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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
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n Vol. 73, no. 199 (September 27, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 27, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 199 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS SA lectio ns Tomorrow; 26 Want 22 Seats ------------------------------------------------------• Editor's note: The Campus name is Bob Jett and I need Dorm Jam Twenty-seven residence students who were initially placed in tripled rooms and lounges have moved into reg ular housing arrangements as of Sept. 17 . The original number of . overflow students was 164 because of dropouts , the total is now 137. Ten boys have acquired roo ms in Alpha , Be ta, and Eta . = Seventeen girls have acquired rooms i n Delta and Epsilon. Forty-six rooms in Alpha and 47 rooms in Beta are still tripled. In Del ta, Epsilon, Zeta, and Eta, there are four students to a lounge. Fifteen girls in Delta , 16 girls in Epsilon, eight bo ys in Zeta, and six bo ys in Eta are still under this s pecial arrangement. Asked if this problem will exist in January, Ray King, director of housing said, "I don't know." =. Bay Campus Bus Not for Students Edition asked for platforms from your help. Our SA is doing a all the candidates. wonderful job and it will be Campus politics will take life better, for progress is a product tomorrow with the elections for of our American ideal. Remem representatives to the SA Legis-ber, the word "American" ends lature. The polls, in UC 226 with "I can." from 8 a .m. to 7 p.m. and in Well, I can. I can represent front of Argos, from 8 a.m. to you in our SA, but only with By JULIAN EFIRD major deans, limits the bus' 5 p.m. Voting will be by ballot. your votes. My experience as and ALLAN SMITH use to faculty and RI's. An A tota l of 26 candidates are sophomore class treasurer, vice Campus Staff Writers ad hoc committee has been aprunning from the various col-president of my student council, USF's only regular link with pointed to consider the operale ges-Liberal Arts (five seats and president and then treasurer Bay Campus carries no stution of the present bus facilities openl, Busi ness Administration of my church organization will dents. Faculty members, resiand also make recommendations (four scats), Engineering (one be an asset if I'm elected. dent instructors and inter-deon the proposal of buying a lar-gseat), Education (four seats) Patty LaBrot Basic studies: partmcntal mail. are_ the er bus for use. and Studies (eight seats). Whereas, the' student govern-passengers who nde m t he arrThe comm tttee recommended Candidates and Platforms: ment is composed from and condition_ed v_w bus, reports that a second bus not purCollege of governs the student body, I feel Goree, mtenm center admmchased at the present tlme beBaste Studies: a harmonious and informative ... istrator for Bay Campus. cause they did not believe there I am requesting your support relationship should be estab. The bus runs five days a week, was adequate need for such a so that I can make your needs lished between them. Due to my Monday through Friday, *partpurchase. and ideas known to the student past experience as a legislator ting for St. Petersburg at 7:40 "If the s i tuation ever exists legislature and administration. I feel this problem is the most and completing four cir-that it would be necessary to elected I will work for such important facing the SA now. cmts be tween the two campus es transport students .from Bay tmpr?vements as ?pemng the For without communication, any by 5:45 p.m. Campus to the mam campus restncted elevators m the dormlegislation would be ineffective. Although it covers some 30Q three to five busses would be itories and various other buildInformation regarding issues miles each day, the Physical needed. One bus could transport ings to all students and to have currently under legislative de :. reports that the bus runs only 20 per cent of .the paper toweling

Cheers for Ray King Routine news assignments sometimes turn up situations that fan the crusading spirit. Here's one that seemed to be headed in that direction. About two weeks ago a Campus Edition photo assignment was sent to Educational Resources. Pictures of the triple occupancy rooms in Alpha Hall and the four-in-a-room Andros lounges were lacking in our files. Photo attention seemed appropriate since 1t happened agam this year. The photographer was on his own so far as time and location were concerned. He produced quite a shock when he phoned the newspaper office and said he had been refused permission to take the pictures. Dormitory officials had told him no, and the person in the Housing Office to whom he was sent told him no, he would not be allowed to take assigned pictures. He was not able to ask Housing Director Ray King's permission to photograph because King was in a class at the time, so he called the Cam pus Editwn office. A letter was immediately written to King, asking ii there had been a misunderstanding, or if a "no picture" edict was in effect. King's answer came by phone several days later. The photographer had not been allowed in because the rooms are not "open to the public." They are not open because his room is all the student has for privacy, and Housing policy is to protect that policy. We say Good for Housing! We wish to express praise for the diligence with which that privacy was defended. It was a "happenstance" that it was discovered by our pursuit of the right to know what situations have been created behind those doors. King said we certainly could take pictures, all we wished, provided the occupants of the rooms gave the permission. We feel the resident students have a friend, one facet of whom has been momentarily spotlighted. King's action and policy in this matter are what we see as best for all concerned. We will be looking into other situations on campus as the term progresses. We hope we find the same validity behind other policies and situations. Speeders Beware! Abraham Ribicoff isn't on cam pus, but Security Chief James Gar ner is, and speeding drivers on cam pus may not be able to distinguish the difference very shortly. Rumors have been flying lately that the campus police have been setting up speed traps. A speed trap, as we see it is a situation in which motorists have no warning of an abrupt change of speed required of them. The area in question is East Holly Drive, between North Palm and M aple Drive. The problem there, the rumors say, is that tick ets are being given for speeding when no pollee car follows to do the clocking. Garner is not out to create speed traps. Nor does he hold with the traditional follow-the -leader method of timing speeders when more effective ways to protect stu dents can be found. Florida Highway Patrol radar will be visiting here pretty soon. The first time they're here they will be establishing standards and tim ing. They will be here at the invi tation o f the campus security de partment. Garner's objective is to protect students from the 7,984 cars regis tered on this campus. If something isn't done, pedestrian students soon may not stand much of a chance. The zone timing on Eas t Holly will continue because more stu-dents cross the road there than at any other point on campus. No one has been hurt there, yet. That's the point. As an added thought, all those black marks on the curbs on the back road curves, and the tracks into the fields on the far sides of those curbs, speak eloquently of the fumbling Fireballs who go squall ing their Mitty ways on those un banked hairpins. Do It Tuesday Tomorrow students vote for SA representatives, hopefully. Anyway we hope that the enthusiasm of the student body is greater at the polls than on the campaign trail. There are a total of 22 seats vacant and 26 people have signed up. Also we wonder why that so many signed up from the College of_ Basic Studies, even though its still not much o f a contest with 14 people-running for eight seats. And so few signed up from the other colleges-Business Administration, four seats open, four candidates; Liberal Arts, five seats open, five candidates; Engineering, one seat open, one candidate and Education, four seats open, two candidates. The old cliche "if you don't vote don't gripe" is valid. Unsatisfactory conditions are changed at the polls, not over a coffee cup. The Campus Edition A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member , Associated Collegiate Press Jay Beckerman ............................................. Editor Harry Haigley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Associate Editor Laurence Bennett ........•....................... _ . Managing Editor John Alston ...........•....................... Editorial Page Editor Lee Sizemore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . Copy Editor Larry Goodman . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sports EdHor Mary Ann l\loore ................................ Student Association Steve Yates ................... _ ... _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adviser Raymond Blair, Mary Burke , Rebecca Center, Margaret Chapman, Alice Crownover, Eugene Eddy, Julian Efird, Flo Felty, Rosalie Fleischa ker, Mary Greco, Andra Gregory, Shirley Greenfield, Joanne Hansell, Judith Harris , Norma Harper. Maureen Hearns, David Howland, William Hunter, Elizabeth Johnson, Stephanie Kutzer , Priscilla Lennertz , Joseph Loudermilk, Frances Mak sim, Hazel McCatty, Michael Moore, William Neville, Sam Nuccio , Diane Olkon, Jack Osmann, Kathy Preschev, Max Ramo s. Allan Smith, Dawn Speth, Toni Spoto, Mary Sullivan, Gayle Swend son, Stuart Thayer , Janet Tiller, Paulette Weaver , Roger Crescentini, Tony Zappone, Kathy Manetta, Gail Reeves. Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Deadline for letters is 1 p.m. Monday. Burry Questions Fraternity Values An Open Letter to the FraSQCiates, those whom you call ternal Societies: brothers and sisters. This is Dear friends: at once ooth your glory and Our conversations in the your problem. coffee shop never seem to get Underlying your decisions around to the concerns of this must lie some criteria as to letter, so here are some rewhat it is that makes a per flections I want to pass on son acceptable, and it is pre to you. cisely at this point that the most penetrating q\lestions are IN SOME WAYS, you and being asked of you. I share something of a com mon problem. Your instituA UNIVERSITY is essenti tion , fraternities , and mine, ally a serious place to be, as the church, are standing under you know, and the expecta a shared jud gment. We are tions for a university-based having to face the question organization are higher than once more as to whether we for just any group of men or can validly c 1 aim to be a women. No one is going to part of the modern, evolving take your claims of validity world. It is never pleasant to seriously at all if they are have to try to justify your based on assertions of indi existence, a n d it is little vidual wQrth being reflected wonder that we take refuge in how a person dresses, the in appeals to our past, the amount in the account, the good which we have done, the family's standing, or the kind benefits which have come to of car driven. individuals through participaThe big question of our day, tion in the institutions we repI believe, is what makes a resent, and the natural imperson count. What is it that pulses for sociality or relimakes a person acceptable? gious feelings which are a What is a person worth? part of the human animal. This question is being posed Fraternities at Play Fraternity and sorority life is not all social of course. Frats have performed worthwhile services to the University. But what is the basic value of fraternities in the University community? -(USF Photo) But, if we are honest with in countless ways around the ourselves and with each Qther, world and here in our own we know that the world is country, and you are nQW bewith reality, and the lack Qf Boo'Revlew preparation for the world K changing far too fast for peoing called upon to give your which is emerging are high ple to be content with these working definition. costs to pay for a temporary kinds of arguments. "r1 ght." FAILURE TO answer this WE HAVE BOTH been given question would result in a You and I both know that Personal, Political many chances to realize the double tragedy . First, the or-it fully lies within your power goals we profess to have, and ganizations which refuse to to realize the worthy goals we have both fallen far short answer in terms satisfactory around which you are or of making real these same to a changed world will die, ganized. But we alSQ know goals. and with that death will that it is not going to be easy. With the beginning of a new perish all the good that would I wish you well. By DOUGLAS G. GREENE AND GEORGE H. WALSER Campus Staff Writers "The Making of the Presl dent--1965" by Theodore H . White (Atheneum, 1965) $6.95. year and the frantic pace of have been possible for them. And, I am quite prepared Rush , it might be helpful for Second, for those involved in to hear what you have to say For those whose knowledge you to stand back just a bit a dyin g institution, the limits to me about the life of the of politics is limited. Theo and review again the foufldaon their possibilities of growth institution I represent, and to tions of your corporate ex-are fier ce. The loss of friendwhich a number of you bedore White's chronicle of the istence . If I understand you, ships from a wide spectrum long. 1964 Presidential campaign is your basis includes the right of society the erection of ALLAN J. BURRY astonishingly sensible and surto choose your friends and asvalue systems out Qf touch Methodist minister, USF Chapel prisingly unpolemical. And More From the Girls at Bay Dear Editor, first and foremo 'st a worthy slow but then so are all cafe-! am a student at Bay Camcause. teria serving lines. In our case SANDRA KAY the food is great and the help those who have plowed their way through certain unnamed political science texts will sud dertly find that politics is not necessarily dull. One of the best qualities of this book is White's ability to pmues. I'ni aambasudreligthhits __:_lobneecapuustes Bay Camp us behind the counter is concerned combine the personal and the according to you, I am dirty, for with our welfare, not just doing political. We a tendency lack of facilities and I haven't • Attack' One-Sided? a job. floors to walk on. What is lacking in furnishings to forget that our public figTh ' t nly unfair it is Dear Sir: is more than made up for by ures possess private lives un1;t fs0 that Bay' Cam-As a member of the student abundance of friendliness an t i 1 we a r e ceremoniously pus is more or less an expe r ibody at Bay Campus, I feel that shared by the students. bashed over the head by such ment but it is turning into a your attack on our campus was W1thm a week you know every fine rewarding one. We ma y one-sided. . . . face and half the !lames. as Arthur Schlesinger's New have fQur in a room, but our True, a few of the facilities He r e we are making the_ best Frontier soap opera . Theodore rooms are quite large enough to are, as of no_w, not up to stan-of we _ and havmg a White manages to avoid gush, comfortably accommodate us. but eVldence of progress great time ?omg It. yet lets us glimpse into JohnlS seen everywhere . Stephame Boone Furthermore the Campus atThis campus was opened so "B'.' Building, Bay Campus son's and ldwater's personal reactions to their campaign. mosphere is one to be highly that 250 more students could p r a i s e d. The are further their education and as Editor's Note: The Campus yours , which th-erefore makes one of them , I would like to Edition felt that the facts were them some of the best. l give my story from the inside . reported as seen by the reportOur food is excellent and meal First, cla sses are smaller, en-ers, free of unjustified com times are rarely qvercrowded. abling the student to receive ment. Tlle impressions were I suggest, therefore that before d i r e c t and personal attention. gained after talking to students you undertake your next project ! The student is an individual not there. We are happy to print to improve the welfare of undera student number. letters reflecting other on-cam privileged students, you find, The cafeteria serving line is pus viewpoints. WHITE ALSO SUCCEEDS in putting issues into perspec tive. He not only emphasizes their effects upon the outcome of the election, but also their relationship to the United States' social structure. Es pecially informative is the detailed presentation of the East ern Establishment (of the Re publican Party) in its defeat by the aggressively conserva tive nouveau riche of the Southwest. Statistics are used sparing ly and, hence, effectively. Neither the author nor the reader is overwhelmed by an effusion of dry facts. PERHAPS the main fault with this book is centered around the author's zealous at tempt to be fair to everyone. For example, in a reference to William E . Miller, the Re publican candidate for Vice P r e s i d e n t, he says that "though he is a gut fighter, he does not foul his blows." (p. 215). This assessment may not be wrong, but it does be come rather annoying (and surprising) that everyone in politics has as many good as bad characteristics. Even though the book is ex cellently written. White, at times, becomes completely en snarled in his metaphors. In a saccharin passage, John Kennedy is compared to Moses and Lyndon Johnson to Joshua (p. 389). White should have carried t hi s vivid image through to its ludicrou s end: LBJ dressed in flowing robe and sandal s, surrounded by extras in a DeMille setting, crying " Muh felluh Hebrews!" Notwithstand i ng such pa.etic lapses, White has produced a brilliant analysis of contemp orary politics. Area Around USF Is Growing Rapidly By LAURENCE BENNETT as g rocery stQres and small re THREE NEW schools are MORT ELEMENTARY School built on Alcox St., near 40th Campus Staff Writer tail and service establishments, under construction in N Q r t h will be opened next spring on St., It will be a 24 classroom A d . thr gh th area i s being allowed within the resi-Tampa according to Calvert Skipper Road north of Fletcher building with library, adminis nve OU e dential areas in small clusters. . ' . . ' . trative offices and cafetorium. the USF campus Just north of Fletcher Ave., Cratg, Ave., near _It be Later it will house a junior high might lead the casual obon 30th st., a site was designated for adm!Dlstrahon m the Hills16-classroom bmldmg w1th a lischool also, Craig added . server to believe the area for medical center us-e. A group borough County School Board. brary, administrative offices A survey team from the State is growing like the fabled of Tampa medical doctors orLeto High School, at Manhatand cafetorium. About 400 stuBoard of Education will be here "Topsy". ganized a n effort to build a tan and Sligh avenues, opened dents will be enrolled in this in February, 1966, to pinpoint A tment h 0 uses are private hospital there . this fall to 1700 students from school, Craig said. The students areas where more new schools Also under consideration at grades 9 -11. Ninth were will be a t tend in g classes will be needed. sproutmg up where trees present is a Veterans Admintaken f r o m nearby Pierce Junior at nearby Miles Elementary The team s pots areas of and palmetto scrub used to istration hospit a l with 720 beds . High, which was experiencing school until the Mort School is growth, designates how many sprawl unaware and is proposed at 131st AY'Z.Iovercrowded conditions, Craig completed. schools are to be built and var cerned with the rapid popusouth of Fletcher Ave . near 15th said. Nex t year, the Leto School The thir9 new school is Wilious other specifications on the Iation expansion of the Street. will have grades 10-12, Iiams Elementary School, to be individual schools, Craig said. nearby university. Schools, a hospital and single and multiple family houses are being built or planned. It is no accident. It is part of a plan of development devised by the City-County Planning Assn . of Hillsb<>rough County, in a report called "The University Commun i ty. " A number of plans wel'e s ub mitted to the Board of County Commissioners for re z o n i n g th e university area after USF ga ined a foothold in the com munity. Fearing an uncoordi nated l a nd use in th is area, the planning association went to work on a study that ended in June, 1963. THE RESULTING REPORT, with proposals for developmen t and zoning, was later adopted ty the county commission. The study called for stepped up ef forts to build schoo l s , medical facilitie s, recreational facilities , a nd mor e hQusing for s taff, fac ulty and students livin g off c a mpu s. A l anduse dev e l op ment p a t t e r n that would be "compati ble with university op erations" was formulated. Under the plan, further sug gesti ons for u se of th e area sur roundin g the campus included churches, librari es, mu seums, research l a bor a tories , or re search divisions of m a nuf ac turing companies, public utili ties s ub statiQns, and open land us es s uch as botanical ga rdens and game prese rve s . SPECIFIC AREAS for these gro ups of activities was delin eated on the accompanying map. Areas for genera l commerical development such as m ote l s, and ' restaurants were zon-ed on the frin ges of the "univer eity eommunity." Nei g hborhood commercial development, such ...: X 1&1 .,.: Cl) Growing Like Topsy? No, the area around USF isn't "just growing" thanks to zonmg regulations. This map shows approximate boundaries for the zoning rules. g tJ " ' I> .a 0 a c tl n a Il ' 1 0 a u II tl i p 'J


A 'COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER' Non-Emergencies Strain Hospital By DONITA MATHISON Times Staff Writer Suddenly a person is faced with a critical situation. An automobile accident occurs a member of the LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE OR ADVEJtTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals, Invited by the City ef Tampa, will be received by the Mayor on the Third Floor. City Hall, Tampa, Florida, until 10:00 A.M., Wednesday, October 6, 1965, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud for the construction of a dock and mooring piles at the Tampa Convention Center on the ea•t side of Hillsborough River between Kennedy Boulevard and Cass Street, In the City of Tampa, Florida, for the Department of Pubilc Works. City of Tampa, Florida. as shown in and in accordance with Contract Documents, Plans and Specifications in connection therewltll on file in and copies of which may be obtaloed from the office of the Superin tendent of the Department of Public Works, located on the Second Floor, 404 Jackson Street , Tampa, Florida, upon deposit of Twenty-Five ($25.00 ) Dollars for each set, which deposit will be re funded tjpon return of said Contract Documents, Plans and SpecUications lo good condition wlthio twenty dLys after receivlog and opening of proposals. E11ch proposal must be submitted on the proposal form Included lo the Con tract Documents and not removed therefrom, and must be accompanied by a. certified check. cashier's check, treasurer's check or bank draft of a solvent National or State Bank, made payable to the City of Tampa, in an . amount of not less than three J'"r cent of the total bid. or a bid bon of like amount on the form set forth in the Contract Documents, as assurance that the bid Is made io good faith. Each proposal or bid shall be sub mitted in a sealed envelope addressed and plainly marked In accordance with In st ructions to Bidders. No bid may be withdrawn after the closing time for receiving TM right Is reserved b y the City of Tqptpa to reject any or all bids. NICK NUCCIO Mayor City of Tampa Florida LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will be received by the Boar d of Public Instruction of Hillsbor ough County, Florida, in the office of the S uperintendent of Public In•truction , County Courthouse, (P .0. Box 3408), Tampa, Flonda, up to and until 8:00 p.m .• Tuesday, October 5, 1965 at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud tn the County Commission ers' Board Room (214B) of the Courtr,:Wg!s ,for the sale of equipment as Willys Jeep :tt-31-1945 GMC School Bus :4:28-1951 Ford Ranch Wagon .:tt526-1956 Ford Band Vanett-1957 Further Information and specification may be obtained from the School Board House, Room The right is reserved by the Board to accept or reject Board of Public Instruction Hillsborough County, Flor!da By: J. CROCKETT FARNELL County Superintendent NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersllrned, S. L. Noland and H. R . Noland, iotends to register the fictitious t rade name Al-Auto Center with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hlllsbor. ough County, Florida, pursuant to Sec tion 855.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that thco undersigned intends to engage in the husilfllss of Retail Glass and Auto Air Conditioners at P .0. Box 11693, Tam pa, Florida, zip code 33610. Dated thl1 4th day of September, 1965. S . L. Noland H. R. Noland Sole Owners family is injured and bleed ing. A little boy swallows a bottle of aspirin. These are all emergency situations. But over the past few years hospitals have been weighted down with a group of medical cases referred to as "non emergency" a n d Tampa General Hospital is no exception. TODAY, THE OVER ALL role of the emergency room has spread to include every thing from a headache to tired feet. Because of this in crease in the number of "nonemergency" patients seeking medical aid at the hospital, there is a definite lack of fa cilities to accommodate them. A hospital wishes to serve its community the best way it can, but in many cases it has become a 24-hour community health center. Originally. these treatment areas were referred to as "ac cident rooms" for those pa tients with s e r i o u s injuries and who needed medical at tention immediately. ACCORDING to a report sponsored by the American College of Surgeons and the U . S. Public Health Service in May regarding hospitals in the Southeast, the emergency department has undergone a distinct metamorphosis. The report said that a f t e r World War II the use of the hospital for inpatients in creased rapidly. House calls became rarer. Doctors d is liked coming to their offices except for regular hours. • They often sent their ambula tory patients to the hospital. No longer was the treat ment area referred to as an emergency 'room, but instead it became known as the emer gency department, an indis-LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE OF SALE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hereby notified that the fol !Owiolr moto( vehicle: Ford 65 new 4 dr . sed. 62 #5A62C128652, will be sold at public aale at nine o'clock on the 2nd day of October, 1965, at 2907 Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa, Fla. The proceeds of the sale will be applied first to the the cost of publication of notice of sale and then to the satisfacUon of the balance due under the contract with Willie Robinson Jr., 1106 W . WuhinA-.. mainlnc unpaid under said contract . FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY 2907 Bay to Bay Blvd. Tampa, Florida IN THE CIItCUIT COURT OF THE THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOJt HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, IN RE: FORFEITURE OF THE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED THIRTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF PROPERTY: NO: 46324 THE STATE OF FLORIDA, IN AND 1938 BUICK 4-DOOR IN GINE OR IDENTIFICATION NO.: FOLLOWING DESCRIBED 6E3002404, FLORIDA TITLE CERPROPERTY: NO: 46323 T IF I C A T E NO.: 6782486, 1965 DIVISION F LICENSE TAG NO.: THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO: 7G6008564, FLORIDA TITLE CER CHARLES EDWARD CARDEN, TIFICATE NO.: 472671, 1965 FLOR-Route 4, Box 600, IDA LICENSE TAG: 3W-86453, Tampa, Florida, and THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO: ALL PERSONS, FIRMS AND COR ISABELLA R . D . NORMAN, PORATIONS OWNING, HAVING 21.33 St. Conrad Street, -Starr Photo by Charlie Mohn Ready For Any EmerCJency Mrs. Martha Cullaro (right), head nurse in the emergency room at Tampa General Hospital, goes over a report with Mrs. Norma Perry, assistant head nurse. The machine is a monitor for the heart . pensable cog in the hospital system. THEN ONLY ABOUT one third of the patients came as a result of injury. Sixty per cent were medical and pedi atric cases. The result: A community medical center. This, at least, seems to be the case at Tampa General Hospital, the emergency room supervisor, Mrs. Martha Cui laro said. "We're here if the patients need us, but we're not pro moting a health center," she said. IN AUGUST, 2,819 patients came for treatment at the Emergency Room, but 1,461 were considered c r i t i c a I cases, Mrs. Cullaro said. She added that treating 60 or 70 patients a day would be a comfortable figure for the facilities available, but the emergency room averages 91 patients a day at the present time. "We'v. e got a go o d emer gency room facility with the best equipment and the best intern resident training program," Mrs. Cullaro said. "I just wish we had an area where we could watch a pa tient for six or eight hours without having to admit him to the hospital." shown that the emergency de partment is growing at an average rate of 10 per cent a year in a space not usually planned for expansion. T a m p a General says the emergency room has been established as a community service to treat persons suf fering from accidents or other conditions requiring immedi ate medical attention. It is not a clinic or a substitute for a family doctor. The hospital confirms that patients should see their doc tor at his office for treatment or ordinary illnesses and con ditions not requiring emer gency hospital facilities. BUT WHAT IS the hospital doing to cope with the in crease of people in the treat ment area? Mrs. Cullaro said that a conference had been called once to discuss the possibility of letting the out-patient clinic handle the over-flow on "non emergency" cases and let the emergency entrance be set aside only for those who are in critical condition and need medical help immediately. She said nothing had ma terialized from the discussion yet. OR CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN Tampa, Florida, and DE EMERGENCY FACILITUJS THE GROWTH and change YOU AND EACH OF YOU are hereby OR CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN at the Tampa General Hos-in emergency room use did notified that the above described prop. OR LIEN ON THE ABOVE DE Cbh":pntersei5 z 6 e 2d,'Fun10 • • d1edr, a 5nt•

By DON BOHNING zation of C e n t r a I American plans for the security and deChicago D a il y News Service States ( QDEGA) . I fense of the area as a whole . ,.[Willi•••• GUATEMALA CITY, Sept. 27 "It is" :.avs Col Palma "on -Central America, its well ITS ORIGINAL membership a the intergr,ation publicized efforts at economic included Gu atemala, Nic aragua integration advancing rapidly movemen t but an essential por. . • and Honduras. El Salvador was . . has qmetly been workmg toward . . hon. It IS necessary for these military unity as well. a latecomer. Costa RICa, With countries to consider themselves If successful, this program only a police forc e, has been as a unit to conserve could provide a major bulwark lukewarm to any military as-d d .. for the area againt both the ex-sociation for constitutional rea-epen ence. ternal a.nd internal threat of sons . UNDE R THE t f th commumsm. Col. Roberto Palma Galvez erms 0 e / The unified defens e p r o gram of Hondu ras, president of lhe council agreement, Col. Palma ....,. __ ..;...;:;.;...J began unobtrusively nearly three permanent commi ssion , which poi nts out, i t is possible for a "I'm sorr y I'm not more h e l p, but 'my h u s band is S O years ago but it was only this operates under t h e council from I member country to obtain mili-c r itical when I l oo k the least b i t tired ." summer that the Central Amer-a headquarters her e , sees the tary assistance from other memican Defense Council became unit as a means of co-ordinat-hers to combat internal subveran integral pari of the Organiing information and preparing sion. PRODUCTIVITY IS PROBLEM Steei'Reluctant' To Increase Prices CAPLES, A member of the R f coordinat ing committee of the 00 ennany 10 steel companies involved in MAYSVILLE, .Ky .. (J1'I '!he the bargaining and an adviser Mason C.ounty H.1stoncal Soc1ety of the industry' s four-man top labeled 1ts mus1cal e v e n t on negotiating team, says that a C r e e k a "roof per cent of the steel used in the enanny. United States is imported. It wasn't because tbe volume Ever y month 1,000,000 tons of raised the roof, but because the finished , ready-to-use s t e e 1 project sought funds to restore comes into the United States the roof to Mefford's fort, a log though the United States is the cabin built of logs floated down world biggest steel producer. the Ohio River as r aft s by Japan, West Germany, Great pioneers. The State of Kentucky Britain, Canada, Belgium and wanted to make the cabin Luxembourg, where wages are shrine. Crossword Puzzle 1ACROSS 1 T . C . Haii b urton's pseudonym 6 Prefi x used with rail 10 European capital 14 T ea 15 R i ver in England 16 Not qui te round 17 Opposing mili t ary force 1i P rivate c onversation 20 us a i rcraft carrier 21 Pronoun 22 Kitchen impl ement 2 3 Resound ing 25 Begin anew 27 River to Maryland 30 Tip to one side 3 1 Cream of the crop 32 E. I ndian princesses 33 UN name 3 & Square of f l ooring J7 P retend 38 T o p drawer l9 Nickname f or Harold -40 State -41 B ear 42 Rise forth 44 Contest with 17 Across Saturday's Puzzle Solve d : E A S E S 8 R A C T N I T R 0 [ [ R I E G R A I N S T R A T F R N E G A T E H 0 R S E 45 "Farewell To Youth" auth or 0 T I R E 0 p E R p 0 0 A I R 1.1 A 1 47 Part of France E L F I N S T R A P P E R E F R E S H S T y R E N E A S S E N T [ 0 T E T S T 0 R 0 N T 0 I R K 48 Arm

1 After the Whistle By LARRY GOODMAN Campus Sports Editor While "forma!" intercollegiate activity is becoming organ ized for the first time at USF, a big year of intramurals also promises plenty of action. One important point that each competing group should keep in mind is that a certain number of points are awarded for participation in each sport. For example, last year, Beta 2-East lost the Beta league title to Beta 3-West despite the fact that 2-East was undefeated in league play in football, basketball and baseball. The reason? Three-West entered the I-M swimming competition whereas 2-East did not . Thus, Beta 3-West gained 75 points for simply participat ing, even though they won events. Those 75 points spelled the difference between first and second place. Any men's organization that had competed in mural sports last year-even if they had placed last in all events -would have notched ninth out of 30 teams in the final overall standings. A women's team entering all I-M sports last year would have placed sixth out of 19 teams. With men's intramural swimming and soccer and women's basketball coming up this trimester along with the other intra mural sports, teams should plan now to enter these events. Par ticipation is least in these sports. * * * Intramural activity at the Bayboro campus is now in full swing, according to Murphy Osborne, who coordinates l-M events on both campuses. Volleyball, bowling, table tennis and basketball are sched uled for both men and women at USF's St. Petersburg branch. Lack of fields has eliminated football and soccer for the men, according to Osborne. Next trimester, however, intramural softball will be made available to the Bayboro campus by use of nearby Bartlett Park Use of the park for intramural 1-ootball and soccer is expected by next fall. The one intramural activity in which Bayboro and USF will compete jointly is swimming, Friday, Oct. 16. Both men's and women's events will be held in the sport as the two campuses meet in intramurals for the first time. "Bayboro has a built-in competitive system in intramurals," said Osborne. "They see each other every day, they all read the bulletin boards with great interest, and everyone eats in the same dining hall." "In all events," continued the USF intramural spokesman, "intramurals should be one of the greatest morale builders at the campus." Priming for Saturday Tuning up in a scrappy practice session for last Saturday's USF-FSC soccer game are Roman Syncbak (in white) and Pedro Gomes. -USF Photo Track Action Shares Billing Saturday THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday,' September 27, 1965 11 USF Nips Mocs 4-3 By MAX RAMOS Campus Staff Writer The USF Golden Brahmans won their first intercollegiate soccer match last Saturday as they scored a 4-3 victory over the Moccasins of Florida South USF Receives $1.4 Million In Grants ern College before a crowd of 1 Leo College next Saturday at I seal the victory in a two-period 325. The St. Leo, took an early lead, lost overtime. . Brahmans, who face St. it, then came from behind to With 13 minutes left in the UC Coffee Hour Featured Today second quarter, the Brahmans came alive as sophomore for ward Roman Synychak scored from deep in Southern territory to give the Brahmans a 1-0 lead. About four minutes later the Brahman's Sophomore forward Helge Velde scored on a direct free kick resulting from a Moe The University Center spon-1 A matinee dance is scheduled casin foul. This made lhe score sors a full week of activities befor 3 p.m. today in the UC Ball1 2-0, USF ginning today at 2 p.m. room. The Brahman defense led by By MAUREEN HEARNS . . I . . ,. . freshman halfback Brian Holt Campus Staff Writer The All-Umvers1ty Coffee Hour Fr1day mght Joe BtU and the . lied d th . ed USF . d b . $1 4 .1 will be in UC 264-5 and will feaPlayboys" will play at the UC 1eo e score remam . . receive a out mi -ture a,panel discussion on "Pubcombo party from 9-12 in the -at a Ime. . mJOn m for research and !ish or Perish-Good or Bad." Ballroom. The dress is school Late the Uurd quarte.r the other proJects for the fiscal . . . . . Moccasms opened up their of year, July 1 , 1964 to June 30, Panel members Will mc!ude Dr. clothes and the admission IS fense with three quick scores 1965, Dr. William Taft, director Edgar associate pro50 cents per person. . . by Dave Balser, Michael Shei o sponsored research, said tofessor of Dr. The UC dance commtttee will man and Wally Wells. This set day. Zetler, of the present a Stereo Dance Sa.turthe scene for an explosive finOf this amount, about $287,of Humamties, Dr. John Bnggs, day night from 9-12 in the Ballish. 000 was received in research professor of zo_ology, Dr. Bru_ce room. Dress is casual. Brooks With about two minutes re grants. chairman of social Chamberlain, local DJ will spin maining in the game Velde Of the total grants received, scJe;Dces, Dr. Moore, asst. records. scored his second goal of the 34 are still in effect as of Sept. professor of English. "The Great Imposter," the afternoon. Regular playing time I. In addition to those grants, Dancing and Bridge lessons feature film this weekend, will then ran out with the score tied three new grants totaling near-will begin today as will the be shown Friday, Saturday and 3-3. ly $49,000 have been received Charm course. All of these Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in FH 101. A two period overtil:ne was since the beginning of the curevents are open to those who Students may sign for the played by mutual agreement be rent fiscal year. have previously signed at the bridge tournament at the UC tween coaches Dan Holcomb of The largest of the three was UC desk. desk. The tournament will bethe Brahmans and Jim Bush of awarded to Dr. Knut Norstog, Tonight at 5:30 p.m., Mont-gin Sunday, Oct. 3, and continue the Moccasins. associate professor of botany. gomery Ward will present a Buf-lthrough Oct. 15. Pedro Gomez, alter stalwart He received $21,000 from the fet Fashion Show in the UC BallThe NASA "US Progress in Velde was injured on a foul, National Science Foundation for room. Theme of the show is Space" exhibit in UC 108 will rescored on a direct free kick, on morpho"Fall Fashion Horoscope" and main open through Thursday, giving Ute Brahmans the final geneSis m angiOsperms and the commentator will be Miss Oct. 30. 4-3 edge. Norstog has been Joann Toretta, a Tampa ash engaged m thts research f,or_ ion authority. Door prizes will past two years on a Simihar be awarded. The buffet is free By JULIAN EFIRD running through open country. grant N_SF. for those who have food cards Campus Staff Writer USF started practice two An msbtutlOnal g r a n t for and have signed at the UC desk. Chapel Fellowship To Meet Oct. 3 Cross-count""" shared a twinweeks ago and worked out twice science from NSF for about $19•" For all others a charge of $1 " 1 600 was rece1ved by Dr. Theo-ill b d bill with soccer this past week-dai Yt Tin preparation thor thihs dore A. Ashford professor of w e assesse d th B h . 'th mee . en runners went roug chemistry to be used as the The chess tournament will be-en as e ra mans VIe WI their paces on the Tampa cam-. . ' gin today for those who have Fl 'd st t h te • . . . umverstty sees f1t. . on a e eac am s I pus whtle s1x others dnlled at Dr. P. C. Maybury, chairman signed. A coffee is being held first mtercolleg1ate track ac-Bay Campus. of the chemistry dept., was today at 2 p.m. in UC 252 for tion this year. Team m em be r s include awarded $8,000 from NSF for those who will be participating USF fielded 16 distance run-Dave Bower, Warren Brannon, undergraduate instructional sc i-in the tournament. Rules and ners under the tutelage of Dr. Cliff Cantor, Alan Close, Jim entific equipment in chemistry. game dates will be discussed. Gil Hertz and Spafford Taylor. Creighton, Lindsey DiGenery, Dr. Leslie Malpa ss, former FSU brought a team of eight Bill Keegan, Ted Littlewood, Director of Sponsored Research track men to Tampa under the John Wrus, Ed Woodstuff. Bay and Chairman of Behavioral leadership of Mike Long and Campus representatives on 1;he Science, is prebently Dean of Dick Rob e r t s, FSU track team are Leonard, Ttm Liberal Arts at Virginia Polycoaches. Hornsby, M1ke Boyle, Geroges technic Institute. Action began during the hallDheere, Bob Carreeciaia, and Dr. W. H. Taft, replaced Mal time of the USF-Florida SouthDave Hollis. pass as Director of Sponsored ern soccer match with the run-Next weekend, the team will Research July I. Formerly on a ners making two circuits of the journey to Gainesville and meet part-time basis, this director football fields and then comthe University of Florida at 10 ship has been elevated t o a fullpleting the four mile course by a.m. Saturday. time position this year. Fides Are Off To Quick Start By REBECCA CENTER Campus Staff Writer erecting a building next to ths Episcopal University Center o• 50th St. Expected completio dale is January, 1966. The University Chapel Fellow ship, a joint program !or the M e t h o d i s t and Presbyter-ian Churches as well as the nterviews Listed United Church of Christ, will meet at 6:30 p.m., Sunday, Oct. Organizations listed belov 3, in UC 47. will be interviewing in A 1 d' "Th St Placement Office, AD 280, on pane e u-the following dates . dent 1965, moderated_ by Oct. 2!>--Cilizens & Southern NaUonal Phyllis Marshall will constitute Ba.nk of Atlanta. Trainee Programs, the program. t:;,• ManPanel members are Ann Whittington, Barl;>ara Berger, Pete Insurance Company, Adm. & Tech. Gladue and Joe Beckham. Officers will be elected at the majors in all ields, particularly Bus. Oct. 10 meetin g. From Signs to Leaflets-That1s USF Graphics Fides was off to a bounding start last week in women's in tramurals as they grabbed first, third, and fourth places in table tennis. Fia placed second in the competitio ll, which signaled the opening of "individual-dual" week, the women's first official I-M event. Archery flies into action Wednesday and Thursday and along with the tennis finals will mark the end of the individual dual week. As of last week, Fides was threatening in tennis as they had advanced to the semi finals. Bowling results were not available. The weekly schedule of meetings sponsored by the Univer-County "Board or Public Instruction, sity Chapel Fellowship is as follows: Sunday, Wc;>rship at 10:30 a.m. and fellowship at 6:30p.m., agement; Aetna Group Sales, Home By DON PHILLIPS he walked into the layout room Campus Staff Writer I directly behind the office. Colorful posters . . . busy "If a professor comes in with rnen scurrying from _room to an idea that he wants trans room ..• little machines clankformed into a visual aid, we ing away this is the USF work with him to create a way Along with these, there are transparency machines, Xerox machines, and silk screening devices which can produce color or black and white. UC 47; Tuesday, "Freshman Round-Table," 6:30 p.m., Apt. Pu'?lic Teaching Positions, 29, University Apartments; and , & co. elf Wednesday, J o in t Service of Evening Prayers, 6:30-7 p.m., tomer Service, Industrial Relations, In Graphic Department. to present it," said Stanton. GRAPIDCS IS important to Volleyball, the first women's "major sport'' of the trimester, begins next week and entry deadline is this Wednesday. A required volleyball clinic is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday with the meeting time and place to be announced. Episcopal Center (rides leave Alpha lobby 6:15 p.m.) : "We make everything from USF mainly because much of little desk signs to full-color broTHE LAYOUT room where their work is involved with chures," said Kenneth D. Stanthis creating is done is a clean, promoting the University image. ton , graphics coordinator. crowded little place full of "We work closely with inferPosters, graphs, charts, transdrawing tables, high stools, admation services," said Stanton, parencies,. hand lettering, and justable florescent lights, and "We want to make sure our work for the USF Television file cabinets. A number of postwork is in keeping with t!1e Studio flow endlessly from this ers and theater programs add modern trend." little shop in the basement oi a colorful brightness. He continued, "We just com the Library. The door in Lack leads to the pleted a new series of Brah-machine area. Compared to the man Bull cartoons for the book"FROI\'1 JANUARY through layout room, the machine room store. We are trying to stand April we completed 1,388 postis darker and not as colorful, ardize the Bull as the university ers, 652 transparencies, and 57 but it is no less interesting. mascot, so we used one animal lay-outs w h i c h include broThey have a Line-0-Scribe and drew him in different chures certificates, etc.," Stanmachine used to make most of poses.'' Thursday features Trimester Control and Sales Promotions, maJors I Study Groups, "Readings in the Old Testament," 6:30 p.m., County Board o Public Instruction, UC 204, and "Religious Ques:;;1;J;;•;:tt;y a lions in modern thought," 6:30 & p.m., UC 205. Loan Association o St. Petersburg, The UCF is in the process of Greeks Plan New Year; PrOiects, Parties Listed ton said. the posters. Poster-board is laid Stanton said that these car-Referring to the busy fouron tYPe that is pre-set and toon caricatures will be on the By GAIL REEVES at least 50 units must be [ John Harper has been ap-month output he said, "We don't inked. When lifted off, it is bookstore shopping bags, on de-Campus Staff Writer pledged by USF students. Any pointed as the fraternity's new generally have to go looking beautifully printed. cals and on some USF station-Fraternities and sororities are student may donate to the Blood recording secretary. Other ap-for work. "We have a wide selection of ery.' off to a big start this fall with Bank. When needed, any Uni pointments include Robert God-He continued, "we are open colors in both posterboards and many events in the planning. versity student of any member d a r d, chaplain, and D a v i d year 'round, eight to five, ftve inks. We don't want any post-'B I Frat Frolics which had to be of his immediate family may Searles, parliamentarian. days a week. If the work piles ers to look alike," Stanton said. 0 u n ty Layout Planning p 0 s t p 0 n e d will take place receive the units on reserve in Wes Tyler was elected execu-up and there is an emergency Ken Stanton, graphics coordinator, and Nellie around Thanksgiving time. the Brahman Bank. tive vice president of Kappa for a rush order, we will work THE 1\IOST AMAZING maHazelwood, photography and graphics secretary, con-FIA is having a slumber parArete also is making prepara-Iota Omega fraternity, filling a overtime." chine in the shop is the Photo H b fer on a poster layout. ty Oct. 2, after the last night of tions for its annual "w or k vacancy left by Carroll Wright. The Graphics Department exTypositor which photographs let-a r ors -USF Photo Rush at the home of a few sislday" at the Florida Sheriffs' The second Semi-annual Kapists for the benefit and the con -ters onto a special film . By ma-ters. Boys Ranch in northern Flor-pa Iota Omega "Wipeout" was venience of the faculty and staff. neuvering the camera or the Mrs. Charles N. Millican, wife ida. Each spring the brothers held at the Tampa Men's Gar-tape letters can be made diiD F tba II S To F I y of Dean Millican of the College donate a complete weekend of den Club on Friday, Sept. 24, ALL CLASSROOM services ferent sizes. They can squash an ce 00 of Business, has been installed their time in a work project for from 8 to 12 p.m. Music was such as posters and transpar-the letters, extend them, slant _ as the new advisor for Fides the ranch. The weekend is not provided by the swinging "Blues encies are free. "Other work," them, or italicize them for speFootball, USF's most popular season's program. The teams sorority. all work , however, for the brothDisciples." The festivities were said Stanton, "is done on a time cial effects on anything they The Bounty, ?riginally built intramural activity, according will be divided into four leagues, Fides officers elected recent-ers spc_nd t_ime in enjoyed by the their and materials basis," He estiprint. for the first filmmg of the movto Intramurals Coordinator two residence hall leagues, a Jy are Alice Crownover, social recreatiOnal activtties wtth the dates, and fratermty guests. mated that the same job done The hot-press machine is used ie, "Mutiny on the Bounty," Murphy Osborne, will begin fraternity league and an inde-chairman; Rosanne Tarantino, homeless boys at the ranch. The_ brothers _of commercially would cost about for TV work. It prints by imwas the site of a dance for Bay Wednesday, Sept. 29 , and conpendent league. assistant social chairman; and . Last Saturday Enotas held a,n plannmg a serv1ce pro,Ject 75 per cent more. pressing the color into posterCampus students Friday night, tinue through Oct. 29 . Th tw t t . h Nancy Start athletic chairman mformal party at Tampa Mens trlmester at McDonald s Tram"We do quite a bit of ereboard, making exceptionally Sept. 17. The football official's clinic 1 e t oth op deafmtsh m ealc Fides Judy Garden Club. The brothers and ing Center. This will consist of t . k " St t 'd l 1 tt eague a e en e regu ar t d th f th t t t 'd d b th a tve wor , an on sal as c ear e ers. Students came to the dance will be held today in the UC ill I . . l has recently been asked to JO!D gues s enJoye e musJc o e en er ammen provt e Y e Typositor Ron Bouverat, artlst in the graphics section, writes headlines for a poster on the typositor. -USF Photo season w p ay m a smg e . "Pl b " b th d attired as South Pacific islandduring the free period and toelimination tournament for the Athenaeum: Jill Y o u n and ay oys. ro ers, games an a p1cruc. ers, pirates and seamen. Prizes morrow at 4:30 p.m. on the overall USF football championCarolyn new sisters, were given for the best cos-intramural football fields . ship trophy. Winners of league represent.ed F1des at the Honors tumes. Betty Ann Root and Bob Osborne said that 35 to 40 competition will receive trophies Convocation.. Young was also Ayres won the best costumes' teams will take part in this also. presented wtth the. Alpha Gam-awards while Bill Richards' was . . rna Delta outstandmg freshman the most humorous. • Top teams. ftghtmg for _the woman award. Navy InterVIeWS po_ssible 150 pomts saturday, Sept. 25, Fides held Music was supplied by the thls season, accordmg to Ostheir rush workshop, which was Playboys. Set Oct • 6-8 are the Golden Redeyes followed by a picnic and folk-Tutoring Offered 'Math students needing tutor ing should contact advanced students for individual help. All the tutoring in the Math De partment is on an individual basis. Advanced math students can give their names to lhe Math Department, Phone 316, as re ferences for tutot!ng. Biologists Meet The Marine Biology Club will hold elections in conjunction with a business meeting Thurs day, Sept. 30, at 7:30 in LS 272. Dr. J . M. Lawrence, guest speaker, will talk on "The In ter-tidal Areas of the North Cali fornia Coast.'' All interested per sons are invited to attend. Wallet Lost A Naval Aviation Procure-m desing at the USF riverfront. The ment team will be in the UC, Iendmg champton Enotas m the sisters then attended the first Oct. 6-8 to interview interested Fra.ternity League and in the Brahman soccer game. students. Residence Hall Leagues, Alpha Zeta Tau Sigma officers for Students completing 60 semesTwo East and Beta Three West. the coming year have been anter hours this term are inOsborne also. commented that nounced as follows: President, vited to inquire about the Nava l an all-star team may be chosen Betty Johnson; vice president, Aviation Cadet (pilot) and the upon completion of the regular Betty Martin; corresponding OUicer Candidate (airman, nonseason. He said the members secretary, Gerry Gillum; re pilot flight officer) programs. would be voted on by the playcording secretary, Jo Ann Birk-Trimester I graduates may ers. enmaier; treasurer, Christine receive information about the Flora; social chairman, Bar-Aviation officer Candidate 'Classics' bara McGraw; service chair(pilotl and the Naval Aviation man, Jackie Valdez; rush chairOfficer Candidate (air intelSold Out man, Dorothy Flora; athletic ligencel programs. chairman, Loretta Pyles; parlia All tickets to the 1965-66 USF mentarian a n d PanHellenic P E Tests Dates The written portion of the pro ficie nc y tests in archery, basket ball, bowling, fencing, golf and tennis will be administered Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 29 and 30 between 7 :30 and 8:30 p.m. in CH 100. Those interested in taking the examination must register in the phys ed owwice by Monday, Film Classics have been sold. representative, Kim O'Connor; Nine films comprise the series. CFS representative, Mary Ann The first film, Hiroshima, Neill, and historian, Betty John son. will be Sept. 29. Beanies Arrive A Halloween party has been scheduled for Oct. 29 by Zeta Tau Sigma. A wallet has been lost by Sept. 27. Freshmen who feel that they have underg one a "head-shrinking" during their first few weeks here now have an opportunity obtain size bean Ies. Arete Fraternity has recently unveiled some of its service projects for the coming y e a r. The fraternity has formulated plans to hold its annual Brah man Blood Drive on Oct. 20. Mike Ward, chairman , said the fraternity hopes to have at least 100 units of blood donated. Chung-Hwan Chen, professor of Two proficiency tests one philosophy. It contained several each day -may be taken. Up identification cards. If found, on successful completion, stu the wallet may be returned to dents will take the motor skills FH 216. portion of the tes t. The University bookstore is giving free miniature beanies to all freshman upon presentation of student card. Before the Blood Bank will come to the campus, however, On The Dotted Line for fraternity rush hurried to s!gn up at this table in the UC. USF Photo


18 THE TIMES, Monday, September 27, 1965 Newlywed Couple In a double ring ceremony, Miss Shirley Carver became the bride of Allison Keen. The Rev. Roy B. Ridley officiated at 7 :30 p.m. , Sept. 17, in Seminole Heights Methodist Church. Mrs. Keen is the daughter of Mrs. Herman Carver of 2911 !48th Ave. , Lutz. Mr. Keen is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Keen, 326 W. Lambright. Elaine Carver was her sister's maid of honor. A . Lincoln Keen was his son's best man. The reception was at Branch's Ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Keen will live at 405 E . Glad ys. October Date Is Set Wedding plans are announced by Miss Joyce Carballal and David N. Leonard. They will be married Oct. 16 ADVERTISEMENT Cockroaches Disappear , STOP WORRYING Brush No-Roach just where you want it. Colorless coating kills roaches and ants ... lasts xor months. Harmless to pets. -At all Kwik-Chek. TODD'S VENETIAN BLINDS Once-a-year special! at 7 :30 p .m., in St. Paul Evan gelical United Brethren Church by the Rev. Hector Navas. Parents of the bride-elect are Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Carballal of Tampa. Mr. Leonard is the son of Mr. and Mrs. I r v i n g Leonard of Keystone. Attendants for the bride will be Mrs. Irene Hernandez, sister of the bride and matron of hon or; Mrs. Norma R o s s e 1 o t, bridesmatron; Miss Linda Leto, bridesmaid, and J orene Her nandez, flower girl. Best man will be Bob Hawk ins. Larry Tyler and Niel Rien deau will serve as groomsmen and ushers will be Ramon Fer nandez III and Anthony Fernan dez. Mr. and Mrs. Carballal will host a reception at the church social hall immediately follow ing the ceremony. TUSSY ( SKIN CARE Y, PRICE SALE MOISTURE LOTION 4 oz. reg. $5.00 .. NOW! $2.50 MOISTURE CREAM 2 oz. reg. $3.00. NOW! $1.50 Mrs. Frank G. Anello Mrs. Charles W. Rivera • r Miss Sara Charles She's Engaged Mrs. Dudley G. Sansbury Jr., American Institute of IndiiStrial 120 Adriatic Ave. announces the Engineers, and the Florida 'Sect f 'h d ghter tion, Illuminating Engineering engagemen er au • Society . He is also a member Sara Charles, to Robert R. Stevof the board of directors, 'tam ens. He is the son of Mr. and pa Community Concert Associ Mrs. J. L. Stevens, 3516 N . ation, and -First Presbyterian San Miguel. Church. . .. I Double Ring Vows Spoken Miss SansburY. also the daughter of the late Dudley liN THE LATIN QUARTER ARCAD& I Sansbury Jr., is a graduate of 1s1o E. BROADWAY Ptl. 24&q&ll Plant High School. She is now enrolled at University of South Florida where she is a senior majoring in elementary educa tion and a member of Fides soBLAEH STRAnD Mrs. Gregory M. Ramaekers The Rev. Ph Ill p Bardeck with sequin trim and a peau Hesterly followed the ceremony. Miss Cynthia Enriquez, Miss rority. After a wedding trip to NasConnie Rodriquez and Miss Jen-1 p 1 t sau and the Bahamas, Mr. and nette DiD i o served as brides-Mr. Stevens, a so a n Mrs. Anello wll live in Tampa. maids. T h e y wore gowns of High School _receive? beige peau de soie and lace a BS degree m 1ndustnal engl and carried baskets of autumn neering from Georg1a Institute flowers. of and is now a United in marriage Sunday at sales engmeer w1th T a m p a Electric Co. He is a member of Florida West Coast Ghapter, ( p.m., were Miss Shirley Diane Brian Ramaekers served as Gifford and Charles W. Rivera. his brother's best man. Edward The Rev. Ruskin Piedra per Williams, John Kibler, Stanley formed the double ring cereJones, ' all of Lakeland, were Dyeing mony in Our Lady of Perpetual groomsmen-ushers. Saves Buying Help Catholic Church. Mr. and Mrs. Ramaekers left Call Hair Coloring n.romisas you younger looking hafr • or your money bacld See your hair berome da.rk and lus 11'ous. radiant with hlgbliBhl3, in juot 17 mmutea at hom. Natural looking color won't rub off. or wash out. Long laaU..,. Safe "W' permanents.. ONLY98c Parents of the couple are Mr. for a wedding trip to the Ba-ALEX LAMONT -coxPLttE-NUNO El.lll Bur and Mrs . B. Gifford, 2112 hamas after a reception in the I -Choice ol! natural shades: Farwell Dnve, and Mrs. Mary church social hall. They will 876 Jet Brown M!dium SfOWII-Lirht Brown L. Rivera of Tampa. ____ fw 11 at JOur druulst. Given in marriage by her fa_ ther, the bride chose a formal gown of peau de sole and Alen con lace with a full cathedral train. A pearl heart crown held her illusion veil and she car ried white roses centered with an orchid. Mrs . Walter A . Rollins served as matron of honor. Miss Irma Polo and Miss Beth Flynn were bridesmaids and flower girt was Sharon Gordon. The attendants wore Empire style gowns of blue lace and silk crepe and carried yellow roses. John Rivera, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Gene Rivera, also a brother, and Robert Gifford, brot.f!er of the bride, were groomsmen. Ushers were AI Lopez ,Jr., C. Bernard Gifford and John Gif ford. Ring bearer was Raoul Spera. Mr. and Mrs. Rivera will live . ISI7 SOUTH DALE MABRY PHONE 253 TAMPA, FLORIDA e FINE WATCH REPAIR e DIAMOND SEITING e ENGRAVING RINGS solemnized the marriage of Miss de soie train: A sequin Escorted by her father, p;;;;;;;;;;;;;;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;:;;;;;_,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;_,;,. Sandra Marie Mora and Frank held her vet! and she earned Sandra Maria Henriquez be George Anello Sunday at 5 p.m., a bouquet of orange blossoms came the bride of Gregory Ma in a double ring ceremony in and orchids. thews Ramaekers Saturday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Miss Niza Montero served as noon in St. Joseph's Catholic Catholic Church . maid of honor . Miss Belinda Church. The Rev. James O'Malsalons 4 oz. reg. $5.00 .... NOW! $2.5Q BEAUTY PLUS Mr. ,and Mrs. Manuel Mora, Flores, Miss Vivian Leto, Miss ley performed the double ring 2909 w. Osborne, are parents of Vilma Lopez and Miss Sandra ceremony. e LARGO e CLEARWATER e DUNEDIN tlORMONE CREAM 4 oz. reg. $5.00 . NOW! $2.50 the bride. The bridegroom is La z z or a were bridesmaids. The bride i s the daughter of BEAUTY PLUS the son of Mr. and Mrs . George Flower girl was Yvette Leto. Mr. and Mrs . Rex Lee HenHORMONE LOTION 4 oz. reg. $3.50. NOW! $1.75 v. Anello, 3914 E. Columblls The attendants wore form a I reiquez, 3301 Walnut St. Parents This Is tne sale you h•ve Wilted for. Drive. gowns of gold silk peau de soie of the bridegroom are Mr. and T•ke of these crut values and get several! d h ' d h and lace and carried bronze Mrs. Raymond Ramaekers of ECKERD DRUG STORES Mr. Mora lS aug mums. Lakeland. ter down the a1sle. She chose . . . . V1to Anello served hts brother Peau _de sme and ChantilJ.y a s e 0 as best man. Groomsmen-ushers lace With pearl and crystal 3950 S. DALE MABRY HIGHWAY PHONE 836-12 I I or 832-8861 HOURS 10 A.M. TO 9 P.M. MON. THRU SAT. UITTON 'LAZA ONLY 00 PlUS 35c HANDLING CHARGE 6 DAYS ONLY GET A HUGE 11x14 PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR CHILD Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sept. 27 • 28 • 29 HOURS• 12 Noon-4:30P.M.; • 5:3D-8 P.M. e NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED e SELECTION OF SEVERAL POSES e FULL POSE PORTRAIT e BABIES AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES e PORTRAIT DELIVERED AT' STORE A FEW DAYS AFTER TAKEN e SATISFACTION GUARANTEED e GROUPS $1.00 PER CHILD were Dennis Alvarez, Peter Vetbeading was the bride's choice rano, Richard Anello , Nelson for her gown. A pearl and crystal Anello, John Lazzara, Michael crown held her veil and she Lamont, Armando Valdes and carried roses and an orchid on Dick Guadbardo. Ring bearer a prayerbook. was Kevin Anello. Miss Olivia Henriquez, sister A reception at Ft. Homer of the bride, was maid of honor. Club Cslendar Installation Highlights Meetings. Mrs. J. D. Klap will be in stalled as president when the Women's Auxiliary to the Hills borough County Chiropractic Society meets Saturday. A social hour at 7 p.m., will precede the 7 :30 dinner at the Kapok Tree Inn in Clearwater. Mrs. Lee E. Arnold , St. Pe tersburg, president of the state Chiropractic Auxiliary, will also install: Mrs . Daniel Pia, vice presi dent; Mrs. R. W. Pitts, secretary; Mrs. C. S. Gardner, treas urer; Mrs. H . 0. Ulroch, his torian; Mrs . A. L . Greco , chap lain, and Mrs. D . L . Hill , parliamentarian. BETA PSI Beta Psi chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, will meet at 8 p . m., Tuesday, with Miss Pat Atkinson, 6201 9th St. CIVIC Tampa Civic Association will meet at 12:30 p.m., Tuesday, at the Federated. Clubs Build ing. TOWN 'N COUNTRY Town ' n Country PTA will meet at the school at 7 :30 p . m., Tuesday. Figure Classes To Start Your tape measure reveals more about figure faults than the bathroom scale. And the answer to the figure fault problem is exercise . Hillsborough County Recrea tion Department is sponsoring women's physical fitness classes each Monday and Wednesday at Nuccio Community Center, 4805 Sligh Ave . Mrs. Mona Testa-Secca is in structor for the classes which consist of a full hour of exer cise, stressing posture, muscle tone, poise, spot reducing, flex ibility , gracefulness and general well being. A nominal fee is charged. Births ST. JOSEPH'S Sept. te: Mr. and Mrs. J. R . MU!er, 4308 Corona St., atrl; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Goodman, Seffner, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Daoie ls, Dade Clt'Y, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Suarez;, 4426 LOng Ave. , boy; Mr. and Mrs. A. McCovirlll Circle. boy; Mr. and Mrs. w. A . Ros8er Jr., 12309 Mitchell St., boy. Sept. 17: Mr. and Mrs. D. Parker, 4602 EI Prado Blvd., boy; Mr. and Mrs. M. Kane, 2411 North A St., &'irl; Mr. and Mrs. Rlchard Kossman, 4916 Carlyle Road, boy; M!'. and Mrs. Davi d Hernandez, 3322 Grace St., bo y . Sept. 18: Mr. and Mrs. L . e SEARSTOWN LAKELAND IN YOU ••• SLIGHT, LIGHT OR WHITE! As you'd like it, SO We'll blonde it with Roux Crem D'lite, our special brand of blonde magic. It's cooler, more comfortable, and so much lovelier! ROUX BLONDJNG FROM •s: JUST SAY 'CHARGE IT' TAMPA, FLA. WELLSWOOD Opti-Mrs. Club of Wellswood will meet at the Sheraton Tampa Motor Inn at 8 p.m., Tuesday. boy ; Mr. and Mrs. N. Arge.ntiere , 4409 Cobia Drive, girl; Mr. and Mrs. EXTRA TOPPING for new-blonde hair! Any one of 18 delicious toning colors in Fanci-full Rinse, Raux's instant color that rinses in, shampoos out. Charles Booth, rural Tampa. boy,


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Standard shift, radio, heater, AI it , ..... , . ......... . , , ... , . , . , , , S795 $795 s1495 $1195 s795 s1495 BIG SAYIN'GS-NO REASONABLE OFI'ER REFUSED OYER IOOCAR SELECTION Lifetime Warranty Plus One Year Warranty 908 E. HILLSBOROUGH PH. 239 Open Sunday After 150 Automobiles For Sate 1958, 2 DOOR Impala, bl& motor, !loor sUck. $300. 4728 Ohio Ave. 839-4591. PRIVATE, 1961-Ford Galaxie, bean bus Drive. 252. TAKE over payments '59 Rambler. Runs good. $95. $12 mo. No cash needed, no paymt 'til Nov . Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave . 229-2288, 224-8221 rBUD**l SHERK '65 F'ORD Conv • . '65 I\10NZA, Corsa, auto. '65 MUSTANG 4 apeed '65 PONTIAC Gr. Prix '65 COMET Caliente HT . '64 BUICK Wildca\ HT. 163 RAMBLER Wag. '990' '63 MONZA Conv. Auto. '63 BUICK Riviera '63 T-BIRD Landau .. , '63 CHEV. Wagon '63 BUICK Special ... '61 TBIRD Hsrdtop '62 VOLVO '1225 '62 CORVAUt Monaa 'St LINCOLN PLEASURE CARS '65 MUSTANG Fastb. '289' '64 TEMPEST LeMans 326 164 DODGE Dart 4-Dr . . , '64 CORVAIR Mon=-:a . . '64 FORO Fairlane 4-Dr ... '6J1J2 FALCON Hardtop '63 FORD Gal. SOD 2-Dr. '63 CORVAI R Monaa 4-tp, 163 CHEV. 6 cyl. '63 FORD F/L 500 Sp. Cpe. '63 CHEV. 2-Dr, . . . . . . '62 PONTIAC Temp. 4-Dr. '62 PLYM. 4-Dr. v.a '62 CHEVY II 41-Dr. . .. '62 BUICK Special Soed •.. '61 MONZA 4-Dr., auto •.. '61 MONZA 2Dr., 4-spd • . '61 CORVAIR "500" Cl)e, '59 CHEV. HT ... '60 CORY AIR 4 Dr. . .. '60 TBIRO HT ... '60 PONTIAC 2Dr. HT ••. SPORTS CARS '64 AUST.HEALEY Spritt '64 MG Midqet . '&4 TRIUMPH R&H. '64 MGB Roadster '64 'VETTE Conv. '64 4-spd. Fastb'k 163 ALFA ROMEO '63 'VETTE, 4spd. Conv, '63 TRIUMPH TR3 '63 KARMANN GHIA HT . '63 TR, wire wh'ls, R&H '62 MGA, wire wheel& ... '62 AUSTIN H'LEY Sl)ritfl '62 TR-4 wire wh'lt. R&H '61 LOTUS Rdstr. '61 A. HEALEY, wire whls. '61 SUNBEAM Alp, w. whl. '59 CORVETTE, Auto, ... 159 '59 AU,ST.HEALEY, 2 tops '59 JAGUAR usn '54 "Cianic" FOREIGN ECONOMY '64 VW 2-0r. "Sharp" .. . 162 VOLVO 122S A/C ... . '62 vw •" 2 .. or.. . 161 I:IAT 112100,. Sta. Wg, CONVERTIBLES '65 FORD Galaxie 500 ..• '65 MONZA Corsa. . ... . '65 MUSTANG (289), Auto. '64 CHEVELLE 4'pd. '63 MONZA Conv ........ . '63 FALCON 6 cy1 ..... , . , '62 PONTIAC Catalina ... '62 MONZA Spyder 4-.spd. '61 CHEV. Impala ... STATION WAGONS ' 64 RAMBLER 4Dr ... , . . '63 FORD F/L 4 Dr. . . . . '83 CHEV. Nomad Air C. '63 TEMPEST Deluxf' '63 RAMBLER "99011 A/C '62 ..... . '61 CORVAIR 41700'• '60 COMET 4-Dr •. , . •. •• '60 CHEV. 4-Dr . .•••..•. 161 BUICK Spl. V-& . . , .. . '81 COMET Deluxe .... . '61 FIAT '12100'1 . , '57 CHEV. •'6" .. . . ..... . 831-1581 Open Dally 8 'til 9 HEADS UP! HURRY! 65's NEARLY CATCH OUR BIGGEST YET . DISCOUNTS COME IN TODAY! 407 JACKSON 229-2911 OPEN THURS. & niDAYS 'TIL 10 P.M. ON SATURDAYS 'TIL 6 P CLOSED SUNDAY WILLIAMS BROS. Buy Now and Save '65 Pontfae Bonneville 4 door Hardtop. Full pow. er-$tecring, brakei, windows and seats. Fact. air cond. Loaded-Actual s3599 3900 miles ...... . '61 Chevrolet Impala Hard-top. 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:sz THE TAMPA TIMES, 1\tonday, September 27, 1965 ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT 3-Day Introductory Offer Eods Midnight, Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1965 Flofida folks who do not drink can now get Medical-Surgical-Nurse Protection at special low non-drinker rates! Act Now-GET FIRST MONTH'S PROTECTION FOR ONLY s1 THEN YOU MAY CONTINUE AT REGULAR LOW MONTHLY RATES Money back in full if not 100% satisfied. No agelimit-lifetime benefits! Apply NOW-this Limited Enrollment Period closes Midnight, Wednesday. Now AT LAST, because you DO NOT DRINK, you can claim a cash reward for yourself! ... actually be paid, in the form of substantial amounts of money saved ... through this remarkable offer which is open to NON DRINKERS ONLY. Gold Star pays you for surgery bills, if surgery needs to be performed. Gold Star pays you ior doctor visits in the hospital. And, Gold Star helps you pay for a full-time registered nurse to take care of you at home, after you lean the hospital ! But you must act immediately, because this special op. portunity is offered for just 9 days. Your request for this wonderful Medical-Surgical-Nurse Insurance policy at the remarkably low, low cost of a few cents a day -must be mailed on the convenient form provided here NOT LATER THAN MIDNIGHT OF THE EXPIRATION DATE ABOVE. This midnight expiration hour cannot be extended. If your application is mailed later, it cannot be accepted. All the facts are on this page. It is up to you to read them now ... to realize at once what a rich reward you can quickly claim, because you do not drink and are entitled to special savings ... and then to take advantage of this opportunity before it expires. ' You have nothing to lose, you take no risk. YOU re serve the right to cancel this great Medical-Surgical Nurse policy within ten days after you receive it, and get back every cent you paid for the first month's protection, if you so wish. How Can Only $1 Buy So Much? If it seems incredible to you that we can provide you with full Medical-Surgical-Nurse Protection for the first month for only one dollar-let us assure you that we can make this remarkable offer only because we provide insur ance coverage for NON-DRINKERS and nobody else. We know that if YOU do not drink, you are a far safer "risk" than a person who does drink. We make this special $1 offer so that you can become introduced to The Gold Star Plan, and share -if so decide in the benefits this special protection is now providing for so many others who, like yourself, use their common sense to stay away from alcohol ••. to live saner and safer lives because they refuse to let drinking imperil their health, and therefore are ENTITLED to lower insurance rates! Can You Afford to Miss This Chance? Isn't this the kind of "preferred treatment" which you, as a non-drinker, are ENTITLED TO? Of course it is! Wouldn't you, yourself, rather do business with depend able people who do not drink? Of course you would ! And this, in a nutshell, is the basic principle that makes pos sible The Gold Star Plan ... "Special Protection for Spe cial People" ..• insurance FOR abstainers, provided BY abstainers, at savings too substantial to miss. Now, at less cost than you may ever have thought would be possible, you can set up a "gold mine" of protection from desperate financial straits if the need arises. Thanks to this unique new Plan, you can assure the solid, substan tial protection you need -and not only save money, but assure yourself of other benefits, too, during all the years to come. What Would Happen To Your Family? Right now, you probably have some hospital coverage. You may think you're "safe" from all the financial burdens of sickness and accident. But hospital coverage usually only takes care of parfi of your expenses. Are you pro tected against the soaring costs of surgery bills, doctor visits, nursing bills? The chances are one in seven that even you will spend some time in the hospital this year. A fall on the stairs, in the bathtub, or on the si(!ewalka sudden illness or opera tion could lay you up for weeks, months, perhaps even years. Can you afford costly doctor, surgery, and nurse bills? Even though you probably have some protection now will it be enough? Sickness, accident, hospitalization, cost many people their savings, their cars, even their homes. Don't take chances with your financial security. Now for only pennies a day, YOU can enjoy the added protection, the peace of mind, the freedom from worry that this new Gold Star Medical-Surgical-Nurse Plan NLLE-4665R offers. The Added Protection You NEEDI Yes, right now -provided you do not drink, and thanks to the safer people insured under The Gold Star Plan you can get ADDED Medical-Surgical-Nurse protection FOR ONLY PENNIES A DAY! Everything costs more these days (need we tell you?) and medical care is certainly no exception ! While 7 out of 8 Americans have some hospital insurance, they have found it does not cover all the bills that pile up when sick ness or accident strikes. That's why Gold Star developed low-cost added protection that helps pay for doctor's hos pital visits (or surgery) and borne nursing care. Benefits are paid directly to you, in tax-free cash, in addition to whatever you may receive from your other in surance ! Use the money to help pay for surgery -or any necessary but costly extras not fully covered by usual hospital policies. Compare This Plan With Any Other We are confident that it would open your eyes to com pare Gold Star's low rates with what you would have to pay for the same health protection in ANY other com pany-your own policy, or anybody else's! Compare any Medical-Surgical-Nurse policy or plan with Gold Star's big benefits and low rates. Dime for dime, dollar for dollar, you will find that Gold Star does indeed give you the MOST for the least cost! Are such savings a "miracle"? Only if it also is a miracle that other people, like you, and like us, have made up their minds that they prefer to manage their lives and their business affairs without the folly and the senseless ex pense of drinking .•. without the costly inefficiency that liquor leaves in its wake ... without the tragic mishaps that must be paid for, where drinking takes its toll. We firmly believe that drinking and l;msiness do not mix. It's as simple and as straightforward as that! And the tremendous success of The Gold Star Plan proves that hundreds of other right-thinking, right-living people agree. We welcome you into their company. Our Famous MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE We are so sure that we offer abstainers the best pro tection at the lowest cost, that we make our famous MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! When you send for your policy, and it arrives in your hands, we want you to look it over as carefully and as often as you wish. See how thoroughly it protects you. See r----COMPLETE AND MAIL WITH $1 FOR EACH PERSON TO BE COVERED -----.., MAIL TO: THE GOLD STAR PLAN * Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 19481 APPLICATION TO NATIONAL .LIBERTY INSURANCE COMPANY For Gold Star Medical-Surgical-Nurse PoUcy # NLLE-4665R 0-G-5-1306 NAME (Please Print) ........•........................•..................•............................. First Middle Initial Last ADDRESS .... , ...•......... , •...................••••.•........••.•................................ , Street City State Zone AGE ..•..••.. ,.,., •. DATE OF BIRTH .......... , ..........•.............•.... SEX Month Oay Year Male 0 Female 0 ! I also hereby apply for coverage for the members of my family listed below: (DO NOT include name that appears above) NAME RELATIONSHIP SEX AGE DATE OF BIRTH Neither I, nor any person listed above uses alcoholic beverages; has been refused any health, hospital, or life insurance; or has been advised to have an operation which has not yet been performed. I hereby apply for the Gold Star Medical-Surgical-Nurse Plan, Form # NLLE-4R. I have enclosed $1.00 for each person listed above for the first month's coverage. I understand the policy is not in force until actually issued. If, for any reason, I am not completely satisfied with this new protection I may return my policy within ten (10) days for cancelling and my payment will be promptly refunded. If I decide to continue, I may do so at the special Gold Star rates for the attained age(s) at renewal date. FOR HOME OFFICE USE ONLY .... ......................................................... DUE PAID NLLE-4A 6 65R Date ............................... YOU MUST MAIL APPLICATION BEFORE MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 29, 1965 how exactly it meets the needs that you want covered. See how here, at last, is the policy that makes it possible for you to get the sickness and accident protection you need, in greater measure than ever before! If you are not 100% satisfied that your policy is exactly what we have promised it to be, and exactly what YOU want it to be -send the policy back to us within ten days and we will REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL, AT ONCE. But meanwhile you will'be p1otected. Gold Star Could Be Your "life Saver" Right now, would your age prevent you from getting Medical-Surgical-Nurse insurance with another company? If you are a non-drinker and eligible, you can get this GOLD STAR policy at ANY age. You can even be OVER 100 and still be protected by Gold Star! Or what if you could get a policy elsewhere. Would you have to pay a high premium for it? Not so with Gold Star! We welcome older folks into our Planbecause they have been protecting and "stretching out" their lives by not drinking. And once you are in the Plan, Gold Star will continue your insurance tor life! -at the low, low rates shown for your age in the table. So you can see that this generous, low-cost plan could be your "life saver"! Gold S,ar Plans Are Famous This money-saving Gold Star Medical-Surgical-Nurse Plan is something special. In fact, ALL Gold Star Protec tion is special. Gold Star offers its protection ONLY to folks who do not drink and the savings this makes possible enable Gold Star to give maximum protection at minimum cost! This Gold Star Plan is issued by the same trusted or ganization that bas already issued Health Protection to hundreds of thousands of other non-drinking folks, and offered in more than 300 leading publications including Reader's Digest, Farm Journal, Christian Herald, Wom an's Day, Redbook, Together, Today's Health, Family Cir cle, McCall's, Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal, and many others. Read What These Policyholders Say About The Service They Get From Gold Star PENNSYLVANIA-Andrew C. Teach man, Matamoras: "I was both surprised and delighted at the promptness with which my claim was paid. No quibbling, no non sense; just a check for the full amount a week after I turned the claim paper over to my doctor for his report. It is the simplest claim paper I ever made out for any thing." OHIO Kendall E. Garriott, Mansfield: "You were very punctual (same week!) in paying our claim. With a family the size of ours, this prompt check from you made a great deal of difference. In fact, because of it, we met our obligations on time." MICHIGAN Mrs. Lillian Windnagle, Bergland: "I never in all my 71 years have had any insurance company deal any more fair with me than DeMoss Associates have. No red tape or stalling. I'm ever so grateful to you for your fairness and honesty." Read Why Leading Americans Praise the Gold Star Plans Scores of leading citizens have publicly praised the Gold Star idea of insurance for abstainers at reduced rates. Among them are: UPTON SINCLAIR, Pulitzer Prize author: "I think your idea of giving people the insurance discount they earn by not shortening their lives with alcohol is a bril liant one, and I am glad to be counted in on it." GENERAL W. K. HARRISON, U.S. Army (Ret.): "In my long experience in the Army I have sadly observed the deadly effect of the use of liquor. I see no reason why non-drinkers should help pay the high costs of insurance due to liquor. After examination of the Gold Star Plan and its operation, I am convinced that it is effectively achiev ing its objectives." DR. FRANK LAUBACH, author, preacher, and inter nationally known authority on literacy: "I believe strongly that there ought to be a law forbidding any interstate ad vertising of liquor. An organization like this, which keeps holding the virtues of total abstinence before the people, is to be commended." DR. GRADY WILSON, associate evangelist to Billy Gmham: "My experience with them convinced me that the De Moss organization is one of the finest in the world and is rendering exceptional service. It is a tremendous thing when those who do not use alcoholic beverages are given such preferential advantages." THIS LIMITED ENROLLMENT OFFER ENDS IN 3 DAYS Only $ r for first Month-Money Back Guarantee To introduce you to this new Plan, we make you this special offer: Act within 3 days, and you may have your first month's protection for only one dollar less than 4 cents a day! Simply fill out the application here and mail it with just $1 for each person to be covered, before Midnight, Wednes day, Sept. 29, 1965. A full month's protection will go into effect at noon of the day we receive your application if you are eligible. Your policy will be sent to you right away BY MAIL. When you get your policy, examine all its benefits and features. Have it checked, if you wish, by your lawyer, doctor, clergyman, or other trusted adviser. If you are not 100% satisfied, return the policy within 10 days and THESE 14 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Tell How Gold Star Medi,ai-Surgi,ai-Nurse Plan Gives You The Prote,tion You Need-At Less Cost I 1. How much can I collect from this protection! You can get as much as $1,320.00 for each period of sick ness or accident. This is the total of all benefits. What you receive from each benefit is broken down here. 2.How much do I get for Nursing Care? You get up to $1,000.00 for a registe1ed nurse, after yo11 leave the hospital and are convalescing at home. Thafs right! If you have been in the hospital for at least 5 days, and your doctor baa you employ a full-time regis tered nurse within 5 days after you leave the hospital, we will pay you $10.00 a day for this nurse for up to 100 days! And you need not employ this nurse a hun dred days in a row-because this big benefit is payable during the 180 days immediately following your hospital stay! 3. How much do I get in Medical or Surgical benefits? You get up to $300.00 for your doctor's bills for surgery, whether performed in or out of the hospital, according to the schedule printed right in your policy! In the unlikely event that you should have more than one oper ation during any single hospital confinement, sickness, or injury we would of course, help you cover the cost of one operation-the most expensive according to the surgical schedule. For Example, you get $250 for a kidney removal. OR if surgery is not performed, you get up to $320.00 for doctor's visits while in the hospital, payable at the rate of $4.00 a day for up to 80 days. 4. How many times may I collect? Gold Star pays you for every sickness and accident you have -provided there is a ninety-day period of full normal activities them. . 5. How will the money be sent to me 1 All checks are sent via Air Mail. They are made out in your name so that you may use the money any way you wish. (If you have some other health protection, you may wish to spend our cash benefits on food, rent, clothing, car anything.) 6. Is there any age limit? None whatsoever. You enjoy the full amount o! protec tion regardless of age -you can even be over 100! 7. Will I be allowed to renew my protection indefi nitely? Gold Star guarantees never to cancel your protection because advanced age or because you have too many claims. We also guarantee never to refuse to renew your policy unless renewal is declined on all policies of this type in your entire state. Of course, if deception is used in making application, the policy may be ineffective. This is another way Gold Star protects honest folks who don't drink. 8. Are there any restrictions or requirements? You must not drink alcoholic beverages; you must not have been refused any health, hospital or life insurance you must not have been advised to have an which has not yet been performed. . The only conditions not covered are those caused the use of alcoholic beverages or narcotics; mental 0 ; nervous disorders; any act of war; or pregnan-cy. thing else IS covered. These exceptions help to keep Gold Star rates lower for YOU! 9. Do I get coverage for pre-existing conditions? Any new condition is covered immediately, of course. And, in addition, after your policy has been in con tinuous effect for just two years, even pre-existing con .. ditions are fully covered! This extra coverage not usually available at all, is a Gold Star bonus! ' 10. Are other members of my family eligible for cover age? Those eligible for coverage as a family member are your husband or wife, and any dependent children or relatives. 11. Why is this offer good for a limited time only? Because in this way we can utilize group insurance principles, give you the extra convenience of the simpli .. fied application form provided here, and pass the sav. ings on to you. 12. How does the money-back guarantee work? Examine your policy carefully in the privacy of your own home. If tor any reason you are not completely satisfied return it within ten days and we will promptly refund your money. Meanwhile you will be fully pro tected while making your decision I 13. When will my policy become effective? At noon of the


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