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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 229 (November 1, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 1, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 229 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS Ferguson Says He Is Now Probing Med School Need ' By FLO FELTY taining a medical school .for the in his home town of Tampa, in an excess of this amount. Campus Staff Writer USF campus. Ferguson looks askance at the Ferguson said he is trying Ch t H F . h . . Th t' 1 t t d "In his proposal to establish a medical now to make certain o! the need es er erguson, c au-e ar e s_ a_ e . school at the University of South for another medical school in man of the State Board of Re(Ferguson s) opmron, the rard-Florida." Florida, based upon the number gents, told a Campus Edition re-ing of faculty by one Florida The article further said, "He of applicants. He has met with porter that a story published by university from another Florida s wee WI out stopping, asks Students will be there every emem er on orge saying that the amount of the because of inequalities and reGIVE as you pass that straints placed on Negroes. She w d day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. taking table this week. bond issue "can be. enlarged at t;aid that the educated Negroes 00 Wlnd aulntet contributionstotheUniiedFund any subsequent meeting of the are extremely frustrated be-d . b 'ft . t h' h legislature . . . without approv-as the USF s 1 s LD 0 1g 5 h T al on the part of the electorate." cause of the rigid segregation. 1 f $6600 peeC OUrney She listed the three main gear toward a goa 0 ' The mayor predicted that divisions of people: 10 million To Play Thursday Besides the collection point in R • • s t "gas taxes are certain to be inAfricans. three million white the UC, Skaggs has announced eg1straf10n e creased'' if the road bond people, and two million colored another special feature of the The Fourth Annual Intra-amendment is approved by the d Tb student drive. t people (of m1xe races>. e second Artist Series pro-sists of Samuel Baron, flute: mural Speech Tournament will vo ers. The latter, she said, are an "'T'am will feature the New York "Dotm night" will take place be Nov 1017 H h d th t B at "' David Glazer, clarinet; R a 1 p h e c arge a urns, ignored people. The standard of Woodwnd Quintet Thu r s d a y, . Wednesday, with section presi-Plaques will be awarded to tempting to inform the voters of living is high for the white peoNov. 4, in the TA at 8:30 p.m. Froeltch, horn; and Arthur Wels-dents heading a 0rough• individuals who win in oral in-Florida concerning the road ple who control the govern-The program will include Dan-berg, bassoon. the dorms for contnbutiOns . tetp1etation of poetry, manus-bond program, had neglected to ment. Restrictions are placed zi's "Quintet in G Minor," NielSince 1958 the members have Although USF has more fac-cript speaking, extemporaneous present both sides of the issue. by the government on t)1e sen's "Quintet Opus 43," Vi valbeen "artists-in-residence" at uliy, staff, students than speaking, and radio speaking., High said he thought a deNegroes such as the use of a di's "Concerto in G Minor for the University of Wisconsin in last year, donat10ns here are at Organizations will compete for bate to bring out the issues for permit when entering white-popFlute, Oboe, and Bassoon," MilMilwaukee during the summer 35 per cent of the goal. The 1 the Sarett _Sweepstakes Trophy both sides was in order to fully ulated cities or attending inter-hand' s "LaCheminee du R o i sess10n. of Tampa bas reached 62 per Reg1stratton must be com-inform Florida' s voters. racial meetings. and by bans Rene," and Hindemith's " Kleine Individual tickets a_re avail-cent. pleted by F1i_day, Nov. 5 in FH There is a need for good roads vn intermarriage. Kamme1musik Opus 24, No. 2." able at the TA box office for 50 Pledges made now may be 122 . For details contact Dr. Her-in Florida but we should be The Quintet, one of the nas 1 tuddents •. $1 sFtaff, ahnd _S2 paidk later in the year. h maJnn SteClznefr.1FdHZ12t7, 12ex1t. 45t4 talking six and eight lane tion's most solidly established ..., nera. a mtssron. or ot er m-s aggs urges anyone w tJ or erry an re , e a , ex . highways in order to meet tousr YOUNG -Pholo b1 Anthon,-ZAppoM 'Twas High Time Pat Leatherby, president of the USF Young Dem ocrats, introduces Miami Mayor Robert King High to a group of about 150 students who were present to hear him speak last week. * * * * * * YO, YRs Reiect Road Bond Plan and unemployment would pre-chamber music attractions, con-formation phone ext. 323. wants to help at the table in 2296. day's needs and prepare for those of the future," he said. By ALLAN SMITH The resolution was unanimous-. Campus Staff Writer ly adopted by Max Epling, YR 1Philadelphia. n1 Author Powell Is Meet Author Guest {'? RICHARD POWELL The UC special events committee will present R i c b a r d Powell at the "Meet the Au thor" program Wednesday, Nov. 3, at 2 p.m. in UC 252. Powell was born in Philadel phia, Pa. Nov. 26, 1908. He was educated at Episcopal Academy r Philadelphia J and Princeton University, graduating with honors in history in 1930. From 1930-40 he was employed with the Philadelphia evening Ledger as police reporter, movie and drama critic, rewrite and High suggested an objective USF' s Young Democtats and . . survey be made to determine Young Republicans issued a the only votmg memwhere highway construction is joint resolution today stating ber m attendance at last week's special assignment writer. From Starting in 1936, Powell wrote ell: "Pioneer, Go Home" .(filmed necessary. that Gov. Haydon Burns' road regula.rly scheduled YR meet 1940-42 and 1949-59 he was with short stories. articles and serials as "Follow That Dream," star-He pointed out there was no bond program "should be re-ing, with the exception of PresiN. W. Ayer & Son Inc., adver-in leading magazines. Between apparent emergency road.situa-jected by the voters of the dent Roy Ashley who is only ring Elvis Presley); also Readt d th 196' 1 t r tising agency, first a a mem-1941 and 1955 he wrote ten myswn unng e .. e ec ron State of Florida." permitted to break ties. er's Diges t Book Club; "The t th b f B • t ber of the public t elations de-tery novels, most of which were . ., . . . a e egmmng o urns erm. The road bond issue is Amend YR vice president, Mike Swit partment and then as vice presi-serialized in leading magazines. Soldrer, m Sat"It suddenly became an emer-ment No. 4 on the November zer arrived at the meeting after d t b H' 1 "T urday Postl; I '!'ake gency in the middle of tbe leg2 ballot. the meeting resolution had been en In c arge of mformation rs first serious nove ' he This Land"

Yes, Yes, Yes, NO, NO! You've heard the motherhood appeal on radio, the one where a woman's voice tells you that traf fic accidents will be no more if you will only vote for four-laning rural Florida. You've read of the bumper stickers that were removed from Highway Patrol cars amid cries of blatant misuse of state facili ties to promote political am bition. Billboards have thrown it at you, and the Governor can't seem to think of anything else. $300,000,000 in road bond fi nancing is what Haydon Burns is trying to sell to Florida voters. His campaign has all the warmth of a Nazi attack battalion. We have been told we will look back in ten years and see the $300,000,000 as a bargain. Well, our definition of a bargain is something you don't really need at a price you think you can't resist. The proposal to commit $300, 000,000 to a bond issue for four laning rural Florida is up for vote tomorrow. It will be No. 4 in the list of proposed amend ments to the archaic Florida con stitution. You can't spend money but once. If you take the Burns bait and bury your money, you can kiss goodbye to any real improve ment in Florida education that depends on money or political leadership available in the near future. Also on the ballot, as amend meht No. 5, is a proposal to set down in law a tax exemption for mobile homes. If this item is ap proved by voters, mobile home owners will not pay tax on their domiciles except a vehicle tax, near in dollar amount to a license plate fee. If mobile homes are exempt ed, why not follow the logic and eliminate all taxes on all homes? Money, be it spent for corn field cloverleaves, or for teacher salaries, classrooms or dormi tories, has to come from some where. Funds for the public good have to come from the public. Better schools benefit the whole community. Pay-as-you-go and "for the general welfare" are phrases we see as applicable, respectively, to amendment proposals No. 4 and No. 5. Both ought to get unhesi tating vetoes from voters. Why Not Here? (ACP)-Imagine walking into a large auditorium and being handed an IBM card with a coded number. It happens all the time, you say? Then imagine being encour aged to bend, spindle, mutilate, fold, or otherwise mess up that IBM card. It can't happen? Students at the University of Colorado are being encouraged to do just that, says the "Northern Star," North ern State University, DeKalb, Ill. It's all part of a plan spon sored by the Associated Students on that campus to allow the student to "get it off his chest." The program 1s called a "B-I on the Multiversity." Each student who attends will have an opportunity to speak for five minutes about anything that bothers him. The entire session will be taped and studied at a later date. A local radio station has ex pressed an interest in broadcast mg all or part of the tape. The B-1 is patterned after the Viet Nam teach-ins, except that there will be no regular schedule of speakers. Each stu dent speaks according to the number on his IBM card. t I T T ,; E M A N 0 N c A M p u s The purpose is to find out what students think is wrong with the University, why, and what can be done about it. Comments of praise, of course, will also be welcome. Gripes are common at North ern as well as at the University of Colorado, but at Colorado, someone is going to listen. It's at least a step in the right direc tion. Where's the Game? The crowds at the soccer games have been fairly good this year. Average attendance is around 400. This figure becomes more remark able when you consider that there is no publicity. The Campus Edition covers all soccer games as well as publicizing the com\ng matches. But we come out on: Monday, five days before the game. Somebody spent a lot of money on fancy posters that exhort stu dents to "Sup p or t USF Inter collegiate Soccer." Fine. But why not some later publicity as to where and when and against whom? I y I I 8 L E R The Campus Edition A special edition of the T•mp& Times publhhed weekly by jountaUam 1tudents Dr ihe UnlnnllJ of South. Florida . Member, Associated Colle&iate Press • C).,"' e, "" ..... i' "' PRESS Jay Beckerman .................................... , ........ Editor Harry Haigley ......••..•.• , ...•...... .............. Associate Editor Laurence Bennett •• . ..•........•••. , . . . • • . . . . . . . . . . Managing Editor John Alston ................................... Editorial Page Editor Lee Sizemore .........•. , ... , ...........• , . . . . . . . . . . . . . Copy Editor Larry Goodman ..........••. , . , • , , . . • • . . . . . • • • . . . . . . . . Sports Editor Mary Anh Moore .......•...... , . . . • . . • . . . • . . . . . . Student Assoclatioa Steve Yates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adviser Rebecca Center , Margaret Chapman, Allee Crownover , Eugene Eddy, Julian Efird, Flo Felty, Rosalie Fleiscbaker, Mary Greco, Andra Gregory, Shirley Greenfield, Joanne Hansell, Judith Harris, Norma Harper. Maureen Hearns, David Howland, William Hunter, Elizabeth Johnson, Stephanie Kutzer, Priscilla Lennertz, Joseph Loudermilk, Frances Mak sinl, Hazel McCatty, Michael Moore, William Neville, Sam Nuccio, Diane Olkon, Jack Osmann, Kathy Prescher, Max Ramos. Allan Smith, Dawn Speth, Toni Spoto, Mary Sullivan, Gayle Swend son, Stuart Thayer, Janet Tiller, Paulette Weaver , Roger Crescentinl, Tony Zappone, Kathy Manetta, Gall Reeves, Doug Greene, George Walser. DeUllttll! for copy is 1 JJ.m. Wetlnesday tor the lttllowlnl" Mona..., e41Uon , Oftlc.ea locatel lll ihe: Unlnra1l7 Ceater. Boom Ed.eD1l011 819. • USF 1Camera Artists1 Assist Students, Staff, Publications again a scene from the play. For both actors and camera men this can develop into a very long Have you ever seen a picture of yourself in print evening. a?d wante4 a copy? Or perhaps a picture of a friend, or By PEGGY FULLERTON Campus Staff Writer sunply a picture of a campus event? Would you like to James (Ji m > D. Haynes, one have a passport or an I.D. picture made? of the full -time members on the Jacks of all trades (in the photography line), the team has said , "To paint with USF photographers "cover a huge area of interest from life Is what photography means, studertt mug shots to the• and this is the challenge and creative photographs in the even more astounding feat when frustrating part of the job." USF yearbook, the Aegean. considering their n u m be r. Their four basic divisions of Sparks heads a team of two full SPARKS ENCOUNTERED a services, however, include classtime photograph.ars, one part 'challenge' when the electricity room services, information sert i me, and one student assistant. cable broke at the end of tri vices, the yearbook and the Sparks' comment on the sltuamester II of '65, sending the campus newspaper. tion: Classroom services produces "We cover just about every campus into complete darknoess slides, enlargements, transpar thing .•. anybody who wants (save for a few candles). Sparks encles and very frequently mug it done can have it d on e bad to ignore the "DANGER" l!hots of students for the educa here . . . " signs and the roped off area tlon department . As a division of educational seeking the news through picIn the humanities and art de resou r ces the photography de tures. partments thes-e could be pnrtment has their base of op Jim Haynes laughed to him of anything from a Roman erations in the basement of the self, he said, when he saw a Statue to a Picasso . painting. library. There they have a com shot in the campus paper show The chemistry department uses rlele darkroom, one large black lng a workman down in the their slides to show how an exand whit-e printing roo m , two elevator shaft fixing a cable . periment should look at Its con small film processing rooms, a l"he man was referred to as beelusion, while the education de finishing room and a studio. lng in a most dangerous posl -Photo br A•tho Z••partment finds slides very handy tion. Jim, who had taken the Maybe This'll Work in student lectures. Slides and IT IS THERE that students shot bimselt from a vertical Sharon Conger, freshman from New Smyrna film clips are used to support HE' able to borrow cameras for angle had been standing five Beach, tried reading "Island in the Sun" during the USF's teJoevlsion studio . classroom use. ''in the fall," f-eet above the man on an even recent cold snap in an attempt to keep warm. Alas, said Sparks , "we hope to have thinner beam In a black suit and the book failed to warm our lass but eventually the LEAFLETS come under the seven box-type cameras to lend tie. heading of Information services. to students." "It's all In the life of a pho-_c_o_ld_b_e.:g::.a_n_t_o...:..p_a_s_s. _____________ _. __ _ This department handles all the The photographers themselves tographer." Sparks said mildly, publicity for the university . This have 10 main cameras that they And so it is. Everything from The College Look is also the department under work with. a 'moon over the campus picwhich all professors have their Hours are often 11mg and week lures' to student mug shots. At Oth PI mug shots made. (Why not have ends become work days when er aces a photo enlargement made of events are scheduled and a pho-y our favorite prof?) tographer Is meded. Setting up The Making In a more creative strain , each shots, composing, reshooting he year USF photograph-ers COllJ spends many hours trying for pose 'arty' pictures to be used the shot he thinks would be pic in the Aegean. And of course torially best and what the pub they double as press photogra. Usher wants . phers for the Campus Times. Calvin W. Sparks , photography BEFORE THE USF plays are coordinator, has estimated that ever seen by the audience they :1'>1aterlals, equipment and re are photographed for publicity. 17air runs between $4,000 and Then after a play has had its $5,000 a year for his department. opening night, actors and acNew Book On Viet Rapped EDITOR'S NOTE: The Cambooths and games caps the pus Edition correspondl!l with week . Funds are d istri buted to college newspapers from all various charities by & student over the country. In order to faculty committee. keep you abreast .of happenings MANATEE JR. COLLEGE _ at other unlvenltlelt, this Students are signing letters en we Initiate a feature to bnnr d 0 r 5 in g President Johnson's you the news and views from Vietnam policy. The letters, will other campuses. be sent to Gen. Westmoreland, tresses troop over to the pho A WORK LOAD to stall a tography studio to be photo train, you sa.y? The i: r s is an graph-ed In costume, creating By DOUGLAS G. GREENE and GEORGE H. WALSER STETSON UNIVERSITY-At commander of U.S. forces In Stetson there is no United Fund Vietnam. As of last week, over Drive. One week of the school 500 students had signed the let year is set aside as "Gre en ters. Feather" week and all char ity UNIV. OF FLORIDA _ Foot donatlon _ s are collected. at once. bali games are drying up and A carmval for chanty with the spectators drying out says -USF Photo Here's Another Jim Haynes, photographer, hands a dried photo to Rudi Schwabe, darkroom technician for Edu cational Resources. This scene is repeated hundreds of times a week as ER provides photographs for numer ous campus offices. Ohio State Speaking Ban Defeats Purpose C ACP ) Ohio State University ' s Under pres s ure from stuadministration recently banned dents and faculty, Ohio State's a Communist speaker and sufpresident tried to get the .trusfered the predictable conse quences: student p r o t est s , marchers , and sit-Ins, according to the Minnesota Dally, Univer sity of Minnesota. tees ' ruling changed , but failed. He pointed out that banning speeches is an excellent public lty device for any such speak er and thus is probably selfThe ban was based on a newdefeating . ly-passed state law empowerMinnesota -at least tempo lug trustees of any state-suprarily _ has learned lts Jesson ported institution to refuse from the last banning more than speaking facilities to Commun a year ago. May Ohio State ists, advocates of violent over-come to know the same calm throw of government, or "persons whose presence is not conand tranquility that an enlightducive to ethical or moral conened and temperate admlnistra duct." tlon can ensure. The of a Quarmlre, by David Halberstam (New York: Random House, 1965) $5.95. For t h o s e with sufficient background information on VietNam, David Halberstam's "Quagmire" is a source of important secondary informa tion ; unfortunately, the rest or us will find that this book gives a far from complete an swer. Ideally, a Vietnam primer should examine in depth the social, political, and historical causes of the war; and It nust discuss the Important events from 1945 to the pres ent. U n h a p p I I y, Helber starn falls here . He skims over too much that happened be fore he went to Vietnam (u a New York Times corres pondent) In 1962. The book should, at the.yery least, say a trifle mort!!' about Ho phi Minh, whose fascinatingly. pi caresque life (In the old Bol shevik style) is Interesting in its own rij! ht and essential to understanding the success of the Viet Minh. As it Is, Hal berstam b a r e 1 y mentions North Vietnam. Students Vie For Art Prize UF Captpus Policeman Lt. Ver non K. Holliman. When the game is over, "There are fewer empty whiskey bottles than there used to be." On the other hand maybe p e o p 1 e have stopped being litterbugs. H 0 F S T R A UNIV. (Hemp stead, N.Y.) Dean of Stu dents, Randall Hoffman has placed a six month moratorium on all fraternity house construeThe UC arts and exhibits tion. The ban was the res ult of committee is sponsoring the one fraternity not going through Advanced USF Art Student Com-p roper channels In acquiring an petition, Nov. 14. The show off campus house. ing will be held Jn UC 108. MIAMI-DADE JUNIOR COLJames R ; Camp, curator of LEGE Biology profs are dls l!SF gallenes, has a secting human cadavers and list of rules for the competition. taking pictures of the process. A copy of these rules is availThe slides will be used In bi able at the UC desk, in FH ology classes . 257 or In FH 110. To meet the requirements the OF CALIFOR student must be a full-time art NIA Sociology prof says so major and in upper level art rarities face extinction. Rush courses at USF. participation at Berkeley was Awards of $50.00 will be given 100 coeds than a year ago to works judged first, second and a soronty representative and third. says she thmks the drop re-All entries must be submitted fleeted a "steady trend." to Ken Rolllns at the UC InINDIANA STATE UNIVERSI formation Desk between 8 a.m. TY The ISU computer has Monday, Nov. 1 and 5 p.m. gone romantic and will electronBUT MORE SERIOUS Is the Wednesday, Nov. 10. Late enically pair off couples for an dearth of Information on what tries will not be accepted. IBM dance . Those attending will has happened since be left at fill out forms ; the computer will the end of 1963. He was ill the Godes Concert match the forms that are most country for a year and a half: identical (except for sex of a fantastically volatile period Selections course); and then the scientific when the Viet Cong drive accouples will dance til midnight. eelerated, the Buddhists e rupt-Lack Empathy How personal can a computer ed, and Diem fell. ConsequentBy GAYLE SWENDSON get? ly, Halberstam can wave a Campus Staff Writer Also at ISU , under .a new rule finger at mistakes, blunders, Choice of selections for pres-that has just mto effect, and self-delusions galore durentation created a lack of emover 21 will not have to lng 1963, and can offer much pathy for the listener at the be m dorm at a specific in showing errors of that year. Herman Godes pian" concert ttme of mght. But it Is hard to know just v -------how to appraise the Vietnam Oct. 27 In the TA, Godes , the of October, 1965, with the rnafirst to in the USF Debate Team terial that he has given us. Artist Senes concerts, chose to play "Sonata No.1," Takes Fourth HALBERSTAI'Ii is at hi 8 Rachmanmoff ' s "F our Prelb udes," Brahms ' "So nata No. 1 ," I Uf M est when he writes about and n eet defends his profession, reportand Albenlz ' s "Iberia." All four ing. selecpons were quite dated . (the The USF Debate Team t 0 0 k yoUngest at 20 years old) and fourth place at the debate tourHell hath no fury like a rewere of little interest to the porter impugned, and Halber,tudents who were rather sparse nament held at the University stam larrups with justice those ln the audience . of Florida Oct. 23. who attacked the veracity and Perhaps the one selectiun to Attending the event from USF motives of the Saigon press achieve full audience approval were Genla Plamer, Blair Weir, corps. was Brahms '"Sonata No. 1." Paul Feuerstein and Dan AI These worthwhile observaGodes spoke directl y to his audi pbonso . Competitors w ere tlons do not hide the fact that ence w h e n he commented judged on their debate briefs Halberstam has not produced "Whether you liked the selecand verbal presentation of evi a valuable resume of the Viettlon I just played or not, it is dence. Hypnosis Learning Said Only a Dream n am. Ahd his lack of much of importance In that Brahms Colleges, in the order of their material since 1963 is more was only 18 when he wrote it." finishing in the event, are Unl than a serious omission. It Is Ex c e p t for an occasional versity of Florida, Stetson Uni a long time from the event to cough, an inappropriate burst of verslty , and DeLand Junior Col the printed page with a subapplause , and a squeaky plano lege, USF. Other colleges pre ject like Vietnam , perhaps too bench , the audience was hushed sented were: Manatee Junior long. and attentive. College, and Florida State Unl verslty. By HAZEL McCATTY NO ONE can be hypnotized Campus staff WrUer who is unwilling, and no learn"N . ing takes place without aware-ow you are m ':'Y ness of what is being taught. You w1U learn everythmg I say. But hypnotism does aid the at This may be the dream of tention and concentration of the every professor on campus: To subject by excluding distrac captivate his audience through lions and inhibitions. the use of hypnosis. At least the In experiments two intellec of class sleepers would tually equal have been defimtely be solved. used , one in which students were . But according to Dr. Fredehypnotized, and the other In nck W. Huff , assistan t profes-which they were not. B o t h sor of psychology , there Is no groups were taught the same significant learning difference material, and when tested later, between learning under hypthe learning retention was the nosls and learning in the usual same for both groups. manner. Hypnotism is the playing of a Huff said the hypnotic learnrole in which suggestion and re ing situation is essentially the inforcement are the dominant same as a normal learning sitcharacteristics. Dr. Huff s a i d uation; both are no more than a "we all experience hypnotism, " matter of concentration and sellbut are not aware of It at the control. time. -Photo b:r Anthony Zappone You're Getting Sleepy ••• Neal Hill, freslunan, &ries tile hypnotic method of exam cramming. State Medica I Test Saturday The Florida Basic Science ex amina tlon will be given to 500 physicians Nov. 6 at 8 a.m. in theTA. The Board of Examiners of the State of Florida conducts this test. It consists of five parts: anatom y, bacteriology, chemistry, pathology, and phys iology. Dr. Theodore Ashford is sec retary of the Board of Exam iners, and the examiner for the chemistry portion of the test. Students presently in medical school, and physicians from other countries and other states who intend to practice in Flor ida are required to lake the test. ( Ed Tu


-VERSUS-EDDIE GRAHAM NO DISQUALIFICATION TONIGHT'S ENTRIES FIRST RACE-Flvesixteenths mlle Qrade D Hirai half daily double); 1. Suzy Anson 5 . Myna Bird 2. Sasslmlte 6. Bright Queen !: 7 : S.ECOND mUe -Grade D half dtlly double): 1. Phil's Homer S. Air Rover 2. Crony Barker 6 . MlchabeW 3. Throw Away '7. SUvray 4, Solar 8 . Bi.bokey TliiRD RACE-Flve aixteenths mile Grade Malden: 1. Sarge Rock 5 . DUly's Record 2. Carter Hill 6 . t Toes FOURTH RACE-Five.sixteenths mile -Grade E: 1. Reba Jean S. Gordo's Choice 2. Cactus Kin< 6. Bird Key 3 , Great $am 7 . Alamo Lad 4 ' Grade D : l. Rosa Rock 5. Checked Out 2. Brave Kitty 6 Space Comma.nd'J 3 . .Mr . Caron 7. Lady's Payday • Grade A : 1. Tampa Hot Shot :s. H.F. 's Patty 2 . Rushing Mar 6. Nearly Perfect 3. DelTona 7. Vi Tex 4. Reist 8. King' s Petition SEVENTH RACE Three-eighths mite-Grade C: 1. Kay Valor 5 . Brooklyn Tom 2 . Belinda Dial 6. Joe Humble 3. Mandarin JW 7. Moon Red 4. La Fette 8. Nig's Eleven EIGHTH RACE-Five-sixteenths mile -Grade B: 1 . Winner's Tip S . Angel Tom 2. Circus Winner 3. How Ann 6 . Final Jest 7. Confessor 4. Daisy Sparkle 8. Slick Shot Selections J-8uay /ulson (1), Sa11lmlte (J), War• •lde Sapphire (1). 1-SIIYUJ (7), 8olar (4), Air RnYe!' (5). a-8•fre ltoell Uh Traee CaU (8), Dlll1'1 Record (5), t-Aiamo Lad (1), Blrcl Key (8), Cbolee m. &-Lady's Paydar ('1), Mr. CuOtl 'R.&U Rock {1). :! n>, Nearir 7 Belinda Dial Mooa. Bed NJr ' s Eleten (8) , Bow An.a ca>. 1-Berra r.,, Bellday Rock (1), Red m. 10-Floe Tnms (f), t!laru Bon Mar ( nark Omen (2), ll-N8nr Blend (2), OraaUe Troables (7), Brain cbJld (4). NINTH RACE Flve-slxteenthll mile -Grade A: 1. Holiday Rock i : ce 4. Recovering 5 . Golden Master 6 . Well Red 7 . Berra 8 . Nancy Griffin TENTH RACE-Flveslxteenths -Grade C: 1. Sugar Boss Mar 2. Dark Omen Dan's Guest 4 . Redball Jet S . Boo Rock 6 . Fine Terms 7 . Dolly West 8. Rushing Dilly ELEVENTH RACE -Threeelghths A: 1. Pretty Broad 5 . Penny Bug 2. Never Blend ti. Crl Reva 3. Jake's Sapphire 7. Granite Troublea ' Brain Child 8. Dusty Larsen Eddie Graham and the MiEsourt :Mauler will l'!ettte their dlfierences Tuesday nJgbt at Fort Homer Hes-1.erb' Arm ory at 8:30 p.m. durin& the n:a.tches. Bo t h Graham nnd the Mauler b&'le aareed to a. one fall to a fin!sh with no dh:iQUalifications. The second main event ll! the nlrht will pl t Ronnie Etchison and Sam Steamboat in a world tag team match against the present champions, Kurt and Skull Von Strohcim, in & two of three falls event. * * * * Scholarship Program Klondi ke Bill bas offered hlmsrlf in a nandfcan rruttch a.rainst Jean Corsica. end Herb Larson in a one fall with a. 20-minute time U,mit match. Klondike &ireed to Pin one or the ot ,her of the tag team combination or !orfelt his purse in the 20-minute time limit, On Tap Wednesday Don Curtis and Htro Matsuda re new their feud Tue s daY niaht in a .. semifinal match and Greg Peterson will meet Duke Keomuka tn the opening match. which will run l the entire proceeds will go into for athletic scholarships for the the Universtiy of Tampa athletic University of Tampa on Wednes-fund. A similar matinee will be day afternoon will be selected held the first Wednesday in Detoday at the Tampa Greyhound cember for University of Tampa son Hotel or the BPOrtatorium. ALL •' CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER WILL BE ADMITTED FRE" OF CHARGE WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. Call 2:53-()643 !or reservations. SAM STEAMBOAT To BuySell • Trade Place e WANT AD-Ph. 223-4911 Track tonight. Manager J o h n H a t e r announced the usual matinee program will be held with Grade A stars in the trophy feature of the special matinee which will start at 2 o'clock. Usual night races will follow at 8 o'clock. UNIVERSITY boosters are backing the program by arranging a clubhouse racing party with a buffet I uncheon. Pro grams have annually r a is e d around $10,000 for the Spartans; This will be the first Wednes matinee of the season and Bill Allen Notches Best Bowling Score ST PETERSBURG' !NI An Orlando bowler, Bill Allen, had the best score yesterday in men' s division semi-finals of the Florid a Bowling Proprietors Association All-Star Tournament. He had a score i>f 4,192 in the 20 games of qualifying. Mary Lou Graham of Miami was tops in the women's divi sion with 3 ,854. Sixteen men and 12 women now are left in the tournament. The finals will be played here Nov. 13 and 14.. SPEND THE DA'I FIGHTING THE Btl ONES .•... CAR RENTALS The savings In renting a King new car at $3 per day and Be per mile on an average two week Florida vacation .•• instead of renting a nationally-advertised brand •• , means a whole day's fishing for two in a sports-fisherman with Florida's finest captain. unless you don't care about saving about $100 I.NG CARTRUCK RENTALS 3716 East Hillsboro, Tampa, Florida Telephone: 237-37-49 II I!UIIional cblrlt far Rtlltltberafl,mtiHhert Ia 14 Florida cltlts at. Petersburg, 12739 Qulf Blvd., 363 academi c scholarships. Racing will resume tonight with G. A. Alderson' s B e r r a, which has been in more qulnlelas than any greyhound ac tive today, ln action in the fea ture ninth of 11 races which will start at 8 o'clock. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT LEGAL NOTICE Sealed wlU be received by the Board of County Commissioners o Hnte: borouJh County. Florida, at their of. fice in the Court House , Tampa, Flor ida, until 11:00 a.m., Wedne1day, No-. vember 17, 1965. for the purchase of tbe followln1: Groceries . for the use of the County Further inform.at1on and specifications may be obtained Erom the County Houe, Room made when funda The right is reserved by the Board 81 County Commia:.!lioners to accept or n.Ject any oc all bids, to waive any Jnlormallt)'. if any. existing tn any bid. IIQned) E. G. SIMMONS 8oard of County HUlsborourh County, FlorJda . ATTEST: Jamet F. Taylor. Jr .• Clerk By Estelle 8. Waters. Deputy Clerk LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids wlll be received by the O&rd o County Commissioners of borough CourJb, &t their o. in Court Youse , TlmJ)a, F1or lda, until 11: 00 a . m ., Wedtlesday, November 17, 196S, for the purchase of the f-ollowing: Fenolnc water wells at Lake Park. p use of the County Further Information and specifics may be obt&ined from the County House, Room made when funds The rl4ht Ja reserved by the Board ol County Commisaionen to accept or re/ect any or all • bids. to waive Al'IY In ormality, ii any, exiellng in any bid. (algnedl E. G . SIMMONS BQard of County HUI•borougb CountyJ Florida ATTEST: Jll:mes F. Taylor, Jr . ., Clerk l!ly EsteUe s. Watb-e , Deputy Clerk NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ltEGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, Charles E. Davis. Jn. tends to regJsler the fict,IUous trade name DlMEX with the ClerJc: of the Cir C\lit Court of HWsborough County. Florida, pursuant to Sec:Uon. 865.09, FlorJda Statutes. 1953: that the undersigned totends to enga.•e bi the business of Jm. })orting and at 8003 Dell Dated this 21st CHARLES E . DAVIS Sole Owner To: You are hereby notified that the followin.1 motor vehlele: 1962 Ford 4Dr Serial #2R42L 1..23054 will be sold at PUbllc sale at 10!00 A .M. o'clock 011 tfte 6th day of November, 1965, at 1804 J. F. Kennedy Blvd .• Tampe, Fla. The proceeds of the ule -uJ be ap plled flrBt to the payment of the costs of re-taking, atorinf• and ule of eaid motor vehicle and he cost of publica tion of notice of sale and then to the satisfaction of the balance due under the ooniract with Leon E . & Elizabeth .Roberta. 2145 N .W. 1581h St., Miami, Fla.. covering the financln ot eatd motor vehJcle. AnY Surplus will be ftald to you, and you will remain Uable do.:;. b;;::rcaect:emainJnr unpaid Wl COMMERCIAL CREDIT CORPORATION 1804 Grand Centra] Avenue Tampa, Florida INVITATION TO BID To All Interested Parties, The :Soard of County Commlu:loners of Hillsborough County will receive bids at Ita offloea in Room 214B Ill the Htlllborough County Court House. Tampa. Florida, for hlbor and materials for constroctlon of: REMODELING HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY COURT HOUSE Bids will be received until 11,00 A . M . EST , Wednesday, November 17, 1965, and. at that Ume. publicly opened and read aloud . bi:u tract documenl.s. bid and bid guaranty shall remain firm and bind ing lor at least 30 to allow time for the Owner's ev11.1uation of bids. The successful bidder will be re quired to furnish a Performance and Payment Bond, standard o the County o HUlsborourh, a copy of which ts in eluded in the contract qocuments. All bids must be made on the ap proprlate Proposal Form, or an exacl copy of the Iorm, executed in accord ance with the InstructJons to BJd -placed ln a 9 by 12inch envelope which shall be sealed. Both envelopes shall be marked "BID FOR REMOD ELING HILLSBOROUGH C 0 U NT Y COURT HOUSE,n a . nd shall be deliv ered or mailed to the Owner at Room 214B, HUlsborough County Cou.rt House, Tampa, Florida. The Owner re$erves the rtght to accept or reject any bid, to reject aU bids and re-advertlse, or to reject aU bids without further action, whatever appears to be in the Owner's best in terest. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA Ellsworth G. Simmons, Chairman LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will be received by lhe Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborou1h County, Florida, at their omce in the Court House, Tampa, F1orida until 11:00 Wednesday, November 17, 1965 for the purchase of \he following Ofrtce furniture us:n3( gineers office. Further lnlormaUon and specific& tiona maY be obtained from the County Purchasing Agent, Court House, Room 204, Tampa, Florida. Payment will be made when funds become available. of any or all bids. to waive any H bid. ChaJnna.n RE-IMPLANTED ARM OK Swaffer Spirit Still Sky-High Plant Takes Sixth STILLWA'rER, Okla. !A'I-It's ularly to the Oklahoma State MIAMI, Nov. 1 (JP)-Jacksonbeen just a year ince Oklainfirmary for physical therapy. ville Wolfso n (6-0), idled by a boma State University basket ball player Bob Swaffer lost his right arm in a freak laundry accident. However, he seems more willing Duval County sanction eliminatto talk about the OSU basket-ing extracurricular activities, ball team or his future plans has fallen from third to seventh than the story of his regained place in the Herald's high school "Now," be said, "the arm's arm. football poll. doing great." He said the Oklahoma Stale Coral Park and 0 r 1 and 0 buketb;tli team is "gonna do SWAFFER'S arm was twisted all rlgbt." Boone, two other top-ranking off between the shoulder and teams, were beaten and fell to the elbow when it became B dl PI • lOth and 11th spots respectively caught in a spinning washer in ree ove annlnCJ after holding sixth and seventh a laundry. Basketball teammate Runs at Salt Flats places last week. Gary plunged the sevBONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Gainesville's victory e,red arm m a bucket of cold Utah !A'! _ Craig Breedlove of over Boone the once water and was rushed Los Angeles planned practice beaten Purple to the to Oklahoma Ctty. runs on the Bonneville Sa 1 t Coral Gables and Mtamt Htgh. A team of surgeons reimFlats today in preparatii>n for Gainesville's chances of a Replanted the severed arm-and a try at the world's land speed gion 3 -AA title berth, however, Swaffer now is calmly going on record this week. remain with u n be a ten Melwith h1s college work. He is a bourne's three remaining games junior mathematics major and The . 28-year-old fo.rmer. -Cocoa, Daytona Mainland and a student assistant coach on the rod builder to dnve Jet-Eau Gallie. Gainesville's loss is Oklahoma S t t e basketball Sptrlt of to Greenwood, S.S., 21-6 , but it team. Some I arcmg. car at still counts in the slate cham"U doesn't give me any trou-dawn for the f1rst of a senes of pionship p layoff. ble at all," Swaffer said about practice passes through the t-Corai Gables ............ (11-().0) t8R his arm. "It's a handicap, of measured mile on the 1o-mile ltt8l m course, but it's not really too speedway. 4-Melbourne .............. ((7-().M 9B bad. The land speed record is 536 . :: .. :::::: "There's not too mucb that I miles per hour, set by Art Ar7-Jack•onvlllt Folfaott .... (6-0-(1) 69 do that needs the full use of fons of Akron, Ohio , last year. both arms." Arfons h a s t b e Bonneville ,;;, ,:i.;,;j,'.; •• :: can the arm Speedway next week and pomt his fmger, but the and says he Will race In his jett•. EDflewood; 16, Choe arm still will not support any powered Green Monster if weight. Breedlove breaks his record Jacksonville Paxoni 20. tie a.rnong Tal SWAFFER still reports reg-this week. Miami Norland and WE DO All THIS: • Replace old linings and shoes with Firestone Bonded Linings • Adjust brakes for full drum contact system, return springs and grease seals PLAYER'S IN-LAW WINS VERWEY HEEDS GOOD EXAMPLE SAN JOSE, Calif. !A'! -South 20 pounds in recent months still Africa's Bob Verwey joined his weighs 197. brother-in-law Gary Player in VERWEY'S four-round total a golf victory circle half a equalled the tournament record over he 7,035-yard Almaden world apart over the weekend Country Club course established with the pros' next stop com-by AI Geiberger in 1962. He was ing at Hawaii, located in be-15 under par with scores of 69 tween. 66-67-71 over the par 36-36 lay While Player, the U.S. Open out. champion, captured the Austral-Tbe newest winner from South ian Open at Adelaide, brotherAfrica two strokes In-law Verwey came in first at ahead of BJily Martindale of the $46 000 San Jose-Almaden Jacksonville, Tex., who closed with 69-275 to win a $3,850 check. J l m Ferree of Corona, PLAYER posted a 72-hole toCalif., and Ken Still of Tacoma, tal of 264 and won $2,632. VerWash., who were tied with Verwey 24 shot a final round 11 wey after the third round, each for 273 took away a check slipped to 74 and wound up in a for S6,800. third place tie at 276. To keep the family circle At 277 were 'George Archer, straight, Player is married to Gardner Dickinson and Dean Verwey's sister and they all hail Refram. defendingchampion from Johannesburg. Billy Casper shot a 280, good Verwey's title was his first on only for a 15th place lie. the U.S. Professional Golfers' Verwey started poorly Sunday Association t1111r and automatiwith bogeys at the second and cally uqalificd him for all the fourth holes. Then he birdied PGA tournaments next year, a the fifth with an eight-foot putt position Player long has en-and the ninth with a 10-footer. joyed. He made the turn even wlth Physically they aren't much Still. alike. Just about every on e Verwey birdied the 12th from knows Gary stands 5-foot-7 and three feet and the par 3 15th weighs about 150. Bob stands 6 where he needed a putt of only foot and even after losing about 18 inches on the 170-yard hole. GUARANTEE, We guanmtee our bmke service foi the specihed number of miles and years from date of installation. Adjustments prorated on mileage and based on prices current at time ol adjustment. GUARANTEED 10,000 MILES OR ONE YEAR 519 GUARANTEED 20,000 MILES OR TWO.YEARS 30,000 MitES OR THREE YEARs Prices are installed exchange prices for Ford, Dodge, Pfymooth, Chevrolet. American Canpacts. Others srtght1y higher. tt$tOnt De Luxe Champion New Treads RETREADS ON SOUND TIRE BODIES OR ON 'lOUR OWN TIRES 4 for $4 949 I of sa me 11ze on y ollyaurcar. ANY SIZE WHITEWALLS WE WILL GIVE YOU for your old battery regardless of condl tlo11 when you buy a power • packed Fire• stone Extra-Life. Se Habla Espanol DOWNTOWN DALE MABRY Se Habla Espanol EASTGATE 900 E. Kennedy Blvd. Ph. 229-2626 LAKELAND 202 N. Mauachusetts Ave. 686-4153 WINTER HAVEN 6th St. alid Ave. "A" SW CY 3 1205 5. Dale Mabry Ph. 253-0416 BARTOW 180 5. Wilson 553 SHOPPINO CENTER 2401 E. HlllsbMough Ave. PLANT CITY Reynolds at Palmer 752-4177 Ph. 236 DUNEDIN Hl-Wav !ISO & Patricia Ave. Ph. 133 e Servin1 Dunedin, New Port Riehey and Tarpon Springs Board of County Commlsslonen County, Florida . ATTEST: James F. Taylor, Jr.1 Clerk 11••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. .. ----------------------------•!y Eatelle S. Waters, Deputy Clerk ,,


22 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 1, 1965 LADIES LEARNI INTERIOR DECORATING Red China Reshapes Afro-Asian Policy By GEORGE WELLER who had to wound, then drop as due to "complicated state with an unusually as "liberators'' into nation from the U.N. of IndoChicago Daily News Service three ministers, the Chinese had changes." cately phrased. colonized Asia." nesia, af.ter S .ukuno took .west SPECIAL 8-WEEK CLASS ROME, Nov. 1 -China now pocketed. "The Chinese have Chou hung part of Peking's a that Is Afr1ean China wants the "recovery" New Gumea as a U .N. tnbute. encourages her meteorologists . . . pullout on "new conflicts" be-nor Asian have a right to appear of Siberia to be a socialist cru-THANT :rLEADS for the U.N . AMI: RICAN ACADEMY Of fASHION . . tramed 24 terrorist Malawians Af t t at an Afro-As'a conference?" d J' I;; to predict weather by watchmg . . , , tween ro-As1an s a es, pre I n sa e, not an 1mpena 1st rape. to recogmze Chma. But the Al-the behavior of small animals m. Pekmg, Cuba and Algena, sum ably meaning Kashmir and Some African powers are be-China's open objection to the giers tiff is a tipoff that China 309 Water Street Call 221-7895 and relating them to peasant Said Banda. the parallel Chinese pressure on ginning to understand what pre sen c e of U.N. Sec.-Gen. won't recognize Thant, her bene proverbs. Something has gone Chou En-Lai, who with Gen. Sikklm. Pakistan rewarded him Asians already know: That Thant in Algiers is also more factor. wrong however, with Mao Tze Chen Yi has been the major by loyally voting the Chinese China's attempt to exclude Rus than nagging. China has already Only North Korea North Viet Tungs reading of the political planner of China's way, for postponemen t. sia from status as an Asiatic announced her intention of crea-Nam, Cambodia, Guinea and Want to say goodbye to your boss? Eager to go into clouds over Asia and Africa. in Africa, rather unmventively power is not simple legalistic ting a new Asia-centered comMali have helped Pakistan in . China's strategy of snubbing explained China's present chill, EN-LA! opposed Rus but a conscious plan munity of nations to supplant keep the meeting busmess for yourself? See the Business Opportunities next week's Afro-Asian conferas compared to ador for the sia s presence m hts message to prepare for the day when the U.N. So far, she has suc takmg place. There are stgns . . . ence in Algiers is regarded as fallen conference of last June, to all the Afro-Asian heads of China's millions march west ceeded only in getting the resigof a split in strategy ln Peking. columns In the Classtfted section of this paper. an enforced maneuver, a reluc-tant acknowledgement that her openly declared plan of out flanking the Atlantic community by invading Africa and Asia must be delayed. A reshaping of the entire Chi nese foreign policy in the ex colonial continents is ur.der way. Revolution, guel'l'illas and the direct purchase of venal states men is out of style. Slower, more methodical, costlier methods, like those of the Soviets, are coming into use. AFRICA HAS not forgotten China' s misplay in Burundi, where Peking successfully sub verted an African assassin, in filtrated him into the American embassy, yet managed to bun gle the murder of the prime minister. Such mistakes, on the elite level, as one European newspaper said, ''are not excus able for a mandarin's son like Chou En-Lai.'' Algeria's new boss, Col. Hou ari Boumedienne, without men tioning any names, put in a word against the uncontrolled guer rilla armies, such as China has been subsidizing in Tanzania and the Congo Republic (Braztavillel. The main reason for the Chi nese l'enunciation of the 44 states expected out of 64 eligibles at Algiers is apparent ly the prospect of coming off second best against Russia in 11 ny popularity contest among the hand-out-hungry independ ents. THE CffiNESE have lost their best potential salesman, Indo nesia's President Sukarno. Rus sia's indebted states, however, range from colossal India, need ing Soviet jets to hold off China, through the U.A.R.'s Gamal Ab del Nasser, virtually Moscow's military vassal, to little Cyprus, whlch has just confided to the world that her new missiles still held along with other arms in the UAR, cost her $28,000,000 in Soviet credits The Chinese are hurt by los their best support in the Arab world, Syria, even though Syria's boss, Gen Amin Hafez. only last week crushed a pro Soviet putsch led by the Social lst Akram Hauranl. The Chinese have one almost "1olent in Malawi's Dr. Hastings Karnu Zu Banda Let A G. A. C. Man Help You Resolve Your Money Problems ••• he knows how to budget expenditures. •• he knows how to stretch a paycheck. ••• he knows how to consolidate bills. ••• he knows how1o eustom tailor a loan. HE'Ll DO A GOOD JOB e;RYOU LOANS UP TO J600 l,INANCE CORPORATION -------TAMPA-------420 Tampa St. cor.M•dlson 229-8534 915 Tampa St. cor. Tyler •• 223 1833 E. Broadway ...... 248-1101 4715 Florida Ave.. ..... 239-1147 -:-:-ST. PETERSBURG--654 Central Ave .... 898 8554 ---LAKELAND---126 W . Main St.. ...... 686 0 .At 50,000 miles you may . begin to wonder if your. Mercedes-Benz 2305 will ever ratfle. The body is welded 10,000 times. Its design is a patented safety feature. A lovingly assembled engine can cruise all day at 90 mph. Take 3 minutes to read about the MercedesBenz 2305, built to be the best-not the best seller. GIVEN humane care, the Mercedes-Benz 230S will easily outlive your golf clubs and the family cat. The secret of its longevity: careful construction, costlier materials, and an engineer ing staff whose creations are watched like hawks by other car designers. Flattering note: competitive engineers have admitted they would like to copy some Mercedes Benz features, but-alas-they can't afford to without shooting up their cars' prices. World's oldest car maker Mercedes-Benz has bad 80 years to store up its expertise. It's a good feeling to know that the Mercedes-Benz 230S comes from the world's oldest automobile maker-from the inventors of the automobile. Historical sideligbJ.: the inventors were two German engineers, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. The year was 1886 , Elsewhere, Mr. Rolls had yet to meet Mr. Royce. And Henry Ford's amazing Model T was still 22 years off. No squeak, clank or groan A car's backbone is its body. The 230S body is a taut shell, welded 10,000 times. It is stronger, more twist-resistant than separate body-and frame types that must be bolted together. The 230S will not age to the tune of squeaks, groans or rattles. Nitpickers: you 'll search for telltale seams in vain. All outside body seams are hand-ground, filled with pewter, ground again and polished. Sturdy as it is, the 230S is no mere iron horse. You can hurtle this 2,976-pound sedan about like a sports car. No wonder you ride on a fully independent suspension _ system first proved on a sports-racing car-the all-conquering Mercedes Benz 300SLR. Professional racing drivers respect Mercedes Benz cars (some even sell them. Juan Manuel Suspension proved on 300SLR sports-racing car. Fangio, 5 time World Champion driver, is a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Buenos Aires). Steering without guesswork You control the 230S it doesn't control you. If you 've been driving a car with spongy steer ing, you'll be astonished at the accuracy of Mer cedes-Benz s teerin g . You aim this car. You don't have to cajole it. Note : A shock absorber in the steering linkage blots up road jolts before they can reach your hands on the wheel. No buzzing , tickJy vibrations. Stops without panic The 230S uses disc brakes in front and separate brake systems, front and rear . A trustworthy combination. And remarkably smooth: "When A unflappable Even at dusk, visibility in Mercedes-Ben z 230S is superb. Clip coupon for full story on this staunch car . you put the brakes on in a Mercedes -Benz, it still feels like you're putting the brakes on in an auto mobile -not turning a switch that' s going to throw you out the windshield."-David E. Davis Jr., Editor and Publish er, Car & Driver Magazine . An unburstable engine When you llit the hood of the 230S, you may be startled. Its 6-cylinder, single overhead camshaft e ngine is one-third the s ize of many American V8's. Your gas costs will be about halL And its performance stuns those who always thou ght an e n g in e had to be big to be potent. Consider this: manufacturing tolerances are so close, and d e sign is so careful, that you can blaze along for hours on end at over 90 mph. You hear only a pleasant hum. There is no unnerving mechanical strain to set your back te eth on edge. Not a rolling hotel Coming as it does from a factory where one of every 11 workers is an inspector, the 230S dis plays super b workmanship. But superfluous gew gaws are utterly absent. No fold down writing tables. No walnut wainscotting. A blow to status seekers but a boon in cutting needless weight and cost. F atigue prooj seats have reclini ng backre sts . Orthopedic physicians helped make the 230S' seats fatigue-proof by makin g them firm. They are also tuned to the car's suspension motions eliminating millions of tiny jarring and pitching movements that bring on discomfort. S uggestion try these seats immediately after sitting in a large domestic car. They're ample and snug. You don't feel like you're sitting in a box of marshmallows. And the individual front seat backrests recline to 4 positions. The 230S measures decidedly shorter bumper to-bumper than full-sized American cars. But in side, it actually gives you more room than many. The result of designing a car around its occu pan t s instead of to a stylist's orders. MercedesBenz motor cars: from $23,098 to $3,955 You may be able to afford a Mercedes-Benz without knowing it Below are suggested retail prices* for 6 of the 15 Mercedes-Benz mode ls: 600 Grand Mercedes 300SECoupe 230SL Roadster ' 230S Sedan 200 Diesel Sedan 200 Sedan $23,098 11,590 6,185 4 ,785 4 ,17 0 3 ,955 *East Coos/ port ol m try, exclusive of state and local t axes i l any. A word on safety To Mercedes-Benz, safety is more than token gestures. It is bred into the car's basic design . Example: the body of the 230S is a patented safety feature. Front and rear sections are de signed to collapse on hard impact, absorbing shock before it can reach the passenger area. 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Tl ce de le: U! nc a .IJ th, D i t•e tr: th ffl tr• of H i tb 01 th m cc D E ft; t e b ; e: Cl tb s< dl at hi \1 :E


) ,,. Brahmans Bow As Gators By LARRY GOODMAN J the third quarter, the Gators' Campus Sports Editor Max Macchus, of British Gui-The University of Florida Socana, passed the ball to short, lean, Mario Leiva, of Costa Rica. Leiva drilled the ball straight ahead ten yards into the Brahman net !Past diving goalie Weldon Corbitt. cer Club maintained their un defeated status as they un leashed a potent attack to blank USF 3-0 here last Saturday atter noon before some 250 damp a . nd windswept spectators. In the fourth quarter Macchus Folk Sing ConteSt Open In UC Tuesday Evening The All-University Folk S i n g Tickets will be availabl e at the FH 101. The comedy stars Kim Contest will be in the UC B a llUC Information Desk beginni n g Novak and Jack Lemmon. room Tuesday night, No v. 2 at Thurs., Nov . 4 for the Jimmie Contestant s eligible for parti-7 :30 p.m. First, second and Caras B illi ards Exhibition. The cipat ion in UC Folk Sing Con test third place trophies are to be Caras exhibitions will be Mon-Nov. 2: awarded for non-professiona l day, Nov., 15 at Z p . m . and 1. The Bell-Bottoms; 2 . The competition, and first place for 7 :30p.m. in the University Cen-Charmers; 3 . T h e Fides Five; professional competitio n . ter Ballroom. 4. The Clansmen (Professional; The UC Table Tennis Tou r na-Friday, Nov . 5 , the UC Dance 5 . The Coachmen (Profession ment will be Monday, Nov. 1-20. Committee presents a Matinee all; 6 . Cratos Fraternity; 7. Toumament pairi ngs are listed Dance in the UC Ballroom a t Me, M y seU and I; 8 . Me and in the UC Recreation Room. 3 :00 p .m. From 9-12 p . m . there You T wo; 9 . Bill Painter; 1 0 Registration for. the Ice Skat will be a Stereo Dance in the Mmeen & Bob; 11. Paideia; 12. ing Party will be a t the UC InUC Ballroom. Dress fo r b oth oc-Tri S.I.S.; 13 U s ; 14 Zeta Phi formation Desk Tues., Nov. 2-18. casions i s casual. Epsilon Fraternity; 15. Tom Sponsored by the UC Recrea-The UC Movies Committee Eure (Professional); 16. Arete; tion Committee, it will be held presents " N otorious Landlady" 17 . New Culpepper's Consoli a t Iceland in St. Petersburg,1Friday, Saturday and Sunday, dated Corn Cmshi n Juggers; 18. Saturday, Nov. 20. Nov. 5 , 6 and 7 at 7 :30 p.m. i n The Group; 19. Bill Reith. It was the first shut-out for put the. game out of reach for the Brahmans and left Coach l!SF two. more goals: The "' Dan Holcomb's squad with a 4-2 first came with three mmutes record. Next Saturday USF gone in the while the travels to Winter Park to play se.cond. and score Schedule (Continued from Page 1) 900 Enrolled In the Rollins College Tars. With mmutes remaming. . . , The agile Macchus zoomed to Meanwhtle .. South Flonda s his second point 20 yards freshmen c.ross coun-through the ail and ove r the try team met fifth defeat fingertips of Corbitt. Saturday at Macchus and Leiva were of of the Untverstty Mtamt. The fensive thorns in the Brahmans Hurrtcanes were JUSt that, as all afternoon and the defensive they breezed. to a 19-36 v1ctory play of the Gators' Sam Shay a, (low score wms) f-ormerly of Israel, was mag-The 'Canes grabbed four of nificent. the first five places in the four John Braley USF halfback mile run over the tough USF played well around course. South Florida' s top run-the Brahmans' Helge Velde a.nd ner was Ed Woodstuff with a Darrell Dyal kept the Gators' fourth place 23 : 27 clocking. goalie busy. Velde had an apPE i60 ( 8); PE 16 6 (2); PE 168 1 8 J; Off C PI PE 169 01: PE 170 (21; PE 178 C2l AS 207 C2); AS 361 <1): AS 371 01; It• N t Th t B d -ampus an AS4 31(1J:AS48In>:AS58i(ll S 0 a a BO 202 (3); BO 311 12); 80 321 i zl; This was the scene when Dr. John Parker received his first set of flu shots flk mal; m -Pholo 1>1 Anlbony ZapponAt from Mrs. Janet Egolf. It'll be repeated tomorrow when second flu shots and tine Approximat ely 900 people arelly in the evening. Although some 599 w. tests will be given in UC 226 for persons whose last names begin with letters A enrolled in off-campus credit fulltime students attend, the e2f:H thru L. Others will be given Wednesday, witb make-ups on Thursday. courses in the Continut'ng Edu-courses are basically for teach: CH u>: cH 344 ______ _:..:.__ ______ :_ ______ :_______ d (2'1; CH 433 C2); CH 451 (11; CH 481 Chapel Ministers To Talk Theology . e r certification an those seek<3>: CH 483 01: C H 491 m: ca 533 m: , cation Program, says Elmer . M t , d Sh' k ' d CH 545 rJ>; CH 58I r3J: C H 599 ; GY 481 01 . raWS ree In addition to USF and Bay adult citizens seeking occupaGYMA48310 : MA 301 m: elec tion ballot s are due Nov. 18, at school s in Pinellas, Non-credit courses .are dem; report s Mrs. June Miller, admin-Highlands ,Pasco, Polk and signed for business m }g; m 424 (ll: MA Sarasota and m seven other government, prof essiOnal ctvtc 59I w. >. A 442 . ' _ ___::__ ________ ..:.__ __ .,.!_ _____________ '> 202 (ll); zo 312 (3)1 zo : SO 261 (IJ: s o 301 (1): so 321 (1); so 331 (1); so 345 (1); so 351 (2); so 401 (7.); so 405 (J); so 435 ([); so 461 (7.); so 463 (!); so 471 ()}: so 475 (1); so 481 (J); so 491 (]); so liS! (]), ss 201 (31; ss 311 (1); ss 37.1 01: 3 'fk. TimeAlpha 148, ext. 470. on FSU next Saturday, at TalBreaststroke . Winner lahassee. . th. d 1 Event200yar d medley. Winner tr P aces, respectively. pac e d tSqualusJ. Time-Unavailable . Standings (including individual-the USF harriers to a 25-30 vicEvent-200-yard free relay. W inner-

THE TAMPA TIMES , Monday , November 1 , 1965 Tampa Date Driftwood Garden Club meets Club Alumnae will meet for a t 10:30 a . m., Wednesday , with sal e Friday, 6 p.m. , at the Pub at 8 p.m . , Wednesday, at the luncheon and a business ses Mrs . J . W . Pratt, 423 Columbia llx Market, Britton Plaza . They Center . 81on Thursday at noon at the Dr . AZALEA Azalea Garden Club will meet at 10:30 a . m . , Wednesday , with Mrs. J . Brown Farrior, 1909 Oakmont. Causeway Inn . P.EO HENRY GRADY Henry Grady School ExecuGOLD STAR MOTHERS American Gold Star Mothers will at 1 p .m., at Robles Park auditorium to in Chapter BR of the PEO will tive Board meets at 9:30 a . m. , stall officers. meet at 10:30 a.m. , Thursds y, Thursda y, in the library. COLEMAN :PTA Wear BAYSHORE Bayshore Garden Circle will meet at noon , Wednesday, with Mrs. Jamea F. Shlvier, 502 Nance Ave. with Mrs. V . M. Newton Jr. , 3234 Parkland Blvd. BPW Coleman Junior High School lssae I. Moody chapter , UDC, PTA Executive B?ard meets at F ld [th 10 a . m. , Friday , 1n the llbrary. UDC meets at 1 p .m., r ay , w Temple Terrace BPW will Mrs . J . K . Durante, 2015 E. meet st 7 :30 p . m., Thursday , at Wood St. Federal Savings and Loan Bank . CATHOLIC Bridal BOOKER Nancy Booker Garden Circle will mee t with Mrs . Fred Clark, 4001 Granada, on Wednesday , 10:30 a . m. Mrs . John M. Wylle will speak. BAKE SALE GAROEN GATE Phi Beta Rho chapter , Garden Gate Circle will mMt S i gma Phi ; wHI have a Catholic Social Club of Tampa will meet Saturday for Ice skat Ing at St. Petersburg Bayfront Center . Tampa members meet Beta at 7:10 p.m. at the Westthore bake Wash ' n Karry Store. Bands HOSPITALl'rY New Tampans , Hospitality ADVI'JRTI!EMtNT THERS! Mrs. Rob ert L . All e n III M is s Lol.! Ann Peppe r be c ame the bride of Robert L. Allen II I Frida y ev enin g I n Palma Ceia Methodi s t Church. The Rev. R ic ha r d E. Blan c hard offici a ted. The b r id e I s th e daughter of Mr. and M r s . Robert L . Pepper, Henderson ot Dole Mabry HlNDERSON BlVD. Expert traveler to wear or fold at the seams and tuck into a su itcase. At home in or out of town ••• made of quality felt • • • fih all head sizes. Has grosgrain stretch band ••• trimmed with a matching bow. Comes in season's smartest colors for coatume com p limenting. Emerald, Baltic blue, wild cherry, gold, bright red, beige, coffee, black and wh ite. 6.98 You'll lind the v ar iet y at Keno'• I • o u htendinq i n ovory d o parlm a n t. Kane offers over 50 d i n ing room• ancl dinette • ! Y ou'll e n j o y tho flno•t i n Early American in collection• lik e " Mepl o R i dge " ••li d hord roek maplo . Original Store 1948-19 5 9 Once Again Mrs. Tony R. Blauvelt A Dry Cleaner 912 Candlewood Ave. Parents of the bridegroom are Mrs . Robert Saves the Day! L. Allen Jr. of Tampa and the late Mr. Allen . By "BILL" TIDWELL Given In marriage by her father, the bride wore a formal For years drycleaners have gown of white satin and Alencon lace trimmed with pearls. A been going through customers lace mantilla served as her veil end she csrrled a cascade of pockets and have found every. thing from false teeth to dla -bndal flowers. monds . The drycleaner is not Matron of honor was Mrs Henry B Jr of Bogota llelng 5 n 0 P y, • just helpful. It he N.J. Miss Mary Pepper of Jacksonville was bridesmaid snd Miss d 1 d n • t periorm Nancy Pepper served as flower girl. The attendants wore gowns this extra of pink chiffon and satin and carried long stemmed red roaes . f o r g o t t e n sticks or b Best man was Roy C . Acuff of Hender s onville, Tenn . Maj point Hartsell Phillips of Cluksvllle and Roy N . Acuff , also of Henper mame,nt dersonvllle, were ushers . Ring bearer wu Jac kle Pepper. your lte dress Mr. and Mrs . Allen left for a wedding trip to Jamaica after The drcvclear1er' s a reception In the church social hall . They wlll llve at 323 Baysearch not shore Blvd. helps !ndivl It helped a "B'Il" Tidwell nation . I The National Institute of Drycleaning reports that a dry A double ring ceremony In Northside Baptist Church united cleaner saved. the day ll In marriage Miss Lois Marie Pettigrew and Tony Ray Blauvelt king . The Kmg of Tharland , King Phumlphol Adulayedej Sunday afternoon . The Rev . John Sible offlclsted , left a state speech In a suit sent Mrs . Blsuvelt ls the daughter of Mr . snd Mrs. A . D . Pettito the cleaner via an aide . How grew of Ruskin . Parents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs . ever , lhe alert dry cleaner d!s cove red the speech , reahzed Its L . Blauvelt of Westport , Ind. Importance , and r e turn e d It i n Silk peau de sole and Alencon lace wa the bride ' s choice time for the King 's state ad for her formal gown and chapel train A triple lace crown held dre s s the following night. The Institute reque sts tha t be her Illusion veil and she carried a bridal cascade. ye king or peasant, you can help Mrs . Frances Hereford served her sis ter as matron of honor . your drycleaner by carefully Miss Annie Turner of Wilukulla was maid of honor. Other a t emptying y our pockets before . . . you lake clothes to the cleaner . tendants wer e Miss Faye Blauvelt, siSter of the bridegroom; M is s One of the out.litahdlng dlf Frances Vinson of New Port Richey , Miss Betty Powell , Mrs s ferences you' ll find at Spotless Sandra Crosby , Miss Mary Moore of Miami and Mrs . Annette Cleaners and Laund r y Is t he Muse . They wore gowns of green and gold satin in Empire style . pers onal touch given your garBest man was Terry Smyser of. Greensburg Ind Gary Wll-menta-they' re not just cleaned , . ' . they 're groomed . son of Westflort , Bill Hereford , Terry Elsbetty , Cliff Sabin , Spotle s s home of SANlTONE Claude Williams Jr., Terry Lee and Arthur D . Pettigrew II were Master Dey Cleaning, has 17 groomsmen. stores In and around Tampa to A reception at Bah i a Beach Ballroom followed the ceremony. prov!de you. with fast , efficient , 1 t s t 1 quah ty service. Look I n the yelAfter a weddlll.g tr p o the moky Moun a ns, Mr. and Mrs. low pages for the location nesrBiauvelt wlll live In Louisville, K)r. est you. Our thanks to you ••• for seventeen great years, Kane Sky mart is saying thanh the best way we know how • , , with dollar savings! K•ne's suppliers have cooperated to make this an outstanding sale. Almost all have found made available 1 special purchase at uetptlonal siv ings. This is their way of thanking Kane for seventeen prosperous years, and Kane is passing on the savings. ONLY $ 00 PWS as. HANDIINC GET A HUGE MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY 11xl4 NOVEMBER 1, 2, 3 PHOTOGRAPH T , OF CHILD PHO OGRAPHER s HOURS: 12 NiiOIIl0 l' .h4o l 5:30 ,,h4, •I l',h4, e NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED e SELECTION OF SEVERAL POSES e FULL POSE PORTRAIT e AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES e PORTRAIT DELIVERED AT STORE A FEW DAYS AFTER TAKEN e SATISfACTION GUARANTiiED e GROUPS $1.00 Plill CHILD TAMPA TAMPA Gandy Boulnard N•xt to l!asttate Shoppln9 C:tnter East HlllsborouCJh Av1. at 22nd St. Open Monday thrll Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM-Sunday: Noon to 7 PM PARKING-PRE! and EASY "Berkline" made a special TV recliner and a recliner rocker available to us at prices we hacl never seen before, You'll find them in the ad on the rlghtl "Prestige" made up a train car full of sofas and sectionals at tremendous savings; and many, many mora famous names too numerous to mention enthusiastically worked with us to bring you savings in every de p.srtmant. Kane' s olio" the most lremondou• usorlmont of fino furniture on tho Sune oest. 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Take over rtotes , $5 dow.o. '60 Chev. '110 Ramb W U90 '60 l'ord 1290 '!8 Olds $288 AMERICAN AUTO SALES Sl35 Florida Ave. Ph. 231 1962 vW bus. Converts into $leeper. tMO. 240!1 Stuari St. 241-6522. TAKE oVet payments 'el c.f.ev. ! dr . Str. 1tick e, real 101 clean, low ml.leagt. Jill. M9!J a $29.112! inoj Nl> cash lleeded; no paym 'ttl Dee. DJr . 2819 Flo. Ave. 229. 224l MUST leU 1183. Corvlllr 4 door std&H. LOW mll •• , aUtortlaUc , til htaler{ llntOII Jllsi, Whlte wall tlteA. Will tAkt m lor equity ouumt Pl!'lll!5. Coli 87'1-11385 a.k fOr JIUTCH dlr. '62 FORD QALAXIE •Sol)• 4 DR. HARDTOP. All whitl, radie t 1nd H i 1 t t '' W5W tirtt, Ctt!ilt•OMitlct ...... '1187 MUSTANG 2DR. HAIIbTOP, 4 on tho ll6or, 2U ho enOine, r&dio .and hU.ter, lew mileage. L• SAVE cally owned. '62: CHEVY II 2 R. HARDTOP. Radio and h eat e r, fl'owerglide, WSW tire1. l.eUer '59 ENGLISH $339 F'OIID 2R, ' 58 IIU ICK 2DR. HT. '498 .. ,, .... No eash needed, DO payment 'Ill December . Dlr. 281g Fla Ave. 229. :li44221 •$8 i"oRil Warftn , 8 •tick ex9el lent '1333 a.r eond •... ' 14 FOIID FAIRLANE CUSTOM IIANCH WACON. Vl1 automi'lt ic, radio •nd he..ter, oower steering. Ford cond. • .•.. air 165 FALCON 4DOOR, v.s, radio and heater ... , 164 CHEVROLET C60 T R A I L E R TOTER. tquipped &o haul '1111 FORD! Our Horn of Plenty Runneth Ov rl Laok cit thi5 lumper Crap of Value-RarH Trade-ins: '63 OLDS F-85 4 Dr. Sedan. $1495 Extra. sharp! Auto. trans .. , .. _ ..•••• ,.,. '63 OLDS FIS Station Wagon. $1195 Extra. clean, auto. trans., a.\r con d ••••• , •. '64 PONTIAC Catalina 2-Dr, HT. '1995 Automatie and DOwer! ........... , •••••. 'tiS DLDS 98 2D• . HT. $3595 All the extras and air COf1ditioned •..•.. ' 63 PONTIAC Bonneville 2Dr. HT. Automatic and power. , ..... . . . _ .. '64 OLDS Jttstar I. All the extrai and air $ conditioned, beautiful bucket s-eats . _ ..... 25 5 '12 IUICI( WoDen Special. *1395 d!IU:itl, AutcrtHltlc uur .,&WI!,. •.........•. :1 F'OitD aoHvtrtlble , With t.ll the ellltr•s includi"O Air. (Q.tlaJ:le JtL 1100) '14 CuiiUt 2lr, AutbJ!IUit '1 ft95 with air, bueket HaU. . . . . . . . . . . . .. 1&3 lUlCK LeSabre C-Dr. sedan. $1181:: A.utotnatio and power , ... , .. , ... , .•.. , . . Ul . .. ...... '895 •tO OLliS t8 2•. HT. Sharp, With all $1011 tk• tKtt'a•, incllldlno air I •••••••• ,.,.,,. '83 IIUICK Le5a.bre 4h. 5tdan. Autort1i.tle, s1995 POWer, and air conditicnedl .. ...... , ... . ' 64 CHEVROLET llel Air 4-Dr. Automauo and ••wer. aharD .. , .. ..• 1895 '11 lllHi!lfROLIT lmula. 1btra nl .. l •Dr. '1295 HT. Loaded with all the and &ir cond. '63 OLDS II 4r. Sedan. E.ktr.t Jftup! .... !1196 '11 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4,., '88 .. All the tJttr-as and factepoy air, attAtll _.. . . . U '81 Oi.DI 88 Sedan. 09& AutomAtJc arHI ;t6wer , .. , •• , , , , 1.,,., ... , •u ,01111 G•laxle soo 4Dr, 81:: AOtomAUe &ftd Air ......••.•• U ............ '886 . .... $2191 ' 14 Waton , All lh6 S258& fx&rat. l'•etorJ' llir .• 1,,., ••..•••.. ,., •• '58 DODGE •Pass. waoon. $448 AUtOI'nAtic arid factort &If' • , , •••• , , 1 , •,, •• '59 CHEVROLET 4Dr •... , . , , , .. , , , , • , . , .. $295 '58 OLDS 91 4Dr. Automatic trans, $645 All the extras, with factt.lry .&i r . . . _ ..... _. '118& '60 OLD$ 18 4Dr. ExtrA ShArp, sags Automatic .,nd power . . . . . . ... ......... . '&2 FllliiTWOOD CADILLAC. Extra hiot. Jet black anG lhlf'D. Air t4r\-IUOned . . '2185 MUtt ah! 155 CHEVROi.liT •D•, HT, $2595 13,000 miles, Sharp . . , , . . . . . , . . ..•.. '14 tUICK ll1otra 22!1 4Dr. HT. '2795 All tht edrlt, with air, lh' Jp: , , .. , ••.. '8J CHEYIIOLIT ImpalA !uper '1995 Shari'. Lew miluge. All the btras and jJr, '64 OLDS 2Dr .... ,harp. Low mileage, $1995 Balance of factory wa.rrAI1ty ...•........ •U MIRj)Ufty Wlf, 1395 With factory air ... ' 84 CH IIYILIII ..... , . '1995 65 FOIID Ltd' $2195 Sh.1nt, with air ... '62 FORD T-Ill litO. loadtld, with air. '2195 lhllrPI ........ . GMAC FinancinCJ MIC lllsurance Open 8 A.M. I P.M. 'til 6 P . M . Saturdav (Cioted Sundys) 3611 Florida &lake 223 FALCON' SPECIALIST THAT'S US! SAL!lSSERVICE -PARTS All Uhd Falcons GUARANTEED ()n. TheSpqt .Bahk COMI!I SEE US TODA !J BAY AUTO SALES 3500 FLA. AVE. PH. 229-6539 BIG SALE '64 ,.OfitD v-a Qllaxia conv. Auto. ttai\1: ., u•lo, heatel', power sturlng '2196 lnd bra leta ........ 'U 8UitK LoS a b •• Aute. t "ent., radio, Heater, •ower •teerln•. $1386 ver,. clean . • . . . ' 12 IUIOK lnvleta tonv. tra"•• radio, heater1 pdwtr ........ •u lUlCK Special •or. •• dan. Auto. tr•ns., tadlo, he"t. ar, 1tterlng. '1495 A Oite , , • , , .. '62 IMPALA 2 -br, HT. Power Glide, l"allior heattl', Dower •••••••••••• '1 891 '12 1l01tvAlll. Auto. Iran•• ••clio. seas htlttr ........... . 'll M OH:rA • • p e o d trona., rdl o , *1396 h•atet ... _. _ .... 112 "'Jt.D 1-e)fl, Qalaxle l fJr, . . . . ' .... '985 '12: 1'-•uto, Auto . trAn1., r• dlo, htater, Jt4iwtr steering •nd broke1> '1896 air ....... . •s• FOliO Fatrlahe Vl 4r. Auto. trans., ral!ilo, hUt,_.,., tlfll afmoat ,.w. 1"his 113&0' It l rHd Ohtt , , , , . , , '14 Y L M 0 U 't H 6 c>llndtr 2-0r. Auto. tl"ans. TrUlY a .. .......... $1495 FAIRCLOTH BUICK OneYear 908 E. Hillsboro 239 09 '60 Pontiac $757 AUTOMATIC. radio , heater . This l)>eolal load 'tll Monday only. Ci.ll or &to.E. & see Jaek today CRAL.:KER BOY 4ll00 rlotldl Ave. 2314831 '57 OLDS 88 $395 ( DOOR. Power a. Btake•. Factory air cond. Clean "Short Profit Hale" 2808 1\'. kennMy Blvd. 877 ALL NEW CAR * TRADEINS * '62 Mere. G0l-IY&RTI8LEJ AUtomatle, radio and heater, powet atotrlna and brakts, gleaming Ytllow with white top and all vinYl '63 Mere. BREEZEWAY. Auto matic, heat:•r, ttow•r al1d brake•. raMio and hUttr, pbWei" ateerlno and tlraktt. * COUltTISY * CONFID.NCI *SERVICE "T1i•re Ia No Sub!tU&Itt for 9530 FLA. AVE. CNOitTHGATEJ . Phone t35 WOW! Did we clean up on OK TREATS! Look In our bagful! '61 tral1sporbr. HUttr. Low '2286 lEal•• elhn ..... . '64 IlL Alii ITA. WAGON. 4Dr., IPoll. tltadlo r htr., auto. tl'an•. PwP', ttf"er, Fact. iir. WiW, IIIUio '2296 wnllo top . . . . . . '61 CHI. IMPALA 4 Dr. HT. Auto. trans .. oteor., WIW. 111410 1 htr, 327 F'ltl. air . "289 Ytllowo whlti W '64 MONIA C:PI. ttadio, htt., •••••d trattS WSW. White, red '169 Inter. . ..•.. .. 'U OLD5 ITARI'IIII It 6 d I o, htl'., IIUto. tra"'H pwr. 1lter. •i'uf braktls. 'wr, wlnd&Wili. '•ot. elr Whllo, '1191 bU,..fundr lntsr •.. '62 IMPALo\ C6nvti-tibl•. R ad i 0, htr,, 1:uto. tra"s. Pwl'. stefl"n 1wr. btakti arM: '-Wr J wl" llbwo . rAot. air w•w. ............ '169o OIHh Dallr e A . M. i ,,M, On lat. 'Ill I t101od •undu PRE-OWNED CONTINENTALS MILTON T. HAVERTY Li noolnContinental Sales Manager Due to the extremAiy eucctsaful tntroduc:• tion of the new 1966 Continental we now have available the most complete selec tion of pre-owned Lincoln Continentt!ls we have ever had the pleasure of These recent trade-ins, from 196 I thru 1965 models, have all been completely restored to absolute mint condi'tion. This is your opportunity to move up to Amer ica's finast luxury cet at considerable sav ings, u we must m1 ke room for morll trade-ins artiving daily. See or Call Mr. Havtrty 'l'odoy J JJ.IJ filA LlncolnMercury, Inc. 1515 FLORIDA AVE. PHONE 229-9341 (Comer Henderson) e!it Ott lnterttlite . 4 e ... 5100 will be given in cash or tr.&de--to anyone burtnt a at oUI"' advertised 'l'leet--Just receivl rour llbo, offer-116d '651MPALAS '65 GALAXIE SOO's FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED HARDTOPS l4ulpf114 with v.s envine, autematlc tr•nsmissien, radie, hnr.t, paw•r at•rlng, llnted tl•uo bHu,lful colors. Bought and driven locally. Low mll•v• lalance If manufec tllret's watrenry. * $2795 * $2695 * NOTHING DOWN • 48 MONTH lANK JIINANCING '6& T-Ill•• An extras. Fact . air. Choi!Dt ot 2. Show room eoni. $4195 0"1" . . ..... . '65 Mustang V-8 eng., automatie trans., radio and heaters, power st.Hrlno, tinted glass, $2395 WSW, seat belts ... '85 Ford XL. 500 2Dr. Hard .. tot's. F"ull I'OW.r, Cruise: .. 0-Matics and fad. air, R&.H. of '3095 '66 Ratnbler, ''660,'' I pass. ttatlon wagon. Auto. trani., I'Adio, htater, DOwer ttelrlnt. $2 695 atr. SPtetal at .... '66 Pontiac Catalina 4Dr, HarMtop. Power steer• Ina and brAkes, lt&.H, fact. air, tint. windows. '3095 Nice . '65 OldS 4. Door . Hardtop. R&.H, pewer steering & brakei, fae. air, tint. $3295 Wlhdowt, NOW '66 C:tfev. Su,er Sport "32711 •nD, ,., fact. air, PB, lt&M, A't, attractive maroon -Nith black lnttr'ior. $3295 l"ull price ........ . '65 Ford Country Squire. 10 .,us. wag. Ford-O Matic, PS., PB. , lt. & H . low mileag•. '3095 '61 Renault C&ravelle Conv, 4 tl'd• trans. Radio, &. hUii•. '695 '"II •rice .......... . '65 Ramblers. ,.aetory air cond. $80 Classic 4Doors. Flash • 0 • Matic trans., ra.dJO:, heatft, power !teering, riclin $2295 rng seats . , . , ... WE GUARANTEE tho •al ance of tlfl manufacturer'S 24JOOO n'llle or 24 months warranty Wi11 ... trant• ferred to roul And Will be honored . , anY LEGIT I • MATE fr&nchited dealer. '64 lm-aia HTs. Yl eng 1 1"1 e, Powfrglide, power stHring1 radio and heater, tinted gi&H, seat belts. With factory air slightly .'1895 higher ..... '62 Che't' , lmPa.lal, 'V.a, AT, lt&.H, PS, '1495 FA. Barga Ina ...... '84 Falc:Oit Deluxe Station wa:on 4Dr. Automatic trans., ra le and '1195 heater. Otlll' . '62 Oldo H;irdtOPl AT, "'&H1 PS, I'B, taotory air, new WSW tlru. '1695 Extra nice ... , _., _. 40 Tranaportallon Cars I from $50 u• '64 Convortllle. Choice of eoloi't. "erida fi\I'Or• itea, ,.or41t Gala)(llf 100'1 Ar1d Chevy lmpalae with V-1 eng1 , auto. tran1., r alii •• ht&ter1 powe• 1211& •teerlftt •..... • •... '83 L I nco In Contlnenhh FUIIl' e4Jt. F"aetar)' air. Dtivtl and rldH Uko a •roam. One owner, whole• '219111! tal• IJlliric..,_.luJtl . , il '63 ltl Alr0 4D• • $ eyl,, radio 1o $1181i hlater. Very ntc. .. '61 Chev. lmpafal. v .e, AT, Jt&H1 pOwtr •tterinu, air conditioned. '1286 cholu .......... .. '85 ltombltr Amtrlean •D•. .. 11' . • . • , .'1895 '62 F'ale6" Dth.ix• lialion waaon. Auto. trans., III:•H. Ont oKb• U '62 T•l!rd Cour>e. AT, It, Ho PS &. Pll, '1896 factory air , .... , .. '81 Sodon DeVIIIt. F"llll faetorY air. ........ '1895 '60 a u i c lc conv. Matoo" beauty. '"II '88& •ower, Clrtati'IIHI•t .... '80 Chtv. Imp. C6nv. v.a, Cl:.":: • •••••• 88& ALL ROAD'S LEAD TO '88 Pontlae Gt&n• Prl• toe, tfT, ,UII paWtr •nd factoi'Y .tlr eolid. '8888 Lo•aodl ......... . '83 caullna FUll .ti '1889 I .at. air cdrid. Loadolll f85 Old•mobl!e Dtlta COUJ' H4.rdtop . l'ull power, ,., H, WSW. 1&1. nlw '2999 cafo Warrlnt)" . . . . . . I '84 Pontiac Qrand Prix. F'ul "ewer, factorr lilt' elln4. L<>aded. 1111. new $2799 cAt warr.trtb'i -.-.. '83 Corvafr. COUJN:& atUI 4• '1199 eQul•o•d ......... . '68 Chov. Impala luon a,t. ,ul! ,ower, 3Zl' V lo lii&.H, rtucket aeat*' WSW. ae. ll.,tri mi. ontw. Ntver tauaed ner tlll•d. aal. "*"' '8488 c•,. war rant)!' I . , .•. '85 euloN Ltlora • • Door Hardtop. F u II power, l'adio, &. heater, wsw2. a a.nce new car $ 1 warranty! .... . '86 Tempeat LeMans Coupt Full power, V I ; fact. air cend., buckf't seats, WIW , lal, oat '2199 warrtnty! ........ . '62 Chev. lmpi(lol Hardtop, PG, V-8, PS, R&.H, WSW. Cho;ce of $1699 . ....... . . . '8& cnev. 4Dr. '1199 Faet. equrpped '84 o 0 d g • Polara Coupe • Hardtop, Full power, R, H, WSW. $2199 One ownlr' . , , •... f83 Tem•••t statio" w•••" I"UII .,.w•r. 11.1, air cond . , It, H. *1799 one owner ....... . '88 Chr,ol., Hew V6tk•r • 'u1t ,.ower a . fact air cond. Loaded, lal. '3399 new clr wrnt)', Save! '8 2 Iuick uaaiPe . 4 • D••• Hal'dtop. F !J II power, •adi6 a heater, '1599 WSW . .•...••••... '60 ,ontlile 88hHIVilla Sta. W•oen. , u 11 power, radio a hUier, '1199 WSW ...•...•••. ,. '83 CHtv. Impala ble. ,Q, v.e, '1899 PS, R&H, WSW ... '61 Chev. lm.,a1a 4 Door HardtoJ , PQ, '1198 II&.H, WSW ..... 1 . '61 Chev . lm•a • 4. ooor Hardtop. I'Q, *1199 IICOHo WSW ...... . '64 Cadillacs. Lew rrul•aot, on• ow"er automobllti. Loaded. Choice of c o 1 o r. lllaHc• "•w cir '4188 *ll"i'antyl , •••...•. '811l f'ontlao Oatallha CbllPt U HardtoJ, FUll ... wlr &. air cond. Loaded. '3299 Bal. new car war. '62 P'OI'tl fl•"eh Wagon. 4 lloer, tact. '898 ..,ul.,.dl ....... .. '64 CKtv, Jrtt,ala StJper Spt. C e u . , o lla.dtop. P01 Vlt rs. ''' Rt.H, bucket ..... , fact. Air $2499 cond. W.W. L6adtcl! '83 l•loh lllctra 225 •D• . JI'UII tNWer, ra.l o & heater, WIW, $1888 one owt'lll"! ...... . '82 etta.,, 1m tala Con v. Cdu ... 110, '1899 V-1 Hr "6.H, WSW! Je*-'' Cftliv. ftnl'tUa HardtC\PI • g ,Q, Vl• ,., II&H, wsw. lal now car '2599 warr&l1t)'J ....... .. '81 Iuick Convortl•l• ••• olall fi'S, II .. H, WIW. •al. 111>w ... '2388 '83 •ulck Wll(leat 4 Dr . Hardloo. F'UII powoP and factory air '2199 cond. Loilled '83 'ord Galu:ie 4•Door Hardtop '•oo'. Full •ow. •r,. v .. a, f&ct air, cof1d., •.. $1198 '84 Hnllac TeMPhl 1111n1 soort Cp•. Full Jl4wet, .12• YS e nal tie , II&.H, INSW, bucket se-atl '83 Fo.d XL, '500' Qala•lo F'stb&ck couee liard top. Full p6wttr, v.a, bucket oeab. $1198 R&H. WSWI '85 DodO• •eao• Coui>t Hard tOJ). FUll IIOWirr fact. air eond1J 5al. n•w . , . '3099 '63 Old• •Ia' itolldoy 4 Door Hardtot'. FUJI pow •r &. fact. air cond . Loafed On• own•rl .. '84 Pontiao QTO Cour>e FUll & fact. air cond. '2699 L9adedl ..... '85 Fo•l aodan. FUll power, iO•Jass. , R&H, wsw, •. new .. , '2899 '65 Mercury Colon)' Park Station Wa•on. Full po.,.r &. fact, air cend. Loaded. latance nt::w car war '3499 rant)'! •.•... '84 For• Galaxi• '500' 4 Doot Hardto,. Full ,nw. •• II&H, '1898 v.a, wswt .. '63 Chevrolet !mula Hard lop, riG, v.e, '1199 PS, ft&.H, WSW, '66 Chi'Vroltt lmeala SUDar Sport Hardlopi. Full powtr, U:? ' tnGine, eled. wl fUt. alf' conl1.1 R & H, WSW, Loatted. B•lance new ca• WU• '3099 rant)'! . _.,., '64 F6rd XL 'tbo• Convut. lbll Cou .... FUJI lfGWtr, R&.H, bucket I eats, WSW. '2299 Loaded! ..... 1711 E. Hillsboro 500-CAR SELECTION '6R Comet Caliente 2Dr. U HT. F'&ct. air. power, ........ $2495 '66 T•lrd H a r d I o o. (2) . .. .... '3895 '66 Monaa Conv. $2195 AT, RH •. f8R Cadillac DeVille . U 'ull power, fact. a i r cond. Locol one '4995 owner car . . . . .. '65 Impala 4 Dr. HT. P9 and Pa, air e o n a., R&.H, AT, WSW tires, tinted tlass. 6200 '2596 actual miles ..... '& M u o t a h 0 H't. AT, u """ Ch6lot . ..... '8& 8,RINT H'dtooo v.s, fact . air, Ps, '2395 tt&H, auto., red .. '64 Corvette Stlnaray, both tops, R&H, 4Petd ehrome whnls, '338& WSW tires .. ... '84 Malibu 5/S. AT+ R&H, v... ''1995 f'S, etc ... , ..... . '84 Oldt Cutlau . '•ct. IOOWII' , • , , , , • '2395 '84 Ca.! !lao • Dr. HT, Fact. air, '3186 full 11•wer .... , , . '84 Lincoln C.nt. •dn. hot. ..... '379& '64 e U I c k Ita. waa. air . .... '289& '84 Oalaxla 100 4•Dr. 11995 Faot. air, '84 Chev. •uPtr SJot't. Flot. air, .S229& oowtr , . ... , , . , '64 Chev. I,Pt.ll Con. vorl. Fact. '1895 air, power ... '64 Volksw>n D a I u • • Sedan. '1295 R&.H. (2) ....... '64 C h • v. Sta. Wag, Ai• $2195 con d., etc. . . . . . '64 Ford Fairlane 100 AT, .. . $1595 '64 Chrysler N e w p o r t. '"et air, '1995 power ...•.... ,, '84 Malobu 4•Dr . ldn. ..... '1885 '84 ltamblor Ita. Wag. lt&Ht lUI• $1896 gaae rack, etc. . : '63 Old1 4 •DP, HT. foot. oower .. R&H, .. $1385 '63 Chevy II Convt. SPort. AT, R&H, red :'o i!h ...... , . 5138& '63 Con't 4-Dr, Sdn. ,.Act. air , full $2796 etc ••. 1 ••• '83 ChtVlf II Sdn . Fact , a" oond., AT, *886 IIIIH, nleo ........ '83 Monza Spycfer H'dtop, IIC.H .. ,., '1186 '63 For• conv, Dol. 100. lt .. H .. ... '1585 '83 Falcon 2Door. A f r li•H ....... . ''J96 '63 •ulok IPiclal 2Dr. a;r, . . 1. ac . t: . '1485 '63 Chev. Sta. Wan. 10 In •took. Some with 11•1' ••..... '1195 '63 Old1 Ita, Wag. Full power, AT, $1895 R&Ht v.a ...... . '63 lui>or Ohovy 11. Fact. aor, '1185 AT11 R&.H • , • , ... '83 Falcon Delux• .$.Dr. sta. w•• '1 095 ATo R&.H ........ '62 Dld.s Jetfir• "" a-boor HT . ,aet. ail' cond., 'S &. Pll, •uto, , R&H, etc. '82 Ch.evroln tmpafa 2 or •. D.. '1295 ,,.m ... . '6 2 Galax it 500 Tudor & -4•D<>Or '1095 H•rdtDDij I'I'Om .• '8 2 COh'< 700 FOirdor. """ . . " ....... $&95 '82 Cadlllae Conv. Fact, air, $1886 full •ower . .•.. , , '82 Falcon country Squire Stitl6n W&Oon, AT, R&.H, luggage rackf *1 095 Showroom cond. , . '8 2 Mon:r:a Conv. Spyder. AT, lt:.""' ......... '895 '81 T .. Bird Conv. F'ull oower, fae. '1195 tort air . (2) •• , , '61 lulok ltloctra 22$ 4-D•. Sdn . $1395 l'lct. air, fuU power '59 Cadlllae1. 4 in stock. Fact. al•, $895 full .,owet. Frotn .• Valiant •Dr. '259 Sid. 1hlft , ... '58 Plyftl, 4Df, H'l', AT, and .. " ..... '185 '58 Olds 4-D•. HT. R&.H, PIS . $295 '61 ,.,d ( •Dr. Sta. '149 AT, R&H. National Auto Supermarket 1711 E. Hillsboro Ph. 237-3323


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 1, 1965 News of Tam pans in the Military Services degree in English at University Pvt. John T. Groves, son of Army Staff Sgt. William H. Ruskin Chamber Plans Building Lewis B. Sanchez, son of Mr. RUSKINA new building forl$8,000 for an entirely new struc to go as soon and Mrs. Ernest E. Sanchez , the Ruskin Chamber of Com-ture. as fmanc1ally p<>ssible. 3614 Deleon st. has been proof Tampa. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Groves , Tackett Jr., whose parents live merce has been voted unani Mter discussion at last week's Named to a nominating comto captain mously by members. meeting the and mem mittee were Alex MacKinnon , and received his H. P. Porter, chairman of the bers thought feasible to set M R b rt and Glenn Marshall silver bars while building committee, estimated up a fund ra1smg. J?rogram for c 0 e. s, _ serving with the it would cost $2,135.00 to close a new modern A. build-They will present a slate of SIX F 1 r 8 t Special in the front porch of the presing fund committee w1ll be names at the November meet-Forces Airborne building to make a modern named by Eu.gene Mc. Roberts, ing. G r 0 up in Okioffice, or between $6,000 and chamber president, with con Meeting dates for November nawa. He is a Sgt. Lester Robinson, son of W. Alva . •. an on Route 1, Box 303D, was as Mr. and Mrs. Edward Robinson, a1r defense fire d1stnbution syssigned as scout section leader 1908 Seventeenth Ave ., was as-terns controller course at Army in Troop F, 2nd Reronnaissance signed to the Army in Vietnam Air Defense School, Fort Bliss, Squadron of the 2d Armored Oct. 17. A 1955 Middleton High Tex ., Oct . 27. He entered the Cavalry Regiment in Germany School graduate he entered the Army in June and is a 1963 last month. He attended high Army in 1955' and was last graduate of Chamberlain High school in Tampa and has been BRAND NEW 1100-D FIAT FULLY E9UIPPED! 4 DOOR SEDAN! and your old cor regard Jess of condition as lan9 as lt runs to our place of business under Its own power! we trade and we fi nance at Bank Rates. Get our proposition before :rou buy! Small down paymenb • • • HOMER F. HERNDON platoon leader stationed at Fort Jackson, S.C. School. in the Army since 1948. and December were set up one h g d ted H • w o ra ua Spalding urs. week because of the holidays. from Plant High •• School in 1956. stetter, Route 1 , Thonotosassa , Music Course has been promoted recently to Sanchez MarvIn E. staff sergeant in the Air Force. For Teachers whose Mrs. ClovHe is a veterinary specialist erme C. Hurst, lives at 7101 A music short course for the 4 oth St. was commissioned an at James Connally AFB, Tex. nursery school and kindergarten Army s'econd lieutenant at OfHe is a Hillsborough High School teachers will begin Tuesday at fice: Candidate at the graduate. the University of South Florida. Artiller! a.nd Missile Center, Midshipman l.C. Peter W. Sponsored by the USF Center Fort Sill, Okla., ?ct. 952 0 6 He Wright, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. for Continuing Education, the entered the Army In 1 • Warren F . Wright, 4207 Central beginning session will be held at Marine Pvt . .James w. Spaid Ave. , has been named to the 7 :_30 p.m. in. I"?0m 102 of the ing, son of Mr. and Mrs. w. superintendent's list for the first Fme Arts BUlldmg on the Tam W. Spalding , 4709 Fair Oaks semester at U . S . Naval pa . Ave., completed individual comAcademy. He graduated from . Dr. Vlrginia A. Bndges, as-bat training with the First InHillsborough High School in 1961 professor mus.ic edu fantry Training Regiment at and attended University of South cation at USF, will b.e mstrucCam LeJ'eune N.C. recently. Florida. tor for the non-credit course, P ' ' emph_asing Engineman l.C. Ronald .J. RigMidshipman 3.C. Charles R. skills needed m teacbmg mu gins, son of Corbett H. Ribbins, McGough, 19, son of Mr. and sic to the pre-schooler. 8501 16th St., Seaman Jack R. Mrs. Guy R. McGough, 115 S. Bamble son of Mrs. Meda I . Lincoln St., and a 1964 graduate Reminder to Drivers Gambl: 4009 N . A St., and of Plant High School, has been The county judges today reEugene P. Millan Jr., to the dean's list for the minded all persons born in Noson of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene first semester at U.S. Naval vember who hold drivers' li-P. Millan, 3823 San Luis St., Academy. censes expiring this month that all of the U.S . Coast Guard, ar_e they should renew them during serving the Cutter AnSecond Lt. Charles H. Brown Ca • November. All licenses are now adne, assisting Cuban III, grandson of Mr. and renewable for a period of two trying to reach North Amenca C. A. Duncan, 3203 Harborview -7 w THE MOST TO THE COASTVia direct Atlanta connections. years. L T S.3Sa 2:ISp b:20p .• eave ampa • Cuban Patrol, with two others for Air Force accounting and Arrive Los Angeles 12:45p 6:40p 9:36p INTRODUCTORY OFFER FREE JUST FOR SAYING HELLO NO PURCHASE NECESSARY MERCHANTS GREEN STAMPS INTERIOR LATEX WALL PAINT GUARANTEED FINEST 9UALITY Name ••••••••••••••••• Address .....•..••.•.•• TAMPA STORES ONLY I I I OUTSIDE WHITE MAD WITH LINSEED OIL MILDEW RESISTANT $698 GALLON EVERY 2nd GALLON FREE PLUS $772 GALLON FREE PLUS 1000 MERCHANTS FREE GREEN STAMPS EXTERIOR LATEX FOR ALL MASONRY & ASBESTOS MILDEW RESISTANT 1000 MERCHANTS FREE GREEN STAMPS DECK PAINTS TILE RED & GREY FOR WOOD, METAL, CONCRETE $749 GALLON EVERY 2nd GALLON FREE PLUS $598 GALLON FREE 1000 MERCHANTS FREE GREEN STAMPS 1000 ONLY PLUS MERCHANTS FREE GREEN STAMPS REGULAR 12t AMERICAN MADE CERAMIC VINYL ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE TILE 7!EA. TILE AVAILABLE AT 5008 NO. DALE MABRY ONLY NATIONWIDE PAINT FACTORIES e 5008 NO. DALE MABRY e 8402 NEBRASKA AVE. 2 Bl.OCKS SOUTH OF Hll.l.SBOIIG-PH, 872-7511 CORNER OF WATERSPH. 932 e 3811 SO. DALE MABRY e 4908 FLORIDA AVE. ACROSS FROM BRITTON PLAZAPH. 837-154! ACROSS FROM PEOPLES 238-3300 e BROOKSVILLE e ZEPHYRHILLS e BRI.DENTON e MULBERRY e PORT CHARLOTTE r expected to join shortly. finance officers. He is reas-Arrive San Francisco 3:35p 7:10p IO:Sip signed to AFB, Ask about low Round( Trip Excursion, from $220 plus lax. 1 n Tampa call 877-8111; Thomas F. Blumenstetter, son Mont., for Strateg1 . c A1r Com-in St. Petersburg call 896-i 141; in Cleanrater r;all 446; or see your Travel Agent. of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Blumen mand duty. He received the B.A . • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . 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