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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 19, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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USF Foundation Apartment Complex Plans Move Ahead, But-Andros Dorm Construction Is Delayed By CERITA LUDWICK Of the Campus Staff Disappointment and encouragement cam ' e to USF hand in hand with that the seven proposed dormitories in the Andros complex will not be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1966. However, the USF Foundation received encourag ing news concerning financing for their proposed off campus apartment development which had been de layed earlier this year when adequate financing could not be arranged. The administration today is asking the Board of Regents for approval to lease the apartments from the Foundation on a non-profit basis . This will pro vide housing for between five and hundred stu dents in September, 1966. If the financing is arranged, construction of the apartments will begin immediately. THE PROPOSED $3.7 million Andros expansion program, which would provide housing for over 700 students, has been delayed by legal complications arising from the changeover from the previous State Board o Control to the new Board of Regents. The delay of several weeks will not allow con struction to begin this month as _ originally planned. Completion of a project the size of Andros requires at least twelve or fourteen months. Business Manager Andrew C. Rodgers says that it is hoped that at least the new Andros service core with cafeteria facilities can be ready by fall of 1966. THE USF FOUNDATION apartments, originally intended to house married students, will be located south of Fowler Avenue between 22nd and 30th streets. If leased by the university, the apartments will pro vide housing at the same rate charged for dormitory rooms. If the financing is arranged and the Board of Regents approves the lease agreement, construction can begin immediately. Here, in brief, is the somewhat involved story behind the delay in the USF Andros extension. THE CONSTRUCTION of the dormitories is to be financed by the sale of state bonds which were origi nally approved by the State Board of Control and dated July, 1964. When these bonds were reviewed b y the bond attorneys appointed by Gov. Haydon Burns when he took over from Farris Bryant, it was decided that the bonds must be re-dated July, 1965 and approved 1ampa by the new Board of Regents. This is in accordance with the amendment to the state constitution which created the Board of Regents. With this development came the necessity for the entire bond financing approval procedure to be re peated which involves several weeks. THE NEW BONDS now have been approved by the Board of Regents by the bond counsel and the state is now waiting for validation by the circuit court. With the court's validation, the bonds will be sold to financial institutions. The proceeds from the rental of the constructed dormitory rooms will be used to pay off the bonds. USF officials hope that the procedure will be completed by early fall at which time bids on con struction will be requested. 1 imts SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 139 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 19, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS They111 Ease Record Enrollment Jump 51 Professors Added to USF Faculty Fifty-one professors and in-from. They include: professor , structures, materials1 professor , mathematics, Region-Juan 0. Gonzalez Jr., assist-ant professor, business law, structors from all parts of the Dr. Chung-Hwan Chen, pro-and fluids (engineering), Unia! Engineering College, Sprina-ant professor, heat and energy ( doctoral study at Indiana Unicountry and abroad will become fessor, philosophy , C. W. Post versity of Florida. gar, India. conversion (engineering), University Law School). of the faculty .at the College, Long Island , N.Y. Dr. Arthur M. Sanderson, Dr. Raymond H. Wheeler , asversity of Florida. Dr. Stuart C. Rothwell, assist Umversrty of South Florrda beDr. James C. Bowe:s. chairJ?an an? sociate professor, behavioral Dr. William c. Hood, assist-ant professor, geography, Wisginning fall. ate sor, JOUrnalism, Umversrty of science, Harper College, Bing-ant professor, geology, North consin State . With several years of neermg, Washmgton University, Iowa. hampton, N.Y. Carolina State College. Mrs. Alice G. Smrth, asSJstant expenence and others fresh out St. Loui s, Mo. Dr. William B. Bliss, associMilt J Ale de . t t Mrs Gladys s Kashdin as p r of e s so r, libracy science, of graduate school, these newDr. Robert B . Hilliard, asso-ate professor, psychology, (pre-f on xan \ asts sistant humanities Wayne State University. comers will fill many of the ciate professor , history, Buckviously supervisory research pro 1 essor, ' tp;evtFlorida State ' Mrs. Coleen M. Story, assistacademic gaps created by the nell University. psychologist, Naval Missile Cen-ous [ s d m. s . . . ant professor, guidance, Florida greatest enrollment increase in Roy E. Kinnick, associate pro-ter, Pt. Mugu, Calif.) ana or. oc ee eorgta Stewart W. Kt.nde, State University. the history of the university. fessor, internship, ( previously Dr. Jefferson c. Davis Jr., Co. m Manetta, Ga .. > . professor, . Ralph D. Wyly Jr., assistant The new faculty members are assistant superintendent of inassociate professor, chemistry, Dr. Walter V. assts.t-Central Mtchtgan Umverstty. professor, English, Ohio State listed with position here, field, struction, Pinellas County). University of Texas. sociOlogy, Ohio John M. Lawrence, assistant University. and where they are coming Dr. Bernard E. Ross, associate Dr. Qazi I. Rahman, associate Umversrty. . professor, zoology, Stanford Miss Flora J. Zbar, assistant * * * * * * Dean Tells o . f Promotions For 30 Faculty Members Anthony V. Cervone, assistant University. professor, English, Florida State professor, Spanish and Frenc. h, Dr. Theodore D. Lindgren, asUniversity. . . College, St. LoUis, sistant professor, electrical engi-Dr. John C. Mtssourt. . . neering, Georgia Tech. professor, CpreviousDr. Merle F. Drmbath, assistG H ti M Ir h . ta t ly an economrc planner for B.F. ant professor, marketing, San ar ey e. ts • .n Goodrich Co., Akron, Ohio). Jose State College. economics, Umversity James E. Deuel, assistant Robert W. Ellis Jr., assistant of VIrgmta. professor, systems engineering, professor structures, materials Roger M. Nichols, assistant University of Florida. and fluids (engineering), Virprofessor, political science, Flor-Dr. Edward Caldwell, assist ginia Polytechnic Institute. ida Atlantic University. ant professor, behavioral sciHarris W. Dean, dean of aca-sor from the rank of assistant Iiam E. Morris, English; Dr. Robert M. Figg III, assist-John R. Paul, assistant pro-ence, previously a guidance and demic affairs, has announced professor were Dr. Maxine Mac-Herman Stelzner, speech, and ant professor, English, Hollins fessor, biological science, North evaluation consultant for the Tennis Champs promotions for 30 \VC'mbe,.os of Kay, humanil.ies 1 Dr L . L. Dr. Alfonso Gomolez, geograCollege, Va. Carolina State University. California. Test Bureau, Mon Judy Garcia, left, and Cliff Suddarth pose with the USF faculty. These promo-Shackson, humanities; Dr. Rob-phy. Dr. Dieter A. Galler, assistHelen H . Ray, assisdmt pro-teray, Cahf. the awards they received as winners of the men's and tions were made possible by re-ert c. O'Hara, English; Dr. Receiving promotions from ant professor, French and Ger-fessor, English, University of l Dr. Kwang Chul assistant women's intramural tennis competition for Trimester cent Board of Regents approval Clarence E. Webb, behavioral the rank of instructor to assist-man, Union College, Barbour-Kansas. professor, mathematics, Seoul III.-(USF Photo) of the 1965-67 biennial budget science; Dr. Gerald G. Robin-ant professor were Militza Art-ville, Ky. Hayward D. Reynolds, assist(Continued on Page 2, Col. 6) --------------------------of the university. son, biological science; Dr. zybushev, languages; W iII i e Gold Key Group Told Of Bay Campus Plans SA Seeks Answer To Housing Woes Advanced from associate proRichard E. Dutton, manageReader, English; Dr. Marlin fessor to professor were Dr. ment; Dr. Richard E. Pasternak, Scheib, speech; Dr. Thomas V. H. C. Keifer, humanities; Dr. economics, and N. H. Smith, DiBacco, history; Martha N. Charles N. Micarelli, languages; mathematics . Rearick, music; Lee E . Eubank, Dr. Leonard J. Lucito, educaAlso promoted to associate music; Jeffrey Kronsnoble, art, tion; Dr. Robert W. Long , botprofessor were Dr. Lester W. and Robert W. Wolff, theatre any; Dr. James E. Popovich, Tuttle, Donovan B. Lichtenberg arts. speech, and Dr. Laurence E. and Dr. Arthur D . Barfield, all Jeanette Agens, education, Monley, chemistry. in education; Dr. G I en E. was promoted from teaching asPromoted to associate profesWoolfenden, zoology; Dr. Wil-sistant to instructor. The There will be 16 graduate arrive Saturday at the Bay Cam-ida State University at Talla level courses offered at the pus docks. It will be used for hassee. solved its feelings on the univer-passed, to include students over sity housing policy in a final 21 years old the . Senator Robm Ktrk VOiced summer meetmg last Thursday the only objection to the plan. by passing a resolution that He mentioned the overcrowded sophomores, juniors and seniors classroom conditions that are should be allowed to seek offexpected to be in effect this campus housing. fall . The resolution was introduced In other action, a resolution by Rep. Joe White, liberal arts. was passed to begin a publicity It read that so p homo res, campaign for the intercollegiate juniors and seniors should be athletics program here, which allowed to seek approved off. includes swimming and soccer campus housing with the perteams. mission of parents or guardians. A resolution also was passed It also recommended t h a t to place a corrected trimester SA President John Reber and I class schedule in the vacant Vice-President Ed Coris take bulletin board standing be action to implement the resolutween the UC and administra tion. Tom Grossheim tacked on tion building. Dr. Zetler Honored For Academic Skill Resigning Rodgers Made Business Chief Grossheim Contests Decision On SA1s Election by Mail C St p t expeditions into the Gulf of The reception was to honor USF Bay ampus m e ersMexico. Participating in the . . burg when it opens in the fall, oceanography research with the outstandmg scholars of the tn President John S. Allen told USF will be the University of mester II.. To be accepted for g uests at a Gold Key Honor Florida Gainesville and Flora student must ' ' mamtam a 3.5 grade average Society last Wednesday. for two consecutive trimesters, The courses will be offered at ----................. _.. ....... ] Evelio Alvarez, president of the the interpretation of the word the presence of a quorum." night to engineers, scientists, society, explained. :::a.teachers in the Tampa Bay Takes Break Lucas Appointed By JOHN ALSTON of the Campus Staff Student Association Rep. Tom returned their ballots , a quorum dent that could be set if the o' Grossheim said he will file a of the legislature was achieved Coris decision is upheld. Also on the campus will be it The Campus Edition will ?:! TO NeW Post th }i cease pubUcation for the m suit with e Student Court of by mail. "If it's upheld, any time any 256 freshman students who will m summer with this issue. @ Jim Lucas, manager of the Review against the president of It takes 25 duly qualified leglegislator comes in with 25 "have the advantages of a small, lJ Publicatron will resume fi campus bookstore, will leave the legislature Ed Coris. islators to constitute a quorum cards signed by other legislacompact college, plus the opin the fall at the opening of fDj that post soon to become super-The Grossheim announcement and v o t e on appointments. tors ht! could introduce legislation of participating in the acitli trimester 1 , lf vising accountant in the newlycame after a meeting with SA Grossheim maintains that this tion, call the question, and ram tivities of USF," he said. j@ Anyone who will be atm created division of internal con President John Reber and Vice kind of quorum is contrary to it through with his 25 votes." "Pinellas County students m tending school in the fall iii trol, which will handle the uni President Ed Coris last Monday . the provisions of the SA's par-The Court, which is scheduled will not be permitted to Jive on m who would like to write for @ versity's auditing. Grossheim is contesting Coris' liamentary authority, Sturgis. to meet tomorrow, is expected the Bay Campus because of the @l the Campus Edition is @ Lucas, who was a part-time decision at the legislature meet"Sturgis," Grossheim says, to rule on the matter by the proximity of St. Petersburg @ urged to stop in a UC 222 N student at USF while managing ing on July 8 to accept a vote by "says that any given member on end of the trimester. Junior College," Allen said. @ anytime before final exams. ti the bookstore, received a degree mail which approved the ap-any given matter can challenge If the Court upholds Gross'' t' 1 t A r pointment of new persons to the the presence of a quorum. This heim, it will mean that the last The USF oceanographic ves@ There will be several post@ m accoun mg as pn . legislature by SA President means a roll call vote must be meeting of the legislature will sel, donated to the university lf tions for reporters 1j No replacement has been se by c. A. Sporl & co. Inc. of L,.>, .. r,:, .. :, deskmen. Sex JS no barrter. 1:: .... .'. .. l.e0cbte. d as yet for the bookstore John Reber. conducted. In this case it would be termed illegal and all action ", The controversy surrounds have obviously been impossible taken during the meeting will New Orleans, was expected to .. J------------for anyone to have challenged be declared null and void. U.S. Official To Talk Opening On Viet Nam Crisis Slat.ed Bids for a $250,000 outdoor recreation mall will be opened on July 29. Included in the mall are two additional tennis courts , six out door basketball courts with vol leyball c o u r t s superimposed, shuffleboard court and four pad dle tennis courts. A baseba11 field, practice baseball field and three touch football-soccer fields are also included in the plans. Turner B. Shelton, special as-sistant secretary to the assist-ant secretary of state for public affairs, U.S. Department of State, will be featured speaker at the first Campus Forum meeting, Thursday at 1:25 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Dr. Zetler is a charter member of the USF faculty, the author o! several books and was Other features of the mall are six horseshoe pi"ts, regulation quarter mile track and a bicycle Andrew C. Rod gers, assistant and obstacle track. Topic of the forum discus sion will be "Should the U.S. Get Out of VietNam." Dr. Jack Moore, assistant professor of English, will be the moderator for the program. Shelton will present the U.S. State Dept. po sition. Questions will be solicited from the audience . Students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend. Verdandi Brother Gets Commission business manager, has been Last month Southeastern Gen named business manager of era! Corp. of North Miami sub USF, a post formerly held by mitted the apparent lowest base Robert Dennard, who also is bid for the physical education Erich L. Pahl, second v I c e dean of administration. building. chancellor of Verdandi, has been Dennard will continue as Construction for the 80 , 926 commissioned second lieutenant dean of administration . square foot phy sical education in the Army Medical Service Rodgers was assistant director building could get under way Corps, and has been assigned of housing at the University of within two months after formal to a missile base at Duncanville, Florida for nine years before awarding of contract by t h e Texas. coming here. Board of Regents. TURNER SHELTON Shelton bas worked in State Dept. affairs since World War II. He has been commended On Page 2 ••• Play Reviews • • • Editorials ••• One Small Voice by the Secretary of State for ne gotiations with the Soviet Union on technical, cultural, educa tional and scientific exchanges . He was awarded the Distin guished Service Award by the U.S. Information Agency in 1956. Scholarly Discussion An animated discussion drew interest of this gathering during the Gold Key Honor Society reception Wednesday honoring outstan:].ing scholars. In the group, from left, Bob Garner, USF Pres. John S. Allen, Jerry Keeney (standing) Mike Merrill, Bob Landley and Bob Ashford. (USF Photo) '


Used Textbooks Needed About a year ago a blind man who was a student here thought it would be a good idea if the univer sity had a lending textbook library. This library would lend text books to students who could not otherwise afford to buy all the text books necessary for their courses. It had been successfully tried at other colleges around the country. Since there are a great many stu dents at USF who really need fi nancial aid , it seemed a good idea to institute such a library here. The books would be donated by other students. And you wouldn't have to have any particular grade point average to get books from the library. The idea behind this was that perhaps if you had books, you could make the grades . After wrestling through many, many long-play reels of red tape, student organization apathy and administrative apprehension, the library was accepted by the Execu tive Committee . Dr. Gary Eich holz , director of educational re sources, volunteered to set up and staff the library and house it in his department. The library was scheduled to One Small Voice o p e n this f a 11, but Mrs. S a r a Howells, assistant to Dr. Eichholz, said the donations have bee n pretty. skimpy. In fact, just about non existent. There are reasons for this, no doubt. Used textbooks can be sold b ack to the university bookstore for about half the original price. The SA o p e r a t e s a book exchange where students can sell books at their own price, allowing a 25 cent commission to the SA. And other area bookstores deal in used text books, offering the student a flat cash price or credit toward mer chandise . With tuition and book c o s t s steadily going up all the time, it's hard to resist trying to get a little cash back from the $30 to $50 a trimester spent on books . Not many students can really afford to dump that into the bookstore tills. But we can still hope. Some body out here on this broad, green and buff brick campus may want to donate bo oks to the lending li brary. All they need do is bring them to the educationa l resources department, in the basement of the library. Fall Movie Series Great B y JOHN ALSTON Of the Campus Staff We've often been asked, "Why don't you ever write anything nice about people in the paper?" Well the reason is that we're more concerned with cor recting mistakes, pointing out foibles and correcting injustices than we are in passing out bouquets. But we refrain from our usual blast this week because this is the last issue of the paper until fall and our target would not be given the opportunity to defend himself. Instead, we'd like to call attention to something that we feel is worthy of special notice. The University Center Movie Com mittee, headed by Dave Lichtenfels, has lined up one of the most spectacular se ries of weekly movies for the fall that h11s ever been presented on this campus. It's impossible to name all of them but take a g a n de r. " A Farewell to Arms, " "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," "Re turn to Peyton Place," "The Interns," "The Greatest Show On Earth," "Cha rade," and a special Halloween show fea turing two horror movies including the classic "Phantom of the Opera," all will be shown at the customary price of 25 cents admission . A hearty WELL DONE to Dave and the other members of his committee (Dave Romeo, Joe Berna, Gary Harke and Jimy Levy). These p e r s on s are volunteers and do all the work in the spare time. And while we are passing out kudos we'd like to mention Morrison's for altering the UC snack bar; and Noelie Herzog for her imaginative and bright posters that she makes for the UC. See fans? There really are nice people in the world. 'Compulsion To Communicate Said Writing Success Factor By MAXINE SANDERS Of the Campus Staff "THERE'S A LITTLE bit more to writing than having a typewriter" Mrs. Laura Cooper Rendina said at the "Meet the Author" program Wednesday in uc 265. Mrs. Rendina is the author of "Room mates" and "World of Their Own" both Junior Literary Guild selections . She has also written many other novels for teen-agers as well as several short stories. In h e r informal talk to a capacity audience, the author said that beside a typewriter the would-be writer must have "good will and quite a lot of it." In her own case, this was evidently true. Mrs. Rendina wrote her first book with her year-old son reaching over her shoulder and poking the back-space key periodically. THE AUTHOR gave what she called the "Rendina theory"-tbat the compul sion to write is the compu l sion to com municate. "All kinds of art are based on an ! vowel relationship. If a man's spirit does not Involv e some other per son, it is not art." She added that this communication might be in the future, but "some where, sometime, there must be a spark that leaps from one person to another." In stressing the idea that communi cation is the main motive of writing, Mrs. Redina said that the writer mus t choose his words so that the reader gets the same meaning the writer wishes to convey . "Who is the reader?" she queried. In her case she said it is the ado lescent and she feels that the reader is always right over her shoulder reading what she is writing. "The writer's first concern is the reader, a particular reader, " she added. 'l'he reason it takes 10 to 15 times as long to write the first chapter is be cause every single word must be planned to "hook whom you want to involve." MRS. RENDINA LISTED particular problems in writing for teen-agers such as: 1. Current slang is taboo so the book will last longer. 2 . The book must have direct no nonsense prose, otherwise you will lose your reader. 3. The subject must be within the reader's stage of reference. 4. The writer must have something to say-at least he must have a point of view. "Where plot is concerned," the au thor explained, "The farther down you ge t in the age scale, the more im portant plot is . At the adolescent level, i t has ceased to be a catch -a ll." Cuotables Adlai Stevenson, who died Wednes day, once quoted newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, who said 'Accuracyis to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady.' Mr. Stevenson added, "But I would like to point out that a newspaper can always print a retraction." The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. \': 1\lember, Associated Colle&'late Preu Editor ..................•.•.••.•.•...•... Laurence A. Bennett Editorial Page Editor ..••.••. , .••.•.•••....... Mary Ann Moore DEPARTMENT EDITORS Student Association . . ........................••••... John Alston Staff Writers Jo Ann Cummings, Joan Davidson, Peggy Fullerton, Rosalie Dorothy Laker, Maxine Levine, Donald Phillips, Lynda Rushmg, Mary Sanders, Ruth Smith, Electra Sutton, Marian Harris, Cerita Ludwick, Kathy Manetta, Jerry Kenney and James Sc l avakis. Advisor .......... . . . ............................ Steve Yates for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. 1Hollow Crown1 Not light Fare By ELECTRA SUTTON impersonations of queens won Of the Campus Staff her much applause. Her part The USF Theatre department was very difficult since she had is misleading Tampa audiences to change character for each by calling "The Hollow Crown" speech and she did tolerably a night of "light entertainment." well. The other three plays in this Alan Bouverat s ave d the month's repertory of four plays show from freezing over by running through Saturday night putting more life and meaning are light plays, but "The Hol-into his speeches than all the low Crown" is a formal, almost o the r players combined. He stoic presentation of speeches, m a d e the intricate speeches poems, letters and songs by and clear and 'Understandable. His about English monarchs. description of a pin boring Most of the play is like a ritu-through a castle wall was so al in which the players move convincing that the pin was stiffly from one station to an-almost visible. other and deliver speeches and T h e ritualistic a cappella songs with grave ceremony. singing and Armin Watkins' Luckily this stoicism is re-pieces on the harpsichord were lieved occasionally in the first formal, but all the more beau act and a deal in the sec-tiful for that reason. ond act by the performances of "The Hollow Crown" is not Barbara Parker and Alan Bou-light or easy to follow , but in verat. its formal way it is a reward-Barbara Parker's dynamic ing experience to see. * * * * 'The 48th City' Full of Spirit Austere Comedy Dan Davy, Alan Bouverat, standing, and Don Moyer and Joe De Bartolo in a scene from "The Hollow Crown," playing for the last time Wednesday in USF's Casual -Theater repertory. (USF Photo) By ALLAN S. B URRY some of the material, for it var-PLAY NOISES " Of the Campus Staff ies from broad slapstick to the LET IT_ FIRST be said that absurd play, "The Sandbox" "The 48th City" is an enjoyable from the pointed and overt to evening, full of spirit and joy. the subtle. One's imagination A company of 10, directed by must be ready to spring into Gordon Santmyers, leads the play on short notice . Howes More Slapstick B y ELECTRA SUTTON ter and his master's twin out of E ff t Of the Campus Staff trouble. ec s IF THERE HAD been a few Dona ld Moyer and Joy deBara series of im-In contrast to the spontane provised actions and two short ous and exuberant, there is a The troupe sug-short segment in which hands g_esho_ ns from the audience for are u sed as puppets to tell a ob-story or set a mood. It is done Jects to act out, 1mprov1s i ng as with a grace whi ch is especial-cream pies, more sound effects tolo weren't as good as Sandthey go along. Jy fine Beginning with a poem by , .. , . Slapshck to ragtime . beat and little more ham in the act-ers, but they came in a close Ferlinghetti, moving through Albee s The Sandbox suf IS ing, "The Twins" one of four second. Moyer hammed up his action stunts exam les f act-fered the fate of fuzzy charac-pretation of The Twms, the . . . t 1 ' P . 0 terizations and the disappear-Roman farce playing in the plays m the USF Casual Thea-part as an old, blind man for all mg s y es and techmques an . . . . . acidtoned sketch on ance of a umfymg tension, USF theatre this month. ter program runmng through It was worth and Joy enlivened tion problems caused by a bent faults ?nly partly inherent in Howes, who plays the over-July 24, w o u 1 d have been a the play with her saucy flaunt-IBM card and ending with a the scnpt. ture and serves as sound effec.ts successful slapstick instead of a ing. "TW3"-style song on nuclear anIN., A as man throughout the _ play, satd somewhat strained comedy. The other actors all had po nihilation the company shows the 48th C1ty, the cructal test that he has never wntten down Th . t ti 11 1 d' discipline: ability and a comedy is whether or not the company his ragtime compositions , but e plo t was simple, the lines en a Y _ u characters, flair that is a delight. can combine technical skill and improvises them at every per-were fl . a t and so why not throw but they d1dn t quite play them FRANK M ORS E gives a run-style a ?,f view. The form?r:ce. them t o the winds and depend for what they were worth, Mining commentary to tie the wtth TW3 was often Dunng the performance he completely on the actors' vir-chael Kelly was especially un show together, providing an !hat seemed to grab for a the. actors on tuosity for laughs? The play did imaginative with his part as easy transition from one segJOke tn the commonest places, dubbmg m his zany mustc . ment to the next. a failure which "48th City" whenever he sees a chance to get a many laughs fro m Peruculus. This is truly a company efavoids for the most part. A enliven the acting with a little the aud1ence and there were a THE SOUND effects man, By-fort, and any eva luation of the weight lifter being toppled by rhythm on a variety of instru-number of comic gems ( for ex-ron Howes , was good with his performances must begin here. his bar bell, a snake charmer ments such• as a piano, drum, ample a muggy statue an evocwhistles drum piano and other There are no stars. Each per-being by _snak e wooden w_histle and ative prologue skit b; Pierrino he might have son contributes throughout the these kmds of situations tele-Composmg improvisationally . . . evening, and the calibre of the graph their punch lines early. for the theatre is Howes ' main and some lud icrous been tw1ce as funny if he had contrib ution s is high. But there are not many of these musical interest. He won a com-dance skits), but the whole ef-let g o a little more. Even so, special mention must to mar the general flow of enpetition for orchestral composi-feet left something to be desired. The sets were designed by be made of the comic lnvenjoyment. tions . when he was a high ONE REASON for this was Robert Wolff and the costumes tiveness of Holly Gwinn and The final "We'll All Go school junior. tlien that only one actor, Albert Sanddesigned by Russell Whaley Ann Scarbro, the musicianship Together When We Go,'' seems tended the University of Illmois . of Byron Howes and the sharp-tacked on to satisfy those who for tw,o years and then came to ers, has enough natural comic looked ltke they were made for ly etched mime of Michael want to "say something sJgnifUSF where hte arranged the talent to play slapstick with the a fairy tale -not a ribald farce Beach. icant.'' It is poorly rehearsed , electronic music for ''Oh Dad right amount of virtuos o aban-or a modern slapstick. Those who arrive at the thea-out of plat:e and ended the pro-Poor Dad Mama's Hung You in don . As the slave, Messinio, he "The Twins" is a funny show, ter expecti n g a traditional pres gram with a sense of inconclu-the Closet and I'm Feelin' So carried the show with his whim-but it could be made much fun entation will have trouble with siveness. Sad." sical attempts to keep his masnier. Matchmakers Tish and Jacquie Adams, USF's tennis twins, gaze at scoreboard before they begin their practice bouts. (Photo by USF) USF Twins Are Girl New Profs Navy Team Hot Heads Win (Continued from Page 1) National University, ' Seoul, To Recruit Pair of Games Korea. ' The Hot Heads continued Dr. Francis Sistrunk, assistOn CampUS tl]eir winning softball ways with ant professor, psychology, Tex. . as Tech nolo gical College. The Naval Avtation Procure-two vtctories , one over Arete Dr. David E. Clement, assist-ment team from the by a score of 10-3, an.d the other ant professor, psychology , Car_Air Reserve Tram over Phi Sigma Zi, 10-6 . negie Institute cf Technology . mg Umt will on the USF Bu tch Lieby led the char e Frederick w Huff assistant campus July 22 and 23 to ing professor, psychology', previousadvise, and co u n s e 1 on by collecting three ly supervising psychologist at men interested hits, while Hugh Lindsley, Bill Milledgeville S t a t e Hospital, earnmg s commlsShank and Claude Sherman Milledgeville, Ga. sion and flymg Wl_th the fleet. each got two hits for the Hot Julius c Feazell III instrucStudents who will complete 60 . tor, English, Universit; of Houssemester hours th is semester H_eads In their defeat of Phi ton. are invited t o inquire about the Sigma Zi. Robert M. Gleaves, instruc(pilotJ and OCAN I n the residenc e hall league, tor, Spanish, Vanderbllt Uni(non-pi lotl flight crewmemberl Al Sombana led Alph 3 E t programs a as vcrsity. . to t wo victories one over Alpha John D . Walther, Instructor, who wtll graduate . • E n glish, Vanderbilt Universi ty. this summer should .ask about 2 East by 12, and another over Lawrence R. Broer, instrucAOC ( pilotl , NAOC (nonBeta Ground West by a score tor, English, Bowling Green ptlot fltght and of 8 -11. State University, B 0 w 1 in g NAOC (air mtelligence) pro----------Green , Ohio. . gra!Ds . 'Time Machine' R . Arlene Daniels instructor VIsual reqUirement for the office Universi: pilot program is 20-20 while for Is US Movie ty of Florida. ' the non pilot program it is 20-"Th , Edwar M . Silbert instructor 2 0 0 correctable to 20-20. . e Time Machi ne, star history University 'of Florida: Students who meet the initial rmg Rod Taylor, Yvette MimiA. Huey, instructor, _will be invited t ? eux, Alan Young, T o m Helmore speech, Polk Junior College, the exam!-and Sebastian Cabot will be Bartow Florida nation without obligation. F or ho . FH 101 . George Kaludis resident in those ;men who qualify a flight s wn 10 • Fnday and structor student 'affairs Uni in a T-34B Navy trainin g air-Saturday, 23 and 24 at Tenn.IS Champlons versity Maryland. ' craft will be available. 7 :30 In u.c. program. Mrs Pauline S McLean leeIn this movie, based on the turer . (part time.), Spanish. M • f n v e 1_ by H. G. Wells, Rod . . Marian E White assistan t a1n enance Ta_ylor, tnventor of the time rna-By DON PHILLIPS Dr. G1lman Hertz and Kerm1t . ' I ' ch tne, undertakes a journey into Of the Campus Staff Silverwood arrang ed scholarIIIB onlyl, Paces faCU fy the fourth dimension . Twins tend to produce a sense ships and loans so that the W a Y n e State f b II of novelty no matter where they Ad ams girl s could attend USF d G ' d . . In So t a s h d I are, and when they can play and help initiate a winning girls' r wpar h 1 1 rgen,Bvislkttlng Maintenance won the first C e U e Ch m h' t th t o , syc o o y, roo yn a piOns lP enrus, e cornenms team. c 11 g N y k U . it half of the faculty softball bination is more e.xciting_ than Thei r records speak for the;n-0 e e, ew or mvers y. League season by posting a 5-0 0 EventS our Casual Theaters versiOn of selves. In the South Carolina G f T A •d d "The Twins." . Womens' Division they are num-ran 0 I recor . lllONDAY J a c qui e and Tish Adams, ber one in the state as a doubles N d S d The team credits its success Orientation of New students TAT. uc co -eds and fraternal team, and Tis h is number two in ee Y fU enfS to a well rounded effort and 8 :30 p . m.-Play, twms h ave become po?ular atthe singles division. In the 18 USF has i"eceived a federal a tight defense. Orit ntation of TAT tractions on USF t enms courts. and under division they are grant to aid lower income stuM g t h B b M 1 25 uc 167, 226, 252, 264; They practice daily, but they number one, in doubles, while ,dents in the next academic ana er-pt c er_ . 0 ' p.m. -:orpdpeo,'JsDisclpline uc 158 don ' t feel this is enough . Tish is number one in the state year. led the team tn hitting and d!d 8 :30 p.m.-Play, "48th City" TAT " m.. . • . . . huen w e were m Charlesm singles, and Jacquie in num-The grant of $43,726 was an a fme JOb handlmg the club . Students FH tOI ton, _S.C.," 'l'ish said, "we played ber two . nounced by Florida congres sDefensive stand o u t s were Orientation TAT, tenms all day day. yre In the Southern ranking which men. The Office of Financial Larry Pierceall Dave Crouch uc 167-s, 2048, zos, 228, would go early m the mornmg includes all the s outhern 'states, Aids will administer the funds . and Don Vincen't . ' 8 : 30 p .m.-Play, ;;The H!1ro w252' 264"5 and come when Tish is number eight in singles, • The win f th d TAT the court lights off at m ght. and Jacquie is number 11 "We Trt S.I.S. Has f h 1 ner _o e . secon half Orientation for New students T AT, But college life does not allow . . . o t e e a g u e Will play the uc 167-a, '202, 203, 204, thl h t ' ti "W , have beaten g t r l s w1th National Splash Party Maintenance team in a play-of 20s, 213, 215, Z26, 248, s muc nrac ICe me. e ve rankings .. said Tish " b t 9 00 252, 264-s got to study" exclaimed Jacquie ' ' u you Sisters and i nvite d guests of gam e to determine the league : a .m.-Naval AvtlTator Pro-' have to work your way up You . h i h " curemen earn uc Lobby "and it rains s o much that it . . Tri S . I.S . started Trimester c amp ons Ip . p.m.-uc Charm Course uc 202 . . . can beat the national champion . Campus Forum "Viet 1s pretty hard to fmd prachce . . IIIB off With a splash party at PI Nam" uc 248 time between the two" bme a_nd still never get the Officers ' Club Pool MacDill ayboys To Play 8 '30 p.m.-Play, '"The Fan-. a natiOnal rating. " ' TAT They like to play early in the AFB . . At Last Band Dance Synnx Musicale FH IOl morning when it is cloudless and They have been to a number The J;;lext mormng a workshop . Orientation for uc 167-8, cool. So many dormitory stuof tournaments including the was held and plans completed 1 J oe:Btllthandl ThebPlayboys Will 9 .00 N 1 A 1 248, 252, 264 th f th f 11 h P ay or e ast and dance of a.m. -ava v ator Pro dents find it almost impossible National Jaycee's and U1e Cana-or e or commg a rus trimester III . uc Lobby t t f b kf t d ' N t ' 1 d 7 .30 p.m. -uc Movte Time o ge up or rea as , and Ian a tona s, an this year PROGRAM CANCELLED This dance will be J 1 24 i Machine" FH tot yet Tish and are often will g o to the Girls A. T. The All Un iversity Coffee the uc Ballroom fro m p' .mn 8 '30 TAT out playing tenms before the Nationals to compete for a hig h Ho u r scheduled for T ues July Charge is 50 cents e 7:30 p . m.-uc Movlt, "Time b kf t li nki . , P r person FH 101 rea as ne I S open . ra n g. 20, has been canc-elled. and the d ress is school clothes 8 :30 p . m.-Play, The Twins" TAT 9 : 00 p.m.-UC Band Dance UC 248 j , ,


13 Tonight Movies on Television S f R de p THE TAMPA TIMES ummary 0 a 10 rograms .WARNER WOOD Television Programs realize the futility of their mis-7 p.m. (13). "Jungle Fight. sian <1961 ) • WFLA-TV WTVT WSUN-TV Tampa St. Petersburr WEDU-ETV Tampa-St. Pete Channel 8 Channel 13-CBS Channel 38-ABO ers," starring Richard Todd, Michel Simon and Laurence Harvey. A British patrol pene-9 a.m. (8) "Cast 1 e in the Monday Evening trates an alien and enemy-inAir," about an impoverished Earl 8:06-The Bla-Newa Pulse News ABC ETO. Report World History 6:15-The Bla-Newt Sports, Weather News, Spts .. Wth. World History fested Burmese jungle, only to who r e n t s out his ancestral 8:3G-Runlley-Brlnkle:r Walter Cronkite .Tonny Quest World History home in Scotland, to help pay • Zenith-first Mlcro-Uthlc Circuit • a-transistor power usually fcund In body-worn aids e Up to 140 hours battery Ute from remarkable Zenith mercury cells • Small size tor comfortable, Inconspicuous hearing he l p AUTHORIZ!D ZENITH DEALER NG SERVICE l16 MADISON ST. his creditors, with Margaret BIJrMovle Bold .Tourney Amer. History Bhr Movie Bold Journey Amer. History Bla-1\lovle Bottom of Sea Amer. Hlstor,. son. Rutherford and Da.vid Tomlin7:3G-Music ror Summer (c) 7 : 45-Muslc for:..S;:.;umm=="'...:<--•.:..> ...=.:.=..:..:;:..;.:.:... __ Blr Movie Bottom of Sea Amer . History Bottom of Sea About People Egg Art HOUSTON {IJPD-Among the 8:00--The Saint 8:15-The Saint 8 :3()-. The Salnt 8:411-The Saini 9:00--Andy William• (c) 9:15-Andy Williams {c) Bla-111ovle Bta-Movie Bta-Mo?le Blr Mnle Glynis Gl y nis Danny Thoma• Bottom of Sea About People No Time Sgh. World of Music No Time Sa-Is. World of Music Wendy and llle Intemal'l Maa-. Wendy and lllo lntcmat'l Maa-. Farmer's Daugh. Internat'l Maa-. : exhibits, concerts, recitals and :m:::: . learned papers listed in the Rice 1 • b 11 ti f t f 10:15-Aifred Hitchcock I University u e n o even s or 10:3()-.Aifred Hitchcock Danny Thomas Farmer's Dauch. Internal'! Maa-. CBS Reports Den Casey Creailve Person Creative Penon CBS Reports CBS Report• Ben Case,. Ben Case,. Changing Cona-. 1965 was this item, at the Fan__ =.::.:::..::.::.:.::.::....---:=,:.....:-=':--:=---=-dren Library: <•> CBS Reports Ben Casey Changlnl" Cona-. Pulse News ABC News Weather, Sporta ABC Nightlife ABC Nlgblllfe Off the Air "Exhibit-The Art of Mak11: 3()-.Tonla-bl Show ing Ukranian Easter Eggs." ___ lZ: oo-Tonla-ht Show (c) 1Z:15-Tonlrht Show (c) IZ:3G-Tonla-bi Show (c) U : 45-Tonla-bl Show w; Wrellllnl" Wrestling ABC Nlghtllle Off the Air WrestllnaABC Off the Air ADVERTISEMENT Arthritis Sufferers ; HELP IS POSSJBLE . WITHOUT DRUGS • • • 8 :06-0ff the Air 6:15-0ff the Air 6:3()-.RFD Florida 6:45-RFD Florldo. 7:00--The Today Show 7:15-The Today Show 7:3()-.Tbe Today Show 7:45-The Today Show 8:00--Tbe Today Show 8:111-The Today Show 8:3()-.The Today Show 8:411-The Today Show ABC Nlrlltllfe ABC Nightlife i>lr. Luck,. ABC Nightlife Tuesday Morning Summer Sem. Off the Air Summer Sem. Off the Air Florida Farmer Off the Air Florida Farmer Ort the Air A.M. Show Off the Air A.M. Show Off the Air A . M . Show Off the Air A.M. Show Off ihe Air Capt. Kangeroo Capt . Kangaroo Capt. Kana-aroo Capt. Kangaroo orr the Air Off the Air orr tho Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Alr Ott the Air Off the Air orr the Air Off the Air Off tho Air Off the Air orr the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air Off lbe Air Tens of thousands of arthritis' rheumatism sufferers have found relief {rom the pains of arthritis, ..:.:..,.:..-=-=-.:_-:-:-.:....:.=---.;.;:.,.,:.:...:....:.:.:==--:,;:.;.:;:.;.......:.:"'=":.:...:-.:....:..:.:...--=::'"'--=-experienced improved circulation, t: and relief from nervous tension 10:3()-.Whal Song? (c) I LoTO Lncy Bongo Bailey Amer . History without the use of drugs. If you 10:45-What Sonr? (c) I Love Lucy Bonro Bailey A mer. History suffer the pains of arthritis-rheu8herlff Andy sa-t. Preston. matis m ••. write today for a FREE 11:3()-.Jeoparcly (c) orr the Air booklet explaining arthritis and 11 :45-Jeopardy (c) The MeCoys Price Ia Right Off tho Air its rehabilitation. Enclose lOc T d Af Postage for mailing. W r it e: UeS ay temOOft BOOKLET DEPT. 12, 401 N. lZ:OG-Call My Blurt (e) Pulse News Donna Reed PH. 223-3441 West Blvd., Tampa, Florida (cl .. Off the Air Off the Alr Off the Air Off ihe Air 1Z:45-I'II Bet (e) Guldlnr LlrM Faiher Knows • 1 :00--Bia-New a Love of Life Rebus Game orr the Air 1:15-BiaNews Love of Life Rebus Game Ort the Air AUlD MOWER 1:3()-.Let's Deal (e) As World Tuma Peop l e Funny Oft the Air 1:45-Let's Deal (C) A s World Turn• People Funny Off the Air 2:00-Se& Hunt Password Where'• Action? Off the Air !:111-Sea. Runt Password Where's Action ? Off the Air 2:3()-.Tbe Doclort Rouseparl:r A Time for Us Off the Air 2:45-The Doc tors Rouseparly A Time for Us Off t he Alr WFLA-t'l'G ' TOOL SHEO JUS South Weotlhore Boulevard ll . B . TRAILER RENTALS, INC. 1 308 E. Hillsborough ARCADIA TIDWELL HARDWARE 5 East Oak Street AVON PARK DELANIY'S HARDWARE 12 East M ain BOWLING GREEN ANDERSON TV & APPLIANC& SALES P . O . Box 30 7 BRANDON ' BRANDON SUPPLY COMPANY 116 East Brandon Boulevard BROOKSVILLE WARD'S FURNITUR& 710 W . Fort Dade CLEWISTON CORBIN FARM & RANCH SUPPLY Sugarland Road CRYSTAL RIVER CRYSTAL OUTBOARD MOTOR DADE CITY DADE CITY HARDWARI COMPANY 312 North 7th Street FORT MEADE FORT MEADE LUMBER CO, 29 North Brown Ava. HAINES CITY BARBE;R'S SPORT SHOP Highway 27 RUSS BARGAIN HOUII Ingra ham Avenue BUFF SALES 608 Jones Avenue INVERNESS WESTERN AUTO STORI LAKE PLACID HATHAWAY BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY LAKE WALES W. C. LAMSON MOWER SALill 106 Orange Avenue PLANT CITY CITY GLASS & MARINE SALES & SERVICE 303 East B a ker Str•at RIVERVIEW RIVERVIE W BUILDERS SUPPLY Riverview Plua SEBRING SEBRING MOWER SALII • SERVICE 603 Lake Sebrinll Drive WINTER HAVEN CONIOLITATED ENGINE SALES lo. SERVICE 27011 Havendale Road CYPRESS T IRE CO. , INC. 2010 lth Street N . W . H:AROLD'S GARDEN CENTER Southeast Plaza CHARLES ORR'S MARINA, INC. South Lake Howard Drive ZEPHYRHILLS KAYLOR HARDWARE COMPANY 115 5th Avenue Distributed by SPICOLA HARDWARE CO., Inc:. , Tampa 4:00--Matob Game (o) Secret Storm Trallmasler Homemaking 4 :111Match Game (c) Secret Storm Trallm&sler Homemaktna-Island" (repeat). 9 .p.m. "Andy Williams Show" (8). Pat Boone and Phil Har ris are guests (color, repeat.) "Glynis," (13). Comedy-mystery series starring Glynis Johns, bringing selected repeats. In "Perfect Murder," Glynis is duped into helping in planning a murder, by a mystery writer who wants to murder his wife (repeat). "Wendy and Me," (38). Wendy helps a friend get 4:3()'s Beaver Superman Trallmaster Spectrum 4 : 411-lt't BeaYer Superman Trallmaster Spectrum 5:00--L. Thaxton Show Woody W'dpeek'r Nav,. Log What's New 5:15-L. Tha:rton Show Woody W'dpeck ' r Navy Log What'• New 5 :..,L. Thaxton Show Pulse News, Wlb. Rocky'• Frlendt Friendly Giant 5:45-L. Thaxton Show Edllorlai-EKtra Rocky's Friends Readlnc By JACOBY & SON 1965 Vanderbilt Cup Winners Newspaper Enterprise Assn. It is pretty good policy to get in the habit of thinking when you play bridge. It is an even better habit to do your NORm 4J9632 +A6 ... 10843 WEST EAST 4None 4Q74 19 " 10 7 5 K J 6 3 +KQJ974 +10853 ... J962 ... Q5 SOUTH (D) 4 AK 1085 AQB2 +2 ...AK7 East and West vulnerable South West Norib East 1 4 Pass 2 4 Pass 3 "' Pass 3 + Pass 3 Pass 4 4 Pass 6 • Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-+ K thinking early rather than when it's too late to do any good. South looked over dummy for a second as he won the first trick with its ace of diamonds. Then he remarked, "You sure bid a lot, but we have a finesse for our contract." carefully, he would have seen married, in "Secret Wedding" the importance of taking that (repeat) heart finesse at trick two. It 9 :30 p.m. "The Farmer's would safeguard against East's Daughter," (38) .. Katy dreams h a 1 d i n g all three missing up a. mystery thrtller while an trumps, Then when he found English beauty borrows Glen out about the' trump situation for a date (repeat). "Danny be would have been able to get Thomas Show,." (13). and back to dummy by ruffing a Charley get mvolved w1th an-heart and would not have a tiques (repeat.) a trick in either hearts or 10 p.m. "CBS News Special," spades. (13). Exploring the world of South was right about one Italian motion pictures, partie thing. North had overbid his ularly the low-budgeted films, five high card points consider CBS repeats, "The 150 Lire ably, Escape." "Alfred Hitchcock," Answer Tomorrow (8). Teresa Wright, in a drama Winner seven iimes of the of bravery and cowardice, as Vanderbilt Cup, Oswald Jacoby faced by a farmer's wife (reshares his bridge tips and tech-peat). "Ben Casey," (38). Van niques in his booklet, "Win At Johnson and Marsha Hunt play Bridge." You'D be a winner, too, parents of a son, considered to if you send for your personal be a hypochondriac by his fa copy. Available to readers of ther (repeat.) "Creative Per The Tampa Times by sending son," (3). Olga Spessivtzeva, your name, address and 50 famed ballerina who suffered a cents to The Tampa Times, Box t r a g i c breakdown, is t h e 489, Dept. A, Radio City Stasubject. iion, New York, N.Y. 10019.) 11:15 p.m. "Tonight Show," (8). Joey Bishop is guest host for . the week, with Sammy Dav1s Jr. as a guest on Monday Q-Tbe bidding .has been: and Tuesday shows (color). Eari South Wes$ North 1 • Dbie. 2 • 2 • Readiness Pass ? You, South, bold: MOSES LAKE, Wash. t failed to fol low and began to do the think ing he should have done first. game because your partner may rate of information at Larson Dl5nllD lONDON DRY GIH • 90 PROOF DISTillED FROM CRAIN have been pushing a trifle. Air Force Base. • VODKA • 80 PROOF • MADE FROM 100% GRAIN N E UTRAl SPIRITS • HIRAM WALKER & SONS INC., llUNOIS It was too late. There was no way to get back to dummy without givin g up a trick in hearts or in trumps and there was no way to avoid the loss of a club trick later on, so South had to go down one. QUESTION Instead of bidding two I s p a d e s your partner passes over two diamonds as has East. What do you do in this If South had studied the hand Better College Teaching Goal Of USF Proiect Answer Tomorrow Power Firm's Revenue Soars ATLANTA, July 19 (A')-Record revenues and profits for the year ended June 30 have been announced for the Southern Co., a giant Atlanta-based electric Four area junior colleges have joined with the University of power firm. South Florida to undertake a The company reported Sunproject for improving college day its revenues were up teaching. per cent from $396 470 018 last With the support of a $43,363 year to $427,981,266.' ' grant from the U .S. Office of N t f ' t f $ 5 Ed ti th i t t u .1 e pro 1 was up rom 8 , -uca on, e ns I u W I 1 586 149 to $6 946 508. This r try fresh approaches to 1mprov' t .' ' f ;r ing teaching and th_ e results in a two-year ptlot prOJe ect. Southern's w holly owned sub sidiaries-the Alabama, Georgia, Six teachers each from Polk Gulf and Mississippi Power Junior College, Bartow; St. PeCompanies -serve 1,750,000 tersburg Junior College; Florida customers. College, Temple Terrace, and --------Manatee Junior College, Bra denton, have been selected to participate in the project. Each institution has selected one in structor in the fields of biology, history, mathematics, humanities, English, and p h y s i c a 1 science. The project will b e directed by Dr. Sidney French, USF dean e meritus of academic affairs, and Dr. Russell Cooper, USF dean of liberal arts. Workshops will be held pe riodically on the USF campus when the instructors will devise different projects for involving students more intimately in the educational process. They will try the new teaching plans on their individual campuse s and then return to report on their effectiveness. DON'T BE SKINNY YOUR NEW '65 DODGE DART front • • •


14 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 19, 1965 . irs t "'First to serve Plant City and East Hillsborough residents with news and Advertising" On September 24, 1884, Captain F. W. Merrin brought his plant from Mississippi and established the South Florida Courier (Now the Plant City Courier I. This was the only news. paper in the county besides a weekly published in Tampa that later went out of existence. t to serve East Hillsboro County for savings and home loans At "First Federal" your savin9s earn quarterly dividends at t!le current annual rate of 4'14 % or if allowed to compound, the effective rate is 4.31. Accounts are insured to $10,000 by a permanent government agency • • • you may save by mail , •• we pay postage both ways. First Federal offers friendly, personal consuftation and years of experi ence in servicing home loans whether building ••• buying • , • remodeling ••• or refinancing. 102 W. BAKER ST. PLANT C:ITY 408 BRANDON BLVD. BRANDON, FLORIDA News of Tampa Area Servicemen Marine Chief Warrant Officer portation off i c e r signed to M'acDill for flying G. M. Martin, 3405 San Luis St., Ronald R. Smith, 8212 Klondyke course at Army transportation duty. is serving aboard the icebreaker St., is at Da Nang, Vietnam, school at Ft. Eustis, Va. this Westwind on a five-month cruise with a battery of month. He is a management . . . . . an a n t i-aircraft analyst in an Army Reserve Coast Guard Ensign George of the arctic with the Military missile battalion unit and is employed as an ac-F. Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sea Transport Service. and is responsible countant at Maas Bros. for men and equipment u s e d to maintain and repair the Hom ing All -the -Way Killer (Hawk) missile . He entered the service in 1953. Special Agent John W . Peters, son of Mrs . A . L . Peters, 4020 Central Ave . , has been rated with the U.S . Air commendation medal at AFB , Colo. He is a ough High School graduate. after graduating Smith Capt. Castor Mendez-Vigo from Hillsborough High School. 2616 Douglas St. , has ocu'""'''""u l the PhD program in mE!tec>ro:l-1 M . Sgt . James E. Rosen, son ogy at Florida State Unive1rsitv l of Mrs. Myrtle L. Rosen, 8312 under the Air Force education 13th St. , wa s decorated with the a ssis tance program. He is a U.S. Air Force commendation graduate of Jefferson High medal during retirement cereSchool and received the B.A. monies at Sheppard AFB, Tex. , de gree from University of Flor recently. He was c ited as first ida and the M .S. degree sergeant of the 3753rd student Florida State. squadron. Rosen has more than CARLA F. DuBOSE, M.D. Announces the Opening of Her Office For the Practice of OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY at 5507 TEMPLE TERRACE HIGHWAY Tampa, Florida Offlee Hra . Office Ph: 988 By Appointment Resi dence Ph: 255 21 years in service. He is a Chaplain Capt. Paul H. Wragg graduate of Plant High School. Jr. , whose parents live at erview, has graduated with Army 2nd Lt. Larry R. Burnors at Maxwell AFB, Ala., ette, 4223 Barcelona , completed t he Air Univer s ity academic artillery survey course at Ft. s tructor course. He is assigned Sill's army artillery and missile t o headquarters of the Air Prov center July 1 . He is a 1962 ing Ground Center, Eglin AFB. graduate of Plant High School and attended University of FlorS . Sgt . William W . Tudor , ida . whose wife, Ann , is from pa , has re-enlisted at Arm y Spec . 6 John D . Seifert, AFB , Va., for a four-year Land o' Lakes, was graduated of service in the U . S. Air Force. recently from a maintenance He is an information techn i cian course in electrical, hydraulic a t Tactical Air Command head LET US CUT YOUR PAINT COSTS 50/o AND MORE! and mechanical systems o f the quarter s at Langley. newly-assigned UH-lB hellocop ters at Ft. Clayton in the Canal First Lt. Don M . Martin, zone. An ai rcraft inspector, he whose wile , Dana, is the daugh-entered the Army in 1954. ter of Dr. and Mrs. Rex E. ANYTHING GOES when you advertise it for sale through a Tribune-Times Classified Ad. Ph. 223-4911 Myers, Tampa, has been award Maj. Andrew A . McGirr, 3317 ed Air Force silver pilot wings Leona St . , completed a trans-at Moody AFB, Ga. He is National has a lot going for you ••• ••whichever way you're going." New York: 8:25 am Newark Baltimore: 4:20 pm 8:50 am Los 9:35 9:00 om am II :55 12:05 am pm 8:05 3:35 pm Newark pm 4:20 pm San II :55 am 4:30 pm New Orleans: 9:30 am nonstop Philadelphia: 9:00 II :55 am non-stop am 4:20 8:05 pm nonstop pm Washington: 9:00 am San Franc:isc:o: 8:45 pm nonstop 4:20 pm Houston: 9:30 am Boston: 12:05 pm 8:05 pm 3:35 pm (ex. Sal. ) Panama City, 4:30 pm Pensacola, Mobile: 9:30 am Take our new 727 Fan-Jets to the North and see how smooth and silent fly ing can be . Or take National's exclusive through jets to California 1 and see how much simpler it is when you don't have to change planes. Call your travel agent or 229-0951. Get National, coast to coast to coast.jf CHARGE IT! For conveniencw uso your American Express, Carte Blanche , Oinert' or National A irlines personal c r e dit ca r ds. No extra cost for current c h arge. Up to 24 t o pay f o r axlond e d . payment . t-la\i.9nal, the first major J?Owered gives y_ou every time: WITH EVERY GALLON PURCHASED ANY PAINT -NO LIMIT SCOOP N0.1 INTERIOR LATEX WALL PAINT $ GALLON EVERY 2nd GALlON FREE SCOOP N0.2 YOilR CHOICE-OUTSIDE WHITE MILDEW RESISTANT COVERS LIKE A BLANKET EXTERIOR LATEX MADE WITH VINYL ACRYLIC FOR MAXIMUM DURABILITY FLOOR & TRIM ENAMELS 1 00% ALKYD-INTERIOR-EXTERIOR DRIPL'ESS LATEX WALL PAINTS ONE COAT COVERS 4908 FLORIDA AVE. 3 BLOCKS SOUTH OF HILLSBORO 8402 NEBRASKA C:orner WATERS and NEBRASKA ANY ONE $ GALLON EVERY 2nd GALLON FRE ALL STORES OPEN SUNDAY 8:30 A.M.12:30 3811 S. DALE MABRY OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P . M. Across From BRITTON PLAZA ALL STORES OPEN DAILY 8:30 A.M.:30 P . M. ZEPHYRHJ.LLS -1605 GALL BLVD. BROOKSVILLE-237 E. BROAD •


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