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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
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n Vol. 74, no. 37 (March 21, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 21, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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SEVENTY-FOURTH YEAR-No. 37 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH 21, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS New MasterS PrOgrams Set SA Bickers Over Proposed Bylaws By DAN MASON SMITH Campus Edition Staff Writer Four new masters degree programs are expected to be offered at USF starting in September. By ALLAN SMITH the passabe of one resolution enced in budgeting techniques. Campus Staff Writer expressing SA opposition to the An increased tuition and work U n ex p e c t e d bickering, quarter system and failure of load were as main reasons The Board of Regents has given final approval to touched off by an amendment another calli,ng for immediate for the opposition to the quarter to the Student Association by-sA legislative reapportionment. system in the resolution which MA's in sociology, art, and psychology. laws, separated Business Adthe legislature approved 21-9. The bylaw amendment seeks Greeks Prep For Big Week Approval of an MA in ministration (BA) and Liberal to require that members of the A proposal to r:apportion the English is expected shortly, Arts (LA) representatives dur-Finance Committee be Business legislature Immediately was de ing a two-hour legislative ses-Administration majors. The au-feated in a 10 to 17 vote. LA and the College of Engi-sion Thursday night. thor, Basic Studies (CBl . Rep. Rep. Doug Greene, one of the neering which offers the The argument started near Patty LaBrot, said she felt the authors of the sa1d the MA is expected to begin its the end of a session which saw BA majors are more experiStudent Court of Review woUld -----------------=--------=-be asked to order the legisla-bachelor of science pro-c d ture to reapportion. gram. ampus Hea s Laud LA Rep. Peter Grossman at-Four colleges now offer mas-. tacked BA majors and vehe-ters programs with some 24 mently opposed the amendment N • 1• • that would give business majors areas of specialization. These atlona IZatlo priority to the Finance ComAll-University "Greek Week" are listed on Page 86 of the n mittee. Sunday. with the Greek 1966 USF catalog. "Often many business ma!ors Smg Contest m the UC BallB R room at 7;30 p.m. Students facThese are the Colleges of Edu-Y OSEANN PALLONARI Fisher feels that national fra at USF are tactless and don't ulty, and staff are invited. No cation, Business Administration, Campus Staff Writer ternities and sororities "repredisplay the diplomacy neces admission will be charged. Engineering and Liberal Arts. Is the USF administration in sent a valuable tradition which sary. They know the practical -Photo b 7 Harry Hairier F 11 . th . th G k favor of the nationalization of could be used in an urban uniaspects of business, but do not N Aft Y S Th t 0 owmg e smg, e ree The Sociology Department has Greeks? versity." communicate ideas effectively ow I er ou ay a . . . Torch will be lit in a brief cere. . T h d . . t Senior Satire authors John Alston and Shelby Lewis check over the script with mony on Crescent Hill and will \lot yet announced detalh of Its e a mJms rators inter-Dean Fisher said that the fra to the body which they repre-t M f burn throughout the week. MA program, but is expected voiced a unanimuus "yes," and ternity system can be especialsent," ,he said. ac ors Doug cDougal (second rom r1ght) and Debby Donnellan (far right), during they outlined the advant g f 1 1 bl ki th The fraternities will unveil to next week. . . a es 0 Y va ua e m rna ng e comBefore Grossman bad finished tryouts last week. Other actors include lngie Burke, Wendy Fletcher, Karen Lefton, th . h . t M h 29 t havmg a natwnal fratermty and muter student feel a part of the his statement, the five . BA rep-Laura Scoggins, Bob Blunt, Joseph D 'Espos ito, Peter Grossman, and Claude Scales. 5 eir c s don . a The English program will consorority system. university. resentatives left the cham be s There are still openings on technical crew for anyone interested, Director Jack p.m. war s Wl e gJven sist of 30 hours of course work Dean of Student Affairs Her-All three administrators said .r Harris announced. The play, 'Jest of the Golden Beast' will be presented on April 6 to the three most well-designed and an extended critical or an-bert J. Wunderlich said that the method that local fraterni-They soon returned saymg and 7 in the Teaching Auditorium. 'll b . M b 30 alytical paper In the field of the nationalization of Greeks will ties and sororities are approach-that had found it ----------=----------------------------d _a ethwlf ehgm arh c th English studies. provide quality and stability to ing nationalization is excellent sary 0 caucus for a short time. unng e ree our w en e . . th 1 1 f t t t BA Rep Roger Trager then Jp k S I PI d . ht f t 'ti t h th Candidates for this degree e oca ra erm Y sys em. "The way they've gone about . '. 0 er ess I • on anne elg . ra _erru es rna cl ell' must have the BA with at least "Nationalization will provide It Is excellent They will set an reJected Grossman's accusacharwts m the annua race . t tions in a t te t d 1 d B H 11 S . f 24 hours of English and a score cer am resources, leadership, as example for other new schools " s a men e 1vere south of ba urvdlvdorst 0 of 560 on the verbal aptitude sistance, and advertisement. It said Dean Fisher and on behalf of the BA delegation. the event WI e awar e ro-'ll k . ' A 0 I P d h' t th G e k Dance t be section of the Graduate Record Wl rna e a more stable proshe IS "proud to describe the He sa1d that because of tram-s rl.glna ro uctl•on tth Examination. Some waivers will gram and offer ideas for system to visiting national reping in the area of business the Te H tpim. a be allowed. strengthening our pr"-sent pro-resentatives." BA representatives "feel far su-ampa era on e The degree in Art will be an gram," said Wunderlich. Both, Dean Wildy and Dean perior and competent to anyone By LANE FEY according to Prof. Peter B., ductions, with reviews of other R bJ• MFA or Master of Fine Arts. He vlent on to add that by Fisher pointed out that nation-else in the legislature (concernCampus Staff Writer O'Sullivan, director. productions and work with the epU JCanS It will be a terminal degree in becoming a national fraternity alization will not change the ing fiscal matters)." When "The Poker Session" This is significant because to see in what direction 5 k • 5 a 48 hour program lasting two or sorority will have "a sense fraternity program at USF He said business leaders are was chosen for production for there must be an entirely orig-these approaches were headed. ee 1ng 0ap years. It will encompass all of of belonging to a larger group." "The nationalization of frater"the backbone of our country." USF Theatre, it was supposed to ina! approach in producing the When they are going into re-for Vl"ef Nam the studio area; painting, graphCharles H. W!ldy, dean of men nities and sororities will not Trager also said "we must be the American premiere, but show , O'Sullivan said. hearsal, tha director and cast ics, sculpture, and ceramics. and adviser to the change the program at USF," represent the student body as theatre persunnel later learned In a script which has a tra-have some idea of what the final The Campus Young RepubltThe program is primarily de-ty _Council said that national!only "improve it," said Dean a whole and secondly represent there was a small production of dition in our culture, the product will be. But with "The cans started a drive today to signed for those who wish to will present an "opporWild. He went on to add that our colleges." it in Maine, but only a few director and the cast are able to p k S , th d' t d supply the Vietnamese people teach Art on the college level. tumty to broade_n scope through fraternities and sororities can "Therefore," he said, "we be people saw it. The show will be research. They can work with with soap and win their friend-In psychology the applicant l:?eetmgs, and mtercommunica-be as. "goo_d or as bad as the lieve we can administer the fi handled as an original script, material other than on pro-oughly An orfginal script 1 s ship according to club officials. must have the BA with a 3.0 . two (with other chapters)." admm1stratwn wants them to nancial affairs of this body im• P s a Th d 'll t' th h Dean of Women Margaret B be " t' u " much discovery as it is design. e. nve WI con mue. average and score at least 1,000 par Ia Y The production of an original Apnl 1 and soap donations will on the Graduate Record Ex-be accepted at a desk set up amination. In Tampa Bay Area m the lobby. . The applicant must have taken During Trimester I Perfect Grades 'Poker Session' Tickets on Safe The dnve, accordmg to zlub five or more courses in under-friendship . of the South Vietna-gram will be a 30 hour course seek• to win the graduate psychology. 'l'he proGl 8,.11 M.ay A•d lS,OOO Tickets are now on sale for mese people and to alleVIate and the student must maintain A h • d b 69 the March 28-Apri! 2 produc-their hardships. at least a 3 0 in all courses B C St ff W 't f b C . I eve Y tion of Hugh Leonard's "The The Fairchild-Hiller Co has S t h' h Y ampus a ers Jves sue as graduate school. meet in Lakeland and hope to orne eac mg or researc as-N 1 1 . This could boost graduate enroll h t t' f th Poker Session." offered to put the soap on planes . ta t hip will be available ear y 5,000 veterans m Tam-. . ave a represen a Ive rom e , Cost is 50 cents for students, which they are refitting for shave not yet been pa Bay are potentially eligible ment and thus heavily influ-Veterans Administration in St. Sixty-nine USF students atLillian Patricia Jardon, Ray $1 for faculty, staff and USF Air Force and the Air Froce t bli for benefits and services through ence graduate programs. Petersburg discuss procedures tained a 4.0 grade point average Richard Joelson, Susan Ethel Foundation memlrers and $2 will then 'fly the soap to Viet es a s the new GI bill signed recently o_n March 2 3 the Florida Asand policies of certifying vet-last trimester, the Registrar's Johnson, Arthur Oliver Karten, for general public. Tickets can Nam. • • • by President Johnson, CongressocJa!Jon of _College erans. Office announced. James Henry Kavina, James be purchased between 1 and 5 According to Roy Ashley of Carnegte Prestdent sional sources say. and Admissions Officers Will In previous veteran benefit They are Mrs. c a r 01 e Alva Kell III, William Eugene p.m. at the Teaching Audi the YR, the idea of sending Scheduled To Speak In the first year more than programs there have been tight Albritton, Patricia Ann Allen, Lester, Kenneth Anthony Lewis. torium box office. soap was decided upon after At C t 970 veterans in Pinellas CounSA Seminar and constant controls and close Mrs. Sally Aman, Mrs. Elizabeth Laura Vicki Mandell, Frank reading an article in the Tampa ommencemen ty are expected to take advanI w d d communication between and Armstrong, Mrs. Jane Becker, Dennis Marlin, Margaret Linda script is a great strain on the Times. Pres .. H. <;:uyford Stever of tage of the educational bene-S e nes ay among the student, the VA, and Stephen Edward Berger, Adele Marsh, Stephen Kent Marshall, actor O'Sullivan said Because .... ,, ... Carnegie Institute of Technology fits. The Stu den t Association the school. Sandra Bernett, Richard Dale Mrs. Ellen Mason, John Alexthis discovery is by both '"''''"""''':M:M:<-*"'•"'""''"' will give the Commencement ad. . . . seminar scheduled last week Any veteran of the Armed Boggy, Gertrude Barkman, ander McDonald, Mrs. Shirley actor and director the cast must University Life dress at USF April 24 at 3:30 The educatwnal proVIswn IS has been rescheduled for this Forces who has served at least Bruce Nigel Brown, Mrs. LorMiller, Joseph George Morton, to a degree, re-p.m. Dr. James Ray will serve to provide the veterans Wednesday at 2 p.m. in UC six months on active duty, with raine Brown, Richard Canin Shari Katherine Nelson, Joh)l hearse at performance level. Photos Featured as marshall' and Dr. Fred Dickm Prnellas wJth 248. any portion of that time occur Bryan, Jr. Solomon Otto, Anne Marshall "That's the only way you can get The full spectrum of man, of St. Andrew's Episcopal almost $621•000 m drrect bene Students may ask SA offi-ring after Jan. 1, 1965, is eligiWil!iam R 0 n a 1 d Burdett, Parker, Mrs. Mary Penn, Mrs. at many of the problems," sity life is felt best by those Church will give the blessing fits the frrst year. cers f!Uestions at the seminar ble. James Morgan Cogan, Joseph Nina Pridgen, Mrs. Karen PutO'Sullivan related. students who Jive on campus. and Dr. Frank H. Spain, registrar, on anything they do not un-The benefits amount to $100 Conrad Copeland, Phillip Ed-man, Sara Charles _Sansbury. Normally the blocking period, The regular edition of the The Alumni Association will and Dr. Charles H . Wi!dy, derstand concerning the SA a month paid to an unmarried ward Cota, Jr., Mrs. Jean Del Mrs. Ruth Sch 1 pfer, Mrs. when the director works out the Tampa Times recently pubprovide a reception for the grad-dean of . men, expect some infollowing in t r o d u c tory veteran, $125 a month to the Torto, Michael Charles Diana, Nancy Smith, Mrs. Carolyn "stage picture," is taken up with a picture featuring USF uates and their families after from the speeches by Pres. John Har-veteran with one dependent, and Mrs. Jane Elligett, John Frank Sparks, Linda. Spenser, purely mechanical designs. An freshman S h a ron Conger the ceremonies. It will be held new ' ut smd Jt IS yet too per, Vice Pres. John Hogue, $150 a month to the veteran Ezzell Jr., Claullio Fernandez Donald John Sp!zznTJ, Mrs: Caroriginal script cannot be decided which encompassed many of in Argos Center Lounge. early to estimate the volume. and Joe Beckham, chief juswith two or more dependents. Jr., Joerg otto Fichte, Daniel ole Sumner, Emd Whitman I unless there is a joint effort her activities on campus. The The University Bookstore has Dean Wildy states that this tice of the Student Court of The payments are made on William Fleitas, Alan !}rant Thorp, Antony Mic Tocyzlowskt, between the cast and the direc-feature is reprinted today on announced that the deadline for should not affect campus housReview, which has the job of the basis of one month of studies Freeman. Robert !'au! Trebes, Donna tor. page 18 through the courtesy ordering cap and go w n s has ing too greatly because of the interpreting the SA conslitufor each month of service. not James Vincent Goins, David UnderbUI, Jack Upton I Because of the nature of the of The Times management. been extended to Wednesday, new 21 year maturity age. In tion. exceeding 36 months. (Continued on Page 17, Col. 8) 23, for graduation sens po n so red Research Donald Simpson Higgins, Ray-will aid many of these students . mond Eugene Hogan, Mrs. . Exclusive Lowell Interview Many veterans already havDoorknobs vs . Polt.ti.CS Stressed Dr. William Taft, director of search are published. "It is sponsored research, said in an through these publications," Of S ff By ROSALIE FLEISCHAKER __ .. ,. I wrote very little about it di a good thing if he were • . • interview that many students Taft concluded, "that the repu-. ta Campus Staff Writer rectly, it was there as a possiI think it's an entirely differ-Easy $$$ and professors at USF do not tation of the university initialbility. , ent problem. Art tends to ileal realize the importance of sponly becomes established." (Editor's note -Robert "Again, it seemed natural for with full human experiences . . . sored research. Lowell spent the majority of me to protest the White House He thinks of this rather than his time, while on the USF Festival. Having done that, the military historian's knowl-campus for the Third An-I'm quite a different person," edge of Vietnam," Lowell conUSF sophomore Martha Kay time , " said Taft, "the reputa-nual Flol'ida Poetry Festival, he continued. tinued. Anderson was $800 richer. tion of a school is built on the Said Low For a few brief moments "Over an extended period of USF has a lower employe advising aspiring poets and "I find I have written about Asked about the amount of She purchased eight $10 academic achievement of the termination percentage than reading from his works. But, desegregation, the atom bomb, act u a I involvement in society traveler's checks from her students. Initially however," Florida State University and the he spoke to the Campus EdiVietnam, ' and a good deal about necessary for the artist, Lowell home town bank, First Nahe stressed, "the reputation University of Florida, as shown tion for a few minutes about the second war, and that just said, "The old image that at-in a study. why he and some other poets seems unavoidable. It's part of ways stuck in my mind is of tiona! Bank of Lake Wales. stems from the research being USF d t t d h b 1 d d t "I d d lid 1 carried on at the school. In a con uc s a s u y eac ecome mvo ve m an wn e my experience," he said. Emperor !>jero whose mother nee e a s e rue, so year which compares the ema b out supposedly political "But 1 wouldn't make people was a very dominant person. I went to the bank to cash new university such as South Aegean Due Out Aprill ploye termination,percentage of questions.) have to do that. It would be He put her in a part of the two checks. When the teller Florida this is very important." the three major state universi "It's very hard to write about absolutely deadly' if poets felt palace where she could see evgave me $200 I realized the Taft the procedure The 1966 Aegean to come oli.t ties. a political subject because it they had to comment on every erything and not be seen. That of obtammg a research grant. April 1, will have a hard cloth In the area of administrative is so great and meaningful, peoimportant issue," Lowell said. burned her up ... That al-error," said Anderson. The After deriving an idea for a cover with a picture inse;t, and personnel, USF had a termina-ple tend to ignore it. It is .......-"I don't think there ought to ways seemed a rather enviable $10 checks were really $100 project, it is often necessary to will contain 248 pages. Cost will tion percentage of 8.2 as com much easier to write about a be any 'shoulds' about this. position. But, nohody's really checks, an error of $800 in have financial aid. number be $1, including sales tax, an pared to 25.6 tor Florida Unipile of china doorknobs," LowLOWELL There is nothing a poet should that heroic, or desires to be. favor of Martha. of government agencies are willnounced Larry Hevia, associate versity and 17.1 for Florida ell said. do. He can write about chipNobody in life wants that." When asked what she did ing to sponsor research projects. editor. State. The percentage for teachDuring World War II a New a country that's willing to die munks and moles and that may Lowell said the main advanwith the money she replied, are two prerequisites to The opening section is to cap ing personnel was 6.5 for USF York Times headline prorather than let us tell them be his true calling. Almost no tage of the new criticism is in "I returned it ... why? beth1s: . ture the theme of student life, compared to 12.0 for Florida claimed Lowell a Nazi because, what to do. That seems horrible English poet but Milton wrote giving a new basis for, and a cause I'm honest. I got a bot-(1) knowledge gamed from taking a little of everything such and 17.2 for Florida State. The as a conscientious objector, he to us," Lowell said. about the civil war. But every new list of, good literature. AI-tie of Chane! 5 as a reward. the proJect be of benefit as athletics, classes, and study non-academic percentage was preferred jail to the draft. Lowell refused to attend the once in a while, when someone though he believes it is a good An $800 bottle of perfume is to the agency. . ing. The first 16 pages are in 24.0 for USF, 52.0 for Florida Comparing the patriotic ferWhite House Festival honoring breaks through like Milton or teaching device, he said, "after pretty expensive perfume. " (2) The person domg the recolor featuring Miss Aegean and 30.4 for Florida State. vor of World War II and Vietthe arts, as a protest against Marvel, you're delighted. It's usa while it's just another prose "It was an exciting experi-search must have done some Linda zuro ' The over-all USF employe ter-nam, Lowell said, "This war the administration ' s Vietnam ually for some personal rea-paraphrase ... The personalence to be so wealthy even previous work in the field which . rnination percentage was far is odious to us somehow and policy. Although Lowell almost son. ity who wrote the poems is though for such a short time," would prove his competency; . Chtef of the below that of the other two menacing. It's bad in itself and exudes calmness, he has often ! ''I think it's a frightening very important." she said. (3) The person must submit mclude universities at 15.3, compared to it threatens worse. There's albeen in the center of such contime we live in. We all seem Asked about the value of the a complete outline of the protor, Sam Nuccio, associate ed!• 39.5 for Florida and 25.1 for most an intellectual community troversies. in dread of what may come. poetry festival here, Lowell L tt f U S posal to the agency. tor, and Hevia. Florida State. of universal disgust and dis He explained, "I came to be Just as human beings. It is not concluded, "I imagine it's things 0 ery or It takes approximately four to Although they have a small Jerry D. Kirkpatrick, Co-,tress. Even people who are dea conscientious objector beour speciality as artists," Low-that brush off on people. SomeTo Be Debated six months from the time of staff, they work well together, ordinator of News for the USF fending it should feel that discause I objected to the satura-ell said. thing catches hold, The whole A Focus Parliamentary Desubmission until approval. When Hevia said. The staff effort Information Service_s, said that I It doesn't se7m a pation bombings and "The arUst could be an exthing, masse doesn ' t bate on establishment of a na-the proposal has been accepted, was eased having no deadline USF employed slightly over triotiC war ... National pres-surrender, and I went to JaiL pert, he might know all the facts automatic effects . . . Acc1-tiona! lottery will be presented the researcher proceeds with problems or last mmute work. 1,100 people. The administrative ervation, none of that seems So it ls part of my experience about Vietnam, he could have a dental things may happen . . by the Forensics Club of the his work. I The Aegean staff is taking and teaching staff numbers! to be involved." and it changed my life. It double role, but he's not likely the benefit was in meeting other Speech Association today at After the project has been mail orders from graduating about 475. "We seem to be destroying changed me as a poet. Although to and it probably wouldn't he people." 7:30 p.m. in UC 252. completed, the results of the re-seniors.


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, 1\farch 21, 1966 off-Campus Policy Hit This fall a maximum of 380 resident students at USF may be forced to live in triple rooms and lounges. : They are the lucky ones-many more applicants have already been re,;fused admission to the Uni versity because there is no space for them on campus , Despite the facilities at Bay CaOlpus, the construction of two new dormitories and the re-opening of 50 rooms in Alpha Hall, USF residence areas will still be drasti cally overcrowded. The residence units themselves are designed for two occul?ants, not three . Anyone who has hved in a USF residence hall will verify the extremely poor living conditions in the triples . The lounges are not even designed for occupancy, and lack such minimal requirements as closets and desks . The housing office labels these accommodations temporary . They are "temporary" in the sense of an that they may last entire trimester or most of an academic year. No new steps have been taken to im pFove conditions in the coming year. To a student the overcrowding means that he won't be able to find a sink open in the morning to wash hi$ hands; it means that the noise level in his hall is going to rise ap preciably, and it means that he will often have to wait in line as long as half an hour to get his meals. The overcrowding means that the administration will receive an extra $16 , 280 from the rent in the triples and by renting the lounge spaces which are supposed to serve everyone in the halL In a double occupancy room students pay $150 apiece per trimester for a total of $300 . In the triples, three men pay a total of $390. There will be 100 triple rooms this fall for a net in crease in revenue of $9, 000 . ' An estimated 56 residents will be housed in Andros lounges . These students are charged the full $130 fee for sub-standard facilities . The key to the entire issue lies in the University's housing policy. We would not have to fill our campus dormitories, nor would we have to offer inferior facilities at Bay Campus if the administra tion would allow upper-classmen to live in approved off-campus hous ing. Are we attending an institution of higher learning or an all-uni versity kindergarten ruled by resur rected school-marms in grey busi ness suits and button-down collars? It seems that the administration would do almost anything rather than give students the least vestiges of personal freedom. We feel that by requmng all non-commuters under 21 to live on campus the University is hurting it self and the student body. We have offered a simple solution-allow more students to reside off-campus. This would free dorm space for in coming. freshmen and other stu dents who want to live on campus. With the increasing numbers of out-of-town students applying to USF, the dotmitories could prob ably be filled without employing the "everybody under 21" rule now in effect. Such a proposal is not radical. Both the University of Florida and Florida St-ate allow male students under 21 to live off-campus after completing one year of residence. Why is it that of the three large state universities in Florida, USF is the only one with triple rooms and , heavy restrictions ori off-campus housing? The housing crisis is already here. Every day more students are beginning to voice their dissatis faction with the current housing policy. How many more Bay Cam puses, triple rooms, and lounges must be filled before the University relaxes its stranglehold on housing regulations? Draft T e sts Reaffirmed We also learned this week that Assistant Registrar Ronald Keller has contacted the draft boards and again reaffirmed that details of the . • college qualification tests have not been released to field units. It should be noted, however, that it may be unnecessary for the boards to take students out of col lege . A surge of volunteers has low ered the March draft quota to the lowest level since last September, and if the trend increases draft eligible students will be able to breathe a little easier when opening their mail Should the testing b.e necessary L I T T L E M A N 0 N c A M p u s the registrar's office will be pre pared . Keller will travel to St. Au gustine this week to hear an ad dress by a Washington Draft Board official on the student drafting system . Keller said that the Registrar's office would be glad to answer any questions that students may have on the program , but details will not be available until at least April 1. Students should also note that the qualification test is not the only method of determining their draft status. Also taken into consider ation are rank in class , normal prog ress and according to the draft board, other relevant factors . I y I I B L E R THE CAMPUS EDITION The Oa.mpus Edillon of the Tampa Ttmea Is written and edited by students at the University of South Florida. Editorial views expressed herein not n e cessa.ril7 those o f the USF adminiatration, faculty or of the Tamp& Times. Offices: UC 2 2 2 University of South Florida• Tampa, Fla. , 33 6 2 0 . Phone 9 8 8-1131, ext. 619 . News oopy deadline Is 1 Jl . m . for Monday publication. Letters to the editor deadline Ia 5 p . m . Monda y for tho followlnr Monday. Laurence Bennett . .....• . . . . . . , . . • • . . • • . • . • • . • . • • • . . • . • . • • . . . . . Editor Harry Haigley . . . . ....•............•.•.••• , •••...•.... Managinr Editor Goodman ..•........... .. ...... • . , .•• • , . • • • • • • • • . . Sports Editor Prof. Steve Yates ..........•.••• • ••••••••••..••••••• , ..••••... Adviser -r Look In A Briefcase! .. Think Purses Crammed.?. , By MARIA LAZZARA er shave lotion, all materials Campus Staff Writer needed for a quick shower in If men carried purses, wha( the Life Science building. \ Ex-Editor . . . Jack Weeks, former general editor of " Newsweek Magazine" will speak at. the UC Meet the Author program Wednesday at 2 p .m. in UC 252. would be in them? Men often wonder at the strange items women carry in their purses and cannot under stand how one pocketbook can contain items which seem to be useful in many differ.ent ways. "You name it, and they' ve got it," is a common male reaction to purses. A SURVEY was taken re cently to see just what men carry in their bri. efc a ses, and stra ngely e n o u g h , upon in specting various items found in the briefcases, it was discov ered that women are not the only ones that carry around excess baggage. The usual items such as pens, pencils, notebook paper, textbooks, and c 1 a s s notes were found in all the brief cases, and no one seems to be worried about having those items found in their posses sion. ON THE other hand, a stu dent, majoring in zoology was found to hav e i n his smar t black briefcase a towel, soap, a razor, razor blades , and aftAN UNPERTURBED chem istry major revealed the contents of his briefcase. He was found to have safety glasses, a staplel', contact lens case and solution, electrical Wil'es and Nb Doz tablets, a comb, and some glassware. A briefcase owned by a physics major, contained a di versity of items. The first and most no t iceab l e item was a bottle of whiskey ( cough medi c i ne ) , a most peculiar, yet in teresting yellow paper bird, a bank book, a key to a safe deposit box, eye drops, and a USF calendar. AN UNDERGRADUATE, w h o had just returned from Germany, had in his btief case a telephone book, broken glass, a burned out match, a newspaper, a quart of coffee and an accumulation of dust. Indi cations are, without a doub t , that if men carried purses, the items found in them would seem just as ri diculous as those carried by women . -Photo bJ Anthony ZappOJit Well, Whataya Know You'll find the craziest things in briefcases if you ever get the chance to peak into a few. However, most students consider their contents as personal and will render the view only to the front desk at the library. Author of four novels, Weeks was reporter, desk man, and feature writer until he retired several years ago to devote his full t ime to creative writ ing . His articles a n d stories have appeared in "Holiday," "Red book," "Argosy," "Esquire," and "Collier 's." His latest novel, "Some Trust in Chariots" was described in the "Detroit News" as " ... at last a believable , broad-minded, and broad scale novel about the auto busi ness. " Have You Misplaced Something? . , LOYAL PSYCH CLUB MEETS The Psych Club will meet to day in PH 368 at 2 p.m. The Desk Overflows With Lost Artic.les m Annual Orgy Slated I By PETE GLADUE Campus Staff Writer IT'S GREEK WEEK. No tice how that rhymes with freak week -or even weak freak? Anyway, we 're real happy that the frats and sores are having whatever it is they're hav ing. We inter viewed Melvin Patrician the Third about the events sched uled for that week.

It's That Time Again Film Classics Series Tickets Now Available Season tickets for the 1966-67 film classics series now are available through Joyce McKee, AD 299. Tickets for the nine foreign films will cost $4 for students; $5 for faculty, staff and USF Foundation members; and $6 for general public. Films will be shown in the new Business Administration Teaching Audi torium with seating limited to 430. Films will be at 8:30 p.m. on the Wednesdays. The schedule is: "La Dolce Vita," Italian, Oct. THE TAMPA TIMES , Monday, March 21, 1968 USF Hosts Hiram Friday light Weekend Ahead For Brahman Fans The men's tennis and base ball teams will be the only two USF varsity squads in compe tition this weekend. The Brahman netmen pay a visit to St. Leo College's fresh man at 1:30 p.m. Coach Staf ford Taylor will send the follntramural Roundup lowing men into action: Chip Heath, Dick Howze, AI Blevins, 1Weavers Increase Mike shaw. Cliff Suddarth, Henry Caldus, George Salmon and Dave Bauer. In a previous match, on 5 ; "I Vitelloni," Italian, Oct. Lead .In Coed 1-M March 12, South Florida downed 19; "Richard III," British, Nov. the younger and out-manned 9; "Woman in the Dunes," Monarchs 9-0 on the USF courts. Japanese, Dec. 7; "The SiThe Basketweavers vaulted d 58 . 1 As of press time. the Brah-an 5, respective y, Complete mans were 3-3 on the season. lence," Swedish, Jan. 18; "Knife into an 85point (705-620) lead standings are listed. One day earlier, baseball -usF Photo in the Water," Polish, Feb. 15; over The . Basketweavers have coach Hubert Wright will prob Spring will soon be here, tomorrow in fact, and scenes like this will become ever more popular. These coeds were last week sunning themselves near the Epsilon dormitory. Traffic has increased along the dorm lately and quite understandably. "Children of Paradise," French, MaJors m women s pulled mto full-gam.e lead ably send either John Ritz of March 1 ; "Jules and Jim," mtr.amurals on. t?e strength of ?ver the PhJ:'sical Education Ma-Jeff Dickerson to the mound to French, March 15, and "Viridia fimsh, worth 150 JOrs and tied for secface Ohio's Hiram College. Adpomts, m .the bike race. ond place, In women's softball. mission is free for the 3:30 ana," Spanish, April 12. FIA and Fides stayed rela-Losing only .to Fides by one p.m. contest tentatively set at tively close with totals of 610 run <8-7), the 'weavers have Cuscaden Park. WOMEN'S 1-M POINT STANDINGS near_ly 20 ru_ns per The fire-balling Ritz has not

18 THE TAMP A TIMES, Monday, March Zl, 1966 A dance student for nine years. she takes instruction here from Frank Rey. Time to drop by mail box at Argos Center. . Sharon Conger is from New Smyrna Beach and makes her in Dormitory on campus and tt's a good thtng. How else It could she keep up with so many activitie's I and keep up with studies as a language tl i major? Photographer Anthony Zappone Sharon checks to see if clothes are dry. Like most dorm residents. she does her own laundry. A language maior. Sharon spends long hours in language laboratory practicing French and Spanish. A student in theater art class. she sews costume for play. Sharon enters theoter with date, Don Dedrick. A flu shot from nurse Catherine Stuart. Sharon chats at lunch with roommates Marie Hintz (left) and Donna Dacko. '


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