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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 133 (July 12, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 12, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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1ampa ' SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 133 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 12, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Construction To Start After Hurricane Season In Enrollment Rise Channel 16, WEDU TV Antenna Planned More Housing Now Assured By MAXINE LEVINE Of the Campus Staff A 1 , 024 foot television tower will rise above Riverview for USF's new educational television sta tion, Channel 16 . The t o w e r is to be owned by USF and used b y bo t h the university and WEDU, Channel 3, the Tampa-St. Petersburg Ed ucational Television sta tion. Broadcasting will include college courses, continuing ed ucation programs, culture ser ies, film classics and old movies "all without advertisements," D r. Gerhard C. Eich holz, director of educational resources, said. Eichholz also said that the station would wor k closely with the College of Education with programs from other schools in the state by use of a remote broadcast truck. CHANNEL 16 will reach as far south as Sarasota includ ing St. Petersburg and Clear water and north of Brooksville including Haines City and Lake Wales. By MAXINE LEVINE Of the C11mpus Staff Resident housing for 364 additional students will be provided by temporary measures on the main campus and opening of the Bay Campus in St. Petersburg, as Fall enrollment around the 8,000 mark appears likely. • Four students are going to * * * * * * Stainless of North Wa les, Pa., was the apparent low base bidder for the tower with a bid of $119,000, an amount below USF's estimated cost. Formal awarding of the con-N B be placed in each of the 16 e W a y Andros dormitory lounges to provide housing for 64 students. More ETV Funds Granted • tract is by the Board of Re gents. c p The lounges will be converted a m u s into four-bed suites after t h e students vacate the dorms In U P 0 N APPROVAL, con-August. The present lounge fur The Florida Educational Tel-the commission, $1,500 would USF was granted $80,000 by evision Commission last week have gone into a contingency struction is anticipated to be Is Open niture will be removed and two started as soon after the hur-double deck beds and four desks Us the commission to build a granted F additio nal funds f und to cover any changes of $5,000 _to aid in the d esi gn which might occur during con-broadcasting tower and trans-ricane season (July through with individual bookshelf units September) as possible. • will be added. Broadcasting should begin The University of South Flor-by May or June and full time • ida was officially welcomed to Hanging clothes b a r s and and contruetion of a $35,000 struction, and S2,160 would mitter building which would ETV transmitter building . have been used to pay the ar-also be used by WEDU, a h Id 1 p I • S • plastic clothes bags will be add-programmmg s ou start by n ara ympiC Wlm its Bay Campus in St. PetersThe original request for ad-chitect's fee. Tampa-St. Petersburg ETV ditional funds totaled $8,700. The $5,000 which was grant-station. But, with rising prices s t b f 966 ed as an addition to the present ep em er 0 1 David Batelaan l eaves for England Thursday to burg in a flag-raising ceremony Dr. G. C. Eichholz, director ed will go toward the cost of of Educational Resources, said the building itself. and unanticipated costs, this Full-time b r 0 a d c a s t. . t f th I t . l P lounge closet space. ing would be limited to four compete in swimming even s o e n ematwna ara there July 1. Housing officials hope this will or five hours a day, five days lympics after wining in national competition in New After a speech by _ st. Petersbe a temrporary situation last a week " because there is a York.-(USF Photo) burg Mayor Herman Goldner , ing only two weeks to a month. that of the $3,700 refused by Originally, said Eichholz, amount fell short and USF was --------------;----=--......:...:.._ _____ .....:.:......forced to ask for the additionTunnel, Wagon For USF? What with all the difficulty in getting a quorum at legis lature meetings, the would-be lawmakers still haven't lost their sense of humor. At the last "meeting" on July 1 two resolutions were presented to those present [or their "advisory opinion" since no legislative resolution could be enacted. Al Spencer, chairman of the Traffic committee, called for the construction of a pedestrian tunnel under W. Holly Drive which runs between An dros center and the Argos parking lots. The ensuing dis cussion centered around where the tunnel would be placed. When Spencer said it would end on Crescent Hill, Senator Robin Kirk asked " Why not tunnel under the fountain and flush it?" Things had just about got ten back to normal when one !Pert education coed reported that she had asked some of the girls in Delta dormitory what they thought of the idea and f o u n d that the girls "would rather take t h e i r chances with the road than climbing up and down stairs into and out of a tunnel." Spencer started to r e p 1 y when vice president Ed Coris chimed in with the admoni tion that "It's not the tunnel but the spirit of the thing that counts." Somehow, all the wits got into the spirit and the resolu tion passed : In a more serious vein, a resolution concerning the purchase of a University Security vehicle which could double as an ambulance was passed with a little discussion. The resolution (which is not a resolution) urges that a sta tion wagon be purchased by Security for patrol purposes and that it be outfitted as an emergency ambulance. DR.A.M.SANDERSON Appointed Chairman l . 't d b f Returning students will not be 1m1 c num er o personnel USF Pres. John S . Allen opened d I k f f d , s d s • placed in the lounges. E . hi 1 .d an ac o un s, Eichholz t t the campus. !C lOZ Sal that the prob-'d u en WlmS able reason why the request added that "all volun-Bay Campus will house 256 ADDITIONAL SPACE for 50 was cut was that the com-teers are welcomed and train-freshmen accepted by USF. boys will be made by convert-mission just didn't have suffi-ing is available for interested I t p I • Thei r academic courses in the ing rooms in Alpha and Beta students." Four or five more n 0 ara ympiCS College of Basic Studies will folinto triple rooms. This will be cien t funds available t o pro-members are t o be added to low the program offered on the done by providing triple bunk vide the entire amount. He the broadcasting staff. main campus. beds and additional drawer and praised the commission's ef-David Batelaan, USF sophohope this swim will call at-Graduate courses offered are cl?set space. Returning f t A RADIO ANTENNA is also 11 t b ff t d b th1 or s, saying that it was "kind more engineering student, won tention to their need for $500 in the College of Business Edu-WI no e a ec e _Y s and generous of them" t o con-planned to be added to t.he the 50-yard breastroke in the to help finance the England cation the College of Engineer change unless they notify the sider the request, and that television tower. This an National Wheelchair Games trip. ing, the College of Educaoffice that they want a "the university appreciates all tenna will increase the USF held in Woodside, N . Y. A member of the Florida tion. Also, oceanographic retnple room. th t h radio station's power from the Wh 1 'd e ass1s ance t at the Edu-Although this was his first eels, Bate a an 1s an av1 search programs involving Flor-Residence halls at the Bay t . 1 T 1 . . C present 1 ,000 e.r.p. Aa .,_,_, ro• c;.n:uw. .. !o Tri III must do the coming year field a sister, s. r, The deadline to drop a IIIB trips are planned and exeava-......... w .. .-•••• , •• ,.. ..... ..w.-.. •. < .. .. ...-•• ."'""w ... .w...w..... Once the legislature does reH Tampa. course is July 27. Trimester III tions will be made of various On the Inside organi z e itself le g isl a tion will il,j Dance Is Friday The U.C. Dance Committee will spon_sor a free Stereo Dance :Friday in the U.C. Ballroom. Brooke Chamberlain will be the bost. Dress i s casu al. classes will end Thursday, July F lorid a sites. PI:obably be introduced to asfi W 29 and 111B classes will end Headquart_ers for th e Society' .•. Editorial s sure that the situation Proposed Serving Lines Tuesday, Au g. 3. are located 10 FH 105Q and a?y • Civil War Di scussi on does not happen. agam. yet N Diagram shows a cafeteria serving line system proposed by the Com .,,, Final exams for Tri III will students or faculty who are m . however, none IS spe c1f1cally 1 f::-; • S If S d S d l . !0. ' I


SA Troubles Endless What ever happened to the elected representatives in our Stu dent Association legislature? It seems that quite a few repre sentatives have left school for the summer. That's what Ed Coris, SA vice president, says is the reason why the SA has not had a quorum at its meetings since June 17. Thursday night was the first time a quorum had been reached since then. This was accomplished through an election amo ng the legislators of candidates appointed by John Reber, SA president. One Small Voice The empty representative chairs caused a lot of SA business to be delayed. It seems as though this situation could have been planned for ahead of time . But now , the SA is in trouble over the legality of the new repre sentatives . Representative Tom Grossheim says that the procedure used to fill up the legislative spots was illegal. Grossheim meets with Caris and Reber today. Let's hope this matter is straightened out be fore September. What Is the 'One Rule'? By D . A . POWELL and PETE GLADUE Note: This a guest column. Many of us managed to find a great deal of humor in Bob Ashford's satiric character Dean Fishy. Unfortunately, the situation to which Bob alluded in his presentation of the well-meaning dean is far from humorous. On stage, Dean Fishy states that students at USF are expected to exercise their own judge ment ... of course, if they get caught exercising their own judgement, they will be severly rehabilitated. Ashford's comic figure, always eager to be helpful, bas outlined USF's "one r ule policy." This rule that students are expected to be "responsible members of the university community " has only one qualification, i.e., students are expected to be in the dorms when the doors are locked. Infractions of the one rule result in "rehabilitation" rather than punish ment. It is difficult to determine what this one rule policy means. And the concept of "responsible member" is so ambiguous that it is even more difficult to determine what the one rule means. The Student and Resident Hall Hand books are replete with rules which, when broken, may or may not result in severe rehabilitation. B u t we are led to believe that these are not really rules ... that is, until you break one. These r u 1 e s (which are not really rules) are, charac teristically written to be purposively vague and ambiguous. Under the guise of Letters to the Editor "rehabilitation," permission to withdraw from the University (or else have your membership terminated) has been granted to many students. One rule policies that can be inter peted and that actually have only one rulel are certainly in demand. Admin Istrators who are reluctant to slap the hands of (or ruin the lives ofl college students are also in demand. However, when policies don't get translated into behavior -the result can be disastrous. When rules (that really existl are pre sented in such ambiguous ways, the ar bitrary whims of those in power are often allowed to prevail. Note: Mr. Gladue and Mr. Powell have raised some interesting points in their article, . . • may of them good ones. But we feel that permission to withdraw from the university really is a "rehabmtatltive" approach. When a student is given "permission" to withdraw from the university it means that his offense will not follow him through the rest of his school career or his life. All that ever appears on his record is tba t he withdrew not the conditions that led to it. Similarly, the purposefully vague and ambiguous rules are designed for and have served as rehabilitative laws. One rule policies carry set punishment with no mercy. But we agree with messrs. Gladue and Powell that these rules can (indeed, have) been used for vindication , instead of rehabilitation. J. A . USF Pool for the Kids? Dear Editor: The Olympic-sized swimming pool has been rather crowded lately. But it isn't a swarm of summer college students who are enjoying the luxury of swimming and sun-bathing provided by the university. It is rather difficu1t to relax when little tots are scampering up and down p l aying tag, follow the leader, or "Bet ya can't push me in!" It appears as if these half-size de mons are actually scaring us off. And JlO wonder! Try taking a nap when some staff member's s ix year old is dropping his rubber ball and water bucket all over you o r whining eir field. 9:00p.m. all new and conti n uin g mem-1 It is a kind of running com-7:30 p .m. bers of the academic staffs and mentary to what the newspapers Terrace" FH 101 their spouses from 3 :30 to 5 report about space," commented 8 '30 p.m. TAT p. m . i n AC 231. IDr. Eichhorn. ".,.,, ... w.. ,..wv,.w--"'"'""",ww. fe llowship. evening at 7 :30 in FH 101. 1 / 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 l 1 2 3 4


ENTRIES FIRST RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade C (first half daily double): 1. Aqua rena 5. A. Mac Duff 2. Element'y Ellen 6. She's My Gal 3. Exalt 7. Everglades Sis 4. Ntg's Helen 8 . Good John SECOND RACE-Five-sixteenths mlle -Grade B (second half dally double) : 1. Fred'e Andrews S. Look Forward 2. Michael K . 6. Mr. Mook 3. Trooper Bob 7. Roman Revel 4. Scootln Scout 8. Check's Bucks'n FIRST ROUND SAPLING STAKE QUALIFYING THIRD RACE-Flvesixteenths mile -Grade S: 1 . Danny McGrew 5. Bobhy Plet 2. H. F.'s Fogn 6. Birdie's Special 3. Lake Dale 7. Tell You When 4. Late RePlY 8. Mr. Whirl FIRST ROUND SAPLING STAKE QUALIFYING FOURTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -GradeS: 1. Sandy Rye 5. Irena 2. Parked 6. Crl Better 3. Ryan's Special 7, Joey Joey -4. Devcon 8. Skippy Grew l' ' IRST ROUND SAPLING STAKE QUALIFYING FIFTH RACE-Flveslxteenlhs mile -GradeS: 1. Lee's John 5. Lotta VIm 2. Becton 6. Red Paint 3. Suzy Anson 7. Flashy Return ot. Hustling Harry 8. Gunquest SIXTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade C: 1. Flora Dora 5. Fabulous Face 2. Tapiories 6. Golden Travler 3. Pat's Bell Riner 7. Make A Dash 4. Portrayal 8. Flash Flyer FIRST ROUND SAPLING STAKE QUALIFYING SEVENTH RACE Five-sixteenths mile-Grade S: 1. Fancy Ma.tor 5. Herb Whittle 2. Suzy's SallY 6 . Plastl.IJ:uard 3. Ponomo 7. Golden Return 4 . HI Rex 8 . Mr. Chase FffiST ROUND SAPLING STAKE QUALIFYING EIGHTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -GradeS: 1. Lotus Tu 5. Why Guy 2. H. F.'s Cortina 6. Aztec Prince 3. De De Larker 7. Little Birdie 4. Pan HI 8. Sally Havoc NINTH RACE-Flve-slxteentha mlle Grade B: 1 . Sunnyi!Rht 5. follxon's Lemon 2. Cactus Blr D 'dy S. Full Mask 3. Breaan 7 . HollywoOd Dan 4. Silas Jet 8. Linda Larsen TENTH RACE-Fiveslxteenths mile -Grade A: 1. Jonlmora S. Brandon Bob 2. LadY B. D. S. Slick C. 3. Ford 7. Perform 4. Rusty's Rival 8. Rocket Pam ELEVENTH RACE Three-eighths mile-Grade D: 1. By Gemini 2. Cheatem Charlie 5. Joyoti 6. Brave Susan 3. Crestul 7. Nig's Blondy 4 . F'b'l's Florence 8 . Fast EddY Selections 1-Eull (3), She's My Gal (6), Aqua rena (1). !-Michael K. (2), Roman Revel (7), Trooper Bob (8). S-Mr. Whirl (8), Birdie's Special (8), Lake Dale (3). (3), Parked (2), 11-Lolta. VIm (;;), Huslllnll' Harry (4), Red Paint (6). 6-Flora Dor& (1), Fl .. h SlYer (8), Golden Travler (6). 7-HI (4), Plastlruard (6), Herb Whittle (5). 8 Pan He (4), Lillie Birdie 0), Sally Havoc (8). S-Llnd& Larsen (8), BrerUI <31, Silas J e l (4). 1 !1Lad y B. D. ( 2), Dlldy 17), Cbeatem Charlie (2), By Gemini (1). WARNER WOOD Announces His Association with MICHAEL 0. ABDONEY in the practice of Orthodontics at 39 '8' Davis Blvd. -VERSUSEDDIE GRAHAM\ Showdown Battle TUESDAY -8:30P.M.AT THE ARMORY -PLUS-RIP HAWK SWEDE HANSEN -vs.TONY BAILLERGEON DANNY MILLER * * * SAM STEAMBOAT -VS. HIRO MATSUDA -PLUSJOHNNY BENCE BILL DROMO TICKETS ON SALE liT SPORTATORIUM ar Cigar Stond Thomas JeHerson Hotel 253-0643 Res. .. Television Programs THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 12 , 1965 13 PHIL WOODS AT THE WHEEL Tampa Angler 'Hooked' By Fishing Bug WOODS REFINES FISHING WAYS By ARCHIE BLOUNT Times Sports Writer Ever since Phil Woods landed a 1,000-pound tiger shark on Clearwater Beach, fishing has been more than a pastime to this active Tampa bank executive. Summary ChannelS-NBC Channel Channel 38-ABC ChannelS Monday Evening S oo-The Blr Newa Pulse News ABC Eve. Report World History 8 Ill-The Bl&' News Sports, Weather News, Spts .. Will. World History 6 3!1-Buntley-Brlnkley Walter Cronkite Jonny Quest World HI.tory 8 411-Duntley-Brlnkle:r Walter Cronkite Jonny Quest World History 7:QO-Litllest Hobo Bilr ,\lovie Bold Journey Amer . History 7:111-Littlell Hobo l\lo•le Bold Journey Amer. Hlatory 7:3!1-Karen Bill' Movie Bottom of Sea Amer . History 7:411-Karen Blc Movie Bottom of Sea Amer . History 8:QO-Tbe Saint Blc 1\lnle Bottom of Sea About People 8:15-The Saint Bill' Movie Bottom of Sea About People 8:3G-The Saint Big No Time Sgts. Worl d of l\luslo 9:0G-Andy William s (c) The Lucy Show Wendy and Me Amer ica's Crises 9:1;;...-Andy WUIIams (c) The Lucy Show Wendy and Me Amer ica's Crises 9:3!1-Andy Williams (c) Danny Thomas Farmer's Daugh. Amerfea' s Crises 9:411-Andy Williams (c) Danny Thomas Farmer's Daugh. America's Crlses 10:0!1-AUred Hitchcock CBS Repol1s Ben Casty 10: 15-Aifred Hitchcock CBS Reports Ben Casey 10:3!1-Aifred Hitchcock CBS Repol1s Ben Case:r 10:45-Aifred Hitchcock CBS Reports Ben Casey Jl:oo-Big News Pulse News ABC News 11 Sbow (cl Weather. Sporll ABC Nlrhtllfe 11:3Q-Tonlgbt Show 101 Wrestunr ABC Nlgblllfe lJ Show (e) Wrestllnr ABC Nlgblllfe 12: QO-Tonirht Show (e) Wreatlln&' ABC Nightlife 12: 15-Tonlghl Show Ce) w111rre. s.,tiiDuc't ABC Nlg!llllfe 12 :S!l-To nlrb\ Show (cl k ABC Nlrhtlite C!:t5-Tonlll'ht Show Lucly ABC Nightlife Tuesday Morning Creative Person Creative Penon Chanrlnr Con&'. Chonrlng Conr. Off the Air Ott the Air Oft lbe Air Oft the Air Oft lbe Air Off the Air Off the Air 6:00-0ff lite Air Summer Sem. Off t he Air Off the Air 6:1.';-0fl the Air Summer Sem . Off the Air Off the Air 6:!lQ-RFD Florida Florida Farmer Off the Air Off the Air 6:45-RFD Florida Florida Farmer Off lbe Air Oft the Air 7:00-Tbe Today Show A.M. Show Ott the Air Off the Air 7:15-The Today Show A.M. Show (Jif the Air Off the Air WFLA (NBC) 7 :4(1 a.m.; 3 -Star Extra, 6:45 to 7 p.ln.; Cbet Huntley, 7:30 p.m. Monitor: Saturday at 10 a . m .-Noon, 10 p .m.-mldnieht. Sunday, 4:30 to 6:110 Traffic Watch, 2minute reports, between 6-9 a .m. and 4 p.m.; 5-minute emphasis Weather: Dally on the hour and half bour . Special repons at 12:05 p.m. and & :30 p.m. Ne•vo: 10 minute reporta, 5 minutee before the hour. Special Interest: Breakfast Club, 9 a . m . from the pain of arthritis, the 12 Game (c) Guldlnr Licht Father Know• Oft the Air researchers said is offered by 1 :00-AII-Star Game Cc) 1:15-AIISiar G&me (e) l:H!l-AII-Star Game (c) 1:U-AII-Star Game (c) 2:0G-AII-Star Game (c) Game (e) 2:3GAII-Star Game (c) 2:411-AIISiar Game (c) Love of Life Love of Life As Wort a Turns As World Turn• Pauword Password H o usepar ty HOUieparly Rebus Game Eebua Game People Funn:r People Funnr Where's A ctio n? Where,• Action? A Time for Ua A Time for Us the corticosteroids, h o r m o n e orr the Air compounds producing metabolic Ott tbe Air effects that minimize the sympgn toms of arthriti s and other ingn flammatory diseases. of Radio Programs Station on the air during dayllllht hOurs only. Spor t a: 8:55 a . m. and 5:55 p.m. WLCY-1380 Newa: 5 minutes on half hour. 2 m!ll utes, 10 past hour. Spotls : 5 mlllutes at 7:35 a . m .• a . m ., 5 :35 p.m., 7:15 p .m., and 12:35 a .m. Weather: 10 minutes before !lour. WHB0-1050 Newa: On the hour and half hour . Full 15 minute report at 5 :15 p . m. Sports: Five minutes of •porta. MOD day through Fri day, 7:30 a.m. and 1:3 0 S unda1 at 10::.v Ticer Radio-Rhythm and blues . gos f,et and news. Weather 5 minutee be 5 : tures-Tracy Collins Show, 11:30 a.m . Monday throueh Friday. WPLA-916 News: minutes on the !lOur up, noon. Radio Stations TAMPA WFLA-FI\1 93.3 MC WDAEFM 93.3 MC 'I'IIPKM-TV 100 MO WTUNFM -88.9 MO WUSF-FM 98.7 MC WTMP 1150 KC WDAE 1250 KC WBBO 1050 KC WALT 1110 KC WFLA 970 KC WSOL 1300 KO WYOU l5GO KC WL'(Q 1010 JrC WEST COAST STATIONS WKXY 930 KC WCWR 1470 KO WPIN 680 KC WILZ U90 KC WSIE 1400 KC WDCF 1360 KC WINT 1360 KC WGTO 540 KO WYND 1280 KC WLCY t:l80 KC WBRD H20 K O WSl'B 1450 KC WTAN 1340 KC WAZE 860 KC WTRL 1490 KC WLA K 14:!0 KC WSUN 620 KC WTCXFM-9fl.5 MC WPLA 910 KO WYAKFIIl-102.5 MC Beat Curfew NEW YORK -Match Game (o) 4:3!1-Jt's Beaver 4:411-lt's Beaver To Tell Truth To 'l' ell Tru th Edre of Nlr:ht Edre of Night Sec rei Storm Trallmaster Homemaklnll' Bomemaklnc Spectrum Spectrum TV Movies Tonight Discovers Way to 7 p.m. (13). "Monsieur Beau-Hold False Teeth caire," starring Bob Hope, Joan BAKERSFIELD, Calif . . _ A Caulfield, Patrie Knowles, Marnew discovery called Acryline jorie Reynolds, Joseph Schild-is big news. Users say it fits kraut and Cecil Kellaway. A plates so beautifully they can ' t wacky comedy about a barber believe it. Acryline uses a start in the l ife at court, in the days lin g new vacuum principle. It of King Louis XV of France. flows on plates and forms an air YOUNG men and women for clamorous nubl1e c ontact duties as: bosteSI!, reservatlonlst, communlca tlontst , passenger uent s , etc . Goo d pay. travel, clamour, se curltr and advancement. If you are & High S chool graduate 17, tn aood health. learn I f you can qualify. For lull Informa tion writ e at onc e ll'lvln g ace , address, Phone, educa tlon and hours you work . Weaver Air line Personnel School, Tri bune T imes Box Tampa , F l a. Tha:o:loD Show 5:15-L. Thaxton Show 5:3G-L. Thaxton Show 5:45-L. Thaxton Sbow Secret Storm Trait master Superman Trallmaster Superman Trallmaster Woody W ' dptck ' r Navy Log \\' oody W'dpeek'r Navy Lac Pulse News, Wth. Rook y's Friends Editorial-Extra Rocky's Friends Who.t's New What's New Friendly Giant Book Fair Are A a Furnished B.r The Statlons-!c I ..Color NAME ...... ................... . ADDRESS CITY ... , ...................... . particularly relishing the idea of being on one end of the rope with a big shark on the other, young Woods tied the rope to a tree. What's on TV? tight seal. Users say this feels Based on Booth Tarkington' s akin to natural teeth. This won story of royal intrigue, back-derful feeling lasts six months STATB .. ••• •••••••••••••••• "IT WASN'T my tree," Woods today explains, "but it was my rope, so I guess you could say I landed him." At age 32, Phil's fishing is a bit more refined than it was in the days he spent as a boy on the Gulf Beaches. As owner of Al's Tackle Shop, you might expect him to be. Woods's most time-consuming interest, however, is his position at the Peninsula State Bank where he holds down an executive spot. To ease the load, Al Cooper manages Woods' tackle shop. The tackle shop owner didn't gel any awards for landing the big shark, except perhaps, the relieved looks from Clear water bathers. But since then, he has chalked up a few Field and Stream awards -one a gold medal for entering the largest fish in one category. The gold medal, along with five other awards, festoon his fishing cap. A 33*-pound permit caught in Boca Grande won Woods the gold Field and Stream medal. The fish was the largest submitted last year and just missed the world record by 1* pounds. Other fish Woods lays claim to, include a 35-pound king mackerel, a 8'4-pound spanish mackerel, a 90 -pound tarpon and a 28-pound snook caught out of the Hillsborough River. AS VICE-PRESIDENT of the Tampa Tarpon Tournament, Woods spends a lot of time jockeying his 20-foot sport fisher man around the waters of Tampa and Hillsborough Bay in search of tarpon. All this plus being active member on the Chamber of Commerce's Pleasure Craft and Marine Facilities committee and the father of three girls makes most married anglers wonder how he does it. "It's simple," says Phil, "My wife likes to fish too." Tonight 7:30p.m. "Karen," (8). Karen decides her mother must regain her "lost youth." (repeat.) (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," (38). The Seaview searches the ocean floor for the unknown source of radiation which caused fatalities during an aborted missile launching. 8:30 p.m. "No Time for Sergeants," (38). Will overhears a telephone conversation and be lieves Capt. Smith is dying. "International World of Music," (3). International folk singer Martha Schlamme sings some of her favorite music from Greece, Israel, the United States, Ger many and Mexico. 9 p.m. "The Lucy Show," (13). Instructions not to open a pack age left in her care arouse Lucy's curiosity (repeat). "Andy Williams Show," (8). Andy's guests are Gene Barry, Jill St. John and bossa nova creator Antonio Carlos Jobi m (repeat, color). "America's Crises," (3). "The Teacher Gap," the fourth and last report on education, ex plores the shortage of teachers and the poor quality of teaching in the country's public schools. 9:30 p.m. "The Farmer's Daughter," (38). Katy turns movie actress when a Hollywood producer uses the Morley resi dence for location shooting. "The Danny Thomas Show," (13). Linda Williams makes the BRAVES 2, REDS 1 Milwaukee ab r h Cincinnati ab A lou 1b 4 0 1 Harper lf 4 DODGERS 4-3, PIRATES 2-4 acquaintance of Sean O'Houli-FIRST han, a spry little codger who g t L. Anreies ab r 11 Plttsburr h ab r h claims to be a 512-year-old lep-Bolling 2b ol 1 1 Ro se 2b 4 Aaron rf 4 1 1 Pinson cf 4 Torre c 4 0 0 Robin son r 4 Mathews 3b 3 0 0 Coleman 1b 4 Carty U 3 0 0 Keo ugh pr 0 Jones cf 1 0 0 D . J'nson 3b 4 C lin e cf 2 0 0 Edwards c 3 Menke ss 3 0 0 Cardenas ss 4 WoOd'rd ss o o o E llii s p 2 K. J'nson p 3 0 0 Shamsky ph 1 Rui z pr 0 Perez ph 1 o 3 b 3 ! rechaun. g 0 l ! 10 p.m. "The Creative Per o o F0 . nfonf 3 1 2 Ma zerosk i 4 o 1 son," (3). Broadway couple Ossie Z g : Z isb g Davis and Ruby Dee appea r tog 0 1 c P g b gether with a dramat ized read1 0 Koufax p 4 o 2 Alley ph o o o ing. "Ben Casey," (38). B e n o Rodgers Ph _: Casey tours San Francisco's Totals 31 2 3 Totals 35 1 7 Totals 31 4 s Totals 33 2 5 night spots with Russian halMilwaukee .. 000 000 l."'o2 L9s Angeles ....... .. 001 200 010-4 ler1na while her bosses conduct Cincinnati . . . . . . . . 000 000 0101 Pltlsburgh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 000 00!1-2 RBI P ark e r , Kouax, Clemente, frantic search for their star . cinnnati 8. 2B-Col eman, Edwards. HR "The Rating G (13). Aaron Angeles 7, Pills bur gF, 7 . 3BTor borg. Examinapon o f teleVlSIOll rat-IP H E ER BB SO <81• C lendenon ( 8 ). Sings, how they are arrived at K. J'nson CW 8 4). 8 7 1 1 0 1 Cloninger ...... 1 o o o 1 2 PITCHING sUMMARY and how they are u s ed. Among 1.H) . . :.: g g [{ouax 5 5 J 3 2 4 Briles . . . . . . . 1% 2 2 2 0 2 woodeshick .. . . 0 2 1 1 o o Dennis . . . . . . . . . If> 1 0 0 1 0 Sch ult z . . . . . . . 1 0 0 0 0 2 Jackson . S B Land!um . S Koonce . pacing Valenti to a 5 2 win over SUMMARY Miller Hi-Life while the Engi-IP H R ER BB so neers blanked Brandon Merc hants 2-0. :::::::::: J . C. Valenti ..... 002 000 13 1 Koonce (W, 7 -7) 9 6 o o 3 2 Miller . . . . 000 000 U Q-2 3 2 Sa decki fac e d 1 man in 2nd. PB McCarver. T 2:33. A -34,579, Bernius a nd Brice; C8) and A c osta. Faedo, Carter s MASSEY VACATIO NEW! '65 FULL SIZE-NOT A COMPACT! PLUS FLORIDA TAX AND TAG! EQUIPPED WITH: _...AUTOMATIC TRANS.! _...RADIO! _...HEATER! _... SEAT BELTS! ELECT. WJS WIPERS! SALE! LESS CASH OR TRADE 4% for 36 MONTHS TIME BALANCE 522970 3970 19000 2280 21280 36 PAYMENTS OF $5912 DOWN PAYMENT $197 AS LOW. AS ...


14 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 12, 1965 fROM FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Gl's Risk Death Without Insurance, Other Benefits By WILLIAM McGAFFIN S55-a-month bonus on top of Now about 75 per cent shortThis issue, however, does surance program and raised survivors of all ranks before. one child would draw $109.60 wonder whether the benefit Chicago Daily News Service his regular pay. ly will receive it. not bother nearly as many the monthly benefits to serv-Her Social Security pay-a month. If he earned 84,800, scale established eight years WASHINGTON, July 12 -But there are curious inconThe rule was liberalized for people here as the fact that icemen's widows in 1957 Up ments are higher now, also, the widow and child would ago provides as adequately as Viet Nam out of recognition of to this time, a widow was particularly if her husband More and more Gis are being sistencies in the way the De-the rapidly escalating w a r the Gis are no longer covered paid $87 a month, plus social held a higher rank. Before draw $190.60 a month. it should for the security of asked to face death on for-partment of Defense has apthere. Combat money Is not by insurance. In World War security for herseli and her 1957, social security was free With the abolishment of the widows and children in 1965. eign battlefields in today ' s t troubled world. plied this since it was appaid in the Dominican Repub-II, they contributed toward its children, plus the $10,000 in for the GI but payments to msurance prtogrfamth, pbarenf_st For these and other reasons, Yet, they are not covered proved by Congress two years lie, on the grounds that there cost. In Korea, they were giv-insurance paid out at the rate his beneficiaries were low, as were cut ou o e ene I Congress may well restore . is no clearly est ablished en-en a $10,000 policy free. of $92.90 a month for 10 years. they were based on an arbi-pattern. Survivors of unmar-some kind of insurance pro-by government life insurance ago. A GI \Vho gets shot at d h d' c emy there and the situation It is satisfying to report Since 1957, she has been en-tary figure for all ranks of rle men w o 1e Jn serv1 e gram. There appears to be policies. Nor do they enjoy, in the Dominican Republic, is conside r ed temporary. that a growing number of titled to $120 a month plus 12 $120 a month. are awarded only the death 1 h f 1 upon leaving the service, the f 1 t 1 " bl I Th p t I h t b t f h h b d ' b Since 1957, the serv1"ceman gratuity of six months' base ess c alncef s0r a RpalerehnnWia educational and other benefits or examp e , 1s no e 1g1 e or e en agon genera w o congressmen a p p e a r o e per cen o er us an s aproposa 0 en. p . made available to the veter-it-unless he gets wounded or sup p 1 i e s this explanation having twinges of conscience sic pay, and social security. has contributed to Social Seand combat pay. In the case Yarborough (D-Tex. ) to pay ans of Korea and World War is killed . shrugs as he finishes as about this situation. Four bills The monthly benefits range, curity like any other emof a private, this would come "readjustment benefits," in• II. In Viet Nam, on the other though he, too, questions to restore GI insurance have approximately, from $132 to played person and the benefits to only $800. eluding such items as educa• Th d . b t hand, an estimated 25 per cent whether it is right to be so been introduced in this ses-$262, depending upon her hus-are based on his rate of pay. Congressmen are now betion grants and home ey o receive com a pay G h d f th" b d ' k t t t II h d $1 800 to k th I f t f t d ' 1d if the y are exposed to hostile ?f the Is t ere raw-arbitary in a matter o 1s s1on. an s ran , m con ras o e earne , a )'1lar m gmmng as emse ves or ve erans o o ay s co f . d t t . th mg combat pay until recently . kind. Congress abolished the in-the flat $87 a month paid to the service, his widow with whether this is fair. They -not hot-wars. 1re an mee cer a1n o er --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------qualifications . This g ive s a • soldier, regardless of rank, a • By JACOBY & SON 1965 Vanderbilt Cup Winners Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Sam Stayman, who invented the Stayman convention w i t h his partner George Rapee, has NORTH • 10 6 2 • QJ5 + Q 108 .9 8 6 5 WEST .KJ943 KB +54 ... K 10 7 2 SOUTH .AQ EAST • 8 7 5 A 10 3 2 + A92 .J43 (D) • 9 7 6 4 +KJ763 ... AQ Both vulnerable South West Norih East 1 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-• 4. produced a m o s t interesting book on no-trump bidding called "Do You Play S tayman? " We don't a gree with every thing in the book. He recom mends use of the weak no-trump when not vulnerable. In com mon with almost all experts, we can find no po ssibhl e value in that bid . Today's hand shows one place whe r e we a gree heartily with him. He recommends a no trump openin g with the South hand. Normally the opening no t rump should show 4-3-3-3, 4-4-3-2 , or 5-3-3-2 dis tribution , but fact that your two doubletons are s o st.J:ong compensates for the fac t that your distribution is 5-4-2-2. If South opens one no-trump he will play the hand there. If West leads a spade as is most likely South will have no trouble making his one no-trump con tract. Now let' s see what happens if South opens one diamond. West may overcall with o n e spade whereupon be will wind up playing some number of spades and will make three or four depending on how the hand plays as a whole. Or West may pass whereupon North may bid one no-trump . East will pass and it is possible that South will raise to two n<> trump, whereupon he will surely be set or he may pass where upon West may reopen with two spades. Or even if everyone p asses one no-trump there is an excellent chance that East will open a spade and North will go down at his one no-trump con t ract. For expert bridge advice from the seven-time winner of the Vanderbilt Cup, read "Win at Bridge" by Oswald Jacoby, the nation ' s bridge champion . Avail able to readers of The Tampa Times, by sending your name, address and 50 cents to: The Tampa Times, Box 489, Depart ment A, Radio City Station. New York, N.Y. 10019.) tl:R) I :1 ,,t!4tXl Q-The bidding has been: East South Wesi Norih 1 + Dble. . Pass. 1 • Pass ? You, South, hold! .A Q 7 6 K J 7 6 +3 .. K 9 U What do you do? A-Bid iwo spades. Yo11 don' t .really exped to cet io &'arne, but it your partner can't make two spades, the opponents ean make somethlnc. TODAY'S QUE&_TION Instead of responding one spade to the double, your part ner bids one no-trump. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow ADVERTISEMENT Weeks Of Back Pain Now Relieved "Atter weeks of pain in my back and hip s , 1 t ried DeWitt's Pills-got won d e rful relief , " s ays Mrs. R . Gardner , Waterloo, Iowa. People write in every day praising the remarkable relief they get with DeWitt's Pill s . DeWitt' s Pills act f ast with a prov en analgesic to relieve pain of back ache . Their mild diuretic action help s to eliminat e retained flui ds and flush out irrit a ting bladder wa ste s that can cause physical di s tress. If pain per sists, s ee yo u r d octor. DeWitt's Pills often succeed where others failquickly r e lieve minor muscle aches and pains, too . Ins ist on the genuine DeWitt's Pills . Over 1 million DeWitt's Pills are 1old by dru ggis ts d ay after day after day, the world o ver-a tribute to their amazina action! These B J Custom-Blended I gasolines at 8 different prices are how Sunoco delivers top performance for all car owners, cuts gasoline bills for most! Whether you use premium or regular, ask your Sunoco Dealer for the gasoline priced just under what you've been paying. REGULAR BUYERS PREMIUM BUYERS LUXURY BUYERS l I The only gasoline priced below regular with : New higher octane New carburetor cleaner NewCJean-Fuel Filter If you use regular, you ought to try New 190, priced below Sunoco's regular grade! The happy truth is that many cars built to run on regular gasoline don't need the high octane regulars you find at most stations. The sad truth is, many motorists who own these cars don't know this. That's why, if you use regular gasoline, and are interested in getting top performance and saving money, too, you ought to try Sunoco's New 190, priced bcl2:w regular. And, you'll be getting the only gasoline priced below regular that offers these three great features: New Higher Octane-means even more cars now using regular can get smooth, knock-free power with Sunoco 190, priced regular. New Carburetor Cleaner-lets Sunoco's new gaso lines clean deposits out of carburetors. Keeps carbu retors clean as you drive to protect against stalling. Can increase gasoline mileage up to 6%. New Clean-Fuel Filter-filters the gasoline clean as the water you drink!. •. to help keep engines performing at full power. to make qour car run best while qou paq less!


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