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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 73, no. 301 (January 24, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 24, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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I J SEVE ' TY-THIRD YEAR-To. 301 TA IPA , FLORIDA, l'viO 1DAY, JAl'<'UARY 24, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS Group To Check on Stormer 'Extremism , USF' s Yo u n g Democrats unanimously adopted a reso lution last Wednesday to form a "commHtee on extremism" to investigate John Stormer, author of the controversia l book . "None Dare Call It Treason . " and make its findings known to the public. Stormer is scheduled to speak on campus next Mon day ni!!ht at 7 in UC 248 as a ----.,.guest of the YDung Americans for Freedom. The resolution called Stor mer's book "an insidious atlack on the faith and trust which the American people have in their elected leaders. " The resolution stated that the book was "an attempt to destroy the reputation and integrity qf innumerable loyal and patriotic Americans of both parties.'' Il named U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hany S. Truman, Lyndon B. John son and John F. Kennedy as among those "slandered and smeared" by the book. 1'he re,olution sa i d the techniques of the author con sist of effeclive and ingenious use of distortion, half-truths, lies and slander. "The author's faulty use of references severely handicaps o1 prevents the e f f c c t i v e checking of sources, " it said. -------------------Library Contest Offers 4 Awards Students who maintain a per sonal library of books will be able to win one of four prizes in the USF Student Personal Library Contest March 17 in the UC Ballroom. John W. Briggs, USF zoology professor. First prize is a portable type writer. Second is a $50 credit s lip from the bookstore. Two $25 credit slips will be third and fourtb prizes. '!'he purpose of the contest, is "to encourage among students Shivvers a Go Go -Photo by Anthony Za-ppone The contest is open to all Iulltlme USF students. Applica tion forms and information are available in the library and the UC bookstore. Deadline for en tries is March 11. an awareness of the value of Enjoying the latest issue of the Campus Edition in "freezing" weather last week was the newly crowned building a good personal library Intemational Speed Queen , Kathy Brisbane. She is eighteen and a freshman at USF. Kathy will reign over for use throughout life," said the races at the Florida State Fair in February. Gerard McCabe, acquisitions li------------------------_:_-----------------------------It's A Bird! A Bat ... Nope. It's Batman. For the past two weeks an epidemic of Batmania has swept the campus and droves of fans, like these jamming the UC TV room, have flocked to TV sets whenever the "Dynamic Duo" is in action. The epidemic reached mass proportions Thursday night when over 400 Batfans jammed Argos Lounge to see the caped crusaders on an eight by 10 : foot screen. The screening was arranged and paid for by Alpha Hall. Later Weekend Curfew Favored Contest requirements are that brarian and contest chairman. collections must consist of 35 to 40 books. Libraries of any type will be eligible, including h [l1 g en era I libraries, collections M -JI'J ,_ 1 r . centered in a subject, or colfj T (, v l1 lections of a single author or f( lf judged on a lJ/ o( basis of intelligent in t e res t, / knowledge of books, scope and m .. . • • 8 Deadline To Drop Is Feb. 11 imagination shown in creating .. the collection. and on their value n Someone may have re!jj! Students can drop a course as a for a permanent 'i\1 ceived an excellent $140 H without penalty before Feb. 11, It?r:ry .1 v !I! Hermes 3000 typewriter @ under the new system passed on es JU ges wt I be tctor @ for Christmas t h is yeat-. by the University Senate, last Leavengood, VJCe prestdent of ''1 Robert Wolff of the drama General Telephone, Jack Moore, department returned from m trimester USF English professor, and {1 the holidays to find that 1*: A student may drop a course % he now is without one. m without consulting the instrucCampus Rad 0 @ u seems that somebody m tor, no what his I ! lifted typewriter N . standmg JS m that from Bach @ rrom hts offiCe m the theaj}; coutse, pr1or to U1e close of the !f te1 dming the vacation, and @ drop pertod. . . To Beach Boys t an AMFM radio tuner Students WJshmg to withdraw Will women students at USF Dr. Margaret Fisher, dean of f: from the sound room. N from the University, have un-be given a later curfew on weekwomen, says Ute administration Listeners tuning in to WUSF W Wolff who was in New W til three weeks before final ex ends? is willing to consider such a . radio tbis trimester can expect :j;j York d ring Christmas n ams to do so without penalty. 1 P t 1 k. ti to hear anything from Bach to was unaware oi the theft h After that date, grades of "F" proposa . resen c tee -m me the Beach Boys under a new fi until he returned for the t* will be assigned automatically ,i.e. Material Deadline Jan. 31 is 1 a.m. "waking. up". philosophy that ft himester. The typewriter :iii for all course work. Sandy Murphy, chairman of the. radio votce of USF has /i was his personal property, #. Following a second witlJdrawthe Gamma Hall Board of Standimhated. . . d so Wolff must 1 -eplace it i] a! from the _umvers1ty a ards, said she has received The new programmmg w1ll N himself. The radio valued dent must pebtwn U1e AcademiC l\Jonday, Jan. 31 is deadline "over 20" letters from women supplement educational shows in W at S216, was USF propfu Standards Committee for read for submitting material for pub-residents expressing dissatisfac-order to more . of erty, and must also be reit m.ission. Any student w.ho student body Jnto the M placed. wtthdrawn from the licaUon in tile March issue of, tion with the current dormitory aud1ence, sa1d Paul Koeru5 , actf.i W lff . . d 1 1 t ;Jl before Jan. 1, 1966, wtll not i.e , USF student literary magahours. ing radio coordinator. t k 0 tsat Je Plans 0 il be affected by the new rule. I I d d h . :i" a e ou a persona prop''" zine. On the basis or these letters nc u e m t e format wrll {i t . 1 . • W This new system has been de-b . M d e1 Y msurance po 1cy 1m"'' e opera on on ays, Jazz fea -g! 00. t 1 <;; veloped to aid the housing of-Material can be left at and an informal vote taken in UC 224, Office of Publications. Gamma Hall, Miss Murphy be Editor Colman Rutkin expressed lieves Utat "the majority of the appreciation for the wide range girls in Gamma want a perma of material submitted to date. nent extension of weekend tu. d T d d d" 1\< m Ia e y. . 'e on . ues ays an rscus-h fice and the registrar in planswn sess1ons on Wednesdays. ning for upcoming trimesters. "A Potpourri of Music" will It is also hoped tbat under tbe headline Thursdays, and will inOn the Inside new system students will plan elude all types of music. Fri-Campus Vending Machines their classes more carefully. day will feature drama. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2 hours."' Shades of the Pony Express! Mailbo , x Numbering Mixup Causes Cam pus Capers By JOHN ALSTON It' s not known exactly how that the problem was created Campus Staff Writer many students are in the same when assignments were made John Doe lives in Alpha Hall. predictment as John Doe. last summer. Whoever did it, John Doe east in Argos cafeteHousing and Food Service, in said Welz "had no concept of ria. But rain or shine, John Doe charge of the post offices on how tbe boxes were numbered. can be seen daily dodging the campus, says t h e statistics To further complicate matters, traffic on Holly Drive as he goes haven't been compiled . the method of numbering the to pick up his mail-from the R. J. Welz, one of the fullboxes changed just after the Andros mail room. time employes in Argos said assignments were made a n d Impeachment Sword Rattled some ol' the addresses listed .. RAN." said Welz, are actual ly in Argos. SA Informed On Originally . s l u a e n t s ' mail boxes were the same as their room number but the system was abandoned in favor of the one, according to Welz, "to keep people from changing addresses every lime U1eir room changed." Attendance Policy In September t 11 i n g s will change. Welz said that the as clear to the 1 egislature when it signments would be changed By ALLAN SMITH Campus Staff Writer S t u d e n t Association Vice President John Hogue last week in effect threatened SA legis lators with impeachment if they don't attend legislature meet ings this trimester. convenes Wednesday night. with an eye to alleviating pre I l I H dicaments like John Doe's . Peon ong range p ans, ogue th d h h t b bo t ple who are livmg m e same sal e .opes 0 rmg a . u C'Y a 1e mvers1 Y o a • ns o e m w !JC res 1m en an "The need tim t ' d . agement; Atlantic Refining co .. trainees; ects, research and equipment. con mumg educa 1011, or " , The Faculty Luncheon Club fornia at Berkeley said he feels sophomores have no classes no . y e 0 rea some must WrJte a paper every two u . s .. Plywood Corp., trainees; OwensThey come from prl'vate otgaru-600 and $700; H. F. Boyd, SEC. A, ' . ' tlungs and to get away from weeks. d if tud t' cornmg Fiberglass. trainees; Goodyear "ll •t kl t ' "educators are do 1 n g some-tests and consequently no . an a s en s paTire & Rubber. trainees. zations, industries and govern-for $19 , 600; Dr. L. J. Luclto, WI resume l s wee Y mee mgs, thing wmng in the first two g1ades gradmg and approval and book-pers do not show improvement O'eb. tO-Federal Power Commission, ment. SECA, for $69,600, Dr. C . E. Thursday, Jan. 27, in UC. 264-5 keeping b f h . ' various; Baskins & accountant; years" of college. "Every generation has to be . mem ers o t e faculty WJ!l rraveleJ'S Co .. trainees; Blue . d . 0 Webb, SECA, $19,930: Dr. L . .f. at noon. . . . "You put so much pre . have lengtl d" . 'tb Cross-Blue Shield, represnlatlves. The grants receiVe m con them (in high him. IY lscusswns Wl tober are as follows: $20,000 to There will be a special pro• Superintendents Conference at "It's difficult to bring' in a told tbe superintendents "that Dr. _T. C. Owen by the U.S. for submitted' by gram featuring Mayor George USF, Tussman delivered the generation ... and this one they need a when they . HE SAID his program is detraf':,'i.':"'ts-Arthur Anderson. accountPublic Healtb Servic_e for reDr. M. B. Fisher, Mrs. Doris E. Fee of Temple Terrace. The 1966 Sarah Olive Rush Lecture isn't decided yet whether it's get t o college. ' Signed to teach students how_ to Burlington Industries, Inc., trainon tlJe radtatwn Flaming, Earlene Dlckey, and mayor will discuss "Why I Think of the College of Education. The going to buy in." Tussman believes the experi-read coherently, how to tbmk Feb. 16-Smith , Braley & Johnson, lsby of sulpher bwcbenucals, Linda Erickson. We Should Remain Exempt lectureship honors a pioneer mental program he started for and . how t? :write instead .or $18200 to Dr. J. Fernandez The largest grant received to From Consolated overnment ,, Hillsborough County teacher YOUNG STUDENTS he said freshmen and sophomores at geanng thel.l' Intellectual aclivAccounting omce, accountants; Maas by tbe Natwnal SCience Founda-date this fiscal year was $58. G who taught in the 1880s. "challenge the of the his institution will eliminate ities to explicit demands, to & co., tz-ainees, also tion (NSF) u.ndergraduate 992.94 to Dr. L. J. Lucito Dr. Anthony Zaitz is program J'udgment of older persons They many of tbe student problems wllich he said they have been "111 iot.!rvlew Juniors lor summer work: research participatiOn program; th ct f Tampa the Board chairman. • • u . • , Army &: Atr Force Exchange, retaU $11 000 t D J c B . " h e ) y 0 . STUDENTS, often away from think that nobody gets anything he enumerated. subJeCted all the1r lives. management: Accounting, and • o r. nogs Y of Regents and the Boal'd of The luncheon will be $1 and . . . . T . . personnel; Connechcut Mutual, sales or NSF for research on the dis' home for the ftrst time, have WLtbout usmg force. ussman admrtted that hIs sales management; Price Waterhouse, . . . . . Public Health of Hillsborough reservations may be made with many problems he said They They don't like what we're THE PROGRAM beaan last students may have some prob-accountants. tnbubon of manne ammals. $9,County for a pre-school prog ram . are concerned a todoing internationally," he said. fall with 150 freshmen 'l75 girls !ems when they return as jun660.62 to Dr. W. P. Danenburg for culturally disadvantaged Mrs . Dons Mellor, ext. 185 ward war, and are not pleased Students are worried that this and 75 boys) who are guided in iors. d by for a USF-NASA sym-children. with what this nation is doing country just might "drift into their studies by five faculty "I am afraid to think about PoetS feature $7,280 to Dr. F. E . Other grants included: S21,000 Campus Edition internationally. war." members, including Tussman. that" he said laughing but he Fnedl by NSF for an underto Dr. Knut Norstog from NSF T sk F b 7 Young college students, he He said tbe life young people The sophomore class will start exp1:essed that the The Readers' Theater Coffee graduate research participation for continuing research on mor0 1p e • said, also are concerned about are expected to join is shot next fall, when a new group of students would not meet much House f e a t u r e d "Campus program. phogenesis in angiosperms and The Campus T i mes will not life, deatb, love, peace and sex. through with a "systematic hy-freshmen will be elll'olled in the difficulty in adjusting to tbe regPoets" Jan. 19. USF students Durin_g the November-Decem-gymnosperms; $19,606 in a11 in-be published o n Monday, Feb. "Then they discover we turn pocrisy." experiment, Tussman said. ular university program. Mrs. Jane Becker and her penod, H. G. Gratzner, stitutional grant for science un7 because o f the Gaspatilla our back to their problems . . . When they reach college, he In tltis program, students are But Tussman doesn't see his Kathy Manetta read tltell' zoology, received a grant for der the administrative care of holiday. and teach them academic prin-said, they are preyed upon by limited to one regular class-plan as a replaceme11t of the poems. Katy Cameron and Dr. $26,800. Dr. T. A. Ashford: $18,200 to Editol' Laurence Bennett ciples," he added. departments whose members room course. present metltod of instruction. Hans Juergensen gave readings Proposals for new grants, tochemistry from NSF for student asks that an y organization "Education cannot be based try to "charm" them into be-Tussman said the f a c u 1 t y Some institutions will never use of Juergensen's poetry. taling $641 , 404, have been sub-research. which has news or announce-on tbe academic disciplines," coming part of the academic teaching in the experiment deit, he said. He expects his plan, At the English Coffee Hour, mltted by: Dr . C. J. Dawes, Nearly $1.5 million in research ments conce r ning the week he said. world like themselves. cided on tbe following program: rather to be an "alternative to Friday, January 21, Dr. Wesley botany, for $26 , 398; Dr. J. E. grants was received during the of Feb. 7, pleas e submit tbem Tussman labeled the course First semester -Greek clas-what is generally available to Ford Davis gave the reading: Griffith, engineering, for $24,last fiscal year, July 1, 1964 to to the newspaper office , UC concept "a monstrosity" -an HE SEES this program as a sics; second semester 17th students." "The Night the Cat Spoke." 080; H. C. Hood, geology, for June 30, 222, by noon Tuesday , Jan. 25. ' I , , '


Protection Need.ed? We note with concern that the governing body of the Univer sity of Minnesota had to pass a resolution enabling students to place a hold on the record of their membership in campus organizations . This hold would prevent re lease of information by the of fice of the dean of students without the student' s permis sion . Reason for the resolution? Because, the student association said, "an organization which seems reasonable to some peo ple may seem subversive or dis loyal to others. A student's in vestigation of ideas must not be Inhibited by his concern over the influences society may ex ert." It seems reasonable to us that a college student, being gradu ally drawn out of the protec• tive existence at home, would want to explore new roads. He learns that they are there. He has the same creative curiosity that led Columbus across the At ]antic, Luther Burbank to the greenhouse, and the Wright brothers to Kitty Hawk. But if Luther Burbank wound up with crabgrass instead of petunias on his first try, no body would have refused him a job later on. Nobody would excommunicate him from so ciety for fear all the neighbor hood gardens would be uncon trollably overrun with weeds. The Loyal Opposition If the Wright brothers plane had crumpled in a ditch in stead of lifting off the ground , they would have joined the ranks of the other failures. Nobody would have run them out of town or sent nasty notes to them, or thrown rocks through their windows. But it has been the case that a professional man may lose his job or business because in vestigations showed he belonged to groups in college that are c o n s i d e r e d "subversive" or "Communist-oriented." It may be that the rna n ler minated his affiliations with the group when he left college, or even before. But the stigma, once brought out into the open through newspaper reports, re mains. It's almost like castigating a man because he stole a candy bar once as a child . Unfortunately , t h e r e are those who never would trust a child who stole a candy bar once. Fortunately, at USF, a stu dent's personal file, including records of membership in cam pus activities, are closed to "p r of e s s i o n a I witchhunt ers." The accent here IS on learning. We hope it will continue to be so , in the face of any self righteous individual or group that attempts to impose limita tions in the name bf "moral• ity," or what-have-you . Amen. 1Sexy1 Authors Neglected On Meet Author Series? By PETE GLADUE Campus Staff Writer Dear Petey: I have viewed with alarm the Meet the Author program at this university and would like to know what qualifi cations a writer must ha V'

, So Where IS Corner THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, .January 24, 1968 15 Of Palm and Holly? If you asked so meone to meet y ou at the intersection o f Palm and Holly, chances are you would be left waiting alone at the corner. In a recent informal poll taken on c a m p u s, it was found that not many students know the names of the streets surrounding the university. Out of approximately 100 in terviewees, only seven students knew exactly where Palm and Holly is located. Funds Said Not Available For Recreation Expansion "It seems they could have The riverfront recreational area will not have expansion or improvements in the forseeable future according to Gilman W. Hertz , director of the physical education and recreation depart ment. the park with boating and fishavailable security force to patrol ing when it was left open during the park an "nothing more to the day. be done (wi th the area) withc h o s e n more appropriate Wunderlich said theres no out some money." Sports Roundup r-CAMPUS NEWS BRIEFS -, .::: ... Judo Instruction Set v-: identify with the streets, it The USF Judo Club will present an exhibition o1 might be easier t o remember," the basic Judo techniques and their application in com-Dianne Terry said . 't' 't f W d d t 2 th th t "It would be nice to have petl 1ve s1 ua wns e nes ay a p.m. lll e ea er a Crescent Hill Circle or a (TAT). Beta Drive," another coed All students and staff are 1 said. invited to a t t e n d free of 1 nate the series. A S30 fee is r e At one time while discuss-The area, located two miles east of the main campus on Fletcher Avenue , first needs a "river control project," restrooms, and a boathouse which are too extensive and costl y improvements be c a us e of the area's frequent flooding, Hertz said. charge, David St. John, club quired Ior the non-credit course . I ing names for the streets, it president, said. FILM SHOWING was also suggested that they Included in the exhibition will THURSDAY be named after Greek gods. FUNDS FOR this project were be an explanation and demon-The Church of Christ Student That idea was scrapped in allocated from the student act-stration of chokes , strangles, Association will presen t an arfavor of using types of trees ivity fee for the years from 1962 Golf T earn Faces Rough Schedule 8Tm locks and chaeological film in color of the in naming the streets. to ,64. S ix thousand dollars for The USF golf team, which niques . A competlhve round rs Holy Land, "The Stones Cry Possibly as the university opens its season Feb. 5, will scheduled between two club Out, " at a meeting Thursday at grows, learning the names of each of these two years was have one advantage over its 7 p.m. in uc 264. Everyone is the streets will become essenused for improvements and is foes this sea-In this bout the application of invited to attend. Dr. Ralph tial. now "not available for use," son: the fact f 'll b d t t B k th d For those of you who are self-de ense w1 e emons ra oo et• IS e a vrser. Herbert J. Wunderlich, dean o[ that they won't ed b tl xhb t St John still wondering where the in-Y le e t I ors, . PSYCH LECTURE TODAY ll student affairs said. j be well known. Stated. tersection of Palm and Ho Y The B 1 . a h-Photo b1 Anthony Zappone A d t W d li 1 Pool Hours Changed Dr. Edward Girden, visiting is located, it is at the cor-Stood Up? ccor mg o un er c 1, mo n-man linksters, The following pool hours will professor in psychology, will ner of Epsilon dormitory. ey would have to be raised by 1 in their first be effect ive from this date until lecture on the topic of brain So, where's Epsilon? B th S u f h t USF ott d the uc recreation department officia l inter-later in the spr ing, the physistimulation and George Ore u IVan, a res man a , was sp e well's book, " 1984." This is d on a corner last week as she awaited the arrival of a and chiefly by the physical educollegiate sea cal education department an-the first in a series of lectures OverseaS Stu Y friend that never showed. Beth, getting soaked, left, cation and recreation depart-son, w i 11 be nounc ed: on "Psychology Today." The I presuming that her friend could not find the corner. ment, headed by Hertz. Pitting its Monday-Friday: 2 to 4 p.m. meeting will be today during App ications She is, incidentally, the current Miss Avon Park. youthful squad d d S d 1 t AN "AD HOC " committee was of four fresh-Satur ay an un ay: o the free hour in uc 252 East. Due feb. 1 established in 1962 to makoz men, two sophBowel'S 6 p.m. Fee Non-Refundable w k St d p operations decision s and approomores, and two j u n i o r s Swimming classes will conUSF's S10 initial application Undergraduates and graduates or • u y rog ram pl'iate funds, but the commit-against such tough, exper-tlnue to use the pool at their fee w 1 'll be non refundable, the may apply for overseas study tee hasn't met in a year and d h r ienced teams as the Univerassrgne ou s . University Executive Commit-programs through six types of Wunderlich stated it "no longer Chemistry Lectures Begin tee decided last week. The new p •d $$ M exists." sity of Florida, the University lee ures or policy goes into effect this tri-The committee was headed by of Miami, and Rollins College. t f programs offered at USF. DeadrOVI es oney chemists wrll start Wednesday mester, but will not affect regline is Feb. 1. the SA president and UC proTHOUGH inexperienced as On the Tampa campus d ts Institute for Student Inter-. tstered stu en By JULIAN EFIRD 1 complete 12 hours of credit and gram committee chairman. collegiate golfers, coached by Members of the chemistry fac-An exception will be made change of the East West Center Campus Staff Writer other students who will comMe.mbers _were: Andtew .. c. Rod-Dr. Richard Bowers, the USF ulty will present the eight leefor those who applied bu t were is a project of the U .S. govN d t 1 1 f. plete 24 hours or more by T:rigers, busmess managei, Clyde tures which is open to all inunable to register because they ee money o le P mance B Hlll d ' t f h 1 team of the P.E. Dept., has ernment in a college education or to build mester II or III, 1966, are eli-1. t w' dnecl.olr. oH Pt _Yslcad an octet of players who are terested people . could not obtain courses they University of Hawau This mb k b 1 ? W t t gible to apply pan. un er 1c1, oar z, an Dr. E . D. Olsen will cootdiwanted. eludes a student proup. a ank a . an Bay Campus. students who are the UC director of student act-each well -established in the _____________ .:._ _____________ , . . . . gam wor experience 1n your t gram, techmcal trammg proJect field of major before hu n t ing a interested in the program may lVl y. sport. aA Y CAMPUS REPORT 1Spider1s Web1 Now Reopened By CINDY BLUMENFELD Campus Staff Writer The "Spider's Web ," the Bay Campus "coffee house," has been reopened this trimester. The Bay Campus version of the University C en t e r was closed during Trimester I because improper wiring a n d ........ struction made it a fire .... I'd . The "Spider' s Web" is a re modeled military office build ing. Freshmen went to work last September under the direction of Dan Marks, president of the student government at Bay Campus. They knocked down walls , plastered h o 1 e s, dropped a c e i ll n g, built a stage and painted rooms. Special features of the cor fee house include black walls, violet lighting , a "purposeless r 1 o or" and a "widow's lounge." Footprints and handprints decorate the walls in places. The center also is equipped with ping pong and pool tables, card tables, game m achines, drink machines and a juke box . Students helping work on the center are Rick Bradfore, D o u g Kaye, Janey Withers, Patty Hunter, Roger Miller, Sharon Hanson, Ken Futch, Bob Frier, Ed Olsen, Mike Smith and Warren McDonald. Bill Painter, who placed second in the USF folk sing contest last fall, is part of the regularly featured entertainment in the coffee house. Also on the billing is "The N e w Culpepper's Consolidated C or n -Crushin' Jug gers," a comedy group that won a special award during the folk sing contest. and research post-doctoral work. job after graduation? contact Mrs. Verne Two of the three USF play 00 I l on the branch campus or wnte THE UC sponsored a drive to ers on atl1letr'c service awards Approximately 1 sc 10 ar-If the answer is yes to either . clear and prepare the riverfront ships will be awarded for June above question , Llren the work-the Tampa offtce . . area in 1962. are from Toledo, Ohio: fresh-and September 1966 to students studv procrram could provide an After a student has achieved man Mike Curtin and sophowith Asian-Pacific interests. Students who partici-a better tha.n 2 0 average, Yittiti1 the commore Rick Lehman. The third . . . . . E placement m a JOb 1s based on m1 ee provt e an scapmg mab St . kl' ApplicatiOns for the Expen-pated m the • J ooperatlve du. . t d t t terials t a b 1 e s benches and player, Bo rrc m, IS a t 1 t t 1 L' g a c t' P1ogr m earned almost asstgmng a s u en an or' ' ' t reshman from Crystal Rr'ver men 1Il: n erna tona 1vm. re a Ion a . ganization which offers work r egrills for p ic nicing . ' now bemg accepted. Thts rs !or $152,000 last trimester, or an 1 t' t h' ' ld f . t t 0 . od f h t Fla. d h 1 g g . [ $ 1 500 a mg o 1s 1e o m eres . ne or two ep1s es o t rea . . . stu ents w o are sertous y m-avera e ross mcome o , All f hich r . t . d . . 1 . t t' . 1 Bob Oblinge r IS a JUmor terested in experiencing one per student. lrms w par JCJpa e m cnmma m wns v-transfer from St. Petersburg . . . . the program have p 1 a nne d mg USF s t udents m the spnng m depth. Knowledge of In addition to earnmg an training periods, starting the of 1963 persuaded the university .Junior College, while Jay a foretgn lang.uage may be cellent salal!', also student in fundamental jobs . to light the area in the fall of Watson is a transfe1 from qu1red dependmg upon the pro-expenence m field mStucfenb wh o participate in 1963_ North Florida Junior College gram. terest. Later, thrs expene1_1ce the co-op program alternate be-at Madison. Rick Ragnitt is a AU information applicahelps . a co-op's earnmg tween trimesters of paid emTHE PARK'S walk-in gate is sophomore r r 0 m Orlando ; tions may from capablhty _about .$1 ,000 above ployment and study. While workopen 24 hours a day. The drive-Jim Britt and Bill Dykeman Mark Orr •. d1rector of mterna-that o f an: college ing, students takP one credit in gate is open from 7 to 11 freshmen from Tampa. tiona! servrces, RA 136. grad.uate m hts. f1rst rep.orts course of their choice. If the p.m . on weekdays and 7 p.m. LEHMAN , transfe r from $300 in Boats Presented To Foundation George H. of subject is taken at another colto 1 a.m. on Friday and SaturToledo University, has to his the Cooperatrve EducatiOn Pro-lege, the program pays the day since the public took over credit a first in the Toledo gram. cost. Junior Championship and a Miller encourages freshmen Students must sign a contract • second in the Ohio State to consider the advantages this l which binds them to complete a UniVersity Championship. Ragnitl holds program offers. After complet-work period. Once a student I d numerous Orlando city titles, ing 24 hours of academic credit has enrolled in the program and Ca en ar while D ykman holds the Quail Dr. E. Paul Minthorn has with a better than 2.'0 grade has been initially placed in a f Hollow Country Club Cham-presented a dinghy valued at average, the freshman en-job, he is obligated to continue 0 Events pionship . Both Oblinger and $225 and a "regulation" pram ters the co-op program Will gain the program until graduation. 1\londay, Jan. Watson starred on theit jun-valued at S100 to the USF Foun-over a year of on-the-Job expen-Before students return to their 8. a.m.-Student Association Rep•esen ior college teams. Stricklin dation. The gifts h_a_ve been ence before graduating. academic trimester, they Hour-uc placed fourth in t he 1965 turned over to the Sailing Club. Besides acquainting the stu-ly have about a Uree-week vaInformal Rush. state PGA Junior ChampionA Hard men Peck Standard dent with professional s k i 11 s cation in the summer or a long Tuuday. J&n . 2s ships. Grand Piano with a mahogany while he obtains an education, Christmas vacation. u6. p.m.-F'raternity Informal Rush Bowers. former basketball case and a matching music the co-op program seeks to USF currently is the on l y s p.m.-Concert-T.A. star at the University of Ten-bench were received from Mr. bring business, industry and gov-state institution to have a com2 264. nessee, is Assistant Director and Mrs. Frank Klein of Largo. ernmental agencies closer to the co-op Flor-7 J;,?n-,;17 Rush-UC. of Athletics at USF as well This gift, valued at $1,200, has SUF academic program. 1da and FSU have limtted proFriday. Jan. as Associate Professor of Ed--------=---------------------been given to the Fine Arts At present there are between grams. 7 p.m.-Fraternity !ormal Ruslt-UC. ucation. In 1961 he won t h e I D • • ' . 7:30 p.m.-UC Mov•e: n OrmltOfleS Division. 100 and 110 openings available The USF program started 1D "The Mouse That Burma Open Nationa l ChamOf 1Solicitors' s d W d through this program. Applica-June, 1961, with 18 participants. 7 , 30 !9 pionship. tu ents arne Campus Clergy tion should be filed this trimesCurrently, it is one o[ 85 col"The Mouse That Roared'' -FHlOl Last year. USF fielded a ter in the work -stud y office leges and universities in the p.m.-Combo Party-UC-Ball "golf club team" which com-Honors Burry (AD 280) as soon as possible . United States. to offer a coop-2 Rush-UC. peted against junior colleges Transfer students who w i 11 erative educatwn. 7:30 p.m.-uc Movie: o n an informal basis. Rev_ Allan J. Burry, Method-_____________ _:________________ " The Mouse That Roared" -FHIOl THIS YEAR'S SCHEDULE, ist minister at USF was elected Pu bllcatlons Llsted R d L.b 0 approved last week (except a member-at-large of the execueCOf I rary pen for the March 23 Miami Invi-Few solicitors were f o u n d come and clear with the per-tive committee of the Associa-The USF Record Library is tational, which is still pending Hertz immedia tely in the PE office. A tentative schedule has USF opening Feb. 12 in the Tampa Invitational Track :vleet and closing April 9 against Florida Southern or May 7 against Manatee Jr. College. Other meets, still un approved, are Feb. 26-Jesuit invitational, March 12-Deso t o Relays, March 26-27 Florida Relays, April 2-U. of M iami and W i 1 l i am s College at Miami. The men's physical educa tion majors are serving as practice assistants for sprint, wind, and long d is tan c e events. The track team will frequently work out on the King High School track, since USF will not have a regular regular track until next fall. * * * THE PE SWIMMING pro-ficiency test will be held Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at the U.SF pool, where registration will take place. Students must have their ID cards. Registration deadline for written profi ciency te&ts in archery, basketball, bowling, fencing, golf and tennis is Jan. 31. T he tests will be given Feb. 1 and 2 from 7:308 :3 0 p.m. in CH 100. Students may register for tests in two sports, taking one each night. Upon successful completion of the written knowledge test, students will take a motor skill proficiency test in the sport. A RECORD NUMBER of basketball teams opened intramural p lay last week_ Thirtyone men's teams have entered the sport, forcing the formation of a fifth league in ordct• to squeeze the total number of games into a month or competition. Each team will play its other league members once, the top two teams in each league enterin g a culminating single-elimination playoff tournament. All-Star t e a m s , to be selected fro m all-opponent teams in each league, will be named at the end of the sea son. Six women's teams a r e com peting in intramural bowling, which will continue until Feb. 11. Each team is scheduled to meet four opponents each w e e k, thus rolling against each opponent twice during the three-week com petition. The team with the highest point-total will be the winner. The last previous women's I-M bowling competition took place in 1964 with Fides winning the title. selling m advertising at USF sonnel office. tion of Campus Ministers of the avaliable to students as well approval.) during the last trimester reWildy warned _llvthing Methodist Church, at a national B . us F p I as faculty. RoUins. Fob. s. Bore. Aliens Reminded . on campus not to wait until ey meeting of the association in y e rs 0 n n e The 535 album library is com:r ported Duane Lake, director of have been "taken" by a salesL 1 N b t1 posed of records requested b y Florid& Intercollegiate Tournament, To Sign by Jan. 31 the University center, concern-man of magazines, insurance mco n, e recen y. instructors and those which stuing illegal solicitation on cam-or other commodity . Instead, if At the me_eting also Authors abound at USF faculCooley, fuunder of the USF Hebdents might oot otherwise have u. of l'tllamt. 1\tarch Coral Students and others at USF Tr. t I " ll any student notices a person spoke on the mternattonal work t t ff cf d . . tr t' . . 1954 S 'b l I 1 d a chanc to h ln•itatlonol, March who are not US citizens must pus_ lmes was Y coming through the halls sell-of the Political Commission of y,. s a an a miDIS a tve anum, m on aru e s an e ear. Coral Gables. register their address by Jan. better than m the past, he ing door-to-door, he should con-the w 0 r 1 d Student Christian wnters. When Lakel a found it on LongThe records requested by the Junior Collese. AprU , 31 under the Immigration and said. tact a resident instructor, the Federation, of which he is comApproximately 174 publica-boat Key years later, it meant instructors are on reserve and * * * Nationality Act. Dean Charles Herbert J . Wunderlich, dean housing office, the dean of men missioner for the United States. tions were authored by USF that the grass was distributed be removed from the InTRACK AND FIELD prac-H. Wildy reminded today. f t d t ff rs c lled one tl pi Fl rda as structional Resources Center of t' b 1 ld M d Ali t t ? u en a .' re_ a or the dean of women. Burry also is under commispersonnel last year. m o. 1er m o 1ce rs emg 1e on a y-ens can regis er a any of m the. dor-For those not living on _camsion to write a study paper for These works were mostl in the trUe of the book the Library. Friday 3:30-5:30 p.m. on the US post office or any Immigra-mltones. He satd. a reside.nt pus, James Garner, supermten-campus ministers on the future , . . . Y Dr. Lakela has wntten four The remaining records, the intramural athletic field, action and Naturalization Service was sold two magazme subscnp-dent of security and communif 1 t d tl 1 k the authors speciality area. In-other articles The last was majority of the selection, are cording to Dr. Gil Hertz, who office. Th i s does not apply to . . o n er-enomma ona wor on . , tl?ns, for $15 whtch would orcations, said :Anytime stucollege campuses. ports, articles, pamphlets, books published in the July-se.ptember, the studen t s personal enis coaching the sport. aliens here in diplomatic status dmanly cost $8. dents are bemg harassed by and textbooks, some for parti-1965 Rhodora. Reprmts are Joyment and may be checked Men interested in trying or accredited to the United NaCharles Wildy, dean of men, salesmen, we'd appreciate a cular courses only at USF. available in LS 170. out as one would a book. out for the team should notify tions. said that if it's a legitimate call." Garner added that this inPayday Presents __________ _ situation, the salesmen usually eludes "any type of soliciting." Check Problem A few examples of recent, nearly completed, and f or t hElevator Jam? Don't Fret-There1s an Out Students may have had troucoming publications are "The ble a check at the. FiExciting Igniting World of Art " nance Offlce, early mormngs ' . ' following a payroll day, accordRodney J. Roth, ass1stant pro-ing to Robert E . Richmond, difessor o[ mathematics; "Read rector of finance and accoun t -ings On Logic," James A. Gould, ing. After funds have been re-associate professor of philoso checks in. amounts up phy. The University Center eleva-to climb through. The doo_r to to $50 ale promptly. "Freedom and Censorship of tors occasiQnally get stuck be-any floor can be opened e1ther The cashmg of student pay-tl C ll Press," by Dr. Ar-tween floors as a result of power from inside the elevator shaft roll c h e c k s accasionally de-1 e 0 ege failure, said Duane Lake, direc-or from the ou tside. pletes the amount of cash the thur M. Sanderson , to firsts in diving, butterfly and seconds and thirds in everything else. Coed intramural touch football suddenly be comes popular at Bay Campus as The Spider is closed down. USF coaches are told that all of next fall's frosh athletes will be housed at B ay Campus , Un der a mass protest from the c o a c h e s, administration allows five "triples" to room at main campus, provided they furnish their own cots . Coaches Dan Holcomb and Bob Grindy lose high school All-America prospects in soccer, butterfly a n d diving wear black for one week. Bas-ketweavers win women's 1-M softball, " c o a c h" Margaret Chapman saying her 'weavers are r e a d y to take on the Clearwater Bombers anytime. Helge Velde sprains his right ankle just before the state i nv itational soccet• tournament and the Brahmans lose to U. of Fla. 1-0 in the finals as Brian Holt leads the defense. Steve Stelle and Bill Kelley win distance freestyle and breaststroke events in the Florida Intercollegiate Swimming Championship. Cratos wins men's intra mural bike race when a Talos and an Enotas rider collide on 99th lap. Frank Nietzy places s e cond, riding by himself when his teammates fail to show up. Women PE Majors cop their division by 19 laps. Crowds are so big for US.t' baseball g a m e s that the games are switched to Al Lopez Field. The University of South Florida finally makes front page of Tampa Tribune sports section when the Brahman diamondmen upset the Florida Gators 6-5 in 18 innings. President Allen immediately issues a statement reminding students that the "ac cent is on learning" and that finals are around the corner. APRIL-FSU football coach Bill Peterson is invited to speak at t he USF intercollegiate athletic banquet. At the last minute, ho w ever, his appearance is canceled, j u s t after he accepts head coach ing job of new pro grid team, the Miami Dolphins. Students riot. Dean Wunderlich tells them the cancellation was "in the best interest of the uni versity." USF golf and tennis teams finish with an even won-loss record, baseball team with a winnillg season. B r a h m a n swimmers place highest of all state frosh tankers in Brandon's National A . A . U. Meet. Enotas wins 1-M softball title downing surprise f inalist Zeta Phi Epsilon 13-3. Bay Campus turns to "coed skateboarding" w h en only patch of grass is capped over with cement and a fountain. Fides beats out surging PE MajGrs for women's overall I-M title. Enotas easily wins third straight overall title. Rick Brown hiring a U-Haul to carry off trophies. This "fortune teller" turns in h i s ESP badge, missing all 31 sure-fire predictions.


16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January Z4, 1966 Music On The Social Menu By EDITH BROOKS Charming little fur pieces, using alL sort of skins, can be found to delight any wardrobe. Find one that suits you and it can be dearly loved for years as your spe cial "pet''. Illustrated here is a natural squirrel shirt. Unexpected satin ruffles cascade down the back and along the bottom edge. Could this be one for you? -Staff Photo by Charlie Molin Friday Morning Musicale's annual reception was held this week end, with members participating in a continuous program from 3 to 5 p.m. Pink roses decorated the club and dining rooms where host esses greeted many out of town guests. Above, Mrs. George Hayman , left, Mrs. James R. Casey and Mrs. Walter J. Oatley, seated, made final preparations for the social event ... Below, Mrs. Ralph Shriner left her post at the receiving line to meet Lakeland guests, from left, Mrs. Glenn W. Morrison, Mrs. Thomas E. Blount and Mrs. Glenn Marshall. Club Calendar ________ QUALITY CLOTHING HEEDS MASTER SANITONE CLEANING By "BILL" TIDWELL I should like to once again remind you, there's as much difference in dry-cleaning as there is I clothes. We know that it to buy qua materials ... famous makers clothes know it pays to Spotless C 1 e ers and dry's Ma Sanitone q cleaning. Your suits and "Bill" Tidwell sport clothes will come back thoroughly clean ... with their original finish pre served . . . no shine or un sightly press marks. Clothing experts proved in actual laboratory tests t h a t Sanitone dry-cleaning, with exclusive soft-set fabric finish, re stores the original body to fab rics. It gives all your clothes that look and feel of newness. STOPS PAIN of DETERGENT HANDS Stinging, burning detergent hands need more than perfumed lotions! They need Solarcaine First Aid Cream. It b)


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