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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 4, 1965
University of South Florida
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Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
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By Trimester II ••. Emergency Living MeasUres To End By JULIAN EFIRD Campus Staff Writer Emergency measures an Trimester I housing pro viding for a 10 per cent overload in all usable fa cilities will end by Tri mester II, 1966, Dean of Student Affairs, Herbert J. Wunderlich said. Admission for Trimester II will proceed along the guide ! i n e s of admitting only enough students to bring housing to planned occu pancy, plus those able to ob tain off-campus housing ap proved by the Dean of !ltu dents. According to Wunderlich, planned occupancy means fill ing all available standard liv ing quarters without placing three persons in a two-man room or using lounges. NEXT SEPTEMBER USF again will exceed planned occupancy by approximately 10 per cent. For Trimester I, 1966, 132 men and 48 women will live in temporary quar ters for an undetermined length of time during the first trimester. All available facilities will / be in use. including the two new sections in the Andros complex which will house 160 new beds, plus a l 0 per cent overload. Additional housing in Andros complex will pro vide space for 619 students with> completion scheduled for January, 1967. Actual payments received from students by the housing service for Trimester I, 1966, will determine priorities. Stu dents applying for financial aid will not receive separate consideration, Dean Wunder lich said. HOUSING applications for Trimester I, 1966 will be due in January and February. A payment of $140 for a room reservation will be required in March 1966 of all appli canls 'Financial assistance for Trimester I will not be ap proved until April 1966 . "We can' t wait until April to process money," Wunder lich says. "The student is ex pected to have enough money to pay for his room; other wise , the student can't go to sch'Ool here." New residents here Trimes ters III, III-A or III-B will not automatically have prior ityfor housing in the fall tri mester. These students' hous ing during Trimester I, 1966, is contingent upon availabil ity of on-campus housing or the clearance for off-campus housing. NEXT FALL, when Trimes ter I begins, the housing service again will face the problem of placing students in overloaded regular living facilities. Until this year, after the first few of school, eiU1er enough stu dents assigned rooms dropped out or failed to show up, pro viding additional rooms to re duce the overflow to some extent. This year, after three weeks of school, 137 students still are housed in temporary set-ups , reducing the original total of 164 by only 27. Freshmen entering USF for Trimester I , 1966 , will have 900 beds on reserve, accord ing to the housing service re port. Male students will draw 500, while the women have 400. Transfer students' beds on reserve will number 100 for women and 100 for men. ONLY FRESHMEN will re ceive the opportunity to live on Bay Campus. Pinellas and Hillsborough County students may not live on the St. Pe tersburg campus. Within the next few weeks, work will begin on the site for the new Andros complex dormitories. Recently, $52,218 was awarded to Foundations, Inc. of Orlando to develop the ground and start founda tion work at the future site in order to speed actual con struction of buildings. Bids for construction of the dormitory complex will be re ceived Nov. 4, and work should start by .January 1966, s a id Clyde Hill, physical plant director. FACILITIES to provide housing for 160 students scheduled for completion .by Trimester I, 1966. The new buildings will include two dorm sections housing 80 per sons in each, a cafeteria capa ble of feeding 1,500-1,800 peo ple a day, a small book store and study lounges. Additional dorm space for 619 students should open for Trimester II, 1967, relates Hill. Construction cost for Andros complex is placed near $3.2 million. In future years, Andros complex will house about 2 , 000 students. To achieve t h i s. approxi mately 600 new beds will be added each year until space runs out in the Andros area. Three additional sites are earmarked for development into dorm complexes when the need arises. These sites are east of the present cam pus in the vicinity of the pbysical education facilities. "WE'LL probably never be able to build enough housing facilities to catch up with the demand," said Hill. "The State of F 1 o r i d a provides money for the actual con struction of buildings. They !the dorms) are built with money borrowed by the state, so the need for additional buildings always exists." The Guitar Won't Fit, Lady! But most anything else will, and has, since the Andros lounges were taken over by homemaking coeds. Predictions from H o us i n g and from the Executive Committee cover expectations about more lounge-loading in the future, but exactly what goes on once they get there is left to the girls' spontaneity and imagination. USF Photo Pep Rally, Dancing Also Add Action Sports Open Autumn Antics SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 205 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Legislature Additions Newly elected SA Legislature members are, seated, from the left, Joan Lind sey, Patty LaBrot, Linda Sullvan and Joan Conley. Standing, from the left, are Bill Wilwinson, Roy C. Ashley and Joe McDaniel. USF Photo Despite Good Intentions Health Quiz Riles Only Nine Shy First Leg Meet Misses Quorum . The first SA legislature meetI Bill 20 is an amendment to mg of Tnmester I Thursday the rules of procedure striking night brought echoes of the sum-out the words " old business" mer when meeting after meeting and inserting the words "roll failed to produce a quorum. call." Under the present rules The legislature, composed of of procedure, newly elected rep 49 members, 44 representatives resentatives could not be sworn and five senators, needs 25 leg-in until after any given trimes islators present for a quorum. ter will have been newly elected, There were 16 present Thurs-it would be impossible to have day. Rush and the absence of a quorum of old members to most of the newly elected mem-vote on old businesss. bers were the apparent reasons. Resolution seven is a request Legislature president Ed that the SA ask USF _to place Coris and SA president .John a class schedule for Tnmester I Reber went over the on the unused bulletin board on that were to have been acted the mall between the UC and upon. Reber announced that the Administration Building. Chief Justice Ben Earnest and ResolutiOn 39 IS a request that Senator Harvey Frank are re-the SA a public_ity pro signing from their posts. for the mtercolleg1ate ath Earnest wants more time to letJcs for the coming d d F k year. stu Y an ran resigned. to Resolution eight asks that "all clear the way for the reappomt-students over the age of 21, or ment of another sen a tor. Frank of Sophomore, .Junior and Sen lor was appomted by Reber to take classification, with the permis the place of a senator who sion of their parents. or guardout of school Tnmester ian, be allowed to seek approved III. His. term was scheduled to off-campus housing." run unhl .January 1966. Resolution 38 asks that the Reber said that he is appoint-Campus Forum which is used • ing Frank to a position on the as an of student opin-Student Court of Rev1ew, .Joe ion, be into the Beckham to the Ch1ef .Justice president's cabinet. post and John Hogue to the The legislature will meet again senate. this week. Legislators will have Five p i e c e s of legislation to check with the SA on the passed during the summer will date. Officers will be in Miami come up for approval at t h e on Thursday and the meeting By FLO FELTY -that is , how different peoples could learn something about next meeting. may be held on Wednesday. Campus Staff Writer and tribes react to others. thems elve s ." Several students reported "There is practically no litera-THE QUESTIONNAIRE is to the Campus Edition last lure in the field , " she said . printed in full below. Please week that while visiting the ACCORDING TO Mr w h note th a t no name _1s for, . f. th h d b S . . me ' on l y the date, maJOr , age and m Irmary, ey a een the test is an attempt to fwd out asked to fill out a psycho how the student feels toward t Ma . A logical questionnaire. They the clinic treatment. They " don ' t s:X e, Jor , ge, felt some of the questions want the stude_nt to be _iust anAn; sheet is attached, were objectionable and inoth7r m the clime . but please m ark appropriate col-suiting an mdivJdual , and arc trymg to . "1 Allen Still Hopeful Budget Juggling Said Accreditation Threat . gather the spontaneous teeling umn m . Students contacted sa1d the f th t d t, 1. Wh1ch of the followmg Officials are hopeful that The standard reads: "No edutests had been administered to 0 e s u en . . I most accurately describe s the USF will receive full ac-cational institution is properly them upon leav ing the clinic As a result of questions put type of care you have jus t red"t t" h th S th administered or can it conduct after an extended stay, as a forth by the r e_ P 0 r t e r , 1t _apceived; 1 1 impersonal, 2) didn't ere 1 a lOll w en e ou a sound educational program "survey." peared that thts was the f1rst noti ce, J) maternal, 41 reason-ern Association of Colleges that e1ther Mrs. Wmch or Dr. 1 ) and Schools meets Nov. 29. when any agency officer other IN ONE INSTANCE it was Egolf had heard of the negative athbletcand exp anatory, 5 sympa-than the controlling board e 1 "I feel that USF has met _all ks ago With_ an mtramural diVIng com-a.m.; sports clubs exhibits and en IOrs om Ina e tCampus Edition , Sept. 13) . petttion at the_ pool. At 8 p.m. demonstrations from 1-2 and 4 :051 The USF security office was a pep rally Will be held p.m. at the intramural fields, . . . pessimistic concerning the early Alpha hall. Th1s IS m ant1c1paand a soccer game between At this Trimsler' s F1rst Elections will be held Wednesinstallation of lights. A security twn of the USF-Stetson U. USF and the Stetson Hatters at ior Class meeting, held last day and Thursday Oct. 13 and officer said they were told that cer gamilel fSlalturdatY8 _ 3 A 0 stteet 2 p.m. Wednesday in the TA , nomina-14 . tb UC 1 bb, 0 1 th traffic was not heavy enough dance w o ow a . . m e o Y. n Y ose 1 t t t . 1 H tion of officers was begun . Those . . as year o warran signa s. e . SATURDAY EVENING from . students who will graduate 10 estimated that traffic had inFRIDAY umtr!t 4:30 'til 6:30 a steak barbeque nommated were: Bob Blount, December, April, or August will creased roughly 50 per cent over mural swimmmg competi on will be served on Crescent president; Momca Harty, VICebe allowed to vote. the last year at these sore spots, the _pool a.t 4 p . m. Hill. Food cards will be honored. lpresident; Cliff Opp , treasurer; I th b . .t constituting a definite need for Christy Mmstrels at an . A street dance winds up the and Linda Haefner and Judy n o er usmess, 1 ansignals. p.m. at CurtisHixon Hall. TickSaturday schedule of Autumn Petersen, secretary. nounced that an orgamzabonal The security office recom-ets for the s Antics. The dance, featuring the 1 Nominations can be made committee of interested seniors mended a li_ght for the main went on sale last wee a40n 0 h lde "Flamingos" will be held from until this Wednesday. To cer-has been active for some time. entrance of the campus to alleviUC announced that over a 8 30 t"l 12 b t th UC if h. I did t t th bottleneck there b ld th r t d Tickets : un I e ween e t Y Imsel as a can a e , a The committee announced that a e e . een so e Irs ay. and Crescent Hill. The Flamin-nominee must sign a certificate . Commuters have been warned Wlli_ be on sale at the UC desk goes have recorded the hit song of intent and have it signed by It has already scheduled tlte to exercise special caution in \lntll Oct. 15. "I Only Have Eyes for You." 10 seniors. Anyone may nomi-TA for the Senior Satire this these areas until lights can be TICKET PRICES are $1.50 for Sunday is Parents Day. Dor-nate himself. spring. installed. ' Prospective Alumni Scattered Together Nomination for senior class officers Wednesday was the prime reason for their meeting. Nominations will close this Wednesday. Presidential nominee Bob Blount said some class activities will be open to June and August grads even though they officially will be Class of '67. -USF Photo


Step Up Planning The problems acquired when a uni versity builds do-rmitories it hasn' t the cash for makes relative mole hills of a lot of other problems on a campus. The commitment necessary to the people who have the money hampers all that comes after. But planning within the university should realistically reflect the pressures from without. We think a critical review of class s'Cheduling is in order. If the present trend continues USF :f!lliY just abandon pretense of being a university and hang out a neon sign reading, "Rooms for rent; classes optionaL" Other colleges and universities manage to publish their catalogs one and two years in advance. Why can't it be done here? This university has n ever been tlneatened with a budget lower than the previous year's. Yet, it has never been able to confirm as far in advance as the middle of a trimester just what courses will oo offered the following trimester. We wonder if students really are a secondary factor in this place. There really is such a thing as a dis gruntled student who has found out that the course he didn't sign up for this trimester won ' t be offered again for nine years. There really does seem to be a lack of planning on somebody's part -or maybe it's several somebodies -that is resulting in a management rut. This business of not knowing what course will be taught next is beginning to be a habit. Just for once, it would be nice to be able to plan one whole trimester in ad vance. It would be sheer ecstasy if we could have two. Money Madness Colonel Silverwood termed it "the fallacy of a crowded institu tion." Dollar-pinched s t u d e n t s may come up with terms of their own. The problem soon to hit USF students is going to feel to many like the pressure exerted by a pair of grindstones . Monolithic financial requirements of work here are go ing to require that students who want housing for the fall, 1966 tri mester indicate their desires some time during Trimester II, this spring . Students dependent on financial aid, in the form of loans and schol arships, are not going to hear :whether the m o n e y has come th;rough until after the date of final payment for Fall '66 housing. Those who will earn their '66money during the upcoming wmmer obviously won't be far be• . hind the loan-scholarship students. Both groups will have to make their financial arrangements ear lier than is really comfortable. As more high school graduates head for the sand-blasted walls of this campus, the gap between money available and pay-us-now will grow. That seems to be a temporarily dominant fact. The only relief we see as practi cal is early planning to cope with the situation that can't be avoided. This campus hasn't been here long enough to have behind it an af fluent ns phil nrheipix vosy od fluent alumni. Probably the supply of money will never meet the de mand for scholarships. At this point the dollar-housing problem is in the abstract. Let's hope it will be prepared for by stu dents who come here to learn and reason and plan. lt1s Sticky All Right r Call out the CIA, the James :Bond fan club, and the campus A ring of fiendish smug -glers has invaded the campus! Some time ago, campus officials S$ued an edict stating that chew ing gum could not be sold to stuthe habit. The withdrawal is hor rible says one who terms himself "cured." Addicts who can't break the habit are said to be "mainliners" and have worked their way up to a whole pack of spearmint at a time. Others are just occasional chewers and only partake of one pack a day . . d-ents. Those addicted to the stuff )lave had to find a faculty or staff J'connection" to buy the stuff for tbem or simply forage for them Campus o f f i c i a 1 s are wary about trying to stop the smugglers. Last trimester, a group of addicts threatened a in front of the bookstore. Officials are afraid if they cut off the stream of con traband the fiends might take more overt action. elves in obtainihg their oral pac • jfjers . Blackmarket sources r e p o r t .that huge profits are being made by smugglers. Some of the chewy items, selling for five cents on the outside, go for as much as seven cents a pack to the addicts. Some users have refused to pay the prices and are trying to break Right now it's a stalemate with campus officials standing firm and the addicts sticking to their gums. 1 M A N 0 N c A M p u s ALLOW 'lOLl 'TO 1H' FINAL eE IT ACOAIN NEXT TERM." The Campus Edition I y I I I L E I A special edition of The Tampa Times pub lished weekly by journalism students of the Uni versity of South Florida. Member, Associated Collegiate Presa Jay Beckerman . . . . . .....................•.....••••......... Editor Harry Haigley . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . Associate Editor Laurence Bennett • . . . . . . . • • • • • • • • . . . • • . . . . • . . . . . . . . Managing Editor John Alston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . Editorial Page Editor Lee Sizemore . . . . . • • . • . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Copy Editor Larry Goodman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SPorts Editor Mary Ann Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Student Association Steve Yates ........................................ . ....... Adviser Raymond Blair, Mary Burke, Rebecca Center, Margaret Chapman, Alice Crownover, Eugene Eddy, Julian Efird, Flo Felty, Rosalie Flelscha ker, Mary Greco, Andra Gregory, Shirley Greenfield, Joanne Hansell, Judith Harris, Norma Harper. Maureen Hearns, David Howland, Wllllam Hunter, Elizabeth Johnson, Stephanie Kutzer, Priscilla Lennertz, Joseph Loudermilk, Frances Mak sbn, Hazel McCatty, Michael Moore, William Neville, Sam Nuccio, Diane Olkon , Jack Osmann, Kathy Preschev, Max Ramos. Allan Smith, Dawn Speth, Toni Spoto, Mary Sullivan, Gayle Swend sen, Stuart Thayer, Janet Tiller, Paulette Weaver, Roger Crescentini, Tony Zappone , Kathy Manetta, Gall Reeves. Deadline for copy is 1 p.m. Wednesday for the following Monday edition. Offices are located in the University Center, Room 222, Extension 619. Are They Mark ed? The sign on the door says "Don't bring books or parcels into the store" so students must leave their belongings on the rack outside . If they've not marked thetr books properly, says Security, they may find the deft hand below has done 1ts work. -Photos by USF and Julian Efird Book Stealing Can Be Prevented By POLLY WEAVER Campus Staff Writer Mark your books or you may be a marked person! Three or four instances of stolen books have al ready occurred this year and these were books not marked on the outside with the owner's name. James Garner, superintendent of Security and Communica tions, recommends that students put their names on the three outside page edges . "If you see Smith carrying a book with Jones's name on the o u t s i d e, there'll be some questions asKed. We have never had a book with the name written on the edges re ported stolen," says Gar ner. ACCORDING TO James E. Lucas, UC bookstore man ager, "Putting the name on the outside does not affect the resale value at the end of the trimester." He also sug gests not to put the name on until sure you will not have to exchange it. If you have to exchange it, there is a charge of .25 cents for names inside and approxi mately $1 for names on the outside. Reports of stolen books should be made to the Campus Security 0 f f i c e. UC book s to r e and University Ex change Bookstore at 10024 30t h Street. Students try to resell books at all these locations and to private individuals. The campus police also ask book buyers to be suspicious of any new books offered for resale. SECURITY POLICE have been watching for this year's known stolen texts and report that one student's books have been returned. These books were resold at the University Exchange. The owner luckily had marked his books on three different pages and, al though the name had been blotted out with ink , the police were able to trace and identify it. "Method for the thievery is usually the same, " said Gar ner. "The thief spots a good SMALL looking set of books without names on the outside; puts his books on top of them; goes a way for a short while; comes back and takes both sets of books. In case anyone spots him, he can say he just made a mistake and picked them up with his . " THE MOST LIKELY places for this method of stealing are the racks outside the UC bookstore and by the lunch line . However, it is neces sary to leave books in these places and "They usually are safe if they are marked correctly," said Garner. The UC bookstore has also experienced some thievery of new books. Students write their name in books on the shelves and even do some underlining in them and then claim i t is their's. Lucas says, "Anyone can pick up a cash register re ceipt and match a book price with it. We usually try to favor the student, but things are pretty bad during our heavy season, and this is usually when we have to hire part time workers who can ' t learn everything in a few days. This is why we ask students to leave parcels and bundles outside . " USF's MOST NOTABLE Incident of book thievery occur red a few years ago when a student stole $300 worth of books. He tried to sell some at the UC bookstore, explaining that he was selling them for his roommate. The plan may have worked except for one small detail the name on his "roommate' s " book was fe male. He was expelled. Voice Airs Peeves By JOHN ALSTON Campus Staff Writer When you write a column like this one you meet a lot of people -some inter esting, some not so interesting, and some a bit infuriating. In the latter category we place the Sloppy Thinker. AND, SAD to report, there's quite a few of their b r e e d around here. The Sloppy Thinker is best recognized by the sneer that comes across his face whenever the word "administration" is raised. The Sloppy Thinker likes to re serve all of his frustrations with other things for the ad ministration. If anything goes wrong he says, you can trace it back somewhere to the ad ministration. NOW WE DON'T agree with everything the administration does and we've said so in these columns. Admittedly, there are certain officials from whom we 've come to expect incompetence in their actions. But there are others who really do handle their respon sibilities well. Even the inept ones occasionally strike a shin ing note -and this is where we and the Sloppy Thinkers part company. For the S I o p p y Thinker doesn't like to give praise to anyone connected with tbe "administration." He can' t afford I the luxury. Once you've got you r self a whipping boy, you can't give him an excuse to get down from the pillory. WE CAN SEE some advan tages in being a Sloppy Think er. You don't have. to spend long hours on committees; in student government; or on the newspaper. You can't fight city hall, they spout. Besides, if you work within these systems it takes time and patience. Things the Slop PY Thinkers never bother to acquire and thus never accom plish anything. But all our ire is not re served for the Sloppy Thinkers. A certain amount we save for those persons who think we and the Campus Edition can not really dig up the dirty linen which is supposedly ly ing around . But they' ve never bothered to check their reasoning. The truth is that the Campus Edi tion has never been censored in anyway nor has it been threatened with same. But maybe someone doesn ' t believe us . Then we issue a challenge. We defy you to find a story "too hot" for us to handle. Just give us the facts and we'll do the rest. Don't our abilities? Write the story yourself and submit it. We dare you. This I Believe Sociology Prof Warns 1Let There Be Darkness1 (Editor's Note: This is the first article In what we hope will be an informative series. Tbe idea Is twofold: Let the students re. ad about what the professors might not be will ing to talk a bout In class, and Jet the professors be better understood as people through what they choose to say. We students will write to the Campus Edition suggesting both topics for lively, thoughtful discussion, and In terestlng teachers who might write on the subjects. We would also like to know what you readers think of the Idea In general. Comments and suggestions can be sent via campus mall (drop an envelope addressed to Campus Edition, UC 222, In the mall bin In any office on campus) or bring your com ments and Ideas to the Cam pus Edition office . ) By HENRY WINTHROP Ph.D Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences I have been invited to lead off a planned series of faculty, guest columns bearing t h e series title "This I believe." I take it that such an in vitation is meant to be a sponsorship of truth. I believe there is a right time and a right place to speak the truth -but since I do not believe that this invitation constitutes that right time and place -I shall discuss only one truth. 'l'hat truth> is a simple one, namely, so few want the truth tbat those who seek to market it will find few buyers. I DO NOT believe that if I wrote the truth about a num ber of significant matters, it would be found palatable or even be recognized. Instead I w o u I d make more enemies than vast hell could hold. Since social acceptability is based upen the twin arts of creating false images for public con sumption and tales of self-de ception for private pleasure, I refuse to tamper with the most successful of all enter tainment enterprises. Only the inexperienced, only starry-eyed ladies devoted to. "gracious living," 1 only naive s o p h omores, oversheltered Ph. D ' s and other assorted escapists from reality, take seriously the Biblical injunctiQn "Seek ye the truth and the truth shall make ye free. " I know better. It is more like ly to make ye mad. In this world there are too many atmospheres which pro vide no midwives for the birth of truth and -what is worse -prescribe a caesarean oper ation for it in tbe hope it will be stillborn. What about the university as a haven for truth? Some are models of dedication in this respect, others sit at the feet of Machiavelli. Ac ademlc Ingenues insist that the typical American university is a haven for truth. If this is true, then most of us who have been around must have arrived after a typhoon had hit the place. The dedi cated teacher is one who hopes at best that he may be al lowed to assist in the task of cleaning up the shambles left in its wake. Such are the grotesque fantasies which are the stuff that dedicated teach ers' dreams are made of. BUT THEN along comes Bertrand Russell insisting that one place which will guarantee the stultification of truth and intellect is tbe modern, clois tered university. If he is right then those of us who prefer truth to the many socially re warded forms of dishonesty we find all about us, had better confine it to the pri vacy of the classroom and even tbere ladle It out rather sparingly. With tlie occasional sensi tive and intelligent student who is ready for the baptism of spiritual fire which truth represents, total immersion can be rewarding. The re mainder, however, prove again and again that ideas can pass through a student's mind with out lodging there. We also dis cover that there are a few students who specialize in the detection of "d a n g e r o u s thoughts" living proof that not all our fossils are buried underground who constitute themselves the guardians of right thinking. These blotch>es upon the face of learning lose no time in running to officials to point out that the university has made the mistake of hir ing Mephistopheles who has fooled everyone by throwing away his pitchfork. A FEW such experiences with brain dam aged cases in the classroom and any pru dent instructor soon learns to r e s p e c t the preceptiveness shown by Mark Twain when he said one must learn to be economical with the truth. Once certainly must. Look all around you and keep your ears open. You will soon learn how may enemies truth has and how many wish to be pallbear ers at its funeral. You will soon learn how to detect the different kinds of specialists in duplicity: the evasive, the obfuscators, the half-truthers, the sinners by omission and those committed to the out right lie. For these and similar rea sons I will not set down in this column th>e many truths which I feel are of sufficient moment to be brought to the reader's attention. All rewards go only to morticians to the truth, w.ho are adept at finding thou sands of new ways to embalm it. Our students -certainly those who can expect to ma ture with the years will sooner or later glimpse what I mean. The most a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher can hope for Is to succeed In sensitizing a few of them to the value of truth for both the human spirit and the human condition. Those of them who are sensitive and perceptive will soon find that life will tear away most of thetr illu sions and self-deceptions . EXPERIENCE will prove a better teacher than the arid abstractions to be fnund in some social s c i e n c e text book written by an academic who has taken up permanent residence in cloud-cuckoo-land. As for the spiritual zombies among our s t u d e n t s of which there are far too many they will probably die with a girlie magazine in one hand and Mickey Spillane in the other. I will therefore forego the temptation to s t a t e those truths which need to be as serted. The truths I draw back from here are matters with which I have dealt forthright ly in the journals on which I serve as an editor and in many of the publications of which I am currently guilty. I fee 1 somewhat safer in speaking out in the learned journals, since few who are sworn ene mies of the truth will read what I bave written and er still will try to understand what I am driving at. THOSE OF us who write for learned periodicals and t h e journals of liberal and pro gressive opinion know t h a t they are protected by the anti intellectuality of many of their contemporaries, particularly t h o s e whose reading fare is limited to the "Police Gazette" and "Captain Billy's W h i z Bang. " We have learned that many of them -including, alas, some who pass for professors -prefer the folk lore of social sell-deception, but one learns to be toler ant of this, particularly if one has a little familiarity with pediatrics. One soon learns to recognize the fact that not ev eryone who wears long pants has learned to put away child ish games. Since so many Ig nore the truth, including some who think of themselves as "men of learning and liberal opinion," they will not take Is sue with those who shout it from the housetops. Those who refuse to look at the passing. emperor will never get into a hassle with bystanders argu ing as to whether the emperor is or is not clothed. This there fore provides the greatest safe, ty factor of all time for both groups those who ignore truth and those who market it. The former are safe be cause they cannot be smoked out and seen for what they are. The latter are safe be cause those who are intellec tually and . spiritually, stunted never read them. IN THE FACE of all these considerations, you may ask, how do those of us who are preoccupied with the truth, ob tain our satisfactions? Our satisfactions will reside in the occasional kindred s p i r its whom we can meet from time to time and who can look truth in the face and share with U!l the communion it offers . We are not likely, however, to find very many of this kind among readers of the safe and sane domestic corn of the typical editorial page. That is why I have decided not to try to pull off a cafe teria blitzkrieg. So l rest. Why Don't They? Change the room numbering system so the rooms are num bered in a logical progression. * • • Put c o f f e e machines near other mechanical vendors. • • • Turn d o w n the Library air conditioning. • • • See that the vending machine company which serves the cam pus keeps their machines filled and in working order. • • • Make the UC doors easier to open. • • • Putlibrary book drops near the dormitories. • • • Put benches along the side walks. • • • Put more benches around the fountain. EE ea in S! on b2 I I


ED WAS ALMOST YANKED THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, October 4, 1965 PRITCHETT1S MAGIC ; . . WAS NEARLY CURBED TALLAHASSEE (JP}-Quarflankerback T. K. Wetherell through the air on 12 com-terback Ed Pritchett;s long with a 59-yard touchdown pass pletions in 33 attempts. pass In the final moments that gave the Seminoles their earne<-3 V ALENCJA GARDENS I , Callfornta ................ 001 010 000-2 1965 l I th RBIPower, Kirkpatrick. Killebrew ltESTAUitANT" LOUNGE • re Y ng more an ever (2), Mincher. E-Knoop. DP-CalUornia Finott SDan'sh r . d on speed on the basepaths He 1. LOB-Calif .. 5 5 3 3 3 2 DRIVE-IN THEATRES Zollo Versallesi and Tony Oliva. .:::::::::::: : r J 8 8 g g OPEN 6 Jl'.M.! "We've got a pretty good re::::::::::: : i Please check Theatre port on them,'' he smiled. "If 12-7)'.: j ; Time Clock for starting we're lucky, we'll pitch out at Klippstein . . . . 1 1 0 o o 1 timH of featurH. the right time. If we don't, T-2:20. A -16.729. First Outdoor Showing! "VERY SPECIAL FAVOR" "MIRAGE" Grtllory Peck Diane Baker . Miami Frosh Romp Over Florida State YANKS 11, BOSOX 5 New York ab r Rich'son 2b 6 o White rf 5 2 Tresh If 5 2 Mosc'to If 0 0 Howard c 5 1 Repoz cf 4 1 h Bo•lon 1 Sch'llng 2b 2 Malzone3b J Y astr'skl IE 0 C'nigl'ro rf 2 Horton 1b 1 Gosger cf ab 5 5 5 4 4 2 r h 1 1 1 1 2 3 0 2 0 0 1 1 ORLANDO (JP) -Four pass Boyer 3b 4 3 interceptions and four fumbles l helped the Miami freshmen P i g whip the Florida State Frosh, 2 Green cf 2 3 Bressoud ss 4 0 1 0 2 46-35, in a wild football game in the Tangerine Bowl Satur day night. Florida State led after the first quarter, 14-13 , as little Gary Pajcic passed for two touchdowns and scored three. He completed 13 of 26 passes for 306 yards. Pensacola Seeking Friday Night Game "c 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 Wilson p 1 0 0 ph i 0 0 0 0 Thomas ph 1 0 0 Totals 41 11 13 Totals 39 5 11 :: ::::::::: : m RBI Conigliaro 2, Yastrzemski 2. Gosger, Richardson, Howard, Repaz, Boyer. Kubek 3, Barker 2. E-Boyer , Gosger, Conigliaro. DP-Boston 2 . LOB -New York 9 , Boston 7 . 2B-Boyer, Howard, Barker, Yastnemskl, Malzone. HR-Kubek (5). Gosger <9). Yastrzem ski <20). S-Kubek, Ford, Boyer. PITCHING SUMMARY IP H lt. ERBBSO Ford (W, 16) .. 7 11 S 4 0 4 Ramos . ......... . 2 0 0 0 0 0 Wilson . . . . . . . . . . . 2% 7 -l 4 1 1 Earley ve and Kisses" at 1 3:35, 5 :40, 7:40, 9:40. • • NEW RITZ: ''I'll Takt Sweden" at 2 : 35, 6 :10, 9 :40, and "Bus Riley's Back In Town" at 1, 4:30, 8 . LINCOLN: "Help" at 3 , 6 :33, 10:06 and "FlUffy" at 1, 4:33, 8 : 06. ' AT THE J!IRIVE INS FUN LAN: "A Very Special Favor'' at 7, 11:10. and " .Mirage" at 9 :15. AUTO PARK: " Great Spy Mlulon " at 7, 10:55, and "Viva Las Vegas" at 9:25. 21!?-'B CENTURY: "A Very Special Favor at 7, 10;55, and ''Mirage" at 9 DALE MABRY: "Great Spy Mission" at 7, 10:45, and "VIva Las Vegas" at 9 :15. TOWER: "Great Spy Mission" at 7 10:45, and "Viva Las Vegas" at 9:15. ' HILLSBORO: "Cheyenoe AutWilll" at 8:45, and "Fighting Kentuckian" at 6:45. 7 '05' OTHER CITIES PLANT CITY-Capil<>l: "Joy in the Pensacola High is looking for a Class AA game for Friday night and is willing to offer real good terms. The squad usually draws between &-7,000 to its home games and sometimes as high as 14 , 000. O's Z, INDIANS 1 Balilmore ab r ll Clnelan d ab r Aparicio ss 3 0 0 Howser 2b 4 1 Blair cf 4 0 1 L. Brown ss 1 0 Powell 1b 2 0 0 Salmon 2b 0 0 Robinson 3b 4 0 0 Hinton cf 4 0 Adair 2b 3 1 1 Cola vito rf 4 o Bowens rf 3 1 1 Whitfield 1b 4 0 Ble!ary II 4 0 1 Clinton If 3 0 Morniru:" . " .,Gcnghis .Khan.,, h PLANT CITY-Starlight Drive In: "Dr. 1 No,, u-From Russia With Love.', 0 RUSKIN-Drive In: "Von Ryan's Ex "GREAT SPY MISSION" (Coda Name Croubow'') Sophia Loren George Peppard Trevor Howard Anyone with an open date can contact Jimmy Haynes at Pensacola High. 0 H .. Sword o Ali Bah a.,, Snyder lf 0 0 0 Banks 3b 2 0 R. Brown e 3 0 2 Roof c 3 o Barber p 2 0 0 M'Do'JI p 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 Totals 28 2 6 Totals 28 1 3 Baltimore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 000 000 101-2 Cleveland .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 000 001 ()(1()-1 RBIBiefary, Bowens, L. Brown. DP -Cleveland 2. LOB Baltimore 5, Cleveland 4. 2B-Banks . 3B-Howser. HR -Bowens (7). S-Barber, Bowens. SF -L. Brown. PITCHING SUMMARY IP B R ER Bll SO Barber (W, 15-10) 9 3 1 1 3 1 M'Dow'll (L, 17-11) 9 a 2 S 4 7 T-2: 12. A-21.651. NEW EYEGLASS HEARING AID with 500% MORf R fliAB IUTY LADIES Johnson One Ahead After 13th Victory Learn INTERIOR . DECORATING SPECIAL CLASSES American Academy of fashion 309 VVater Phone 228 FABULOUS NEW YORK THEATRE PARTY featuring "HALF A SIXPENCE .. and "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF .. leaving Tampa Oct. 17-returning arrive Oct. 23 Also includes Radio City Music Hall, transfers station to hotel a-nd return, four nights five days Hotel Manhattan, United Nations tour w i th luncheon, downtown New York tour, Circle Line Cruise, with round trip transportation e>n ACL "Champi on." For additional jnformation and ,. ... rvationa, contact your Travel Agent, local Coast Lint Ticket Agent or Phone Zl9, 314 Maditon Street, Tampa. Jack E. Gordon General Passenger Agent NOVV SOc 'til 1 Jl'.M. (Mon.-Fri.) NORTH WILKESBORO, N.C. (JP)-Mountaineer Junior John son of Ronda, N.C., is one-up in the Grand National victory column over Ned Jarrett today after winning No. 13 on the NASCAR circuit this season at North Wilkesboro Speedway. The burly Ronda, N.C., chicken farmer, driving a Ford on the track where he started his racing career, won the Wilkes 250 Sunday with an average speed of 88.801 miles per hour. Johnson, finishing two laps ahead of second-place Cale Yarborough of Timmonsville, S . C . , collected $4, 475 of the $18,545 purse. Jarrett finished third in his 1965 Ford. Lou Groza of the Cleveland Browns holds the record for scoring in consecutive Nation al Football League games. He scored in 107 straight until stopped. • New hearing performance in an attractive eyeglass hearing aid • Microphone "Up 'POnt" Jar truer reception • Choice of color to comple ment your present frame fronts AUTHORIZ ZENITH DEALER BETTER HE4'RIHG SERVICE 316 Madison St. Ph. 223 f Wonderful things happen "' with CASH from Personal Want money right away? Call Personal right now. Get the cash you want for Fall expenses! Left-over bills, school needs, _ new clothes, repairs, you-name-it! Let Personal. put cash in your pocket today! Phone ••• now. PERSONAL FINANCE CO. (A tnember of the Beneficial Finance System) Loans up to $600 on Signature, Furniture or Car TAMPAPersonal Finance Company of Tampa • 208 Zack Street •••••••••••••••••• Phone: 229 ST. PETERSBURG. Personal Finance Company of St. Petersburg • !530 Central Avenue ............... Phone: 894-7661 * * * IBM MACHINE TRAINING Box: G-664 c / o Tampa Tribune-Times Please Include Your Telephone Number AN ORIGINAL SUITE composed by Theodore Hoffman of the University of South Florida will be performed by the St. Petersburg Symphony Saturday ._ _______________________ .... FALL CAR SERVICES BRAKE AD.JUSTMENT YOUR CHOICE -.BALANCE. 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16 THE TAMPA TIMES Monday, October 4, 1965 Everybody has PROBLEMS pLAY Resolve YOURS With a G. A. C. Consolidation Loan Under our plan, everything is handled on a simplified basis. We combine all your outstanding obligations into a single loan. Nothing could be more convenient! LOANS UP TO $600 CORPORATION -------TAMPA------420 Tampa St. cor.Madison 229-8534 915 Tampa St.cor. Tyler .. 223-364l 1833 E. Broadway ...... 248 4715 Florida Ave ...• _ .. 239-1147 --ST. PETERSBURG--654 Central Ave ........ 862 ---LAKELAND-,-. -126 W. Main Sl.. ..... . 686 Bridge With Jacoby AT GILCHRIST PARK IN PLANT CITY By JACOBY & SON Weat led another spade. This was doomed to lose at least two was ruffed by dummy's ace. IMPs when he played at the club Old Timers Reunion Scheduled Oct. 16 !965 Vanderbilt Cup Winners Newspaper Enterprise Assn. The bidding in the box was Then South came to his hand part score. PLANT CITYVeteran resiclose the first session at noon Immediately after lunch the I the committee of afternoon dents of Hillsborough and other for all departed members dying traditional contests, initiated activities. with a club, drew trumps and t d fr 't d th that of the American pair on made the rest or the tricks with Winner seven times of the coun Ies carve om 1 5 orlgl-unng e past year. nearly half a century ago, will Association officers serving board 26 in the international his ace of diamonds and dumVanderbilt Cup, Oswald Jacoby nal territory were issued today Under Richard Prewitt, secbe held and prizes awarded win-with Simmons for the current match against Italy. r,1y•s clubs. This gave him a shares his bridge tips and tech-the yearly call for reunion by retary of the Plant City Chamners, all furnished by banking year are Vice President TheoEast won the spade opening score of 200 points but be wasn't niques in his booklet, "Win at the pnlsident of the Old Timers ber of Commerce, cold d:inks and business houses of Plant dore Lesley, and Mrs. Uz Fernwith the ace and continued the club or npen the biddinK with 110 points and a net loss of 90 one elub. You aren't q ul t e Peru T 0 Sponsor points or three International stronK enonc-h 1o make a foreMatch Points on the hand. He inK two bid. Cultural Events could have saved one IMP by TODAY'S QUESTION WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 (!!') -making another trick or two but Yon open one club. Your The Peruvian government is happy and felt that he might partner responds one diamond. sponsoring two major cultural have made one more bid with What do you do now? events in Washington in Ochls hand. Answer Tomorrow tober. As you can see the way the[a-===========;;;;_===========""i cards lay there was no way for the defense to beat a heart, SELLS $5 PAINT .. $1.99 At the Centers MONDAY and TUJ:l)DAY Grant Park Community Cenler-Ceratn Anderson Community Center Adult ics (children), 6 p.m. ANY OTHER PAINT COMPANY COULD DO THIS IF THE W A.NTED TO! ••• dance (adults), 7:30 p.m. . Hunt Community Center Teen acUvttles. 7 p.m. and advanced), 4 p.m. ; archery Interbay Community Center -;Guitar (boys and glrls). 4 p.m. class (beginners), 5:4:5 p .m.; gwtar, 6:30 DeSoto Community Center Skating p.m.; beginners square dance class. 8 6:30 p .m. p.m,. 'Tuesday Ceramics, 9:30 a.m.; -. -$1.99 LATEX OR DECK ' PAINT THAT EQUALS $5.00 STUFF! Forest Hills Community Center 2 + 2 bcJdge. class. 10 iJ:.m.; cake Slot Racing Club, 7 p.m. TuesdayWorn decoratmg, ,10 a.m._; party 12:30 THE INCREDULOUS California t>.CEL.TA en's physical fitness, 8o30 a .m.; preteen p.m. ; .stencil work, I p.m. ; ,Pall1lin8 and charm (girls>. 3o3o p.m.; Judo (boys) , 4 sketchmg I p . .,.; begmners baton, TRUTH! ' FAST TO THE COAST -Via direct Atlanta connections. p.m. 3:15 p.m.; mterme, 7 p.m.; gymnastics (adults), 9 p.m. Tues-instantly stop1 day Crafts. 9 a .m.; Golden Age Club, flow of water alter eocn flushing . 9 a.m.; men chorus, 1:30 p.m.; gymnas ******************************** * . * * * * * * ' * To Buy Sell T rode 7 5 c AT H A R 0 W A RE ST 0 RES tics (beginners and lnlcrmediates), Jo30 p.m . ; Junior High Teen Council, 4o30 p.m. Soulh'-"est Port Tampa Community Cen ter -Fun :for girls

• That First Win Agean Contest Revealed THE TAMP A TIMES, Monday, 4 , 1 965 1 7 By LARRY GOODMAN win was the fact that Campus Sports Editor only one senior was in the start-That first win by an intering USF line-up. The other Braheol1egiate team (not a "sports man players were five juniors, club, " mind you, but an honest-four sophomores, and one freshtO-go o d n e s s intercollegiate man. Com m t L d team) will always be remem-When reminded of this fact, U ers ea oered as one of the top efforts Holcomb smiled and added, "We " of a USF athletic team. also hope to have some good The annual staff will crown It occurred Saturday, Sept. 25, recruiting for next year. " A Hectlc Ll.fe USF's first Aegean at a 1965 at about 3:45 p .m. USF • • • semi-f o r m a l ball F riday, N o v. 1 9 had beaten Florida Southern BRAHMAN BRIEFS at USF She w ill be h ailed as the ideal Col1ege in soccer. The score, on a Nov. in 1960. By JOAN DAVIDSEN day, we're used to each other c oe d and will be chosen on the 4-3, ln overtime gave some inA "very unofficial" intercol-Campus Staff Writer by now." basis of sch ol arship , person ality, dication of the closeness of the legiate football game was played a c t iviti e s and appearance. history-making contest. at USF Nov . 19, 1960, but the Commuters are those stuONE OF THE MAIN d isad-Eac h cam pu s o r g a nization is "Before the game, I thought results never went down in any dent on campus who come i nvited to nominate co ntestan ts. it was a toss-up," said a smiling record book. equipped with assorted packa . car pool, accord-Dormito r y floors and B ay Dan Holcomb , coach of the vicOn that fall Saturday in South ages of snacks, containers o f mg to Sheila, IS t h a t eac h mem-Campus will a l so be able to torious team. " I knew we had Florida's first year of operation, coffee stack f b k bl od-ber must arrang e h is schedule c h os e nominees . th r b h h d th C t T . ed th t , s o oo s , o to . . . A 1 . . e of ense, ut that t ey a e ampu 1mes report a h t nd f ed . comcide wLth the other s ' PP !Cation forms will be sent the team experience. " (FSC' s "a band of Kappa Sigs from s 0 e :es a Lr expr e s sions schedules. to all orga nizatious this week. starting lineup were all letterFlorida Southern in Lakeland on theLr faces. " O f cou rse , b T w o extra furms will be made men, including eight seniors and chalked up a 33-20 'rag-tag' Since commuters make up ap' w e v e never een a vail able i n the Aegean office, a goalie which had lettered three. victory over the USF 'Desert proximately two-third s of the able t o work ou t a master UC 221. Deadline for submitting years). Rats', former Lakeland High student body at USF, a look at t o s uit e veryone a nd n o m i nation s is Frid ay, Oct. 29. Holcomb's f irst impression in tand 1then, freshmen their role as studen-ts on th1s p resents problems," ex-Contestants will be judged by the game was that FSC ' s Moem the c ar er c ass. plained Sheila . "Sometimes we a panel of faculty a nd staff . " 11 _, ill d , b t Th t th t wheels, so to speak, deserves m e m b k b f th casms were we -ur e , u e even , says e accoun , attention. must remai n o n campus from e r s a wee e o r e e High Bar High Jinks N E W V IEW a "little over-confident." "On took place on " Allen ' s Hill" 8 am unt'l 5 .30, d a n c e . Bay area personalities the other hand, after that 2-0 (now Crescent Hill) and the 1 will the n s elect the finalists who half (USF had scored two goals, some 300 spectators "enjoyed CAROL SEAY , a typ ical, un-The consensu s of S h eila's car will be rev e a I e d at the Miss Always try in g to prese n t ca m pus sp orts o n a ne w and differe n t p lane, these s h o ts were ta k e n b y USF pho tograp h e r s for a " b etter view."-(USF P hotos ) While Florida Southern failed to the chit-chat as much as they married commuter travels from Pool seems to be that the lo n g Aegean Ba ll. scor e in the first half) I thought did the game." ' Lakeland fiv e day s a week. She hours a t least g i ves them ample The Aegean staff originated w e " d go all the way." In other "extramural" activity leaves her house a t 7 : 15 a . m. time to study and tha t t he a d-the c ontest in an effort t o pro-Enotas Wins Track Contest Holcomb attributed the "letin those early years,. the USF and arrives on campus for her vantag e s outweigh the dis admote unity. and, at the down" (when Southern scored golf club played Tampa Univer 8 t sam e time, to pro.Ide a repre-Enotas grabbed an important three consecutive goals late in sity' s golf club April 26, 1961, a : m . class. van ages. sentatlve for the sch ool. 880yard relay victory and thE! third quarter) to his lack in the first " club " competition Smce must stay on cam-BARRY BRILLHART t h M i chael Foerster, editor, said placed seven men in five other o f bench stren-gth . Many of the with other schools .•. Within p u s until 3 : 30 p.m. , she feels er comm t f" d t h -the idea came a bout whe n the events to take first place in the Brahman players had to go the the next three months Tampa that her major problem as a onl y problu er, h m s at edito r s w e r e planning the b oo k ' s intramural track meet last Monthe only record in the meet by leaping 20 feet. 71;2 inches in the broad jump.. This was five inches ful"ther than the previous USF mark. The results of the meet and final standings: Event Winner 100-Y d . Dash , Beta 2W U.l 44().Y d . Dash, Lynn, unattached 1:03-li 88t)..Yd. Dash, Leonard, Bay Campus C ross Country, de Guehery, . __, to H 1 u , t 1 h d ed em e encou n ers IS . f d entire game, accowmg o. s In ramura c amps own commuter i s lack of a place t r ying to f ind a rk ope m n g sec Io n . ay. comb, "but no one really let USF' s intramural aU-starts in t t in t h e Chemistrypa "We nee ded to capture the Cratos, led by Bill Boglio's Alpha 4-E 7 :1)6.5 Relay, H armon, Masters, Hazel, Pritchard, Enotas Ri&'b lump, Keiser, AJpha down." basketball 69-48, USF' s 0 .. res _ . Barry commutes s t udents and mirro r their studie s place_ in ?oth the broad -w,1en asked to what did he club 4-3, and a "last minute Of course, I know there IS a tersburg a 40 mil tr and extra-curricular activities. JUIDP and high JUmp, was sec attribute the win , H 0 1 c 0 m b improvised track team 671;2nap room in the basement of the way, and b y the t im: he We though t i f we coul d find one ond: They placed three points Graduate be a me d and said unreserved441;2. UC," explained Carol, "but i t the campus fo r his 8 a . m . pers on wh o w ould represent all behind Enotas., .. .. J y, "the defense was great, Reports have "Coach" Mar-is too noisy becaus e of the pool classes, the lo t i s already f ille d . stude nts, we could tell the story Alpha 2 East 5 swept p much better than anticipated " .garet Chapman of the library " Tb 0 0 0 thro u g h her. I through the three f Jeld events rog ram The USF coach also staff attending a dinner get-toroom across the hall." 15 I S true," "Inste a d o f the staff making collecting l9 points to pull with-err o r s on the part of the Moe-gether after the recent Florida• " Also , the air condi tionin g i s say s " m the t h e s election the w h ole campus in hail a point of second place . . . . . u ll t ed too h h k The Chemistry p a r k 1 n g l o t . •. . Cratos casms. MissiSSIPPI State football game .. sua. Y up Jg , rna seems t o be f illed w i t h visitors s h ou l d participate in th1s -it H d "They probably have one of When someone got up to toast mg 1 t difficult t o be comfort-. . . would create interest i n the b ook Frank Lynn, unattached, broke ampere abl Th t t h d d tourmg the Planetanum m t he ' the best teams in the state," the Gators, "Coach" Champe. e co s a r e oo a r an Physics buildi g , and a lso a m ong t h e organ i .--------------. fore the game Fiorida South-toasted her Basketweavers -cause the nap rooms are in the a r h r [ e "Certainly has his NeWS B y H AZEL McCATTY ern coach Bush told this the USF women' s intramural same room with the washroom a f 1 e e own conception of "th e ideal coed C a m pus Staff W riter Broad Jump, Lynnt 1:48.11 5' 7'. Red l ' s 7'12'' Shot Put, Seellr. Golden Red l's 4ll' 4.'' Final Track Point Standlnrs: . :::::::::.::: 0: 0: 0 ::::: :.::: pba % East ..•.•....••• • . , . ...... %1 Pi E . Majors . . • . . . . . . • . . . . • • • . . . . 11 A pha 4 East ....... ...•......•.. :; 2 West . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . r, olden Red J"s . . . . • . . . . . . • • . • . . . . i5 Beta Ground East ........ . ...•.. , , 4. • 4 East . . . . . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . . . . 4 3 4 • •• • • • • . • • . •• •• • •• •• •• •• •. •• •• • • •• • • Talos .........•.................. , 2 Alpha 3 East . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . • • . . • 2 ; :::::::. :: ::::: 0::0::: l Also partlcJpatlnr wrre Alpha 3 Wf"st• Beta 3 East, A lpha t \\'est aod Are&e. continued Holcomb The day beman turned the tab 1 e s and doors are always slamming beB n id b h zatlons," h e added I writer th'at he had the best team she coaches who she facilitie _ s which are divided onl y 1 o:f u d _SF so w e a r e going to let clubs sub-BriefS "The main problem of the t th ht ' d ld t k th G t by a thm wall " she added a mg m e e1g -year soccer sal w_ou a e on e a ors • university's parking f a cilities . the i r i d e a ls, two sets of B UGS HIT GAMMA College of Education graduate V If b II history of FSC. any hme Ray Graves was CAROL FINDS th t Acco r d ing t o a surve y made b y J Udge s, an d mak e :\IIJss Aegea n a A n invasion of mites in Gam-program is inadequate financial 0 ey a The best part of the all-im-ready! . a commut -the physical plant o ffice her e reality," sai d Sam Nuccio , chairrna dorm has been brought support" says Dr. Thomas F. B • T d . lwnegllprllesesnhtse o theder prtoblems thas on campus USF provides park-man o f the contest. under co ntrol by a pest extermStovall.' chairman of the Gradu-eg Ins 0 ay C I . ne s o use e . ' . . t .. am Pus nterv•leWS library at night o r on week-m g for 55 per cent of the stu-B b B tnatJng company. a e Program at USF. Women's Intramural volley• ends, she m11st make a rrange-dent body and 80 per cent of a r er 1 ea Ufy Every floor of Gamma was The legislature appropriated ball competition will begin Mon• ments to s t a y on c ampus o r the faculty, does no t ch a r g e Sh S H sprayed and the pests were very little to the program this day, Oct. 4 and will end Nov. 4. drive back to Lakeland and turn a fee for parkmg. OpS ef OUrS successfully eliminated Sept. 25. year. Thus it is being operated Fifteen teams are expected to October 18-22 right around and come back. c o m_pare. these Th e Argo s Barber S h o p will A ccording to the extermina-1 a r g e 1 y from undergraduate participate in the sport this . u res W ith the Umver s1ty o f Mmtor, the mites thrive on papery funds. year • . The dtstance and transporta-nesot a , whic h p r o vides parki n g be open e very Saturday from 8 substances and are found in The staff 1"s small, therefore, A d ' t bon factors. also prevent her fo r 20 per cent of 1.ts student a . m . to 1 p . m . ccor mg o Mary J. Chea• ll 11 Ll M f tt d humid temperatures. the classes are too large New tham, women's lntramural coOrganiz ations listed below wi Career, Specifica y , ne ana .e'"! _mg some of the body and only 1 8 per cent of Th e Subu r ban Beauty Shop is N o furthe r trouble t rught actlvltl h has been pro-grams are needed but canordinator, six teams will be intervie w ing in the Placeagemen. es on campus sue its faculty, plu s c h a r g i n g an a n-open every day from 8:30 a.m. ..., ment Office ( AD 280) on the To sign for an interview or as plays or guest speakers, nual fee of $60.00 the U S F com-to 5 : 3 0 p . m . ex cept Thursday. reported. not be opened. in the Organizational League follo wing dates. f th f f "If I d t , ' H f t' Th sd F L U SHOTS OFFER E D "The legislature appropriates and nine in Residence Hall gam ur er tn orma ton , con -. o s campus, con-muter seems to fare p r e t t y w e ll. . ours 0 o pera Jon on ur ay funds every two years and we League. tact the placement office , Ext. tmued Carol, 1t cos t s me extra There a r e a total o f 3 863 I S from 8 :30 a . m . to 7:30p.m. Increased amounts of influ612. money for supper and there is parking spaces a t U S F in a' to-' Bo t h the Barber and the enza are expected this winter won"t get more until the fall of Points for this intramural ac Oct. 18 -General Cable, Prono place to chan-ge clothes and tal of 15 parking lots, accord-Beauty Shop are l oc ated in and. th e USF Health Center. is 1967 This d us severely tivity are awarded in accord duction Superv ision and Techni-take a shower. Of cou rse, some-lng to the physical plant o ffice . Argos C ente r on the 5 e c 0 n d gettmg prepared. Influenza Jrn-handicappe • said Stovall. ance with the team place. First cal Assi stants wit h majors in HEALTH times I can find a friend i n Plan s for the f u ture i ncl ude a floor. munizations and tine tests will The graduate program was place is awarded 150 points, with Chemistry, Math-Physics, Bus . (Continued from Pa•e 1) the dorms who will let me,use new l o t wit h each n e w build in g, B arber Shop a ppoint m e nts are be to all staff and stu-begun in June, 1964, with ap-each successive team getting 10 " her room to change clothes. but o f course, thi s depends on ava ila b l e for a n extra charge dents m UC 226 on October 5, proximate_Ly 55 degree-seeking points I _ess than the team. 19 _ H kin &: Sells b u_ t recurrent, serious, 3 ) Carol thinks the "commuter the State Road Board. 1 of 2 5 cent s . 6 and 7 from 1 4 p.m. m educa.Is F1a. c as s ' umque, 4 ) annoymg. special'' food-plan offered in the Immumzations on Oc t . 5 will bon . . Now thel e. are som e 280 Ftdes pl _aced ftrst m Accountants, majors in accountPAR cafeteria is lt good one sinc e it L I d be for those with last names seekmg degrees Jn both 1 -_M bowling last week, with ing; Reta il c redit, Inspector Th ti T 11 costs onl y 39 cents for a mea l. oca Boar 5 w.ll starting withA-L. Oct. 6 will be and education. Lmda and Dulcie McAlis(Management Trinee), majors in y:,52:0na:, But the onl y d rawback is that for those with names M-Z. Oct. Wtt h growmg te_r t?e top two places. all fields ; Sears, Roebuck and know. it is not offered at nigh t . 7 will b e for those unable to IS desperately needed If Vtrgirua Spetghts. of the Basket1 make it on the two preceeding first-class teachers are to be weavers took thtrd place, and C o m p a n y, General M g t. Please avoid using the "don't E t E h T d produced Rob K E 2 E t BILLIE HINES, a married va ua e ac erm ays. m err, PSI on as, was Trainees, Accountin g Trainees, know" category unless it is commuter, drives 20 miles everyDEGREE APPLICATION The primary purpose of the fourth. Credit Trainees, Data Procesabsolutely impossible to decide day from Sout h Tampa. D E AD L I N E program is to produce better Fides was to have p 1 aye d . "yesu or "no. " t h Th t d sing Tramees, majors in the 1 A h . t h "Since m y husband wo rks in By DAVE HOWLAND graduate and intend to enter Students who plan to grad-eac ers. e masters egree either Gamma 4 West or Fia for Liberal_ A r t s , Manag_ements , you. get the opposite direction, I must Campus Staff Writer graduate school m ust show uate at the e n d of Trimester I, is now considered the terminal tennis finals last week. Mar k etmg and Accountm g and . . take h i m to work, g o back Requirements I o r stu dent proof o f a ccep tance to their 1965, must complete an Applica-program for professional teach-N e w England Mutual Life Inec; calls for raf.Jd act;oni home and get ready to go to draft defe rments h ave recen tly draft boar d. And then they must tion for Degree form no later ers, especially ii the teacher surance Co., Career Life Under-h 0 y _ou _some Jmes ee school. I also have to arrang e m y been changed bec a u s e o f the esb e able to e nter that school withthan 5 p.m. today in order to continues to teach. Football Opens Monday, Oct. 4 it l . i n aH fields a P P y, sometimes depressed, schedule so that I can pt"ck hJ" m c a latm g situatio n in t h e F a r i n a rea s onabl e length of time. receive consideration for .grad-Programs now open include w r rna ors ' without any apparent reason? M th 1 t d prefenng Insurance, Business &: 3 0 . d ft up from wo r k in the afternoo n, " East. The length o f time. will be deuat10n, erie V. Slater, Assis e e emen ary program, an Field No. E . oes your mm o en continued Billie. "This i n ter-As o f Sept e m b e r , 1 96 5. male term in e d by the local draft tant Registrar announced. in the secondary program; art, Verandi vs E t e on. 1 I C wander while you are trying to rupt s the time I could spend at stud e n ts reg i s tered in universi-board. BO_OK DO N A TIONS ASKED dis.tributive education. • Englis_h, Arete vs. P.hl . nSoi_gamsi. XL. Oct. 20 -T rave ers ns . o ., concentrate? W 1 L S h b h d th t . . p the library s tudying. If I do need ti e s and c olleges must co mplete B ecause of the tig htening re-L rna . c oen o m, book gu_I ance, rna ema music . .Beta 4 W vs. Beta 2 E Management Tra. 1ru. ng . rogram 4 . Do you usually tak• the f th UC b k to al st d d Ad t " to use the library, 1 must drive at least 24 trimes ter hour s i n an quir e ments in student draft de-manager o e oo s re, soci. u Ies, an Alpha 3-E vs. Alpha 2-W & . mlms rat ion , rna-in it i at i v e in making new 20 miles t o get back to campus." academl,c ,year and maintain a n ferments, the local Tampa draft says that l!SF may speclal education. Tuesda y, Oct. 5 Joi:s m all fields, needs friends? ove r a ll C ave r age. Transcripts board advises all male gradu-promote . goo?-will Tentative p lans for the sumKIO vs . Cratos t hrou g h Calculus; and, Pnce :5. Are you i nclined to be BILLIE FEELS that the marwill b e sent to d r aft boa r ds a t ati n g sen iors who will not contributing the mer of 1966 include business Enotas vs. Zeta Phi Epsilon Waterhouse & Co ., accountants. quick and sure in your actions? ried student who commut es has the e n d of e ach trimester. attend g raduate school to enfor Asian Students, education foreign language Beta 3 E .vs . Beta 2-E Oc t . 21 -General Telephone 6. Are you frequently lost additional disadvant a ges. I n addi ti o n , a major , regard-list in a n officers' program as dnve. . . (Spani s h and French), hum ani A lpha 4-E vs. Alpha 2-E Company , Management T!ainees in thought even when supposed .. 1 must come hom f l e ss of the are a o f study , whose soo n as p ossible, rather than A b ox 1s located JD. the bookties, school library science and Chinese Bandits vs & Direct Placement for appro-to be taking part in a conver-school cook supper fo e expected compl etion time i s a llow ing t h e m s e 1 v e s to be store for any donatwns. The physical education . Hurtln; Gators priate field s , majors in Engi-sation? band by the ti:e four or five must finish in drafted. I n thi s way, men with books mus_t be 1950 edi _ti_ons or Aslo planned for the future Wednesda y, Oct. 6 neering, Bus. Adm . Economics, 7 . Are you sometimes bub-cleaned up the kitchen, it is tha t l e n g t h of. t 1me. college degrees will b e placed later and m good cond1t1on. is a junior college teacher's GRI No. 3 vs. Golden Nads A c counti n g, M a r k e tin g and bling ove r with energy and usually c 1 0 s e to 8 P Thi If a unable to co m where the y are most needed. program. Talos vs. Verdandi Math, ( Also interv iewing 2nd sometimes very sluggish? leaves Saturday for p l ete h 1 s !"aJ o r I n t he usual The board emphasized that rePhysiCS Bul•ldl•ng Requirements to be admitted Zeta Phi Epsilon vs. Arete day f or interested students); 8. Would you rate yourself shopping , running errand { o f a d eferment e x f o r deferments will to the graduate program are: I Phi Sigma Xi vs. KI.O Maas B rother, Executiv e Train-as a lively individual? washing and ironing clothe s and w i ll handled on an contmue to c hange as long as Described B. A. degree. Beta 2 W vs. Beta Ground ees for positioW: in 9. Would you be very un-cleaning m y house. O f course, mdlv1d u a l bas1s b y his l oca l U. S . continues its military B-average on last half of Thursday, Oct. 7 i n g a n d operatiOns , ma]ors In happy if you were prevented I'm usually still washing and draft board. . . . b u1ldup throughout the world. In BookS . undergraduate work. Nads vs . P.E.M. marketing w i t h Bus. Adm.; and, from making numerous social ironing on Sund ., . If a studen t IS marned, h1s S t udents who drop out even one 800 or better on GRE. Cratos vs Tal s Walgr een Company , Manage-contacts? Billi ay, continued deferment a p plies o nly if h e is trimester could become eligible The new physics building at 600 on NTE. Alph 4 w 0 AI h 2 E ment Trainees , majors in Man10. Are you inclined to be e . . a full. time s t udent. for the draft call whether or not USF has been included in "Phys1 A student may be accepted Beta a dvs. BP t a 3 agement, .Marketing, Acmoody? Both feel however, In the future, w h o t hey plan to re-enter school. ics B uilding s Today," a 64 page provisionally by his NTE score, Beta :.w-W counti n g ( will stay 2nd day) . 11. Do you have frequent the of USF . t o . th1s s upplement to the 1961 publica-the provis ion being that he take Frida Oct 8 Oct. 2 2 -Grand Union Com ups and downs in mood, either of Jt E notes Party Set; Physics the GREat the first opportunity. Hurtin' GRI pany, Management Trainees, with or without apparent cause? a Y possl e or s u ent s _ e mgs: D es1g n and Function," "These are not ha_rd and fast Golden Nads vs Nads any major with sincere inter-12. Do you prefer action to . to therr wh i ch describes 26 build i ngs rules," explained Dr. Stovall. Beta 4 E vs Be t a 3 E 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 e s t in Retail Food Distributi on planning for action? Ibon smcbel toey d p r ob a bl y constructed in the last f i v e "Each case is dealt with i n-Alpha 2-W Alpha 4-E wou e una e o s o oth F lA G• I G years d . d ll " erwlse ' t . . lVI ua y. All games begin promptly at 0 0 0 I r 5 u es s Novel _types of An estimate is made of each 4:20 p.m. They also feel that dnvm g construction and faClhties have applicant' s ability as shown by Signups Extended; alone _ de finite advantag e s been emphas ized in the booklet. his undergraduate performance ---------over bemg m a car-pool in that B y GAIL REEVES A new c o mer in E notas social The booklet was published in and test scores. He is accepted EngineerS Join 0 0 Main, Bay Reps In th_ ey are no t constantly wo rry-Campus Staff Writer events is the Ce nten nial week-response to requests from aca-if the Graduate Council feels bo t ki d A USF's Engineering College mg a u ma ng the other Las t nig h t the siste r s a n d e n . n informal d an c e for F ri-demic physicists to be in-that he is cap_able of doing the Association voted Monday to be-dents lat.e fo r class. Then, too , pledges of FIA had a n i nf ormal d a y night, sorority games for new conce?ts m phys-1 work. come affiliated with the Florida they t have_ to contend with get-to-gether after the l ed es Satur d a y mor n i n g, a lawn party b uildmgs _a_s. a gwde to. planThe deadline for applications En ineerin S ociet . T wenty-one representatives less withdrew from the Basic the dnvmg o f other peowere i nd ucted a t the g of Sat u r day afte rnoo n and a !ormng new facilttJes? to for Trimester Il, 1966 is Dec. elec{ed by the 23 were added to the SA legislaStudies race later. ple and they don t have to worry D d M Ch 1 W "ld mal costume b a ll Saturday mght D r . Van Zandt Williams dJrec7 1965 Further information may b about ca pool fbTt ean a n r s. ares 1 y a r e 0 t h g d f th k t f. th A . : • mem ers present are: F r a n k ture l a s t Tuesday. Approxim-The elections had been sched-r c ompa 1 1 1 y. t o promot e a clo s e r fe e lin g n e a en a or e wee or 0 . e mencan Institute o be obtained from the College Henderson William Cooper and t 1 600 t d ts t ed t to led f both Uc 226 nd A among th e sisters . end o f Nov. 20. P h ysics. ! of Education, AD 109, ext. 156 . Lou i s New repres'entaa e y s u en urn ou u or a rgos, SHEILA FRANKLIN, on the v o t e . but someone, without any SA other hand, feel s that there are Next weeke n d the sisters and tives are: Frank Skillen and W I t th . "th off 1 , k 1 definite advantages to being i n pledges o f F I A will h ave a William Thompson. a tzing in o e1r posts wt s now edge, set up the a car pool. slumber party a t the home o f j The meeting was held at 2 very little oppos i tion ( in fact tab e in the nuth lobby of the some of the sister s. p.m. in PH 141. n one in all the colleges except UC. The logic behind thi s move "Since the r e are five people The Delta o fficers sl ate for B st d " ) Sh y in ou r c a r pool , explained SheiS tes d e;r apparently was that many stu-Ia "each person only has to 1965 -66 show tha t two FIA' s will hertsf, rathn CJ sllon anf Edim dents pass by this area on their d ; i v e once a week This cu t s be taki n g respon s i b l e positi o ns . ng rom e o ege o uJ Hi " d d cation Kathryn R. Bernard way to class and lunch . down on gas and oil costs, wear Jarucew l g t I S pres ! ' ' and tear th d 11 oa n a e r 1 s v1ce pre s 1 e n . Fr(lnk Harber, Allen Schroeder Election returns wete original-on e car an a ows Barbara Warre past presiden t an?_Fred ? fly scheduled to be released at each person a to relax, of FIA and a m a J o r has Busmes s AdmmJstratJon Dav1d four days a week. . . L G D 1 G ' G 9 a.m., Wednesday, but were Sh ila f th 1 . bee n asked t o )om Math Honor. reene, oug as . reen, . e u r er exp amed that a r y John Harper, Rick Neuman and not announced until 2 p.m. it would be difficult fo r her t o Kar en O 'Grady, College of LibBay Campus went to the polls driv e fiv e day s a week since Th e brother s o ! E notas b o n-era! A r ts; Buck Skillen , College Friday, Sept. 24, to elect its both h _ e r parents work and one ored t -.;o of the former pledges o f Eng in eering; and Roy C. Ash -first student government. parent must make arrang etheir ley , Robert B r own, Joan ConEd Bravo was elected presi -ments to get a ride t o work durmg pled geshi p . ley, Joan Lindsey, Joe McDan -dent; Dan Marks, vice-presi-when she i s using the car. A fay a plaque iel, Linda Sullivan , Bill Wilkin-dent; Cindy Blumenfield secre-survey o f her car pool revealed : 1 : e s . t t hl ti son and Patty LaBrot, College tar y ; Judy Margrace ' treasthat the other members w e r e g egan 1 e pro o f Basic Studies . urer and Roger Mille; social confronted with t h e same p r ob. rathm trJsk y eadr a vtJctory Jim W right and Bill Wilkin chairman. ' lem. mB e t h ac a n Jek. m1e . e 1 t; g d ft I . B . r o e r s a r e rna I n g 1 n a ar-on ne up a er n g1e . urke, The race for president was "We haven't found compati -rangement s for the Oc t 9 pled ge election committee chairman, reported to have been partie-bility to be a problem " con p t Th 1 " t t extended th d dli th 1 1 1 . • a r y . e soc1a comm1 e e Is e ea . ano er u ar y c ose . with Thorn Brock tmued Sheila. "I suppo s e it' s no w planning the fin a l details 24 hours past !he onginal 5 p . m . and Bob Fisher making i t 11 because after two trimest e r s o f for the Fall B all, to be h eld S ept. 20 deadline. Douglas La w1 three-way battle. driving 40 miles round-trip e ach Oct . 3 0 . They're Off And Running USF and FSU t a ke_ o ff in our f irst i n tercolleg i ate c ross-c o u n try compe tition. FSU w on t h e event , w hich was h e ld h ere Sat urday, Sept. 25.-(USF P hotos) > Swim Meet Plan ne d Entry deadline for the intra mural swim meet is Oct. 5. Ten men's and six to eight !women's teams are expected to enter the Oct. 15, 4 p . m ., meet, according to Murphy Osborn, intra -mural coordinator. All swimmers and divers are re quired to attend a c 1 i n i c on Oct. 11. A team may enter two partici pants in each event, but indi viduals are limited to entry in three events. ':reams may en ter only one team in each relay event. The e ight events are medleY. relay, individual freestyle div ing, 50 yard freestyle, backstroke, individual butterfly, individual breaststroke, a n d freestyle relay.


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, Oetober 4, 1965 New I BrzJes Cold Wave Problem Is Due This Fall! Paragraphs About People They 'II Have a Luau of a Time BANKERS WILL TRADE tie and coat for costume or casual wear Saturday night. . . . Occasion will be a Hawaiian luau given by the Tampa chapter, Amer ican Institute of Banking. . . . Setting is the Sheraton-Tampa Motor Inn .... They'll meet around 6 for dinner at 7 .••• Danc ing to the music of the Versatones starts at 8, according to Stevie Jones .... Mak ing arrangements are John O'Connor and Don Bryant, helped by the chapter's worn en's committee. Go West CRUIS-A-CADE CLUB of Tampa is having a "sensation al" Western Rqund-up at the ciubhouse Saturday .... The Ghost Town Slingers will give a free show at 18 and there'll be a barbecue dinner by Howard Cook .. ' .. Things start at 3 in the afternoon-go on until 10. . . . Serving of the barbecued chicken and trimmings ' starts at 5 .... Get reservations in by 6 Thursday evening. . . . Fun for all is promised, with games for little cowpokes and big buckaroos. Cadet Promotions A NUMBER of Tampa boys have re ceived honors at Riverside Military Acad emy ... Mark Butson, grandson of Mrs. F. R. Butson of Bayshore was promoted to second lieutenant Also attaining PEYTON WALTON, M.D. These Gals Announc:e• the Opening of hil Olflco at: 1 DAVIS BOULEVARD R II Practic• Limib•d to the Speeial b e a y D i 9 of $urger')' Oflic:o Ph. 251.31n NEW YORK (UPil Teen Homo Ph. 834 1644 agers dig a lot of things but Senior Girl Scouts from five ADVERTISEMEN'r southern states dig just a bit Sells $5 Paint $1.99 PAINT BUSINESS THRIVES ON WRONG APPROACH "JUST SHARON" more. Each summer since 1958, a selected group o girls bas participated in Project "Archy" -a two-week archeological dig on Sand Mountain near Albert ville, Ala. The project draws girls from Arkansas, Tennessee , Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Intrigued listeners with a -----------story of how to be successful -the wrong way. See Page 2 I IN THE LATIN QUARTER ARCADE I for story. 1510 E. BROADWAY PH. 24t only at 1711 S. Dale Mabry Final Reduction New Fall Bridal Samples 25/o to formerly $110 to $165 pay down VJ take three months to pay balance. No carrying charge only at 1711 S. Dale Mabry for one week only! Entire Stock of Evening Slippers GOLD SILVER BROCADES WHITE PEAU Reg. to $32 $ Hi or Mid Heel• Buy one for now, put up a second pair All Sale$ Final that rank was Stephen Culbreath, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Culbreath ... John Sheldon Menard, so of Mr. and Mrs. Don ald F. Menard, is now a master sergeant . . . And Mariano George Paniello, son of M. G. Paniello, was promoted to sergeant along with Stephen Alex Shaw, son of Mrs. C. E. Shaw. South Pacific THERE'LL BE A special benefit per formance of South Pacific . . . Tampa Lyric The ate r' s putting it on at 8:30 Wednesday evening at the Falk Theater . . . The pre-opening night production is sponsored by the Parents' C 1 u b of St. Mary's Parochial School . . . If you want to help a good cause, make reservations now. , ' -j) l n-3099 ' \ \ \ ,_, Let's go young. That's what's happening in this neat precise little dress. The narrow top is cut as spare as a bathing suit and curves away from the body below the yoke to e .nd in just a hint of flare at the short, short hem. Top stitching neatly outlines the neck and armholes and accent s the deep vee of the yoke. The welt pockets are not really pockets at all, just strips of fabric for the welted look you love. Fabric suggestions are sheer woolens, raw silk, jersey, flannel or tweeds. I This is a short dress, designed to be worn above the knee. SIZES BUST WAIST HIPS *LENGTH 8 33 23 34 1614 inches 10 34 24 35 12 35 25 36 16% .. 14 361/.z 26\-2 37\-2 17 .. 16 38 28 39 1 7>4 *From Nape of Neck to Waist A double ring ceremony ln Forest Hills Baptist Church united in marriage Miss Dor othy Ann Lilley and Laurence Caulie Hutcheson Saturday af ternoon. The Rev. Joe L. John son officiated. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lilley of Lutz, and Mr. and Mrs. Caulie Hutch eson, 8508 Highland Ave . W h i t e taffeta embroidered with pearls was the bride's choice for her formal gown which ended in a train. A crown of pearls held her veil and she carried an orchid cascade. Mrs. Laurence C. Hutcheson By "BILL" TIDWELL According to the drycleaner's (not the weather bureau) ba• rometer, there's going to be ' ' a sharp increase in cold wava . problems this fall . However these problems will not be part of any weather pattern. Instead they will directly affect and per ruin many . wave comes from the '"'"'u''" a! Institute Drycleaning. stitute Garment Analysis La bora"Bill" Tidwel tory experts state the damag•• will be the result of careless! used home permanent or col wave solutions. • Every fall there is a sharp in,... crease in the number of dresse (and an occasional man's suitt sent to Spotless Cleaners antt, Laundry with ugly looking splotches of color loss arounct the shoulder and neck area. Th-. garments have usually just beerr from summer storage:': Mrs. Robert J. Lilley served as matron of honor. Miss San dra Lilley was bridesmaid and flower girl was Sharon Lilley. The attendants wore gowns of light blue brocade with match ing headpieces and carried pink carnations. d b The Institute explains that th . . r1ed a bouquet of orchi s, roses IS now teachmg lD West 11ry, culprit is +he cold wave solution. Patnck Whitman served as and stephanotis . Long Islan.d. that has spilled and left best man. Ushers were James ... Whitman and Mike Whitman. Miss Ronnie Wernick Mr. Schwartz is completing garment. At first it i$ inc. boro N C served as of his education at Hofstra Unif gotteandT_coensequden11tl.Yt • ' ., t Lo 1 1 d or n. 1m an ea A reception at the bride s par honor. Miss Wernick wore an versi y, ng s an vate certain ingredients in the. ents' home followed the cere-Empire gown of blue chiffon, solution which in turn bleac mony. Mr. and Mrs. Hutcheson and carried a cascade of out garment color. will live in Tampa. dar glamellias. Spotless Cleaners, home o • • * . Sanitone Master Dry Cleaning United in marriage Sept. 5 at Servmg as best man was has 17 stores in and aroun 12.30 . th Te 1 Beth-ard Kartt, Long Beach. Ushers TODD'S Tampa to provide you with fast;. p.m., m e mp e M ' h I K tt b th f ff" t I El in Long Beach, Long Island, were ae ar , ro er o e JCien , qua ity service. Loolt N y Mi J dith Lo . the bride, Sheldon Sacks, Wash in the yellow pages for thl(. K . tt we:;a .M 1u C h ington, D.C.; Joel Fishkin, VENETIAN BLINDS location nearest you . a.. ar an 1 c ae a r e s Brooklyn; Douglas Feinberg, Schwartz. Dr. Stanl _ ey Kazan of Lake Ronkonkoma, N . Y.; Larry Tampa, and Kolach of Tarah, Queens; Robert Tarab, Long Beach, officiated . Long Beach, and Henry TinnerParents of the couple are Mr. ello, Long Beach. and Mrs. David Kartt, 11 Baf A reception was held in the fin Avenue and Mrs . Robert banquet room of the Temple Schwartz, of Long Beach. BethEl in Long Beach following Given in mattiage by her fa the wedding. ther, the bride wore an Empire The bride is a graduate of gown of peau de soie and lace Plant High School and the Uni with detachable train, and carversity o North Carolina. She Mrs. Michael C. 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THE TAMPA TIMES, Monda:r, October 4, 1965 29 142A Campers, Coaches and 145 Automotive Miscellaneous 147 Trucks, Trailers, luses Trani Trailers .... _ '63 FORD 2 Ton, 16 Ft. FlatBed, .. POSTON .MARINII: HARDWARE 1012 E. Cau ph 229 101!.' SELF contained, Atrfl .. hl camper on 1960, 6 cylinder GMC truck, ru refricerator, stove. llthts. $2400. TarpoD Sprints, 937. RENT Trade $% Ftnaneina. tric. 24' wide with 3" walls. Anchors. Fast delivery anywhere! = Ph. 238-1737, Evenings, 87s.4752. SALE Apache camp trailers. 7 sUghtly usedllke new $J99 to $695 incJ. extras. Ed.John•s, 5995 Park Blvd., Plnellu Park. VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER HEADQUARTERS NEW 1966 v.w. Wealfalla camper df:/l,ampa USED '64 Tampa Kampa 'U90vw Weotfalla Camper, tent. shower, stove, etc. S2190. USED (4) 1963 Tampa Kampers (new ldl.) from S1790 to $1990. USED Texas Camper, 11990. USED '62 Tampa Kamper (new kit.> BIRDSONG MOTORS 11333 Fla. Ave. Ph. 93H126 1965 Open Road Camper and %T. Ford Pickup Sl .. 4, Stove, fw Gas and altctr"ia liahta. Full Drict $2255 1965 Ford YB Pickup B' Camper Stove and iee box. P'ull prin $1995 Open Road Campers, Inc:. 1015 1!. Hillsbot'O P'h. 231 Tampa, F'la. SLADES TRAILER CENTER Vacation .. Office • Home • Buslnen "IF IT TRAVELS-WE HAVE IT" Ame7lca's finest nne. inelud. HOUDAY RAMBLERTRAVELER AU 1lzes &: models &: layouts Save $500 on. all '65 closeouts 1711 Neb. US 41 'tn 9, closed Sun. BUILDING a Camper, houseboat or trailer?!?? We have stoves, ovena, hooda, fans, sl.nk.J, tee boxes, refrl&:s, toilets, 12V UOV lc: 1as lightl. windows, doors, e1ec. or meual water pumps &:: tal'lks, Butane tanks, paneling, cusbions &: mattre1aes ete. Save S$$. AMERICAN EAGLE CAMPERS 41011 W. CoYuga 677 IN THE WAY THINGS such as radios, phono graphs, p o w e r tools, sports equipment, typewriters, all kinds of furniture, appli ances, toys and what have you-sell quickly with a FAST ACTION Tribune -Times want ad. To place your ad Ph. 223-4911. GOOD u a e d ••eu, illatalled ,. va Power 1JJ1d ,Ji!,peed Axle. fi!':ol: '60 FORD. 2 Ton, 5-Srfed Trans. Coli leaa toot Adamo. 62HI61. Alita Speodemetars 1961 DODGE, C.SOO, 2 ton LIWB. AtrrO S'Deedometer npairs. Cabltl cab "' chassis truck with 9:00x20 97e. 1110 Tampa. tires, 4008 W. Alva (Drew Park). 19$5 GMC 'l'lon Pickup $27$. Transmlulons 19$6 I.H.C. 'hTon Pickup $225, GOLDEN AUTOMATIC TRANS Phone 223-3321 Repalr..()verhaul-Exchange $622 E. HUlsboro 238-3549 Riverview U.S. 301 677-6'134 Tn1ck Rentals QUIT that old replaced refrigerator around trying to make room for the car in the carport. You can sell it quickly and easily with a FAST ACTION Tribune-Times Want Ad Ph. 223-4911. 147 Trucks, Trailers, lu'" JEEPS-SCOUTS 4WD UNrrS '46 TO '64 AD Klllds of Trucks Gulf Truck Sales 2173 U.S. 19 S., Clwtr. 19M CHEVROLET panel, $295, Call 838, 839-'2736. 1960 FORD, 'h ton pickup, new tires, low mUeage, 932. MILLER TRAILERS INC. TRAILERS and TRUCK Bodiea 11013 E. Broadway Ph. 247 Orange State Mtr. Co. '64 I.H.C. 1800-10x20 tlrea, %ap., ilosp .• 151' w.a. '59 I.H.C. 1'h Too, 10 ft. VaJI body. '80 CHEV, "' loa pickuP-' cyl enatne. 'U I.H.C. B10! PICKUP JEEP 4wh. Dr., eaavu top '$5 GMC Pickup v.a, Hlpeed '52 JEEP Station Waton 4x4. '60 !.B.C. BCF182 Tpdem Dump, 10.12 yd. body, . 1001 E. Kennedy Blvd. Ph. 223-3321 Used Truck Office 2 Bloeb East Coort !961, Cab. Chassis, F600, .2 935. NATIONAL'S Truck Specials 1963 • CORVAIR Van Greenbrier. -Exctllent c:ond. . ............ $695 1961 CORVAIR Rampalde :.,;. ioft' ptck'up ::::: :i:i 1962 CORVAIR Panel ........ &79$ 1962 CHEVROLET "' loa 'i>a.iei ... 1963 VOLKSWAGEN Rampslde 'si:oiit''695 pickup .. , .. , .. , .... , . , ...... $895 NATIONAL AUTO SUPERMARKET 1711 E. Hillsboro Ave. Ph. 237 USED TRUCK HEADQUARTERS lnterllatlonal Harveater Co. 2063 1al Ave. N., St. Pete -Hunters-Look EVERY Jeep vehicle In stock Is going at wholeule an models, UNIVERSALS, PICKUPS, WAGONEERS. AU with 4wheel drive. Save hundnds of. dollars now! Look them over now at STRICKLAND'S AUTO SALES 3702 E. HILLSBORO PH. 1963 REA VY Duly, 3 quarter loll pick up. 237. CORVAIR 1961 panel, $39$. loterua lloaal 19$$, 12' bed, 1350. 1482$ Nebraska Ave. 93$.0?66. AN OK CHOICE 01' WORKPOWERI '62 CHEVROLET 1!2-Ton Pickup '945 New Paint! . ..• , , • , •. '63 FORD &f2-Ton With utilib boxes. '6S CHEVROLET 1Ton C, & Ch. Low mileage. BaT FactorY Warranty. '60 GMC '1125 '1995 Long WhHI Bate. '115 Good cond •.......•• '64 CHEVROLET Pickuo. '1495 Excellent condition. Open 'til I Jt.M. Dally Sat. 'til 6 P.M4 Closed Sun. 141 Autamoltlles Wanted CARS Wanted! 16th St. and Temple Terrace Hwy. WE PAY-MORE FOR 1960 to 196S American er foreign automobiles in e xtra Dice condition. See Gordon Von Pusch, Tom WoUe Auto Sales, 9390 Flor Ida Ave. Ph. 935-1145. TOP money for better than average clean '55's thru preferred. Plaza Motors Tampa•• Most re spect.ed. dealer, 4511 S. Dale Mabry. GET CASH for your old \(). CASH TODAY WE pay top $$S for clean '41 3737 Henderaon Blvd. at Dale Mabry Ph. 872-9243 TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR USED CAR 170Z Florida Ave. Ph. 232ol!291 JUNK CARS WANTED West Coast Auto Puts 626-3512 WE buy cars in any eond.itcon . Top prices, free towing, ABC Auto Sal vaa:e. 231. 149 lmporteti-Sport Cars Be Your Own Importer uu ugg ::::: :um: 1966 VW's 1500 Series ...... $1900. 1966 vw ... 12100. 1966 VW . , . $2250. 1966 VW Fastbacks ......... Ul50, 1600 series FULL U.S. SPECIFICATIONS The above prices are delivered in Tampa. Small amount of duty to ::d Full factory warranty M&W IMPORTS Ph. 238 IT'S THE RIGHT TIME THE RIGHT CARS THE RIGHT DEALS 1SO Automobiles For Sale '58 THUNDERBIRD Gl '17 PiYm outh Waaon. Belt reuonable offer. 93$.3052 • '60 Galaxie HT •.• $499 Loaded. Even air conditioning. 1419 W. WATERS DLR. MUST sen '54 Cro.11ley dratster; Full house Chevy entfne. 3506'h. ArUnt ton Ave., 229-1122. '60 Falcon Wagon!! 2 DR. STR SHIFT. DRIVES PER FECT. $515. 59ZO NEBRASKA MrLEOD MOTORS 238 1960 DODGE I door, while, 6 cylinder, .!!ticK .!lhift, excellent condltiDn $685, 4814 San Joa.e, 834. 1st City Bank of Tampa BAS SEVERAL LATE MODEL REPOSSESSION I< OTHERS MR. COLEMAN, 228' '57 BUICK, fully equipped, good tires. $250. 932-4685 after 4. Used Taxi Cabs + $295 + '61-'62-'63 STUDEBAKER LARKS NEW & used parts for Stude k Checker automobiles. Apply YELLOW CAB CO. 502 N, Oregon, Tampa MUST sell Al '63 Tblrd; HT, personal car. 229-5151, Mel Ho!f. man or 935-0874. 1965 MUSTANG. Take over pay. ments. Ph. 238-2576. 1963 MONZA 900 SERlE S 2 DR., Automatic Trans., Heater, WSW tires, Solid White with Black Buc:ket Seat Interior, Full car. pets, Immaculate condition. Only $1395. Ttrms arranged. See at 3909 Fla. Ave. Homer Herndon'• Ph. 223-4902. '61 T-BIRD CONVERTIBLE. Canary yeUow. Black top. ThJs car is truly one of the area's finest. "QUALITY CARS" 701 N. DALE MABRY 877$364 '56 BUICK Century Estate Wagon ,THIS sharp .t-door station wagon \s equipped wlth radio &:: heater. Dynaflow, power steering & whitewall tir&s . A lot of car for only $595. See or call L. E. SELDERS FOSTER LINCOLN -MERCURY *DOWNTOWN* 1515 Fla. Ave. 229-9341 'Just Off Interstate 4' WE FINANCE YOU '58 FORD 4 Dr, '349, '58 Plym Conv, $395. 606 E Waters. DLR. BANK REPOSSESSIONS RECONDmONED Free Five-Year Written Warranty NO DOWN PAYMENT NO PAYMENT 'TIL NOV. WITH QUALIFIED CREDIT '60 Olds ......... $ 699 bal. $42 mo. '58 Chevy ....... s 387 bat. $24 mo. '61 Cadillac: .... S1787 bat. ?? mo. '57 Ford Wac .. S 174 bal. S 9 mo. '59 Chev .. 4 1dr •.. S 499 bal. $30 mo. '61 Plym 21d hi $ 793 bal. $44 mo. '63 Olds S /Fire $2178 bal. ?? mo. '53 Comet S .. $1281 bal. S59 mo. '59 Chev. HT ... S 691 bal. S44 mo. '60 Buick Wag $ 896 bal. S48 mo. 62 Buick-air .. $1691 bal. $62 mo. Ford XL 500 11997 bal. ? ? mo. '62 Olds-alr .... 11593 hal. S61 mo. Plym V-8 ... S 359 bal. $19 mo. '63 Chev. Stlc •.. 11296 hal. $61 mo. '60 Olds 4 dr. • . S 779 bal. $48 mo. '59 TBird-alr S 951 bal. $53 mo. '62 Chevy 327 .. $1131 bal. 153 mo. '60 Chev. 4 1 d ht $ 974 bal. $53 mo. '65 Mustang 2+2 $2398 bal. ? ? mo. '60 Mere. 2 1 d hi $ 841 bal. $39 mo, '60 Chev. PU ... $ 867 bal. $48 mo. '60 Chev. Wag. S 889 bal. S49 mo. '61 Comet 4 df. S 687 bal. $48 mo. '58 2 dr. $ 778 bal. $49 mo. '59 Olds HT .. .. S 499 bal. SJC mo. '61 Monza 2 dr. S 941 bal. $49 mo. WILL ACCEPT TRADE5-Dealer Stored at 2805 Fla. DENNIS THE MENACE By HANK KITCHAM "I'm waltin' for an Idea to hit me." ISO Automobiles For Sale tires, tu.tone, R&.H. Balanc:e $395 at $19.86 mo. No cash needed! No paym't w Dec. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-:1:288, 224 196Z CORV AIR Monza, 4 speed, R&H, etc. F95. 596, Clear water. '59 Rambler Wagon A DANDY economy wagon.Fresh as a Daisy. Complete Y.ith chrome luggage rack &: automatic transmission. Low, low payments alart in 45 days . Open 9-10 dally, Superior Motors 4205 Flo$s AoowN 237 TAKE over payments Corvair. 4 dr. WSW tires, R&H, AT. Real eu saver. Bal. $399 at $24.87 mo. No cash needed, no payment until December. DJr. 2819 Fla. Ave . 224-8221 1964 MALIBU, 2 door, V.a , AT, AC, PS. R&:H, other extras, owner. Clearwater. 1960 OLDSMOBILE 98. AIC pow er. Equipped. Excellent. Reason able. 256, 225. '$6 PONTIAC. $160. Good running condition . 1813 E. Y u k on St. 935-2096. $10 DOWN AIR CONDITIONED BEAUTY at the unheard of low price $888. '61 Olds Hardtop, Don't be Jate wtth your $10 down. Small weekly or monthlv payments . Open S.9. COLONIAL MOTORS 1772 W. Hillsboro Ph. 872-7961 1960 CADilLAC convertible, all pow er, excellent c:ond.ition, $1450. Clear. water 581f)1. '64 T-BmD, fully loaded, atlll on warranty, perfect $2995. C a II 93$.5889. 1958 lice. can between 8-10 a.m. or 8-10 p.m. 839-3995. '63 RENAULT SPORTS ROADSTER BOTH Tops, Radio, Heater $995 I 50 Automobiles For Sale '56 FORD CONVERTIBLE. Nice tu good motor. automatic sion, WW tires. No cash needed, $5 week. SUN RAY MOTORS, INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4891 '64 GALAXlE 500 11d HT. Fact. air. White/red. 8.000 ml Consider trade. Askin& $1850. 832. 1957 FORD. Excellent condition . Very clean. $SOO. 4006 Marietta, 839. 1965 CHEVROLET Impala, 2 door, factory air, Cheap. 253-0347. 876. '54 CHEVY BELAIR 4 DR. Nice tutone Green & White orfg. tnal interior, R&H, excellent mo tor. standard transmission , good body & tires. No ca!!h needed, $4 wk. Full price S295. SUN RAY MOTORS INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph, 232-4891 1962 FORD Falrlane 500 tudor radio, heater, V-8 !tick shift, Very clean 836. CORVETTE 1965, 4 speed, 350 HP, gray convertible. 3010 Je ferson. CADILLAC, Sedan Deville '$7. AC, good condition, very reuonabJe. 257. '59 CHEVY BELAffi 4 DR. Beauti ful tutone Blue &: white finish, clean original interior, Rid!, econ needed. $8 wk. FuH price $595. SUN RAY MOTORS. INC. 6300 Florida Ave. Pb. 232-4891 '60 Ford $495 6 CYLINDER 2 Door. Standard Transmission. Clean. "Short Profit Hale" 2308 W. Kennedy Blvd. 877 TAKE over payments '89 Chev. Wagon. 4 dr. Tutone, R&H, 6 cyl., AT. Bal . $295 al $17.82 mo. No cash needed, no payment until November. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave . 229-2288, 2244221 ONE owner Mercury Sta. Wagon. V-8, auto. Excel. cond. White with Red leather interior. $495. Ph. 83Zo{}65S, Dlr. '61 CADILLAC SEDAN 6 WINDOWS, beautiful solid whlta, air conditioned. '61 Pontiac Sta. Wagon BONNEVILLE. Full power plu• air. PENN MOTORS 1411 FLA. AVE. PH. 229 Wsw tires. Bal. $595. Only $29.86 mo . No c as h needed, no pay. ment 'til November. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229288, 224 143 Motorcycles-Scooters 198$ DUCAT! MeeciJJ1!ea motor• cycle. OlllY MO actual m 11 e s . Loaded wilb e. x t r a • s including chrome pipes. Full ]'ric:e $195. See at Nat, Auto Supum'lt't 1711 E. Hlll•boro Ave. Pb. 237:1. HOLMES wreckers, $800, $1500, $:1000. AU on Ford trueka, Black's loe .• Lakeland, Florida ATTENTION Huntera. ISM Power Wagon Dodge Swamp B u g 1 y. EV 5-7428, Sebring, Fla. Automatic Compacts! 1964 & 1965 Cot:tlnas with heater, automaUc tr&n.!. WSW tires. Very low mileage . '64's $1395, '65's Sl495. See them at Homer F. Herndon•a. 3909 Fla. Ave. Ph. :123-4902. FINANCING ARRANGED CRACKER BOY No Money Down '63 Ford NEW HARLEY DAVIDSON M 1964 DUCAT! Bronco. Excellent COD• clition. less 4000 mJ, U7S.oo, after 6 p.m. 1962 H.D., FLH, ........ , ... 1875 1!65 Yamaha, 250ec ............ $545 1965 Suzuki, 250ce .............. S$45 1965 Butaco. 200ce .............. S375 1965 Dueatll, 90ce .............. S:!U LOVENGREEN SALES 7816 N. Dale Mabey 932-7600 DOCK strikes over. New 1965 model Yamaha. available Immediately. Lovengreen Sales, 7816 N. Dale Mabry, 932. '65 Ducati-160cc ... , ......... $425 '5:5 Harley Davtdsoit KH , ..... $395 '64 Ducati BroncG-125cc ...... S275 Barney'• 876-0646 2111 W. Hlllsb. WANTED: Harley 74, '59 model to 57. Buy reasonable or assume payments. Write Rt. 2 Box 221 Zephyrhillll, Fla. SPOT CASH! Yes, Clas sified ads t u r n un needed articles in to spot cash! See for yourself! Ph. 223-4911. 145 Automotive Mlscellanoous COlt_{fLETE automatie tr•nmnlsslon an4 general repair, nbtPJd: transmissions, $65 up. Seals, $20 up. Complete flnaneint, Sulphur Springs Firestone &;18 Nebraska Ave. 932-6119. iUTO?=r'=-acll=ato=ra"',-::wsedJ rebuilt, or recored. Priced to save you money. Adams Auto ParUI, 6%6-$161. ATTENTION TRUCKOWNERSI TREMENDOUS savlnfs on good USED T R U C K TIRES priced from 16 ud up. Most slzes-8.25x20, 000x20, 1000x20. Also sin .1\e b e a d delivery Ure.s. Used passenger car tires as low as $3. Come to Truck Tire Depart ment. Montgomery 1701 No . Dale Mabry. Ph. 876. REBUILT transmissions &:: motors or repair yours. Easy terms. Satnes Auto Service, to& S. Howard. 253. AUTOMAnC TRANSMISSIONS REPAIR , Rebullt or Exehanae, Free pick up, easy credit. Boozer's Garage, 2930 W . Hillsboro. 876-4607. NEED AUTO LOAN MONEYf USE OURS! .MARINE BANK lk TRUST CO, Mad.ilon &: FraDklln Sta. Aamco Transmissions WORLD'S LARGEST TRANSMISSION SPEClAUST One Day Service Multi-Cheek lostant Credlt-E-Z Tenns AAMCO 1705 Kennedy Blvd. 251(1 Insurance CALL 229-80$8 AUTO INSURANCE Kistner Realty & Insur. Rea !tors 213 E. Kennedy Insuron 14 7 Trucks, Trailers, I uses LATE model Chevrolet fuel oil truck with 1,000 gallon Unt ca pacity It meter. Phone 3402 15th St. WE WILL Pay Caah FOR Your Truck, Pic:kup. Panel, 1 Ton; Or Trade A Car. Tony Weir, 28M Fla. 1 Blk. North of Dr. GREAT DANE a:R .. uDii : = 36' G.D. Reefer TIC Unit ..... $7500 39'h' Muter DIVan wl6" drop J26SO DO!:RR'S TRLR. & EQPT. CO. 6710 E. Buffalo at H 6211-2147 FORD Semi Tractor I< Trailer wltll ramp. 149$. Clearwater 58H30L '63 ECONOLINE Van, good con after, 6 19$6 GMC Diesel tractor. 471 enJine, $1250. 8117 17th Sl, 935-6144. ton, good. tires, very good cond.Jtiou, 872-0200. Hunt Truck Sales SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY ANY USED TRUCK OR TRAllr ER. WE HAVE THE LARGEST 1< WIDEST SELECTION OF USED TRUCKS, TRAILE!IS I< TRACTORS IN THE SOUTH. NICE SELECTION OF Bulk Fruit Trailers 6-1963 WHITES MODEL 4294 DS TaBdtm Axle Diesel Dumpa. AU Ready to go to Work! 1962 GMC PICKUP 4 WHEEL DRIVE Good Rubber 1964 GMC CAB and chaasis wltll long base. 2 to ch0<11e from. Model 4008. 39th St. & Adamo Dr. Ph. 248-6221 Ext. 22 & Ext, 23 Eve. -1616 ''Red Shirley, Il. D. Bolle)' & Emit Wln1ate FRUEHAUF, high cube, 1957, fur. niture van trailer. Sell cheap. 1955 FORD, '!<. ton with complete roof painting equipment. Best <>f fer. 531-4575. JEEP pickup FWD winch, $750. Gladden. Kraeker Ave., Adams ville, 677-5896. MACK TRUCK INC. FACTORY BRANCH PARTS SALES SERVlCE NEW aad USED Trucka 604 SO. Mor&ao Ph. 229-8103 Over 100 Used Trucks TO CHOOSE FROM-$195 AND UP HALL TRUCK SALES 13201 Nebraska Ph. V3S.l220 USED schoot buses, Fords, Cbevrolets, JnteruaUonals " others. We finance. Parkers Used Cars, 938 N. Lincoln Ave.. Lakeland 82$824 , 20 CLEAN TRUCKS ORANGE MOTORS ST. PETE 2130 CENTRAL PH. 82!1-6962 CLOSEOlJT SPECIAL! BRAND NEW '65 FORD Fl 00 PICKUPS OPEN 'TIL 9 PH. 229 4500 FLORIDA AVE. 231-1831 GAS GOING UP!! Mileage Going Up!! BUY YOUR 1966 IMP SEDAN OVERHEAD CAM ENGINE s4H EPPARlfs IMPORTS 1413 S. Howard Ave. Phone 253-0139 SUNBEAM Alpine 1962 hardtop, AM, FM Radio, $1200. St. Pete 867-1667. '58 AUSTIN Healy '10 Sprite 1350. 831, 3622 Santiago 19$9 FIAT, 4 dr. good condition, call 837-3301 1964 FIAT 600 SERIES 2 DR., vecy low mileage, 1 local owner, wsw tires, beautiful sea foam green only S895 with easy te.nn11. See at Homer F. Herndon's, 3!09 Fla. Ave. Ph. 2!!3-4902. $375--30 MI. to gal. Immaculate 1961 3 speed floor shilt, Renault FORD Consul convertible, Must nc:rifJce for quick sale. New rub+ ber. $275. 4806 Highland Ave. 1963 SPRrrE. low mtleare, tom s:!.'!J.f:l:ed. Private oWJter. '63 KARMANN Ghia, white and aqua. 14,000 miles. Like. new, Owner transferred. Must sell. 1st offer over $1,600. Call 986. flee. $1000. 932 evenings, TRIUMPH TR-3 1960 ROADSTER. Disc wheellr. lo real good cond. week S400. S1 down, S23 month. oLher Roadsters. IMPORT MOTORS 3800 Florida Ave. Ph. 229 ISO Automobiles For Sale '65 CHEVROLET $2395 BEL AIR 4 DOOR actual miles. Balance o new car warranl,y. MIMS USED CARS 4802 E. Hillsboro Ph. 626-1106 '63 Tempest 4 Dr. 326 VB Factory air, auto trans ... Radio &: Heater. Wblte-nice interior. MUST SELL TODAY. 872-9247 Can Finance dlr. Heater, $350. 834-3523. MODEL A FORDS 1931 6 wheel deluxe Roadster 1928 Sport Coupe 1931 Deluxe business Coupe 1928 tudor Sedan 1930 tudor Sedan 1930 tudor Sedan 1931 tudor Sedan 3650 S. DALE MABRY 149 lmporteti-Spart Cars '65 Volkswagens NO CREDIT CHECK '58 Buick 2 dr. HT ............ $495 '59 Chevy 2 dr. . _ ............. $495 3918 Fla. Ave. Ph. Z29-9428 '59 RAMBLER wagon, iood condi tion, low cost operation. 5450. '64 Futura 2-Dr. HT V.a, 4 ON THE FLOOR, Am CONDITIONED. GUARANTI';EDI -BANK FINANCING• 3500 FLA. AVE. BAY AUTO SALES '59 FORD Galaule, two door, stan dard transmission. economic:al, oligiDal palnt, C06t new beautiful condJttoa, only $675. Jeau Towson 935. '60 PONTIAC VENTURA 4 DR. HT. PS, PB, R&H, auto. While with Wine &: Maroon. interior. You have to see thi& one. Price Or Credit No Problem Lifetime Warranty Best Auto Sales 4830 Florida Ave. Ph. 237-3306 Open DallY 9-10 Sunday 12 TAKE over l'BY!nent.l '59 Chev. 4 dr. BelAir. R&H, AT, S cyl., WSW tires. Bal. $295 at $19.62 mo. No cash needed. no payment unW November. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229, 224-8221 FALCON SPECIALIST THAT'S US! SALES-SERVICE-PARTS All Used Falcons GUARANTEED OnThe..Spot Bank Financing Come See Us Today! BAY AUTO SALES 3500 FLA. AVE. PH,. 229-6539 1963 2 DOOR Chevy II Nova hard top; radio, heater, automatic. $895 equity. $497 balance. Bank financ:e. $55 monthly. 832, days. 1962 VOLKSWAGEN sunroof, R&H, new tires, $925. 935.0715 after 6. 1965 NEW IMPERIAL CROWN t DR. HardtopTurquoise (stock No. radio, pwr. antenna, mirror-RT o / s manual, tinted glass all wi .n• dowa. 4Dr. protector edge mould, 9:1Sx13 WSW tires. Price was $6,797.75 NOW 5284.32 HAWKE PLYMOUTH 1111 W. Kennedy Blvd. 25J.0141 1961 C A DILL A C 4-door DeVU!e; fully equipped, AC, 1 owner. Call 935-6195. 1 OWNER, '60 Buick LeSabre sla lion wagon. $85G. 677. 149 Imported-Sport Cars $1395 Selt U-Drive-lts. Choice of colora. Deluxe 2-Dr". Sedans. EQuipped with heate,., defro1tt,., leathel"ett• interio,., etc. Hur'rY limited quantity! W.olfL Auto Sales 9390 JILORIDA AYE. PH. 93SII45 $10 DOWN V-200 Valiant '61 Hardtop AtrrOMATIC economy 6 cylinder. Chryslers Best. White with dazz:1ing Green interior. $10 Down, $9 week. Open 9. COLONIAL MOTORS 1771 W. Hlllsboro Pb. 872 See BOE WOOD CHEVROLET for new and used cara. 1720 E. Hills boro, Tampa. Ph. 238-3161. '62 CHEV. WAGON IMPALA R AD I 0, heater, Auto . Trans .• power steering, power brakes $1495. CRACKER BOY 4500 FLORIDA AVE. 231-4831 1958 CHEVROLET, $425; 1960 Fa1 con, $360; 1958 Ford HT, $495; 1955 Chevy, $75; 1954 Ford, $50. 689, 689-5088. '64 MALIBU . . $1895 4DOOR . Automatic, radio &: heater, a:parkUng white flnll!ih with green interior. Balance of new car war. ranty! Pace Pontiac 1420 Fla. Ave. 228-7138 IF you are 21 yra. o I d and em 236$49 . '64 Chevy Bel Air 4 Dr. SOLD by owner. 14 mo. old, R&H, A I C, V6 auto, seat bells. $1900. 1001 W. Platt. 253. $10 DOWN CHEVROLET BELAIR HARD TOP . V-8. automatic. Perftct lor school or family car. Black &r: Ivory. All original thrDu&hout • Open 9 daily. COLONIAL MOTORS 1772 W. Hillsboro Ph. 872 '64 FORD GALAXIE 500 Custom Deluxe 2 Dr. Sedan, actual miles can be verified . Air condi tioned, power str. &: brakes, R&:H, v.a WSW. See at Mel's 2612 E. Hillsboro PH. 236-1101. '10 BUICK INV1CTA. Custom Coupe. Buc:ket sea.ts. Loaded. Champagne Beige with matching interior. Price Or Credit No Problem Lifetime Warranty Best Auto Sales 4630 Florida Ave. Open DallY 9 Ph. 237 Sunday 12-8 White top. Tutone leather inter ior, fully equipped. Low, low mileage. EasUy financed with no down payment at: Quality Auto Sales 4607 Fla. Ph. 236-6711 OPEN SUNDAY '53 OLDS V, auto., R&H, S69 cash. 7939 Florida Ave. Dlr . CADILLAC '63 Fleetwood. Comlor table factory air conditioning. interior a spaciou.s showcase lavishly endowed with sumptuous sup ple leather , Invitingly soft fabrics & luxurious deep pUe carpeting, Has been kept m mint condition by a finicky chauf feur gentle attention to even the smallest de tails has kept this beautiful Cadil lac factory Driven exactly 18,275 mUes . Its difficult to believe a pre-owned motor car could be ln. such perfect condition. This is a truly fine hand crafted motor car that has had the very best of care. Original coe:t over AvailabJe now ror less money than a new maM produced cheap car. Full price Cadmac City on U.S. 19 ln St. Petersburg bas over 50 air conditioned pre-owned iJlacs in stock so please ask for this Cadillac by Stock No. 203-B. There ' s absoluteJy :no excuse for you to purchase a pre-owned motor car of questionable condition &: background when you can purchase a Quality motor car from a Quality dealer at a fair price. At CadUlae City on U .S. 19. we offer select pre-owned Cadlllacs traded in on new CadUJacs by your authorized St. Petersburg Cadillac Dealer. The original ow-n ers name &: address is always available to verify any lnforma Uon you deem necenary & qu.tte orten we have the service records for your detailed inspection. Be fore we will offer a pre-owned motor car for sale, it is care fully inspected by our experienced mechanics. Yet, because we .are not absolutely perfect, we recom mend &: in fact almost insisf you bave the motor car of your choice proud to offer you courteous Red carpet attention . may we Your Quality Dealer. SEE THESE FINE QUALITY HERTZ CARS! ALL WITH BAL ANCE OF FACTORY WARRAN TY GUARANTEED! C H 0 ICE OF 200! No payments 'til Nov.l51 All payments i n c 1 u d e full fi .. nance Your choice of bank financmg. • No Leaders • No ucome.Onsl" '65 FORDS GALAXIE '500' 4DR. HDTPS. 352 CU. IN. v.s, Vlftyl interior, power steering, automatic. radio & heater, seat belts, windshield washers. etc. Choice of color. FULL PRICE $2299 $100 DOWN-S68.00 PER MO . Including Full Finance Chga. UNIVERSITY AUTO SALES 2555 N. DALE MABRY PHONE 872'1904 Also 1212 E. Fowler '58 Chev. Impala P.M. GLAMOROUS 2 door hardtop styl '63 FORD $1250 lng. peppy V performance, auto-1 • 1 • matic drlve wit.h power steering. E C 0 N 0 LIN E Station Wacon A Superior car 1n every way. Pay w / R&H $?.$0 week. OpeD '63Vi Fastback $1775 Supenor Motors .. 4205 Florida Ave. Ph. 23?Z9 "11nicK SCHOFIELD $5 DOWN 4405 E. Hillsboro Ave. 626 Jim Quinlan CheVTolet U.S. HIGHWAY 19 Just Soutll ol Clearwater 1 SO Automobiles Jlor Sale ON-THE-SPOT FINANCING NO DOWN PAYMENT No Credit Problems CLEAN CARS BANK FINANCING '63 Dodge Dart .. $1196 4 DR. s ;s, rttdlo. heater, one owner '61 Falcon Deluxe $596 2 DR. S /S, radJo, beater, e.xtra clean, $30 mo. '62 Triumph .•.••• $796 CONV., 4 speed, R, H , Bucket Seat. '57 Chev. Hardtop $396 POWERGLIDE, V, Sharp. $20 mo. '64 Falcon ..•.... $1196 DELUXE, radio. heater. stralth\ !tick, 6 cyl. Extra clean $40. mo. '63 MG 1100 ...... $796 4. R, H, bucket seats, $34. mo. '58 Olds 4-dr. • •..• $496 98, FULL powe1 , factory &ir cond., one owner. new tires, $28. mo. '62 Comet •.•..••• $876 DELUXE 4 dr. S IS, radio, heater. '59 Olds 88 conv. . . $596 FULL power, fire eneine rett. $30. mo. '61 Ply. Wagon .... $676 4 DR . Pushbutton. $36 mo. '63 Ford FL500 .•• $996 4 DR., s / s, heater, maroon beauty. $39. mo. '62 Chev. 4-dr ••••• $956 6 CYL., s is. radio, healer S38. mo. '61 Rambler wag •. CROSS Country, s/s, r&dto, heater, one owner, all orttinal, $32. mo. '60 Buick Conv. . . $976 ELECTRA 225 Conv., full power, all originaJ, sharp. '63 Corvair Monza $1196 900 COUPE, 4 apeed, R, H, bl1 motor, se&tl, white with 150 Auto111oblles Jlo' Sale 1965 FURY III STATION Wacon, power llr. I< brd;el, factwy air eond., RicH, automaUc, Unted 'lau. Fac:tory official car. Only $199 down or your old. car. Full price $3099 Northgate Chrys.-Plym. 10411 Fla. Ave. Ph. 935-3101 19&1 CORVAIR Monza. Stick ahlft. Extra Clean. 1795. Phone 838-9201. '63 RAMBLER!! '\40 4 DR. SED. BURGANDY lo WHITE. AUTO, R&H. 1995. 5920 NEBRASKA llleLEOD MOTORS 238 1962 CADn.t.AC convert. Private ODe owner car. Hu everytb.lnr Including AC. Priced 1D aell. Pb. 932. REPOSSESSIONS TAKE OVER NOTES' '61 Rambler, f:i:!9 '60 Ford 1449. '59 Mere. $390. 62 Ford XL, $1490. $58 Old8, S290 AMERICAN AUTO SALES 5135 Florida Ave . Ph. We Finance Anyone 80 CAR SELECTION River Shore Motors 7939 FLORIDA AVE . '58 RENAULT R I< H. Good cond. $125.00 Ph. 9J2.5122 Utility Plus Economy '61 FALCON STATION WAGON 4DOOR. Radio auto malic, 6 cyl. Extra nice! Only S!I9S. See or call. DAN LIBBY FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY *DOWNTOWN* 1515 Fla. Ave. 229-9341 'Just Off Interstate 4' red tnt. $42. mo. '&9 BUICK, : door hardtop, BeW '63 Chev. lhton •. $1096 paint. Clean. Sol95. Ed's Autom"' PICKUP, 6 cyl., s/s, one owner live. 2501 S. lolacDill 833. $39. mo. '61 Ford Custom .. $696 2 DR., power V8, ll, H, $30. mo. '62 Falcon wagon .. $596 S I S, HEATER, $32 mo. '63 Falcon 2 dr ••••. $996 Fordomatic, baby DICK ALBRITTON "FAMOUS FOR CLEAN CARS AND FAIR DEALS" SPECIAL CHEVROLET '65 $2690 65 Volkswagen $1395 .MALIBU 2DOOR HARDTOP. 4 SPEED, radio, beater, 2 to choose d r:,weL from . heater, white with blue lnterlor, 3000 driven. only 1,200 mUe1. Bal-ance ol new car warranty. NOT a .. WEST HILLSBORO power tl.eerLng & brakes. auto-AUTO SALES warranty. Factory sugguted WHERE tho address 1o name the aame . are r Open 8-10 7 Days Ph. 876-1337 '58 CHEVY V.a sUck, $39$, No cub neede4, $5 week. Dtr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232 '52 CHEV. 6 cyl. R&tH, 4 new tires. $1$0 •••h. 7939 Florida. Dlr. '59 PLY. FURY! AUTOMATIC, full lllJI63. '54 STUDE Club Coupe 1295. No cash needed. $4 week. Dlr. 6300 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4691 '60 FORD 4 Dr. Sed. R&H. 1345 cub. 7939 Florida Ave, Dlr. '59 IMPALA 1959 CHEVROLET Impala 2 dr. Hardtop, V-8 engine. radio. heater, automatic. SoUd white fl.nlsh with matchin&' interior, wsw tires. Full price only $69S. full year written warranty. Dlr. 9308 Fla. Ave. '64 CONTINENTAL YOUR Inspection ls Invited le view & drive this luxurious automobile. perfect in every reapect. Completely equipped, of course, Gleaming jet black. See it now 0:;!f; model COntinental! for your 1& spec:tion. Contact REY VILLANEUVA FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY *DOWNTOWN* 1515 Fla. Ave. 229-9341 'Just Off Interstate 4' AS IS HECHAHIC SPECIALS (Well worth a look-Hal) '61 CADILLAC Serioa &2 $1 000 •Door. Loaded! '60 CADILLAC s •• ; .. 62 s1000 •Door. Loadedt '60 DODGE " " "" '395 Open Weekdays 'til I Sat. 'til 6-Cioaed lun. A Solid City Block Of Good Clean Cars 1419 FLA. AVE. ONE BLOCK OFF EXPRESSWAY FLORIDAJEFFERSON ST. EXIT Phone 229-0669 Today's Specials s65 RAMBLER American 4Door HortzU Drlvelt. TREMENDOUS SAVIN&$ Solei ancl ltarance of tory warranty furnlshecl lty tho following cl&alers. DALE MABRY RAMBLER 700 N. Dale Mabry Ph. 877S875 NORTHSIDE RAMBLER 10409 Florida An. Ph. 932.6171 SCHULSTAD RAMBLER 1111 E. Cern St. l'h. 223 SEE JIRANK BAUGUS FOR CARS PRICED TO SELLI 'SI Bel Air 4Dr. Sedan. Automatic $495 tran1. Radio ....•.. ' 57 F'ORD WAGON. Sta.ndar'd •hift, s395 lcYtinder .......... . '11 CH'EV. Corv&ir" •Door. Automatic '145 transmission ..••••••. ....... 5495 '11 FALCO'! 4-Dr, $695 Automatic transmission '411 PLYMOUTH 2-Dr". 6-cyl,, automatic transmit• $695 sien, radio ......... . Or>en 'titS P.M. Man. thr"u Sat. FERMAN :tit!'@ 253 .IIQ1j:Ji '63 FORD FALCON $895 '62 FORD Station Wagon $995 '61 FORD 2-Dr. $895 '60 FORD Station Waoon $795 '61 IMPERIAL •Dr. Hardtop $1595 HAWKE Chrysler-Plymouth 1111 W. Kennacly Blvcl. .... 213 ' 1 50 Automobiles For Sal a AUTO LIQUIDATORS Must Sell Bank & Fi• nancing Company's low Balance Cars. All Makes & Models NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY No Down Payment NO PAYMENT 'TIL NOV, '62 Ford XL Conv . . $1097 $61 p>o. '61 Faleoo dr. . .... $ 798 $45 mo. Rambler 4 dr ... $ 890 $53 mo. '62 Rambler C/C Wg S 798 $45 mo. Chev. BelAir 2 dr. V-8 sUck. shift .. .. ........ s 498 SJO mo. '61 Stude PU ........ S 697 S42 mo. '56 Ford 4 dr ........ S 179 $12 mo. '57 Plym 4 dr. .. .... $ 99 '60 Impala alr ...... $ 989 $59 mo. '62 Ford F ILane .... s 797$47 mo. '62 Dodge HT ...... $ 798 $47 mo. '63 Corvair Cpe. .. .. $ 897 $57 mo. '61 Corva!r 4 dr. .. .. S 697$42 mo. '60 Chev. Wagon .... $ 789 $47 mo. '60 Chev. 2 dr. .. . $ 697 $42 mG. '59 Pont 4 dr. HT . . $ 599 $34 mo. '61 Impala Z dr .... $ 999 $59 mo. '59 Impala 4 1 d ht •.. $ 598 $34 mo. '63 Chev. Wagon ... S 998 $65 mo. '59 Mere. Conv. .. .. $ 597$34 mo. Free One-Year Written Warranty Stored at 2105 Fla. Ph. 229-5737 '64 Chevy ! ! ! ! f DR. SED. 6 CYL. STR. SHIFT. AC . NICE. $1695. 238 '64 FORD Squire Wagon '57 CHEVROLET lkTon Pickup •. , .. '490 '56 FORD 'h:Ton PickUD , . , .. $390 '60 RENAULT 2-Doo• ......... , .. 5290 '56 LINCOLN Sedan ............. $190 '53 CHEVROLET SPORTS CARS '64 AUST,HEALEY Sprite '64 MQ Midget . . '64 TRIUMPH TR. Pr:&H. •s• M a a Roadst.r ... '64 'VETTE 4spd. Conv •.. "64 •vTTE 4spd. Fastb'k '63 ALFA IIOMEO Spydor '63 TRIUMPH Tn3 . '63 TR-4, wire wh'ls. R&H '62 MGA, wire wheels ... '62 AUSTIN H'LEY Sprite TR wire wh'lt. R&H 'IU LOTUS Rdstr. '61 A. HEALEY, wire whla. '61 SUNBEAM Alp. w. whl. '59 CORVETTE, Auto •... '!i9 AUST.HEALEY Sprite '59 AUST.-HEALEY, 2 topa '59 JAQUA R XK-150 445" '54 CORVETrE. t4Ciassic" AIR CONDITIONED '65 FORD Conv, •.... , •• '65 MONZA, Corsa, auto. '65 MUSTANG 4 speed •• '65 PONTIAC Gr. Prix .•• '65 COMET Caliente HT •. '64 BUICK Wildcat HT ... '63 RAMBLER Wag. 4990' '63 MONZA Conv. Auto •.. '63 BUICK Rivier"a ..... . '63 T-BIRD Landau .... . '63 CHEV. 9Pass:. Wagon '63 BUICK Special •.• '61 TBIRD Hardtop ..•• 162 OLD$ 91 4-Dr, HT ..• '62 VOLVO 1225 ... '62 CORVAIR Monza 4-Dr. 'SI LINCOLN PLEASURE CARS •es MUSTANG Faatb, '2881 '64 DODGE Dart 4-Dr", ... '64 COIIVAlR Mon.. , . , , '64 FORD Fair"lane 4Dr •. _ '631/2 FALCON Har'dtop . '63 CORVAUt Monza ... p. '63 CHV. I cYI. . '83 FORD 1"/L 500 Sp, Cpe, 163 CHEV. 2Dr", ....... . 'f2 PONTIAC Tomlf, 4Dr, '12 PLYM . 4Dr. Vl ... _ '12 CHEVY II 4Dr •..... 162 BUICK Special Sed, .. '61 MONZA 2Dr., 4•spd •. '11 CORVAIR ••soou Cpre. 'St CHEV. 4-Dr". HT. , , .. '&0 CORVAIII 4D•. , , , FOREIGN ECONOMY '62 VOLVO 1225 A/C .... '62 vw u1500" 2 .. or • . , _ 161 FIAT 112100" Sta. Wg. CONVERTIBLES '6! FORD Galaxie 500 AJC '65 MONZA Corsa •....... '65 MUSTANG (289), Auto. '64 CHEVELLE 55. •lpd. '63 MONZA Conv •.• , .A/C '63 FALCON 6 eyJ, . . . . . '62 MONZA Spyder 4si)Cf. '61 CHEV. Impala .. , ... STATION WAGONS '64 CHEVELLE 4-Dr. A/C '64 RAMBLER .t-Dr ••.... '63 FORD F/L 4Dr ..... . '63 CHEV. ' pass. Air" C. '63 TEMPEST Deluxe '63 RAMBLER 41990" A/C '62 FALCON Squire. A/C '61 CORVAIJit "700'• '60 COMET 41-Dr •••• :: ;: '50 CHEV. 4Dr', ...•••• , '81 COMET Deluxe ..•••. •s1 PlAT u2soo'' 4 .. o,. ••• '57 CHEV. •'$'• .. , , . ...•• 831-1581 Open Dally 8 'til 9 4217 GANDY , . '


1 SO AutomobliH For Sale 1964 CHEVELLE, Malibu tan Con vertible. Mint condition . St. Pe tersburg 526'1350 1011 PLYMOUTH Sta. Wagon. $395, take over payments S24 mo. ! 901 FLA. PH. 2383511 DLR . SUPER SPORT '63 IMPALA S .S. Convertible, VB Eng. Floor Shift, Automatic, :Bucket Seats, Power, R & H . Double Sharp, will Trade & G ive Easy Terms. Reduced To Only $1895. TONY WEIR 2802 FLA. AVE. PH. 229 -2802 '63 FALCON , Futura, R&H, white walls, deluxe interior, 6 cyl., 1 o wner. 2376571. $900. COMET Cyclone, 4 speed . bucket seats. 3420 Chestnut Friday alter 5. Saturday, Sunday anyt.jme, 00 CHEVY, 4 door, V-8, automatic, hit in front. Will sacrifice. 835-7831. 62-MERCURY Meteor. New tires, new paint. S79S. Ed' s Automotive . 2501 S . MacDUl Ave. 833. FREE $10 TO ANYO N E 21 OR OVER WE CAN'T FINANCE. Ph. 235-1761. :::::::::: JJ:8 A UTO RANCH 4829 Florida 1955 CHEVROLET, 4 door, 6 cylin 11155 DODGE, 6 cyl. wag on , lent. Private. $125 Cash 8107 N Fremont, 9 35-5426. 'i3 OLDS Hardtop, Air, $1795, $100. Assume $66.70 . Ph. 689 5422. CASH bargain. 1960 gas saver V)lllant V-100. 3 speed floor shift. Radio , htr. HJghway demo. Please eaH MR. MELVIN, 988. 19$9 FORD Galaxle, 2 hard tdp. AT, PS. Nic e ! 932. 6 U>SMOBILE , by third owner . 1956, all original. AT, R&H. Must see ro believe . Priced to sell. Thomp s on ' s Amoco Station, 6901 Nebraska A ve. 932-3318. C A DILLAC '54 , 4 door . excellent , $375. 4001 Overlook Drive, N .E:, S t. P e t e r sburg, 525. ' 5 9 DELUXE 98 Olds. New tires, utra clean . $895. 645-3881. SEE MACK DAVIS Cutlass 2-Dr. ic trans . , radio, htr., power steer. Factory air. White, $1495 red and white int • . '63 MONZA Spyder 2Dr. 4 .. s.,eed, radio, htr. , EZI glass. Jet black, ......... . . $1395 '64 FORD Convertible, v .a, Cruise.o. Matic, radio, htr. , power steer. F actory air. Beige, $2195 black top . . . . . . . 'til S P . M . Dail> Sat. 'til &--Closed Su". FERMAN :it@ Authori zed Deale• '63 Chrysler "300'' Conv, Fact. air, full power, tur.. $2195 quo1se . Xclean . '61 C a d illa c Conv . Fact . a ir, full power. Beig e .. , $1695 '62 Pontia c Bonneville W agon. Fact. a ir, full .... , ... $1895 '63 C adillac Sedan HT. F act. air, full pow er, ... $3295 One-Year Warranty 408 N. Dale Mabry 111 E. PlaH St. 221 110!1 FREE 1 SO Automobiles For Sale 150 Automobiles For Sale 1964 VOLKSWAGEN Variant "1500" IF YOU llAVE $50 -WE HAVE otation wagon , assume baDk P&Y A CAR FOR YOU. We fiDance . No ment or $1,400 cash, call after 6 Interest or carrying charges. Mel' s PM 9885852. 2812 E. Hillsb . 236. $10 DOWN YOUR choice of 75 cars. Spot fl. Dancing". Credit NO PROBLEM . TROPICAL MOTORS 4130 E . Hillsboro Ph. 626-3707 1960 FAlRLANE 500, Auromatic, PS, R&B , WSW, Private owner. A-1 condition. $550. 305 Fairfield Ave . , Oldsmar, 855-3248. 1959 LINCOLN Continental excel l ent shape, new tires and trans mission, four door, bard rop . $795. Mr. James Baker. TAKE over payments. '62 Chev• rolet. Straight stlclt, V-8, Real clean, l ow miliage . WSW tires. BaJ. ance, 5795 at $49 mo. No cash NEEDED; No paym' t Ill Dec. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, '64 FOltD Country sedan. 9 pass-enger, low mileage. Factory air cond. Power steerini &: brakes., V , auto trans. , R&H . Will trade for anything dn. payment & fln balance. Call HUTCH 877 REDUCED PRICES CLEARANCE SALE! , BIG SAVINGS AT ONE YEAR WARRANTY '62 FORD 2Dr. Falrtane. V-8 , a tick, R& H. VerY clean. Was $1095 .. $995 '80 OLDS 88 4Door HT. l'"ac tory air, AT, PS, PB, radio, heater. Very clean. Was$1295 . $1095 '61 CHEV . Wagon 4Dr. VB, factorY air, PS, rart i o, heater. New pai,t. Clean inside and out. Was $1395 .$1195 161 VW Sedan. Clean economy ear. Was $895 ... $795 'SO STUDE. 4Dr. V-8. Stick shift, air cond. One owner car. Was $795 ... $695 '61 STU DE. 4 Dr. 8 CYI. 4/Tr. rad. Now paint. Very clean. Was $995 ... $895 '60 STUDE. Wagon 4Dr, V-1, AT, radio. Very clean. Was $995 ... $845 '59 STUDE. Wago" 2 -Dr. V -8. AT, heat. Was $695 ... $595 '62 VW Panel. New paint. Real buy. Was $1095 .. $995 '60 STUDE. 4 -Dr. V-1 stick. Was $695 . . . $595 '62 seOUT 2 WD Wagon. Was $1095 .. $995 Many Other Makes & Modols at Reduced Prices Offer Good thru Sept. FELLOWS MOTOR CO. '61 MERCURY 2-DOOR HARDTOP RADIO & heater, automatic, worth $995. See or call JIM WEST FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY *DOWNTOWN* 1515 Fla. Ave. 229-9341 'Just Off Interstate 4' Ferman Never Fools! OK WAGON DAYS at 1428 '64 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Dr. Station Wagon. Auto. trans., pwr. steering, radio, air, WSW. Blue, whitt tolt ...... ... . '63 CHEVROLET Bet Air Sta. WAgon. Radio, auto. trans.. pwr. steer.) WSW, solid white, $1595 ted interior ..... . '63 CHEVROLET Biscayne Sta. Wagon. EZI glass, Straight drive. V 8 eng. Jl"utl disc $1495 wheel covers . .... '61 CHEVROLET Bel Air Sta. Wagon. V-8, radio, htr., auto. trans. WSW. White, $995 blue interior ...... . '64 CHEVROLET II Sta. Wagon. drive, htr. Red , red '1495 interior • . ...... . '64 CHEVROLET Bel Air Sta. Wagon. Radio, htr. , auto. trans., V S, pwr, steer., factory air. $2295 WSW. :Ztone paint Open Daily 8 A.M. 9 P.M. On Sat. 'til I Closed Sunday FERMAN :t@ $31.19 Per Month NOTHING TO BUY! COME IN AND REGISTER FOR WfLA RADIO'S WORLD SERIES SWEEPSTAKES! '65 IMPALAS '65 GALAXIE 500's FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED HARDTOPS Equipped with V-8 engine, automatic transmission, radio, heater, power steering, tinted glass, beautiful colors . Bought and driven locally . Low mileage. Balanc;e of manufac;. turer's warranty . * * * NOTHING DOWN e 48-60 MONTH BANK FINANCING '65 T-ilird. All extras . Jl"act. air. Choice of 2 . Show-... ........ $4195 '65 R amblers. Factory air eond 660 Cl assic 4 -Dn. Fla.shO Matic trans., radio, steer. $2395 1ng, rechn an g seats '65 For d XL 500 2 Dr. Hard tops. Full power, Cruise .. O M a t ieo and fact. air. R&H. . ......... 53095 '65 Chev. B/A 4Dr. I or 8 cyl. Powerglide, power ........ 52395 '65 Catalina 4 -Dr. Hardtop. Powe r stee r ing and bra kes, R&H , f act. ai_r, tint. w indows. 53095 Ntce ........•..... '65 Olds 4 • Door. Hardtop. R&H, power steering & f a e . a ir, tint. $3295 Windows, Now . . _ .. M on z a Coupe. Auto. il' tra ns., radio. $2095 heater. Compare a t '65 F o • d Country Squire. 10 pass. wag. F ord D M a t ic, PS., PB., R. & H . V ery low mileage. $3095 Onlll' •........... '65 Mu s t ang H ardtops. v ... a eng., automatic tra ns., radio and heaters, pow 1 r steering , tinted glass, white t.idew a ll tires and sea t belts. $2495 Choic• of colors WE GUARANTEE the b at ance of the m anufacturer's 24,000 mite or 24 months w arranty will be trant•erred to you! And will be honored by any LEGIT!. MATE franchise d d ealer. '64 Impala HTs. Factory air eond., Vl en .. gine, Powerglide, power radio --nd heater, tinted gtm, $2195 seat b elts . , .... '64 Ch evy II Nova 4 -D•. R adio, heater, auto m a t i c trans. and '1695 factory air .... . . . . '64 F a lcon D e luxe Station W agon 4 Dr. Automatic tra ns., r adio and $1795 hea t er. Only . . . .. '64 G alaxie 500 H ardtop. F act. air con d . $1795 V 8 , AT , R&H , PS. ' '64 Cornet 4 Dr. Automatic tra n s . , radio, $1595 Extra shan• ..... '64 R ambler 4 Door . Auto, tran s , r a d i o, heater. Ame rica's favorite economy fo_ r _____ ••... _ 51496 '64 Convertible, Choice of colors. Florida favor ites, Ford Galaxie SOO's and Chevy Impa l a s with V 8 eng. , auto. trans. , r a d i o, heater, . . ......... 52195 '63 L i n co I n <;ontinental. Fully eqpt. Factory air. Driv" and r ides liko a dream. One oow:ner, whole-$2795 tale Prlc ....... Jutt ... '63 R ambler 4 -Dr. Classicfor e conomical trans• po r t a t ion. This i t $895 the one and only . . '63 Chevy 11 Nova 4 Dr. R a d i o. hea t er, a utoma t . ic tra n s . 51295 One only a t ..... . . '63 Chev. Impala Convert• ibiP . V .. a , automatic tra ns.,_ r adio, h eat. $1195 er. Avrt car , on1 t . . '63 Fairlane Squire 4 Dr. Station Wag. V 8, A /T, and heater, PS and PB, ...• •••. 1 SO .Automobiles For' Sale 150 Automobiles For Sale 150 Automobiles For Sale 30 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, Oetober '• 1965 1965 TBird, •howroom condition, 6.000 miles, full power, doctors car, $4,000 Call 258-0963. 1963\.!1 XL Fastback Galaxle Ford, 4 on floor. Immaculate. 238-4433. '59 CADILLAC, air. New paint. MechanlcaDy perfect. $69S Ed's Automotive , S. MacD!Il Ave. 833-9211. 1964 CONTINENTAL Convertible 18,000 miles. One owner. 253, HJghest offer buys. 150 Automobiles For' I 3 DAY 1957 CHEVROLET convertible, V-8, stick, excellent. $695. 932-8109. TAKE over payments '58 Cbev. R&H, AT, $139 at $9.82 mo. No cash needed, no pay. ' til Nov. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave . 229-2298, 224 '65 FORD Custom, blue, four door, standard stick, 6 cylinder, W / W tires, R&H, $150 equity, take over payments. 837-3541. TAKE over payments '61 Falcon. Str. stick, 6. Real gas saver. Bal. at $19.75 mo. No eash needed, no paymt 'til Nov. Dlr. 2819 Fla. Ave. 229-2288, 224 VOLKSWAGEN S-A-L-E! lOOo/c GUAR . • Sedans " Ghias USED Sedans from ........... . $495 USED Station Wagons from . . NEW "'1500" Sed . & Wags . LINDELL MOTORS, Inc. MASSEY MOTORS 1801 FLORIDA AVE. !Cor. Florida and Oak) '65 MUSTANG HT ............. $21'5 Radio and heater, 3-speed. '64 DART GT HT ......••••••••• $1795 Radio arid heater, automatic. '62 SPT. CONY •...••..... $1295 Radio and heater, autom., power steering. '62 DART WAGON ............. $995 4 -Dr. Autom., R&H, air conditioned. FORD HARDTOP ......•..... $795 2-Dr. V-8, radio and heater, autom., P$. 909 N. DALE MABRY !Cor. Dale Mapry and Cypress) '65 CHRt'SLER HT ......•..••.. $3495 Loaded, including air conditiqning. '64 VALIANT DDR •.....•.•.•.. $1295 Fact. eq,, 17,000 act. mi. Bal. of 50,000 mi. warranty. '65 MUSTANG HT .............. $2295 Radio & heater, air conditioned. '64 VALIANT CONY •........... $1495 R&H, autom. Bat. of 50,000 mi. warranty. '63 FALCON 2-DOOR ••..•••.••. $895 R&H. A aharp car! DALE MABRY AT FORD Galaxie '500 ' 4 Dr. V -8, .,ower steering and brakes, ra .. dio and heater, factorra4r cond., beautiful white fin ish w1 t h turQuoise vinyl $1689. interior .... . . '61 CHEVROLET Impala 2-Dr. Hardtop, This one is set up to $889 .,run!'' .... . . . . '63 I'"ORD Falcon Squire Wagon. 6-cyl., auto., radio and heater, chrome luggage rack, plus fac tory air conditioning . • 3401 FLORIDA AVE. '62 CHEVY II Nova 2 Dr. Hardtop. Tutone, 6-eyl., auto., radio and heater. It Purrs like . $1197 a kitten! ... FORD XL 2-Dr. Hardtop. Red and white, V-8, CruiseOMatic, ra dio and heater, power steering, fAct. air eond. Drives out $2257 perfect! ... . . . ' 63 TKUNDERBIRD 2-Dr, Hardtop. Light beige, loaded. Extra $2251 sharP! ! .....• ' 63 CHEVROLET Bel Air 'fi3 F'ORD Galaxie '500' 4-Dr. Tutone, 6-cyL, 4 .. 0r. HT. V-8, power stand--rd transmission, steering, auto,, radio and radio and heater, WSW heater. This is a real Closeout $1497 . . . $1363 Pnce . ....... . '84 I'"DRD Gataxie '500' 4-Dr. Hardtop. VS. auto,, radio and heater, power stee•ing, $1989 WSW tires . . . '63 CHEVROLET Bisc;oyne 4Dr. Tutone, V-8, stand ard transmis1ion, radio and heater. $1297 Drive it home! ALL SYSTEMS ARE A-GO-GO '64 VOLKSWAGEN 8 passenger sta tion wagon, R&H, Sunroof, $1650. 877, 839-3388. lYI:AR WARRANTY '62 Mere. CONVERTIBLE. Automatic, radio and heater, pow-er steering and braket, gleaming yellow with white top and all vinYl interior. '63 Falcon s1295 4-DOOR. Automatic, radio and heater. '63 ChevyiJ$1295 2-DOOR. Radio and heater. '63 Ford 4 • DOOR. Automatic:.-radio and heater. '61 Ford Air conditioned, radio and boater. 4DOOR BREEZEWAY. ' Auto• matic. heater, power steering and brakes. Choice of 2. *COURTESY * CONFIDENCE *SERVICE "There Is No Substitute /or Service/" 9530 FLA. AVE. CNORTHGATE) Phone 935 INSTANT FINANCING Everybody Ho Down Payment NO WAITING IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 24 Months To Pay '61 Chev ••.. $1097 4r. HT. Auto., PS, red and white, new tirn. $47 mo. '59 Buick .•.. $547 2.-Dr. v-a, It, H, auto. $33 mo. '60 Buick .••• $991 4Dr. V-8, auto., R, H, PS, PB, factory air. $43 month. '62 Chevy II $1047 4Dr. Auto., 6 cyl., 111 H , $46 mo. '62 Comet •.. $897 2Dr. SS. Clean. $41 mo. '58 Chev •.... $397 4-Dr. Sedan. All original. $24 mo. '58 Cad. 2-Dr. $597 HT, Full power, air cond. $34 mo. '61 Mercury •. $797 2r, Auto, R, H. mo. '60 Chev •.... $897 2-Dr. VS, auto., R:1 H, WSW. Extra clean. $41 month. '60 Chev •.... $947 New top, new tires, auto., V-1, R, H, PS. mo. '60 Chrysler .. $997 4-Dr. Auto., v-a, R1 H, fact. air cond. $43 mo. '59 T-Bird ... $897 Jet black. Extra clean. $41 mo. '59 Ford 2-Dr. $447 R, H, WSW, tutone paint, $28 mo. '59 Chrysler .. $997 Imperial 2Dr. HT. Tur quoise, extra clean. $43 month. '54 Buick HT $197 2-Dr, $12 mo. '60 Pontiac .. $897 2-Dr. HT. Auto., V-8, PS, R, H. S41 mo. '59 Cont •... $1097 Mark 4 . Jet black. All originAl, full pr"' cond, $43 mo. 4404 Florida Ave. (4 BIO


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