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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 91 (May 24, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 24, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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akirt site in conteach at Hunter College , ew tion and government and politics . fmal leg1slalive action. b h d t A . t't" 1 crtl .ase room and board from average, test results_ or recom-Persons who advocate anti-at Placentia, Newfoundland. Rey, physical eaucatlon, will do Kaludis .as the student • un ergradu-ost 0 . the mac me :vas • general fees from $50 to S70. mendation from prevtous school. . . . . choreography for an outdoor t d . h"l ates would have to pay a $200 and copies cost about five cents Bethune-Cookman C 0 11 e g e USF has a "selective admlsAmencan or anti-state notions Dean Emeritus Sidney J. d . St A ti J governmen a vtser w I e on tuition fee under the new plan each D t B h "11 . tu' i "ti 20 1 rama m ugus ne une the staff of the University of ay ona eac , WI raise 1sion" policy in which students would have a rougher tim e French s VISI ng some cos-sept 5 . Dr Leslie McClellan M 1 d H 1 1 d Also the plan would set a stand-The machine will be used to tion and fees from $2SO to 8305 leges in a study for the Southern • • . ary an . e a so superv se d f f ll d t t d . d 1n the upper 40 per cent of speaking on campuses of state plans to teach at Oklahoma th t d t . ti " ar ee or a gra ua e s ucopy correspon ence r ece1ve and room board and laundry high school graduating class are schools under a bill pending in Association _of Schools and C-ol-State University and at San Jose e s uH en k lt dents, including those from out. by the SA as well as commit-from $245 'per semester to $275. . . th t . leges. In nnd-June he and Mrs. C ll d th nances. e wor e WI s u en of-state tee reports which are not either considered if ey mee vanous the legislature. F h ill . "t J d th o ege unng e summer. orientation programs in student . . BARRY COLLEGE IN MIAMI entrance requirements. House Bill 1474 Introduced by w VISI apan an e Dr Joseph Bentley will leepublications and as a Registration fees at Florida mimeographed or_ _The will raise tuition and fees from Th 2 000 b d m onen ' A&M will m ve from $90 to $100 latter process said S o flcials e • e s on ca pus, the Legislative Investigative ) . . ture on 20th Century hterature fra.ternity adviser 0 ' . ' from $700 to $800. Board, room including 164 added on an Committee, the so-called Johns Dr. Robert Gold direct and criticism at University of As a student .at Maryland, per trimester. Out-of-state can_ be expensive where many and linen will be $1,050. emergency basis rn Alpha, Beta Committee would require that student group m Mex-Western Illinois June 20-Aug. Kaludis received the outstand-dergraduate s t udents at t h I s of a lengthy report are . and the Andros lounges have if ' d te h ICO and will research an 18th 20. Fred Agens will participate . . d d 1 . ted university will have to pay an required. (Contmued on Page Z, Col. 4) . ' any person a voca s sue Ce tu Y Indian society there , mg semor awar an was Is . . ll been assigned . ideas his talk must be off-set by n r . in the National Science Founda-in Who ' s Who Among Students additional $200. A graduate stu-Students ;flOW applying _for ona presenting opposing (See this page.). tion institute on history and He was active in student will pay _$115 campus residence are bemg views. Dr. Wilham Taft Will. go philosophy of science and math ernment, and received the outfee. elimmatmg addivised of the off-campus resiIf th k t b . the Bahamas for marme r_e at American University Dr. standing fraternity man award bonal cost for out-of-state stu-Summer Theater Fare Is 'Casual' d 1 . f t d t e remar s are o e m search Dr. Gale Sperry will . ' . .... d t ence po ICY or s u en s over th ti A . t" t t . John Kelley will teach linear While in the Army he received en s . 21 h t t e an -mencan, an I-s a e be conductmg the concert band . . . . . . age w o mee s. category an advance copy of the and raduate courses at Interat a summer msbtute the Army Medal . The decisiOn to . tUI-Those unable to qualify, S';!ch talk must be filed with the state 1 h g M . C b tw for high school teachers at Tufor meritorious serVlce. tion for state umversities was as the 78 boys and 65 g1rls . ac e n Ul>lC amp e een lane . . made by the old State Board of turned down s far are advised school superintendent. If t h e Canada and North Dakota. Dr. . Kalud1s and his wife have one to apply to school or speaker has been cited as a Richard Dana, psychology , plans Dr. Gould Will be encruld and are expecting a secCfon;:ol, to reapply in trimester II when member of a subversive org anito participate in the Sixth Interre_search _at Harvard ond in October. 0 egen 5 a e egmmng 0 By ELECTRA SUTTON All four plays will be d irected enrollment usually is lighter . zation , this must be publicized . national Congress of Rorschach Umverstty library Ul July Richard P . Thomas, the curthe _of the Campus Staff by USF students. Alan Bouverat USF enrollment rose 41 per The bill also would require a and Projective Methodis in ParJames w\ rent Alpha Hall resident instruclS at_ least seven Th1s summer the USF Theatre and Albert Sanders will direct cent from 4,500 in September, state-federal loyalty O"Bth for is July 22-26. • . 0 researc on. gover.nmen tor, wm be mov i ng to Zeta and pnva_te m the state Department will I_>resent "The Fantasticks." Holly Gwinn 1963, to 6,500 last September, recipients of grants, fellowships In June Dr. Sally True will ICY of Eta Halls for the fall trimester. are mcreasmg fees for Casual Theater, " a repertoire and Michael Beach will direct Dr. Spain said. and scholarships. A further prolead a workshop on new trends pure urmg e s the 1965-66 _yea_ r . arrangement of four light enter"The Hollow Crown." "The Because no additional class-viso is that anyone who can in research and creative thinkthe LI:-aryt ofti T .1 • ht C rt B era_l other pnvate tainments given in nightly rotaTwins " will be directed by Rob-room space can be ready this make a contribution to the mising , writing and arts for 200 WO mon s .s ar une . WI 19 once y which do not plan raise tion, Jul y 7-24. ert Flynn and P ierrino Masca-fall and no new dormitories will sion of an institution cannot be teachers at Wisconsin State UniMartha :Ill Band Wednesday have annou _ ncedJ 1D Included in this series will be: rino; "48th City" will be di-be ready until tri I, 1966, the barred on a campus as a speak-sity, La Crosse . vance s Y Ill e u e WI other fees, mcluumg dormitory " The Fantasticks, " a musical rected by Gordon Santmyers. fall enrollment this year must er. Robert Wolff of theater arts, (Continued on Page 2, Col. 5) The University Band will rent. by Jones and Harry The c ast for "The Fantas. stage a twilight concert in the "The Holl?w Crown, " a ticks" will be: the mute, Mike A P k 6 30 W d compilation of readmgs from the Beach El Gallo Harlan Foss FUZZY ISSUE TICKLES WRITERS' CURIOSITY Pogonotrophy Here Provo.kes Probe Of 1Guilty1 Pogonotrophists at USF By JOAN DAVIDSON old ladies call him a "beatnik. " tronomy department grew his "I cried when my husband Of the Campus Staff Pierrino Mascarino says his beard because he used to cut shaved his beard off. I just beard makes him look like an when shaving. _His prob-love them," states Ruth Smith. There are several students on . . . . lem IS now solved with a few the USF campus who are guilty Italian Count. 1fiernno orifr quick strokes of his comb and Other reactions to b ear d s of pogonotrophy -all of them I "Th! an occasional trim with his clipwhich are as diversified as the males. T a min g of the pers. men's reasons for growing them Pogo not r o-8 h r e w" and "it "People off-campus o 1 ten include: "Sexy,"-Billy Hines. phy means growwas brought back ask me if I am a wrestler or "They 1 o o k like they would ing a beard. Six by popular "dea musician and others say I of these men mand." resemble AI Hirt and Sebaswere interviewed "B e 5 i d e s I tian Cabot," commented Dr. to find out why wanted to arous e Eichhorn. "As for growing a they did it. the envy and jeal-beard, when you think about Nancy Knight. "Terri ble ," -.. "I w a ted to ousy of my con-it, there seems to be no ra-Marilyn Markham. scratch,"-Maxine Levine. ("But they don't."-Miles O'Hare . ) " I don't 1 ike most of them,"see what. It ;;;. temporaries, and tiona! reason for shaving." 1 o o k llke, ex7 to demonstl'ate to The f em a 1 e population of Of course, the beard, which is I plained Will_iel Pierrino the female popuUSF, on the other hand, have Reader Englt s h t" very diff b d R d D • t t la Ion of Tampa, my overwhelm-enng views on ear ea er e p a r m e n . . . . ., growing or pognostrophy, as you Instructor, who is sporting a mg vmhty. might well imagine. Prince Albert type bear d. Ben Osterberg says that most Karen Sanders adamantly Reader has been cultivating his men who have reas ons or grow-s ays that "a college boy must ing beards don't keep them very have a terrible feeling of inse"fuzzy chin" for a bout 10 months, and will probably shave it off later on. long. Ben, who curity to mar his didn't have a rea-face by growing a son fo r growing beard. He ' s just Fred Ferguson said, " I grow his "fuzzy forest" d o i n g it to get mine because I the way had a very good distinction or recreason for shavognition." ing it off. He cut Cerita Ludwick Marco Pardi, who has that his chin and had think 5 t h a t a ''Lincoln" look , decided to shave to shave so that beard looks nice beards look." as old as histo r y , has always been held in high honor. The e a r 1 i e s t rec' ords indicate that t h e Egyptians frizzed, dyed and p 1 a i t e d their beards with inter woven gold thread. And the early Mesopota mian civilizations d e voted great care in oiling and d r e s s i n g their cff his mustache because his his doctor could on a man if his girl friend said it tickled. Marco the injury g e n e r a 1 ap-b e a r d s u s i n g Ben '$ tongs or curling irons to create . w 1 t h a f e w pearance is neat. for g e t s he has a stitches. . I "I think they beard, but is reminded of it. Dr. w . H . K. Eichhorn 1 o o k horrible." Fred when he goes off-campus and Eichhorn, chairman of the assays Mavis Franklin, senior. elaborate ringlets and frizzles in a tiered effect. This might seem a bit d r as t 1 c, but who knows-it may catch on. rgus ar , . p.m . e nesk f El" b th th ' • ' On Page 2 wor s o •za e an au ors, Lui s a Holly Gwinn . Matt Tom day. ,bY John Barton; "The Eure;' Hucklebee , Flynn; Two numbers will be Marches Twms , . a ?Y Be 11 amy, Vincent Osborne; -the "Colossus of Columbia" , , , . Sports !'lautus, and 48th c:,ty , a pairHenry, M i c h a e 1 Kelly; Mortand the "Nutmegers." A third mg of two plays, The Sandimer Don M 0 y e r and the will ' be the "William Tell Over- • • • • Editorials box," by Edward Albee and Walter ture, " ,most remembered as the 8 1 V 1 "The Tridgit of Greva" by Rin g " ' , • . t h e m e song of the "L on e ' ' ' One ma 1 0 ce Lardner, with a presentation of The Hollow . cast w•ll Ranger." improvisations . be:. Reader A, P1ernno Mas---------------------------------------.canno; Reader B, Barb a r a After The Brawl Is Over Vincent lsborne, left, and Robert Flynn practice their reconciliation song after the fight scene, in the summer performance of "The Fantasticks/'-(USF Photo) Parker; Reader C, Donald Moy er, Reader D, Daniel Davy; Bass, !farlan Foss; Baritone, V incent Osborne; and Tenor, Walter R yals. The cast f<>r the "The Twins" will include: Prologue, Pierrino Mascarino; Peniculus, Michael Kelly ; Menaechmus I", Harlan Foss; Menaechmus II, Robert Flynn; Erotium, Ann Scarbro; Cylindrus, Paul Stober; Mes senio, Albert Sanders; maid to Er-otium. Joy de Bartolo; Wife, Holly Gwinn ; father-in-law, Don Mo yer; a doctor, Daniel Davy; Dancers Acr<>bats , Barbara Kin sey, Priscilla Magalhaes, Bar bara Parker, Beverly Sever, Joey Argenio, Alan Bouverat, Larry I.;ucas , Frank Mors e , and Vincent Osborne. The cast for tl'e "48th City " is to be: Joey Argento, Joy de Bartol-o, Michael Beach, Tom Eure, Frank M ' o r s e, Don Moyer, Barbara Parker, Paul Stober. "The Tridgit of Greva" Donald Moyer, Joey Ar g cnio , and Frank Morse, "The Sandbox" Dad, Frank Morse; Moth er, Barbara Parker; Angel , Paul Stober; and Grandma, Ann Scarbro. Robert W . Wolff , theater arts instructor, will be the set de signer. He will reinforce the repert-oire theme by designing a basic group of sets which can then be rearranged for play.


' ! THE TIMES, Monday, May 24, 1965 Age Limits Questioned With an eye on the expected record enrollment of 8,000 students in the fall, the Housing Office has its hands full these days trying to find accommodations for these stu dents. In fact, they turned down appli cations from 150 persons for whom they had no on-campus housing, and whom they declared ineligible for off-campus housing. This seems to call for a shown-down on the current "rules" for students living off-campus. Current housing regulations state that single students under 25 are expected to live in the resi dence halls unless living with rela fives within commuting distance of too school. With housing shortages staring him in the face , the housing diTector has decided that students over 21 may live off-campus , in "approved" housing. We wonder if even that age limit might be lowered to enable some of those 150 persons to attend school here. One Small Voice Take the case of a young person 18 to 21 who goes to the "big city" to work for a while and live "on his own ." Some enlightened par ents allow their offspring this opportunity to polish the rough edges left by the growing up process . Surely a college freshman son or daughter might be allowed to have this same experience. Why not ask the parents? We realize, however, that the university administration-justly or unjustly-often is held responsible for the actions of students attend ing that university, both by parents and the community in general. Public opinion can be a vicious weapon, especially when reason is laid aside and conjecture and prejudice are used to sharpen it. But if college students are to be the governors and leaders of to morrow , let's let them learn how to govern their personal lives. Few people learn to ride a bicycle by watching others do it. The Voice Lets Go Again: Please Turn on the Lights, By JOHN ALSTON Of the Campus Staff True to our promise of last trimester, we again take typewriter in hand to comment on another foible of our uni versity. Been gropin g for your glasses latelY? Can't see the way you used too? Maybe it's because you don't have enough light. Which isn't surprising the way lights are burned out around here. The heart of the darkness seems to be the FH building. And the worst part is that this has been g oi ng on for some time. Yours truly has a class in which 11 of the 20 lights are burned out and have been that way since the trimester started! Maybe so mebod y is trying to cut down on the light bill. (Come to think o f it maybe that's why the all-uni versity laughing stock has been un lighted and unbubbling lately). Perhaps the budget is get ting thin. Anyway, won't somebody please re place the light bulbs ? Letter to the Editor Dear Editor: The recent -controversy about student representation on the University Senate brings to mind a. less i mportant but still significant fact: there is no effec uve faculty representation on the Stu dent Senate. I don't want to wait until a n error of judgment becomes intolerable before trying to find an informal channel of expression. I think we ought to concen trate on opening effective faculty-student channels of communication about im portant matters. This lack of official channels has led me to try unofficial means to get con sideration of an idea that might be use ful. No action has be e n forthcoming, so I will try the newspaper. The idea is this. The problem of stu dent resignations from government posts might be met by allowing academic credit for certain defined services in stu dent government. Current regulations de fin e minimum honor point ratios f o r officeholders, but nothing bas been done to compensate the student for the tre mendous amount of time which must be spent in government I would organize a government par ticipation credit plan in the following manner. The stude n t would seek e lection fn the present fashion. O nce elected, he would seek registration in one or two of. a number of designated courses, se lected for their relevance to the ex perience of office-holding. Courses in political science, sociology, economics, p sychology and others would be ex amples. In these sectio ns, assignm ent to in dependent study might typically be sought, or the flexible independent res •arch courses might be chosen

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 24, 1965 KEN (NO-HIT) JOHNSON TRADED FOR LEE MA YE IX Vel{ ]ouse l?.AR/3 . SCOTCH '11/HJ$/({ WORLD'S FINEST WHISKY UI!C llEICED SCOitl WIISll PlOOF IMPIIIED II IIYU tiDDit OlillllEIS, UO .. lill.l. TUESDAY 8:30 P.M. .. (TOMORROW NIGHT> :: Cowboy Luttrall -Presents-;wRESTLING ,#AT. FT. HESTERL Y )ARMORY / HOWARD and CASS ST. HIRO MATSUDA DUKE K 'EOMUKA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS -VERSUS, Tarzan Tyler Great Malenko PLUS TEXAS DEATH MATCH DANNY MILLER -VERSUSAVENGER LEE HENNING DANNY MILLER BILL DROMO BOB ORTON -YS.HARRY SMITH TONY MARINO KACE' vs. WRECKER TIC.KETS ON SALE AT THE SPORTATORIUM. OR CIGAR STAND OF THOMAS JEFFERSON HOTEL average. "Our pitching, with only nine games in '32 starts, just has to improve," Bragan said. "Johnson will be used as a starter, probably opening at Los Angeles later this week. We are hoping he'll give us a shot in the arm and our young pitchers will come around." Johnson, who will be 32 next month, will join Tony Cloninger, Denny Lemaster, Wade Blasin-PHILLIES 4, REDS 3 game and Bob Sadowski in the starting rotation. Hank FiECher A. J'ns•n If 1 o 1 Harper If 5 1 o will be used as a spot starter l g g r g f and in relief. Cov•ton If 3 o o Coleman 1b 4 o 3 THE 30 Y E A R -old Maye c g g s;b i joined the Braves in 1959 and g g g ij had to battle a series of injuries Taylor 2b 3 o 2 Keough 1 b o o 1 and various ailments until he g g won a regular job, mainly in A A Perez Ph 1 o o center field, last season. In 153 ---games, he batted .304. He led . .. 7 ... the circuit with 44 doubles while coviriiltggo also cracking five . and Keough. E -D. Johnson , Edwards. DP 10 homers and dnvmg In 74 runs. :Maye got off a start IP R R ER BB so thts year, but twisted hts ankle :: ::.:. i 5 and knee in a home plate slide Roebuck ... 1 2 1 o 1 1 was used only as a pinch hitter HBP-By Ts•tourls, Allen, Call!son; . , By Roebu_ck, Rose, Pinson. WP-Bald -m Sunday s 10-1 loss to Pitts-schun, Ts•tourts. T-3:13. A-14,942. burgh. In 53 times at bat, he PIRATES 10, BRAVES 1 has 16 hits, including two hom l [ : ers and two doubles, for a .302 Virdon cf 4 1 1 Mathews 3b 4 o o average. g g Bragan .said that with May e Cl'denon 1b 5 2 2 detaHoz 1b 2 o 1 gone, Felipe Alou and M a c k Maz'oakt 2b 5 2 3 Oliver c 4 0 0 J e ill h th t f' ld Alley ss 0 0 0 Bolling 2 b 3 0 2 on s w s are e cen er te Rodgers ss 4 1 1 Jones cf 4 o o job, with Ty Cline in reserve. c l g g g Alou will play f i r s t against C!lne ph 1 o o right-handed pitching and cen-Maye ph 1 0 0 ter against southpaws. Totals 40 10 14 Totals 30 1 4 Pittsburgh . . . . . . . . . . . 000 210 017-10 Milwaukee . . . . . . . .. 001 000 001)1 Guard RBI-Ciemente 2, Clendenon 2, Rodg era 4, Crandall 2, Aaron. E-Cien . denon, Alou 2, Alomar. DP-Pittsburgh 2, Mllwaukee 1. LOBPittsburgh 8, Milwaukee 7. 2B-Mazeroskt, Vlrdon, (Continued from Pag6 12) • Bailey. HR-Rodgers 5 8 3 3 1 4 happened in the rlng. ::::::::. t g Tbe answer to l!ome of these Tlefenauer . . . % 2 2 2 1 0 tl b f rni h HBP-By Veale, Torre. WP-Niekro. ques ons may e U s ed PH-Crandall 2. T-2:44. A-2053. Tuesday night. And, because of CARDINALS 8, METS '7 this widespread curiosity each New York ab r b st. Louts ab r h fighter may earn about $700,000 i i fl for a fight scheduled for lS Smith 3b 5 o 1 White lb 5 1 2 rounds but w h 1 c h may be 1I } decided within 10 minutes B.Taylor c 5 2 McC' ver c 6 1 3 Only a comparative handful :: g g will see the fight live, but it will 1b 1 g fbh i g 1 be beamed across the country to Kroll p 4 1 1 sactecki p 2 o } 258 arenas and theaters, will be Gonder ph 1 o o Skinner ph 1 o radio broadcast at the Mutual } g o Broadcasting S y s t e m a n d Purkey P 1 o o beamed overseas to England by Totals 4s 71o Totals 50 8 i6 Early Bird transmission. One out when winning run scored. New York . . . . . . . .. 000 050 200'000-7 St. Louis . . . 000 000 001-8 5 • I A d RBJ-Smith 3, Taylor 4, Whlte, Boyer, pec1a war Groat, McCarver 2, Maxvill 3 . E-Boyer, McMillan 2. t>P-New York 1. J G p • • LOB-New York 6, St. Louis 15. 2B0 ary GICIC McCarver, White, Smith, Kroll. 3B-Maxvill. HR-B. Taylor 2 <4>, Me ST. PETERSBURG (UPD-The McCarver, SwoFlorida Sports Writers Associa-Kroll .......... ,-r:.. :' E: Br tion has named a Jacksonville llearnarth ..... 1 % 5 5 1 1 o Paxon High School three-sport i.L,' o -2> {:;? J g star as the Class AA outstand sadeckt . . . . . . 4% 7 s 5 2 1 ing scholar-athlete. .. ::::: ilf.l } g The sports writers Saturday Schultz . . . . . . 1 o o o o 1 gave the honor to Gary Pajcic Purkey 3 1 0 0 0 1 who won All-Jacksonville and GIANTS 5, ASTROS 2 AU-State honors in football and a3 b f If f basketball. He ranked 14th in Sch'f' t d ss 2 o 2 Morgan 2b 3 1 1 his graduating class of 529 and g :-.rnd0 1C: l g was president of the student c 1 3b g council. Pajcic signed a scholarHart 3b 4 1 2 Staub r 4 o o ship with Florida State Univercr l g Y c g g si ty. ib : f f f g t The writers named Tommy :Brand ph 1 o o Jones o f Defuniak Springs' WalGatnes ph _! _! ton High as tops in C lass A, 5 .12 .... with John Crowe of St. Cloud Houston .. . ......... ooo ooo 021)-2 first in Class B, and Miller C o u s e of Moore H a v e n in . • Class C. . ean, Schofield. HRHart. S-J. Alou. The s e I e c t 1 o ns were anBB SO nounced by Tom Kelley, St. Perry .. 7% 7 2 2 2 4 Petersburg Times sports editor, '



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