssues an present a profield. Dr. Leonard Lucito and of Health Mee5c 47 "The Best of Everything," a tbe regular meetings each Mangram on it. Robert Dwyer of tbe education 1:25 p.m.-uc corree Hour uc 108 movie taken from the best sell-day and Friday in Argos 233 at Sertoma Club Gives $1,000 department expressed pleasure 8 '30 Music ConFH 101 ing novel about Madison Ave4:40 p.m. that the students received the WEDNESDAY nue's white U t "ll 1 '25 p.m.-Readers' Theater co ar se ' WI be R d c h A .I b awards. Councn '"Coffee shown Friday and Saturday at ea Y aS Val a le uc 108 7:30 p .m . in FH 101. Admission All USF staff a n d faculty A check for $1,000 was pre sented to the University of South Florida last week by the Down Why? town Sertoma Club of Tampa to Each week t11e "Why?" col aid the university in providing umn will attempt to answer loans for needy and worthy stuyour questions. Queries can be dents. . . on any phase of university life . The contnbutlon was part of I You send us the questions and a Sertoma memorial fund which, we 'll take them to the proper wtth matchmg funds from the authorities for the answers. Defense Education Each question must be subAc_t, Wl!l provide the milted in writing and signed. umverstty wtth $50,000 for stu-Names will be withheld upon re-dent loans. quest. • 8:00 a.m.-Naval Aviation omwill be 25 cents. members who find themselves s. uc Lobby in need of extra money for that 1 '25 Arete Is Planning forthcoming vacation, may ap-7:oo p.m.-s. A. Le:Jlslature uc 252 I!!" S ply for vacation loans at the 8:00 p.m.-Tampa urnan Rela rlrst ummer Event Credit Union Office in AD 145 UC 202 8:00 a m.-Naval Aviation 0i A rete is planning its first so(ext. 511). Office hours are cer Candidate cia! event for the summer fo1 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except 12:45 Aviation 5o#E Lobby l\1ay 29. A party is scheduled holidays. at the Men's Garden Club 7:30 p.m.-Movie, "The nest uc 204 Arete has also elected Exchange To Close or FH 101 f tl 9:00 p.m.-Dance uc 248 Eolr le s u m mer trimester. This is the last week you can SATURDAY ected president is Don Walk k 7:30 p.m.-Movie, "'The Best . . . • PIC up books or money frpm 9 _00 of Everything'" FH 101 er. Robm K1rk, Rtck Neuman the Student Association Book . p.m.-French Club Dance uc 248 and Buddy Parks were elected Exchan e. G d board members. be pick!d up can ' Cln; How Bro1 Wag cora Sarn Alvi Da\0 Hint Can W"tl Ten Tc Oc fJ!l R Dav 2. LOI 2B len., Mul SFTer Mel BeD Mel Dor Mel Rid Brll Klil Rit::1 Na1 Ort l'o Brl 7 Clo HOI Bn Wa Da• Col Alv Hili Sal Wh Az1 Tia Til Ki R> Br lli 12, Dt M L! C: K H N Ft w ll. w G '1'1 c '1'1 j J ' ll ; J t


NATS 8-3, INDIANS 7-7 ab PROCESSING ADVANCES sEcoND GAME CAMP C ,QQ K I N G 1\tETS 6-8, REDS 2 ;5 . b ss 2 cl •: f Clndnnatl ab r h SB-Aaron. SF-Klim l LBumpe 2hb 41 00 21 l l EASY VARIED Jlose2blf 43 01 10 "f},aMuslll2b 1 2 12 PITOBING SUMMARY 3 4 0 0 1JI 0 0 0 I rf 44 10 21 LeKnL wls :rlllbS 33 1 11 Lemaster ....... Er 8:S ! 3 : g ! i l o son ranep 1 o Carroll . . . . ..... . 2lf.s 4 2 2 1 1 0 0 N • f 4 0 1 Mal n 3b 4 o 1 g & g 0 Osinski -------1 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 F Ol'IJ:'P c • 0 0 B zoo ed ss 4 0 1 Edwards c 3 0 0 S 4 1 1 O'Dell (W, ;.2).2 0 0 0 0 2 g 201 1 g g P i g By ARCHIE BLOUNT :s! g l o0 o 1 .. ::.:: : i g 0 0 I h 1 0 0 Keough ph 1 0 0 C'Im'aro e 3 1 1 B 'dschun (L, 3-1) 2 4 3 1 1 0 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 17, 1965 15 FIRST PRO WINS No Cho.king Up For Sue Maxwell Howser ss 5 1 3 2b 5 Brown 2b 6 2 2 M'Mull'n 3b 6 WJlgner If 5 1 l King r4 Moran ph 1 0 0 Howard Jf 4 Colavito rf 5 0 2 Lock cf 1 Salmon rf 1 1 0 Chance lb 5 Alvis 3b 5 0 1 Held cf-If 4 Davalillo c.f 5 0 2 Brumley c 3 Hinton Lb 4 0 2 Br"kman ss 4 Carreon c 3 0 0 M'C'm,k p 3 W 'tfield ph 1 0 l Klrkl'nd ph 1 pr ;; 1 I Wc er P 2 1 1 Times Sports Writer Sham sky ph 1 o o Fisher p 3 o 1 Roebuck V.. 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 ood 2 b T-3:3L A-16.632. MUSKOGEE Okla (11')"0h sue Maxwell, $1,275 . __ .. . 717270 213 0 00 Totals 35 3 10 Totals 27 4 a c k ' h b b th d 'nf' t I Totals 32 2 7 Totals 31 6 9 ' . I Kathy Cornelius, $845 ... . 68757 5--218 Terryp 3 0 0 o Detroit .. . ____ .... 000 000 201-3 amp coo mg as ecome O easier an 1 Ini e Y more Cincinnati . ----000000002-2 CUBS 5-2, DODGERS 3 gosh , I thought I was choking Mickey Wright, __ -i.umiie than it even ten ago. The tremendous. advances 2 ,--:Mc:Mui.Zn1,o FDbll GnC!m, $ 491 ......... 73-743-220 One out when winning run scored. ton 6. 2B-Horton 2 McAuliffe. HB 0 pro uc W1 In reac 0 e ou oor coo McMillan, Fisher . (5), Becker t 2b 5 1 1 Parker lb 5 0 2 the mental battle she fought Mary MUis, $340 . _ ....•.. 73-221 Cleve!and -------200 000 005 oo--7 -McAuliffe (3), Modern metals have wrought a revolution in lightweight Lewis (3>, McMillan() ) , Smith (2). Williams If 4 1 2 Davis cf 5 o 1 .,.k d Sandra Spuzlch, $340 .. . .. 7 5-221 ----003 000 301 01-8 liuo (8) S Schilling ' IP H R ER t;B SO Santo 3b 5 I 2 Fairly rf 4 0 0 after tWO uJ"!VeS struc trees an Marilynn Smith, S25 5 ... , , 7 7 733-222 SUMMARY stoves, nones ticking pans, and other make-life-easier :: g J: BUT "then I birdied l4 and $135 _ Mullen ( 4 ) . SB-Hioton. S -Blaslngame. M • q • tte r b New York ob r b Totals 40 5 11 Totals 37 3 10 It was the first vi ctorv for the Beth Stone, $ 107 .. .. 804-77-231 Terry . 6 % 10 6 6 3 4 A'S 7-4, TWINS 4-2 to submit to the portable pressure stove, or worse, the lodge Rose 5 2 4 Klaus 2b 4 1 1 Chicago . _ ... _ .. ___ . __ . 001 000 ooo 4-5 ' Belsy Cullen. $100 . -...... 82-80-71-233 J),t g g FIRST GAME dining room down the road. This is but must be done Harper lf 4 o 1 M'Mman ss 5 o 1 Los Angeles . . . . . . . . ooo 010 ooo 2 3 23-year-old Miss Max w ell , a • McDowell Y.I o o o o 1 MI t b h K c b b 1 h I rl s 1 1 Lewis rl 3 2 1 RBI-Williams 2, Santo,_Banks, Ber professional for les s than two Mike Eyerly GUides Donovan rr:: 1 : 2 ) " " , I 1 1 0 1 if"s 0 0 strictly according to the firelsafety rllu es at eac campbslte. Johnson3b l A i l years since she left Oklahoma's,p h 904 To w.n McCormick . ----. 7 8 2 2 2 I Ro!Uns 3b 3 1 0 Causey ss 4 0 0 Many campgrounds Wil not a OW fires to be Ui t allY Perez 1b 4 0 0 Cowan c f 0 0 0 Cbkago 9, Los Angeles 6 . 2BLan ...._ k d . d h OrSC: , e Ridzik .. --.. . IV.. 2 3 2 1 0 Oliva rl 5 1 1 Loc'w' d ph 1 0 0 h b t lr d t bl' h d f' 1 Ch 1 g ills Coleman ph 1 0 0 Chr'top' r If 3 0 1 drum 2, Santo, Williams, Clemens, amateur ran S an JOlOe t e Br!dges .......... O O 1 O O O Killeb'w lb 5 o 1 Gentile 1b 5 1 3 W ere u m a ea Y es a IS e rrep aces. arcoa r P l't' h 3 1 2 Hi k if o o o VANCOUVER (JP) Mike K!me ---...... --II.J 3 1 o 0 o Hall c( 5 2 3 Blanch'd rf 5 1 1 llsually may be used anywhere. In most wilderness areas a fire ';. 4 o o 2 2 tJ. Johnson, Parker. BB so Ladies Profe.ssional Goli As s oRtchert -.... .. .. '1.! 0 0 0 0 0 Allison 11 5 o o Green 2b 5 3 4 1 h f h 1 d Ellis P o o o Swoboda cf 4 1 1 Jackson (W, 3.3) _ 1 o 10 3 3 1 2 ciation's national tour. Eyerly of Salem, Ore., drove his Narum -.-.. ----1 2 0 0 0 0 Battey c 5 0 2 Charles 3b 5 2 2 permit is required. The loca ranger, or t e owner 0 t e an Tsltourls p 2 0 0 Snahn p 1 0 0 Pod 9 6 1 1 2 5 Orteg a , Green 2 <4> Gen. almost anything you can scrounge.Eisewhere look for dead trees Tsitouris ........ . 4V.. 5 2 l g g W f g Wright's total in winning rain, including Dave Ridenour Totals 35 ,1 9 Ph : tile <8>' so They are less likely to be wet than those that ,.\;1" : j_-;>. : : j7 g g R 'novspy c 0 g g Drysdale P 4 1 1 Franci sco, last year's :: : :l:: -...... 5 % 7 2 2 5 ;ehe2,. She held her own through the --------------RBI-Heid 2 , King, Azcue 2, Whit' .. ::.:::: f.. J o IN A SEVERE RAIN, when all wood seems wet, split a . Javier 2b 4 o 1 PagiiaronJ c 2 o O up the tttle. Her vtctory was o 1 RBl-HaU. HarrelBon, Causey, Lach J'k t JP n R ER BB SO Gibson p t 1 I Cardwell p 1 0 0 1 0 cross squares, like a cabin; stack it in a cone, 1 e a epee; or Giusti __ . 7 5 5 0 0 Mota ph 1 o o worth $1,275. . -MlllD-csota 8, Kansas City 9. 2B-pile it at random. McKenzie ---6% 7 S 5 1 2 vF!-eeilse ph 11 o 0 o1 Kathy Whitworth the tour' s d •t 'th Marichal (W, 6-3) 9 10 S s 2 2 ll'g ph . . , . Totals 31 0 4 Totals ll Sa Hall, BR-Lachemann (2). SB Arrange a fluffy pile of tinder at the base, SUITOUn 1 Wl BrHBandP-TB_y2 .1M4 arichaL Brand. PBTotals 35 6 10 Totals -36 3 -10 l.eadmg. money _ W1.nner gomg Detroit ................. -.000 000 -Campanens. Landis. S -Causey. Zim-d h th i" t fl Boston __ . _________ . _____ 102 000 2ox-5 merman. kindling, and stack larger WOO W ere e trs ames can • st. Louis _ . _ .. _ ... _ .. __ .. 030 001 mto thts tourney bed Marlene . , ;Burial"; " Sold by . Mail_ . • • • You may be qttalliled for *1,000 life insurance • ; • 110 you will not burden your lond onet\ with funeral and other expenMa. This NEW policy is espeeially helpful to those between ott) and 90. No medical examination necessary-OLD LINE LEGAL RESERVE LIFE INSURANCE. • • • No agent will call on you. Free information, no obligation. Tear out tbia ad right now. • • • Send your name, address and year of birth to: Central Security Life lnsuranee Co .. Dept. H, 1418 West Rose dale, Fort Worth 4, Texas. RBI-Yastrzemslti, L . Thomas 2. EPITOHING SUMMABY reach it. A well prepared flre needs only one match. After that Second Game -Aiiey, Hagge and Sybil Griffin for fifth K a Jine . DP-Detrolt 1 . LOB-DetroJt IP B R EB BB SO t ill t k t t to b d f Houston. ab r h S F 'nc'co ab r b Boston 6 . 2B-Cash , Horton, L. Thomas. Stigma n _ _ .... .. 6 7 2 2 3 7 a half hour is all the time i W a e 0 um ill a e 0 b b ' ab b White 2, Javier, Gibson. E--Javler. place with a 220 total. 0 e &-Wilson. Klippst' n (L, 1-ll 2 4 2 2 1 1 h t 1 1 •tab! for roasting frying or baking Kaso ss • 4 1 M Alou lf 4 1 DP-St . Louis 1 LOB-St . Louis 4 • ljiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii PITCHING BB so "(w; i.3)' ! 0 h:at for cookin'g means enclosing it in : i ! II W'k'h' m (L, 1 2) 7 7 5 4 3 3 Stock ..... -... -. % 0 0 0 0 1 f f' 1 E -d campers find that a long Staub rf 4 0 0 Mays cf 4 2 3 S-Shannon.C SF-Alley . y Gladding _ _ . _ 1 1 o o o o II'P-Stlgman. T-2:47 . A-9 ,564. some kind o rrep ace. xpertence ' D 'auch' p 1b 4 o o Bart 3b 4 o o PIT BB so 'r-_!2:03. 0 0 1 8 CHIS OX 6 ANGELS 2 4 fairly narrow fireplace will meet more needs than a square or ! g i Wllenp't 3b g g Gibson (W. 7 -0) .. 9 10 3 2 0 7 (FJ;:; Game) • round one. A small fire may be 1 built forb a rng;e p_ot. c t 1 A i .. l 2 ) ! I M C'nn ,•s, Pabst cf •: ;; •: r h tended for several. Or a good b aze can e ep gomg a on s:.nai::: Plb 1 g 0 : 0 0 sisk ..... _ . _... 2 3 2 2 o 1 Gotay 3b 4 1 o Wets 2b 3 t i end while bot coals are raked to the other for cooking. For Aspro'te 1b 1 1 1 WP, cardwell , Gibson 2 . T 2 :18. k 4 0 1 Romano c 2 0 0 maximum heat, your grill or flre bars should be placed about Totals 35 3 9 Totals 31 4 10 Second Game See To Repeat g g ! ! 10 . inches above the fireplace floor. : : : .:: . .-::::l m \" i i i g In SP Races Clinton rl 4 0 0 Ward 3b 4 g FIRE IS A DANGEROUS tool and must be handled with 2, __ Flood c f 3 2 2 Clem'nte rf 4 0 0 ! o o0 care. Keep a bucket of water handy and watch for flying.sparks, Francisco I. LOB-Hourton.5, San t i g ST. PETERSBURG-Sunshine D. Lee 1 0 0 Rob'son rf 3 0 f 1 Francisco 4 2 B-Mays. SB-Mays. sWhite 1b 4 0 2 CJ'denon lb 4 o 1 8 ed Pearson ph 1 o 1 Berry cf 3 1 1 especially on a windy day. Heat rises; be .sure your rrep ace Shaw. Shannon r1 4 o o Alley 2b 4 o o pe way has held only two Piersall ph 1 o 1 Buzh'dt p 3 o 0 h b b s When leavmg camp even tern 1P B R ER BB so Uecker c 3 o 1 Pagli'onl c 3 o o M F he P 1 o o is clear of over angmg ranc e . . ' . • Nott"bart . _ 6li.J 6 3 1 5 2 statement Sunday in response to his last week of training for hts B . Lee -------I% 3 2 0 1 0 statements made by Bill Veeck May 25 fight with Cassius Clay John (W , 3-0) .. _ 7 4 2 2 1 5 F i sher . --------2 3 2 2 o 1 in the current issue of Sports at Lewiston. in 9th. llillstrated. Funeral services for boxer "There were eight or nine Sonny Banks who died. last week New 7 ; ab r b players who were not partlCU from a brain injury in a fight ph i o cf i l larly reluctant to let it be known to be held today io DeRich' son 2b 5 1 5 1 2 that the only thing wrong with trod. 3. Clear zone 7. Dorl Doll Tresh cf 5 1 2 Brandt rf 0 0 0 th i U S and Japanese boXJ'ng of 4 . Circus Sunshine 8. Spinning Yarn Mantle If 4 o 1 Powelllf 3 o 1 the Cardinals was e r man. . . . SECOND RACE-Three-eighths mile H. LOpez rl 3 o o Slebern lb 3 1 1 ager" said Veeck. "The most fiCJals made franttc long dts--Grade D _: Barker 1b 1 0 0 Orsino c 3 0 2 ' • t h ll 1 th' I. L. B.'s Wish 5 . Toronto Tony Pepitone r1 • o 2 R. J'nson 3b 3 o o openly critical of the players tance elep one ca s ear Y 1S 2. Duke Larsen 6. Cbeatem Charlie c g was Dick Groat, a team leader." morning to locate special six Twin Bouton p o 1 o Palmer P 1 1 1 Keane said he would rather ounce gloves that threatened a THIRD RACE--Flveslxteenths mUeKubek ss 2 0 2 Snyder pb 1 0 0 t f I t t tr Tu Grade D Miller p 1 o o not c o m m e n t "on mos o as -mmu e con oversy m es1. Paul's Wishbone s . King of Destin)' Totals 33 5 8 Totals 32 7 10 day's title between ;: New York ---........... 004 001 OOD--5 bantamweight chalflpmn Eder 4 . Solomon Jim 8. Lotta Vim Baltimore -----.. .. 10120201x-7 Jofre of Br,az!'l and Japan's Na_FGOraUdReTMH:RACE-Flve-slxteenU!s mile Tresh, Mantle 2, Kubek, Aparielo 2, Blclary 2, Slebern, sahiko (Fighting) Harada. 1. Aussle's F'tsteps 5. Ponomo Palmer 2. Brandt. DP-New 2 Mur'ing Stream 6 Jowami Yoi k 1 , Baltimore 2. LOB-New York Veeck's optntons and asser-The trouble erupted after Jo-a: DuWul Dot 7: Sugar's sugar tions" about the cricumstances fre's manager, Abraham Katmuem . Aparicio (2). SB-Blair. s-Mc of his resignation as Cardinal zenelson, examined Japanese-5 • Puroned NallY. PITCIUNG SUMMARY manager after beating the Yan-made gloves and ruled them 2. Jane Time 6 . Fast Cruiser LADIES ADMITTED FREE THURSDAYS I IP H . R ER BB so kees in the World Series. He rough and .unsafe . He demanded Bouton . . . . . . . . . . . 4 4 4 3 4 2 M d I ' Hamilton __ . ___ . _ 1 2 o o o 1 said he felt compelled to ansafer ex1can-ma e g oves. SIXTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mueMikkelsen ( L , O-l) 2% 4 1 0 1o 3 o swer Veeck's account "of the TENNNS 5_ Jav i t Blanco . . . . . . . . . 1f.J 0 5400 BRADENTON ROAD BETWEEN 4 I McNallY ... .. m 4 4 4 2 3 Groat situation." Shaking first set 5: AUTO RACING ChuckMcKinleywonhissecond4.CheckedOut 8.CoroWlnDere 'r.!2, 5f. 3 Junior Johnson, winner at Atlanta Invitational Tennis Flveslxteenth s Darlington May 8, chalked up Tournament Sunday with a I two more victories on the NAS-3-6, 6-3, 6-1 victory over Ham 3. By Traffic 7 . Questing Lass SALES CAREER OPPORTUNITY WITH DISTRIBUTOR OF 3M COMPANY PRODUCTS Are you an experienced salesman with a proven rec ord of successful product sales and the need for substantial income? Are you between 25 and 33, mature, aggressive, and used to top-level selling? One of the south's leading growth companies offers opportunity and earnings limited only by your ability and willingness to work. For confidential interview call Mr. Hanna at Tampa 877-4089 between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M. or Monday Between 9 A.M. and 6 CAR circuit during this week-Richardson. mile end TRACK -Grade C: . f El •t !d h L Aquarena 5. Lovely Lana The wealthy chicken armer even years ago 1 wou ave 2 . Kirkby 6. speed Beam from Ronda, N . C., led all the been a world record, but as it is B . way and won the 200-lap late tbe 3.58 . 3 mile by Jim 1 . model auto feature at Bowman Ryun was a national btgh school 2. Plaidland 6 . Nig's Joy Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem mark and the best mile of the t Saturday and then took the event season in this COllntry . TENTH RACE-F ivesLxteenlhs ml!e at Hickory Speedway Sunday. "I didn' t think I could do it," 5 . Winne r' s Tip Second at Hickory was Ned the said after his re-;: Jarrett of Camden, S.C. He was markable vtctory in the Kansas 4. Rimpy 8 . Irene Spence followed by G . C. Spencer of In-state high scho9l track meet RACE -Three-eighths. man, S.C., and Paul Lewis of Saturday. Shufelt Column (Continued from Page 12) when he hit the rail and before he had come to rest, the pump pipe roll bars were also swept away. Rodgers suffered a severe cut jllst about the wrist and under went surgery Saturday night. Fifteen early models -out of a starting field of 35 finished the 20-lap feature. Only about the same number of modifieds were remaining at the end. No, don't call in a head shrinker. It' s just happened too many times on full moon racing nights. The next full moon on a racing night is Friday, Sept. 10. Look out! 3. Janice A. 7 . Tarot 4. Song 8. Rocker' s Circus Selections 1-Countess Nebo ( 2 ) , Spinninc Yarn on, Circus Sunshine (4) 2-Fast Eddy (8), Chea.tem Charlie (6). Torento Tony Hi) 3--t5)t,t.a.80';!J:n0<.:),Ji!lnf4 ) or Desllny 4-Gunquest (8) , Aussie's Footsteps (ll, Jowaml (6) 5--Pie Cully (1), Fast Cruls'l!!r (6), Core Hi Dere < 8• Jack (6), Finmark (;U, Perorm (1) ';-Prompt. Justic e (4), Questing Lass (;), Okle Cbrls (8) 8-Lovely Lane ( 5), Aquarcna . Tarot 47) . HERE'S. WHAT WE DO FOR ONLY ••• REGULAR $5.19 VALUE 1. Balance both front wheels J. Add brake fluid if needed 2. Adjust brakes, all 4 wheels 4. Completely safety check your car NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR WEIGHTS OR BRAKE FLUID KELLY-SPRINGFIELD SAFE TRAC-s (NOfSICONOS NOT UlltfADS) 6.0016.50.13 Tubelua: also &.70-15 Tube-type at $11, 2 for $21. Blatkwalls $3.00 less per tire . ,..'.: .. . plus tu. and retreadable tires. FREE MOUNTING • NO MONEY DOWN • UP TO b MONTHS TO PAY i: E. Hillsboro Ave., Tampa, Fla. Hours 7:30 to 5:30 Daily THE ABOVE "ALUES MAY ALSO BE FOUND AT: We will approve YOUr credi t based on credit cards from Sears, Ward,, Penney'*' etc . L c 3737 Henderson Blvd. at Dale Mabry 876-0982 or 872 _, W. ,. '


Fainting Less Violent She Seratehes , Yet I Phosphorous Light In Capsule Beer Reeord CLE_YELAND, Tenn. (A') -Ben NEEDHAM, Mass. (A'} -Elec phosphors in an electrical field. PRAGUE I!Pl -Czechoslovaki a Keller's prized red and brown tronic display instruments in No bulbs or filaments are used claims a world record in beer hen had only one leg to stand electroluminescence will help in construction unlike elec drinking with a 124 liter er 1 tro-mechantcal 1 n s t t' u m ents, P h . 1 on. . . . astronaut s t o a safe they are not affected by irregcapita consumption in 1964. T an E PI epsy Attack Not wantmg to elimmate the mg on moon. ular grav ity fields. Consumption rose by 25:6 productive egg layer, Keller The instruments will consist liters compared w ith 1960, the fashioned a peg leg of plastic of five numerical digits dis-Cast Addition Czechoslovak news agency CTK B y W. C. M.D .. was injured when she fell. One and replace the limb played on a 2 by 4-inch flat surHOLLYWOOD (UPD _ Hugh reported. Some people wnte to ask If woman knocked out several • lost m an accident. face The numbers will indicate G 'ff'tl b t t Os Beer was b y Iar the moit I . n 1 1, es suppor mg car a doctor can tell t 1e difference teeth; another nearly gouged Keller days the hen struts changes in the speed at which . . popular beverage . Next followed b 11 h 'fi 1 1 tJ ft t 11 wmner 111 1959 has been added d . . th e tween ordmary harmless out an eye, while another broke maJestica Y on t e art1 Cia eg 1e moon era IS rave ng. ' soda water and lemoua es W1 fainting of a nervous woman a collar bone. and has leamed to scratch with Electroluminescence crea t es to the cast of " Oh , Dad, Poor 22.4 liters. Wine ranged fiftll and an attack of epilepsy. Us A patient of complainit. light through t h e excitation of Dad Eltc." with 4.8 liters. ually I think a doctor can tell. ing only of nervousness and ' 1 have seen many woman 1 abdomina l pain. \vas an able I horse-woman, who had been "By shari n g m y lu n c h , we co uld split yo u r l un c h famt, and m almost all cases, bro ught up on a ranch. I mone y and get in t o the noonhour pok e r g am e." I had no suspicion of an ep i learned that one day, while sit-_______________________ 1leptic attack, because the quietly the saddle woman s l owly sagged at the mg for her sister to come out No Normal Prl.soner knees and crumpled down to of the house and join her, she tt f l Sh 'd sudden l y fell off her horse. I le oor . e di not crash knew that that probably meant to the floot', and hence, she was epilepsy, so I had electroen-s b • d v I h • never hurt. She did not split ephalograms made, and sure 0 n g 1 r a a C 1 het scalp open , or knock out en?ug h , the report was typical I a tooth or hurt an eye, the way e p ilepsy. an epileptic can do. WASHINGTON, May 17 (UPD about the structure and opera[ TO SUM U P , then the 1 -Underworl d songbird Joseph tions of t11e Mafia. A L S O , O N reaching the floor, nervous woman who faints will out The government hopes Val lay quietly for a minute easi l y goes down to the floo r lus ltfe m con!mement Isolated lachi will serve as an example or tw o and then . got up. There so gently that. she n?tl from other prisoners . to others in the underworld was no convulsiOn, and the hurt herself, whtle the epileptiC Informed said today that they can be protected if woman did not lie on the r.l oor tends to fall so heavily that the government still had not dethey decide to break with their unconscious and breath 1 n g every so often 1 he or she gets cided what to do with past and help in the war against as many an epileptic hurl Val achi but there was a possicrime. W ill do, for half an hour or 1 1 bility he might be 1etumed to longer. P e r s 0 n s are s o . wly the no r mal prison system. AL L O F those most directly Commonly the woman who dymg with ofte n unrecogmzed Valachi has lost most of whatass o ciated with Valachi, howfainted did so because she was .. eve r value he had to the gov-ever, agree that little of the nervo u s l y u pset, or s aw some ese: r?,a e 00 e 1 e ernm e n t as a n infotmer on the informat i on he provided cou l d b loo d , or was frigh tene d . The by Dr. Alvarez . To secret underworld organization be used d irectly in prosec ution. epileptic will f all ofte n whe n known vari ou s l y as the Mafia The information for the most there ha s been no bad mental an 1 a s ' se a restset d C N M ld f t enve ope WI your reques o an os a ostra. part was too old to be use d nnpre sswn. en se o m am , D . W lt C AI D t but they c a n have epile p sy 1 a er varez, ep BUT HE has become a symm the courts, they said. TAM, B ox 957, Des Moines, bol, b oth to the government and Whatever value was obtained MANY A TIME 1 have been Iowa 50304. to the underworld. from his disclosures, they sai d , able to be fa i rly certain that -------Underworld informants say was derived mainly from a lthe mothe r or aunt of an epiCivil War Toll I there a $100,000 price on greater understanding of the lcptic child was not just a n ervThe C ivil War, which ended ValachJ s head because he workmgs of the underworld and o u s fainter, but an epileptic, April 9, 1865, cost 600,000 lives an of secrecy. to. a awareness o f the I when I brought out the fact and the utter devastation of the the fust man to testify Ill public threat 1t presents. that on several occasions she South. OPEN To THE PUBLIC!! OVER $75,000 .WORTH Of. FINE FURNITURE,. CARPET AND RUGS BEING OFFERED AT WHOLESALE PRICES OR LESS! Furniture by American, Bassett, Berkline Recliners, Vaughn • Bassett, Kroehler, Coleman, I Lenoir House, Gate City, Super i or, Florida Furniture Ind., Brady, Howard and many other name brands from R&S Furniture Co., formerly at Leslie's Super Dept. Store. Dealers Invited. All Al Furniture; no Seconds or Damaged goods. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! WE DELIVER FREE OPEN SUNDAYS 12 TO 6-DAILY 10 TO 6 4422 N. WESTSHORE BLVD., DREW PARK e Cities Service has changed into solilefhing more powerful I ttl'mfussy about hotels ... that's why I'mgoing Greyhound to the World's Fair" Greyhound takes the guesswork out of going to New York and the World's Fair. You can be sure of fine hotels, transportation, sightseeing. Greyhound ar ranges it all in advance. Stop guessing. Go Greyhound. -----------------------------, THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE DON'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE. FOR EXAMPLE: 1 • Ho lower fare to the Fair $3620 One $6520 W a y 9 BUSES DAILY Complete World's Fair Vacation $10220 o!ys $16945 l n d udes : Transporhtion, hote ls, si ghtuoing in Now York City, a dmissi ons a n d si g hts ee ing a t the F air, .. all p lanne d and pai d fo r I in adv a nc e . 610 POLK ST. , TAMPA 229-2318 CLEARWATER 446 i Greyhound takes you !!! and thru the World's Fair • Call us by our new name CITGO* CIT GO zzooommm in a new gasolene zzooonimm in a new oil zzooommm in a new spirit in service Ne w i d eas. New products. New services . A whole new way of doing things. So manyth ings a t Cities S ervice are new, we have a new name, too -It's CITGO. A t C ITGO, there ' s a new gasolene, modern as the space age, clean , stron g , p owerful. That' s z zooo m mm! At CITGO there ' s a new oi l , more protectiv e against engine wear than any o i l on the market today. That's zzooommm! There's zzooommm in the spirit of CITGO service , too. Try it and see what z z ooommm really means -to you, to your car, to both of you together. •cJTGOTra d emark of Cities Ser v ice O i l Co.subsid i ary of C i t ies Service Co. _


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