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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
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n Vol. 74, no. 103 (June 6, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 6, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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. r ' -Timea Pholo by Ricardo Ferro 1ampa SEVENTY-FOURTH YEAR-No. 103 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 6, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS All Amendments Passed By Student Association Purchasing Report Due Today on USF By ANTHONY ZAPPONE regulation requiring that acceptCampus Shff Writer ance of bids other than the low est by State institutions and A cabinet investigative comagencies be cleared through the mittee bas asked State Purchas-Purchasing Commission. ing Director Ralph Siller for a USF President John Allen and detailed report on USF purchas-Procurement Director Ward ing procedures so it can pre------------sent its findings to the Gover nor tomon-ow. Testimony given to the com mittee last week by Siller and one of his aides, Edward, T. Mooney, prompted action on a r:::::::::1 Xeroxing Hours {;j f.:: T h e University BookHancock defended the Univer sity's purchasing practices be fore the committee last week. Hancock said earlier that he was happy to have the oppor tunity to give his views to the committee. I The controversy began 1 a s t M a r c h when Hal Holtsinger, vice president of Hook a n d Holtsinger Company, said in a letter to Sillel\ that his firm's low bids on furniture and o[fice equipment had been rejected by USF. The contracts referred to in Holtsinger's 1 e t t e r were awarded to Business Equipment Company. In one instance, a contract for office chairs was given to Business Equipment Co. when Hook and Holtsinger's bid was much lower, according to Holtsinger. Commuter 'Special1 Resumes Tomorrow By JOHN ALSTON and DIANE BACCHETTI Campus Staff Writers The Student Association legislature waded through a lengthy session last Wednesday night, passing five amendments to the SA constitution, and two resolu tions. They also b eard a report from the Auxiliary Serv ices committee which said that a "commuter special" plan will begin tomorrow in the cafeterias. The Special will cost 65c for one entree, one drink (exclud ing milkl, one vegetable and bread. Blue tags will be placed on the entree offered under the special. The Hands of Politics m store has announced the @ t hours that their new Xerox ill h machine will be available iJ to students, faculty and lW staff. Cost for one copy is d F 10 cents. $ The service is available [l during the hours of Monf) day through Thursday @ 8 a . m. to 8 p.m.; Friday m <; f . d "* r:i rom 8 a.m . to 5 p . m.; an \li Both Allen and Hancock said the bid was accepted be cause of differences in construc tion of the types of chairs of fered. Hancock said the torsion bar suspension system offered by the Hook and Holtsinger product was unsatisfactory, He told the committee he preferred the spring type suspension. The constitutional a m end ments, which must be approved by two thirds of the student body voting in a general elec tion, were submitted by the con stitutional revisions committee and were generally concerned with clarifying vague portions of the constitution. One amend ment, however, changed the ap portioning procedure of the Col leg e of Basic Studies. Presently, CB is apportioned on the basis of total number of B asic Studies students enrolled in the University, U.nder the proposed amendment, the Col lege of Basic Studies would be apportioned between Bay Cam pus and Tampa Campus accord ing to the number of CB stu dents enrolled at each campus, "provided that neither have fewer t h a n two repres>nta-Pat Leatherby parts with the last batch of campaign material bringing his vote getting effort to a close . He faces n i n e other can d i dates at the polls of Temple Terrace tomorrow in the race for city councilman. USF Student Is Candidate For City Councilman Post DR. ZETLER N Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1l. 8 1:30 p.m. hl p d Dr. Zetler Humanities Receives Course Offered . By ANTHONY ZAPPONE a month councilman position. He ment," he added In TraIIIB o t• t• The cabinet committee in cludes State Attorney General Earl Fairlcoth, Secretary of State Tom Adams and Comp troller Fred 0. Dickinson. Harris Pilkington, a s a 1 e s HARPER Lack Hit tives." This would prevent eithe (Continued on Page Z, Col. 7> By Harper Campus Staff Writer explained that the three men The fist active part Leatherby Is Inc i 0 n representative of the manufac-In his first bid for public with the highest number of took in a political campail'ln A new basic studies humani-turer of the rejected chair, dem-. . . votes would fill three city coun-came in 1964 when he worked ties course, CB 283, created Q Off d office, USF semor Pat Leather-cil vacancies for a four year for Fred Karl in the Florida especially for the summer terms, An unusual national distincchair to :.e By DIANE BACCHETTI Ueen ere by will face the voters of Tern-term. Governor's race. will be offered again trimester tion for scholastic achievement commt ee.. 1 ng gave I gCampus Staff Writer h I h . th . . ures showmg the Wide use of Sc 0 ars ip ple Terrace tomorrow m e A recent. poll taken by a polispent the wmter IIIB. has been g1ve!l. to D_r. Robert his product by businesses and "Many members of the fac-race for city councilman. tical behavior class under Dr. trimester working for CongressCB 283 was designed soon L. Zetler, ret1rmg drrector of institutions all over the United ulty and administration who USF coeds have been invited Leatherb is one of many at Roger Leather-man Sam in after the Board of Regents elimth_e and Literature States. . harbor a distrust of student gov-by Manuel Pendas, president of Y ti rt . by iii thtrd place m the race. ton. He said the JOb "Is a fme ina ted trimester III. The regu . Division of the College of Lib "Th u . d th ernment on this campus say they the Centro E.spanol de Tampa, whlo ac pa . m Thus far Leatherby has spent opportunity for any political lar humanities course, CB 203-eral Arts. he eedreviewef the do so because of the lack of con to participate in the 1966-67 po ttl caM ac Vdi Mies. Ch erls 1Jn-about $50 'for campaign ex penscience major." 204 are too detailed and com-Dr. Zetler, a charter member pu:c pdrofce udreths 0 1 el tinuity of ideas and responsibil-Queen of el Centro Espanol elude r. an rs. ar es . . . h . U F b umvers1 an oun em ega 01 J M d M Lo . ses. He said that some of the Like most c a n did ate s, plex to be tau g t m seven of the S faculty, has een d t.. Pr sd t All ity among its past officers " contest. son r., r. an rs. u1s . , . . k . t d t d an correc , e 1 en en • Th ill . Stolba, Dr. Alfonso Gonzalez, tcha_nd1dateds haven t spe?t any-Leatherby IS to diswee s. mvi et o servthe af sec 1otn fsutmhsaid. He added that the controsaid Student Association Presi-e qhue1 en treUceS1Fve a $o5 n 0 e 0 d J Cl d 11 f h mg an added that his cam-cuss future plans I ve always The revised course will be mer erm on e acu Y o e . b t th t dent John Harper in his intro-year sc o ars IP o or an ames ay on , a o w om . th . th ht th t h cl ive Institute for Human versy Is now e ween e wo h have run for democratic com pargn was . e. . . oug . a . w en one runs for offered again in tr:Jmester III_B us . . office equipment companies as duction to the Trimester II re-cas . . rnitteemen. Pat Brown was un-There is no _hmi_tatJon on cand1 a public should con-and possibly as a mght course m Ishc Studies In Aspen, Colo., to whose product is better. port on the Executive Branch One. vote wrll be counted for f 1 h" t f t tedate's spendmg m the race. centrate on wmnmg that," he the fall. June 24-Aug. 26. . . . of the SA. each ticket sold for the Queen or 5 a Manag!ng the campaign is said, "and do the best job possi-It can replace CB 204 and He teach rapid Since Harper himself said that Ball Oct. 1: All proceeds . . USF jumor Bob Funderburk. He ble." may be taken before or after to maJOr corporate executives wou come 0 ampa 0 00 he somewhat shared thi d" _ the ball will go to the social . Leatherby Wi!l compete with plans Leatherby' s appearances, Leatherby, who is 15 hours CB 203. and leading professional persons chairs of both com-trust he has recent! co! funds of el Centro Espanol, a nme other candidates for the $2 0 has handbills printed, and ac-shy of graduating, hopes he'll Purpose of the course is to who attend the highly exclusive _m to recommend ' . Y P . non-profit organization. WUSF Invites Comments WUSF Radio has invited faculty, students and staff to submit editorial comment in written form for use on the air. Any legitimate issue may b e submitted for considera tion except politi cs. Suggested topics are c a m p u s issues , world affairs, general social i ssues, etc. All m a t e ria 1 mus t be signed. Names withheld on request. Send copy or de posit in Editorial Box, Educa tional Resources Lobby, Li brary Basement. Copy may be e d i t e d for reasons of time, general con struction, and to meet gener ally a c c e p t e d standards of goo d ta s te . On l y serious is sues will be considered. Call or see Mr. Brady at WUSF . USF Student Wins Beauty Contest Mary Ann A lb ritton, USF majoring in elemen tary education, wa s c h o s e n Miss Fort Meade May 28 from a field of 12 contestants. Miss A-lbritton won a trip to Cypress Gardens, $50 from the Chamber of Commerce, and g i f t certificates from various Fort Meade merchants. A former Campus Edition staff writer a nd veteran of n ine beauty contests, Miss Albritton said, "It' s all very exci ting." Meteorology Is with Geography Last week the Campus Edi tion erroneousl y reported that the Campus meteorology program is under the geolo gy de partment. It is not, but i s within the geography d epartment. The Campus Edition regrets the error. <:ompanies theca n did ate on fini s h up at USF in the fall. introduce students to represen-institute. Faculty for the instihis. choice m r?port /eport For further information, con most of his vote-seeking venHe has taken an active interest tative works of art from differ-tute are internationally recogThis part of Sille: s report IS 0 ep e pas procee tact Manuel Pendas at P.O. tures. Leatherby attended many in political activities on campus ent media: prose exposition, the-nized thought leaders from varinot due yet accordmg to . (Continued on Page 2, Col. 6) Box 5327, Tampa. social gatherings in the past few and served as President of the ater, opera, ballet , painting and ous fields and few, if any, serve Hancock was at a miltweeks seeking votes. Young Democrats. fiction. Unlike CB 203-204 it is a second term. tary reserve exercise last week "It's just been a no issue Tomorrow's election is expect-neither analytical nor tutorial ; Faculty members at Aspen and unavailable for comment. campaign," is the way Leather-ed to draw an estimated 2,100 there are no lectures or work-have included Dr. James N. Allen defended Hancock by say by summed up the clo sing days registered voters, accordin g to shops. Conant former president of ing that "he has used his best of the campaign. "A great many Leatherby. He said that the job The final examination will be Harva;d, Supreme Court Jusjudgment". in purchases Temple Terrace residents are would .not affect his studies in essay and it will be uniform tice Byron White, Dr. Lee Dufor the Umversity. sati sfied with their city govern-any way if he was elected. for all sections. Brid ge, president of California During the hearings, it was Siding On Dry Land USF coed Peggy McGrath , who is Miss Tampa , is shown h ere before skii n g at Cypress Gardens recently. Her visit there was on e of m any appearances she is making at Florida attractions prior to th e Miss Florida contest, June 18 , in which she will compete. •• • Institute of Technolo gy, Jan de brought out that the wife or Hartog, author, Dore Schary, Ronald Law, president of Busi motion picture executive, and ness Equipment Co., was a USF Dr. Karl Menninger, famed Kanemploye. Hancock testified that sas psychiatrist. her job at Physica l Plant had The institute was established no connection with purchasing. by a philanthropist and has an said that on endowment of $50 million At-furmshmgs for the new Busmess t-endance is by invitation and Administration and Engineering tuition is $600 a week. buildings would be deferred unD Z tl t USF f til Siller makes known his find-r. e er came o rom . "W 'll d h t th Ch tham Colleg in Pitt b rgh mgs. e 0 w a ever e P a H . f s u i Purchasing Commission t e 11 s a. Is au_ or o severa us," Allen said. texts: IS. working another, Faircloth assured USF offi and 1s. wrdely as an cials that the committee' s find authonty on rapid readmg. ings and the cabinet's resolu-Portraits Scheduled Today tions would be made public as soon as possible s o that the new buildings could be equipped for occupancy in the fal l. Attorney for Hook and Holt(Continued on Page 2, Col. 6) Chamber Music Set Tuesday Senior portraits of June grad_A Chamber M u s i c Concert uates for the 1967 Aegean are Wlll. be presented by the us_F bein g taken today in UC 221, M u stc Department tomorrow m Editor Sam Nuccio reminded. FH 101 at 8:30 p.m. Beverly Studios of Tampa will A string quartet composed of be on campus until 7 p.m. to Edward Preodor, Music Depart take the pictures. ment C hair m an, on violin, Students unable to attend to-Armin Watkins, Humanities As day must make an appointment sociate Professor, violin, .stu with either Beverly Studios of dents John Tartaglia on Vlola, Tampa or st. Petersburg before and Marjorie Enix on cello will June 15 to have portraits made. be accompanied by Larry Gra The addresses are: 307 Twiggs ham on the piano. They will St., Tampa, phone: 223-3135; perform Beethoven's Opus 59 and, Maas Brothers, corner Censtring quartet and Brahms' tral Avenue and 3rd Street, St. qumtet Opus 34. Petersburg, phone: 253-3424. On Thurs day, a University Drapes are provided for worn Community Symphony will be en, but it is requested that no g iven by four USF students in jewelry or hair ornaments be the TA Auditorium at 8:30 p.m. worn. For men, appropriate Kathy Fink, on flute, Joyce dress is a dark suit coat, dark James on oboe, Gerald Baum tie (no bow or string tie) and on clarinet, a n d Evelyn Bar white shirt. Nuccio a lso said chard on vioUn will present the that there will be no chaige to Shostakovi c h Symphony 9 and seniors. the Beethoven Symphony 1. ' -USF Photo Driving Range Now Open Intramural Director Murphy Osborne tries out the campus ' new golf driving range, which is now open. The range is located east of the physical education shelter and is open all day . Golf equipment may be borrowed from the physical education check-out room during the following times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12 to 2 and 5:30 to 6 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday from 12 to 6 : 30 p.m. i Saturday from 9 a . m . to 6:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m.


ZA THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 6, 1966 . -Photos by Anthony Zappone How Low Can They Go? Pictured above are just a few of the students who tried their luck at the Limbo contest which was part of the Pool Party sponsored by the UC Program Committee last Friday. At left is Carolyn Wedel as she ducked to miss the bamboo stick as did Tim Brown in photo at right. Below, an innocent bystander got dunked in the pool by some of his friends who said it was all in fun. Fair Criticism? Last week, the Campus Edition ran an article about two students who were convicted on a morals charge in Tampa and d r e w criticism from several s i d e s within the student body . ONLY GOOD S e v e r a 1 students expressed the opinion that a s t o r y of this nature should not be in the Campus Edition, NEWS? and if the facts had to be publicized at all, o n 1 y in t o w n newspapers. A few others suggested that all material for the Campus Edition should be reviewed before being printed. We would like to remind our critics that this is a college news paper and not a house organ of the univer si ty which prints only "good news." We would also like to remind them that the Campus Edition is written for and by students who expect nothing less than full and complete information from a news paper. And without being factitious, we would like to remind them that our government is based upon the free exchange of information and that newspapers play a vital role in this exchange. Generally, however, most seemed to agree that their oppo sition was not to the article in the Campus Edition, but rather to the law under which the students were convicted. The two were charged with occupying a room for immoral purposes. This bring s us to the point that unless such information is made p u b 1 i c , how will our law s be changed? Should new s papers b e censored to an e x t e n t that they cannot publish any news w hi c h might be con sidered detrimental to a person, we might well be approaching a system much like that m Communist countries today. Should the students and their supporters feel strongly enough to obtain a majority opinion in the state, the hiw can be changed to reflect what they might consider a "more contemporary view." But they cannot ever hope to do this unless there is free ex change of information and news media are not restricted in what they may or may not print. It is specially noteworthy in this instance that in no case has the Campus Edition h e a r d from university administrators, express ing the o p i n i o n that the story should not have been in the news paper. _ The only opposition we have heard is from students, who in the very near future will , or at least we like to think so, be the opinion leaders of the state and nation. It is especially regrettable for that reason and we feel that these students might do well to re evaluate their opinions . As a word in favor of those who spoke to us, it is rare that the umversity members experience any major c r i m i n a 1 or moral charges from police and even rarer for convictions . During the past three years only a few in stances of court actions can be recalled which involved students or faculty members. Thus the Campus Newspaper has not had occasion to run news of this nature, and when we did, it was neither lon g nor what might be considered an "expose" ap proach to the news . It is only because we have heard opinions bordering on censorship and the "only good new s" approach to a college n ewspa per many tim es in the past that we t ake thi s op portunity to expound our views. We do not expect our critics to agree, merely under s tand. THE CAMPUS EDITION • The Camput Edition of the Tampa Tlmeo 11 wrlllea ancl eclllecl by atudenlo at the Unherslly of South Florida. Editorial Tlewo aspressed herein ate not necesl&rllJ those of the USF admlnlstratloa, faculty or of the Tampa Tlmeo. Offic01 : UC t22 Unlnrslty of Sooth Florida, Tampa, Fla., 38620. Phoue 988-4131, ut. 119 . New1 CIOPJ deadline Ia 1 p .m. Wedn01day for Monday puhllcallon. Ldler1 &o the edlt<>r deadline 11 5 p.m. MonMY (•r the followlnr Mr.ndaJ, Harry Baigley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . Editor John Alston ..•..•....•.•..........•..••.••.•......... Managing Editor Prof. Steve Yates ....••..•••.••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••••••• Adviser Flamenco Guitarist Concert Wednesday Classical and Flamenco gui-man Dale Christensen and Resi tarist Manuel Fernandez Deza , dent Instructor Herman Brumes. will appear in concert WednesNEW PROGRAMS day at 8 p.m. in the UC Ball-The campus FM radio station room. WUSF, 89.7 on the dial, will The program is being pre-premier the first of 13 programs sented by the UC Music Com-in the space series, "Their Oth mittee and is free to all stu-er World" Friday, June 10, at dent, faculty and staff mem6:30 p.m. The series explores bers. A limited number of tickthe medical obstacles man must ets will be available to the pubovercome to conquer space and lie at a $1 admission fee. For deals with bioastronautics , the reservations call 988-4131, extenstudy of human factors in outer sion 637. space. " Their Other World" was Deza was b<>rn in Spain and produced for the he studied music and guitar in and Madrid Paris and B u e n a s tJon by the Ind1ana Umvers1ty Aires. 'His have been Radio and Television Service. heard by presidents, first ladies TRIP PLANNED and other high officials. He has USF students can participate also performed on television in an eight day, seven night radio and in the theatre. ' trip to Guatemala from Aug. 15 Deza will perform music on to 22 sponsored by the Uni ver five strings, eliminating the sity of Florida Union. sixth, giving the impression of A reduced rate of $255 per listening to two guitars. In one person for the trip has been of his recitals, he said, "The set. A deposit of $50 must be first thing for a guitarist is made to hold reservations. not knowing how to play, but Further information may be to affect the sensibilities of the obtained locally from Rena An people who listen, that is what tinore at UC 637. achieves fulfillment." TRAINING PROGRAM UC MOVIE USF security o f f i c e r s last New Campus Car The addition to .the campus' expanding auto population was model A, which was rebUilt by coeds of Zeta Tau Sigma sorority. -USF Photo The UC feature film of the week completed an extensive week is "Beneath The 12-Mole in-service training program. Reef." The movie will be shown The training program, held in FH 101, Friday and Saturday April 25-29 and May 9-13, em at 7:30 p.m. phasized the role of the security The movie, shot in Florida, staff on campus as well as the -------------, deals with a feud between the fundamentals of such areas as C • • Greek sponge divers of Tarpon investigation and arrest. The OnflnUify Springs and the Eng 1 ish program ended with a written (Continued from Page 1> "Conchs" of Key West. This examination. ings of the SA continually availmovie stars Robert Wagner, ':Vwo new security off i c e r s able. This is the first of at least J. Carrol Naish and Richard have been added to the staff two reports; the others will deal Boone. Admission is 25 cents making a total of 12 patrolmen. with the Legislative and JudiIngenious Put 'Tiger1 in Model A per student. The new staff members are C. cial Branches. By MONTSY ALVAREZ stored the auto. COMBO PARTY 0. Wilson and J. P. Barbie. The report includes descripT kCampus Staff Writer . Most the time The UC Dance Committee The requirements set by the f f th f f . a e one broken down 1930 m sanding down the will present the last Combo administration for security perMode: A, add a enthe rust holes, Party of Trimester III A, Satsonnel include at least twenty first area includes the duties of ergetic _coeds, combmed w1th a pollshmg _chrome. After the urday in the UC Ballroom. This years of military service and th "d t th C 11 C lot of tune and hard work, and was repaired they went to e pres1 en , e o ege oun• t th z t T s • ' dance will feature the "Wrong that the officer be no older than cils, and the Executive Board. ynoeuwvme egaons ef te an aut s ohn the pamt JOb; _brown Numbers," and will be from fifty-five. Th d . 1 d th o ra spor a ton c osen for the extenor 9 to 12 p.m. There will be a TV LECTURES e se_con area me u es e a model A . Work on the charge of 50 cents per student. USF freshmen will a t tend B_ranch. . The Zeta Tau Sigma Sorority's with painting inside Dress is school clothes. basic studies English lectures Smce taking office, Harper Model A wasn't always in such The floor was then BETA SCHOLARSIDPS by closed circuit TV this fall, has demanded that two fine shape. Last year, when the with a purple rug and the The Beta Hall Scholarship according to Dr. Robert C. ed areas, the girls first saw it, it was, as headliner was covered with committee presented $140 to four O'Hara, associate professor of and Executive Board, begm t b e Y P u t it, "a miserable oriental rug. The girls next up residents of the hall this week English. The Counwreck." What little there was bolstered the seats with tiger for the best academic improve-O'Hara is preparing a series cils, were by left the car was in terrible striped material and adorned ment from Trimester I to Tri-of half-hour lectures for t h e Legislature, consist a cond1hon. the windows with white lace mester II. closed circuit TV delivery of tam number of SA Legtslahve It ,a engine, curtains. Lastly the doors were Recipients of the scholarships CB 101 English. Both CE 101 members from college . that d1dn t run, a pitifully rusted covered with contact p a p e r, and the amount they received and 102 lectures will be telestresses m the report and corroded body, and no incompleting the face lifting. were: Rolland Miller _ $50; vised by Trimester II (January, that smce _have terior with the exception of the So one year and much hard James Rhoades _ $40 Harold 1967). begun functJonmg offiCially, steering wheel and floor boards. work later, the Zeta Tau Sig Kessler $30; and De "These classes are growing they not. be allowed to But this di_d :"ot them. rna now the re witt _ $20. too large for full 50 minute lee-neglect their duttes. After recetvmg permiSSIOn from suit of their extensive work in Presenting the award, by tures by professors" O'Hara The Executive Board is com-John Flora, owner of the car, their new means of transpormail, was the committee chairsaid. posed of representatives of the and father of two of the sistation, a beautifully restored various area councils of the ters, they forged ahead and reModel A . university. The Board, including Small Crowd Hears the Religious, Inter-Hall ResiSA Passes Fave Amendments dence, Program, Sports Club, \ \ \ Coffee Hour P anel and the Fraternal Societies (Continued from Page 1) vote on something the SA is not Councils and met eight times Campus from taking all seats even sure what they're going tq during Trimester II. in the legislature. do with it." The resolution states There five departm.ents in One of the resolutions passed that the evaluation will be ad the Executive Branch: Fmance, more than doubled the salaries ministered "solely for the ad-By CONNIE FRATZ an of _doubt, A_cademic Special Serof the president and vice presi-vancement of academic Campus Staff Writer confuswn and dJsonentahon. A v1ces, Public Relations, and the dent. They currently receive excelle nce -results of which Life seems to be a constant university must now strive to Personnel Committee. Each de200 t . t It will be turned over to each int . . f . "d t"fi fill th' "d . t t h h . $ per nmes er. was exill s nv1ng or varwus 1 en 1 es IS 1 enbty gap. Maturation par men as a c atrman whO' 1 . d th t t t . structor or w remain property and integrating them into the is usually a key to stability; is responsible for carrying out t da top execu Iv:s of the SA." self. hence an occupational identity . legislation and advising the SA 0 s u en. governmen s m In other business, the legisla This and the problem of iden-Graduate school "proves" this president. Flonda rece;ve as much as ture directed vice president tity in today's society and stuidentity. $l,OOO per tnmester. John Hogue to appoint a com-dent action movements were the Difficulty in accepting identity The other resolution dealt mittee to investigate the feasiof a':ld Iden-pre. vails among the lower class . PurchasinG with establishment .of a system bility of placing larger signs at tity a discussiOn held It Is not easy to accept being (Continued from Page l) of faculty evaluatiOn by stuvarious intersections off cam-at an all-umvers1ty coffee hour a street cleaner. These people . . dents . . . pus . The signs would carry diWednesday . The panel conoften tend to identify with l eismger, C. J. in The _ other resolution dealt with rections to the USF campus. ststed of Dr. Chandler Wash sure. "I am a bowler," and "I that btd spec tfJcaestablishment of a system of The resolution was passed at burn, Dr. Jack Ross and Dr. am a fisherman" are more com tlons were slanted to favor the faculty evaluation by students . the request of the Campus Donald Allen. !ortable identities. prod_uct handled by According to the resolution Edition. It was brought out that before Dr. Washburn brought out the Eqmpl?ent. Co; He also sa 1 d which was sponsored by Pete finding, accepting, and proving difference in being action orien-that his s attempt to apLeveque, the evaluation proidentity, a long and often frustated and being idea-orientated. peal the was challenged gram would be administered by Cornell trating route must be trans-Zen groups, for example are by the UmversJty. a standing committee of the versed. Other highlights of reconsidered idea-orientated while Actual bids on equipment for legislature or a committee apfor New Post marks: Trotsky-ites are m ore action the Engineering building were pointed by the President. The Richard Cornell, assistant proIdentification is first made orientated. These are two oppoHook and Holtsinger's $26,390 evaluation would be adminis fessor of education, has been with the family unit. With parsite ways of reaching the same and Business Equipment's $29, -tered at the end of each triappointed associate director of ental help, skillful dependency goal; a final identity. 091. The higher bid was acmester. a national program to improve is usually reaced by the age Dr. Ross gave the group a cepted. There was some debate on the teacher education, with head of 16 or 17. This dependency is final idea to ponder: "Why can't Other reasons were given by issue with one legislator comqua r ters in Washington . He will somewhat lessened durin g the we achieve a sense of satisfacUniversity officials for :oejecting menting, "We're bein g asked to in July for the new positeen years by group identity; tion in not having an identity? Hook and Holtsinger's proposal hon. the current trend of which This way we could be at ease in including the type of back and MUSICIANS NEEDED He will be associa te director seems to be with surfers. all society." arm rests on the chairs, the . of the Teache r Education and College soon breaks all family Forty-five persons attended upholstery material and unde-i Sttudents whho pblay Media (TEAM) project of the dependency and leaves the stu the program. sirable hardware on the chairs ruthment FaSve een 1Bnvi d 0 American Association of Cold fill . b" t ""m e US ummer an . 1 f T h d . an ng ca me s. . . eges or eac e r E ucahon, a Expert Designs USF Stage Sets The State Cabinet together the fifth member-department of the National Ed with Governor Burns is expected s hip m the band ope:" to all ucation Association. to act soon to set new stand USF students, high The project will be concerned ards and rules for purchasing dents, and adult with gathering and evaluating by state agencies to protect the who attend the first rehearsal, t e a c her education materials bidding system. Faircloth said May 18. from over the country and the committe e would r elease Rehearsals will be h e ld each bringing e ducators together for some of its findings and resol u Wednesday, 7:30 to 10 p . m. in s eminars aimed at improving tions rater today or tomorrow. FH 102, for 12 weeks . Concerts teacher education. By DIANE BACCBETTI "Since the age of five, I alCampus Staff Writer ways knew I would be in the Ben Wampler, professional theatre. " His parents were lawr-------------, set designer, will design the yers and surprised and some sets for the Summer Repertory what skeptical at his designing Festival. and presenting marionette shows Campus Events • Wampler has worked for NBC at a early age. television in Chicago on a job "I was quite a dilettante known the "paint you know, quite good at many One of his many thing s, expert at none. That's s1gnments, was to design a mtn why I decided to concentrate iature Mandalay for on set designing." MONDAY 7 :30 p.m.-Focus: Parliamen the Kraft Theater productiOn of Wampler will direct the crews Daphn e duMaurier's Rebecca. for the summer repertory of the For the coverage of the 1948 USF theater department. tary Debate, UC 252 TUESDAY presidential election, u n d e r * * * 7:30 p.m. Baroque Concert, FH 101 Wampler's direction, the crew made elephant h e a d s in which the faces of the winners could be inserted : "We never thought about mak ing donkey heads. While watch in g th e coverage that ni g ht, we saw that the votes began to sway decidedly in favor of the Democrats! We raced down to the s tudio, but by the time we comp leted the donk ey heads it was too late. Truman had won!" b e sa id . Wampler was a lso executive art director for the "Dave Gar roway S how" and "Kookla, Fran and Ollie," TV ' s firs t color s how . In New York, be worked e i g ht years for "The Arthur Godfrey S how." Since then he has been instrumental in seven summer stoc k productions, fashion s hows for s u c h magazines as Made moiselle, a nd in numerou s other media. For those who are interested 8 :30 p .m. University Com in drawing, painting, or carpen munity Orc hestra Concert, TA try, the USF DepartWEDNESDAY ment has opemngs m the tech8 m G t t Manuel 1 p. . Ul ans mea crew f_or the Rep Fernandez, uc 248 ertory Festival which will pre-sent three plays in June. "The THURSDAY technical crew will be an inte8 p.m. Concert, Mr. Preodor, gral part of the most interesting TA events on campus this summer," 8:30 p.m. Concert of Basaid Russell G. Whaley, chairr oque Mus i c, FH 101 man of the Theater Arts departFRIDAY ment. 7 :30 p . m. -UC Bowling Party, Crew work will consist of con-Bus l eaves uc _and rigging, painting, 7 :30 p.m. _ uc Movie " Be and h g htin g, properties, sound, neath th e 12 Mile Reef, " FH 101 costume, a n d mak e up. T h e crew me e ts in the Teaching AuSATURDAY ditorium from 8 a . m. till 10 p.m. 7 :30 p . m . UC Movie "Be on Saturdays and 7 10 p.m. on neath the 12 Mil e Reef," FH 101 the other da ys . 9 -12 p.m . Combo P arty, Those interes ted should see "The Wrong Numbers" Combo, SUNDAY Whaley in the TA office for spe BR c ific details . In some cases aca demic credit can be earned , said 3 :30 p . m . University Choir Whaley. Concert, T A •• • will be given in June and July. Cornell came to USF from For information , call the Mu-Syrac u se University in July sic Department, Extension 311. 19637 0 . " l


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