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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 4, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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Greek Week Winds Up; Enotas Cop IFC Award Campus Stall Photo Greeks Have Skit Fit This is just one of the scenes from the skits that were put on in front of the UC Friday night as part of Greek Week. The performance would have made any Greek proud to be from Greece. The Greek Week that was last week came to a close last Saturday night with a dance at the Tampa Sheraton Hotel and the announce ment of awards. Enotas copped the Interfrater nity Council Activities Achievement Award, but the other announce ments were met wit h surprised gasps as hours of labor were re warded or for naught. Enotas proved themselves the best charioteers by winning first place in both construction and the race. The race , run last Wednes day, was so close that the judges withheld a decision until Saturday night so they could look at photo graphs taken by var i ous spectators in the crowd . Arete was second by half a length . Zeta Phi Epsilon, Cratos , and Talos wer e a djudged to have tied for third in the event. Arete came out on top in the Greek Skits and in the Sing while Enotas placed second in the Skits 1ampa and Talos took second in the Sing . On the distaff side , Fides re peated their t riumph of last year in the sorority sing beating Fia and Tri S.I.S. while Paideia took the Skits . Tri S.I.S. and Fides finished second and third r espectivel y in the skits . The Phi Sigma Xi chariot lost a wheel halfway through the r ace; and fr a ternity members had to carry the carriage the rest of the way . Participating fraternities were Cratos , Arete , Phi Sigma Xi, T alos, Kappa Iota Omega , Zeta Phi Ep silon and Enotas . Jim Hill ier, Enotas , officially opened Greek Week by lighting the ceremonial torch on top of Crescent Hill on Sunday night. Inter-F ra ternity Council selected Hillier for the task. Chariots were judged for wood work , metalwork, overall appear ance , safety devices and onginal ity 1 imts -Photo b:r 'Io n:r Z appn e Plenty Of Big Wheels . Phi Sigma Xi lost a wheel during the race , but ther e were plenty of wilhn g spares around . The Greek Week chariot race was a photo finish between Arete and Enotas. The results w e re announced Saturday night at the Greek dance . -FOURTH YEAR-No. 49 TAMPA, FLORIDA , MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS 1Upward Bound/ Contract Studied Bay Frosh To Live In Tampa Crownover ' Finalist Legislature Reapportions; CB Controls Half of Seats Aegean on Sale; Lists Notables -Piloto loy Julian Efird Sure You Have A Headache P res. John S . (Cl a ud e Sca les) s ooth es v i s i t ors A nn Zook, l e f t, a nd Iog i e Bur k e who h ave a headac h e. D e m o n s tratin g s tud e nt s a r e Barb a r a S and e r s a nd D e b bi e Donna ll en. See Seni o r Sat ire April 6 a nd 7 for res u lts. A l ston a nd M i s s Lew i s s a i d i n wri ti n g the s cript, each idea they had , p rod u ced another, so that their brains torming ses sions really pai d off. Pete G ladu e f u r n ished several i deas which they were a ble to u se . Miss Lewis a n d Alston said that the senior c lass i s deeply in debted to Bob Ashford who created t he trad ition with the satire last year and both say that t hey hope their production measures u p to the Class of '65's , " The Twenty-Sixth o f March . " Robert Erwin, director of the play . praised the cast, saying, "I couldn't ask for a group of peop l e who have worked harder than this gro u p. I'm certain we're going to have a fine performance." Other members of the cast in clude Ann Zook, Laura Sco g gins, Barbara Sander s, P a u 1 Norris, W e n d y F letcher, Rich ard Byquist , Ingie Burke, Jodie Adams, Henry Smith, Pat Har ris, Judy Koepcke, B oy d M oore, and Kathy


THE TaMPA TIMES, M o nday, April 4, 1966 Superman Here? This is the age of supermen, with super-jobs and super-responsibilities. And the reflection of these supermen can be seen from Washington to this campus. The superman in real life is not the one who is mirrored in the eyes of television addicts. He is a man who works 16 hours a day, goes to church twice a week, maintains a family and belongs to numerous civic and social organizations. He isn't content to "just get along," but wants more and more and more .... These supermen can readily be seen in Washington. The nation's press daily marvel at the long and hard hours put in by President Johnson, Secretary of Defense Robert S McNamara and busi ness leaders. McNamara, it seems. has a super memory, is a super-scholar and with only one exception, makes no mistakes. In fact this super-secretary has become so infallible that critics almost crowed when they found out that he is human and did make a mistake when he ordered helicopters for the budding Viet nam war. Johnson, before his operation, was noted as a man who put in 12 hours at the office and then went home to read reports. The "new-millionaire" of the 1960s has sprouted up from innocuous back grounds and lead a life of almost total work. It is our feeling that this is an increasing tendency of man to imitate or perhaps d'uplicate the actions of these men, or perhaps these men are merely winners in a super-rat race. It can be seen on campus too. One student here has two off-campus jobs at which he works 40 hours a week, carries 18 academic hours, and is a member of two organizations. And h e is not alone. One political science professor ob served this and termed it "lunch-box learning," in which a student rushes in, grabs a bite of education and then rushes back out to earn a place in the world. Some critics think that these men are "over-extending themselves and that they are losing the contact with "humanity." That the supermen with super-responsibilities are getting super egos and are not really men at all. The critics say that these men are running a race in which the cost of losing is too high, and that failure can lead to death, when the all too human bodies fail the super-egos. We feel that this is merely a strug gle which men have beer. involved in since the beginning of time and al though it seems to have reached super proportions, but is really nothing new at all. The critics who are heard wailing laments are often only those who didn ' t participate, who were too afraid of los ing, or those who felt it wasn't worth their trouble. But in this age of superheros, there are super-rewards for those who are willing. And whether we like it or not, rewards oncy go to those who do "a little bit more." Sure it forces men to extend them selves and often they do develop an extraordinary ego, but is this so bad? Perhaps when men extend themselves they find qualities and abilities that they never knew they had. It's possible, why not give it a try? Dead End Again? For about two weeks last trimester, the campus was in an uproar over the food situation. A charging everything from "bony fish" to "greasy food and improper handling" was cir culated; an epidemic of stomach disorder was hinted and finally the Hills borough County Health Department in vestigated. The investigation did reveal two disease c a r r i e r s among the s t a f f but more important, said the SA Aux iliary Services committee, " the crisis pointed out the need for more com munications between the committee (charged with handling food complaintsl and the students." So what is the current status of the committee ? There isn't one. It seems that the chairman of the committee last trimester, Judy Petersen, is not a full time student this trimeetsr and not eligible to hold the position. • '\ho kt AUxiliary Services for the university. J.P. Goree, former holder of the position, has re signed to go to Florida Tech. John Harper, SA president , admitted the absence of the committee but pointed out the difficulty of not havi ng an Auxiliary Servic-zs director to meet with. This summer, though, Harper assured us "l'll personally see to it that a committee is ap.pointed." Fine. But what about this trimester? What happens if a situation similar to tha t last trimester crops up? Who knows? We used to think experience was the best teacher but perhaps the old saw about leading a horse to water is more appropriate to this case. Eliminate Failures For Commuters Looking through the new "Ac cent on Learning" j u s t off the press, one must notice that one particular course has once again been left off the lists. The course, which incidently is required by the state (Road Board) for all com muters to successfully pass, is Highway Driving I and HD II. This unique course carries no credit hours, but does require quick reflexes and a little daring. Laboratory practice is gained ev ery day, five days per we(lk, in trying to cross Fowler Avenue at 30th and 56th Streets without a traffic light. Failures in the course usually have another chance to take the course over again, although in past years several have failed to repeat the unit. It would be naive to suggest that if the state recognized the course and provided adaquate instruction al material, namely, a traffic light, that it would eliminate all failures in the course, but it would help the problem. SA Faces Crisis The Student Association is now faced with two major crises. First, the le gis lature must reaJliPortion itself no la te r than Thursday night. Secondly, some means must be found to in sure a legal legislature this summer. In its verdict, the court charged that the 1 -agislature "seriou sly neglected its constitutional duties by failing to reapportion itself b y the end of Trimester 1." We a ppl au d the dec ision and lang uage of the court. The basis for th e d ecision is clearly spelled out in the constitution under 2.4 .2.2 "It shall be the duty of the Legislature in Trimester I to reapportion . . . for the immediately subsequent trimester." Not onl y did the Tri. I legislature not reapportion, the current legisla ture refused to do it itself. Now they will have toThursd ay inght. The sec ond major problem regards government this summer. SA President John Harper said at the hearing last week that a poll of the legislators revealed that only 3 out of 49 le g islators were planning to !' than to succeed temporarily for a cause that will ultimately fail. Just as the life which our Lord chose l e d to his death by a society g one mad , so we find that good people suffer. For us , however , suffering can hold the possibility for redemption. No one welcomes suffering, but we have the ex ample of our Lord's suffering and death to show us that it need not crush us. Our affirmation of hop e and our stance of faith seem incompreh e n s ible to many ou tside the community. How can we be sure that good ulti mately wins? How do we know that death is not the final answer? THERE IS no verification beyond the testimony of gen erations of the faithful and the f i n a 1 test in our o w n spirits. Surely there is ample evidence to the contrary. War, poverty, cruelty, indifference -all can combine to present a picture of futility and frus tratio n, of gloom and pain. By PETE GLADUE Campus Staff Writer We've been rippling throu gh the DataMate form that the UniversityExchange Bookstore is u sing as part of its advertisin g, and we've con cluGed that it discriminates agc:inst sex fiends . There isn't a s i n g le ques tion which really gets down to cases. Oh, they h e d g e around, to be sure, with "lib eral attitude on sexual mat ters, " but when you analyze that statement carefully, it' s about as nebulous as a memo fro m the dean's office. Somehow, qu estion 23, "On the first date with someone whom you find to be very compatible, w o u 1 d you:" Well, we answered "yes" immediately, but that wasn't amon g the alternatives listed. Instead, t h e y had either "Kiss," or "Only a goo d night kiss." We suppose there's a differ ence. But, anyway, since "yes" isn't a possible answer; then sex flends, it seems, are conscientiously excluded. Also excluded, in question 26, are Eng lish majors. They ask, "If I were confronted with a sizable p r o b 1 e m, I would prefer to;" Now any English major worth his m eta phors would immediately re ply "run and hide." B u t that' s not allowed. Instead, you've either got to find your own solution, consult a friend ' (unless you're a science major and don't have any), or consult an exper t. Nowhere are you give n the opportunity to ignore it. Be that as it may, back to sex f i e n d s. ($ee Caulfield, Holden, on Di gressi ons. l Ques tion 13 asks, "My favorite ac tivity is: " and nowhere, un less you choose "sporting ac tivities," is there a suitable answer for a conscientious sex fiend. It' s really frighten ing to think that such a large part of our society has been i gno red. Oh yes, failures are also ex cluded . Question 9 reads, "My academic grade average is:" and then offers alternatives of "A" throu gh "D." It would seem that this systematic ex clusion of failures ( this group includes science majors, ath letes and members of frats or sores) would only contribute to the of frustration that these people have, and further reinforce t hei r neuro tic b e havior, perhaps even turning them into sex fiends , and further excluding t h e m . It's really a vicious cycle. Ah well , this modern gen eration with its computers. Whatever h a p p en e d to all those marriages that were made in heaven? Actually , we really resent the fee connect ed with the program. You see, we've never had to pay for it in our life. Kermit J. Silverwood, di rector of financial aids , said "This is a remarkably fine record and actually many of the students are not far be hind in their repayments." University of Florida , which entered the program in 1958, repo rts 417 delinquent account A mock election will be held Wedn es day. totaling S24,812. Letters: President Johnson r ecen tly proposed that the loan program S d T h be shifted to private commer-en oot paste cial lenders. Student , public and T w . ? congression a l protests brought 0 I n V1ets. a recent plan to "phase out" Editor, Campus Edit ion: the program gradually and to Wouldn't it be a good idea provide essentially the same to send t oothpast e to the pea amount n ex t year. USF is seekple of South Vietnam? They ing $600,000 to aid between 800 could use a little "pizzaz" in and 1000. thei r smiles as they watch Silverwood said the good their country being burned credit reco r d here "show s that and bombed into oblivion. our students take their obliga-Perhaps we sho uld send spray tions seriously . deodorant over there. Think Reapportionment (Continued from Page 1) tween Tampa Campus and Bay Campus. If the change i s made , CB rep resentatives would be ap portioned according to CB enrollment on each campus. The SA reapportionment reso lution was pass ed in accord ance with an order from the Studen t Court of Review A complaint had been brought before the court after t he legislature defeated, in a March 17 session, a proposal to set up a reapportionment committee. The legislature had fa iled to reapportion durin g Trimester I as required by the SA consti t u tion. That is why the court was asked to order reapportionment immediately. ' how ma ny Vietnamese we could win over to our side t hen. Robert J. Minervini 'Bull' Favored As Paper Name (Editor' s Note: This letter is reprinted exactly as we received it.) East Patio U.C. Sir; It would seem to me that the proper name for t he pro posed newspaper would be "the Bull" Not only does this carry on t he traditi on of the mascot, the Brahman, but it carrie s with it the conotation of the h igh journalistic stand ards already established by the student newspaper . D. J . Eblerl '1 I at cid ele III cid lea ad Ha '] aJs na VOl poi tio th! JU )lr WO to th ' ' I!S lie ;tL rb ca m e se' co I Stl on tio Se WI to m l de th an so ch li to fe w. to c o co m a P< bE re d' bE W I C ! th d( dl Y' of it a g c rE t i It


I SA M • ht Ad • CAMPUS NEWS BRIEFS THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 4, llltiti ... IQ 10urn I college International I For Trimester Ill i Lists South Florida i USFs McNaughton Swims In National AAU Meet By STUART THAYER Thursday to measure student spend S72 million on University Campus Staff Writer opinion on the quart-ar system. expansion by that time. The Student Association legisStudent Senator Robin Kirk said Dennard said th-a University lature, Thursday night, de-information sheets would be dis-tried to maintain an average in cided that after th-a coll ege-wide tributed listing the pros and cons crease of 400 beds per year but elections are held for Trimester of the quarter system to aid whe n a gubernatorial change III-A , the SA legislature will student decision. took place and federal funds cide to either "grant itself a AT THE BEGINNING of the "dried out," dorm construction leave of absence," or act as an, session, Dean of Administration schedules were delayed for one advisory board to SA Pres. John 1 Robert L. Dennard told the leg-year. Harper, during the summer. islature that by 1975, "we w ill "WE'RE TIGHT on spac-e The Student Association will ihave 18:?00 on th_is yes," he said, but predicted im: also hold a referendum on campus. He estimated USF Will provements in housin g condi tions next fall and for the fol lowing year, but warned "we'll be tight again," three years from now. As USF continues to grow, be said. more students will he able to live off campus. USF is one of the two United annual Convention of The SouthTall, lanky Mike McNaughton States universities chosen to be ern Speech Association. Manny enters the National AAU Swim described in "New Universitie& Lucoff, coordinator of televisionJ Meet unattached this com-in the Modern World." The k Th 6 0 book includes such schools as at USF, will address a group mg wee e , 160-pound interested in the role of broadUSF Bay Campus f res h m a n M on ash University, Victoria, Australia; U niversity of Sussex, casting in the university on the qualified for the Brandon Fla. England; .and Marathwada Uni-subject "New of Explora-finals with a :57.0 time In versity, India. t pion for TV and 100 -yard backstroke at the ReD . 1 . . rogrammmg. eta1 s of the ong1nal pur-. ll gional AAU Meet held in Jack pose , organ ization, administraof the co eges tion and programs of USF are and htgb schools m the So uth sonville recently. in the book. will send_ student . to McNaughton was enticed to The idea for the book was compete m debate and mdJVld-Florida from his Palos Heights begun at a meettng of the v1ce ual speaking events and to par-Ill home by USF swimming' ticipate in a practice congress. ., . chancellors of new universi ties CHERRY PUBLISHES coach Bob Grmdey, who coached at the British Commonwealth ON SPANISH SLANG McNaughton there through his meeting in July, 1963. The vice Dr. Adrian Cherry, associate junior year at Carl Sandburg chancellors thought it important professor of foreig n languages, High School. to inform people about the new The decision to possibly cut universities available. ?as published a ?ook of. SpanIn his senior year, Methe legislature to an advisory After they began the project, 1sh slang wh1ch he Naughton was seeded fourth capacity was due, as Kirk said the idea of including U.S. uni-has collected 10 Tampa the past in Illinois in the 100-yard back-Finance Committee Opposes SA Bills in the bill he presented, to "the two years virtual impossibility of main-versities was added, and the . . . stoke in his S' quarter hours . ,' " Guard Academy and La Salle ' .' n ay s quar er ma s, no. . ture passed a bill, tabled for with a 10 uarter hour thesis. Spiders Web house, and . excellent leadoff h1tter. tas gold team will face Alpha The committee fmally agreed E almost a month to have stu-q Bay Campus's JUg band a speCollege. These are a 7.30 Thurs-Smoothsw!ngmg lefthander l h T W t h"l that it s hould not be directly ventS dent committee, members' POPOVICH PRESIDING cia! feature ' jday night encounter with the Phil Kontrabecki will spend c ;<>; es ' w I e answerable to the Student Asterms "expire with the presi-AT MIAMI HAS SALE Coast Guard at Plymouth Park. m os t of his time at first even os.; t e a sociation legislature, except the dent who appointed them" acDr. James E. Popovich, chairTh b k to h b k I a 11 a.m. Friday doubleheader !.hough he pitches and made the 1 rdee-Bats . h 1er ID• chairman . . . ' . m a n of t h e department of e oo s re as oo s on w ith the Coast Guard . points to be assured of their countmg u g h mformabon Gubernatorial all the student members. Doug Hey kens and third base-Catcher John Los chin ( .292 second consecutive over-all 1-M could be about 2 p.m.-Senior satire, TAT. Fred Thomasello, both bat-and 15 RBis) played errorless title. money th_at fmance 2 Dead 1.1 n e tlng above the 350. mark. . ball behind the plate last year. Cratos could still win the and accountmg would IJC'20fampus crusade or Prob_able USF hn_eup Will be over-all title (by a Zl,-2 point not be needed spectflcally. FRIDAY Art _ThomaselIN OTHER ,intercollegiate acmargin) by advancing to the Dea n of Student Affairs Hercardinal," 10• . 3b, Jesus c , tion USF's fast-improving men's softball fina ls , if Enotas bows bert J . Wunderlich called it a FH 101. SATURDAY For Draft cf. rf, Augle tennis team is host to Midd le out in today's quarterfinals. representative policy saying a 7:30 p.m.-uc movie "The Cardinal," Schenzmger, 1b, and Joe Perez, Tennessee State' s Blue Raiders The tourney games are at diversity of opinion would be FH IOI. suNDAY cf. this Friday at 2 p.m. The Brah4:20 p.m., Monday through beneficial to the committee's I Easter Sunday. man were 5-4 at press time, but Wednesday on the I-M softball wor k and background. Both movie "The Cardinal," T t s t THE CADETS fro-?J the_ Coast had to play the tough Florida diamonds, a quarter-mile west es e Guard Academy will bnng to Gator varsity in Gainesville this of the Agos complex. the Tampa campus a t e a m past weekend. By 1\IASON SWILLEY Campus Staff Writer USF men with a u-s draft de ferment should take the Selec tive Service test to give their local board addit ional data in determini,ng draft eligibility. Application must be made by April 23 to take the test either May 14, May 21, or June 3. With veterans a nd prom-The front line of Chip Heath. Brahm-an N•ne Ismg newcomers. Dick Howze and Al Blevins lead Co-captain and the Brahmans with six w ins, h • Don Polk heads the list o f rethree losses apiece. All three W IpS Stetson turnees . for the New London , have lost to opponent s f r o m USF defeated Stetson 5-3 i n ConnectiCut. Rollins , Florida and Tennessee. baseball here last Saturday to Other standouts among t h e gain revenge of a previous 2-1 lette_rmen include Richie Houk, MIDDLE TENNESSEE h a s loss to the Hatters. of the general tr. _ same team which posted a Gary Trapp pitched three re manager, who will handle the 11-4 record in the Ohio Valley lief innings of shutout ball for catchmg dulles. Conference last year. Five of the the Brahmans and was credited LaSalle (in Philadelphia) last year finished second in their NCAA district with a 13-5 overall record, even though los ing 11 of the 20 squad mem bers at various times through injuries. six team members are sophowith the win. mores while second-seeded Neil USF's Bob Walydaka drove in Wright is the only junior. the tying run in the sixth inning Coach Stafford Taylor is opti-on a _pinch hit Jorge mistic as to the chances for a Garc1a followed w1th a h1t wh1ch final winning record. One match enabled Walydaka to. cross the remains after the Middle Ten-plate break the th b USF IS now 2 -4 while Stetson Ron. assistant regis trar, made this recommendation after hearing a talk by a nation al official of the S e I e c t i v e Service. Students with a II-S classification will not be drafted, but Keller emphasized that clas sification can be changed if quotas of the local board require this. Only three players graduated hassle -at e!Dg is 5 _8 -UsF Photo froi. that squad and many of with Flonda Presbytenan, a usF . . . . . . . . . 200 000 _ 5 9 3 Here Comes The Bride the returnees can play more previous 9-0 loser to the Brahstetson . ooo o:1n 000-a u 1 -Photo by Tony Zappone Caught Dreaming Again! Coed Melody Hero can't concentrate on studies while thinking of her future da y of walking down the aisle as the couple at right is doin g in the UC Bridal Buffet and Fashion Show. Breathe Easy, Guys, Gals Seeking BAs Applications to take the test must be picked up from the Se lective Service office at 500 Zack St. The test will be given locally at the University o f Tampa on the above dares from 8 :3 0 a .m. to approximately 1 p.m. No schooling beyond normal high school preparation for col lege is presupposed on t.he test and it is so constructed as not to give special advantage to Jim Bradley and Randie Wilke are shown "walking down the aisle" in last year's UC Fashion Show. This year' s show, sponsored by the UC Fashion and Talent Committee, will be this afternoon at 5:30 in the UC Ballroom. 1Bells, Bouquets1 Ring in UC Week any type of major. Normally a student who is at-"Bell and Bouquets" is the I Closet" will continue . The UC tending school f ull -time will b e of annual buffet and j plans to open the room as a classified II-S. Interpretatio n o f hndal fashiOn s?ow sponsored socializing and afternoon dane-by the UC Fashion and Talent, . . By KAREN HERSCHAFT Forty women said their main full-time is left up to the col?ommittee today at 5 :3 0 p . m . mg area ID September. Campus Staff Writer reason for coming to college was leg•Per o/4, admission. Tickets are avail-ard Sma11, sophomore, and J im taken by the Campus Edition, Twenty-ei ght of the forty-six and fourth year in upper 1/.1 to able at the uc Desk. it looks as if the male is only singl e girls stated they did not qualify for a deferm e nt. "The C loset,'' the recreation a diversion to the woman's main want lo find a husband at USF If a student engaged in a full annex in the UC basement, will Warfel, freshman. Bob Amaden, freshman, and Craig Roberts, placed third. goal of an education and canor did they want to b e mar-course of study (12 hours or retain it's name. reer. ried before they graduat-2d. more as an undergraduate; 9 "From the amount of disap"The Cardinal" is the UC The questionnaire. containing A bout threefourths wanted to or more as a graduate) and proval given by stude nts to movie this weekend which will such ques tions as "What is your combine marriage and a casatisfactorily meeting co urse rechange the name of the Closet, be shown in FH 101 Friday, Sat main reas on for coming to col-reer later. quirements is ordered to report the UC Public Relations Commiturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. lege?" and "Would yo u lik e to However, one married woman for induction, he may request a tee decided to leave it just the find a husband at USF?" was said she came to USF to "find I-8 Statutory Deferment. Only same," Rena Antinori, program R of "YVAkLT distributed to c o e d s in the a husband, which I did" Two on-a such deferment is granted, adviser, said. a 10 Is e os J s c JOC ey lounges, coffee s hop, cafeteria, coeds said they came to USF which exempts the student for Carol McEvoy, Nancy McGin:or D e I t a dorm, some Literary I expressl y to fi nd a husband. on e year. n i s, freshmen and Bob Moore rom Th p .md m . e f 8 • F I B F.ft " d th ld lik t Aft tud t 1 ifi"ed . ' . • room. e ance I S ree or o r m s c a s s e s, some e1 een sa1 ey wou e o er a s e n I S c ass Lmda Rees and Jimmy Wright USF t d t d th d . havioral Science classes, Camfind a husband at USF, though 1 A, h e can request a personal juniors, won date passes to u en s an e ress 15 pus E d it i o n Office a nd the this wasn' t t heir main obj-ective appearance be ore his local movie and combo party last casua library. for coming here. board. These requests mus t b e weekend because they s uggested T h e Swin g l e Singers will be Fift y-o n e women were quesSo relax, boys, but not too postmar.ked within 10 days of that the name remain the same featured at the Stereo Listening t ioned, forty-six single, and f iv e much. the mailing date of the ques-in the UC naming contest. Hour, April 11 at 2 p.m. in married. You may be next. tionable classilication. Plans for decorating "The UC 264-5. Coffee will be served. than one position. man:;. Looking to the future, Taylor RICH KLING , All-Middle At-points out that both Heath and lantic Conference at U1ird base Blevins are freshmen with ex with a .346 batting average, cellent potential. Heath defeated beads a veteran infield. his Rollins opponent in a rev L.onti and Tom Cuomo, match and has been impro ving at short and second, respective-with each match. Scoreboard BASEBALL USF 5, Stetson 3 MEN'S TENNIS F l orida 9, USF 0 GOLF Miami-Dade lOth, USF 71;2 ----------------------------------------Junk Turns to Art . Used auto parts (as in bottom left photo ) and any thing else from the ole junk heap is being turned in to artistic creations (such as the partially created one in bottom right photo) by USF art students. This is a new part of the art curriculum t hat is awaiting approval by the Board of Regents. The materials and some crea tions may be seen in the partitioned off area on the north FH patio. JUNK ART GROWS INTO MASTERPIECES


18 THE TAMPA TIMEl5, monday, April 4, 1966 Y-Teens Have Easter Spirit Easter will be early for chilGIRLS from Chamberlain, Jef-dren at Tampa Day Nursery. ferson, Brandon and HillsborTampa Y-Teens will sponsor ough High Schools. will join a party for them Tuesday, 4 members from W1lson, Van o'clock at the nursery. Buren, Coleman schools for the ' service day. EASTER SPECIAL BEAUTIFUL 1000/o WIGS HUMAN HAIR 20% OFF at $69.95 and up! FULL COLOR RANGE EAST-WEST IMPORTS 9318 FLORIDA AVE. Across from J .M. Fields TAMPA'S WIG BOUTIQUE OLDFASHIONED GERMAN PAPIER MACHE EASTER EGGS FROM Boxes painted and decorated with animal pictures will serve as favors. They will be filled with Easter eggs and candy for a take-home surprise. Y-TEENS will meet today at 4 o ' clock at the Y to dye eggs donated by Mrs. John Hammer. Tuesday a short program will be presented by the teens who will wear paper-bag b u n n y masks and pantomine "Here Comes Peter Cottontail." LA PETITE GALERJE 3602A HENDERSON BLVD. This will be the third holiday visit teens have m ade in the Tampa area this year. for those who PERSPIRE HEAVILY THE FIRST was the Cere bral Palsy Clinic and the second was for a party at the Old Peoples' Home. Members of the advisory committee who will help teens with Tuesday preparations are Mrs. L. P. Woods Jr., Mrs. J. Warren Frazier and Mrs. Henry Claywell. ADV>:RTISEMENT For Health's Sake Clean Up Those Feather Pillows! New Disco, ery Tested By Nurses on Themselve s Also Relieves Swelling, Pelvic Pressure, Dizzy Spells, Pain and Its Moodiness, Nervous Tension. An Entirely New and Medically Proven Formula. New York, N. Y. (Special) -Doctors who are specialists in wome n's ailments have now discovered that woman'speriod her system often stores up an abnormal accumulation of waterfrom 2 to 7 lbs. This causes body tissues to swell and results in a sudden gain of weight and abdominal puffiness. It also causes breast soreness, h!'adache, depression, nervous ten sion and dizzy spells. But now science has developed astonishing medical helpa new tabl!'t called Trendarl. Trendar helps prevent the build-up of harmful excess water and so promptly eliminates the bloatin g weight. It relieves h eadache, cramps and accompanyingnervous tension, irritability , depression, and dizzy spells both before and during periodsin a way no pain reliever alone possibly can. Trendar Tablets have been thoroughly tested by hundreds of Registered N uraes on themsell/e8. Proven safe and effect iv e when taken as directed. Now obtainable without prescription at any drug counter. Buy Trendar at once! a Wbbmq to BUY? consutt OUR EBhilid Registered Jewelers Amoricon Gom Socie\lf 610 Franklin St . Ph. 229 0816 Mrs. Manuel R. Maseda Mrs. Wallace M. Wilson Mrs. Thomas J. Mims Flower Show Della Robbia Garden Circle will have its first flower place ment show, "Spring Is Sprung,'' at 1 : 30 p . m ., Wednesday, al the home of Mrs. R ichard E'""arrior, 5133 San Jose St. Luncheon will be at 1 :15 p.m. TEETHING PAIN April Anniversaries for Three Garden Shows • Bloom zn Town Honeysuckle Garden C i r c 1 e P. C. Gurney is chairman for the will present its 16t h a n n u a 1 event. Assisting are Mrs. R. E. Sprin g Flower Show today and Tuesday at Wellswood Civic Awards for the best show state-Center. wide. * -•• TWS YEAR' S the me is BEGINNING Tuesday and "Queens on Parade," a nd Mrs. lasting through Wednesday, 9 -----------p.m., will be "Tampa TopicsDate Pad '66 " presented by North Tampa Garden C lub. The exhibits will be at Sem-, Ch t B t inole Heights Center and judges X i Alpha ap e a from Clearwater, Bradenton, S igma Phi, Wlll meet Wlth Mrs. Lakeland, Belleair and St. Hazel Manson, 3919 Azelle, top t b n tt d . t 8 e ers urg wt a en . n1ght a p.m. USF BUFFET THE SHOW follow a press Fashion and talent committ h e m e w1th different .arrange-u t f s th F lo rl'da ments representing var10us sec-tee, mverst Y o ou • . Th bli will sponsor a bridal fashion n ewspaper. e pu c show and buffet today at 5:30 15 mvl e • • • p.m. The show will b e in the Also on the flower show cir-University Center ballroom. cuit will be Rose Garden Cir-SLIGH PTA cle's show beginning Wednesday Members of Sligh Schoo l PTA at the home of Mrs. C. E. executive board will meet Tues-Humphrey, 208 W. Davis Blvd. day! 9 a.m., in Room 101. JUNIOR LEAGUE Mr. I. L amar Klng will be installed as president when the Fitness Classes Junior League of Tampa Inc., Women's physic a 1 fitness meets Tuesday m 0 r n i n g in classes will begin this week at League headquarters. seminole Heights center. Inter-GATE CITY ested women may meet at the Gate City Club w ill meet at center Wednesday , 9 a . m . or at 11 a . m . , Tuesday, for a covered. North Bou levard Center Thursdis h luncheon at the home of day, 10 a .m. C lasses will b egin Mrs. Mary Belle Jenkins, 1909 Tuesday, 8:30 p . m ., at Forest Dekel Ave . Hills center. REBEKAH Poinsettia Rebekah Lodge will oac es e meet at 8 p.m., Tuesday, in the Odd Fellows Temple.. Call Terminix 835-1311 'Postnasal Drip' With Morning Hawking of Phlegm Now Relieved In Minutes Amazing nasal spray dries up phlegm and postnasal drip. Helps you swallow normally, breathe freely, easily. vent the formation of mucus which slides down your throat as postnasa l drip. Used upon arising, new Drlstan Mist even helps clear up congestio n s o you can breathe more freely and easily . Get new relief from the chronic torment of hawking to clear your throat of choking, gagging lum ps of phlegm caused by postnasal drip. Sp ray in Dri stan Nasal Mist the las t thing at night-the first thing in th e WhiteHouse Apple Juice is better. Clearly. Little brown jugs are not for White House Apple Juice. Untinted bottles show you our crystal-clear, pure-golden ex actly as it will look when it glows an your glass. And our simple twist-off, twist-on cap means no more wrestling with those pry-off, hammer-on types. W e hope you approve of our fussiness about our And especially about our clear Whate House bottle. You see, we there's a lot in it. •


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