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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 74, no. 13 (February 21, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
February 21, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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SEVENTY-FOURTH YEAR-No. 13 TAMP\, FLORIDA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21. 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS Students Don1t Like It ... Quarter System ye With Mixed Emotions By ROSE ANN PALLONARI Campus Staff Writer News that the Boatd of Re gents had decided to adopt the quarter system for the state universities was met with mixed emotions on the USF campus. quarter system, Patty LaBrot, not to join the faculty. We will who has worked under all Both Dean Cooper and Dr. Chairman of the Ways and not have the job of salesmanthree systems says he is not Popovich expressed a desire Means Committee, said that ship." upset either way. for more four and five hour College of Basic Studies RepDEAN OF the College, of "Any system will work H courses under the quarter resentative, Joan Lindsey has • Liberal Arts, Russell Cooper, you tJy hard enough." system. proposed a bill to oppose the adoption of tlle quarter sys tem. The bill would let the decision makers of the state know the students' dissatisfac tion with the quarter system, Miss LaBrot said. Kirk Blasts Administration, Then Student Association ' USF Is Site Of Federal Study Plan Scheduled For March 11-12 Poetry Festival Features Lowell Poet Robert Lowell, Pulitzer Wallace will read from his Prize-winning writer, will be new book, "Views from a Ferris the featured speaker-reader at Wheel." at. 2 p.m. Friday in the Third Annual Florida Poetry the TA. No tickets wil be re Festival Ma.t;ch 11 and 12 here. quired. Representatives t1om state _Also on Friday, the Fest!val and private colleges including Wlll. present poetry and Jazz USF will attend the Festival sesswn, readrngs by the Read and compete in contests for Theatre and Choral_ !l-ead original poems readings and inrng w_orkshop and of terprctation. ' work poetry . wntmg and mterpretatJon. The Poetry Festival was The workshop will be from 3 founded by Dr. Alma J. Sarett, to 4:30 p.m., and the jazz and U_SF of and poetry session from 4:50 to 5:50 director of the Festival. The p.m., both in the TA. > USF Speech Department and Lowell's sec 0 n d book of t, the Readers' _Theatre Guild, .with poems, "Lord Weary's Castle," 't the cooperatwn or the Umverwon the Pulitzet Prize the :f sity Lecture Co_mmittec w i 11 Academy of Arts and Letters ':i:' sponsor the Feshval. Award and a Guggenheim Fei The Tampa Economic OpporRobert Wallace, p'oct and asto launch him on a lit All the students talked to expressed a defini()z dislike or the quarter system. They said they would prefer to stay on the trimester system or, if a change is necessary, go back to the semester system. The main objection to the quarter system is that students "will have to slay in s c h o o 1 from September to June to accomplish the amount of work he is presently doing from September to April" said Marjorie Schrei ber a sophomore. THE REACTION among the faculty members was not as outspoken against the quarter system. Many faculty mem bers fee l that by going on the quarter system, the state universities will attract more professors. Student Senator Robin Kirk government, is too apathetic to be placed in downtown stores tunity Council has appointed 1 sociate professor of creative erary career. tt k d l t d and an SA 1nformat1 0n centet to USF as prime contractor fot a writing at Western Reserve Uni-"The Old Glory,'' a trilogy a ac e severa recen a mm-work for a body of any real istration policies decisions in a strength." be open this week in the UC new federal project •upward versity. Clevelan?, Ohio. will of ays in verse, opened in 1964 statement delivered to the Herbert J. Wunderlich, dean lobby, Traeger called the proBound " , I aga: l serve as duector of the as the first major production I S t de t As ti 1 1 t gram "SA a' Go Go." wor s 1op. He directed 1 as t of the American Place Theatre u n socta on egiS a ure of Student Affairs said that he The program. designed to help year's session. in New York. One of the trilDr. James E. Popovich, Chairman of the Speech Department, says: "The quarter sysrem can possibly attract good instructors to this area who did not understand the trimester system and chose Thursday. thought it was "a very fine apSpecial Services Sec. Dave bl b d . The policy decisions included peal" to student legislators to Shobe's report on the Book capa e ut un er-aclueving stu Lowell, descendant of 19th cenogy, "Benito Cereno," was sinthe dropping of Trimester III, Lake an interest in their work. Exchange was not accepted by dents prepare for college work, tury literary figure James Rusgled out for high praise of the the elimination of early regis . . . the legislature. Shobe recom-is still in the proposal stage. sell Lowell, will be present for critics. BRIAN GRAEFE, sopho more, .feels that switching to the quarter syste m is unrealistic. tration and the March 1 due Wunder l1 c h satd Ktrk's mended dissolvillg the Book "The idea is to work with stu-the entire Festival and will read Critic Peter Vierreck has said date for dormitory fees for next speech . "a willingness Exchange because or lack of dents who are potentially able to j from his works Friday evening, that "He may become the great fall. I to. partiCipate': _and hoped space and the fact that three do college work but who. for March 11. Admission will be American poet of the 1950's, fot "By switching to the quarter system . , . they are elim inating seven to eight weeks which could be used for employment. The trimester com bines the time to study with the time to earn money." "They were implemented wit.h I K1rk _follow up _by different accounting s y 6 t ems reasons of cultural ur economic free, but seating tickets are re-he seems tile best qualified to apparently neither regard nor meet 1 n g WI_th adtmmstrat1ve were used durin. lofty . " TO Be Named He added the decisions were In other actions, Rep. Hoger SA Vice .John ------------in some cases in direct opposi-Traeger. College of Business Hogue told the Campus Edi-k d R II s • Iota I Theta tion to p rev i 0 us decisions Administration, announced that tion he interpreted the negative oc an 0 e rs wIng Two new living units now reached by student legislators. this week will be Student Asso-vote of the legislature as a Other s t u d e n t s are con cetned with the complete re organjzation that will have to take place within the univer sities. under construction in the Andros He said he realized the Uniciation Week. It is part of an desire to keep the Book ExComplex area and additional versity Administration could not intensive campaign to better the change. Alpha Hall rooms, now'occupied be blamed entirely for the apimage of the Student AssociaCB Rep. Joe :!.VIcDaniel reSprl ng Spectacu Ia r by offices, will provide 325 new "{)arent lack of communication tion and USF. signed his post in order to de-spaces (beds) to help ease between it and the students on The Project calls for a "new vote more time to studies and USF's annual housing shortage policies directly affecting stuoutlook," both on campus and his job. Harper named Ralph Alice Hedges, freshman, said, "It seems silly. We're just getting used to the trimester s y s t e m and now they're to change everything again." next fall. dents. off. It will include placards to Russo to fill the vacancy. "Cannibal and lhe Hcadhunt-1 scheduled for March 5 on Crcs-ming meet, a bicycle, a golf ers," a popular rock roll cent Hill. meet, and a cartoon to be singing "'roup . \\ill hi<>hlight I Spring Spectacular is an an-shown on Crescent Hill. All acS s.... t 1 l\l "'h 4 . 6 nual campus event. bttt for the tivities will be free to all stu-Raymond C. King, director or He said he deplored the triv----housing, said that the new liv-ial action::; made by the leg/s STUDENTS Bonnie West brook and Tony Estaver. both sophomores, feel that the state government hasn't given the trimester system a chance to plove itself. Tony says, "that the slate government is blam ing the trimester system for . their own and lack of finances." When asked if the Student Association was going to take any action on the proposed USF Students May Study In Florence USF students above the freshman level may have an oppor-ing unit s will be named Iota and lature. Theta and should be ready by "With the potential support September. These dorms, he of 6,000 voices. we pass a rcso said, will handle about 225 stu-lution expressing opinion. quibdents; this number will include ble over commas and amend our an overload condition (triple bylaws." b u n k sJ used last trimester. fie summarizedthe problem Alpha Hall will provide the refacing the legislature, saying, maining 100 spaces through ''We have an administration overloading and remodeling. which eithet doe:. uot he

2-A TBE TAMPA TIMES, l\'Ionday1 February 21, 1966 :, :' .. , • I I' :'. 'I + Quarter System Is Good ''' : : The system seems to be Classes will be LESS rushed ' , a bad word vocabularies. than they are now. That's right. Be, Maybe this IS don't cause some classes will be spread what It 1s. This IS usualover two quarters instead of one ly the case about anything new. But trimester. And there may be a few the quarter system tsn't new to col-courses combined into five hour leges and universities in this councourses in the lineup. try. . Some students worry about five Pres1dent John S. Allen says hour classes. President Allen ex the quarter system follows l the plained that a person could take closely, three five hour classes (15 hours) but Its JUSt a little bit better. and learn more through this conThe 12 weeks of the quarter in centrated effort than he would in elude time for registration and final five three-hour Same hour exams. The year will end ly load, but more concentrated ef about the hme as it does fort and more efficient understand under the tnmester system. ing and assimilation of subject matSome students are concerned ter. about the time they usually would Both the quarter and the tri have for summer employment. If mester system are designed, among the ends about the other things, to allow time for stu same time as Tnmester Ill, they'll dents to finish school in a reason have longer to work more time to able amount of time and work be work because quarter classes sides. We think the quarter system won't start unhl the end of Sepis just a little bit better for this tember. purpose. Conservatives Counter Super Patriots1 . . . . .... . . : : . . ..... • w . .. . .. . ;. .. . " ._ . . L I T ' L E M A N 0 N c A By THOMAS RAYMOND The International Liberalism Test devised for fellow-travel lers, and adUlinistered by the ad hoc committee b purge ex tremists. Has the none-too subtle in doctrination failed to get through to you? Do you still believe in God, free will, mor ality and all that other reac tionary tr-ash? The items be low will help you find out if i n d e e d your education has gone to waste. If you find that you have answered yes to any of the above, you have already flunked. 1. Be so liberal as to de clare anyone who disagrees with you an extremist. Al though no one will disagree with you, use words such as "dialogue" and "consensus" to keep up appearances. 2. Try to stamp out ex tremists. If they counterat tack, call them McCarthyities. Keep your mind open to the left. 3. Support water fluorida tion and aid for the mentally retarded. We want the elec torate to have a bright, happy, idiotic smile. 4 . Tell an anti-Goldwater joke every day, followed by one on the Johns Committee. If you're old enough, carry on about the horrors you end,ured in the McCarthy era -even if you were five years old at the time. 5. Write an article for "Coun terpoint." You can copy one that has already been printed. Nobody ever reads it, anyway. 6. Join the Students for a Democratic Society, the Stu dent Non-violent Coordinating Committee, and the UN As sociation, and also carry a big picture of Eleanor Roosevelt. 7. Form a Committee on Extremism -don't let the House Un-Amerlcan Activities Committee have a monopoly on persecuting dissidents. 8. Buy Eastern European goods -this will increase in ternational understanding, and besides their economies are weak from supporting North Vietnam. 9 . Don't watch TV. The pro grams are sponsored by fas cist businessmen. 10. Join all groups which ad vocate surrender to the Soviet Union llay. Laurence Bennett .•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• , , •••••••••• , . . Editor Harry Haigley ...•.•.•••••••••••. , ••••••••••.• , • • • • • • . Managing Editor Larry Goodman ...•...••••••••••••.•••••••••••• , ••••• , • . Sporls Editor Prof. Steve Yates Adviser \ ,. This I Believe: 'History Is Very Precious; It Is Human Worth, Dignity' is the essence of life itself. To translate into behavior the moral end of the dignity and worth of man in volves accomplishing the de sired objective. It e n t a i 1 s bringing into harmony' behav ior (what w e do) with a moral principle

t !. f e 'I THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, Februal')' 21, 1968 t-E Maiors Have Fewer Openings BA Holders May Teach by Year Mature Students Now21? Intercollegiate Roundup Can a graduate with a B.A. courses if they plan to teach teach in elementary or secundafter graduating. As more teach ary schools in Florida without ers are .c.ertified with a. gradu-their salaries are on a lowerscale," he added. According to the Florida State Law govern ing teacher certification, a grad uate with a provisional graduate certificate has the opportunity to meet certification require ments during the time he holds the certificate. State Golf Meet Tops . . . ate cerllf1cate to teach m Flt>rtakmg any education courses lD ida schools, fewer jobs will be Light Sports Schedule college? Surprisingly enough, available for those teaching unthe answer is yes. der a Provisional Certificate. Jean A. Battle, dean of the These "provisional" teachers College of Education, said tllat "are, in effect, non-certified and in times of teacher sht>rtages graduates with a BA who have not taken education cuurses can be hired as teachers in Florida. These graduates are hired by county superintendents during emergency shortages and are • not given the Graduate CertifiFagures Prove It ... cate, the basic five-year certi ficate awarded to graduates hav ing majored in education, but teach under a one-year provi sional graduate certifica te. "Teachers having a provision al graduate certificate can be Infirmary Space Said Problem hired from year tt> year ••. as The USF Health Center is Brusca, assistant physician, has long as there is a need for struggling under a "standing hours of 8:30 a . m. to 11:-30 a .m. more teachers in tile Florida room only" situation these days, and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. schools," said Dean B a t t I e., according _to architectural rec-Patients are given 24-hou.r-Teachers with graduate certi-ommendations. care by nurses who work m ficates are usually hired before j There is 4,500 square feet of shifts. Four are on day duty, space in the Health Center. Ac-three on 3 p.m. to 11 p . m . and those teachers with a Provisioncording to recommended archi three on 11 p.m. oo 7 a.m. The al Certificate. tectural standards there sht>uld doctors alst> are available for Dean Battle advised students against thinking fuat this was a way out of taking education Latins Visit be a minimum of 8,000 square 'emergency calls to tile clinic feet to accommodate the campus after regular hours. residents, excluding commuter The University Center plan students. ning committee recently sub-The clinic takes care or an mitted a plan for projecting in average of 2,000 students a firmary needs for the next 10 month, 30 to 40 being infirmary years. Committee figures indj patients. Two full-time physi-cate 30,000 square feet of in cians and a staff of 10 regis firmary space will be needed tered nurses care for the stu-to accommodate bolli resident dents. and commuting students by 1973. Dr. Robert Egolf, director of Pres. John Allen's enrollment By CINDY BLUMENFELD the health service, has office figures for that year project Bay Campus Staff Writer hours t>f 10 a.m. to noon and 15,000 full time students, includ-Eighteen Argentine students, visited Bay Campus last week after visiting the Tampa cam pus . The visit was sponsored by the Argentine Council for Student Exchange. All of the students were from 16 to 20 years old. In their two month tour of the U . S., they a r e familiarizing themselves with the American culture and life. Because they had previou sly attended classes at St. Peters burg Junior College and Southern Presbyterian College, Bay Campus was selected as host for the visit. The visitors participated in an informal round-table discussion with a question and answer ses 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Dr. Donald ing 7,900 residents. Coffee Program To Discuss Ethics "College Ethics: Religion and the College Student" is the topic of tills month's All-University Coffee Hour which will be pre sented by Wesnesday at 2 p.m. in UC 252. Miss Edna Ruth Johnson, Editor of "The Churchman Maga zine" will moderate a panel of clergymen including the Rev. James tile USF Pres byterian minister on campus. 28, in the Planetarium at 2 p.m. Also, lectures are open to tile public ev.ery Sunday a t 2:30 p.m. Commuters Need Fast Arithmetic Commuting should be called Registrar Frank Spain has proposed that USF consider ap plicants who are at least 21 years old as "mature students." Mature studnts are those who have had an interruption between high school and their application for college admis sion. They enter the university on conditional registration usually with a reduced load to evaluate their ability to finish their education. Currently USF considers only students who are at least 25 years of age as "mature students." Spain said that the cur rent military situation was the main reason for his proposal. He said lliat many men young er than 25 have completed their service requirements and have several years between high school graduation and college. RICK RAGNITT • topped Brahmans against 1\liami Two USF intercollegiate teams are on the road and none are at borne this weekend in the lightest activity of the season. The golf team travels to Cape Coral for tile Florida Invitation al Tournament, while the men's tennis varsity is at Deland play ing the Stetson Hatters. The Brahman linksters will be up against all of the state's collegiate golf teams in the an nual Cape Coral meet. Rollins, who nipped USF i n the first meet of the season , won the tournament last year. THE USF LINKSTERS have been led by Bob Oblinger and Rick Ragnitt in tile first two con t ests. Oblinger, a St. Pete Junior College transfer, fired a 71 against Rollins, while Ragnitt , a sophomore from 0 r 1 a n d o, fired a 70 against Miami for lop team honors. The men' s net team opened their season in a loss to the We Thought About This, But •.• Social activities for the tinians and Bay Campus stu dents included a lecture by Ollie Davidson, a folk singing festival and a dance. The University Center Dance Committee will present "Red involved gets a short course in We decided to let you take a crack at writing a cutline for Light A' Go Go Part II" in traveling arithmetic. this picture. Author of the best cutline (printable) will receive because cumputing everyone the uc Ballroom Saturday, Feb. a fantastic prize from the Campus Edition. Entries must be 26, from 9 to 12 p.m. No matter how early the first typed or printed on a piece of plain white paper and mailed to The Swinginl( Velvets will play class is, the student must add the Campus Edition office, UC 222. Deeadline for entering is B C and Go Go dancers, Carla Coutime for driving, plus time to March 1. The winner will be announced March 7. Be sure to ay ampUS ture, Carlton Williams, Shirley feed the kids, dash off last min-enclose your name and address. Med.lcaiHel p featured. The admission is 50 Aval.lable Daaly cents per student, and tile dress for the spouse to pick up the 0 More Than 1,000 Tankers Shine is school clothes. cleaning or pay a bill. USF Bay Campus students, Advance tickets are available If he stops for gas will he At Big Meet staff and faculty in need of at tile uc desk. have to speed like crazy to get I h c I do l t tm t tl N . t The USF swimmmg team me 1ca rea en presen Y Students Needed to class on time? Will the car n 1g asses have one nurse on duty from Tutors are needed 1.n the Degave a good account of them-Rollins College frosh at Winter Park and were to have played Rollins and the U. of Florida here last Friday and Saturday. THE USF SOCCER CLUB, hoping to gain first place in the Junior Soccer League standings, will play the St. Petersburg Soc cer Club Juniors here n e x t Saturday at 3 p.m. It will be USF's final home game, Feb. 27, the Junior Soccer League tournament opens in S t. Petersburg and w i 11 be com pleted the following week. The first place league team will get an automatic bye into the tour. ney finals. Oilier teams in the league are St. Petersburg, Berkeley Prep, St. Leo, and Admiral Farragut. THE WOMEN'S T E N N I S team will have tile week off, as will the Brahman swimmers. The swimming team meets FSU here March 5 in their next out ing and final home meet. BOB OBLINGER •• , topped Brahmana against Rollins Intramural Roundup Eight Teams Seek Basketball Title The intramural basketball title reached the semifinals stage. goes up for grabs this week as Cratos is to p l ay Talos No. 1 by eight teams do the grabbing. Feb. 23. By Feb. 23, Cratos is to have met Talos No. 1 in one semi f in a 1 s match, while Alpha 4East's Blue team plays tile Al pha 4-E Gold Team in the other match. Enotas and fue PE Majors have been tabbed as favorites by most observers. Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals of the tournament are scheduled for 4:20 p.m. today, Tuesday, and Thursday, respec tively. The playoffs feature the top two teams in each of four leagues. The two winners then meet at their own discretion for the I-M title. Women's intramural bowling title has practically been clin T o d a y's four quarterfinal cbed by tile PE Majors. Fides games are as follows: 1. Be t a No. 1, tile only ft>ursome in con League champ, 3-E vs. Alpha tention that had not rolled their League runner-up, 4-E; 2. Inde-final series, would have to score pendent League champ, PE some 1990 points -159 per Majors Frat Lea g u e nmgame in their last outing to ner-up, Cratos; 3 Frat League win first place. champ Enotas vs. Beta runner-The PE Majors finished t11e 2-E; 4, Alpha champ 2-E vs. scratch tourney with a 6414 total mdependent runnerup, the Mol(1 31.6 per game). Paideia (5809) acans . and Basketweavers II (5728) Tuesday, the winner of the were tile only oth_er high finish number one bracket game meets ers. the winner of tile number twt> Softball opens tomorrow Ior bracket game, while the bracket both men and women and will tllree winner takes on the win -continue'until March 18. ner of number four. The " S lowpitch" style, played . Thursday, tile of t.he in intramurals, places a pre first two brackets collides w1th mium on fielding and high scores the winner of tile third and four are frequent. brackets. Four women's teams will be Last year some 200 persons competing in a double round watched Cratos stun a favored robin tournament, each team PE Majors team 43-39 in overplaying six games. time to win the title. Men will compete, as usual, in _M_e_n_'s_I_n_tr_a_m_u_ra_l _ t_e_n_n_is_h_a_s four leagues with the top two Bicycle Race Rescheduled teams in each league entering a single eliminatit>n tournament at the end of the season. 8 t 4 f . d fall apart if he doesn't get oil? a.m. o p.m . 1ve ays a velopment Center for Math and selves last week at the Southern week, according to Dr. Robert Physical Science. A recommen-At the end of the day the By LINDA BRAND growing in order to meet the Intercollegiate Swimming ChamThe annual intramural bicycle Egolf, director of student health formula works in reverse. Will Campus Staff Wri'ter h' th U 't f race, originally set for March from the subject profes-demands of the student interpwns Ips at e mvers1 Y o 19 h b hed led f Baseball Team Limbers Up For Season services. d t f he be home in time for activies? ted h' If ' as een resc u or h . d sor Is requ1re . ra e o pay If the desire for a college eres m 1mprovmg 1mse !D Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Saturday, March s. At ot er tlmes, stu ents re2 50 h F f th t 11 t 11 'd D E 1 R IS $ . per our. or ur er The family has to compute education is tllere but jobs or e ec ua Y, sal r. ar Coach Bob Grindy reported port to the resident instructor information. ca 11 Mrs. Mary families prevent you from atHall, coordinator of the eveThe change was made to coin'ctvho whetherd da Gambrell, ext. 621. :t 5 t:::;dc1;:; tending classes during the day, ning session. that every swimmer scored some ? ,side wsi t h t thel octor or specla care is nee e . T lk 0 F d the USF Center for Continuing Last trl'mester the program points indicating that all fin-prmg pee acu ar, accor Bay Campus has an open telea 8 n or home at 7 if be doesn't wanlng to Murphy Osborne i ntragiate baseball team, which w ill Dr. Frank Jakes will speak at Education may be able to help. reached an all time high in at ished at least twelfth in one • phone line at all times to the F 'd M h 4 . th der all over campus wondering Th murals coordinator. open a 15 game schedule March main USF campus inf'irmary if 2 p.m. r 1 ay, arc , m .e e cost of an evening course tendance with a total enrollment event or another. Best performQualifying races, to be held ll, pending university adminis-lhe resident instructor or nurse UC Ba_ll Room. Dr. Jakes .Is which parking lot he found a depends upon the course taken of 1,165. This figure included ances were turned in by Mike this Tuesda nd Wednesda a t trative approval. S r f C ll ge Recruit.. t d or fue numh-2r of classes taken. only those students who were Y a y needs advic" or counseling on . uperv1so o o e space m o ay. McNaughton who finished third 4 p . m .• will narrow the field of c ch H b t G w 'ght h "' d Pl t fo th Ford Classes for the evening session taking an academic load at . oa u er n • w o treatment, Egolf said. mg an r e . The commuter who lives out-m the 200 and 100 yard backcompetition and determine pos t plans to keep 23 of the some . B Motor Co m Dearborn Mich begin at 6:30 p.m. and continue night. In Trimester I of 1963 stroke compet1 t 1 on Steve S telle 't' If an emergency ar1ses, ay . . ' . side Tampa is also confronted pos1 wns 45 men who began practice Jan Campus has an arrangement Dr. Jakes w11l g1ve a bnef until 9 :30 p.m. the total.enrollment 581. finished sixth in 'the 200 and Men's will be cut from 17, said last week that he i; with a St. Petersburg ambulance history of the Ford c.o., with about two hours a day of many as 12 hours may be . accordmg, The eve1650 yard freestyle; and Bill 22 teams to 13 foursomes. confident of only four team posel"Vice to provide transpoltation tile future of the auto_m_ otive m.-isolated existence in an auto-carried o_r a total of four three nmg WISh and effort Kelley, sixth in the 200 yard Women's entries may be lowered Sl.tlons. The pi'tching and catch 1 hour courses. for a d'2gree 1s greater Ulan the d ... th . to Mound Park Hospital only a dustry and opportumties ava1 • mobile. Th . . . 'dl d tud , ., breaststroke an four .. , m e from tile present 13, 1f peddlers ing, first base and short stop. bl to l l g d te e evemng sessiOn lS rap1 y ay s ent s. 100 d b tstr k short distance from the school. a e co e e gra ua s. Surrounded by unidentified -------------i t it . h . 11 yar reas o e . on any teams seem unsafe or :r'n cases where an emergency is The program is sponsored by drivers, he may make neaily the . n m.os cases ls P ysJCa Y The swimmers, all freshmen, dangerous in the qualifying S • Impossible for professors teach. present but not serious, the stuth-e Business Administration whole trip without seeing an 0 ro r I ty ing a full load during the day were competing against fresh-rounds, accordmg ?sborne. dent can come to the main USF club. to teach at rught and lack of men and varsity tankers from .The fastest qualifymg teams 'd t d acquaintance. Or while driving 11 t 1 t tl b t Infirmary to see a res1 en ocPlanetarium Presents money limits the hiring of ten southeastern schools, includ Wl . ?O t>n Y ge . le es tor before he is referred to a The USF Planetarium w i 11 on the expressway a horn may I d enough teachers to offer a.s well ing the University of Florida Will lhave first 5Pecialist . Transportation for p r e s e n t "Three Unknown honk and a hand wave, the car p e g es rounded a program as the day and the University of Miami. c COICetoo Unl ortmh co this is provided by the shuttle Worlds" (Jupiter, Saturn and may have a familiar sticker and session, Hall said. ra s won. e mens race bus which runs between the MarsJ during the month of the hand belong to a familiar But the Center for Continuing Student WorkS last year, out Talos by two campuses. March. I face L• d Education is constantly trying two while the PE, Dr. Egolf emphasized that the I A lecture for students and . I ste to evonand its program so that To Com prase easily won tile women s dlt d t t ..... B Ah, another USF commuting ""' b t 1 presen con I 1ons a we ay staff will be held Monday, March the needs o these ambitious deVISion Y wo aps. THE USF PITCIDNG STAFF is expected to be led by twc juniors: Gary Trapp, a trans fer from Manatee Junior Col lege, and Jeff Dickerson, a transfer from Broward Junior College. Completing the five-man staf: will be three freshmen: Mar vin Sherzer, of Orlando, Mike Macki and lefty Jon Ritz, bot!: of Waukegan, Ill. Campus infirmary are onl y tern-student is running a little late gree seeking studEmts can be UC Display porary. "We have ordered tile S • S to class t oday. Sororities wound up rush acsoon fulfilled, he said. necessary medical equipment emlnDrS et He takes a different exit. The tivities with the announcement Thirty-nine works of art will be presented in an exhibition of the Fourtll Annual All -Florida Undergraduate Painting Compe tition Feb. 27 to March 11 in tile UC ballroom. At Bay Campus The top catching prospect is Jesus Garcia, sophomore trans but it hasn't arrived. When it Biology-Zoology seminar pro first one in class has to tell their of 70 pledges. They are: does we will have a doctor at grams for the remainder of Tri shortcut route. "Some day when FIA Anne Beery, Kathy least a half a day each week," II tl d b B b Ell M D t were recen y announce y he's not in a hurry he'll try ns ane, en ane es er, he said. Prof. Robert W. Long, adviser. Patricia Gamble, Jeannine Hall, The doctor who serves the St. Feb. 16, Dr. Carter Gilbert, gcing that way." Linda Hatton., Nancy MaginPetersburg campus will be from University of F 1 or i d a, " ZooWho is he kidding? A USF ness , Carol McCt>uy, Barbara USF. Expansion of the facilities geography of the freshwater commuter is always in a hurry. Molinari, Kristin Moran, Susan and doctor's service will coinfishes of eastern North Amer-Nabbe, Barbara Nichols, Judy clde with increased student enica;" Feb. 23, Dr. William J. Job lntervl•ews Nickel , Norma Norris , Lucy Orrollment on the campus, Egolf Clench, Harvard, "The distribulando, Donna Spinks , Sue Woods tion of the fresh water Mollusca $ h d J d and Carole Zeh. Dr. Egolf also estimated that in North America;" March 2, Dr. ( e U e FIDES-Linda Bear, Patricia over 90 per cent of all patients J. Herbert Taylor, Florida state Many firms will be holding Bowers, Theresa C .a m p b e 11, are seen during regular examUniversity, "DNA replication Interviews on campus for job Sherry Coby, Grace Daniele, ination hours at the infirmaries. and chromosome reproduction:" placement between now and Pam Fee, Charlotte G i b b s, At this time there have been March 16, Dr. Donald C. GoodApril. Marcia Haslett, Kay Holloway, only a few cases designated as man, u. of F., "Recovery of Don Colby, director of placeLucile Hudson, Pam Jon e s, emergencies at Bay Campus, brain function;" March 30 , Dr. ment services, advised seniors Karen Lynn Kelly, Diane Marie Egt>lf said. Howard Gratzner, USF, "Geto contact tile Placement Office, Kulas, Gwen Lynn Gamma Girls netic regulation of protein synAD 280 imm diatel . Provenzano, Michele Romano, thesis;" April 13, Dr. Calaway ' e Y Myra J. Marretta, Paulette Dodson , University of Miami; organizations. and Szabo, Karen Leigh Underwood, Now Have New. 'c'Phiodlsli.n,,ation mechanisms in or-Feb. 28 Florida Power and Llghl Donna Lynne Ur Nadine Wil-Co., various. li J wm' d I Mar. 2-Tampa General HoSPital, ams, oan I amson a n C II S t cost accountant, system analyst. Pam Wright. a ys em Panel Will Talk PAIDEIA -Roberta Allen , Gamma Hall has a new buzproduction supervision program, will Helen Bennett, Donna Caraway, zing system and from 6:30 to On Grad School •. Arts-Bus. Adm. & Jo Lee Cooper, Sue Ann Darden, 8:30 each ni ght, a visitor may "Graduate School OpportuniMar. 7-Prentic# Han, Inc., text Pat Holmes , Sharon Kastner, request Ulat a girl be contacted ties" will be discussed by a Judith Andrea McKenzie, Doris through a new intercom system. panel Feb. 23, at 2 p.m. in FH Mar. a-John Hancock Mutual Life E. Miller and Judith L. Wilson. Beft>re there are two tele101. Dr. Leonard J. Lucito, Dr. Chemical Co., sales Tri-SIS -Maria Alejo, phones in each living unit which Antllony Zaita, Donald S. Colby trainees. bara Alien , S h a ron Barf1eld, were often busy. ( and Mrs. Jane McCants will be L.Y nne Barrett, Brice, Now, the buzzer sounds, a red tile panel memb-2rs. Mar. 21_Neisners, Inc., store man Lmda Doble, PhylliS Feagle, signal shows on a panel by a 1 The lecture is designed by agers; Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp., Cheryl Fernandez, Jeanette Gail girl's door. Placement Services for all stuMerit System, various Gaskin, Marsha Howell, Susan Carried out on a voluntary dents employed under tile fed-see list in Placement

!-1l THE TAMPA TIMES 1\londay, February 21, 1966 They Wear New Rings TownA.rt..Country PRESENTS THE BRANDS AMERICA LOVES •.• MISSES AND JUNIOR SIZES IN DRESSES, SPORTSWEAR, BEACHWEAR, GIRDLES, BRAS AND LINGERIE ••• Browse Around In A Relaxed Friendly Atmosphere Come In and See Us ••• • Vin and Bob Elting Open Fri. Nitea 'til 9 TownA.rt_Country WESTGATE SHOP/CTR. and TEMPLE TERRACE SHOP/CTR. I. B . CHARGE and LAYAWAY PLAN \ \ Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Hutto Diet Forum Is I lri Full Swing Spring styles may call for winter weight losses. Mrs. Vincent Curran and Tampa YWCA have the answer for women wanting a new look and a new outlook. The Y's Diet Forum will be vislte


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