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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 74, no. 134 (July 11, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 11, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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S E V E NTY-FOU RTH YEA R-No. 131 TAM PA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 11-, 1966 PRICE FIVE C'FJNTS Seven Receive Promotions 5 Masters Degrees Seven USF faculty IJ!Cmbers h a ve been p r o moted to status o f assistan t o r associate dean, Presid e n t John S. Allen ann ounced. F ou r are i n the College of Liberal Arts, t;vo in t h e College of Education a n d one is i n academic affairs. New associa t e deans of Liberal Arts atc Dr. T. A. Ashford, director of mathematics and natu r al sciences; Dr. A . A. Beecher, d irector of Fine Arts; Dr. W. B. Cameron, director of Social Scie n ces, and Dr. Irvin g Deer, director of the language-literalut e d i vision. Deer suc ceeds Dr. Robert L. Zeller effecti ve Aug. 15. I n t h e College of E d ucation, assistant deans are Dr. W. P. Danenb urg. administrator, and Pace 149 lil-A Grads One hundred forty-nine stuPutney and Mrs. Mary L. 1967, along with other students/ ers, Norman K. Schmidt, Joann dents completed requirements I Mayer. their academic H. Birkenmaicr, Michael E. . . 1 d' .,. The rest of (be graduates are dunng the commg academtc Tmcher, Mrs, Mary L. Mayer, for thetr degrees 1nc u mg ,tve \\''11' recetving B.A degrees ftom the year. 1 tam R. Young, Frank: S. lecciving master's degrees Colleges of Liberal Arts. EducaStudents completing require-Adamo. with the closing of Trimester tion, and Business Admin istra-ments for degrees at the end of Paul J. Aherez, Carol J. lilA. lion. Trimested IliA are: Blake, John If. Blalock, Carol The new graduates include a I''ive of the students are being L. Btaxton, J\lary A. Cagnina, D Air d H L t t t d f Thomas E. Baker, Jessie F. v r. re . aw on 1s ass1s an can o "first'' _ the first Master of g1aduated with Honors. TheY. 11ian J. Calvert, Edmund G. A d Af( D R b t s C l ' Adam&, Kathryn H. Bernaro, C D r. Raymond A. Urbanek , g u idance. ca cm1c a11s. r. o er . me prevwus-Arts degree to be awarded by are Joy Baynard, Lola I. Btett, oneia, Alfred Crews, Mrs. l y has been appointed dean o f the C ollege of Carl P. Dann, Carol E. Dia-1 L D' Al 1 Bus i ness Administration and assumes,his d uties b 'f d W'll' R 1 ;v}aJJUPl Duran Jr Melva M USF in distributive education is,Al.fred Crews. Jean A . Pope and mond, Susan L. Kutzer, John '0 Je taz, an E. Dteh • Dr. T. Ashford emg con erre on 1 tam . Mari yn L. Taylor. v. 1\J''aurer, Dan1el M. st1eet1an, '1 ' ., • Sept. 1, President Alle n said, Dr. W . B. Cameron ' Fat'\l'ell E Fer a d ___ Young. The new graduates bring U1e Mrs. HarriPt L. Chaplain, Albert ' n n ez, Receiving Master of Arts de-total number of USF alumni to F . Engel, Lanny R. McLaughlin, Mrs. Betty H. Fetty, Mrs. Lynne Regenfs May Award SF Contracts Soon T. Gadsden. Anita L. Garci.a, grees in elementary education 2,300. They will be l10nored at Samuel H. Steen. Carlton E. are Mrs. Zoeann C. Carlson, the Universit;,. s annual ComI Kilpatrick, Jr., Christopher C. LarrY Guitian, Thomas H. Martha R. Judkins, Everett A. mencement exercise April 23, Wright, Mrs. Margaret D. Rog-Hebert, Ruth L. Holloway, Paul C. Kenworthy. Two Fellowships OHered Diana R. Little, Shirley M. Mathis, John V. Maurer, Rod 11ey H. McKenzie, Mrs. Olga F. D H • h b s I t d Pate, Mrs. Jean A. Pope, La!f• r Irs erg e ec e ranee A. Potter, Me1issa I. Pre • vatt. Robert G. Prior, Vincent As Judge ,for Book Clu b I I C tl b'dd' bl 1 Scanio, Mrs. Melanie Shea, '!lY A N THO NY ZAPPONE the state purchasing director's I T h e S t a t e Pure 1asmg om-1 1e . 1 mg pro em as soon as Campus Staff Writer ofice . mission has also ordered a composstble m order to get eqUJP ! D1. Edgar Hirshberg. associ EngJiglJ Department and must submit a statement ol purpose. Darel B. Sheffield, Robert A. • The contract was v oided after plete investigation of a ll pur-l ment into the new buildings by I ate professor of English, has submit a rcpresentathe sample telling \1 hat he \1 oulcl do 1.\ilh Shokes, Ira B. Shortt, Judy A. The Board. of meet the state Purchasing Commis chases for office e.quipment Some of-been selected as a regional of his work. This may range the reJlo"shil). should he win Sptcola. next Jul y ;!1 . m Gamesv1 lle sion was ordered to d o so by a made by USF si nce tt . opened expressed the optmon that1Judge m the Book of-the-Month from a chapter in a projected The competition is open to James M . Strohmenger, Ma-may autho nze the awardmg I state cabinet investigation Into in 1959. The invesltgallon has .may have to be rented Club Writing FPil!mship Pronovel to poetry, essays. plays or students in the Un ited Slates son R. Swilley, Jr., Edward J. o C . c o nt.racts the new _DSF purchasing procedures of state not been completed. , the buildmgs are lo open on 1 gram, which will award two ;.hort stories. The only requjre-and Canada and the Taubman, Mrs. Marilyn L. Tay swtmmmg r. Taft added that there is a then "an asset to the campus." was started with interviews Also the operational ImproveSpain's office. Students first to tesAt foprroJftu.cliyenlc3y, Brames Brames Named To Post h t last January and touched off I t t th cket statwn "fe.eling on campus of research The problem is to be sure t a 1 men s a. e pa. ' register are those with GPRs b controversy since the reclas-t t t d tl from 1 to 3 p.m. tn t e cam-versus academics." He indicated through "checks and balances" 1 casl.l. reg1s er s . a tons , an . 1e_ of 4. to. 3., th.ese students fur-Herman J. Brames has been sification is expected to re-dd t f t d t s1st pus swimming pool. Registra-the feeling is unfo rtunate. Wh il e 1 research and academics develop a 1 wn mote s u en as ther dtfferentJated by student tion will take place at the named Center Administrator for " l t k f I " . t g l t of each sult in salary cuts for some l '1' the university's Bay Campus in researc 1 a es away rom un-as an 111 e ra par 1 S 1 1 c ass1 'tcation and student num-pool and students may dress d d t t h . " 't . "tl th " t USF emp oyees. a ary c langes, II h• b . St. Petersbutg. ergra ua e eac mg 1 ts 1e o er a . however. will not b ecome ef-Fe OWS IpS er, 111 that order. Students with in the locker-showe1• building stepping-stone to good M.A. and fective until July l, 1967 . GPRs of 2.999 and below are or in theit residence hall. He now has overall responsi• Ph.D. programs.'' Research rc-Positions Open The interviews were conTO Be Offered scheduled by classification and Students are required to furbility for the operation of the m oves professors from u nder-ducted by a cons ulting firm student number on ly. nish their own towel and tnust Bay Campus, including the resi graduate Classes With WUSF-TV In September . d t 1 dence program, food services, hired by the State of F lorida. bring their I. D. car o t 1e No USF student will take part Taft exp l ained t hat not all Positions in TV production Tile reclassiit catton 1 . 5 aimed G pool. Theie is no written space assignments, and fiscal l tb g th I t d.d f od h 1 bl 'th WUSF TV Sixteen new fellowslups Will rou ps t n e pro oug 1 w o 1 pro essors are go researc -are avar a e wt -at creating a more uniform test for swimming. .managemen apply said Lilly. During t h e past ers. T h ose who are, add to the according to Ric k Steck, co-system of j o b titles and pay be available in Septembel to Other proficiencies exami-Brames took the position July a ions in the area. three years, four students fro m k nowledge in their area. Any ordinator. plans lor state employees.' USF students, Dr. William H . nations including archery, bas-1 and replaces John P. Goree as summer down" sponsored re-F I OC k Lilly and the students left In relation to the graduate Steck said that the station will G h The fe!IO\\'Ship are for 'two to 8 : 30 p.m. in Argos 233 Florida Technological Univer Tampa June 17 and will return programs that are growi n g at,be happy to train those willing I anal years of graduate study in spe-July 12. sity near Orlando. al'Ound A u g. 15. Dunng the week USF, Taft feels "researc h is but inexperienced. cia! education . They have been T us F Students must registet in Brames has been a resident of July 5, the summer missi onvital." Research forces involved The studios arc located in the designated for new teachers in0 the Physical Education Office instructor here fot the past two aries plan to attend the Annual professors to stay current and I basement of the library. Inter1 T terested in the gifted child as prior to taking these pro-years, teaching in the American Missions meetin g in Guadala-c ontrib utin g in t heir fields. ''Un csted persons should see Steck, s . op.IC "disadvantaged." ficiencies. Registration will Idea program. He holds a B.S. jara. til the

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 11, 1966 Plays Start Thursday Our Readers Writ e Suggestions Asked For Registration While we don't generally see any sense in discussing issues which are settled, done and there is little anyone can do about them, these two half-trimesters do deserve com ment. And we think we can sum up student opinion on the subject: few seem to like them. For the student who is inter ested in picking up a quick nine hours-at the most-and then go ing a b o u t the b u s i n e s s of a vacation , Trimes-ters IliA and B are a boon. After a q u 1 c k half trimester of solid e d u c a t i o n and HALF-little else, there TRIMESTER is still more than half the summer left for w hat ever the student's now packed mind de-sires. But for any se rious students -BEDLAM? ones which we talked to the half trimesters are sheer bedlam, late hours and as they put it, "If you ever get behind, brother you've had it." To be realistic, there are some courses which fit quite nicely into the seven week pattern and for students who take these , it means only a little additional work. However there are other courses which do not fit into the pattern and these often mean many, many a dditiona l hours of study and al though we don't condone it-cram ming. Students and a few professors complain that there j us t isn't enough time to assimilate all of the information that p r o p e r 1 y should be presented for the student to gain what he spould from the course. Others complain that they don't feel that they are getting anything out of the courses-except the credits and a few things they vaguely remember. Still others say that the three hour sessions are like a Chinese water tortureexcept there is a steady stream of facts instead of water dripping on your head. The Monday morning quarter backs came out in force when we brought up the subject and seem ingly everyone had an answer. We should h ave had a straight trimester, a "trial" quarter, a regu lar semester and a few said there shouldn't be a summer session at all-even though they were en rolled in one. Needless to say , we don't have the answer-especially when the question has already been settled. No doubt university administra tors felt there was . a good reason for havi n g the two sessions. And from from past experience they were nght. Few if ' any stu dents-except those in engineering and other similar subjects-en rolled in a regular trimester when , it was offered during the summer. Hardly anyone , when they _ had a choice, picked the regular tri mester in the summer. And because we are somewhat skeptical , we seri ously doubt if an enormous number would have enrolled this summer in a regular session. Obviously the half sessions have their drawbacks and also obvious is that many don't like them, or at least that is what they say. There is one consolation though -we are rapidly approaching the half-way mark of the second session atfd they are almost over . * * * Annette Buchanan is guilty. Guilty of "Contempt of Court." Yet how contemptuous is she? Is she afraid to answer questions be cause of in crimination? Is she re belling against judicial authority? No. Annette Buchanan is up holding one pf the most sacred FEW LIKE IT TUESDAY 8 :30 p . m. Student Concert, Gerald Baum, Clarinet, F AH 101. WEDNESDAY 2 p . m. -Meet the Au t hor, Angie Draper, CTR 252. 6:30 p.m. Mall Concert, University Band, RAR. THURSDAY 8 : 30 p.m . Piano Master Class Concert, F AH 101. FRIDAY THE CAMPUS EDITION Tbe Campuo Eclltl011 of the Tampa Tlmeo 11 wrlllea aacl edltet b :r otu denta at the Unlveull:r or South Florida. Editorial vlew1 espreued herein are not neeeuarU:r Olo1e o f the USF a dmlnlotratlon, facall:r or or the Tampa Times. Oftlceo: UC Z22 U n l,..rolt;r of Soulll Florid a , Tampa, Fla., 33620. Phone 988-4131, ext. 819, No,.. cop;r deadline lo 1 p.m. Weclnes do.;r for Monda:r publication . Letter& So Ole e d ito r deadline lo 5 p.m. Monola;r C.r Ole followln l Men da:r . Harry Halgley . ................ . ...................... .......... Editor Pro f. Steve Yates . . • . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Adviser


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