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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 289 (January 10, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 10, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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-Photo by Antbon:y Zappone Big Lift for Construction Work continued over Christmas holidays on the College of Business Administration building. Other projects are also be&"inning to change the campus skyline. $15 Million Boom Andros Boosts USF Expansion * * * * * Maintenance Control * Building Opened SEVENTY-THIRD YEAR-No. 289 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS Cafeteria Overall Condition Said Good Health Officials Locate Two Stomach Disease Carriers By JOHN ALSTON C&mpus Staff Writer Two carriers of salmonella and shigella organisms which can cause severe stomach up set, were found among cafe teria personnel in intensive testing b y Hillsborough Coun ty Healt11 Department during the ho lidays . Dr. Robert Egolf, directo r of Student Health Service, said "it's a distinct possibility " the cal"l"iers of the organi sms could have been a factor in an outbreak of stomach upset and diarrhea in December. The infected food personnel were taken out of service un til pronounced c u r e d. In testinal flu and pre-exam emotional tension were mentioned by health personnel as pos sible factors in stomach up sets at the time. The Health Department de clined to blame anyone for the presence of the carriers on the cafeteria work force. C. E. Phillips, director of san itation, told the Campus Edi tion that "it could happen to anyone" and absolved Mor rison's of any negligence. He said that all health cards for the workers were in o1der but that the two workers had evidently contracted the dis ease after their pre-employ ment examination. Phillips said he was pleased with the overall conditions of UC Prof. To Discuss Berkeley Experiment the cafeterias and added that Morrison officials "have been very cooperative in working with us." The Health Department con ducted a thoro u gh examina tion o all cafeteria employes after a petition was circulated last trimester which com plained of unsanitary condi tions, foreign objects in food and alleged instances of ill ness as a result of cafeteria food. The petition was signed by more than 500students. Ron Wi:lis, general manager at USF for Morrison's said that all of the complaints had been noted and passed along to serving personnel. "We have made every hu: .. J man effort t o correct these problems ... we'd be foolish not too. It's our business," he said. Outlining what has been done to attempt to correct these complaints, Willis re ported that serving personnel in both cafeterias had been made aware of the petition complaints. So far as foreign objects are concerned Willis said that the only object "which we have any evidence of'' are occ aswn al staples. He explained that much of U1e food. particularly lettuce arrives at the cafe terias in crates which a r e stapled 'together. When the crates are opened, he report-ed, occasioually a staple will come loose and land in the foodstuff. Willis said that the suppliers bad been contacted and urged to use glue instead of staples in their crating. The petition was circulated in the last two weeks of last trimester by a group or stu dents. The petition was sub mitted to J. P. Goree , direc tor of auxiliary services. Chief result of the meeting, attend ed by news media , Goree, student government officials including o o d committee president, Judy Petersen. and the petitioners, was that the Lounges Become Bedrooms Do.rm Overload Said Temporary DR. SMITH ... hi s second book out Writers Wanted By Campus Edition Students interested in working on the Campus Edition are invited to contact Editor Laurence Bennett or leave an application at UC 222. The paper is written and edited by students and ap plications for staff appoint ment are welcomed, Bennett said. Rehearsals Today USF Chorus rehearsals begin today for members and candi dates. Rehearsals will be from 7:15 to 9:45 p.m. i n FH 102. The major work to be re hearsed t h is trimester is "Requiem" by Durufle, contempor ary French composer. The con cert will be Tuesday, April 5. l students who had instigated the petition agreed to work w i t h the food committee. Goree also noted that t h e Hillsborough County Health Department bad inspected the cafeteria kitchens several times and had termed the op eration "excellent." Dina Kerik, one of the lead ers of the petitioners, said that the main problem seemed to be thai students didn't know about the existence or the SA Food committee. Miss Petersen said "my name has been in the Campus Edition at least !our times this trimester and listed where I could be located." Registrar Lists USF Key Dates Art and Music . . . . . . . . . 2 Features ....... , ••..... 2, 19 Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Seniors I To Pick Notables Nominations w i 11 c 1 o s e Tuesday for selection of 10 outstanding USF seniors. Voting will be Friday in UC. Sen iors may place nomina tions for "Senior Class Nota bles" in a box at the UC desk. Senors who completed gradua tion requirements last month or who will be graduated in April and "who have con tributed in an exemplary man ne r to the prestige and de velopment of the University" may be nominated, class Vice Pres. Monica Harty said. Nominations should contain name and address of the sen ior and basis for the nomina tion. The list of nominees will be announced at the first class meeting of the trimester Wednesday at the free hour in TAT. All seniors who ex pect to graduate in April, June, or August are "invited and encouraged to attend," Miss Harty sa i d. Monthly class meetings are planned. The 10 "outstanding senior!)" will be introduced at the class bonfire Feb. 16.


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, :January 10, 1966 SA Surprise Package? The Harper administration will long list of hoped-for accomplish take office today, opening the gate to a legislative year that may sur prise a lot of people, especially those who didn't particularly favor John Harper as SA The Harper-Hogue team re portedly plans a program that will include at least 12 major points. We can hardly wait to find out what they are. But we don't want to be disappointed. During the campaigning prior to the Nov. 30 Student Association elections, top level staffers of the Campus Edition conducted press conferences with each candidate for office. Reports of the candidates' re actions to a basic list of somewhat important questions on student is sues was published in the news paper. Also, the staff publicly en dorsed candidates for the contested offices. The choice was made by a unanimous decision vote as a result of impressions gained through the interview sessions. Harper did not impress us then. In fact, our impression of the man was put into words by one of his campaign workers walking through the UC coffee shop on the day of the run-off elections. He was decked out in a Con federate army unifonn and carried signs urging students to "Join the Harper Rebellion." A student drinking coffee asked him, "What is the Harper Rebellion rebelling against?" "I don't know," shrugged the youth, and he grinned as he walked away . We weren't too sure Mr . Harper knew, either. And we're still sit ting close to our typewriters, fingers almost burning to get to the keys and churn out reams of copy about the new administration's r ments. One thing that everybody's tired of hearing about is the difficulty the SA legislature has had recently in getting enough of our "student representatives" to the legislature meetings. Much time was lost rounding up stray representatives or postponing business that might have been important. However, we are anxious to see if and how the quorum problem will be met from now on. Unfortunately, we've not yet gotten to know Mr. Harper very well. John Hogue we are acquainted with and feel certain that he be longs in office, will do an excellent job as vice president. But there's something mysteri ous about Harper. Whatever ideas he is tossing around in his head stay hidden until it seems like he is harboring some big ideas behind his quiet, pleasant appearance." Bustling activity that gets visi ble results-that's what the SA needs to develop. Student interest in SA apparently flared up, as shown by the record voting turnout. Harper's victory may mean that he already has gathered a big share of student interest in government into his corner. If this is true, more stu dents will be apt to really want to know what the SA is doing . Then, more students will be apt to make their individual opinions known to representatives. This also paves the way for student gripes and sugges tions to really make it to the top and be heard rather than get left in an empty coffee cup and for gotten. The Student Association would then be truly worthy of the name . People would stop thinking of the SA as a Thursday night make-believe game. What .Price, Safety? How many deaths or serious accidents does it take to get a traffic light installed? Many USF students and faculty staff members ponder this question as the automobile accident toll mounts along Fowler Avenue, near this growing university . Two persons have been killed and eight or 10 students injured, some seriously, in the traffic melee which piles up at the intersections of Fowler and 30th Street, 40th Street and at peak rush hours, 56th Street. L I T T ... L ... E We know well enough that traffic lights won't take the place of safe driving. But they do help the cause of as well as help maintain orderly traffic movement. The SA External Affairs Com mittee helped get a badly needed traffic light at Fletcher and Nebras ka A venues. Perhaps this commit tee could take the lead again in a campus-community effort to ob tain lights at critical Fowler Ave nue inters ec tions . It would be a worthy effort which merits all out support from on campus and off . I y i40SE OF '1'0U WITH OUr CARD5 Oil! 6EfiC.rS !S'TANt'lNG IN BACK WILL Pt.EAtie fOLI.O'N Mli!. LU:fo&.NO WKO UEN iAI<.E OF c.t.PISS Q\IRFL.OW! I I B L E R THE CAMPUS EDITION Tha Campul Edlllon of tba Tampa Times l1 wriUen and edlteol bJ 1tudenta at lhe UnlversltJ of South F lorida. Editorial views expressed herein are not necesaarll7 those of the USF administration, ft.enlt7 or of lbe Tampt. Times. Olliees: UC 222 Unlverai!J of South Florlola, Tampa, Fla.. 33620. Pbone 988-4 1 3 1 , exl. 619. News MPJ' deadline Is 1 p . m . W ednes dt. y for publieatlon. Letters to the editor deadline Ia 5 p . m . Monday for the followlnc Monday. Laurence Bennett . . ..•••.•........... . . . ....•.•. . . ............ , Editor Harry Haigley ..•...••••.. ......•••.•.........•...... , Man aging Editor Larry Goodman . . . • • . • . • • • • . • • • • • • • • . • • • • . . . . . . • . • . . . . . . Sports Editor Prof. Steve Yates ••••••••••....•............... . .....••. ..... , Adviser \ I Auction Boosts Scholarship Program Art for Fun and Funds Attract Many , Student and faculty art not only adds an aesthetic touch about the USF campus but also has given a healthy boost to an art scholarship fund. A December art auction raised $1,602 for the scholar ship fund, according to Mrs. Edith Williamson, art depart ment secretary. Students donated half of sales prices of 114 items and faculty members donated all income from sale of 14 works , Time ran out before all paint ings, prints, ceramics, draw ings and sculpture could be auctioned by Prof. Willard E. McCracken. The auction was to stim-ulate interest In fine arts, to raise funds for the scholar ship program and to give fi. nancial encouragement to stu dent artists. Art boas proved a profitable hobby as well as a prospec tive career f o r many USF students. Dennis Johnson, who works In the UC Poster Shop under the student assistant program sold an acrylic work at the auction for $50. Two other student assistants working in the poster shop are Leslie Silva and Charlotte Stone. These t h r e e art students g o t their paid positions through the Financial Aid of fice. As a group, they produce about 75 to 90 posters a week. They each work 10-15 hours a week. Their s e r v i c e s are available to any USF organ ization. Johnson, sophomore a r t major, also works at the Gold Leaf Art Shop. He makes pic ture frames, mats and other art supplies. He has taken design and drawing courses at USF and is now taking in troductory painting . After graduation Johnson hopes to get a scholarship to graduate school. Leslie Silva also hopes to attend a graduate school, pre ferably "in Chicago or' some where up North." Silva, a sophomore, has taken all the basic art courses at USF. He served his mili tary term in the Navy. He was stationed on a "good will" ship and doing various kinds of "art work," i n c 1 u d in g charts, graphs and sketches. He also worked with Sears Roebuck and Co ., drawing il lustrations for articles. Charlotte Stone, sophomore, has sold some of her work privately. She likes to work in pen and pencil , charcoal, and with the college. Char lotte is studying for a career in commercial art. Most full-time day students on campus in art classes are art majors. However the USF art department offers evening courses iJ;t basic drawing and basic design in which there are a few "bobby artists." One instance was a mother of four children who enrolled in the basic design last trimester. She is taking the art c o u r s e s "just for pleasure," and feels that they are of value to her in her home. Peter Thomson , an o t h e r e v e n i n g student, has sold some of his paintings and hopes to attend a design and later an architectural school. Carl Mullis, an employe of the telephone company, is taking the evening course to ward a degree. He has sold 15 or 20 portraits for $5 to $10, and some water colors. He took art courses in high school and also private courses in oil painting. His favorite media are water colors, chalk and charcoal. He hopes to go on to commercial art. Rose, Abram Join Talent For COncert on Sunday Distinguished cellist Leon ard Rose will combine talents with pianist Jacques Abram, USF professor of music, in an Artist Series concert Sunday. The program will be at 3:30 p.m. in the TA. Tickets will be available between 1 p . m . and 5 p.m. at the TA box of box office. Rose, reared in Florida , has been associated with Tosca nini's NBC Symphony and the New York Philharmonic. On the program, Rose and Abram will perform Beetho ven's "A Major Sonata,'' Brahms' "F Major Sonata" and a Debussy sonata. Rose's cello is one of the world's rare Amati instruments, d a t e d 1662. Since early days as students at Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Rose and Abram have been acclaimed for per formances on t h r e e con tinents. B o t h have been have been solosits with major symphony orchestra. The next program in the Artist Series will f e a t u r e Edith Peinemann, German born violinist. * * * * * * Art Exhibits Open, Albers To Lecture Internationally-known contem-He has been chairman of the porary artist Josef Albers will Yale University Art Department lecture Jan. 19 in TAT and an and a teacher at Black Mountain exhibit of his works will be in College. In 1925 Albers was in the Library Gallery until Jan, vited to join the distinguished 28. Bauhaus group in Weimar which A ceramics exhibit also will included Feininger, Gropius, Ka be on the campus to Jan. 28. din,sky, Klee, and Moholy-Nagy. It is a display of works by When the Bauhaus was closed noted American potter J. Shel by the German government in don Carey and it will be in the 1933, Albers came to the United FH Teaching Gallery open from States with his wife Anni, a 8 a .m. to 5 p.m. daily. Bauhaus graduate and textile Albers' public lecture will be designer. . . at 8:30 p.m. in the Theatre. In the other exhibit, the works No admission is charged but by Carey are tickets are required. permanent mcludmg James R. Camp, USF cura-. the W.:etropolitan Museum of Art, tor of galleries, said Albers has Evers?n Museum of Art of been a major influence on mod-the Fmland government. Smce ------------ern art in North and 5 0 u t h 1953 Carey h .as professor Job lntervl.eWS America and in Europe, both as of art at Umverstty .of Kansas World Renowned Cellist a painter and teacher. in 1959 :-vas destgnated .bY Leonard Rose poses with his rare Amatl cello, dated 166Z. I d Time magazme as outstanding The world famous artist will join USF Prof. Jacques Abram urrEH ______ _________ _ For January Jampacked Program Is Friday Business and industrial repre-Student Interest sentatives will conduct interI SA p • d views for a variety of positions n raiSe during January. Welcome back, fellow stuStudents may sign up at the dents. I'd like to say thanks for Placement Office, AD 280, for your coritribution in the past or may contact of-Student election. f1ce for further information. This letter will probably sound Intervh;w dates, organizations like one written by a winper. UC Open House Gala To We-lcome Studerits and openmgs are: And indeed it is . For we Jan. 10 Prince George's won if you became "somewhat By POLLY WEAVER first recording is "Theme From Phil Rugh on plano and Ron County Board of Education, Upinterested" in your student gov-Campus Staff Writer the Wild Boar" and on the flip Resler on the bass fill the other per Malboro, Md., teachers. ernment during these elections. Th 'd d side, their own version of the positions. Jan. 12 Hallmark Cards, Your participation, however, e WI esprea hand-latest James Bond thriller theme "The Interns" will be the UC artist. must not halt now. It should shaking in the UC lobby s ong, "Thunderball." Mark MorMovie during Open House week-Jan. 19--:Grosse Pointe Public and must be only a beginning-Friday will not represent ris, a graduate student at USF, end. It stars Michael Callan, Schools, Mich . , teachers. to a success which will inevitably th t t f th 1966 l't' heads the group as drummer. Cliff Robertson and Nick Adams. Jan. 24 -W. T. Grant Co., follow. e s ar 0 . e J>O 1 J It concerns the life of 5 interns train ees . Remember, too, that that road cal campaigns . It Wlll be a•bt s d and their professions , romances Jan. 25-Scientific & Techni-to success is always under con-the uc Open House or !he I e tu y and maturation into seasoned cal Personnel of PRNC David struction. local welcome for returnmg Cl St tS physicians. Taylo r Model Basin, technical ; Yours truly, students and special wel aSS ar Aetna Casualty & Surety Co., Rick Rumrell come for new students. USF students can take a new THE TWO-BAND dance will various . "We try harder" This USF tradition i s jamcredit course in Bible study this feature The Answers and The Jan. 26-Federal Communica-packed with activiti-es from 3 trimester through a joint proJohn McCollister, tions Comm., research, opera• M • 1 til 'd 'ght H t d jumor at USF, leads The An-ti l d 1 . t' I e aterla p.m. un ml m . OS s an gram of Stetson University and . llr ona ' an app tea IOns. I • • hostesses will be in th e lobby . . . swers m the UC ba oom. UC Jan. 27 Burdine's, Miami, R t d S to direct students to different the Flonda Bapttst Convention. 252 be swinging with The various . Au.ror.a Public. eqUeS e 00n eve n ts. Free activities are: reg-Dr. Elton E. Smith, a ss ociate Doll)moes, h

Thirty-Four Dropped For Varied Causes T H E TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 10, 1966 19 Graduation liSt Names ". 21 0 ' s e rl i 0 r s f 0 r Degrees Placement Interviews Scheduled Thirty-four seniors were 010BRYo-EonKs11vsbiL.LE: susan Johnson, soc! Roger Harkness. physical educa-agement: Roger Dean, t4ou Job Outloo . k Brl•ght rg gw tion: Hazel, markctlllg. elementary educalion; lvo Dommgucz, dropped from the graduation CLEARWATER: Mrs. Mercedes L. An PALM HARBOR: Linda Edga1, ele 1020 E. Hamilton Ave .. Spanish; Ana li t th d f T . t I dersou, eech; Donald Kroege1, 10402 27th take the GRE ill or er to psycbolog1; Glenn lo!le Hedervary-Konth, German; Larry St. psychology; Mrs. Kathleen K. Kunde, graduate Elhs. SOCial SCience; Susan Rlghbaugh, Jines. psychology; Jacqueline Korb, 3918 Horatio St., English-speech: Ken ele111entary educa.tion. ele'?entary education; Post, mar neth Lane, 4607 Bayshore, accounting; Graduating seniors from the HIALEAH: Lul'lene Gallagher, EngJisb. kebng. . Jani_ce Lang, lll14 E. Clinton, Mathe . _INDIAN HARBOR BEACH: Mrs. Btllie SEBRING: Mrs. Maty J\1, Allan, b1 mahcs; Matie Lesiak, 2606 W. Hillsbor plan on-campus job interviews during Trimester II and "this number will increase as we move into the traditional re cruiting season of January, February and March," Colby said. STARTING S ALARIE S College of EducatiOn, however, Hmes, Engllsb. . olqgy. . ough. zoology; Mrs. Maria Lombardia must take eitlle. the GRE or INDIAN ROCKS BEACH: Hams She!ST. PETE.!!SBURG: Thomas Bellmo, Durand, 2507 lvy St., Spanish; Fred t ton. soc1al sc1ence. biology; Davtd Bush, psychology; Linda Loopman, 125 Connie .. ve. history; the National Teachers Exam. Richard Axelberg, Cutchin, art; Lucille Gigante. English Mrs. Delores A. Lyons, i2721 15th St .. accountmg. speecb; M1s. Margaret Hackworth, math-elementary education; George Lyons, . KISSIMMEE: Charles Fornes, econom-ematics; Raymond. Iletterich, accounting; 12721 15th St., English; Jack Manisalco, !CS. . Myra Howze, Engl1Sh-lournal•sm; Thomas 2702 Palmetto St.. zoology; Margaret LA, BELLE: . Mrs. Jacquelme Dugger, Howze Jr., social science; J era I d Marsh. 336 Hyde Park Ave., elementary Slater emphasized that failure to take the GRE was not the only reason students did not range up to $675 a month de pending on major field of study and other factors. phys1cal educahon. Keeney, English; Raymond Kirschner, education; Marcia Mathieu. 311 N. Mac LAKE \VALES: Gary Rhoden, mathe management; Mrs. Jean E. Klaus, Eng. Dill Ave., mathematics; Gary McBride graduate. He pointed out that mattes. !iShhumanitics_; Norman Lamer, econom12703 N. 22nd St.. Englishspeecb; Phillip d . LAKE. WORTH: Edward Lahti, malbe •cs; George Lindsay Jr., eduMeriwether, 215 w. Jean St., mathe some students preferre to Walt matlcs. . cation; Lombana. management; matics; Mrs. Shirley Miller, 12105 Forest until the April commencement LAKELAND: Ola Frets, pbys1ca1 edu-Bruce D. M•tcbeU, psychology; WILliam Hills Drive, visual educa-. cation; Nell Johnson, _elemenlar,v educaNelson, management; Willie Oloridge, as tionEnglish; Kenneth Mobley, 1906 60th ceremony for graduatiOn. AlSO, tlon; Jan C. Kuhn, ofi1ce admlDlslrallon; tronomy; Mrs. Nancy S. Smlth, French; St., marketing; Carol Moore, 5015 Ander-h ' d th t d t h Mrs. Mary R. Murphy, elementary edn Timothy Temerson, accounting; Mrs. son Ave., e lementary education Manuel e Sal , ere are S U en S W 0 David Nicholson, political science; Oueta A. Wake!ront, English. Morales. 4212 Fair Oaks, psychology; have received an X grade for W•lllam Jr., accounllng; Carol TAMPA: Mrs. Jean K. Haygood, 4211 Clifford Opp Jr., 3211 Paul Ave., history; Seay. EngliSh. S. Amta Blvd., (M.A. degree) elementary Mrs. Sa r a h J Pardo. 3707 1\ Lincoln Placement Services reported a more than 100 per cent in crease in placement inter views last trimester as com pared with Trimester I, 1964. A total of 81 employers con ducted job interviews last tri-a course and consequently do LANJ:! o:LAKES: Linda Haefner. Rt. education; Sandra Almerico, 1832 26th Ave .. accounUn $; Kenneth Parks, 1705 E. not have enough hours to grad1, Enghsh-Journallsm. f-ve .. soc1ology; Mrs. Barbara s. Alvarez, Hanna, markehng: Mrs. Nancy Patter LARGO: Mrs. Roberta Armstrong, ele N. Lauber Way, elementary educa son, 908 E. New Orleans, elementary uate mentary education; Pet er Carson, Eng. bon; Roger Angsten, 9905 Florida Ave., education; William Plowman 914 Can • lish; ,, lS a result of the Higher Education dents to enter an essay contest 7:30p .m. University Chapel such as deciding what voids a ty Senate Wlth no votmg Bill of 1965. The particular seg-offering $4,000 in prizes plus uc 204-25 ballot. representation from o.f the ment of EOA that applied to trips to California for the top University Center Open uouse The Rules Committee, how-other areas of the umverstty. college assistance was always three winners. The essay must 8 :00a. m . sout h Lobby The main issue confronting named College Work-Study but consist of a critique of "None 2 : 00p.m. uc Arts & Exllibits Honor Society Adds Over 70 Members the Senate is whether to adopt was called EOA to avoid con-Dare Call It Treason." uc 204 the faculty senate, traditional at fusion with cooperative educa-The mailing program was caruc 205 most universities, or the all-uni-tion Jl':ograms. It is still College ried out by the USF chapter of for Freedom versiLy senate, which is a new Work-Study but is administer-the Young Americans for Freeconcept. ed by the department of Health, dam ber. And now it's five Holt have been named to a 12 • II miles a day man All-State soccer team, sePinS To Fa lected by coaches of eight col• FIVE OF THESE hard-work-leges participating in the sport As 1-M's Beg1n ing first-year men bail from throughout Florida. Mell. get Out lbose Jnildewed Illinois. The other from Jack-Th U . l { . 11 e mversity of lVliami, with basketballs! co-eds, polish up sonvi le. All 1ve I inoisians are th listed in "Swimmer's Wol'ld " e state's best won-loss record your bowling balls and dust off the "bible" of swimming (8-ll placed. three players, while your softball gloves! Another iasts. This means that each of USf, , and trimester of intramurals begins them was one of the top 25 high Umventy bad two next Monday. school swimmers in his stroke and the Four sports are scheduled in the nation. Umvers1 t y of Flonda had one the next three months. Men kick One o f the illinois band, Dave apiece. o.ff w1th basketball CentJy Naffziger, of Peoria, was All-The Norwegian-born Velde and lme Jan. 1.2) , wh.tle Am eric a, (judged solely on Holt, original;y Scotland, co-eds roll 1 n to achon with swimming times) while several sparked USF f1rst mtercolleg bowling

20 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 10, 1966 DEAR ABBY Mrs. Ethel DonaLdson, right, was greeted as a special guest by Robert Moresi , new president of Camp 37, Woodmen of the World , and Mrs. Imo gene Rose, new president of Court 792, at installa tion ceremonies held re cently. Mrs. Donaldson is administrative vice presi dent of WOW from Oma ha, Neb., and acted as installing officer for the local groups. Let the Te ephone Ring-Then Send Someone Else To Answer It' -81atf Photo by Auruat Staebler PROFESSIONAL :DRY CLEANING of ALL FABRICS By "BILL" TIDWELL r ask you, is there really a difference to Sanitone Dry cleaning? You bet there is. How can you tell the difference ? Just by checking a garment that's been cleaned by C 1 e a n e r s and Laundry nation ally-famous San i tone Drycl e aning process . That's why we urge you to make a careful check of thes e points: • , , ALL spots gone • • • colors bright .•. no lint •.. garments soft, wIt h that "Bill " Tidwell "like-new" f e e I , . • no broken buttons ••. zip pers work freelY . • . no open seams. Clubs Circle Dates COOTIETTE And, girls, Spotless Cleaners w ants y ou to check those p r etty frocks . f or pleats in place . . . Dixie Nit-Wits' Cootiette HillsbOrough of Apollo Beach hem-ltnes even . . . . belt loops 15 ill h t B b 1 Club will have a covered dish omen s Club w i II meet • • • repai red. 0 w os ar ara Doo . ey luncheon at 11 a.m ., Wednesday, Wednesday, 1 :30 p.m., at the The man of your house Delray Beach , state president , community house. The Rev . AI-DEAR ABBY: Will you please should check for pockets and Wednesday at Hatton Gillette bert Rust Jr. will speak. Executell me why people will not cuffs free from lint . . . no VFW Post 121, 6809 Nebraska tive board meeting is scheduled make reservations for dinners double crease or s hine ... and Ave . Business meeting will be L h for 9 :30 a.m. at civic clubs and church dono seam or pocket marks . at 8 p.m. unc eon ings? Then they show up at Spotless has 18 stores in and POSTAL CLERKS the last minute, sometimes around Tampa to provide you VOTERS p t 1 CJ k L d' , A 11 bringing a guest or two . They -with fast, efficient , quality servos er s a 1es ux • seem to think that "one or two ice. Look in the yellow pages Two chapters of the League Wz'th The iary w1ll me,et Thursday, 8 p . m ., more " won' t matter, but If you for t he location nearest you. of Women Voters will meet at the Mens. Garden Club, W. have to feed 25 or 30 more than Columbus Drtve. you planned on, it makes a YBOR CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE . ANTIQUES SHOW & SALE 3119 E . Broadway at 40th St. 1966 1 P.M. to 10 P.M. Daily of Tamga, Inc. and Governor The first report luncheon of the Governor ' s CommisI I sian on the Status of Women in Florida will be held at noon Jan. 12 at the Univer sity Union at Florida State University in Tallahassee. 40% off onWINTER SUITS and COATS 20% offSTOREWIDE e DRESSES e COCKTAIL e FORMALS e CASUALS e LINGERIE e SWEATERS Specializ i ng in Sizes 12 to 52 204 E . CASS PH. 229-8297 Two Hourl Free Parking at Telander ' s with Purcha•e It will be the first evalua tion upo n completion of a year's depth study in re search and recommendations as to the st a tus of women In the state rela t ing to educa tion , legislation , employment and women in the home and community . Former Governor F a r r J s Bryant created this commis sion and named its first members . Among the 26 women in Florida , Mrs. Polly Henry, Mrs . Lee Leavan good, and M r s . Jo Stafford we r e appointed repres enta tives fro m Tampa . Governor Haydon Burns is continuing the commission and will reappoint some of i t s members at the luncheon in Tallahassee. NEISNER BROS. GET A HUGE 11x14 PHOTOGRAPH Of YOUR CHILD (2 LOCATIONS} $ ERS! ONLY 00 PLUS 35c HANDLING 3 DAYS CHARGE ' MON. TUES. WED. Jan. 10th th -12th Hours: 12 Noon-4:30 P.M.; 5:30 P.M. e NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED e SELECTION OF SEVERAL POSES e FULL POSE PORTRAIT e BABIES AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES e PORTRAIT DELIVERED AT STORE A FEW DAYS AFTER TAKEN e SATISFACTION GUARANTEED e GROUPS $1.00 PER CHILD LACHAWAY whale of a lot of difference. I would like to have the hat they Lachaway Chapter, National think we pull our food out of. Society of Daughters of 1812, NO MAGICIAN will ba ve a luncheon meeting Thursday , 11 a.m. , at the FloriDEAR NO: Those who do not dan Motor Hotel. Mrs. William make reservations but show up Calvert and Mrs. Edward Hart anyway are divided (like Gaul) will speak. Into three parts: the lazy, the HARRIS VFW Russell Harris VFW Post 4321 and Auxiliary will meet Thurs thoughtless and the disorgan ized. • •• day, 8 p . m. , at the post home , DEAR ABBY: I am 14 years 2010 Morrison Ave., for business old and in our bouse we have and a social hour. this rule: Nobody can accept a SPADEA DESIGNER PATTERN MiNqoliNi GUGENHEiM Bringing a high-spirited dash to winter-grey days, Mingo lin! Gugenheim Introduces a simple sheath to the flattering side effects of the overblouse : The set-free top skims lightly round the hips , slowly curving up to the waistline in back. There It fastens with a fly closing over the camisole bodice . Semi-princess seaming gently shapes the one-piece front. With its standaway neckline and shorter sleeves , this imaginative design follows the sun in novelty cottons, linens, shantungs or sharkskins; in sheer wools, double knits, silk or rayon crepes, with elbow sleeves, it performs just as success fully in cooler weather. From these corresponding body measurements select the size best for you . Spadea's exclusive ready-to-wear sizes pro duce a better fit. SIZES BUST WAIST HIPS *LENGTH 10 34 24 35 Inches 12 35 25 36 163,4 .. 14 36lh 17 16 38 28 39 173,4 18 40 30 41 .. *From Nape of Neck to Waist. 'Postnasal Drip' With Morning Hawking of Phlegm Now Relieved In Minutes Amazing new nasal spray dries up phlegm and postnasal drip. Helps you swallow normally, breathe freely, easily, Go • • • 0.. GOLFING In fact go just about anywhere you can think of Thermo Jac Bermuda Dress It's the one piece dress with the twopiece look that's styled to take you 'round the town or country the prettiest way possible. Fashioned with hops


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