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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 259 (December 6, 1965).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
December 6, 1965
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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, re ully Accredited! SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 259 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1965 PRICE FIVE CENTS President, Veep Runoff Tomorrow In one of the closest races candidates for office have distlon Rules committee, Chairthe court certify him alt a and in the largest voter turn-regarded fraternity affiliation man Louise Brink, Patty Lavalid candidate 'n the runoff, out in USF history, Ed Goris in their campaigns. Brot, and Bill Dreyer, listened and thereby may cause lnvaUda and John Harper fought each Gladue, with considerable vot-in the SA office Friday aftertion of the runoff. other into a runoff for presiing weight behind him, has been noon to arguments presented If Gladue draws enough votes dent of the Student Association walking a tightrope between en-by Gladue. to prevertt Ed Cor is or John in the SA elections held last dorsement of Ed Goris, whom Gladue was that Harper gaining a clear major Tuesday. Coris drew 752 votes, he calls "somewhat less irreput-the 200 or fiO write-m bdlots ity with Gladue's votes being lilllilWO""""'"'.,.._MIIIII Harper, 744. •. and he expects to Tuesday's runoff considered valld, the situation "Radical" Pete Gladue kept mg h1s own wnte-m campaign. elect.lon should be coupted as might force the Ccmmittee to . Shortly after Gladue issued a valid votes. the race close, polling votes . statement endorsing Coris, said The Committee decided that declare the winner as whoever Gladue won the voting . on he had been approached by the votes would be null and is able to garner a plurall(y. Bay Campus, but ran mto "about 50 people" asking him void, and that they wauld not The Committee has so far stuck troubles on the campus to run. They had agreed elecbe counted. to Its decision declare a ma as _the .result. of his cam-tion eve that one would supGladue announced his Iutenjority winner . pa1gn m which he received en-port the other in the runoff, tion to take the matter to the None of the candidates, how dorsements from Raphael Igdepending on who survived the Student Court of Review when ever, feels Gladue's 11th hour natz (an invented character), "primary." and if the ballots are not countrace will have much effect in Santa Claus, and the G r e a t Three members of the Eleeed. He will attempt to have (Continued on Page Zl) Pumpkin. The vice-presidential race also was forced into a runoff as John Hogue pulled in 941 votes to 720 for Rick Rumrell. Blair Weir pulled up third in this year's VP balloting with 337. ****** ** * SA Finalists Give Views No presidential or vice-presi Coris Harper RumreU dential candidate received the The credit for my success in 1 pledge my whole-hearted 1 would like to thank all of required 1,140 vote majority of this "primary" election should support to the betterment of the 278 t t the students who voted for me, the 2, vo es cas • a new rec-fa II mainly on all of you who position of the student in this ord. The old mark of 1,541 was have worked in my behalf . university , whether he is a comand for those students, I ask set two years ago m the Bob I am very pleased that so muter or a resident, a senior or that you vote for me again, Ashford-Charles MoneY cam-many students did vote this a freshman Tuesday, Dec. 7. palgn which Ashford won. was an increase of some 9 per I want unify the student For those who cast their halThe runoff , to be held tomor-cent ? .year's vote. I body and with the power to such lots for a different vice presi row, sets the. for. a batIt 1s md.tcative the growa unified student body, do my dentlal candidate, I ask you to tie o.f Presi?entlal mg mterest ':' Student best to make the voice of the con$ider the following : I ) Many Sides To The SA Executive Election candidate Com, Arete, IS runAssocJattwn work which, I bestudents felt by the administra-ning al',ainst Enotas' John Har-Iieve began to fully manifest ittion Upper left, Campus Edition photographer Tony Zappone takes his own vote projection by peeking over per. In the vice-presidential self under Bob Ashford's adminA. 'fed tud t bod 'th THROUGHOUT the I have emphasized positive proarams that suggest progress .•. not promises. These have included ideas that will indeed establish a quorum in the leg • islature; ideas that will direct the Student Association to /be students; and ideas cre•tlv in the S. A.'s privacy screen. Upper right, presidential candidates Ed Coris, Pete Gladue and John Harper demon-race, John Hogue, Arete, is runistration. 1 s 7n Y WI J strate support for each other prior to the anm:mncement of election results. Lower left, a poster behind the ning against independent Rick I only hope that you will fur-beffectJve letadfership.can ahnid th f ill. If . h e a grea orce m ac evmg UC information desk displays the results for all who wish to see. Lower right, USF'ers show mixed emotions Rumrell. er am ame yourse wtt 1 t t t d t as the results are announced in the UC lobby. Hogue, however, said that the the programs of both candidates, so u Ion pressJng. 5 u en __ and that you will vote in the proble_ms sometbmg unacs F Gets F u I A c c1 re" d I. t' . 0 n . ( final election By Southern Association Dec. 1 H A Harper administration will og ue not only support but expend evJust as I will be unable to ery available effort to: thank each of you personally 1. Enlarge academic freedom I have been unable to personto its fullest. 2. Improve faculty perform ance and student information with a student evaluation pro gram. •u•.ht'rA. t.•.Ubl• , 1,., r-... ally acquaint all of you with the issues of the campaign. Thus I must use a more impersonal m-adium to express my deepest appreciation for the confidence The Southern Association of of the association , the Univer* * * * * * * * * you accorded me. 3. Represent the students' in Colleges and Schools officially sity was found to have clearly Tomorrow you are asked to terest and only that interest. Consider a I s o my qua!i. tions as both legislator and representative at • large; as both vice president and president of the debate team; as chairman of Congressman Gibbons Din ner; as parliamentarian of Cir cle K; as member of 1965 UC Leadership Training Conference; as past worker in the state leg islature; and finally as a feUow student. With these tJrings in mind, I am sure that you too will vote Rick Rumrell for your vice recognized the USF as an acdefined and appropriate objec-A d •t t• Aff t return to the polls to determine 4, Question the "all-university credited institution during its an-tives with conditions favorable CC re I a IOn ec S the future direction of your stuprinciples" in regards to stu-nual meeting last week in Rich for achieving them," Allen con-dent government. dent feeling on: mond, Va. eluded. I have tried to present a a. Increased inter colleciate The Southern Association's 0 the r accreditation groups G k N t• 1• t• straight-forward presentation of athletics. general session voted Wednesthroughout the will now ree a IOna IZa IOn the issues in this election. I b. off campus food catering day, Dec. 1 , to give USF full hst USF as accredtted by have not masked the issues with This is a positive RICK RUMRELJ, membership in its organization. AssociatiOn. A . ccredtt humorous or discreditory re-net warmed-over promises from The action also gave accreditamg bodies are sect10nalm char-By GAIL REEVES cuss further and possibly pass posals wlll final approval marks. last year. I seek support from tion to USF . acter and recognize the testi-Campus Staff Writer the p;oposed standards for naby the Executive Council. To me there are three basic everyone, and I am asking that b Jj ' bl 1 monial of good standing passed The Student Affairs Committionabzatwn of fratermties and Proposed university standards issues of the campaign conc-ernthe student body unit "jOin the USF ecame e gi e or ac. t 'll t t d' 'ti If d u d ' t f "tb th d f by therr counterparts m other ee WI meet omorrow o IS soron es. passe , 1e profor recognition of national so-ing the Vice President's posi-Harper Rebellion." It can help cla:s areas. cia! fraternities have been distion as head of the legislature. you if you help it. 1965 and the Southern AssociaUSF students planning to en-N Q t SA cussed in the committee for the They are as follows: Signed, ready to work, tion's action is retroactive to ter graduate school will be ac0 uoru m a last two years. In the last 1) To aid and cooperate close JOHN K. HARPER cepted without question as to month a concentrated study has Iy with the Presidential policy. include 1 •544 students already the qualify of their under-grad-been taking place with mem-2 ) Carry through the action of graduated. uate work, Dean Cooper said. bers of IFC and Panhellenic the legislature to its necessary t1 I 0 I ence Membership in the Southern The only conditions are the in L D k Sess n present. completion . 1i This is the last issue of Association is the official recogdividual school's requirements am e u c I 0 With accreditation of the unl3) To impartially direct the the Campus Edition for nition by the educational world such as grades and test scores versity last week, national fra legisla.tors, . your. direct reprethis trimester. that the University is of high required of all candidates. Vice. President Ed Coris told ternities and sororities can now m vors. 'the next issue will be til Bennett Named caliber, said Dean Russell M. If the USF application for ac By MARY ANN MOORE consider colonizing USF if the Th1s IS the dtrection I would ri on the news stands Jan. 10, Cooper of Liberal Arts. creditation had not been ap-Campus Staff Writer the members, "I appreciate all Student Affairs Committee apJlke to. guide the legislature. ffl) 196!i. Anyone who has maill CampUS fdl"fi"On USF Pres. John S . Allen , who proved by the Southern AssociaThe last SA Legislature meet-the help you have given me, proves the final proposals, and These 1ssues can be fi terial for the Jan. 10 issue + represented the University at tion, graduate students would ing of Trimester I , he I d even those who haven't attended if Pres. John s. Allen and .the can bec?me action mstead I;; may bring it to the Campus Tri 11 Chief the meeting, said, "The action have some problems, Dean last Thursday night, failed to legislature meetings." Executive Council do likewise. of JUSt promises . Edition office, UC 222, any1'1 is the culmination of continu Cooper added. produce a quorum. Approaching Outgoing Senator Bob Blunt Proposed standards preclude Examme the platforms an? ' i time be f 0 r e the end of . A: Bennt;tt . 8 . senous work and planning that be The high opinion now held exams. were giVen as the reason answering the criticism that discriminatory clauses: discrim-qualifications of ALL candl . . exam week. t\i !Or maJoring In English gan as soon as the University for USF graduates and the uniby legislators. SA has received, said that !nation clauses are spelled out dates. Choose the aed Merry and ture, has been na.n;ect editor opened in 1960." versity would not have contin There was no legislation on it's a Jot easier for people to in the committee's minutes as cording actual qualiftcations tl Happy New Yen. Drive t{i The Campus Edition for Tn"It means that upon careful ued in the minds of 0 t h e r the agenda and the meeting sit back in the coffee shop and referring to race and religion. and real Issues rather than by m safely. N mester n . examination by representatives schools and students would not became a time for farewells complain , "We try." He said The wording of the standard that attempt .,,}'1 Bennett, 22, spent three years ________ ;:_ _____ have been accepted for gradr1om out-go ing officials. t . h t th 1 1 t h ld b . f ll to dtscredtt or mask the rele•. Nl"i> .. .•... JJ!i(m..,N •. on the edttorlal staff of the a e egts a ors s ou e by the committee 1s as o ows: . . . uate work at other schools with SA President John Reber, commended for the roles played "The right to nominate and vant pomts 1n the. PI f • Daytona Beach ArtWork F I • I or 11.e. Due Soon Editor Colman Rutkin extend ed an invitation today to art st udents to submit entries for consideration in the new-look, expanded "i.e." Rutkin explained that the edi torial staff is interested in etch ings, line drawings, and wood cuts proportionate for adaptation to a maximum 6-inch by 9 inch page size of acceptable '\l'ork is presented. This area will serve as an additional highlight to the poet essay , short story, and sa tlrical writing sections in the Ptoduction, now scheduled for release in early March. Rutkin also urged that stu dents begin work in their en tries now and turn in the com pleted work to UC 224 no later than Jan. 31, 1966. Anyone having questions re latlng to ",i.e." should con tact Rutkin or Steve Yates, ",i.e.'' production adviser , in UC 224. A copy of the rules may also be obtained there. out questioning, reported while saying thanks for the help behind the scenes that no one elect members shall be regu my active , continual ane ariUm ?apers. before commg to USF Cooper. given him during his adminls-hears about. Ia ted according to individual m the SA as a repre lnsfa lis New m Aprtl, 1964. A o! Accreditation means that the tration, told the legislators, . . . th oli f sentative for two years and a Daytona Beach Jumor College, ti u After a statement from the fraternitieS. It IS e P cy o t thi Th ch ce his home town is 0 r m 0 n d University execu ve commJ ee "Stay active. That' s the main floor asking about the serious the University of South Flonda sheansatoorbe usp ytoeary.ou. Yeou Instrument Beach, Fie. may now consider national fratthing." ernities and sororities coloniz-.....:.------------1 (Continued on Page 21) (Continued on Page 21) vide the element necessary to A "New Prime Sky" 1 t He has been 011 the Campus ing campus Greek clubs. HerCh keep effective leadership in the ment has been installed edition staff since April, 1965. bert J. Wunderlich, dean of stu-Exam anges lc t . tl I SA. . planetarium, according to CurHe was editOr during the past. dent affairs, reported that the d ou n erpo1 n s Your support wtll be made In ator Jose h Cur summer and has been man council will discuss this top i c Announce confidence and upheld in faith. P . . aging editor during Trimester during Wednesday's meeting. The following changes have JOHN HOGUE The machme is a new light I. Bennett succeeds Jay Becker-Educators representing the been n1ade in the Trimester r Thl•rd ISSUe Due source for the star-sphere, an man, who was editor during instrument used for projecting Trimester I. (Continued on Paa-e 21) eXam schedule, according to Ab m Closes the stars on the Several Campus Edition posi1 Faye A Y a I a, COOI"dinator of ra screen. tions for Trimester II will be Cata Og schedules and space: "Counterpoint," a new stuWunderlich said, "No com-European Tour The gas a .rc lamp (a mer. cury_, available. Anyone interested in 1-8-10 a.m. M 0 n day; Zhell I ) h h J.OJ.nJng the paper staff 1"s lnT d 3 dent-faculty. Universi t y Chapm-ant," when asked if he ap. . xenon, urn amp • w tc IS 10:30-12:30 p.m. dues 4 ay; 3 3 0 proved f the content of the Concert p1an1st Jacques brighter and sma!Mr than the vi ted to see Bennett, or inquire 1 3 P m Wednes ay el Fellowship !Publication, has o f f M C h d • . . Abram, USF Pro essor o uprevious Jlght source, bas two in the Campus Edition office, an g e 5:30 p .m. Thursday; 5-6:30-8:30 been given the go-ahead by Dean publication. He sa1d he believed sic, has returned from a highly advantages. It makes the stars UC 222. p.m. Friday; 6-8:40-10:40 p .m. of Student Affairs Herbert J. the format for Counterpoint had successful European concert in the planetarium 2ppear more --------Several changes of dates In the 1965-66 universi ty catalog have been announced by Dr. Frank Spain , registrar. Changes to the catalog are: Dec . LJ. 1965 was canceled as the date for ea:rly final grades for graduating seniors. Feb. 7, 1966 was chanaed to Feb. 8 fo5 d:t e 8ri'cf1%I Fe.fhe 7 students was rescheduled for Feb. 7. April a, 1966 was changed to Feb. 11 as t'he last day to drop courses without penalty. May 11 and June 8 were changed to June 3 as the last day to drop ('ounes without penalty in Trjmester iliA. June 16 was canceled as lhe date final grades for graduating seniors are due in Reglst'rar•s Office. July 5 and July 29 were changed to July 27 as the last date to drop courses wit hout penalty. Saturday. Wunderlich. been taken from a California tour. realistic by scintillating; and it p bl" y f Court sections, rooms, time. "S h ld b m de . 1 _ publication entitled "Humanity, According to the United Press allows the stars of tJJe SOuthern U 6$1leS eX CB 101 28 CH !04 W2 pace s ou e a avaJ f 't" d ' t h. f cs 101 38; PH 141', . an area o en tque an comm1 International , IS per ormances Hemisphere to be projected. Dr. Jefferson C. Davis, USP CB !09 18, TAT, W3. able on the same basis as for rnent." He said he believed that of the Prokofieff Third Plano (The stars of the South Celestial associate professor of chemm: other free literature," Wunder"Humanity" is a "worthwhile Concerto in Vienna were rePole are not otherwise able to istry, has published his first m 52 licb said. publication." ceived with "standing ovations be seen from this hemisphere.) book, "Advanced Physical EN 417 01 & 90, CH 111. "Counterpoint" staff members "Counterpoint" is directed by by enthusiastic fans ." Joseph Hojnicki of the Spitz Chemistry." 111 & had told the Campus Edition a board of editors, which inWhile in Vienna Abram also Laboratory in New Jersey inThis advanced textbook was PH I41. F4 that they had been denied UC eludes Dr. Jesse Binford, assorecorded concertos by Mozart, stalled the instrument recently. written for Quantum Chemistry rfi space from which to distribute elate !Professor; Methodist Rev. Haydn, and Dittersdorf for inCCH :S45) and will be available their publication. Allen Burry, and students Bar-ternational release. No More Plans in the bookstore ne1

Well Done, Louise Our hat's off to Louise Brink . She's the person with whom t h e buck stopped. Louise took on the chairmanship of t h e Election Rules C o m mittee after that seat had been v a c a t e d twice this trimester. It's not that she did all the work. She had a lot of help . That's a credit to her manage ment ability, as well as credit to those who helped in the frantic final days of 1 a s t week's election. Accepting the j o b " ' , ' a week before election was a sporting thing to say the least. Louise Brink, 2CB, came here as a freshman from Melbourne, Fla. She will be a junior in Jan uary. An active member of the SA Legislature for two trimesters, she has not missed a meeting. She was elected a CB represen tative last summer, and was ap pointed chairman of the SA Inter nal Affairs Committee. She s t i 11 holds the position in that no suc cessor has been appointed, although the Election R u 1 e s Committee chairman is a member of the SA Executive Committee, and as such cannot perform as a member of the Legislature. She had done no work on the Election Rules Committee before assuming its chairmanship. S h e had to learn on the job. SA Presi dent John Reber asked her to take the assignment the Thursday before the Legislature confirmed the ap pointment, which it did eight days before the election. Some of the problems she had to cope with were setting up poll ing places , coordinating efforts with Data Processing, recruiting p o 11 workers, a n d coordinating B a y Campus voting in general, hold ing things together. W o u 1 d she do it again? She would "like to get back into the Legislature," she says. She accept ed the appointment with the under standing that it was a temporary thing. "I didn't really do anything ex cept follow through on what had al ready been begun," she says mod estly. We feel she was instrumental in getting 2,278 students to vote in last week's SA primary election. Kudos to you, Louise, for a job well done. Vote Once More The Campus Edition staff infor mally decided not to endorse can didates for tomorrow's runoff elec tiou for Student Association presi dent and vice president. The Campus Edition evaluated candidates in the "primary" and chose one who best quali fied for each office. One purpose of this positio n was to stimulate stuctent interest in the election. were 2,278 reasons why we feel this bas been achieved. Now it appears that runoff can didates all have good qualities, and t • . •"''re cr•n<><>ro end dodiootcd do not propose to rate one candi is his / ' \ love of Tom and Jerry car-toons. Brutal incidents also 1 amuse him. Gabriel's professional killer is a pudgy lady with the .. '-.. ... 1 probable name of Mrs. Fother gill. O'Donnell ha ndles this character well and when Mod-esty kills her (with a combin-l ation of judo and luck), the reader has an honest desire to cheer. Lovers of sex and sadism will be happy to know that, although Modesty triumphs (as expected), Gabriel es capes to fight another day, and O'Donnell gets to write another book. Our Readers Write During the final exam week were purchased for trimester I receive refunds if they return period, these books are purnot includ i ng general books and their bo o ks immediately. -------------------------chased from students a t half magazines . "Sales from othe r stores can price. When students buy their books not be honored, but we have an The College Look At Other Places banning and ordering the abol i shment of all fraternities and sororities on the campus. State laws prohibit secret societies on public campuses but the organizations had functioned "underground" on the Brow ard campus. Controversial, critically ac claimed movies will soon be offered to students at Miami Dade Jr. College for only 50 cents admission. The film fare includes Richard Burton's Dy lan Thomas, Last Year at Ma rienbad, Kafka's Trail, and Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The project was initiated by STET S 0 N UNIVERSITY: two Miami-Dade students and Think the $130 tuition is ex backed by a local company. pensive? At Stetson it's comBROWARD JUNIO.R College puted that each class hour -Officials have issue d an edict costs $2. Here at USF, a stu• dent taking 15 hours of classes Historian Lectures On Dec. 8 Henry Steele C o m m a g e r, noted histori a n , a nd essayist, will be the g uest speaker at the UC Coffee Hour, Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. in UC 252. He will be a guest lecturer in the Teaching-Auditorium that same night at 8 : 30. pays $1.61Jor every hour spent in class. FLORIDA STATE Univer sity Results of the first fac ulty evaluation by students are being compiled. Conducted for the first time last spring, the results will not be made known publicly but will be turned over to the professors. Another evaluation will be conducted in the spring and the results will be published . Lending Library Open to Needy USF Students Commager will "discuss a topic of interest" at the Coffee A Student Lending Library, Hour to be followed by a ques located in educational resources, tion and a nswer period. now l oa n s t extboo ks to USF In his lecture in TA, he will students. discuss his two volume work, Stud t h h t ti "Nature a nd Purpose of Aca . e? s 0 o par demic Freedom, " which he now cipate m must is writing. ply to Ken;ut s .. Silv:erwood, dl-Free tickets can be obtained rector of fmanctal aid&. in the TA box office during In order for the library to be afternoons, 1 5 p.m. a success, textbook donations Mormons Ban 'Fad Dances' are necessary. Any student wishing to contribute s h o uld make his contribution to the Instructional Materials Center in the library basement. (ACP> The frug, swi m , jerk, In the original plans for the a nd other "fad dances" were library, the SA was to be in b a nne d from the Brigham charge of the comple t e program Young University campus re-with the Instructional Materials cently . Center providing only the phyThe student government Execsica l space. Since the dema. nd utive Council voted to prohibit for this service at presen t is so "su ggestive" dances it consid small, the Cen ter is handling all ered contrary to M o r m o n arrangements 1 n c 1 u d 1 n g the standards. checking out of available books. obligation to the students, and will guarantee our own sales," Lucas said. There also is an extension branch at the Bay Campus in St. Petersburg, where a full line of merchandise is sold. This includes magazi nes, candy, cigarettes, physical education clothes, unive rsity shirts, jack ets, mugs, and other souvenirs. Fire Dept. Warns Of False Alarm Danger All books necessary for the graduates and freshmen are av ailable there. "Not only does the bookstore supply the Bay Campus branch, but it aids those students and professors involved in the Con tinuing Studies Program," re marked Mr. Lucas. Professors teaching off cam pus order the books needed for their classes. "Although this process places a burden on the professors, they do know that their students need books, and the students are s a ved the trou ble of rounding up these book s themselves." EDITOR, Campus Edition : The N o r t h Hillsborough County Volunteer Fire :::>epart ment. wishes to caution stu dents living on and around the USF campus of the dangers of false alarms. Recently f alse alarms have been received from this area and have cost the NHVFD a considerable amount of time and money . SINCE THIS department is a volunteer department, no funds are received from the county for its operation. The c o u n t y supplies equipment, but no operating funds . Oper ating funds for thls fire de partment are raised by the firemen and the women's aux illiary of NHVFD through -Photo by Anthony Za.ppone Hard At It An unidentified student sits in the UC lobb y and tries to study for exams, coming up next week. He ' ll be a step ahead of most students, who usually put off studying until the weekend before the week of finals. various money raismg proj ects. The cost of fal se alarms is a burden to the department financially and could cause a less efficient operation in the long run. Aside from being costly in dollars, false alarms could be costly in lives. Often the de partment has m ore than one call to h and le at any time (there have been as m any as seven calls in a one hour period.) If one of these calls is a false alarm, valu ab l e time is lost in answering the false call, endangering the lives of people who have a real emergency. USF STUDENTS m ay have been g uil ty of false c alls in the past. We ask the students to remember that someone's life may be placed in jeop ardy when this happens. It has also come to the at tention of the department that students in some of the dorm itories have used fire in play ing pranks on dorm residents. This practice costs the Uni versity money and is definite ly a hazard to those who live in the dormitories . Such prac tices as setting fire to the walls and doors of the dorms are to be condemned. Stu den t s who participate in such pranks must realize that an outbreak of a real fire could be mista ken for one of these pranks. Cooperation is asked of all students in bringing a halt to such dangerous con duct. What this department would like to see is an interest on the part of students in puttin g out f ires instead of starting them. N 0 R T H HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. Psych Club Meets The Psych Club will hold a "coffee hour" at 6 p . m . today in AC 235 for psycho lo gy m a jors of all classes, types, and descriptions.


( ) , I I ONLY TAILOR-MADE STICKS Chicago1s Mikita Particular By Associated Press man Harry Howell. But he little Bobby Rousseau, who had Sta31 Mikita likes h!s hockey wrapped ,the Rangers around it !goal and . an sticks as particular about his Sunday mght. Boston, runmng h1s seasons to.goals. Those he'll take any old First the two-time scoring tal to 29 points. way. champion locked sticks with The Candiens, who had erThe slick center on Chicago's New York goalie Ed Giacomin ased a three-goal Ranger lead Scooter Line was getting them on a Chicago power play, pro-and beat New York Saturday every which way over the weekvoking Giacomin into a slashing night, roared from behind end firing consecutive h at penalty that left the Rangers against Boston with three goals tricks as the Black Hawks two men short. Then he helped inside of two minutes in the :;Oared back into the National Bobby Hull set up Doug Mohns' third period. r};gckey League lead. tying goal. Rou&.,eau, who had assisted on Claude Larose's goal openNEW YORK'S slumping Ran-AFTER THAT he was almost ing the flurry, scored eight sec2el's were the victims Sunday a show, beating Giaonds later, tying the game. night as Mikita scored three comm ou a slap shot, a Mter Jacques Laperriere put goals and assisted on another in bander and a rebound. The tr10 Montreal in front 4-3, Ron Stew Qbicago's 6-2 romp. Elsewhere gave Miita 14 goals for the sea-art tied it for the Bruins. ])ttroit won its fourt straight, son and a first place tie in the The Wings, who haven't lost beating Toronto 5-l as Gordie scoring race with Montreal's since Howe reached the 600-goal :Ho:we scored twice and Mon-plateau a week ago, moved into freal rallied gaiinng a 4-4 tie third place, a point alread of with Boston. Toronto. Saturday night it was Chicago Howe scored twice inside of and Mikita 10, Boston 1; Mon-MANILA-Flash Elorde, 130 , Philll 18 seconds in the third period, 4, New York 3; and Delt,:."{:; sparking the g s, who've trQtt 5, Toronto 3. une. scored 25 goals 1n the surge that Mikita uses the thinnest stick YOKOHAMA. .TAPAN -ApldeJ Slthllifted them out of the NHL eelin the NHL. "The kind we used Kat lar. to throw away when we were PANAMA-Chocolate Zambrano, 118, 1 i f t e d them out of the NHL kids," says New York defenseEugenio Buri&do, cellar. • • Foi holiday giving ••• nothing else quite measures up WALKER'S DELUXE BOURBON THE ELEGANT 8 YEAR OLD Holiday decanter or regular fifth, both giftwrapped at no extra charge. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • 86. 8 PROOf IIIRAII WALKER ' SONS INC., PEORIA, ILL. • ' . { Fall Of Bull Red Bill Myers, Tampa an gler, holds his 26-pound bull red which he sub dued recently off Red ington B e a c h. Myers' catch was even more out.... ----4 standing in t h at eight pound test monofiliament was used in bagging the brute. The red hit a red and-yellow "Wild Willie." willie." It was the largest red Myers had ever caught. i/1/iRJI your IIYiRII 11rnetl mor1 OLDEST AND LARGEST SAVINGS-INSTITUTION ASSETS NOW EXCEED $125 MILLION ITBE TAMPA TIMES, Mondoy, Du•mbe• 6, 1965 Freezin' Season? Shivery •hotvffs? Hot water in short mpply? Switch to 4 PgS natural gas water heater. Never before at mch JWicU ., lorD a8 $64 . .50 installed. Call PgS for detaiU! PEOPLES GAS SYSTEM a 229-SlM 215 TAMPA STREET a TAMPA 1.11% EFFECTIVE ANNUAL RATE RESULTS FROM 4.25% Current Annual Rate Compounded Quarterly ••• and the place where savings eam more is First Federal. Earnings are so high, there's none higher on passbook savings on the entire West Coast of Florida. Savings currently earn 4.25% a year, paid quarterly, and this high rate increases to the eve-n higher effective annual rate of 4.31 o/o on savings left with earnings a full year. In addition to high earnings, First Federal also pays the Florida State Intangible Tax em your savings account. The time is now to place your savings at one of First Federal's four offices in Tampa. SAVINGS RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 1OTH, EARN FROM DECEMBER 1ST FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA "Enough Offices In Tampa To Make You Our Next Door Neighbor'' 19 DOWNTOWN OFFICE 500 Franklin Street On The Flnanclal Comer • SERVING NORTHEAST E. Hillsborough Next To Sears, Roebuc:k • SERVING SOUTHWEST 721 S. Dale Mabry Off Henderson Blvd. • SERVING NORTHWEST • 5205 N. lois Avenue Off West Hillsborough


GOP Lea der zo THE TAMPA TIMEs, 1\fonday, December s, t9ss Foreigners Proud of Party Rusl{in Fire Association Strain U.S. I C y T B N T l Universities n ongress otes o uy ew rue { wAsHINGToN, Dec. s mPn ' WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 (UPI) H R bli 1 d RUSKIN A new $14 800 fire Alex MacKinnon and W E CarAn estimated sharp increase .,_ ouse epu can ea er Ger ' . . th b f t . . truck for the Ruskin Volunteer others potnted to the raptd m e num. er ore1gn uald R. Ford, Mtch. , believes Fire Department was made growth of the area. They said dents studymg m the Umted GOP congressmen can take possible by a majority vote at they felt that the present fire States by 1970 may "se pride in the part they played a special meeting last week. fighting units are inadequate, a vere burdens" on Amencan col during the first session or the A rundown of the financial new truck would be a good inleges and graduate schools. 89th Congress. status of the fire vestment, and th_e Waldemar A: presi and figures on potential mcome would not be a sertous liabtlity. dent of the Afncan-Amencan In-Ford said Sunday that Repub and donations was presented by stitute, predicted in a report to lican lawmakers "tried to make John Bahret, president of the Giant Card the Council of Graduate Schools the Congress what it should be Ruskin Fire Association, along during the weekend that the d lib t' b d . d with a plan for financing the veTRENTON, N.J., Dec. 6 (JP)number of foreign students may ..... a e era J ve 0 y, epen hicle over a period of five Twenty thousand New Jersey reach 150,000 by 1970, con1oa : reu • dent or and co-equal wtth the years. residents, including Gov. Richwith 82,000 in 1964. executive, judging legislation by A former chief, Ralph Lazar, ard J. Hughes, have signed a Nielsen indicated that U .S. the sole standard of the national maintained that th

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