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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 187 (September 13, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 13, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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.. . . . SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 187 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Doesn't Meet Some Expectations Bay Campus 'Not Miami' Definitely. Not Miami Beach Bay Campus isn't 1\iiami Beach and such buildings as this show why. Facilities seem adequate for the time being, eventually all of the wooden and concrete structures will be torn down. (USF Photo) Co-Ops Can Get Books by Mail Cooperative Education s t u-requested by a number of stu dents away from the USF cam-dents. In turn, the Cooperative pus may check out books from Education C o u n c i 1 requested the Library under a program Dean Hardaway to ex p 1 ore placed on a trial basis by Elliot some method for servicing stu Hardaway, dea, of instructional dents when off campus. By KAY DODRILL and JOHN ALSTON Campus Staff Writers "The brochures made it sound like it was Miami Beach" wailed one coed, "but just look at it." USF's branch campus at the old St. Petersburg mari time base is definitely not Miami Beach, and some of. the 248 residents, most of them freshmen, who moved mto it last week are sorely disappointed. "It's just floors and walls,"-=------------in one of the buildings. Although c o n s t r u c t i o n started last Wednesday, Goree declined to speculate on when it would be completed. "If I get sick I don't know where to go," was heard several times. Goree explained that Mound Park hospital is nearby. moaned one. These were some of the complaints heard by Cam pus Edition reporters as they t our e d the fledgling back to the first days of window But on a whole the facilities air conditioners . -are broken did not look inadequate to the and parts are e1ther not avail-able or are hard to get. Campus Edition reporters who campus last week. The swimming pool must await inspected both male and female extensive renovation before it residence halls. will be ready for the aquatic THE FACILITIES are some what austere with all hard, cement gray floors and dull insti tutional green walls and ceil minded. the work is slated to be THE RESIDENTS of Building finished in two weeks. ings. THE HEALTH CENTER also What the brochures promised is absent. John P. Goree , who isn't correct -yet. heads up the campus as campus Only portions of the buildings director, told the Campus Edi"B" have one less sink than the counterparts in "A". This is the result of one of the girls drop ping a bottle of mouthwash in a sink. The sink broke but left are air conditioned. This is be tion that the Health Center is the bottle intact. cause many of the units "Priority one" on the list for some of which are said to date construction. It will be housed Not all of the students are 1--------------------------unhappy. Myra Howze, Resident USF T earn Studies Literacy in Guatemala Assistant who has lived several trimesters in the Tampa campus halls says that, "Once we get settled down they'll like it," and noted that most of the com plaints voiced to the reporters were already under discussion by various officials. services. Students desiring more inforWhat effect does a literacy tests, and explored the general Miss Howze went on to say Under the program now in op-mation are urged to contact program have on a pe'iSant com problem. He subsequently re-that she feels the freshmen will eration the student should make their coordinator or the Co-op . ceived a!' $8,918 grant from the profit from the small college the request for the loan to: InterOffice. This rs one of the questions U.S. Offtce of Educatton to an-Library Loan, University of that Prof. Peter C. Wright will alyze and evaluate the prelim-atmosphere. South Florida, Tampa. Requests J • h St d t attempt to answer during the inary data. should include full title and eWIS U en next 20 months of research on In 1964 the Guatemala govern-GOREE that most of name of author, edition needed unlon To Meet the impact of literacy programs ment awarded Wright a $14,000 the problems Will be solved soon. and the student's number. in Guatemala. contract to evaluate a pilot lit"None is insurmountable, but The books will be checked out J e wish Student Union will USF was recently awarded a eracy program that had been some of the answers are exfor two weeks with allowance of meet Thursday 7:30 p.m. in UC $65,129 contract to undertake inaugurated in 1961 and had pensive. Really we won't have three days on each end of the 202 for the nomination of offithe research _by the U.S. Agency been designed especially for the loan periods for mail delivery. th' t . t A "get ac for International Development farmer This research was com-entirely satisfactory answers If the student wishes to renew (AID), sponsor of the pleted iast September resulting until we can tear these buildings a volume, the request should , held Sunda morning to be-literacy program. It rs betng in the current program. down and build new ones." be sent in early enough to reach \las th .. Y og am dtrected by Professor Wnght, The A and B buildings are the Library before the volume gm e year s pr r I assisted by Dr. Thomas A. Rich THE RESULTS f th' . Brunches will be held every .' o lS new very drfferent from each other becomes overdue. . . . Dr. Edmund Allen, and by Dr program could have a cons 1der-. . On returning the books, sturn UC .. Leslie Malpass, formerly of able effect on future U.S . assisand thrs lS one of dents s h o u 1 d wrap volumes WI egrn ep . USF. tance for literacy programs in dissatisfactiOn, Buildmg A ID carefully for return and insure ' . . The research team left Sept. 1 underdeveloped areas. No prev--------------them, since they will be respon. 10. and will study two Guatemalan ious research has been done on eludes rugs, drapes, and rubber plants in the lobby and Chinese grillwork and yellow bricks in the bathroom. Wood paneling lines the walls which lead into the residence areas. In building B, the lobby is bare of rugs and drapes. Some of the furniture is missing since the girls have filled in furnish ing lacks by removing chairs from the lobby. THE GIRLS in building A, which also houses classrooms the cafeteria and the library, say they "have no complaints a b o u t anything." The girls across the way think there are some improvements in order, On a larger scale, there is no provJston for recreation al though plans are being made. There is no infirmary. There is very little study space. Desks are on the way for the other two girls in the four-girl or four-boy dorms. The library is not available to the students. The cafeteria serv ing line is slow. In some cases the students are accepting this with resignation. "It's either this or nothing." There are many reasons for the problems at Bay Campus. Most of them are maintence work and will be taken care of in time. The cafeteria is served by students in the School of Culinary Arts. They are being trained in the Pinellas County School System under the Man power Development Act. The Airmen To Visit University of South Florida students will be given an oppor tunity Sept. 13-15 to receive "first hand" information on the Air Force officer program when an Air Force Officer Training School selection team visits the •No Complaints Here!• Rooms like this are found in "A" building and the residents are very happy. In "B" building rooms lack rugs, drapes, and sufficient desks. The discrepancy in furnishings is source of much student dissatisfaction. (USF Photo) Just A Beginning These books are just the beginning of what Is sup posed to be an adequate library for Bay Campus. It was the end of last week before any library facilities were available to students. (USF Photo) School will move to another loca-able although they may be ex tion next year. pensive." He also stated that IN ORDER for tbe library and most of the problems \\-ill be reading conference rooms to aleviated when the old buildings open, Student asslstants are are replaced. sible for the books until they tlclpatrng 10 the SOCial, communities -one where a the role and effects of literacy 3 Coeds Hurt are received by the Library. and programs JeWlsh literacy program has operated programs as a guide line. campus. needed . Buses will be rented to The amount of unhappiness for Alpha Hall To Publish The trial program for giving Uruon are insince 1962 and one where the According to Professor Wright In Auto crash Co-op Students Library service vtted to attend Thursday s frrst literacy program collapsed Difth h t h t t'ng . . . e researc earn opes o: ---------ferences resultmg raiSing First, determine how many the of literacy wtll be depeople did learn to read and Three USF coeds were ternuned. write as a result of AID; slightly hurt yesterday when Capt. Glenn Ashworth, Officarry the students en masse to the Bay Campus students is cer Training School selection the Tampa campus for special directly proportionate to the officer for Florida, and Sgt. events. amount of renovation gfven their Steve Billirakis, Tampa specialGoree said that there is more barrack. Even the unhappy ttu !zed recruiter, will head the room per square foot for each dents, however, admit that the team. of our problems is insurmount-campus does provide the definite . Second, determine the differthe car in which they were IT ALL STARTED 1D the ence in attitudes and modes of riding struck another car at Selection team will be in the student at Bay Campus. "None advantage of a small, close-knit summer of 1961 with a three life between those who achieved University Center lobby from 9 of ouru problems is insurmount group. b W ht lt the Intersection of 56th St. months survey Y ng . resu -literacy and those not in the a.m. to 3:30p.m. to provide In---------------------------Residence Newspaper ing in the selection of literacy program; and Fowler Ave. as an area of concern. Third evaluate the differences Police identified the girls From 1962-1963 Wright experi-in the 'two communities which as Judith Faye Kahn, 21, Lucy mented with several methods did and did not have the bene-D. Rice, 21, and Phyllis Ann of finding information, developed fit of the literacy program. Moore, 19. Miss Kahn, driver The first issue of The ArgoConsultants for the USF prol of the car in which the coeds naut, Alpha Wall's first news-ect are Dr. Margaret Mead of were riding, was charged by paper, is scheduled for publica-the American Museum of Napolice with running a stop Uon on Sept. 23. The Argonaut • tural History, Dr. Benjamin Paul sign. will be distributed free to all AppOintment of Stanford University, Dr. RichAll of the victims were Alpha residents, and a few cop Ies will be placed in the lobbies of the other for reading purposes. George Crary, RA on Alpha 3 West, sponsors The Argonaut. Co-Editors are Ron Eisenberg and Dave Chatam. Other staff members are: Van . . . . t ard N. Adams of the University treated and released from DtstasiO, of Texas, and Dr. Richard J. Tampa General Hospital expro essor, mencan ea an Anderson of the University of cept Miss Kahn who was held academic advisor in the College Fl .d for observation. of Basic Studies, has been ap_o_r_r_a_---------------------pointed a Washington Intern in School of Education of George Washington University. The announcement was made by Dean Edwin P. Martin, Col lege of Basic Studies, who nom inated Distasio. Cecil, content manager; Powell The Washington Internships in G e w u r z, business manager; 'Education offer to outstanding Dance, Fashion Show, Bowling on Agenda Nick Carolides, sports editor; educators the opportunity to Monday, Sept. 13, the Univer-will c h a 11 eng e the retired formation to men and women interested in making applica tion for the officer training school program. 1 Arnade Returns From Madrid Prof. Charles W . Arnade has just returned to USF after a nine months leave of absence on ARNADE ... back From Spain Steve Rauchman, columnist; view education at a national sity Center music committee, Worlds Champion Billiard Shoot level and to develop new tech-under the guidance of Bob er, Jimmie Caras, Nov. 15, in a Fulbright Grant to Madrid, Bob Strickland, reporter; and niques and perspectives t? offer Gower, will present Its first the UC Ballroom. Spain. Steve Kay, artist. t th k d th I li t h A • o etr wor an e1r coStereo s enmg hour. T e recWhile abroad he also visited The idea for a residence hall SSOCiate leagues. ords will be played in uc 252 F•'ery VI.SI'tors the Spanish Overseas Provinces newspaper originated last year Mrs. Distasio, Lisa and Scott, at 2 p .m. with George Crary. George tried will accompany Distasio to Tickets for the UC buffet-fashof Spanish Sahara, Ifni and to get a newspaper started, but Washington. They will return ion show will be available at from Space IS Spanish Equatorial Africa. En was unable to find anyone who I c h I s t b 1966 k b . . Tu route to the United States, he n aPe ep em er, the UC Des egmniDg es-p T • stopped off in the Canary Is-could help with the layout. The day, Sept. 14 through Sept. 24. rogram 0p1C lands as guest of the Spanish Argonaut now has two staff R N d The Buffet-Fashion Show is Mon. members skilled in layout. Ruth Schoch of Johannesburg, agan ame day, Sept. 27 at 5:30p.m in the A new planetariUm presenta-I Mmistry of Tourism. The Argonaut will be pub-south Africa, h?s theiAS Consultant UCBallroom. tion on "The Fiery Visitors Mrs. Arnade and their seven lished biweekly. The first issue staff of the Uruverstty Chapel Karen Klein, chairman of the From Outer Space" will begin children-the ;roungest recently will have four pages one side Fellowship, the Methodist -Dr. Wendell J. Ragan, geolUC Fashion and Talent Commit-Sunday in the USF Planetanum, b?rn in Madrid-accompanied and will later be enlarged lo Presbyterian religious organiza-ogy chairman, has been named tee announces that these fall Curator Joseph Carr announced. htm on h1s travels. six pages both sides. It will contion of the USF campus. a technical consultant of a nafashions will be presented by The program will be from 2:30 1 • tain Alpha Hall news , campus Miss Schoch was educated at !lonal proJ.ect develop Montgomery Models for to 3 ,30 p.m. The presentation USF Grad G01ng news, and editorial material. Rhodes University in South Amg matenals m earth scJences th1s program Wlll be USF will deal with the meteorites The name was chosen be-rica and Ridgelands College in fo!, secondary sch . ools. . . dents. . . . which bombard the earth's at-To Cameroon cause, as it is the name of a Kent • . England. The CUincuThe Recreation mosphere and occas i 0 n a 11 y mythical Greek ship, it corre Whtle on the staff of the Stulu m Project IS by headed by Ray Flemmg, wtll strike the earth. Anthony C. Boatman, 1965 sponds with the Greek letter dent Christian Association in National Science FoundatiOn and again sponsor the UC Chess 1 Th . . to th USF graduate, will depart for names of the dormitories A South Africa, she specialized in administered by the American Tournament. Sign-up at the UC e piOgram 1 : be Cameroon in mid-September as ship drawn by Steve Kay .will multi-racial student work and Geological Institute at Boulder, Desk begins Sept. 16 through pus Y e fu a Peace Corps volunteer. be used as the paper's name initiated a number of programs Colo . , where Dr. Ragan went Sept. 26. The Chess Tournament c. ohf lmd 1 b seda wbg, Boatman an educatt'on soct'al I b s t 27 d th h reserva tons s ou e rna e y , • plate. across ractal hnes. Last year recently for. sessJOns : begms ep . an runs roug calling Ext. 580 Monday throu-gh studies major, will teach math, sh_e was at th.e Teach.As matenal IS developed It Nov. 5 . . . Frida science, history, geography and r.=============i! er s Trammg College m Basuwill be tested and evaluated at The dan c.e commtttee. wtll y. the English language in sectoland . 15 centers. The southeastern sponsor a matinee dance Fnday, ondary schools in West Cam-Book Exchange Hours Listed The s t u d e n t Book Ex change, in UC 223, will be open dally from noon until 3 p.m., until Sept. 26, SA President John Reber, said. The exchange a d d s 25 cents to the book price by the book's owner. Books are on open display, with price as marked. Owners are paid when books are bought. The 25 cent fee goes to the USF Junior Foundation for the NDEA scholarship fund. 1 Miss Schoch has extensive ex-center will be at Orlando, the Sept. 17 at 3 p.m. in the UC TicketS For eroon. perience in international ecuone for which Dr. Ragan is Ballroom. r menical work, having served on consultant. The movies committee, with Artist Series the Planning Committee of the Dave i.ichtenfels as chairman All-African Christian Youth As-p A alable will present the movie "Char-Still Available sembly. ' ages v I ade" Friday, Saturday and SunShe was also a delegate to the In A rl Aegean day, Sept. 17, 18 and 19 at 7:30 All-African Conference of . P I p.m. in FH 101. The charge is Churches and the World Student Pa-ges in the April, 1966, 25 cents per person. Christian Federation conference Aegean are available to all The Dance Committee will in Strasburg, France, and Socampus organizations, it was sponsor a Stereo Dance this lonika, Greece. announced today by the USF Saturday, Sept. 18 from 9-12 p.m. This is her first trip to the yearbook staff. The price per in the UC Ballroom. The dance United Slates. She will c a r r y page is $30 and clubs may re is free. special responsibility for the serve two pages. The Recreation Committee University Chapel Fellowship Others will be taken through will again sponsor the UC Bit work with international students Friday, Oct. 8, in the Office liards Tournament. Sign up be as well as special group work. of Student Publications, UC gins at the UC desk Sept. 19 Students and faculty are in 224. through Oct. 7 . The tournament vited to meet Miss Schoch at a Orders should be made early will begin Oct. l1 and run reception Friday, Sept. 17, at since each section cannot go through Oct. 30 . Deadline for series tickets for the Division of Fine Arts' sixth Artist Series has been extended through Sept. 30. The eight events, starting Oct. 27 will include Herman Godes, pianist; the New York Wood wind Qui n t e t; the Juilliard String Quartet; Leonard Ro se, celloist; Edith Peinemann, vio linist; Aksel Schiotz, baritone ; the Eastman Brass Quintet; and the Von Karajan Ensemble. While at South Florida, he was a member of the residence hall staff and a residence as sistant. Boatman completed 11 weeks of training at Columbia Uni versity Teachers College, New York City, and is now on leave at home, in Logansport, Indiana. On the Inside e Soccer Drills • • • "Tartuffe" Cast Friendly Campus USF in 1972 2 p.m. in UC 264. beyond i!f quota of pages. The winner of this tournament Tickets can be purchased in the TA box office daily 1-5 p.m. 1 Price is $3 for the series. Ex-Viet Speaks Sept. 30. Former South Vietnamese Am1 ber of a South Viet bassador to the United States namese famtly and has spent the Hon. Tran Van Chuang , most of his life in Saigon. resigned his diplomatic post in In 1922, he took his doctorate Washington after eight years and in the faculty of law at the publicly broke with his daughter University of P arls. For many Mme. Ngo Dinh Nhu, in protest years he was seni?r Vie.tna against the policies of the D iem mese. first m Satgon then m Hanoi. r e g i m e, will speak here on H p 'd t f th G d ' e was res! en o e ran Thursday, Sept. 30, at 7:30-10:00 Council for Economic and Fin-p .m. in the TAT, under the au-ancial Interests in Indochina ill spices the UC. 1940, and 1945 was made MinHe will discuss the present ister of Foreign La,ter . . . . . he s e r v e d as Judge In the critical sttuation m hts home-French-Vietnamese eeurt, whic\1 land and the American involve-approximates the U.S. Supreme ment there in combatting ComCourt. monistic aggression. In 1954 he was made Minister Long one of the most respected of State in the then new na members of President Diem's tionalist government o_f Ngo Din . . . Diem, and was appomted Am-regtm. e, pr. Chuang resigned hrs bassador to the Ul'lited States a embassy post in Washington on lyear later. His wife, the daugh August 22, 1964, following the Iter of another leading South intensification of the Diem gov-Vietnamese family, who was ernment's harsh policy against educated at the French Lycee in the Buddhists. Hanoi, served as her country's In a cable sent August 22, official observer at the United 1964, to President Diem, he Nations from 1958. She resigned stated "This difficult war will her position at the U.N. at the be won only by the reconcilia-same time that her husband tion and sincere union in liberty gave up his embassy post. of all anti-Communist Vietna Dr. and Mrs. Chuong still mese forces and by the utiliza-make their home in the Wash tion of all available talents and ington area near Chevy Chase, not by copying totalitarian re-Maryland. gimes." ----------Born June 2, 1898 at Phy Ly in what is now North Vietnam, Ambassador Chuong is a mem-TRAN VAN CHUONG Meet To Hear U.S. Authority On Grad Study Eli Ginzberg, chairman of the National Manpower Council in Washington , will tell seniors and other students wbat the op portunities and needs are in the intellectual professions when he speaks at an AU-University Cof fee Hour Sept. 17 . Ginzberg, a national authority on manpower in various fields of work, will speak on "Profes sional Life Style." A Conference on Graduate Studies in conjunction \1 ith the coffee will also be held Sept. 18 and will be sponsored by Athe naeum, USF junior and senior women's service organization and honor society . The conference Sept. 17 w!ll be from 2 to 5 p . m. and Sept. 18 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.


Our Friendly Campus Walking around campus , you can' t help but notice that some buildings walkways are sloped , and the elevator door jambs have key slots . USF has developed a most help ful attitude toward handicapped students. No less work is e x pected of them than is expected of other students . What is done is directed t o w a r d removing physical ob stacles. But official policies aren ' t worth much unless students on campus also want to help. An incident that occurred last Saturday night is a poor reflection on the students who were near FH 101 and chose to ignore three girls getti!l g out of a car to go to the moVIes. One of the girls was on crutches, another ' s wheelchair was in the back of the car. The third girl did for her companions what 50 or 60 callous men in the area would not do. She took the wheelchair out and set it up , while bystanders were laughing at the trouble involved. N o b o d y seeks a round of ap plause for opening a door for a wheelchair student , or for helping get a chair from a car. Those who stand around smirk ing at the person who helps prob ably are ashamed they hadn ' t the streak of kindness that might have prompted them to do the job . Such little acts are personal things . You do them because you want to. And there ' s nothing wrong with the good feeling you have just after you lend a hand. Miss USF on Sand Float? Maybe at last this sand-bound campus will go b i g time. Maybe we soon will have a Miss USF. Since soccer is involving us in intercollegiate compet i tion on other campuses, perhaps somebody will find enough energetic beauties to form a cheerleading squad . Maybe after that we will get in-tercollegiate and Homecoming pardon us, autumn antics-togeth er and we can have the glorious occasion of an election for a Cam pus Queen-Miss USF . Who knows, but that some or with scads of money m1ght back our cheering beauty in the Miss Florida Contest? From little leather balls, maybe great big floats? Academic RouleHe, Anyone? The USF catalog , page 21, cau tions students that , "While every effort will be made to give each student appropriate advice in meeting major and grad uation requirements, the final re sponsibility for meeting these rests with the student . He should study the catalog carefully and seek ad v ice when in doubt." Academic roulette can be fun w hile time remains to play the " pro fessional student" role . But few students here will say the y have not preferred to disre gard a d ": i c e , or quasi-advice, droned by mstructors who obvious ly don ' t want to be advisors. The person responsible for the wording in the quoted paragraph By Dhow, Llama-By dhow from Manjil , by llama from Cotopaxi . and by other con ventional means , books come to the USF Library . Many of the 20 , 000 books bou g ht each year are paid for with the dollar equivalents of dinars, escudos , pesos , and yens . Happily or not , literacy is spreading all over the world, and publi s h or perish is a national anthem , it seems , not just an academic one . The largest number of USF Li brary books are English-language ones , and come flooding in (28 , 451 new titles published in the U.S. alone last year) every day. Together with Great Britain , Germany, France, Italy, and the USSR as major publishing areas , is it any wonder that selecting 20 ,000 books from all those pubmight just as well have come out and said that the prudent student will head for the registrar's office when in doubt. Perhaps an Advisor Corps is in order, or maybe CB 999, Advising the Student Campetently , could be used for recency of credit require ment by teacher s . Most adv i sors are advising in good faith, and many are quite frank in admitting distaste for and lack of preparation for the job . Be that as it may, while an at tempt to personally help each stu dent is sincere in motivation, only those in the registrar ' s office are official dispensers of The Word. The path to graduation goes many times through AD 264. USF Gets Books! lished makes U.S.F. librarians grimace whenever Gutenberg and Caxton are mentioned. Might Stay Longer The USF Lecture Series de serves thanks for bringing many speakers to the campus m the past and this year's plans look most promising. Actually some of the speakers are so stimulating that it seems de sirable to keep them on campus for a day or more, if possible, for maximum opportunity for all to hear them. Understandably, tour managers like to keep them moving and many speakers have other demands. But by planning ahead it may be that some would be willing to stay for a longer period, if this seems advan tageous to the campus. The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Colle&iate Press PRess Editor ..•.•••••.••..•.•..•.............•..... Jay H. Beckerman Advisor . . • • • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steve Yates Deadline for copy is 1 p . m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. SA Gives Stud.ents Voi c e in USF A ffairs By MARY ANN MOORE and the University Board of Dis-Exchange takes a 25 cent com-Campus Staff Writer cipline and Appeals. mission which is used for a The Student Court of Review , scholarship fund. Students have a voice in the composed of five students, is A TRAFFIC LIGHT Ino P e r a t i o n of the University charged with interpreting the stalled at the corner of Fletcher through the Student Association SA constitution and ruling upon and Nebraska Avenues . This government. The SA is the replegality of legislation . took two years. Action was initi resentative of the student body. The five members of the Court ated at the request of commutUnder the provisions of the of Review also sit on the Uniing students who complained of new constitution ratified by the versity Board of Discipline and a f ternoon traffic tieups at the students in trimester II 1965, Appeals along with four faculty corner. the SA legislature is composed and staff members. The Board HOMECOMING and big name of elected representatives of the hears cases involving s tudent entertainment The SA has various colleges. Elections of discipline that are referred or sponsored Homecoming and is representatives will be Sept . 28. appealed to it. It will then make working to bring big name en This legislature negotiates with recommendations to the Dean of tertainment to the campus. the administration on matters Student Affairs . ORIENTATION Each Sep affecting the student body. There Many students have won-tember, the SA is in charge of are 49 members of the legislade red, "what does the Student o r ientation for new students . ture exclusive of the executive Association accomplish?" Here FOOD COMMITTEE Stu branch. At present John Reber is a partial list of some of the dents with grievances against is president of the SA and Ed services that have been rendthe foods service can take them Coris is vice president. Elecered to and on behalf of the to this committee which is rec tions for president and vice studen t s by the SA. ognized by Morrison ' s Inc., and president will be held in NoBOOK EXCHANGE In op-meets with them. vember. eration for almost a year, the All students wanting to learn Another area of the SA Is the Book Exchange serves as a more about the Student Govern judicial branch. It is composed place where students can sell ment or volunteer their services of the Student Court of Review their books at their price. The are invited to stop by UC 218. SA Rules C ommittee Issues Call for Candidates for Office By INGlE BURKE Election Rules Comm. Chm. As s t u d e n t s you are the primary reason for the existence of the University. The successes, the failures, the problems are yours. We are dependent upon one another. What we make of our University depends upon the efforts we expend tow ards its betterment. It is the obligation of each of us to contribute some portion of out talents to the Student Association positions in UC 203, 2:00 p.m. Sept. 13th-UC 203, 2:00 p.m. -Meeting of those interested in college council or Student Asso ciation positions . Sept . 13th All candidates must file in UC 218, Student Association Office , by 5:00 p.m. Sept. 28t h Election. Sept. 30th -Announcement of results on U.C. and S.A. Bulletin Boards. Sept. 30th-First Student As sociation meeting for newly elected r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s 7:00p.m. Firs t semester freshmen ARE eli gibl e for a position

Wet Betsy Slows Drills Soccer Team Shapes Up By LARRY GOODMAN Campus Sports Editor Afternoon showers held down soccer practice last week when some 28-30 players were ex-* * * * Soccer Coach Skilled Campus Radio Programming Broadened USF's FM radio station at 89.7 MC will include 18 hours of educational and cultural pro grams as well as 22 hours of classical and standard music in its weekly format this fall. pected to get down to hard k By LARRY GOODMAN I at Topeka Kan Holcomb initiThe 1,000 watt station also wor Campus Sports Editor a ted and soccer from broadcasts campus news, fea"We may have the nucleus Dan Holcomb, USF's new soc1956-1960 at St. John's Countures and weather. Monthly proof a pretty fair team," said soc-cer coach is not inexperienced try Day School in Jacksongud il bl t • I gram 1 es are ava a e a cer coach Dan Holcomb. "On at the sport. Nor is the 31-ye.arteam the:e, the station. paper we may be in better old short of coachmg of JUmor and htgh . . , expenence. 1 players, held their own agamst Anyone interested in working shape than anticipated. In addition to playing the other soccer prep teams in the at WUSF should attend audiHolcomb said that there was sport three years in high school.area. tions to be held tonight at 7:30 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 13, 1965 1-B What The Boys Don't See ". • • of the people, by the people and for the people ... " girl people, that is. Sorority rush activities begin Wednesday. All girls interested will be there, charmingly, watching the fashion show, and being watched by prospective sisters. enough depth in the halfback In 1961 Holcomb went to FSU at the station in the Library and fullback positions but that to become a graduate assistant basement. in physical education. He and ----------F •d Th 'II M" I U he needed more men that could pass and handle the ball in the front line. I Three or four newcomers, ac cording to the coach, have bad other graduate assistants helped Pool Hours Set rl ay ey IX t p organize the first soccer club You may splish and splash Frat Frolics this Friday will be the occasion for team at the university. in the USF pool during the new and less staid activity than these clean living During the same year, Hoifollowing hours: Monday-Fri-collegians devised last year. The competition among comb was assistant coach with day, 2-6 p.m.; saturday, 1-6 the fraternities and sororities promises to provide Sorority Rush Events Planned "extensive experience." Among these newcomers are students who were originally from Yugo-slavia, Norway, and Trinidad. Listed on the squad are eight freshmen, three sophomores, five juniors, and four seniors. the FSU varsity tennis team, p.m.; Sunday, 1-6 p.m. hilarity for the hundreds. which posted the school's best ________________ ....:.... ____________________ _ record, a 17-4 season. From 1962-65 Holcomb taught physical education and coached wrestling at Miami's P a l m Springs junior high school. Under his tutelage his junior high team and an independent team of 15-18-year-olds each Stranded on Interstate? Advice Is Offered to Reduce Danger won an AAU state wrestling By JERRY KEENEY THE DANGER can be re-road and get completely off the USF sorority members and 1 a further chance to meet with hopeful members will be rush-the prospective members. okay on physicals last Monday, Twenty players checked out championship last spring. Campus Staff Writer duced to a minimum by the road if possible. • Married and the father of a An highwa.y is a driver who knows what steps to In case of a mechanical breaking. fran?cally about cam?us day, the girls 1 and according to Holcomb half durmg this month and the ftrst notified of then w11l of them were in "reasonably ------DAN HOLCOMB S-month-old daughter, Holcomb boom to da1ly commutmg stu. . enjoys playing tennis, s w i m-dents and faculty members from take m case of a breakdown then ming, fishing, and camping. the Lakeland, Plant City, and on I-4. ratse his hood to mdtcate he is week of October. be Oct 3. The sorontles have d dT , "Th th I B 1• Fall Rush activities begin with activities planned fm their new goo con liOn. e 0 ers ow I ng, a convocation in the TAT, Sept. "little sisters." need a little work." I 15 at 2 p.m. The purpose is to All girls who have completed The "work" includes daily Presently, the new USF coach St. Petersburg areas who have Capt. Conley William of the having trouble. This will serve is teaching in the college of edu-access to. the new Tampa Po 1 ice Department's as a signal to U1e first city or cation courses in golf, tennis, But an mterstate htghway can traffic bureau has advised the . state patrol car which goes by acquaint all interested girls with twelve hours and have a 2.0 drills slated for 4-6 p.m., Mon-Track the different sororities and the G.P.R. are e 1 i g i b l e for rush. day through Saturday sorority system . There will be Transfers with a 2.0 are also and wrestling. He plans to work also be a dangerous as well as Campus Edition that a motorist . toward a masters and doctorate desolate spot to the motorist in trouble on I-4. or any inter-that the motonst needs help. degree in physical education with a flat tire or mechanical state highway, should first pull a fashion show. eligible. Sept. 19 there will be a regis-The sororities on campus are Petree To Ta I k s I a ted tration tea in UC 252 from 2-5 DELPHI, FIA, FIDES, PAl-p.m. This will be the only DEIA, SIGES and TRI-SIS. To Young Demos during the next few summers. failure. his car over to tbe side of the THE POLICE, said Captain Williams, will be happy to call chance to register fur the fall Campus sororities and rater-Robert Petree, executive vice . . sw• • rush. nities are sponsoring "Frat president of the Young Demo-A low rumbling Will be heard I m m I n g The girls who have signed Frolics" September 17. The fun crats Club of Florida will be next Monday as a scratch bowlI their names will then attend the begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 6 the guest speaker at the meeting to be held at Head Hurt? Ailing? a towing service or repair shop for any motorist; and, in some cases, they have ever be e n known to transport the unlucky commuter to a service station for a can of gasoline or a tire repair. informal rush on Sept. 26. Atp.m. on Crescent Hill behind ing of USF Young Democrats Flonda Lanes IS expected to T t D t tire will be school clothes and the University Center. Sept. 15, at 2 p.m. in UC 202_ ' draw between 40 to 60 es a e there will be four periods of 50 Every

Mrs. Richard Canto Mrs. Ted W. Driggers Mrs. Dale R. Carter Weekend Weddings Unite Couples Carrying a white orchid on a roses. A crown of pearls held Miss Cheryl Hamilton, Miss The bride Is the daughter of brother's best man; grooms-of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss white Bible, Miss Linda Mar-her veil. Cherry Jane Kaminsky, the Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scarmen-ushers were Robert L.l Dera Parker, Miss Mary Lee lene Edwards became the bride Margaret Edwards was her bride's sister; Miss Kaye Aikens cella of Lutz . Mr. Carter Is the Snead, David H. Buckley and Kennedy and Miss Kaye Me-sister' s maid of honor, bridesand Miss Kathy Brass. They son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Frank Centafonte. Anly . They wore gowns of green of Richard Canto at 3 o ' cclock maids were Patty Green, Alice wore Empire gowns of red Ca rter Sr., of Tampa. After the reception in the velveteen and green and beige White , Sharon Van Varenbergh crepe and carried Fuji mums. Mrs. Carter wore a formal church hall, the couple left for brocade and carried bouquets of The Rev. Charles H . Hurt perof Seffner, and Diane Dunn of Attending the bridegroom gown of white silk and lace Miami Beach. They will live bronze mums. formed the double ring cere-Miami. Jackie Canto was were his brothers, Charles and, trimmed with seed pearls and at 6408 23rd St. Roy Walden was best man; Sunday afternoon. mony in Florida Avenue Baptist girl. Groomsmen-ushers were Jamie Church. They wore mat ching gowns of 1:f 1:f 1:f Coker, Richard Lewis and LaThe bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ed wards of Seffner. Mr. Canto is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Canto Sr., of Tampa. peau de soie, Miss Edwards in rue Richter. yellow and the bridesmaids in In a . candlelight ceremony, After the reception in the turquoise. They carried carnaMiss Shrrley. Jane Kennedy church social hall, the couple tions tipped to match their came the bnde of George left for Miami. Mr. snd Mrs. towns. Rws at 7:30 Saturday evenmg. Ruis will live in Homestead. Date Pad PTA County Council Schedules School Hillsborough County Council Sigma Phi will meet at 7:30 and Teachers Assothis evening at First Federal c1at1on w1ll have the annual school of instruction Wednesday. Savings and Loan. Coffee and registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. , at Seminole Heights Methodist Church. Clas ses will end at 11:45 a.m . BLA[H SIR ADD Mrs. Robert Dean, council president, will welcome memben and Mrs. James Sutton, president of district 7, will give the response. Mrs . Wayne Bevis, vice presi-Hair Coloring Qromises ypu dent of tbe Florida PTA Conyounger looking hair ••• gress, will speak. Classes will cover many levels of PTA work. Instructors include local and state PTA chairman. PYTHIAN DeLeon Temple, Pythian Sis ters, will meet at 6: 15 this eve ning at 701 Azeele St., for a covered dish supper. PHI BETA OMICRON Phi Beta Omicron of Beta or your money bacld See your bair be come dark and Ius trous1 radiant with in jrul 11 mtnutes ct laome • . Natural looking hair color won't rub off or wash oul. Long lasting. Safe with permanents. ONLY98c COKPLBTS -li'OTHINO ELS& lfO -Choice ol5 natu11l shades: Jet Black-Black-Dark Browa Medium Brow.....t.icht Brown Alk W at JOIII' drUUist. 2 BIG BARGAIN DAYS! JUNIOR LEAGU.E THRIFT SALE GOOD USED MERCHANDISE At Budget Pric:es Applianc:es e Clothing e Toys Housewares e Sporting Equipment furniture & M uc:h More FAIRGROUNDS ELECTRICAL BLDG. NORTH BOULEVARD FRIDAY, SEPT. 17th 8 A.M.-8 P.M. SATURDAY, SEPT. 18th 8 A.M.-3 P.M. Given in marriage by her fa ther, the bride wore white or ganza appliqued with s a t i n Bennie Canto Jr., was his The Rev. H. Richard Bills per-brother' s best man; ushers formed the double ring cere----------------------------: GIRLS-WOMEN : were Roger Granger, Ernest mony in First Baptist Church Saladino , J i m my Ewdards, of Plant City. -lAir-.. &t,.,.t.... ... .., brother of the bride, and Bill Mrs. Ruts is the daughter of e' ... "'"g oO'._•!"' c'-' ... "j""'"' Velasco of Miami. Dale EdMrs. Vivian M . Kennedy of liN THE LATIN QUARTER ARCADE I 1510 E . BROADWAY PH. 246 wards was ring bearer. Plant City. Mr. Ruis is the son After the reception in the of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Ruis 1 1 THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE? 1 1 I I ADVERTISEMENT church, the couple left for the of Quitman, Ga. Cockroaches Disappear • • , STOP WORRYING Brush No-Roach just where you want it. Colorless coating kills roaches and ants ... lasts for months. Harmless to pets. -At all Kwik-Chek. PAIN OF KITCHEN BURNS Solarcaine First Aid Cream acts directly on skin nerves to block the &ensation of pain itself. Sol a rcaine Jieves doz ens of skin irritations that hurt, burn, itch . Antiseptic . Aids heal log . Alwa y s use Sola r caine First Aid Cream to stop s kin pa i n fast! gulf beaches . Mr. and Mrs. Canto will live at 107A, Gomez. Wearing a formal gown of Chantily lace. Miss Mary Ann Kaminsky became the bride of Ted W a y n e Driggers at 8 o ' clock Saturday evening. The Rev. F. B . Gilchrist per formed the double ring cere mony in Fir s t Evangelical United Brethren Church. Mrs. Driggers is the daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. 'John Kam insky of Central Avenue. Mr. Driggers is the son of Mr. and Mrs . Charles A. Driggers of Mrs. George E. Ruis West Hanna Avenue. D D th b ' d • t 1 d d' in t Mrs. Driggers' full-length' arwm nggers; e r1 sl crys as an en mg a ram. gown ended in a chapel train. John and Kurt Kamm-A double crown of pearls held She wore a mantilla of Chan sMky •1 Bob Howell and Jerry her illusion veil and she car'll I d . ed h ' t ue ey. t1 y ace an earn w 1 e roses . . . ried a Bible topped with a white and an orchid on a Bible The receptiOn was m Semmole . . . M . 11 bl 'd Garden Center. Mr. and Mrs . orchld centered m stephanotis 1 s s Ste a Worn e was mal . . and carnations Also in lotion and Spray forms of honor. Bride s maids were Dnggers flew to Washmgton, . D.C., for a tour of northern Vir-M1ss Gertrude Scarcella was if you can Bake a Cake YOU CAN PlAY THE HAMMOND ORGAN ginia. They will live in Tampa. her sister's maid of honor . Mrs . Robert L. Snead was matron of * * * honor for her sister. Miss June Getz was bridesmaid and Mrs. Given in marriage by her fa. tber, Miss Eleanor Frances Scarcella became the bride of Dale R . Carter at 8 o'clock Saturday evening. The Rev. Walter B. Passiglia performed the double ring cere mony in St. John Presbyterian Church. Wesley Pearce Jr., of Jackson ville, Ark., was bridesmatron. Flower g i r 1 was Antoinette Snead. They wore Empire gowns in autumn gold satin and crepe and carried cascades of gold mums and roses. Curtis E. Carter Jr., was his Given in marriage by her un cle, Robert Williams, the bride wore a white peau de soie sheath trimmed with pearls. Her veil of illusion was held by a white satin rose trimmed with seed pearls. She carried a white orchid, white roses and carna tions on a Bible. Miss Pat Kennedy was maid Scholarship Established By Sorority A new scholarship for college students has been established by Tampa Bay chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Alumni. The scholarship has been n a m e d the Hazel Puryear Scholarship, in honor of the present national alumni coun selor, who teaches in Miami. Mrs. Puryear was instrumental in developing the Tampa Bay chapter, which includes mem bers from Plant City, Winter Haven, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Graduates of Kappa Delta Pi are invited to the fall meeting Thursday, 7:30 lJ.m., at Dale Mabry School Library. I I I f1nd. IJJD $JJJnRi:lzin.rf f I : CALL OR WRITE • • • : I I I I I I I F alihiiJJL Call Deedee Hand, Fashion Director, for full information I on re9istered c:ourses now available to you with patenI tial earnings from $125 per week to $12,000 per year. 1 Study • • • 1 * FASHION SALES I * FASHION DESIGN 1 * FASHION BUYING *INTERIOR DECORATING I * MODELING {Professional-Basi') I Call for special catalat I .. Career!: in Fashloa" I CALL 228-7895 I : American Academy of Fashion : n 1 309 WATERS ST. 1 W I TAMPA. FLA. I I ; NAME ••••••• , •• , , , , , , , , , , .. , , , AGE , •• , •• , • , ••• , , , , , : : ADDRESS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • CITY ••••••••••••••••• : I I 1 HOME PHONE ............ OTHER PHONE ............ 1 I '------------- •••••••••••••n••••••-••••••• OUR INSTANT HAIR COLOR MAKE-UP SPECIAL CLASSES FOR HOUSEWIVES REE!! OUR EASY WAY This special course is designed to introduce the beginner to the HAMMOND ORGAN, and to show how easily one may learn to play it. The only cost is for individual study ma terial. It's not necessary to own an organ as we furnish FREE practice facilities. TOTAL COST $3.00 NO PREVIOUS MUSICAL TRAINING OR BACKGROUND NECESSARY Classes Start 10 il.ltl. SEPT. 18 106 E. TYLER ST. TEL. 223-4611 . / Our stylist surrounds your face with a soft crown of hair, . and colors the crown with this wondrous instant rinse. No timing, no peroxide, no after-rinse-"far)Cifull" just flows onto your hair, and we go right into your set! Not only colors or tones, but makes dull hair look livelier, healthier. And it shampoos out, whenever you wish. Call for your appointment. IOU X complete with 325 c:ut and set up e LARGO e CLEARWATER • TAMPA BRANDON. e DUNEDIN e SEARSTOWN LAKELAND -beauty salons


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