The Tampa times

The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 74, no. 110 (June 13, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 13, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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/ SEVENTY-FOURTH YEAR-No. llO TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 13, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS Doctors Probe of USF Buying McDougai'Preps' for Surgery USF Student Aids By ANTHONY ZAPPONE come before McDougal in the emergencies such as accident McDougal attributes his interCampus Staff Writer short time he's been at Tampa victims take priority according est in the medical field to his If you're rushed to Tampa General. "One small girl, who to McDougal. mother who is a registered General Hospital for an emerwas burned over 90 per cent of "People like to have their opnurse. "Her father was a doctor gency operation on a weekday her body , has to be anesthetized erations on Mondays," McDougso it runs in the family," he afternoon , c h a n c e s are USF each day to have her bandages al observed. He said it's probsaid. Practice Continues sophomore Doug McDougal will changed," he said. ably because they want to be A political science and preBy ANTHONY ZAPPONE nent in the investigation. The complaining furniture before bids are sought. Faircloth be one of the first to see you. Working the 1:30 to 9:30 p.m. up and around before the weekmed major, McDougal hopes to Campus Staff Writer The three man investigative dealer was Hook and Holtsinger did not say whether or not this McD o u g a 1 is an operating shift, McDougal attends classes end. attend Jefferson Medical College The state cabinet ordered a committee has been looking into of Tampa which charged that would be done. room assistant at the hospital in until noon, grabs a quick bite The only in Philadelphia when he grad-more intensive investigation of purchasing practices at USF for bid specifications were slanted The committee also pr po d charge of preparing patients for to eat, and arrives at the h?sDougal has for his. JOb uates. USF purchasing practices , last several weeks and has recom-to favor the product of a rival a bidder's conference /e surgery. The preparation propita! by 12:45 p . m. "Earliness was at the Jacksonville Tuesday in Tallahassee after mended to the cabinet that their firm, Business Equipment Combefore the opening of cedure is called a "prep" in is essential for operations that There he learned the "stertle f d Governor Burns said tl\e in-approval be given to state agen-pany. Business Equipment was which time it would be which the area of the patient to begin promptly at one," he -: manner lD nfro UCfory vestigative committee's report cies and institutions who desire in getting USF's furmined that the items being of-be operated is washe.d and stated. . . everything an opera _ t-Wanf Ads was inadequate. . , to accept b1ds other than the though their fered were acceptable. It has then coated with an antiseptic Once an operatiOn 1s under mg room, people mcluded, Is Burns • told the commtttee s lowest. b1d was htgher than Hook and been a practice at USF to spesolution. way, McDougal's work isn't fin kept ger.m -free. chairman, Atty. Gen. Earl Fair-The investigation stemmed Holtsinger's. The contracts were cify a certain product when inDoug has been at Tampa Genished. He stands by to fill in "Hospttals can. never have Are Offered cloth, that the report did not from a charge by a Tampa furordered canceled by the cabinet. viting bids and allowing other eral for eight weeks, but he isn ' t if another assistant has to leave. enough help," sa1d McJ?ougal. delve into "the nature of comniture dealer that USF's proThe new cabinet order states firms to supply merchandise new to the business . He wQrked He also assists the doctor in He added that anyone With exGot a lot of books gather-plaints that have reached the curement department and re-that specifications for equipwhich was nearly equal to it as an emergency room assistant some instances. perience would have no trou-ing dust in a closet somegovernor." Faircloth said his jected its low bid in favor of ment need,ed for the two new . . last summer at Jacksonville's Most surgery of a non-emerble getting a job at any hoswh-ere? Can't bear to look at committee would take further another company, buildings be clearly and disJohn Allen satd Baptist Memorial Hospital. gency nature is scheduled bepital. "TheY are constantly that tie or cologne your exaction soon . Faircloth said his committee tinctively written and the firms wee ere . were n? . e. A variety of operations have fore 6 p.m. each day. After that, understaffed," he stressed. boy or girl friend gave you? Another order issued by the would study USF bidding his-that bid must be able to probtddJng situ-Photo by AnlhonJ Za.poolle For . . . . Making sure that operatmg room eqUipment IS In position 1s JUst one of the responsibilities of USF's Doug McDougal in his at Tampa General Hos pital. Here be adjusts an aspirator before an operation. English MA To Start, Well, why not convert it cabinet said that USF must tory for the last five years in duce the goods by Sept. 1 so a Ion smce es ay. into cash with free advertisseek new bids for office furni-order to find a pattern that the buildings may begin func.rn a report last Monday, ing? As part of its expanding ture in the Business .Administramight benefit the investigation. tioning. Siller asked that one of the con service starting in September, tion and Engineering buildings Procurement Director W a r d Burns asked the committee to trac_ ts in ques.tion be given to The Oracle, official student scheduled for occupancy in the Hancock said earlier that his have the specifications approved Busmess Eq?lpment and the newspaper off USF, offers you fall. The bids for furniture in office's records were open for by Ralph Siller director of the other be spht With two other the opportunity to try to sell the two buildings were promiscrutiny at any time. state commission, firms at a considerable savings. those unwanted items through The committee, however, voted rc< ... .... Activities !ish at no cost classified ads asses, 1 na S i,f! cabinet approval for the rejec

2 THE TAMPA TIMES, MoBday, June 13, 1966 Diffractometer Does ItNew Prefixes Given To Campus Buildings USF Gets Big Grant For Guatemala Literacy Study Fingerprinter for Atoms? By HARRIS Generated X-rays strike the of companng knowns to unCampus Staff Writer I 1 d diff. t d b t knowns and interpretation of the samp e an are Jac e Y i. ra hs is done in the same way. The geology department has The diffracted X-ray beams are g P . an $8,000 machine which literI picked up by a Geiger counter Dr. ally "fingerprints" the atomic which converts them into an of the 1 rae omet t I t.f. t of crys a me rna er-structure of materials. electric current. The current i iCa lon. . ials qualitatiVe analysis of com-The machine is an X-ray I operates a recorder and a stnp ' d d t . ti'o of grain un s e ermma n diffractometer. It is housed in chart graph iS produced (simJlar P.0 . ' t 1 preferred orien-the chemistry building under to the tape from an EKG heart m mf emaest,al molecules de-th 1 h. ) a 10n o , e superv_lsion of Dr. W. C. 1mpu se-mac Ine gree of substitution of elements Hood, professor of. The_ graph represents the in compounds, and for phase geology, and 1s ready for re"spacmg between planes o! diagram studies." search use. atoms," the structure of the . material. WHEN COMPARED to chemDr. . Hood explamed the I ical analysis the machine saves operation of the machine. "Fingerprinting " is a process time and "does not destroy the sample." Hood estimates the time required for running a sample through the machine at "10 minutes to an hour," de pending on the sample complex ity. Interpretation time "varie_s in the same order ut Joseph C . Bondi Jr., Instructor, ssocia e r 0 _e s. 50 r, -Ph. D., Fordham U.; Bruce W. number female re idents b al1964-M.Ed., U. of Florida, 1965 Ph. D. , U. of Vernon Roberson Assistant Professor, Approximately 350 future Head t 200 tud t 5 Y 66-Dean of Boys, Junior High W. Whitney, Assistant Professor, January, '1967-Expects doctorStart teachers from various mos s en s. School, Hillsborough County; Teacher ate; Robert F. Welker, assistcounties attended the first S f b II S John Thomson Bullock, Instruc Columbia y.; Charles William ant Professor 1965 -LL. B ., session . 0 t a COreS t 1965-M Ed u of Florida . Enge l Assistant Professor 1963 . U S ' f L . D F W k L" d . . ., . . ' -M Ed w St t u ' 1966 Indiana . chool 0 aw , on-The program is being con-or ee ISte Wilham Wade Burley, Ass1stt d t a e • aid L. Bermgson, Instructor, ducted by the University's Colant Professor, 1960-U. of North -expec s oc ora e. 1966 _M.S., u. of North Dakota; le e of Education and Center The intramural soft b a 11 Car o 1 in a, 196.4-66Assistant College of Basic Studies: Mrs. . f g Co tinu Educ fo Th scores for the week of May 3() Professor Florida Presbyterian Harriet Deer, Assistant ProfesCollege of E nglneerfllg. _James or n mg . . a 1 n. e are: College ' David E Hernande z sor 1954-M A U of Minnesota H. Lane, 1965 North Caroprogran: was orlgrn_ated by Dr. Monday A s s i s ' t a n t Professor, 196S-66 Professor: lin a State, Ph.D. ; Mrs. Wilma E . A. GIOrdano and IS Zeta Phi Epsilon .... _.... 8 Ed.D., Florida State U., 1966-NDEA Institute for Advanced A. Smith, Lecturer, Coordinator by a grant !rom the Office Phi Sigma Xi . . . . . . . • . • • . • 6 worked with USF Headstart ProStudy; Ralph L. Fairchild, Asof Coop. Ed. Program, 1959 of Economic Opporturuty. I gram; Hubert A. Hoffman, As-sistant Professor, 1957-B.A. , U. U. B.I.E_., 1954-66N 'Ed"t• ' Jay and the Americans . •• • 6 sistant Professor, 1966-Ph. D, of Cincinnati, 1966 Doc toral !'sslstant, Col0 l lOn I Kio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • • • • 1 Indiana U . ; Fronsie Beckon expected in June; W. H. Grothof Engmeenng, U . of Flor-N f M d I Keiter, Assistant Professor, 1963 mann, Instructor, 1963 M.A., lda; Walter a. Lecturer, eX On ay Tuesday -Ph. D., U. of Iowa, 1964-66-U. of Kansas, 1966-67 expects 1938 B.S . M.E. , TnState Col Due to the IIIA break the PE Majors ..... _ ...••• , .• _ 9 Assistant Professor, Texas WornDoctoral; Marcus M . McWat e rs, lege, Angola, Ind. Campus Edition will not be Foxes . . . • • • . . • • • • • • • • . . . . 8 en's College; Roy I. Mumme, Assistant Professor, 1962-B.S., Personnel Services: Richard published next week. PublicaAssistant Professor, 1953-Louisiana State U., 1966 T. Runkle, Coordinator, 1965 tion will resume with the issue Cratos ........•...••.. , .. 18 Ed. M ., U. of North Carolina, ex-Doctoral expected; Arthur J. G. M.Ed., U. of Florida. of June 27. Kio . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . 8 pects Ph.D . in :966 or 67; Maw, Lecturer, 1927 M.Sc . , Bozidar Muntyan, Assistant ProU. of Wisconsin, 1935-Ph.D . ,U. fessor, 1940-M.A., U. of Illi of Wisconsin, 1957-66 Departnois, 1953-66 -Assistant Pro-ment Head, Pennsylvania State fessor, U . of lllinois; George U.; James N. Palmer, Instruc-Pappas, Associate Professor, tor, 1958 M . A . , U. of North 1957-D.Ed ., Pennsylvania State Carolina, 1958-65 Assistant U.; John E. AsInstructor, U. of Florida; Rob35 .30 sistant Professor, 1960-M. A., ert W . Powell, Assistant Pro Temp 1 e U., 1966-Ph. D . exfessor, U. of Manitoba, Canada; pected ; Nicole M. Rothe, InGeorge R . Jurch, Assistant Pro structor, 1957B.A ., Longwood fessor, 1965 Ph. D., U. of College; James R. Spillane, InCalifornia; Lorenzen, Instructor, structor, 1966-MA. , U. of Iowa ; masters work at John Miss Judith C. Spurlock, In-F. Miller, Instructor, 191>6ex structor, 196&-expects Doctoral pects Doctoral from U. of New fro m U. of Florida; Robert M. York ; Keith A. Parker, Assist S tevenson, 1948-LL.B., Harvard ant l'rofessor, 1965 Ph.D., U. 1964-65-Instructor, National U., of Maryla nd; Jerald M. Reyn Tehran, Iran; Edmond L. Wall, olds, Assistant Professor, 1963-Instructor, 1965-66 Doctoral M.M., U. of Oregon , 1963-65 U. as ;JO • THE CAMPUS EDITION The Campo Ednio11 of the Tampa Tlmeo II written a.nd edited b:r atude11ta at the Unl-rerslty of South Florida. Editorial Ylewa ex preued herein are not necessarll;r those of the USF administration, fa<>alty or of lhe Tampa Tlm01. Offices: UC University of Soutb Florida, Tampa, Fla., 33620. Phone 988-4131, ut. 619. Newa CIIP7 deadline Ia 1 p.m. Wedn eada y for Monda.y publication. Letters to the editor deadline fa 5 p.m. l\londa7 ler the followinl Monday, PRE S S Harry Bairley • • • • . . • . • . • . . • • . . . • • • . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . Editor John Alston . . . . • • . . . . • . • . • . • . • . . . • . . . . • . . • • • • . • . . . . . . Managing Editor Prof. Steve Yates .....•.•..• _....... . . • . . . • • • . . . • . • . . • • • • • . . . . Adviser ' structor; 1\([arvin R. Alvarez, cello Truzzi, Instructor, 1966-67 1964-Ph. D . , U . of Florida; Mrs. expects doctorate; Richard Maria E. Martenet, Assistant Waterman , Professor, 1943 Professor, 1940M . A., U. of Ph. D., Northwestern U.; Jack Pennsylvania, 1962-66 Super W. Belt, Assistant Professor, visor of History, English, and 1957 LL.B. , U. of Florida ; languages at Montgomery CounRichard C. LaBarba, Assistant ty, Pennsylvania; Miss Cozbie Professor , 1965 Pb.D . , U . of A. Reed, Resident Instructor, Tennessee , 1965-66 Assistant 1966-M.S., East Texas State Professor and Associate Direct College; Bernard J. Abbot, Res ! -or of Psychology, Peabody Col dent Instructor, 1966-M.S., Florlege ; ida State U. College of Business Adminis College of Libera I Art\>; tration: Edgar T. Busch, As Joseph G . Cory, Assistant Pro-sistant Professor, 1957-M.B . A., fessor, 1963Ph.D., 1964-66, asDenver U., 1965-66Instructor, sistant Memb er, Albert Einstein U. o f Arkansas; Arnold R. Jones, Institute, Philadelphia; Irving Lecturer of Accounting, 1931 Deer, Director a nd Professor, C.P.A. Certification, State of 1956-Ph. D . , U. of Minnesota , Kansas; Miss Rosanne Marie 1964-66--Chairman and Profes Kalil, Instructor, 1960 M .S., sor, D ic kinson State College; Florida State U., 1964-66 -Inr 15 10 5 ASO OF J\fTI:R SlUOYIN& MID-TRft) GMMS .. I "'"'"Y 11 Hf\VE TO RE'41SE Tt\ CUAVt. FOR Tttr-FINAL-f (


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